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==== ==== Sears Values Its Employees or The Kardashians ==== ====

All of us are busy with our everyday lives: going to the Post Office, picking the kids up from soccer practice, calling your grandmother just to say hello. With all of the hustle and bustle along with many families trying to keep up with the Kardashian way of life, the American Dream can get completely bogged down and left behind. Maybe that's exactly what we need. The American Dream used to be a lofty, honorable goal of a country filled with possibility: a place where everyone's voice is heard, everyone's questions are answered, everyone's opinions are encouraged. It used to imply a land where anyone could walk down the street freely. And it still does... but only if that walk is crippled by too-tall Jimmy Choo's or accompanied by an Armani suit. The American Dream has now morphed into the American Nightmare. It now entails bursting pocketbooks, fancy cars, and water turning into wine. It's about always being seen with Gucci sunglasses, an oversized Prada purse, and a Starbucks latte in hand. It is known worldwide as the ultimate lifestyle; foreign actors and performers often don't truly consider themselves successful until they have "made it" in America, no matter how famous they are in their own country. But when is enough enough? When will we realize that this dream is insanely out of reach for 99% of us? When will we admit that the latte is an empty Starbucks cup recycled off our own counter, the rented Prada purse is flooded with worn credit cards, and the oversized sunglasses are merely to prevent us from clearly seeing the economy crumbling around us? With many trying to keep up the facade of living large, citizens all over the country are sinking deeper and deeper into debt. People are choosing designer labels over practical clothing, extravagant vacations over homes, luxury cars over food. With so many people bypassing the necessities and diving straight into their own American Dream Fantasy Land, our country is finding itself in serious trouble. Much of that trouble begins with poor money management and ends with a thought bubble of, "Why can I no longer afford the necessities? Where did my money go? How will I pay for my next meal?" That is when the real crisis begins. More and more people that have just recently seen glitz and glamour are now turning to assistance such as food pantries. With employees getting laid off right and left and companies ranging from Macy's to IT firms closing their doors, now is the time to expect the unexpected. Though one may feel the job they rely on is stable, the statistics today prove no one is truly secure. Now is the time to stash money away for days when the necessities such as food and shelter may be difficult to afford. With prices rising and salaries being slashed, it's past time to uproot our American Dream and revamp it to suit our current surroundings. In other words, let's

create a whole new Dream. In this Dream smarter spending, smarter planning, and eventually, the strong economic standing that we once held dear are the main focal points. Long gone are the designer jackets and high-rise apartments. It's time to realize reputation, status, and material items are steadily suffocating our country. We must go back to square one to realize the true American Dream is about everything money CAN'T buy. It's about living in a country where everyone's voice is heard, and everyone's opinions are encouraged, and everyone has enough food to be full at every meal. After all, not everyone can keep up with the Kardashians.

If you or someone you know is struggling to make ends meet while we put our new American Dream into place, please contact them about receiving assistance. To locate your nearest food bank, please visit

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==== ==== Sears Values Its Employees or The Kardashians ==== ====

Sears Values Its Employees or The Kardashians  

Sears will close some of its stores throughout the United States, leaving 1200 workers displaced. It is interesting that Sears exclusively s...

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