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McDonald’s Affogato • 4 Boroondara Customer Journey Maps • 6 Alive Group Festival Posters • 10 Photography • 17 Entering the Deep Sea • 20 CHOCOLATE STATION • 24 Voyage • 26 Safermate • 28

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McDonald’s Affogato McDonald’s, client Commission by McDonald’s in Freshwater Place, Melbourne, to produce posters to promote their new dessert, affogato, an introductory dessert for the summer of 2016. The concept is to demonstrate affogato as a simple dessert made fresh with brewed espresso; food was photographed live and in-store. I have produced two posters for McDonald’s, each with a different style of art direction. 11 x 17, 4-colour, digital.


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Boroondara Customer Journey Maps City of Boroondara Counil, client The City of Boroondara Council (Melbourne) commissioned Swinburne University to redesign their nine customer journey maps to a more intuitive and easier to understand design. Customer journey maps are now a popular tool to communicate customer experience within human-centred service design processes. Co-design approach was used as well as research to obtain the optimum solution. I was tasked with creating the icons, design map prototypes, assisting user-testing workshops and finalising academic reports. The outcome has greatly benefited the comprehension of Council with the newly designed infographics for all levels of staff.

The circular customer-centric diagram communicates a higher-level mapping of customer life events. Placing the customer at the centre, visually and symbolically, was crucial to the research for communicating insights into the customer viewpoint and bringing the customer voice to life across the organisation.


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(Left, both) Research reports with design prototypes (Right, above) Icons I designed used in workshops (Right, below) Sharing ideas in co-design workshops with Swinburne researchers and Boroondara Council staff.


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Alive Group Festival Posters Alive Group, client Alive Group is an event consultant firm in fashion, food and community festivals operating in Melbourne, Sydney and overseas. I was commissioned to produce posters to promote the ASEAN festivals, such as Lunar New Year, Mooncake Festival, Consulate Dinner, South East Asia Festival and Thai Songkran Festival.


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Poster created for the South East Asia Festival. The challenge was to present food from all the 10 ASEAN countries. I thought of presenting food from a top view manner with labels to help viewers identify the origin of food. Promotion in Facebook drew an average 10k visitors over the course of the event, while 31k people were ‘interested’. The poster has since been used for the year 2017 as well. 11 x 17, 4-colour, digital.

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Poster created for the 120th independence of Phillipines, also known as Fiesta Ng Kalayaan. The vibrant colours signal the triumphant and celebratory mood for the event, across two days. Promotion in Facebook engaged 6k interests. 11 x 17, 4-colour, digital.

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Photography University brief (bottom) Cookbook cover brief to feature any cuisine with 200 easy recipes. I have chosen desserts with the elegant theme. Cake and fruits were laid out on set. Icing sugar was sprinkled and captured with a high shutter speed. 8 x 10, 4-colour, digital. (opposite) Cd cover art to illustrate the work of a singer/writer/musician. Imagery explores a degree of ambiguity, mystery and surrealism. Permafrost is a winterthemed album with a fictional singer. The brief emphasizes double exposure as the main technique. 4.75 x 4.75, 4-colour, digital.

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Poster for a brand advertisement featuring a ‘celebrity’. Both background and model were shot separately and the project utilizes non-destructive commercial compositing techniques. 8 x 12, 4-colour, digital. 18

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Poster for a bottled beverage brand, Paul’s new milk range. Shot with live milk poured into the glass next to cookies, for a homely and fun feeling. 8 x 12, 4-colour, digital.

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Entering the Deep Sea University brief An education pack to promote creatures of the deep sea– a mesmerizing topic from Museum Victoria, Melbourne. The pack is intended to be distributed as learning material to people of all ages. The envelop (right contains three items elaborating different aspects of the deep sea - layers of the deep sea, deep sea gigantism, and bioluminescence. These items can be repacked into the envelop and be repeatedly used. (below) A booklet on deep-sea gigantism with a side flap for human size comparisons


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Interaction and user experience was a key part of the concepts. I wanted users to unravel the deep sea and experienced the depth personally. With the deep-sea gigantism and bioluminescence, users are able to understand these concepts through playing with the booklets.


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Chocolate Station University brief

CHOCOLATE STATION is a customizable chocolate brand that allows users create their own bar of chocolate to perfection. With three chocolate bases, 30 toppings and sugar levels to choose from, this brand will make the ultimate gift for chocolate lovers to indulge in. The theme for this brand is elegance, with dark green as the main colour ranging to emerald and a crest-like emblem for the logo. The business cards are a gimmick of a chocolate bar with a wrapper; the titles and names are written behind the card. 24

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Voyage University brief VOYAGE is a wine brand sourced from the vineyards of Mornington Peninsular, Melbourne. The SEAMAN range is aimed towards young adults from 20s to 30s. VOYAGE’s brand values are clean, vibrant, and cool. VOYAGE is heavily inspired by nautical influences, infusing aesthetic Japanese themes/motifs together to appeal to the younger generation. Each wine varietals displays a different pattern for distinction. I have developed a series of five wine varietals bottle packaging, each with its own distinct pattern.


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Safermate University brief Safermate is my final year group project in Swinburne University with applied research and customer experience design application. Safermate is a neighbourhood safety system that partners with Neighbourhood Watch Boroondara to connect the community of Boroondara to look out for one another and outsmart crime. Safermate provides a technological platform for location-based reports, notifying mass communities instantly. Residents are able to report crime in different categories in one click, which will appear on the map as a notification.

Outsmarting Crime the Smart Way


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Design Portfolio

Graphic Design Portfolio • Kevin Ching  

Collection of graphic design work across different clients and briefs. Including branding, advertising, posters, photography, and packaging.

Graphic Design Portfolio • Kevin Ching  

Collection of graphic design work across different clients and briefs. Including branding, advertising, posters, photography, and packaging.