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Monday 4/22: Finals! Faculty vs. Student Basketball at 1pm in the gym

No chapel this week—enjoy those finals!

Tuesday 4/23: More finals! Wednesday 4/24: Even more finals! Thursday 4/25: Final finals! Backyard Bash at 5pm in the backyard or the Dining Hall if weather is bad Friday 4/26: Kuyper College Commencement at Sunshine Church from 7:30-9:30pm Saturday 4/27: Residence Halls Close Sunday 4/28: Sweet Sabbath Rest

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Student Government End of Year Report




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Breaking News! Return your rentals or sell your books! Where: CR-2 Conference Room When: Tuesday, April 23: 10-4 pm Wednesday, April 24: 10-4 pm Thursday, April 25: 10-4 pm

The Introduction to Drama class is putting on a play. They will be performing "A Knight to Remember: the Romantic Legend of Don Quixote." It is a light-hearted take on the tale of Don Quixote; it will be performed on April 22 at 4pm, and will be held in room 211, there will be no admission fee. The play will last around an hour and there will be a time of refreshments following the play. All are welcomed!

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The Loop!

S t u d e n t G o v e r n m e n t E n d o f Y e a r R e p o r t As a Student Government, we have concluded our meetings for the year and would like to share with you a summary of all that we accomplished this school year. One of the first things we did was make amendments to the Student Government Constitution and mission statement. It was very important to us that we all understood and agreed with the way that Student Government would run so that we could work together as a well-functioning team. We decided early on to adopt the “Robert’s Rules” structure of running meetings which helped our meetings to run smoothly and assisted us in being more productive. Alexa (President) and Becca (Vice President) met throughout the year with other presidents and vice presidents from local colleges such as Cornerstone, Calvin and Aquinas. It was a great way to glean knowledge from other students in leadership roles and to exchange ideas. We held four focus groups over the year which helped us to communicate with students and hear their ideas and concerns. We were able to bring up some of those concerns in our meetings and work on communicating better with students and finding solutions to problems. As you are probably aware, one thing that we changed was the way that elections and the Student Government structure worked. Executive teams now run together in the Spring rather than the Fall and there will be both voting and non-voting members next year. Voting members are those who were elected and non-voting members include student group and leader representatives. In October we started a Facebook group to post updates and for students to communicate with us. At the beginning of 2013, we spent a large amount of time going over results from surveys about updating Schaal lounge and deciding what we wanted to invest our funds in. Because we received quite a few complaints about the stove smoking, we decided to purchase a new stove which is now in the lounge kitchen. We provided both Street Team and the Social Work Communities class with funds for their events. Street Team went to Washington DC for the March for Life and the Social Work class held a conference on foster care here at the college. For the commuter lounge, we purchased a new TV, which is now in there, and we purchased brand new renewable furniture for the study side which should be coming in the summer. The TV came with a gaming chair which we gave to SAC to raffle off at the Superbowl Party. We paid for the free 5-meal plan and off-campus meals for the special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas meals as well as exam snacks. At the end of the year we organized a highway cleanup and decided to purchase a membership for the American Student Government Association which will give us great resources and discounted conferences to train at. Thank you to everyone who made this a great year for Student Government! We hope to hear from you again next year!

Blog Over this past year, I have been given a personality quiz an upwards of 15 times. The personality quiz is as follows: What is your favorite color and why? Your answer is supposed to tell the questioner how you view and think of yourself. What is your favorite animal and why? Your answer reveals what attracts you in another person – specifically, what type of person you will marry. And finally, the question I would like to focus on: What is your favorite thing about nature and why? Your answer indicates what you enjoy most about God. When asked this question, I stopped and thought for a moment. I knew what my favorite thing about nature was, but why… Something you need to know about me before you read on: I tend to overthink things. Often. But in this case, I don’t think it is such a bad thing. What is your favorite thing about nature? Water is my favorite thing about nature. Water is everywhere. There are so many aspects to it. It has the ability to calm and silence, but also has the potential to be powerful and destructive. I still remember my first answer to this question – before I knew its significance: I think my favorite thing is water. Go to to read the rest!

J o b s a n d I n t e r n s h i p s  Babysitter in Cedar Springs *  Director of Youth Ministries in Ontario *  Invoicing and Accounts Payable Specialist for Wynalda Packaging *

 Summer Intern for Bayshore Christian Ministries•  Camp Staff at Camp Living Waters *  Director of Youth Ministry at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids *

 Youth Ministry Leader for St. Paul’s UMC * For more information, to go Career Development Services under the Student Services tab on the portal. *Paid position •Unpaid position

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April 2013 Sun















Class Resumes

Summit Adventure Visit - 9am-2pm, 2nd floor atrium

April Fool’s Day 7








Resume Blitz & Professional Photos - 9-11am and 1-3pm, 2nd floor atrium

Intramurals 3 on 3 basketball tournament

Christian Reformed World Missions Visit - 10am-3pm, 2nd floor atrium

Student Scholar Day






Spring Student Recitals - 4 & 7pm, Chapel

Resume Blitz Variety Show & Professional -9:15pm, Photos Chapel - 9-11am and 1-3pm, 2nd floor atrium

Last day of classes

Reading Day - No Classes





29 Spring Session I Begins



Honors Convocation - 9:30-11:30 am, Chapel 20

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes - 5pm, West Dining Hall 26


Kuyper College Residence CommenceHalls Close Backyard Bash ment - 5pm, Back- Sunshine yard or Dining Church, 7:30Hall if weather 9:30pm is bad

Faculty vs. Student Basketball - 1pm, gym 28

Blood Drive Game Night - 12-4pm, Gym - 7pm, Dining Hall


T ha nk s fo r re a ding!

A r e Yo u i n t h e L o o p ? There are no questions this week. Enjoy your last week of this school year! Thank you to everyone who read and supported The Loop this year! You are good people, Kuyper College.

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The Loop! 4/19/13  

The twenty-fourth issue of the student newsletter

The Loop! 4/19/13  

The twenty-fourth issue of the student newsletter