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November 5, 2010


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KUWAIT: Abdulrahman Al-Zanki, 14, the inventor of the ‘Doodle Destroy’ game for iPhones and iPads is seen planning his next invention.

Al-Zanki’s ‘Doodle Destroy’ game a huge hit on iPhone ʻMegamindʼ turns superhero flicks upside down

14-year-old Kuwaiti has million fans By Nawara Fattahova


Pierce lifts Celtics to OT win over Bucks PAGE 64

KUWAIT: At first sight, he may seem like just another 14-year-old Kuwaiti high school student. Not many 14-yearold tenth grade students, from Kuwait or anywhere else, however, have invented iPhone and iPad games which have already attracted millions of downloads from across the world. Abdulrahman Al-Zanki, however, has already done so, inventing seven games for iPhones and iPads, with the ‘Doodle Destroy’ game being his greatest game masterpiece to date, with over one million fans downloading it over the past few months. By his own admission, Al-Zanki didn’t even start as much of a fan of iPhone games. He explains that his career as a gaming trendsetter began when he became bored playing the same game over and over. “I started playing a game on the iPhone, but I soon got bored and thought of inventing my own game,” he explains. “That’s how it all started.”

Al-Zanki didn’t even have an iPhone of his own at the start, but got interested after watching friends become engrossed in game-playing on their own iPhones. While two of the games he’s invented, ‘Vanish Balls’ and the globally popular ‘Doodle Destroy’ are downloadable free of charge, gamers have to pay to download the ‘Doodle Bounce,’ ‘Doodle Ball,’ ‘Doodle Destroy 2,’ ‘Yellow Taxi’ and ‘Bow and Arrow’ games. He designed his first game, ‘Yellow Taxi,’ in February of this year - and the rest, as they say, is history. “I’m currently working on improving my old games to make them better,” he adds. Even at 14, Al-Zanki has his priorities well organized, having become expert in time-management skills. “I try to manage my time so it won’t affect my studies,” he revealed. “I also use the time when I’m on my way to school, when I work on organizing the stages of some games.” He jokes that one of the best periods for his game creation activities was while he was laid up

after suffering a broken leg, saying, “I wasn’t able to go out then and I managed to finish the game fast.” The young designer begins his creations by sketching the game designs on paper before transferring them to the computer with assistance from his brother. “I’m not yet a professional in all the computer programs,” he said. “I know the basics and my brother helps me.” In the creation of ‘Destroy 2,’ for instance, he explains that his brother designed around 10 of the game’s 16 levels: “I depend on his help in transferring my hand-drawn designs onto the computer,” he explains. Despite his young age, Al-Zanki has already been swamped with job offers from prestigious hi-tech companies. “I haven’t accepted any of the offers at the present time,” he reveals. “I think I need more experience in mathematics and science and better language skills to work as an employee.” The levelheaded youngster also reveals that he’s giving serious thought

to obtaining extra training in these subjects during the school holidays to be better prepared. “I didn’t expect this much success and this huge number of downloads for my games,” he says with great modesty, adding that his friends have been a great test audience for his games, with their feedback being invaluable in modifying and improving them. “I take their suggestions on board to improve my games, so for instance I’ll change the location of a button or whatever” at their recommendation, he explains. As a young innovator, for whom an extremely promising career in games design has happened in a dizzyingly short time, worries over copyright registration and other concerns have taken a backseat so far. Al-Zanki has already set his mind on continuing his studies at the US’s prestigious Stanford University, where he’d like to study Computer Programming. Given his success, levelheadedness and dedication to date, it seems the sky’s the limit for this innovative young Kuwaiti.


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Friday, November 5, 2010

One of Sara Al-Hatem’s room designs

By Wendy Clayton he is petite, quiet and elegant. That is until you start discussing her childhood passion of decorating. That is when you see the fire ignite and the passion burn. This one time school teacher has turned her hobby into a career, taking bold steps in the interior design world to amalgamate elements from different ages into an exciting, fresh look for the modern home. That passion has now been realized as this unassuming Kuwaiti Interior Designer Sara Al-Hatem launches her first book, ‘Interior Design - Modernity and Distinction.’ Al-Hatem’s inner beauty, elegance, and attention to detail transcends into her work, producing stunning


results for her clients. ‘Interior Design - Modernity and Distinction’ aims to provide clients with innovative ideas for home decoration and interior design. With Al-Hatem’s guiding hand she fulfils clients’ wishes and dreams by helping them identify their needs to provide individual comfort and beauty in their homes. She uses many facets of design to achieve unique styles and themes in her work. By utilizing existing structures, she creates a new environment through the use of colors and hues, fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, curtains, lighting, art and accessories. Her specialty is the combination of each element through careful placement and control to create a sensual environment. She travels extensively to source materials and products from different parts of the world to finalize projects, “I’ve even used fabrics from shirts to create cushions for the lounge and crystals to add texture to a painting. I like to create unique pieces for individual clients. In this way, they have something that is not only unique but rare.” Many design periods and cultures are reflected in her work including Arabic, Greek, French Renaissance and Rococo


periods, and Art Deco styles. Al-Hatem takes her Interior Designs to a bold new level by combining periods and styles such as blending Arabic elements with Art Deco accessories to create a fresh new look and feel. “I like to adhere to the classic designs but bring them up to meet modern living. When I first told a client I wanted to blend Arabic with Art Deco, they said no. I did some drawings of my ideas and said to them not to judge the idea but wait until the finished result. When the project was completed they were very happy.” Supported by her husband and family, Al-Hatem has been encouraged to pursue her passion. Appearances on the Dubai channel as a consultant and participation in design exhibitions has helped to raise her profile within the Arab Gulf countries. Al-Hatem graduated from the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in 1987 with a bachelor of Education, majoring in Interior Design. She left the education system fifteen years ago to pursue her life-long passion of interior designing. Since then, she has designed and decorated more than 70 private homes, villas and chalets in Kuwait and other Gulf countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. “I do not miss teaching at all. I love what I do now very much,” said AlHatem. Inspiration for the cover design come from Arabic styles while the color represents modern themes. The Greek column showing three heads represents the vision an interior designer needs in order to view all aspects of a design from its many angles. ‘Interior Design - Modernity and Distinction’ goes on sale in two weeks and can be purchased via Al-Hatem’s website or from local Kuwait book stores and libraries.

Sara Al-Hatem with her new interior design book “Modernity and Distinction”

Friday, November 5, 2010




A leaking tap!

Mothers: The rarest jewels of all By Muna Al-Fuzai


ecently I lost my mother, an experience many of you will have gone through. Although I realize that I was blessed in having my mother throughout such a large part of my life, this made me even more aware that the absence of beloved ones is never easy. Losing a father is always hard, but losing a devoted and loving mother is uniquely painful and no matter what others say to try and comfort you, you still feel the agony and emptiness in your heart and soul. Mothers are precious beyond value. Today, in my first article after two long, dark weeks, having received many heartfelt condolences, I want to tell everyone that mothers are the rarest jewels in the world and, to tell all those of you who have a mother still alive that you must maintain contact with her. Here’s why: Who will love you most? The only person in this life who will love you and accept you in good times and bad is your mother. No matter what, she’ll take you for who you are and, no matter what you say or do, she’s the one person in this life who’s ready always to forgive and forget. This is a true invaluable blessing in our lives. Can you think of anyone else who would behave in the same wholly uncritical, unselfish way, even your spouse and children? You may have a child and raise him or her and still he or she could be ungrateful. You might marry someone and whenever you argue he or she might stop talking to you out of resentment, with this silence continuing for

weeks or even months. But can any mother stop speaking to her child for any reason? The sad part here is that many will recall too late, during the period of bereavement after losing one’s mother, what he or she had done to make his/her mother angry or disappoint them. You might fight with your mother almost constantly and feel that everyone knows you better and accepts you more than your own mum. Sometimes you may even get furious enough to wonder if you were adopted because your mum doesn’t seem to approve of everything you say or want to do. And, of course, we all forget that our mothers are older than us and know life better than we do, that they sense dangers and see what we cannot. When we’re teenagers or in our twenties, we think that we know everything there is to know about the world; maybe because when we look in the mirror and see the changes in our bodies we imagine that we’ve become more knowledgeable than our mothers. Many of us act foolishly; yet, as we grow older and become parents ourselves, we realize that we have become copies of our mothers and fathers and the very things we used to hate hearing from them are the ones we repeat to our own kids! These are amazing and eternal truths in this life that lead many of us, no matter what disagreements we had with our mothers, to recall them at the end of our journey in life with love and appreciation of all that they did and how they made us better human beings. For my beloved mother and for all the mothers in the world, thank you for what you are trying to do for your kids and I’m sure that one day they will thank you for all you have done.

By Badr ya Dar wish


travelled through Kuwait International Airport three times over the last two weeks when business trips took me to Dubai. What struck me most forcibly was the comparison which one cannot help but make between Kuwait Airport and Dubai Airport. During my journeys I used the restrooms in both airports. KIA is small so I have been using the same restroom there for years. Using it during my most recent journeys, I found that one of the taps there was leaking during my first, second and third trips. I was upset and asked the cleaning lady to request that maintenance staff come and fix it. The Asian lady smiled back at me and said, “Mama, I call everyday and I complain but nobody listens.” Then she took some sheets out of a drawer and showed me the number of complaints she had registered with them. I felt I should take the initiative myself and go and speak to somebody. Honestly, I did not know who to address my complaint to. I was already past customs and into the gate area. Who should I talk to there? The immigration officer who stamps passport or the traffic officer who serves the plane? It’s not their business, after all. This is happening in a country where water comes at a high price, so imagine that a tap is leaking 24/7 for months. And

remember, this is our international airport! It just breaks my heart. That is not the only problem, though. Land at Dubai Airport and just compare the services on offer, whether it’s the restrooms, information desk, customs, baggage conveyor belt or the speed with which one can leave the airport, the flights, hotel services and so on. Or take a look at the efficiently organized transport or the wellorganized queuing system, etc - the list is endless. I am envious of Dubai. Why can’t Kuwait do the same and excel? It’s sad that Dubai went downhill during the recent recession. I tried to book for Eid for my family, however, and was told that four big hotels there are already fully-booked. Even when they say that the country is suffering financially, its hotels are fully-booked, its airport is buzzing with passengers and its malls are crowded. So, if this is the moneycrunch, good luck to them! The people there serve you with a smile and superb efficiency at every turn. I don’t see the bubble bursting in Dubai any time soon and find the gloomy predictions forecasting this funny. Maybe it did lose out somewhere along the line, but the people there have certainly managed to compensate for this and have turned their country into a touristic and a business service country. Good luck, Dubai! Meanwhile, I hope on my next trip that the leaking tap at Kuwait Airport is fixed.


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KUWAIT: (From left to right) Sheikh Ali Al-Abdallah Al-Salem, Rami Ashour, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdallah, Sheikha Fadiya Al-Saad and Amr Shabana are seen with an official after the finals of the squash match in 2010.

Friday, November 5, 2010

KUWAIT: Ashour and Shabana eye the ball with intensity during the final squash match in 2010.

Ashour creates squash history By Hassan A Bari or the fourth time since its inception, the Patriarch Amir Saad Al-Abdullah’s International Squash Championship, was held at the Green Island Squash courts from October 28 till November 2. The final match was completely dominated by Egyptians Amr Shabana, the world’s number three slated player, and the world’s top ranking Ramy Ashour (with an average of 1452.500 points in 12 matches). Ashour won the match ending the final set with 11/1 score in a record time of 2.4 minutes.


Ramy Mohamed Ashour, born September 30, 1987, in Cairo, Egypt is a professional squash player. He achieved the world’s number one ranking in January, 2010, after beating Nick Matthew in the final of the 2009 Saudi International Squash

Tournament. At 22, he has become the youngest player to achieve this distinction since the Khan era, having previously been the first two-time World Junior Squash champion. In addition, he has also won numerous titles including the World Open.

Ashour won his first major international title in 2004, when he became the youngest player ever to win the Men’s World Junior Squash Championship at just 16 years old. He also led Egypt to a second-place finish in the team event in 2004, losing to

KUWAIT: The enthralled audience which consists of a majority of Egyptians watch the game.

Ashour displays a steely look of determination to win.


Friday, November 5, 2010 Pakistan in the final. In July 2006, he became the first player in history to win the World Junior Championships twice. He defeated his junior compatriot Egyptian Omar Mosaad. He also led Egypt to 2-1 victory over Pakistan in the final of the team event. With his victories, Egypt captured the first three positions in the individual players’ event and the team event title - a feat no team had ever accomplished in the history of the tournament. Ashour reached his first major final at the Cathay Pacific Swiss Privilege Hong Kong Squash Open in 2006 where he lost to the eventual world number one fellow Egyptian Amr Shabana. En route to the final, he beat world number 10 player John White, world number three player Thierry Lincou and world number two player David Palmer. Ashour won his first major professional title in January 2007, when he defeated David Palmer (11-7, 11-3, 114) in 32 minutes for the Canadian Squash Classic. In April 2007, Ashour won both the Sheikha Al-Saad Kuwait Open, the richest squash event in the world, by defeating his Egyptian compatriot Amr Shabana, 115, 11-3, 12-10, in 34 minutes, after a 10-6 deficit in the third, and then won the Qatar Classic in Doha by again defeating David Palmer with a score of 8-11, 11-9, 11-9, 116, in 66 minutes. Also in 2007, Ramy won the ATCO Super Series Finals event, held in August, by competing against other top points winners of the season. Only the top eight players are invited to this prestigious event. The only player to go undefeated in his first three matches, Ramy then met French sensation Gregory Gaultier in the final. After a 62-minute battle, Ramy claimed the title 3-1 (12-10, 11-8, 4-11, 11-4). As quoted on the Squash website, Squash legend and writer Malcolm Willstrop once said, “Ramy Ashour is something else - his movement is better than anyone in the game, and allied to his unique racket skills and vision, he lights up the sport. Not only that but his modesty, and engaging smile make him a rare commodity.” In the season ending 2009, Saudi International Open saw Ashour beat Nick Matthew. the winner would become the next world number one player. Ashour won the 110-minute battle (his longest ever on the PSA tour) in a grueling five-game match. Ashour’s older brother, Hisham Mohd Ashour, also plays on the PSA tour and has a career high ranking of number 21 in the world; achieved in February 2008. A universally cknowledged truth that outstanding athletes are made not born, Ramy started

young. “ I started playing squash at the age of six,” he said. He noted that, being an athlete himself, his father had encouraged him and his brother Hisham to play the game at such a young age as it was a new one, “As a matter of fact, I found myself playing squash as it is full of challenges and I enjoy focusing on the ball all the time, on where it lands and on expecting its bouncing angle,” he added. Speaking to Friday Times in an exclusive interview at his hotel room a night before the final match, Ashour said that his daily routine usually starts at 9 am, “I then perform one-two hours fitness exercises before taking two daily squash training sessions that add up to four or five hours daily, six times a week,” he explained. He underlined that the type and quality of training mattered more to him more than quantity and the number of hours he spent. Responding to a question on training under a special coach, Ashour said that he usually trained without being mentored by a specific coach, “I only have a ‘feeder’ Haitham Effat, who helps me with all the training sessions. I do have a special fitness instructor and this is what I really focus on; keeping my fitness at top level at all times,” he underlined. Ashour pointed out that this was his real concern, to stay fit for as long as he could. “Squash players can play up to the age of 35 if they follow a strict fitness and technical program,” he added. Speaking about his ambitions for the future, Ashour said that, along with his brother Hisham, they were currently setting up a special Squash academy for junior in Cairo and that it was almost ready to be launched. He also expressed concern about his fitness and readiness for the final match with Shabana the following night, “I’m too exhausted and having trouble with my ankle. However, I’ll do my best on the court,” he added noting that he had faced Shabana in the court 15 times. They were almost head to head until then. Shabana led by 8/7 wins. The world’s greatest professional squash player and the President of the World Squash Federation, Jahangir Khan of Pakistan had a few words of praise for Ashour, “He is still young and ambitious. Therefore, if he keeps his steady course of winning, keeps high fitness levels and avoids injuries, he will achieve a lot in the world of squash,” said Khan underlining Ashour could still play up till the age of 30. “I retired at the age of 29, but I started earlier and won my first professional championship at the age of 15; that was one year earlier than Ramy,” he concluded with a smile.

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KUWAIT: Ashour is seen in conversation with Friday Times reporter.


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KUWAIT: Cheryl Spessert is pictured at her residence in Mishref.

Friday, November 5, 2010

KUWAIT: The beautifully designed dresses made from recycled plastic bags (trash bags) are modeled here by some runaway housemaids at the shelter in Jabriya.

By Ben Garcia nita is a fragile thirty-something whose daily routine was limited to washing dishes, doing the laundry and sweeping the floor. After escaping from her abusive sponsor, Anita has been sheltered in the Philippine embassy. She picked up a new hobby that she hoped could be turned into a full-time job. Anita now designs rugs and artifacts.


Her new hobby is part of an initiative called ‘Trash to Treasure’ which is run by a non-governmental organization. The ‘Trash to Treasure’ initiative comprises a team of American volunteers that provide assistance by not only providing for the emotional wellbeing of the housemaids, but also by helping them develop skills and abilities. They help women become creative and useful during times of difficulties while awaiting their cases’ resolution.

Support KUWAIT: Some of the skillfully designed door mats on display in the Spesserts’ home.

‘Trash to Treasure’ in partnership with the Operation Hope regularly supports the causes of runaway housemaids at the Philippine embassy shelter. The group, which pays regular visits to the embassy, has launched a program to assist the shelter.

KUWAIT: An American volunteer teaches some manicure techniques to run away housemaids.

The group undertakes rug making, handmade carpets, personal artifacts and paper dolls, “A beautiful proverb says; give a man some fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. That’s exactly what we are doing, we are not just giving fish to feed them, but we are providing nets so as to catch fish,” said Cheryl Spessert, Trash to Treasure Coordinator. Describing the incidents behind that led to the creation of the organization, she says that the objective of Trash to Treasure is to teach women simple but useful artwork (craft) that can be used as a means of livelihood when they return home. “Many of our materials are discarded sheets of fabric from tailor shops in Kuwait. We have so many volunteers that take all the wasted fabrics from shops to my home. The housemaids then turn these fabrics into beautiful rugs, carpets, door mats and other stuff that eventually become a real piece of art and money afterwards,” she explained.

KUWAIT: Spessert talks with some of the runaway housemaids involved in the “Trash to Treasure” projects.

Since its establishment, the total number of rugs and other handmade items that they created fetched KD1,200 as of March 2010. The amount was spent on medication, socks, undergarments, plates, laundry detergent, beds, sewing machines, electric fans, and others that they have benefited from significantly. “In this small manner, if we see them happy and smiling; that’s our reward; we feel happy and satisfied. At least for a little while, we see them smiling. They tend to forget their bad experiences. That is very important for these women,” she quipped. Trash to Treasure has been sharing their talents with runaways for over a year now. Besides teaching livelihood programs, the group will also pamper runaways by providing them with first class personal services such as hair-cutting, manicure and massage. “That is part of our mission. For a while, let them feel that they are being cared and pampered for. After all they are humans like us. For sure, all these services are hardly if not at all given to anyone of them by their sponsors. We want them to feel they are important, they are being cared for and pampered,” she said.

We help Proceeds from the Trash to Treasure projects are returned to the shelter in the form of toiletries, personal hygiene products and other essential commodities, “I was elated to know from this woman that she has learned many things, and that she was ready to share her knowledge. One of the women says she will open a shop in Manila to sell the craft that she learned from here,” she asserted. Calling the initiative a great, rewarding achievement she said, “We want to share something with them; we want them to learn something useful which they can share or perhaps make use when they get home and make some money for a living,” she added. All completed projects must have their names signed on it so as to receive the promised prize money, “Fifty percent of the selling price of their signature rugs (crafts) will go directly to the person who made it. The other fifty percent will be set aside for the items needed in their shelter,” she pointed out. ‘Trash to Treasure’ is looking forward to expand their charity work with other embassies that shelter runaway housemaids. In line with the ‘Trash to Treasure’ activities, Izonica Modeling School is teaming up with the group to stage a charity fashion and creative arts show to raise money for the women in need. The event is scheduled to be held at the Holiday Inn Salmiya on November 10. The dresses to be worn at the event are made from company logos and discarded materials mostly made by runaway housemaids. One of the outfits is a beautiful gown made from old Kuwait Times newspapers. Kuwait Times is one of the event’s sponsors. The Philippines Welfare Officer Yolanda Penaranda thanked ‘Trash to Treasure’ for their relentless support and for choosing their embassy as the first beneficiary of charity work, “They have been helping us a lot in many ways,” said Penaranda. “First emotionally, these people have gone through bad, some traumatic experiences; with all the activities they’ve been initiating here, I felt they ’ve been relieved, they now enjoy every minute of their stay in our shelter instead of feeling bored or sorry for what has happened to them,” she said. “Their work deserves admiration,” she said.



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Give a man some fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life

Friday, November 5, 2010


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Friday, November 5, 2010

Information minister opens 18th GCC meet KUWAIT: The Minister of Information Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah opened here yesterday the 18th meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) ministers of information. Al-Abdullah, who doubles as the Minister of Oil, stressed in his opening address of the meeting-which comes within the framework of the periodical meetings of GCC ministerial committees-the important role of media in consolidating the outcomes of such pan-GCC meetings in various economic, social and security fields. Al-Abdullah also said, “We, as media people, are concerned with developing our joint media system to be capable of positively dealing with the media openness and the successive communication developments that brought about a new reality that is not restricted by borders or barriers.” He also called for “investing what we possess of joint energies and institutions in order to provide the morally-oriented and interesting media product that can compete and meet the cognitive and psychological needs of society, particularly the youth and children who are the basis of our future and the focus of our attention.” He noted that the meeting’s agenda includes the media strategy of GCC (2010-2020) that had its first draft prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Information Saudi Arabia, the resolution made by the 30th edition of the GCC Supreme Council which was held in Kuwait regarding satellite channels and children. Further, the meeting’s agenda included the recommendations and proposals made by the Joint Program Production Institution (JPPI) and Gulf Radio and Television Organization (GRTO) and specialized media committees, Al-Abdullah added, “we believe that the approval of such proposals will represent an addition to the cooperation among the GCC states and a good result that will benefit its people.” Al-Abdullah also extended thanks to the

Meeting’s agenda includes proposals made by special media committees

KUWAIT: Minister of Information Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Ahmad AlSabah is pictured with other senior officials at the 18th meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which was held here yesterday. — KUNA undersecretaries of the GCC information ministries and members the GCC General Secretariat who held meetings over the two past days to prepare the agenda of the ministerial meeting. Meanwhile, Secretary General of the GCC Abdulrahman Al-Attiyah hailed the decision made by the GCC Supreme Council in its 29th edition which was held in Muscat in 2008 on conducting the GCC joint media strategy for the next ten years, adding that the Saudi Ministry of Culture and

Information prepared the draft strategy according to “a scientific style that combined academic vision and practical experience.” Al-Attiyah also noted the resolution made by the Supreme Council in its 30th edition in Kuwait last December on forming a standing coordination committee including the undersecretaries of the ministries of information, the media institutions and GCC General Secretariat in order to coordinate joint efforts in the field of satellite channels and youth.

He pointed out that the above-mentioned committee held meetings three times this year and arrived at practical proposals that will be included in its report that will be reviewed by the Council of GCC Ministers of Information in its upcoming session that will be held in Abu Dhabi next December. The GCC Secretary General also asserted the pivotal role played by media in supporting the achievements made by the GCC and its tangible role in covering events, “as mass media are the channel through which all people can follow up the developments of GCC, and it is also the bridge upon which the aspirations of citizens and officials alike gain the rite of passage.” Among the topics on the agenda is Yemen’s desire to join the membership of the Joint Program Production Institution (JPPI) after becoming an active member of Gulf Radio and Television Organization (GRTO), he added. He also hailed the call made by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to the Iraqi people “in what represents an important initiative that comes in the right time and expresses the role of Saudi leadership in enhancing security and stability in the Arab and Muslim region.” He added that “this Saudi initiative that focuses on Iraq should find immediate response not only from Iraqi political forces, but also from all Arab, Muslim and international forces.” Finally, AlAttiyah extended thanks to the Kuwaiti Minister of Information and the staff of the Ministry of Information for hospitality, and for what they provided of facilities that helped make the meeting a success. Al-Attiyah also extended thanks to the GCC Undersecretaries of the Ministries of Information for making preparations to hold a ministerial meeting. — KUNA


Affectionate cat catches burglar KUWAIT: An affectionate cat was the improbable downfall of the thief who burgled a co-operative society in Kaifan, who turned out to be a security guard employed there. The security guard had apparently taken great pains to disguise himself during the nighttime break-in, wearing a balaclava and gloves to avoid being identified by CCTV camera footage and leave no incriminating fingerprints. After opening the safe and stealing the money inside, he slipped out of the building again, believing that he would elude capture. After interviewing all the Co-op staff, detectives, led by the Director General of the Criminal Investigation Division, Major General Sheikh Al-Yousef Al-Sabah, and the head of the Capital CID branch, Colonel Mansour Al-Otaibi, reviewed the CCTV tapes of the break-in repeatedly to attempt to glean further clues, with one sharp-eyed officer noting the presence of a cat who had followed the burglar from the moment he entered the building and rubbed itself up against him affectionately, as well as leaving alongside him. On questioning the staff once again about the cat, they were all adamant that the creature would not approach anyone other than one of the store’s security guards, an Arab national. The guard was taken to the local police station for questioning, but denied any connection with the robberies. When he was taken back to the store, however, the cat ran towards him and rubbed itself against him affectionately, as it had done in the CCTV footage. Realizing that he had been, however implausibly, rumbled, the man admitted to the break-in and was taken into custody to be charged with theft. No information was given

about the reward given to the cat responsible for his capture. ‘Oops, w rong victim’ A Kuwaiti man was abducted and brutally attacked at knifepoint for a number of hours before his three bungling kidnappers discovered that they had the wrong man. The victim was apparently waiting outside the Kabad Co-op when a car drew up, with the three men inside seizing him and driving around 100 miles to a house in Mubarak AlKabeer, assaulting him during and after the journey, as well as slashing him with a knife. After they got to the house, one of the men called his son into the room to confirm that their victim was the person who had allegedly earlier insulted the young man. When his son replied in the negative, the three abductors were nonplussed and immediately began apologizing profusely to their victim, telling him “We’re sorry; you’re not the person we were looking for.” They reportedly continued their belated requests for forgiveness until dropping him off where they had originally abducted him. The shocked victim returned to Mubarak Al-Kabeer, visiting the local police station where he told officers what had happened. Police are hunting for the inept abductors. Flag pants Administrative staff and pupils at a Kaifan secondary school were nonplussed at arriving one morning recently to discover that a pair of men’s knee-length boxer shorts had been run up the flagpole, while obscene graffiti had been written on the wall during the night. Police were called to the scene, with crime scene officers taking fingerprints. School security guards were questioned about the incident and detectives are scrutinizing footage from nearby CCTV cameras to see whether any of the vandals can be identified.

Bogus business pair arrested Immigration detectives have arrested a Kuwaiti army officer and a mandoub (‘fixer’) for forging nine business licenses for bogus, nonexistent companies, which were used to illegally bring 45 expatriate workers to Kuwait, with each worker paying between KD 500 and KD 1,000 for their visa. The two men’s illegal activities were uncovered after Major General Abdullah Al-Rashid, the Director General of the immigration service detectives, ordered an investigation into the companies’ files. The detectives quickly discovered that the 45 workers brought to the country to work had not been issued with civil IDs and had no fixed addresses listed. The army officer behind the bogus companies was quickly identified and arrested, telling the detectives on being questioned that he had forged the licenses with the help of a mandoub he employed. Both men have been referred to the relevant authorities. Muggers captured Four Bedoon (stateless) teenagers have been arrested and charged with carrying out a series of armed robberies in the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area. An investigation was launched after an Asian expatriate resident of the area called police to report that he had been attacked and robbed of KD 180 in cash by four youths, giving the officers a description of their car. The car was quickly traced, with the four youngsters being taken into custody where the victim positively identified them. The money they stole from him was also recovered from their possession. The four admitted that he had been their fourth victim, with a number of their previous victims also identifying them. They have been referred to the relevant authorities. Blackmailer targets local celebrity A Kuwaiti female media personality told police in Khaitan that an unidentified individual had been attempting to blackmail her after

hacking her Facebook account and putting revealing Photo-shopped images of her on it. The woman said that she was shocked to receive emails from the individual demanding money in order to stop posting the pictures. She insisted that the photos had been manipulated in an attempt to destroy her reputation and blackmail her. A security official said that the woman had handed over the materials, including the email address used by the would-be blackmailers and experts are working to trace the fraudsters. Wifebeater arrested An expatriate fugitive accused of repeatedly torturing his wife in an attempt to force her to miscarry their baby has been caught by police. The woman told officers at Rumaithiya police station that after telling her husband she was pregnant he had physically abused her on a number of occasions in a series of attempts to force her to miscarry the baby. He has been taken into custody and is awaiting trial. Missing woman found A young woman whose family reported her missing was found by police in an apartment in Fintas. The police raided the flat after receiving a tip-off that the girl was there and obtaining a warrant to search the apartment. The young woman was found with two men there, telling police that she had had consensual sex with both men. All were taken into custody for questioning. Addict burgles parents’ home A young Kuwaiti drug addict was arrested after his father reported that the youth had stolen household items from the family home in order to sell them to obtain money to feed his habit. The young man admitted to stealing the items and was taken into custody where it was discovered he was also wanted in connection with a number of other crimes. He has been referred to the relevant authorities.


Friday, November 5, 2010

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Awadhi urges Municipal Council to reconsider church rejection There is one government in Kuwait: Kharafi By B Izzak KUWAIT: The National Assembly Speaker Jassem AlKharafi yesterday played down harsh criticism by opposition MPs who claimed that there are two governments in Kuwait, “What I am aware of is that there is only one government in this country,” Kharafi told reporters when asked about the two-government claims. During the debate of the Amiri Address in the past few days, several MPs asserted that there are two Cabinets in the country, one headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad AlAhmad Al-Sabah and the other chaired by Deputy Premier for Economic Affairs, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad AlSabah. Liberal lawmaker Aseel Al-Awadhi yesterday appealed to members of the Municipal Council to reconsider their decision of

rejecting a government request to allow the building of a Roman Catholic church near Ahmadi. Earlier this week, the Municipal Council rejected the request to provide the necessary license for the church amid protests from some members. Four of the 16-member council walked out of the session in protest. Awadhi said the council’s decision breaches Article 35 of the Constitution which stipulates the freedom of faith and the duty of the state to guarantee the freedom of worship for all faiths. The lawmaker drew the attention to the contradiction between Kuwait’s recent call in the United Nations for the respect of faiths, consolidation of the culture of religious tolerance and dialogue and equality in societies, and the decision of the Municipal Council. Awadhi stressed that the

Lord Mayor lauds Kuwait’s steps to ‘open up economy’ LONDON: The Lord Mayor of the City of London said yesterday that he attached great importance to developing trade and investment relations with Kuwait during his visit to the Arab Gulf country, which begins next week. On the eve of his visit, Lord Mayor, Nick Anstee, showered praises on Kuwait’s long-standing and historic ties with the ‘City,’ the financial and banking sector in the British capital. He hailed, in particular, the role played by the Kuwait Investment Office (KIO) in the city of London as a leading and shrewd investor. He said that he will be accompanied during his trip, on November 7 and 8, by a delegation of ten. It is made up of businessmen, bankers and investors. Before arriving in Kuwait, he is scheduled to visit Oman from today till November 7. While in Kuwait, he will be received by government ministers, business people and policy makers. He will discuss ways in which the UK and Kuwait can work more closely together, he went on. He will be received by HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and will meet HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahmad AlSabah, the Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait, Sheikh Salem Abdulaziz Al-Sabah and Minister of Finance Mustafa AlShamali. During the exchanges, he will also raise awareness of what London has to offer as a financial center. Anstee said, “The global economy is shifting inevitably eastwards and Kuwait is very well placed to reap the benefits. My visit is an opportunity to discuss how the UK and Kuwait can work even more closely together as this shift happens.” He said, “We build on the existing strong and deep relationship to plan for the future.” “I wish Kuwait every success in 2011 for its celebrations marking 50 years of independence,” he added. The Lord Mayor said he was looking forward to British companies playing a key role in working with Kuwaiti companies in implementing Kuwait’s development plan. “We applaud the significant steps taken towards economic reform which has already taken place in Kuwait; opening up areas of the economy previously in the ownership of the State to local and foreign investors will boost your growth by diversifying ownership, introducing international capital and expertise and providing jobs, training and business opportunities for Kuwaiti nationals.” The City of London, which he represents, has benefited greatly from such openness, he noted. He was confident that the city of London’s diversity is a great source of its strength. The Lord Mayor pointed out that he was working hard to ensure that the 300 foreign banks and the many other financial institutions based in London, including of course the Kuwait Investment Office, not only want, but need to be here. “I look forward to sharing this experience with your leaders and business people on this visit.” “Of course, alongside economic growth comes the need for infrastructure development,” he emphasized. “The Kuwaiti government is keenly aware of this, having earmarked around 115 billion dollars for projects such as transport networks and power and water supplies.” —KUNA

reasons provided by the Municipality Council for the rejection was unjustified and not objective especially it relates to a group of people living in Kuwait. The lawmaker also called on the council of ministers to intervene in the issue to ensure the implementation of Articles of the Constitution and the principles of humanity to prove that Kuwait is a civilized country. The council of ministers can

revoke the Municipal Council decision and go ahead to provide the necessary license. In another development, MP Salwa Al-Jassar yesterday explained the reasons for withdrawing her membership in the liberal National Action Bloc, saying that the Bloc no longer reflected her ideas. She said her decision was taken because of the political and reform differences between her and the rest of the group.

She also hoped that political work in the country should be kept away from personal interests. Jassar’s withdrawal after Bloc’s member MP Marzouk Al-Ghanem said on Tuesday that a strong attack by MP Adel Al-Saraawi against the government represented the positions of the rest of the Bloc’s members. She had said that Saraawi’s tirade does not represent her. MP Askar AlEnezi meanwhile submitted a

draft law in which he called for the establishment of a public shareholding company to transport public school students to their schools in a bid to help resolve the traffic problem in Kuwait. According to the law, 25 percent of the company’s shares will go to the education ministry, 25 percent to Kuwait Public Transport Co and 50 percent will be offered to citizens in an Initial Public Offering (IPO).


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Official: 1 Yemen bomb 17 mins from exploding PARIS: One of two mail bombs sent from Yemen last week was disarmed just 17 minutes before it was set to go off, the French interior minister said yesterday, but the White House said it had no information that would confirm that. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the question of when the bombs were to go off was still under investigation and there was no information confirming such a close call. US investigators also said they were unable to confirm the French report. Officials in Britain, where one bomb was found, declined to comment, and a security source in the United Arab Emirates said it was not an

accurate description of the bomb found in that country. “One of the packages was defused only 17 minutes before the moment that it was set to explode,” Brice Hortefeux said. He made no other statement about the Yemen bomb plot during an interview on France’s staterun France-2 television that focused on other security-related matters. “If this was a reference to the device found in the Federal Express (Fedex) site in Dubai, then it is not correct,” the source in the United Arab Emirates who is familiar with the investigation told the Associated Press. The security source was not authorized to discuss the case publicly

and could not be named. Hortefeux did not say where he got the information about the timing, although US and European intelligence officials have been exchanging information on the plot. The French Interior Ministry would not elaborate on Hortefeux’s comment. When investigators pulled the Chicago-bound packages off cargo planes in England and the United Arab Emirates Friday, they found the bombs wired to cell phones and hidden in the toner cartridges of computer printers. The communication cards had been removed and the phones could not receive calls, officials said, making it

likely the terrorists intended the alarm or timer functions to detonate the bombs, US officials have said. The bomb found at East Midlands airport in central England went unnoticed for several hours. Intelligence officials in the US said Wednesday that each bomb was attached to a syringe containing lead azide, a chemical initiator that would have detonated PETN explosives packed into each printer cartridge. Both PETN and a syringe were used in the failed bombing last Christmas of a Detroit-bound airliner. Investigators have centered on the Yemeni al-Qaida faction’s top bomb maker, who had previously designed a

bomb that failed to go off on a crowded US-bound passenger jetliner last Christmas. This time, authorities believe that master bomb maker Ibrahim al-Asiri packed four times as much explosives into the bombs hidden last week on flights from Yemen. The two bombs contained 300 and 400 grams of the industrial explosive PETN, according to a German security official, who briefed reporters Monday in Berlin on condition of anonymity in line with department guidelines. By comparison, the bomb stuffed into a terrorist suspect’s underwear on the Detroit-bound plane last Christmas contained about 80 grams. —AP

Iraq: Rocket blows up in police vehicle, kills 4 Maliki condemns assault on Catholic church capital was hit by a series of horrific attacks that claimed more than 150 lives. At least 91 people died Tuesday night in a string of bombings in the city’s predominantly Shiite districts while 58 died in a four-hour siege of a Baghdad church during Sunday Mass. Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki strongly condemned the assault on the Catholic church in downtown Baghdad, calling it an “evil terrorist attack that targeted our Christian brothers.” Speaking during a meeting with Iraq’s top Catholic prelate, Chaldean Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly, al-Maliki vowed yesterday to protect Iraq’s churches and urged Christians to stay in Iraq to defy those who are trying to “destroy national unity and ignite sectarian conflict.” Sunday’s attack on Baghdad’s Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation was the deadliest ever recorded against Iraq’s Christians. Their numbers have plummeted since the 2003 USled invasion as the community has fled to other countries while Shiite and Sunni militias BAGHDAD: Iraqi Christians hold pictures of their killed loved ones while in 2006 and 2007 fought bitterly mourning at Saint Joseph Chaldean church in Baghdad yesterday during a for political control and moral superiority, killing tens of memorial mass. —AFP thousands of civilians. AlQaeda’s front group in Iraq claimed responsibility for Sunday’s assault on the church in downtown Baghdad. The BEIRUT: Hezbollah and its allies boycotted the prominent politician after the 15-year civil war group, known as Islamic State latest round of Lebanon’s national dialogue ended in 1990. of Iraq, threatened more attacks yesterday because of tensions surrounding a UN The tribunal has not yet indicted anyone in the on Christians, saying they tribunal’s investigation of the 2005 assassination of assassination, but Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan would be targeted wherever a former prime minister. Many fear there could be Nasrallah says he expects members of his they are found. violence in coming months if the UN court probing movement to be named. That has raised fears of While violence has the truck bombing that killed Rafik Hariri and 22 violence between the heavily armed Shiite guerrilla significantly subsided in Iraq in others indicts members of the militant Hezbollah, a force and Hariri’s mainly Sunni allies. Nasrallah the past years, insurgents Shiite force that accuses the tribunal of bias. also has called on the Lebanese to boycott the continue to target Iraq’s Hezbollah’s ally Michel Aoun said the boycott tribunal, claiming that all information gathered by it security forces, government was to protest the government’s refusal to tackle was being sent to archenemy Israel. institutions and officials, as the issue of witnesses accused of giving false Tensions in Lebanon have been high recently. well as larger gatherings of information to mislead the investigation. Seven out Last week, a crowd of women attacked two UN civilians. of 19 leaders were absent from yesterday’s talks, investigators and a Lebanese interpreter as they In the town of Shurqat, 155 which are part of a series of regular meetings held gathered evidence at a private gynecology clinic in miles (250 kilometers) by Lebanon’s political factions. Beirut. The women scuffled with investigators and northwest of Baghdad, Iraqi Hezbollah shares power in a fragile unity stole several items from them after the team officials said police yesterday government with a Western-backed coalition led by arrived to go through phone records at the clinic. found a rocket and loaded it onto Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the son of the slain Hariri was a five-time prime minister who had close their pickup truck. The rocket former leader. The bombing that killed Rafik Hariri ties with Western leaders as well as Syria and was detonated when the vehicle along Beirut’s Mediterranean waterfront on Feb 14, credited with helping rebuild Lebanon’s capital after began to drive off to dispose of 2005 was one of the most dramatic political the country’s 1975-1990 civil war. In the last few it, killing two policeman and two assassinations the Mideast has seen. A billionaire months before his assassination, however, he had civilians. —AP businessman, Hariri was Lebanon’s most tried to limit Syria’s influence over Lebanon. —AP

BAGHDAD: A rocket confiscated by authorities blew up in the back of a police pickup truck in northern Iraq yesterday, killing four people. Police and hospital officials also said two people died in a roadside bomb explosion west of Baghdad. The deaths come just days after the Iraqi

Hezbollah boycotts talks over UN tribunal

TEHRAN: Iranian protestors burn representative of the British flag, during an anti-British demonstration in front of the British Embassy, in Tehran, Iran yesterday. —AP

Iranian protesters bash US and Britain in rallies TEHRAN: Demonstrators chanted “Down with America” outside the former US Embassy and pelted the British diplomatic compound with eggs and tomatoes yesterday in separate rallies held under tight security but without challenges from opposition groups. The protests outside the former American Embassy were well-scripted events to mark the anniversary of the 1979 storming of the site, which began a 444-day hostage crisis and severed Washington’s ties with Iran. Despite the familiar chants against the United States, protesters did not appear to burn US flags in what could be a rare nod of approval to Washington for adding an Iranian militant group to it’s terrorist list. The anti-British demonstration, however, included the Union Jack going up in flames. The protest appeared to be reaction to Iran’s announcement that it arrested four suspected members of a Kurdish rebel group with a top official allegedly living in Britain. Last year, the annual pro-government event outside the brick walls of the former US Embassy brought clashes and chaos to central Tehran after protesters held countermarches over their claims of massive vote rigging in the presidential election. But it was among the last major displays of opposition anger on the streets. Embattled authorities began stepping up their crackdowns and threats to quell the most serious domestic unrest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. This year, security

forces were on high alert for any hint of dissent. Hundreds of anti-riot police joined regular units to fan out across major squares and traffic junctions across Tehran. The opposition Jaras website posted a statement applauding the “brave” takeover of the US Embassy to protest American support for the pro-Western shah, who had been toppled by the Islamic Revolution months earlier. Washington cut diplomatic ties after militant students stormed the embassy, holding 52 hostages for 444 days. But the Jaras statement also warned Iran’s leaders to “learn a lesson” from the power of protesters in the Islamic Revolution and “don’t go farther down the path of selfishness and despotism.” Outside the former embassy, crowds, including many school children bused to the event, chanted antiAmerican slogans and taunted effigies of Uncle Sam and President Barack Obama. But protesters did not burn US flags, which has been a feature of rallies to mark the embassy takeover for the past three decades. It was not clear, however, whether this was officially sanctioned restraint. Iran yesterday welcomed the US State Department decision to put the Iranian Sunni militant group Jundallah, or Soldiers of God, on the US terrorist list, which includes Al-Qaeda and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah. Jundallah, which is fighting for Sunni rights in predominantly Shiite Iran, has been blamed for a series of attacks including a mosque bombing in July that killed about 30 people. —AP


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Obama urges Republicans to put squabbling aside WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama yesterday said he had invited top Republicans to the White House for talks after Congress returns later this month, saying the two sides had to work together. “We can’t afford two years of just squabbling,” Obama said, after rival Republicans routed his Democrats in Tuesday’s elections to re-take overwhelming control of the House

of Representatives. “I think it’s clear that the voters sent a message, which is, they want us to focus on the economy and jobs and moving this country forward,” Obama told reporters. “They want to change the tone here in Washington where the two parties are coming together and focusing on the people’s business as opposed to scoring political points.” The Democratic

Party hung onto its majority in Senate, and the next US elections are set for November 2012 when the president will face re-election. “What’s going to be critically important over the coming months is creating a better working relationship between this White House and the congressional leadership,” Obama told reporters. “What we need to do is make sure

that everyone is pulling together, both Democrats and Republicans,” he said of the White House talks planned for November 18. “This is going to be a meeting in which I want us to talk substantively about how we can move the American people’s agenda forward. It’s not going to just be a photo op. “Hopefully it may spill over into dinner, and the immediate focus is

going to be what we need to get done during the lame duck session,” he added. Congress returns on November 15 for what is seen as a lame duck session with many of the representatives and senators having lost their seats in Tuesday’s elections. The new Congress session opens in January this time with Republicans in control of the House. —AFP

18 dead found in Mexico mass grave shown in video Victims from tourist group kidnapped in Acapulco ACAPULCO: In another grisly turn in Mexico’s drug war, police have recovered 18 bodies from a mass grave announced in a YouTube posting, a video saying the victims were from a tourist group kidnapped in Acapulco a month ago. Authorities said they would resume their search yesterday for more remains at the

burial site in Tres Palos, a town just south of the Pacific resort city. Police did not yet know if the bodies found were from the 20 men abducted at gunpoint Sept 30 while visiting Acapulco from neighboring Michoacan state, Fernando Monreal, investigative police chief for Guerrero state, said Wednesday night. Officers began digging at the site early Wednesday after receiving an anonymous phone call alerting them to two bodies dumped on an empty lot. Hours earlier, a video appeared on Youtube in which two men , their hands apparently tied behind their backs and answering questions from an unseen interrogator , say they killed “the Michoacanos” and buried them in the area. The two bodies reported in the tip were found wearing the same clothes as the pair seen in the video and were lying on top of the mass the grave. A sign left between the two men read: “The people they killed are buried here.” It was signed by Acapulco’s Independent Cartel, or CIDA, a little known drug gang that has been claiming responsibility for TUNCINGO: A Mexican Navy soldier watch as forensic workers remove a killings in the area over the last body which was buried at a field in the town of Tuncingo, southern Mexico two months. Monreal said authorities had not confirmed the Wednesday. —AP identities of the bodies dumped on top of the grave. In the video, the two men say they killed the “Michoacanos” in an act of revenge against La Familia, a powerful drug cartel based in Michoacan state. The families of the 20 missing men, many of them related to each other, have said they were mechanics in the HARARE: A pride of lions fatally mauled a a political meeting of President Robert Mugabe’s state capital of Morelia who each tourist while he showered under a tree as party in western Zimbabwe last month. The year saved up money to take a darkness fell at an unfenced campsite in a nature military, meanwhile, has denied witness reports it vacation together. Among those reserve, a conservationist said yesterday. Peter is shooting wildlife in “Operation Nyama,” or abducted was the 17-year-old son Evershed, a 59-year-old Zimbabwean Operation Meat in the local language, to feed of one of the mechanics. businessman, was attacked by five lions at the hungry soldiers. Guerrero state investigators Chitake Springs bush camp, a wildlife viewing Last month, South African business executive say they corroborated that the area near the Mana Pools nature reserve, said Don Hornsby was killed by an elephant in the men worked as mechanics and Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force head Johnny nearby Matusadona preserve. Hornsby had had no criminal records. Rodrigues. helped fund feeding programs for orphaned Investigators also say they could Evershed was the last of his group of family animals. Shortly before Hornsby’s death, veteran find no evidence linking the men and friends to take a shower Saturday. They heard conservationist Steve Kok died when a wounded to any gang and have speculated Evershed scream and raced to the showers but buffalo charged him as he was destroying traps the group may have been targeted he was already dead from a gash to the throat, and wire snares laid by poachers. And in by mistake. Hundreds of the Rodrigues said. The lions retreated only after a September, businessman Geoff Blythe was men’s relatives and friends have safari operator pulled up in a vehicle with its attacked by a female elephant as he rode a bicycle twice marched in Morelia to headlights on and fired shots into the air, ride near his home in the lakeside town of Kariba, demand federal authorities Rodrigues told Zimbabwe Herald Online. 230 miles (370 kilometers) northwest of Harare. investigate the case. On Sunday, Rodrigues said a surge in hunting amid He barely survived the nightmarish encounter in about 1,000 people marched to Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown has made an area normally considered safe from marauding urge authorities to keep searching animals more “traumatized” and dangerous to animals. for their loved ones. “To the humans, though lions are generally not killed by Blythe, also a volunteer in conservation people who have them, we ask poachers. “We appeal to everyone to exercise programs, told family and friends he tried to pedal them to have mercy on them, on extreme caution. Animals have become as fast as he could from the cow elephant and her us,” Katy Rodriguez, a niece of extremely unpredictable,” Rodrigues said. calf but the bike chain dislodged. He dumped the seven of the missing men, said in Witnesses say three elephants and three bike and ran but there were no trees or powerline a message sent to the captors buffalo were illegally killed to feed participants at towers near enough to climb. —AP through the media. —AP

5 lions maul man to death at campsite in Zimbabwe

NORTHERN IVORY COAST: A group of young men watch the announcement of final provisional presidential election results shortly after midnight on the streets of a closed-up Bouake, in northern Ivory Coast yesterday. —AP

Ivory Coast heads for runoff vote ABIDJAN: President Laurent Gbagbo will face Ivory Coast’s main opposition leader in what is likely to be a tense runoff later this month that could restore stability to the world’s biggest cocoa producer after a decade of unrest. But some fear the Nov 28 vote pitting Gbagbo against Alassane Ouattara, who is wildly popular in the formerly rebel-held north, could polarize the already divided West African nation and spur more violence. Early yesterday, the electoral commission released final results from Sunday’s ballot that showed Gbagbo in first place with just over 38 percent of the vote, compared to about 32 for Ouattara , both well short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a second round. The party of ex-president Henri Konan Bedie, however, called for a recount, accusing the electoral commission of publishing false results in a “clear desire” to rig the poll. Bedie, who was toppled in 1999 during the nation’s first coup, trailed in third place with 25 percent of the vote, according to the results. “The second round will be delicate and difficult,” said political analyst Bernadette Bah, adding that she did not believe Bedie’s call for a recount would go far. “Bedie lost by more than 200,000 votes. The recounts he’s calling for can’t make up that difference.” International observers have lauded Ivory Coast for carrying out the vote peacefully and said they had detected no fraud. The ballot was the first here since civil war split the world’s biggest cocoa producer in two, leaving rebels in control of the north. The country officially reunited in a 2007 peace deal,

but deep tensions remain. Fears over possible unrest during the vote count kept many people home and left shops in the skyscraper-lined commercial capital, Abidjan, closed this week. Those businesses reopened yesterday and traffic once again clogged streets as residents expressed relief the electoral process had gone peacefully so far. After all that Ivorians have been through, people are still preparing for the worst though, said Serge Kouassi, 44, a small construction business owner. “I’m not afraid of violence , we’ve already lived though that,” he said. “I’m afraid of what more violence would do to our economy. We can’t afford any more disturbances.” “The ballot boxes have spoken. Now it’s up to us to learn to listen to them,” he added. The preliminary results must be certified by the country’s constitutional council, which will deal with any challenges before the count becomes official. The U.N. special envoy to Ivory Coast Young-jin Choi, said he had been assured by leaders of Bedie’s party that they would only use “democratic means” to oppose the vote. Bedie and Ouattara have pledged to support one another in the second round, and together they could mount a formidable challenge to Gbagbo. But it’s unclear how many of Bedie’s supporters would actually vote for Ouattara, especially in light of Bedie’s call for a recount. “These people aren’t likely to support a northerner,” Bah, the analyst, said of Bedie’s supporters. Once a beacon of stability in a region better known for coups and war, Ivory Coast has been struggling to hold the election for years. —AP

Drive Now. Talk Later.


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Muslims should avenge Pakistani jailed in US: Zawahiri DUBAI: Al-Qaeda number two Ayman AlZawahiri called on Muslims yesterday to avenge the sentencing of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani scientist jailed for 86 years by a US court, the SITE monitoring service said. Zawahiri made the appeal in an audio message entitled “Who Will Avenge the Scientist Aafia Siddiqui,” which was released on jihadist forums, the US-based SITE Intelligence Group said. He promised “to attack ... (Americans) as long as they attack” Muslims and said “the ummah (Islamic nation) will not stop pursuing

you.” And Zawahiri told Pakistanis their “government humiliated them by letting the Americans and Crusaders occupy the country.” He called for them to “take the only available path, that of jihad ... which will liberate Aafia Siddiqui.” On September 23, a New York court jailed Siddiqui, 38, for the attempted murder of US servicemen in Afghanistan, in a high-profile case sparking outrage in Pakistan. Siddiqui, a mother of three, was found guilty of grabbing a rifle at a police station in the Afghan town of Ghazni

where she was being interrogated in July 2008 and of trying to gun down a group of US servicemen and FBI agents. Prosecutors said she opened fire, shouting “death to America!” She did not hit anyone and was herself shot in the stomach before being subdued. While she was not charged with terrorism, Siddiqui was alleged to have been carrying dangerous chemicals in Karachi and documents referring to New York landmarks, like the Empire State Building, as targets. The terrorism aspect of the case was cited by presiding Judge Richard Berman as cause for

enhancing the usual punishment for attempted murder into what could effectively amount to a life sentence. Siddiqui, a neuroscientist who trained at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brandeis University, repeatedly pleaded in court for Muslims to stay calm. “Forgive everybody in my case, please ... And also forgive Judge Berman,” she said. Zawahiri’s last message was in July, when he denounced France’s move to ban women from wearing the Islamic face veil in public. — AFP

Nepal fails to elect PM for 16th time Delay in choosing a new govt stalls peace process KATMANDU: Nepal’s lone prime minister candidate failed in his 16th attempt to be elected in a parliamentary vote yesterday, prolonging political uncertainty that may leave the Himalayan nation out of money later this month. The delay in choosing a new government since Madhav Kumar Nepal resigned as leader in J une has also stalled the peace process that ended a decade-long communist insurgency in 2006. The future of the thousands of ex-fighters is yet to be finalized.

KATMANDU: Nepali Congress party leader and sole candidate for the post of Prime Minister Ram Chandra Poudel arrives to participate in the election process at parliament in Katmandu yesterday. — AP

An interim budget that was approved to allow the government to pay workers including teachers and doctors and run day-to-day activities for four months expires on Nov 16. Nepalese officials have said the government will run out of money after that if parliament does not approve a budget. Government workers in Nepal and its diplomatic missions abroad would not be paid and government hospitals forced to shut down services. There would be no free medicine for the poor or delivery of food by government agencies to remote mountain villages. Projects to construct and repair roads would also be affected. Despite the dire outlook, the lone candidate failed to gain the support of more than half the 601 members in the parliament. Ram Chandra Poudel of the Nepali Congress party managed 82 votes. Two candidates who ran in earlier attempts have dropped out. The next attempt is scheduled Nov 15. No single party has a majority and none have agreed on a coalition. Nepal has run a caretaker administration since he resigned. The country is still in the process of writing a new constitution. It was supposed to be complete by May this year, but the squabbling between the political parties has delayed the process. — AP

NATO soldier dies in Afghanistan KANDAHAR: A NATO soldier was killed by insurgents yesterday in eastern Afghanistan, the alliance said, as an Afghan government official was gunned down in the southern city of Kandahar. NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said the soldier, whose nationality was not revealed, “died following an insurgent attack in eastern Afghanistan”. The total number of foreign soldiers to die in the Afghan war so far this year is 617, according to an AFP count based on’s tally. Last year’s total was 521. In Kandahar, where the insurgency is concentrated, the province’s deputy director for education, Ahmadullah, was shot dead near his home yesterday by armed men on a motorbike, his boss Najibullah Ahmadi told AFP.

He said that Ahmadullah had been walking home with his young daughter from a bakery. The girl, whose age was not immediately known, “is not hurt, she’s OK,” Ahmadi, the provincial education director, said. Government officials have been specifically targeted by militants throughout this year, especially in Kandahar, which the Taleban regard as their territory. According to media reports, the assassinations have created a climate of fear in the city, and a dearth of people willing to take government posts. The United States and NATO have more than 150,000 troops in Afghanistan fighting the Taleban-led war, with efforts concentrated in and around Kandahar in an effort to rout the insurgents from their key stronghold. —AFP

SRINAGARON: A young Kashmiri child plucks flowers as he takes part in the harvest of saffron at a farm in Pampore on the outskirts of Srinagaron yesterday. The cultivation of saffron, which in India sells for more than 6,000 US dollars a kilogram, is a potential growth industry for Indian Kashmir as the region begins to recover from decades of unrest, but drought, pollution and corruption are threatening its future. —AFP

Tempers cool in Kashmir after summer of violence SRINAGAR: As the first snows fall in the mountains of Indian Kashmir, tempers are also cooling after a summer of violence that saw more than 100 people die in street protests. For more than three months, thousands of protesters, many of them teenagers, fought pitched battles with security forces in the highly militarized disputed territory, with scores killed during police shooting. The deaths, which reached 18 in a 24hour period in September on the worst day of violence, caused the biggest Kashmir crisis for the Indian government since the start of an insurgency against Indian rule in 1989. But for two weeks, the region has been mostly calm, attributed partly to a series of measures by the government designed to strangle the protests and defuse anger in the Himalayan region. For the time being, the cycle of violence has been broken-good news for Delhi ahead of the visit to India this week of US President Barack Obama, who has spoken before about the importance of resolving the conflict. “Each death sparked fresh violence, but as there have been no more deaths the situation has calmed to a large extent,” Tahir Mohiudin, editor of the widely read Urdu weekly Chattan, told AFP. Under the government measures, strict curfews and the jailing of protest leaders have been coupled with softer measures designed to win goodwill. Sixteen security bunkers have been removed, 50 jailed protesters have been released and justice has been promised to the families of those killed during the unrest. After a high-level cross-party visit to the region, New Delhi has also appointed three experts to talk to

protesters and separatists in a bid to open dialogue. “They’ll make some recommendations like the removal of more bunkers, providing relief to the people, repealing tough laws and releasing prisoners,” says Noor Ahmed Baba, a political science professor at Kashmir University. “It depends on how seriously the recommendations are taken by New Delhi. Past experiences do not make me optimistic,” he said. The decline in violence may also be because in rural areas many are busy harvesting rice and apples. In the cities, some have begun questioning a protest movement that has left the valley’s already weak economy in a shambles. Summer violence in 2008 and 2009 also petered out with the onset of the long hard winter in Kashmir, which brings freezing temperatures and regular snow falls that often cut off the Kashmir valley from the rest of India. Aware that most of the protesters this year are students, the government has also announced annual examinations, meaning many are now cramming for the tests instead of taking to the streets to throw stones at policemen. “To tell you very frankly. I am a regular protester, but protests can wait. My exams won’t,” says 16-yearold Yawar Dar. “I will continue fighting India’s occupation, but education is also important. After all, we have to run this state,” he said. Political discontent has simmered in Kashmir since the partition of the subcontinent in 1947, when a Hindu ruler took his Muslim subjects into India rather than the Islamic republic of Pakistan.—AFP


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Qantas makes emergency landing in Singapore Airbus shoots flames, rains large metal chunks

MOUNT MERAPI: Massive molten lava and searing ash clouds shoot from the crater of Mount Merapi captured in this extended time exposure photograph taken from Klaten district in Central Java province before dawn yesterday. —AFP

Indonesian volcano erupts again; death toll at 44 MOUNT MERAPI: Towering clouds of hot ash gushed from the mouth of Indonesia’s deadly volcano yesterday, forcing motorists in cities 20 miles (30 kilometers) away to use their headlights in broad daylight and raising concerns about aviation safety. The death toll climbed to 44. As rocks and ash rained from the sky, soldiers helped load thousands of frightened villagers into trucks for a second day, including those seeking shelter in crowded emergency shelters. Merapi’s more than a dozen powerful blasts and thousands of volcanic tremors and ash bursts since Oct 26 temporarily shut nearby airports and , in recent days , closed air routes affected by the ash. With no winds early yesterday, white clouds shot a spectacular 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) into the sky. Gusts later carried the smoke westward, with cities and towns up to 240 kilometers (150 miles) dusted in white power. “I have asked the air transportation authorities to make sure the ash isn’t affecting visibility, “ said state volcanologist Surono, as motorists in the ancient city of Yogyakarta, where one airport is located, navigated dustchoked streets. Officials insisted, however, that a Qantas jetliner forced to make an emergency landing after one of its four engines failed over Batam, an island 800 miles (1,400 kilometers) to the west, was unrelated. “There was no connection with Mount Merapi,” said Bambang Ervan, a spokesman for the Transportation Ministry. “It was too far from the volcano, the sky over Singapore and Sumatra island is free of dust. “ Scientists said pressure apparently building inside Merapi’s crater may mean the worst is yet to come. “It’s never acted like this before,” Surono said after watching the wide, fast sweeps of a needle on a seismograph machine. “It looks like we may be entering an even worse

stage.” The volcano, one of the world’s most active, has erupted many times in the last century, often with deadly results. The number of people killed since it burst back to life just over a week ago climbed to 44, said Eka Saputra, a disaster official, raising the toll after three people died in a powerful eruption Wednesday and another succumbed to injuries from an earlier blast. In 1994, 60 people were killed, while in 1930, more than a dozen villages were torched, leaving up to 1,300 dead. But as with almost all the blueishgray volcanoes jetting from the landscape in this seismically charged country, tens of thousands of people live on the mountain’s rolling slopes, drawn to soil made fertile by generations of molten lava and volcanic debris. More than 75,000 are now packed in crowded government camps well away from the base and, with no sign Merapi is going to quiet any time soon, may have to stay for weeks, or possibly months. Some officials warned food, water and other supplies were running short. Mount Merapi’s danger zone was widened Wednesday from six miles to nine miles (10 to 15 kilometers) from the peak. Even so, dozens of villagers displaced by the disaster took advantage of brief lull in activity yesterday afternoon to head back up the mountain to check on their livestock. “We are really scared, but we have to feed our cattle,” said Sukadi, a 48-yearold farmer, as he brought grass to Boyong, his village six miles (nine kilometers) from the crater. “We’re just going quickly,” added Semin, 54, his friend. “We’ll head back to the camp as soon as we’re done... our families are there.” Indonesia, a vast archipelago of 235 million people, is prone to earthquakes and volcanos because it sits along the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a horseshoeshaped string of faults that lines the Pacific. —AP

SINGAPORE: Qantas grounded its Airbus A380 fleet after one of the superjumbo jets blew out an engine yesterday, shooting flames and raining large metal chunks before making a safe emergency landing in Singapore with 459 people aboard. It was most serious midair incident involving the double-decker A380, the world’s largest and latest airliner, since it debuted in October 2007 with Singapore Airlines flying it to Sydney, the same route that Qantas flight QF34 was flying when it was stricken. Qantas said there had been no explosion, but witnesses aboard the plane and on the ground reported blasts. Officials in Indonesia said the engine trouble could not have been related to recent volcanic eruptions of Mount Merapi, some 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) to the east. After the plane touched down in Singapore, the engine closest to the fuselage on the left wing had visible burn marks and was missing a plate section that would have been painted with the red kangaroo logo of the airline. The upper part of the left wing also appeared damaged. One passenger, Rosemary Hegardy, 60, of Sydney, told The Associated Press that she heard two bangs and saw yellow flames from her window. “There was flames, yellow flames came out, and debris came off. ... You could see black things shooting through the smoke, like bits of debris,” she said. Although it was nearly 90 minutes from the time of the explosion to the plane landing, there was no panic inside the aircraft, she said. The captain addressed the passengers immediately by saying “I’m sure you realize there’s a problem. We have to find out what the problem is,” she said. Shortly after that, the captain explained that an engine had failed and needed to dump fuel before landing. “The crew were fantastic, really, I am so amazed that everyone stayed calm,” she said. “We were all sort of really shaken up, but what could you do?” In another seat, Tyler Wooster watched as part of the skin of the wing peeled off, exposing foam and broken wires. “My whole body just went to jelly and I didn’t know what was going to happen as we were going down, if we were going to be OK,” Wooster told Australia’s Nine Network news. —AP

BATAM CITY: Indonesian police gather pieces of debris of a Qantas Airbus A380 engine casing that fell from the aircraft while in flight, at the police headquarters in Batam city yesterday. — AFP

China pressures European governments over Nobel OSLO: China is pressuring European governments to avoid the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for imprisoned democracy activist Liu Xiaobo and not make any statements in support of him, several diplomats said yesterday. The Chinese Embassy in Oslo has sent official letters to a number of European embassies in the Norwegian capital asking them not to attend the Dec. 10 ceremony, two Western diplomats said. Sweden and Finland confirmed their embassies in Oslo had received such a letter, but officials could not immediately provide details. The ambassadors of Denmark and the Netherlands declined to comment on the letter but said they would attend the ceremony. According to one of the diplomats who said he has seen the letter, China cited its repeated position that Liu is a criminal for his advocacy of widespread political reforms and called the prize an interference in China’s internal affairs. The letter also urged embassies not to issue any public statements in support of Liu on the day of the ceremony, he said. Liu, a writer and outspoken government critic, is serving an 11-year prison term for inciting subversion with Charter 08, a bold call for sweeping political reforms that he coauthored. His wife has been under house arrest since the award was announced in October. Numerous world leaders, including President Barack Obama, as well as international rights groups have called for Liu’s release. That has enraged China, which has been waging a campaign through state media to criticize both Liu and the prize. In Beijing in the past couple of weeks, diplomats from several countries have been called into meetings with Chinese officials, who made similar requests to the letters issued to the embassies in Oslo, said the first Western diplomat. “They have been quietly getting in touch, inviting people to small meetings and passing the message that way,” the diplomat said. A second Western diplomat confirmed the letter.

Another diplomat from a European country said his country had not been asked to avoid the event, but he was aware of several other nations that had been approached. “There is pressure on this,” he said. All three diplomats spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject. Geir Lundestad, the secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, declined to comment on the Chinese letter, but said it’s up to the ambassadors to decide whether to attend the ceremony at Oslo’s City Hall. He said more than 1,000 invitations had been sent out, including to all ambassadors to Norway. Even the Chinese ambassador received an invitation, but returned it without answering, Lundestad said. “All mail we have sent to the Chinese Embassy in Oslo has been returned unopened,” he said. It’s unclear who will accept the prize on Liu’s behalf, but “people close to the laureate” have conveyed his wish that a children’s choir perform at the ceremony, Lundestad said. Arrangements were being made for that, he added. Yesterday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei refused to confirm or deny that China had sent the letters. “Our opposition to the awarding of the peace prize to Liu Xiaobo is clear. We oppose anyone making an issue out of this,” Hong told a regularly scheduled news conference. The campaign against Liu is typical of the more aggressive, hardball diplomacy that China has used recently with European nations over visits by the Dalai Lama and other human rights issues. The request comes at a sensitive time for several European countries in their dealings with China, which is using its economic clout more. President Hu Jintao is in France this week, where reports say a deal on the sale of Airbus jets could be signed, while next week British Prime Minister David Cameron visits Beijing hoping to strengthen business ties after his government last month outlined the sharpest cuts to public spending since World War II. —AP


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Fed’s bond buying plan boosts world stocks World stock markets surge LONDON: World stock markets surged yesterday while the dollar slid against the euro after the Federal Reserve confirmed that it will buy $600 billion in government bonds over the coming eight months in a fresh attempt to shore up the US economic recovery. In Europe, the FTSE 100 index of leading British shares was up 101.25 points, or 1.8 percent, at 5,850.22 while Germany’s DAX rose 93.51 points, or 1.4 percent, at 6,711.31. The CAC-40 in France was 78.80 points, or 2.1 percent, at 3,921.74. Wall Street was poised for further gains at the open later, after the Dow Jones industrial average closed Wednesday at its highest level since September 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed - Dow futures were up 55 points, or 0.5 percent, at 11,232 while the broader Standard & Poor’s 500 futures rose 7.7 points, or 0.6 percent, at 1,205. Stocks have been buoyed by the Fed’s decision Wednesday to buy an additional $600 billion of assets - socalled quantitative easing aimed at creating more dollars and increasing the supply of money in the economy - that will involve it buying $75 billion in Treasury bonds per month until June next year. The Fed said it would be regularly reviewing the pace of its purchases and the overall package in light of the prevailing economic conditions, meaning that investors will continue to keep a close watch on incoming economic data. For now, though, the Fed’s hope is that the policy will help drive down interest rates for households and businesses, giving the wider economy its source of stimulus figures last week showed that the

TOKYO: Kindergarten children in a cart move by an electronic stock board of a securities firm in Tokyo yesterday. —AP

US economy is growing at an annualized rate of 2 percent, which is not enough to get a sticky unemployment rate of around 10 percent lower. Stocks have been buoyed in the weeks running up to the Fed statement in anticipation of another monetary boost and have responded positively to the actual announcement. “I think it is just as well that the market enjoys this extra stimulus, as I suspect that there is no more from where that came,” said David Buik, markets analyst at BGC Partners. Though the prospect of more dollars in the financial system has been a boon to stocks over the last few weeks, the dollar has tanked. The selling, particularly against the euro gathered pace in the wake of the announcement. By mid morning London time, the euro was 0.9 percent higher at $1.4257, its highest level since late January. “The bottom line is that the program of asset purchases implies more dollar supply and in turn will prevent any dollar recovery over the coming months,” said Mitul Kotecha, head of global foreign exchange strategy at Credit Agricole. Elsewhere in the currency markets, the dollar was actually holding up against the yen, partly because the Bank of Japan is widely expected to follow up with stimulus measures of its own after its meeting today - the dollar was only 0.3 percent lower on the day at 80.90 yen. Before the Bank of Japan’s decision, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England announce their latest policy decisions yesterday. Neither bank is expected to announce fresh policy

Emerging markets vow to combat US Fed QE2 Spat over printing dollars likely to hit G20 deal BEIJING/ISTANBUL: Policymakers from the world’s new economic powerhouses in Latin America and Asia pledged yesterday to come up with fresh measures to curb capital inflows after the US Federal Reserve said it would print billions of dollars to rescue its economy. Emerging economies expressed displeasure at the Fed’s move, making any substantive deal on global imbalances and currencies at next week’s Group of 20 meeting in Seoul even less likely. “As long as the world exercises no restraint in issuing global currencies such as the dollar-and this is not easy- then the occurrence of another crisis is inevitable, as quite a few wise Westerners lament,” Xia Bin, an advisor to China’s central bank wrote in a newspaper managed by the bank. South Korea’s Ministry of Finance and Strategy said it had sent “a message to the markets” yesterday and would “aggressively” consider controls on capital flows, while Brazil’s Foreign Trade Secretary said the Fed’s move could cause “retaliatory measures”. Economy Minister Ali Babacan of Turkey, where the central bank has been buying increasing amounts of foreign exchange in an effort to curb appreciation of the lira against the dollar, said the Fed’s action might backfire. “The Fed move was a measure taken in a desperate environment. It should be considered whether pumping this much money into the market can create more damage than benefit,” he said. Thailand raised the possibility of concerted action to combat the flood of investment dollars that are expected to wash into emerging markets. “The central bank governor has confirmed discussions with central banks of neighboring countries, which

are ready to impose measures together if needed to curb possible speculative money flowing into the region,” Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij told reporters. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, head of Malaysia’s central bank, also said Asian central banks were “willing to act collectively if the need arises to ensure stability in the region”. A senior Indian finance official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that while the United States had a right to stimulate its own economy, others would also serve their own interests and said that any deal on currencies in Seoul had to be a “win for both the blocs”. “And that begs a political solution and that’s why we are all looking to Seoul,” he said. G20 finance ministers last month thrashed out an agreement that papered over the radically different views of the two main belligerentsthe United States and China-in a statement that called for competitive currency devaluations to be avoided and for governments to work towards a full suite of policies to reduce current account imbalances. The earlier G20 deal fell short of a firmer statement to allow currencies - in particular the Chinese yuan - to rise, a measure that could have reassured investors that firm policy action was on the agenda, rather than just words. China’s Xia bluntly warned in the Chinese language Financial News that Beijing would pursue its own interests, saying: “We must think ‘what is good for us’.” “It doesn’t seem to me that this is the kind of environment in which any country will commit to targets,” said Credit Suisse currency strategist Olivier Desbarres. In the wake of the Fed’s move to buy $600

billion of US bonds, South Korea’s central bank was seen selling its won currency yesterday in a bid to cap gains after it hit six-month highs in the run-up to the Fed announcement. Other high-yielding currencies also rose with the Australian dollar breaking through $1 to its highest levels since 1982 and Japan warned that it was ready again to use intervention to halt a rising yen that would hurt its huge exporters. In public, South Korean officials remained optimistic of a meaningful deal from the G20 but in private, optimism of a pact backed by firm numbers has been tempered by opposition from Germany and China. “It’s very difficult to say that we will have numbers (out of the summit),” said a South Korean official who declined to be named but who had direct knowledge of the talks. CAPITAL CONTROLS Seoul has held off announcing controls on capital flows for fear of embarrassment ahead of the G20, but others who will participate have been less shy. Brazil has announced a slew of measures over the past few weeks to curb the appreciation of the real currency by direct intervention in markets and doubling a tax on portfolio inflows, although the measures do not seem to have had much of an impact. “But it is exactly because the effect is indeed small - a couple of centavos (cents) in the Brazilian real price of one US dollar - both in absolute terms and in relation to the overall fluctuations of the currency, that it does not stand out in the more cursory comparison between the tracking and the actual FX rate,” Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual said in a detailed study of the impact of measures taken. —Reuters

initiatives. However, the relative strength of the euro at a time when Europe’s debt crisis appears to be bubbling up again could well be a key point of interest at the press briefing of ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet Ireland appears to be the focal point at the moment as the yield on its 10year bonds have reached a new euro-era high of 7.6 percent in advance of the government’s announcement of deficit-cutting plans and growth forecasts. “Ireland may be fully-funded until April but its ability to eventually return to wholesale markets has been brought in to question just as its ability to raise revenues has become more demanding,” said Neil Mellor, an analyst at Bank of New York Mellon. “If tensions across the eurozone’s debt markets grow from current, elevated levels then questions may soon be directed at the EU’s ability to come to the rescue once more.” Earlier in Asia, Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 stock index jumped 2.2 percent to 9,358.78 after being closed for a holiday Wednesday while South Korea’s Kospi rose 0.3 percent to 1,942.50 close to a three-year closing high and Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 gained 0.5 percent to 4,745.30. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index climbed 1.6 percent to 24,535.63 and China’s Shanghai Composite Index closed up 1.9 percent at a seven-month high of 3,086.94. Commodity prices were big gainers from the Fed’s announcement too - benchmark crude for December delivery was up $1.24 at $85.93 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. —AP

Unilever Q3 profits up 19% as sales rise AMSTERDAM: Unilever NV, the maker of consumer products such as Dove soaps, Lipton teas and Ben & Jerry’s ice creams, yesterday reported third-quarter earnings rose 19 percent on sales growth, cost-cutting, and the weak euro, which more than offset higher raw materials costs. Net profit was 1.25 billion euros ($1.75 billion), up from 1.05 billion euros. Sales rose 13.2 percent to 11.5 billion euros, with growth strongest in emerging markets. The company said stripping out the effects of the euro, profits were up 11 percent and sales were 3.1 percent higher. The results “reflect solid progress, particularly given the combined headwinds of slow economic growth, weak consumer confidence in many markets and higher commodity costs,” CEO Paul Polman said in a statement. “Pricing was flat with increased prices in some categories offset by others where downward adjustments were needed to stay competitive.” Prices fell in all regions, which the company made up for with higher volumes. Margins fell in both the Americas and Asia, but grew in Europe and overall due to heavy cost-cutting in Europe. The company’s spending on advertising was flat. “Volume growth in North America was over 2 percent, a solid performance given the difficult market conditions. In the US, our performance in deodorants, hair, ice cream and frozen ready markets was particularly encouraging.” Unilever also makes Slim-Fast diet products, Axe and Rexona deodorants, Magnum ice cream, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Bertolli oils, Knorr soups, Surf laundry products and Cif cleaning products. Unilever said it expects to close a 1.3 billion euros purchase of Sara Lee’s personal care products division, which is being examined closely by European regulators, in the fourth quarter. It has also agreed to buy Alberto Culver, the US maker of Noxzema, TRESemme and V05, for $3.7 billion. Together with Unilevers’ other personal care brands, which include Vaseline, and Suave shampoos among others - the two buys would put Unilever past rival Procter & Gamble Co as the biggest maker of personal care products. —AP


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US Fed resumes massive spending Federal Reserve to pour additional $600 billion into US economy WASHINGTON: The Federal Reserve agreed to pour an additional 600 billion dollars into the US economy, a bold but risky step aimed at keeping a fragile recovery moving and easing high unemployment. The Fed’s top policy panel cast aside its long-held reluctance to micro-manage the economy, as members faced down the prospect of a lost decade of growth. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) said Wednesday it would buy up new Treasury debt at a rate of around 75 billion dollars a month, a scale not seen since the depths of the 2008-2009 economic crisis. While the Fed took similar measures during the crisis and has rolled over those expiring purchases, the expanded spending is unprecedented when the economy is not teetering on the edge of collapse, and redefines the bank’s role. The move followed Tuesday’s midterm elections in which control of the House of Representatives shifted to

Republicans, who have called for less government interference in the US economy. Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, in an opinion piece appeared in yesterdaay’s Washington Post, said the central bank took the extraordinary steps because it has “a particular obligation to help promote increased employment and sustain price stability.” He said this effort, described by some as “quantitative easing,” is less familiar to the public but was effective in helping the economy weather the economic crisis. “This approach eased financial conditions in the past and, so far, looks to be effective again,” he wrote. “Easier financial conditions will promote economic growth. For example, lower mortgage rates will make housing more affordable and allow more homeowners to refinance,” he said.”Lower corporate bond rates will encourage investment. And higher stock prices will boost consumer wealth and help increase

confidence, which can also spur spending. That, he said, “will lead to higher incomes and profits that, in a virtuous circle, will further support economic expansion.” The measure will push total Fed spending up to nearly a trillion dollars by next July. The Fed had already poured in more than 1.5 trillion dollars to spark a recovery. Fed members, warning that the pace of the recovery “continues to be slow,” agreed to buy up longerterm bonds, in addition to the roughly 35 billion dollars in debt that will expire each month. But the Fed’s gambit raised protests from at least one FOMC member who fears it is an overreaction that will fuel long-term inflation. In a statement, the Fed said panel member Thomas Hoenig voted against the measures because he “believed the risks of additional securities purchases outweighed the benefits.” The Kansas Fed chief expressed concerns that the spending

“over time would cause an increase in long-term inflation expectations that could destabilize the economy.” The Fed’s actions also risked fueling anger after congressional and local elections saw strong gains for candidates who backed limited government and low spending. Though the Fed’s spending does not directly contribute to the US deficit or debt, critics say the outlays are symptomatic of Washington’s willingness to embrace profligate spending. With politicians unwilling or unable to approve a new rash of stimulus spending to help decrease joblessness or the risk of deflation, Bernanke’s supporters had called on the Fed to act. Since Bernanke first suggested the possibility in late September, and confirmed it in October, markets and most economists had penciled in another round of quantitative easing (QE) as a solid bet. Though the plan was worth slightly less than some investors had

expected, major US stock markets rose modestly higher in the hours after the news. “The net new QE is a bit lower than some expected but will be enough, in our view, markedly to boost... growth,” said Ian Shepherdson, chief US economist with High Frequency Economics. Asian stock markets yesterday largely welcomed the move, with Tokyo shares jumping 2.24 percent by midday. Modest third-quarter economic growth had bolstered expectations of further Fed stimulus to lower long-term interest rates and fight off deflationary pressure in the slack economy. The world’s largest economy grew at a two percent annual rate in July-September, slightly more than a 1.7-percent expansion in the second quarter. When the government reports payroll data today, the jobless rate is expected to remain stuck at 9.6 percent for the third straight month in October. — AFP

Dollar printing is a ‘huge risk’ BEIJING: Unbridled printing of dollars is the biggest risk to the global economy, an adviser to the Chinese central bank said in comments published yesterday, a day after the Federal Reserve unveiled a new round of monetary easing. China must set up a firewall via currency policy and capital controls to cushion itself from external shocks, Xia Bin said in a commentary piece in the Financial News, a Chinese-language newspaper managed by the central bank. “As long as the world exercises no restraint in issuing global currencies such as the dollar-and this is not easythen the occurrence of another crisis is inevitable, as quite a few wise Westerners lament,” he said. Li Daokui, another academic adviser to the central bank, said loose money in the United States would translate into additional pressure on the Chinese yuan to appreciate. “A certain amount of capital will flow into China, either through Hong Kong or directly into the mainland,” Li said. But he added that Beijing would stick to its own gradual pace in managing the yuan’s rise. He also said that big gains in US midterm elections by Republicans, who are seen as more friendly to free trade, had made him “a bit relieved” because political calls for China to let the yuan rise would likely quiet down. The Federal Reserve launched a fresh effort on Wednesday to support the struggling US economy, committing to buy $600 billion in government bonds despite concerns the program could do more harm than good. Policymakers from emerging market powerhouses in Latin America and Asia said they would come up with fresh measures to curb capital inflows following the Fed policy. Wang Zihong, a US-focused economist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a top government think tank, said the US quantitative easing could add to inflationary concerns in China. “It will put pressure on the dollar to weaken, thus pushing up global commodity prices, including oil. So it will increase imported inflation pressure in some countries, including China,” he said. But Wang dismissed suggestions that China might sell some of its vast stock of US Treasuries as a way of punishing the United States and cutting Beijing’s exposure to dollars. “This is an emotional proposal. What will China buy after selling Treasuries? Do we have any idea? No, we are unable to think out an idea,” Wang said. Xia, the central bank adviser, said that it will take a long time for the global monetary system to improve and that China must be ready to hold the line on its currency policy and capital controls. “We must keep a clear mind. We must not lead the world in financial regulation, nor simply follow the deeds of mature economies. We must think ‘what is good for us’,” he said. China already has a regime of tight capital controls in place, limiting its vulnerability to the wave of liquidity that analysts say could be pushed towards emerging markets by easier US monetary policy. By closely managing the yuan’s exchange rate, Beijing has also been able to blunt appreciation pressure in the face of a weakening dollar. To better coordinate its policies, China should establish a team in charge of broad economic and financial supervision above its current network of financial regulators, Xia said. As an academic adviser on the central bank’s monetary policy committee, Xia does not have decision-making powers but does provide input to the policy-making process.— Reuters

TOKYO: Skyscrapers soar at Yokohama port, south of Tokyo. Japan will host the annual AsiaPacific Economic Cooperation forum next weekend. —AP

APEC nations address economic imbalances TOKYO: Nations must cut excessive economic imbalances and be more fiscally responsible to reduce global economic uncertainty, a draft communique issued by Asia-Pacific finance ministers released yesterday says. The draft is subject to change but has formed the basis for discussions ahead of a meeting of finance ministers of the 21-nation Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation group on Friday and Saturday in Kyoto, Dow Jones Newswires said. The meeting will kick off a series of events forming the APEC summit to be concluded in Yokohama next week. The draft said that the global economy is recovering from the recent crisis “but uncertainty still remains,” Dow Jones reported. “We note the importance of strengthening multilateral cooperation to promote external sustainability and pursuing the full range of policies conducive to reducing excessive imbalances,” the draft statement said. The gathering follows an October pact by G20 finance ministers in South Korea to “refrain from competitive devaluation of

currencies” and to bring their current account imbalances into line. The United States in particular has advocated that current account imbalances should be reduced. At the G20, it pushed for a mandate that member nations should commit to reducing current account imbalances to four percent of gross domestic product. Such a limit would force China, among others, to take steps to rein in its massive trade surplus. The draft added that “advanced surplus economies should strengthen their efforts to tackle structural reforms, which will help increase domestic demand.” It said that APEC economies “especially those with a high level sovereign debt,” should take steps to manage public finance more efficiently. While the current draft does not mention currency levels or other foreign exchange issues, the issue is expected to be a major area of discussion at the talks. Two years after the world’s worst financial crisis since the 1930s erupted, a super-loose US monetary policy is

hammering the dollar, prompting a wave of speculative money to pour into Asia and drive up regional currencies. While the influx of foreign capital reflects investor confidence in a region that escaped the worst of the world economic crisis, it is making Asian goods more expensive on global markets and fanning fears of asset bubbles. Political tensions and fears of a “currency war” have been high as nations look to protect their export-driven growth and jostle for a trade advantage. APEC was launched in 1989 to promote trade and strengthen economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, which now accounts for more than half the world’s economic output and 40 percent of its population. The group includes Australia, China, Japan, Peru, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and seven members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Chinese Finance Minister Xie Xuren will not attend this weekend’s meeting in Japan, an official said yesterday, amid a simmering territorial dispute between Tokyo and Beijing. — AFP


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Coal India surges 40% ‘Gift’ for investors as Diwali festival begins MUMBAI: Shares in Coal India surged 40 percent on debut after a record $3.4 billion IPO as investors snapped up a stock that is a proxy for surging growth and energy demand in Asia’s third-largest economy. An attractive IPO valuation for India’s dominant coal miner spurred demand from investors who applied for more than 15 times the number of shares on offer in the country’s largest-ever IPO, which was priced at the top of its offer range. “Fundamentally, Coal India is a structural play on India’s rising energy demand,” said Binay Chandgothia, chief investment officer at Principal Global Investors in Hong Kong. The rousing response sets high expectations for share sales by a government looking to shed stakes in some 60 companies over the next few years, putting pressure on New Delhi to price future offerings at discounts to peers. State-run Coal India’s IPO comes at a time of record foreign inflows into Indian stocks and in one of the best years for IPO fundraisings for the country. A boom is also sweeping across Asia’s IPO markets, with more than twothirds of the global volume in 2010 being raised in the region. Coal India shares closed at 342.35 rupees, 39.7 percent higher than their 245 rupee offer price and well above the 18 percent first-day gain forecast in a Reuters poll. The stock accounted for more than 40 percent of the volume traded on India’s two main bourses, and was helped by a buoyant market that saw that main Sensex close up more than 2 percent at a record closing high. HAPPY DIWALI “This is better than we expected. With this IPO the government has given the best Diwali gift to the investing public,” Coal India Chairman Partha Bhattacharyya said at a listing ceremony in the trading ring of the BSE, with the hall lit up with lanterns ahead of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. The strong performance gave Coal India a market value of 2.16 trillion rupees ($48.9 billion), vaulting it into fourth place among India’s most valuable companies, behind energy giants Reliance Industries and state-run ONGC and State Bank of India. “This is a perfect stock for long term pension and insurance funds, and there still is a lot of unsatisfied demand,” said Jagannadham Thunuguntla, equity head at SMC Capital. It also contrasted with the subdued debut in Spain and Italy yesterday by Enel Green Power, whose shares fell after the company’s

Friday, November 5, 2010

Singapore still top for small business HONG KONG: Singapore remains the easiest place in the world for small and medium sized firms to do business but rival Hong Kong gained on the city-state in a World Bank report released yesterday. The annual report sheds light on how easy or difficult it is for local entrepreneurs to open and run their businesses in 183 economies. Despite Singapore’s top spot, its lead was eroded as second-placed Hong Kong made big strides in cutting red tape in the past year, according to “Doing Business 2010”, jointly conducted with the International Finance Corporation. New Zealand, Britain, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the United States completed the top 10. “Hong Kong’s success in offering one of the best business environments globally rests on continuous reforms despite its already established position as a leader,” said Geoffrey Walton, business line Leader for the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific business climate unit. “Hong Kong has made use of online applications to make complying with business regulations easier or implemented one-stop shops for efficient processing of construction permits,” he added. The report noted that the southern Chinese

financial hub abolished a tax on diesel fuel and streamlined the legal process for commercial disputes. But IFC spokesman Hannfried von Hindenburg said highlighting Hong Kong’s reform efforts did not take away from Singapore’s success. “Singapore is number one and has been for five years running,” he said. New Zealand leads the world in investor protection, ahead of Singapore and Hong Kong, the report said. The report’s criteria includes dealing with construction permits, registering property, getting credit, paying taxes, trading across borders and closing a business. China was ranked 79th, although it, along with Vietnam and East Timor were the three most improved countries over the past five years. Kazakhstan, Rwanda and Peru are also among the economies that had made the most strides in reducing red tape in the past year, the report said. Chad was at the bottom of the list, with the Central African Republic second bottom and Burundi third last. SubSaharan Africa and South Asia remained the most difficult places to conduct business, although three African countries were among this year’s top 10 most improved nations-Rwanda, Cape Verde and Zambia. — AFP

For some, Myanmar is an ultimate frontier market European, US companies looking to get in GODAVARIKHANI: Indian coal miners lift carry baskets of coal inside an underground tunnel of a mine owned by the Sinagareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) at Godavarikhani. — AFP 2.5 billion euro ($3.54 billion) IPO, Europe’s largest in three years. So far this year, Indian firms have raised $7.8 billion in IPOs, Thomson Reuters data showed, within touching distance of the record $8.4 billion raised in 2007. “The fourth quarter typically tends to be strong for Indian equity markets, so it’s a happy situation, given the global environment that’s benefitting from US QE2,” Chandgothia said, referring to the stimulus plan unveiled by the Fed on Wednesday. A record $26.3 billion in foreign fund inflows into stocks this year brightens the outlook for India’s divestment program, which has had mixed success thus far this year. A follow-on public offering in transmission utility Power Grid Corp to raise up to $1.9 billion will open next week. That will be followed by a $270 million IPO in Manganese Ore India Ltd in

early December and another follow on offer in Hindustan Copper that could raise $1.6 billion. SOME RISKS Coal India’s dominant position in a country that is heavily reliant on coal-fired power, an attractive valuation relative to peers and its expected inclusion in indexes in about one month has made it a near must-own for investors. Demand for coal is forecast to grow 11 percent a year in India, which aims to halve its peakhour power deficit of nearly 14 percent over the next two years and triple its generation capacity over the next decade. Coal India has set aside $1.2 billion to buy coal assets abroad, and said yesterday it had submitted nonbinding bids for two or three projects in Australia and Indonesia. The Indian economy is on track to grow at about 8.5 percent in the current fiscal year.

Kolkata-based Coal India, which accounts for nearly 80 percent of coal output in the country, reported earnings per share of 15.60 rupees in 2009/10. Risks include a Maoist insurgency in key mining areas and environmental challenges to new mining projects in India. The company also prices coal about 60 percent lower than global prices, in part because of comparatively low quality coal. It expects profit to rise by a quarter this fiscal year, valuing the company at roughly 17 times expected 2010/11 earnings after its share price rally yesterday. By comparison, China’s Shenhua Energy, trades around 16 times forward earnings, while US miner Peabody Energy trades at 17 times earnings. Coal India’s growth plans include focusing on expanding margins by selling more high quality, higher-priced washed coal as well as leading India’s hunt for coal assets overseas. — Reuters

BANGKOK: Asset manager Douglas Clayton calls it the ultimate frontier market: a country rich in natural gas, timber and gemstones strategically located between China and India with enormous potential for infrastructure. But as army-ruled Myanmar heads into its first election in two decades on Sunday, mainland Southeast Asia’s biggest country remains one of the world’s most difficult for foreign investors, restricted by Western sanctions, blighted by 48 years of oppressive military rule and starved of capital. Some investors expect the parliamentary election to change that by introducing reforms that could slowly prise open the country of 50 million people that just over 50 years ago was one of Southeast Asia’s most promising and wealthiest, the world’s biggest rice exporter and major energy producer. “It seems that the situation could not get much worse but has huge room to get better,” said Clayton, a former hedge fund manager who is now chief executive and managing partner of Leopard Capital, a private equity fund focused on

emerging Asian markets and backed by overseas investors. “It has more natural resources than other frontier markets. It is basically four times the size of Cambodia. So the scale is attractive to people who deal in billions of dollars instead of millions,” he added. “The election is potentially a seminal event in changing the perception about Myanmar.” Most political analysts advise against such exuberance. Under the armydrafted constitution, the military has a 25 percent quota of all legislative seats and most of the remainder are expected to go to recently retired generals and their proxies running against minimal opposition due to tough election laws. The pro-army parliament would appoint a president responsible for the government. There’s no chance the election will be a catalyst for lifting Western sanctions, which depend more on whether the government releases an estimated 2,200 detained political activists or opposition politicians including Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, whose house arrest expires on Nov. 13. —Reuters


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BNP outlook boosts investor confidence France’s biggest listed bank beats forecasts, rules out Basel capital hike PARIS: BNP Paribas, France’s biggest listed bank, ruled out a capital increase to meet tougher industry rules and promised a positive end to the year, boosting investor confidence in the banking sector. French bank stocks have lagged peers for much of the year over concerns they lack the capital strength to meet incoming capital regulations known as Basel III. But sentiment is turning after forecastbeating results from BNP and rival Societe Generale. Both stocks rose 4 percent yesterday, outperforming the sector. “Results are strong at SocGen and very solid at BNP; it’s taken as a positive,” WestLB analyst Christoph Bossmann said. Falling loan provisions and strong retail banking exposure helped BNP and SocGen beat third-quarter forecasts despite a sluggish quarter for investment banking that hurt rivals Credit Suisse, Nomura and Morgan Stanley. Both BNP and

SocGen have also said their own profit generation would be enough to comply with the Basel requirements ahead of the 2019 deadline, ruling out the need for a capital increase. “Basel III for French banks looks kind of manageable, at least for SocGen and BNP ... That’s taken positively as well,” WestLB’s Bossmann said. Shares of BNP were up 4.2 percent at 54.65 euros, while SocGen was up 4.3 percent at 44.73 euros. Both stocks outperformed a 2.7 percent higher STOXX Europe 600 bank index, though SocGen has underperformed the sector in the year to date. BNP Chief Executive Baudouin Prot, one of the few French bank CEOs to have kept his position throughout the financial crisis, said BNP would outdo SocGen under Basel III with a core Tier 1 ratio “better” than 7.5 percent by January 2013. “(There will be) no capital increase

whatsoever ... I’m very confident on the capital position,” Prot told Reuters Insider television, saying profit power would be enough to add solvency. Prot’s comments came after SocGen also ruled out a capital increase. Several banks across Europe have tapped investors for fresh equity in a so-called “solvency race” as the tighter capital requirements loom. BNP, Europe’s third-biggest bank by market value behind HSBC and Banco Santander, said its Tier 1 ratio at end-2012 would overall be unchanged. It is currently 9 percent. The bank also said the shift to new Basel capital requirements would add a total of 70 billion euros to its risk-weighted assets. “The Basel III details provided, that’s the most important thing ... There will be a very limited impact (on assets),” MF Global analyst Shailesh Raikundlia said.

‘CONFIDENT’ OUTLOOK Although some national regulators are seen imposing capital requirements beyond the Basel minimum of 7 percent by 2019, French policymakers have taken a softer position and said they must balance the needs of the wider economy. BNP’s smaller rival Credit Agricole, which is due to report results on Wednesday, is seen as among the most vulnerable to a capital shortfall under Basel III. A more benign risk environment since a year ago helped BNP Paribas beat profit and revenue forecasts, with strong retail operations offsetting a tough quarter for investment banking. BNP’s Prot said the outlook was similarly bright. “I’m confident that the fourth quarter should be another good quarter,” Prot said, without giving more details. BNP reported net income of 1.9 billion euros ($2.7 billion), up 46 percent year-on-year, beating the

Euro recovery losing steam Monetary stimulus, crisis plan frame ECB meeting BRUSSELS: Growth signals across the 16-nation eurozone economy slumped to an eight-month low point in October with a leading indicator pointing on Thursday to a further slowdown in coming months. Recovery in the 16nation eurozone “lost further impetus” as the big two economies of France and Germany lead a rebound but others dragged behind, according to the purchasing managers’ index (PMI), a survey of 4,500 euro area companies compiled by London-based data and research group Markit. Its combined manufacturing and services index for October fell to an eight-month low of 53.3 points in October, down from 54.1 in September. The data is watched closely as an important guide to underlying shortterm trends in the economy. “Business activity rose at the slowest pace since February,” Markit said, “as a faster rate of expansion in manufacturing production was offset by weaker growth of business activity at service providers.” While the manufacturing upturn was welcome, the service sector slide raised concerns that domestic demand “remains disappointingly lacklustre”, said Markit’s chief economist Chris Williamson. “The region’s near-term fortunes therefore seem to be increasingly reliant upon growth of global demand,” he added. Germany saw its rate of expansion improve for the first time for three months while national strikes caused growth in France to ease to the weakest point since September 2009. Italy and Ireland saw modest expansion but activity fell for the second consecutive month in Spain and Greece faced its fastest manufacturing decline since June. But improvements in manufacturing “was offset by the weakest rise in the service sector new business since February”. While October employment figures rose for the eighth month running, job creation was mainly centered on Germany and France with further job losses in Italy, Spain and Ireland. “Divergent national economic trends also suggest that peripheral countries such as Spain are

MADRID: Unemployed people queue outside an unemployment registry office in Madrid yesterday. Spain’s Labor Ministry says the number of people filing claims for unemployment benefits rose for a third straight month in October, by about 68,000. —AP showing signs of falling back into recession, which will raise tensions in the region and subdue overall economic growth for some time,” Williamson said. European Central Bank Meanwhile, the European Central Bank faces a range of tough issues including monetary easing in the US after its monthly governing council meeting yesterday, even if it keeps its main lending rate unchanged at 1.0 percent as expected. ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet will have an opportunity to comment on monetary policy differences with the US Federal Reserve and proposals for a eurozone crisis resolution mechanism. But Trichet’s monthly press conference “was always going to be complicated,” Deutsche Bank economist Gilles Moec noted. “Communicating the governing council’s clear preference for a

normalization of the monetary policy framework, in complete contrast to the Fed’s approach, without triggering too much additional tension on short-term market rates, euro-dollar and intraEuropean spreads, is already tricky,” Moec said. He referred to the difference in borrowing costs between benchmark Germany and more vulnerable countries on the eurozone’s periphery like Greece, Ireland and Portugal. With the ECB looking to unwind exceptional stimulus measures, the Fed’s second round of so-called Quantitative Easing suggests it and the ECB have come to a fork in the road to recovery. So-called QE2 easing, as the Fed’s move is described, will involve the US bank resuming massive stimulus spending not seen since the depths of the 2007-09 economic crisis. The Fed said on Wednesday that it would purchase 600 billion dollars’ worth (420

billion euros) of long-term US bondsessentially printing money-to boost a weak recovery. The US central bank plans to buy about 75 billion dollars of US government bonds a month. In Frankfurt, the ECB is trying to slowly wean dependent eurozone banks off unlimited supplies of central bank cash as the 16-nation economy advances with a bit more vigor. “Trichet will be questioned about differences in monetary policy stance between the two sides of the Atlantic,” Ernst & Young senior economist Marie Diron noted. RBS economist Nick Matthews was looking for a reaffirmation that Trichet “considers it important that US authorities have confirmed their strong dollar position vis-a-vis other major floating currencies.” But with Fed officials climbing on board QE2, the euro has climbed to 1.42 dollars-not exactly a strong level for the US currency. —AFP

average estimate of 1.74 billion in a Reuters poll of 12 analysts. Revenue, which was forecast to fall slightly, rose 1.8 percent. Prot said corporate and investment banking held up well despite a sluggish quarter-revenues at the unit fell 17 percent-while retail rebounded “strongly”. Despite consolidation heating up in the sector, with Spain’s BBVA and Standard Chartered among those raising capital to help fund acquisitions, Prot said BNP would hold back from splashing out. “We don’t exclude to make acquisitions ...(but) we are going to remain very disciplined regarding the price we are ready to pay,” said Prot, who since taking the reins in 2003 has overseen the purchase of Italy’s BNL and assets from Benelux bank Fortis. BNP shares have fallen around 2 percent year-to-date, better than a 4 percent fall for the sector, giving it a market value of around 62.6 billion euros. —Reuters

Old Mutual unfazed by failed Nedbank’s deal LONDON: Insurer Old Mutual yesterday reported better-than-expected sales and said plans to streamline the company were on track despite a failed attempt to sell banking subsidiary Nedbank to HSBC. Old Mutual CEO Julian Roberts said HSBC’s surprise withdrawal last month from the deal, seen as a key plank of Old Mutual’s overhaul, was “a shock to everybody,” but would not derail the three-year restructuring effort. “Right now we’re thinking of what is the appropriate option for us moving forward. We’re not in any rush to do anything,” he told reporters on a conference call. Old Mutual, an Anglo-South African financial conglomerate with operations in over 30 countries, had intended to sell its majority stake in South Africa’s Nedbank as part of a strategy to concentrate on life insurance amid investor concerns its lack of focus had held back its share price. Roberts declined to comment on why HSBC pulled out of the deal, which was heralded as the British lender’s first foray into African market, currently enjoying strong growth due to burgeoning trade links with Asia. “We feel the group remains unfocused and is unlikely to achieve a premium rating until it achieves greater focus in its business lines,” Oriel Securities analyst Marcus Barnard wrote in a note. Old Mutual shares were up 3.2 percent at 133.2 pence by 0840 GMT, while the FTSE 100 share index was 1.7 percent higher. Old Mutual also reported unit trust sales for the three months to Sept. 30 of 2.9 billion pounds ($4.68 billion), up 36 percent compared with the same period last year, and well ahead of the 2.2 billion pounds expected by analysts, according to a consensus forecast calculated by the company. The strong unit trust sales offset a flat performance in life insurance, where sales rose 1 percent on the year to 351 million pounds, lagging consensus at 372 million pounds. —Reuters


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GM $13bn IPO to cut Treasury stake to 43% NEW YORK: General Motors has finalized terms for a stock offering of about $13 billion to repay a controversial taxpayer-funded bailout and reduce the US Treasury to a minority shareholder. GM’s filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission is the final step before it begins marketing what is expected to be one of the largest-ever IPOs. The investors are expected to span the globe and include sovereign wealth funds. The automaker plans to sell 365 million common shares, or 24 percent of its common stock, at $26 to $29 each, raising about $10 billion at the midpoint, according to updated initial public offering papers filed with the SEC. In addition, GM said it planned to sell about $3 billion of preferred shares that would convert to common shares under mandatory provisions, a less risky form of equity that could attract dividend and growth-fund investors. The IPO would value GM at just over $41 billion at the midpoint of the price range, making it all but certain that US taxpayers would face a loss on the automaker’s still controversial bailout. GM needs a market value of roughly $70 billion if US taxpayers are to break even. At $41 billion, GM would also be priced at about a 16 percent discount to its smaller but more successful rival Ford Motor Co, which has a market capitalization of more than $48 billion. “That would make sense,” said Bernie McGinn, chief investment officer at McGinn Investment Management in Alexandria, Virginia, who owns Ford stock. “Ford has done everything right, and GM is a year out of bankruptcy and it has a new CEO.” McGinn said the discounted value for GM also reflected the urgency for the Obama administration to exit its investment in the US automaker. “I think this is a political thing. It’s being driven by Washington,” he said. “They just want to get out. And if you talk about eating

NEW YORK: Cars are seen at Martin Cadillac in this file photo in Yonkers, New York. US government-rescued General Motors hopes to raise 10 billion dollars when it relists its stock later this month. — AFP $10 billion in losses, this is a city that can eat trillions of dollars.” One source familiar with the offering said, “(The Treasury) decided they wanted a massive upside.” The source was not authorized to speak with the media and declined to be named. “The tough actions that the Administration took to get the auto industry back on its feet and save over one million jobs played a crucial role in putting our economy on the path to recovery. Today’s development represents another important step forward in our oft-repeated policy of

UK house prices rebound House prices up 1.8 percent LONDON: British house prices jumped 1.8 percent last month, recovering half of September’s record monthly fall, mortgage lender Halifax said yesterday, but analysts still expect the market to soften well into next year. The monthly rise took prices up 1.2 percent in the three months to October compared with a year ago, and the average price of a home stood at 164,919 pounds ($266,000), Halifax said. Analysts had expected a rise of 0.6 percent in October for a three-month annual rate of 0.7 percent, and following September’s revised 3.7 percent monthly fall. But economists said October’s unexpectedly strong rise did not alter the picture of a softening housing market, with tough lending conditions and uncertainty about the economic outlook weighing on people’s ability to buy. “House prices will trend down gradually overall through the final months of 2010 and during 2011 rather than crash, to lose around 10 percent of their value,” said Howard Archer, economist at IHS Global Insight. “Critical to the development of house prices over the coming months will be the amount of houses coming on to the market, mortgage availability and how well the economy and jobs hold up as the fiscal squeeze increasingly kicks in,” he added. Britain’s government plans to slash spending by 81 billion pounds over four years to help reduce a budget deficit running close to 10 percent of national output. The cuts, and a raft of tax rises, will start to bite properly next year. Halifax said a fall of 1.2 percent in the three months to October compared with the previous three months gave a more representative view of the trend in house prices, although it does not expect a prolonged decline in prices. “An increase in the number of properties available for sale in recent months, together with a decline in demand has put some downward pressure on prices in recent months,” said Halifax economist Martin Ellis. “We do not believe that prices are set to fall sharply over a sustained period.” A survey by rival mortgage lender Nationwide last week showed house prices fell 0.7 percent in October, for an annual rise of 1.4 percent. — Reuters

exiting these investments as soon as practicable and recovering funds on behalf of the American taxpayer,” the US Treasury said in a statement. GM, which will have 1.5 billion outstanding common shares following a planned 3for-1 stock split in the IPO, would need to trade at roughly $50 per share in the market to reach the $70 billion breakeven threshold. The Treasury, which holds a 60.8 percent stake in GM as a result of its $50 billion bailout, will take a loss of up to $4.9 billion on its sale of shares in the IPO. The Treasury plans to cut

its stake to just over 43 percent, excluding the overallotment option. Treasury officials led by former Lazard Freres and Co banker Ron Bloom have indicated that they are willing to take an initial loss on GM as part of the Obama administration’s stated goal of exiting from the government’s investment as “quickly as practicable.” Underscoring the political sensitivities still surrounding GM’s bailout, Senator Chuck Grassley in a statement on Wednesday urged the Treasury to ensure “taxpayers get their money in full.”

TAXPAYERS’ ODDS Some analysts said a rally in GM shares-and a stronger recovery in global auto sales-could still bring the US taxpayer-funded investment closer to break-even. “It’s only the starting point,” IHS Automotive analyst Aaron Bragman said of the initial valuation of GM and the paper loss for Treasury. “GM knew it was not going to get it all back at once.” GM shares would have to gain over 80 percent after the IPO to allow the US government to break even on its investment before accounting for banking fees. By comparison, shares in Ford have gained 52 percent this year. GM executives say the company’s restructuring through its 2009 bankruptcy has allowed the company to break even at around 11 million in annual US auto sales-a figure close to the near 30-year lows that the industry saw in 2009. US auto sales are expected to rise to about 11.5 million this year from 10.4 million last year, and are widely expected to recover to the pre-recession level of more than 15 million units within the next few years. GM, the top US automaker by sales, said earlier on Wednesday that it expected third-quarter earnings of $2.1 billion and that it would turn a “solid” profit for the full 2010 year. BIGGEST US IPO SINCE VISA If everything goes as planned, the offering would be the largest US IPO since Visa Inc’s $19.7 billion IPO in 2008. GM’s underwriters could sell an additional 54.75 million common shares and 9 million preferred shares if the IPO attracts robust investor demand, raising another roughly $2 billion and potentially taking the total IPO amount to as much as $15.65 billion, the company said in the amended prospectus. —Reuters

MGM studio files for bankruptcy Icahn supports prepackaged bankruptcy NEW YORK: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc has filed for bankruptcy, marking a climax to a drawn-out restructuring for the storied Hollywood studio that controls the James Bond films and made “The Wizard of Oz.” The Chapter 11 filing follows last week’s vote by creditors to support a prepackaged bankruptcy in which MGM will shed more than $4 billion of debt and hand control to its secured lenders. Management would be assumed by Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, who run the Spyglass Entertainment film company. MGM filed for protection from creditors after striking an agreement with Carl Icahn, one of its largest debtholders, to win the billionaire’s support for a restructuring. Icahn previously supported a bid to merge MGM with another studio, Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. MGM also said its secured lenders overwhelmingly support the reorganization. MGM was founded in 1924 and is known for its roaring lion logo. It has produced, released, or controls many of Hollywood’s bestknown films, including “Ben-Hur” and the Pink Panther and Rocky film series. Spyglass’ involvement with MGM has also been seen as key to a lucrative arrangement with Time Warner Inc’s Warner Bros Pictures and the director Peter Jackson to make two movies based on JRR. Tolkien’s novel “The Hobbit.”

CUTTING DEBT, RAISING CAPITAL The MGM reorganization calls for secured lenders including Credit Suisse Group AG and JPMorgan Chase & Co to swap more than $4 billion of debt for equity, giving them ownership of most of a reorganized company. MGM has struggled with too much debt since 2005 when it was sold in a $2.85 billion leveraged buyout. The buyout group included private equity firms Providence Equity Partners, TPG Capital LP, Quadrangle Group and DLJ Merchant Banking Partners, as well as Comcast Corp and Sony Corp. MGM said it expects a federal bankruptcy judge to approve the restructuring in about 30 days. The Los Angeles-based company and roughly 160 affiliates sought protection from creditors with the US bankruptcy court in Manhattan. Judge Stuart Bernstein was assigned to the case. MGM had $2.67 billion of assets and $5.77 billion of liabilities before accounting adjustments as of Sept. 30, a court filing shows. The company sought court approval to spend up to $125 million on operations in the next 15 weeks. This may include sums for “The Hobbit,” a prequel to “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, which grossed $3 billion globally, court papers show. Stephen Cooper, MGM’s co-chief executive, in a statement said the reorganization will improve MGM’s finances by “sharply reducing” debt and providing access to new capital. MGM said it expects to raise $500 million upon emerging from bankruptcy to

fund operations, including the production of films and TV series. ICAHN Icahn said the plan calls for MGM to adopt a series of corporate governance changes, and give him the right to appoint a board director once the company emerges from bankruptcy. MGM also agreed not to buy the libraries of two Spyglass affiliates, Cypress Entertainment Group Inc and Garoge Inc. “We were able to obtain an agreement to make changes to the MGM prepackaged plan that allows me to support it and enables the company to avoid a potentially costly and disruptive bankruptcy,” Icahn said in a statement. Barber and Birnbaum would also sit on the board of a reorganized MGM, along with seven directors named by lenders, including several independent directors, MGM said. Spyglass films have included “The Sixth Sense” in 1999 and “Dinner for Schmucks” earlier this year. Lions Gate had proposed a merger with MGM that would have given creditors a 55 percent stake in the combined company. Icahn is also conducting a hostile takeover bid for Lions Gate. That company is separately suing Icahn, alleging he interfered with its efforts to merge with MGM. A Lions Gate spokesman declined to comment. Lions Gate has produced the hit TV show “Mad Men” and the Oscar-winning film “Precious.” It has offices in Vancouver, British Columbia. — Reuters

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US economic forecast heads south

Eddie Gleason searches for jobs using the library computers at Longview Community College in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Gleason has been out of work since December 2007. —MCT

Latest survey predicts job recovery a year or two away alifornia, the Valley and San Joaquin County are in for a long slog as the latest economic forecast puts the recovery in employment a year or two away. Jeffrey Michael, director of the Business Forecasting Center at University of the Pacific, had long predicted the pace of job creation would begin to pick up this fall, particularly in the private sector. But that hasn’t happened, and he’s sharply downgraded near-term expectations in his latest quarterly forecast. He previously forecast California’s unemployment rate would drop to 11 percent in 2011 and to less than 10 percent the year after. The October report now has state jobless rates remaining above 10 percent well into 2013. San Joaquin County will remain in the doldrums a while longer, with annual jobless rates hovering above 17 percent for the next two years before easing to 16.4 percent in 2013, according to the Pacific forecast. “Basically since the summer, virtually every economic indicator has been flat, at best, if not negative,” Michael said. Private sector employment is providing little growth, while local and state government payrolls are being slashed due to budget cutbacks. Also, he said, “The home building industry is still lying on its back, and we’re a long way away from solving that.” Consider the latest jobs report from the state Employment Development Department. San Joaquin County’s unemployment rate was pegged at 16.6 percent in September, unchanged from August but up sharply from 15.1 percent in September 2009. “This is the time of year when employment


should be low. This is as low as it goes,” Michael said. “Here we’re supposedly in the recovery, and we’re 1.5 percentage points higher than we were a year ago.” The Central Valley is especially hard hit by the construction downturn, as home building remains at record lows, and state and local budget cuts offset any gains from improved conditions in agriculture, the region’s traditional economic base.

business, as well as sales taxes on all sorts of manufacturing equipment, as a way to encourage production investment. But most policies being touted by the candidates won’t help or are unrealistic. “One thing that would unequivocally help would be to get better about balancing the state’s budget and improve the state’s credit rating,” Michael said. Because California’s spending plan is often based on accounting smoke and mirrors, leading

“There are some real opportunities in manufacturing and real-goods production in the coming decade,” Michael said. And San Joaquin County, as a crossroads for major rail lines and highways, as well as the Port of Stockton, remains a great location for large distribution and logistics operations. An additional opportunity is posed by the recent groundbreaking for a marine highway, which is intended to take some container cargo

Private sector employment is providing little growth, while local and state government payrolls are being slashed due to budget cutbacks. While candidates of all political stripes promise their policies will spark an economic and jobs recovery, Michael suggests the election Tuesday will mostly decide the winners and losers in the struggle over a shrinking government pie. “The election seems unlikely to change the trend toward less government support of the economic recovery,” the forecast says. Michael said he’d like to see the state eliminate fees charged simply to open a

to a poor credit rating, the state is charged millions of dollars in higher interest rates. “Those are dollars that aren’t doing anything for the people of California,” he said. While the near-term outlook is stagnant, Michael remains positive about the longer term, particularly after the wave of housing foreclosures slows in 2013. “Those long-term economic transitions create some real opportunities for this region, and I do believe we will be a fast-growing region again,” he said.

now carried by highway trucking and put it onto barges shuttling among Stockton, West Sacramento and the Port of Oakland. “It increases our transportation options around here,” Michael said. “Any increase in our transportation capacity to move people and goods between here and the Bay Area helps us.” And the downturns in construction and government sectors are cyclical. “They are down. They will come back,” he said. — MCT


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Make the most of your first job Tips for youngsters who toil

ongratulations-you’re about to start your first job (or your second or third). Nervous? Afraid you won’t know what to do? Calm down-you were hired because your boss thought you could do the job, or because he or she thought you could learn to do it. If that’s all I had to say, though, there wouldn’t be much reason for writing this article, now would there? Your boss may tell you what you need to do to get a paycheck. However, he or she may not tell you how to be a “good” employee. That’s what I’m here for. I’ll help you get off on the right foot. My first job was a tremendous learning experience for me, and yours can be one for you too. When I was 14-years-old, I was hired to work as a counselor-in-training at a day camp. I had to learn how to interact with my supervisors, other counselors, children, and parents. I think I did a good job, but I wish I had known then what I know nowand what I’m about to share with you. If you’re a teenager about to start your first job, this article can help you succeed at it, and at those jobs that come after. Even if you have worked before, you may find something here you don’t already know. If you’re the parent of a teen, or if there’s a teen in your life, pass this information along to him or her.


Tip number 1: Spe ak c lea rly Last week my husband and I went to a grocery store. The cashier who rang up our order was a high school student, probably somewhere between the ages of 16 and 18. He had longish hair and several piercings-not unusual for today’s teens and young adults and certainly not off-putting. What we found annoying was that he mumbled-we couldn’t understand a word he said. Our response to everything he said was “what?” Keep in mind, my husband and I have pretty good hearing. It’s possible the same can’t be said for some other customers, since the grocery store is located near two large retirement communities. Many of the customers in the store were senior citizens. Not all senior citizens have hearing problems, but many do. And, not all teenagers mumble when they speak, but many do! If you want, you can mumble to your friends and mumble to your parents, but please speak clearly to your customers. Tip n umber 2: Don’ t in ter r upt someo ne a t wo rk Several years ago, I worked in a public library where one of my job duties was supervising the teenage employees. This was the first work experience for many of them and therefore I took my job of supervising them very seriously. I needed to make sure they understood appropriate workplace behavior, not only because it affected how they did their jobs at the library, but because I hoped they would learn something that would help them in the future. One

boy, Joe, constantly interrupted me while I was helping patrons. Each time this happened, I patiently explained to him that he would have to wait to speak to me until I was finished. This happened over and over, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally had to tell Joe, “Please don’t interrupt me unless my hair is on fire!” It worked. Tip num ber 3: Dre ss a ppropriately Many people, including adults,

are confused about what to wear to work. That’s why I sometimes think it’s easier if you have to wear a uniform. However, that’s the case for only a few jobs. Others will have a pretty stringent dress code, which also takes the decision out of your hands. Many employers merely tell you to “dress appropriately.” What does that mean, anyway? Casual clothing is usually okay for most jobs teens hold. Generally, jeans and t-shirts, or shorts and t-shirts,

are okay. Make sure your clothes are clean and your jeans aren’t ripped (even though this may be in style). Don’t wear t-shirts imprinted with things that may offend others-even if you, personally, aren’t offended. Girls shouldn’t wear revealing clothing, for example short shorts, or micro mini-skirts. Tip s nu mber 4 a nd 5: Lis ten carefu lly a nd p ay attent ion I’ve saved what I feel are the

most important tips, for last. When my daughter started kindergarten, I thought I’d get her off to a good start by teaching her these two basic rules. One day, I said to her, “there are two important things you should always remember-listen carefully and pay attention.” Then I asked her to tell me what those two important things were, to which she replied, “I don’t know.” I guess she wasn’t listening or paying attention. Her excuse-she was only five. —

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Data backups: Know your options hese days, the question is not whether or when to back up your data. It’s how best to do it. The number of options for safeguarding your data via backups is daunting - and that’s the trouble. Just look at the backup utility market today, and you’ll see programs that perform full system backups, image backups, individual document backups, and application-specific backups. Which type is best for you? To answer that question, you need to know the pros and cons of each backup type. Read on to find out.


Non-proprietary backups Most backup programs available today will stuff your data into a proprietary backup format, requiring you to have and use the same program to restore your data that you used to back it up. That, of course, is not always convenient, and it constitutes another step in a data restoration procedure that you’ll have to remember in order to be able to successfully retrieve your data. That’s why, for many, there’s real value in a program that simply creates a duplicate copy of your files on another drive. With such a backup, you can simply access the duplicate copies with Windows Explorer or another file manager and restore them as easily as you can copy files. There are a few routes that you can take to get duplicate copies of your files made. One, of course, is just to manually copy your most valuable files using a file manager. That approach, while free, only works if you remember to perform the task regularly. A better option for most is to use a backup program such as Second Copy ( that automatically backs up your data in a nonproprietary format. Second Copy gives you all the convenience of a backup program with features such as scheduling and automation - but won’t make you feel as though your backups are in some inaccessible format. Another, similar option is to use a file synchronization tool, which will also make a non-proprietary copy of your files in a location of your choice. In addition, a file synchronization application will ensure that changes made to one or both of the folders that contain your files stay in sync. Good tools for synchronization include Super Flexible File Synchronizer ( and Microsoft’s SyncToy (, which is free to registered Windows users. The primary downside of creating duplicate copy backups is storage space. You’ll need twice the storage space required for your main files, since no compression whatsoever will be used in the creation of the backups. Another potential disadvantage is that you may not be able to use the duplicate copy method to do a full system restoration because the hidden files and bootup files required to successfully start an operating system may not be part of the backup. Image backups Image backups are popular with those who want their entire systems backed up in a way that allows them to restore everything - operating system, configured applications, and files - in the event of a system meltdown. With image backups, you

typically have to create and use a “restore disk” in order to access the backup file once it is created. That backup file is typically stored on an external drive or a location that is separate from the main system disk to which you want to restore your original files. Once you boot from the system restore disk, which is a self-created CD or DVD, you can access the backup file and restore your computer to the exact state it was in before you experienced some type of data catastrophe. Well-regarded system imaging tools include Acronis True Image Home (, Symantec Ghost (, and Microsoft’s imaging utility built in to Windows 7. Restoring an entire system from an image backup requires that you restore to the same computer or one with identical hardware. Otherwise, the operating system may not boot. Image backups are therefore a poor option for those interested primarily in backing up critical files in order to transfer them to a new computer. Complete system backups Complete system backups, like image backups, copy everything on your computer but typically make it easier than image backup software to selectively restore particular files or folders. For Windows users, the best automated complete system backup solution is Windows Home Server (, available via HP’s MediaSmart line of personal servers. An able standalone system backup tool is NTI’s Backup Now ( Specific data backups It can also make good sense to keep separate backups of particular types of data, such as e-mail, financial information, internet bookmarks, or other applicationspecific data that you might need quick access to in order to port it to another machine or to restore it separately from full system backups. While you can make such application-specific backups with a traditional backup program, selectively choosing the files and folders to secure, doing so can be difficult and timeconsuming. That’s because actually finding the places on your hard drive where certain applications store all related files is frequently not self- evident. AJ Systems’ Eazy Backup ( will secure the data from a number of popular applications, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Quicken, RoboForm, and many others. NinjaSoft’s Presto Transfer (, similarly, focuses on backing up - and transferring - the data files from dozens of specific applications. — dpa


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How to get rid of blackheads et’s face it! Blackhead removal seems to be the most difficult part of maintaining healthy skin. There’s no easy way to get rid of these annoying blemishes. However, there are some helpful tips to prevent and get rid of blackheads when necessary.


What is a Blackhead? Blackheads are technically referred to as open comedones. These bumps are often indented and may look like tiny plugs. The confusion over blackheads and whiteheads has to do with the fact that blackheads accompany oily skin where whiteheads could be present on oily or dry skin. What Causes Blackheads? A blackhead is caused by excess oil that has clogged a pore. This clog occurs when the built-up oil is unable to flow to the surface of the skin due to a misshapen or impaired pore and dead skin cells blocking the way. When the pore is open, the oil is exposed to oxygen, which reacts and turns it a dark color, resulting in a black head. Hormones are the leading cause of increased oil production. An increase in the male hormones, androgens, will increase the natural production of oil in your skin causing more oil to build up in the pores, often times resulting in the appearance of black heads. The next big culprit in blackhead formation is the use of skin-care products or make-up. These products will mix with your body’s natural oil and add to the build-up that can block pores. Whitehead and blackhead pimple formation seems to be a predisposed condition that is aggravated or increased when combined with the above toxins. 2. Blackhead Prevention There are many things that you can do to prevent blackheads from appearing on your face. Most involve cleansing and some require the use of medications. Avoid using creamy, greasy, and thick (emollient) products. This alone will greatly lessen your chances of sprouting blackheads. Use a gentle and water-soluble acne cleanser. DO NOT use bar soap!!! The ingredients that hold soap in a bar form can clog the pores in your skin. They can also cause skin cells to flake off prematurely and clog the pores. If you have dry skin you will need to use a cleanser that has a bit of moisturizer in it, but be careful! The excess moisturizers can cause an increase in oil on your skin. Exfoliate to eliminate dead skin cells. If there are no skin cells to clog the pores, the natural oil is able to flow through freely. Skin Exfoliation also removes the built up dead cells from inside the pores that cause them to become misshapen and more-easily clogged. Using an skin exfoliant that contains 1% or 2% (BHA or Salicylic Acid) will penetrate the lining of the pore. If you are unable to use BHAs, you could use products containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), however these acids

are only good for surface exfoliation because they do not penetrate the pore lining. Absorb excess oil. If you have oily skin, try using a clay maskthat does not contain mint, peppermint or other irritating ingredients. This will absorb the oil that may clog the poor. If you have dry skin, this is not necessary because pimples on dry skin are caused by oil inside the pore, not on the surface of the skin. Also, oilabsorbing papers may help to reduce the oil in your pores. Visit your dermatologist.

Retinoids, which are a form of Vitamin A, can help regulate the pore shape which will keep oil flowing normally. The most common retinoids are tretinoin and adapalene, found in prescriptions such as Avita, Renova, Retin-A, Tazorac, and Differin. Other medications. Hormone blockers and low-dose birth control pills can lower levels of androgens (the male hormone) and Accutane should be discussed with your physician in severe cases of oily skin and breakouts.

3. Blackhead Removal Though the best way to remove blackheads is an area of contention, the most common method for getting rid of blackheads is to gently squeeze them. Removing the “stuff” inside of the blackhead helps the skin because you are relieving the pressure which causes the damage. We know it can be nearly impossible to leave a blemish alone so here are some tips for gentle blackhead removal: Use a mild scrub or to remove any dead cells and expose the blackhead. Pat your face dry. Place a slightly warm compress on your face for approximately 1015 minutes in order to soften the blackhead, making it easier to remove. Pat your face dry again. Place a piece of tissue on the tip of each finger to avoid slipping, which could tear the skin and cause further damage. Gently apply even pressure to both sides of the blackhead by pushing down, then up around the blemish. You’re trying to apply the pressure from ‘underneath’ the blackhead. Only attempt this once or twice. If it does not “pop”, you may bruise the skin, make the blackhead worse, and could cause scarring.

PORE STRIPS: Using pore strips to remove bla ckhea ds is not recommended for ma ny rea sons: The warnings on the box tell you not to use them on swollen, irritated, sunburned skin; not to use them on excessively dry skin; and not to use them on any area other than the nose. Also, the warnings state that if the strip is too difficult to remove, you should add water and remove carefully. Removing the superficial blackheads, along with some healthy skin, will only help temporarily. Repeated use of pore strips can cause irritation and future breakouts. The adhesive on the strips can tear or injure the skin, especially if you are using an acne medication such as those listed above, or if you naturally have thin skin due to psoriasis, rosacea, or seborrhea. Vacuum blackhead removers and blackhead extractors are not recommended for the same reasons as the pore strips. Because blacheads are caused by excessive oil production clogging the pores, the most effective way to get rid of blackheads is to control oil on the face by using mild cleansers and by balancing your hormones. (

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How to give yourself a professional pedicure 1: Remove polish from nails Giving yourself a professional pedicure is an 8-step process. The first step is to remove the old polish from your nails. Instead of cotton balls (which will leave fuzzies), we suggest using a lint-free cotton pad, such as Miss Webril ($5.60 per box; 800545-2506) or our favorite, Lippmann Collection The Stripper To Go . Saturate the cotton pad with acetone remover & rub off the old polish. If the color isn’t coming off easily, press the saturated cotton on the nail & let it soak in first. A tip for removing stains from nails: try rubbing whitening toothpaste on your nails. You can also rub a drop of lemon or lavender oil on each toe & rub a buffer back & forth over the nail. This will remove the yellowed outer layer. Tip for picking the perfect polish remover: Alcohol- and acetone-free removers are less drying, but don’t work as well, especially on dark shades. Use the ‘free’ stuff on lighter shades. 2 -Cut & File Nails It’s best to use high quality clippers made for clipping toenails such as Tweezerman Deluxe ($10). To avoid ingrown nails, cut nail straight across to just above the skin. Make sure your nail doesn’t extend over the tip of your toe. To get a soft square shape, file nails in one direction until they are even & slightly rounded at the corners. (Hint: Don’t use metal files, they’ll rip your nails). Basic emory boards like the ones from Revlon work great, but if you want to go truly pro, try the Mehaz ingrown toenail file which allows you to easily lift nail corners for shaping. Don’t clip the sides of nails, that can cause ingrowns. Emory board tip: The fine-grade surface is for smoothing the nail edge, while the coarser surface is for shortening & shaping nails.

3 -Soak Your Feet Fill a large flat-bottom bowl with warm water. Throw in bath salts, your favorite aromatherapy oils or Epsom salt & let your feet soak 10 minutes. The more cracked & calloused your feet, the longer they need to stay in. Trick only the pros know: Add a quarter cup of milk to your bath along with the essential oils & salts. The lactic acid in the milk loosens dead skin. 4 -Trim Cuticles Apply cuticle remover to the base of each nail & rub it in. Sally Hansenis a basic remover & works great. Leave on for a minute, then use an orangewood stick

(Tweezerman works great) to gently push with a circular motion everywhere where skin meets the nail (including the sides). Be careful to remove skin only on top of the nail, don’t touch the toe flesh. Use cuticle nippers (Mehaz nippers work best) to trim any loose skin. Be careful not to nip your toe flesh. 5 -Scrub Your Feet Apply an exfoliating body or foot scrub to a foot file or wet pumice stone to slough away the dead skin on the balls & heels of your feet. You’ll want to scrub the balls, bottoms & sides of your heels & around the toes. To get the most leverage, sit on the side of a bathtub, facing inward.

Remember the pedicure motto we read about once, “smooth, don’t remove.” You’ll want to stop if your foot turns bright red (this means you’ve scrubbed too hard). Remember, that tough skin is there for a reason. Any basic foot file or pumice stone from your drugstore will do the trick, but if you want the Cadillac of foot files, try Perfect Beauty certamic foot file. 6- Moisturize Dry feet thoroughly including between the toes & rub in a thick foot cream like Barielle Total Foot Care Cream. Rub the feet & the calves. Rehydrate cuticles by rubbing in a dab of cuticle oil. 7 -Polish Your Toes Use acetone remover to get rid of any excess oils on the nails (including the cuticle oil you just applied). Apply a thin base coat using 3 strokes, one down the middle, then one on each side. Don’t paint the cuticle. Wait a minute before adding two coats of your favorite polish, then finish with a thin top coat (try quick-drying Seche Vite, $10. Clean up any errors with an orangewood stick wrapped in cotton & dipped in acetone remover. Let na ils dry for a t lea st 40 m inutes. Tip: It’s good to paint any polish remaining on the brush over the front nail edge. This prevents chipping. 8 -Finish After nails have dried, spritz with a moisturizing oil like SolarSpeed spray. This sets your polish & moisturizes your cuticles. Then voila! You’re done! (

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How to lose belly fat naturally ow to lose belly fat is one of very common question these days among many of us reason being our unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles. Belly fat is positioned very deep the body skin and may cause many diseases at times including diabetes, heart diseases and cholesterol level. Thus belly fat not only raises visual problems but functional problems as well. Here I am outlining some simple tips on how to lose belly fat: How To Lose Belly Fa t With Help Of A Diet: Diet is of utmost importance where belly fat is concerned. Eating fat-friendly diet would not only stop enlargement of belly but would also help body to fight fat. You must start eating 5-6 mini meals in a day rather than 3 main and larger meals. It would help lose belly fat as we will be eating less during main meals. Small and regular interval meals also boost metabolism as body requires more energy in order to do frequent digestions. Losing belly fat would be a breeze.


Belly fat not only raises visual problems but functional problems as well We recommend starting day with rich breakfast and ending it with poor dinner. Apart from frequency of meals, type of meal is also important. Some foods help lose belly fat like fish/ vegetables/ fruits/ black chocolates etc. Contrary to this, few foods destroy the efforts to lose belly fat. Foods high in saturated fats/ sugar must not be included in our diet. If you are looking on tips on how to lose belly fat, also look to drinking correct drink; best drink being water. Water is essential and vital for our body as it helps liver proper function and that accelerates fat burning process as liver has the ability to burn fat stored in reserves and convert it to energy. So drink lots and lots of water avoiding full dairy drinks like milk shakes or chocolate drinks and soft drinks. Better alternative is Fresh fruit juice but eating fruits is even better. Learn about the truth about six pack abs program. How To Lose Belly Fa t By Doing Some Exercise Another

way to lose belly fat apart from diet is exercise. Some forms of exercise are: Resistance training exercises: It includes various Weight lifting exercises that help body to fight fat along with building muscles. There are not any of specific or particular exercises to lose belly fat particularly without losing fat from other area. Working with abdominal exercises, stomach muscles may get tighter as well as stronger. Other weight lifting exercises include squats/ dumbbell rows/ chest presses etc. Cardio exercises: These are also very beneficial if you plan to lose belly fat. Cardio exercises also accelerate heart rate making us breathe faster thus body spending more energy. Find out about the best way to lose belly fat fast. While exercising, it is important to feel increasing heart rate and faster breathing. In case you are exercising without feeling any pressure, results won’t be that good. Exercising must be done regularly (at least 3-4 times/ week). Exercising only once and not doing it for a month is more like nothing done at all. Losing belly fat is not a simple thing and lots of effort must be put in the process. I am trying to key in important information on how to lose belly fat. People keep on trying many things and don’t get success in the first attempt itself. You must have also heard about various machine based equipment to lose weight but I definitely do not recommend them at all. Other option you would come across when searching on tips on how to lose belly weight would be various types of belts (Sauna belt, Abs Belt) that promise to give you slimmer belly in specific time. But I assure that nothing would be good enough or better than exercising right and eating right. Perhaps you should do exercises to lose belly fat. Slimming belts would not be producing satisfactory results and even if it does, these are temporary. As soon as you stop using these, fat would pile up back on belly. These activities also reduce metabolism levels of or body thus causing more harm in long run than doing any good. Next available thing in market is what we call the Morning Walkers, which claims to burn belly fat just by laying down on floor for 10- 15 minutes twice a day. It is for you to

believe or not but I would be very judgmental in this and believe that even if your body is working, your mind is relaxing which may cause conflict between function of your body and mind. How to lose belly fat is a tough to answer whereas gaining that fat is simplest thing. Moreover the lifestyle of today also force us to sit for long hours for work, comfort of cars that don’t allow us to walk and moreover life is so busy that we don’t find time for our self. —

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How much cardio do you really need? he actual amount of cardiovascular training that one person needs is really going to depend on the individual. Although there are tremendous benefits from being on a training program, I don’t agree that everyone “needs” it. There are a handful of people out there that have really amazing genetics and would not ever “need” to follow a cardiovascular training program. However, I would not bank on that being you...sorry :)


There are far too many positive benefits of following a training program to not do it. Even if you were one of those special people that were genetically gifted, you would still gain long term benefits from a training program. Would you not agree that if you could add a few more years to your life that it would be worth doing even 20 minutes of cardio a few times a week? For me yes, but only you know what’s important to you. One of the most important benefits of following a training program is that it builds a strong healthy heart. Some experts say that the heart is the most important muscle in the body. I guess that’s the opinion of some and while I can’t speak for what’s important to you, I will have to agree with them on this one. Some other benefits include burning calories, burning fat and strengthening the lungs just to name a few. As far as the amount that one individual needs, it’s really going to depend on there current health conditions, what there goals are and how quickly they wanted to achieve them. For a beginner it is wise to start off slowly, even just adding a brisk 20 walk in to

your daily routine a few times a week. As you become more comfortable with it, you should gradually increase your program until you are doing at least 30-40 minutes of moderate intensity 3 to 4 times per week. This an optimal amount for general health purposes. In order for your activity to really be considered a workout, your hear rate should be between 60%-85% of your maximum heart rate. This is considered the cardio zone. Your maximum heart rate is just how it sounds, the fastest that your heart can beat. If you are not sure what your maximum heart rate is, a good way to judge it is if you can hold a conversation during your exercise, then you need to turn it up a notch. Although you should be able to talk, you certainly should not be able to hold a conversation. Have you ever been to the gym and seen 2 people on the treadmill next to each other chatting it up? Yeah, well...they’re probably NOT in the zone! If you are looking to burn more fat quickly, obtain better conditioning or train for any kind of sports, then a more vigorous program will certainly be needed. —

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Petie the pony arrives at Akron Children’s Hospital with Victory Gallop’s Kim Gustely (back) and Richard Miller, in Akron, Ohio. —MCT

Not just horsing around Pony proudly makes hospital rounds


etie the Pony stood remarkably still as his handler spritzed him with Listerine. Not to make his breath minty fresh or to fight the germs that cause gingivitis, but to neutralize any odor lingering on his shiny coat. Richard Miller, the man doing the squirting, stuck his nose down on the pony’s back and took a deep whiff. Satisfied, he gave the horse a gentle pat on the haunch. The morning spraying was part of a three-hour routine that began the night before with a bath. Each week, Petie goes through a similar routine, preparing for visits to Akron Children’s Hospital or Rainbow Babies in Cleveland, Ohio. “This is the most amazing horse you will ever meet in your life,” Miller, Petie’s handler, said. It’s a phrase he would say another 22 times before the afternoon was complete. The night before, Petie was rambunctious, playing a game of tag with Miller. At home at Victory Gallop in Bath Township, Ohio, the pony is a bit of a troublemaker - sometimes escaping from his pasture and visiting a neighbor. But when it’s time to go

to the hospitals, he’s instinctively calm, transforming from a spunky spirit to a marvel of patience and tenderness. “It’s just so unbelievable that he can go and do what he does in a place so far removed from his natural environment,” said Miller, looking like a proud father when he talks about the 16-year-old cross between a miniature horse and a Shetland pony. When Miller was finished spritzing, disinfecting and removing mud from Petie’s hoofs, the pony was ready for a trip to the hospital. Miller and Kim Gustely, co-director and co-instructor at Victory Gallop, a nonprofit, therapeutic horseback-riding program for children with behavioral and emotional challenges and life-threatening diseases, walked him up the ramp and into the spacious trailer. Because Petie is just over 3 feet tall, the trailer looked empty as it made its way through the busy streets of downtown Akron, Ohio. While it’s common to see dogs as therapeutic pets, the folks at Victory Gallop believe Petie is the only horse in the country certified

to pay hospital visits. And there’s nothing like a friendly, 380-pound pony with a dappled coat to make patients forget about high fevers and long needles. Even before he got inside the hospital, Petie’s presence drew a crowd. “Thank you for making the kids smile,” a construction worker wearing a yellow hard hat called to Miller and Gustely. People watched in amazement as the horse maneuvered through a revolving door, entered an elevator and proceeded to the hospital’s burn unit. Gingerly, he stepped on the tile. To a horse, the surface is akin to an ice rink. Though the hospital mainly treats children, the burn unit serves people of all ages. Seventy-four-year-old Cecil Beight raised his eyebrows when Petie came through the door. “I have buffalo at home,” he told Miller, who led the pony to a chair where Beight was resting. While Petie is the main attraction, Miller, a Cleveland general contractor who volunteers his time at Victory Gallop, is the warm-up act. To those who are ailing, he speaks softly. He’s

always looking for a hint that the patient is interested in or might have a connection to horses or a farm. “Excuse me, Cecil, but you can talk about your buffalo while petting Petie,” Miller teased, as the pony came close enough for his nose to be in Beight’s lap. “Can’t you see he is waiting?” The New Waterford, Ohio, man chuckled and lifted his hand to the pony as he told why he was in the hospital. “I burned my feet putting out a brush fire,” he said, adding that it was a stupid thing to do. “But I saved the soybeans.” Everyone chuckled. “Cook a foot, save a bean,” someone joked at the end of the visit. Around the corner, Gary Graham of Fredericksburg, Ohio, was visibly in pain with severe burns on his legs. Still, having shown horses, his spirits brightened when he spotted Petie. “I think what you guys do is an absolute service,” he told Miller and Gustely. “It’s more than can be put into words. The doctors and nurses here are the best, but having you come in here has put a bright spot in my day. “You are a blessing from God. Thank you.”

Petie’s hospital visits are partially sponsored by Witan, a women’s service organization in Akron; the rest comes from Victory Gallop fundraisers. On another floor, children rushed to touch Petie. With more than nine years of visits to hospitals, he’s used to the attention. A toddler kissed him on the nose. Another little girl touched his tail. And then there was 10-year-old Amanda Johnson of Zanesville, Ohio. When the group entered her room, Miller saw a book featuring horses and ponies lying on her bed. “A horse lover,” he said, grinning. Speaking barely above a whisper, she asked what Petie liked to eat. “Peppermint candy,” Miller said. Petie’s eyes closed as the little girl stroked his nose. She told him she had a horse collection and planned to place the photo of her and Petie in her room. Miller looked directly into Petie’s eyes, then turned to Amanda. “This is the most amazing horse you will ever meet in your life,” he said. “I’m not kidding you, dude. The most amazing ...” —MCT


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Till dress do us apart

Honey and Ray Smith, both 65 of Ceres, California, wear one of their favorite Disney shirts and matching Disneyland hats with their nametags, at home. The Smiths dress alike daily and go to Disneyland about once a month. — MCT

Dressing alike an everyday habit for this couple T

hey say all couples eventually start to look alike. One look at Ray and Honey Smith and you’ll know it’s true. The Ceres, California, couple has been dressing alike - from shoes to pants to shirts and hats - for the past five years. Both 65 and retired, the former high school sweethearts are practically the reasons the double take was invented. “I don’t even think about it anymore,” said Honey. “I just went in one day and bought some shirts for him and some shirts for me.” The couple had often matched their clothing colors in the past. But after Ray retired in 2003, they decided to match everything. “The reason is we wanted to let people know we’re happy,” said Ray. “Also, people remember us because we dress alike.” Certainly folks remember them, even if at first they are confounded by them. Ray said once they went into the Kohl’s store in Turlock, separately,

first Honey and then Ray. The saleslady kept giving Ray a funny look. Then, when she finally saw them both together at the register, she looked relieved. “She said, ‘I knew that was a lady when I first saw her,’” Ray laughed. Of course, it would be easy to get confused. The couple has more than 100 matching Hawaiian silk shirts, dozens and dozens of matching Croc clogs and assorted matching everything else from jeans to pajamas to watches and even fanny packs. Each night, Honey picks out what they will wear the next day from their closet. The matching short-sleeve shirts are all hung carefully together with her size small in front of his size medium in back. Because the size is the only difference in the clothes, Honey has a way to ensure Ray doesn’t accidentally pick the wrong one while getting dressed. “I put in an ‘H’ in my clothes so he can’t wear

them,” she said. “But sometimes I get to choose the color we wear,” he replied. “No, he doesn’t.” Still, there are some limits to their identical images. Honey wears necklaces and bracelets, separate from Ray. Her unmentionables come from Victoria’s Secret and his definitely do not. And, well, then there’s the hair. “You know, I offered to shave it off, but he said, ‘No, that’s OK,’” Honey confessed about her bald husband. It also means that other than sometimes her pants, Honey never buys women’s clothes. Once, while on fancy dress night on a Carnival cruise, they both wore tuxedos. Honey’s 94-year-old mother, who lives in Fremont, Calif., calls the couple “her twins.” And if the pair’s three grown daughters and nine grandchildren think there’s anything funny about their dressing habits, they’ve kept it close to the vest. In fact, they said, their 20year-old grandson sometimes tries

to match his clothes colors with those of his girlfriend. The Smiths first started their matching ways while high school sweethearts in Fremont. On senior sneak day, they both wore paisley shirts and white shorts. “I wanted everyone to know we were together,” Ray said. Married for 46 years, the couple said the idea of dressing alike didn’t come up again until after Ray retired from his job of more than 30 years as a general landscape contractor. While matching has garnered the Smiths countless double takes, it’s also made them almost as many friends. The couple gets recognized all over town and beyond. They’re on a first-name basis with many of the sales people at Gottschalks, where they buy most of their clothes, as well as other stores in Vintage Faire Mall, where they go every Tuesday. “We feel like a family, they are such loving people,” said Sam Ganja, co-owner

of Cal-Time in the mall. He has known Honey as a customer for 20 years, and has gotten to know Ray closely as well since his retirement. “He is the type, he just loves his wife,” Ganja said. “They are so close. That closeness that they have is unique. I have other customers who do a lot of things, but with those two it’s beautiful.” While dressing alike is the couple’s most noticeable similarity, they also share a love for all things Disney. Looking closely, it becomes clear that many of their clothing and accessories bear a familiar pair of mouse ears. The Smiths also spend a week each month in Disneyland in their fifth-wheel trailer. And even on the happiest place on Earth, Ray and Honey turn heads. “One time when we were in Disneyland, a guy came up to me and said, “What’s your secret?’” Ray said. “I said back, ‘We’re happy. And we just love people.’” — MCT


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Everyday cooking:

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Persian favorites By Sawsan Kazak ith its generous use of rich ingredients like saffron, dill and rosewater, Persian food is filled with exotic and unique flavors. And you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think of Persian food without thinking of rice dishes. With hundreds of rice recipes, Persian cuisine has transformed making rice into an art form. A skillful cook will have the perfect balance of al dente rice grains which has a little color on the bottom and a whole lot of flavor all over. Persian dishes excite the taste buds by combining savory, sweet, sour and tangy in one dish. These following recipes are but a small taste of what the Persian kitchen has to offer. Send me your suggestions : saw sank@kuw


Borani Esfanaaj KooKoo-yeh Sabzi (Fried spinach w ith yogurt) 1 kg fresh spinach 250 grams yogurt 2 onions, thinly sliced 4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped cooking oil Salt Black pepper Method Wash spinach and cut into small pieces. Fry onions and garlic in oil until slightly golden. Add spinach and fry together over medium heat until cooked. Let it cool down completely in the refrigerator. Add salt and pepper to yogurt to taste and beat well until the yogurt is a free-flowing liquid. Add spinach to yogurt and mix well. The mix should be thick and homogeneous. This delicious side-dish is now ready to serve.

(Eggs w ith herbs and flour) 1 kg vegetables (parsley, dill, coriander, lettuce, spring onion ends) 4 large eggs, 1 spoon crushed walnut 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 spoon wheat flour cooking oil salt black pepper Method Wash vegetables and rinse thoroughly. Chop finely and fry in oil for about 5 minutes. Let cool completely. Beat eggs well, then add baking soda, salt, black pepper, flour, barberry and walnuts. Add vegetables and mix well. Heat oil in a non-stick pan until it is hot. Pour in the mix, flatten the surface with the back of a spoon, and place the lid on. Reduce heat and fry for about 10 minutes, until kookoo is cooked under. Cut into 4 equal pieces, turn over, and fry for another 10 minutes.


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Adas Polow (Rice, meat, raisins, saffron, dates and lentils) 400 grams lentils 500 grams Long-grain or basmati rice 400 grams ground beef or lamb 100 grams dates (pitted) Raisins, 120 grams 1/2 teaspoon Saffron 2 large Onions cooking oil salt black pepper Method Soak rice in water for 3-4 hours, then cook in salted water for 10-15 minutes using a non-stick pot until it just softens. Drain water and empty the pot.

Bring 2-3 cups of water to boil. Wash lentil and add to water with a bit of salt. Cook over medium heat for about 15-20 minutes until tender. Peel and thinly slice onions. Fry in oil until slightly golden. Add ground beef or lamb, salt and black pepper, and fry over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Add one cup of hot water and cook until water has been mostly absorbed. Wash raisins and dates. Pour 1/2 cup of water and some oil in the non-stick pot. Pour in half of the rice. Follow with meat, lentil, raisins, dates and raisins. Then add in remainder of rice. Cook over low heat for about 20 minutes. Dissolve saffron in 1/3 cup of hot water and pour over the rice. Mix well before serving.

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Dolmeh-yeh Seeb(Potatoes stuffed w ith rice, meat and herbs) 500 grams of potatoes 250 grams ground lamb or beef 2 medium onions, finely chopped cooking oil 2-3 teaspoons of tomato paste 1 tomato (optional) 2 eggs salt black pepper 1/3 cup parsley, finely chopped 1/3 cup mint, finely chopped 1/2 cup spring onions, finely chopped 1/3 cup garlic chives, finely chopped 1/3 cup tarragon, finely chopped (optional)

Method Fry onions in cooking oil over medium heat until golden. Add ground meat and fry further until meat changes color. Add 1/2 cup water, salt, pepper and tomato paste. Mix and cook further until water boils off. Fry prepared vegetables in cooking oil over medium heat until wilted. Mix well meat and vegetables. Cook potatoes in water, then peel and mash them. Add raw eggs, salt and black pepper, and mix well. Take a handful of potato-mix and shape it into a ball, then create a hole in the middle and fill with the meat-mix. Cover with some more potato-mix and shape into a disc. Repeat until both mixes are used up. Fry both sides of the discs in cooking oil over medium heat until golden. Can be served with slices of tomatos and bits of parsley.

Albaloo Polow Dessert: Fereni (Chicken rice w ith black cherries) 500 grams long-grain or basmati rice, One medium-size chicken, 1kg black cherry 1 kg sugar 2 medium onions 1/2 teaspoon saffron cooking oil salt black pepper Method Wash black cherries (or cherries) and remove the stones. Add sugar. If you are using cherries rather than black (sour) cherries, less sugar can be used. Bring to boil. Cook over medium heat for 15-20 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool down completely. Remove the extra syrup. Peel and thinly slice onions. Wash

chicken. Add onions, salt, black pepper, and a glass of hot water, and cook over medium heat for 20-25 minutes. Allow to cool, then remove bones. Filter the chicken juice and save for later use. Follow instructions for preparing Polow until rice is rinsed. Pour 2 spoonfuls of cooking oil and half a glass of hot water in a pot. Follow with half of the rinsed rice and the black cherries (or cherries), and mix well. Cover with half of remaining rice. Spread chicken over the rice, and cover with the remaining rice. Shape into a cone. Mix 23 spoonfuls of cooking oil with black cherry (or cherry) syrup and chicken juice. Pour the mix over rice. Cover the pot and cook in an oven or over low heat for about one hour. When cooked, remove some of the rice and mix with saffron dissolved in a bit of hot water. When serving, spread saffron-rice over Albaloo-Polow.

1/2 liter milk 50 grams rice flour 100 grams sugar 2 spoonfuls rosewater

Method Dissolve rice flour in milk. Add sugar and rosewater. Stir regularly over medium heat until it comes to slow boil and thickens. Serve cold. Top with nuts and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

THEY ARE THE 99! 99 Mystical Noor Stones carry all that is left of the wisdom and knowledge of the lost civilization of Baghdad. But the Noor Stones lie scattered across the globe - now little more than a legend. One man has made it his life’s mission to seek out what was lost. His name is Dr. Ramzi Razem and he has searched fruitlessly for the Noor Stones all his life. Now, his luck is about to change - the first of the stones have been rediscovered and with them a special type of human who can unlock the gem’s mystical power. Ramzi brings these gem - bearers together to form a new force for good in the world. A force known as ... the 99!

THE FASCINATING STORY OF THE 99 Baghdad lies in ruins, destroyed by the marauding armies of Hulagu Khan. The brave librarians of the great Dar Al-Hikma rush to save the glory of the ancient world’s accumulated wisdom, little knowing that centuries later their efforts will bear strange fruit. While the Noor Stones were created to save the library, their power has transcended that task and in our own time has provided extraordinary abilities to an international group of young people, the world’s newest superheroes known as… The 99.

The 99 ® and all related characters ® and © 2010, Teshkeel Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Ten of the best rules on tipping around the world or Brits travelling abroad, tipping can be a cause of excruciating Fembarrassment and confusion. We’re bad enough at home, where tipping in restaurants is fraught with its own difficulties. Few of us know whether it is better to pay the traditional 10% gratuity in cash or include it in our credit card payment. We worry whether it will end up in the waiter’s wallet or is simply destined for the restaurant manager’s bank account. The answer is to ask your waiter what is best - and hope they have not been banned by their employer from expressing a preference. But when in a foreign country the question is should you or shouldn’t you tip at all - and if you do then how much? Are a few coins an insult, or a crisp note simply over the top? Follow our guide to tipping in 10 popular destinations, compiled with the help of currency exchange group ICE, and you can remove this extra travel anxiety - and stop your holiday spending spiralling out of control.

Worried about the etiquette in a Turkish taxi? Don’t want to insult the American barman? Help is at hand ...

1. Australia Aussies do not give a XXXX for tipping when they are at home but us Poms (and other tourists) are expected to be a little more generous to the host hotels and restaurants, especially in the more tourist-dominated areas. Budget for 10% extra for taxis and restaurant bills, but less than 10% for hotel room service. 2. Morocco Leave your haggling for purchasing leather goods in the souks, as tipping is an integral part of the deal for tourist services in Morocco. The percentage of gratuity is not fixed but it is polite to give between 10-15% for taxis, 10% for hotels and between 5-10 Moroccan dirhams (about 94p) for hotel room service. 3. Italy Look out for “servizio incluso” when you dine out in Italy as this means the bill already includes a service charge of up to 20% (although more normally 15%), so no more is expected. As for taxi fares, plan to pay 10% of the fare to the driver and give a €1-2 tip for room service. 4. Spain When Spaniards dine out, they typically leave only a few coins if anything at all after a meal, and only if they have them to

hand. Waiters are likely to expect no more than a €1-2 donation (more if you are dining in an upmarket establishment), as are taxi drivers and hotel staff. 5. France Oh la la, it could well be a faux pas in France to leave a large tip ... Whatever your bill, just €1-2 is enough whether it’s for a taxi, meal or room service. 6. Greece Tipping is not compulsory but it is customary in a restaurant to leave the same amount of change on both the bill plate (which goes to waiter) and on the table (which goes to the person who brings the bread or water). Taxi drivers expect a fare to be rounded up and hotel room service is typically €1-3.

7. Turkey Tipping in Turkey won’t break the bank as tourists are only expected to part with comparatively modest amounts, typically 1015% in restaurants (20% in upmarket eateries) and 2-3 Turkish lira (£1.39) for hotel room service. It is polite to round up any taxi fare. 8. America Don’t blame it on the bellboy - he is not the only one who expects a tip in the US where tipping is an integral part of the American way of life, mainly because workers depend on them for topping up poor pay. So budget for a little extra on most services that include food, drink, travel and accommodation. Expect to pay cab drivers €1-2 on top of your fare and to leave a gratuity of 15-20% at a restaurant. If you

dine in fast food restaurants then no tip is required. For room service add 15%. 9. Egypt Baksheesh - tipping - is part of the Egyptian way of life so you know to pay something extra for most services. This is typically 10% for taxis, 15% for restaurant meals and 1-2 Egyptian pounds for room service - the equivalent of just 24p. 10. Thailand If you are feeling flush in Thailand then feel free to tip, but if your travel budget are tight then you’ll get away with leaving nothing as it is not always expected. Typically though, you should round up a taxi fare, give 10% or 20 baht (44p) in restaurants and 10% for room service in hotels.—Guardian


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Top 10 autumn sunshine holidays

utumn is a great time to get Asunshine away for a final blast of not too far from home.

Not only have the crowds thinned, allowing you to find space on the beaches and enjoy the sights without the queues, but midday temperatures have receded - perfect for donningwalking shoes and exploring rural areas that are wonderful at this time of year. Best of all, many hotels slash their rates as soon as the summer crowds head home. We pick our top 10 spots for that perfect autumn getaway ...

Hold on to that summer feeling - and beat the August heat and crowds - with an autumn break to one of these sunny short-haul destinations

1. Sardinia, Italy Average maximum temperature: 27oC Visit Sardinia in autumn and you can discover one of the island’s best-kept secrets: Autunno in Barbagia (Autumn in Barbagia). Running from September to December, a series of festivals take place across 27 villages in Barbagia, a mountainous area of inland Sardinia ( Streets are transformed into markets, local craftsmen hold workshops, locals throw open their doors - and dining rooms to visitors and walks are held through the hills. Or you can just kick back on one of the island’s near-empty beaches and soak up some rays. 2. Andalucia, Spain Average maximum temperature: 32oC Autumn days in Andalucia are still exotically warm, often hitting the low 30s. While the beaches are great this time of year - far quieter than in July and August - this is the time to head to the cooler climes of the hills for some rambling. Sierra de Aracena national park, just north of Seville, is one of the leastknown of Andalucia’s parks. Lace up your boots and explore its wooded valleys, whitewashed villages and groves of chestnuts their leaves turning red and golden. Don’t miss the lively market town of Aracena, with its limestone caves and 13thcentury church built by the Knights Templar. Stop for tapas at Café-Bar Manzano, opposite the square - this is the season to try the region’s famous setas (wild mushrooms). Get there: Ryanair ( flies from London Stansted, London Gatwick and Bristol to Seville from £40 return. 3. Cyprus Average maximum temperature: 33oC Cyprus’s southerly position means it enjoys a long, hot autumn, with temperatures well into the 30s. While Cypriot resorts are not among the most beautiful in the Med, an increasing numbers of village houses are being converted into cottages and inns, many in remote rural areas that - on cooler autumn days - are perfect for exploring on foot. After a day’s romp, cool off with a dip in the sea, still blissfully warm at this time of year; Coral Bay, a

Alghero, Sardinia, Italy large horseshoe-shaped cove backed by steep limestone cliffs and with blue flag status should do just the trick. 4. Dubrovnik, Croatia Average maximum temperature: 25oC Dubrovnik is extremely busy in the summer months; accommodation is hard to find and endless cruise ships dock in its port, adding to the already overcrowded streets and beaches. Autumn however brings out the best of Dubrovnik; it takes on a tranquil, laidback atmosphere, the weather is less humid, the sea is still warm enough for swimming and accommodation and ferries prices drop considerably. Hop on a 50-minute ferry to the tiny, car-free island of Lopud; it’s renowned for having one of the best beaches in the Dubrovnik region, Sunj (pronounced “shoon”); in summer everyone in the region with a motorised vessel heads there for a swim. Come autumn it’s the Adriatic at its best. 5. Dahab, Egypt Average maximum temperature: 31oC Visit this small Bedouin coastal resort in summer and you’ll face unbearably high temperatures of up to 38C; by

late September, they’ve dropped - to the low 30s - and unlike in winter, nights are not too cool. Located 100km north of its more commercial neighbour, Sharm elSheikh, it has a chilled backpacker vibe and is renowned for its diving, thanks to its diversity of reefs, and also its windsurfing (the resort has about 270 days a year of wind a year). Now’s also the time to visit stunning locations nearby doable as day trips - such as the Coloured Canyon, with its dramatic rock formations, and St Catherine’s Monastery, situated at the foot of Mount Sinai. 6. Lanzarote, Canary Islands Average maximum temperature: 29oC Just 70km from the Western Sahara, Lanzarote has a more desert-like climate than the Mediterranean, and is at its best come autumn: the north-easterly trade winds - which blow across the island from March to August - drop considerably; the sea, heated by the summer sun, is at its warmest; air temperatures still average around the mid-20s and the tourist crowds have subsided. This is the perfect time to don your walking shoes and trek the island’s volcanic peaks, for example Timanfaya national park (Fire Mountain), with its striking red and ocre

lunar landscape and seismic activity. 7. Kas, Turkey Average maximum temperature: 29oC Still sunny but not scorching, autumn is the perfect time to visit this relaxed old fishing village, situated on the Lycian coast in south Turkey. Especially if you’re planning on exploring the Lycian Way, a long-distance footpath that stretches for 500km from Fethiye to Antalya through the ancient land of Lycia (Kas is a good base for exploring the southernmost sections). If it’s watersports you’re after, the locals say the best time to dive is after the first autumn rain (usually between late September and early October), as this is when you can see the most fish activity. 8. Saint-Tropez, France Average maximum temperature: 25oC Summer playground of the glitterati, the flashiest seaside resort in the Cute d’Azur takes on a whole new identity come autumn. While temperatures can still reach the mid-20s, most of the crowds are long gone, leaving behind a more laid-back town. Beaches which are usually packed - such as Plage de Pampelonne and Plage des Salins

- are blissfully quiet, as are its posh boutiques and restaurants. If it’s the Saint-Tropez buzz you’re after, visit between 25 September and 3 October, when the annual Regatta Les Voiles de St Tropez ( sees 300 sailing yachts, from all over the globe, compete in a week of racing and festivities - and the jet-set return in throngs to watch. 9. Rhodes, Greece Average maximum temperature: 28oC Whichever Greek island you pick in autumn you’re likely to find warm sunshine and few crowds. But if there’s one island that is particulary lovely at this time of year it’s Rhodes. Its medieval Old Town is teeming with tourists in July and August. Visit in the autumn, however, and you can have its narrow alleys, lined with Ottoman mansions, and tranquil squares virtually all to yourself. September is also the best time to visit Petaloudes (Butterfly Valley), the island’s most popular tourist attraction; out of season, this lovely green dell in the middle of the island is tourist-free, so it’s the best time to spot the thousands of brightly coloured insects (don’t leave it too late, they only inhabit the valley between May and September). The thermometer

will hover around the mid to high 20s, perfect for catching some rays on the nearby beaches; head to Kalithea, just 8km south, famous for its hot medicinal springs. 10. Ile de Ré, France Average maximum temperature: 23oC A longtime favourite with French holidaymakers, this tiny island, just off the west coast of France and connected to the mainland by a bridge, can be rammed during the summer. By September however, most have returned to the mainland. Ile de Re is one of France’s sunniest regions; though with temperatures a few degrees lower than in summer it’s one of the best times to saddle up and explore the island’s 100km of cycle tracks, all wonderfully flat. Cruise past endless sandy beaches - many empty this time of year - vineyards, pine forests and oyster farms (Ile de Re is one of the country’s major producers), ending up at Saint Martin, the island’s capital, overflowing with gourmet restaurants. Re-fuel on oceanfresh lobster at La Baleine Bleue (, the island’s most renowned restaurant, which out-of-season you conveniently don’t have to book weeks in advance. —Guardian


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Author spotlight :

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Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates, 71, was raised in rural New York. She won a scholarship to Syracuse University and published her first novel in 1964. Her book Them won the National Book award, and Blonde was nominated for the Pulitzer prize. A prolific author of fiction, short stories, poetry and plays, Oates this year published two novels, A Fair Maiden and Little Bird Of Heaven. Her writing style is lyrical, effortlessly gripping and her well-crafted prose is heart wrenching. Don’t forget to send an email with your suggestions or reviews to

When were you happiest? On two dates: 23 January 1961 and 13 March 2009 (my two weddings). What is your greatest fear? What we all fear - the loss of meaning and significance in our lives. What is your earliest memory? Feverish with measles, I lay in bed helpless, seeing my young, anxious parents hovering over me. I might have been four at the time. What was your most embarrassing moment? This, I fear, is yet to come. What is your most treasured possession? My marriage. What would your super power be? Super power! I was not aware that I had even an ordinary power. What do you most dislike about your appearance?

The impression I have always given of being shy, withdrawn. What is your favorite smell? Lilac. What is your favorite word? Nocturne. What is your favorite book? The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson. What would be your fancy dress costume of choice? A beautiful Fortuny gown. What is your guiltiest pleasure? Staring out the window - wasting time. What do you owe your parents? Everything! What or who is the greatest love of your life? I have had two great loves - my first husband Raymond Smith (who died in February

Little Bird of Heaven his is a powerful novel. Oates’s feel for the rhythms of hardscrabble life and its sour mix of alcoholism, suicide, drug abuse, adultery and murder is as keen as ever. In Sparta she has created a fictional universe to stand beside Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha County or Cheever’s Shady Hill. Her descriptions of the geography of urban decaythe rusted bridges, tangled back alleys and trash-strewn lots-are as vivid as any naturalist’s portrayal of more felicitous scenes. Her unsentimental language makes a high-lonesome kind of poetry out of otherwise sordid and unremarkable circumstance.

2008) and my new husband Charles Gross (to whom I was married in March 2009). What does love feel like? Love is an indescribable sensation - perhaps a conviction, a sense of certitude. What was the best kiss of your life? The most recent. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? If I knew, I would not overuse them! If you could edit your past, what would you change? A writer can’t subtract or excise any of his/her past because doing so would erase the work produced during that time. For instance, my young husband Raymond and I endured a hellish nine months in Beaumont, Texas when we were first married, but during that time, in a kind of exile from civilisation, I managed to complete much of my first published

novel. If you could go back in time, where would you go? To an idyllic day spent with my parents and my grandmother, Blanche Woodside, in the long-ago time when I was a young girl and my parents were living in the country in a place I visit now only in dreams. When did you last cry, and why? Since my husband Raymond died, I cry frequently. Before that, rarely. How often do you have sex? Too private a question! What song would you like played at your funeral? I would not want a song but perhaps a Nocturne of Chopin. What is the most important lesson life has taught you? I was brought up to be sympathetic toward others. —Guardian

Big Mouth and Ugly Girl


seasoned pro from the world of adult literature turns her keen observer’s eye to young-adult realism, with notable success. Honest and penetrating”. Matt Donaghy has always been a BIG MOUTH. But it’s never gotten him in trouble — until one day when two detectives escort him out of class for questioning.



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A Fair Maiden ixteen-year-old Katya Spivak is out for a walk on the gracious streets of Bayhead Harbor with her two summer babysitting charges when she’s approached by silver-haired, elegant Marcus Kidder. At first his interest in her seems harmless, even pleasant; like his name, a sort of gentle joke. His beautiful home, the children’s books he’s written, his classical music, the marvelous art in his study, his lavish presents to her Mr. Kidder’s life couldn’t be more different from Katya’s drab working-class existence back home in South Jersey, or more enticing. But by degrees, almost imperceptibly, something changes, and posing for Mr. Kidder’s new painting isn’t the lighthearted endeavor it once was. What does he really want from her? And how far will he go to get it? In the tradition of Oates’s classic story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” A Fair Maiden is an unsettling, ambiguous tale of desire and control.


The Gravedigger’s Daughter n this ambitious book, Joyce Carol Oates boldly reimagines the inner, poetic, and spiritual life of Norma Jeane Baker-the child, the woman, the fated celebrity and idolized blonde the world came to know as Marilyn Monroe. In a voice startling, intimate, and rich, Norma Jeane tells her own story, that of an emblematic American artistintensely conflicted and drivenwho has lost her way. A powerful portrait of Hollywood’s myth and an extraordinary woman’s heartbreaking reality,Blonde is a sweeping epic that pays tribute to the elusive magic and devastation behind the creation of the great twentieth-century American star.

n 1936 the Schwarts, an immigrant family desperate to escape Nazi Germany, settle in a small town in upstate New York, where the father, a former high school teacher, is demeaned by the only job he can get: gravedigger and cemetery caretaker. After local prejudice and the family’s own emotional frailty result in unspeakable tragedy, the gravedigger’s daughter, Rebecca, begins her astonishing pilgrimage into America, an odyssey of erotic risk and imaginative daring, ingenious selfinvention, and, in the end, a bittersweet-but very “American”-triumph. “You are born here, they will not hurt you”-so the gravedigger has predicted for his daughter, which will turn out to be true. In The Gravedigger’s Daughter, Oates has created a masterpiece of domestic yet mythic realism, at once emotionally engaging and intellectually provocative: an intimately observed testimony to the resilience of the individual.



My Sister, My Love

I Am No One You Know

erein is the unexpurgated firstperson narrative of nineteen-year-old Skyler Rampike, the only surviving child of an “infamous” American family destroyed a decade ago by the murder of Skyler’s six-year-old iceskating champion sister, Bliss, and the media scrutiny that followed. Part investigation into the unsolved murder, part elegy for the lost Bliss and for his own lost childhood, Skyler’s narrative is an alternately harrowing and corrosively funny exposÈ of upper-middle-class American pretensions-and an unexpectedly subtle and sympathetic exploration of those who dwell in “Tabloid Hell.”


Am No One You Know contains nineteen startling stories that bear witness to the remarkably varied lives of Americans of our time. In “Fire,” a troubled young wife discovers a rare, radiant happiness in an adulterous relationship. In “Curly Red,” a girl makes a decision to reveal a family secret, and changes her life irrevocably. In “The Girl with the Blackened Eye,” selected for The Best American Mystery Stories 2001, a girl pushed to an even greater


extreme of courage and desperation manages to survive her abduction by a serial killer. And in “Three Girls,” two adventuresome NYU undergraduates seal their secret love by following, and protecting, Marilyn Monroe in disguise at Strand Used Books on a snowy evening in 1956. These vividly rendered portraits of women, men, and children testify to Oates’s compassion for the mysterious and luminous resources of the human spirit.

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Goldilocks and the three bears nce upon a time, there O was a little girl named Goldilocks. She went for a walk in the forest. Pretty soon, she came upon a house. She knocked and, when no one answered, she walked right in. At the table in the kitchen, there were three bowls of porridge. Goldilocks was hungry. She tasted the porridge from the first bowl. “This porridge is too hot!” she exclaimed. So, she tasted the porridge from the second bowl. “This porridge is too cold,” she said So, she tasted the last bowl of porridge. “Ahhh, this porridge is just right,” she said happily and she ate it all up. After she’d eaten the three bears’ breakfasts she decided she was feeling a little tired. So, she walked into the living room where she saw three chairs. Goldilocks sat in the first chair to rest her feet. “This chair is too big!” she exclaimed.

So she sat in the second chair. “This chair is too big, too!” she whined. So she tried the last and smallest chair. “Ahhh, this chair is just right,” she sighed. But just as she settled down into the chair to rest, it broke into pieces! Goldilocks was very tired by this time, so she went upstairs to the bedroom. She lay down in the first bed, but it was too hard. Then she lay in the second bed, but it was too soft. Then she lay down in the third bed and it was just right. Goldilocks fell asleep. As she was sleeping, the three bears came home. “Someone’s been eating my porridge,” growled the Papa bear. “Someone’s been eating my porridge,” said the Mama bear. “Someone’s been eating my porridge and they ate it all up!” cried the Baby bear. “Someone’s been sitting in my chair,” growled the Papa bear.

“Someone’s been sitting in my chair,” said the Mama bear. “Someone’s been sitting in my chair and they’ve broken it all to pieces,” cried the Baby bear. They decided to look around some more and when they got upstairs to the bedroom, Papa bear growled, “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed,” “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed, too” said the Mama bear “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and she’s still there!” exclaimed Baby bear. Just then, Goldilocks woke up and saw the three bears. She screamed, “Help!” And she jumped up and ran out of the room. Goldilocks ran down the stairs, opened the door, and ran away into the forest. And she never returned to the home of the three bears.

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Qaeda unlucky again in

By Scott Stewart he Oct 29 discovery of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) inside two packages shipped from Yemen launched a widespread search for other devices, and more than two dozen suspect packages have been tracked down so far. Some have been trailed in dramatic fashion, as when two US F-15 fighter aircraft escorted an Emirates Air passenger jet Oct 29 as it approached and landed at John F Kennedy International Airport in New York. To date, however, no other parcels have been found to contain explosive devices. The two parcels that did contain IEDs were found in East Midlands, England, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and both appear to have been sent by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Al-Qaeda’s jihadist franchise in Yemen. As we’ve long discussed, AQAP has demonstrated a degree of creativity in planning its attacks and an intent to attack the United States. It has also demonstrated the intent to attack aircraft, as evidenced by the failed Christmas Day bombing in 2009 involving Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to detonate an explosive device concealed in his underwear on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. A tactical analysis of the latest attempt suggests that the operation was not quite as creative as past attempts, though it did come very close to achieving its primary objective, which in this case (apparently) was to destroy aircraft. It does not appear that the devices ultimately were intended to be part of an attack against the Jewish institutions in the United States to which the parcels were addressed. Although the operation failed in its primary mission (taking down aircraft) it was successful in its secondary mission, which was to generate worldwide media coverage and sow fear and disruption in the West. Tactical Details The details that we have been able to collect so far concerning the configuration of the devices is that both were camouflaged in parcels and both contained a main charge of pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) that was to be detonated by a primary explosive charge of lead azide. PETN is a military-grade explosive commonly found in detonating cord and some plastic explosives. PETN was also the primary explosive in the underwear bomb used in AQAP’s failed Christmas Day attack as well as its attempted assassination of Saudi Deputy Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef using an IED concealed inside the attacker’s body. Lead azide is a common primary explosive used in detonators, and it can also be used to effectively detonate an explosive such as PETN. According to media reports, the two devices contained 10.58 ounces and 15.11 ounces of PETN, both of which are larger charges than the 2.8 ounces contained in the Christmas Day device and more than the amount believed to have been used in the attack on Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. The device discovered in East Midlands appears to have been hidden inside an ink toner cartridge hidden inside a computer printer, and from


A combo of handout pictures released by the Emirates News Agency (WAM) shows the contents of a US-bound parcel displayed by police in Dubai on Oct 30, 2010. — AFP

So far, AQAP has come close to pulling off several spectacular attacks but has suffered unlucky breaks that have caused each attack to fail. However, to paraphrase an old Irish Republican Army taunt, they only have to get lucky once

photographs it appears to have been designed to be detonated by a cellphone motherboard altered to serve as an initiator. Taking the cell-phone motherboard out of its case and affixing it to the body of the printer made it appear to be part of the printer itself if the device was scanned. The addition of the cell-phone motherboard indicates the device was likely intended to be detonated when a call or message was received by the phone. We are unsure if the phone was utilizing the GPS feature some phones have to track the location of the device, but it is a possibility. Photos of the Dubai device suggest that, while it was also camouflaged inside the toner cartridge of a computer printer, it may have had a different design. It also appears to have included an appliance timer. (We have been unable to determine if there was a similar timer in the East Midlands device.) If both a cell phone and a timer were involved in the Dubai device (and possibly the East Midlands device), it is possible that the timer was intended to provide a secondary fail-safe firing chain to detonate the device in case the cell phone failed, or that it was added to provide a minimum arming time before the device could be detonated using the cell phone. A minimum arming time would prevent the device from detonating prematurely. Either way, based upon this construction, the devices do not appear to have been intended to explode when the parcels they were contained in were being opened, like most parcel and letter bombs. This means that the two Chicago-area Jewish congregations the parcels were addressed to were not the true intended targets of the devices and that, in all likelihood, the devices were intended to target aircraft and not Jewish institutions. The devices were likely addressed to Jewish institutions because the bombmakers needed some target inside the United States, and listing Jewish institutions would be sure to create panic and fear should the devices fail to function as designed or be discovered during a security check. The attackers probably intended to destroy the aircraft carrying the packages out over the Atlantic Ocean or perhaps over the US coastline as the aircraft came into cell-phone range. As would be expected, the two packages appear to have been shipped using a fraudulent identity. The person whose name was used, Hanan AlSamawi, a 22-year-old computer engineering student at Sanaa University, was arrested by Yemeni authorities Oct 30 and released the next day after the shipping agent told authorities that she was not the woman who signed the shipping manifest. Consistent Themes As we’ve noted before, some jihadist groups have a fixation on attacking aviation targets. In response to this persistent threat, aviation security has changed dramatically in the post-9/11 era, and great effort has been made at considerable expense to increase the difficulty of attacking passenger aircraft. Changes made in the wake of the Christmas Day attempt in 2009 have made it even more difficult for AQAP to get a suicide operative on board an aircraft. The pressure the group is under in Yemen is also likely making it harder for it to interact directly with potential suicide bomber recruits who are able to travel, like Abdulmutallab.


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cargo bombing attempt

Indeed, AQAP has been telling aspiring jihadist operatives from the West not to try to travel to Yemen but to conduct simple attacks at home. There has long been an evolving competition between airline security policies and terrorist tactics as both are adapted in response to the other. Because of recent developments in aviation security, AQAP apparently has tried again to re-shape the paradigm by moving away from suicide-bomber attacks against aircraft and back to a very old modus operandi - hiding explosive devices in packages and electronic devices. Explosive devices concealed in electronic items designed to be loaded or carried aboard aircraft go back to Palestinian groups in the 1980s such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command and, of course, to the Libyan operatives behind the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing. With measures to track luggage with passengers instituted in the wake of Pan Am Flight 103, terrorist planners changed their tactics and began utilizing modular IED designs that could be carried on board aircraft and left behind or initiated by suicide operatives. They also began to explore the use of cargo carried on board passenger airplanes as an alternative. After the original Operation Bojinka was derailed by an apartment fire in Manila that exposed the plan and caused operational planner Abdel Basit to flee the country, Basit (commonly known as Ramzi Yousef) returned to Pakistan and began plotting again. Since word of his modular babydoll devices had leaked out to airline security personnel, he decided instead to use air cargo carried aboard passenger aircraft as a way to destroy them. As in the attack against Philippines Airlines Flight 434 in December 1994, Basit wanted to conduct a test run of his parcel-bomb plot. He constructed a parcel-bomb package that contained cutlery as well as liquid explosives in order to confuse X-ray screeners. He also instructed one of his followers, Istiaque Parker, to ship the package from Bangkok aboard an American airliner to the United States. Basit’s plan failed when Parker got cold feet. Instead of carrying out the assignment, he gave Basit a bogus excuse about needing an exporter’s license that would require a photograph and fingerprints to ship items to the United States. Basit and Parker returned to Pakistan where, motivated by greed, Parker turned Basit in for the reward money, and US agents then moved in for the arrest. Had Basit not been arrested, there is very little question that he eventually would have tried to set his parcel-bomb plan in motion. At the time of his arrest he had several wristwatches in his possession that had been altered to function as IED timers. All of which is to say that, even though this latest parcel-bomb plot was foiled, militants will continue to seek alternate ways to smuggle IEDs and IED components aboard aircraft. AQAP in particular has demonstrated that its operational planners carefully study security measures and then plan the type of IED to employ in an attack based upon those measures. In an article posted in February in the group’s online magazine Sada AlMalahim, titled “Secrets of the Innovative Bomb,” the AQAP author

Yemeni security are seen outside a branch of the US package delivery firm FedEx in Sanaa on Oct 30, 2010. — AFP noted that the group pays attention to Xray machines, metal detectors and detection equipment intended to pick up explosive residue and odors and then seeks vulnerabilities in the system that it can exploit. Camouflaging an IED inside a computer printer was apparently successful in bypassing screening measures, though it is

the first time they inspected the parcel, highlighting the effectiveness of the AQAP camouflage job. Like the Bojinka plot, the latest AQAP parcel-bomb operation may have included a proof-of-mission trial run. There was a crash of a UPS flight in Dubai on Sept 3 that stands out as suspicious, given the circumstances

look at the incident in light of the Oct. 29 case. Other recent cargo-aircraft accidents in the region will likely be reexamined as well. Also like the 1995 Bangkok plot, this recent attempt may have been thwarted by an insider. There have been several recent defections of AQAP personnel to law enforcement authorities, such as Jabir Jubran Al-Fayfi,

interesting that nobody seems to have asked why such an item was being shipped from Yemen to the United States instead of the other way around, or why someone in Yemen was shipping such items to Jewish institutions in the United States. It appears that even after the initial alert went out, authorities in the United Kingdom missed the device

surrounding the crash and in light of these recently recovered IEDs. UAE authorities said Nov. 1 that there was no sign of an explosion in that accident, although the damage done as a result of the crash and subsequent fire may have made it difficult to uncover such evidence. Undoubtedly, US and UAE authorities will be taking another careful

who recently turned himself in to Saudi authorities (although AQAP claims he was arrested in Yemen). If Al-Fayfi did indeed surrender, he might be cooperating with the Saudis and may have been able to provide the actionable intelligence authorities used to identify and thwart this plot, though it is unlikely that he provided the exact tracking

numbers, as noted in some media reports, since the packages were shipped after he surrendered. If the Saudis did indeed provide the exact tracking numbers to their American counterparts, the intelligence had to have come from another source. In the end, this AQAP attack failed to achieve its immediate objective of destroying aircraft. The planners of the attack probably hoped that the parcels would be shipped on passenger aircraft, and it appears that they were aboard passenger aircraft for at least some of their journey. However, like the failed assassination of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and the Christmas Day attack, this attempt was successful only in its secondary objective, which was to generate global media coverage and sow fear in the West. Given the low cost and low risk associated with such an attack, this is quite an accomplishment - although the failed attack will certainly cause the US government to turn up the heat on Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to do something about AQAP. Saleh has long played a delicate balancing act of using the jihadists as allies against his enemies in the country’s north and south and has resisted launching an allout offensive against AQAP. The US government may also expand its unilateral operations against the group. As long as AQAP’s operational leaders and its bombmakers - like Ibrahim Hassan Tali Al-Asiri, brother of the suicide bomber in the Prince Mohammed bin Nayef attack - remain free, they will continue trying to exploit security vulnerabilities and attack US and Saudi targets. So far, the group has come close to pulling off several spectacular attacks but has suffered unlucky breaks that have caused each attack to fail. However, to paraphrase an old Irish Republican Army taunt, they only have to get lucky once. —Stratfor


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Spotlight on hip-hop artist Mary J Blige When were you happiest? When I was little kid, before I knew what worrying was about. What is your greatest fear? I wouldn’t want to tell anybody that.

Mary J Blige, 39, was born in New York. Her vocal talent was recognized at the age of 17, since when her singing and songwriting career has produced eight multiplatinum albums and nine Grammy awards. She has also acted in the TV shows 30 Rock, Entourage and Ghost Whisperer. A survivor of abuse and addiction, she opened the Mary J Blige Center for abused women in New York last year. Her latest album is Stronger With Each Tear.

What is your earliest memory? What music sounds like: I was four when I discovered Roy Ayers’s Everybody Loves The Sunshine. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Being shy. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Rudeness. What is your most treasured possession? My life. What would your super power be? To help people see their future. What makes you unhappy? When I see women hurting and insecure and not confident. What is your most unappealing habit? Sometimes I frown and I don’t realize it. What is your favorite smell? Food. It could be seafood, French food, soul food, English food, Italian food. I just love food, period. What is your favorite word? “Love.” What is your guiltiest pleasure? Carbs. What do you owe your parents? Respect. What would be your fancy dress costume of choice? A cat or a superhero. What is the worst thing anyone’s said to you? There have been so many. To whom would you most like to say sorry, and why? To God, for not being obedient. What or who is the love of your life? God. What was the best kiss of your life? The first one with my husband. Have you ever said “I love you” and not meant it? Never. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party? All my friends and family. What is the worst job you’ve done? I was 16, working at a department store. I was folding clothes all day. What has been your biggest disappointment? Myself, for having such a lack of love for myself at times. If you could go back in time, where would you go? Watching The Young And The Restless with my grandmother. When did you last cry, and why? On Friday, watching Forrest Gump. What single thing would improve the quality of your life? I don’t have any health problems, but to keep your health improves your quality

of life. Without your health, everything else means nothing. What do you consider your greatest achievement? My spiritual growth. What song would you like played at your funeral? Zoom, by the Commodores. How would you like to be remembered? As someone who wanted to help. What is the most important lesson life has taught you? To give unselfishly.

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Artist of the week: Julian Rosefeldt ulian Rosefeldt’s video installations are intricate Jtraps. His sets are elaborate, his locations far-flung and his films often peopled by large casts and captured with opulent cinematography. Rosefeldt’s subjects have included immigrants, backpackers, cowboys and pilots, but they all have one thing in common: they’re stuck in a loop, repeating futile tasks, ensnared by stereotypes in places where nothing seems to change. These themes are detectable in Rosefeldt’s earliest video works, co-created with Piero Steinle in the 1990s, which used found footage to tackle how the media dictates what we see. In News (1998) they examined the cliches of global reportage - countless shots of world leaders shaking hands. It was in 2000 that Rosefeldt’s interests in visual codes led him to produce the first of the rich film works he’s now known for. Asylum, a nine-screen installation, takes western assumptions about “exotic” foreigners and destroys them through hyperextension. Latino cleaning ladies vacuum giant cacti; Asian babes hang around in their undies; Romany women ride an olde-worlde carousel. It’s all garishly exaggerated and surreal, playing up the

A video artist who uses surrealism and repetition to undermine the conventions and stretch the confines of political art

Julian Rosefeldt, American Night (Black Cowboy VIII), from the series: American Night

prevalence of alienation and prejudice and overturning the realist conventions of political art. Since then, the artist has repeatedly set cliches spinning. In 2006’s Lonely Planet, Rosefeldt himself plays a bandana-wearing backpacker on an impossible quest for the authentic Indian experience, journeying from the desert

through Mumbai’s slums and on to a Bollywood movie set over and over again. How art shapes reality is a recurring theme for Rosefeldt. His latest work, American Night, dismantles the tropes of cowboy movies over five screens. Men sit around a camp fire talking of America, guns and whisky; a cowboy rides through the wilderness (though, in a twist, he’s black); a helicopter full of US troops lands in a town strewn with tumbleweed. His dissection of US movie culture opens out into a criticism of its foreign policy, tracing a sordid decline from the heady freedom of the wild west to present-day individualism and imperialism. Why we like him: Stunned Man (2004) features a dizzyingly brilliant absurdist slapstick routine in which a poker-faced guy destroys his apartment, dives into the bathroom mirror and reappears through the door to begin the whole process afresh. Behind the scenes: Rosefeldt originally studied architecture and worked as a television technician and a set builder in the theatre. Where can I see him? American Night is at the BFI Gallery in London until 6 November 2010 —Guardian

Susan Derges talks about her best shot picture came out of a long time in a Tfieldhisspending in Dartmoor national park. I had been observing the changing state of the environment there over five years - in a solitary retreat, as it were. It’s a special place, and I felt an intimate connection with it. So I wanted to make a record of it that was tactile; something that makes you feel that you’re really in the place, rather than just looking at a photograph of it. I started by putting seedheads, flower-heads and grasses into a large tank in my darkroom. Then I passed light through them to make silhouette shapes on the photosensitive paper underneath; this type of image is called a photogram. I then built up the sky by swirling inkdrops in water, directly on to the paper. Water behaves in very much the same way as clouds. The bottom section was made from earth and gravel, so you get the impression of a latticework, a pool of water,

and cloud reflecting in it. When I made the final photogram, I floated all the layers of material in water so you get a little distortion, some cusping round the seed-heads. This gives a slightly ambiguous, magical quality to the image. The arch-shaped frame was inspired by Italian frescoes I saw in Siena; in my mind, it suggests a portal to another world. It also evokes the state of reverie and imagination that is triggered by the Dartmoor field. That, for me, is as important as the place itself. I wanted to evoke the feeling of lying down low in grass - a child’s perspective, or an animal’s. The picture is the product of a long, slow process of exploring a new way of working. I began making it in 2008, but the final version was only printed this year. If I’m being honest, this is essentially more about print-making rather than photography. I’m painting with light - or least, that’s the way it feels to me. —Guardian

‘A portal to another world’ ... Susan Derges’s best shot.

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Word Sleuth Solution

Yesterdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Solution

ACROSS ACROSS1. According to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel (9th century BC). 5. South American armadillo with three bands of bony plates. 9. An official language of the Republic of South Africa. 13. Dutch postimpressionist painter noted for his use of color (18531890). 14. Large genus of tropical subshrubs or herbs some of which yield fibers of mucilaginous substances. 15. Not in action or at work. 16. Small buffalo of the Celebes having small straight horns. 17. A pilgrimage to Mecca. 18. Mentally or physically infirm with age. 19. Popular music originating in the West Indies. 21. A kind of heavy jacket (`windcheater' is a British term). 23. A silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite. 25. A decree that prohibits something. 26. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine. 29. How long something has existed. 34. (informal) Exceptionally good. 36. A compartment in front of a motor vehicle where driver sits. 38. (Jungian psychology) The inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious. 40. Fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan. 41. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey). 42. The capital and largest city of Yemen. 43. A bachelor's degree in science. 45. Date used in reckoning dates before the supposed year Christ was born. 46. Look forward to the probably occurrence of. 49. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group. 54. A town of Denmark in north central Jutland. 57. Any of various primates with short tails or no tail at all. 58. Used especially in treating bruises. 61. A master's degree in business. 62. Goddess of the dead and queen of the underworld. 63. The third month of the civil year. 64. An adult male person (as opposed to a woman). 65. A strong emotion. 66. Convert ordinary language into code. 67. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth. DOWN 1. Any culture medium that uses agar as the gelling agent. 2. A whetstone made of fine gritstone. 3. Highly excited. 4. God of wealth and love. 5. United States tennis player who was the first Black to win United States and English singles championships (1943-1993). 6. Perennial herb of East India to Polynesia and Australia cultivated for its large edible root yielding Otaheite arrowroot starch. 7. A condition (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders. 8. The seventh month of the Moslem calendar. 9. Offspring of a male tiger and a female lion. 10. The sixth month of the civil year. 11. Primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves.

12. An accidental hole that allows something (fluid or light etc.) to enter or escape. 20. A flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism. 22. Sole genus of the family Naiadaceae. 24. Small beads made from polished shells and formerly used as money by native Americans. 27. A constellation in the southern hemisphere near Telescopium and Norma. 28. The most common computer memory which can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on. 30. Aircraft landing in bad weather in which the pilot is talked down by ground control using precision approach radar. 31. A loud harsh or strident noise. 32. A benevolent aspect of Devi. 33. The cry made by sheep. 35. True gudgeons. 37. A small cake leavened with yeast. 39. Submerged aquatic plant having narrow leaves and small flowers. 44. Thick plank forming a ridge along the side of a wooden ship. 47. A worker who wipes. 48. A poplar that is widely cultivated in the United States. 49. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey). 50. A deceitful and unreliable scoundrel. 51. A subsidiary proposition that is assumed to be true in order to prove another proposition. 52. Cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables. 53. A city in southern Turkey on the Seyhan River. 55. A facial expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth. 56. Made agreeably cold (especially by ice). 59. A committee in the executive branch of government that advises the president on foreign and military and national security. 60. The United Nations agency concerned with the interests of labor.

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FREE WILL ASTROLOGY Aries (March 21-April 19) In Marcel Proust's novel In Search of Lost Time, one of the characters makes a vulgar observation about the odd attractions that sometimes come over us human beings: "Anyone who falls in love with a dog's behind will mistake it for a rose." It's my duty to point out that the opposite occurs, too. People may think a marvelous thing is worthless, and dislike it or ignore it as a result. Van Gogh's paintings, for example: He sold only one while he was alive, although today his work is regarded as extraordinarily beautiful. My advice to you, Aries, is to avoid both of these errors in the coming week.

Ta u r u s ( A p r i l 2 0 - M a y 2 0 ) Poet Paul Eluard frequently fantasized and wrote about his dream woman, but he never actually found her. "The cards have predicted that I would meet her but not recognize her," he said. So he contented himself with being in love with love. I think he made a sound decision that many of us should consider emulating. It's a losing proposition to wait around hoping for a dream lover to show up in our lives, since no one can ever match the idealized image we carry around in our imagination. And even if there were such a thing as a perfect mate, we would probably not recognize that person, as Eluard said, because they'd be so different from our fantasy. Having said all that, Taurus, I'm happy to inform you that the next two months will be prime time for you to cultivate your connection with an imperfect beauty who's good for you.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) When you begin treatment with a homeopathic doctor, his or her first task is to determine your "constitutional," which is the remedy that serves as your fundamental medicine -- the tonic you take to keep your system balanced and functioning smoothly. Mine used to be "aurum," or gold, but due to certain shifts in my energy, my doctor ultimately changed it to "lac lupinum," or wolf's milk. After analyzing your astrological omens, I'm guessing that you might need a similar adjustment in the regimen that keeps you healthy. Your body's needs seem to be evolving. Consider making some changes in the food you eat, the sleep you get, the exercise you do, and the love you stir up.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) "Freedom is in the unknown," said philosopher John C. Lilly. "If you believe there is an unknown everywhere, in your own body, in your relationships with other people, in political institutions, in the universe, then you have maximum freedom." I think this is the most important thought you could meditate on right now, Cancerian. You are close to summoning the magic that would allow you to revel in what's unknown about everything and everyone you love. And that would dramatically invigorate your instinct for freedom.

Leo (July 23-August 22) The

Libra (September 23-October 22) Check out this haiku by Mizuhara Shuoshi, translated from the Japanese by William J. Higginson: "stuck in a vase / deep mountain magnolia / blossoms open." Does that remind you of anyone? It should. I think it pretty much sums up your current situation. More accurately, it captures the best possible scenario you can strive to achieve, given your circumstances. Yes, there are limitations you have to deal with right now: being in the vase. And yet there's no reason you can't bloom like a deep mountain magnolia. Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Technorati, a search engine for blogs, says there are well over 100 million blogs on the Internet, and that figure doesn't include millions of Chinese language blogs. So self-expression is thriving on a global scale, right? Not exactly. Most blogs -- the estimate is 94 percent -- have not been updated for at least four months. In accordance with the current astrological indicators, Scorpio, I expect you to do something about this problem. Refresh your blog in the coming week, or consider launching one if you don't have one. But don't stop there. Use every other way you can imagine to show the world who you are. Be articulate and demonstrative and revelatory.

Sagittarius (November 22December 21) I think you can handle more hubbub and uproar than you realize. I also suspect you're capable of integrating more novelty, and at a faster rate, than the members of all the other signs of the zodiac. That's why I think you should consider interpreting what's happening in your life right now as "interesting adventures" instead of "disorienting chaos." The entire universe is set up to help you thrive on what non-Sagittarians might regard as stressful.

Capricorn (December 22January 19) "Dear Rob: My boyfriend's heart is in the right place. He likes to give me flowers. The only trouble is, the bouquets he brings are homely. A recent batch was a hodgepodge of blue delphiniums, white carnations, and red geraniums. Is there any way to steer him in a more aesthetically correct direction without deflating his tender kindness? - Unsatisfied Capricorn." Dear Unsatisfied: In my astrological opinion, one of the tasks you Capricorns should be concerned with right now is learning to love the gifts that people want to give you. Maybe at a later date you can start training them to provide you with exactly what you want. But for the moment, it won't kill you to simply welcome and celebrate their generosity.

first time I ever planted a garden was last summer. It wasn't easy. The soil in my backyard was hard clay that I could barely penetrate with a shovel. Luckily, a helpful clerk at the garden store revealed a solution: gypsum. All I had to do was pour the white powder on my intransigent dirt and wet it down for a few days. The stuff performed as advertised on the package: It "worked like millions of tiny hoes," loosening the heavy clay. A week later I was able to begin planting. In the coming days, Leo, I think you could benefit from the metaphorical equivalent of a million tiny hoes. You've got to break down a hard surface to create a soft bed for your seeds.

Aquarius (January 20- February 18) Your new vocabulary word for the week is "skookum," a term from the Chinook Indians that is still used in some parts of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. My astrological colleague Caroline Casey says it means "in cahoots with good spirits" and "completely made for the job." Wikipedia suggests that when you're skookum, you've got a clear purpose and are standing in your power spot. According to my reading of the omens, Aquarius, these definitions of skookum fit you pretty well right now. (P.S. When skookum is used to describe food, it means delicious and hearty, which could definitely be applied to you if you were edible.)

Virgo (August 23-September 22) Recent research suggests that yawning raises alertness, enhances cognitive awareness, reduces stress, and strengthens the part of the brain that feels empathy. Andrew Newburg, M.D. goes so far as to recommend that you regularly induce yawns. He says it helps you solve problems, increases your efficiency, and intensifies your spiritual experiences. (Read more here: So here's my advice, Virgo. During the current phase of your astrological cycle -which is a time when self-improvement activities are especially favored -- you should experiment with recreational yawning.

Pisces (February 19-March 20) In the coming days, it's crucial for you to be spontaneous but not rash. Do you know the distinction? Read the words of psychologist Abraham Maslow: "Spontaneity (the impulses from our best self) gets confused with impulsivity and acting-out (the impulses from our sick self), and there is then no way to tell the difference." Be sure you stay true to the vitalizing prompts arising from your inner genius, Pisces -- not the distorted compulsions erupting from your inner maniac.

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00996 00856 00371 00961 00231 00218 00370 00352 00853 00389 00261 0034 00265 0060 00960 00223 00356 00692 00596 00222 00230 00269 0052 00691 00373 00377 00976 001664 00212 00258 0095 00264 00977 0031 00599 00687 0064 00505 00227 00234 00683 00672 0044 00850 0047 00968 0092 00680 00507 00675 00595 0051 0063 0048 00351 001787 00974 0040 007 00250 00290 001869 001758 00508 001784 00684 00685 00378 00239 00966 0044 00221 00284 00232 0065 00421 00386 00677 00252 0027 0082 0034 0094 00249 00597 00268 0046 0041 00963 00886 00255 0066 00228 00676 00690 001868 00216 0090 00688 00256 00380 00976 0044 00598

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Red Bull Flugtag to take it to the skies of Kuwait he 2nd Red Bull Flugtag will kick off today at 1pm at the Marina Crescent. For months now the participating teams have been preparing for the much-awaited D-day which should bring spectators a great deal of fun and excitement. The first activity of the day will take place at the flight bay between 10am and 12:30pm with the creativity judging. The opening ceremony will take place on the ramp with the performance of a Kuwaiti traditional dance. Then the MCs will welcome the judges and spectators. Then, the ramp manager will give the sign to the first team to make their way to the runway in order to perform the preflight show which will be evaluated by the judges. Afterwards, the team will take off from the sixmeter high ramp. Five points will be given for each meter achieved in flying distance. The event is expected to end at around 4:30pm with the prize giving ceremony which will be held at the runway. Yesterday the aircrafts went through a tough scrutineering check, where pilots were present with their piloting license in order to get clearance from the Flugtag safety team. Since its debut in 1992, there have been more than 90 Flugtag rounds held around the globe.


Filipino Badminton Committee he Filipino Badminton Committee is inviting all badminton enthusiast to join its 20th Badminton Tournament. The event which is held for a cause will start on November 5 and will last until December 10 at the Kuwait Disabled Club, Hawally every Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM. The tournament will be a team event of 5 players. Each team must have Level 1 & 2 (Men’s), Level 1& 2 (Ladies’) and Level 3 (Ladies’). The deadline for submission of line up will be on October 15. Special prize will be given for Best Uniform, Best Team. For more information, call 97197268.


Soorya festival 2010 oorya Kuwait Chapter, in association with UAE Exchange Centre is all set to stage “Soorya Fest 2010, on Thursday, November 18, 2010, at the American International School Auditorium, Maidan Hawalli, at 7 pm, according to officials. Indian Ambassador Ajai


Malhotra will inaugurate the festival aiming to promote international integration through Culture. The concert “Sarod Duo”, the title itself tells about the combination of 2 - the renowned Sarod players Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan, the two sons and disciples of the Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan, along with Ustad Rashid Mustfa on Tabla, will be the first of its kind to be staged in Kuwait, officials added. Initiated into the fine art of Sarod playing at a very tender age, Amaan Ali Khan began his public performances as early as eight. He is now considered as one the finest young Sarod players and has attained very special place for himself to all music enthusiasts. Ayaan Ali Khan, stepped into the world of music at the age of eight, has been performing concerts worldwide ever since. Ayaan has won the hearts of music lovers both India and around the Globe. Recipients of the MTV’s Lycra Award for the most stylish person in Music in 2006, both were honored recently by the Mayor of the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Friday, November 5, 2010

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BSK goes pink in Netball challenge in aid of Breast cancer Salwa campus of The British of Kuwait was turned into a TpinkheSchool paradise in support of ‘Breakthrough Breast Cancer’ during the first ever BSK Netball challenge. Held in the new state-of-the-art Marble Arch sports arena, 4 teams fought keenly on the Netball court,

occasionally stopping to sample the appetizing cakes and refreshments made and sold by the female students from BSK. Two teams of BSK girls wowed the substantial crowd with outstanding footwork and shooting while a ladies team from the BSK teachers and a specially invited select

group from the British Ladies Society were out to show the youngsters that there is no substitute for experience. All teams played each other in close and exciting games, with the teams superbly refereed by event organizer Clair Foster, with most of the games so close due to the

excellent skills of all the ladies on show. In the end it was the factors of combined experience and skill from the BSK teachers, led by the fast feet and passing of Alison Grice and the sharp shooting of Jackie Shropshire, who led their team to take the coveted trophy over the opposition.

However, as much as hands were shook, three cheers given, medals worn and trophies lifted, the serious business was to highlight the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness and to raise money for this extremely worthy and prevalent cause.

KSSC to award outstanding students Abdullah Al-Mubarak Alhe Kuwait Sea Sports Sabah. Club is set to hold a Tcelebration This announcement for the was made by the KSSC secretary and head of its social and cultural committee, Khalid AlFoudary, who indicated that the names of members’ children who came up with outstanding results at the end of the previous school year have already been registered.

outstanding students from members’ children in a date that will be announced following the Eid Al-Adha holiday, as the event will be held under the patronage of honorary chairman Sheikha Dr. Suad AlSabah, and attendance of Sheikh Mubarak Al-

Dr K J Yesudas in Kuwait with ‘Gandhrva Ganam’ admabhushan Award Winner Dr. K J Yesudas P will be in Kuwait on 17th Nov. 2010 to perform a “Carnatic Classical Concert” at American International School, Maidan Hawally, Kuwait with his troupe, Nagai Murali on Violin, Bakthavalsalam on Mridangam and Tripunithura Radhakrishnan on Ghatam. This concert is organized by V R Potti of Udupi Restaurant, Kuwait. For more information, please contact 99476149 & 66752462.

Trash to Treasure and Eszonica Modeling School team up to Treasure and Eszonica Modeling School Thaverash teamed up to stage an amazing Charity Fashion and Creative Art “Trashion Show to raise money for women in need living in Kuwait. Dazzling dresses made from recycled materials and textiles will compete on the runway and showcase the amazing creativity of their designers. Beautiful one-ofa-kind pieces of Functional Art will be exhibited at the event

Date: Wednesday, 10th November 2010 Time: 7-9 pm. Venue: Holiday Inn hotel Salmiya Tickets may be purchased in advance at Crown Relocations: Al Alamia Complex Bldg. 81 Office #7. Gleeb Alshyouk 85857. Al Dajij, Farwaniya. Or call 65182066 Emai for more information, purchase and ticket collection. Price: 15 KD VIP front row seating 10 KD.

Le Petit Orchestre Swing de France made up of three members Laurent Music Program at the American Zeller, jazz violinist, and Gilles Parodi and of Kuwait in partnership TwithheUniversity Laurent Bajata or rhythm and lead the French Embassy in Kuwait presents to you Le Petit Orchestre Swing de France’. Following in the Jazz tradition of Django Reinhardt and StÈphane Grappelli, ‘Le Petit Orchestrc Swing De France’, in their second tour of the Gulf Region, are renowned for their Jazz instrumental interpretation of post war French songs associated with the thythms of American Swing. The group is

guitars. Date: Sunday November 7th 2010 Time: 3:00 pm Location: Liberal Arts Auditorium, the American University of Kuwait, Salmiya. For more information please call: PR & Marketing Department American University of Kuwait Tel: 22248399 Ext. 306

he British Academy of Sport Gymnastics coaching sponsored by Justice TPrincess (Al Shaya) takes place every Wednesday and Thursday in the Diana of Wales Dance Studio at the British School of Kuwait. There are classes for beginners through to advanced from 5 to 13 years of age. The new 5 week programme commences next week and details are available from BAS Administrator Aisha on 99458013/25623604 ext.131 or Gymnastics Coach Eszter 94492708. Pictured are Beginner and Advanced Classes at the BAS Gymnastics.

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Friday, November 5, 2010



IN CASE YOU ARE NOT TRAVELLING, YOUR PROPER CANCELLATION OF BOOKINGS WILL HELP OTHER PASSENGERS TO USE SEATS. Arrival Flights on Friday 05/11/2010 Airlines Flt Route Wataniya Airways 306 Cairo Jazeera 267 Beirut Gulf Air 211 Bahrain Bangladesh 046 Dhaka/Bahrain Turkish 772 Istanbul Emirates 853 Dubai Qatari 138 Doha DHL 370 Bahrain Fly Dubai 067 Dubai Etihad 305 Abu Dhabi Air Arabia Egypt Alexandria Jazeera 529 Assiut Jazeera 207 Damascus Kuwait 544 Cairo Jazeera 503 Luxor Falcon 201 Doha British 157 London Kuwait 412 Manila/Bangkok Jazeera 555 Alexandria Kuwait 352 Cochin Fly Dubai 053 Dubai Kuwait 382 Delhi Kuwait 302 Mumbai Kuwait 578 Muscat/Dubai Kuwait 284 Dhaka Kuwait 362 Colombo Kuwait 344 Chennai Emirates 855 Dubai Qatari 132 Doha Arabia 123 Sharjah Etihad 301 Abu Dhabi Gulf Air 213 Bahrain Iran Air 803 Shiraz Falcon 203 Dubai Jazeera 151 Doha Wataniya Airways 182 Bahrain Wataniya Airways 102 Dubai Jazeera 121 Bahrain Jazeera 165 Dubai Middle East 404 Beirut Egypt Air 610 Cairo Iran Air 5066 Mashad United 982 Washington DC Dulles Kuwait 872 Dubai Fly Dubai 057 Dubai Egypt Air 621 Assiut Oman Air 645 Muscat Saudia 500 Jeddah Kuwait 552 Damascus Kuwait 562 Amman Nas Air 745 Jeddah Qatari 134 Doha Syrian Air 341 Damascus Kuwait 546 Alexandria Cargolux 792 Luxembourg Nas Air 701 Riyadh Jazeera 549 Alexandria Iran Aseman 8791 Mashad Etihad 303 Abu Dhabi Emirates 857 Dubai Gulf Air 215 Bahrain Kuwait 550 Sharm El Sheikh/Sohag Saudia 510 Riyadh Jordanian 800 Amman Jazeera 239 Amman Arabia 127 Sharjah Jazeera 201 Damascus Air Arabia Egypt 3555 Alexandria Wataniva 432 Damascus SriLankan 227 Colombo/Dubai Jazeera 177 Dubai Wataniya Airways 304 Cairo

Time 00:40 00:45 01:40 01:55 02:15 02:35 02:45 02:45 03:05 03:10 03:15 03:45 03:50 04:40 05:20 06:15 06:40 06:45 07:00 07:35 07:45 07:50 07:55 08:10 08:15 08:20 08:20 08:30 09:05 09:06 09:30 09:35 09:40 10:30 10:55 10:55 11:05 11:10 1t20 11:55 12:55 13:05 13:10 13:25 13:50 13:55 14:15 14:30 14:35 14:40 14:50 15:00 15:05 15:30 15:45 15:50 16:15 16:45 18:50 16:55 17:05 17:15 17:20 17:30 17:40 17:45 17:50 17:55 11:55 18:10 18:16 18:15

Wataniya Airways Yemenia Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Wataniva Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Wataniya Airways Kuwait Indian Kuwait Kuwait Fly Dubai Oman Air Jet A/W Wataniya Airways Jazeera DHL Gulf Air Rovos Middle East Qatari Emirates Wataniya Airways United Wataniya Airways Shaheen Air Egypt Air Jazeera Jazeera Lufthansa Wataniya Airways Jordanian India Express Wataniya Airways Pakistan

204 824 502 542 618 106 786 614 674 202 186 575 102 714 061 647 512 402 787 372 217 081 402 136 859 332 981 186 441 612 185 135 636 422 802 393 108 215

Jeddah Sanaa/Doha Beirut Cairo Doha Dubai Jeddah Bahrain Dubai Jeddah Paris/Rome Chennai/Goa New York/London Riyadh Dubai Muscat Mumbai Beirut Riyadh Bahrain Bahrain Baghdad Beirut Doha Dubai Sharm El Sheikh Bahrain Bahrain Lahore/Karachi Cairo Dubai Bahrain Frankfurt Amman Amman Kozhikoide/Cochin Dubai Karachi

Departure Flights on Friday 05-11-2010 Airlines Flt Route India Express 390 Mangalore/Kozhikode Indian 982 Ahmedabad/Chennai Pakistan 206 Lahore Lufthansa 637 Frankfurt Tunis Air 328 Tunis Ethiopian 620 Bahrain/Addis Ababa Bangladesh 044 Dhaka Turkish 773 Istanbul Fly Dubai 068 Dubai DHL 371 Bahrain Emirates 854 Dubai Air Arabia Egypt 3558 Alexandria Etihad 306 Abu Dhabi Qatari 139 Doha Air France 6704 Dubai/Hong Kong Jazeera 164 Dubai Jazeera 256 Beirut Jordanian 803 Amman Jazeera 150 Doha Gulf Air 212 Bahrain Kuwait 545 Alexandria Jazeera 120 Bahrain Fly Dubai 054 Dubai Jazeera 480 Sabiha British 156 London Kuwait 671 Dubai Kuwait 745 Dammam/Abu Dhabi Kuwait 551 Damascus Emirates 856 Dubai Arabia 124 Sharjah Kuwait 117 New York Qatari 133 Doha Etihad 302 Abu Dhabi

18:25 18:40 18:45 18:50 18:55 18:55 19:10 19:20 19:25 19:25 19:30 19:30 19:35 19:40 20:05 20:10 20:15 20:50 20:50 21:00 21:16 21:15 21:20 21:35 21:40 21:40 21:55 21:56 22:40 22:40 22:45 22:55 23:35 23:45 23:50 23:55 23:55 23:55

Time 00:55 0l:05 01:10 01:30 01:40 02:30 02:35 03:15 03:45 03:45 03:50 03:55 04:00 04:55 06:20 06:55 07:00 07:00 07:10 07:15 07:50 08:20 08:25 08:40 08:55 09:00 09:05 09:10 09:40 09:45 10:00 10:00 10:20

Gulf Air Kuwait Wataniya Airways Jazeera Wataniya Iran Air Kuwait Jazeera Jazeera Wataniya Airways Kuwait Middle East Kuwait Wataniya Airways Yemenia Egypt Air Jazeera Egypt Air Wataniya Airways Iran Aseman United Fly Dubai Wataniya Airways Kuwait Kuwait Wataniya Airways Oman Air Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Qatari Jazeera Mihin Etihad Rovos Gulf Air Wataniya Airways Emirates Jordanian Jazeera Arabia Jazeera Saudia Watantya Jazeera SriLankan Wataniya Kuwait Kuwait Wataniya Airways Fly Dubai Kuwait Jazeera Kuwait Oman Air Jet A/W Jazeera Saudia DHL Kuwait Gulf Air Middle East Kuwait Qatari Kuwait Jazeera Jazeera Emirates United Egypt Air Shaheen Air Kuwait

214 177 645 212 303 618 541 238 200 431 103 405 501 203 825 624 176 611 201 6802 982 058 105 561 673 401 646 617 785 613 773 135 786 404 304 082 216 305 858 801 184 128 156 511 421 134 228 107 283 361 185 062 331 528 343 648 571 268 507 373 675 218 403 203 137 301 554 502 860 981 613 442 411

Bahrain Frankfurt/Geneva Beirut/Vienna Deirezzor Cairo Lar Cairo Amman Damascus Damascus London Beirut Beirut Jeddah Doha/Sanaa Sohag Dubai Cairo Jeddah Shiraz Bahrain Dubai Dubai Amman Dubai Beirut Muscat Doha Jeddah Bahrain Riyadh Doha Riyadh Dubai/Colombo Abu Dhabi Baghdad Bahrain Cairo Dubai Amman Dubai Sharjah Doha Riyadh Amman Bahrain Dubai/Colombo Dubai Dhaka Colombo Bahrain Dubai Trivandrum Assiut Chennai Muscat Mumbai Beirut Jeddah Bahrain Dubai Bahrain Beirut Lahore Doha Mumbai Alexandria Luxor Dubai Washington DC Dulles Cairo Lahore Bangkok/Manila

Directorate General of Civil Aviation Home Page (

10:25 10:30 11:25 11:45 11:50 11:50 12:00 12:10 12:20 12:30 12:30 12:55 13:00 13:00 13:05 13:30 13:50 13:55 14:00 14:20 14:25 14:35 14:35 14:45 15:10 15:15 15:15 15:35 15:45 16:20 16:25 16:30 17:35 17:40 17:40 18:00 18:05 18:05 18:10 18:15 18:20 18:25 18:30 18:35 18:45 19:05 19:10 19:40 20:15 20:20 20:25 20:50 2 1:00 21:00 21:05 21:10 21:15 21:40 21:55 22:00 22:10 22:15 22:20 22:30 22:35 22:45 22:45 23:00 23:10 23:40 23:45 23:50 23:55


Friday, November 5, 2010

ACCOMMODATION Sharing accommodation available for bachelors in Salmiya, Amman street opposite Al-Rashid hospital. Contact: 65515717. (C 2835) Single room accommodation required for a 50+ executive bachelor to share with a decent Muslim family. Please contact: 66750417, 66674415. (C 2834) 4-11-2010 Sharing accommodation available in Abbassiya for one or two working ladies in a new C-A/C flat with Keralite family. Contact: 66013882. (C 2832) Sharing accommodation in Sharq near Amiri hospital C-A/C, 2 bathroom, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, big hall, neat flat, preferred Indian family or two working ladies sharing with Keralite Christian family. Call: 99849490. (C 2821) Mahboula room for rent in

a flat, with A/C, kitchen and other facilities for a Christian couple or bachelor near ABC tower. Contact: 66216713/ 65135094. (C 2822) 3-11-2010 C-A/C room available with a small Indian family for an executive Indian bachelor at Amman street Salmiya. Call: 99408202. (C 2829) Room with attached toilet available in a 2 room, 2 toilet, C-A/C flat at Abbassiya to share with a Sri Lankan couple. Call: 66552905. (C 2824) Sharing accommodation available in Abbassiya, new building, separate bathroom and balcony, decent executive bachelors preferred, near Kalabhavan building & UI School. Call: 97208351. (C 2828) Independent room with separate bath is available for a non-smoking Keralite executive bachelor or married couple in a very spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bath CA/C apartment in

Farwaniya (facing Sixth Ring Road). Contact: 66629551. (C 2830) One room is available for decent working ladies or small family with small Indian family at Farwaniya opp big jamiya from Nov 2010. Call: 99051353. (C 2827) 2-11-2010

FOR SALE Fridge KD 35, Sony Video camera no-TRV-330 KD 40, still camera Olympus KD 15. Contact: 66013882. (C 2833) 3-11-2010


Maid wanted urgently. A decent housemaid is needed for a family in Mangaf. Please call 60055305. 3-11-2010

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MATRIMONIAL Proposals invited, for a 28y.o. (172 cm) Nair professional boy working as a Graphic Designer in a reputable firm in Kuwait, from Nair girls aged below 25 based either here in Kuwait or in India. Please contact email: Seeking suitable alliance for a Marthomite girl (5始5 tall, good looking), 25 years old, BSc (N), hailing from M a l l a p p a l l y (Pathanamthitta dist) working in a private hospital in Kuwait, from parents of God fearing, good looking and professionally qualified Christian grooms. Email: (C 2825)


NRI Marthoma parents invite proposals for their daughter 25/163, fair, B/B in Kuwait, B.E Computer Engineering employed in Bangalore. From parents of God fearing, good looking, well employed boys, brought up outside Kerala, belonging to Marthoma/CSI/Orthodox family. Respond with recent photograph and bio-data. Email: (C 2831) 2-11-2010 Proposals invited from employed Ezhava PG boys above 30 yrs for an Ezhava girl, 29 yrs, Chathayam, MBA, M.Phil, currently employed as faculty. Please respond to (C 2818) 1-11-2010


Well experienced in office work, import/export, business correspondence seeking part time job morning or evening. Call: 66513057. (C 2823) Young Indian storekeeper having 12 years experience and computer knowledge seeks immediate employment. Contact: 55424472. (C 2826) 2-11-2010 Brilliant young B.Com graduate passed in first class knowing Peachtree and Tally having 2 years working experience in India seeking suitable job as Accountant. Tel: 97333492 / 65179245. (C 2819) 1-11-2010


CHANGE OF NAME I, Mohan Kumar Rama Krishna, holder of Indian Passport No. H1830457, has converted to Islam with the name of Syed Sulaiman. (C 2806) 27-10-2010 I, Rajendran, (Hindu) holder Indian Passport No. E5239852, son of Sami Pillai has converted to Islam with the name of Abdur Rasheed on May 4th, 2009. (C 2794) 25-10-2010

PRIVATE CLINICS Ophthalmologists: Dr. Abidallah Al-Mansoor 5622444 Dr. Samy Al-Rabeea 5752222 Dr. Masoma Habeeb 5321171 Dr. Mubarak Al-Ajmy 5739999 Dr. Mohsen Abel 5757700 Dr Adnan Hasan Alwayl 5732223 Dr. Abdallah Al-Baghly 5732223 Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT): Dr. Ahmed Fouad Mouner Dr. Abdallah Al-Ali Dr. Abd Al-Hameed Al-Taweel Dr. Sanad Al-Fathalah Dr. Mohammad Al-Daaory Dr. Ismail Al-Fodary Dr. Mahmoud Al-Booz

4555050 Ext 510 5644660 5646478 5311996 5731988 2620166 5651426

General Practitioners: Dr. Mohamme Y Majidi Dr. Yousef Al-Omar Dr. Tarek Al-Mikhazeem Dr. Kathem Maarafi Dr. Abdallah Ahmad Eyadah Dr. Nabeel Al-Ayoobi Dr. Dina Abidallah Al-Refae

4555050 Ext 123 4719312 3926920 5730465 5655528 4577781 5333501

Urologists: Dr. Ali Naser Al-Serfy 2641534 Dr. Fawzi Taher Abul 2639955 Dr. Khaleel Abidallah Al-Awadi 2616660

Dr. Adel Al-Hunayan FRCS (C) 5313120 Plastic Surgeons: Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaf Dr. Abdal-Redha Lari Dr. Abdel Quttainah

2547272 2617700 5625030/60

Family Doctor: Dr Divya Damodar


Psychiatrists Dr. Esam Al-Ansari Dr Eisa M. Al-Balhan

2635047 2613623/0

Gynaecologists & Obstetricians: Dr Adrian Harbe Dr. Verginia s.Marin Dr. Fozeya Ali Al-Qatan Dr. Majeda Khalefa Aliytami Dr. Ahmad Al-Khooly Dr. Salem soso

3729596/3729581 572-6666 ext 8321 2655539 5343406 5739272 2618787

General Surgeons: Dr. Amer Zawaz Al-Amer 2610044 Dr. Mohammad Yousef Basher 5327148

Dr. Latefa Al-Duweisan Dr. Nadem Al-Ghabra Dr. Mobarak Aldoub Dr Nasser Behbehani

5728004 5355515 4726446 5654300/3

Paediatricians: Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Rashed Dr. Zahra Qabazard Dr. Sohail Qamar Dr. Snaa Maaroof Dr. Pradip Gujare Dr. Zacharias Mathew

5340300 5710444 2621099 5713514 3713100 4334282

(1) Ear, Nose and Throat (2) Plastic Surgeon Dr. Abdul Mohsin Jafar, FRCS (Canada) 5655535

2639939 2666300

Endocrinologist: Dr. Abd Al-Naser Al-Othman 5339330 Dr. Ahmad Al-Ansari 5658888 Dr. Kamal Al-Shomr 5329924 Physiotherapists & VD: Dr. Deyaa Shehab Dr. Musaed Faraj Khamees

5722291 2666288

Rheumatologists: Dr. Adel Al-Awadi 5330060 Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah 5722290

Dentists: Dr Anil Thomas Dr. Shamah Al-Matar Dr. Anesah Al-Rasheed Dr. Abidallah Al-Amer Dr. Faysal Al-Fozan Dr. Abdallateef Al-Katrash Dr. Abidallah Al-Duweisan Dr. Bader Al-Ansari

3729596/3729581 2641071/2 2562226 2561444 2619557 2525888 5653755 5620111

Internists, Chest & Heart: Dr. Adnan Ebil Dr. Mousa Khadada

Gastrologists Dr. Sami Aman 2636464 Dr. Mohammad Al-Shamaly 5322030 Dr. Foad Abidallah Al-Ali 2633135

Neurologists: Dr. Sohal Najem Al-Shemeri 5633324 Dr. Jasem Mola Hassan 5345875

Internist, Chest & Heart: DR.Mohammes Akkad 4555050 Ext 210 Dr. Mohammad Zubaid MB, ChB, FRCPC, PACC Assistant Professor Of Medicine Head, Division of Cardiology Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital Tel: 5339667 Dr. Farida Al-Habib MD, PH.D, FACC Consultant Cardiologist Tel: 2611555-2622555

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Friday, November 5, 2010

TV Listings Orbit /Showtime Channels

00:00 01:00 03:00 04:00 05:00 06:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00

Ellen de Generes GMA Live Repeat Without a Trace Defying Gravity Desperate Housewives GMA Live Repeat One Tree Hill Survivor 21 Ellen de Generes Desperate Housewives Defying Gravity Without a Trace GMA Live One Tree Hill Survivor 21 Ellen de Generes White Collar The Deep End Breaking Bad Burn Notice

00:50 In Search Of The Giant Anaconda 01:45 Untamed And Uncut 02:40 Snake Crusader With Bruce George 03:05 Snake Crusader With Bruce George 03:35 Cell Dogs 04:30 Animal Cops South Africa 05:25 In Search Of The Giant Anaconda 06:20 Untamed And Uncut 07:10 Wildlife SOS 07:35 Rspca: On The Frontline 08:00 New Breed Vets With Steve Irwin 08:50 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 09:40 Breed All About It 10:05 Breed All About It 10:35 Animal Battlegrounds 11:00 Cell Dogs 11:55 Monkey Life 12:20 Rspca: On The Frontline 12:50 Animal Precinct 13:45 E-Vets: The Interns 14:10 Pet Rescue 14:40 Animal Cops Miami 15:35 Wildlife SOS 16:00 Rspca: On The Frontline 16:30 Dogs 101 17:25 Groomer Has It 18:20 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 19:15 Living With The Wolfman 19:40 Living With The Wolfman 20:10 In Search Of The King Cobra 21:10 Dogs 101 22:05 Whale Wars 23:00 Stranger Among Bears 23:25 Stranger Among Bears

00:40 01:10 01:55 02:45 03:15 03:45 04:15 04:45 05:00 05:20 05:30 05:50 06:10 06:25 06:35 06:50 07:10 07:30 07:50 08:00 08:10 08:30 08:55 09:15 09:25 09:35 09:55 10:15 10:40 11:45 12:30 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:20 16:20 17:20 18:05 18:35 19:05 20:00 21:00 21:45 22:15 23:00

Manchild The Weakest Link Casualty Eastenders Doctors Manchild Last Of The Summer Wine The Roly Mo Show Fimbles Penelope K, By The Way Me Too Balamory The Roly Mo Show Tellytales Penelope K, By The Way Fimbles Me Too Balamory Tellytales Penelope K, By The Way Fimbles Me Too Balamory Penelope K, By The Way Tellytales Fimbles Me Too Balamory Last Of The Summer Wine The Weakest Link Michael Palin’s New Europe Doctors Eastenders Casualty Last Of The Summer Wine Michael Palin’s New Europe The Weakest Link Doctors Eastenders Casualty Michael Palin’s New Europe The Weakest Link Doctors Robin Hood The Jonathan Ross Show

00:35 Masterchef 01:05 What Not To Wear 01:30 Indian Food Made Easy 01:55 Ching’s Kitchen 02:20 Home For Life 03:15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 04:05 Superhomes 04:55 The Restaurant UK 05:45 Daily Cooks Challenge 06:15 Daily Cooks Challenge 06:45 What Not To Wear 07:10 Superhomes 08:10 Antiques Roadshow 09:00 What Not To Wear

09:25 What Not To Wear 09:50 Antiques Roadshow 10:40 Hidden Potential 11:05 Cash In The Attic USA 11:30 Indian Food Made Easy 11:55 Ching’s Kitchen 12:20 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 13:10 Superhomes 14:00 Come Dine With Me 14:50 What Not To Wear 15:15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 16:05 Indian Food Made Easy 16:30 Ching’s Kitchen 16:55 Bargain Hunt 17:40 Masterchef 18:10 Masterchef 18:40 Cash In The Attic USA 19:00 Daily Cooks Challenge 19:55 The Restaurant UK 20:45 Masterchef 21:35 Cooked 22:05 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 22:55 Superhomes 23:45 The Restaurant UK

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Shallow Grave-18 Sexy Beast-18 The Golden Compass-PG Escape To Victory-PG15 Disco-PG Nights In Rodanthe-PG15 The Golden Compass-PG Gifted Hands-PG15 Gorillas In The Mist-PG15 Motherhood-PG15 Rachel Getting Married-PG15 The Basketball Diaries-18

Overhaulin’ Dirty Jobs Ultimate Weapons Extreme Engineering Mythbusters How Stuff’s Made How Do They Do It? Dirty Jobs Fifth Gear Extreme Engineering Chop Shop Mythbusters Ultimate Survival Overhaulin’ The Gadget Show How Stuff’s Made How Do They Do It? Mythbusters Miami Ink Ultimate Survival Dirty Jobs

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Friday, November 5, 2010

he former Spice Girl has announced she is expecting her second child with her long-term partner Jade Jones and the couple and their two-year-old son Beau are thrilled. She wrote on her twitter page: “So our family grows, we are SO excited to announce we’re having our 2nd baby and beau’s wish for a brother or sister has come true!” A few months ago Emma revealed she wanted to get pregnant again this year. The 34-year-old star - who was known as ‘Baby Spice’ when she was a member of the girl group - admitted she felt it was the right time for Beau to get a sibling. Discussing whether or not she planned to extend her brood, Emma said: “Yes, fingers crossed. I’d love to have more children. We’re getting to the right time as Beau is starting nursery. “I just think my priorities have changed. Family is everything to me. Everything is about Beau now. He’s two years old, so he’s getting a bit cheeky and I love that.”


heryl Cole says eating chocolate biscuits was the best thing about recording her new album. The ‘Promise This’ singer loved being back in the studio working on ‘Messy Little Raindrops’ because the standard of the sweet snacks was so high. Quizzed on her memories of recording the record, she said: “Eating a lot of chocolate biscuits stands out for me. There were always really nice, just made biscuits at the studio, and sometimes you get hot cookies. They’re really nice - hot chocolate and hot cookies it doesn’t get much better.” The slender star also revealed she regularly gets sent her favorite sweet treats by her fans, who she has given a special nickname. She explained in a video interview posted on YouTube: “Cheryl’s little soldiers that’s what I’ve named my fans. It’s a good name. “I get so many Curly Wurly bars and chocolate HobNob biscuits from the fans it’s amazing. The best bit about a Curly Wurly is all of it! You just have to eat it all. I couldn’t separate it.” The ‘Fight for This Love’ hitmaker - who has repeatedly been linked with a role on the judging panel of the US ‘X Factor’ when it launches next year - also spoke of her dream to crack America, but admitted she currently has no formal deals set in place. Cheryl - who is currently a judge on the UK version of the show - added: “I haven’t got anything in place yet to go out to the US. It takes a lot of time to plan but it’s something that I’d like to do definitely. I get a lot of fan mail from America which is pretty amazing. It’s an amazing feeling.”


iley Cyrus is “not taking sides” in her parents’ divorce. The ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ hitmaker is said to be “upset” at her parents - 49-year-old singer Billy Ray Cyrus and 43-year-old mother Tish - getting a divorce after 17 years of marriage and hopes to keep her feelings on the matter private. A source told “Miley is not taking any sides on this. She has been upset recently. She’s trying to keep everything private while her family works through this.” Billy Ray filed divorce papers on October 26, and announced the pair were hoping for people to pray for them to get through the emotional time. In a statement, he said: “As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our family. We are trying to work through some personal matters. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.” The pair are expected to file for joint custody of their three youngest children Miley, 17 Noah, 10 and Braison, 16. News of the divorce comes at a difficult time for Miley - she is thought to have split up with her boyfriend, Australian hunk Liam Hemsworth, for the second time recently.



Friday, November 5, 2010

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he former England soccer captain - who moved to Beverly Hills in 2007 with wife Victoria and their three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, five - has no plans to move back to the UK. Instead, he hopes to remain in America for as long as his family are happy living there, but insists he will never forget his English roots. Asked by the Los Angeles Times newspaper if he would like to get US citizenship, David - who was born and raised in London - said: “I hope so, one day. It would be nice. I’m English born and bred and that’s the way I’ll always be. I’m an Englishman, you know. “Our boys go to school here. As long as they continue to be happy here and my wife’s happy here, then we plan on staying.” Despite his love for America, the heartthrob sportsman wants to bring a little bit of England over to Los Angeles by opening a pub called The Queen Vic. David - who moved to the US after signing a deal to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team - and his close friend, TV chef Gordon Ramsay, are planning to open a traditional English drinking establishment for the city’s expats. A source previously said: “David wants pie and mash, fish and chips and even chicken in a basket on the menu, just like the meals he eats when he’s in the UK.”


yan Reynolds says ugly men can still date gorgeous women. The Hollywood hunk believes less-than-handsome guys can still grab themselves a hot girl if they are charming or talented. Ryan - who is married to screen beauty Scarlett Johansson - told the German edition of In Touch magazine: “For men it’s not really important to be good looking. Charisma and skills are a lot more important.” The 34year-old actor doesn’t care that people think he is attractive and is adamant people who define themselves by their looks are misguided. Ryan who was crowned People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2008 -said: “So what if people think I’m sexy? If I would define myself through that I would be a complete idiot.” Ryan has also lifted the lid on what he finds attractive about Scarlett, insisting her sense of humor and modest personality are the things he loves most about her. He explained: “Contrary to a lot of other actresses she doesn’t take everything so serious und is able to laugh about herself. Women with humor are just sexy.”


he ‘Eat Pray Love’ actress believes the Hindu ‘Festival of Lights’ - which this year runs for five days from November 5 - should be celebrated throughout the world because it celebrates “humanity, peace and prosperity”. She said: “Diwali should be celebrated unanimously throughout the world as a gesture of goodwill. “It not only belongs to Hinduism but is universal in nature and in its essence too. Diwali ignites the values of self-confidence, love for humanity, peace, prosperity and above all eternity which goes beyond all mortal factors.” The 43-year-old beauty, who recently revealed she was a convert to Hinduism, confesses she has become interested in the spirituality of the faith because it is more than a “mere religion”. She told The Times of India: “Ever since I developed my liking and fondness for Hinduism, I have been attracted and deeply fascinated by many facets of the multi dimensional Hinduism... spirituality in it transcends many barriers of mere religion.” Julia spent time filming in India for romantic comedy movie ‘Eat Pray Love’ and plans to return to the country regularly to help her “creativity”. She said: “I promise to return to this sacred land again and again for the best of creativity”.


emi Lovato’s family are outraged by comments made by her estranged father about her going into rehab. The ‘Camp Rock’ actress’ family insist Patrick Lovato “knows nothing” about his daughter, and he has been warned by her representatives to stop talking. Patrick - who split from Demi’s mother Dianna in 1994 - claimed the pressures of being a child star “was one of the things I worried about when she signed with Disney”, after she checked into rehab earlier this week for “emotional and physical issues”. Now Demi’s attorney Jamie Young has told the New York Post newspaper: “No one speaks for Demi except for her designated representatives. “Unfortunately, several people have taken it upon themselves to speak out - both


he ‘Beautiful’ singer - who filed for divorce from husband Jordan Bratman last month on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences” has revealed she is positive about finding another relationship in the future. While taking to the stage at a private Halloween party on Saturday night , Christina said: “In light of my current situation, here’s to finding new love.” The 29-year-old star - who has a two-year-old son Max with her estranged husband - recently admitted she was looking for a “change” before she parted ways with Jordan. She explained: “My life is cyclical. I’m not a nine-to-five woman who has the same kind of lifestyle for years on end. I couldn’t do it. I need the spontaneity, that thrill of


on and off the record - about a situation they know nothing about.” Demi, 18, talked about her father last year, revealing they hadn’t spoken to him for two years. She added: “Two years ago. When somebody lets you down after you’ve been the only one there for them. I had to cut off all connection. It was hurting me too much.” Patrick has since claimed he was misquoted in the article about his daughter saying he would neither blame Disney or Dianna for Demi’s problems. Disney has wished their young star well, with a statement reading: “We support Demi’s decision to put her health first and we send her our best wishes.” — Bang Showbiz

change. That’s part of how I get inspired.” Despite her readiness to move on from her marriage, Christina admitted there were a “lot of tears” involved in the couple’s split. She recently said: “It’s not easy, and there have been a lot of tears and sadness. It’s impossible to redefine yourself and your life overnight.”


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Friday, November 5, 2010


Taylor Swift pays tribute to fans for record sales ountry-pop singer Taylor Swift thanked her fans on Wednesday for buying more than one million copies of her new album “Speak Now”, making it the biggest first week seller in five years. “I... Can’t... Believe... This... You guys have absolutely lit up my world. Thank you,” Swift said in Twitter message. Official Nielsen SoundScan figures showed that “Speak Now” sold 1,047,000 copies in the United States during the week ended Oct. 31. It was the biggest sales week for an album since rapper 50 Cent’s 2005 album “The Massacre” sold 1,141,000. The critically wellpraised album-the third from the 20 year-old singersongwriter-also notched up the second-largest sales week of any country album since 1991. The bumper numbers, helped by a massive promotional push including TV appearances, advance digital releases of some of the new songs and free concerts by Swift, came after years of music industry gloom over declining album sales and piracy. Swift, who won four Grammys earlier this year, has carved out a distinctive niche over the past two years for songs that address adolescent heart-break and the social perils of highschool. Her album “Fearless” was the biggest selling record of 2009. In “Speak Now”, she delivers a forthright commentary on several men who have broken or messed with her heart. The album includes songs widely believed to refer to singer John Mayer, pop star Joe Jonas, rapper Kanye West, “Twilight” actor Taylor Lautner, and music industry critics who slammed her shaky vocal performance at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Nashville music industry writer David Ross, editor of MusicRow, said Swift’s success flies in the face of conventional wisdom about the dire state of the recording industry. “Unlike many of the topcharting female artists of today, Ms. Swift eschews tabloid behavior and asks fans to focus on her music,” Ross said on Wednesday. “In some universal way, her life contests connect with similar moments that have brushed the fabric of others as well,” Ross added. — Reuters


Elton John performs during his joint concert with Leon Russell at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, Wednesday. —AP

Jason Aldean turns club gigs into music success By Vernell Hackett ason Aldean hasn’t been tagged as a musical rebel but he might be - he records his rocktinged country albums on an independent label. The rugged Georgia native has sold more than 3.5 million records in his five-year career and has hit No 1 on the country singles charts for longer than any other country artist over the past 15 months. After playing in clubs since he was 14, he now has his fourth album, “My Kinda Party,” coming out on Broken Bow Records; an independent label which he says allows him to


In this Sept 28, 2010 photo, country music singer Jason Aldean poses for a portrait on his tour bus in Nashville Tenn. —AP record songs that fit his personality, mixing a little southern rock and soul with a lot of country. The Washington Post praised one track, “Dirt Road Anthem,” as a distinctive “redneck rap song,” but summed up the remainder of the album as “likable but Nashville boilerplate” and panned Aldean’s “limited range.” Aldean, 33, talked with Reuters shortly before the release of the album this week. Q: How did you so soon become a major country music star? A: “The fact that we had success and had it on our terms is one thing that gives me lot of confidence. When I was signed to Capitol Records early in my career they wanted me to

change everything, from the way I looked to the way I could record. After I signed with Broken Bow, they gave me the freedom to record what I felt comfortable with, and be the way I wanted to be. “I’ve been playing in clubs since I was 14 years old. I was 28 before I had my first hits. So I spent half my life working in clubs and I had to figure out really quick what worked and what didn’t in order to entertain people. You have to be confident on stage, but not cocky. Growing up in those clubs was one of the best things that ever happened to me.” Q.: You have 15 tunes on your new CD. Why? A: “These days everybody is trying to figure out how to sell records because people are downloading single songs instead of buying albums. If you can give them an album with 15 songs for $12, instead of them paying $17 for 15 individual songs, then they’ll buy the whole album.” Q: Your song “Dirt Road Anthem” has a rap in the middle. Is rapping new for you? A: “My single ‘She’s Country’ had a bit of that rap feel to it. When I first heard that song I wasn’t sure if I could do it because of how rapidfire the words were. You know, I’m from Georgia and we talk kind of slow down there. “‘Dirt Road’ is the same way . . . the demo was even faster than the way we did it. Even though it’s still fast I think we found that niche. It’s also the coolest thing on the record as far as I’m concerned.” Q: Your music has an edge to it, yet how you remain true to your roots with songs like “Fly Over States”? A: “I grew up in Georgia, on the outskirts of Macon, surrounded by a lot of farmland. That’s what I know. For any artist, if you can sing about things you’ve experienced . . .then you can convey that message to your fans. “(For instance) that song “Fly Over States”-I heard those kinds of comments when I was flying out to promote my music. I’d hear businessmen from one of the coasts comment as we flew over some small town, “I wonder why anyone would want to live there?” Q: You have a first with your duet with former “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson. Did you expect that? A: “When I heard that song, I thought if there’s ever a song we can pull off as a duet, this is it. I could hear only two people singing on itKelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. I’m a fan of both their voices. “When (Clarkson) sang that first note it was like, “Oh my god, this is going to be good.” — Reuters

Cirque du Soleil Jackson show to debut Oct 2011

Jamie King, writer and director of “Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour” by Cirque du Soleil, left, and John Branca, co-executor of the Michael Jackson estate, stand by a promotional poster, Wednesday. — AP he new Michael Jackson-themed Cirque du Soleil show will make its debut in Montreal in October 2011, and tour 26 US and Canadian cities for the next eight months, the Canadian acrobatic company said on Wednesday. Tickets for “The Immortal World Tour”described as a “riveting fusion of visuals, dance, music and fantasy that...literally turns his signature moves upside down”-went on pre-sale on Wednesday for subscribers and Cirque Club members. The show is one of a handful of commercial ventures backed by the estate of the late “Thriller” singer. A dance videogame called “Michael Jackson: The Experience” goes on sale in North America on Nov 23, a DVD set of 40 music videos covering his


solo artist career is released on Nov 22, and an album of previously unreleased Jackson songs is in the pipeline. Cirque du Soleil said the “Immortal” show will feature 60 performers and will take place in a “fantastical realm where we discover Michael’s inspirational Giving Tree-the wellspring of his creativity. “The secrets of Michael’s inner world are unlocked-his love of music and dance, fairy tale and magic, and the fragile beauty of nature,” the circus company said in a statement. The show will be written and directed by pop music choreographer and director Jamie King, who worked for 12 years as Madonna’s creative director. King was also the mastermind behind the Britney Spears 2009 “Circus” world tour and has worked with Celine Dion, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey. —Reuters


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See me, Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Scientists seek 3-D video cientists say they have taken a big step toward displaying live video in three dimensions a technology far beyond 3-D movies and more like the “Star Wars” scene where a ghostly Princess Leia image pleads, “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.” In that classic movie, the audience sees her back before a new camera perspective shows her face. Such a wraparound view of a moving image was just movie-trick fantasy in the 1977 film, but now? “It is actually very, very close to reality. We have demonstrated the concept that it works. It’s no longer something that is science fiction,” said Nasser Peyghambarian of the University of Arizona. Actually, the results he and colleagues report in Thursday’s issue of the journal Nature look more like a slide show than a video. In experiments, the technology displayed a new image only every two seconds. That’s only about one-sixtieth as fast as the system would need to produce true video. In addition, the image allowed only a 45degree range of viewing angles because of how the


experiments were done. The researchers are working toward providing a full, 360degree view. In fact, Peyghambarian figures that his team could produce a true 3-D video screen that might reach living rooms in perhaps a decade. And you wouldn’t need those funny glasses to enjoy it. Apart from the possibilities for entertainment, it might allow doctors in multiple places around the world to collaborate on live surgery, he said. If the screen were placed flat on a table, they could get a 360degree view by walking around, just as if the patient were lying there. While the 3-D image would not actually be projected into the air, that’s how it would appear to a person looking into the screen. Other possibilities, Peyghambarian said, including eye-catching ads at shopping malls and a technique to enable designers of cars or airplanes to make changes more quickly. Live 3-D video could also help the military train troops, he said. We see objects by perceiving the light that bounces off them. Peyghambarian’s technology

(From left) File photo shows from Anthony Daniels portraying C-3PO, Mark Hamill portraying Luke Skywalker and Alec Guinness portraying Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi look at a hologram of Princess Leia, portrayed by Carrie Fisher in a scene from the original 1977 “Star Wars” film. — AP uses holograms, twodimensional images that reconstruct the light that would have bounced off a physical object, making it look 3-D. In contrast, technology used for 3-D movies like “Avatar” or the election-night “hologram” of a CNN reporter in 2008 produces images that

don’t show different views from different angles, as a genuine hologram or a real object does, Peyghambarian said. Many people have seen holograms of still images. The Arizona group is one of maybe half a dozen around the world that are trying to move that

technology into 3-D video, said V Michael Bove Jr of the MIT Media Lab. Bove said several groups, including his own, have in fact produced such videos, achieving the magic rate of 30 frames a second. But those displays are only about the size of a postcard or smaller, he said, and one big challenge is

how to make the display bigger. The Arizona group uses a plastic plate that stores and displays an image until another image is “written” electronically on it. That approach might someday allow for much bigger images, said Bove, who is collaborating with the Arizona researchers but did not participate in the new study. Peyghambarian said he now gets an image every two seconds on a 4-by-4-inch device. His team also has a 1foot-square plate, but that takes longer to replace images. He would like to scale up to plates about 6 or 8 feet square to show people at full size, so they could appear at meetings without having to actually show up. His work was sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the military. Bove compared the state of holographic video research to that of developing television about 80 years ago. Different groups are taking different approaches, and it is not clear which technology will prove best, he said. In any case, he said, the Arizona system “produces bright, sharp holographic images. ... This thing is beautiful.” — AP

Rhys Ifans cast as villain ‘Megamind’ turns superhero flicks upside down in new ʻSpider-Manʼ hys Ifans is playing the bad guy in the next “Spider-Man.” But the filmmakers aren’t saying yet which character he’ll be. Sony Pictures announced Monday that Ifans, widely known as a comic actor in such films as Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant’s “Notting Hill,” will co-star as the villain in the superhero adventure due out July 3, 2012. The studio’s announcement notes that the “filmmakers prefer to not reveal which character Ifans will be playing.” The Marvel


File photo shows British actor Rhys Ifans poses as the character Jimmy Hook on the set of new television movie “Neverland” in Genoa, Italy. —AP

Comics vaults are loaded with villains that Spider-Man has taken on over the decades. Whoever he winds up playing, Ifans will be up against Andrew Garfield, who stars as Peter Parker, the ordinary youth transformed by the bite of a mutant spider into the web-slinging superhero. “What sets the Spider-Man villains apart is the complexity of their relationships with Peter Parker,” said Marc Webb (“(500) Days of Summer”), who is directing the new “Spider-Man.” “Rhys’ incredible ability to embody both warmth and rage makes him the ideal choice for this character.” Sony cast Welsh actor Ifans, 43, as the Spidey bad guy after executives saw his performance in the studio’s upcoming Shakespeare historical thriller “Anonymous.” Ifans plays Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, who some scholars theorize was the actual author of Shakespeare’s plays and poems. Ifans played Grant’s offbeat roommate in 1999’s “Notting Hill.” He co-starred in this year’s “Nanny McPhee Returns” and Ben Stiller’s comic drama “Greenberg,” along with 2009’s disc jockey romp “Pirate Radio.” He also co-stars in next month’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.” The casting choice follows last week’s announcement that Emma Stone will co-star as Gwen Stacy in the new “Spider-Man” movie, which begins shooting in December. — AP

By Iain Blair uperheroes have all the fun, right? Not in “Megamind,” the new 3D film in theaters today. Sure, it is a superhero movie, but the animated comedy comes with a big twist: the super-villain, not the hero, wins the day and gets the girl. Imagine a world where Lex Luthor defeats Superman and wins the heart of Lois Lane in the process, and one gets some idea of how the makers of “Megamind” have turned the comic book world of crime fighters and caped crusaders upside down. “I love this premise which I felt was so original,” Megamind Will Ferrell told Reuters, “and to get to be in a film with this cast is the most exciting part in a way for me.” Ferrell voices the role of the maniacal and somewhat hapless villain, while Brad Pitt puts life into the crime fighter Metro Man and Tina Fey is the Lois Lane-style reporter Roxanne Ritchi. Much like Superman, the blue-skinned, green-eyed Megamind and the suave, handsome Metro Man are sent


(From left) Actor Brad Pitt, actress Tina Fey and executive producer Ben Stller pose with Metro Man and Megamind characters at the ‘Megamind’ film premiere on Wednesday. — AP to Earth as babies by their parents because their own planet is being swallowed by a black hole. But once on the planet, very different fates befall them. Metro Man grows up in a loving, well-adjusted family to become a hero who uses his super powers to do good, while Megamind finds himself raised in a prison

where inevitably he begins his life of crime. For years, the evil but inept Megamind tries to defeat Metro Man and take over Metro City, but his plans always end in spectacular failure until the unthinkable finally happens, he wins. As a bonus, he earns the affection of Roxanne. —Reuters


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Historic Mamounia hotel reopens in Marrakech By Alfred De Montesquiou

inston Churchill invited Franklin Delano Roosevelt here to relax after strategic talks during World War II, and Alfred Hitchcock shot some of “The Man Who Knew Too Much” in the hotel’s lobby, which also has been a haunt of the Rolling Stones, Charlie Chaplin, Sharon Stone and many other Hollywood stars for nearly a century. Now, after a three-year, $176 million makeover, the Mamounia is open again for business in the oasis gardens of Marrakech in southern Morocco. A top interior designer has refurbished its rooms in Art Deco and Arabo-Andalusian styles, star-studded chefs have opened restaurants and a sprawling spa has been added to the 20-acre gardens of palm and olive trees to lure again the rich and the famous to this legendary hotel set inside the Medieval ramparts of a world heritage site. “There are only three golden rules about a palace of this standing,” says Jacques Garcia, the star French decorator who led restoration efforts: “Elegance, elegance and elegance.” Built in 1923, when Morocco was a French protectorate, the Mamounia merges the sober lines of Art Deco architecture with the intricacies of traditional arabesque decorations. The hotel long has been considered the masterpiece of this fusion of styles, unique to a handful of Moroccan buildings. Its great marble hall leads to shaded courtyards where the trickle of small fountains echoes amid multicolored tiling of rare refinement. The pool house copies a 17th-century princely pavilion. Here sculptures in


File photo shows the marketplace at the medina in Marrakech, Morocco. — AP photos

the Moroccan Zellige mosaic style are carved all over the plaster walls, overlooking a 600-square-foot (55-sq. meter) swimming pool filtered with ozone. Colonnades and corridors reminiscent of the Alhambra palace in Spain lead to the Churchill bar, complete with black and white photos of jazzmen, a panther-dotted carpet and red leather seating. “It’s a very rare balance,” Garcia said as he toured the hotel ahead of its late-September reopening to the public. Restoring such a place is like touching a myth, he said. “The goal is to come back to

File photo shows a camel in the Sahara near the town of Merzouga, Morocco.

File photo shows the capital city of Rabat in Morocco.

File photo shows shows rock formations at Sidi Ifni.

the sources of that myth,” he said, “and give the impression that everything here is a masterpiece.” To help him do so, Garcia relied on old photographs from the original buildings, and leaned heavily on Marrakech craftsmen, who have kept alive age-old painting, woodcarving and decoration techniques.

“Morocco is probably the only place in the world where artisans can still paint a ceiling exactly like the original 16th-century one,” said Garcia. The Mamounia is so emblematic of Morocco that many people in the North African country and beyond consider the hotel a national heritage, one of the very finest examples of Arab craftsmanship and an embodiment of Moroccan art. Before the renovation, many tourists flocking to Marrakech would try to pop in for a cup of mint tea and a chance of a glimpse at the building, even if they could not afford to rent a room. Now the hotel will be more tightly sealed, but Didier Piquot, the manager, says outsiders still can visit if they make a booking at the restaurants. “The Mamounia is to Marrakech what the Louvres is to Paris, everybody comes to see it,” Garcia said. “Only here, some can stay. It’s like spending a night at the museum.” Yet Prince Mamoun, the son of an 18th-century Moroccan king who received the oasis from his father and gave his name to the Mamounia gardens, probably would be astonished at the level of modern luxury brought to this museum-like setting.

At the 27,000-square-foot (2,508sq. meter) spa, patrons can lie on white couches on a platform propped by gilded columns over the indoor pool. Deeper underground, the marbled hammam, or Turkish bath, comes with a high-tech power gym, set amid red leather sofas and black ceramic walls that lead to whirlpool baths, saunas, a beauty parlor run by the Shiseido cosmetics brand and a high-end Paris coiffeur. “I don’t think many European spas could rival, and in the US there are probably less than a dozen of this quality,” said Marianne Nielsen, the Danish spa manager. The difference is that the Mamounia has also incorporated traditional techniques, like orange-flower lotions or massage creams based on Morocco’s unique Argan oil, she said. In the garden of olive trees, palm groves and jasmine bushes, a man on a vintage tricycle distributes ice cream cones. Alleys of finely groomed sand lead to the clay-court tennis grounds, while the pathway to the Moroccan restaurant has been paved, so that women in stiletto shoes do not damage their heels when they walk to the dining room. Inside the main building, the hotel also offers cuisine created by two chefs, each with Michelin two-star restaurants in France and in Italy. Most of the 136 rooms and 71 suites, meanwhile, overlook the gardens and 12th-century ochre walls circling Marrakech, an international tourism magnet listed as a world heritage site by the United Nations’ UNESCO agency for learning and culture. Beyond the southern Moroccan desert town, the view stretches to the snowcapped peaks of the Atlas mountain range, a sight Churchill found so soothing he returned time and again to the Mamounia to paint from his room’s balcony. One such view painted in 1935, “Sunset Over the Atlas Mountains,” was auctioned in New York for $350,000 last year. Another painting he made of Marrakech in 1948 and later offered to President Harry Truman fetched $950,000. With a staff of 770, or four per room on average, the Mamounia’s luxury comes at a price: $776 to $10,350, depending on the size of the suite and the season: spring and autumn are the most sought-after, although it is usually sunny all year round in Marrakech. Despite the steep fees, and the long plane rides required to get here, the Mamounia is so renowned that Piquot, its French manager, is confident the hotel will fill up fast, especially with longtime patrons curious to see what happened with the three-year makeover. “Even among the most mythical hotels, this one is exceptional,” said Piquot, who in the past oversaw places as illustrious as the Ritz in Paris and the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. He said people come here for a type of luxury that cannot be duplicated. Because of its setting and because it is owned locally rather than by an international chain, the Mamounia does not compete with other five-, six, or seven-star hotels, Piquot said. In fact, it has not even sought any star. “In all humility, we’re not in the competition,” he said. — AP


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Lebanese-born New York designer Reem Acra, center, poses with men wearing traditional Lebanese headdress during the opening of her boutique in downtown Beirut, Lebanon, Wednesday. Acra said she is “thrilled” Wednesday to be returning to her roots with the grand opening of her first franchise boutique in downtown Beirut more than a decade after launching her fashion journey with a spectacular bridal collection in New York. — AP

US ballet company performs in Cuba embers of the American Ballet Theatre danced in Cuba for the first time in 50 years on Wednesday in a tribute to the troupe’s former prima ballerina, Cuban ballet legend Alicia Alonso. The dancers performed in Havana’s Karl Marx Theatre before an enthusiastic audience that included Alonso, who turns 90 on Dec 21. The ballet troupe made several previous appearances in Cuba but the last was in 1960 as relations between the United States and Cuba worsened after the 1959 Cuban revolution that put Fidel Castro in power.


This visit is the latest attempt at cultural diplomacy between the two ideological foes as they search for common ground after five decades of hostility. Alonso, nearly blind but still active, took a bow with the troupe at the end of the show and received a prolonged standing ovation. She danced with the American Ballet Theatre in the 1940s and 1950s and performed some of its most famous works. Wednesday’s program included “Theme and Variations,” written for her in 1947 by another ballet legend, George Balanchine. Alonso returned to Cuba after the revolution and, with

Ballerinas of the New York City-based American Ballet Theatre perform “Theme and Variations” of choreographer George Balanchine, at the Karl Marx Theater in Havana, Cuba, Wednesday. — AP

Castro’s support, formed the Cuban National Ballet, where she has groomed dancers who now perform around the world. Two of American Ballet Theatre’s top dancers, Jose Manuel Carreno and Xiomara Reyes, are from Cuba and were Alonso proteges. Under US President Barack Obama, official US -Cuba relations have improved only slightly but there have been a growing number of cultural exchanges. Jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center orchestra performed in Havana last month and pop group Kool and The Gang played an outdoor concert last year in the capital.

Cuban musicians including Silvio Rodriguez, Chucho Valdes and Omara Portuondo have performed recently in the United States. Alonso went to New York in June for a tribute performance by the American Ballet Theatre in New York. The US-based company’s Cuban performances are part of Havana’s International Ballet Festival. Members of the New York Ballet also have danced this week at the festival. The American Ballet Theatre was scheduled for another show on Thursday, which will include pieces performed with dancers from the Cuban company. —Reuters

Matisse sets new $49m record in New York By Sebastian Smith

“extraordinary.” A record was also set

large bronze sculpture of a woman’s back by Henri Matisse sold Wednesday for nearly 49 million dollars in New York, setting a new record for the French impressionist. Measuring 74.5 inches (189.2 cm), “Nu de dos” was the star of the auction at Christie’s. It went under the hammer just a day after rival Sotheby’s auctioned an Amedeo Modigliani painting for a record 69 million dollars. “Nu de dos, 4 etat (Back IV),” had been estimated to sell for between 25 and 35 million dollars, before a bidding war sent the price spiraling to 48,802,500 dollars. Christie’s called the sale

at Christie’s for Juan Gris, whose cubist oil on canvas painting, “Violon et guitare,” sold for 28.6 million dollars. The painting had been estimated to sell for between 18 and 25 million dollars. The stunning Matisse sale injected high energy into an often muted auction, where the 231 million dollars total haul came in at the lower end of the pre-auction estimate of 198.3 to 286.6 million dollars. Aside from Matisse, Gris and a few other standouts, there were a number of disappointments for Christie’s. Two paintings by Picasso, another by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, one by Edgar Degas and an Auguste Rodin


sculpture were among the works that failed to sell. Many other lots were sold at below their pre-auction low estimates or at barely within the estimates, while those exceeding expectations were comparatively rare. On Tuesday, Sotheby’s saw an even bigger hit when Modigliani’s circa 1917 canvas, titled “Nu assis sur un divan (La Belle Romaine),” catapulted beyond a pre-sale estimate in the region of 40 million dollars. Another highlight of Tuesday’s auction was 24.7 million dollars for Claude Monet’s “Le Bassin aux Nympheas,” part of his iconic water lilies series. —AFP

The sculpture “Nu de dos” by French artist Henri Matisse, has sold for nearly 49 million dollars in New York. —AFP


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GLENDALE: Vernon Fiddler No. 38 of the Phoenix Coyotes skates with the puck past Patrick Hornqvist No. 27 of the Nashville Predators during the NHL game at Arena.—AFP

Semin leads Caps past dropping Leafs WASHINGTON: Alexander Semin scored a late equalizer in regulation time and then added the final goal in a shootout as the Washington Capitals beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-4 on Wednesday night. The Capitals led 3-1 heading into the third period, before Mike Brown, Kris Versteeg and Tyler Bozak scored in a span of 3:03 for Toronto. Semin leveled it at 4 on a power play. Then he and Alex Ovechkin scored for Washington in the shootout, while Capitals goalie Michal Neuvirth stopped both of Toronto’s attempts. Nikolai Kulemin gave the Leafs a 1-0 lead at 14:29 of the first period before Mike Green, Jason Chimera and Tomas Fleischmann scored for Washington in the second.

Devils 5, Blackhawks 3 At Chicago, rookie forward Bradley Mills scored his first NHL goal with 3:51 left in the third period to break a deadlock as New Jersey beat Chicago despite an injury to Martin Brodeur. The star goalie left in the second period with a bruised right elbow. Brodeur finished with eight saves. He was replaced by Johan Hedberg, who stopped 21 of 24 shots. With nine points, the Devils moved out of last place in the league. Jason Arnott and Travis Zajac also scored for the Devils, who won for the second time in seven games. Jamie Langenbrunner and Andy Greene had empty-net goals. Viktor Stalberg, Brian Campbell and Fernando Pisani scored for the defending Stanley Cup champions.

Stars 5, Penguins 2 At Dallas, Loui Eriksson scored twice, including a penalty-shot goal, and Kari Lehtonen made 21 saves as the stars earned a fight-filled victory over

Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. A frustrated Crosby, who entered with only four penalty minutes this season and rarely fights, squared off against Matt Niskanen at 12:33 of the second period while Pittsburgh trailed 41. That was one of four bouts in the first two periods. Stephane Robidas and Brad Richards each had a goal and an assist for Dallas. Steve Ott added a goal, and James Neal had two assists.

Coyotes 4, Predators 3

defensive miscues to beat Nashville. Known as a hard-nosed defenseman, Jovanovski gave the Coyotes an unexpected jolt of offense with his hat trick, scoring the go-ahead goal with just more than 14 minutes left. Lee Stempniak added his 100th career goal and Ilya Bryzgalov made 28 saves to help Phoenix pull out its second home win before another barely-there crowd of 6,761. Francis Bouillon, Sergei Kostitsyn and Patric Hornqvist scored for Nashville.

At Glendale, Ed Jovanovski had the first three-goal game of his 15-year career as Phoenix overcame some early

Bruins 5, Sabres 2 At Buffalo, Tim Thomas made 33

saves in his seventh straight win, and Brad Marchand and Michael Ryder had a goal and assist each to lift the surging Boston Bruins to victory. Thomas (7-0), who entered with a 0.50 goals-against average after consecutive shutouts, had his shutout streak of 167 minutes, 12 seconds snapped by Drew Stafford’s second-period goal that made it 4-1. Andrej Sekera also scored for Buffalo, which played without ailing goalie Ryan Miller. The Sabres came in with the second-fewest points (8) in the NHL after winning the Northeast Division last season. Thomas allowed more than one goal for the first time this season, but

NHL results/standings NHL results and standings on Wednesday. Boston 5, Buffalo 2; Washington 5, Toronto 4 (So); Carolina 7, NY Islanders 2; Atlanta 4, Florida 3; New Jersey 5, Chicago 3; Dallas 5, Pittsburgh 2; Detroit 2, Calgary 1; Phoenix 4, Nashville 3; Anaheim 3, Tampa Bay 2 (OT); (SO denotes shootout win) Easter n Conference Florida 4 6 0 27 25 8 Wester n Conference Atlantic Division Central Division W L OTL GF GA PTS Detroit 7 2 1 32 25 15 Philadelphia 7 4 1 37 29 15 Chicago 7 7 1 44 45 15 NY Rangers 6 4 1 34 32 13 St. Louis 6 1 2 26 17 14 Pittsburgh 6 6 1 37 33 13 Columbus 7 4 0 27 29 14 NY Islanders 4 6 2 33 44 10 Nashville 5 3 3 26 29 13 New Jersey 4 9 1 25 45 9 Nor thwest Division Nor theast Division Vancouver 6 3 2 31 27 14 Montreal 7 4 1 29 28 15 Colorado 6 4 1 39 39 13 Boston 7 2 0 29 13 14 Minnesota 5 4 2 27 27 12 Toronto 5 5 2 29 31 12 Calgary 6 6 0 34 36 12 Ottawa 5 6 1 29 37 11 Edmonton 3 5 2 31 37 8 Buffalo 3 8 2 32 43 8 Pacific Division Southeast Division Los Angeles 8 3 0 34 25 16 Tampa Bay 7 2 2 37 33 16 Dallas 7 4 0 37 29 14 Washington 8 4 0 39 29 16 San Jose 5 4 1 29 26 11 Atlanta 6 4 2 40 43 14 Phoenix 4 4 3 27 32 11 Carolina 6 6 0 34 35 12 Anaheim 5 7 1 32 44 11

tied a career high for longest winning streak. Patrice Bergeron, Blake Wheeler and Milan Lucic also scored for Boston (7-2), which set a franchise record by winning its fifth consecutive road game to open a season.

Hurricanes 7, Islanders 2 At Raleigh, Cam Ward made 31 saves and Jon Matsumoto scored his first two NHL goals in Carolina’s rout of New York. Rick DiPietro played the whole game and allowed all seven goals on 32 shots as the Islanders lost their fifth straight. Joe Corvo, Eric Staal, Brandon Sutter, Jiri Tlusty and Jeff Skinner also scored for the Hurricanes. Sergei Samsonov had three assists, helping Carolina set a season high for goals.

Thrashers 4, Panthers 3 At Sunrise, Chris Mason made 52 saves and Fredrik Modin scored twice to lift Atlanta over Florida. Dustin Byfuglien tied it for the Thrashers at 9:59 of the third period and Niclas Bergfors scored the game-winner 71 seconds later on a slap shot from the left faceoff dot. Mason stopped 22 shots in the second period. The 55 shots by Florida tied a franchise record set on Dec. 18, 2005, in a 3-2 win at Washington.

Red Wings 2, Flames 1 At Calgary, Mike Modano and Justin Abdelkader scored second-period goals to lead Detroit to its fifth victory in six games. The Flames led 1-0 after the first on a power-play goal by Mark Giordano before the Red Wings rallied. The Flames have lost three straight and finished their five-game homestand _ their longest of the season - with a 2-3 record.—AP


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SHANGHAI: Tiger Woods of the United States lines up a putt on the green during the first round of the HSBC Champions golf tournament at the Sheshan International Golf Club. — AP

SHANGHAI: Lee Westwood of Britain blasts the ball from the 8th bunker during the first round of the HSBC Champions golf tournament. —AP

Westwood fires 66, Tiger shoots 68 SHANGHAI: Lee Westwood spent his career trying to be No. 1 in the world. The way he played yesterday in the HSBC Champions, it didn’t look as though he wants to give up his prized ranking after just one week. Even as Francesco Molinari of Italy made a late charge to a 7-under 65 for a one-shot lead over Westwood, the focus in the final World Golf Championship of the year quickly shifted to what could be a prolonged and fascinating battle for No. 1. In his debut as golf’s top-ranked player, Westwood made birdie on some of the toughest holes at Sheshan International and showed hardly any signs of rust from playing in his second stroke-play tournament in three months. He finished with back-to-back birdies for a 66. Two shots behind Westwood was Tiger Woods, without his No. 1 ranking for the first time in more than five years. Woods made a most improbable par from behind the bushes with a 4-iron he had to aim away from loose tree roots, which proved more satisfying than the three straight birdies that sent him to a 68. Not to be forgotten is the defending champion, fourth-ranked Phil Mickelson, who rallied late for a 69. PGA champion Martin Kaymer, the No. 3 player, opened with a 72. Any of those four could go to No. 1 this week at the HSBC Champions, and it could just be getting started. “You just basically asked me how long a piece of string is, I think,” Westwood replied when asked when the crowd near the top of the ranking might have some clarity.

“I think the world rankings are reflective of how competitive world golf is at the moment. Nobody is the outand-out world No. 1. I think that’s partly to do with Tiger not having played quite so well this year, and partly to do with Tiger having made everybody else elevate their games. “He’s a victim of his own brilliance,” he said. “We’ve all had to work harder, and we’ve closed the gap.” There was plenty of brilliance to go around on a mostly clear afternoon at Sheshan International, with sunshine fighting through the haze and only a mild breeze. That allowed for 51 players in the 78man field to shoot par or better. Molinari would not have expected to be at the top when he sent his wedge

over the third green, his 12th hole, and faced a scary downhill chip. He turned bogey into birdie by chipping in, the start of four successive birdies without a bogey on his card. “Everything seems in the right place at the moment,” Molinari said. No one should be surprised for the No. 1 player to open with a 66 in such gentle conditions, although even Westwood wasn’t sure what kind of form he brought to Shanghai. Since his runner-up finish at the British Open in July, he played two rounds at the Bridgestone Invitational before pulling out with his calf injury, played four matches at the Ryder Cup and four rounds at the Dunhill Links Championship. “I didn’t really know

what to expect,” he said. Nor did he feel as though he had to live up to any expectations as the new No. 1. After knocking in a 15-foot birdie putt on the 13th, Westwood took on the 15th with a solid drive and a 6-iron to 15 feet for birdie, then watched his drive on the 288-yard 16th hole pitch 10 feet from the cup before rolling over the back of the green. His chip raced 18 feet down the slope, but he holed the birdie putt. Westwood wasn’t trying to send a message, although if anyone took it that way, it was fine by him. “I don’t think I need to reinforce why I’m No. 1 in the world,” Westwood said. “I think you get there as a result of having good performances. But it’s nice

Miyazato aiming for Mizuno Classic title SHIMA: Japanese golf star Ai Miyazato will be aiming to bring her success on the LPGA tour home this weekend at the Mizuno Classic. Miyazato has five LPGA Tour wins this season and has spent 11 weeks at No. 1 in the world rankings but has never won the Mizuno Classic, the LPGA’s lone tournament in Japan. The 25-year-old Miyazato has had plenty of success in Japan, winning 15 JLPGA events in addition to her six wins overseas and is hoping that will translate to more success this weekend. But her last win in Japan was at the Sankyo Ladies open in October, 2009. And Miyazato will face a tough challenge from three South Korean

golfers: Defending champion Bo Bae Song, current money rankings leader Na Yeon Choi and Jiya Shin, currently No. 1 in the LPGA rankings. Miyazato said the key to winning will be coping with typically strong breeze at the 6,506-yard (5,949-meter) par-72 Kintetsu Kashikojima Country Club on the Shima peninsula. “It all depends on the wind,” Miyazato said. “The wind is so unpredictable here and will definitely affect my game.” Miyazato is in a tight race for the LPGA’s Player of the Year award. A win this week could get her one step closer to becoming the first player from Japan to claim the prize since Ayako Okamoto in 1987.

Choi is coming off a win last week at the Hana Bank Championship in Incheon, South Korea. Shin, who won the Mizuno Classic in 2008, regained the top spot on the rankings by finishing in a share of fourth place last week at Incheon. Song captured the 2009 title here with rounds of 68-6568 to finish three strokes ahead of Lorena Ochoa, Hee-Young Park and Brittany Lang. Only three players have successfully defended their titles in Mizuno Classic history. Betsy King won in 1992 and 1993, WooSoon Ko repeated in 1994 and 1995, and Annika Sorenstam won the event five consecutive times from 20012005. — AP

to go out there and show everybody that there is a particular reason why I got to that stage.” The Asian influence in the tournament regarded as “Asia’s major” came from Yuta Ikeda of Japan, who bogeyed his last hole and shot 67, and rising Korean star Seung-Yul Noh, who also had a 67. They were joined by Henrik Stenson, coming off his worst season and seeing some signs of progress. For Woods, the best sign might have been picking up where he left off. This is his first stroke-play tournament since Sept. 12 at the BMW Championship, and his first competition since Oct. 3 at the Ryder Cup. That’s the longest layoff since he returned to golf at the Masters, and his opening bogey was his only dropped shot of the round. Two holes stood out for Woods. Already 1 over for the tournament, he drove into a cluster of trees and bushes on the 15th. He figured he had no hope until caddie Steve Williams told Woods when he got to his ball, “I think we might have a shot.” The ball was behind some hedges, with sprigs sticking up around his ball. With a 4-iron, Woods played away from the sprigs, through a gap in the hedges, shaping the ball from left to right to get it just left of the green. From there, he navigated a tricky, downhill chip to about 3 feet for the most unlikely par. “I was able to build some momentum from there,” Woods said. He birdied the next hole with a sand wedge to 2 feet, then had three straight birdies on his back nine. The most impressive came on the par-5 second hole, where he hit a 5-wood from 247 yards to 18 feet for a two-putt birdie. —AP


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NEW ZEALAND: France’s Nathalie Benoit celebrates her gold medal finish in the Adaptive Women’s Single Sculls final during the World Rowing Championships at Lake Karapiro.—AP

Drysdale reaches final of world championships CAMBRIDGE: Four-time world champion Mahe Drysdale of New Zealand overcame a yellow card and a false start Wednesday to reach the final of the men’s single scull at the rowing world championships on Lake Karapiro. Drysdale received a yellow card — the equivalent of an official warning — when he arrived at the start without official country and regatta stickers attached to his boat as championships rules demand. He then called a false start to his semifinal shortly after it had begun, raising his arm to indicate a technical problem, when one of the stickers

came loose. Drysdale went on to win the semifinal in 7 minutes, 12.74 seconds, more than two seconds clear of Czech rival Ondrej Synek. Synek and China’s Zhang Liang, who finished third, also progressed to Saturday’s final. “It’s not the way I’d like to prepare but it was ultimately my responsibility to have the stickers on my boat,” Drysdale said. “You’ve got to accept it, move on and thankfully it didn’t upset me in the end and I managed to come out on top. “It was the most stressed I’ve ever been going into a race, that’s for

sure.” Alan Campbell of Britain won the second semifinal in 7:10.07 seconds from Olaf Tufte of Norway and Luka Spik of Slovenia. The United States, New Zealand, Australia and the Netherlands secured places in the final of the men’s eight — the most prestigious event of the championships — through repechages yesterday. The US crew of David Banks, Mark Murphy, Daniel Walsh, Brett Newlin, Jacob Cornelius, Charles Cole, Jason Read, Thomas Peszek and Edmund Dedl Guercio recorded the fastest time of 5:38.48 seconds in beating New Zealand. Australia

recorded 5:38.72 to beat the Netherlands by 1.37 seconds. The Netherlands and China finished first and second in the repechage of the women’s eight to reach Sunday’s final. Ekatarina Karsten of Belarus and Frida Svensson of Sweden won semifinals of the women’s single scull. Svensson posted the faster time of 7:46.91 seconds in beating Serbia’s Iva Obadovic and Russia’s Julia Levina who also advanced to the final. Karsten won in 8:06.95, beating Mirka Knapkova of the Czech Republic and New Zealand’s Emma Twigg. New Zealand world

champions Hamish Bond and Eric Murray convincingly won their semifinal of the men’s coxless pair, continuing their dominance over British rivals Pete Reed and Andrew Hodge. The New Zealand pair won 6:50.88, more than six seconds ahead of the second-placed Britons, extending their unbeaten sequence over Reed and Hodge to 12 races. Georgios Tziallas and Ioannis Christou won the second semifinal in 6:58.12 from Andreas Kuffner and Eric Johannessen of Germany and Sebastien Lente and Adrien Hardy of France. —AP

Schumacher upbeat ahead of last two races SAO PAULO: Despite a lack of podium finishes, Michael Schumacher insists he is happy with how things have turned out in his return to Formula One and is hoping a strong finish in the last two races will help him carry positive momentum into next year. “The season is coming to an end and I have to say that I am very impressed with how our guys have coped with it, especially in the last few flyaway races,” the 41year-old Mercedes driver said. “Even though we have not had any big developments recently, we have still delivered promising performances.” Schumacher, who came out of a three-year retirement this season, arrives at the Brazilian Grand Prix boosted by two solid finishes in Japan and South Korea. He was sixth in the Japanese GP and fourth in the Korean GP, where he matched his best finish of

the year. He also had been fourth in Turkey and in Spain. “The characteristics of the Interlagos circuit are not too far away from those of the last races so we can go to Brazil in quite a confident mood,” the seven-time world champion said. “Our fighting spirit is good and we would like to finish the season in a positive way. So I am looking forward to going to Sao Paulo and hopefully achieving another result that I can be happy with.” Schumacher is currently ninth in the drivers’ standings with 66 points, 56 behind Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg and 165 behind leader Fernando Alonso of Ferrari. The seven-time champion never had to spend much time driving in the middle of the pack before he retired in 2006, but his strong results recently have given the team a boost for next season. Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn, who last year

won the drivers’ and constructors’ championships with Brawn GP, is especially optimistic with the final two races and going into 2011. “We have had a run of strong results recently, considering our relative performance position, and I am optimistic that we can continue the recent trend at the last two races,” Brawn said. “Of course this is not a position that we are happy with and we are working very hard to ensure that we are back where we want to be next year, challenging for race wins.” Norbert Haug, vice president of motor sport at Mercedes, said a strong finish will help the team build up for next season. “Everybody in our team is fully focused and concentrated to finish the season with the best possible results and build the baseline for better results on a regular basis in 2011,” he said. Schumacher is a four-time winner at the Brazilian GP,

Michael Schumacher in action in this file photo. but he hasn’t won at Interlagos since 2002, when he was driving for Ferrari. Red Bull’s Mark Webber won last year’s race in Sao Paulo. Schumacher holds nearly all F1 records, including 91 victories in 267 starts going into Sunday’s race in Brazil. Meanwhile, defending Formula One champion Jenson Button has a different

feeling going into the Brazilian Grand Prix this year. The pressure to win the title is off. The fear of disappointment is gone. All he can do is attack from the start to try to keep his title hopes alive. The championship was Button’s to lose in last year’s Brazilian GP after he dominated the

season with Brawn GP. This time he is only fifth in the drivers’ standings and knows he is a longshot to repeat as champion. He says “given the points situation, I know that I face an uphill struggle to hold on to the world title, but I’ll be giving it everything I’ve got this weekend to stay in contention.”—AP


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Sehwag and Dravid hit centuries AHMEDABAD: Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid produced centuries in contrasting styles to help India dominate the opening day of the first Test against New Zealand yesterday. Sehwag made a well-paced 173 while Dravid compiled a steady 104 as the home side reached a commanding 329-3 after winning the toss and asking the opposition to bowl on a good batting pitch at the Sardar Patel Stadium. Sachin Tendulkar (13) and VVS Laxman (7) were not out at the close. India was put in a position of strength by Sehwag and Dravid, who made the most of an unimpressive bowling attack that also lacked support in the field as three clear chances were spilled. Sehwag smashed 24 fours and a six off 199 deliveries for his 22nd test hundred, during which he dominated a 237-run stand for the second wicket with Dravid. Sehwag timed the ball well from early on, stroking three fours through the off side against Chris Martin in the third over. He welcomed first-change bowler Jesse Ryder with a lofted four over mid-on and smashed him straight down the ground for another boundary off the next delivery. A drive through the cover region off Jeetan Patel took him to his 50. He slowed a little when approaching triple figures but reached it with a trademark lofted shot for four over mid-off from Daniel Vettori. Sehwag had a reprieve from off-spinner Patel, who failed to latch on to an easy return catch when the batsman was on 144 and was also let off on 155, when substitute Martin Guptill fumbled at midwicket off debutant Kane Williamson. He was finally bowled by Vettori as he shaped up lazily on the back foot. “The pitch was very easy to bat on and I knew that if I saw off the opening 30 minutes, I was in for a big score,” Sehwag said. “New Zealand has an inexperienced bowling attack and it would not have been easy for them to bowl in these conditions.” Dravid also had a lucky break when he was dropped on 28 by wicketkeeper Gareth Hopkin off Ryder. Dravid was solid either side of the chance during a 227-ball innings which saw him strike 14 fours for a 30th Test ton. Dravid contributed just 17 runs in the first 100 runs of the second-wicket stand, but opened up to strike some well-timed boundaries on the offside later in the day. “We failed to stick to our plans and the way things were going, we were expecting India to score in excess of 400 today,” Ryder said. “The wicket is flat, but one good session can change the course of the game.” Top-ranked India, boosted by the return of Gambhir and VVS Laxman, dropped Cheteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay, despite their contributions to the test win over Australia at Bangalore last month. Skipper Vettori, appearing in his 100th test for New Zealand, is the only one in his side to have played a test in India before. The inexperienced side also has two players making their debuts - Kane Williamson and pace bowler Hamish Bennett. Having just beaten Australia 2-0 in a two-test home series, India is favorite to beat New Zealand in their three-match series. Hyderabad and Nagpur will

SCOREBOARD AHMEDABAD, India: Scoreboard at stumps on the opening day of the first Test between India and New Zealand at the Sardar Patel stadium yesterday: India 1st innings: G. Gambhir b Ryder 21 V. Sehwag b Vettori 173 R. Dravid b Martin 104 S. Tendulkar not out 13 V. Laxman not out 7 Extras: (b5, lb2, nb3, w1) 11 Total (for three wkts; 90 overs) 329 Fall of wickets: 1-60 (Gambhir), 2-297 (Sehwag), 3-317 (Dravid) Bowling: Martin 16-2-52-1 (nb3), Bennett 152-47-0 (w1), Vettori 28-3-69-1, Ryder 10-1-44-1, Patel 13-1-79-0, Williamson 8-0-31-0.

AHMADABAD: India’s Virender Sehwag (left) and Rahul Dravid run between the wickets during the first day of their first cricket Test match against New Zealand.—AP

Without injured Williams sisters, some buzz gone DOHA: Tennis fans in this Gulf city are used to seeing Serena and Venus Williams at the WTA Championships. Each sister has won the season-ending title, and coming into this year’s event, their images were everywhere — staring down from billboards, featured on tournament programs. Both were no-shows last week, though, because of injuries. And both will also miss this weekend’s Fed Cup final in San Diego between the United States and Italy. Sidelined by two operations on her right foot after getting cut by glass at a restaurant, Serena Williams hasn’t played a competitive match anywhere since winning Wimbledon on July 3. Hobbled by a bad left knee, Venus Williams has only played in one tournament, the US Open, since losing at the All England Club on June 29. Serena turned 29 this year, Venus turned 30, and while neither has given any public indication she is contemplating retirement anytime soon, their extended absences have given other players, fans, WTA officials and TV networks a chance to see what it is like to have a women’s tennis tour without the famous siblings. “The absence of the Williams sisters at any event — be it a major or non-major — is significant,” said Jason Bernstein, a senior director in ESPN’s programming department. “Fans, print and electronic media interest, TV ratings and overall buzz are all reduced.”

PARIS: This June 4, 2010 file photo shows Venus Williams (right) and Serena Williams holding the cup after defeating Czech Republic’s Kveta Peschke and Slovenia’s Katarina Srebotnik during a women’s doubles final for the French Open tennis tournament.—AP Serena has won 13 Grand Slam singles titles — the most among active women, by far, and sixth in history — and Venus has won seven. Despite their lack of playing time in 2010, both finished the WTA season ranked in the top five. No other American woman is in

the top 50, so US Fed Cup captain Mary Joe Fernandez’ squad instead includes No. 58 Bethanie MattekSands, No. 67 Melanie Oudin and No. 115 Coco Vandeweghe. Asked about not having the Williams sisters, Fernandez said: “I mean, of course it’s disappointing.

The whole team was really looking forward to having both Venus and Serena on the team.” The interest generated by the Williams sisters’ ascension to the top of tennis — both have been ranked No. 1 — is widely credited with the decision to move the US Open women’s final to prime time for American television in 2001. Venus beat Serena that year for the championship, and nearly 23 million viewers tuned in to the CBS broadcast. Since 2005, three of ESPN2’s top five rated matches involved Serena Williams. Bernstein described the Williams sisters as “game-changers for the sport” who “are compelling to watch.” That said, Bernstein joined the WTA in insisting the tour is “well positioned” to withstand the eventual departures of the sisters — just as it carried on after stars such as Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova and Monica Seles retired. WTA chief executive officer Stacey Allaster described the Williams sisters as “two of the most exciting and finest players we have had in our history,” but insisted the tour can remain strong even without them. Allaster acknowledged it’s likely that fewer Americans tuned into the WTA Championships this year because the Williams sisters did not play, but she said that overall television viewership around the globe was up 20 percent from 2009, perhaps because seven countries were represented in the eightwoman singles field.—AP


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Chelsea looks to end Liverpool’s revival LONDON: In-form Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka will look to halt former club Liverpool’s mini-revival when the defending champions visit Anfield on Sunday in the Premier League. After a dreadful start to the season, Liverpool has scraped wins over northwest neighbors Bolton and Blackburn to move into midtable. But the Reds are still far from at their best and Anelka, who has already scored 10 goals this season, including three in the last four matches, is in the kind of form to end Liverpool’s recent resurgence. “He has experience. He maintains very good skill, ability, and speed. Overall he is in the best form of his career,” Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti said after Anelka scored the crucial opening goal in the team’s 4-1 win over Spartak Moscow in the Champions League on Wednesday. Anelka spent six months on loan at Liverpool in the second half of the 2001-02 season but wasn’t kept on by then-manager Gerard Houllier despite a number of impressive performances. After spells at Manchester City, Fenerbahce and Bolton, the former France striker moved to Chelsea, where he has come of age, forming a partnership with Didier Drogba up front that is spearheading the Blues’ title challenge. They are five points clear of Arsenal and Manchester United at the top of the league and have lost just once in all competitions this season — to Manchester City in September. Ancelotti has injury problems in midfield, with Florent Malouda out this weekend with a twisted ankle and Michael Essien and Frank Lampard missing against Spartak because of injury. Liverpool has climbed out of the relegation zone thanks to gritty back-to-back wins and manager Roy Hodgson has challenged his side to maintain its form as new American owners New England Sports Ventures attempt to revive the club’s fortunes. “The owners are very interesting people and every discussion you have with them is a pleasurable one because they have good questions and clear ideas,” Hodgson said. “I have been more than impressed. Sometimes people buy clubs and you don’t see or hear them but it has been quite the opposite. “They are determined to get things right and the quicker the better but ... in the meantime we have to be making the best efforts we can to keep the club as high in the table as possible, and the more we can do in that respect the easier their job will become.” England midfielder Joe Cole, who joined Liverpool after being released by Chelsea last summer, will miss the match against his former employers after straining his hamstring against Bolton. In the battle to keep up with Chelsea, secondplace Arsenal hosts Newcastle on Sunday and United, which is on 20 points like the Gunners, is at home to Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday. United’s Portugal winger Nani is set to miss the game with a groin injury while manager Alex Ferguson is still without striker Wayne Rooney, who will be sidelined for the next month with an ankle problem. West Bromwich Albion, which is sixth and is the league’s surprise package so far, will aim to pile on the misery for fourth-place Manchester City at the Hawthorns on Sunday. City has lost its last two matches, to Arsenal and Wolves, and there are widespread reports of dressing room unrest. “When we see nonsense written in the papers, it pulls us closer together,” City midfielder James Milner said. “When it seems like the whole world is against you, that is when you pull together. “These things will make us stronger as a football club. You go through times when things aren’t quite right and it’s important to keep things right off the field.” The rest of the games are on Saturday, with all eyes set to be on Tottenham’s in-demand winger Gareth Bale when his team visits Bolton. The Wales international is the talk of the football world after his inspired performances for Spurs against Inter Milan in the Champions League over the past fortnight but he has been well shackled by Premier League defenses in recent weeks. Elsewhere, Birmingham hosts bottom side West Ham, Blackburn is at home to Wigan, Everton visits Blackpool, Stoke goes to Sunderland, and Fulham hosts Aston Villa, which will be without striker Emile Heskey for a month because of a knee injury. —AP

LONDON: Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic (right) celebrates scoring a goal against Spartak Moscow with Ashley Cole in this file photo. —AP

No Totti, but plenty of intensity for Lazio clash ROME: Even without suspended AS Roma captain Francesco Totti, there will be no shortage of intensity for Sunday’s Rome derby with surprise Serie A leader Lazio. Lazio enters the weekend with a four-point lead over five-time defending champion Inter Milan, while Roma appears on the rebound after a difficult start to the season and will be eager to put a dent in its city rival’s title hopes. “The Rome derby is all about emotions,” said Zdenek Zeman, the Czech coach who led both Lazio and Roma in the 1990s. “You feel it most of all off the pitch and players often bring that nervousness with them onto the field. “Roma has everything to lose and needs a game that can turn its season around, so one point won’t be

enough, whereas Lazio has the advantage of playing calmly.” Also this weekend, Inter will attempt to bounce back from its loss to Tottenham against Brescia, AC Milan will look to build on Filippo Inzaghi’s goals against Real Madrid when it visits Bari, and Juventus hosts newly promoted Cesena. Totti picked up a red card for his clash with Lecce’s Ruben Olivera last weekend. “I’ll watch it from home, because I suffer too much at the stadium. But I’ll cheer just as hard,” said the 34-year-old Totti, who has been playing for his hometown club since his teens. Roma beat Lecce 2-0 and held off FC Basel 3-2 in the Champions League on Wednesday but still trails Lazio by 10 points in the Italian league. It’s a complete turnaround from

last season, when Roma challenged Inter for the title down to the final day while Lazio teetered on the edge of the relegation zone for months. “Last year we lost by missing a penalty so we want payback this time,” Lazio coach Edy Reja said. “The buildup to the game with Roma is always special. It’s an emotional event and there are a lot of expectations, and not just in the changing room. You can sense the derby approaching all over the city.” Lazio will rely on the inspiration of Brazilian playmaker Hernanes, the solid form of winger Stefano Mauri and the scoring touch of Sergio Floccari. Goalkeeper Fernando Muslera, who was instrumental in leading Uruguay to the World Cup semifinals, appears set to play despite a muscle injury.

BASEL: AS Roma players celebrate their third goal during the UEFA Champions League Group E soccer match against Basel in this file photo. —AP

Roma defender Nicolas Burdisso is questionable with an ankle injury and without Totti, the attack will be led by Marco Borriello and Mirko Vucinic, who scored twice when the Giallorossi beat Lazio 2-1 in April. Roma also won the opening derby last season, while Lazio hasn’t come out on top since a 42 victory in April 2009. As usual, there will be worries about violence and security will be tight at the 80,000-seat Stadio Olimpico. The decision to play the game in the afternoon was made with security in mind, and officials have even decided to cancel the flight of an eagle — Lazio’s mascot — before kickoff. Also this weekend, it’s: Bologna vs. Lecce; Fiorentina vs. Chievo Verona; Napoli vs. Parma; Sampdoria vs. Catania; Udinese vs. Cagliari; and Palermo vs. Genoa. The 37-year-old Inzaghi came off the bench and scored twice to give Milan a 2-1 lead over Madrid on Wednesday, although the Spanish power equalized with a strike from Pedro Leon in injury time. Inzaghi had hardly played all season. “It’s the most beautiful night of my career and I’ll never forget it, even if Real’s equalizer in the end ruined it,” Inzaghi said. “Commentators often forget about me. Now they’re all going to jump on the wagon.” Already hard hit by injuries and suspensions this season, Fiorentina received another blow when goalkeeper Sebastien Frey tore the ACL in his right knee in training. He requires surgery and could miss the rest of the season, handing the starting job to Polish backup Artur Boruc. —AP


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Gomez revives career at Bayern FRANKFURT: Mario Gomez was in danger of becoming Bayern Munich’s most expensive flop until injuries forced coach Louis van Gaal to give the striker another chance. Gomez has embraced the opportunity and scored his second hat trick in less than three weeks in a 4-0 win at Cluj on Wednesday that secured Bayern’s place in the second round of the Champions League. Gomez has eight goals in his last six games and will hope to add to that tally against lastplace Borussia Moenchengladbach on Saturday as Bayern turns its focus back to the Bundesliga. “It’s fantastic that we have a striker like that,” Van Gaal said after the match in Cluj. “It was very, very good.” But Van Gaal overlooked Gomez for about a year, rarely giving Bayern’s most expensive acquisition in the history of the club a regular place in the starting lineup. Gomez arrived from Stuttgart on the heels of a 24-goal Bundesliga season for a reported fee of €35 million ($49 million). He began well but after a few games Van Gaal, who was also new at the club, benched him and Gomez spent the rest of the season making ineffectual and brief appearances if he played at all. Van Gaal crowned his first season at the club with the domestic double and took Bayern to the Champions League final. Gomez reportedly came close to being sent to Liverpool before this season. Now, Bayern is lucky to have him. Forward Ivica Olic is out for six months with a knee injury, Miroslav Klose is still nursing a hamstring problem and young star Thomas Mueller is beginning to show signs of “mental fatigue,” according to Van Gaal. Van Gaal said he adjusted Bayern’s game in such a way to give Gomez more space, “and now he is scoring.” “I think I just have a lot more confidence,” said Gomez, who has always insisted he needs to start games to be at his scoring best. The way Van Gaal handled second-string players such as Gomez was one of the points raised by club president Uli Hoeness in his unusually sharp criticism of the Dutch coach. Van Gaal, Hoeness said, is difficult to talk to, does not accept other people’s opinions and makes poor choices in his team selection. Van Gaal and Hoeness officially declared peace after shaking hands in Cluj and were seen drinking red wine together after the match. “It’s simple at Bayern Munich, all you have to do is win and then everything is fine,” board chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said. Van Gaal said criticism from Hoeness “was not nice but we’ve talked it out and we move on.” “I happen to be liked by my players. That’s good for a coach and that’s why my authority has not been damaged,” Van Gaal said Thursday. “When we win, everything is good.” Bayern appears to be finding its stride after a sputtering start and will now concentrate on catching up in the Bundesliga, where it is 10 points behind leader Borussia Dortmund. “We have to show our rivals that we are not only strong in the Champions League. We have to start climbing up the standings,” Rummenigge said. The Bayern squad flew straight from Romania to Moenchengladbach where defender Holger Badstuber and Franck Ribery are expected to join them after missing the Cluj game. Ribery has been out for more than a month with an ankle injury. Dortmund does not play until Sunday, when it visits Hannover. Second-place Mainz travels to Freiburg on Saturday. Schalke will try to escape from the relegation zone when it hosts St. Pauli on Friday. In other matches Saturday, it’s Hamburger SV vs. Hoffenheim; Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Wolfsburg; and Nuremberg vs. Cologne. On Sunday, Bayer Leverkusen plays Kaiserslautern and Stuttgart hosts Werder Bremen. — AP

Marseille face fierce rival PSG

ROMANIA: Bayern Munich’s Mario Gomez (left) celebrates scoring the second goal against CFR Cluj’s during a Group E Champions League match in this file photo. —AP

Real hosts crosstown foe Atletico MADRID: Spain’s capital city will become the focal point of the country’s football activity on Sunday when Real Madrid hosts crosstown rival Atletico and Barcelona visits Getafe. Madrid will be looking to maintain its form and league lead following a 2-2 draw with AC Milan in the Champions League on Wednesday, which sealed its progress to the knockout round. Cristiano Ronaldo, who failed to add to his 12 goals for the season at the San Siro, felt his side was unfortunate not to beat Milan, even though Madrid needed a last-gasp equalizer to earn a draw. “We took just one point, but it could have been three because we played much better,” said Ronaldo, who praised how the team has reacted under pressure. Last weekend Madrid beat Hercules 3-1 thanks to two timely assists by Karim Benzema. Defender Pepe said the team’s

cohesiveness and spirit were among its strengths under coach Jose Mourinho. “The squad is phenomenal and so is the coach. We must stand together in order to win,” he said. “We wanted to leave San Siro with a different feeling, but a draw is a good result. We were rather superior to Milan, but they scored two goals. We understood we had to react, and we did so well.” Madrid has scored 19 goals in its last four league games and is targeting a 20th win in 31 league meetings with Atletico, which has not beaten its crosscity rival in the league since 1999. Barcelona trails Madrid by one point in the league, but its star forward Lionel Messi extended his lead over Ronaldo in the scoring charts with his 15th goal of the season in Tuesday’s 1-1 draw with Copenhagen. That was the Argentine’s 100th goal

since Pep Guardiola took over as coach. Messi has scored 64 in the Spanish league, 22 in the Champions League, seven in the Copa del Rey and two in the Club World Cup; amounting to one third of Barcelona’s goal tally since Guardiola took over. Guardiola’s squad could be boosted by the return of winger Jeffren Suarez who trained in the gym with defender Gerard Pique, Xavi Hernandez and Messi on Thursday after having dislocated his shoulder in Barcelona’s 20 Copa del Rey win at Ceuta on Oct. 27. Pique said that key player Xavi was still recovering from tendon problems that had sidelined him in recent matches. “He has to be cared for and treated, and we are confident of his recovery so that he may return to form. I’ve seen him training and playing well, and apparently he doesn’t seem to have any problems,” Pique said. —AP

ITALY: Real Madrid forward Gonzalo Higuain (center) of Argentina, celebrates with his teammates midfielder Mesut Ozil (right) of Germany, and Angel Di Maria, also of Argentina in this file photo. — AP

PARIS: Marseille fans were starting to wonder whether Andre-Pierre Gignac was really worth the euro 16.5 million the club paid for him this summer, but the French striker is finally starting to silence his critics. Gignac scored a hat trick in a 7-0 rout of Zilina in the Champions League on Wednesday, hitting form again at the right time ahead of Sunday’s French league match at fierce rival Paris Saint-Germain. Gignac had netted just once since joining Marseille from Toulouse, but scored with his right knee for the opening goal at Zilina then latched onto a precise pass before netting with a leftfooted strike. Marseille sits third in the French league standings with 18 points, two more than seventh-placed PSG, and is unbeaten at the Parc des Princes since a 2-1 loss six years ago. The top striker in the French league in the 2008-09 season with 24 goals, Gignac raised high expectations when he joined the defending French champions last August. Gignac, who was born in the Marseille area, said when he signed his fiveyear lucrative contract that playing for the club had been a boyhood dream. Gignac has often been compared to former Marseille great Jean-Pierre Papin, but struggled to settle at Marseille after being hampered by a groin injury as he scored only eight goals last season. Before Wednesday’s routing of Zilina, Gignac’s only goal had come in a 1-1 draw against Saint-Etienne last month, raising doubts about his ability to live up to expectations in a club well known for putting pressure on new players to perform. But coach Didier Deschamps’ support never wavered, as Gignac was given seven starts in the eight league matches he played and featured in the club’s four Champions League encounters this season. “He had good legs, he was available and was able to make differences with a good individual display,” Deschamps said after the game in Slovakia, where Marseille recorded the biggest ever away win in the Champions League. “His confidence and his experience are growing, and by playing regularly he is going to be more efficient in front of goal.” Marseille supporters won’t be able to watch Gignac play at bitter rival PSG after the French football league decided that away fans won’t be allowed at Parc des Princes due to security fears. —AP

PHOENIX: Suns guard Goran Dragic (center) has the ball knocked away by San Antonio Spurs’ Garrett Temple (left) and Antonio McDyess during the second half of an NBA basketball game.—AP

Pierce lifts Celtics to OT win over Bucks BOSTON: Paul Pierce scored 12 of his 28 points in overtime to reach 20,000 points in his career and added a key steal with 27 seconds left to help the Boston Celtics beat Milwaukee 105-102 on Wednesday night. Ray Allen had 23 points for the Celtics, Rajon Rondo had 17 points and 15 assists, and Kevin Garnett scored 13 and grabbed eight rebounds. Andrew Bogut led the Bucks with 21 points and 13 rebounds. Ersan Ilyasova and Carlos Delfino each scored 15 points and Brandon Jennings had 13.

Lakers 112, Kings 100 At Sacramento, Kobe Bryant had 30 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds to help Los Angeles win its fifth straight game to open the season. Pau Gasol added 22 points and 11 rebounds, and Lamar Odom scored 18 for the Lakers, who have won seven straight against their Northern California rivals. Bryant had his 17th career triple-double and first since Jan. 21, 2009. Tyreke Evans scored 21 to lead the Kings. Francisco Garcia, Carl Landry and Beno Udrih each added 17.

Hawks 94, Pistons 85 At Atlanta, Al Horford had six straight points in an 18-4 run to finish the game and the undefeated Hawks beat winless Detroit. Josh Smith had 22 points and 11 rebounds as the Hawks improved to five wins, remaining the only unbeaten team in the Eastern Conference. Ben Gordon had 22 points but it wasn’t enough for Detroit. The Pistons are 0-5 for the first time since the 1980-81 season, when they started 0-7.

Magic 128, T’wolves 86 At Orlando, Dwight Howard had 18 points, 16 rebounds and eight blocked shots to help Orlando set a club record for most points in the first half in a victory over Minnesota. Vince Carter had 20 points, Ryan Anderson scored 19 and the Magic shook

up the starting lineup to score 78 points in the opening half for an easy win. Orlando started Anderson at power forward, moved Rashard Lewis to small forward and bumped Quentin Richardson out of the starting lineup. Kevin Love had 22 points and Corey Brewer scored 12 for the Timberwolves.

Mavericks 102, Nuggets 101 At Denver, Dirk Nowitzki scored a season-high 35 points and Caron Butler hit a pivotal 3-pointer late in the game, helping Dallas hold off a Denver squad missing center Nene. Butler hit a 3pointer from the corner with 2 minutes remaining to give the Mavericks a 102-99 lead. Carmelo Anthony answered with a dunk to trim it to one and after a Mavericks shot-clock violation, the

Nuggets had one last chance. But Anthony’s 20-footer with Shawn Marion in his face rimmed out and the Nuggets couldn’t track down the rebound in time.

Bobcats 85, Nets 83 At Newark, D.J. Augustin hit two goahead free throws with 30.9 seconds to play and Charlotte won for the first time this season, overcoming a 10-point, fourth-quarter deficit. Boris Diaw scored 24 points, Gerald Wallace had 20 and Stephen Jackson scored eight of his 12 in the final 5:12 to lead Charlotte, which survived two final shots by Travis Outlaw in the closing seconds. Devin Harris shook off a sprained left shoulder to lead the Nets with 19 points and eight assists.

76ers 101, Pacers 75

At Philadelphia, Elton Brand had 25 points and 12 rebounds, and Thaddeus Young scored 16 points to help Philadelphia to its first victory of the season. Sixers coach Doug Collins wasn’t around to celebrate his first win since he was hired in May. Collins left the bench at halftime because of symptoms related to vertigo. He missed two preseason games because of symptoms related to a concussion he sustained on Memorial Day, then had neurological testing and treatment for what was diagnosed as vertigo. Darren Collison led the Pacers with 11 points. Danny Granger, averaging 27.0 points, was 2 for 14 and scored only seven.

Hornets 107, Rockets 99 At Houston, Chris Paul scored 25

NBA results/standings

points and Marco Belinelli added 18 as New Orleans continued its unbeaten run and Houston remained winless. The Hornets have won all four games this season to match the best start in franchise history.Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks scored 18 points apiece for Houston. Yao Ming added 15 in just under 211/2 minutes.

Jazz 125, Raptors 108 At Salt Lake City, Deron Williams came within two rebounds of a tripledouble and Utah rolled to a huge early lead en route to a victory over Toronto. After giving up the first basket, Utah scored the next 17 points, then went on another 8-0 tear en route to a 41-22 firstquarter lead. Williams finished with 22 points, 14 assists and eight rebounds. Al Jefferson led the Jazz with 27 points and Paul Millsap added 21 in Utah’s 11th straight victory over Toronto.

Spurs 112, Suns 110 NBA results and standings on Wednesday. Atlanta 94, Detroit 85; Charlotte 85, New Jersey 83; Orlando 128, Minnesota 86; Philadelphia 101, Indiana 75; Boston 105, Milwaukee 102 (OT); New Orleans 107, Houston 99; Dallas 102, Denver 101; Utah 125, Toronto 108; San Antonio 112, Phoenix 110; Golden State 115, Memphis 109; LA Clippers 107, Oklahoma City 92; LA Lakers 112, Sacramento 100.

Boston New Jersey NY Knicks Toronto Philadelphia Chicago Indiana Cleveland Milwaukee Detroit Atlanta Miami Orlando Washington Charlotte

Easter n Conference Atlantic Division W L PCT 4 1 .800 2 2 .500 1 2 .333 1 3 .250 1 4 .200 Central Division 2 1 .667 2 2 .500 1 3 .250 1 4 .200 0 5 .000 Southeast Division 5 0 1.000 4 1 .800 2 1 .667 1 2 .333 1 3 .250

GB 1.5 2 2.5 3

Portland Denver Utah Oklahoma City Minnesota

.5 1.5 2 3

LA Lakers Golden State Sacramento Phoenix LA Clippers

1 2 3 3.5

New Orleans Dallas San Antonio Memphis Houston

Wester n Conference Nor thwest Division 4 1 .800 2 2 .500 2 2 .500 2 2 .500 1 4 .200 Pacific Division 5 0 1.000 3 1 .750 3 2 .600 1 3 .250 1 4 .200 Southwest Division 4 0 1.000 3 1 .750 3 1 .750 2 3 .400 0 4 .000

1.5 1.5 1.5 3 1.5 2 3.5 4 1 1 2.5 4

At Phoenix, Richard Jefferson hit four fourth-quarter 3-pointers, including the go-ahead basket with 1:38 remaining, as San Antonio edged Phoenix. Jefferson finished with 28 points, Tim Duncan had 25 and Manu Ginobili added 18 for the Spurs, who won in Phoenix for the first time since Jan. 29, 2009. Jason Richardson scored 21 points, Hakim Warrick added 19 off the bench and Steve Nash also had 19 for the Suns.

Clippers 107, Thunder 92 At Los Angeles, Eric Gordon scored 27 points, rookie Eric Bledsoe added 17 points and eight assists in his second career start, and Los Angeles held Kevin Durant to a horrific shooting night in its first victory of the season. Blake Griffin had 18 points and nine rebounds for the Clippers, who rebounded from an 0-4 start with an impressive win over the Thunder and Durant, last season’s NBA scoring champion. Durant scored 16 points but missed 10 3-point

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