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Cameron Mackintosh presents Andrew Lloyd Webber’s THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at the Royal Albert Hall 1 & 2 nd October 2011

Incredible array of talent‌

Ramin Karimloo

Sierra Boggess

Liz Robertson

The Phantom


Madame Giry

*All three are the original cast of Love Never Dies*

Incredible array of talent‌

Barry James

Gareth Snook

Wynne Evans

Monsieur Firmin

Monsieur Andre


Plus a Cast and Orchestra of over 200!

And some

special guests to be announced‌

The Story

Far beneath the majesty and splendour of the Paris Opera House, hides the Phantom in a shadowy existence. Shamed by his physical appearance and feared by all, the love he holds for his beautiful protégée Christine Daaé is so strong that even her heart cannot resist. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s mesmerising score along with jaw-dropping scenery and breathtaking special effects, magically combine to bring this tragic love story to life.

Main Characters Erik (The Phantom of the Opera) is a musical genius who lives beneath the opera house. He hides his disfigured face under the signature mask. In order to unleash his creativity, he mentors Christine Daaé and falls madly in love with her. He pretends to be her angel, supposedly sent by her dead father. Christine Daaé is young, 16 to be exact. She is mature beyond her age, however, and becomes the object of obsession, passion, and love for the mysterious Phantom of the Opera. She is chosen to replace the company's spoiled prima donna and sing a lead role, with great success that prompts her childhood sweetheart Raoul to notice her at last. He begins wooing her at this point, at the same time when Phantom begins to reveal his love for Christine. Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny is one of Christine’s childhood friends.

Key Selling Points Phantom of the Opera is the World’s Biggest & Longest Running Musical - Loved by millions of fans for over 25 years – seen by over 100 million people. - Millions of DVDs have been sold worldwide of the hugely successful 2004 film version of Phantom of the Opera, which grossed over $154m at the box office incl. over $103m from Intl markets.

The 25 th Anniversary Concert: A Fully-Staged Spectacular Celebration! - Without doubt, this is the biggest & most ambitious Phantom event ever! - Three fully-staged sell-out shows that will take place at the Royal Albert Hall on 1 st & 2nd October. - Over 200 cast & musicians & specially-created sets for this amazing event! - Promises to be truly spectacular & emotional – the most amazing staging of Phantom ever undertaken. - Supported by Theatrical Screening Events of the Concert in numerous countries.

Massive demand for the show! Click below for trailer.

Audience demand is

Drafting Opportunity


Cameron Mackintosh

“The most successful, influential and powerful producer of our time” The New York Times Produced the three longest-running musicals in history (Les Miserables; Phantom of the Opera; Cats) Owns seven theatres in London’s West End – all of which have been spectacularly refurbished.

Andrew Lloyd Webber Composer of over 15 successful musicals, including‌

The most talented and successful composer of musicals of all time‌ 1 Academy Award, 1 Golden Globe, 4 Grammy Awards, & 7 Tony Awards In 1991, Andrew became the first and only composer to have six productions running in the West End at the same time.

One of the biggest album sellers of alltime! 40 million album sales across the various cast versions Original 1986 London cast album was the first album ever to enter the UK charts at No. 1. Multi-platinum sales in US & UK Universal Music will be releasing the audio of the 25th Anniversary show on CD & digital download in time with our DVD release.

Songs - ACT I “Prologue” - The stage of the Paris Opera House, 1911 - Auctioneer, Raoul & Company “Overture”

ACT ONE Scene 1 – The Dress Rehearsal of Hannibal “Think of Me” - Carlotta, Christine and Raoul Scene 2 – After the Gala “Angel of Music” - Christine & Meg Scene 3 – Christine’s Dressing Room “Little Lotte/The Mirror (Angel of Music)” - Raoul, Christine & The Phantom Scene 4 – The Labyrinth Underground “The Phantom of the Opera” - The Phantom & Christine Scene 5 – Beyond the Lake “The Music of the Night” - The Phantom Scene 6 – Beyond the Lake, the Next Morning “I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It” - Christine & The Phantom Scene 7 – Backstage “Magical Lasso” - Buquet, Meg, Madame Giry & Ballet Girls Scene 8 – The Manager’s Office “Notes/Prima Donna” - Firmin, André, Raoul, Carlotta, Giry, Meg & The Phantom Scene 9 – A Performance of Il Muto “Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh” - Carlotta & Company Scene 10 – The Roof of the Opera House “Why Have You Brought Me Here?/Raoul, I’ve Been There” - Raoul & Christine “All I Ask of You” - Raoul & Christine “All I Ask of You (Reprise)” - The Phantom ENTR’ACTE


Scene 1 – The Staircase of the Opera House, New Year’s Eve “Masquerade/Why So Silent” - Full Company Scene 2 – Backstage - Raoul and Giry Scene 3 – The Manager’s Office “Notes/Twisted Every Way” - André, Firmin, Carlotta, Piangi, Raoul, Chrstine, Giry & The Phantom Scene 4 – A Rehearsal for Don Juan Truimphant - Christine, Piangi, Reyer, Carlotta, Giry & Company Scene 5 – A Graveyard in Perros “Wishing you Were Somehow Here Again Christine “Wandering Child/Bravo, Bravo” - Christine, The Phantom, Christine & Raoul Scene 6 – Before the Premiere - Raoul, André, Firmin, Fireman and The Phantom Scene 7 – Don Juan Triumphant - Carlotta, Piangi, Passarino and Company “The Point of No Return” - The Phantom and Christine Scene 8 – The Labyrinth Underground “Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer” - Full Company Scene 9 – Beyond the Lake - Christine, The Phantom, Raoul & Company

Phantom Phacts 25 Years Old: First show of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s POTO opened in London’s West End at Her Majesty’s Theatre on October 9, 1986 – which starred Michael Crawford as ‘The Phantom’ and Sarah Brightman as ‘Christine.’ The Phantom of the Opera became Broadway’s longest running musical in 2006 when it celebrated its 7,486th performance, surpassing the previous record holder “Cats”. In October 2010, the London production celebrated its 10,000 th performance. 145 Cities, 27 countries, over 14 different languages. Show is currently showing in London, New York, Budapest, Las Vegas, and Kyoto. The show has won over 50 major Theatre Awards, including 7 Tonys and 3 Olivier Awards Phantom Album sales total 40m – one of the biggest album sellers of all time. There have been over 100 film, television and theatre adaptations of the story. The film version has sold 154.7m worldwide. All three shows at the Royal Albert Hall sold out in less than one hour! If you go on YouTube and Facebook, fans are ‘demanding’ a DVD of the concert. At every performance there are: 22 scene changes, 230 costumes, 281 candles, 250 kilograms of dry ice, one of the most romantic stories ever written… and 1 chandelier!

Phantom Trivia Steve Harley of Cockney Rebel, was originally cast to play the Phantom. After preparing for five months, he was told Michael Crawford had received the role. Michael Crawford was well-known for his TV-comedy role as Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em. Many were initially sceptical of Lloyd Webber’s decision to cast him. 200 costumes were designed by Maria Bjornson. Cliff Richard sung the second single from the show “All I Ask Of You” with Sarah Brightman. Sarah Brightman was ill and Claire Moore had to perform the role of Christine in the first preview of the show on September 30th, 1985. The journey sequence with the boat and dry ice smoke is said to be the most innovative set even until this day. During the preview show, the radio controlled boat was run on the same frequency as the local fire brigade and the boat went in the wrong direction. Many were nervous about the fall of the chandelier at first, especially the orchestra and conductor. Many high-profile guests, such as Princess Diana, attended opening night.

Phantom Trivia Fans lined up nights before to purchase tickets during the first year of the show. Andrew Lloyd Webber already had three West End shows playing in London before Phantom of the Opera opened. Sarah Brightman was known as a dancer, not a singer, before Phantom of the Opera. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman were both married when they met and were quietly married after their divorces. Andrew Lloyd Webber was smitten and determined to make his new wife a big star and used Phantom of the Opera to showcase her talents. When the show began, Lloyd Webber and Brightman received much ridicule by the public for possible nepotism. Producers needed to raise £2 million to bring Phantom to the stage. Lloyd Webber put on a rough version of the musical before his friends at his country house in Sydmonton in 1985. His friends did not react well because the show appeared like a comedy and the lyrics were “rubbish”. “Music of the Night” was originally titled “Married Man” with different lyrics as well. Set designers adapted details of the Paris Opera House to the show, which is where they saw the design of the infamous chandelier.

Main Contacts Project Owner:

Helen Parker -


Steve Collins –

DVD Intl Ops:

Douglas Whigham –


Emma Powell - (legal)


Rachel Mansson -


Steve Summersby - (europe). Neils Swinkels - (uk). David Collins – (australia).


Bill Vrbanic -

Cameron Mackintosh:

David Dolman (marketing) -

Really Useful Group:

Jonathan Hull - (legal)


Kvinesdal Kulturhus og Utsikten Kunstsenter i samarbeid med UIP presenterer verdenssensasjonen Live fra Royal Albert Hall, London

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