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A Note from the Production Team and Cast Welcome to Rydell High where Grease is always on the curriculum! With the sound of rock and roll music flowing into our ears the most colourful members of Rydell High will enter the scene. Danny is the leader of the ultra-cool gang of boys at Rydell High School. We will witness his post summer reunion with his pals known collectively as the T-Birds. These boys are only interested in cars, chicks and hanging out. Luckily for them a new girl is in town and has been adopted by the Pink Ladies. However, it soon materialises that this new girl is well known to the hotshot leader Danny Zucko. Danny is torn between maintaining the macho image that makes him popular and trying to patch things up with Sandy. This whirlwind spectacular encompasses high school romances, dance contests, drive-ins and wishing the summer would never end. So get ready to hand-jive the night away with the show that'll make you want to stand up and shout, 'A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop A-wop-bam-boom!' I wish to thank all the members of staff and students who worked to help the production of this musical and truly make it a whole school effort. I am grateful for the work undertaken by Mr Faith in his capacity as Business Manager of this production. Thanks go to Miss Murphy and Mrs Abraham for their work directing the music in this production. A special mention must go to Mrs Knox for her work choreographing and assistance directing. I wish to kindly thank Mrs McMaster for her work creating many of the fantastic costumes that you will see on stage. She truly was invaluable in this production and no job was ever too difficult for her talented hands. Mrs Barbour, as always, did an excellent job transforming our assembly hall into Rydell High, Marty’s bedroom and the Burger Palace. Mr Patterson and Mrs Hand must be thanked for their tireless work constructing our fantastic car and working on our staging requirements. I am very grateful for the time given by Mr King and Mr 0’Donnell who helped building, mending and sourcing props and also stayed later than their working day usually allows, enabling us to have more rehearsal time. Thank you to Mr Hamill who used his photography skills when photographing the cast members prior to the show. Mr Reavie also deserves thanks for his role organising the rental of the media equipment used to film the production and provide our students with lasting memories of this experience. Thanks to Roisin, Mrs McTernaghan and their team for their wonderful treats during the interval and to Mrs Brackenridge and Mrs Hinds for organising the make-up. Also, I would like to thank Mrs Gough, Mrs Cairns and Ms Percival for their support with administrative tasks and help when accumulating props, covering classes and supervisory assistance on the production evenings. Furthermore, many of our own students worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this production a success. Special thanks must go to Alicia Newton and Alison McCavish for their dedication to the task of choreographing the musical and to Jillian Reid for producing and creating this souvenir brochure. Hopefully, the experience of this musical will always remain with our pupils. One of the most satisfying things about working on the musical was seeing new friendships develop between students of all age groups. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm of everyone involved with this production. I hope this production acts as an enjoyable start to the Christmas period and a celebration of the talent of the young people in our school.

Mrs S Duke

GREASE is presented through special arrangement with Theatrical Rights Worldwide Book, Music & Lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey

CAST: Miss Lynch Patty Simcox Eugene Florczyk Jan Marty Betty Rizzo Doody Roger Kenickie Sonny LaTierri Frenchy Sandy Dumbrowski Danny Zuko Vince Fontaine Johnny Casino Cha-Cha DiGregorio Teen Angel Radio Girl


Emma Mulligan Sarah Castles Andrew Carson Vikki Carson Alison McCavish Louise Patterson Harry Collins Callum Black Stephen Logan Josh Duff Sophie Giraudeau Kathryn Corr Ben Cairns Peter Beck Andrew Prentice Alicia Newton Andrew Watson Jill Costley

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Aaron Bradley, Caitlin Cassells, Jamie Davison, Timothy Hancock, Gareth Hutchinson, Chelsea McCann, Luke McConville, Daniel McElroy, Samuel Stafford, Jack Wilson CHEER LEADERS: Louise Calvert, Megan Collins, Lauren Edge, Sophie Flanagan, Amanda McGown, Tara McIlwaine, Jemma Parks, Nicola Peden, Angela Tirol, Courtney Wells ROCK AND ROLL DANCERS: Amelia Burns, Becky Carson, Alex Craig, Emma Forbes, Tiffany Glenn, Niamh McNeil, Alicia Newton TEEN ANGELS: Megan Bradley, Courtney Catherwood, Hannah Eakin, Sarah C. Elliot, Katie Gregson, Serena Hamilton, Alex Hurst, Rebecca McShane, Alicia Newton, Aisling Thompson CHORUS: Elise Archer, Laura Beattie, Abigail Burgess, Jill Costley, Naomi Costley, Sarah Elliot, Victoria Flavell, Rachel Forde, Ruth Greer, Bethany Hendron, Amy Hutchinson, Emma Markwell, Shelby McCann, Jenna McCahon, Danielle Mitchell, Dearbhla Smyth, Elizabeth Stafford, Megan Robinson, Katie Uprichard, Natalie Wilson, Amy Woods

MUSICIANS: Piano Percussion Trumpet Trumpet Lead Guitar Rhythm Guitar

Danielle Carson Nathan Moffett Victoria Flavell Elizabeth Stafford Bradley Lyness Conor Thompson


Kelly Topping

STAGE CREW: Katie Mullen Zoe Davison Sarah McKinley Aaron Jackson Rachel Parks Helen Laird Desmond Bingham Jack Harrison

SET CONSTRUCTED BY: Mrs J Barbour Mr D Patterson Mrs M Hand

COSTUME: Mrs G McMaster Belvoir Players (Belfast) Fivemiletown College Mrs C McTernaghan Mrs H McDowell Mrs J Hinds Miss A Brackenridge

PROMPTING: Charlotte Sproule Bonnie Stanies MAKE-UP Mrs J Hinds Miss A Brackenridge Elizabeth Anderson Naomi Costley Vania Thompson Claire Currie Dani Ilieva Lauren Archer Leah Dougan Courtney Hill

SOUND & LIGHTING: Mr D Patterson Mr S Corr (Alpha Audio Systems) Mr T Larkin Daniel Moore James Anderson Caleb Armstrong Tom Bailey Josh McAvoy Neil Trotter

CHOREOGRAPHY: Mrs A Knox Alicia Newton Alison McCavish

AUDIO VISUAL: Joel McCreery Tom Bailey Mr A Reavie


CHRONOLOGY OF SCENES: ACT ONE: Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 6 Scene 7


Grease Is The Word Cafeteria and School Steps School Pyjama Party Street Corner Schoolyard Park


Sandy’s bedroom & School Gym In front of the Burger Palace Drive-In Movie Jan’s Party Schoolyard

ACT TWO: Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: We would like to acknowledge, the support and assistance provided by Mr Bell for arranging cover to facilitate rehearsals. We would like to kindly thank Mr Stephen Corr of Alpha Audio Systems for helping to provide us with additional sound and lighting equipment and sacrificing his time to operate and instruct our students in the use of the equipment. We would like to thank all the teaching and non-teaching staff for their support and kind words of encouragement. Finally, we would like to thank all the parents of the cast and the crew – and also the family members of the staff involved, for their patience and understanding – without your support over the last few months, we would have no show!


(Miss Lynch)

Like all effective teachers, Miss Lynch appears to have a sixth sense for anything suspect and spends many an hour chastising her favourite rebel Sonny LaTierri for his tardiness. Emma is a natural in the role of Miss Lynch and it is excellent to see her play the role with such ease. Emma has previously participated in Joseph, Cinderella and the Rocerfella and Bugsy Malone. Emma said of her part in Grease, ‘It has been an unbelievable experience and I never thought I would have the confidence to ever take on such a challenge; it has given me the drive to continue with drama in the future.’

Sarah Castles

(Patty Sincox) Sarah is a Year 14 student at Lurgan College and also our Head Girl. In Grease she plays the role of Paddy Simcox the over-enthusiastic cheerleader who loves Rydell High and has the hots for a certain ‘cooler than school’ T-Bird. Sarah has participated in school pantomimes and musicals in the past. This is her first lead role and she has certainly risen to the occasion. Sarah mentioned how it became a bit of a love/hate relationship with the musical when she had to stay to 7pm two nights a week to rehearse. However, she also stated that it will always stay with her as one of the highlights of her time at Lurgan College.

Andrew Carson

(Eugene Florczyk)

Andrew is a Year 14 student and joins us in the role of the likeable geek Eugene. Andrew played a supporting role in Guys and Dolls and also enjoys drama outside school. Andrew said of his experience in the show: ‘This will be my last Lurgan College performance in a musical and I really will miss it. The one thing I regret about the rehearsals is that we never made a ‘gag reel’ of bloopers. Some moments were just unbelievably funny; some might say there were “Freakin’ A”’.

Vikki Carson

(Jan) Vikki is a Year 14 student at Lurgan College and she has taken on the role of Jan who is one of the Pink Ladies. Vikki has performed in many a school production in the past, however, this is her first lead role on the Lurgan College stage. I’m sure you will agree that she is a natural! Vikki said, ‘I love Jan’s fun and dorky character! I’ve been told on too many

occasions that this is the perfect casting because like Jan, I never stop eating. I have absolutely loved this experience – being onstage, the countless laughs and making life-long friends. If only life was a musical!’

Alison McCavish


Alison is a Year 14 student and plays the role of Marty in Grease. Alison has been involved in many productions inside and outside school. She is a very talented dancer and has also made significant contributions to the choreography of the show. Alison said, ‘I have really loved playing the character of Marty as she is a confident and fun loving girl. She is also a bit of a drama queen which suited me very well.’

Louise Patterson

(Betty Rizzo)

Louise from Year 12 joins us playing the role of everyone’s favourite bad girl Rizzo. She said that it’s great playing Rizzo even though it’s tough at times perfecting the accent and Rizzo’s tough girl attitude. Louise mentioned that the cast were brilliant and that she never thought she would become so close to her fellow Pink Ladies as she had. Although rehearsals can be tough going and long, Louise mentioned that you never go home without being in stitches and that the commitment really is worth it. Harry Collins

Callum Black

(Doody) Harry is a Year 11 at Lurgan College and he plays the role of the Doody who is one of the T-Birds. Harry said he wanted to become involved in the show after playing a role in The Boyfriend at Lurgan Junior High School. Harry cited the best thing about being in the show was meeting new people and developing friendships that he will be able to maintain after the play is over. Harry has stated that the greatest challenge was learning all of the choreography for each of the dances.


Callum is new to Lurgan College this year and plays the role of Roger or ‘Rump’ as his friends call him due to his tendency to show off his ‘bare behind’! Callum said he finds Roger a very humorous character. He enjoyed having a main role and being one of the T-Birds. He said, ‘I would encourage everyone to get involved in musicals, especially at Lurgan College. Even if you have never done a production before so give it a go.’

Stephen Logan

(Kenickie) Stephen is a Year 13 student at Lurgan College and he assumes the role of Kenickie in this production. Stephen mentioned that being in the show this year has been great and although it’s a big commitment he has enjoyed being able to meet new people. His personal low point came when he watched his friends head out to rugby practice while he had to go to play rehearsals. However, such lows were outweighed by the banter at rehearsals and the added bonus of getting to sing Greased Lightning in the show.

Josh Duff

(Sonny LaTierri) Josh is currently in Year 13 in Lurgan College and plays the role of Sonny LaTierri. This is Josh’s debut role on the stage as prior to being cast as Sonny he did not consider himself to be theatrical. Josh said that Sonny is one of his favourite characters and he enjoys the comedic lines that Sonny has to deliver. The highlight so far has been the fun at rehearsals and going through the songs. His favourite song is Greased Lightning.

Sophie Giraudeau


This is Sophie’s first year at Lurgan College and she mentioned that her role in the play has really helped her to settle into the school. Sophie acknowledged that the Grease rehearsals have allowed her to develop her relationships with other students and teachers. She has been performing in musical theatre since she was eight years old. Despite this Sophie said, ‘I’m so grateful for the opportunity to take part in Grease as it is a musical that I have always wanted to do.’

Kathryn Corr

(Sandy Dumbrowski) Kathryn is currently in Year 13 at Lurgan College. She was cast in the role of Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls and it is great to see her assume another lead role in this production of Grease. Kathryn loves singing and is a member of the New Irish Youth Choir and currently working on her diploma in classical piano. Kathryn said of her experiences so far: ‘Rehearsals are so much fun and I have loved every second of being Sandy in Grease. It’s such a great opportunity to get to know people better and have lots of laughs.’

Ben Cairns

(Danny Zuko) Ben Cairns, a Year 13 student, takes the role of the lead T-Bird Danny Zucko. Before Grease, Ben had no acting experience but he states that he is really glad that he accepted the challenge. Ben said he has really enjoyed getting to know new people and spending time with them all. It’s made his life pretty hectic but he believes it is worth it. For Ben the worst part has been the singing. Ben declares that he doesn’t even sing in the shower for fear that someone will hear him! However, I’m sure he will be fantastic on the night!

Peter Beck

(Vince Fontaine) Peter Beck, a Year 12 student, has joined us this year in the role of Vince Fontaine the silver-tongued radio DJ. Peter said, ‘one of my favourite moments was when the cast took a trip to see the movie version at the Tudor Cinemas, it really brought the cast together and was great fun. After a long day at school, having to stay for rehearsals can sometimes seem a little bit daunting, however once things get started everyone has a ball. Hopefully you have as much fun watching the play as we did making it.’

Andrew Prentice

(Johnny Casino)

This is Andrew’s final year at Lurgan College and the perfect time to discover his dramatic and singing ability. He has since divulged to us that he performed in High School Musical at Lurgan Junior High School and it is great to see him take to the stage again in Grease. Andrew said he enjoyed being part of the production as it brings everyone together and there has been a lot of fun at the rehearsals. Sometimes practices maybe a bit long but everyone knows that their hard work will pay off with great performances.

Alicia Newton

(Cha Cha De Gregorio) Alicia is a Year 14 student at Lurgan College and has been a great asset to the production of Grease in her role as Cha Cha and the help that she has provided with choreography. Alicia has been involved in copious productions from a young age. As a dancer, Cha-Cha’s character suited her perfectly. Despite the long hours spent rehearsing she says she has loved meeting and making friends with people in different year groups. She says, ‘As for Grease, who doesn’t love a sing-a-long to those renowned classics?’

Andrew Watson

(Teen Angel)

Andrew is a Year 13 student at Lurgan College and he is playing the role of the Teen Angel in this production of Grease. This is Andrew’s first time on the stage through drama. However, due to his confidence and singing ability you would never know. Andrew said he has enjoyed playing the Teen Angel as he is a very funny character. He said, ‘I love the song and the costume and I am extremely excited to perform to an audience.’

Refreshments will be served in the School Library and Sixth Form Centre during the interval. Everyone is cordially invited to join us.



Lurgan College Grease Musical Programme 2013.  

This is the program for Grease presented by Lurgan College Musical Society.

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