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Editor's Letter Editor's Letter

King James Mangoba

How fast these times flies by. Within the span of quarter 1, KIVKS Media has accomplished so much. From new experiences and learnings to continuously creating fun memories, KVIKS Media is back and stronger.

With the great success of KVIKS Media last year, our program was granted to have new and better equipment. This equipment and technology mark the beginning of a new era for KVIKS Media.

We were able to attain equipment and technology that were at the same level as a professional production crew like NaLeo TV. This also enhances the quality of services we provide for our school and our community. In the end, this allowed our members the opportunity to study and master these new kinds of equipment anew. This implies that our members will have more chances to learn about skills at an industry level.

In this issue of KVIKS Spotlight, we showcase to you the recent events that KVIKS Media was a part of. In Brightspot we highlight the two opportunities and experiences that show KVIKS's excellence. A new experience that opens up more opportunities for KVIKS Media.

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A broadcast to remember...


Summer Recap

Over the summer, we did much very productive work. We worked on preparing for the incoming school year. Work was completed though as we created a new bulletin intro for the 2022-2023 school year, as well as getting new broadcasting equipment which we now regularly use. We did training sessions for our members to expand their skills and knowledge about digital media and broadcasting. Soon enough, not only was our workspace occupied by equipment ordered by us, the equipment such as iPads and computers made the Kyle Pile look like a minor dust bunny. We also live-streamed the Kings of Hawaii Softball Tournament on the week of the 4th of July. This was a very long live-streamed going from 7 AM to 12 AM and was tiring for all, but also a lot of fun as our commentator made it entertaining.

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Quarter 1 Recap

With the 2022-2023 school year in full swing, KVIKS is continuing to serve its members and the community. As with the beginning of each school year, the first months of school have brought us, several new members. These members are getting to experience all our equipment, such as the relatively new URSA cameras and new switcher, as well as being able to participate in all sorts of activities including broadcasts and producing the morning bulletin.

Tyra Le, a freshman who joined KVIKS this year says that

“My experience in KVIKS has been very fun and exciting, I’ve been really enjoying it. I think my favorite memory so far would have to be both the journey to Konawaena [to broadcast football] and the car ride back from Konawaena, mostly because we all started singing random songs that popped up on the playlist at night. Sometimes KVIKS can be exhausting, but it’s so rewarding in the end because of everything that you learn and all the fun you have along the way.”

Tyra isn’t the only new member who has had positive experiences since joining.

Kayla Imai, a junior who joined KVIKS this year, shares a similar sentiment.

“My first quarter of KVIKS has already been so much fun,” she says. “My favorite event so far is definitely The Hawaii Swim Show, it being my first official broadcast. This broadcast is what made me enjoy and fall in love with broadcasting, and what made me want to continue pursuing it within KVIKS.”

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Obviously, the new members of KVIKS have been learning a lot and having just as much fun along the way, but they’re not the only ones who are working hard this school year. Returning members have gotten back into the swing of things, especially in broadcasting, where we’ve been live streaming the fall sports of girls’ volleyball and football weekly. In August, we even got a chance to intern with Na Leo TV to Livestream a girls’ volleyball game against Kamehameha. Personally, this experience of working with industry-level broadcasters and equipment was a dream come true. I loved seeing how Na Leo TV’s crew worked and having a hand in a sports game being broadcasted to television. This internship opportunity certainly got me ready for the new school year, igniting my passion for broadcasting and what this new year would have in store.

Just as we’ve had consistent volleyball broadcasts throughout the quarter, we’ve also had frequent football games. Usually, we broadcast at Hilo’s own Wong Stadium, but we’ve also gone to Kea’au High School and Konawaena High School to broadcast games. These games feature excited crowds in the stands, bringing back a sense of normalcy after a year of COVID. While each football game is special, perhaps one of the most memorable for our student broadcasters so far has been the live stream at Konawaena High.

Erin Wagner, a junior and KVIKS Vice President says that “Despite how late it ran, the football stream at Konawaena proved to be a spectacular time. I was pretty nervous that things would be stressful or something would go wrong, given how long and tiring the journey was, but it ultimately was a grand time. Also, we each got Konawaena wristbands, which I found entertaining and as a fun keepsake.”

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Hawaii Swim Show BRIGHTSPOT:

On the sunny afternoon of Friday, September 2nd, KVIKS Media students arrived at the Wainaku Executive Center for what would be one of the most memorable broadcasts of the year: the first-ever Hawai’i Swim Show! The event offered local designers the chance to showcase their best works on the runway and a venue to sell their top designs It ran through the whole weekend, from dawn to deep into the night Despite the long hours, KVIKS Media members were thrilled when offered the opportunity to broadcast by the founders of the event themselves. They had heard of KVIKS’ work through their relatives, who had seen some of our soccer streams and told them about us After examining our work, they reached out to our program to invite us to broadcast, bringing the excitement of many KVIKS students.

One such student was Reana Lagronio, a Broadcasting Executive Producer for the club Like many others, when she heard of the invitation to stream the Hawai’i Swim Show, she was ecstatic. When asked, she stated

“At first we were told that there would be a large press and media that would watch the broadcast. I felt really intimidated, but having that pressure led to possibly the best livestream we have ever produced. The three days we were there, no matter if we were completely soaked in sweat or if we were enjoying our delicious food, we had a blast being there. If you ask some of the others in KVIKS Media or even the advisors about how much this experience has impacted me, they would probably mention how I just wouldn’t stop talking about how much I loved streaming the Swim Show.”

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After arriving at the awe-inspiring venue, students were greeted graciously by the event hosts and prepared to set up for the stream It was a dramatically different experience as opposed to our usual sports streams, but with assistance from the audio/video specialists present, KVIKS members were able to set up with relative ease Students set up outside in the parking lot and ran wires straight to cameras at the runway Pressley Domingo, KVIKS Media President, when asked about his first moments at the stream states

“It was really neat. Everything looked fancy, especially in the executive center. There was a red carpet and rich people's food, and everyone there was also very friendly and easy to talk to.”

Broadcasting Associate Producer, Kayla Imai, adds

“I really enjoyed how everyone was super professional and, it is one of my first broadcasts, really taught me a lot and helped me improve in KVIKS. Also, when talking to the models, they were all really friendly and generous for broadcasting the event for their families, which really warmed my heart.”

The shows themselves only lasted about 45 minutes, with the exclusion of the opening event which ran a bit longer. Even with several shows in the day, there were nearly two hours of downtime between each stream, but KVIKS Media members found many ways to spend the time For example, King James Mangoba, a senior in KVIKS, tells us of his experience during our free time in his statement:

“ This broadcast is the most chill broadcast we’ve ever had due to long breaks in between shows. It may sound great but when our boredom kicks in, we become clever to escape it. Over these long breaks, we were able to socialize with the models asking them for pictures and just constantly admiring them. (*note: we’ve never seen this many beautiful humans so we were all stars struck by them.) We’ve also explored the different parts of the venue. We discovered a scenic view of the ocean, a hidden locked tunnel, and a secret spot that has a breathtaking ocean view. And with this event’s nature of elegance, we were surprised by their caterer’s food. On the first night, we grab their delicious appetizers and charcuterie boards catered by Cafe Pesto. We’ve never had that tasteful appetizer before. Their food is very fancy and delicious. Overall it was definitely a broadcast to remember where fun memories are made!”

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"And I heard that our live streams are better than any other swim show."
Thank you for your professionalism. I'm so excited about what you guys have in your future.
- Taylor Matas, Hawaii Swim Show Founder - Kalia Wasson, Hawaii Swim Show Founder

Perhaps some of our most memorable moments came from our experience with others working at the swim show. Both Hawaii Sound and Vision (the Audio/Video managers at the event) and the models themselves complimented our work, much to the grateful surprise of the students.

An employee of Hawaii Sound and Vision stated “You guys have been doing amazing. We are so glad to have worked with you all.”

Also, a present musician Dylan Pakele commented “You guys did solid! Looked better than f i l l Th k u.” Praise like this gave students great pride in their work, but also a sense ity. selves as simple as “You guys did great!” gave students a feeling of from a model goes ents from California to watch me walk down the runway.

It was statements like this that truly gave KVIKS ng the community to see events they otherwise couldn’t is y their work. Camrenn Cabalar, when asked about how he f

“The praise was very heartwarming. I didn’t truly til we actually received praise for what we did. After he nor to g

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“Hearing praise from not only the models themselves but also from the founders really warmed my heart. I can recall one of the models I spoke to, Travis Lau, telling us about how professional our work was and thankful he was for our work. I’m truly grateful for all the praise we received, and I am definitely looking forward to the next swim show!”

The Hawaii Swim Show was undoubtedly one of the most memorable streams in all of KVIKS and many members look forward to streaming another show in the future. We’re immensely grateful for this opportunity and we hope to continue broadcasting for our community in the years to come.

Reana Lagronio adds

Hawaii Sunrise Show BRIGHTSPOT:

On Sep 16, 2022, four notable KVIKS Media members were given the opportunity to appear on Hawai’i News Now Sunrise as a part of their 2022 Mahalo Tour! Pressley Domingo, a senior and KVIKS Media president, King James Mangoba, a senior and Student Associations President, Erin Wagner, a junior and KVIKS vice president, and Clara Steele, a sophomore, discussed what KVIKS Media is, what we do, and what it’s done for our futures. This opportunity to be on statewide television was surely a unique and unforgettable experience for the students involved- so let’s see what they have to say about it!

Pressley Domingo, a senior and KVIKS Media president, can definitely agree with the previous statement. He admits that

“At first, I was nervous, really nervous- even just standing on that stage with all the bright lights.” But this wasn't just a nerve-wracking moment for Pressley, he says “...as soon as we got talking it felt as normal as ever. Everyone was very nice and the feeling that we were on TV felt surreal but great!”

Pressley isn’t alone in his feelings towards this very new experience- Erin Wagner, a junior and KVIKS Media vice president shares a similar sentiment.

"Being on tv was an utterly spellbinding experience”, she says. “Not only was being in front of the camera a new encounter but so was the entire setup! It was really strange to be heard by so many people, especially considering how we're usually the guys recording. Even so, it was definitely an amazing opportunity and I'm glad I was there."

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King James Mangoba, a senior and SA president was incredibly thankful for this unique experience to be interviewed on TV. He says “I am deeply grateful to have had this opportunity to showcase and introduce KVIKS Media to a wider audience.” Despite his gratitude, that doesn’t change the fact that he was a bit nervous, he acknowledges- “I was incredibly nervous yet still excited and confident during the interview, overall, I just feel proud to be a part of KVIKS Media and to be able to talk about it on live television at a statewide level.” I can attest to everything that these amazing, hardworking individuals said. Being interviewed on TV was definitely nervewracking, to say the least, but I was so proud watching the recording back and seeing everyone eloquently describing KVIKS to the world. I know how much this club means to me, the school, and everyone else involved, so I really appreciate this amazing opportunity to go on TV and share our pride and hard work Hopefully, there are more great opportunities like this one to come in the future, but until then we will continue to work hard to serve our community and make ourselves proud!

When four KVIKS Media students had the amazing opportunity to appear on Hawaii News Now Sunrise and discuss the KVIKS program, the students weren’t the only ones left feeling accomplished and with a new, exciting experience under their belts. KVIKS Media advisor Luke Eclipse-Ujano did too!

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Just the fact that the KVIKS Media program was given the opportunity to be on statewide TV was an amazing accomplishment to Luke, “When Complex Area Superintendent Esther Kanehailua personally came to Hilo High School to offer a chance on Hawaii News Now, I felt very honored. The fact that she thought of us as a bright spot in her complex area was enough to make me speechless. Her pride in KVIKS Media made me want to share that excitement and honor on tv.”

When asked about how it felt to see his students on TV, Luke said “Students are the heart of our program. The four students chosen to represent us on Hawaii News Now embody the best of all of us.” As great as it was to be featured on statewide TV, Luke admits that it was also a nerve-wracking experience, “The students were nervous, but they really shone through. I am so proud of the way they presented themselves, hearing them talk highly about our program reminded me of how much KVIKS Media means to them, and how they are willing to go above and beyond for us. Without students, KVIKS Media would not be a critical part of my life, and I am proud to be an advisor to this program that fosters excellence in all things.”

Since appearing on Hawaii News Now, Luke says that “The support our teachers and community showed to us was tremendous. We have already been approached by others to participate in new opportunities. As a program, each of us has to do our part to keep KVIKS Media running and share this excitement with all past, present, and future members.”

With such a bright future ahead for KVIKS Media and all the students in the program, there is no telling what opportunities are in store for the future. Only time will tell how the students of the KVIKS Media program will blossom, and how this program will further expand and serve our community.

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Get Involved:

There are so many ways how to get involved in KVIKS Media. With our huge members and departments, there is a place for everyone to be involved.

The daily production of the Morning Bulletin will always welcome members to participate, and allows for members to help out with one of KVIKS Media’s most active duties We ask members to always set their availability through WhenIWork for their schedules to work

Live streams always welcome members to participate, whether they be experienced or new members. As always, positions that are available are Camera Operator, Broadcast Tech, Technical Director, depending on the broadcast, and Scoreboard. If members feel as if they don’t have enough experience, they are welcome to learn how any position works by asking Reana Lagrono or Nathan Regasa, or one of our broadcast specialists.

To participate in a broadcast, members will only need to ask Nathan Ragasa, or Reana Lagronio in-person or through Discord, and a position will be assigned and posted to the WhenIWork app.

Should students be unable to attend after-school activities, a way to participate in KVIKS Media activities during school hours is Audio/Video This school year, new events such as lunchtime rallies, where students can take up the position of Audio/Video Technician, Photographer, and occasionally Camera Operator.

As always, the McChicken Fund always welcomes donations as KVIKS solely relies on it to provide some sort of sustenance for members. The donations will be used to provide snacks for KVIKS students who stay after school to help with the bulletin or to provide a meal for those who attend broadcasts

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