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AIESEC Hong Kong Limited Minutes of 3th OGX Leadership Team Meeting 12th November, 2012, 17:00-19:00

Date, Time & Venue

Room 14 University Library Jason Kwan Sean Yan Kelvin Chan Sophie Yang Fion Tse


Late comers Absentees Observer Time Keeper

Sean Yan

Note Taker

Jason Kwan

Agenda Item

Key Conversation / Outputs

Follow-up with Responsible

To read and adopt the agenda Personal Updates (1 mins/ person)


National Updates

1. ARG Jason: Leaders 2. Prism- Interested?: Kelvin, Sean (Manager 3. NFM : Collect money from OGX10%/15% raise 10%/15% included?) realize -See how Finance looks at NFM 4. Awards: Most progressive LC/Contributive LC

Sean: Midterm last 4 week Kelvin: Slept 60% on Sat. Proj Fion: N/A Sophie: Interview results- waiting for PnG Jason:

3 Best leaders, 8 Best Members

LC Updates

5. Discover 2012- Leaders track 6. WNCF 2013 - 18-21 Jan 1. IM: LT jacket, newsletter, update website 2. ICX: matching 3. TM: LC meeting 23 Nov + Galaxy Café 28 Nov 4. PM: Frds proj.  Racial discrimination / Gender inequality 5. EB: Open XGM for Constitution amendment during LCP EGM 6/4 VP EGM, 23/2 LCP EGM Manager Consultation Meeting TBC (After exam) Objection for manager EGM + Kickoff system

OGX Updates

1.Met Business faculty 2. SRB prep.  Grace Chee: Negative tone said negative things  Need to screen/prepare EPs before sharing 3.FRDS parti. 20  applied for GCDP around 15 4. SRB Challenge 5. Timeline:

Jason: Newsletter (1 member?) Objection for manager EGM + Kick-out system Fion: Draft contract signing email All: ask member 20 Nov Contract signing

SRB (17,18 NOV)/ ICPS (25 NOV)/ Contract signing (/ Expectation Setting (before 7 Dec) 6. Update every Google Spreadsheet 7. Xander issue (end)

Tasks to be achieved together

Jason: Ask IM how to use Jason: Ask terrance book large room Assign EP manager Fion: Draft bank acc email

SRB (a) Assign timeslots--> before tonight (23:59), tell me , firm with MC (b) Call those who didn't fill in the time-slot © Send email to applicants (email in draft) (before tmr 23:59) GCDP: Sean/ Fion GIP: Kelvin/ Sophie

Spreadsheet Get all members email (All Team updates spreadsheet) Use (All) Reply Claire (Fion) Meal Managers Meeting: items + problems Update Goal setting: General problems? Questions asked? Feedback? Sean: Attendance Ok. Haven’t set ground rules. Karen always late. Don’t have much things want to achieve in AIESEC/ Advice: Firm a time which they are all free Sophie: Ground rules, goal setting Kelvin: Ground rules done, goal setting before next Tue What to teach 1. What is SRB? What do you do as observer? in next member 2. What is contract signing? meeting? 3. How to raise form in 4. How to use EP tracking form? 5. How to do expectation setting? Let’s Hit Jason

Training Time



Sean: image, just type the tasks on whatsapp Kelvin: prioritize the tasks Sophie: take it easy 1) 2)AFT

1.Mass Meeting Game (7 mins 10 ppl per grp) - ask them to pretend to be EP manager - drama (member) 2.LT Meeting Time N/A

Meeting Adjournment Time: 23:22 Prepared by, s.d.

Kelvin: All: Send goal setting sheet to members

Jason Kwan Vice President of Outgoing Exchange Department AIESEC in Chinese University of Hong Kong

[1213][OGX][LT] 3rd OGX LT Meeting Minutes  

LT Minutes

[1213][OGX][LT] 3rd OGX LT Meeting Minutes  

LT Minutes