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Key To Finding and

Securing New Business

In Today's Commercial Cleaning Industry

Prepared by Wade Henry

Almost every business in the country needs to be cleaned at one point or another. While many businesses use people currently employed there to do this task, many others hire an outside cleaning company. As many different businesses as there are, there are just as many different cleaning companies. However, there is one constant and that is the need for a meeting of the minds between the cleaners and the prospective clients. This meeting of the minds is accomplished through a sales call. The following instructions are designed to give a novice sales person the basic skills

necessary to be successful in offering their services to a customer.

Prospecting for a sale includes cold calling on potential clients. Following up on referrals is necessary. Telemarketing is another way to contact customers.

At the initial appointment it is important to convey a professional attitude. Use this time to do a walk through of the facility and establish a relationship with your contact.

Ask questions throughout the meeting. Begin with small talk and eventually, but logically, transition to the business at hand.

Taking notes is a good way to show the potential customer that you are truly interested in providing for their specific needs. If possible, get the price they are paying for their current service or find out for what their budget allows. This will allow you to tailor your service to exactly what the customer is searching for.

Tell the customer why you think they should be doing business with you instead of a competitor. Show examples of accounts currently being serviced by your company.

Throughout the conversation use "Tie Downs" and by this I mean get the customer to agree with you about different aspects of your service. Getting several small "Yeses" along the way makes it easier to get the big "Yes" at the end.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED You are the equipment. Be professionally dressed and groomed.

Be punctual and considerate of the client's time.

The only material needed is knowledge of what the client is searching for and what your service can provide.

It should go without saying that manners go a long way to closing a sale.

Finally, ask for the business. Reiterate to the client EXACTLY what service they will get from you. Nothing more, nothing less.

If things have gone well, at this point you should be able to schedule an appointment for a proposal delivery and a contract signing


If the customer seems suddenly disinterested, think back for something you may have said that would cause them to change their mind

If they seem preoccupied, offer to come back at another time that is more convenient for them.

Following these basic instructions, being personable and conveying a positive attitude should allow you to be successful in closing a sale

more times than not.

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Sales for Cleaning

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