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A REFLECTION ON SONA 2021 South Africans and everybody interested to measure the performance of our leadership in delivering against the set targets, albeit under difficult conditions and in an ultra-fluid environment. The performance agreements that the President signed with the Ministers is a clear demonstration of this administration’s commitment to transparency and accountability. It also illustrates the President’s confidence in the ability of his team to deliver. For once, the performance of the executive will no longer be subject to speculation but objective measurement that relies on facts and empirical evidence, as science teaches us that measurement is a process of associating numbers with physical quantities and phenomena. It is based on quantitative or numeric data. This government is committed to evidence based performance monitoring. To this end, the DPME and the Department of Public Service and Administration are reviewing the integration of the performance management system for members of the executive and Director-Generals and/or Heads of Departments to ensure full alignment and synchronisation. This is also part of the work of professionalisation of the public service and in this regard, the Department of Public Service and Administration has published a National Implementation Framework towards the Professionalisation of the Public Service and some of the proposals in this Framework include: • The alignment of individuals to organisational performance; • Aligning performance management to professional bodies and industry registration, and • Continuing learning and professional development. These clearly show that the President’s statement about professionalising the public service is not a mirage – we are on course to establishing a professional public service. Departments are already tabling their quarterly reports to parliament on the implementation of their Annual Performance Plans (APPs) towards the attainment of MTSF targets. The system of tracking the implementation of the MTSF has matured to an extent that the DPME will now supplement these quarterly reports with two biannual consolidated reports on progress with implementation

of MTSF targets. In the review of the MTSF, that was necessitated by reprioritisation of budgets and operating environment due to the pandemic, the National Planning Commission assisted the DPME with ensuring that the revised MTSF targets are measurable. The National Planning Commission has completed the Review of the NDP, which is the plan for all South Africans. The Commission will make this review available in the public domain and also release a framework to guide the implementation of the NDP for focused areas. Under the leadership of President Ramaphosa, the path to a capable developmental state is much clearer because he has defined clear goals for this country, thus making our steps bolder and the strides measurable. We tread on this unchartered territory with great zeal and confidence because we cherish a common vision. We are emboldened to make this

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assertion because despite numerous challenges, our economy is showing some bold green shots. The agricultural and mining sectors continue to register quarter-on-quarter growth and this is not accidental, but consequent to deliberate actions taken by our government. We ensured that the agricultural sector continued to operate and provided food security for the people. When the necessary safety protocols were put in place through a partnership of government, mining industry and labour, the mining sector was brought back to full production capacity in line with our commitment to save both lives and livelihoods. The resilience of these two sectors has emboldened the implementation of the SMME-focused localisation policy framework. To date, the Department of Small Business Development has introduced over 385 SMMEs and Cooperatives to the value chains of large

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