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Fireworks, parades as Kuwait rejoices Foreign heads of state attend celebrations

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God bless Kuwait!

By Abd Al-Rahman Alyan


he 50th anniversary of independence celebrations lit up the skies of Kuwait with fireworks of joy. It was a spectacle that was both joyful and emotional. The show that was cleverly projected on the Kuwait Towers took us on a quick ride through Kuwait’s history and the visual effects were something that everyone in Kuwait will not forget. The efforts of the organizers responsible for this have made us all proud. Many countries that are friends of Kuwait joined the celebrations, which gave this February a festive vibe. The participation of world leaders only shows the strength of the bond between Kuwait and those countries. We as Kuwaitis thank all these countries for their friendship that has proved to be fruitful for us as much as it is for them. Your participation was important to us and it has completed our joy. Speaking of friendship, I would like to make note of the US Embassy’s celebration on the 24th of February. The Ambassador of the United States of America to Kuwait Deborah Jones gave a beautiful speech, which also showed how she has grown attached to Kuwait and its people. Ambassador Jones announced in her speech that this was going to be her last US Embassy function in Kuwait as her tenure in Kuwait is nearing its end. Towards the end of her speech, the thought of leaving Kuwait soon made her choke with emotions over all the friends she has made in Kuwait. Your Excellency, you have been a true ambassador of your country in both diplomatic and social levels. You are one of the few ambassadors who have managed to mix and mingle with the Kuwaiti society on all levels to the extent that you could be accused of dual citizenship. Your friends in Kuwait will miss you and never forget you but as a Kuwaiti, I feel Kuwait has gained a permanent ambassador in the US that will push for further strengthening Kuwaiti-US relations. On that day, the US embassy added their own celebration to our own celebration as they kicked off the fireworks and lit up the skies of Bayan that night. The show reminded me of the lyrics of the national anthem of the US, which is a poem written by Francis Scott Key after he witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry. Only on this occasion, it was a celebration and not a war, and it was the fireworks’ red glare bursting in the air that gave proof of the strong bond between the two nations. God bless Kuwait and all its friends and allies and may we all live in peace and prosperity.

Saudi Shiites stage protest Calls for change in Qatar DUBAI: Saudi Shiites held a small demonstration in the oil-producing Eastern province, close to Gulf neighbour Bahrain, days after authorities freed Shiite prisoners following a similar protest, resident Shiite sources said yesterday. They said dozens of Shiites gathered on Thursday night in Qatif, the main Shiite town in the province, to demand the release of fellow prisoners held for long periods without trial. There was no official confirmation of the demonstration which was also reported by Shiite website It said protesters had carried pictures of prisoners whose release they demand. Last week, Saudi authorities released three prisoners after Shiites in Qatif ’s neighbouring town Awwamiya staged a small protest, according to resident Shiites. Analysts say top OPEC exporter Saudi Arabia would be worried if protests in Bahrain, where majority Shiites have been demonstrating against the Saudi-allied Continued on Page 14

KUWAIT: British armed forces pass by spectators during a military parade in Subbiya yesterday to commemorate both the twentieth anniversary since the country’s liberation and 50 years since Kuwait gained independence. (Inset left) HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, flanked by Spanish King Juan Carlos and Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani and other leaders, watches the parade. (Inset right) Fireworks light the sky near the Kuwait Towers late on Friday. — Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat (See Pages 2, 3, 5, 14 & 40) By Nawara Fattahova KUWAIT: Over 200,000 revellers gathered yesterday in Subbiya for a military parade that marked Kuwait’s 50th anniversary of independence, 20th year of liberation, and the fifth year of HH the Amir’s investiture. HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and several international leaders and representatives of nations that played a role in liberating Kuwait in 1991 graced the occasion. A 50-gun salute was accorded to the Amir after he arrived. Four military jets formed the colors of the Kuwaiti flag in the sky, followed by maneuvers by other military airplanes and helicopters. A police musical band, playing bagpipes, brass instruments and percussion instruments, accompanied the parade. A banner proclaiming “history does not make heroes, yet heroes make history” was put up opposite to the Amir’s seating area. After the display by the air force, military vehicles followed. A batch of cadets then marched by, holding aloft the flags of Kuwait’s allies. Following this, 45 US tanks and armored vehicles, 29 tanks and armored vehicles of the Egyptian forces, 17 Syrian, 14 Emirati, 17 Bahraini, 34 Saudi, 17 Omani, 17 Qatari vehicles rolled past.

Policemen and policewomen marched past next, followed by commandos, military police, and F18 airplanes. Patriot missiles, rocket launchers and Sky Guard rockets were also displayed. Police patrol vehicles, anti-terrorist vans, explosives ordnance disposal vans and military humvees concluded the parade. The parade began at 12:20 pm. Those who did not reach early failed to find suitable seating arrangements (the area had a seating capacity of 3,000). The rest were forced to watch the proceedings from their cars. In comparison with the military parade held in 2009, the number of vehicles and troops on display were significantly less. In 2009, at least 244 vehicles participated compared to 145 this year. While 1,033 troops marched in 2009, only 315 did so this year. The show concluded at 2:20 pm. Another parade will be held today on the Arabian Gulf Road. Late Friday, the skies lit up with fireworks, balloons and laser displays, while the whole country was decked in the Kuwaiti flag and colourful banners. Huge screens playing national songs were set up in main squares. Thousands of Kuwaitis and expatriates took to the streets waving flags and wearing bright-colored clothes to celebrate and express their happiness on these special occasions.

Congratulations! By Barack Obama President of the United States of America


n behalf of the people of the United States, I congratulate the government and people of Kuwait on the 50th anniversary of their independence on Feb 25. Kuwait is a long-standing friend and partner of the United States, and we thank His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah for his steadfast partnership and friendship. Feb 26 is the 20th anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation by US-led coalition forces. On that day, the international community, having rejected outright aggression and acted to reverse it, stood shoulder to shoulder with Kuwait in securing its freedom and sovereignty. I take this opportunity to honor all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of freedom in that undertaking - Kuwaitis, Americans, and other coalition partners alike. I also wish to reinforce our enduring commitment to the peace and prosperity of the region.

Terror in Tripoli TRIPOLI: Terrified residents braced yesterday for bloody battles in an eerily quiet Tripoli after Muammar Gaddafi’s forces prepared to defend the city from a rebellion controlling much of the rest of the country. UN Security Council envoys embarked on tough negotiations over how to sanction the Libyan leader for his deadly offensive on opposition protesters. The escalating revolt to overthrow Gaddafi, which a Libyan diplomat to the United Nations said has killed thousands, has seen opponents grab almost the entire east and loyalists embark on shooting sprees in the capital. Helicopter-borne mercenaries fired on protesters attending a funeral in the western city of Misrata yesterday, a witness told AFP. Heavy weapons fire could be heard in the background as the witness said by phone that the mercenaries opened fire on relatives of the victims who were about to enter a mosque, adding the mercenaries also fired on a building housing an opposition-run radio station. It was unclear if there were casualties. Continued on Page 14

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f y Years of Themes: Fift wenty Years Tw e, T Independenc of Liberation

Shoot hoot & Win from 25th February Febru uary till 30th March




World leaders participate in KUWAIT: The heads of state, presidents and prime ministers from different countries arrived in Kuwait over the weekend to take part in Kuwait’s national celebrations. His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad AlJaber Al-Sabah, Speaker of the National Assembly Jassem Al-Khorafi and other Kuwaiti officials accorded them a warm welcome at the Kuwait International Airport. The guests attended celebrations to mark Kuwait’s 50th anniversary of Independence, 20th Liberation Day, and the fifth year of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s investiture.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah receiving the Saudi Prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz.

HRH the King of Bahrain Sheikh Hamad Bin Essa Al-Khalifa arriving to Kuwait.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

HH the Amir receiving UAE Vice President and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

HH the Amir receiving Asaad Bin Tariq Al-Saied the representative of Sultan Qaboos of Oman.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.




Kuwait national celebrations

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the German President Christian Wulff.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Turkish President Abdullah Gul.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Spanish Monarch King Juan Carlos.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Romanian President Traian Basescu.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Governor General of Canada David Johnston.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the President of Niger Lt. General Salou Djibo.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the President of the Republic of Honduras Porfirio Lobo Sosa.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the President of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the King of Bhutan Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Vice President of Iran Mohammed Reza Mir-Tajeddini.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah receiving the Egyptian Deputy PM Dr. Yahya Al-Jamal.


LOCAL Kuwait Digest

The productive dialogue By Walid Al-Rujaib

Al-Sayer Group breaks world record by releasing 5,400 doves in five minutes By Nawara Fattahova KUWAIT: The Al-Sayer Group registered a new Guinness World Record yesterday by releasing 5,400 doves at the Marina Crescent in less than five minutes. More than 5,000 people attended the event while the area around Marina Mall, Marina Crescent and Salem Al-Mubarak Street was packed with a huge traffic jam. The doves were placed in two trucks and released simultaneously. The event was held under the patronage of the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah and was attended by Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah, the Deputy Minister for Diwan Amiri Affairs. It was also attended by Musaed Al-Sayer, Member of the Board of the Al-Sayer Group, Mubarak Al-Sayer, Chief Executive of the Al-Sayer group, the Ambassador of Lebanon and many other officials. The event was a great initiative by the Al-Sayer Group. “We thank the Al-Sayer Group for releasing the doves to the sky of Kuwait today,” said Sheikh Ali during the event. “This event is a message of peace to Kuwait and the whole world. We hope that Kuwait will always live in peace and the rest of the world as well.” The Head of the Judging Committee of Guinness World Records assured that the number of doves present exceeded the previous record of 5,000 doves and confirmed the number of doves used in the ceremony. “After making sure of all the conditions and counting the doves we announce that Kuwait has entered the Guinness Book of Records by releasing 5,400 doves today,” said Talal AlOmar, Head of the Judging Committee of Guinness World Records. “The Al-Sayer Group congratulates His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlAhmed Al-Sabah and the Kuwaiti people for the 50th National Day, 20th Liberation Day and 5th anniversary of His Highness the Amir’s succession,” noted Musaed Al-Sayer.

The Al-Sayer Group has worked in Kuwait for 55 years. “We are grateful for the trust that the people of Kuwait have put in us for all these years. On this occasion I extend a message of peace to Kuwait and the world by putting Kuwait in the Guinness Book of Records by releasing 5,400 doves in less than 5 minutes,” he added. “We chose this event to symbolize love and peace,” he continued. “We started the preparations two months ago and invited the people of Kuwait to share with us the joy of our beloved national days. This historical event is a sign of the Al-Sayer Group’s contribution toward the happiness of the Kuwaiti people,” he concluded.

Mock fire drill By Hanan Al-Saadoun

Kuwaiti embassies celebrate national days KUWAIT: Kuwait’s diplomatic missions around the globe held numerous gala activities yesterday to celebrate the country’s 50th Independence Day, 20th Liberation Day and the fifth anniversary of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s inauguration. Kuwait Embassy in Moscow hosted a grand reception to mark the occasion with senior Russian statesmen and public figures as well as Arab and foreign diplomats, leading businesspeople and representatives of press agencies based in Russia attending. Ambassador to the Russian Federation Nasser Al-Mezayyen and members of the diplomatic mission warmly received Russian deputy foreign minister and special envoy for the Middle East Alexander Sultanov and head of Russian Foreign Ministry’s Middle East and North Africa Department Sergei Vershinin and other guests. Vershinin congratulated the Kuwaiti leaders and people on the joyful occasion. The senior diplomat appreciated the policy of moderation, adopted by Kuwait, and the close ties between Kuwait and Russia, noting that there are

prospects for cementing the bilateral ties in all fields. On his part, Al-Mezayyen congratulated HH the Amir, HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber AlSabah, National Assembly Speaker Jassem Al-Kharafi and HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah as well as all the Kuwaiti people on this occasion. In Warsaw Kuwait Ambassador to Poland Adel Mohammad Hayyat hosted a reception at the embassy with large number of politicians and public figures attending. In addition to those present were Speaker in the Polish Senate Bogdan Borusewicz and Minister of Finance Jan Vincent “Jacek” Rostowski. Ambassador Hayyat briefed the audience on the great achievements made by Kuwait over the last half a century particularly in the last five years under the wise leadership of HH the Amir. Meanwhile, Kuwait Consul General in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, Nasser AlMutairi hosted a reception at the Sheraton hotel with Pakistani Minister of Commerce and Industry Abbdul-Rauf Siddiqui and senior officials attending. In Budapest, Kuwait Ambassador

KUWAIT: Calls for dialogue and reform have become a necessity to maintain stability and development in a number of Arab countries. For example, a group of young people in Saudi Arabia called for dialogue to be held between the King and parts of the Saudi nation in order to discuss reformatory procedures on Facebook. Meanwhile, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain invited the opposition to dialogue and there have been talks of similar initiations in Kuwait between prominent figures and members of the ruling system. Dialogue is the nation’s best option for achieving an understanding between the public and their leaders and is a step toward allowing the public to take part in the process of governance. This concept is considered a Kuwaiti tradition and has been preserved since its establishment hundreds of years ago. In order for dialogue to have positive results it needs to abide by transparency and honesty. It also has to have good intentions and be considered a means for building a level of better understanding. Serious dialogue must start with radical reforms, mainly political reforms, based on the modern state project and the concept of a state that provides full social care. As we have noticed, most protests in Arab countries focused on demands such as social justice, freedom and an end to corruption. In the meantime it’s also important for dialogue to include all parts of society, not just be restricted to certain groups, and focus specifically on the youth who have sparked the recent revolutions and are considered the future of these nations. The dialogue process in Kuwait needs a new approach. Not only do we need a change in political figures but Kuwait needs a political, social and economic shift to ensure development and social advancements that focus on the Kuwaiti people. His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed AlSabah’s recent speech contained positive notes that give us hope for resolutions on the sovereignty of law, protection of freedom and the emergence of democracy. —Al-Rai

Abdulhamid Al-Failakawi hosted a reception at the embassy in the presence of senior Hungarian officials, including Deputy Foreign Minister Janos Hovari, and foreign diplomats based in Hungary. Al-Failakawi and the guests expressed greetings to HH the Amir and congratulated him and the Kuwaiti people and government on this occasion. The Kuwaiti embassy in New Delhi celebrated the national occasions with government officials and members of the Indian society participated in the celebrations, besides a group of heads and representatives of diplomatic missions in New Delhi. During the ceremony, Kuwaiti ambassador in New Delhi Sami Mohammed Suleiman welcomed the guests. In a statement to KUNA, he conveyed his sincere congratulations and blessings to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlAhmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf AlAhmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser AlAhmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and the people of Kuwait at large. He also wished Kuwait and its people progress and prosperity under the wise

leadership of His Highness the Amir. The Ambassador appealed to his countrymen to work towards strengthening their country, be loyal to the country, and maintain security and stability while continuing efforts to achieve more achievements that contribute to the progress and prosperity. In his statement, Suleiman also praised the distinguished century-old relations between Kuwait and India. He called for strengthening and developing these relations in future in order to meet the aspirations of nationals of both the nations through greater cooperation in various fields. Similarly, the Kuwaiti embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, celebrated the national occasions by holding a reception. Kuwaiti Ambassador to Lebanon Abdulal Al-Qinai said in a statement that Kuwait was overjoyed with the advent of the national celebrations, congratulated the Kuwaiti people and leadership during the reception. He also touched on the strong relations between Kuwait and Lebanon, pointing to Lebanon’s support for Kuwait during the Liberation of the State of Kuwait back in 1991. — KUNA

KUWAIT: In a simulated event, the Kuwait Fire Services Directorate (KFSD) recently conducted a mock drill on a road accident that reportedly took place between three vehicles along Kabd highway. Firemen from Al-Salmi and Mangaf fire stations rushed to the scene and tackled the situation. Speaking to the press, drill leader Lieut Colonel Mohammed Al-Kandari asserted that the drill was held with the aim of evaluating firefighters’ readiness towards responding to emergency situations. Paramedical staff The Ministry of Health’s medical contingencies department (paramedical) staff members were deployed to all locations in order to render medical services, officials said. They noted that with the aim of gaining faster access to the injured or sick people through congested roads, paramedical staff used ATVs. Officials added that paramedical staff provided health services to 42 cases. Only seven were deployed to the hospital. At least 35 were administered treatment.

Ministry to tackle commodity price hike KUWAIT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is closely monitoring the prices of commodities in local markets so as to detect sudden increases. ìThe [ministryís] consumersí protection department is touring all of the countryís governorates to keep a close check on prices,î said the minister Ahmad AlHaroun. He noted that electronic shops will also be inspected. While indicating that the names of violating shops will be announced following national holidays, AlHaroun assured that ëstrict penaltiesí will be enforced against violators including the cancellation of commercial licenses, reported Al-Watan. In the meantime, the Kuwait Lawyers Society (KLS) warned in a recent statement of increasing prices of commodities. This follows recent news reports about financial grants and pay rises that are made to citizens. They explained that this action will violate the law that bans price increases.

NBK shares the National Celebrations Joy with Children at NBK Hospital KUWAIT: On the occasion of Kuwait’s independence Golden Jubilee, the 20th anniversary of liberation and the 5th anniversary of assuming power by HH the Amir of the State of Kuwait, NBK public relations team and staff paid a visit to NBK Hospital at Sabah medical district to share the happy moments of Kuwait’s national celebrations with the children, comfort their sufferings and present them with felicitations and gifts. NBK Public Relations Officer, Talal AlTurki said that NBK staff family has always devoted a considerable part of its time to demonstrate the bank’s corporate social responsibility towards the children residing at NBK hospital on major national and social occasions. “Sharing the happy moments of Kuwait’s national celebrations and other

occasions with the beloved children at NBK hospital is not only a compassionate and support gesture on the part of NBK. Such activities constitute an integral part of NBK’s commitment to shoulder its corporate social responsibility which was the basic motive that led NBK to build its children hospital at Sabah Medical district many years ago”, Al-Turki added. NBK’s visit to the hospital was emotional and overwhelming for both the children and NBK team. NBK’s visits to hospitals and care centers reflect the bank’s high sense of duty and responsibility towards all those in need from different sectors of society. It is a well rooted tradition that has been religiously carried out by NBK each year in its efforts to continuously have an active role in the Kuwait society.

NBK Public Relations Team and some of NBK staff share the national celebrations moment with the children.




e niv rsar n




Joint military parade held under patronage of Kuwaiti Amir KUWAIT: Under the patronage of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the joint military parade was held yesterday in Sabiya. The parade was held in the presence of international leaders and representatives invited to Kuwait on the occasion of the 50th national day, 20th liberation day and five-year ascendance of HH the Amir. Allied and Kuwaiti forces who took part in the liberation of Kuwait along with units from the Kuwait police force and National Guard began in a marching parade of armory, vehicles and air fighters. —Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

Kuwait liberation symbol of collective action to uphold UN Charter: Ban UNITED NATIONS: UN SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon on Friday described the 1991 liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation as a “historic moment” and a “notable development” for the international community, expressing confidence that Kuwait and Iraq will eventually beat the challenge and open a new chapter in their relations. In a message to the Kuwaiti people and Government, Ban said “it gives me great pleasure to greet the Government and people of Kuwait” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its independence and the 20th anniversary of the country’s liberation from the forces of Saddam Hussein. “Please accept my best wishes as you commemorate these two milestones in your country’s history,” he said. The message was carried to

Kuwait by his Deputy Asha-Rose Migiro who will represent him at the celebrations. “This (liberation) was a historic moment for Kuwait. It was also a notable development for the international community, as it was achieved under the mandate of Chapter VII resolutions of the United Nations Security Council - and thus serves as a symbol of how the international community, acting together in the framework of international law and collective security, can uphold the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter,” he said in the message. The attack on the sovereignty of Kuwait, he added, brought “untold suffering not only to its peoplemany of whom remain missing today-but also to the region and to the people of many other countries. Many lives were lost, both in the ini-

tial invasion and in the military action that reversed it. The repercussions were global.” “ Today, Kuwait and Iraq stand at the dawn of a new era of peaceful coexistence and friendly relations,” he noted. “I welcome the recent steps taken by the leadership of the two countries to normalize relations and resolve outstanding issues within the framework of the resolutions of the United Nations. This is a formidable challenge, but I have faith in their resolve to move in that direction and achieve full closure. The United Nations will continue to provide all necessary support,” Ban said in his message. He concluded by saying that Kuwait is an “active member of the United Nations. I look forward to the contributions Kuwaitis will continue to make to our work to build a better world for all.” —KUNA

KUWAIT: A display of fireworks was held along Gulf Road on Friday night. It was held to celebrate Kuwait’s national days marking the 50th anniversary of independence, 20th anniversary of liberation and fifth anniversary of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlAhmad Al-Sabah’ investiture. —Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat




e niv rsar n



local US, Kuwait work on challenges facing aspirations for development: Jones KUWAIT: The US will work together with Kuwait and other partners to address the challenges facing social development and civil society to ensure the realization of human aspiration, said Ambassador of the United States to Kuwait Deborah K. Jones onThursday. “More than ever, we must work together with our Kuwaiti and other partners in a coalition of the willing to enable to address these challenges,” she said. The US diplomat made the remarks during a celebration held in US Embassy here to mark Kuwait’s 50th Independence Day, the 20th Liberation Day, the fifth anniversary of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad AlJaber Al-Sabah’s accession to power, and the US Independence Day. The US Ambassador said, during the event attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem AlSabah that the concept of security had changed during recent years and expanded beyond “maintaining geo-political borders, countering military threats, and combating terrorism.” In today’s world the concept is about “providing food, water, and resource security ... addressing health crisis, natural disasters, and energy demands ... It is about protecting our information and energy infrastructures, “ Jones pointed out. The Ambassador stressed that hard work, patience, and compromise could provide the base for political and social integration. She said that Kuwait and the US would be working together to face

Actor in custody for rape attempt KUWAIT: A local bank employee was arrested for taking money out of the accounts of two customers without their knowledge, reported Al-Rai. An investigation was launched after a citizen and his wife complained that money was missing from both of their accounts. It was discovered that one of the bank’s employees was responsible for the theft and when questioned by authorities admitted to issuing separate ATM cards for the two accounts. She explained that she withdrew the money from an ATM in hopes that nobody would notice because she is the one responsible for monitoring the accounts’ transactions. She was referred to the public prosecutor.

KUWAIT: US Ambassador Deborah K. Jones with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Dr Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah. threats to regional stability and bring peace and prosperity to the area, adding that “I’m confident that the United States and Kuwait will have an enduring partnership for many years to come.” On Kuwait’s celebrations, Ambassador Jones took the chance to acknowledge “the many members and senior leaders of the United States and Kuwaiti armed forces and Desert Storm coalition partners who are here this evening and who continue to work in close partnership to help ensure peace and regional stability 20 years after the liberation.” The Ambassador also especially thanked the old guard of the US armed forces for their sacrifices during the Liberation of Kuwait, affirming that their work would always be remembered by US and Kuwaiti people. She lauded Kuwait and its people for “the progress they have

made since those dark days of occupation for the qualities of character they manifested during that period and the efforts they have made as a nation to reconcile with former foes.” “This evening we honor not only the 235th Anniversary of US independence but we commemorate as well the close and long-standing friendship between our two countries which goes well beyond the security relationship to embrace substantial economic, commercial, medical, cultural, and educational ties,” stated the US official. She called on attendees to visit the photo exhibition at the event that showcased the strong and historical relations between Kuwait and the US. Ambassador Jones and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad concluded the speech by cutting a cake as part of the festivity held at the US Embassy. —KUNA

Pakistan, Kuwait to enhance cooperation KUWAIT: Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad AlJaber Al-Sabah on Friday vowed to further strengthen ties between the two countries through enhanced trade cooperation and joint ventures. President Zardari discussed with Amir Sheikh Sabah the potential of cooperation in diverse fields, for the mutual benefit of the two countries and their people. The two leaders in their talks at the airport

Bank employee held for taking money out of customers’ accounts

discussed whole range of bilateral matters, with particular focus on increased trade and economic cooperation. President Zardari said the signing of bilateral treaty between Pakistan and Kuwait would promote investment in the two countries. President Zardari felicitated Sheikh Sabah on Kuwait’s 50th anniversary of independence, its 20th liberation day and the fifth anniversary of his accession as the

Amir of Kuwait. President Zardari said Pakistan deeply appreciated the visionary leadership of the Sabah family that has led Kuwait to achieve tremendous progress in last 50 years, despite the destruction wrought by invasion and occupation. The president congratulated him for steering Kuwait through difficult times and having rebuilt it to meet the challenges of the current times.

Suspicious suitcase An investigation was launched into the origins of a suitcase left at the Sheraton Hotel in a suspicious manner and why it was moved inappropriately, repor ted AlWatan. The bag was moved in an unsafe manner from the hotel to a police station in Salhiya by someone from the National Guard. While it was revealed that nothing dangerous was found in the suitcase, a case was opened against the officers that ordered the bag be moved in an irresponsible and potentially dangerous way. Meanwhile, the bag was discovered to belong to a German national who was in the country from Feb 17 to the 24. The bag was found to only contain documents and photography equipment. Addict caught A man was arrested by police for being under the influence and in possession of drugs, reported Al-Watan. The man was arrested on Blajat Road after he was spotted by police sleeping in his car during the national anniversary celebrations. After the man was arrested, hashish, heroin and drug paraphernalia was found in his car. Bootlegger in custody Far waniya police arrested a woman in her place of residence for making alcohol, reported AlWatan. During the operation police found 42 bottles and 28 plastic bags of homemade liquor. The suspect was referred to the proper authorities. Rapist held Hawally investigators apprehended a suspec t accused of attempting to rape a minor just 24 hours before he was arrested, reported Al-Watan. In her com-

plaint to officials the underage girl informed police that the suspect, an Egyptian actor, attempted to sexually assault her while in the company of her non-Kuwaiti mother. The man was arrested and held for further questioning. Cheater escapes A woman filed adultery as well as attempted murder charges against her husband at a local police station in the Capital Governorate, reported Al-Watan. She accused him of attempting to harm her after she caught him cheating on her. According to her report the woman found her husband in bed with another woman while on an unscheduled visit to her mother-in-law’s house. During the ensuing argument and frenzy the woman tried to prevent the two from fleeing but was unable to because her husband forced her out of the way. The woman explained that she tried following her husband but was forced to stop after he deliberately hit her car with his and forced her to crash into another vehicle. An investigation was launched. Forgery An Arab resident was taken into custody after forging his work permit in order to become eligible to apply for a driver’s license, reported Al-Watan. The arrest occurred at the Capital Traffic Police Department, where the Egyptian man was applying for a driver’s license, when the officer on duty noticed that the work permit attached to the application had its salary data altered. The suspect was referred to the proper authorities. Civilian stabbed An Asian woman was hospitalized after receiving a serious cut to

her left hand while fending off an armed burglar, reported Al-Rai. The woman was attacked while walking through a market in Kuwait City by someone who tried to snatch her handbag at knifepoint. The thief was unable to steal the bag but stabbed the woman in the hand before fleeing the scene. The vic tim was rushed to Amiri Hospital and an investigation was launched by authorities in pursuit of the suspect. If caught the suspect will be charged with mugging and attempted murder. Drunk driving A drunk man was arrested in Jahra after he was found to be in possession of a loaded gun, reported Al-Rai. The suspect was arrested after he was forced to stop at a checkpoint in the area and noticed to be under the influence of alcohol. A search of the car revealed that he was also in possession of a shotgun and ammunition. The man was apprehended after a brief attempt to force his way out of police custody. He was referred to the Taima police station. Attempted murder An Arab man was hospitalized with a stab wound near his lungs af ter getting into a fight in Hawally, reported Al-Rai. It was repor ted that the fight star ted after the man was approached by two youngsters he had a previous dispute with. After refusing to accompany them to the mall’s parking lot to further discuss their argument, the victim was assaulted by the two men, stabbed and left for dead. The victim was admitted to Mubarak Hospital in serious condition and police filed attempted murder charges against his attackers.

kuwait digest

Creative chaos theory and revolutions By Dr Abdullatif Al-Suraikh

Al-Qallaf and Shaaban in a group photo with the BBQ competition’s winners.

Egaila Beach Supervisor Adel Shaaban

Contestants prepare entries.

The judging panel.

Children take part in a sketch.

Egaila beach hosts BBQ festival KUWAIT: The Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) recently held its annual Barbeque Festival at the Egaila beach, with the participation of more than 2,000 visitors and supervision of the TEC’s Beaches

and Clubs Department Manager, Ali Al-Qallaf. In a press release, the Beaches’ Supervisor Adel Shaaban explained that fifty participants competed in the ‘Best Dish’ competition. It saw six con-

Another participant receives prize.

A contestant is rewarded.

testants reach the final round and be rewarded accordingly. Shaaban also added that the event includes a special program that features children’s sketches.

Al-Qallaf and Shaaban award the finalist.

uring the current uprising that took place in the Middle East and the Arab World, people broke the barriers of fear and went out in the streets demanding political reform and government ouster. This has left us wondering if what has been going on is the result of what is called the ‘Creative Chaos Theory.’ In addition, other questions are being raised on recent events, specifically regarding a ‘roadmap’ for a new Middle East. In other words, could there be foreign intervention that could have triggered recent occurrences? This particular theory is being debated about a lot, whether online or offline. Despite being possible, it could be supported by the policies of the United States and the European Union. This theory majorly overlooked the most significant aspect: the people themselves. People who support this conspiracy theory argue that the reason why armies in countries that held a public protest, sided with the public against their leaders, was because they were given a ‘green light’ to do so by superpower nations. This could be true to some extent. However, it overlooks the fact that while time has changed, political corruption has spread and governments still believe that they can control general opinion. This has introduced various means of media that the public can use to achieve a great impact. Meanwhile, it is important to note that the governments who refused to look into changes brought in by development throughout decades, failed to predict that the current generation which is different from the previous one. This must have accepted submission. After becoming aware of the true meaning of freedom, the current generations have begun fulfilling this basic right. I believe that what has been going on in Arab countries is that people have been going out in a coup against the concept of political tyranny. This has been dominant for decades. True public revolution has been going on. This will enable people to prevent military regimes’ attempt to control their fate, despite attempts by the world’s major powers to promote their interest. —Al-Rai


International SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2011

Egypt troops Getting tougher

Mercenaries? Africans caught up in the middle of Libya chaos

Egypt military angers protesters with show of force

CAIRO: An Egyptian-Libyan protester chants slogans during a demonstration to demand Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi step down during demonstrations in Tahrir Square in Cairo. — AP

CAIRO: Soldiers used force yesterday to break up a protest demanding more political reform in Egypt, demonstrators said, in the toughest move yet against opposition activists who accused the country’s military rulers of “betraying the people”. Protesters said the soldiers had moved against them after midnight, firing in the air and using sticks to break up the remnants of a demonstration urging the military to enact deeper reforms including a complete overhaul of the cabinet. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has been governing Egypt since President Hosni Mubarak stepped down in the face of a mass uprising, said there had been no order “to assault” the protesters and it was not intentional. “What happened last night was ... the result of unintentional altercations between the military police and the children of the revolution,” the council said, according to state news agency MENA. Ashraf Omar, a demonstrator, said soldiers had used tasers and batons against the protesters. “I thought things would change. I wanted to give the government a chance but there is no hope with this regime,” he said. The military council has promised constitutional changes leading to free and fair elections within six months. The judicial council tasked with drafting the constitutional reforms is expected to announce its proposals soon. As it manages domestic affairs for the first time in decades, the military also wants Egyptians to get

back to work to revive an economy drained by weeks of turmoil unleashed by the mass uprising that toppled Mubarak on Feb 11. Thousands of Egyptians had gathered in Tahrir Square on Friday to press broader demands including the replacement of the prime minister, who was appointed by the ousted president in the last weeks of his rule and had long served his administration. As day broke, a few dozen protesters left in the square flagged down motorists, telling them that the army had attacked the protest. A number of the activists held aloft signs declaring “the army betrayed the people”. One taxi driver remonstrated with a protester, telling him: “The people can’t find food to eat.” His view reflected the feelings of those Egyptians who believe continued protests are obstructing a return to normality. Witnesses said they saw several protesters fall to the ground but it was not clear if they were wounded and if so, how seriously. Protesters were heard yelling and shouting as they were chased down side streets surrounding Tahrir Square. The protesters want the resignation of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq as well as other ministers and the immediate release of remaining political detainees. A partial reshuffle of the government announced this week did not satisfy opposition forces. Besides the post of prime minister, they are concerned that the portfolios of defense, foreign affairs, justice and the interior were left unchanged.

Opposition groups want a complete break with the past in the run up to democratic elections promised by the military. The military council has promised “no return to the past” and said it will prevent any “counter revolution” by Mubarak associates. But having committed to constitutional changes and democratic elections, the military appears reluctant to enact further reforms, a Western diplomat said. The military council appears to want to leave further reforms to an elected civilian government, the diplomat added. “Everything that they have done so far, looks to us like wanting to live up to a commitment they have made to the people of Egypt but not necessarily accede to every single thing at this point,” the diplomat said. The military appeared to want to “get out from under the obligation” of government, the diplomat added. An anti-corruption campaign targeting prominent figures in Mubarak’s era is one of the clearest signs yet of a break with the past. The foreign ministry has instructed governments overseas to freeze the assets of Mubarak and his family. Several former ministers and businessmen linked to the ruling party are also under investigation. In the latest case, investigators have ordered the detention of former Information Minister Anas el-Fekky for 15 days on charges of profiteering and wasting public funds, the state news agency MENA said yesterday.—Reuters

Key tribes abandon Yemen’s president SANAA: Pressure on Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign intensified yesterday when the leaders of two of Yemen’s most important tribes abandoned the president and joined the anti-regime movement. The news came as an official denied reports that police killed four people on Friday in an assault on an anti-government protest in Aden, blaming a southern secessionist group for the attack. Powerful tribal leaders, including those of the Hashid and Baqil, pledged to join protests against Saleh at a gathering north of the capital, a tribal source said. “I have announced my resignation from the General People’s Congress in protest at the repression of peaceful demonstrators in Sanaa, Taez and Aden,” Hashid tribal chief Sheikh Hussein bin Abdullah al-Ahmar was quoted as saying, in reference to the ruling party. The Hashids are considered Yemen’s most powerful tribal confederation and include nine clans, among them the Sanhan, long a bulwark of Saleh’s regime. The announcement was warmly

received by a large crowd of tribesmen, including members of Yemen’s second largest tribe, the Baqil, who gathered for the meeting, according to the tribal source. The two tribes announced they would support the popular uprising against Saleh, who has refused to step down after three decades in power, to chants of “the people want the fall of the regime!” According to an AFP tally based on reports by medics and witnesses, at least 19 people have now been killed in almost daily clashes at anti-regime protests since they erupted on February 16. Medics said security forces used live ammunition on a demonstration in the southern city of Aden, which has seen the worst violence, bringing the death toll to four yesterday from just one rally with 40 others wounded. They identified three of the dead as demonstrator Mohammed Ahmed Saleh, 17; Hael Walid, 21, and Salem Bashaj, an employee at the state electricity company who was shot outside his home. — AFP

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i n t e r n at i o n a l

Jordan oppn ups pressure on government AMMAN: Jordan's opposition movement threatened yesterday to up the pressure on the government, which it accuses of not taking reforms seriously, amid a debate over whether the sweeping changes they demand could destabilize the country. "The regime must understand that it must reform to survive, and that the longer it delays, the louder the calls for change will become," Zaki Bani Rsheid, a member of the opposition Islamic Action Front (IAF) said. On Friday several thousand people demonstrated in the centre of the Jordanian capital in a "Day of Anger" to call for political reforms-in the largest

demonstration in Amman since protests began in January. Bani Rsheid, a member of the IAF's executive committee, warned the government of the "repercussions of underestimating the seriousness of the political situation." The reforms demanded by the IAF-Jordan's largest opposition party-are similar to those sought by leftist parties, Jordan's tribal groupings, students and military veterans. All of them are demanding constitutional reforms and a crackdown against corruption. The Islamists also want the prime minister to be elected rather than appointed by the monarch. Leftists seek

the scrapping of amendments to the 1952 constitution, which was promulgated by King Abdullah II's grandfather King Talal. The document already has been amended 29 times, giving greater power to the monarch and weakening the legislature, experts say. "We will raise our voices until the government takes reforms seriously," Bani Rsheid said. The IAF and the Muslim Brotherhood met yesterday night to "consider what steps to take", he said. "The government has one month to implement reforms, in which time protests and demonstrations will continue," Rsheid said. "We no longer

trust the government's promises, which are obviously made only to buy time and calm things down without actually doing anything," he added. A former minister said that "the slow pace of reforms is motivated by a real fear that civil war could break out if constitutional reforms are implemented." "The king represents a unifying figure in the country that allows native Jordanians and those of Palestinian origin, who constitute half the population, to live together in harmony," the former minister said on condition of anonymity. "Any change in the shape of the government could lead to violence between these communities who

already face tense relations," he said. The opposition rejects this theory, however. "These are merely excuses to maintain the status quo. Political reforms are in the interest of all Jordanians, regardless of their origins," according a left-wing party official said. Meanwhile nearly 25 protesters decided to camp overnight Friday in the square opposite town hall in Amman to press for their demands. Police however prevented them from erecting tents and the protesters slept on the cold ground, with one of them telling AFP they are "determined to continue to protest until reforms are implemented." —AFP

Iran to ‘remove fuel’ from atomic plant TEHRAN: Iran will remove the fuel from the reactor of a Russian-built nuclear power plant in the southern city of Bushehr, a top official said yesterday, citing technical advice from Moscow. The plant, which has seen a rollercoaster ride since its construction began in the 1970s, was scheduled to generate electricity from April 9, and the latest development signals a likely delay in achieving that aim. "Based on the recommendation of Russia, which is in charge of completing the Bushehr atomic power plant, the fuel inside the reactor core will be taken out for a while to conduct some experiments and technical work," Iran's envoy to the UN atomic watchdog, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, told the ISNA news agency. "After the experiments, it will again be installed in the core of the reactor." He did not specify when the experiments would be completed. Iran had started loading the fuel into the plant on August 21, which Moscow at that time said was the "physical launch" of the facility. In January, Iran's former atomic chief Ali Akbar Salehi said the plant would be ready to generate electricity on April 9 after operations began on November 27. The decision to remove the fuel, also supplied by Russia, is the latest development in the more than three-decade old history of the plant, which was first launched by the US-backed shah using contractors from German company Siemens. But it was shelved when the shah was ousted in the Islamic revolution of 1979 and it lay unfinished through the 1980s as Iran battled internal opposition and a devastating eight-year war with Iraq. It was revived in the late 1980s after current supreme leader Ali Khamenei succeeded revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. In the early 1990s, Iran sought help for the project after being turned away by Siemens over nuclear proliferation concerns. In 1994, Russia agreed to complete the plant and provide the fuel, with the supply deal committing Iran to returning the spent fuel. A deal was finally signed in January 1995 after 18 months of negotiations and preliminary accords. That was just the start of a spate of delays and setbacks, as the Russian contractor was repeatedly forced to postpone completion. In 2007, Russian contractor Atomstroiexport even accused Iran of falling behind in its payments, further jeopardizing the project's completion. But finally on August 21 last year, Russian and Iranian engineers started loading the facility with the fuel, a move undertaken despite Moscow hardening its stance against Tehran's nuclear program by voting for a new sanctions resolution at the UN Security Council.—AFP

LATAKIA: Photo shows an Iranian warship docked at the Syrian seaport of Latakia.— AP

Syrian and Iranian navy chiefs meet Israel sees moves as ‘provocation’, not threat TEHRAN: Iran and Syria have agreed to cooperate on naval training, Iran's official news agency reported yesterday after two Iranian warships docked in a Syrian port. The agreement further strengthens ties between Iran and Syria, both hostile to Israel, as Tehran seeks to bolster its position as a regional powerhouse amid political upheaval in many Middle Eastern states. "The two parties will cooperate with each other in training issues and the exchange of personnel," IRNA quoted the agreement, signed by the commanders of

both navies, as saying. Syrian officials do not comment on security matters. The two Iranian ships arrived in Syria on Wednesday after passing through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean, the first Iranian navy vessels to do so since Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution. Egypt's decision to allow the ships through its canal was made under an interim government after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak. Iran is hoping to restore ties, cut for decades, with Cairo, an US ally which has a peace treaty with Israel. Iran has welcomed the fall of US ally

Mubarak as a sign the Washington's influence in the Middle East is on the wane. The United States has led international moves to tighten sanctions over Iran's nuclear program which it fears could be aimed at making atomic weapons, something Tehran denies. "The message of the ships is to announce the peace and friendship to Islamic countries and the region and attempt to strengthen relations between the countries," Iranian navy commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari was quoted as saying by the semi-official Fars news

agency. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has said the move was a provocation but not a threat. "If they were bringing rockets or weapons or explosives to Hamas or Hezbollah, we would have probably acted against them," he told CNN on Thursday. Iran ambassador to Syria, Ahmad Mousavi, said Iran was strengthening its geopolitical status but had no desire for war. "Iran's position in the world, considering developments in the region, is very powerful ... it does not seek to wage war against anyone," he was quoted as saying by IRNA. — Reuters

Mercenaries? Captured Africans deny charges ‘African workers caught up in the middle of chaos’

HEBRON: Israeli police officers arrest an activist woman during a protest, by both Palestinian, Israeli and foreign activists against the continued closure of Shuhada street to Palestinians, in the West Bank city of Hebron. —Photo by Nayef Hashlamoun

Israeli warplanes bomb militant camps in Gaza Settlers torch car in West Bank GAZA: Israeli warplanes bombed militant training camps in the Gaza Strip for a second time yesterday, wounding one person, Palestinian officials said. The jets hit two training camps of the Ezzedine Al-Qassem Brigades, the armed wing of Gaza's ruling Hamas movement, in the southern city of Rafah, Hamas security officials said, adding that one bystander was lightly wounded. The raids came after pre-dawn strikes against two training camps of the hardline Islamic Jihad group. The military had no immediate comment on the Rafah strike, but said the earlier attacks "targeted a number of terror hubs... in response to recent rocket fire into Israel." The air raids came after tensions rose along the Israel-Gaza border this week following clashes and a rocket attack on the Israeli city of Beersheba that hit a house but caused no casualties. It was the first rocket to strike the city since the devastating offensive Israel waged against Gaza in December 2008-January 2009 and prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to warn the territory's militants not to "test" the Jewish state. That conflict killed 1,400 Palestinians, more than half of them civilians, and 13 Israelis, 10 of them soldiers. Also yesterday, a Palestinian man was shot and wounded in the leg as he collected gravel near the border fence in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics said. Palestinians in Gaza frequently forage through the rubble along the territory's border with Israel, seeking construction materials which

are otherwise in short supply because of an Israeli-imposed blockade. A military spokesman said a group of suspicious people were seen approaching the border. When they failed to heed warning shots, "soldiers fired toward their legs and identified hitting one of them." Israel imposes a 300-metre buffer zone along the length of the border as a "no-go" area where anyone who comes too close is liable to be shot at by soldiers manning watchtowers. In another development, Jewish settlers torched a car and tried to set fire to a house in a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank yesterday, a Palestinian official said. The predawn attack occurred in the village of Burin, just south of the city of Nablus, said Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian Authority official who monitors settler activity. "They torched a car that belongs to Bashi al-Zain and tried to burn his house by pouring on gasoline, but the owners of the house become aware of it and they started chasing the settlers with stones," Daghlas said. He said he believed the attackers came from the nearby settlement of Bracha. The Israeli army said its Civil Administration branch had received a complaint and would investigate. Settlers could not be reached for comment on the Jewish Sabbath. In the past, settlers have accused the Palestinians of playing a "blame game" to try to discredit them. The region, with several hardline settlements in close proximity to Palestinian villages, has been a frequent flashpoint for clashes.— Agencies

BENGHAZI: Packed together in two holding cells in an eastern Libya courthouse, 20 men accused of fighting for Muammar Gaddafi looked disheveled and frightened as a heavy, iron door opened. They had reason to be. AntiGaddafi forces said they had captured the men in their successful fight for control of Benghazi, the country's second-largest city, where mercenaries are being blamed for killing scores of protesters. Outside the building on Friday, three effigies were hanging from lampposts and flagpoles - all depicting mercenaries. "If people knew they were up there, they would tear down the door," said Atif el-Hasiya, a spokesman for the local organizing committee, which has taken control of the area after security forces were ousted. As it turned out, the jailed men were not mercenaries, according to Peter Bouckaert of Human Rights Watch who met with them, but simply "ordinary African workers who got caught up in the middle of this chaos." How to handle the cases presents a sensitive challenge for the city's new leaders in the days after they threw off the long and punishing rule of Gaddafi. Mercenaries have become particularly hated and feared figures during the revolt, both for their brutality and because they represent Gaddafi's ability to buy protection for himself in lieu of gaining genuine loyalty. The New York-based human rights group says many mercenaries come from Chad, citing sources in both countries. The international advocacy group is pushing for a legal procedure to be followed in determining what happens next, but the process is still somewhat uncertain. Bouckaert, HRW's emergencies director who is in Benghazi, said the Chadian consul to Libya had visited Thursday to discuss the treatment of prisoners from the central African nation. Bouckaert described the fighters from Chad as men "who were not mercenaries specifically recruited to defend Gaddafi but members of (a Chadian) rebel movement Gaddafi has been funding and training for many years who would lose that support if he fell." "The use of foreign fighters is really Gaddafi's last stand," he added. It's also possible that African immigrants in the country for work or other reasons have been caught up in the sweeps targeting mercenaries as the young revolutionaries have seized control of several cities. Gaddafi has long used fighters from other African countries to prop up

ALBAYDA: Suspected mercenaries sit in a room in a school as they are held by anti-government protesters in the east Libyan city of Albayda. — AP his regime. But laborers from across the continent have also come to oil-rich Libya in search of work, or on the way to or from jobs - or the hope of jobs - in Europe. Roland Marchal, a researcher at the national Center for Scientific Research at Sciences-Po in Paris, said that in a sparsely populated country fractured along tribal lines, Gaddafi would want outsiders both to bolster his forces and to ensure tribal loyalties did not undermine loyalty to him. Many witnesses to the government's failed crackdown on protests described the government militia as including sub-Saharan Africans, and a brief visit with the accused mercenaries, included a group of detainees who seemed to be from farther south in Africa. Bouckaert said he urged the prosecutor to release the men as soon as possible, but that may prove to be a problem. "One of the difficulties is that they can't just release them into the streets," he said In one of the rooms, where seven of the men were being held, the prisoners spoke English with a distinctly African accent. "It is very dangerous here, we are innocent," shouted one man who did not give his name. "We cannot express ourselves. We are here with our wives. We are not bad people." All dressed in civilian clothes, the men described themselves as working in the area

but didn't - and couldn't - give a greater accounting of themselves as local authorities, calling themselves prosecutors, yelled at them to be silent. Thirteen Arabic-speaking men, who said they were from Libya, were being held in the other room. They, too, proclaimed their innocence. One, Mohammed Al-Damawi, said he was "born in Benghazi." Another said he was from the southern city of Sabha. Yet another whispered that he was from Tunisia, where some of the mercenaries have been said to come from. But the man, Asad Moudib, insisted that wasn't the case. "I'm not a soldier," he said. "I was seized from the airport Saturday." Paul Sullivan, an expert on North Africa at the National Defense University and Georgetown University, said that Gaddafi has long used mercenaries, both in his own security infrastructure and in the sense of funding and training many fighting groups and rebel organizations in West Africa and other places. Mercenaries are "hired to kill and sow fear in many places and some of the worst and most vicious of them can be found in Africa. Gaddafi knows this and hardly has any moral limitations on their use," he said. "But this is a fluid situation and information is scarce in some of the more shadowy parts of all of this."— AP



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i n t e r n at i o n a l

Irish voters fire warning shot at Europe Ruling Fianna Fail party on course for record drubbing DUBLIN: Ireland’s main opposition parties are on course to form a coalition with a record majority after voters, incensed at the country’s ďŹ nancial plight, expressed disgust at the government and its rescue deal with Europe. An exit poll for state broadcaster RTE signaled yesterday that the electorate had delivered a devastating verdict on the “Celtic Tiger’sâ€? economic meltdown with the ruling Fianna Fail party expected to be crushed in the biggest collapse in support for any Irish party since independence from Britain in 1921. The humiliation of having to go cap in hand to the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) late last year was the killer blow for Fianna Fail and will make for uncomfortable reading in Lisbon, seen by investors as next in line for a bailout. “This is going to be an exceptionally bad day for Fianna Fail,â€? said Theresa Reidy, political lecturer at University College Cork. “They’re looking at low 20s in terms of seats, that is a loss of more than 50 seats, that is the largest implosion of a party that the party system has ever seen.â€? Manual counting started at around 0900 GMT and will continue until today. The make-up of the new parliament should be known today. The RTE/Millward Brown Lansdowne poll showed the centre-

right Fine Gael party winning 36 percent of ďŹ rst preference votes under Ireland’s system of proportional representation, its best result since 1982, but defying expectations for an outright victory. Around 36 percent of ďŹ rst preferences would translate into around 72 seats in the 166-seat parliament meaning that Fine Gael, led by former primar y school teacher Enda Kenny, would likely turn to the centre-left Labor party, its traditional partner, for a coalition administration. “Fine Gael must be slightly disappointed that they still haven’t beaten their 1982 showing and the fact they couldn’t do it against the most unpopular government shows there was some unwillingness to trust or give Fine Gael and Enda Kenny a free run at it,â€? said Eoin O’Malley, politics lecturer at Dublin City University. Kenny, Ireland’s longest-serving parliamentarian, is almost certain to be the next prime minister after defying expectations he would run a weak campaign. The 59-year-old will face immediate pressure to fulďŹ ll an election pledge to renegotiate a deeply unpopular 85 billion euros EU/IMF bailout and ease some of the burden on an electorate already struggling to make ends meet in the aftermath of a devastating property bubble. Under

the RTE exit poll, Labor secured 20.5 percent of the vote, which is stronger than recent polls had suggested, giving it around 35 seats, and a strong endorsement of the anti-EU rhetoric it employed in its campaign. While Fine Gael, like Fianna Fail a pro-business and low-tax party, has pledged to stick to the overall austerity targets laid down by the EU, Labor wants an extra year to get the deďŹ cit under control and has taken a tougher line on renegotiating the high interest rate charged by Brussels. A strong Labor presence in government means Ireland will ďŹ ght hard to get a lower rate of interest and more burden-sharing with bondholders but Dublin’s dependence on Europe to keep its bust banks alive means that Frankfurt, ultimately, will call the shots. “There DUBLIN: Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin speaks to the media during a press could be some kind of showdown but conference in Dublin Ireland. — AP I suspect on a one on one between the political wing of the now-dormant cold comfort for a party that has govEnda Kenny and Angela Merkel, that Irish Republican Army (IRA), set to pos- erned Ireland for most of the last 79 Angela Merkel will win every time,â€? sibly treble its presence in parliament years and considered itself the to around 15 seats, after its call to rip embodiment of Irish nationalism. The O’Malley said. The return of mass emigration-an up the bailout struck a chord with vot- RTE poll showed Fianna Fail winning estimated 1,000 people are leaving ers. Independent candidates, with a just 15 percent of ďŹ rst preference the island every week-and a disinclina- mix of socialists and right-wing econo- votes meaning that Sinn Fein will be tion to take the streets has meant mists, were expected to win 15.5 per- snapping at its heels. It is expected to Ireland has avoided the kind of huge cent of ďŹ rst preference votes, meaning poll just 8 percent in Dublin raising the public protests seen in fellow euro that the next parliament will have a possibility that it will have no parliazone struggler Greece. But disaection noisy bloc of ideologically-driven law- mentary presence in the nations’ capiwith mainstream politics is growing makers. Fianna Fail’s likely position as tal, deemed by many analysts to be with the hard-left Sinn Fein party, once the largest opposition group will be the “cockpit of power.â€?— Reuters

Russia to sell Yakhont cruise missiles to Syria Israel, Washington fume MOSCOW: Russia announced yesterday that it intended to fulďŹ ll its contract to supply Syria with cruise missiles despite the turmoil shaking the Arab world and Israel’s furious condemnation of the deal. “ The contract is in the implementation stage,â€? news agencies quoted Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov as saying. Russia initially agreed to send a large shipment of anti-ship Yakhont cruise missiles to Syria in 2007 under the terms of a controversial deal that was only disclosed by Serdyukov in September 2010. The revelation infuriated both Israel and the United States and there had been speculation that Russia would decide to tear up the contract amid the current turmoil plaguing north Africa and the Middle East. Israel-which is still technically in a state of war with Syria and fears its close ties with Iran-suspects that the shipment is ultimately aimed at supplying Hezbollah militants in neighboring Lebanon. The disputed sale is believed to be worth at least $300 million and is meant to see Syria receive 72 cruise missiles in all. Russia has not oďŹƒcially conďŹ rmed making any Yakhont deliveries to date. But Interfax cited one unnamed military source as saying

that Russia had already sent Syria two Bastion coastal defense systems that can include up to 36 Yakhont missiles each. The feared systems can only operate when equipped with radar and target detection helicopters and it was not clear from Serdyukov’s comments which supplies-if any-had already been received by Syria. Serdyukov’s comments come amid Russian eorts to keep its military supply lines open to the Middle East despite the wave of revolutions and social unrest currently sweeping the region. A source in the Russian arms exports industry said this week that the fall of the region’s regimes may see the country lose about $10 billion dollars in contracts. Serdyukov himself conďŹ rmed that the unrest may force Russia to give up some of its Soviet-era clients in the Arab world. “There is a chance we might lose something,â€? the defense minister said on a visit on visit to Russia’s PaciďŹ c port city of Vladivostok. “But I hope that the main weapons and military equipment agreements will be fulďŹ lled,â€? Serdyukov said. Russia’s sales to Syria have come under particularly close scrutiny because of fears that Moscow may be also be covertly assisting Damascus’ nascent nuclear program. The head of

the country’s arms export corporation in October denied that Russia had also signed an agreement to supply Syria with its latest range of MiG-31 ďŹ ghter jets. But the same agency conďŹ rmed in May that Russia was in the process of supplying Syria with a less advanced ďŹ ghter jet version-the Mig-29 - along with short-range air defense systems and various armored vehicles. Russia is the world’s second-largest arms exporter behind the United States and its sales are crucial to the country’s eorts to keep alive a creaking defense industry whose reforms have dragged on for years. The militar y this week announced with some fanfare the start of a $650 billion rearmament drive that will add eight nuclear submarines and hundreds of warplanes to the under-equipped force by 2020. Serdyukov said yesterday that Russia intended to arm its nuclear submarines with the hightech Bulava long-range missiles whose deployment is being delayed by a series of embarrassing test failures. But Russia’s last two Bulava launches were successful and Serdyukov said yesterday that the ďŹ rst new missiles would be dispatched to the country’s PaciďŹ c Fleet.— AFP

ABIDJAN: A man walk past a body in a street in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. A battle between forces for the country’s two political rivals involving rocketpropelled grenades left at least 10 policemen dead. — AP

Turkish mayor in chewing gum retort to French leader ANKARA: The mayor of Ankara chewed gum when he saw o Nicolas Sarkozy at the end of a visit to Turkey in retaliation to similar “disrespectâ€? by the French president, Anatolia news agency reported yesterday. Mayor Melih Gokcek, a colorful but controversial ďŹ gure in Turkish politics, was par t of the delegation that greeted and then saw o Sarkozy at the airport during his brief visit to Turkey on Friday. “Sarkozy came down the steps of the plane chewing a wad of

gum. He stopped for a moment, looked around and continued to chew... I personally was oended,â€? Gokcek told Anatolia. “Previously, he showed similar disrespect to our President Abdullah Gul in France,â€? the mayor said, without elaborating. “And when we were seeing him o, I never took out the chewing gum from my mouth... Someone had to respond. I believe I responded diplomatically... There is something called reciprocity,â€? he said. Sarkozy,

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Ivorian youth leader threatens foreigners ABIDJAN: A youth leader who backs the president clinging to power in Ivory Coast has called on people to chase out foreigners from their neighborhoods, while the UN expressed alarm about a “disturbing escalation� in violence in recent days. The comments by Charles Ble Goude raise new concerns for the safety of UN personnel and other international workers in Ivory Coast. Goude already has been sanctioned by the UN for inciting hatred, and youth led by him attacked French citizens in 2004. An untold number of French women also were gang raped. Goude said Friday that the political crisis in Ivory Coast was coming to a head three months after the disputed election, and he said now was the time for “real� Ivorians to protect the country. Bloody clashes between security forces loyal to incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo and militias allied with

his political rival have left dozens dead this week. The United Nations has warned that this week’s escalation is a breach of a six-year-old cease-ďŹ re. “These developments mark a disturbing escalation, which draws the country closer to the brink of re-igniting civil war,â€? said Martin Nesirky, UN spokesman for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Meanwhile, a military spokesman loyal to Gbagbo went on state television late Friday and accused a UN peacekeeper of fatally shooting a police oďŹƒcer. The UN denied the report. Col Hilaire Gohourou, said an oďŹƒcer was “shamefully assassinatedâ€? during the handover of three pro-Gbagbo protesters, who had been arrested by the UN earlier in the day in Daloa, in the center of the country. But the UN information oďŹƒcer in Daloa, Malik Faye, said no one was wounded or killed after guards were forced to ďŹ re into the air to disperse the crowd. —AP

who has long irritated Turks with his vocal opposition to Turkey’s bid to join the European Union, spent several hours in a chilly atmosphere in Ankara, visiting as chairman of the G-20 group of leading economies. At a joint press conference with Gul, he reiterated his objections to Turkey’s EU accession, urging an alternative partnership for the mainly Muslim nation before its already faltering membership talks hit a “deadlock�.— AFP







i n t e r n at i o n a l

Mayor survives assassination attempt, 3 dead US raids net 676 linked to Mexican cartels MONTERREY: The mayor of a town in northeast Mexico survived an apparent assassination bid Friday after his bodyguards repelled the attackers in a gunfight that left three gunmen dead and two others detained. Mayor Jaime Rodriguez escaped injury in the attack in the town of Garcia, a suburb of the nor thern industrial hub of Monterrey, which has seen a surge in drug cartel-related violence. Rodriguez said he owes his life to his police bodyguards, who returned fire from his bulletproof SUV and repelled the attack. Two of the attackers, including a woman who was injured in the shootout, fled the scene and were later detained. “Today, I owe them my life, they saved me,” Rodriguez said of the bodyguards, none of whom was injured. “My heart is going at a thousand revolutions per minute, I feel like running,” Rodriguez said. “But I also feel I have to say to the citizens of Garcia and my family that I am well and I am going to carr y on.”

Rodriguez said he was traveling from Garcia to Monterrey for a meeting when the gunmen opened fire from another sport utility vehicle. Rodriguez says former police officers were responsible for a previous attack on his town’s police, but said he didn’t k now if they were also responsible for Friday’s attempt on his life. A special squad of armed police in Garcia had come under fire late Thursday night from a group led by three ex-police officers working for organized crime. There were no injuries or arrests. Rodriguez said he had fired the former police officers after they failed anti- corruption checks. The governor of the Gulf coast state of Veracruz repor ted Friday that another mayor in his state is missing since he set off on a trip to neighboring Tamaulipas state on Wednesday. Veracruz Gov. Javier Duarte said that Saturnino Valdez, mayor of the town of Tampico Alto, had not answered his cell phone or contacted

his family since he left for Tamaulipas, a state where drug cartels have been waging bloody turf battles. At least thee mayors have been slain in Mexico so far in 2011, and more than a dozen were killed in 2010. The country has about 2,440 mayors. Many of the slayings were allegedly linked to organized crime, but police officers angered by efforts to clean up local forces have also been implicated in some attacks. In another development, authorities have arrested close to 700 people in an ongoing US-led international crackdown on Mexican drug cartels, US officials said. Operation Fallen Hero-Bombardier was launched Thursday, just over a week after the shooting death of a US immigration officer in Mexico, with raids in the United States, Colombia, Brazil and Central America. President Barack Obama meets March 3 in Washington with Mexican President Felipe Calderon amid rising concerns about security along the

US-Mexico border and drug violence that shows no sign of abating. There were 676 arrests as of 2200 GMT Friday, US Marshals Ser vice spokesman Alfredo Perez said by telephone from the city of Houston, in the state of Texas bordering Mexico. Authorities have seized $12 million in cash, 467 kilograms of cocaine, 21 pounds of heroin, almost 40,000 pounds of marijuana, 282 weapons, and 94 vehicles, Perez said. Jaime Zapata, 32, and a second agent for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), came under fire on February 15 while driving in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi in a region plagued by drug violence. Zapata died from his wounds. “ This coordinated effort shows that ICE special agent Jaime Zapata will not be forgotten,” said Robert Rutt, special agent in charge of ICE-Homeland Security investigations in Houston. The Mexican army said Wednesday it captured a suspect, Julian Zapata Espinosa, who

was identified as the leader of a group of hitmen for one of the bloodiest criminal gangs in Mexico, the Zetas gang. Zapata Espinosa allegedly confessed to the attack but said that the US agents’ armored car had been confused with one belonging to a rival gang, Mexican media reported. “While the murder is personal to ICE, we are arresting transnational gang members and drug traffickers who have links to Mexican cartels because of their criminal activity and not simply out of retaliation,” Rutt said. In addition to raids in several US states, other operations have been carried out in Central America, Brazil and Colombia, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The killing of US agent Zapata was the first in Mexico since Enrique “Kiki” Camarena was kidnapped, tortured and k illed while work ing undercover for the US Drug Enforcement Administration 26 years ago. — Agencies

Washington imposes sanctions on Gaddafi An ttempt to further weaken teetering regime

BENGHAZI: Asian workers wait for evacuation yesterday at the harbor of the Libyan port city of Benghazi, as thousands fled Libya in an exodus of foreign nationals escaping by air, land and sea amid fears of a full-blown civil war. — AFP

Mediterranean exodus as thousands flee Libya VALLETTA: A ferry carrying Americans fleeing Libya docked in the Mediterranean island of Malta yesterday, as thousands of foreigners escaped by air, land and sea amid fears of an all-out civil war. Among the US-chartered ship’s estimated 300 passengers there were more than 150 American citizens including diplomats and their families, the State Department said, as Washington stepped up rescue operations from Libya. Another ferry from Libya with hundreds of evacuees on board was expected in Malta later on Friday, followed by the British Royal Navy’s HMS Cumberland frigate in the night with 207 passengers from the rebel-held port of Benghazi. The HMS York meanwhile set sail from Gibraltar earlier on Friday to help rescue British nationals and two German navy vessels arrived in Malta to ferry away German citizens airlifted out of strifetorn Libya earlier this week. Some 2,000 Chinese nationals were set to arrive in Malta on a ship, following the arrival of nearly 4,400 Chinese on the Greek island of Crete on Thursday out of a migrant workforce of 33,000 living in Libya. Thousands of Egyptian guest workers also streamed across Libya’s western border with Tunisia. The Red Crescent warned it could no longer house them and appealed to Egyptian authorities to help bring the workers back home.

The International Organization of Migration in Geneva said that the exodus of mainly foreign migrants to Tunisia was increasing and launched an appeal for 11 million dollars (eight million euros) in international aid. “ The situation for migrants inside Libya is extremely difficult, and we are deeply concerned about their plight,” IOM chief William Lacy Swing said. IOM said Tunisian authorities had counted 7,408 new arrivals over a 24-hour period by early Friday at the Ras Adjir border crossing alone. That brought the total arrivals of Egyptians, Tunisians and Niger nationals to about 40,000 to 50,000, IOM spokeswoman Jemini Pandya said. “The flow definitely seems to be growing,” she added. Hundreds of foreigners including Egyptians, Iraqis and Syrians have also been fleeing from Libya into Algeria through the Sahara Desert. The NATO military alliance meanwhile offered to help evacuation efforts. “Many countries are evacuating their citizens. Clearly this is a massive challenge,” NATO militar y alliance chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen told reporters during talks with the European Union defense ministers in Hungary. A spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said 3,400 Europeans had been evacuated by member states so far, with an EU monitoring centre helping coordinate efforts to bring home a remaining 3,600 people. — AFP

Saudi linguist gets sentence reduced CENTENNIAL : A Saudi linguist con-

victed of sexually assaulting a housekeeper and keeping her a virtual slave for four years won a partial reduction of his prison sentence from a Colorado judge Friday. Homaidan AlTurki was sentenced to between eight years and life in prison. District Judge J Mark Hannen in Centennial cited Al-Turki’s good behavior in prison in cutting the sentence from the original 28 years to life. Al-Turki insists he is innocent and a victim of anti-Muslim sentiment. His case has angered Saudi authorities - several of whom attended Friday’s hearing and prompted the US State Department to send Colorado Attorney General John Suthers to Saudi Arabia to meet with King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan and AlTurki’s family after Al-Turki’s 2006 conviction. More than 100 supporters of Al-Turki crowded the courthouse Friday. Prosecutors opposed any sentence reduction. Appellate courts have upheld Al-Turki’s conviction, and the US Supreme Court declined to

hear the case last year. Al-Turki brought his wife, five children and an Indonesian housekeeper to Colorado in 1995, and he studied at the University of Colorado. He was a well-known member of Denver’s Muslim community, contributing financially to the Colorado Muslim Society and an Islamic elementary school in Aurora, said Sheikh Abu-Omar Almubarac, a society cofounder. According to court documents, Al-Turk i first came under investigation when authorities examined whether his operation of a business violated terms of his student visa. Al-Turk i owned AlBasheer Publications & Translations, which distributed Islamic works in English. Af ter inter viewing the housekeeper, prosecutors brought the assault and slaver y charges against Al-Turki. At trial, Al-Turki testified that FBI agents persuaded the housekeeper to accuse him of imprisoning and sexually assaulting her after they failed to build a case that he was a terrorist. — AP

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama has imposed personal sanctions on Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi and four of his sons, in a clear attempt to further weaken his teetering regime and punish brutal assaults against his people. Obama wielded presidential power in an executive order Friday to seize the assets of Gaddafi and named family members in the United States and globally within the auspices of US financial institutions, saying the “human dignity ” of Libyans “cannot be denied.” Washington also shuttered its Tripoli embassy, warned its spies were seeking evidence of “atrocities” in Libya and said that Gaddafi had lost the confidence of his people, in an apparent broad hint that Washington wanted him gone. Officials said the US sanctions were a direct attempt to prevent any looting of Libya’s assets and sovereign wealth by Gaddafi and his sons amid turmoil which reports said has killed over 1,000 people and split the country. Privately, sources said, Washington hoped the measures would encourage defections from the regime. The move also came on the eve of a UN Security Council meeting to consider multilateral sanctions on the Gaddafi government, and after the Libyan strongman warned of a looming battle in Tripoli to protect his four-decades-old regime. “By any measure, Muammar Gaddafi’s government has violated international norms and common decency and must be held accountable,” Obama said in a statement. “These sanctions therefore target the Gaddafi government, while protecting the assets that belong to the people of Libya.” “We will stand steadfastly with the Libyan people in their demand for universal rights, and a government that is responsive to their aspirations. Their human dignity cannot be denied,” Obama said. US Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Stuart Levey told reporters on a conference call that Obama had taken “decisive steps” to hold the Gaddafi regime accountable. The sanctions contained an annex specifically naming Gaddafi and four sons, but did not single out any other Libyan officials, a sign Washington was hoping to peel off key members of the ruling elite in Tripoli. The administration did retain the power under the executive order to name other Libyan officials who could be targeted. Earlier, a plane carrying more US citizens away from the violence took off from Tripoli, after a

GENEVA: Delegates observe a minute of silence in memory of victims in Libya at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva. —AP

chartered ferry carrying nearly 300 other Americans cast off from the harbor after bad weather relented, and sailed to safety in Malta. White House spokesman Jay Carney appeared to acknowledge that US rhetoric in recent days was tempered by anxiety that US citizens trapped in the vicious violence could face reprisals. The US embassy in Tripoli, which was only opened in 2006, during a tentative rapprochement in US-Libya ties, was shuttered for security reasons and all diplomatic personnel withdrawn, Carney and the State Department said. The White House also fleshed out its attempts to hold Gaddafi “accountable” in addition to the new sanctions regime. It warned that it would use the full extent of its “intelligence capabilities to monitor the Gaddafi regime’s actions” and would particularly seek evidence of violence or atrocities committed against the Libyan people. Carney, however, would not go as far as to say that the White House backed calls for Gaddafi and his lieutenants to eventually face some kind of formal justice, perhaps at the International Criminal Court. In an editorial on Friday, The New York Times called for establishing a no-fly zone over Libya similar to the one that protected Iraqi Kurds during Saddam

Hussein’s rule. But The Wall Street Journal said US and European officials discounted the prospect of NATO taking military action. In Brussels on Friday, ambassadors of the 28 NATO allies agreed only to monitor events, The Journal said, citing unnamed diplomats and officials. NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday the situation in Libya couldn’t be considered a direct threat to NATO or its members, according to the newspaper. On the financial front, the US Treasury warned US banks to watch out for transfers linked to Libya’s political leaders. The department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network told banks to be aware of “the potential increased movement of assets that may be related to the situation in Libya,” in a statement released Friday. Libya and its leaders are suspected of holding billions of dollars in foreign bank accounts, cash largely gleaned from the country’s vast oil wealth. According to a 2010 message from the US embassy in Tripoli, obtained by WikiLeaks, Libya’s sovereign wealth fund holds $32 billion in cash and “several American banks are each managing $300-500 million.” Obama’s sanctions specifically targeted Gaddafi’s sons Ayesa Kadhafi, Mutassimi Kadhafi, Seif al-Islam and Khamis Gaddafi. — AFP

Gates warns against Iraq, Afghanistan-style wars WEST POINT MILITARY ACADEMY: Defense Secretary Robert Gates has warned against committing the US military to big land wars in Asia or the Middle East, saying anyone proposing otherwise “should have his head examined.” Gates offered the blunt advice-hard won after a decade of bitter conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq-in what he said would be his last speech to cadets at the US Army’s premier school for training future officers. “The odds of repeating another Afghanistan or Iraq-invading, pacifying, and administering a large third world country-may be low,” Gates said. “In my opinion, any future defense secretary who advises the president to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East or Africa should ‘have his head examined,’ as General MacArthur so delicately put it,” Gates said. Douglas MacArthur, the World War II hero of the Pacific campaign, made the comment at a meeting with then-president John F Kennedy in 1961 regard-

ing US military intervention in mainland Asia. Gates, a former CIA director, replaced Donald Rumsfeld in the defense job in 2006 as Iraq was spiraling into civil war and the US militar y appeared to be facing a historic failure. The change in leadership and a new strategy executed by General David Petraeus helped salvage the situation, and US forces now appear on schedule to leave the country at the end of this year. But nearly 100,000 US troops are still deeply engaged in another difficult conflict in Afghanistan, once again under Petraeus’ command, with no exit seen before 2014. Gates said he was not suggesting that the US army “will-or should-turn into a Victorian nation-building constabular y designed to chase guerrillas, build schools, or sip tea. “But as the prospects for another head-on clash of large mechanized land armies seem less likely, the Army will be increasingly challenged to justify the number, size, and cost of its

heavy formations,” he said. Future US military interventions abroad will likely take the form of “swiftmoving expeditionary forces, be they Army or Marines, airborne infantry or special operations,” which Gates said “is self-evident given the likelihood of counterterrorism, rapid reaction, disaster response, or stability or security force assistance missions.” Gates

is set to leave his job this year, and his presentation was a farewell speech to the West Point students. “We can’t know with absolute certainty what the future of warfare will hold,” Gates said, “but we do know it will be exceedingly complex, unpredictable, and-as they say in the staff collegesunstructured.” — AFP

WASHINGTON: US Defense Secretary Robert Gates escorts Afghanistan Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak (right) into the Pentagon. — AP


i n t e r n at i o n a l

Faulty drips blamed for 12 deaths in India JODHPUR: Twelve women have died shortly after giving birth in an Indian state hospital, sparking a police investigation into tainted drips used on the maternity ward, doctors and police said. Another three pregnant women who received intravenous fluids at Umaid Hospital in the western city of Jodhpur are in intensive care in a scandal that highlights the often poor standards of state-run health facilities in India. The deaths occurred over a 10day period from Februar y 13. Jodhpur assistant superintendent of police, Jyoti Swaroop Sharma, said officers were investigating the manufacturer and local supplier of the fluids, which hospital tests had revealed to be contaminated with bac teria. “ We have also seized 10,000 bottles of IV (intravenous) fluid manufactured and supplied by the companies from three government-run hospitals, including Umaid Hospital,” Sharma said. Umaid Hospital in Rajasthan state came under fire last year after investigations by rights group Mar war Thalassaemia Society found that children had been infected with HIV and hepatitis C via contaminated blood transfusions. More women-about 100,000 - die during pregnancy and childbirth in India than in any other country in the world every year, according to the World Health Organization. Mohammad Arif, 24, lost his 20-year-old wife Rukhsana on Tuesday, six days after the delivery of their first child, a baby girl. “My wife died because of the hospital administration,” Arif, a laborer in a clothes-dyeing factory in Jodhpur said. “One after the other, so many women died before her and the hospital did nothing. How can I take care of my baby girl all by myself? I lost my wife because of this hospital’s negligence,” he said. Doctors at the hospital explained that their initial investigations had failed to find the problem, which was identified only when the fluids were tested. Senior hospital doctor Narendra Changani said that 11 of the 12

dead women’s babies had been delivered safely while one died because of premature labor. “Twelve women died after childbirth and three are in the intensive care unit in a serious condition,” he said. “ They died because of too much blood loss. “After they died, the fluids were tested and bacteria was found to be present,” he added. A medical team has been sent from the state capital Jaipur by the local government to investigate the deaths, according to a member of the team, R K Maheshwari. India has a two-speed medical system in which shabby and often insanitary state facilities co-exist with state-of-the-art private hospitals that cater for the well-off and overseas medical tourists. India claims it has improved maternal health, but it has faced criticism from rights groups that it is focusing on the number of women who give birth in health facilities as a measure of progress rather than how many sur vive labor. Human Rights Watch said in a report last year that the government should focus on quality of care and safe deliveries as a measure of improvement instead of counting only the number of socalled “institutional deliveries”. The current system fails to take into account women who die because there is no emergency transport to take them to hospital or clinics. Medical centers themselves are often only able to conduct normal deliveries, the group said. As well as poor standards of care, most Indians are required to pay for their healthcare out of their own pockets, with the state and insurance companies picking up a fraction of overall spending. A major study published in British medical journal The Lancet in January said out-of-pocket payments by individuals accounted for 71.1 percent of spending on health, with 39 million Indians pushed back below the poverty line each year because of the cost of care. — AFP

From NZ rubble, haunting texts to Mom beg for help ‘Mommy, I got buried’ CHRISTCHURCH: The first text message said:

“Mommy, I got buried.” About 40 minutes later: “Mommy, I can’t move my right hand.” Then, a brief call from New Zealand’s earthquake rubble to parents in the Philippines pleading to send help. After another harrowing hour in a crumpled building, when she sent a half-dozen more texts about increasing pain, continued shaking and overwhelming smoke, came the final one: “Please make it quick.” That was the last the Amantillo family heard from 23-year-old student Louise Amantillo, who is among dozens of foreigners missing after their language school disintegrated in Tuesday’s collapse of the prominent CTV building in Christchurch. “Her voice was shaking, like she was really scared. I know she was in pain,” her mother, Linda Amantillo said from her hometown in the central Philippines. Three days after receiving the last text, she was desperately hoping that her daughter was still alive. Officials have said they are virtually certain no one was still surviving in the ruins of the CTV building, and that up to 120 bodies are entombed there. The King’s Education language school catered to students from Japan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Korea. The building’s collapse in the 6.3-magnitude quake has pulled an international group of anguished relatives into an agonizing vigil awaiting conclusive word on the victims. Many of the relatives arrived Friday at the Christchurch airport, including about 20 from Japan who were whisked onto a bus by embassy officials. Police later held a meeting CHRISTCHURCH: Maree (left), daughter Jasmine (center) and Norm Butcher take a last look at with school officials and parents at a commu- their destroyed home in Christchurch yesterday after the city was hit by a 6.3 magnitude nity center for a briefing on rescue and recov- earthquake on Tuesday, Feb 22. — AP ery efforts. “There will be families receiving the worst kind of news in the next few days,” ter followed suit and studied to become a telephone interviews on Thursday. “We told Foreign Minister Murray McCully said Friday. nurse. She set her sights on working abroad her, ‘You can make it, you can make it. Be “This is not just New Zealand’s tragedy, it’s a and went to New Zealand to immerse herself strong and pray,’ “ Alexander Amantillo said. tragedy that will touch many families around in English. “The nurses here don’t have jobs, But Louise’s texts, sent every five to seven the world.” Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker and she wanted to strive,” Alexander minutes, were getting increasingly desperate. “I have not yet been rescued. It’s painful sought to reassure foreign relatives that Amantillo said. The family has a sister-in-law who works in already,” she wrote at 2.45 pm. Then, “There is everything possible was being done. “We think that your children are our chil- New Zealand, and she has gone around to no rescue in my area.” Two minutes later: “The dren - there is no difference,” he said. “We are check hospitals in Christchurch, but there has smoke is overwhelming.” At 3.32 pm the famitaking full responsibility to do everything we been no sign of Louise, he said Friday. The ly received Louise’s last message, giving her can to assist those families ... and in the rescue family also plans to send a son and niece to location - corner of Madras Street and Chassel operation.” The Amantillos are a medical fami- Christchurch to monitor the search. It has Street and ending it with the final plea, ly, from Iloilo province in the central been a painful three days for the Amantillos “Please make it quick.” Overwhelmed by worPhilippines where they speak the Ilonggo since that first text came across in the Ilonggo ry, Linda Amantillo tried to call her daughter. dialect. Linda Amantillo is a nurse and her dialect: “Ma, naambakan ako,” or “Mommy, I But all she heard was a recorded response husband, Alexander, is a doctor. Their daugh- got buried,” as dictated by Linda Amantillo in asking the caller to leave a message. — AP





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Iraq demos push for reforms but won’t oust govt By Rania El Gamal rotests by Iraqis are unlikely to rival the uprisings that rocked the Arab world and ousted two regimes, but they will pressure the new government to step up reforms for fear of being asked to resign. Thousands took to the street on Friday in a nationwide “Day of Rage” inspired by antigovernment demonstrations that have spread across the region like wildfire in recent weeks. Popular revolutions mobilised by youths using social media unseated Tunisia and Egypt’s presidents, and threatened long-ruling leaders in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain. But unlike their regional counterparts, demonstrators in Iraq have rallied against poor basic services such as shortages of food rations, clean water, electricity, and jobs, rather than trying to topple their elected federal government. The protests will pressure the new government of Prime Minister Nouri AlMaliki to step up reforms to curb growing dissent but they will not force the cabinet, installed only two months ago, to step down, at least not for now, analysts said. “The government needs to understand that these protests raise a very strong alarm...The fear of judgment, scandals and dismissal will make them (politicians) work hard and respond to the people’s demands,” Iraqi analyst Hashim Al-Habobi said. “Will what happened in Tunisia and Egypt happen in Iraq? It cannot, because there is no one who brings Iraqis together,” he said. “But protesters always start with certain demands and wait for a response... There is a fine line between demanding reforms and demanding to oust (a government).” Despite its vast oil reserves, the OPEC member is still trying to shake off years of war, sanctions and sabotage and rebuild its battered economy and crumbling infrastructure. But Iraqis are fed up by the slow development of their governments. There is little clean running water and no proper sewage system. The national grid supplies only a few hours of power a day, eight years after the US-led invasion that ousted Saddam Hussein, promising Iraqis a free and prosperous future. Analysts said demonstrators are still not united in their demands, which would take years to address, but they may ask for the removal of the government eventually if there are no concrete steps to calm their simmering anger. “At this stage protests are focused on the government’s inability to provide better public services,” said Gala Riani of IHS Global Insight. “It is possible that if protests become severe that the government will struggle to keep itself together.” A wave of demonstrations in the past weeks forced Maliki to soothe anger by cutting his pay, reducing electricity bills, buying more sugar for the national food ration programme and diverting money from fighter jets to food. Protesters in the oil hub of Basra demanded the governor and members of the provincial council step down. They raised their shoes in their hands, a sign of contempt, and carried small oil lanterns, to demonstrate the lack of electricity, a major complaint among Iraqis. “The people demand the reform of the regime”, “No to corruption”, and “Have compassion for the oppressed prisoners”, were some of the slogans on banners or chanted by demonstrators. In the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, thousands of demonstrators poured into the city ’s Tahrir (Liberation) Square, either holding the Iraqi flag or wrapping themselves in it. They ranted about the poor sewage and education systems, and a lack of jobs. “I came here because I want a better standard of living,” said 54-year-old Zuhair Abdul-Khaleq, a Baghdad taxi driver. “There is no electricity, no water. I don’t have a pension. I don’t have food rations or a share in the oil.” Some protesters demanded a change in the government and that the newly elected parliament fulfils its electoral promises. Maliki’s Shiite-led government was seated in late December after months of tense negotiations between Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish factions after an inconclusive vote last March. “For now, the government may continue to take measures such as raising electricity subsidies and tackling corruption, to pacify the angry population,” said Riani. “However, many of the grievances ... will take years to address.” — Reuters


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Libya would face hard transition By Christophe Schmidt

n end to Muammar Gaddafi’s dictatorship would create a transition period with stumbling blocks for Libya, a divided country whose institutions are weak, despite oil wealth and young people’s desire for freedom and democracy. Unlike Egypt and Tunisia, Libya ranks with other Arab countries such as Yemen or the Gulf monarchies as “extreme cases”, said author and political consultant Khalil Matar. In Libya’s east, west and south regions, which have existed long before the country’s independence, “tribal alliances are more important than anything else,” explained Matar, who wrote “Lockerbie and Libya,” examining Libya’s terrorist bombing of an American passenger flight over Scotland in 1988. “It’s based on tribal alliances, very different than Egypt or Tunisia. It will be about how much can the tribes hold together.” Robert Danin, a Middle East expert for the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote on the think tank’s website: “While Gaddafi’s departure from the scene would be mourned by few, it would also create an enormous power vacuum. Entirely unclear is what glue will hold together this largely decentralized country, in which nationalist


identification is low, and tribal and clan affinity paramount.” The lack of institutions, deliberately perpetuated by the dictator of the past 42 years, is another handicap. “Tunisia and Egypt also had dictators but with a constitution, a parliament, elections and a semblance of democracy,” said a Geneva-based Libyan League for Human Rights spokesman, who asked not to be named. “All this is foreign to Libya, making the challenge a bit more difficult.” But these are “groundless fears,” said Algerian lawyer Saad Djebbar, who is based in London. Young people who protested and marched in Tripoli and Benghazi, are connected on Facebook and Twitter like they were in Cairo and Tunis. “The young generation have become part of the universal order, the order where people want to enjoy the same respect for the rule of law, for open society and for good governance,” said Djebbar, who participated in a roundtable discussion at Chatham House. “They watch satellite TV,” Djebbar continued, “they looked at how Obama was elected, at how people speak without fear, assemble without fear.” While some predict a Balkanization of Libya if Gaddafi is gone, Djebbar noted that protesters in the eastern part of the coun-

try were chanting “Libya is one tribe, one state.” In an editorial on Friday, The Economist said: “There is little doubt that Libya, even without Mr Gaddafi, will remain a messy and possibly violent place. Yet Libya does have some things going for it. It has plenty of cash, with foreign reserves alone totalling nearly $140 billion. “Its talented exiles are eager to return,” it continued. “And, in a sense Mr Gaddafi is unlikely to have foreseen, the trauma of his rule may have forged a national identity much more heartfelt than it was before.” — AFP

Putin eyes riddle of 2012 Kremlin return By Guy Faulconbridge

o matter who runs for president in Russia’s 2012 election, Vladimir Putin will still be in charge. Prime Minister Putin has less than a year to decide whether to use the March 2012 presidential election to return to the Kremlin or to let his protege, President Dmitry Medvedev, run for another term. Whatever Putin decides, officials and diplomats say he will remain paramount leader, tying Russia’s fate to the destiny of one man for years to come. “Vladimir Vladimirovich is Russia’s national leader, the national leader with capital letters, and he will remain so,” a senior Russian official said on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation. Putin stepped down as president in May 2008 after propelling Medvedev, his most trusted ally, into the Kremlin because of a constitutional ban on three consecutive terms as president. Putin is free to run for president again in early March 2012, when the next presidential election is due. He remains Russia’s most popular politician and leaked cables show US diplomats consider Putin to be “alphadog” ruler of Russia while Medvedev plays “Robin to Putin’s Batman”. Putin, 58, and Medvedev, 45, have said they will decide on who should run closer to the election and that their choice will depend on the situation and mood within the country. Officials are clear: the decision will be Putin’s. “It is 50-50 at the moment: perhaps Putin will return but perhaps he will say to Medvedev: ‘I have decided to let you run’,” said another senior Russian official. “No one knows yet, probably not even they themselves,” the official said. “Whatever happens in 2012, I can tell you one thing for sure: nothing will change as long as there are no major unexpected events.” Unless Russia faces political unrest or another wave of economic crisis, Putin is likely to make his decision public only


after the Dec 2011 parliamentary election. Putin has repeatedly dropped hints that he may return to the Kremlin and last year even cited the example of Franklin D Roosevelt who led the United States from 1933 until his death in office in April 1945, before a two-term limit was imposed. Whether fighting forest fires, showing off his torso in the Siberian wilds or berating oil barons over high petrol prices, Putin has cultivated his image as Russia’s strong-man leader. “Putin is clearly in charge and shows no signs of wanting to change that,” said one senior Western diplomat. But as unrest shakes governments across North Africa and the Middle East, some within the elite have challenged the conventional wisdom that Putin will return and caution that Russia’s political system is dangerously dependent on one man. Mikhail Gorbachev, the only other former Kremlin leader alive, told reporters this month that Putin is unlikely to run in 2012, but warned that he was showing shameless conceit in believing he can decide for the people who will rule Russia. “Such conceit is unbelievable,” Gorbachev, who has repeatedly raised the spectre of Soviet-style political stagnation under Putin, who supporters say imposed order in Russia after the chaos of Boris Yeltsin’s rule in the 1990s. Aided by state controlled media, the benefits of office and a lack of credible opponents, Putin would be almost certain to win a newly extended six-year term in 2012 if he chose. He could also then run again for another term from 2018 to 2024, a quarter of a century since he rose to power in late 1999. He would turn 72 on

Oct 7, 2024. “If you suppose that returning as president is not his priority, and that he will only come back if he has to or cannot find a better option, the question arises: is Medvedev the best option?” said another Western diplomat. Medvedev does not command the respect that Putin has as the ultimate arbiter between the clans in the elite: Two governors recently got his name wrong at the same official meeting, calling him Vladimir Anatolyevich and Dmitry Nikolayevich. Dmitr y Anatolyevich Medvedev is perceived as a powerful voice on what diplomats describe as Russia’s ruling board, but Putin chairs the board and is head of Russia’s ruling party. Medvedev has no political party.Medvedev has made little headway with his stated priorities of fighting corruption or weaning the economy off its dependence on oil and gas, though he has made an effort to sharpen his image by scolding minions on state television in recent weeks. But Medvedev’s weakness, loyalty and relative youth may make him attractive as Putin eyes the rebellions of the Arab world. “The scenario of inertia for 2012 is the most likely one right now: Medvedev as president and Putin as prime minister,” said Pavel Salin, an expert at Russia’s Centre for Current Politics. “Whether Putin is prime minister or president, Putin will still control the situation,” said Salin. “The formal boss may be President Medvedev, but the leader who controls the situation is Putin, and Putin’s supporters know that.” – Reuters

MARKETING EXECUTIVE G.H International Company


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SENIOR LEGAL COUNSEL Agility - A New Logistics Leader



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KUWAIT: Fireworks light the sky near the Kuwait Towers late on Friday. — AP

Saudi Shiites stage protest Continued from Page 1 Sunni government, spread to its Shiite minority who mostly live in the Eastern province, the source of Saudi oil wealth. Saudi Arabia applies an austere Wahhabi version of Sunni Islam and minority Shiites say that, while their situation has improved under reforms launched by King Abdullah, they still face restrictions in getting senior government jobs. The government denies these charges. Shiiites stand to benefit like other citizens from $37 billion in government benefits King Abdullah unveiled on Wednesday upon his return after spending three months abroad for medical treatment. Awwamiya was the scene of protests for weeks in 2009 after police launched a search for Shiite preacher Nimr Al-Nimr, who suggested in a sermon that Shiites could one day seek their own separate state. The secessionist threat, which analysts say was unprecedented since the 1979 Iranian revolution provoked anti-government protests, followed clashes between the Sunni religious police and Shiite pilgrims near the tomb of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the holy city of Madinah. Since then Saudi Shiites say the situation has calmed down but they are still

waiting for promised reforms to be carried out. Officials say Shiites make up 10 percent of the Saudi population, although diplomats put it closer to 15 percent. Separately, a Facebook page demanding the ouster of Qatar’s moderate, pro-Western emir, accusing him of being an agent of Israel, had attracted 18,262 fans by yesterday in the latest web-driven push for change in the Arab world. In what is apparently the first call for change in the gas-rich state since popular revolts began sweeping the Arab world, the page has a profile picture with an image of Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, crossed out in red. Against a backdrop of Qatar’s flag is the tagline: “For Qatar: try the traitor, an agent of Israel.” Entitled “Freedom Revolution, March 16, Qatar”, the page calls on Qataris to hit the streets to demand change”. It could not be determined how many of the page’s followers are in the gas-rich emirate, nor how many many might turn out. Among other demands are the exclusion from public affairs of the emir’s wife, Sheikha Mouza, and an end to Qatari ties to Israel and the United States, which has a military base in the small Gulf state. Qatar does not have diplomatic relations with Israel but did maintain informal ties with the Jewish state. It

broke off those ties and closed Israel’s trade office in Doha in protest at Israel’s offensive against the Gaza Strip over New Year 2009 in which more than 1,400 Palestinians were killed. The page features pictures of Hamad and others with Israeli officials accompanied by angry comments about the emir being a “traitor like Mubarak”. Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak pursued close ties with Israel during years of efforts to help broker a peace deal with the Palestinians. The number of Facebook users in the Arab world rose by 78 percent in 2010, from less than 12 million to around 21 million, according to a report published by the Dubai School of Government. Facebook and Twitter have played a significant role in a wave of antigovernment protests around the Arab world, fanned by poverty and unemployment, that have grown into major revolts. A popular uprising led to the ousting of Tunisian strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Egypt’s Mubarak, and similar revolts have sprung up in Bahrain, Yemen and Libya. Earlier this month, a page dedicated to Saudi Arabia surfaced on Facebook, urging political, social and economic reforms. By yesterday, the page had attracted more than 9,400 fans. — Agencies

Terror in Tripoli Continued from Page 1 The witness said Gaddafi’s aides had proposed granting a degree of independence to the city on condition that it does not attack Tripoli, in a phone call to the local chieftain. A Tripoli resident who spoke to AFP by phone said the streets were semideserted yesterday afternoon, although people had earlier gone out to buy bread and petrol, with long queues at service stations. He said the city was still controlled by Gaddafi, with tanks and all-terrain vehicles driven by regime partisans patrolling the streets. But he said there was no sign of the African mercenaries who have reportedly been working for Gaddafi, and that this was a worrying sign. “There are no more mercenaries, and that’s serious because that means it will be Libyans against Libyans and the risk of civil war.” Amid the fear, he said there had been no calls on Facebook or telephone texts for people to turn out to demonstrate. Others in Tripoli said two of the capital’s three five-star hotels were closed and that the third, the Corinthia, had started to evacuate. With banks closed, the black market rate for the dollar was two Libyan dinars, compared with 1.30 10 days ago, and the euro was at 2.50 dinars compared with 1.70. Libya’s UN ambassador, a childhood friend of Gaddafi, delivered an emotional speech to the Security Council, raising the spectre of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot, asking for his country to be saved. After Mohammed Shalgham’s speech, one Tripoli resident told AFP by telephone that “people shouted with joy” but that just a few minutes later the electricity was cut and had not come back since. “We were terrified. We thought that meant they were preparing for attacks. We grabbed whatever we could use as weapons and stayed by the door in case anyone broke in,” the resident said. “We could still hear gunfire all night,” the source said, in contrast to the other witness. In Tripoli, most residents stayed in their homes yesterday, terrified of bands of armed men at checkpoints and patrolling the city. A 40-year-old business owner said he had seen Gaddafi supporters enter one of the regime’s Revolutionary Committee headquarters yesterday and leave with arms. He said the regime is offering a car and money to any supporters

bringing three people with them to join the effort. “Someone from the old revolutionary committees will go with them so they’ll be four,” the witness said when reached by telephone from Cairo. “They’ll arm them to drive around the city and terrorize people.” Residents of the eastern Tajoura district spread concrete blocks, large rocks and even chopped-down palm trees as makeshift barricades to prevent the SUVs filled with young men wielding automatic weapons from entering their neighborhood - a hotspot of previous protests. With tensions running high in Tripoli, scores of people in the neighborhood turned out at a funeral for a 44-year-old man killed in clashes with pro-regime forces. Anwar Algadi was killed Friday, with the cause of death listed as “a live bullet to the head”, according to his brother, Mohammed. Armed men in green armbands, along with uniformed security forces check those trying to enter the district, where graffiti that says “Gaddafi, you Jew”, “Down to the dog”, and “Tajoura is free” was scrawled on walls. In an interview on Al-Arabiya television, Gaddafi’s son Seif Al-Islam said protesters trying to topple his father are being manipulated and the situation had “opened the doors to a civil war”. “Our Arab brothers pay monthly salaries to journalists and tell them to write and incite against Libya, write against Muammar Gaddafi,” he told the Dubai-based television channel. Seif AlIslam said people in “three-quarters of the country are living in peace” and that “the situation is excellent”. He denied that African mercenaries had been recruited to crack down on the protesters. “Show us the mercenaries, show us the women and children who were killed,” he said. Almost the entire east of Libya has slipped from Gaddafi’s control since the popular uprising began in the port city of Benghazi on Feb 15, inspired by the revolutions in neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia. And Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, the former colonial power in Libya, became the first Western leader to suggest Gaddafi appeared to have lost control of the situation. “If we can all come to an agreement, we can end this bloodbath and support the Libyan people,” he said. In Benghazi, a spokesman for the revolution told AFP yesterday they were drawing up plans for a transitional government. “We are all waiting for

Tripoli to end Gaddafi and his sons’ rule,” said Abdelhafiz Ghoqa. In the nearby town of Ajdabiya, the main square has been named Hurriya (Liberty) Square, but residents said conditions were miserable. “The situation is bad. The bakeries are closed. Finding food is very hard. I have never seen a happy day in all of my years,” said Idriss Mohamed, who at 42 is as old as the regime. The UN World Food Programme warned on Friday the food distribution system was “at risk of collapsing” in the mainly desert North African nation which is heavily dependent on imports. Domestic helpers, construction workers and oil executives were among thousands of foreign workers who scrambled to evacuate by air, land and sea yesterday in a vast exodus. A British warship and a Chinese-chartered ferry docked in Malta with 2,500 people from Libya’s vast multinational workforce. Thousands of Egyptian migrant workers continued to stream across Libya’s land border with Tunisia despite warnings from humanitarian organisations that emergency supplies and accommodation have run out. Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Nigeria, the Philippines and South Korea are among the countries that have or had large communities in Libya - drawn by an oil boom that has brought billions of euros in investments. Turkey said it carried around 1,700 Turks and foreign nationals from Benghazi yesterday as part of a major evacuation. UN chief Ban Ki-moon has demanded decisive Security Council action, warning any delay would add to the growing death toll which he said came to more than 1,000. Western nations have proposed sanctions that include an arms embargo and travel ban and assets freeze on Gaddafi, his family and top ministers. But diplomats said China, Russia, South Africa, India and other nations have expressed concern about a proposal to refer the Libya crackdown to the International Criminal Court to investigate possible crimes against humanity. Washington and the European Union have already imposed sanctions in a clear attempt to weaken the teetering regime. An Italian interior ministry report said Rome sold Libya explosives and other military hardware worth tens of millions of euros in the past two years, the Corriere della Sera reported. — Agencies

Shiite dissident returns to Bahrain from exile King reshuffles cabinet MANAMA: Bahrain’s king reshuffled his cabinet yesterday, under pressure as an exiled opposition leader returned and thousands of protesters marched in Manama to demand the Sunni rulers stand down. “His Majesty King Hamad bin Issa Al-Khalifa today formally swore in new ministers covering five cabinet portfolios,” the government said in a statement without elaborating. The move came on the 13th day of protests calling for reforms in the country, as opposition leader Hassan Mashaima returned home to Bahrain from self-imposed exile in Britain. “The time has come for true unity and our priority today is for the opposition to sit down with the protesters at Pearl Square and clearly set our demands,” Mashaima told reporters at his home. The Shiite leader was among 25 men charged in October with forming an illegal organisation, engaging in and financing terrorism and spreading false and misleading information. Mashaima was in Britain for medical treatment when the charges were pressed last year. He had remained there until the group was granted royal pardon this week. Lebanese authorities had arrested Mashaima on Tuesday because of an outstanding Interpol warrant against him. He was freed on Friday after confirmation of his pardon. King Hamad’s pardon came amid daily protests mainly by Bahrain’s majority Shiite community, which complains of discrimination and is pushing for power to be transferred from the Sunni al-Khalifa dynasty to an elected government. Pearl Square, which has become the epicentre of anti-regime demonstrations, has been transformed into a makeshift camp where protesters have kept daily vigil in hundreds of tents. Thousands of protesters massed there yesterday and then marched out along a major highway chanting “leave Hamad, leave Hamad”, blocking traffic. They marched up to the walled compound where the foreign ministry is located, stopping outside the building to chant “Down, down Hamad!” Then the massive, flag-

waving crowd proceeded up the street, which is flanked by towering buildings housing banks, to the cries of “the people want to topple the regime!” The demonstration eventually wound its way back to Pearl Square, ending where it began. Official opposition groups have stopped short of demanding outright regime change, instead calling for major reforms, including an elected prime minister and the creation of a “real” constitutional monarchy. Seven people have been killed by security forces since the beginning of the protests against the Al-Khalifa dynasty, which has ruled for some 200 years. Opposition MPs said yesterday they were still awaiting details on a proposed dialogue with the government before agreeing to the talks, which the king has charged Crown Prince Salman with opening. “Until now the government did not give any (specific) initiative for political reform,” said Mattar Mattar, one of 18 Shiite MPs who withdrew from parliament in protest at the killings last week. “Our target was declared very clearly: we want an elected government, and we want the people to write their constitution themselves through an elected council,” Mattar, a member of the Al-Wefaq opposition bloc, told AFP. Ali AlAswad, another Al-Wefaq MP, added that, “One of the most important preconditions... is that the government needs to resign first.” However, yesterday’s cabinet reshuffle fell far short of that demand, and many of the appointees had held other cabinet posts. Majid Al-Alwi, formerly labour minister, was appointed to the housing portfolio, while Abdul Hussein Mirza, who was oil and gas minister, was appointed minister of energy, the statement said. Nizar Al-Baharna, the former minister of state for foreign affairs, was appointed minister of health, and Jamil Humaidan, who was undersecretary in the ministry of labour, was appointed minister. And Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, who was the chief operations officer of the Bahrain Development board, was named minister of cabinet affairs.— Reuters

Asian feet made for more than walking HONG KONG: Most people put one in front of the other as a most basic way to get around, though they often come in handy to kick a ball, ride a bicycle or dance a jig - maybe even walk a tightrope. But in Asia, feet are far more than just the two pins that keep us upright and get us from A to B - they can lead people into a cultural minefield. In India, touching another person’s feet is perceived as a sign of respect for their knowledge and experience, usually reserved for family elders and teachers and parents. Feet also play a prominent role in Indian wedding ceremonies. During Hindu weddings in western India, the bride’s parents wash the groom’s feet. In eastern India, the bride dips her feet in a mixture of milk and a red dye before entering the groom’s house, leaving red footprints on the floor. Hindu and Muslim women decorate their feet with henna in the run-up to weddings, and Hindu brides traditionally wear toe-rings after the wedding to signify their married status. In Thailand, it is the opposite - feet are considered fine for walking, but that’s about it. “It is disrespectful to point your feet at seniors or put your feet on a table or step on books,” said Suchitra Chongstitvatana, director of the Thai Studies Center at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University. “It’s been a taboo in Thailand for a long time and it still is. It shows the delicacy of Thai people.” Japanese people have traditionally taken off shoes at home. Why? Some experts say the use of tatami floor mats, regarded as valuable and sacred, is a major reason for the custom. Others say it’s mainly because of sanitation in a country where humidity is relatively high and taking shoes off can help keep feet dry. Some Japanese car drivers even ask passengers to take off their shoes, while many businessmen change into slippers in the office. There is nothing unusual about leaving shoes at the door of a restaurant when you go in. For hundreds of years, many women in China were forced to endure the painful practice of foot binding to make their feet smaller - a key criteria for beauty and marriageability in imperial days. The barbaric custom was abolished when the Communists took power in 1949. China’s modern-day interest in feet centres around massage. Virtually every street in major Chinese cities boasts one or more foot-massage outlet, an industry

that is increasingly popular due to the traditional Chinese belief in the healing qualities of a good foot rubdown. Practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine say the foot has a multitude of pressure points and that manipulating them - while loosening up those tired soles - promotes health in other parts of the body and helps prevent illness. The China Foot Massage Industry Association said in 2008 that the foot massage sector was raking in one billion yuan ($152 million) every day yet another leisure practice benefiting from rising incomes in China. Many outlets will typically offer a 90minute foot massage for as little as 80 yuan which includes a herbal foot soak followed by a powerful and often wince-inducing kneading of the soles and toes. The industry is also marching on in Hong Kong. Reflexologists believe there is a direct link between feet and all major organs. And if it hurts in one place, it’s a telltale sign there could be something wrong elsewhere in the body. “The toes have a straight link to the head, so when we massage the toes, it’s like stimulating the brain,” Kwok Siu-ming, a foot masseuse in the city, told AFP as she soothed a customer’s mind through his foot. “We can detect which part of the body is not well through foot massage as clients feel the pain. Foot massage is like doing exercise for your organs.” Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the theory that stress and many external factors can create blockages and imbalances in the body, resulting in disease. Stimulating acupuncture points is believed to help energy circulate along meridians, stimulating the body’s capacity for self-healing. Chung Nga-lun, 76, has been coming for a weekly foot massage for a decade. “Before I started foot massage I easily got tired and my leg joints were very stiff,” he told AFP at a shopping mall foot massage parlour as Kwok massaged his tired toes. “Now I walk better and my appetite is much better.” Foot masseuse Chun Kwok-bo says first-timers often feel pain, especially if they are nervous. “We find that many of the customers haven’t had enough sleep and some of their lungs and hearts are weak,” she said. “When we massage at the corresponding reflexive point, they feel pain. “It’s not like taking medicine - it hasn’t got any side effects. It helps to strengthen your body.” — AFP



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Kenya drop Komon from team EMBU: Kenya have dropped Leonard Komon from their World Cross Country championships team after he defied orders not to take part in the World’s Best 10km road race in Puerto Rico today. “We have taken this decision to give him leeway to compete in Puerto Rico and for the best interest of the team since he would be burned out,” Kenya team leader Joseph Kinyua said. Komon, who had been set to take part in his sixth successive world championships, became the first man to dip under the 27-minute mark for 10km on the road when he ran 26:44 in Utrecht, Netherlands, last September. Komon’s management team said the 23-yearold would comment on his exclusion tomorrow. “Athletics Kenya should always act in the best interest of athletes,” said a spokesman. “Komon has done his country proud and he should not be sacrificed for the interests of a few.” —Reuters


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Oliver ends championship bid

Putin eyes leopard as Sochi mascot MOSCOW: Perhaps the most important vote in Russia’s public selection of a new Olympic mascot was cast yesterday when Vladimir Putin said he wanted a funky leopard to represent the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. Millions of Russians are expected to tune in Saturday evening to Talismania a live broadcast that will announce the official mascot winner from a list of 10 short-listed entries. The long-awaited choice will be announced after Channel One state television tallies all the call-in and Internet votes sent during a twohour show that comes with all the fanfare of a Eurovision song contest.

SALVO: Olympic bronze medallist David Oliver has withdrawn from this weekend’s US indoor championships because of problems with his left calf, the year’s fastest hurdler said on Friday. “It just tightened up on me in the middle of the race in Karlsruhe, Germany (on Feb. 13) and the doctor suggested I take a few days off because scar tissue was pulling so tight on my calf,” Oliver told Reuters in a telephone interview from his Kissimmee, Florida, training base. His coach, Brooks Johnson, still entered Oliver in the US meeting scheduled for late yesterday and today in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but recently decided the hurdler should not compete. “It’s nothing serious,” said Oliver. “I am back at practice after taking last week off. I just didn’t want to take any chances by running any more indoor meets.” —Reuters

But Putin-who was instrumental in bringing the Games home to Russia as president and remains the country’s de facto leader today-made his choice clear during a meeting with students in the future Olympic capital. “A leopard is strong, powerful, fast and beautiful,” the Russian prime minister said in televised comments. “The leopard species was exterminated in the Caucasus, but it is reviving today.” Putin appeared to be referring to the only cat-like entry on the short list: a big-eyed and broadlygrinning white creature with black dots who is holding up a striped snowboard with his outstretched hand. —AFP

Who polices the doping police? PARIS: The indignities and intrusions athletes accept as a price of competing at the highest levels of sport are considerable. From dawn to an hour before midnight, they must be prepared to open their doors to drug testers. They must urinate in front of the sample collectors. Because they often take blood samples, too, the testers are sometimes nicknamed “vampires” by athletes who hold out their arms for the needles. Fine. All in the name of clean sports. Because they want to be sure, as sure as one can be, that they’re not lining up against cheats doped to the gills, athletes accept these and other constraints that many of us would balk at and forfeit rights, like the right to not be roused from bed to fill a sample bottle, that we cherish. But, for the system to work, this has to be a quid pro quo. If athletes are to be held rigorously to account, then the doping police and sports administrators must be, too. Everyone needs to play by the rules. If administrators don’t, then why should athletes? That’s a question thrown up by a ruling this week from the Court of Arbitration for Sport. This case involved China, the 2008 Olympic host that is disappointing hopes that organizing the games might somehow force dramatic gains in human rights there. Chinese judoka Tong Wen, a 2008 Olympic gold medalist, tested positive for clenbuterol at the 2009 World Championships where she won in her heavyweight category. The issue here, however, is not so much the drug but Tong’s allegations that she was shoddily treated by Chinese judo officials. Bravely taking on the establishment in China, she told the CAS that Chinese officials misled her, told her to keep quiet and, it seems, even got her to lie. An element that makes her claims believable is that Tong is not the first Chinese athlete who has struggled to defend themselves against doping charges. Cyclist Li Fuyu says he is still no closer to learning what his fate will be after he, too, tested positive for clenbuterol nearly a year ago. Chinese swimming authorities have also thumbed their nose at the World AntiDoping Agency by insisting that they won’t let swimmer Ouyang Kunpeng return to competition, as allowed under WADA rules, after he served his two-year ban for a positive clenbuterol test in 2008. Tong told the arbitration court that Chinese Judo Association vice president Song Zhaonian told her “not to discuss her case with anyone” and misled her, wrongly advising that she could face a longer ban if she exercised her right for a follow-up test on her sample. Tong says the official also told her it would be better if she simply accepted the positive result and, again wrongly, said she might get a reduced ban and even be allowed to qualify for the 2012 Olympics if she didn’t challenge her test result. As so often with the Chinese government, which is resisting the type of people-power changes now reshaping the Middle East, the treatment of Tong was paternalistic and patron-

izing, with individual dignity seemingly pushed to the background: accept our judgment and perhaps mercy will be delivered. According to Tong, Chinese officials also directed her to draft a mea culpa in which she wrote “I don’t want to defend my self for such case, as I know that I should be responsible for it.” Before the World Championships where she tested positive, Tong spent five weeks at Chinese training camps, living and, more importantly, eating only at those camps, according to someone who helped with her defense but who would not speak on the record for fear of angering Chinese authorities. Yet, in her written confession which a Chinese official allegedly reviewed and even revised before it was sent to the International Judo Federation, Tong wrote that she “went for barbecue with some friends” and that meat she ate there was most likely contaminated with clenbuterol, explaining her positive test. In fact, says the person who helped with her defense, the barbecue story was fabricated, possibly as a face-saver to spare Chinese officials any awkward questions about whether food at their training camps might be contaminated with clenbuterol, a muscle-building, fat-burning drug widely and illegally used by livestock farmers in China to bulk up their animals. Reached by phone, the Chinese Judo Association wouldn’t respond to Tong’s allegations. A man who answered the phone but who refused to identify himself by name said the association hadn’t received the CAS ruling. Association officials were at an Olympic qualifying competition in Germany and have turned off their mobile phones and so couldn’t be reached for comment, the man said. Song, the CJA vice president named in the CAS ruling, also refused to address Tong’s allegations. Contacted by phone, he said has retired and “didn’t get involved in handling the case.” He then hung up. The International Judo Federation didn’t actually bother to attend the hearing that CAS held in January or even send lawyers to represent it. But, in written submissions, it said Tong presented no evidence or witness to support her claim that “she was misinformed or betrayed by the CJA.” This saga ended well for Tong. CAS’ panel of three arbitrators cleared her this week on a technicality, saying that the IJF did not adhere to testing regulations. Tong can compete again and gets back her World Championship gold. But, in taking that route, the CAS unfortunately didn’t address Tong’s allegations that, from the outset, Chinese officials leaned on her to put up and shut up, to accept guilt and their bad, self-serving advice rather than use the rights available to all athletes to challenge positive tests. That is an opportunity missed. For antidoping to work, it has not just to be fair but also seen to be fair. Everyone involved, administrators included, has to be policed as stringently as the athletes.—AP

Simon Gagne of Tampa Bay in action in this file photo

Devils’ winning streak ends TAMPA: Martin St. Louis and Simon Gagne scored early second-period goals as Tampa Bay beat New Jersey 2-1 in the NHL on Friday, ending the Devils’ eight-game winning streak. The victory came just days after the Lightning stopped Phoenix’s stretch of eight straight wins with a 8-3 victory in Tampa. Johan Hedberg kept New Jersey within reach late in the second by stopping shots by Teddy Purcell and Steven Stamkos. Mark Fayne scored in the third period for the Devils, but they couldn’t get the equaling score. Dwayne Roloson finished with 19 saves for Tampa Bay. Rangers 6, Capitals 0 In Washington, Erik Christensen had two goals and two assists and Henrik Lundqvist stopped 35 shots for his league-leading eighth shutout of the season for New York. Christensen had a career-high four points as New York won its second straight game. The six-goal margin of victory was the first time the Rangers have won by more than two since a 7-0 rout of Toronto on Jan. 19. Washington went 0 for 5 on the power play and was booed by the home crowd on several occasions. Hurricanes 4, Penguins 1 At Raleigh, North Carolina, Erik Cole had a goal and an assist to lead Carolina over Pittsburgh. Cole, who was playing in his 600th career NHL game, now has five goals and five assists in February. Jussi Jokinen also scored and added an assist and Cam Ward stopped 33 shots for Carolina. Pascual Dupuis scored for the Penguins, who are still without their captain, Sidney Crosby. He missed his 22nd game as he recovers from a concussion sustained in January. Blue Jackets 5, Coyotes 3 In Columbus, Ohio, Matt Calvert had three goals and an assist to help Columbus rally from an early two-goal deficit. R.J. Umberger had a goal and two assists, Jacob Voracek added a goal and Steve Mason stopped 25 shots for the Blue Jackets. The Coyotes, who had won eight in a row before losing to Tampa Bay on Wednesday, got goals from David Schlemko, Radim Vrbata and Lauri Korpikoski. Panthers 2, Thrashers 1 At Atlanta, Tomas Vokoun stopped 45 shots and Steve Bernier scored the deciding goal in the shootout to help Florida stop a two-game slide. Marty Reasoner also scored his 12th goal of the season for the Panthers, who had lost nine of

NHL results/standings NHL results and standings on Friday: NY Rangers 6, Washington 0; Carolina 4, Pittsburgh 1; Columbus 5, Phoenix 3; Buffalo 4, Ottawa 2; Florida 2, Atlanta 1 (SO); Tampa Bay 2, New Jersey 1; San Jose 4, Calgary 3 (SO); St. Louis 5, Edmonton 0; Minnesota 3, Anaheim 2 (OT). (SO denotes shootout, OT overtime)

Detroit Chicago Nashville Columbus St. Louis

Western Conference Central Division 37 18 6 203 177 32 23 6 194 168 31 22 8 156 146 31 23 6 168 178 28 24 9 173 179

80 70 70 68 65

Vancouver Minnesota Calgary Colorado Edmonton

Northwest Division 39 14 9 207 147 33 23 6 163 162 31 23 9 189 182 26 28 7 178 210 20 34 8 156 208

87 72 71 59 48

San Jose Phoenix Los Angeles Dallas Anaheim

Pacific Division 36 21 6 178 33 21 9 181 34 23 4 170 32 23 6 168 32 25 5 173

78 75 72 70 69

Eastern Conference Atlantic Division W Philadelphia 40 Pittsburgh 36 NY Rangers 33 New Jersey 26 NY Islanders 23

L OTL GF 15 6 202 21 6 181 26 4 178 31 4 130 31 8 170

GA PTS 155 86 154 78 155 70 163 56 202 54

Boston Montreal Buffalo Toronto Ottawa

Northeast Division 34 19 7 188 145 32 23 7 161 161 29 25 6 174 174 27 27 7 157 184 20 32 9 139 199

75 71 64 61 49

Tampa Bay Washington Carolina Atlanta Florida

Southeast Division 36 18 7 189 189 32 20 10 165 159 29 24 9 181 189 25 26 11 175 203 26 28 7 158 169

79 74 67 61 59

their last 12 games coming into the night. Chris Mason stopped 25 shots for Atlanta after starting goalie Ondrej Pavelec left the game with an injury. The Thrashers have dropped five straight and 16 of 19. Sabres 4, Senators 2 In Buffalo, New York, Cody McCormick had a goal and an assist and Ryan Miller made 29 saves to lead Buffalo over Ottawa. Mike Grier, Jochen Hecht, and Thomas Vanek also scored as the Sabres got their second straight win after a three-game losing streak. Milan Michalek and Jason Spezza each had a goal and an assist for the Senators. Sharks 4, Flames 3 In Calgary, Alberta, Ryane Clowe scored in regulation and added the deciding goal in the shootout to lead San Jose. Devin Setoguchi and Kyle Wellwood had the other goals as San Jose won its sixth straight. Miikka Kiprusoff made 30 saves and David Moss, Niklas Hagman and Anton Babchuk scored for the Flames. Antti Niemi stopped 21 shots for

162 182 146 173 184

Note: Overtime losses (OTL) are worth one point in the standings and are not included in the loss column (L) San Jose. Blues 5, Oilers 0 At Edmonton, Alberta, Ben Bishop stopped 39 shots for his first career shutout and Chris Stewart had two goals for St. Louis. Patrik Berglund, Matt D’Agostini and Roman Polak also scored for the Blues, who have won four of their last six games. Bishop, starting for injured goaltender Jaroslav Halak, sent the Oilers to their second loss in three games. Edmonton remains in last place in the NHL. Wild 3, Ducks 2 In Anaheim, California, Pierre-Marc Bouchard scored in overtime as Minnesota handed Anaheim its fifth straight loss. Clayton Stoner scored with 4:57 left in the third period as Minnesota grabbed a 2-1 lead, but Francois Beaucheman answered with 2 minutes left in regulation. John Madden also scored for Minnesota, while Jose Theodore made 46 saves. Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan recorded his 100th NHL goal. -AP

Mostafa Karam shooting tourney KUWAIT: Under the patronage and in the presence of the Chairman of Kuwaiti Banks Club Hisham Al Biajan, Sports Committee Chairman Khalil Al Blouchi and Treasurer Mohammed Al Sayegh, the Kuwaiti Banks Club held its annual celebration to honor members of the working committees and club employees for the season 2010.

KUWAIT: With participation of Kuwait’s civilian and military shooters, Kuwait Shooting Sports Club (KSSC) will organize the Mostafa Karam Co. Cup Tourney from March 3-5, 2011, said KSSC secretary, Obaid Al-Ossaimi, noting that the tourney would be

held at Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Olympic Shooting Ranges Complex. Al-Ossaimi added that the Mostafa Karam Cup Tourney was one of the most significant championships organized by KSSC in appreciation of the company’s constant support for

Kuwaiti shooters ever since the club was founded. Further, Al-Ossaimi stressed that the schedule of holding the Mostafa Karam tourney was very significant since it comes a few days before the second GCC Female Sports tourney due to be

held in Abu Dhabi and the World Shooting Championship due to be held in Australia in March. Al-Ossaimi explained that registration for those wishing to take part in the tourney started yesterday and would continue until Tuesday, February 28, 2011.



e niv rsar n




Watson dominates Match Play

SINGAPORE: Karrie Webb of Australia putts on the 16th green during the third round of the HSBC Women’s Champions Golf tournament.—AP

Arimura leads Webb SINGAPORE: Japan’s Chie Arimura shot a 1-under 71 to maintain a one-stroke lead over Australia’s Karrie Webb after the third round of the HSBC Women’s Champions yesterday. The 23-year-old Arimura was steady if not spectacular on the third day of the event, shooting two birdies and one bogey for an 11-under 205 going into the final round. Arimura, who has never won an LPGA tournament, will be paired today with Webb and world No. 1 Yani Tseng of Taiwan, who shot a 69 Saturday and is six strokes off the lead. “I might be nervous,” Arimura said. “Just competing against those great players is even hard for me to believe, even now, it’s like a dream.” Webb, who has won 36 LPGA titles, more than any other

active player, shot 70 to cut Arimura’s lead by one stroke. “I feel pretty fortunate to only be one shot behind,” the 36-yearold Webb said. “I’ve got a great opportunity to win.” Tseng, who is seeking her fourth title of the year, is at 5-under 211, even with South Koreans Na Yeon Choi and Sun Young Yoo. Tseng jumped to the top ranking after winning the Australian Women’s Open and Australian Ladies Masters on the Ladies European Tour in February and last week’s LPGA Thailand event. “It’s a big gap (from the lead), but this is golf, you never know until the last putt drops,” she said. South Korea’s I.K. Kim had the best round of the day with a 67 to jump back into contention at 7 shots off the lead.—AP

Stroud three ahead in Mexico MEXICO CITY: American Chris Stroud recorded a sizzling run of eight consecutive birdies before grabbing a threeshot lead in the second round of the Mayakoba Classic on Friday. Two strokes off the pace overnight, Stroud fired a spectacular eight-underpar 63 on the El Camaleon course at the resor t of Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya. In pursuit of a maiden PGA Tour victory, the 29-year-old launched his redhot birdie blitz at the par-four ninth before posting an 11-under total of 131. “Everything sort of clicked over nine holes,” Stroud told reporters after ending the day three ahead of compatriot Kevin Stadler (66), Australian Cameron Perc y (66) and South Korea’s K ang Sunghoon (67). “I made all the putts I’ve been miss-

ing for the last four weeks. They all came at once.” Stroud was one shy of the PGA Tour record for consecutive birdies, Mark Calcavecchia having strung together nine in the second round of the 2009 Canadian Open at Glen Abbey. “I was just trying to stay out of my own way,” Stroud said after parring his last two holes for a back nine of sevenunder 28. “I wasn’t really thinking about it. “I really had two good chances on 17 and 18, had about a 25-footer up the hill, and then probably an 18-footer on 18.” The cut fell at even-par 142 with double major champions John Daly and Lee Janzen, plus Australian Aaron Baddeley, winner of last week ’s Northern Trust Open at Riviera, missing out.—Reuters

MARANA: Bubba Watson overpowered twotime champion Geoff Ogilvy on Friday to reach the quarterfinals of the Match Play Championship, continuing a performance so dominant he has played only 43 holes in three days. Watson was long and straight against his Australian opponent, who didn’t have much of a chance. He was 7 under through 13 holes and had 10 feet for birdie on the 14th when Ogilvy hit into the sand and conceded the 6and-4 win. Watson has led every hole he’s played for three days. He’s also won the opening hole in all three rounds and closed out his matches on the 16th hole, 13th hole and 14th hole of the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club course. “Hit a lot of good putts, a lot of good iron shots. Haven’t missed that many fairways, probably no more than five all three days,” he said. “So it’s been good so far. And I’ve won every time, so it works out.” JB Holmes also advanced, applying enough pressure on Australian Jason Day to win the last two holes and escape with a 1-up victory. That sets up a quarterfinal between Holmes and Watson, two long-hitting Americans. “It should be fun,” Holmes said. “Me and Bubba move it out there pretty good.” Holmes has five of the longest drives this week, including a 400-yard shot in the opening round. Ranked 66th in the world, Holmes didn’t even get into the 64-man field until Tuesday when Tim Clark withdrew and he only saw the course for the first time the following day when he beat Camilo Villegas. The 23-year-old Day was among several youngsters headed off the course. Matteo Manassero, a 17-year-old Italian, fell behind early against Luke Donald of England and couldn’t catch up, losing when Donald made par on the 16th. Rickie Fowler, the 22-yearold who on Thursday gave Phil Mickelson his worst loss ever in this tournament, dropped the first three holes on the back nine and lost, 2 and 1, to Matt Kuchar. The youngest player to advance was Martin Kaymer, the 26-year-old German, who happens to be the best player in the quarterfinals. The PGA champion and No. 2 seed had to rally on the back nine against Hunter Mahan, and the match ended on the 17th hole with a chip that is certain to stir Ryder Cup memories for Mahan. Kaymer was 1 up and went long and left with his approach shot. Mahan did the same, and needed to at least escape with par to have any chance. Instead, he hit a chip that barely got up the hill, well short of the green, and then chipped long and made double bogey. The American also flubbed a chip on the 17th hole at the Ryder Cup in October, although he was a long shot to win his match against Graeme McDowell.

MARANA: Bubba Watson tees off on 5 while playing JB Holmes during a quarterfinal round of the Match Play Championship golf tournament.—AP Kaymer advances to play Miguel Angel Jimenez of Spain, who at 47 is the oldest player remaining in the field. He beat Ben Crane, who didn’t make a birdie until the 11th hole. If Kaymer wins two more matches, he is assured of becoming No. 1 in the world. But he’s thinking only of his next match, and is hopeful he is still around on Sunday. “If I can get up one more spot in the world rankings, of course I wouldn’t mind it,” he said. “But I think I’ll have a chance the next few weeks, months, as well.” In other matches: Ryan Moore made a 10-foot birdie putt on

Kaymer hopeful a long day takes him to the top MARANA: The Match Play Championship enters its longest day and Martin Kaymer welcomes it. One day after he was forced to go 20 holes to get out of the second round, Kaymer had to rally on the back nine Friday against Hunter Mahan before closing him out on the 17th hole. That put Kaymer in the quarterfinals, and more than a World Golf Championship at stake. Because of cold weather expected on the final day, the schedule has been altered to play the quarterfinals late yesterday, followed immediately by the semifinals. “Hopefully, it’s going to be a long day, that I can play two matches,” Kaymer said. Next up for Kaymer is Miguel Angel Jimenez, the 47-year-old Spaniard and oldest player in the field. If the German can win, he would face the winner of the slugfest between big hitters J.B. Holmes and Bubba Watson. Two wins would put Kaymer in the championship match and guarantee a new No. 1 in golf. “If I can get up one more spot in the world rankings, of course I wouldn’t mind it,” Kaymer said. “But I think I’ll have a chance the next few weeks, months, as well.” The 26-year-old German is not one to get ahead of himself, whether its the world ranking or the Accenture Match Play Championship. Jimenez has proved to be tough, especially the way he dismantled Ben Crane in a 7-and-6 victory. As far as the world ranking, the possibilities are limited. Lee Westwood, bounced out in the second round, will remain No. 1 if Kaymer loses a match on Saturday. Luke Donald, who beat Italian teenager Matteo Manassero, can move to No. 3 if he wins the tournament. Otherwise, Graeme McDowell will rise to No. 3, even though the U.S. Open champion was beaten Friday by Y.E. Yang. Whatever the case, Tiger Woods will slip to his lowest ranking _ No. 4 or No. 5 _ since the week before he won the 1997 Masters. As for the Match Play Championship? Sure, there are only eight players left, but that makes it no less predictable. Crane is a great example. The American simply couldn’t miss when he hammered Rory McIlroy in the second round, an 8-and-7 victory that was the second-most lopsided margin in tournament history. One day later, Crane was on the other side of a beating. He didn’t make a birdie until the 11th hole, and by then it was over. Jimenez closed him out, 7 and 6. Then there’s Rickie Fowler. The 22-yearold looked like the future of American golf when he hit dazzling iron shots from the fairway and several key putts for a 6-and-5 victory over Phil Mickelson, the worst loss

ever for Lefty. The next day, Fowler took one too many trips into the desert and fell too far behind to catch up. Matt Kuchar beat him, 2 and 1. Kuchar was lucky to get out of the first round, and here he is in the quarterfinals. The American next faces Yang, who birdied the last three holes of his match, chipping in on the 16th to beat McDowell. On the other side of the bracket, Donald faces Ryan Moore, who outlasted Nick Watney in 19 holes. Such are the vagaries of match play — Watney made nine birdies and won his match, Kuchar made three birdies and won. Perhaps the most intriguing quarterfinal match is elementary — Holmes and Watson. Both have put on a powerful display. Holmes has five of the longest drives this week at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, including a 400-yard shot in the opening round. He wasn’t always straight, but he was long enough to keep himself in the game and win the last two holes against Jason Day on Friday. Watson didn’t win his match against Geoff Ogilvy on the par-5 11th hole, but it sure felt that way. Already 2 up in his match, Watson was 290 from the hole when he ripped a 3-iron with a tight draw that bounded onto the green and settled about 15 feet away. “I knew if I hit a bullet 3-iron, it could roll up close,” Watson said. “We were just thinking about getting it on the green. We were thinking about missing it left, so we’d have an easy chip up on the slope. I knew it was good. I saw where it was running and it worked out in my favor again. I swung as hard as I could at a low, bullet 3-iron.” Three holes later, the match was over, 6 and 4. “It’s never fun to lose,” said Ogilvy, a two-time champion of this fickle event. “But it’s the first time I’ve played OK and lost. He played well. He hit great shots. I didn’t play that bad. I didn’t play ‘6-and-4’ bad.” That set up more fireworks for late yesterday — Holmes vs. Watson, two of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour, head-tohead on a course nearly 7,800 yards long in the high desert with wind expected to top 20 mph. “It should be fun,” Holmes said. “Me and Bubba move it out there pretty good.” Watson’s performance has been so dominant that he has led every hole he has played for three days. He has won the opening hole all three rounds and closed out matches on the 16th hole, 13th hole and 14th hole. In three matches, he has played only 43 holes, and he has yet to see the 17th hole in competition. “I’ve won every time, so it works out,” Watson said.—AP

the 19th hole to defeat Nick Watney, who had birdied the last two holes to extend the match. Watney had nine birdies in 19 holes and still lost. YE Yang of South Korea continued his surprising run by beating McDowell of Northern Ireland in a tight match. Yang won the last three holes with birdies, chipping in from behind the 16th green for a 3-and-2 win. With cold weather due Sunday, the schedule was changed to avoid frost delays. The quarterfinals will be held late yesterday, followed by the semifinals.—AP

Innerhofer wins in Bansko

ARE: Lindsey Vonn of the United States speeds down the course on her way to win an alpine ski women’s World Cup downhill race in Sweden.—AP

Vonn wins downhill race ARE: Lindsey Vonn lef t her recent injury worries behind her to dominate a World Cup downhill yesterday and snatch her seventh victory of the season. Hampered by concussion af ter crashing in a giant slalom training ahead of the world championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the American was in splendid form to bag her 40th career victory and her 21st in a downhill. “It was hard at the worlds and after Garmisch, I took a week off which I spent in a wellness, doing nothing. I needed it both physically and mentally,” Vonn told reporters. “Then in training I realised things were clicking into place and I didn’t have these concentration lapses anymore. I was back in the race,” she said. The three times World Cup winner clocked one minute 40.93 seconds ahead of giant slalom world champion Tina Maze of Slovenia, who finished 0.13 seconds adrift. The margin was slim but the task

was not an easy one for Vonn as she started shortly after a break caused by a crash by Swiss Nadja Kamer as the visibility was going down on a tricky course that neither world champion Elisabeth Goergl or local favourite Anja Paerson were able to complete. “I was looking for the perfect line to avoid mistakes today knowing that the girls who wouldn’t make mistakes would win. It wasn’t easy because it was very dark,” Vonn said. World Cup leader Maria Riesch, winner of Friday’s super-combined, was third, losing 40 points in her battle with Vonn in the overall standings. R iesch still leads Vonn by 1,416 points to 1,240 with a Super-G taking place on the same course today. Kamer was injured in a spectacular crash after tangling with a safety net and tumbling down the course before being taken away on a stretcher. Swiss head coach Mauro Pini said Kamer was suffering from pain in her arms but no fracture had been detected.—Reuters

BANSKO: Italian Christof Innerhofer continued where he left off at the world championships by winning the super combined in Bansko yesterday. The Super-G world champion, who also won a silver in the super combined and bronze in downhill earlier this month in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, beat Germany’s Felix Neureuther by a hundredth of a second over the two-leg race. Innerhofer’s only previous World Cup win was a downhill in Bormio in 2008. Third place went to unheralded Frenchman Thomas Mermillod Blondin, who clinched the first podium spot of his career. Compatriot Jean-Baptiste Grange was fastest in the morning’s slalom but crashed out in the downhill on the rugged Banderiza piste in the first World Cup race to be help in the Bulgarian resort. Overall World Cup leader Ivica Kostelic finished fifth enough for him to win the super combined category for the season. “ When you’re on a roll, keep on rolling,” said Innerhofer. “I skied with the same frame of mind as in Garmisch and I don’t know how long this will go on but I’m really thrilled,” he said after becoming the first Italian to win a super combined. “Luck was on my side this time. I was fourth twice this season,” added Innerhofer who had only managed one podium finish previously in this season’s World Cup. The Italian finished the first leg in eleventh place, 1.48 seconds behind Grange and 1.20 behind Neureuther, but charged down the downhill to overhaul the slalom specialists. Grange suffered only a minor thumb injury after his tumble in the downhill. “I’ve always meant to be an allround skier and this strengthens my determination”, said Innerhofer. Overall World Cup holder Carlo Janka of Switzerland and super combined world champion Aksel-Lund Svndal of Norway both missed the race, preferring to rest after the world championships.—Reuters

BULGARIA: Italy’s Christof Innerhofer celebrates on the podium after winning an alpine ski, men’s World Cup super-combined race.—AP



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sp orts

Knicks lose to Cavaliers CLEVELAND: Carmelo Anthony scored 27 points but missed a key free throw late in the game as the New York Knicks were beaten 115-109 by the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA on Friday. Anthony, acquired earlier this week from Denver in a highly anticipated trade, missed a foul shot with 25 seconds left that would have brought New York within two. Amare Stoudemire had 31 points and Chauncey Billups, the other player brought from Denver in the Anthony deal, scored 20 of his 26 in the fourth quarter to try to rally the Knicks. Antawn Jamison scored 28, J.J. Hickson 24 and Ramon Sessions 22 for the Cavaliers, who have beaten New York twice this season but are just 11-47 overall.

ROME: Italy’s Mirco Bergamasco (left) is tackled by Wales’ Dan Lydiate during their Six Nations rugby union international match. —AP

Wales defeat Italy in Six Nations ROME: Wales made it two wins from three in Six Nations rugby by beating Italy 24-16 in an error-strewn match at Stadio Flaminio yesterday. Gonzalo Canale took advantage of a dropped pass by Wales lock Barry Davies to score an early try for Italy before Morgan Stoddart and Sam Warburton crossed for Wales. Italy captain Sergio Parisse then drove through Stephen

Jones and Mike Phillips to score Italy’s second 10 minutes into the second half. Stephen Jones’ kicking made the difference. It allowed Wales to stay ahead of its hosts, and despite being forced to defend for the majority of the second half, when Wales did make it into Italy territory, James Hook wrapped up the win with a drop goal six minutes from time. —AP

Waratahs swat aside Reds MELBOURNE: The New South Wales Waratahs defended furiously to shut down the Queensland Reds’ attacking machine and march to an emphatic 30-6 victory in their Super rugby match in Sydney yesterday. The Waratahs charged to an 11-0 lead within 10 minutes and scored two tries after the break to notch their seventh straight win over their arch-rivals on a breezy night at Olympic Stadium. “When we got out opportunities we converted pressure into points and it was just pleasing,” Waratahs skipper Phil Waugh said in a pitchside interview. “It was important to take points out of the opposition 22 when we got down there... but there’s still things to work on which is pleasing as well.” The Reds, whose Wallaby playmakers Will Genia and Quade Cooper were subdued for much of the contest, lifted their intensity in the last quarter but any promising drives were halted at the 22-yard line by a fumble or ferocious tackle. The Reds’ woes were further compounded by an ankle injury to captain James Horwill, who hobbled off the field in the first half, while lock Ben Daley came off clutching his hand after the break. The Waratahs, coming off a 43point trouncing of newcomers the Melbourne Rebels, charged out of the blocks, with marauding backs Drew Mitchell and Kurtley Beale proving a handful for the Reds’ defence. The pair each scored a brace against the Rebels and combined for the Waratahs’ first try in the 10th minute. Enterprising fullback Beale burned

through the middle after tapping a penalty kick to himself, then received a pass back from number eight Ben Mowen before offloading to winger Mitchell, who dashed over the line at the left corner. Horwill, whose 2010 season in the southern hemisphere competition was wiped out by a knee injury in the second round of matches, left the field 10 minutes before the break and the disruption appeared to further rattle the Reds. Minutes later, they allowed Dave Dennis to cross for an easy try, the flanker sharking the ball from the front of a lineout and charging over the line right of the posts. Cooper slotted a tough penalty goal from the right touch-line at the half-time whistle to trim the deficit to 16-6 and buoy the Reds’ faint hopes of a secondhalf comeback. The flyhalf’s second penalty goal was to be the last Reds score, however, while winger Lachie Turner eased the pressure nine minutes after the break after crossing at the left corner for the Waratahs’ third try. Benn Robinson came off the bench to clinch a bonus point with a fourth try in the 64th minute, the burly Wallaby frontrower barging over after taking a pickand-go out of a ruck on the try-line. Semi-finalists last year, the Waratahs have two bonus-point victories from their first two games of the season. “I think it was a strong physical contest and I think that was exactly what we wanted to make it,” Waratahs coach Chris Hickey said in a televised interview. —Reuters

Zvonareva bags Qatar Open title DOHA: Vera Zvonareva has denied Caroline Wozniacki a Middle East double by winning their Qatar Ladies Open final 6-4, 6-4 yesterday. The Russian earned her 11th career WTA title and first since Pattaya City a year ago.

Wozniacki was hoping to add the Doha title to the one she won in Dubai six days ago. But the Dane lost her serve in the first game, and though she returned the compliment in the next, she was broken straight back to lose momentum early. —AP

T’ Blazers 107, Nuggets 106 In Portland, Oregon, Brandon Roy hit a 3pointer with 5.8 seconds remaining to send the game to overtime as Portland won for the seventh time in eight games. Roy finished with 18 points in just his second game since coming back from arthroscopic surgery on both knees. LaMarcus Aldridge led the Trail Blazers with 24 points and 14 rebounds. Danilo Gallinari, acquired in a trade this week with New York, had 30 points and nine rebounds for the Nuggets. Lakers 108, Clippers 95 In Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant scored 18 of his 24 points in the third quarter as the Lakers beat the weary Clippers. Pau Gasol added 22 points and Andrew Bynum had 16 points and 11 rebounds for the Lakers, who had lost three straight. Randy Foye scored 24 points and Blake Griffin had 22 points and 10 rebounds for the Clippers, who were coming off an 11-game road trip that included nine losses. Heat 121, Wizards 113 In Miami, Dwyane Wade scored 41 points and LeBron James added 25 points, nine rebounds and seven assists as Miami pulled away in the fourth quarter. Chris Bosh scored 15 points and Mario Chalmers finished with 14 for the Heat, who have won a season-best seven straight at home. Nick Young scored 38 points and John Wall added 24 points and 12 assists for the Wizards, who fell to 1-28 on the road. Magic 111, Thunder 88 In Orlando, Florida, Dwight Howard had 40 points and 15 rebounds to lift Orlando past Oklahoma City. Jason Richardson scored 17 points and J.J. Redick added 16 for the Magic, who have won three of their last four games. Kevin Durant led the Thunder with 23 points and 16 rebounds, while Russell Westbrook had 18 points and James Harden 16. Oklahoma City was without Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson and Nazr Mohammed, who were acquired in trades this week. Spurs 106, Nets 96 In San Antonio, Manu Ginobili scored 26 points and DeJuan Blair and Tim Duncan finished with 17 points apiece to rally San Antonio past New Jersey. The league-leading Spurs, who improved to 27-2 at home, moved within two wins of equaling their total number of victories from last year. Anthony Morrow had 25 points for the Nets, who led at halftime before the Spurs outscored them 35-18 in the third. Deron Williams had 14 points and 12 assists in his first game with New Jersey after being traded from Utah. 76ers 110, Pistons 94 In Philadelphia, Elton Brand had 20 points and 17 rebounds as Philadelphia topped Detroit to improve its record to .500 for the first time this season. Andre Iguodala also had 21 points, 11 assists and seven rebounds for the Sixers. The Pistons were without several key players, including Tayshaun Prince, Tracy McGrady and Ben Wallace, who skipped the pre-game warmup and sat out the team’s third straight

Del Potro advances into semis DELRAY BEACH: Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina advanced to his third consecutive semifinal by beating Kevin Anderson of South Africa 6-4, 6-4 in the Delray Beach Championships on Friday. Del Potro, the 2009 US Open champion, reached the San Jose and Memphis semifinals the past two weeks. He’ll next face Mardy Fish, who defeated Alejandro Falla of Colombia, 6-1, 6-4. Del Potro is making a comeback from wrist surgery that kept him off the ATP Tour for much of 2010. “Three semifinals in three weeks, so it’s great for my comeback,” the Argentine said. “I hope I play well tomorrow against Mardy.” Fish reached his fourth career Delray Beach semifinal. He won the Delray title in 2009. Del Potro never offered Anderson a break point opportunity in their match and took advantage of both break points he was presented. Meanwhile, the second-seeded Fish was able to break Falla’s serve three times. “I came out and took advantage of some errors he gave me and I played pretty clean,” Fish said. “I stepped it up some in my last two service games and closed it out.” The other semifinal will feature Kei Nishikori, the 2008 Delray champion, and sixth-seeded Janko Tipsarevic of Serbia. Tipsarevic defeated Ivan Dodig of Croatia 7-6 (0), 6-1 in the quarterfinals, while the 66th-ranked Nishikori beat American Ryan Sweeting 6-7 (5), 6-2, 6-4. —AP

LOS ANGELES: Clippers forward Blake Griffin (right) goes up to dunk the ball as Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant looks on during the second half of their NBA basketball game. —AP loss. The 76ers have rebounded from a 3-13 start of the season to improve to 29-29. Bobcats 110, Kings 98 In Charlotte, North Carolina, Stephen Jackson scored 30 points and DJ Augustin added 23 as undermanned Charlotte defeated Sacramento. A day after trading second-leading scorer Gerald Wallace, the Bobcats pulled away midway through the fourth quarter despite having only eight players available. Gerald Henderson scored 10 of his 21 points in the final period for the Bobcats. Samuel Dalembert had 18 points and 10 rebounds for the Kings. Suns 110, Raptors 92 In Toronto, Vince Carter scored 17 points and Marcin Gortat had 17 points and 11 rebounds as Phoenix won its 13th straight over Toronto. Channing Frye scored 16 points and Steve Nash had 11 assists, seven points and seven rebounds for the Suns, who have won six of eight on the road and nine of 11 overall. Andrea Bargnani scored 26 points and Leandro Barbosa had 15 for the Raptors, who have lost 19 of 22. Hornets 95, T’wolves 81 In Minneapolis, Trevor Ariza scored 18 points and Chris Paul had 17 to lead New Orleans over Minnesota. Emeka Okafor, who

had missed 10 games with a strained left hip, added 10 points, seven rebounds and three blocked shots for the Hornets. Wes Johnson and Luke Ridnour each scored 22 for the Timberwolves, who lost their seventh straight game. Kevin Love grabbed his 10th rebound early in the fourth quarter to extend his double -double streak to 45 straight games and pass Moses Malone for the second-longest in the NBA since 1976. Jazz 95, Pacers 84 In Indianapolis, Al Jefferson scored 30 points to help Utah end a five-game losing streak. Paul Millsap had 23 points and a season-high 18 rebounds for the Jazz, who never trailed after the first quarter. Devin Harris added 14 points off the bench in his first game since Utah acquired him in a trade with New Jersey. Danny Granger scored 17 points and Roy Hibbert added 14 points and eight rebounds for the Pacers. Hawks 95, Warriors 79 At Oakland, California, Josh Smith scored 26 points and Al Horford had 22 points and 12 rebounds as Atlanta stopped a three-game slide with a win over Golden State. Joe Johnson added 12 points, five rebounds and five assists for the Hawks. David Lee had 20 points and 10 rebounds and Monta Ellis scored 16 for the Warriors, who committed 16 turnovers in their final home game before a seven-game road trip. —AP

NBA results/standings NBA results and standings on Friday. Utah 95, Indiana 84; Philadelphia 110, Detroit 94; Phoenix 110, Toronto 92; Charlotte 110, Sacramento 98; Cleveland 115, NY Knicks 109; Miami 121, Washington 113; New Orleans 95, Minnesota 81; Orlando 111, Oklahoma City 88; San Antonio 106, New Jersey 96; Atlanta 95, Golden State 79; LA Lakers 108, LA Clippers 95; Portland 107, Denver 106 (OT)(OT denotes overtime) Western Conference Eastern Conference Atlantic Division Northwest Division W L PCT GB Oklahoma City 36 21 .632 Boston 41 15 .732 Portland 33 25 .569 3.5 NY Knicks 29 27 .518 12 Denver 34 26 .567 3.5 Philadelphia 29 29 .500 13 Utah 32 27 .542 5 New Jersey 17 41 .293 25 Minnesota 13 46 .220 24 Toronto 16 43 .271 26.5 Chicago Indiana Milwaukee Detroit Cleveland

Central Division 39 17 26 31 22 35 21 39 11 47

.696 .456 .386 .350 .190

Southeast Division Miami 43 16 .729 Orlando 37 22 .627 Atlanta 35 23 .603 Charlotte 26 32 .448 Washington 15 42 .263

Pacific Division 41 19 29 27 26 31 21 38 14 42

13.5 17.5 20 29

LA Lakers Phoenix Golden State LA Clippers Sacramento

.683 .518 .456 .356 .250

10 13.5 19.5 25

6 7.5 16.5 27

Southwest Division San Antonio 48 10 .828 41 16 .719 Dallas New Orleans 35 25 .583 Memphis 32 27 .542 Houston 28 31 .475

6.5 14 16.5 20.5

Djokovic wins Dubai Open

DUBAI: Winner Novak Djokovic of Serbia (right) and Roger Federer of Switzerland hold their trophies following the final match of the Emirates Dubai ATP Tennis Championships. —AP

DUBAI: Novak Djokovic, who took away Roger Federer’s Australian Open title last month, beat him in straight sets again to prevent the former world number one from regaining the Dubai Open title here yesterday. The second-seeded Serbian won with something to spare by 6-3, 6-3, out playing the top-seeded Swiss maestro in the first set and recovering from 1-3 down in the second as Federer had constant problems with his timing and rhythm off the ground. It gained Djokovic his third successive title at the $1,600,000 event, and suggested that he has every chance of leapfrogging Federer next month into the world number two ranking. “Any time I win against Roger Federer it’s a great success,” Djokovic said. “I guess I rose to the occasion. I was aware of the challenge expected of me, and I was aware I needed to be at the top of my game. “I am a different player from last year. I have this feeling in my head, and it’s really important for me to know I can perform this well.” Federer said:” I have had a lot of success her, but it wasn’t the night for me. I had a difficult start and Novak played solid all the way through. But for me it was still a great tournament.” Federer had described Djokovic as “a huge

obstacle” before the final, and so it proved. Djokovic had his tactics well worked outdirecting a higher proportion of his attacks to the backhand, and mixing athletic containment with fiercely angled counter-attacks which threatened to spread Federer. It was hard to believe that Djokovic had described his performance against Tomas Berdych the previous day as a “catastrophe”. He started with a far better rhythm, even though the conditions were very differentmuch cooler and slower-than during his last two matches in the afternoon sun. Federer, by contrast, struck his first forehand into the net and it proved a signal. He remained prone to odd mistimings under pressure and ended the match with 20 unforced errors on the forehand drive which has sometimes been described as the best shot of its kind there has been. One of these, dumped into the net, put Federer break point down in the third game, and another error, a backhand which sent the ball in a jerky parabola over the baseline, conceded the first break of serve. Djokovic served so well after this, directing more than 70 percent of deliveries to the Federer backhand and establishing a dominance in that area, that he comfortably consolidated his advantage three times. —AFP




e niv rsar n



sp orts

Beckford sinks Sunderland

Soccer results/standings Aston Villa 4 (Young 49-pen, 82, Hanley 62-og, Downing 64) Blackburn 1 (Kalinic 81); Everton 2 (Beckford 8, 39) Sunderland 0; Newcastle 1 (Nolan 13) Bolton 1 (Sturridge 38); Wigan 0 Manchester United 4 (Hernandez 17, 74, Rooney 84, F Da Silva 87); Wolverhampton 4 (Jarvis 2, O’Hara 54, Ebanks-Blake 78, 90) Blackpool 0. Playing today Manchester City v Fulham; West Ham v Liverpool. Playing Monday Stoke v West Bromwich English Football League results Championship Barnsley 0 Nor wich 2; Bristol City 2 Scunthorpe 0; Crystal Palace 3 Reading 3; Doncaster 1 Watford 1; Hull 0 Cardiff 2; Ipswich 0 Portsmouth 2; Leicester 1 Coventry 1; Middlesbrough 0 Queens Park Rangers 3; Millwall 0 Nottingham Forest 0; Preston 1 Burnley 2; Sheffield United 0 Derby 1; Swansea 3 Leeds 0. Division One Brentford 1 Bristol Rovers 0; Carlisle 0 Sheffield Wednesday 1; Dagenham and Redbridge 1 Bournemouth 2; Exeter 1 Hartlepool 2; Huddersfield 2 Leyton Orient 2; Milton Keynes Dons 1 Brighton 0; Notts County 1 Charlton 0; Oldham 0 Peterborough 5; Plymouth 2 Colchester 1; Southampton 4 Swindon 1; Tranmere 0 Yeovil 1; Walsall 0 Rochdale 0.

Division Two Accrington 1 Torquay 0; Aldershot 1 Port Vale 2; Barnet 4 Lincoln 2; Bradford 3 Stockport 2; Burton 2 Rotherham 4; Bury 3 Crewe 1; Chesterfield 0 Morecambe 2; Macclesfield 0 Wycombe 1; Oxford 0 Hereford 2; Shrewsbury 0 Gillingham 0; Southend 1 Northampton 1; Stevenage 4 Cheltenham 0. Scottish Premier League results Aberdeen 0 Hearts 0; Hamilton 1 (Antoine-Curier 33-pen) Dundee United 1 (Shala 83); Hibernian 2 (Booth 58, Stevenson 89) Inverness 0; Kilmarnock 2 (Gros 13, Eremenko 29) St Mirren 0. Playing today: Motherwell v Celtic; Rangers v St Johnstone. Scottish Football League results First Division Dundee 1 Morton 1; Falkirk 2 Cowdenbeath 0; Queen Of The South 1 Dunfermline 3; Raith 2 Stirling 1; Ross 0 Partick 0. Second Division Ayr 2 Brechin 0; East Fife 0 Airdrie 1; Forfar 2 Dumbarton 1; Livingston 4 Alloa 0; Stenhousemuir 4 Peterhead 2. Third Division Albion Rovers 0 Berwick 1; Annan 2 East Stirlingshire 1; Clyde 4 Stranraer 2; Elgin 3 Arbroath 2; Montrose 0 Queen’s Park 2.

English Premier League table after yesterday’s matches (played, won, drawn, lost, goals for, goals against, points): Man Utd Arsenal Man City Tottenham Chelsea Liverpool Bolton Sunderland Newcastle Everton Stoke Aston Villa Blackburn Blackpool Fulham Birmingham W’hampton W Bromwich Wigan West Ham

25 27 24 31 22 32 38 35 39 36 34 47 46 55 28 35 46 52 49 48

60 56 49 47 45 39 37 37 36 33 33 33 32 32 31 30 28 28 27 25

English Football League tables Championship QPR 34 18 13 3 56 20 Swansea 34 19 5 10 48 30 Cardiff 34 18 7 9 55 38 Norwich 34 16 11 7 54 42 Nottingham 33 15 13 5 44 28 Leeds 34 14 12 8 62 55 Leicester 34 15 7 12 51 51 Burnley 32 13 11 8 49 39 Hull 34 12 13 9 39 36 Reading 34 11 15 8 51 39 Millwall 34 12 11 11 43 36 Watford 33 12 10 11 59 51 Portsmouth 33 12 8 13 45 46 Ipswich 33 12 6 15 43 43 Barnsley 34 11 9 14 40 51 Bristol City 34 11 8 15 41 49 Coventry 33 11 7 15 36 40 Derby 33 11 6 16 42 45 Doncaster 33 10 9 14 43 59 M’brough 32 10 6 16 39 46 C Palace 34 9 8 17 33 54 Scunthorpe 32 9 4 19 31 56 Sheff Utd 34 7 8 19 30 54 Preston 33 5 9 19 35 61

67 62 61 59 58 54 52 50 49 48 47 46 44 42 42 41 40 39 39 36 35 31 29 24

Brighton B’mouth H’field P’borough S’hampton Milton Charlton Oldham Rochdale Colchester Orient Hartlepool Carlisle Brentford Exeter Sheff Wed Notts C Tranmere Yeovil Swindon Walsall Rovers Dagenham Plymouth

27 27 27 27 26 27 28 28 28 27 27 28 28 28 27 26 28 27 28 27

17 17 14 13 13 11 9 9 9 7 10 8 9 9 6 6 8 7 5 5

9 5 7 8 6 6 10 10 9 12 3 9 5 5 13 12 4 7 12 10

1 5 6 6 7 10 9 9 10 8 14 11 14 14 8 8 16 13 11 12

Division One 30 17 8 5 33 16 10 7 32 15 8 9 32 16 5 11 30 15 7 8 34 15 7 12 30 13 8 9 33 11 13 9 30 11 12 7 32 11 12 9 30 11 11 8 32 12 8 12 31 11 9 11 31 12 6 13 32 11 9 12 31 11 7 13 28 11 5 12 31 10 7 14 31 10 6 15 33 7 10 16 33 8 7 18 32 7 9 16 30 7 8 15 33 10 6 17

61 57 43 38 46 35 39 33 43 35 31 35 35 42 28 25 31 35 27 30

56 56 52 72 54 45 48 44 42 40 51 33 41 37 47 45 35 38 31 42 39 37 33 38

23 33 37 60 28 46 43 45 34 42 42 46 35 40 54 42 34 44 45 58 57 66 46 56

59 58 53 53 52 52 47 46 45 45 44 44 42 42 42 40 38 37 36 31 31 30 29 26

Motherwell Inverness CT Dundee Utd St Johnstone Aberdeen Hibernian St Mirren Hamilton

27 10 4 13 27 8 9 10 24 7 10 7 25 8 6 11 27 9 3 15 27 8 4 15 27 5 7 15 26 2 9 15

29 36 28 17 30 28 22 15

35 35 31 29 44 43 44 44

34 33 31 30 30 28 22 15

Scottish Football League tables First Division Raith 24 13 6 5 34 19 Dunfermline 23 12 6 5 41 21 Falkirk 21 11 3 7 38 22 Q of South 20 8 4 8 32 28 Morton 23 7 7 9 23 25 Partick 22 6 7 9 24 27 Dundee 24 14 7 3 35 18 Ross County 22 3 10 9 14 24 Cowdenbeath 21 5 3 13 22 47 Stirling 22 3 5 14 20 52

45 42 36 28 28 25 24 19 18 14

Note: Dundee deducted 25 points Second Division Livingston 23 15 4 4 45 24 Brechin 21 10 8 3 36 21 Ayr 20 11 3 6 34 34 Forfar 20 10 5 5 31 23 Airdrie Utd 24 8 6 10 31 36 Alloa 25 8 6 11 37 49 Dumbarton 25 9 2 14 33 45 East Fife 22 6 6 10 46 40 Peterhead 24 5 7 12 35 46 Stenhousemuir22 6 3 13 25 35

49 38 36 35 30 30 29 24 22 21

Third Division Arbroath 23 13 3 7 Stranraer 23 11 8 4 Albion 23 11 5 7 Queens Park 24 11 3 10 Annan Athletic 22 9 8 5 Elgin 24 10 5 9 Berwick 21 7 8 6 Montrose 23 5 6 12 East Stirling 22 6 2 14 Clyde 19 3 4 12

42 41 38 36 35 35 29 21 20 13

52 47 34 32 36 38 34 33 18 22

40 35 29 27 29 41 29 40 34 42

Matches on TV (Local Timings)

English League Cup Arsenal FC v Birmingham - 19:00 Al Jazeera Sport +3 Al Jazeera Sport 1 HD

English Premier League West Ham v Liverpool - 16:30 Abu Dhabi Sports HD 4 Man City v Fulham - 18:00 Abu Dhabi Sports HD 3 Abu Dhabi Sports HD 5

Italian League

Plymouth deducted 10 points for going into administration Division Two Chesterfield 33 17 11 5 60 37 Wycombe 32 16 8 8 47 36 Rotherham 32 15 8 9 58 41 Shrewsbury 32 14 10 8 49 30 Bury 31 14 9 8 54 35 Port Vale 32 14 9 9 37 30 Gillingham 33 12 12 9 45 39 Southend 32 13 8 11 44 39 Oxford Utd 33 13 8 12 42 40 Stevenage 32 11 12 9 41 29 Torquay 31 11 11 9 48 38 Crewe 32 11 9 12 60 52 Accrington 30 10 12 8 43 44 Cheltenham 33 10 11 12 43 51 N’hampton 32 9 13 10 41 44 Lincoln 31 11 5 15 34 50 Hereford 31 9 10 12 40 47 Aldershot 32 8 13 11 33 41 Morecambe 33 9 10 14 40 50 Bradford 32 11 4 17 31 42 M’field 30 9 8 13 38 47 Barnet 33 7 9 17 39 59 Albion 27 7 8 12 31 37 Stockport 33 6 10 17 36 76

62 56 53 52 51 51 48 47 47 45 44 42 42 41 40 38 37 37 37 37 35 30 29 28

Scottish Premier League table Celtic 26 20 4 2 59 15 Rangers 24 18 2 4 53 23 Hearts 27 17 4 6 41 22 Kilmarnock 27 11 6 10 40 33

64 56 55 39

Catania v Genoa - 14:30 Al Jazeera Sport 1 HD Palermo v Udinese Calcio - 17:00 Al Jazeera Sport +1 As Bari v Florentina - 17:00 Al Jazeera Sport +4 AS Roma v Parma - 17:00 Al Jazeera Sport +8 Cesena v Chievo - 17:00 Al Jazeera Sport +9 Cagliari v Lazio - 17:00 Al Jazeera Sport +1 Sampdoria v Inter - 22:45 Al Jazeera Sport +3 Al Jazeera Sport 1 HD

Spanish League Hercules CF v Getafe CF - 19:00 Al Jazeera Sport +8 Racing v Villarreal - 21:00 Al Jazeera Sport 2 HD Bilbao v Valencia - 23:00 Al Jazeera Sport +2 Al Jazeera Sport 2 HD

Everton 2

Sunderland 0

LIVERPOOL: Everton striker Jermaine Beckford netted a clinical double to earn a 2-0 win against Sunderland at Goodison Park yesterday. Beckford has endured a difficult first season at Everton following his move from Leeds, but he showed plenty of pose to lift the Toffees further away from the relegation zone and send Sunderland home empty-handed again. The Black Cats, without a league win at Goodison since 1996, went close when Tim Howard saved well from Stephane Sessegnon but Beckford’s second goal just before the half-time effectively ended their challenge. Steve Bruce’s side created little after the break and surrendered to a fourth successive loss that could have been more emphatic. With Everton’s relegation fears eased, David Moyes’s side can start to focus on advancing in the FA Cup following last weekend’s fourth round replay win at Chelsea. Sunderland almost claimed an early lead but Kieran Richardson, playing in an advanced role, spurned a glorious chance after just three minutes. The former Manchester United midfielder raced onto a fine ball from Sessegnon and was allowed a clear run at goal as Everton mistakenly stopped in anticipation of an offside flag. Howard managed to force him

wide but Richardson should still have done better than to drag a shot across the face of goal. Sunderland paid for that miss as Everton claimed the lead four minutes later. Leon Osman found space on the edge of the box and looked to have slipped Louis Saha in but the Frenchman allowed Beckford to sneak through and fire in a shot which Titus Bramble diverted in. Sunderland were denied an equaliser as Howard produced a brilliant fingertip save to turn a fierce Sessegnon drive from the edge of the box onto the bar. Everton doubled their advantage six minutes before the break after Arteta beat Ferdinand and John Mensah to pull back for Beckford in front of goal. The former Leeds striker scuffed his left-foot shot but the ball still had enough power to creep into the bottom corner. The only downside for Everton was the loss of Marouane Fellaini just before the interval with an ankle injury suffered in a challenge with Sessegnon. Everton could have had a third soon after the restart when Saha flicked a Phil Neville throw into the danger area but Osman shot wide on the half-volley. The Toffees thought they had earned their first penalty in 29 league games when Beckford went down under a Mensah challenge but the flag was raised for offside. Seamus Coleman brought another good save out of Mignolet with a well-struck firsttime shot and Osman should have added a third in injury time when he took the ball round Mignolet but Ahmed Elmohamady headed off the line.—AFP

GERMANY: Munich’s Anatoliy Tymoshchuk (left) and Dortmund’s Kevin Grosskreutz challenge for the ball during the German first division Bundesliga soccer match.—AP

Dortmund show title credentials BERLIN: Borussia Dortmund laid one hand on the Bundesliga title yesterday with an impressive 3-1 win at defending champions Bayern Munich. The defeat leaves Bayern 16 points behind Dortmund and, with 10 games left, Dortmund are firmly on course for their first German league title since 2002 while the shield is almost certain not to find it’s way to Munich this season. Dortmund’s young team-their average age is just 22.3 years-proved their status as Bundesliga winnersin-waiting with victory in Bayern’s backyard and their second win over Munich this season. Goals by Germany defender Mats Hummels, Paraguay’s Lucas Barrios and Turkey midfielder Nuri Sahin sealed Borussia’s 18th win from 24 league matches, while Luiz Gustavo scored what proved to be Bayern’s first-half consolation goal. With second-placed Bayer Leverkusen playing Sunday, Dortmund are 13-points clear at the top of the table. Having already beaten Bayern 2-0 in Dortmund last October, Borussia took the lead at Munich’s Allianz Arena after capitalising on a rare mistake by Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger in midfield. When the Germany star stumbled after receiving a pass, Dortmund’s Kevin Grosskreutz pounced on the loose ball and put Barrios into space to fire home after just nine minutes. A knee injury to Borussia’s captain and goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller had handed 22-yearold Australian Mitchell Langerak his German league debut in front of a sell-out 66,000 crowd, having joined Dortmund last July. Langerak, who was solid throughout, conceded his one and only goal on 15 minutes when Gustavo volleyed home a Franck

Ribery corner to equalise. But Sahin put Dortmund back into the lead when he curled home his shot just three minutes later. An effort by Bayern’s Mario Gomez, chasing his 29th goal in 33 games, was ruled offside when he beat Langerak on 25 minutes as it finished 2-1 at half-time. Hummels made sure Dortmund left Munich with three points following a bullet header from a Mario Goetze corner with an hour on the clock. Earlier Hanover went third in the Bundesliga with a 1-0 win at Hamburg-side St Pauli. This was Hanover’s 14th win of the season from 24 matches and keeps them on course for a top-five finish and a place in Europe next season. Nuremberg were denied their fifth straight win after Schalke’s Raul netted his 14th goal of the season for the Royal Blues in Gelsenkirchen to seal a 1-1 draw. Hoffenheim were beaten 2-1 by Mainz after Columbia midfielder Elkin Soto scored a late winner for the guests. Germany striker Lukas Podolski netted an 88th-minute left-foot shot which sealed Cologne’s 1-0 win over Freiburg and leaves his side now 11th in the table and five points from the bottom three. This was Cologne’s fifth-straight win at home. Hamburg were held to a 1-1 draw by Kaiserslautern. On Friday, two goals by Brazilian midfielder Diego helped Wolfsburg push themselves further from the Bundesliga’s drop zone after a valuable 2-1 win over struggling Moenchengladbach on Friday. Moenchengladbach pulled back a second-half consolation goal, but after their 15th defeat in 24 games, remain rooted to the bottom of the table.—AFP

LONDON: Everton’s Mikel Arteta (right) vies for the ball against Sunderland’s Sulley Muntari during their English Premier League soccer match.—AP

Wolves climb out of drop zone Wolves 4

Blackpool 0 LONDON: Wolves climbed out of the relegation zone as Mick McCarthy’s side demolished 10man Blackpool 4-0 at Molineux yesterday. McCarthy’s men started the day at the foot of the table but Jamie O’Hara enhanced his status as the new cult hero of Molineux with his second goal in two games after Matt Jarvis’s early strike. A late double from substitute Sylvan Ebanks-Blake completed Wolves’ biggest Premier League victory and, for only the second time in five months, the hosts are out of the bottom three. Blackpool’s hopes of a comeback had been wrecked just before half-time when DJ Campbell was given a straight red card for lashing out at Richard Stearman. Wolves are finally out of the drop zone, albeit only on goal difference, and will be hoping Stoke can do them a favour by beating third bottom West Brom on Monday. McCarthy had described this clash as “must-win” and made no attempt to downplay the importance of the encounter. He was jumping with joy after just two minutes as Wolves made the perfect start. Dave Edwards beat Alex

Baptiste on the right to release Adam Hammill and the £500,000 signing cleverly teed up Jarvis who made no mistake from ten yards. Blackpool’s hopes of clawing a way back in were wrecked by Campbell after he pushed Stearman in the face following a hard but fair challenge by the Wolves defender. It was a stupid rush of blood to the head and telling that hardly any of his team-mates rushed up to dispute referee Neil Swarbrick’s decision to brandish a straight red card. Turning on his heels, Campbell made the short walk to the dressing room, with not so much as an apologetic acknowledgement towards Holloway just yards from him. The home side had the ball in the back of the net on a second occasion, only for Swarbrick to adjudge George Elokobi had fouled Richard Kingson as he nodded the ball home. Wolves moved further ahead nine minutes into the second period through the outstanding O’Hara. The on-loan Tottenham midfielder had tested Kingson from distance barely 60 seconds before, but made no mistake with his second effort, finding the corner with a crisp drive. O’Hara nearly added another late on from 25 yards before former Manchester United trainee Ebanks-Blake converted twice from close range to complete a chastening afternoon for Blackpool, whose own relegation fears are far from over yet.—AFP

Aberdeen thwart Hearts’ plans GLASGOW: Hearts missed the chance to leapfrog Rangers into second place in the Scottish Premier League as Aberdeen held them to a goalless draw. The sides cancelled each other out as both were denied their third league win in a row. The high-flying Jam Tarts had keeper Marian Kello to thank for earning them a point as he superbly stopped Sone Aluko’s shot before denying Rory McArdle and Chris Maguire. Rudi Skacel had come close for Hearts after the break but it was the Dons who looked the likelier to win with Ryan Jack missing a good chance and Nick Blackman having a powerful effort tipped over in stoppage time. The point means Hearts are just one point behind Rangers, although the Glasgow giants have three games in hand. Hibernian remain in tenth place despite recording their fourth consecutive league win for the first time since 2008 with a 2-0 defeat of Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Victor Palsson’s header was cleared off the line by Russell Duncan in the first-half before Callum Booth found the net with a stunning strike into the top corner just on the hour mark. Ross Tokely missed a good chance to level for the highlanders before Lewis Stevenson scored his first ever goal on his 104th appearance courtesy of a deflection a minute before the end. Kilmarnock got back to winning ways as they dispatched second from bottom St Mirren 2-0 at Rugby Park. Mixu Paatelainen’s side had been thrashed 5-0 by Aberdeen last weekend but took just 13 minutes to open the scoring against St Mirren as former Le Havre youth striker William Gros netted on his first start for the club. The French youngster then turned provider as Alexei Eremenko picked up his pass and his drive from 20 yards bounced in front of Paul Gallacher and over the keeper’s head to double the lead after 30 minutes. St Mirren’s Kenny McLean struck a post after the break and a Darren McGregor header was cleared off the Killie line but the home side held on to move five points clear of Motherwell in fourth place. —AFP


S P ORT S Preview

Pakistan defeat Sri Lanka

India bid to put England in a spin BANGALORE: India look set to beef up their spin options for their blockbuster clash against England yesterday as both sides face the first major Test of their World Cup credentials. India, strongly fancied to add a second World Cup trophy to their 1983 success, are expected to go into the day-night match with a second specialist spinner in addition to their clutch of part-timers. Leg-spinner Piyush Chawla looks likely to join off-spinner Harbhajan Singh at the expense of paceman Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, who proved expensive in the win against co-hosts Bangladesh. Chawla, on the same track that will be used for the England match, put in a strong showing against defending champions Australia in a warm-up game, bagging four wickets in his team’s victory. But curator Narayan Raju said the pitch would not be as spin-friendly as it was for that game, adding: “We have been working on the wicket and it will not spin as much as it during the warm-up game.” England go into the match concerned more about their bowling than batting form after successfully overhauling the Netherlands’ big total of 292-6 in their opening match in Nagpur. Captain Andrew Strauss and Jonathan Trott cracked impressive half-centuries, while Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell, Paul Collingwood and Ravi Bopara also looked in good touch. But it needed a rescue act from the batsmen after England proved shoddy in the field, with wayward fast bowling and dropped catches. “Hopefully India will take us lightly after this performance. We generally raise our games against better sides,” Strauss said. Bopara, unfazed by the nature of the wicket in Bangalore, said his team also had the spinners to trouble India on a slow turning track. “If it is a spinning deck we have got our own spinners who can cause problems. A pitch that spins is going to cause trouble for any team. It is going to cause problems for India as well,” said Bopara. England must decide whether to recall left-arm slow bowler Michael Yardy in support of

Afridi, Misbah shine

BANGALORE: Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (left) and Sachin Tendulkar discuss during a practice session. —AP

off-spinner Graeme Swann, whose return of 2-35 was a rare highlight during a forgettable bowling display against the Dutch. India boast a huge array of batting firepower with Virender Sehag and Virat Kohli hammering centuries to help their side post a mammoth 3704 in their opening fixture against Bangladesh, enough for a convincing 87-run win. — AFP

Standings (played, won, lost, tied, no result, points, net run rate) Group A Pakistan 2 Australia 2 Sri Lanka 2 N Zealand 2 Zimbabwe1 Canada 1 Kenya 2

2 2 1 1 0 0 0

0 0 1 1 1 1 2

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

4 4 2 2 0 0 0

+2.160 +1.813 +1.990 +1.507 -1.820 -4.200 -4.897

Group B India S Africa England B’desh N’lands Ireland W’Indies

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COLOMBO: Shahid Afridi took four wickets and Misbah-ul-Haq notched a second successive half century as Pakistan upstaged Sri Lanka in a highly-charged World Cup Group A match by 11 runs yesterday. Afridi, who became the 11th player to take 300 wickets in ODIs, finished with 4-34 to help Pakistan defend a 278-run target, as they restricted Sri Lanka to 266-9 in 50 overs for their second win in the tournament. Captain Afridi, who recorded Pakistan’s best bowling figures of 5-16 in all World Cup matches in the 205-run win against Kenya, reached his 300-wicket career landmark in his 314th match by dismissing Kumar Sangakkara for 49. Chamara Silva, who made a 78-ball 57, gave Pakistan a scare with a 40-run stand with Angelo Mathews (18) before the 1992 champions held their nerve to win. The win gave Pakistan four points from two matches and top spot in the table. “That was a big game and the boys knew how big it was but I think the way Misbah-ul-Haq (83) and Younis Khan (72) played their beautiful innings, it was very mature cricket from those guys,” said captain Afridi. “I think the way we played is a message for other teams that we will come harder and harder game by game.” Sri Lanka skipper Sangakkara admitted they lost wickets at crucial times. “Any defeat is tough but there are quite a few positives to take. I think we bowled pretty well on a flat deck. Unfortunately we lost wickets at the wrong times,” he said. At a ground which traditionally favours the team batting first, Sri Lanka just failed to better the highest run-chase here, registered by India when they chased 270 against England in the 2002 Champions Trophy. It was 30-year-old Afridi who kept Pakistan on track by bowling dangerous opener Tillakaratne Dilshan (41) and Sangakkara before having Thilan Samaraweera (one) stumped and Mathews caught in the deep. Pakistan could have finished the match earlier had wicket-keeper Kamran Akmal not missed stumping Sangakkara on two occasions off spinner Abdur Rehman while Rehman also dropped a simple chance off Silva. Sri Lanka had raced to 76 without loss by the 15th over before losing four wickets in the space of 20 runs. Pakistan were earlier set on course for a big total by in-form Misbah-ulHaq, who finished with an unbeaten 83 and Younis Khan (72) who added 108 during a fourth-wicket stand of 108. With Pakistan looking set for a 300-plus total, Sri Lanka’s bowlers, especially Muttiah Muralitharan, kept a tight line and length,

COLOMBO: Pakistan’s captain Shahid Afridi (left) applauds while leading his team out of the pitch after beating Sri Lanka by 11 runs in their ICC Cricket World Cup match. —AP

Scoreboard COLOMBO: Complete scoreboard in the World Cup Group A match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka at R. Premadasa stadium yesterday: Pakistan Ahmed Shahzad c Sangakkara b Perera 13 32 Mohammad Hafeez run out Kamran Akmal st Sangakkara b Herath 39 Younis Khan c Jayawardene b Herath 72 Misbah-ul-Haq not out 83 Umar Akmal c Dilshan b Muralitharan 10 Shahid Afridi c Dilshan b Mathews 16 Abdul Razzaq c sub (Kapugedera) b Perera 3 Extras: (lb4, w5) 9 Total: (for seven wkts; 50 overs) 277 Fall of wickets: 1-28 (Shahzad), 2-76 (Hafeez), 3105 (Kamran Akmal), 4-213 (Younis), 5-238 (Umar Akmal), 6-267 (Afridi), 7277 (Razzaq) Bowling: Kulasekara 10-1-64-0 (w1), Perera 9-062-2 (w2), Mathews 10-0-56-1, Muralitharan 10-0-35-1 (w2), Herath 10-0-46-2, Dilshan 1-0-10-0 Sri Lanka U. Tharanga c Afridi b Hafeez 33

only allowing Pakistan 36 runs in the five-over batting power-play. The wily off-spinner, who finished with 1-35 off his 10 overs, conceded just five runs in his two overs with only three fielders outside the circle. Misbah hit six boundaries during his 91-ball knock. Pakistan, who won the toss and batted, lost Ahmed Shahzad (13) in the sixth over, before Mohammad Hafeez (32) and Kamran Akmal (39) steadied the innings during their second wicket stand of 48. Hafeez opened up, hitting paceman Nuwan Kulasekara for a well swept six, but a crazy run out accounted for his downfall

41 T. Dilshan b Afridi K. Sangakkara c Shahzad b Afridi 49 M. Jayawardene b Akhtar 2 T. Samaraweera st Kamran b Afridi 1 C. Silva st Kamran b Rehman 57 A. Mathews c Shahzad b Afridi 18 T. Perera b Akhtar 8 N. Kulasekara c Umar b Gul 24 R. Herath not out 4 M. Muralitharan not out 0 Extras: (b1, lb10, nb2, w16) 29 Total: (for nine wkts; 50 overs) 266 Fall of wickets: 1-76 (Tharanga), 2-88 (Dilshan), 3-95 (Jayawardene), 4-96 (Samaraweera), 5-169 (Sangakkara), 6-209 (Mathews), 7-232 (Prera), 8-233 (Silva), 9-265 (Kulasekara) Bowling: Akhtar 10-0-42-2, Razzaq 5-1-23-0, Gul 9-0-60-1 (nb1, w6), Hafeez 6-0-33-1 (w2), Afridi 10-0-34-4 (w1), Rehman 101-63-1 (1nb, w7) Result: Pakistan won by 11 runs

when he swept Muralitharan to backward square-leg without noticing Kamran running down to his end. Wicketkeeper Kumar Sangakkara’s throw went over the bowler’s head but Hafeez, leaving his crease late, had no time to recover. Hafeez hit four boundaries and six during his 31-ball knock. Kamran, who hit five boundaries in his 48 balls, was stumped off Rangana Herath who finished with 2-46. Younis top-edged Herath in the 41st over, and was smartly caught by Jayawardene after hitting four boundaries during his sedate 76ball innings. — AFP

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LONDON: Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney holds his knee after being hurt during his team’s English Premier League soccer match against Wigan.—AP

LONDON: Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez celebrates after scoring against Wigan Athletic during their English Premier League soccer match.—AP

Man United rout Wigan Wigan 0

Man United 4

WIGAN: Edwin van der Sar was Manchester United’s hero as Sir Alex Ferguson’s side opened up a four-point lead at the top of the Premier League with a 4-0 win at Wigan yesterday. Mexican international Javier Hernandez’s eighth and ninth league goals in the 17th minute and 74th minutes helped United to a 13th successive win over Wigan, while Wayne Rooney and Fabio Da Silva were also on the scoresheet. But it was 40-year-old Van der Sar’s heroics between the posts which sent United clear of nearest rivals Arsenal with 11 games remaining. The former Netherlands goalkeeper marked his 250th United appearance by making a string of spectacular saves, with Victor Moses, Ben Watson and Maynor Figueroa all frustrated before Rooney sealed the win with United’s third goal. Wigan had lost all their previous 12 encounters with United, conceding 37 times in the process. But they went into this game unbeaten in the previous three league outings including a morale-boosting 1-1 draw at Liverpool. After criticism about the playing surface from their own manager Rober to Mar tinez, Wigan had relaid the pitch ahead of United’s visit. And it did not take long for the lowly hosts to adapt to the new surface. During a bright start by Wigan, Colombian striker Hugo Rodallega saw his fifth minute snap shot fly over the bar. Then England under-21 winger Moses used his pace to get behind the United defence and deliver a low centre across the six-yard area. Unfortunately for Wigan, there was no blue shirt to turn it over the line. But after soaking up the home side’s early pressure,

United took control through Hernandez soon after Van der Sar had produced an excellent save to deny the busy Moses. Once again Nani produced the assist, the Por tuguese winger charging down the left before producing a cross for Hernandez, who had shrugged off his marker, to steer home from five -yards in the 17th minute. Hernandez was only starting after Ferguson had opted to leave the Premier League’s leading goalscorer Dimitar Berbatov on the bench ahead of next Tuesday ’s game at reigning champions Chelsea. Yet Wigan ought to have equalised moments later when Watson found himself in space but the midfielder’s close range effort was brilliantly kept out by Van der Sar. This is the start of a pivotal period for United, with five league and cup games in the space of 17 days likely to shape their season. And although they survived a couple of early scares, Ferguson’s side should have made sure of the points before half time. A fluid move involving Paul Scholes ended with Nani’s shot rebounding off the inside of the post with keeper Ali Al Habsi beaten on the half hour mark. But it required another fabulous stop by man-of-the-match Van der Sar to deny Figueroa a rare goal on the Honduras international’s 100th Premier League appearance. Figueroa let fly from 30-yards in the 48th minute, his ferocious effort heading for the net before Van der Sar scrambled to keep it out. United finished strongly with Nani squandering a hat-trick of oppor tunities before Hernandez put the game out of sight 16 minutes from time with a composed finish after being sent clear by Rooney, who made it 3-0 from close range six minutes from time. Wigan will feel hard done by the scoreline after substitute Fabio made it 4-0 three minutes from time.—AFP

Young double inspires Villa to thrash Rovers Aston Villa 4

Blackburn 1

LONDON: Newcastle United’s Danish striker Peter Lovenkrands (second left) wins a header between Bolton Wanderers’ English defenders David Wheater (left) and Gary Cahill (right) during the English Premier League football match. —AP

Newcastle battle to hold Bolton Newcastle 1

Bolton 1

NEWCASTLE: Ten-man Newcastle held out to claim a 1-1 draw against Bolton in yesterday’s Premier League encounter at St James’ Park, a result which keeps both clubs in the hunt for a place in the Europa League. The home team looked to be heading towards all three points when midfielder Kevin Nolan headed them into an early lead, but were pegged back by Wanderers forward Daniel Sturridge. The home team’s ambitions of winning the game were severely dented early in the second period when defender Ryan Taylor was sent off for a rash tackle. The match started at a frenetic pace as both teams served notice of their attacking intentions. Wanderers almost stunned the home team in the first minute, but United ‘keeper Steve Harper just managed to collect the ball from Gary Cahill’s header. The Magpies responded strongly and nearly broke the deadlock through striker Leon Best, but his curled effort narrowly passed the wrong side of the post. Newcastle had defender Mike Williamson to thank for keeping the scores level after he

blocked US midfielder Stuart Holden’s goalbound shot, an intervention which proved even more important two minutes later when the home side opened the scoring. United midfielder Cheik Tiote rescued an overhit corner before crossing for former Wanderers captain Nolan to head past Jussi Jaaskelainen in the away goal. The strike settled the home team, and they nearly doubled their advantage on the halfhour mark but were denied by heroic defending from David Wheater and Cahill. It therefore came as some surprise ten minutes before the break when the away team registered an equaliser. Sweden’s Johan Elmander beat full-back Jose Enrique on the inside before feeding loan striker Sturridge who surged through a huge hole in the home defence to score his fourth goal in as many games. The Magpies began the second-half more aggressively, but the complexion of the game changed on 54 minutes when they were reduced to ten men. Former Wigan defender Taylor received his marching orders after lunging two-footed at Elmander, who returned to the field after receiving treatment. United immediately dropped back into a defensive formation as they sought to protect their point. Wanderers enjoyed plenty of possession and pressure, but United’s battling qualities came to the fore as they resisted a series of attacks with ‘keeper Harper rarely tested.—AFP

BIRMINGHAM: Ashley Young gave a masterclass in front of Fabio Capello as the Aston Villa star’s doublestrike helped seal a 4-1 victory over Blackburn yesterday. Young has been in fine form since the turn of the year, revelling in his new role as a withdrawn striker behind £24m signing Darren Bent and he was simply too much for Blackburn to handle in front of England coach Capello at Villa Park. Young won and converted a penalty and added Villa’s final goal of an emphatic victory, as well as playing a part in Stewart Downing’s goal as Steve Kean’s side slipped closer to the relegation struggle with their third defeat in four games. Three goals in 16 minutes destroyed Blackburn as Villa finally moved clear of the relegation zone. Gerard Houllier is keen to promote a policy of rotation but his decision to leave club captain Stiliyan Petrov on the substitutes bench, in favour of 37-year-old Robert Pires, raises serious doubts over the long-term future of the Bulgarian just days after the Villa manager told him he was no longer assured a regular place in the team. Villa were on top from the start even without Petrov as Young and Bent combined for the former Sunderland striker to force Paul Robinson into a full length save. Former England goalkeeper Robinson kept Villa at bay as a drab first half burst into life in the final ten minutes. Robinson’s strong wrists enabled him to push away two long range shots from Kyle Walker and Pires and it was the Blackburn keepers strong punch into the back of Nathan Baker’s head, as the pair contested Downing’s free-kick, which forced the young Villa left-back from the field with concussion. Robinson also reacted instantly to push away the loose ball, after he failed to hold Pires’s shot, before Bent could pounce on the rebound. Bent wasted another chance in stoppage time, failing to react quickly enough after Morten Gamst Pedersen’s wayward back pass, and it was no surprise it took a penalty to defeat the former England goalkeeper. Keith Andrews was guilty of over-elaborating on the edge of his own area and was dispossessed by Young and in his eagerness to atone for the mistake brought down the midfielder, who converted the 49th minute spot-kick. Young’s pass released Downing for Villa’s third goal and sandwiched in between was an unfortunate own goal by young central defender Grant Hanley, following Marc Albrighton’s cross. Nikola Kalinic reduced the arrears when his long-range shot looped off Richard Dunne and over Brad Friedel in the 81st minute, but Young restored the three-goal advantage when he swept in Downing’s cross one minute later. —AFP



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Negative sentiment on Kuwait bourse


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US GDP growth slows as govt reins in spending

Shell signs MOUs with KPC and KOC Page 26

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BEIJING: A visitor takes souvenir photo as models show the car care products at the China International Auto Accessories Commercial Expo in Beijing yesterday. —AP

Obama says shutdown imperils economy Lawmakers inching closer to compromise WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama says the economic recovery will stall if Congress can’t agree on spending cuts and avoid a government shutdown. Meanwhile, lawmakers appear to be moving closer to a compromise that would prevent a government shutdown, at least for now. The current budget expires next Friday. That means lawmakers must approve a new spending plan before the March 4 deadline to keep much of the government from running out of money and closing. The Republican-run House and Democratic-controlled Senate are bickering over how much to cut. “For the sake of our people and our economy, we cannot allow gridlock to prevail,” Obama said yesterday in his weekly radio and Internet address. “I urge and expect them to find common ground so we

can accelerate, not impede, economic growth.” House Republicans on Friday detailed an interim proposal to cut $4 billion in federal spending as part of legislation to keep the government operating for two weeks past a March 4 deadline. They urged Senate Democrats to accept their approach and avoid a government shutdown. The Republican plan, to be debated by the House on Tuesday, includes $1.24 billion in savings, mainly from programs that Obama had proposed cutting in the fiscal 2012 budget, and the termination of some $2.7 billion in earmarks, or lawmakers’ special projects, that are part of this year’s budget. House Speaker John Boehner insists that a short-term bill without spending cuts is unacceptable to Republicans. Democrats say they’re encouraged by efforts to narrow

Brent crude above $112, Saudi raises output again NEW YORK: Brent oil rose in volatile trade to hold above $112 a barrel but below Thursday’s 2-1/2-year highs after Saudi Arabia raised output to calm fears of supply disruptions sparked by Libya’s uprising. Saudi Arabia has boosted output by more than 700,000 barrels per day, to a level exceeding 9 million bpd, a senior industry source familiar with Saudi production told Reuters. Worries about the worsening situation in Libya, where oil outages have risen to as much as three quarters of its 1.6 million bpd output, spurred short-covering before the weekend. Those moves were further stoked by news that the United States was imposing sanctions and cutting diplomatic ties with Libya as Muammar Gaddafi’s security forces cracked down against a widening revolt against his rule. “I don’t think many traders are comfortable being short over the weekend,” said Tom Bentz, a broker at BNP Paribas Commodity Futures in New York. Estimates of Libya’s supply loss could

not be confirmed, however, with conditions unsettled as rebels fought to wrest control of oilfields and terminals in the east of the country from Gaddafi loyalists. On Thursday, the disruptions pushed Brent to almost $120 and US crude to more than $103. Brent shot ahead as more of Libya’s oil exports go to European refiners than to those in the United States. In London, Brent futures for April closed up 78 cents at $112.14 a barrel, the highest weekly settlement since Aug. 21, 2008. They peaked at $113.91, below Thursday’s high of $119.79, the loftiest intraday since August 2008. US April crude futures settled up 60 cents at $97.88, the highest weekly close since September 2008, and reached $99.20 earlier. That was well below Thursday’s intraday peak of $103.41, also the highest since September 2008. Brent’s premium against US crude rose to $14.26, from $14.08 at the close on Thursday, when the Brent spread against US benchmark West Texas Intermediate rocketed to a record $16.91. —Reuters

the gap on possible spending cuts, but are pushing back against Republican efforts to force their position on Congress. Democrats initially called for a short-term extension at current spending levels so the parties can negotiate over how deeply to cut expenditures and begin chipping away at the deficit and the trillions of dollars in accumulated debt. But Democrats now are discussing cuts that head in the same direction as the Republicans by focusing on earmarks and accelerating the elimination or trimming of programs recommended in Obama’s 2012 budget. But the Democrats would apply the cuts to the remaining seven months of the current budget year. With only a week remaining before federal spending authority runs out, both parties have sought to blame the other in advance

if a shutdown does occur. Democrats who control the Senate have rejected as draconian a bill passed by the House last week that would fund the government through the end of the budget year on Sept. 30 while carrying out $61 billion in spending cuts. Obama has threatened to veto that bill in the unlikely event it passed the Senate. If Senate Democrats walk away from the short-term Republican offer to cut $4 billion in federal spending, said Republican Rep Peter Roskam of Illinois, “they are then actively engineering a government shutdown.” Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, a member of the Senate Democratic leadership, saw it differently. “They feared a government shutdown and so they are adopting some of our suggestions on what to cut,” he said after Republicans outlined their plans.

In the weekly Republican message, freshman Sen. Rob Portman criticized Obama’s 2012 budget plan for proposing no changes to entitlement programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, which are huge contributors to overall government spending. A former White House budget director, Portman urged Congress to make the “tough choices all Americans know are necessary to get our fiscal house in order and strengthen our economy.” “Our goal as Republicans is to make sensible reductions in this spending and create a better environment for job growth, not to shut down the government,” he said. “Getting our debt and deficits under control is the first step we can take, and the single most important step Washington can take, to get our economy moving and create the jobs we so badly need.” —AP

My trigger finger is itchy: Warren Buffett NEW YORK: Warren Buffett is looking for acquisitions as an outlet to deploy his $38 billion cash pile, the legendary investor said in his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway Inc shareholders yesterday. Buffett gave an aggressive earnings forecast for Berkshire’s collection of businesses, said the company would engage in record capital spending and forecast a recovery in the housing market would start within a year. Foremost, though, was his acknowledgment of the need for Berkshire to expand its non-insurance businesses, a broad collection that most prominently includes the railroad Burlington Northern and the electric utility MidAmerican. “Our elephant gun has been reloaded, and my trigger finger is itchy,” Buffett said. The letter was released just before 8 am EST (1300 GMT on) yesterday, as it is in most years-and many large investors say they get up early that day to read it the moment it comes online. The so-called “Oracle of Omaha” said Berkshire will need “more major acquisitions”-with an italicized emphasis on

major-to meet its goal. One long-time Berkshire investor described the letter as “punchy” and “confidently American,” among other things. “I would say as an investor, I think it’s a very upbeat letter, it’s one that celebrates his courage on behalf of investors of going into the marketplace when the world was most fearful,” said Tom Russo, a partner at Gardner Russo & Gardner in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who is one of the 15 largest

Warren Buffett

holders of Berkshire Class A shares. Buffett addressed the hot-button succession issue in the 26-page letter, something investors had anticipated given his age, 80, and the lack of a clear replacement. Investment manager Todd Combs, hired late last year, will manage an initial portfolio of $1 billion to $3 billion, Buffett said, and Berkshire may add another one or two managers over time alongside him. But Buffett said he will continue to manage the bulk of the portfolio while he is CEO. Berkshire’s equity holdings topped $52 billion at year-end. He said less in the letter about who might follow him as chief executive of the company, though he said there were a number of good candidates. The most frequently tipped is David Sokol, chairman of MidAmerican and private jet service NetJets, who Buffett praised. Buffett tends to give an economic outlook in his letter and this year’s was no exception. “A housing recovery will probably begin within a year or so,” he noted, which has led Berkshire to ramp up spending and acquisitions at its housing-related businesses. —Reuters




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Negative sentiment prevails on Kuwait bourse KUWAIT: Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) closed the week on pessimistic note as February wound up its last trading session of the month down by 5.75 percent. This drop followed a 0.56 percent decline recorded in January 2010. The Kuwaiti bourse is still affected by the tension surrounding the regional countries as well as their stock markets. However, towards the end of the current week, the market was able to pick up supported by cheering corporate results news and dividend distribution announcements. After retreating to its lowest level since September 2, 2010 on February 20, Global General index, which is a market weighted index, managed to gradually climb up for the last four trading sessions, reaching 209.49 point by the end of the week. However the dramatic fall witnessed on the first trading session of the week kept the overall weekly performance of the weighted index in negative recording a 1.19 percent loss. The recent fall escalated the index’s year-to-date losses to 6.28 percent. On the other hand, Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) price index was also down by 1.20 percent (78.40 points) during the week and closed at 6,481.1 points. Total market capitalization retreated to KD34.07bn. With a better market breadth compared to the earlier week, 35 stocks were up against 86 retreating out of 144 shares traded this week. Trading activity was higher as investors started to take positions in reaction to the earnings results. Total trading volume reached 788.56mn shares changing hands, at a total traded value of KD151.13mn. Trading volume was the highest on the Real Estate Sector for the second week, accounted for 29.78 percent (234.85mn shares traded) of the total market volume. Al-Enma’a Real Estate Company was the most traded share in the market, also for the second week, with 61.94mn shares changing hands. The scrip was down by 3.70 percent, shedding most of its last weeks’ gains. On the value side, the Banking Sector topped the value traded list, accounting for 40.55 percent (KD61.29mn) of the overall market traded value. The biggest two Kuwaiti banks, National Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Finance House, topped the value list, accounting for 15 percent of the total traded value in the market. All market sectors were losers for the month of February 2011 and the current week. On a weekly basis, the Banking Sector, the largest sized in the market, was the least loser, marginally dropping by 0.34 percent. The Kuwaiti banks managed to achieve 61.74 percent increase in their aggregate net profits for the FY2010, amounting to KD575.40mn. Four of the banks recorded increase in their net earnings versus two announced retreat compared to the year earlier, while the remaining three banks managed to convert their last year’s loss to gain. The second largest sector, the services sector, followed recording a decline of 0.78 percent in its Global index. However, the Investment sector saw the biggest decline, shedding 3.61 percent of its value. It also recorded the biggest loss for the month, being down by 9.83 percent. Housing Finance Company (Iskan) was a major loser in the sector and was ranked second on the top losers list for the week, down by 21.74 percent. Mena Holding Group topped the


losers list with 23.53 percent drop in its share value. The scrip was the biggest loser in the Industrial sector which lost 3.15 percent of its index value. Global’s special indices were all down. Global Large Cap ( Top 10) index shed 0.43 percent while Global Small Cap (Low 10) Index dropped by 0.71 percent. Global Islamic Sharia Index was also down by 0.48 percent. Macroeconomic News Kuwait’s aggregate money supply, or M2, rose nearly 1 percent in January on year to KD25.37bn ($90.8bn), data provided by the CBK showed. However, M2 declined 0.5 percent month-on-month in January 2011 compared with the KD25.51 billion for December, 2010. M2 is taken as a broad indicator of inflation. Data relating to Kuwait’s broadest money supply aggregate, M3, was not provided by the CBK for January 2011. M3 for December 2010 came in at KD25.5bn, marking its fifth consecutive monthly increase. The CBK total assets in January 2011 rose 0.4 percent on year to KD5.17bn, which is 2.7 percent lower than its December levels. The CBK total foreign assets shrank by 0.3 percent to KD5.08bn in January 2011 compared with KD5.10bn in January 2010, but slumped by 3.2 percent from the month earlier total of KD5.25bn. Net foreign assets of Kuwaiti banks fell by 6.4 percent in January from the year earlier to reaching KD4.16bn and by 2.8 percent compared to December total of KD4.28bn, the data showed. Kuwait’s exports to Japan jumped 30.8 percent from a year earlier to JPY76.17bn ($922.1mn) in January recording its first increase in three months, official data showed. Imports from Japan shrank 15.1 percent to JPY8.23bn ($99.6mn), marking the fifth straight monthly fall, the Finance Ministry said in a preliminary report. The Ministry of Finance announced the government’s finance accounts as of January 2011 (the first 10 months of the current fiscal year). Revenues reached KD16.91bn, which

was 209% of the budgeted revenues for the same period (KD8.10bn). Of the actual revenues, KD15.80, or 93%, were oil revenues, which outperformed the budgeted amount by 220%. Expenditures for the first 10 months of the fiscal year reached KD9.12bn, which was 67% of the budgeted expenditures for the same period. As of January 2011, the actual budget of the Kuwaiti government was KD6.10bn, which includes subtracting 10% for the RFFG account. On a month-on-month basis, revenues in January 2011 decreased by 6.8% compared to the revenues earned during December 2010. On the other hand, expenditures in January 2011 increased by 11.3% compared to December 2010, which resulted in a 27.3% decline in the monthly budget surplus. Oil Related News OPEC could call an emergency meeting if required by disruption to oil supply due to Middle East unrest, Oil Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah said, “There is no country that produces on its own, we all abide by our own quotas,” the minister said of OPEC. “If there was any disruption there will be an emergency meeting and it will be decided to raise the quota for each country according to its ability.” Price of Kuwaiti crude oil saw a jump over the $100 per barrel (pb) for the first time since September 1, 2008 during this week and reached its highest level on Wednesday, February 23 at $103.69, up by $6.13 pb since, Tuesday, Februar y 15, as announced by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). The increase in oil price of crude oil is due to geopolitical reasons in Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPCE) said. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and British Petroleum (BP) Plc and Royal Dutch Sell Plc covering areas including exploration and refining. The BP accord covers both new fields inside

Kuwait and a refinery project in China, the company’s managing director for refining and marketing, Ian Conn, said. He refused to put a value on the agreement. “ This builds on other memorandums that we have already in place,” Conn said. “It is a commitment to a deeper strategic cooperation in both Kuwait and other operations outside Kuwait.” Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) has sealed a naphtha contract for April 2011 to March 2012 with at least one Asian customer at premiums of about $18 a ton to Middle East quotes on a free-onboard (FOB) basis, after a week of discussion in Singapore, traders said. The latest term premium for full-range naphtha grade is about 18.2 percent lower versus contracts for naphtha lifting April 2010 to March 2011, but 50 percent higher compared with its December 2010 to November 2011 contract. Traders said the Gulf supplier, who usually holds three term talks a year, may have also inked a term deal for the same period of April 2011 to March 2012 for light grade naphtha at around $$20 a ton premium on a FOB basis. The Organization of the Petroleum Expor ting Countries (OPEC) member Kuwait has notified at least three Arian term buyers it will supply crude for AprilJune at five percent below contracted volumes, the same as in January-March, industry sources familiar with the matter said. Kuwait, which has conducted the five percent curb since February 2009, again withdrew a plus five percent tolerance option to keep an effective lid on supplies. Until December 2008, buyers had the option of asking for cargoes to be five percent more or less than contracted volumes. Other Local News Kuwait-based Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC) announced that it successfully raised 600mn Malaysian ringgit ($197mn) via a five-year fixed rate bond issue in Malaysia. The program was rated ‘AAA’ by Rating Agency Malaysia (RAM), the

premier rating agency of the country. Last week GIC announced that it has launched a 500mn ringgit ($164mn) Sukuk issue in Malaysia as part of an existing funding program, one of a growing number of Middle East issuers to seek alternative sources of funding. GIC, which was set up to drive private enterprise and economic growth in the Gulf region, had earlier established a 3.5bn ringgit Sukuk program in the Southeast Asian country. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is the deal’s sole principal adviser and arranger. RBS and May-bank Investment Bank are the joint lead managers. The Islamic bonds are structured according to the Wakala Bil Istithmar concept where GIC was appointed as agent to collect and manage the Sukuk proceeds for the bondholders. GIC then appoints itself to manage the Sukuk assets and will invest the net proceeds through a commodity Murabaha financing arrangement and a subwakala investment facility. Proceeds will be channeled into sharia-compliant ventures. Global Investment House announced that it has received the “Best India Deal” Award from FinanceAsia for playing the role of Regional Lead Advisor for Bharti Airtel in acquiring Zain Africa (excluding Morocco and Sudan) in a deal worth $10.7bn. Alan Smith, Board Member at Global, who received the award on behalf of Global said, “We are honored to receive this award which reinforces Global’s position as one of the leading investment banks in the region providing financial advisory services. This achievement supports our strategy that focuses on enhancing the company’s core activities: investment banking, asset management and brokerage.” The Bharti Airtel’s $10.7bn acquisition of Zain Africa was recognized as the Best India Deal for several reasons including the record-time in which the deal was closed despite the deal’s complexity due to the multiple jurisdictions and an asset carveout it went through. It is worth mentioning that Bharti Airtel’s acquisition of Zain’s assets in Africa has been recognized by industry experts and media around the world. It was ranked as the largest M&A deal in the MENA region by Merger market and the eighth worldwide during the first six months of 2010. Kuwait Stock Exchange The Investment Dar proposed asset sales of about $1.69bn over three years to creditors to restructure its debt pile, banking sources said this week. Dar, as part of a $3.58bn restructuring plan, will sell its stakes in Kuwait ’s Boubyan Bank and Bahrain Islamic Bank. The 20 percent Boubyan stake, whose ownership is under dispute, is valued at $752mn while its 40 percent Bahrain Islamic stake is worth around $155mn, based on current market capitalization. National Investments Company, a major shareholder in Kuwait’s Zain, said Sunday, February 20, that its portfolio client Al-Khair National Company for Stocks and Real Estate will not accept any more delays to UAE-based Etisalat’s due diligence on Zain beyond the end of February.Moreover, Zain stated that the resignation of top executives Barrak Al-Sabeeh, Haitham Al- Khaled and Salah Al- Fawzan were attributed to personal commitments. Zain also indicated that it would cut 40 percent of the staff responsible for international operations (nearly 45-50 employees out of 120).

EXCHANGE RATES Commercial Bank of Kuwait US Dollar/KD GB Pound/KD Euro Swiss francs Canadian Dollar Australian DLR Indian rupees Sri Lanka Rupee UAE dirhams Bahraini dinars Jordanian dinar Saudi riyals Omani riyals Philippine peso Egyptian pounds

.2762470 .4460550 .3787340 .2979680 .2793050 .2764400 .0061660 .0025000 .0752300 .7329440 .3907300 .0736860 .7177100 .0063800 .0476290

US Dollar/KD GB Pound/KD Euro Swiss francs Canadian dollars Danish Kroner Swedish Kroner Australian dlr Hong Kong dlr Singapore dlr Japanese yen Indian Rs/KD Sri Lanka rupee Pakistan rupee Bangladesh taka UAE dirhams Bahraini dinars Jordanian dinar Saudi Riyal/KD Omani riyals Philippine Peso

CUSTOMER TRANSFER RATES .2777000 .4484020 .3807270 .2995360 .2807740 .0510800 .0431380 .2778940 .0356250 .2165300 .0033920 .0000000 .0000000 .0000000 .0000000 .0756260 .7368000 .0000000 .0740730 .7214860 .0000000

.2815720 .4546550 .3860360 .3037130 .2846900 .2817700 .0062850 .0025480 .0766810 .7470740 .3982630 .0751060 .7315470 .0065030 .0485470 .2798000 .4517930 .3836060 .3018010 .2828980 .0514660 .0434640 .2799960 .0358950 .2181680 .0034180 .0062460 .0025320 .0032920 .0039690 .0761980 .7423720 .3957570 .0746330 .7269420 .0064620

Al-Muzaini Exchange Co. ASIAN COUNTRIES Japanese Yen Indian Rupees Pakistani Rupees Srilankan Rupees Nepali Rupees Singapore Dollar Hongkong Dollar Bangladesh Taka

3.396 6.185 3.266 2.515 3.869 219.210 35.873 3.847

Philippine Peso Thai Baht Irani Riyal - Transfer Irani Riyal - Cash

6.402 9.135 0.271 0.273 GCC COUNTRIES

Saudi Riyal Qatari Riyal Omani Riyal Bahraini Dinar UAE Dirham

74.525 76.809 726.080 742.280 76.103 ARAB COUNTRIES

Egyptian Pound - Cash Egyptian Pound - Transfer Yemen Riyal Tunisian Dinar Jordanian Dinar Lebanese Lira Syrian Lier Morocco Dirham

50.500 47.432 1.311 197.830 394.760 185.400 6.061 34.626

EUROPEAN & AMERICAN COUNTRIES US Dollar Transfer 279.430 Euro 384.910 Sterling Pound 454.350 Canadian dollar 284.550 Turkish lire 175.630 Swiss Franc 300.140 Australian dollar 280.860 US Dollar Buying 278.345

Indonesia Iranian tuman Iraqi dinar Japanese yen Jordanian dinar Lebanese pound Malaysian ringgit Morocco dirham Nepalese Rupees New Zealand dollar Nigeria Norwegian krone Omani Riyal Pakistani rupees Philippine peso Qatari riyal Saudi riyal 74.480 Singapore dollar South Africa Sri Lankan rupees Sterling pound Swedish krona Swiss franc Syrian pound Thai bhat Tunisian dollar UAE dirham U.S. dollars Yemeni Riyal

0.033 0.261 0.251 3.490 3954.880 0.189 94.190 46.600 4.370 212.300 1.897 49.000 724.580 3.360 6.640 77.170 219.510 41.710 2.706 458.000 44.100 304.000 6.100 9.490 198.263 76.120 279.300 1.350


394.280 0.188 94.190 3.870 210.800

10 Tola

20 Gram 10 Gram 5 Gram

265.000 134.000 68.000

219.510 41.710 2.514 456.000 302.500 6.100 9.310 76.020 278.900

SELL CASH 283.300 741.860 4.210 286.100 547.900 14.100 51.900 167.800 50.580 388.500 36.530 6.450

SELL DRAFT 281.800 741.860 3.846 284.600

219.500 47.387 387.000 36.380 6.160

Rate for Transfer US Dollar Canadian Dollar Sterling Pound Euro Swiss Frank Bahrain Dinar UAE Dirhams Qatari Riyals Saudi Riyals Jordanian Dinar Egyptian Pound Sri Lankan Rupees

Currency (Tran) US Dollar Pak Rupees Indian Rupees Sri Lankan Rupees Bangladesh Taka Philippines Peso UAE Dirhams Saudi Riyals Bahraini Dinars Egyptian Pounds Pound Sterling Indonesian Rupiah Nepali rupee Yemeni Riyal Jordanian Dinars Syrian Pounds Euro

TRAVELLER’S CHEQUE 456.000 278.900



278.900 3.275 6.165 2.525 3.860 6.425 76.040 74.580 741.500 47.360 459.400 0.00003280 3.910 1.550 396.200 5.750 388.900

Al Mulla Exchange

Dollarco Exchange Co. Ltd

Bahrain Exchange Company COUNTRY Australian dollar Bahraini dinar Bangladeshi taka Canadian dollar Cyprus pound Czek koruna Danish krone Deutsche Mark Egyptian pound Euro Cash Hongkong dollar Indian rupees


Sterling Pound US Dollar

6.157 3.274 3.840 6.378 684.009 3.496 9.214 6.082 3.934

Kuwait Bahrain Intl Exchange Co. 724.400 3.275 6.400 76.740 74.480


Indian Rupees Pakistani Rupees Bangladesh Taka Philippines Pesso Cyprus pound Japanese Yen Thai Bhat Syrian Pound Nepalese Rupees

Selling Rate 278.850 284.090 453.540 387.405 299.949 738.041 75.898 76.571 74.330 393.907 47.379 2.513

Currency US Dollar Euro Pound Sterling Canadian Dollar Japanese Yen Indian Rupee Egyptian Pound Sri Lankan Rupee Bangladesh Taka Philippines Peso Pakistan Rupee Bahraini Dinar UAE Dirham Saudi Riyal

*Rates are subject to change

Transfer Rate (Per 1000) 278.550 387.000 455.800 284.250 3.425 6.145 47.345 2.513 3.835 6.375 3.265 741.800 75.980 74.410




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SHELL SIGNS MOUs WITH KPC AND KOC Sheikh Nasser, Cameron attend ceremony

The mega day at 360 Mall

Najma Ali Sayed Ali wins NBK’s Al-Jawhara prize of KD125,000 KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), the leading bank in Kuwait and the highest rated bank in the Middle East, concluded its Mega Day Al-Jawhara Draw at 360 Mall on Thursday February 10. The first prize of KD 125,000 was awarded to Najma Ali Sayed Masarrat Ali while the second place winner, Amani Mohamed Al Khaidr Haikal received KD 7,500. The third place winner Omar Saud Abdulaziz Alomar was awarded KD 3,000 and the remaining 97 winners received KD 400 each. NBK’s festival was full of surprises including contests, activities for children and mini raffles and was well received by shoppers and NBK customers alike. NBK’s Al-Jawhara draw was broadcast live on Marina FM which added further excitement to the evening’s event. Commenting on the successful conclusion of Al-Jawhara’s Mega Day Event, NBK Deputy General Manager, Consumer

Banking Group, Abdulla Al-Najran AlTuwaijri stated: “Al-Jawhara draws are always an exciting experience and NBK is continuously exploring and implementing new and fresh ideas not just for its AlJawhara events but for all of NBK’s products and services”. “NBK is always committed to introducing unique and innovative value added services and the increased participation of our customers in these events is a testament that NBK is the people’s first choice,” Al-Tuwaijri added. During the festival, NBK also unveiled a special operetta presented as a commemorative gift to HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and to the Kuwaiti people. Titled “Habibityi ya Kuwait,” the operetta consists of a series of musical tableaux depicting the evolutionary history of Kuwait and will be broadcast via all audio and visual media in Kuwait.

AL JAWHARA WINNERS February 2011 Sr.# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100

Cert. No. 12303909 4251288 13300717 766712 47047437 19208227 18287417 14066750 13326252 40160238 65062477 39658449 53019318 3106012 7337213 554200 60056789 54031117 47092491 45578 102223335 39558339 48222674 39628787 15193381 27154904 28075366 61086223 57018553 39096408 47141417 59081775 11249773 12389773 12134805 32999488 32024290 16292413 37221140 14253240 623806 15144267 47392983 47119764 506303 100203116 7369158 71013989 36006475 54072352 59049693 59134550 32808054 61099791 39433900 102122903 65026926 166790 80040691 2283719 39584240 23303956 35173033 314943 4902629 51224984 1983539 5418860 54137330 26061597 18288839 12314145 393827 13336177 12216704 229849 12135275 7442386 11242418 2123363 62084674 5117526 47018542 45112037 59165707 9338985 2272598 16462491 4349180 102162107 39504077 100181635 78007798 48118222 37131028 36179248 36031402 28035151 39555747 61063649

Name of Customer Najma Ali Sayed Masarrat Ali Amani Mohamed Al Khaidr Haikal Omar Saud Abdulaziz Alomar Hassan Taher Abdullah Albader Burhan Fakhruddin Ravat Fakhruddin Saif Ali Ravat Hasan Mohammad Hussain Mohammad Khanem Ali Awad Rana Ebrahim Yousef Alabdalrazzaq Souad Mohd Mansoor Hussain Mohamed Ahmed Fahmi Mustafa Fawzia Mohammad Abdulwahab Almofareh Mardiya Abbas A Rida Hasan Yousef Abdullah Ali Alghanem Abdulrahman Soud Abdulaziz Al Hassawi Tasawar Hussain Mohammed Shabir Lujain Ibrahim Rashed Alfulaij Saja Abdullah Denar Alzanki Abdulla Abbas Hasan Alsaffar Abdulla Ebrahim Abdulla Ahmed Salman Alaagf Ahmed Hussain Ali Al Khorafi Ahmad Naeem Alsayed Abduldayem Min/Mohamad Husain Abdulrahaman Ahmad Abdulmhsan Jedeia Rahel Alanzi Hussain Saleh Abdulrasool Haje Mulla Yousef Khaled Ramadan Alhaj Norah Fahad Jehar Al Odwani Fareedah Habib Allah Haji Ali Awatef Abdulkareem Kudair Qutafa Hissham Naser Yousef Al Abduljali Wafaa Abdulla Mhmoud Shaikha Obaidah Haidar Abdulla Bin Nekhi Suha Ali Mosa Al Sabti Ahmed Yaqoub Ahmed Abdullah Min Naser Bader Baqer Zaman Shaker Abdulla Abdulatif Al Othman Fhaed Theab Wasel Alllah Almuteri Min Khaled Hassan Ahmad Alkandary Fatma Yaqoub Hashim Hassan Wael Faissal Abed Alsamad Aljumiei Munera Abdullatif Mohd Alenizi Nancy Sami Fouad Abdel Sayed Taiyab Ali Nazar Husian Lashkari Soofia Khurram Ismail Talal Abdulla Mohd Almulla Late Of Abdulrasoul Abul Hasan Sadeq Mohamad Ahmad Shamsaldeen Fahad Falah Shojaa Alajmi Naheda Abdulla Mohammed Ahmed Nabilah Khalaf Ali Aldosari Sabreya Khudeer Mullaqi Ruqaiyah Abul Hasan Sadeq Min Jomana Adel Abdulla Esmail Hamad Hamdan Humood Alhadiyah Fahad Mutlaq Saad Alsaqan Ali Mohammad Hussain Ghloum Abdulla Mohammad Abdulla Bo Hamad Emad Mustafa Saab Salem Fidhi Jaber Alrashidi Min Yasmine Jasem Mohamed Ahmed Aldosari Min Fatma Mohamad Ali Hussain Ebtisam Mohammed Goloum Ali Bodour Ali Mohd Alherz Faisal Sayer Owsemer Alazmi Yousef Abdulwahab Hasan Alqattan Mohamed Ahmed Ben Ahmed Alnajar Jamela Essa Hasan Alqattan Armando Galng Lacson Narinder Pal Sing Rekhi Mona Hashem Hameed Alhalaq Jamal Abdula Ali Alhamdan Fatema Ali Hussain Alqalaf Essa Khalil Mohamed Mudhafar Nada Taha Sultan Buresli Hayat Yousef Fahad Alabdulghafor Min Hasan Ali Hasan Alshawaf Masouma Abdulrahman Martoh Alali Hamidah Abdulwahab Abdulwahab Alramdan Cristy Fernandes Miguel Batool Habib Haji Alibrahim Norbert Dcruz Ignatius Dcruz Mohammed Jawad Abdulkareim Al Moumen Ali Husain Haji Taqi Bader Mulla Mohd Ali Haidar Amerah Fahad Saadon Almoteri Laila Hassan Mohamad Ahmad Mona Ali Ahmad Abdulsalam Raed Yousef Mubarak Mujaibel Ibtesam Jabbar Sadkhan Leena Abdulla Sultan Bin Essa Masood Rafaan Waher Alajmi Maitham Ibrahim Hussain Nassralla Alatram Nahed Mohammed Jehad Alquraini Abdulatif Saleh Ajeel Senafi Musaed Awadh Owayed Almutairi Abdulmaqsod Ibrahem Fouad Alshaar Minor Mohamad Jaber Jasem Husain Naser Omran Abdullaha Kanaan Nahaba Khalaf Nahaba Hamada Maha Mohammed Abbas Akbar Adel Mohamed Ali Hassan

Prize 125000 7500 3000 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400

KUWAIT: Shell announced yesterday it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation to jointly investigate new business opportunities. The MOU with KPC, covers areas of cooperation across the upstream and downstream businesses, energy security, research and development and in corporate areas such as human resources and planning. The signing ceremony was witnessed by HH Sheikh Nasser AlMohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, Kuwait Prime Minister, and David Cameron, British Prime Minister. Also in attendance were Farouq Al-Zanki, Chief Executive Office of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, and Sami Al-Rushaid, Chairman and Managing Director of Kuwait Oil Company. Malcolm Brinded, Executive Director of Upstream International at Shell. After signing the MOU on behalf of Shell companies, Brinded said: “Today’s MOU further cements our partnership with Kuwait. We will look jointly with KPC and its subsidiaries at oil and gas opportunities to leverage Shell’s global experience while sharing best practice in the energy sector.” Shell and Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) also announced a Training Plan to build capacity of Kuwaiti staff under an Enhanced

Technical Service Agreement, signed in February 2010 to develop the country ’s Jurassic gas fields. Ahmed Mouti, Chairman and Managing Director of Shell companies in Kuwait, said: “Shell has a long track record of successfully managing complex gas projects and are recognized as a leading gas company. We very much look forward to building on our strong partnership with KOC through

the signing of the MOU today”. The training is required due to the unique geological challenges of the new gas developments which require technology and working practices in this area. Shell’s partnership with Kuwait dates back to 1948, when the company first brought Kuwait’s crude oil to international markets. The connection with the country further developed to include exploration in the 1960’s, later

expanding to include oil trading, lubricants, and technical services and chemicals. Shell was the first buyer of crude oil after the Gulf War and has been involved in studies of Kuwait’s upstream sector since the mid 1990s, helping KOC [Kuwait Oil Company] develop its staff. Shell also has a number of upstream partnerships with Kuwait companies outside the country.

MDP at a sparkle pace at Al Mulla Group - Automotive Division


espite a recovering global market, businesses worldwide are still facing a number of tough challenges to bring back their activities at pre-recession scenario. To meet the present and future challenges, we have diverted our prime focus towards employee training and development. Reducing errors, increasing productivity, exceeding customer’s satisfaction and retaining good talents. One of the initiatives Under KAIZEN Team Leadership Development is “ Management Development Program “. A systematic development of required competencies and attitudes needed for an effective management within the automotive division. Building a culture of self-development as well as taking a responsibility to develop subordinates for greater responsibilities on a continuous basis is a focal point of the initiative. Some of the objectives of the program are 1. Improving the overall managerial performance. 2. Motivating the managers to perform more effectively in accordance with the organizational long-term strategies. 3. Updating managers about the latest changes and developments in the management arena. 4. Improving analytical and logical skills as required by our leadership competencies model. 5. Improving employee relation skills and encouraging creative behavior. Al Mulla Group - Automotive Division’s Management Development Program is open for all Managers and Potential Managerial Candidates. Under this program participants are experiencing how to behave and react in different economic circumstances like Boom, Recession and Recovery as all these three phases of economy needs different sets of leadership competencies. Al Mulla Group - Automotive Division’s Leadership Competencies revolve around Customer Orientation, People Management, Team Work, Process Excellence, Quality Management, Strategy & Planning, Risk Management, Managing Change and a set of specialized tech-functional competencies related to specific job function. KAIZEN, which, means “Continuous Improvement”, applies to all facets of management, so it implies to Leadership Development as well. Organizations cannot achieve competitive edge unless it creates a leadershipnurturing environment. We have understood the philosophy that, leadership cannot be enhanced in one day; it is a continuous process and its needs dedicated efforts with modern management techniques. In today’s high demanding corporate work culture, introducing such programs are directly linked with the participants expectations and to make it interesting, topics must be relevant and approach should be interactive with total involvement, hence, our program is designed and developed with the required features that, meet participants expectations.

CBK stays in touch with clients during National holidays KUWAIT: In order to provide its customers the best banking services at all times, the Commercial Bank of Kuwait announced that they will continue offering its banking services to its customers during the period of the National holidays at its branches in Kuwait International Airport (departure and arrival), in addition to the call center (1888 225) that receives customer calls around the clock to provide assistance in the fastest time by a qualified work crew. Furthermore, there will be constant availability of cash in all CBK ATM withdrawal and deposit machines that are located in different areas around Kuwait to meet the needs of customers at all times. Customers can also conduct their transactions through the bank’s website available all times for customers. The bank has taken all the necessary measures and precautions to serve and assist customers during the holiday national holidays and wishes everyone a wonderful holiday.

Share Joy of Your Life with Samsung GALAXY Family Samsung broadens android-powered smartphone experience DUBAI: Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, a leading mobile phone provider, announced and showed the expansion of the Samsung GALAXY Family; the Samsung GALAXY Ace, the Samsung GALAXY Gio and the Samsung GALAXY mini. All offer a unique take on the smartphone experience with expanding the Android(tm)-powered Samsung GALAXY smartphone line -up to the broader consumer segmentations. Following the phenomenal success of the Samsung GALAXY S across the globe, the new Samsung GALAXY smartphones will meet diverse demands of current and potential smartphone users. The Samsung GALAXY Family shows that smartphones can cater to any number of lifestyles with enhanced multimedia and application capabilities as well as a social hub keeping users always in touch. Each device in the Samsung GALAXY Family has been created to meet unique needs and allow users to share the fun and excitement in their lives with friends and family. Users also have access to limitless entertainment possibilities through over 100,000 applications from Android Market and Samsung Apps as well as quick communication with Samsung’s SWYPE text input. The Samsung GALAXY Family comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and Social Hub which lets users view their contacts, SNS, IM and email together in an integrated one-page layout, keeping them constantly connected. Young Woo Jun, Head of Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics said, “In creating the Samsung GALAXY Family, we wanted to expand on the things that made the Samsung GALAXY S such a runaway success whilst diversifying our product range. Each device delivers something different with the idea that each user is an individual and wants their mobile experience to be easy and fun. With the Samsung GALAXY Family we help them share the joy they have in their lives and bring their experiences to their friends and family.” The Samsung GALAXY Family was inspired by the success of the original

Samsung GALAXY S, which has sold an astonishing 10 million devices in just seven months. In designing this family of devices, Samsung has taken the awardwinning Samsung GALAXY S and tailored it to meet different needs of a diverse and growing customer’s needs. Samsung GALAXY Ace The Samsung GALAXY Ace is designed for those who are trendy and sociable young professionals. With its sophisticated design, the Samsung GALAXY Ace has been created to be simple yet elegant. The Samsung GALAXY Ace offers a premium experience with compact and comfortable on a 3.5-inch HVGA display. Refreshingly cool, it doesn’t lack in capability with a 800MHz processor, voice search and ThinkFree document viewer. Samsung GALAXY Gio The Samsung GALAXY Gio, with its timeless design and enhanced social networking capabilities is perfect for stylish young professional who want to stay connected. In addition, based on the Italian for “jewel” the name Gio reflects design perfection and the strength to last with a 3.2-inch HVGA display. The Samsung GALAXY Gio marries brains and beauty for users that want a smartphone that offers the best of both worlds. Samsung GALAXY mini An ideal first smartphone for trendy and sociable youngsters, the Samsung GALAXY mini is a breath of fresh air for those that want a smart device that is as fun as itis functional. Emboldened with a flashy color stripe along the side, this mobile keeps you connected to all that matters in your life. The Samsung GALAXY mini embodies great productivity and performance in a compact design that is full of personality on a 3.14-inch QVGA display. Perfect gift for smartphone-rookies, it also offers Google(tm) voice actions and Quick Office document viewer with a 600MHz processor. The Samsung GALAXY mini is a fun and funky way to embrace the smartphone generation.




Sheikh Mohammed Bin Marhoon Al Ma'amri, Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar being shown around the newly opened Lulu Hypermarket in Salalah by Yusuffali M A, Managing Director of Lulu Hypermarket Group along with Saifee Rupawala, CEO and Ashraf Ali MA, Executive Director, Ananth A V, Regional Director, Oman and other Govt officials.

Improvement in provisioning led to better profitability National Bank of Oman -- GLOBAL Result Update MUSCAT: National Bank of Oman (NBO) reported a 4Q10 profit of OMR5.5mn and OMR27.2mn for 2010, representing 22.6%QoQ decrease and 28.7%YoY increase. The bank's profitability has exceeded our expectation by 3.5% for the year. The increase in profitability was mainly due to 44.2% decrease in provisions. Decline in top line; however interest expense was well managed In 2010, the net interest income decreased by 2.1%YoY. Gross loans grew by OMR69.9mn in the9M10. However in the 4Q10 gross loan decreased by OMR66.7mn resulting in a marginal increase of 0.2% compared to 2009. This drop was mainly due to big ticket repayments along with stringent policies in consumer lending. On a conservative basis we have assumed the bank's gross loans to grow at 6% in 2011. Customer deposits grew by 5.1% YoY in 2010 which is lower than the sector's deposits growth of 13%. The bank is still maintaining its strategy to reduce high cost deposit. This strategy reduced the cost of funds by 31bps. In 2010, the total operating expenses increased by

Italy CB warns on Libya fallout ROME: Italian central bank governor Mario Draghi, a favorite to succeed Jean-Claude Trichet as head of the European Central Bank, yesterday warned that the crisis in Libya could slow growth in Italy. "The dramatic events we are witnessing may undermine investment in the oil industry in the area and raise

energy prices, with repercussions for world growth," Draghi said at an economic conference in Verona in northern Italy. "For the Italian economy... a 20 percent rise in oil prices would shave half a percentage point off growth over three years," he said in a speech distributed by organizers. World oil prices

have risen sharply in recent days amid persistent worries that escalating unrest in the region might choke supply. Italy, Libya's former colonial ruler, is the oil-rich North African state's top trade partner. Libya also holds stakes in key Italian companies including the biggest bank UniCredit and industry giant Finmeccanica.— AFP

14.8% resulting in 86bps increase in the cost income ratio which stood at 51.1%. The increase in costs was due to incremental employee cost and higher depreciation. We have assumed that by 2012 the company will be able to manage its expenses which will tone down the cost to income ratio. Assets quality insight NPLs ratio improved by 74bps during the year, reaching 4.3% due to a 15%YoY (OMR10.4mn) reduction in non-performing loans. The banks NPL coverage ratio improved reaching 111.5% which offers a comfortable cushion in case of further NPL formation. Bank recommended a dividend payout of OMR0.015 per share. The bank's cash payout ratio therefore comes up to be 58%. Using Dividend Discount Model and Gordon Growth as our valuation methodology, we have arrived at a fair value of OMR0.335 per share; offering an upside of 1.1% over the closing price (as on 24 February 2010) of OMR0.332 per share. Therefore, we maintain our recommendation as "Hold".

EU liquids plan flawed, US airport officials say WASHINGTON: A European Union plan to partially lift a ban on passengers carrying liquids onto planes has US airport officials worried that it will create a security gap and may confuse passengers traveling to the United States. Beginning April 29, the EU plans to allow airline passengers carrying wine, perfume and other liquids purchased at duty-free shops in airports outside Europe to take those items into airline cabins with them when they catch connecting flights at about two dozen European airports. That means, for example, that travelers flying from Asia and Africa to European airports to connect to flights to the United States can keep liquids, aerosols and gels purchased in airport duty-free shops in their carry-on bags the entire way. The items will be screened at European airports before passengers board connecting flights. Christopher Bidwell, Airports Council International-North America's vice president for security and facilitation, said the effectiveness of the technologies European airports will use to screen liquids for explosives is unclear. There are several new technologies that European airports plan to use, he said, but none have undergone real world testing, only laboratory tests. The Transportation Security Administration hasn't said whether passengers arriving in the US from Europe with liquids purchased outside the EU will be allowed to board domestic flights with those items, but that appears unlikely, Bidwell said in an interview on Friday. He said he's concerned passengers will become frustrated

or angry if they've carried expensive items on board multiple flights for thousands of miles only to be told they have to dump them in order to board a domestic flight to reach their final destination. "This issue points to why we have to focus on making aviation security more efficient," said Geoff Freeman, executive vice president of the US Travel Association, which represents hotels, restaurants and other businesses catering to travelers. "Traveling has become too much of a hassle, and that's hampering our economic recovery." EU airports and some European airlines have also expressed concern about the plan. TSA spokesman Nick Kimball pro-

vided a statement that said the agency is working with the EU on security matters. He declined to answer further questions. Victoria Day, a spokeswoman for the Air Transport Association, which represents major US airlines, said it hopes Europe and the US will "harmonize requirements to appropriately accommodate security and passenger-processing considerations." The United States and the European Union restricted carry-on liquids, aerosols and gels to less than three ounces in 2006 after the British authorities uncovered a plot to bomb passenger planes bound for the United States using liquid explosives. —AP

A general view of the Petronor refinery in the Basque town of Muzkiz, northern Spain, yesterday. Spain will lower highway speed limits, cut train ticket prices and use more biofuel under an emergency energy-saving initiative because of soaring oil prices brought on by unrest in Libya, an official said Friday. — AP

The US Defense Department declared on Thursday Boeing the ‘clear winner’ of a $30-plus billion contract to supply up to 179 refueling tankers to the Air Force.

Tanker victory spells risks for Boeing NEW YORK: Boeing's triumph over European rival EADS for a major US Air Force tanker contract poses risks amid defense spending cutbacks and multiple delays to its commercial projects. The Defense Department declared on Thursday Boeing the "clear winner" of a $30-plus billion contract to supply up to 179 refueling tankers to the Air Force. It is undoubtedly a major prize for the firm, but industry analysts highlighted the challenges that come with submitting what the Chicago-based firm itself called an "aggressive" bid. "Since the KC-46A is a very competitively bid fixedprice contract for both development and production phases, it carries some execution risks for Boeing," Standard & Poor's analysts said in a client note. Particularly, they said, "given the company's substantial cost overruns on some of its commercial and military programs in recent years." Moody's Investors Service said that the difficulties could start early for Boeing, in the initial development phase. "The development could distract engineering resources from other key programs including the near-term ramp-up of the B787 Dreamliner," said Robert Jankowitz, senior vice president at Moody's. The tanker contract comes as Boeing is under pressure from its new 787 Dreamliner program that is now running three years behind the original schedule. "Given Boeing's headaches getting its new passenger planes out the door, there should be concern about the company's ability to deliver the new tanker on time and on budget," said Paul Ausick of 24/ And budget will be at the forefront of policymakers' minds, as the Pentagon, like other US government bodies, struggles to cut the country's massive budget deficit. "If Boeing misses deadlines and busts budgets, it's

reasonable to expect that the Congress and the Pentagon will be reluctant to go ahead with the full complement of tankers," he said. But there are definite rewards for the company, despite the risks. Jefferies analysts said the contract spells benefits of "a few pennies per share" in the short term, and in the long-term a healthier business. "Tomorrow's benefit is that the award adds balance to Boeing's business base, and continues a successful product line into the foreseeable future," they said, referring to the 767 commercial aircraft that will serve as the basis for the KC-46A tanker. The 767 production line "would have closed within five years without this win," according to Richard Aboulafia, an analyst at aerospace consultancy Teal Group. Orders for the long-haul, wide-body plane, which entered service in 1982, have dwindled in recent years. Only three 767s were manufactured last year. But whatever the drawbacks and advantages, the contract may not yet be in the bag. Thursday was the second time Boeing bested Airbus parent EADS for the contract in the world's largest defense market. The contract was awarded in 2008 to EADS and US partner Northrop Grumman but the deal was canceled after the government upheld Boeing protests of a flawed process. EADS has 10 days after the award to protest the Pentagon decision. "The battle could go into overtime if EADS decides to appeal, and it's not out of the question given the outlook for defense spending in the years ahead," said Ausick of 24/ "Given the budget environment and increasingly high fuel costs, the (EADS) KC-30 was at a disadvantage. But there are a few Southern Republican politicians who may decide to hold up funding," Aboulafia told AFP. — AFP



CFC offers services at Kuwait Airport KUWAIT: In a further step to reach out to its clients across Kuwait with premium and convenient financial solutions, the Commercial Facilities Company (CFC) is now marketing its services at the Kuwait International Airport as an expedient approach to introduce airport employees and visitors to the company. CFC is one of the leading Kuwaiti companies in the financing industry, with strong presence in the market for the past 34 years. The CFC airport branch offers personal consumer loans, installment credit facilities, in addition to funding both consumer and commercial products. The brand’s position is highly pitched thanks to its easier procedures, leniency, remarkable customer service, and quicker processing of transactions making it the largest financing institution in Kuwait. “Our business motto which earmarks the convenience and promptness of our services entailed such an important step to be taken to

reflect our consumer-based mission. Our keen choice of going through this critical step is to achieve our goals of maintaining a closer relationship with our customers as the Kuwait International Airport is a rally focal point for both Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis,” said Mohammed Al-Qattan, Manager Ser vice Development, CFC. “We are stretching out to serve our customers’ needs wherever they are via our five branches in Kuwait City (head office), Jahra, Hawalli, Al-Riggae, and Fahaheel, plus by an instant click on This is in addition to our 23 representative offices spread across all the car dealerships along with our e-services. Today, we are even extending miles fur ther to suppor t them instantly with their last-minute needs.” In addition to the services provided at the airport, CFC also offers its customers an online website service that provides financing applications, installment payments, plus a financing calculator.

It is worth to mention that the process of applying applications online has been receiving high customer satisfaction since the swift reply does not exceed one hour. It also allows customers to inquire about their accounts directly through CFCOnline. Commercial Facilities Company (CFC) was established in 1977 as the first Kuwaiti closed shareholding company with an initial capital of KD 3.8million ($12.7million). It specialized in providing installment credit facilities to finance consumer and commercial products. CFC plays a major role in the development of the financial and consumer goods industry. It is one of the leading companies in offering installment credit facilities, car financing, and personal cash loans. Branching out in strategic locations, CFC has over 200 employees across its 5 branches and 21 representation offices. CFC’s online service,, provides customers with a convenient portal to manage their accounts.

Mohammed Al-Qattan, Manager Service Development, CFC

Wataniya displays patriotic photos from ‘GiveKuwait’ Al Danah draw to win KD 125,000 on Feb 28 KUWAIT: Gulf Bank is continuing to offer customers the opportunity to be the next winner in its popular Al Danah prize draw. Customers are advised to increase their deposits or to open an Al Danah account by February 28th to enhance their chances of winning and be eligible for the first quarterly draw, in which one customer will win KD 125,000. Opening Al Danah account merely requires a minimum balance of KD 200 deposited in the account to allow active participation in the Al Danah draws. Minors wishing to open an account require their parents or their legal guardian to open the account on their behalf. Customers are advised to maintain the minimum balance, allowing them to automatically enter the weekly and quarterly draws, as well as the annual draw. Chances increase the more money is deposited and the longer it is kept in the account. Al Danah is the only account to offer chances that add up day by day. The last date to deposit or open an account for the Al Danah first quarterly draw is February 28, 2011. Gulf Bank’s Al Danah offers weekly draws of KD 1,000 each to ten winners. Quarterly draw winner wins KD125,000 in the first quarter draw, KD 250,000 in the second quarter draw, KD 500, 000 during the third quarter draw, and finally the grand prize of 1 Million Dinars during the fourth quarter. Gulf Bank would like to remind its customers that there are various convenient channels to opening an Al Danah account. Gulf Bank has 53 branches strategically located throughout Kuwait. Customers can visit the nearest Gulf Bank branch, deposit money directly into their Al Danah account at any of Gulf Bank’s deposit ATM machines, or call the Customer Contact Center on 1805 805 and the Customer Service representatives will be delighted to assist with any further information or questions on Al Danah or on any of the Bank’s products and services. Customers can also log on to Gulf Bank’s bilingual website for further information.

Exhibition at Marina Mall Bridge today KUWAIT: Everyone is invited to celebrate the success of Wataniya’s latest social media campaign, GiveKuwait. Wataniya has installed a photo galler y on the Marina Mall Bridge to honor the talents of Kuwaiti photographers who submitted their creative work on the givekuwait/ website and to further instill the spirit of patriotism amongst the people of Kuwait. The pictures taken by these young and upcoming artists are open for viewing to the general public during the National holidays’ week until 27th of February. The GiveKuwait campaign was the first of its kind. It was Wataniya’s tribute to Kuwait’s 50th Anniversar y and 20th Liberation year. Through this campaign, Wataniya gave everyone who calls Kuwait home a chance to express their love for this great country. People could post photos, audio recordings and video clips for free on the GiveKuwait website. Thousands participated which made this campaign a big success. Participants got a chance to share their work with the world and Wataniya is proud to give people this platform to showcase their talents. Regarding the display of the photo gallery, Riham Al-Ayyar, Senior Communications Director at Wataniya Telecom said, “The GiveKuwait campaign found great acceptance and enjoyed a high level of participation from the Kuwaiti com-

munity who eagerly expressed their love and passion through their unique talents. The campaign has not only enabled us to celebrate Kuwait’s special occasions but has also helped recognize and appreciate individual talents.” Riham Al-Ayyar also added, “I would like to invite everyone to come and visit the GiveKuwait Photo Gallery. This will be a great way to encourage these talented artists since they need all the support they can get. We have organized this event during the National holidays so people can appreciate the beauty of our rich heritage and feel passion for our country.” The GiveKuwait campaign was launched in mid-December, it came to an end on 20th February, 2011, further marking Wataniya’s position as a supporterof its customers’ unique and valued talents. Also given out were weekly prizes, 21 iPADS along with free internet subscription. There were grand prizes as well. Audio winners will get to record a song and a video clip composed by Abdulla Al-Quood in addition to a travel package for two to attend an international musical concert. The grand photography prize is a Digital DSLR camera kit and a travel package for two to Tuscany. Last but not the least; the video winner will get a free trip for two to Hollywood and the chance to participate in a cinema production. Wataniya would like to thank each and every one who partici-

pated whether by submitting their creative work or by voting for their friends and favorite pieces. Wataniya promises to bring many more innovative campaigns and interesting competitions for all its customers. Wataniya Telecom was commercially launched in 1999 as the first privately owned operator in Kuwait. National Mobile

Telecommunications Company (NMTC) trading under the brand name Wataniya Telecom is listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange and has operations in 6 countries including Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria and Palestine. Qatar Telecom (Qtel) owns 52.5% of Wataniya Telecom. Wataniya is a customer-dri-

ven company that aims to provide product and service excellence. Over the past 10 years Wataniya has risen to be the second largest operator in one of the most competitive markets, and continues offering a wide range of prepaid and postpaid mobile voice and internet services to both individual and corporate customers.


Yong-seok Jang (left) from LG (right) Francsico Varela from YouTube


YouTube took a major step forward at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) by announcing a partnership to provide a unique 3D mobile experience to users. LG’s upcoming Android-powered premium smartphones will enable users not only to capture and view 3D videos without glasses, but also to upload and share them instantly with others via YouTube. “The Optimus 3D is LG’s newest flagship smartphone. It is our answer to two major pain points of the current 3D experience - limited mobility and specialized glasses. Furthermore, our partnership with YouTube will ensure that our customers can easily generate and access ample 3D content,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. The new partnership is part of a broader push into 3D entertainment by LG and the world’s largest online video community. YouTube and LG col-

laborated to enable the delivery and sharing of 3D video onto mobile devices in a way that makes it simple and easy for consumers. “3D technology has traditionally been reserved for the major Hollywood movie studios,” said Francsico Varela, Head of YouTube Platform Partnerships”. With the new LG Optimus 3D anyone anywhere in the world can shoot 3D videos, upload them to YouTube and share them with their friends. We’re excited to see the creative videos our community captures and shares with this new technology.” Powered by a unique “Tri-Dual” Configuration-dual-core, simultaneous dual-channel and dual-memory, LG’s advanced Optimus 3D will be unveiled at the 2011 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and will be the first mobile device capable of providing the YouTube 3D experience. The Androidpowered Optimus 3D will be available globally starting in Europe early in the second quarter of 2011.

most awarded airline in 2010, securing prestigious accolades from publications and organisations around the world. Most of the repeat awards were for categories such as in-flight service and entertainment, food and beverage offerings, ground services, safety and corporate management. “The staff and management of Singapore Airlines are grateful to our customers for their unwavering support. In what was a very challenging year for the Company in which our operations were severely buffeted by natural calamities like the Icelandic volcanic ash, heavy snowstorms and floods around the globe, and increasing competition from other airlines, our staff worked resolutely as a global team to ensure minimum disruptions to our flights and to deliver the quality service that our customers expect of us, even in trying circumstances,” said Tan Pee Teck, Senior Vice President Product & Services. “We are humbled by these accolades, which help to remind everyone in SIA of the need to constantly innovate to continue delivering the best travel experience to our loyal customers.” During the year, Conde Nast Traveler, a leading travel magazine in the US, named Singapore Airlines the “Best Global Airline” for the 22nd time. The Airline also came out tops in the Conde Nast Traveler 2010 Business Travel poll in the “Best Transpacific Airline for Business Class” category. Readers of Travel Weekly voted the Airline as the “Best Carrier for First and Business Class” in its Readers’ Choice Awards. Readers of Business Traveler USA voted SIA as the “Best Overall Airline in the World” for the 21st time, while Fortune Magazine ranked the Airline 27th in its “Top 50 World’s Most Admired Companies” survey. Travel & Leisure Magazine, also based in

the US, named SIA as the “ World’s Best International Airline” for the 15th consecutive year and Executive Traveler Magazine named SIA “Best International Airline” and “Best Airline for Flights to Eastern and South East Asia” in the Executive Travel Leading Edge Awards survey. Global Finance Magazine of the US named the Airline as “World’s Best Global Airline” and “Best Airline in Asia”. In Switzerland, Travel Inside magazine awarded the “Gold Award” in the Swiss Travel Star Award Category to the Airline in the “Best Long Haul (non-stop)” category. BILANZ, a leading finance magazine, ranked Singapore Airlines as first in the “Best Quality Airlines in 2010” poll. Readers of German publication Schlemmer Atlas voted the Airline as “Airline of the Year” for the 5th time, while Clever Reisen named SIA the “Best Airline to Asia”. Germany ’s monthly aviation magazine Flug Revue named SIA the “Best Airline Worldwide in

2010” and readers of Business Traveller Germany voted SIA as the “Overall Best Airline on Routes to the Far East and Australia” for the 9th time. The UK edition of Business Traveller gave the Airline top honours in the “Best Overall Airline” and “Best Asian Airline” categories. Its sister publication, Business Traveller AsiaPacific, voted SIA as “Best Airline” for the 19th consecutive time in its 2010 Readers’ Poll. Business Traveller China named SIA the “Best Airline in the World” for the 6th consecutive year and the airline with the best First Class. In the Telegraph ‘Ultras’ Travel Awards survey (UK), the Airline was named “Best Airline in the World” for the second consecutive year. In the Guardian/Obser ver Travel Awards, SIA was named the “Best Long Haul Airline” for the 7th consecutive year and the airline with the “Best Business Class” for the second year running. In Denmark, the Airline was named “Best Intercontinental Airline” for the 4th time at the Danish Travel Awards.




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Possible pullback, high oil raise risks NEW YORK: On Wall Street they wonder: Was that it? Is the pullback over? Following the S&P 500’s worst week in 15, investors are trying to determine whether the predictions of a correction have been fulfilled or if there’s still downside ahead as oil prices remain at elevated levels. Along with the direction of oil, potential market movers for traders will be the February payrolls report, which will be released on Friday, and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s speech on Tuesday. The benchmark S&P index fell 1.7 percent in the week, a relatively mild pullback for an index that has gained more than 25 percent since the start of September. “We were looking for a pullback of at least 5 percent and we didn’t get it, so I don’t think we can expect a lot of new entrants at these levels,” said Leo Grohowski, who oversees about $166 billion in assets as chief investment

WALL STREET WEEKLY OUTLOOK officer at BNY Mellon Wealth Management in New York. “With the gains we’ve had, and since tensions remain high in the Middle East, I don’t expect to see aggressive buying on the dip this time around,” Grohowski said. A lack of new entrants could mean lighter volume, which could leave the market more susceptible to increased volatility. Lately, volume has been stronger on down days in the market. An unexpected surge in crude prices, sparked by Libya’s popular uprising, pressured equities for much of the holiday-shortened week on concern that higher energy costs could stifle economic activity. US crude futures spiked as much as 20 percent during the week to a high of $103.41 per bar-

rel, though they later fell below $100. The CBOE Volatility Index VIX rose 17 percent this week and at one point was up 30 percent. Though many say the market remains overstretched, its resilience in the face of geopolitical uncertainty and some disappointing data has some encouraged. Judy Moses, portfolio manager at Evercore Wealth Management in San Francisco, said that the week’s drop had quieted some of the calls for consolidation. “Had we not seen this pullback, our enthusiasm would be a little tapered because valuations would be fuller,” she said. “But it does seem that in general the investment environment is a bit riskier now.” The S&P faces few technical hurdles before it reaches 1,360,

and this week it seemed to find support at 1,300. Grohowski said it was “very important, psychologically, that we closed above that level on Wednesday and Thursday.” Others were more bearish on a market that, even with the week’s drop, has seen gains of 4.8 percent since the start of the year. “We’re at the end of the push in equities, and I see a lot of downside from here,” said Steven Hochberg, chief market analyst at Elliott Wave International in Gainesville, Georgia. “Those who are adept at handling risk should look to short the market in one form or another.” Hochberg added that financial stocks “look particularly weak here, and that could be an interesting area

on the downside.” With earnings season largely over-Costco Wholesale, H.J. Heinz Co and Novell Inc are among the few S&P components reporting next week-equities will track other factors. Recent monthly payroll reports have been a mixed bag, with fewer jobs being added than anticipated, but the unemployment rate declined. The upcoming unemployment report will be watched for confirmation that a job market recovery remains on track. Meanwhile, comments from Bernanke will be parsed for clues about when the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program will end and whether a third round is likely. On Monday, new restrictions on short selling with go into effect. Under the new rules, the circuit breaker will kick in with a 10 percent price decline from the previous day’s close and will last for the duration of the trading day, as well as the following day. — Reuters

US GDP growth slows as govt reins in spending Moves to forestall looming budget crises WASHINGTON: US economic growth was slower than thought in the final months of 2010, as federal and local governments slashed spending to forestall looming budget crises, the Commerce Department reported on Friday. Growth edged down to 2.8 percent in the last quarter of the year, a slower

BEIJING: A Chinese boy takes picture of the painted miniature car models on displayed at the China International Auto Accessories Commercial Expo in Beijing yesterday. — AP

US markets rebound from sell-off, but down for week NEW YORK: US stocks rose on Friday, bouncing back from a three-day selloff as oil prices stabilized, but unease over the Libyan rebellion could be enough to keep buying in check. The S&P 500 lost 1.7 percent for the week, breaking a three-week streak of gains. Friday’s bounce followed a late recovery Thursday that showed buyers were ready to support shares after a bout of selling. Analysts have been calling for a correction in stocks, with the S&P 500 up 25.8 percent since the start of September. Much weakerthan-average volume on Friday cast doubt on stocks’ ability to move higher. “It’s going to be a bumpy ride. I don’t think it’s just one big correction and we’re out of it. I think we’ll see multiple, small corrections over the next few months before the market can really decide what the end game in the Middle East is,” said David Kelly, the chief market strategist for JPMorgan Funds in New York. Brent crude futures for April rose 78 cents to settle at $112.14 barrel, easing from a 2-1/2 -year high of $119.79 on Thursday after a source said Saudi Arabia raised its oil output following days of bloody unrest in fellow producer Libya. As stocks rose, the CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX, Wall Street’s fear gauge, dropped 9.9 percent to 19.22, falling below 20 after three days of sharp gains. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 61.95 points, or 0.51 percent, to end at 12,130.45. The Standard & Poor ’s 500 Index advanced 13.78 points, or 1.06 percent, to finish at 1,319.88. The Nasdaq Composite Index rose 43.15 points, or 1.58 percent, to

close at 2,781.05. Volume was a low 7 billion shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Amex and Nasdaq, well below last year’s daily average of 8.47 billion. For the week, the Dow lost 2.1 percent and the Nasdaq declined 1.9 percent. Stock investors have been pressured this week by worries that the turmoil in Libya could spread to other major oil-producing countries, causing gains in energy prices that could become problematic for the economic recovery. The UN Security Council was to meet to discuss sanctions against Libyan leaders who are locked in a bloody battle for survival against a popular uprising. Late last month, protests in Egypt shook the market, but stocks quickly recovered. “The market has taken this (unrest in Libya) pretty well” so far, said Jim McDonald, Northern Trust’s chief investment strategist in Chicago. Northern Trust has $643.6 billion in assets under management. “If we see oil prices normalize back down to where they were at the end of the year because of increased stability in the Middle East, that would be constructive to global growth and investors would love that,” he said. McDonald, whose firm is “overweight” on energy shares, said as long as oil prices stay below levels that would force a recession, they are supportive for S&P 500 earnings growth. Adding to the day’s positive tone, an index of consumer sentiment rose in February to its highest level in three years, according to the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers. —Reuters

Treasury prices rise on weaker economic data NEW YORK: Treasury prices rose Friday after a report showed the economy grew more slowly than first thought in the last three months of 2010. The uprising in Libya and rising tensions in the Middle East have also pushed more investors into the safety of Treasurys. The price of the 10-year Treasury note rose 34.37 cents per $100 invested on Friday. Its yield, which moves in the opposite direction, fell to 3.42 from 3.46 percent late Thursday. The Commerce Department said the economy expanded at an annual rate of 2.8 percent in the October-December quarter. That’s weaker than the previous estimate of 3.2 percent. Meanwhile, the fighting between Libyan protesters and forces loyal to Muammar Gadhafi intensi-

fied. The unrest sent oil prices higher as concerns mounted that oil exports from the region would be compromised. Oil prices settled at $97.88, soaring 9 percent in the past week. Bond prices have also risen for most of the month due to rising tensions in the Middle East. The yield on the 10-year note has fallen from 3.74 percent in the second week of February to 3.42 percent. In other trading, the price of the 30year Treasury bond rose $1.03 per $100 invested, while its yield fell to 4.50 percent from 4.55 percent late Thursday. The yield on the two-year note slipped to 0.73 percent from 0.74 percent. In the market for short-term Treasury bills, the three-month T-bill paid a 0.12 percent yield. Its discount was 0.13 percent. —AP

The Commerce Department had initially estimated that gross domestic product increased 3.2 percent in fourth quarter, with governments paring spending by just under one percent. “State and local governments have been exerting a drag on the economy,” said Aichi Amemiya of Japanese bank Nomura. But as massive stimulus spending petered out, Washington also reduced federal outlays, with spending reduced by 0.2 percent compared with a 8.8 percent increase in the third quarter. The budget debate has intensified in recent weeks, as Republican governors have moved to break public workers’ collective bargaining rights in a bid to cut salary costs. With many states facing the prospect of default on debt obligations, Republicans and Democrats have clashed over how far and fast spending should be cut. Bolstered by public opinion, Republicans warn a deficit crisis is just around the corner and immediate and dramatic action is needed. Meanwhile President Barack Obama and some economists have warned that spending cannot be cut too quickly for fear of stalling the recovery. The latest Commerce Department report is likely to provide fodder for both sides. “We can debate the means being taken to cut the deficits but we cannot argue about the implications,” said Joel Naroff of Naroff Economic Advisors. “There is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to cutting budgets: In the short term, reducing the deficit slows economic growth.”

pace than first thought, putting yet another question mark over the vitality of the recovery. With the United States locked in a fierce political debate over government costs, local authorities cut spending by nearly 2.5 percent, helping trim the growth rate.

“Down the road, more fiscal responsibility at all levels of government will help create stronger growth but we will be paying the price for the past irresponsibility for quite some time.” Government spending was not the only driver for the revision. Lower inventory investment also bit into the recovery, while consumer spending and the trade balance were not as favorable as expected. Although the figures were worse than economists expected, they depicted an economy that was in much better shape than the year before, when the country was still reeling from the financial crisis. “Real personal consumption

expenditures increased 4.1 percent in the fourth quarter, compared with an increase of 2.4 percent in the third,” the department said. For the whole of 2010 the economy grew 2.8 percent, versus the 2.9 percent rate previously reported. “The pace of the economic recovery is gaining momentum compared to the previous quarter but weaker than previously expected,” said analysts at BBVA. In 2009 the economy shrank by 2.6 percent. “ The US economy is continuing to expand, with increased growth at the end of 2010 and further strengthening expected in early 2011,” said the Commerce Department’s chief economist Mark Doms. — AFP

Commodities Review

Wheat, corn prices rise as export sales soar NEW YORK: Wheat and corn prices rose Friday after the government reported large increases in export sales of the two grains. Prices for wheat and corn each settled up 3.7 percent. The two led a broad rally in commodities after oil prices stabilized, even as protests continued in Libya and nearby countries. That prompted investors to look for bargains among agricultural products and metals markets, where prices have slipped in the past week. The US Agriculture Department said wheat export sales totaled 1.15 million metric tons and corn export sales totaled 1.65 million metric tons last week. Both numbers were higher than analyst expectations. Export sales of soybeans totaled 252,600 metric tons, which was lower than predicted. Global supplies for corn and soybeans remain tight. Stockpiles of wheat are at a comfortable level worldwide but there is a perception that they could shrink because of adverse weather affecting winter wheat crops, Northstar Commodity analyst Jason Ward said. In the Great Plains region, winter wheat crops may have been hurt by drier conditions and frigid weather. About 60 percent of the crop in Texas is in poor to very poor condition and roughly 15 percent is rated good, Ward said. Reports are expected from Oklahoma and Kansas in early March. A drought also has affected about 18 million acres of China’s wheat crop although the government has said it has adequate reserves to satisfy demand. Traders are waiting for a USDA report due out next month that will detail what crops farmers plan to plant this

spring. In contracts for March delivery, wheat rose 28.75 cents, or 3.7 percent, to settle at $8.1125 a bushel, corn gained 25.5 cents, or 3.7 percent, to $7.22 a bushel and soybeans added 45.75 cents, or 3.4 percent, to $13.75 a bushel. In energy trading, oil settled slightly higher as refineries in Europe prepared for a sustained loss in high-quality Libyan crude. The rebellion has all but shut down exports from Libya. Traders say it is difficult to gauge how much of the global supply will be affect-

ed as protests unfold in other parts of the Middle East and North Africa. Benchmark oil for March delivery rose 60 cents to settle at $97.88 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. In Nymex trading in March contracts, heating oil added 5.23 cents to settle at $2.9455 per gallon and gasoline rose 3.37 cents to $2.9086 per gallon. Natural gas gained 13.3 cents to settle at $4.005 per 1,000 cubic feet. —AP

MUZKIZ: A motorist fills the tank of his quad bike at a gas station near to the Basque town of Muzkiz, northern Spain, yesterday. Spain will lower highway speed limits, cut train ticket prices and use more biofuel under an emergency energy-saving initiative because of soaring oil prices brought on by unrest in Libya, an official said Friday. — AP




Skype tips and tricks WASHINGTON: It’s hard not to like Skype ( Free PC-to-PC voice and video calls, multi-user conferencing, and easy chat and file transfer utilities make Skype a must-have utility for many, especially since no voice-overinternet capability is built in to today’s operating systems and Skype’s serious competitors are few and largely unheralded. But are you getting the most out of the Skype service? Read on for some tips on maximizing what you can do with Skype while taming some of its annoyances. Get rid of ads Ads are now an unfortunate part of the Skype interface - at least by default. To get rid of them, open the Tools menu, and click Options. From the resulting Options panel, click Notifications in the left-hand pane, and then click Alerts & Messages from the sub options that appear. In the righthand pane, under the section labeled “Show messages about,” deselect the “Promotions” check box. You can also deselect every other check box on this screen if you want to remove all possible annoyances. Call normal phones Many people still think that you need to be sitting at your computer to use Skype - and that the person you’re talking to must be as well. While that was the original aim of Skype, the service has grown up. With a Skype Out number, you can use the service to call any phone. And with a Skypeenabled USB telephone, you don’t even have to be sitting at your computer to make Skype calls. While Skype Out and the phone will cost you money, the Skype service is significantly less expensive than traditional phone or cell service, so you’ll likely save big over the long haul. Go wireless It’s no fun to be using Skype while tethered to your PC with a wired headset microphone. You can free yourself in a few ways. Use the mic in a webcam - which of course can allow you to conduct video calls as well. Use a desktop standup microphone. Or buy a wireless Bluetooth headset or ear piece. The latter are widely available online for prices starting at about 25 dollars. To use a Bluetooth headset, your computer will need a Bluetooth adapter/receiver as well. Many notebooks already have it. If your notebook or PC doesn’t, pick up a USB Bluetooth adapter online. They’re available for as little as 12 dollars. Once you have the equipment, Skype should recognize it and allow you to start talking without wires. Record your calls Skype can’t record telephone calls, but Pamela for Skype can ( Pamela can record voice and video calls, keep an archive of calls, and help you turn your recorded calls into files suitable for a blog or podcast. The free version limits call recording to 15 minutes. Before using Pamela, just make sure your conversation partner knows that the call is being recorded. By default, Pamela sends out a voice message informing everyone when recording begins.

Nintendo launches 3-D console New 3DS challenges Playstation and Xbox TOKYO: Japan’s Nintendo launched yesterday the world’s first video game console with a 3-D screen that works without special glasses, a device the entertainment giant hopes will reverse its sliding fortunes. But as the DS3 makes its debut in Japan, it will be looking for a place in an increasingly crowded gaming market. More than 1,500 fans queued outside Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, the hub of Tokyo’s comic-book subculture, to be the first to own the machine, with many having spent the night on the streets ahead of the morning launch. “I’m extremely excited. I can’t wait to start playing it,” said Arisa Kubo, a 19year-old nursing student who began queuing on Friday night. “ The quality has dramatically improved,” said Kubo, who tried a presales demonstration of the console last month. “The screen is beautiful. 3DS is totally different from the normal DS.” Nintendo, which for many gamers is synonymous with its “Super Mario Bros” series, is facing a raft of challenges to its one-time domination of the market. Traditional gaming rivals such as Sony with its Playstation, and Microsoft whose XBox has been a global hit, have been joined in the fray by smartphones and tablet computers, including Apple’s iPhone and iPad which have taken a chunk out of the gaming market. Falling sales and a stubbornly strong yen are also hitting Nintendo, which saw its group net profit plunge nearly 75 percent for the nine months to December and analysts say the new console is a vital plank in the hoped-for turnaround. “For the next five years or so, Nintendo fully expects the 3DS to act as a key pillar underlying its overall busi-

ness performance,” said Jay Defibaugh, director of equity research in consumer electronics and games for MF Global FXA Securities. “Whether 3DS ends up being a one-trick pony or gimmick will be determined by whether Nintendo and its third-party partners can deliver innovative new approaches to gameplay.” The dual-screen 3DS, priced at 25,000 yen ($305) will test the appetite of Nintendo’s core fans and the wider market for 3D gaming, after rivals cater-

ing to what is seen as a more “serious” gaming market launched their own updates. The 3DS ran into controversy ahead of its launch after the company warned children under the age of six should not use the gadget in 3-D mode because it could affect their eyes. The device is entering a fast-evolving and highly competitive area of gaming technology. Sony last year launched its PlayStation Move system, which enables

TOKYO: Nine-year-old Natsumi Miyasaka shows off Nintendo’s newest computer game console, Nintendo 3DS, at retail store Big Camera yesterday. The Nintendo 3DS, offering glasses-free 3-D images, has gone on sale in Japan, ahead of a global rollout, and analysts say it promises to be the world’s first 3-D mass-market product. — AP

What users should know about Internet protocols BERLIN: Many web surfers don’t know it, but the introduction of new internet address standards might change the way they get online. Since the supply of useable addresses governed by the IPv4 standard (internet protocol, version 4) has been exhausted, IPv6 has now been introduced. This will allow a previously impossible variety of addresses, says Christoph Meinel, a professor at Germany ’s Hasso Plattner Institute.But what does this change mean for everyday surfers? Here’s an overview. Why are IP addresses necessary? In order for internet-capable devices to share information, they need a unique machine -readable address. These addresses are assigned based on a standard of internet protocols. But, since humans have a hard time remembering these strings of numbers, websites are also labelled with domain names, like When these addresses are

typed into browsers, special servers translate them into IP addresses for the benefit of the computers. What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6? Until now, IP addresses have been assigned in blocks of four numbers with up to three numerals each:, for example. The new IPv6 standard won’t convert the numbers into the decimal system, rather a hexadecimal system, recognized by its combination of numbers and letters. The new standard can be recognized by its eight blocks, separated by colons - 2001:db8:0:0:0:0:1428:57ab, for example. Will my computer be able to process the new standard? In most cases, yes. But an IPv6-capable operating system is a prerequisite. Those can be found in any Windows system post Vista. There are ways to install the functionality into Windows XP systems. Mac systems starting at 10.2 and Linux, in general, can sup-

Speak their language Thanks in part to applications like Skype, the world has grown smaller, but language barriers still exist. Get rid of them, to some extent, by installing the free Chat Translator and Speaker for Skype ( This tool, designed to be used with Skype’s chat window, translates in real-time and can even “speak” your Skype chat messages in 10 languages. Downgrade Skype New versions of Skype add features, and sometimes they take features away. In Skype 5, for example, you can no longer transfer a file to a chat participant simply by dragging the file to the chat pane and dropping it. Instead, you have to go through a more laborious file selection process. If you’d like to go back to an earlier version of Skype, check out (, which provides almost every version of Skype from the current version to version 0.9.

FLORIDA: The space shuttle Discovery lifts off from Kennedy Space Center on a mission to the International Space Station. — AFP

Humanoids run world’s first robot marathon OSAKA: Robovie -PC, a toy-sized humanoid, won the world’s first fulllength marathon for two-legged robots by a whisker yesterday, beating its closest rival by a single second after more than two days of racing. Five bipedal machines began the non-stop 42.2-kilometre (26.2-mile) contest on a 100-metre indoor track in the western Japanese city of Osaka Thursday morning after doing knee bends or raising their hands to

port IPv6. Will my DSL access support the new standard? In most cases, no. Contemporary routers, like the ones provided by telecommunications companies when DSL packages are ordered, are still set for the old IPv4 standard. In some cases, IPv6 can be added with a firmware update. When purchasing a new router, make sure it supports IPv6. Should I anticipate problems during the transition to the new standard? Generally, no. Internet use shouldn’t be affected after the switch - at least that’s what providers are promising. Those providers have modified their network so that data packets reach all users whether they are using IPv4 or IPv6 standards, a method called dual-stack application. Alternatively, software solutions, like those based on tunnel technology, can be used. — dpa

Discovery set to dock with International Space Station

Forward you calls If you’re relying heavily on Skype, you won’t want to miss calls. You can use the service’s call forwarding feature to make sure you don’t. From Skype’s Tools menu, click Options, click the Calls button in the Options, and finally click Call Forwarding in the submenu. Select the “Forward my calls to” check box, and type your mobile or other number in the box below. This is a fee-based service, but it’s covered under Skype’s Pay Monthly subscription service.

Use Skype on your mobile phone Skype’s international call pricing is compelling, but your mobile phone carrier’s is not. So just use Skype from your mobile phone. Skype now has apps for BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone users. Combine the app with a Skype Out number and the international plan of your choice, and you have a low-cost mobile option for calling just about anywhere for a lot less money. — dpa

users wearing special glasses to play 3D games using wand-shaped controllers. And in January it unveiled its latest portable touchscreen gaming console codenamed “Next Generation Portable” to succeed its PlayStation Portable device, boasting 3G mobile connectivity and WiFi. Microsoft ’s motion-sensing Kinect system for the Xbox 360 system, which lets players use body gestures and does not require hand-held controllers, hit the market last year. “Nintendo’s competitors used to be just Sony and Microsoft, but the company now faces challenges from Samsung, Apple and providers of social-networking games,” said Yusuke Tsunoda, analyst at the Tokai Tokyo Research Centre. For its latest device, “the target should be children... I believe it is difficult to make adults add the 3DS to the items that are already in their handbags at a time when more and more people use smartphones.” Nintendo’s latest machine allows the illusion of depth to be increased or decreased so that games can be played in both 2D and 3D, while built-in cameras let users take 3D pictures. Like many smar tphones it also includes an accelerometer-based motion detector, while it can connect to existing Wi-Fi networks to download additional content and exchange data with other nearby 3DS units. Around 30 software titles will be available by June, Nintendo said. The company reportedly plans to release around 1.5 million units in Japan in the first month in an effort to avoid the huge shortages seen with the launch of earlier versions. The new-generation DS machine will be released in Europe and the United States in March. — AFP

greet spectators. One of the competitors retired after finishing only the first lap, but the others continued running day and night, getting up by themselves every time they fell to the floor or got into collisions with rivals. Robovie-PC, 40 centimeters (16 inches) tall and weighing 2.4 kilograms (5.3 pounds), stormed into first place with only a few laps to go after Robovie-PC Lite, which had established a comfort-

able lead and appeared to have secured an easy victory, suddenly locked up. Robovie-PC Lite managed to return to the track and fiercely chased the leader, but after 422 laps Robovie-PC crossed the line in 54 hours 57 minutes 50 seconds, organizers said, one second ahead of its rival. Their average speed was 0.77 kilometers per hour. After the dramatic finish the two robots-both made by Vstone Co,

a robot technology firm based in the industrial city which also organized the “Robo Mara Full” race-waved their arms and bowed, to wild applause from the crowd. According to the event’s regulations, competitors were allowed to change batteries and the servomotors which control the robots’ speed and other functions. The other two robots still running had yet to complete the race yesterday evening. — AFP

CAPE CANAVERAL: The US space shuttle Discovery was approaching the International Space Station yesterday as part of its final odyssey into orbit, carrying to researchers a new module and a robot. The shuttle, which blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center here on Thursday, is set to dock with the ISS at 2:15 pm (1915 GMT). Its 11-day mission includes two spacewalks. “It has been a pretty tremendous day in space flight for us,” said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA associate administrator for space operations. The end of the shuttle program will create a gaping hole in the US space program during a period of belttightening and budget freezes, and will leave Russia’s space capsules as the sole transit option to the ISS. “Bittersweet” was the word of the day at Kennedy Space Center as astronauts, engineers and space fans crowded in to get a glimpse of history by watching Discovery’s crowning launch 27 years after it first flew into space. “There is no doubt the space shuttle is an engineering marvel,” said NASA chief technologist Bob Braun. “But it is an older vehicle. It is 30 years old; it was designed probably a decade before that,” he said. “I think we all recognize we need to go to the next chapter. But any time you go to that next chapter, it is bittersweet.” The Discovery crew plans to deliver the Permanent Multipurpose Module, with extra storage space and an area for experiments, as well as some spare parts and the Express Logistic Carrier, an external platform for large equipment. The shuttle will also bring the first humanoid robot to the ISS. The Robonaut 2, or R2, is a joint project of General Motors and NASA and will stay behind as a permanent resident of the space station when Discovery leaves. When Discovery wraps up this tour, the oldest surviving shuttle will have flown more missions than any of its cohorts and toted 180 people into space, including the first female shuttle commander and the first African-American spacewalker. The other two shuttles are scheduled for their final flights later this year: Endeavour on April 19 and Atlantis on June 28. Discovery has broken new ground multiple times since it first launched in 1984. It transported the Hubble Space telescope, was the first to rendezvous with the Russian Mir Space Station, and delivered part of the Japanese Kibo lab to the ISS. The shuttle was also the first to return to space after two major disasters: the Challenger explosion in 1986 and the Columbia disaster in 2003, when the shuttle broke up on its return toward Earth. Discovery has circled the globe more than 5,600 times and logged 142 million miles (230 million kilometers) over its 352 days in space. Rachel Wiedemann, a Boeing lead engineer charged with monitoring the shuttle’s thermal protection shield, said the launch day was emotional. “This is the vehicle I am closest to, that I have the most experience work ing with,” said Wiedemann. “It’s my baby.” — AFP




e niv rsar n



health & science Makeshift toilets a part of life in quake-hit city CHRISTCHURCH: For Christchurch mother-oftwo Nicky White, the city’s deadly earthquake has left no room for delicacy as her family struggles with the basics of everyday life such as finding a toilet. Much of the city’s infrastructure was crippled after Tuesday’s 6.3-magnitude shake, which claimed at least 123 lives, forcing White and other residents to rely on their own ingenuity. White, who has no lawn or garden in her apartment block in the suburb of Woolston, has taken to lining her toilet with a large plastic bag. “I had nowhere to dig so I put a plastic bag in the toilet bowl and when it starts to fill I tie it up and put it in the rubbish bin,” she said, adding that at times “it stinks the house out”. Emergency supplies of portable toilets, food and petrol were being rushed into the city, where more than 62,000 homes have no water supplies and 100,000 properties have lost their connection to the sewers. As residents battle to bring a sense of normality to their lives, authorities were closely monitoring the health situation in the city. One of the main concerns has been toilets for people in the most devastated eastern areas, which remain without power and water. More than 350 people had to be removed from one of the welfare centers housing earthquake refugees because of fears there could be an outbreak of measles or diarrhea and worries about sanitation. The city’s road network has been clogged with vehicles since the deadly quake as people head to the less affected western suburbs to stock up on food at supermarkets and to drain service stations of petrol supplies. Civil defense officials said 200 portable toilets had been placed in the city and a further 600 were on their way. In the suburb of Avonside, one resident-who has refused to leave her damaged home, which was earmarked to be rebuilt after a 7.0 earthquake last September-said the portable toilets cannot arrive soon enough. “I’ve been using a bucket as a makeshift toilet and buried the contents in the garden,” she said. Christchurch mayor Bob Parker said he knew residents were going through a difficult time. “This will not get easy in a hurry,” he told a media conference. “The next few days as we try to work as hard as possible on restoring services, we need to ask that you support us with your understanding of what we are doing.” In areas without electricity, residents have fired up their barbecues to use as community kitchens, prompting one energy company to offer free refills of LPG gas bottles. The line of people at one service station stretched for more than 50 meters (yards) as people took advantage of the offer. Owner Robert Wales said he was filling a bottle a minute and some of the people arriving were giving him supplies and donations to pass on to people who were struggling. “Someone gave us NZ$100 ($75), others NZ$10, and I’ve told them we’ll pick out the people who are really affected and give it to them.” Officials said food and petrol supplies were now reaching Christchurch and there was no need to panic buy. Supermarket manager Justin Blackler said people had been coming from all over Christchurch to his store in the Western districts where they were mainly buying bulk supplies of essential items including food, water, candles. — AFP

TAIJI: In this file photo, a dolphin demonstrates a flip at a dolphin pool where visitors can play with the animals. The Japanese fishing village of Taiji is the lone supplier of live dolphins to aquariums across Japan, and a major exporter to dolphin shows around the world. A year after “The Cove” won its Academy Awards in 2010, Taiji is still under siege by foreign activists. —AP

DUISBURG: The combo of pictures shows a camel enjoying a meal at the zoo. Camels are native to the dry desert areas of Asia. — AFP

Infertility affects 9-15% of childbearing population Stress myth studied in IVF treatment LONDON: Women trying to get pregnant via IVF or other assisted reproduction techniques do not reduce their chances of success if they are emotionally distressed, according to a large scale analysis published on Friday. In a review of data covering more than 3,500 women undergoing in vitro fertilization or other fertility treatments, British researchers found no difference in pregnancy success rates of women who were stressed and those who were not. “ These findings should reassure women that emotional distress caused by fertility problems or other life events

co-occurring with treatment will not compromise their chance of becoming pregnant,” said Jacky Boivin of Cardiff University’s school of psychology, who led the study. Infertility is a worldwide problem that affects 9 to 15 percent of the childbearing population, experts say. More than half of those affected will seek medical advice in the hope of eventually being able to become a parent. IVF involves fertilizing an egg with sperm in a lab before implanting the embryo into a woman’s womb, and can cost a patient many thousands of euros or dollars. In research published last

month, fertility specialists said that in the United States and Britain, IVF is successful in about a third of women under 35 years old, but in only five to 10 percent of women over the age of 40. Many infertile women believe that emotional distress is a factor in not getting pregnant naturally or in lack of success with fertility treatment. But Boivin’s team, whose work was published in the British Medical Journal, said that view was largely based on anecdotal evidence and often repeated fertility myths such as “relax and you’ll get pregnant”. Conducting a large-scale review known

as a meta-analysis, the researchers looked at data from 14 studies involving 3,583 infertile women from the United States, Australia, Britain Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, and other countries who were undergoing fertility treatment. The women had been assessed for anxiety and stress before their treatment, and Boivin’s team compared data for women who achieved pregnancy to those who did not. The results showed emotional distress was not associated with whether or not a woman became pregnant, Boivin said. — Reuters

Michelle Obama’s controversial rib WASHINGTON: Beyond Biblical connotations, only a few times in history has a rib given rise to so much talk: media attention in the United States is currently focused on what US First Lady Michelle Obama has for dinner. Accompanied by her daughters Sasha and Malia, Michelle Obama travelled to Vail, Colorado last weekend to make the most of the public holiday Monday for a bit of skiing. Last Saturday, they went out for dinner at a local restaurant, where according to the Vail Daily the wife of US President Barack Obama ate “pickled pumpkin salad with arugula and a braised ancho-chile short rib with hominy wild mushrooms and sauteed kale.” Wait - Did you say rib? It did not take long for conservative commentators to sharpen their knives and attack Michelle, a staunch campaigner for a more balanced diet in the United States. The first lady had ordered one of the most popular dishes in US cuisine but also one of the richest in calories. “The problem is, and dare I say this, it doesn’t look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritionary (sic), dietary advice,” ultraconservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh said Monday. “And then we hear that she’s out eating ribs at 1,500 calories a serving with 141 grams of fat per serving,” he complained. It mattered little that the restaurant’s chef, Kelly Linken, noted that the dish chosen by Michelle Obama had only 600 calories and that most of the fat had been removed from the meat. Or that Linken stressed that the Obamas were on a skiing holiday and that skiing burns up to 6,000 calories per day. “I’m trying to say that our first lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue,” Limbaugh went on. This is hardly the first attack on Michelle Obama regarding food. In early Februar y, the magazine American Spectator pejoratively referred to her as “America’s no. 1 food nanny.” The magazine accused her of hypocrisy for having praised barbecues in Charlotte after her husband’s Democratic Party chose that city in North Carolina to host their national convention next year. “Michelle Obama praising Carolina barbecue? That’s like Gandhi praising mixed martial arts fighting,” the magazine said. The conservative network Fox News has also referred to the first lady as a “food nanny” in the past. The criti-

cism goes well beyond whether or not Michelle Obama likes to indulge in a rib, a barbecue or some French fries every once in a while, as the first lady herself knows. As soon as she got to the White House in January 2009, alarmed by the extremely high rates of child obesity in the United States, Michelle Obama planted a vegetable garden on the residence grounds with the help of young public school students. She regularly invites them back to harvest. Last year, she launched the program Let’s Move, which is “dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation” through a healthier, more balanced diet and smaller portions in the country of XXL burgers. In fact, the figures are grim. Nearly 30 per cent of US children are overweight and destined to suffer diabetes or other related health problems like high blood pressure and cancer later in life if they don’t get their weight under control, her website states. Some conservative sectors, however, regard Michelle’s push against obesity as unacceptable government interference with individual liberty, which they insist should rule in the United States. “Instead of a government thinking that they need to take over and make decisions for us according to some politician or politician’s wife’s priorities, just leave us alone,” former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said last year. “What she is telling us is she cannot trust parents to make decisions for their own children, for their own families in what we should eat,” ultraconservative darling Palin said. Palin had her own recipe to solve the problem. “Get off our back, and allow us as individuals to exercise our own God-given rights to make our own decisions and then our country gets back on the right track,” she said. Dana Milbank, a commentator at The Washington Post, notes that the problem is that “food criticism is an extension of politics.” “On the left are the purists who think a single tortilla chip is an unacceptable compromise. On the right are those who think any nutritional recommendation amounts to a food dictatorship,” he said in his column Wednesday. Or, in the words of another commentator at the Vail Daily - which unleashed the controversy with its report on the first lady’s dinner - “some conservative bloggers and talk-show hosts act like the short rib in Michelle Obama’s dinner entree was, like Adam’s, extracted from them personally.” — dpa

AMNEVILLE: A picture taken on February 25, 2011 shows tigers of Siberia playing at the Amneville Zoo. — AFP

Investing in teenagers breaks cycles of poverty NEW YORK: Given quality education and opportunity, the world’s 1.2 billion teenagers could help end the inter-generational scourge of poverty and disease, the UN Children’s Fund said in a annual report released Friday. “Investing in adolescence can accelerate the fight against poverty, socio-economic disparities and gender discrimination,” UNICEF said in its 2011 State of the World Children, “Adolescence: An Age of Opportunity.” Inequity can destroy an adolescent’s future, the report noted. Children who are poor and marginalized, and abused domestically, are less likely to make the transition to secondary school and gain higher education.

“Denying adolescents their rights to quality education, health care, protection and participation perpetuates the vicious cycle of poverty and exclusion that robs them of the chance to develop their capacities to the fullest,” the report said. The UN report, which uses the term adolescence rather than teenage, said young people aged 10 to 18 - the future generation of adults - are part already of the present generation of global citizens contributing to daily life, household work, the community and the economy. As such, they deserve to be recognized, protected and given care, essential commodities and services, opportunities and support. —dpa

Bangladesh dog lovers protest brutal culling DHAKA: Scores of dog lovers shouting “Don’t kill, sterilise” marched through Dhaka yesterday to protest Bangladesh’s brutal canine culling, which involves breaking the animals’ necks. Carrying banners with slogans, the protesters linked hands in front of the Dhaka City Corporation, the main government agency responsible for culling thousands of dogs every year. Organizers, who arranged the protest using media such as Facebook and Twitter, said they believed it was the first time a public protest against the killing had been held in Bangladesh. “ We’ve come here with a message: please stop this brutal practice of dog culling,” said Rubaiya Ahmad, head of Obhoyaronnyo (Sanctuary), one of the organizers of the event. “Nowhere in the world are dogs treated so badly as in

Bangladesh,” she said. The Dhaka City Corporation kills up to 20,000 stray dogs a year, according to city figures, amid concerns that rabies has become a major killer in the country. Thousands more are killed in rural areas. According to the latest government data, at least 2,000 people died of rabies in Bangladesh in 2009, the highest per capita rate in the world. Organizers said they supported the anti-rabies drive but demanded an end to the brutal methods used to kill dogs, including breaking their necks with tongs and beating them to death. In the face of growing concern, officials last year admitted for the first time that existing methods were “cruel” and said they were seeking more humane ways to contain the canine population. —AFP



h e a lt h

Study claims hot flashes have benefits Hot flashes lower heart attack risks, death CHICAGO: Hot flashes that bedevil many women in menopause might actually be a good thing, depending on when they strike, according to new data from a longrunning government study. Women who had hot flashes at the start of menopause but not later seemed to have a lower risk for heart attack and death than women who never had hot flashes, or those whose symptoms persisted long after menopause began. By contrast, among the few women who developed hot flashes late - in some cases many years after menopause began - there were more heart attacks and deaths when compared with the other groups. The research involved more than 60,000 women followed for an average of almost 10 years. It's the first to examine timing of menopausal symptoms and subsequent risks for heart problems and deaths, said co-author Dr JoAnn Manson,

chief of preventive medicine at Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital. Recent studies linked hot flashes with higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which could suggest a higher risk for heart problems, but the new research offers a more detailed look, Manson said. Lead author Dr Emily Szmuilowicz, an endocrinologist with Northwestern University's medical school, said the results should reassure millions of women who experience hot flashes or night sweats, which are essentially hot flashes that can be bothersome enough to awaken women. The results suggest "there may be a positive side" to having these annoying symptoms, Szmuilowicz said. The study was released online Thursday in the journal Menopause. Dr Elsa-Grace Giardina, a Columbia University specialist in women's heart disease who was not involved in the study,

said the research has several limitations and that more rigorous study is needed to prove the results. Few women developed hot flashes long after menopause began, and for at least some, previous use of hormone pills may have increased their risks for heart problems, Giardina said. But more than one-third of the women with late-onset symptoms never used hormones, and Szmuilowicz said the researchers took past hormone use into consideration and still found timing of symptoms played a role. Menopause occurs when women stop having periods and estrogen levels dwindle. Most women experience symptoms including hot flashes that can last for several years. But they don't usually persist indefinitely or begin long after the beginning of menopause. Hot flashes aren't well studied but are thought to result from blood vessels dilat-

ing in response to the normal hormone fluctuations of menopause, Manson said. If they occur long after menopause begins it could signal a blood vessel abnormality that could also affect the heart, she said. The research involved 60,027 women from the ongoing Women's Health Initiative observational study, examining disease risk factors and health outcomes and funded by the National Institutes of Health. Women were in their early 60s on average, about 14 years past the start of menopause, when they answered questionnaires about their health, education history, and symptoms including hot flashes and night sweats. Cardiovascular problems and deaths were tracked during almost 10 years of follow-up. More than one-third, or almost 25,000 women, had early symptoms - hot flashes at the onset of menopause that had stopped

before they enrolled. Just 1,391 had late symptoms - hot flashes at enrollment but not at the start of menopause. About 2.5 percent of women with early symptoms had heart attacks, compared with 3.4 percent of women with no symptoms and 5.5 percent of those with late symptoms. Also, about 6 percent of the early symptom women died, versus 11 percent of the late symptom group and 8 percent of the symptomless women. Women who had persistent hot flashes throughout menopause had risks similar to those without symptoms. Giardina noted that high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity - which all can contribute to heart problems - were more common among the late symptom women. But the researchers said they accounted for that and still found that timing of menopause symptoms played a role in later heart attacks and deaths. — AP




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National, Liberation Day and HH the Amir’s assumption of Power Events

IPS hosts farewell party


he members of the Indian Public School gathered on Saturday, February 5, 2011, to bid farewell to Class XII students and wish them best of luck for their exams, the All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Examinations, New Delhi. The Principal, K A Rodrigues and the Finance Manager George Thomas graced the occasion with their presence. The program was conducted by the students of Class XII. After the Kuwait National Anthem, prayers were offered in English and Arabic to bestow the students with success, not just for their board exams, but also at every step of their life. The welcome

speech was given by the Academic coordinator, followed by the solemn candle light ceremony to ward of all darkness from every student’s life and light it up with rays of success and achievement. The class teachers distributed mementoes to the outgoing Class XII students. The best student award went to Alhaam Kazi of Class XII. The school athletes who had represented IPS at various inter school sports meets were honored that day. The Head Boy and the Head Girl gave a speech on behalf of the students, thanking all their teachers for their hard work and efforts. The Principal K A Rodrigues addressed the students wishing them success and good luck for their exams. He blessed them

motivating them to remain hopeful and perform all tasks of life with honesty and hard work. The students of Class XI had worked hard to put up a cultural program for the audience’s entertainment. The program included dance performances and a solo song. The feet tapping numbers sent a wave of thrill amongst the audience and rejuvenated them. The program came to a conclusion with the Indian National Anthem. The young students of Class XII, clad in bright colored clothes, brimming with enthusiasm and excitement, went home with all the warm wishes and prayers to make them successful at every step of their life.

Bangladeshi Commerce Minister meets business association


delegation of the BEBA (Bangladesh Expatriate Businessman Association) met the Visiting Commerce Minister Col (rtd) Mohd Faruk Khan MP of Bangladesh in Bangladesh Embassy Premises on Feb 13. They discussed various issues concerning difficulties faced by business community presently and suggested measures to improve the services. The minister was receptive to the issues during the course of discussion, assured the delegation that all the possible steps will be done for the benefit of Bangladeshi business community and non-residence Bangladeshi community. Discussion was also made possible in Bangladesh. The delegation expressed their gratitude to Minister for visiting Kuwait to move one step ahead to make further good relation with Kuwait and Bangladesh. Delegation also thanks the Ambassador of Bangladesh for arranging visit of the minister and highlighted the improvement and major changes in the counselor section and improved, bilateral relationship with Kuwaiti government since assuming charges and hopes to do more for the Bangladeshi citizens who are here to work and earn their livelihood in a different manner.

Fountain Park Hosts National Celebrations


Jassem Al-Shumais

ASSET rewards Al-Watanieh Indian School


SSET is a scientifically designed, skillbased diagnostic test developed for schools. It focuses on measuring the skills and concepts of the students underlying the primary and middle school syllabi. Many Indians Schools in Kuwait has already accepted ASSET as a new horizon to enlighten the conceptual knowledge of the students of all standards. To match the international standard of education, “Learning with Understanding” is the pioneering concept taken by Educational Initiatives which have launched ASSET in Kuwait. Fahaheel Al-Watanieh Indian Private School (Delhi Public School) Kuwait with thousands of students is one of the most dignified Indian educational institutions in Kuwait. Hundreds of students from FAIPS participated in the ASSET test. Some of them performed brilliantly, securing the Outstanding and Distinguished status. Yatharth Aggarwal of Class 6B ranked one of the International Top Ten. The Principal, Anju Dheman praised ASSET and encouraged students for more and more participation. She also congratulated the students for putting up a great effort. Vice principal, Sanjay Yadav in his brief speech expressed that ASSET gives students’ mind a kind of unique exposure keeping CBSE pattern of syllabus in mind.

Teachers and distinguished guests glorified the ceremony by their inspiring presence. Students expressed the “ASSET test” as a challenge which helps them learn about their weaknesses and helps to rectify. They expressed “One question a day” as very interesting. They thanked the teachers for introducing ASSET in the schools. ASSET rewarded some of the students of Fahaheel Al-Watanieh Indian Private School with Distinguished and Outstanding category Certificates. The event was arranged at FAIPS on February 21, 2011. The school authorities thanked Sanghita Deb, the Educational Advisor from Educational Initiatives for her

relentless effort to cooperate with the schools. Sanghita, on her behalf congratulated the students and thanked the school authorities for introducing ASSET expecting wholesome participation of the students of the School in the days to come. ASSET is one of the unique features of “Educational Initiatives” which is a research based Educational Organization. El performs persistent research works on the strength and weakness of the students. El based in Ahmadabad, India, has already promoted ASSET in different regions of the world. ASSET is ranked first in India and Seventh in the world of its kind.

he Fountain Park is hosting several events as part of a special program prepared for the National celebrations, featuring traditional shows, as well as competitions, special sketches for children and a fireworks display. In a recent announcement, head of the parks and Ice Skating Rink department of the Touristic Enterprises Company Jassem Al-Shumais, announced that the Fountain Park’s special program is organized for Saturday February 26th and Sunday February 27th, and that from 6:30 pm until 10:30 pm.

Announcements NBK Walkathon Registration started Sunday at NBK Walkathon Tent next to the Scientific Centre in Salmiya on Sunday, February 13 and continues until March 11, which is one day before the start of the walkathon. National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), the best bank in the Middle East, announced the launching of its 17th Annual Walkathon on the 12th of March 2011 on the occasion of Kuwait’s celebration of 50 years over its independence, 20 years over its liberation from the Iraqi invasion and 5 years since H.H. the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlAhmad Al-Jabir Al-Sabah assumed his post. The Walkathon event will also feature a host of functions, activities and competitions with rewarding prizes and rewards awaiting the participants. NBK’s Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Bank & Community Committee, Nasser Musaed Al Sayer said that it has been clear that NBK’s Walkathon is growing year on year, and we are extremely thrilled to take our involvement with this exciting event to new levels. This year, we are expecting participation to be much more than previous walkathon which witnessed more the participation of more than 12,000 contesters”. Challenge Cup Hai Cricketers, Settigunta Cricket Association, organizing Tennis Ball Cricket tournament, which starts on M arch 4th 2011. 10 overs each innings. K nock out series. For details contac t Sayed Ahmed 97530156 or - Mohammad Gouse 60057582. Japan Culture Week The Embassy of Japan in cooperation with National Council for Culture, Art

and Letters will host “Japan culture week” from February 28th to March 3rd on the occasion of the golden jubilee of the independence of Kuwait, the 20th anniversary of the liberation, the 5th anniversary of the ascendance of HH the Amir and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Kuwait - Japan diplomatic relations. Details of the event: Ichitaro (Japanese Drums) l February 28, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. (invitees only) l March 1, 2011 (public) at Abdul Aziz Hussein Cultural Center Theater (Mishref ) KIKUNOJKAI (Japanese Traditional Dance) l March 2, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. (invitees only) l March 3, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. (public) At Abdul Aziz Hussein Cultural Center Theater (Mishref) All the events are admission free. For more information, please contact Ms. Yasmin at 25309458 or E-mail St Peter’s CSI Congregation, VBS Vacation Bible School of St Peter’s CSI Congregation is scheduled to be held on 18th March to 1st April 2011 at the National Evangelical Church of Kuwait (NECK ). Our Vicar, The Rev Binju Varghese Kuruvilla will be the Superintendent. Abraham Varghese, (children’s ministry, Kerala ), will be the Director. All children from 3 to 17 years old are invited to attend the VBS. This is a time for making new friends, singing , learning and fellowship. For registrations visit the website For further details, email us at or contact the VBS Secretary: 94416421.




e niv rsar n



w h at ’s o n

Embassy Information EMBASSY OF BRITAIN

Yaqoub Al-Baqer receives the students and treats them to a tour of the various departments of the bank.

NBK organizes a tour for Burgan School students


he National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) hosted a group of students from Burgan High School, who toured the bank’s head office to learn firsthand about the banking industry and the day-to-day work environment at the bank various departments. Yaqoub Al-Baqer, NBK Public Relations officer, received the visiting group of students and treated them to a familiarization tour of the various

Departments, including the main banking hall. Al-Baqer said that the guests showed great interest with the broad-spectrum of NBK financial and banking products and services and were particularly inquisitive about the multi-benefit AlAzraq and Al-Shabab Al-Watani accounts, exclusively designed for high schools, colleagues and university students.

Commenting on the conclusion of the visit, the students expressed their sincere thanks for NBK and the opportunity they have been given to gain a better understanding of the banking job and get a personal insight about NBK and the career field in general. Organizing frequent visits and familiarization tours for students and providing regular support and sponsorship for educational institutions and activities in

Kuwait had always been a major component of NBK’s social responsibility and strong commitment towards the greater community in general and the young generation in particular. Such commitment had been manifested through providing job opportunities for new graduates and the organization of the annual Summer Internship training and recruitment program for Al-Azraq account young holders.

The opening hours of the Visa Application Centre are 0930-1630. Application forms remain available online from the UKBAs’ website: or from the Visa Application Centre’s website: And also, from the UK Visa Application Centre located at: 413, First Floor, Al Banwan Building (Burgan Bank Branch Office Building), Al Qibla area, opposite Central Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait City. For any further inquiries, please contact the Visa Application Centre: Website: E-mail: Telephone: 22971170 The Consular Section will also be closed on the same dates. For information on the British Embassy services, visit the British Embassy website: EMBASSY OF BANGLADESH he Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Kuwait will remain closed on Sunday 27 February and Monday, 28 February 2011 on the occasion of National Day and Liberation Day of the State of Kuwait.



ACK hosts Governor General of Australia


he Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) greeted Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of Australia, who is currently on an official visit to the State of Kuwait on the occasion of its National and Liberation days, accompanied by Australian ambassador. ACK’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees Abdullah Abdulmohsen AlSharhan and President of ACK Professor Vishy Karri received Her Excellency the Governor-General and her delegation during her informative tour around the campus on Thursday, February 24, 2011. Quentin Bryce also visited some of the departments to interact with ACK staff members and obtain a general idea of the working environment and courses offered at ACK. Al-Sharhan expressed his utmost happiness with the visit mentioning that “it is a great pleasure to have Quentin Bryce visit us and an honor to welcome her to the ACK campus.” He added that “It is much appreciated that during their hectic schedule, the embassy officials kindly made time to visit ACK. It is indeed

an honor.” During her visit, she was given a brief tour of the educational and social activities of ACK, as well as a brief about the role of the college in introducing developed cadres to shine in the Kuwaiti labor market. The Governor-General expressed her happiness with the ACK’s facilities. She also praised ACK’s leading role in the education sector. ACK President, Professor Vishy Karri expressed his gratitude having Quentin Bryce, as a visitor to ACK, and during the tour among different activities of the college, he expressed that “Our mission is to provide quality education, which is the foundation for building a sound business society that caters to the State of Kuwait.” ACK is one of the top private educational institutions that has formed partnerships with some of the most recognized institutes around the world to strengthen their educational curricula. Furthermore, the college provides its students with the opportunity to obtain diploma and bachelor degrees in Business and Engineering Technology.

St Peter’s CSI Congregation


acation Bible School of St Peter’s CSI Congregation is scheduled to be held from March 18 to April 1, 2011 at the National Evangelical Church of Kuwait (NECK ). Our Vicar, The Rev Binju Varghese Kuruvilla will be the Superintendent. Abraham Varghese, (children’s ministry, Kerala ), will be the Director. All children from 3 to 17 years old are invited to attend

the VBS. This is a time for making new friends, singing , learning and fellowship. Please come and join and be blessed! For registrations and more details please visit the website . For further enquiries and details, please email us at or contact the VBS Secretary: 94416421. Hurry! Only limited seats available!

Child dedication


t was a rosy moment on Friday as Emmanuel Omeike and family celebrated the dedication of their first child (Praise Omeike) at the Life Abundant International Church. The event attracted host of dignitaries, friends and well-wishers. May the good Lord guide baby Grace as she grows to be a blessing to the family. Amen.

The Embassy of India has further revamped and improved its Legal Advice Clinic at the Indian Workers Welfare Center, and made the free service available to Indian nationals on all five working days, i.e. from Sunday to Thursday every week. Kuwaiti lawyers would be available at the Legal Advice Clinic daily from Monday to Thursday, while Indian lawyers would be available on Sundays. Following are the free welfare services provided at the Indian Workers Welfare Center located at the Embassy of India: [i] 24x7 Helpline for Domestic Workers: Accessible by toll free telephone no. 25674163 from anywhere in Kuwait, it provides information and advice exclusively to Indian domestic sector workers (Visa No. 20) as regards their grievances, immigration and other matters. [ii] Help Desk: It offers guidance to Indian nationals on routine immigration, employment, legal, and other issues (Embassy premises; 9 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 4.30 PM, Sunday to Thursday); (iii) Labour Complaints Desk: It registers labor complaints and provides grievance redressal service to Indian workers (Embassy premises; 9 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 4.30 PM, Sunday to Thursday); (iv) Shelters: For female and male domestic workers in distress; (v) Legal Advice Clinic: Provides free legal advice to Indian nationals (Embassy premises; Kuwaiti lawyers 3 PM to 5 PM, Monday to Thursday; Indian lawyers 2 PM to 4 PM on Sunday); and (vi) Attestation of Work Contracts: Private sector worker (Visa No. 18) contracts are accepted at the Embassy; 9 AM to 1 PM; Sunday to Thursday; Domestic sector worker (Visa No. 20) contracts are accepted at Kuwait Union of Domestic Labor Offices (KUDLO), Hawally, Al-Othman Street, Kurd Roundabout, AlAbraj Complex, Office No 9, Mezzanine Floor; 9 AM to 9 PM, Saturday to Thursday; 5 PM to 9 PM on Friday. Embassy of India would like to inform that application forms for passport/visa services and labor contracts that are on its website,, have been upgraded to include the facility for online data entry. Affidavit forms on the embassy website have had this facility since May 6, 2009. lll

The Embassy of India will remain closed on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 on account of ‘Maha Shiv Ratri’.

IIS celebrates Kuwait Liberation and National Days


ccording to one of the leaders of the French Revolution, “Man does not live by bread alone”. They need freedom, dignity and equality, With this thought in mind, Integrated Indian School, run in collaboration with Kalka Group of Institutions celebrated the Kuwait Liberation and National Days rapturously. The students and teachers of Happiness House organized a special assembly on this auspicious occasion on February 16 which was graced by the honorable Chief Guest Sanad AlMuthery and Suad Al-Shimeri from the Kuwait Ministry of Education and the sponsor Jaber AlEnezi. A harmonious Hindi song “ Lub pe athi hai dua” was rendered by the school choir. An euphonious Arabic song sung by the school

choir again stole away dozen’s of hearts. A small skit in English, Illustrating the significance of Liberation in Kuwait, was also presented by the students. The program as a whole was truly a showcase of the talented students of Integrated Indian School . The audience feasted their eyes on the scintillating performances, of the students. The program met its end with the National Anthem. The children displayed artistically conceived models of life in Kuwait and its importance in the Arab world. The day was also celebrated with enthusiasm by children sharing the cuisine of Kuwait with their class mates. The chief guest thanked the students and the management for presenting them with such a visual treat which left their moral in high spirits.

EMBASSY OF THE US The United States Department of State announces the increase in various visa fees to ensure sufficient resources to cover the increasing cost of processing nonimmigrant visas (NIVs). US law requires the Department to recover the cost of processing non-immigrant visas through the collec tion of the application fees. The increased fees are to take effect June 4, 2010. Under the new rule, applicants for all visas that are not petition-based, including B1/B2 tourist and business visitor visas and all student and exchange-visitor visas, will pay a fee of $140. Applicants for petitionbased visas will pay an application fee of $ 1 5 0 , a s e a c h o f t h e b e l ow c a te g o r i e s requires a review of extensive documentation and a more in-depth interview of the applicant than other categories, such as tourists. These categories include: H visa for temporary workers and trainees L visa for intra-company transferees O visa for aliens with extraordinary ability P visa for athletes, artists and entertainers Q visa for international cultural exchange visitors R visa for religious occupations The application fee for K visas for fiance(e)s of US citizens will be $350. The fee for E visas for treaty-traders and treaty-investors will be $390. EMBASSY OF AUSTRALIA The Australian Embassy wishes to advise that it will be closed on Sunday 27 February 2011 on the occasion of the National and Liberation Day celebrations of the State of Kuwait. The Embassy will reopen on Monday 28 February 2011.



e niv rsar n


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e niv rsar n



Classifieds SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2011


ACCOMMODATION What happens to astronauts who misbehave? They’re grounded! — W E K N OW C L E A N J O K E S. C O M

“Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform. Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world’s estimation.”

How do you get an astronaut baby to sleep? Rocket!

— Susan B. Anthony, leader of the woman’s suffrage movement.

Girl helps police catch burglars

BY KID REPORTER LAUREN DAWN TimeForKids ave you ever dreamed of blasting off into space? That was always Sally Ride’s dream. It turned into a reality on June 18, 1983, when she became the first American woman to travel into space. Ride became interested in science when she was a little girl. After studying physics in college and graduate school, she was accepted into NASA’s astronaut training program. She went on to make two unforgettable trips into space. Since then, Ride has dedicated her time to getting kids excited about science, technology, engineering and math. Together, these subjects are known as “STEM.” She recently talked to TimeForKids about her lifelong passion for science and her goal to get more kids interested in STEM fields through her science education company, Sally Ride Science. Ride founded Sally Ride Science in 2001 to create quality programs and products that educate, entertain, engage and inspire. “We believe that when children are encouraged to pursue their interests they are inspired to think about their futures, and are better prepared to pursue a wide range of exciting opportunities in high school, college and beyond.”


An inflight view of the crew on the flight deck of STS-7 Challenger, June 25, 1983. Top: Astronaut Sally K. Ride, mission specialist, monitors control panels from the pilot’s chair. Floating in front of her is a flight procedures notebook.

TFK: When did you first become interested in science? SALLY RIDE: I have been interested in science for as long as I can remember. I loved science even when I was in second and third grade. It was my favorite subject. I (also) loved sports and was outside all the time. TFK: When did you first become interested in being an astronaut? RIDE: Partly because of my interest in science and partly because of the time that I grew up, I was always fascinated by the space program. I grew up in the early days of the space program. It was big news all the time. I can still remember our teachers in fourth and fifth grade wheeling these big old black-andwhite TV sets into the classroom, so that we could watch some of the early space launches. The whole class was just fascinated. I admired astronauts even from that time. If you asked me when I was 12 whether I wanted to be an astronaut, I’m sure I would have said yes. But I didn’t even think about that as a possible career until I was just finishing (graduate school). NASA put out an announcement that they were accepting applications for astronauts. ... It was the first time they were bringing women into the astronaut program. ... So I applied. TFK: What did it feel like to blast off into space? RIDE: There is no amusement park ride on earth that even comes close. You strap into the space shuttle, and believe me you have to be strapped in. When the rockets ignite and the shuttle starts moving; there is so much noise and vibration and so much going on. There are just tons and tons of rocket fuel exploding underneath you. You get this kick and you’re off the launch pad. It’s hard to take it all in. For several seconds, I was overwhelmed by the power of the launch.

TFK: Was it difficult to have a career in a male-dominated science? RIDE: When I was brought into NASA as part of a new astronaut class, there were 35 of us in that class. Six of us were women. I was lucky that there were other women (brought in) the same time I was. In the NASA facility where I was working in Houston, there were probably only four or five women out of 4,000 people. TFK: What is your most important accomplishment? RIDE: I went into the astronaut program not to be the first woman (to go into space), but just to get a chance to go into space. I realized how important it was for a woman to break that barrier and open the door for other women to join the astronaut core. ... I am proud and honored to be picked to be the first one. TFK: How can young girls prepare for a career in science? RIDE: It is important to understand what scientists do. Just having a good background in science is a very important thing these days. Look around on the web, and talk to your teachers. Find examples of women that are alive today and part of (this) exciting work. TFK: The U.S. is ranked 29th in science and 35th in math compared to other countries. Why do you think this is? RIDE: I think the main reason is that we as a country have not put a focus on math and science education like we used to. When I was growing up, it was one of the most important things to the country. (Kids were) encouraged to become scientists and engineers. Nationally, we haven’t (continued to) put the emphasis on it, and we are seeing the results. For information about Ride’s STEM education program, visit

An unlikely hero helped catch two would-be burglars on a recent afternoon. Cynthia Valdes, 12, quickly alerted authorities to the intruders when they broke into her Hialeah, Fla., home. Cynthia was home alone while school was out for the Presidents Day holiday, her mom was working and her dad had stepped out to get food. Just before 1 p.m., she heard someone banging on her house. Cynthia first called her dad, who said he wasn’t expecting anyone. So she called 911 on her cellphone and hid in her bedroom closet. “I’m home alone and he’s knocking on my door. Please I need somebody here quick,” she told a dispatcher on an emergency call released by Hialeah police. “He’s in the house. I need someone here quick,” she added. Cynthia told The Miami Herald she only saw one man at the door. She didn’t realize there were two men until after the incident. While they were inside the house, she stayed on the phone with the emergency dispatcher and told him everything she could. “I was trembling. I was scared,” the sixthgrader recounted. “I imagined they were just going to rob because they had not seen me.” But then one man entered her room and she became affraid they might take her too. She stayed hidden, wispering updates to the 911 operator. At one point the men tried to escape through the back, but the home’s rear gates kept them on the property. That’s when they tried to exit the front door. By then, more C O U RT E S Y O F W S V N than a dozen offiCynthia Valdes, 12, made cers, including a 911 call as home inSWAT and K-9 vaders broke into her teams, had arrived at the house home. Valdes hid in her closet during the burglary. and confronted the men, said Hialeah police spokesman Eddie Rodriguez. “The last thing they expected was a little girl in a closet with a cellphone,” Rodriguez said. Hialeah police have charged the two men, Michel Torres, 32, of Miami, and Pedro Estrada, 35, of Homestead, with burglary and auto theft. The white Cadillac they were driving had been reported stolen, Rodriguez said. Cynthia said she didn’t feel too heroic about her efforts. “Not that much. That was my only way out,” she said. — Laura Isensee, The Miami Herald

Sixty years ago, Sojourner Truth delivered her famous “Ain’t I a Woman” speech at a women’s rights convention in Akron, Ohio. The former slave spent 40 years of her life preaching a message of equality for all people. — TimeForKids

© 2011 Time Inc. All Rights Reserved. TIME FOR KIDS and are registered trademarks of Time Inc.

URGENTLY REQUIRED Situation vacant for a graphics art supply company in Kuwait dealing with Machinces & Consumables for the printing industry.

Sharing accommodation available for an Indian bachelor in a fully furnished C-A/C building in Farwaniya, near Crowne Plaza with kitchen facilities. Interested call: 99038601. (C 3146)

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1. Electrical Engineer 2. Mechanical Engineer 3. Electro Mechanical Engineer

One big full furniture room available for single decent bachelor with 3BR C-A/C flat with DSL internet, in Salwa, Block-9, near Sultan Center Salwa. Rent KD 90. Please contact: 99526394. (C 3147) Big room available with attached bathroom for decent couple or one bachelor, behind London Hospital, Fintas, walking distance to Fahaleel highway. Rent KD 80. Please contact: 60020168. (C 3148) 27-2-2011 Room available with attached bathroom for Indian couples or 2 working ladies behind new Beirut Hair Cutting Saloon, Qutaiba Street, Hawally. Contact 55753797. (C 3142) One room available in 2 bedroom flat for small Pakistani family near Pakistani International School and Gulfmart, Khaitan, available from 01/03/2011. Contact: 55434579. (C 3143) Sharing accommodation available for single decent bachelor, non-smoking share with family. Opposite to Al-Rashid Hospital, Shara Amman, Salmiya. Tel: 25651678/66232356/65717 906. (C 3144) 24-2-2011


FOR SALE Toyota Corolla 2009 model, white colour with wooden decor, CD player rear, sensor folding mirror etc, very low mileage 37000km, price KD 3,450. Contact: 66015265. (C 3135) 22-2-2011 2008 Mitsubishi Pajero, 3000cc, 4 doors, full option, no sunroof, black exterior color, price KD 4,150. Contact: 60799379. (C 3131) 21-2-2011

SITUATION WANTED Chartered Accountant having several years of experience in Finance, Accounting, Auditing and presently working as “Accounts Manager” available for immediate appointment. Contact: 67750985; email: (C 3129) Chartered Accountant (FCA-India), CIMA-UK, with 22 years of experience in reputed companies in India & Middle East having dealt in all aspects of Finance & Accounts looking for a suitable change. Contact: 90020122 / 25755926. (C 3130)

MATRIMONIAL Proposal invited for Marthomite girl, Chartered Accountant, 29 years working in Kuwait from parents of professionally qualified boys here or abroad. Email: (C 3145) 27-2-2011 Proposals are invited for Pakistani Muslim girl, FA, 27 years, from well educated boys working in Kuwait. Please contact through my email address: (C 3140) 23-2-2011

No: 15012

Room for rent in Jleeb, separate room fully furnished, family or working ladies, Indian or Filipino, A/C, fridge, washing machine, satellite, land phone, all other facilities separate, rent KD 50 only. Contact: 97267254. (C 3141) 23-2-2011 Sharing accommodation available near High Way Center, Abbassiya. Keralite Christian family for a bachelor or a lady with separate room, rent KD 50. Contact: 99645213. (C 3133) Room available for family or bachelor. Jleeb, Street No.12, ver y near to Balansiya Super Market, with free gas, water and


Flt 267 620 772 544 408 853 138 370 211 67 305 207 223 555 546 201 157 412 206 53 382 302 332 676 284 855 286 132 123 301 213 603 203 787 121 6801 711 165 615 953 404 772 610 561 672 512 57 982 500 562


Time 0:45 1:45 2:15 2:15 2:35 2:35 2:45 2:45 3:05 3:05 3:10 3:50 5:40 6:00 6:10 6:15 6:40 6:45 7:40 7:45 7:50 7:55 8:05 8:10 8:15 8:30 8:35 9:05 9:05 9:30 9:35 9:40 10:30 10:55 11:10 11:15 11:20 11:20 11:35 11:40 11:55 12:40 12:55 13:00 13:25 13:40 13:50 14:10 14:30 14:40


8067 134 257 341 110 712 2720 5006 304 303 857 215 5004 510 213 800 239 127 5002 177 502 542 618 786 614 674 744 1782 166 102 267 405 552 2702 61 647 572 372 217 104 81 402 136 859 172 981 157 185 3553 135 981 553


14:55 15:00 15:00 15:05 15:15 15:30 16:00 16:05 16:20 16:50 16:55 17:05 17:05 17:20 17:25 17:30 17:40 17:45 18:05 18:15 18:45 18:50 18:55 19:10 19:20 19:25 19:25 19:30 19:30 19:35 19:55 20:00 20:00 20:05 20:05 20:10 20:15 21:00 21:15 21:15 21:15 21:20 21:35 21:40 21:45 22:05 22:10 22:45 22:50 22:55 23:00 23:15


389 636 205


23:30 23:35 23:55 Time 0:40 0:40 0:45 0:50 1:30 2:30 3:15 3:45 3:45 3:50 4:00 4:55 5:55 6:55 7:15 7:40 8:00 8:20 8:25 8:40 8:55 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:15 9:20 9:20 9:40 9:45 10:00 10:00 10:20 10:20 10:40 11:45 11:45 11:45 12:00 12:10 12:15 12:20 12:25 12:30 12:35 12:55 13:00 13:40

Directorate General of Civil Aviation Home Page (


176 611 1781 58 551 673 982 617 8068 503 552 342 713 613 135 743 9320 103 304 216 858 801 184 128 156 511 204 134 283 361 62 351 9302 228 648 571 373 675 218 403 203 381 102 137 301 860 502 343 3554 530 554 415


13:50 13:55 14:30 14:35 14:40 15:10 15:25 15:35 15:40 15:45 16:00 16:05 16:20 16:20 16:30 16:40 17:00 17:05 17:40 18:05 18:10 18:15 18:20 18:25 18:30 18:35 19:15 20:05 20:15 20:20 20:50 20:55 21:05 21:05 21:10 21:15 22:00 22:10 22:15 22:20 22:25 22:30 22:30 22:35 22:45 22:50 23:00 23:30 23:35 23:35 23:45 23:45



s ta rs CROSSWORD 241



Aries (March 21-April 19) You may feel a little left out today as others talk and exclude you from the conversation. Not to worry, however, you will find out the details in due time—for now these issues do not concern you. Be patient with others today and use your intuition to guide you. You feel a love of order and law—an appreciation for responsibilities and duty. Problems are valued for the lessons they represent, rather than perceived as obstacles. Sympathy and understanding are emotional qualities that take on greater importance now. It is wisdom that counts most today and this is a good day. You appear perhaps more charming and refined than usual all day long. If you are involved in a love relationship—this may be the time to ask the big question.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Take a little trip, or get outside today. You may want to break that routine and try something new or different today. You will find a way around almost any obstacle and you are in control and able to guide yourself with ease. Understanding the people around you and helping them to understand you are important issues now. Someone may notice your self-assurance and comment on your positive attitude. Your sense of inner direction is good and should lead to some interesting opportunities. Emotional seriousness and a sober attitude this afternoon will bring you an awareness of the nature of time: these are keynotes of your deepest feelings. Relax this evening with a good romantic book or take in a movie. Ideas and thoughts are forming now.

POOCH CAFE ACROSS 1. Standard time in the 6th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 90th meridian. 4. Earnest or urgent request. 10. Syndrome resulting from a serious acute (sometimes fatal) infection associated with the presence of staphylococcus. 13. Relating to or characteristic of or occurring in the air. 14. Type genus of the Tetraonidae. 15. Annual grass of Europe and North Africa. 16. A chronic skin disease occurring primarily in women between the ages of 20 and 40. 17. Cuban dancer and choreographer (born in 1921). 18. The compass point that is one point east of due south. 19. A synthetic narcotic drug (trade name Demerol) used to treat pain. 21. Bringing death. 23. A salt or ester of oxalic acid. 25. A set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge. 26. Of or relating to or characteristic of the Republic of Chad or its people or language. 27. A fraudulent business scheme. 30. A soft silvery metallic element. 32. Any of numerous local fertility and nature deities worshipped by ancient Semitic peoples. 35. As hot as if in an oven. 39. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group. 40. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine. 43. Brazilian tree with handsomely marked wood. 46. A river that rises in western New Mexico and flows westward through southern Arizona to become a tributary of the Colorado River. 48. An official prosecutor for a judicial district. 49. An Arabic speaking person who lives in Arabia or North Africa. 50. Tropical American bird resembling a blue jay and having greenish and bluish plumage. 53. A genus of Platalea. 55. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens. 57. A resort city in western Florida. 58. Horny plate covering and protecting part of the dorsal surface of the digits. 61. A branch of the Tai languages. 62. A bachelor’s degree in library science. 63. The closing section of a musical composition. 64. Type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill. DOWN 1. A group of Plains Indians formerly living in what is now North and South Dakota and Nebraska and Kansas and Arkansas and Louisiana and Oklahoma and Texas. 2. A pure form of finely ground silica. 3. An evergreen tree of the family Ulmaceae that grows in tropical America and Africa and Asia. 4. A drug (trade names Atarax and Vistaril) used as a tranquilizer to treat anxiety and motion sickness. 5. A Basque or Spanish game played in a court with a ball and a wickerwork racket. 6. Alexandrian astronomer who proposed a geocentric system of astronomy that was undisputed until Copernicus (2nd century AD). 7. Bulky grayish-brown eagle with a short wedge-shaped white tail. 8. An associate degree in applied science. 9. The dried fibrous part of the fruit of a plant of the genus Luffa. 10. A flat tortilla with various fillings piled on it. 11. A region of Malaysia in northeastern Borneo. 12. The usually cylindrical central vascular portion of the axis of a vascular plant. 20. Fragrant resin obtain from trees of the family Burseraceae and used as incense. 22. Jordan’s port. 24. A crystalline metallic element not found in nature. 28. A white metallic element that burns with a brilliant light. 29. A Loloish language. 31. A small pellet fired from an air rifle or BB gun. 33. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth. 34. Resinlike substance secreted by certain lac insects. 36. The basic unit of money in Nigeria. 37. An amino acid that is found in the central nervous system. 38. Austrian painter influenced by art nouveau (1862-1918). 41. A wired or starched collar of intricate lace. 42. Any warm-blooded vertebrate having the skin more or less covered with hair. 44. The seventh month of the Moslem calendar. 45. A bar or bars of rolled steel making a track along which vehicles can roll. 47. Any of various perennial South American plants of the genus Loasa having stinging hairs and showy white or yellow or reddish-orange flowers. 51. An organization of countries formed in 1961 to agree on a common policy for the sale of petroleum. 52. The basic unit of money in Bangladesh. 54. Aromatic bulb used as seasoning. 56. Having undesirable or negative qualities. 59. A radioactive element of the actinide series. 60. An intensely radioactive metallic element that occurs in minute amounts in uranium ores.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) The awareness of the nature of time hits you today and you could be deciding to secure your future with children or perhaps the purchase of a permanent home. Remember that tiny causes can lead to big effects. You really do not have to make big changes right away. This is a time of changes on the personal and psychological level as well—as if you are transforming into an entirely new person. The ability to enchant others, finds this a time when mysticism and idealism seem to really be living in you. Outer circumstances and the flow of events make it easy for you to enjoy your surroundings—easy does it. If you are looking for a relationship, look for someone that has an interest in business affairs—not any one business in particular.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)


This is a day you will enjoy away from the workplace. Friendships and involvement in group activities play a more important part in your life now. You and a friend of yours could be in your old neighborhood this afternoon having a great time helping someone with the upkeep of his or her house or some other good-neighbor deed. Whether there is a volunteer organization you are working with or for some other reason, this is a great day to get things done and to help others. Friends are true riches, and the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing things in cooperation with others is something no one can take away from you. This is a time when you enjoy a little boost from those around you. You may feel that you are in harmony with others.

Leo (July 23-August 22) This is a good day for expressing your ideas. Others may find you especially witty and eccentric just now. You may feel like talking a bit more than usual, exploring new ideas or getting happily lost in a conversation. There is an urge to communicate. Also, perhaps a short trip or a special phone call is in order later today. Neighbors or brothers and sisters will likely bring all kinds of good experiences your way. You can demonstrate great understanding and sensitivity to others. Your image is highlighted, increasing your self-confidence. You can do anything you set your mind to do this day. This may be a time you play with some new ideas for future goals. If you are looking for a romantic match, look in new places for new faces—smile.


Virgo (August 23-September 22) Firm plans are developing now from some old ideas of the past to come into fruition. Figuring out how to organize these projects may be most important. There is a special interest with regard to some animal or the condition of a lake. Whether your purpose is to bring about awareness and a healing or some other change, there will be success, but success may not come quickly. This may be a life work and you wonít have to do it alone. You encourage others in many avenues of life. Friends and acquaintance may grab your attention this afternoon; the evening will bring about some closure to this day with the feeling of everyone coming together. You discover new reasons and ways to enjoy and appreciate life during this time.

Libra (September 23-October 22)


Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Slow days are necessary in order to build back emotional strength and perhaps make new plans. Emotional seriousness, a sober orientation and a practical awareness of the nature of time may be the key to your feelings now. Donít be too strict with yourself, especially if you think you are not progressing as you should. Creative work this afternoon can clear away a writer’s block. You have an interest in antiques and may decide to clean up an old piece of furniture to sell this week. You may decide to shop this afternoon for the future tools or crafts you may need. Get out and kick up your heels this evening. You know the old saying, ?All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy or a dull gal.? Social affairs are enjoyable now.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Your own inner need for change and growth may be threatened by someone older or by circumstances. You will be able to be understanding and handle this very quickly. You are able to cut through the red tape and get at the truth. You could be seen by others as just the person to be put in charge of some family project requiring a conservative mind. Consider yourself the guide and allow others to do the work. An organized and conservative mind is needed in order to get a project off the drawing board. A new and delicious recipe gains attention and is a possible moneymaker. Take time today and tomorrow to let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them. Enjoy romance to the fullest this evening.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)


Yesterday’s Solution

Daydreams are a big part of your morning—especially if you have not had enough rest lately. You may find yourself talking about your dreams with a friend or loved one this morning. A book that references some interesting dream visuals can be a lot of fun, mostly, there are ordinary dreams and teaching dreams. Writing down the information you receive and reviewing the information later would be a good thing to do. This may take patience for a review later but you could find a review very informative. There is a desire to study the occult and you may find interesting studies regarding dreams and how to understand them. You will do well in activities that include children, young people and your home this afternoon. Romance is yours tonight.

The technique of buying some time before speaking your mind is a difficult, but necessary step to take today. If you are planning for more education, include a friend or family member in that next course, or make sure you make some friends from the class—you enjoy critiquing teacher and subject matter. Employment possibilities such as computer technologies, telecommunication, writing, accounting, psychology will put you in a position of greater earning power. Purchasing things for the house may have you planning a shopping expedition. Start planning your meals for this week and enjoy healthy, low-fat meals. Enjoy relaxation time tonight that would include a loved one. Perhaps a lovely dinner away from home, or a movie would be good.

Yesterday’s Solution Yester

Aquarius (January 20- February 18) Today may be one of your most memorable days this month. Luck is in your corner for whatever you want to enjoy, accomplish or discover. Financial opportunities will be available through family connections now. Speak up and let your ideas be known. There will be some opportunities today that will help you move forward with a long-term plan. This could mean updating furniture or looking into some real estate. Emotional seriousness, a sober orientation and a practical awareness of the nature of time are keynotes of your deepest feelings. There is a tendency to be too strict with yourself and to insist that whatever does not contribute to security and other long-term goals is trivial. Lighten up this afternoon— enjoy some entertainment.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Word Sleuth Solution

The intellectual and communicative talents of those close to you take on greater importance today. You may find yourself being put to good use by your friends. Your more reserved qualities are present and valuable for the decision-making process. Nourishment is important and if you are in a cold region of the country, you may consider a good stew or soup for the noon meal today. If you have been exercising in the evening or late afternoon, change your exercise time to mornings. You will find yourself better equipped to take on the day. Emotional security and a sense of belonging and nurturing are felt instinctively. Finances, investments, romance, diet, etc., are issues you ponder. Rely on your own good sense when problems arise today.



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Grammer marries for fourth time ormer “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer married his fourth wife, Kayte Walsh, on Friday in a colorful ceremony at a Broadway theater where his new bride arrived wearing a white robe. Grammer, 56, exchanged vows with British flight attendant Walsh on the stage at The Longacre Theatre on Broadway, where he has just finished a Tony-nominated run in the musical, “La Cage Aux Folles.” A video on and pictures on various celebrity websites showed the couple arriving for their reception at The Plaza Hotel with Walsh dressed in a white, lace, sleeveless wedding gown. A spokesman for Grammer said the pair were married “at a private ceremony for family and friends.” People magazine reported that Grammer’s former


“Frasier” co-star David Hyde Pierce and actor Alan Arkin were in attendance. The New York Post said Grammer and Walsh were married by Terry Lavell, who plays a drag queen in “La Cage” and is licensed to officiate weddings. Grammer, an Emmy winner, rose to fame playing psychiatrist Dr Frasier Crane in the sitcoms “Cheers” and “Frasier,” which aired from 1993 to 2004. His career includes TV shows, movies and numerous stage roles. He finalized his divorce with third wife, Camille Donatacci Grammer, just two weeks ago. They broke up in 2010 when Grammer began seeing Walsh, 29, who in October suffered a miscarriage with her and Grammer’s baby. She is the daughter of former English soccer player Alan Walsh.

Lopez dances to stay in shape


he singer-and-actress has reportedly stepped up her workouts since taking on a role as a judge on US TV show ‘American Idol’ but friends insist she never finds going to the gym a chore. One pal explained: “Jennifer has amped up her workout routine by running three miles a day, five days a week. “But her true love is a dance workout. She has one of her choreographer friends meet her at a studio three times a week, where they put on loud Latin and pop

aomi Watts wasn’t allowed to complain about pain on her new movie. The 42-year-old actress who has sons Sacha, three, and Kai, two, with long-term partner Liev Schreiber - was sent to boot camp to prepare for her role as real-life former undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame in new movie ‘Fair Game’ and admits she found it tough. She said: “The director, Doug Liman sent me off to boot camp. He thought it was important I had the same tough exterior in the movie as Valerie, and that I looked too soft and maternal. “I’d just had a baby, Kai, on December 13 and I read the script on December 28. We were filming in February. “As Doug was walking out of the boot camp,


they kicked me in the shins and threw me to the ground. When I went, ‘Ow’, they said, ‘Don’t say that again unless you need to go to the hospital.” Because she went back to work so soon after giving birth, Naomi admits she doesn’t think she was really “up to” such an intensive physical project. She added: “I did paramilitary training and I was allowed to have Kai every few hours to feed him. But otherwise, I couldn’t have anyone else there. “It was intense and not something I was really up to. I did incredible things that I’ll never get to do, or wish to do again, you know, setting off explosives, ramming cars without a seatbelt or a helmet.”

Fisher’s Eastwood inspiration sla Fisher’s director wanted her ‘Rango’ character to sound like a mix of Clint Eastwood and Holly Hunter. The actress lends her voice to desert iguana Beans in the animated movie and revealed she watched a collection of old western movies to get the unusual inflections director Gore Verbinski requested. She explained: “Gore already had the idea of the voice and then I joined. He wanted her to sound like Holly Hunter and a little bit like Clint Eastwood so I actually watched ‘Raising Arizona’ a bunch of times and just kept practicing until the pitch was nice and low and I watched, of course, a bunch of old Westerns. “I didn’t really know the genre - growing up in Australia it wasn’t a big deal. So for me it was really exciting to see those amazing old movies.” However, Gore has credited Isla with developing the character even further, citing her “neurotic sense of humor” as vital. He told BANG Showbiz: “The accents are only a part of it, I mean she brought her own neurotic sense of humor, which is kind of more important.”


Shakira, Pique hold hands while out on the town ew photos show Colombian singer Shakira and Barcelona soccer player Gerard Pique holding hands as they enter a restaurant in the Catalonian city. Rumors that the two were an item surfaced during last year’s World Cup in South Africa. Shakira recorded the tournament’s official song, “Waka Waka,” and Pique was one of several players who appeared in the video. At the time, Shakira denied having a relationship with Pique, 10 years her junior. The photos could be seen Monday on a Facebook page dedicated to Shakira that lets any user post images or comments. The 34-year-old Colombian announced last month that she and Antonio de la Rua, son of former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua, had ended their 11year relationship.


he ‘Written in the Stars’ hitmaker admits that he has never committed to a girl long term and can’t imagine embarking on a relationship any time soon, because of his “roller-coaster” success over the last year. He explained: “I don’t think I’ve ever been in love. “In an ideal world, I’d find the perfect person who understands my situation. As you can imagine, this year has been a rollercoaster, because I’ve been travelling so much. I don’t think it would be fair to put someone through it emotionally.” However, if the 22year-old British star did decide to find his ideal girl, he knows exactly what he would be looking for. He said: “I’m a bit of a sucker for a pretty face. “Confidence is the most important thing. A sense of humor too, because I like to crack a joke. Lots of patience as well, as my life is pretty hectic.”


has found love

Watts relives boot camp ordeal

Tinie Tempah


music and dance and sweat for a full hour. “They just laugh and work out until they are drenched with sweat. They even have dance offs - taking turns to busy out some impromptu routines. “I think if everyone had that much fun working out, no one would ever dread the gym.” According to pals, the 41-year-old superstar’s hard work has paid off. The insider added: “She lost nearly 10lbs before ‘Idol’ began filming and she’s kept it off. “She’s over 40 and looks hotter than ever.”

Bieberʼs hair is being sold on eBay he pop star recently had his famous locks cut and they are now listed on the internet auction site with the current top bid at $7,200. The sale ends on March 2 and the unusual item has so far attracted interest from 61 users. The locks are being sold by Ellen DeGeneres who received some of his hair which is encased in a Plexiglas box that has been signed by the ‘Baby’ singer - as a gift when he appeared on her talk show this week. As he handed the strands over to the 53-yearold star - who had previously written on her twitter page that she wanted some of his hair he said: “That’s my hair. I’m giving pieces of it to different people. We’re doing something special. We want you to donate it to whatever charity you want to.” Ellen is donating all proceeds from the auction to animal rescue foundation The Gentle Barn. Justin decided to change his trademark hairstyle ahead of his 17th birthday next Tuesday. Discussing why he wanted to ditch ‘The Bieber’ look, he said: “I just wanted to, that’s all, not really a big reason. I just woke up and said, ‘I don’t want this anymore’, so I just cut it.”




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lifestyle Music and Movies



Algeria wins best film Cesar award


f Gods and Men,” a film about the unsolved murder of French monks during Algeria’s brutal civil conflict in the 1990s, won best film on Friday in France’s annual version of the Academy Awards. Director Roman Polanski and “The Social Network” were also honored with “Cesars,”-the French answer to the Oscars. “Of Gods and Men”, a sombre film based on the true story of the last days of seven monks in an Algerian monastery, clinched a total of three Cesars. The seven members of a Trappist order lived in a monastery in Tibehirine south of Algiers and disappeared in 1996 during a savage wave of killings by both Islamist militants and government forces. Only their severed heads were ever recovered and the exact circumstances of their deaths remain unclear. The film focuses on the rhythms of monastic life and how the men face up to the growing threat of violent death as civil conflict escalates around them. It also tackles universal themes of faith and religious tolerance. The film’s director, Xavier Beauvois, used his

acceptance speech to appeal for openness towards Muslims ahead of France’s 2012 presidential elections. “I don’t want people to say bad things about Muslims in the upcoming electoral campaign. I want us to be together with them, that’s the lesson of this film,” he said. The film was also awarded best film score and Michael Lonsdale was named best supporting actor for his role as the monastery’s doctor. Polanski was named best director for his film “The Ghost Writer,” a political thriller which won a total of four awards. The French-Polish director spent several months last year under house arrest in Switzerland but avoided extradition to the United States in connection with a 1977 sex crime. Acclaimed US director Quentin Tarantino, who made such films as “Pulp Fiction” and “Jackie Brown,” was handed an honorary Cesar. The best foreign film went to the Facebook movie “The Social Network,” which is also competing for Oscars at the Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood.—Reuters

French actress Sara Forestier reacts on stage after winning the Best Actress award for Michel Leclerc’s film “Le Nom des Gens” (The Names of Love).

Film director Roman Polanski poses after winning the Best Director and Best Adaptation award for his film “The Ghost Writer”.

French director Xavier Beauvois, right, raises his trophy next to actor Michael Lonsdale after winning the Best Film award for his film ” Of Gods and Men” at the end of the annual ceremony of the 36th Cesar Awards, in Paris, Friday. Lonsdale won the Best Supporting Actor award appearing in that film. —AP

(From left) US director Quentin Tarantino holds his Cesar award of honor with Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez who won the Best Newcomer award for his part in the movie “Carlos”.

Stars rock the Kodak at Oscar’s music rehearsals

Oscar T

producers say show comes with youthful edge

Actors James Franco, left, and Anne Hathaway talk to the media at the Kodak Theatre in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, Thursday.—AP

‘Anne Hathaway is youngest host ever at age 28’


hen the curtain comes up on the 83rd Academy Awards tonight, the show’s producers hope to reconnect movie fans with Hollywood history as well as use technology and imager y to engage younger fans of the future. Producers Don Mischer and Bruce Cohen hired James Franco, 32, and Anne Hathaway, 28, to host the show and all week, the pair have put out teaser videos on the Web of them “training” for their hosting duties and avoiding a “wardrobe malfunction.” In one, they mimic John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in a song-and dance number from the musical “Grease.” It is the first time in Oscar history that a man and woman have been co-hosts, and Hathaway is the youngest ever emcee for the show, beating out Donald O’Connor who was a co-host in 1954, Cohen told a news conference on Friday. He and Mischer insisted that when they first thought about bringing Franco and Hathaway on board as cohosts, they hadn’t thought about trying to appeal to younger audiences. But as they developed the show, their hosts’ youth natu-

rally lent itself to ideas that would appeal to younger audiences. “As we’ve been putting the show together, we’ve naturally come up with things that go that way,” Cohen said. “We all feel it’s a real exciting thing. This is the next generation of moviegoers,” he said. In recent years, viewership has been eroding for the Oscars telecast, which is annually the second most popular TV show in the United States. Last year’s telecast was the most-watched in five years with about 42 million viewers, but a large part of that was due to the popularity of best film nominee “Avatar,” which had scores of younger fans. The telecast generally sees viewership increase when popular movies are up for awards. The high-water mark was 1998 when 57 million people tuned in to watch smash hit “Titanic” win best film. The low was 2008 when about 32 million tuned in for a victory by adult drama “No Country for Old Men.” The producers and the show’s organizers at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences generally only provide a few glimpses of what will be staged, and on

Friday, they were characteristically quiet on details. One element they did discuss was the lack of elaborate sets on stage, and the use of contemporary technology-Twitter, Facebook and cameras backstage and on the red carpet streaming video on the Web. Cohen said one aim was to connect audiences with what made them love movies in the first place. For instance, when the award for best animated film is given, the show will harken to the winner of the first animated Oscar, “Shrek” in 2001, by showing images of that film’s fairy tale landscape setting. “Hopefully,” added Cohen, “it gives a fun, exciting context to the Oscars.” One element the producers hope to avoid are the long, boring acceptance speeches with many “thank yous” read word-for-word from stars looking at notes on pieces of papers. Mischer said those speeches cause viewers to turn the TV channel, but when stars get excited or speak from the heart, audiences stay tuned. “ They want to see when people are moved, or touched,” Mischer said. —Reuters

he Kodak Theatre was rocking as Gwyneth Paltrow, Mandy Moore, Celine Dion and other musicians ran through the numbers they’ll perform on tonight’s Academy Awards. Moore dueted with Zachary Levi on “I See the Light,” the nominated song from Disney’s “Tangled,” as composer and eight-time Oscar winner Alan Menken backed them on piano. Paltrow continued to show her musical side, singing “Coming Home” from her recent film “Country Strong.” Oscar-winning Indian composer AR Rahman and British indie rocker Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine performed a haunting rendition of “If I Rise” from “127 Hours.” Dion sang “Smile” as the In Memoriam packaged played on a big screen above her. But an energetic group of 10-year-olds stole the show from all those stars. The 64 fifth graders who make up the chorus at New York’s Public School 22 on New York City ’s Staten Island arrived at the Kodak Theatre Friday to rehearse their per formance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” They’d flown in earlier that morning, many of them on their first-ever airplane trip. Wearing green or blue T-shirts that declared them to be an alto or soprano, they filled the theater with elementary-school enthusiasm. “Justin Timberlake, oh my God!” one girl said when she saw the star’s seat-saving placard. “When I’m up there, my eyes will be right here.” Then they tromped onto the Oscar stage and sang with such conviction and heart that they choked up an audience of Hollywood veterans. Guided by stage managers and their teacher, Gregg Breinberg, the students practiced getting on and off stage and memorized their spots for the night. They marveled at the names they recognized in the audience. Sandra Bullock! Nicole Kidman! They looked around the big theater and had to be reminded to pay attention. But when they sang, it was clear they knew exactly what they were doing. They swayed and moved to the beat. They closed their eyes and gestured with their hands. They felt it. “You’re in this song. You’re inside of it,” Breinberg told them. “You’re going to blow everybody away.” Moments later, the kids were the ones blown away when show hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco surprised them on stage. The actors hugged and high-fived them, then posed for a photo. “Way to go,” Hathaway told the group. “I love your dance moves.” Next up for PS 22? They’re going to Disneyland , where they’re set to perform in front of the famous Magic Castle. “We didn’t think we could beat the Oscars, but Disneyland is coming damn close,” Oscar producer Bruce Cohen said. —AP

Singer, Celine Dion rehearses at the Kodak Theatre in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, Friday.—AP



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lifestyle F A S H I O N

Armani’s secret agents, Versace’s Oscar gowns


ecret agent femme fatales captivated the Emporio Armani show yesterday, their sculpted dresses in stark contrast to Donatella Versace’s fabulous feathered gowns for the Oscars. Italian fashion king

Giorgio Armani’s label, which has hired US actress Megan Fox for a sexy ad campaign, presented an all-black collection, inspired by film noir crime dramas. Models wore black, peaked caps pulled down low over their eyes and short, tailored jackets with concealed buttons to convey the secretive world of “international espionage,” guests were told. True to film noir’s visual style, a play on light and shadow accentuated silhouettes: sharply cut jackets and coats were softened with ruffles at the neck or puffed-out sleeves, from elbow to wrist. Sleek jumpsuits, satin culottes or pipe-thin trousers puffed at the thigh were worn with towering stilettos with silver heels or with pumps-presumably to enable the spies to stalk their prey with greater ease. A sparkling silver gown with detachable ruffle collar, sleek black dresses with detached puffed sleeves and Mongolian fur coats aimed to encapture “the beat of great nightclubs and the silence of famous hotels.” There were nods to trends seen elsewhere in Milan Fashion Week, from a hint of tartan on a cape with large tassles to pleated coats and sarong-style wrap-skirts. The only touches of color were blue and green

feather-adorned bags, a blue feather shrug and a purple feather coat. Even the dog, scooped up under one model’s arm, had his own, all-black outfit. The plumage motif was also a feature of Friday’s Versace, which starred Red Carpet gowns with sweeping plumed trails, part of the autumn/winter collection unveiled in the garden of the label’s Milan headquarters. Models also strode out in black leather military-style coats with gold Medusa buttons-the Versace house trademarkand tunics with open backs, as well as purple rollneck jumpers matched with leather pleated skirts. Fur mufflers in white, purple and green set off the classic ‘little black dress’, updated by plunging V-shaped necklines or crossed straps and striking tulip patterns in bright yellow and purple. Backstage after the show, a tired but pleased-looking Donatella Versace showed off the collection highlights but gave few hints about who could be wearing the feathered gowns at the Oscar ceremony on Sunday. Another take on the playful military uniform and feathers theme was seen earlier on Friday at Moschino’s autumn-winter show, which starred a feathered creation and featured red, cream and black riding coats.

Models present creations by Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2011 collection. —AP photos

Giorgio Armani waves to the audience after presenting the Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2011 collection presented in Milan, Italy, yesterday. — AP

Models present creations by Versace Fall/Winter 2011 collection.



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lifestyle F A S H I O N

Dior suspends top designer Galliano after alleged assault


Galliano’s bodyguard tried to quiet the situation, as did the staff from La Perle, but there was nothing more to do,” the site said. Galliano’s lawyer told AFP the designer “formally denies the accusations of antiSemitism made against him.” Galliano “is not at all in this state of mind (and) will explain later,” Zerbib said, adding that “legal action will be taken against those

ashion house Dior has suspended John Galliano after police questioned its flamboyant British star designer for allegedly assaulting a couple and using anti-Semitic insults in a Paris bar. Galliano responded by bringing a suit for “defamation”, his lawyer Stephane Zerbib said late Friday, just days before Paris Fashion Week starts. Police briefly detained

Prada seeks

File photos show models wearing creations by British fashion designer John Galliano.

Models take the catwalk during the Gianfranco Ferre’ Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

Models take the catwalk during the Prada Fall/Winter 2011 collection. —AP photos

innocence in her aviator school girl

Galliano on Thursday evening in Paris’ fashionable Marais district after he allegedly verbally accosted a couple in a bar. Galliano’s lawyer strongly denied accusations of anti-Semitism. “The House of Dior declares with the greatest firmness its policy of zero tolerance with regard to any anti-Semitic or racist statement or attitude,” Dior boss Sidney Toledano said in a statement. “Pending the outcome of the enquiry, Christian Dior has suspended John Galliano from all duties,” said Dior, which is owned by Bernard Arnault, who also controls global luxury retailer LVMH.The altercation erupted at the La Perle cafe, popular with the gay and fashion community in the historically Jewish neighborhood, between Galliano and a couple next to

him at around 9:00 pm, a police source said. France’s Europe 1 radio quoted the couple, a man and a woman, as alleging that Galliano said in English: “Dirty Jewish face, you should be dead” and “Fucking Asian bastard, I will kill you.” Police detained him for questioning and he was found to have consumed several times over the legal alcohol limit for driving. The designer was released and taken home by his driver pending possible charges. The couple brought a lawsuit against him, a police source said, but the prosecutor’s office was unable to confirm this. German fashion magazine and website Sleek quoted witnesses as saying the altercation began when Galliano sat next to a couple at the bar who mistook him for a “bum when he tried to strike up a conversation with them.” The couple allegedly called Galliano “dirty and disgusting”. The designer initially ignored them but then allegedly said to the woman: ‘You’re ugly and your fucking bag is ugly too,’ the German website reported. “The boyfriend of the woman then got up from his chair and aggressively charged to threaten the designer.

File photo shows British fashion designer John Galliano appears at the end of his men’s fall-winter 2011/2012 fashion collection presented in Paris. —AP photos making such accusations.” “There was an altercation, Mr Galliano was verbally attacked, but at no point did he make any such insults, and we have witness testimony that backs this up.” Gibraltar-born Galliano, 50, took over the creative helm at Dior in 1996 and has been described as the driving force behind the label’s 700 million euro annual profits. He would have been focused this week on preparing his fall-winter collections for Christian Dior and his own label during next week’s Paris Fashion Week. —AFP

on’t expect to be swathed in silk next fall and winter. Designers are reaching for fabrics of a sturdier nature. Fendi showed an eccentric side, combining wild fur, down-to-business tweed and ephemeral sheer fabrics, sometimes in a single piece. And materials were the starting point of Prada’s collection, from python in boots, caps and coats to fake fur caps and collars and sturdy gabardine outerwear. Soft women, this won’t be your year, at least judging by collections previewed Thursday during Milan fashion week. Katie Holmes, the actress and wife of Tom Cruise, was on hand for Max Mara’s preview. She wore an off-the-


but a lady getting more innocent.” There were dark double-breasted coats with big buttons, silver or black, belted at the waist. The collar, in nude, or baby pink, matches the aviators’ cap, and goggles complete the picture. Drop-waist dresses feature pleated skirts, red or blue, or geometric designs, checks and squares. Evening wear included dresses of plastic, transparent scales, in sophisticated combinations like mustard-seed and garnet, paired at times with one of her oversized furry collars —a sort of surf-and-turf of fashion. Accessorizing, Prada blurred the line between the clutch — hers featuring strategic strap that snugly

shoulder dress, hair pulled back simply for the collection in straightforward palate of gray, cream, beige and camel. The Max Mara women won’t need to worry about the cold. Whether dressed for the evening in a strapless dress, or for work hours in a belted gray leather jacket over paints, the answer is a high fur cowel as a hedge against a chill.

fits the hand — and handbags, which models held sideways like clutches.

PRADA What could be more innocent than an aviator’s cap. Pair it with a narrow silhouette dress featuring a pleated skirt, and you start to get an image of sweetly innocent childhood dreams. Then throw in some python boots, and the dream morphs into Miuccia Prada’s fashion vision. The clothes are about “innocence or freshness,” Prada said back stage. “Not a girl dressing like a lady,

Ferre Women’s fashion for next fall and winter is all about texture — and the Ferre fashion house was no exception, mixing it up with shearling and lame, leather and knit in the collection previewed during Milan fashion week on Friday. The label is designed by the young duo Tommaso Aquilani and Roberto Rimondi, who took over after the death of Gianfranco Ferre in 2007. The fashion house is in for yet another change: new owners from Dubai took a front row seat to check out the new collection that will launch their tenure. The sale, at an undisclosed price, is expected to be complete by next week. —AP

Oscar producers say show comes with youthful edge



KUWAIT: Fireworks light the sky near the Kuwait Towers on Feb 25, 2011 during celebrations marking the state’s 50th Independence Day. — Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat

Oscars braced for monkey business if Banksy wins


Customers are seen here performing at a karaoke lounge in Hong Kong.—AFP

Business or pleasure, Asia’s karaoke love lives on


t’s been a way to unwind and get a deal done in Asia for over 40 years; crooning like Sinatra, camping it up like Abba or rocking like Elvis, often to a room full of stone-faced men in suits. Karaoke is big business. And business is booming to the sound of singing. Some good, most bad. Karen Ho is on fire at the mic at a Hong Kong bar. Eyes locked on the chintzy music video and hands clasped around a microphone, her voice reaches for the top notes with the fierce conviction of a jilted lover. Just as it can’t get any louder her friends Nora Chung and Soham Lee join the chorus, filling the room with anguished voices, all equally laden with emotion. None quite singing the same note. Nevertheless, for one delicious moment they are all Kay Tse-the Cantopop Queen whose lovelorn ballad blares on the giant television screen ahead of them. Gathered at Red MR, the latest addition to the city’s congested karaoke scene, the trio are among the estimated 600,000 people aged 16 to 34 who are not embarrassed about singing in public at least once a month. Research firm Synovate Media Atlas says karaoke is worth an estimated $155 million a year in the city. Keen for its share, BMA Investment is hoping its ten new upscale sites will lure punters tired of the no-frills karaoke boxes-multi-roomed premisesthat dominate the market. Red MR are taking karaoke into the future, says Canny Leung, BMA’s executive director, with glitzy 31-room establishments complete with

multimedia gizmos, including touchscreen tables to order food and drinks. “I’m confident we will do well,” says Leung. “This is a city that loves to sing.” More than four decades since its invention in Japan, karaoke-a Japanese phrase meaning ‘empty orchestra’-remains Asia’s most treasured pastime. “Hong Kong is so busy, it’s a little crazy,” says media worker Ho. “Karaoke is my way of releasing the pressure. “When I’m here I forget about the stress of life,” explains her friend Nora Chung. “Chinese people can be very quiet and serious but here we express ourselves....we are free.” Often shy and retiring, people across Asia can be seen suddenly throwing off their chains and belting out a number in front of a room full of people, all waiting their turn. And they’re often completely sober. Almost half of all Chinese adults partake in karaoke regularly, according to research firm Global Intelligence Alliance. From Hong Kong’s ‘KBoxes’, to Manila’s videoke street stalls and Seoul’s noraebang (singing rooms), karaoke bars festoon the region’s towns and cities. They come in many guises-frequently wholesome but sometimes sleazy- and cater for everyone from students to sake-soaked businessmen. Perhaps best known as an indelible part of Asian business culture, hard drinking nights in front of the microphone often lubricate deals and build trust across language and cultural barriers. —AFP

ould monkey-masked Banksy invade the Oscar ceremony like a short King Kong? “Sure he could,” says Academy president Tom Sherak. But don’t bet on seeing Banksy even if he wins the documentary prize on Sunday. The always-hidden Banksy, who promoted his nominated film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” with three new LA graffiti pieces this week (less scandalous than last week’s first four), began negotiations for his Oscar appearance at the Feb 7 Oscar nominees’ lunch. “That was a five-minute conversation about if they won how it would be handled,” says Sherak. “How we could be comfortable and they could be comfortable. He wasn’t there. That we know- he could’ve been the waiter at the table. How would we know? His reps were very, very open, nice, trying to work with us.” Banksy wants to attend the show in a mask, perhaps his monkey mask. “We said if he wants to come up of course he should come up. No, we’d rather he not wear a mask. There’s no rule. We asked him to respect the night and respect the honor.” So should everybody in their monkey suits at the Kodak Theatre be looking over their shoulder for Bansky in a gorilla mask? Cheeky monkey! Don’t bother. What’s likelier is that someone may be designated to accept on his behalf, which ordinarily happens only when someone dies (eg, his family collecting Heath Ledger’s Oscar). Perhaps the Academy will let Banksy designate a recipient, since his career would die if he showed his face. Some say the Academy should welcome Banksy’s mask. “Half the women over 40 in Hollywood are wearing masks,” says an Oscar campaign advisor—Reuters

A graffiti attributed to secretive British artist Banksy depicting a child wielding a machine gun, in black and white surrounded by colored flowers, is spotted in Westwood.—AFP

Men’s cosmetics take off in China


ore and more Chinese men are looking to the power of skin creams and antiage serums to help them get ahead professionally, sparking a booming new market that has major cosmetics firms salivating. Chinese men have fewer hang-ups than Western men about using skin care products-and keen customers, especially in urban areas, are even snapping up pots of foundation, toners and whitening creams traditionally bought by women. Industry giants such as France’s L’Oreal and German group Beiersdorf, which makes the Nivea line, are spending big on ads and distribu-

tion in China to conquer the promising marketand concocting new tailor-made products. “It’s a very dynamic market,” Jackson Zhang, vice president of L’Oreal China, told AFP, saying that about 10 percent of Chinese men are already using skin care products specifically made for them. The typical customer is an urban professional living not just in the capital Beijing or cosmopolitan Shanghai, but also in smaller cities nationwide. “When Chinese men’s income rises, in the beginning, they buy a good watch, then they move on to electronics... then they move to clothes, buy famous brands and finally they

move to personal care products,” Zhang explained. “Men believe that using skin care products can give them a better competitive edge for their jobs, or for girls.” China will account for half of global growth in the men’s skin care market in the 2009-2014 period, market intelligence firm Euromonitor said in a study released in November, adding that Procter & Gamble should soon join the fray. During those five years, the Chinese market is projected to expand by 28.7 percent, as compared with growth of just 5.7 percent in North America and 7.9 percent in western Europe, Euromonitor said. —AFP

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