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First Impressions by Evangelist Monica Whitfield

Esther was a young girl without much experience in the world outside of her immediate surroundings. Her cousin and caregiver Mordecai had brought her up as his own child so she trusted him, even with her life (Esther 2:7). The king had gotten angry with his current queen and decided he needed another one (Esther 1:12) so he sent his people out to find exceptionally beautiful young virgins to be brought back to the palace and groomed to be presented to him as possible new queens (Esther 2:1-4). Esther was chosen to be part of this elect group of young ladies that were to be brought before the king. I don’t think this was something that she ever thought within the realm of possibilities for her life, so I can only imagine how she felt leaving her home and going to the palace to be prepared for the king! Talk about out of your comfort zone. From the beginning the first impression that people got from Esther was so great that it presented her with favor beyond measure. It just goes to show you that first impressions can make the difference, sometimes even between life and death. When Esther was first brought to the palace Hegai, the eunich in charge of the women, was so impressed with her that he began to show her favor (Esther 2:8). What people see when they first meet you can determine what they are willing to do for you. Obviously Hegai knew what the king liked because that was his job, to make sure the ladies were ready to be seen by the king. Esther was given everything she needed to get the purification process started, seven maidens and the best room in the harem all because Hegai’s first impression of her was so pleasing to him (Esther 2:9). The purification process took a year to prepare for one night with the king, but in that year I believe Esther was getting much more than just beauty treatments (Esther 2:12). She was under the direct care and influence of Hegai, the very one whose job it was to know what the king was looking for in the woman to be the next queen in place of Vashti. When it was your turn to spend the night with the king you could take whatever you wanted with you that you thought would help you delight the king so much that he called you back again by name (Esther 2:13-14). Imagine trying to make an impression on the king, who had hundreds of women, so that he might remember you above all the rest and call for you again by name. I bet some of the ladies had some interesting tactics to try and make a lasting impression on the king, but not Esther. Esther only brought with her what Hegai suggested she bring, she trusted him and this brought her even more favor from everyone around her (Esther 2:15). Esther had just one time to make a first impression with the king. If she messed it up there was no guarantee that she would be called on again. If she was having a bad day and it showed she could ruin her chances of becoming queen or even being seen by the king again. All that work and preparation had gone into her; I imagine Hegai was almost as nervous as Mordecai wondering what the king’s first impression was of this young lady. Well, the king was so impressed with her; he loved Esther so much, that he made her his queen. How’s that for first impressions!? (Esther 2:17-18) Esther 2:15-18 (NIV) 15

When the turn came for Esther (the young woman Mordecai had adopted, the daughter of his uncle Abihail) to go to the king, she asked for nothing other than what Hegai, the king’s eunuch who was in charge of the harem, suggested. And Esther won the favor of everyone who saw her. 16 She was taken to King Xerxes in the royal residence in the tenth month, the month of Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign. 17

Now the king was attracted to Esther more than to any of the other women, and she won his favor and approval more than any of the other virgins. So he set a royal crown on her head and made her queen instead of Vashti. 18 And the king gave a great banquet, Esther’s banquet, for all his nobles and officials. He proclaimed a holiday throughout the provinces and distributed gifts with royal liberality.




“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” Ralph Waldo Emerson By Elder S. Whitfield

Although this statement is not biblical it still carries a lot of truth. It’s this very enthusiasm that has allowed our Youth Sunday services to go from what had become normal to the extraordinary radical praise services that we are experiencing month after month. Our children have taken on an enthusiastic approach to praise and worship to God. The bible states in Acts 17:6 “These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also”, and I tell you it has been amazing. I have personally watched as children that were once afraid to speak in front of their peers have begun to get up in front of the entire church and dance/sing to the glory of the Lord! Although their methods maybe different from some of the traditional methods

URAC Youth Dept.

Join us every 2nd Sunday for a power-packed worship service and dynamic Word from the Lord. Service starts @ 9am, we look forward to having you in fellowship with us.

that some are used to their message is pure and is reaching the lost. Let’s pray that this movement will continue to gain strength and move outside of the URAC walls to effect the city, state, and nation. Be Blessed Elder Steve

COME FELLOWSHIP WITH US! The URAC Youth Dept. would love to have your youth and/or young adults come fellowship with us. For more information please contact Elder Whitfield at (501) 442-0457 or



Overcoming the Tiredness Syndrome I.

Tiredness is: to be exhausted as by exertion, fatigue, or sleepy; Weary or bored. Syndrome – A group of signs or symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular abnormality.


What causes tiredness? What we say (our speech) – Prov.6:2(AMP); Proverbs 29:20; Eccle. 5:1-2(NIV) What we do –Phil 2:25-30; Mark 6:31-32 What we harbor – (unconfessed sin in our lives) - 1st John 1:9; Ps. 66:18; Ps. 32:2-5 (NIV) (To harbor means to hold and turn over in the mind, nourish and nurse)


What are the stages of tiredness and how do they work against us? Boredom (to be weary by dullness, tediousness, or things done in repetition; the state or instance of being bored Gal. 6:9 –10 (NIV) Apathy – James 4:7; Rev. 3:14-16, 18-19 1. The absence of emotion, lack of interest or concern, insensibility to suffering, and unfeeling coolness and indifference. Sluggard –Proverbs 6:9 1. Habitually lazy person. (Frequently, often ,routinely, consistently) 2. Consistent signs of being in a sluggish state are: Always have an excuse for not doing something. – Prov.22:12-13 (NLT) Never finishing anything that we started –Prov.12:27 (NLT) Always follows the least difficult course of action. Prov.20:4(NLT)

  

Slack – Proverbs 18:9(NLT) 1. To be slack or negligent in performance. 2. To cause to abate or shirk, evade work or duty. Depression- Psalms 38:6-10;Psalms 6:2-3 1. A feeling or spell of dismally low spirits, blues, dejection and downheartedness. 2. Accompanied by feeling of worthlessness and self-rejecting as well as fatigue and physical pain. III.

Strategies for defeating the tiredness syndrome in our lives: 1. We have to know that God has a purpose for our lives. (Knowing- Information or intelligence, shrewdly and keenly alert, astute, cognitive.) 2. Consider the Lord and meditate daily upon God’s word – Heb.12:3; Isa. 40:31(KJV) 3. Allow the gift of God to be stirred up in us. -II Tim.1:6 4. Speak the word of God out loud daily- Ps.118:16-17

Note: “What we hear repeatedly, we will eventually believe.” Bishop M.L. Harper, Teacher Upper Room Bible study



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