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Immigration Fraud, Scam and Criminal in New Zealand !

Who protect New Zealand Authorities ?! CRIMINALS !?

The Answer, Action and Reaction from New Zealand Authorities about this dirty Immigration Fraud, Scam and Criminal from New Zealand Citizens who lives in Christchurch, were very disappointed and frustrated! I will ask myself: What kind of People live in New Zealand and I will ask many people All Around the world Do they know the answer of this question?! Yes, because my intention is everybody in the world to know about this dirty immigration Fraud especially big and important TV, Internet and Radio Station, Newspapers, world Agents, Authorities and Representatives who are in connection with Immigration and many, many more ...etc... (in Australia, Europe, USA ...etc...)

The true story of the DECEIVED Emigrant! Immigration FRAUD, Scam and Criminal from Stu Macann and KEITH LIGHTFOOT, Ex Firms = NewJobz & SkillsNZ, location - Christchurch, New Zealand ! - I beseech all of you who are genuinely interested for this dirty Immigration FRAUD to visit - - to consider the enclosed documentation, Blog page and judge what has really happened! - Please, make: Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, Ask, Info etc ... Search (engines) > and together or individually enter words: Stu Macann KEITH LIGHTFOOT - (first or next several pages) to see that anyone in the world can find and read about my case and what kind of people are hidden behind this two names !

Please Visit Blog page of my site and read > The DECEIVED EMIGRANT-negativ.pdf < and > Keith Lightfoot has a new SCAM.pdf < to see reaction from the New Zealand Authorities! Also read: > Criminal in New Zealand - New Attack.pdf < and the truth in: > Migrants have NO hope of refunds-press...15Dec.07.pdf > about 229 deceived emigrants who lost at least $600.000 .... agency news from National >> ( )


p.s. Keith Lightfoot continues with his normal life, without any serious consequences or penalty for his past criminals acts in the field of Immigration - now hi is a Public Speaker, Singer-Musician, Computer Geek, in one word - Miracle and Prodigy and he present himself via internet very solid with one reason to Deceive people, again ! ** Be AWARE from this Man-Shark >> as you can see from his new web sites: : ; ; ;

*** Congratulations for New Zealand Authorities !

With OBLIGATION > click and read: > Keith Lightfoot has a new SCAM.pdf <

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------**** (Maybe some Agent & Agency who works with Emigrants will be Inspire with my Case and try to do something similar as Christchurch Legends >> Stu Macann & KEITH LIGHTFOOTâ&#x20AC;Ś.haa,ha,ha-Aaaaahhh!?) **** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Immigration Fraud, Scam & Criminal in New Zealand (Basic)  

Immigration Fraud, Scam and Criminal in New Zealand! SCAMMED by Stu Macann & KEITH LIGHTFOOT. The DECEIVED EMIGRANT Toni Kuzman, SCAMMED by...