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Monday 1/28: Today in 1986 the shuttle Challenger exploded

M 1/28: Eric Sarwar

Tuesday 1/29: Women’s basketball away game against Great Lakes at 6pm

W 1/30: Prayer F 2/1: Praise and Worship

Taste of the World Wednesday 1/30: Today in 1956, “Blue Suede Shoes” was recorded :) Thursday 1/31: Men’s basketball home game against Valley Forge at 7pm Friday 2/01: National Freedom Day Saturday 2/02: Groundhog Day—may the groundhog see his shadow and may you only experience this day once this year. Sunday 2/03: Super Bowl Party

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On Monday, February 4th, from 11am-5pm there will be a blood drive. For the past two drives, we have donated exactly 32 units, for a total of 64. That means that for the next two drives, we need AT LEAST 28 people to successfully donate. If consistent with the past two drives, that means that we need at least 40 to try to donate. If you haven’t donated in the past, please consider trying this time. The hours are longer in hopes of giving those who have afternoon classes an opportunity to donate. The drive will take place in the commuter lounge this time Sign up for the blood drive in the Student Life Office. The signup sheet will be available on Thursday. Michigan Blood is offering a coupon for a FREE large one topping pizza from Papa Johns to everyone who signs in. Please consider donating and then celebrate your life saving donation with a free pizza! It’s a win-win! Thank you for your consideration and participation.


The men’s basketball team beat Lincoln Christian last Friday with a score of 83-67! EMMAUS

The Lady Cougars played Emmaus Bible College last Saturday winning 54-43. Senior Tori Pope had 18 points, Sophomore Kaitlynn Rosier had 17, newcomer Emily Scoles had 16 points and freshman Marissa Foster had 2 points!

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The Loop!

S t u d e n t G o v e r n m e n t


On Wednesday, January 23rd, Student Government had a very successful meeting and would like to update you all on what they are working on:

Most people in our culture, even our Christian culture, don’t observe anything like a Sabbath. When people think of the Sabbath, they often think of a forced, legalistic, no-fun day, where you sit and do nothing (not even smile!) in order to follow the rules.

 Student Government received a proposal to update

and revamp the Schaal lounge in different ways. A motion was proposed and carried to purchase a new stove/oven. A survey will go out very soon to get the rest of the student body’s opinion on what else, if anything, should be updated. Be looking for that in your email!

 A group of students came into the meeting on

Wednesday to propose that Student Government grants Street Team $400 for their trip to Washington D.C. for the March for Life. Student Government voted and decided to grant them $500 so that they can lower the prices for the students going on the trip and use the trip to learn as much as they can.

 It has also been decided that the study area and the TV area of the commuter lounge will be switched to be more conducive to their purposes.

Student Government would love to hear your ideas! Any proposals can be presented in meetings (email prior to set it up) or emailed to or your representative.

S c h o o l N e w s Are you pursuing one of the following degrees: Youth Ministry, Pre-Seminary, Music & Worship, Intercultural Studies, Sports Ministry, English, TESOL, Dance and Worship? Are you 1/2 way through your sophomore year?

That’s a far cry from how we should understand Sabbath. In recent years, many Christian scholars have been rediscovering the centrality of the discipline Sabbath for the Christian life, especially in a culture where busyness is at epidemic proportions. Here’s my suggestion, for students and professors alike: learn to observe a weekly Sabbath, a day of worship, rest, and joy. (I’m not going to walk through all the biblical reasons why Christians should observe the spiritual discipline of Sabbath, but if you’re interested in hearing more about that, there’s a sermon entitled “Sabbath Living: Rest for the Weary” at sermons.html) Why should we do this? Here are just a few reasons. Click here to read the rest!

J o b

P o s t i n g s

 Customer Service for Diversified Industries  Supports Coordinator for Hope Network  Youth Ministry at Open Bible Church  Business Account Administrator at Advantage Sales and Marketing, LLC

You may be eligible to apply!

 Student Life Director at Haven CRC  Administrative Assistant (Children's Ministry) for Sunshine Community Church

Pick up an application from the Academic Office or refer to the attached application for eligibility requirements. If you have further questions, talk to your program director or to Becca Willis (

 Editorial Director and Writer for CCCU

All application materials are due by February 28.

 Custodian for New Community Church

To be considered for acceptance into your program, you MUST apply and be interviewed.

 Nannies for Northlight Nannies

Professional Program App.pdf Program Reference Form.pdf

 Family Counselor for Eagle Village

 Positions at Hope Haven  Nanny in Grand Rapids For more information and openings, go here.

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February 2013 SUN




29 30 Women’s B-ball vs. Great Lakes - Away 6pm




31 1 Men’s B-ball vs. Valley Forge - Home 7pm

2 Women’s B-ball vs. Lincoln -Away1pm Men’s B-ball vs. Lincoln

Taste of the World 3


5 6 Superbowl Blood Drive Women’s B-ball Party - 11am-5pm vs. Indiana - Away 5:30pm Men’s B-ball vs. Indiana - Away 7:30pm



9 Women’s B-ball vs. Silver Lake - Home 1pm Men’s B-ball vs. Silver Lake



12 13 Women’s B-ball vs. Grace - Home 5pm Men’s B-ball vs. Grace - Home 7pm


15 Men’s B-ball vs. Ohio Christian College - Away at 7:30pm

16 Women’s B-ball vs. Rochester - Away 3pm Men’s B-ball vs. Rochester - Away 1pm





21 NCCAA Midwest Regionals - Moody

22 NCCAA Midwest Regionals - Moody

23 NCCAA Midwest Regionals - Moody




President’s Day—No class



T ha nk s fo r re a ding!

Click to watch a video!

Why should you donate blood? To save precious lives like this one.

A r e Yo u i n t h e L o o p ? As a big thank you for reading, we have a special prize for you! But there’s a catch. You must be able to recite these three things at the Student Life front desk from memory.

 When is the blood drive coming up?  Name one of the updates from Student Government.  Name one event happening in February. If you can name these three things, you can either receive a candy bar or enter in a raffle for ice skating gift certificates at the end of the month! There will be four raffle winners. Winners will be chosen on February 1.

Want to contribute? Have poetry, stories, art, comics, or professor quotes? Email

The Loop! 1/25/2013  

The foruteenth issue of the student newsletter

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