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Shop2Mart Version 1.0

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Shop2Mart V 1.0

Introduction DataHub’s Shop2Mart is a complete e-commerce and m-commerce ready business platform, which facilitates starting your online business easily but efficiently. The State-of-the-art design and fully functional e-commerce solution coupled with extensive and future-ready mobile app makes Shop2Mart a perfect choice for the small, mid and large sized business owners. Shop2Mart not only helps in extending your business for online customers but also ensures a smooth and reliable experience for your customers, right from the item selection-to-order and paymentto- delivery. Tag Lines/Fillers Requires zero technical or design experience to create your online store. Transforming shops into online businesses and more Simplified platform to start an online business and a mobile app to take your business to the next level Making your business accessible for online customers Get dual benefits of e-commerce and m-commerce in a single solution Selling online was never this easy A perfect solution for beginners and experts Easily handles all the hassles of online retail


Shop2Mart V 1.0

Features and Benefits *

customized store design Customized designs to maintain the branding of your business and layout frameworks to start, build and manage your online store.


user registration Unique and password protected customer accounts are created at the first purchase. Details like Name, Email, Contact Number, Shipping and Billing addresses are captured. Business owners can build and maintain a database out of these details for future engagements like offers, promotions, alerts etc for effective customer retention.


mobile app The mobile shopping space has expanded rapidly in the recent years and we encourage you to explore further. Enable your customers to use their smartphone to shop, order and pay for purchases on their iPhone or Android-based devices.


monthly bag Monthly Bag feature records and maintains the list of items and their quantities bought by customer month-by-month. This feature not only saves time but also relieves the customer from reselecting the list of items for consequent monthly purchases.


shopping cart Add or remove the items from the shopping cart at any point of the transaction process. Final billing is done after placing the purchase order.


track order Customers can track the status of their orders online and logistic partner (Courier Company) details to know the expected delivery date. Store admin sets the timelines for the delivery according to the order destination.


targeted sales Targeted sales feature allows you to showcase specific products to only targeted customers. These customers can be selected based on their order history, loyalty, track record, location, demographics and other key pointers. By showcasing products to targeted customers there is absolutely no fear of losing your brand exclusivity or design theft of your products.


Shop2Mart V 1.0


Shop2Mart V 1.0


Cross – Selling When a customer is on a specific product page, with the help of Cross-selling feature you can recommend similar or matching products to the customer to increase the sales. Cross-selling can be done using numerous techniques out of which, bundling, discounting, giving offers, etc are few techniques.


inventory management Inventory Management not only helps in keeping your shelves stocked and your online customers happy but also makes your business organized, develop efficiency and reduce costs. Inventory management facilitates in optimizing inventory levels by assisting you in improved inventory planning and decision making with the help of system generated reports.


supplier management Supplier Management brings all your B2B suppliers on to a single platform. Suppliers can now login to your system to check, validate and dispatch orders raised by you. Supplier Management not only facilitates in maintaining, tracking and decision making of your supply needs but also ensures effective communication between you and your suppliers for a smooth in and out flow of business, to eventually avoid losing sales.


payment gateway integration

Integrates seamlessly with all the popular payment gateways like paypal, CC Avenue, EBS, HDFC, ICICI, EPDQ, HSBC, AMEX, RBS, Sage Pay, HSBC, Axis, MIGS, Bill Desk and also includes options such as Cash on Delivery, Cheque and DDs. *


Customer feedbacks in terms of product and service can be captured to streamline the service and product range. This helps the business owner to serve the customer better. *

social network

Powerful social media integration with Facebook and Twitter helps the business owners to market through customers to customer contacts. *

alerts and notifications

Send all B2B and B2C alerts and notifications related to service, orders, payments, offers, new arrivals and etc to customers, internal parties and suppliers though email and SMS. 5

Shop2Mart V 1.0


Shop2Mart V 1.0



Generate total-sales, location-wise, daily and monthly-wise, session abandoned and best selling item reports to evaluate the overall performance of the online business. *

gift vouchers

Create gift vouchers and send to best customers via email or SMS. *

returns and cancelations

Product returns, exchanges, order cancellations and refunds can be recorded, maintained and updated to the inventory management in real time. *

POS integration

Integrates with an existing POS or provides a custom made POS solution to manage all your offline, online and mobile app sales transactions in real time. POS updates your inventory and leverages in making business decisions based on sales. Keep track of multiple stores inventories and run the inventory and sales tracking of your business at all times whether you are present or absent. *

COD confirmation

All COD transactions can be confirmed over a SMS confirmation from the customer to avoid conflicts. *

search engine

Customer can select any product based on its name, category, brand and others. *

recommended products

In case of empty search results, customer is provided with the recommended products information to increase sales. *

store/ product management (Need more Information)

Grouping is based on departments, categories, companies, brands, products, variance to manage store front for both e-comm & m-comm . The options like name, Id, description, add/remove/edit, uploading of images and information logs are also available for smooth management. *



Shop2Mart V 1.0

Create discount types based on product, category and bill amount along with validity period. *

task management

Unique user level privileges and role-based access control can be defined from Task Management. *

unlimited products/multiple store

Add virtually unlimited product listings and maintain multiple sub-stores on a single online store. *

security and privacy

With the help of powerful inbuilt security and privacy options the system can effectively handle malicious threats and network attacks ensuring maximum security and privacy.


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