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Whilst Bergville developed as a trading and commercial centre, servicing the cattle ranching and agricultural industries, the area is blessed with some of the most majestic and picturesque mountain sceneries in Africa.

As the Tugela cascades down the slopes, a spectacular waterfall unfolds, the combined total drop of its five distinct free-leaping falls is 948m, and it is accepted as the world’s second-tallest waterfall. The uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park is also to be found within this local municipality, containing many caves and rock shelters and the most concentrated group of paintings in Africa painted by the Khoi San over a period of 4 000 years. These rock paintings, depicting animals and human beings, representing the spiritual life of the Khoi-San, are of outstanding quality and are well preserved. Due to its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, the area was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 2000. From the biggest to the smallest the Okhahlamba Local Municipality also boasts of having the smallest church in the world. This is the Llanduff Oratory

accommodating all of eight worshippers at a time. This unique local municipality attracts more that 500 000 tourists annually, making tourism an important industry. This growing industry has resulted in the municipality sourcing financial resources that will be utilised for further development. One of the most exciting projects in this regard is the construction of a cable car to rival that of the cableway on Table Mountain.

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