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Stay in the Loop: C h a p e l

Monday 1/14: The Revolutionary War ended today in 1784

M 1/14: Rev. Sam Harris

Tuesday 1/15: Last day to add/drop classes w/out penalty Women’s home basketball game against Andrew’s University at 5:30pm Men’s home basketball game against Andrew’s University at 7:30pm

W 1/16: CJ Grier and Gospel Choir F 1/18: Prayer

Wednesday 1/16: Operation Desert Storm was announced today in 1991 Thursday 1/17: Happy Birthday, Ben Franklin! Friday 1/18: Women’s home basketball game against Lincoln Christian University at 5pm Men’s home basketball game against Lincoln Christian University at 7pm I n s i d e t h i s i s s u e :

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Saturday 1/19: Women’s home basketball game against Emmaus Bible College at 1pm

B r e a k i n g

N e w s !

We are pleased to let you know that we are now in to the active stages of publicizing and seeking applicants for the open Provost position at Kuyper College. You are encouraged to look over the information that we have prepared and posted on our web site at . There you will find an updated job description and a more comprehensive document called an “Opportunity Profile.” And most importantly, be in prayer for this process, the committee and the candidates. The Provost Search Committee members are: Curt Essenberg, Doug Felch, Lisa Hosack, Dale Kuiper (Chairperson), Ben Meyer, Joy Milano (Secretary), Christine Moran, Richelle White, Dianne Zandbergen and Mary Carlson (HR)

CROSSROADS The Cougars played Crossroads on December 14th at the Grace Bible Christmas Tournament and won 50-41!

CORNERSTONE On December 14, the Kuyper Cougars experienced a tough match against Cornerstone University. In the first half, Cornerstone scored 68 points, leading to a 109-66 win over the Cougars. Four players made double figures: Andy DeKam and Mike Kragt with 12 points each, Sal Hermiz with 11 points, and Alex Rogers with 10 points.

MARATHANA After a long trip to Maranatha Baptist Bible College on January 4th, the Cougars lost 36-87.

SILVER LAKE On January 4, the Kuyper College Men’s Basketball team traveled to Silver Lake College in Wisconsin and cruised to a 102-74 victory with six Cougars reaching double figures. The Cougars started out the game hot, never letting up as they shot 56% from the floor and 10/18 from beyond the arc.

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U p d a t e

Students-Congratulations on finishing up exam week!

appreciate your influence in that way. I conclude this brief note with these two paragraphs from their Summary:

We have now received the draft of the report that will go to the Higher Learning Commission from the Visiting Team that was here in November to examine us regarding our reaccreditation with the North Central Association. This accreditation is what validates the college and the course work you engage in so that your credits result in a diploma as solid as that of any major college or university in the United States. The Visiting Team's draft and recommendations will be submitted to the Higher Learning Commission and we will receive the final document in a couple of months. There is much to share but I would like you to know that their recommendations are encouraging. They are recommending that our next comprehensive visit be in 2019-2020 (one year longer than we were given before) and have found that we meet ALL of the Commission's criteria (yeah, Cougars!). The report was especially affirming of you students and I am proud of you for the spirit, scholarship and quality of engagement you exhibited during the Visiting Team's time with us.

The visiting team is confident that, based on its thorough review of the institution, Kuyper College continues to meet the five evaluative criteria for HLC accreditation. They have a clearly stated and widely embraced mission and are exemplary in their commitment to function with the highest standards of integrity. Kuyper College is most cognizant of the issues confronting her future. Resources, while limited, are carefully stewarded to enable the mission to be realized. The team also sees promise for the college as they begin to think and plan strategically.

There are a few areas cited that we need to improve on but we have been aware of these and have already begun putting strategies in place to address them. One area you can help with is to improve our enrollment numbers. If over semester break you can encourage others to attend Kuyper next semester or next year, we would

Kuyper is blessed with good students who are missionally-driven. Their learning is assessed, and faculty take seriously what they learn through this process to inform teaching practice. The college embodies the "life of the mind" and continued learning as it informs practice. Both are inherent in the college mission. The team also reviewed evidence that Kuyper College is consistently working to identify her new and emerging constituencies in order to serve them in mutually advantageous ways. I wish you a restful and blessed Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year! With warm regards, --President Kroeze

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The Loop!

I n t e r n s h i p O p p o r t u n i t i e s Social Work interns needed at Degage. Email if interested. ID Office Intern: An intern is needed to work alongside Degage's ID Office Coordinator in meeting with patrons and helping them to secure birth certificates and State of Michigan ID cards. Duties include conversing with patrons, making phone calls, sending emails, and filing. Resource Office Intern: This office assists homeless and disadvantaged individuals in gaining access to supportive services. This includes providing caring support and encouragement while meeting practical needs. Duties will include meeting with patrons, computer work, phone calls, etc. in this very hands-on position. Community Liaison: An intern is needed to serve as the face and voice of Degage to those who call on the phone or come to the door. The employee will learn first-hand about the needs of the homeless and low-income population in Grand Rapids by fielding phone calls and helping patrons at the door. Worker will also support staff with clerical and organizational tasks at times. Help Desk Attendant: Intern will greet patrons and direct them to the appropriate Degage office to meet their need. The employee will gather general information from the patrons and enter it into the database.

L e a d e r s h i p O p p o r t u n i t i e s Are you interested in a student leadership position in the Kuyper community for next year? There are both paid and unpaid positions available as well as positions on Student Government. Paid Positions: Core Group Facilitator Intramurals Intern Resident Assistant Yearbook Co-Editor Student Activities Club Intern Mazi Community Spiritual Life Intern Unpaid Positions: SAC Committee Intramurals Committee Yearbook Staff Spiritual Life Committee Student Government Positions: Student Government President (Paid) Student Government Vice President Student Government Treasurer Student Government Representative Go here for more information and applications.

Blog The cross is becoming a fashion trend, and while it has been used in fashion for decades, it is making an even bigger appearance this year, for whatever reason. Popular hipster websites such as have caught on to this trend…well, actually, they probably started it. Now, I’m not here to condemn people who buy these articles of clothing or jewelry. If someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus decides to buy a shirt with the cross on it, it is just a symbol or a trend to them already. I don’t really think I have the right to judge or condemn those who don’t believe in general, and certainly not about what they choose to wear. However, as Christians, I think we have responsibility to be mindful of what we are wearing, and be especially sensitive to wearing the cross. For us, the cross is a powerful reminder of the suffering & shame our Savior bore for us, a symbol of the redemption we have through His sacrifice, and an expression of the life we now live in Him. So if we choose to buy a cross t-shirt, cross leggings, cross ring or bracelet, I think we should be doing it with the intention of reminding ourselves of His sacrifice & pain, not because it has become a fashion trend. Click here to read the rest!

J o b

P o s t i n g s

 Customer Service for Diversified Industries  Supports Coordinator for Hope Network  Youth Ministry at Open Bible Church  Business Account Administrator at Advantage Sales and Marketing, LLC

 Student Life Director at Haven CRC  Administrative Assistant (Children's Ministry) for Sunshine Community Church

 Editorial Director and Writer for CCCU  Family Counselor for Eagle Village  Custodian for New Community Church  Nannies for Northlight Nannies  Positions at Hope Haven  Nanny in Grand Rapids For more information and openings, go here.

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January 2013

















Class Begins




Women’s Men’s and B-ball vs. Women’s Marathana B-ball vs. Silver Lake 10 11 Camp Henry Stay-cation! Visit - 1pm



Last day to add/ drop classes w/ out penalty

Men’s and Women’s B-ball vs. Lincoln - Home 7pm and 5pm

Men’s and Women’s B-ball vs. Andrew’s - Home 7:30pm and 5:30pm 20






Men’s and Women’s B-ball vs. Indiana - Home 7:30 and 5:30pm 31

Cornerstone Men’s and Classes Begin Women’s B-ball vs. Grace - Away 7pm and 5pm 27


29 Women’s B-ball vs. Great Lakes - Away 6pm


Men’s B-ball vs. Valley Forge - Home 7pm


12 Stay-cation! Men’s and Women’s B-ball vs. Great Lakes - Home 3pm and 1pm 19 Women’s B-ball vs. Emmaus - Home 1pm

26 Men’s B-ball vs. Robert Morris - Away 3pm

T ha nk s fo r re a ding!

Kuyper Life would like to welcome you to winter semester 2013 in style.

Click to watch a {ridiculous} video!

A r e Yo u i n t h e L o o p ? As a big thank you for reading, we have a special prize for you! But there’s a catch. You must be able to recite these three things at the Student Life front desk from memory.

 What position is Kuyper currently seeking to fill?  What area did President Kroeze suggest that students can help in to improve our school?

 Name one event happening in January If you can name these three things, you can either receive a candy bar or enter in a raffle for ice skating gift certificates at the end of the month! There will be four raffle winners.

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The Loop! 1/11/2013  

The twelfth issue of the student newsletter

The Loop! 1/11/2013  

The twelfth issue of the student newsletter