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Ministry Meeting October 26, 2013 Christ Like Global Kingdom

Conducted by Clyde Calloway

Agenda  The vision and the purpose of Christ Like Global Kingdom  Establish Board Members and Positions  Organizational overview  Top issues facing ministry

 Biography, pictures, personal emails/ID’s  Discuss websites and the function of the internet  Initial campaigns and building relationships

 Establishing Bank Accounts, Sponsors, Partnerships  Cost consideration initially  Discuss the Birth of Kingdom Hearts  Discuss and Support Corrine Hooks

The Vision and Purpose of Christ Like Global Kingdom Why are we call to this?

How will we fulfill this vision?

Express your thoughts so far.

How soon do we expect this to manifest?

Establishing Board Members and Positions  All of us being Official Board Members  Birthing this vision together as one unit  Primary ministry position based on the calling and the

heart of. Such as: Worship and Arts; Prayer; Evangelism/Outreach; Leadership/Ministries; Healing & Deliverance; Apostolic and Prophetic; Teaching; Youth Ministry; Counseling; Women/Men Ministry  Unified position in the areas of: Financial Wing; Ministry Wing; Outreach Wing

Organizational Overview

Clyde Calloway President

Stephanie Calloway Exec. Vice President

T’Shura Green Sr. Vice President

Cheryl Coleman Sr. Vice President

Kisha Coley Sr. Vice President

Ithaca Butts Sr. Vice President

Elizabeth Watkins Sr. Vice President

Sherry Mallory Sr. Vice President

Mia Francis Sr. Vice President

Charles Gordon Board Member

Rochelle Flynn Board Member

Top Issues Facing Ministry  Time to serve  Financial Concerns  Building our ministries  Completing the website  Getting the word out  Completing Biographies  Taking official pictures  Volunteers and Servant Leaders  Faithfulness and Loyalty to the ministry  Unity, Trust, and Relationship

Bio’s, Pictures, Emails, and ID’s

A short description of your spiritual self.

Professional Pictures for the Ministry. Color, Cost and Date

Emails and ID’s to websites provided

Review Main Websites; Social Websites Facebook, Twitter, Etc.)

TV Live Broadcast; Radio Live Broadcast; Magazine (Kingdom Voice Mag)

Devotional Websites; Campaign Tools and Resources

Discuss the Website and Function of  Main Website:     

kingdom/441916139254250   

Initial Campaigns and Building Relationships (suggestions and stories) Lauching Our Social Sites

Putting the word out there

Using our Emails to communicate

Setting up Mailing List and Servant Leader on website

Building Partners and Leaders

Launching the

Establishing Bank Accounts and Sponsorships

Research and Campaigning

Gaining Sponsors

In Corporating

Use Tax ID # to open Bank Accounts

Use Official Letterhead and Emails to establish Partnerships

Cost Consideration Initially  Your Time  Your Investment Financially  Your Support

 Your Effort  Your Dedication  Your Concerns if any

The Birth of Kingdom Hearts

The Theme

Becoming a Ministry

The Vision

The Mission

Voting Officially

Discuss the Care of Corrine Hooks  Status of Corrine Hooks  Financial Support from outside and the Ministry  Housing Efforts

 Future care and ministry support  Our first assignment under Kingdom Hearts

Ministry meeting presentation