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23 December 2011

Hello again Everyone! I'd like first of all to wish you all a terrific Christmas and beyond, full of peace, joy and love, and to ask those who will to join hearts in creating a year-to-come that is more stable and community-conscious not just for ourselves, for the whole world community. May more of us remember that in truth we are only reflections of each other and all that is, become more able to see ourselves as parts of a greater whole, and may we more easily love, respect and support each other in the same way as we do for ourselves, as each passes through their own life journey. Essentially what we are watching on both personal and world stages is light and darkness coming to a different balance. In this Profile then I'd like to also invite you to join me in sharing the light, deliberately. One of the ways we can do this is by imagining a world where more and more people come to see the impact of their actions on the world around them, and make deliberate choices in terms of how they might meet the blessings and challenges of so doing. A world of enhanced community where people are increasingly able to see things in extended context, more willing and able to acknowledge the past, both the gifts and the mistakes, choose to take the best of them, grow these - and let the rest go. And choices are made with forethought both to self as well as to community consciousness. The terms "Who am I?" and "Who do I be in relation to everyone else?", "What part of myself do I wish to explore?" and even "Which parts of myself do I wish to express?" become then natural forms of expression in everyday life. And the questions "Maybe I'm not good enough?" "Maybe I can't do it?" "What if they don't like me?"? These become minimised because people will more often than not realise that they don't matter. Not really. They will always remain a part of life because they have been designed to keep us all within the external shell of 'thought'. People - you, me, us - will always think about these. We will recognise them, though, for what they really are. We will know that these are there for us to take care. We will think about our lives and then we will step forward in the light of who we be, with grace and dignity, conscious of our own power. It's the same as choosing which dress we might wish to wear today. Do we want to wear the red dress of happiness, to show that we are happy, do we wish to wear the blue dress of depression because we might not want to let go of a certain number of memories, or life might be a bit difficult for that moment, do we want to wear the pink dress of "I want to do my best, never mind, whatever, let me just enjoy the journey", or are we going to wear the green dress of envy and judgment? Everything is a conscious choice, a "knowing". We take it or we leave it, simple as that. Awareness, choice and determination mean exactly that. And when it comes from our knowing, there can be no thought of failure attached. Why would it? And it wouldn't matter if it did. When you are in your knowing, you are within yourself, where there is no-thing and therefore the potential for everything.

Choose the light, perhaps, for the sake of simplicity and maybe also of harmlessness (to ourselves). In the forthcoming year, people are likely to continue to be disoriented because events will make it feel like sand is moving beneath their feet and there is no solidity. That is an illusion, though. The stability comes when we the people are anchored within ourselves. We know who we are, we know where we are going, we know what you are going to do to get 'there', that's all. It's pretty simple, elegant and easy to keep ourselves anchored and grounded - we just decide it. "If's" and "but's" become much fewer as we recognise that things can easily change from moment to moment. It's in this way of simply knowing who you be, in being you be and what you are here to do in the next period that will allow you to anchor within your own being, to be a light and a strength for many people around you in the period to come as they seek their own stability in a new world order. Very important. If we choose fear, which is a part of the darkness - fear of anything - we will forget ourselves. And then we can easily play into the hands of anyone or anything who might be thinking that we can be manipulated in any way. We might choose to step up and 'overcome' this, whatever 'this' might be, and therefore be a hero about it all, or we might consciously choose to sidestep it, keeping instead our energy - the light of who we be, or "our light" in short - for other, more inspiring things. I know exactly how many of you might be feeling, as over the past few months I too have had several experiences which I have found to be extremely difficult and in fact at times downright demoralising and exhausting. Until, of course, I realised what was going on and said thank you very much, time to move on. I know too that I had to go through these situations, to live them in order to be able to be able to teach about them with any authenticity, to help people understand the power of this kind of thinking and the kind of damage it can do at both personality and at soul level. So what we're going to do certainly for the first part of this year when we come together anywhere in any group situation is to look at patterns of insiduous thoughts that can damage a healthy sense of self and cause us to focus on the darkness, rather than on our own light and the power of our own Creation. And we will do this, not just as part of our journey of growth, we will do this as our contribution to creating a world of higher awareness, lived together in the light of peace and love, that we all say we wish for ourselves and in particular for our children. So now time has come, perhaps, to explore the concept of "Enough", to go through events in our lives, recent and otherwise, good and "bad", and say, "Enough" and to make decisions that support our joy rather than pushing against the current - of "what if" and "if only.....". We have all had enough. We have all done enough, all experienced enough. We don't need any more of enough. Take what you already have within yourselves, shift the perspective from not enough, not doing enough, not being enough, not ..... not ..... not ..... to "enough of this" and "enough of that". And let that be your gift, for now, to yourself as a first start. And finally .....

"I am enough." Very powerful concept. And then perhaps consider forwarding this gift through yourselves - your very Being - to those around you. "I have done enough, tried enough, bought enough, loved enough" etc. Enough, enough, enough. Forget about the "Not-not-not-not". And then ..... "I am here to enjoy the enoughness that I am. I am here to enjoy the moment, and then to share myself in the moment, to see comes out of it." This is a form of acceptance that is more than enough for the next period, whilst structures continue to shift. When you do this, you become flexible. You become flexible enough to ride the waves, the new waves of energy that is now upon the earth. Flexibility is the key, for now. The old order has almost completely broken down. Perhaps in a few months it will have all gone and the ones who do not realise this, who perhaps will not yet recognise this, they will continue (or try to continue) to live life in the old ways, and they are going to find it all to be a very stressful time. We are going to find a lot amongst them are going to choose to leave. Or try to choose to leave. And a lot will become like drowning people. Important then for us to just look at them and say, "Oh dear, here is another person who has not recognised the concept of enough, and does not therefore have the flexibility to ride the waves until they settle." That's all. And then will come the opportunity for them too to make new choices, new decisions, if they will. This will be the subject of a future letter to you, so we walk the next wave of changes together, one step at a time. Perhaps now would be a good time to invite you to start your own pondering of enough, what does that mean to you? How will you take your own enough-ness into the future in order to celebrate yourselves? One of the keys to consider is to believe in yourselves. Know not just that you can do "it", but that you are doing "it". This means, everything that you have come to do, you are already doing. The difference of opinion is whether you choose to accept this, or you choose to see it as struggle. Very different frequency of energy, and that acceptance of struggle, the enhancement of it, is reflected in the people around you in terms of the mirror principle of Life. Know this. You are each of you already very great, this is the light of

who you be. This is how we face the darkness which, remember, cannot exist within the light. Consider then sharing freely with our world this greatness in terms of your joy, your passions, your gentleness, your harmony, your courage and your peace, in any way that feels right to you, and with all your love. With all of mine, too. Until next time, as always. Anna x _____________________________

Unconditional Love is the energy of Creation. Our work is about returning you to the core of your own Being. Other labels for this include your "own creative spark", your "inner light", "essential self" and "who you really are". Essentially, it is your relationship with all that is. Read here about the OneTouch philosophy of Unconditional Love - and find out why this is not an 'emotion'.....


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