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Pilgrims gather on Arafat as hajj peaks Islam is the solution, says top Saudi cleric

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MOUNT ARAFAT, Saudi Arabia: More than two million Muslims gathered yesterday on Saudi Arabia’s Mount Arafat and its surrounding plain, marking the peak day of the hajj, the world’s largest annual pilgrimage. Dressed in white robes to symbolize purity and equality under God, the pilgrims filled the Namera Mosque in Arafat and the nearby streets and camps for collective prayer, led by Saudi Arabia’s top cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh. “Islam is the solution for the problems” of Muslims, he said in a speech before the prayer began, warning the faithful of “a media and cultural invasion that seeks to weaken (their) faith”. He urged Muslims to solve their problems “without interference from their enemies,” condemning those who want to “provoke hostility between you and your leaders”. This year’s hajj coincides with the Arab Spring democracy protests that have swept many nations in the region and led to the ouster of the autocratic leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Saudi Arabia has been spared the unrest despite small-scale, sporadic Shiiteled protests that took place in its Eastern Province, which the Sunni-majority kingdom quickly controlled. There were no immediate reports of major incidents as security officials focused on crowd control. “Things are going well and according to plans,” interior ministry spokesman General Mansur Al-Turki told AFP. “I wish for security to be maintained in my country. I pray to God that we in Syria be unified and stand shoulder to shoulder,” said sheikh Ahmed Garman, 37, who led a group of Syrian pilgrims from Aleppo. Syria since mid-March has witnessed a bloody crackdown on protesters in which the UN estimates some 3,000 people have been killed. Continued on Page 13

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Prince Salman named Saudi defence minister RIYADH: King Abdullah yesterday named his halfbrother Prince Salman, who is governor of Riyadh, as Saudi Arabia’s defence minister to succeed the late Crown Prince Sultan, state television AlEkhbariya said. Prince Sutam bin Abdul Aziz was appointed Riyadh’s governor in Prince Salman’s place, the report said, citing a series of royal decrees, under which Prince Khaled bin Sultan, the late crown prince’s son, was named deputy defence minister. King Prince Salman Abdullah late last month named Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz as crown prince succeeding his brother Sultan, who died in a US hospital on Oct 22. Salman, who was born in 1935 and served as Riyadh’s governor since 1955, and Nayef are full brothers. He was considered close to Sultan, who he accompanied on his trips abroad for medical treatment.

Canada announces family ‘super visa’ MONTREAL: Canadian officials on Friday announced a new two-year, multi-entry “super visa” for parents and grandparents of immigrants settled in Canada. The move came after wait times for sponsorship of “family class” applications had grown to an unwieldy seven years or longer. “Without taking action, those times will continue to grow, and that is unacceptable,” said Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney in announcing the move. “Action must be taken to cut the backlog, reduce the wait times, and ensure that the parents and grandparents program is sustainable over the long run,” Kenney said. The multiple-entry “Parent and Grandparent Super Visa” will be valid for up to 10 years, officials said, and allow applicants to remain in Canada for 24 months before needing seek visa renewal. The new visas will begin on Dec 1 and the will be issued, “on average, within eight weeks of the application,” officials said.

67 killed in attacks in northern Nigeria


MAKKAH: Muslim pilgrims pray on a rocky hill called the Mountain of Mercy on the plain of Arafat yesterday. — AP

NOTE TO OUR READERS Kuwait Times Editor-in-Chief Abd Al-Rahman AlAlyan wishes His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad AlSabah, Cabinet members, Heads of States around the world, Kuwaitis, expatriates and our valued readers Eid Mubarak. Kuwait Times will not be published on Monday and Tuesday. The next issue will be published on Wednesday, Nov 9, 2011.

FARC leader killed in raid BOGOTA: Colombian troops have killed Alfonso Cano, leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), in a massive anti-guerrilla operation, the government announced late Friday. The operation was the latest in a string of recent military victories for the Colombian authorities determined to eradicate Latin America’s longest-running leftist insurgency, after years of unsuccessful attempts to find a negotiated solution. President Juan Manuel Alfonso Cano Santos, calling Cano’s demise “the strongest blow sustained by the guerrilla group in all of its history”, urged the FARC to lay down their arms. “Demobilize or you will end up in prison or in a grave,” the president warned. Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon said Cano was killed as a result of a military operation launched in southern Cauca department several days ago. Continued on Page 13

Too posh to push? More C-sections on demand in UK


7 killed in Syria as Arabs warn on deal DAMASCUS: Clashes in Syria killed seven people yesterday as the chief of the Arab League warned that failure of a peace deal agreed this week would be catastrophic and demanded an immediate end to the bloodshed. To mark the feast of Eid Al-Adha, meanwhile, Damascus freed 553 people arrested during anti-regime protests while condemning Washington for suggesting Syrians reject an amnesty offered to lay down their arms. “At least three civilians were killed by gunfire and

heavy machinegun fire in the Baba Amro neighbourhood of Homs,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement received in Nicosia. In the northwestern province of Idlib, near the Turkish border, “four (Shabiha) militiamen loyal to the regime were killed by suspected deserters in the town of Saraqeb,” added the Britain-based Observatory. On Friday, Syrian troops killed at least 23 people when demonstrators Continued on Page 13

DAMASCUS: A Syrian boy plays with his toy gun in the old city of Damascus yesterday. — AP

United mark Ferguson anniversary with win


Al Sadd snatch Asian title on penalties





High prices at overcrowded clothing stores in Kuwait MoH facilities ready for Eid KUWAIT: Local clothing stores were overcrowded immediately before Eid Al-Adha, many of whom were unfazed by high prices. Most shoppers were caught up in the frustrating exercise to find a parking lot after inching past a nerve-wrecking traffic jam. A survey of popular shops in Salmiya and Hawally show that prices of certain items increased by 100 percent within a week. Meanwhile, several shops replaced old stock with winter clothes that are more expensive than regular fashion wear. In a way, they tried to lure customers into buying items that were not of immediate priority as the weather is expected to remain stable during the holiday. But amid the chaos in which discerning factors like carefully separating the genuine from counterfeit becomes less important than completing the shopping experience, many customers criticized the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s lack of regulations to counter soaring prices and the check the quality of items put for sale, reported AlQabas. Also, public hospitals and medical health facilities located across Kuwait will remain open during Eid Al-Adha holidays to tackle emergency cases, said a senior Ministry of Health official. “Plans have been laid to face the ‘flu season’ and medical facilities have

KUWAIT: Municipal officials holding inspection of food stores, malls and restaurants over the weekend. — Photos by Hanan Al-Saadoun

Municipal teams intensify work to protect consumers KUWAIT: Municipal authorities are intensifying inspection of food stores, malls and restaurants to ensure that health terms are observed, according to an official. The inspection teams are intensifying search in all regions of the country to prevent any bid to take advantage of the Eid and promote unhealthy food, said Istiklal Al-Mislem, the director of the department of imported food of Kuwait Municipality. Local markets, particularly food stores, are being observed closely, warned Al-Mislem in a statement, affirming keenness of the relevant authorities on protecting consumers. All imported nutritious products and items will be subject to laboratory testing to check validity, she added. Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs announced on Wednesday that the Municipality had drawn up a special plan to ensure continuing supervision and inspection of food stores during Eid Al-Adha holiday. The contingency plan was worked out in anticipation of bids by some “wrong-doing merchants” to take advantage of the advent of the Eid to dispose spoilt or expired food, said Dr. Fadhil Safar in a statement.. Inspection and emergency teams will continue work in the country’s six governorates round the clock, he said, indicating that the inspectors were ordered to tighten supervision on food stores, restaurants, factories, cooperative stores and malls to ensure that traders would not promote or trade in products unfit for human health. Citizens and residents of the country should also help in these efforts by checking expiry date of the products, the minister added. —KUNA

been equipped with adequate medical supplies to tackle seasonal diseases,” said Acting Undersecretary Dr Qais Al-Duwairi. They added that the a duty schedule has been prepared to assure medical staff’s presence throughout holidays, reported Al-Rai. Meanwhile, Al-Duwairi also announced that the Ministry of Health is reviewing an offer put forward by Stuttgart University to run the Razi Orthopedics Hospital, adding that a decision is expected to be issued soon. The MoH plans to place its facilities under temporary management of leading medical schools to improve quality standards. In other Eid related news, droves of people gathered at the Rai sheep market in search of the perfect sacrificial sheep. Prices, just two days before Eid, experienced a slight decline. Sheep priced at KD 150 was being sold for KD 130. The prices of other animals reduced by nearly 10 percent during the past three days. Though many complain about high prices, they are compelled to buy the animal so as to perform rituals. People rushed to AlRai after the Municipality allowed vendors to sell the animals in the old area. Kuwaitis usually buy local, Saudi and Jordanian varieties sheep, all of which are highly priced. Well-to-do expats prefer to buy Iranian, Turkish or hybrid varieties.

Asians usually buy sheep imported from Ethiopia. Vendor Mohammad Al-Watri said, “We have been selling sheep for many years, and the market is open, subject to market fluctuations governed by supply and demand, reported Alwatan. He said supply is abundant although prices were high until three days ago. This is because Municipality did not want ‘Safat AlRai’ to be the place where sale would take place this Eid. It reversed its decision, leading to a drop in the price. Al-Watri said that no Kuwaiti vendor profiteers while selling sacrificial animals because it is a great sin to do so. He said Asians and Bangladeshis who are heavily involved in selling and buying sheep may resort to some form of price manipulation. Citizen Mansour Ali Marzouq said prices are high and low-income earners cannot afford prices because the local sheep do not cost less than KD 100. The Commerce Ministry is absent from Rai market, and the market is disorganized. Jassem Al-Nasser, another citizen, said that local sheep prices have been inflated. “... But we must buy local sheep along with the Saudi, Jordanian and Syrian sheep because they taste different.” Vendor Khalaf Al-Mutairi said prices are normal and so are profits. “We do not manipulate prices because sheep are available in plenty during this season.”

12,000 Kuwaitis use new train for Hajj travel MAKKAH: Some 12,000 Kuwaiti Hajj pilgrims are opting to board the Mashair Railway, in its first season of operation, to travel between the holy sites in Makkah and other Saudi cities. “Using this train is a great addition to the facilitations provided by the government of Saudi Arabia, aimed at ensuring the relaxation of Hajj pilgrims in their fulfillment of religious

duties,” head of Kuwait’s assisted services department in the Kuwaiti Hajj mission, Roumi AlRoumi said. “In the past, Hajj pilgrims would travel long and tiring distances between holy sites, and the trips would take around five hours,” he said. The train was completed at the end of November 2010, and operates between Jeddah,

Makkah, Madinah, Muzdalifa and the holy plain of Arafat. Twenty trains have been tasked with the role of transporting some 72,000 pilgrims per hour across nine stations. Meanwhile, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf AlAhmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received yesterday a telephone call from Prince Fahad Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, governor

of the province of Tabook in Saudi Arabia, in which the Saudi prince extended to the Kuwaiti ruling family and the people of Kuwait his best regards on the occasion of the advent of Eid AlAdha. The Kuwaiti crown prince, in turn, sent the best wishes of the Kuwaiti ruling family and the people of Kuwait to the government and people of Saudi Arabia. — KUNA

‘Parental guidance crucial to monitoring behavior’ KUWAIT: Parental guidance plays a vital role in monitoring the unruly behavior displayed by youth during Eid holidays, commented Col Adel Al-Hashash Public Relations Director at the Ministry of Interior. He added that many laws are flouted and accidents are caused by young adults and adolescents. Hooligans gather at ‘chalet areas’ engage in car racing, gang fights, harass women at commercial complexes and other recreational facilities late at night. He pointed at their use of water guns on passing vehicles that may distract drivers and pedestrians causing accidents. The Ministry of Interior has prepared a security plan for the festive season, where patrol cars will monitor suspected areas and nab those that try to violate rules and traffic regulations. He explained that Eid Holidays should be spent by exchanging social visits, not by indulging in extreme acts that kill the joy and spirit of Eid holidays. He added that police stations will remain vigilant round the clock to receive complaints and reports. He emphasized on the importance of caring for children by not leaving them unat-

Col Adel Al-Hashash tended in crowded areas and streets and recreation centers. He urged the need for cooperation from all segments of society to maintain peace and order during the holiday season.

Unlicensed Hajj convoys found KUWAIT: A delegation accompanying Kuwait’s pilgrims to the holy sites of Saudi Arabia has detected the presence of several convoys operated by unlicensed agencies. A new, effective inspection mechanism has been put in place compared to previous years. This statement was issued by Dr Adel Al-Falah, Undersecretary Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Head of Kuwaiti Hajj

Delegation. He insisted that these offices “will not be tolerated.” Furthermore, the senior MAIA official indicated that some violations were also detected in licensed convoys, without mentioning the kind of violations committed, reported Al-Qabas. In the meantime, Dr Al-Falah urged pilgrims to remain patient and understanding as there are certain problems they may complain about.

Sit-in outside US embassy KUWAIT: The Kuwait Society for Social Forum plans to organize a silent sit-in outside the American Embassy on Nov 20 to express solidarity with citizens incarcerated in Guantanamo. One of the guards from Guantanamo, Brandon Nill will arrive in Kuwait to apolo-

gize to former detainees for human rights violations committed reported Al-Watan. Meanwhile, lawyer Adel Al-Abdelhadi who represents Fayez Al-Kandari, an imprisoned citizen stated that the former guard revealed the shameful acts committed by some guards.

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) recently paid a visit to injured Libyans undergoing treatment at state hospitals. Dr Musaed Al- Enazie Director of Volunteers’ Administration said that volunteers presented the injured with gifts on the occasion of Eid AlAdha. The visit was made in line with the directives issued by Chairman Berjas Al-Berjas.

‘Bonuses cannot be obtained by force’ KUWAIT: The government will not buck under pressure exerted by employees staging strikes to demand bonuses. The law will be enforced on staff members that staged a sit-in. This statement was made by Minister of Finance Mustafa Al-Shamali, who added that the Cabinet will discuss bonuses and pay rise requests made and implement them within a couple of months. Al-Shamali asked state employees and labor unions to avoid staging strikes “so as to avoid placing hurdles in enforcing (employees’) demands, and avoid hurting (the employees’) future prospects.” The finance minister was also adamant that

bonuses will only be granted as long as they don’t negatively impact the state’s budget. “Allowances will no paid like before. They will be handled in such a way as to avoid inflation in public sector salaries,” AlShamali said. The Finance Ministry is coordinating with a joint committee formed between the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the Economic Advisory Committee to create a restructured and more organized payroll sector, reported Al-Jarida. The study is expected to be finished sometime before the end of the year. On that regard, Al-Shamali urged labor unions to place strikes on hold until the gov-

ernment completes its study. “State departments are urged to keep the situation under control to avoid staging strikes that risks people’s interests.” In the meantime, a Kuwaiti businessman is considering taking legal action against the Ministry of Justice over losses sustained as a result of the strike carried out by legal staff in state departments. “Property investors in Kuwait are losing millions everyday because of contracts that aren’t registered as a result of the ongoing strike at the Ministry of Justice building,” said Saud Saahoud. He blamed the government responsible for failing to meet employees’ ‘rightful’ demands.

KSHR condemns bloggers’ arrest By A Saleh KUWAIT: The Kuwait Society for Human Rights (KSHR) criticized the arrest of bloggers that were arrested in connection with ‘tweeting’ insults against His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. It expressed concern about the human rights

situation in the country and added that the truth should not be distorted by accusing the bloggers of having offended the Amir, thereby curtailing freedom. They pointed out that Kuwait’s democratic set up is being ignored. In other news, the Society stated in a press release that it has requested legisla-

tive intervention to face a legal wrangle on the abuse of modern means of communication. The report added that the Kuwait Society for Human Rights (KSHR) trusts the judiciary but added that police is are arrive at premature conclusions which can prove dangerous.



MP criticizes minister over ‘tweet’ arrests DRB plans to file grilling motion

KUWAIT: Chocolates are put on display at a local sweets shop yesterday. Demand on chocolate and other types of sweets increases during Eid Al-Adha and other Islamic occasions, as they are used for serving during family gatherings and greeting assemblies. —Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

KUWAIT: A lawmaker believes that Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Homoud Al-Sabah has placed himself in an awkward position from a political and legal standpoint “that might cost him a lot.” He commented on the incident in which two citizens are being investigated over their Twitter ‘tweets.’ “I was hoping that Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hmoud would usher in reform and turn into one of the strongest fighters of corruption instead of using his position as a means to pursue activists on Twitter,” said MP Dr Hassan Jouhar, indicating the interior minister “will be affected by repercussions of this incident.” Police released a citizen on bail Thursday after being detained briefly to undergo investigations in connection with charges of slandering His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah through Twitter. Another citizen was quizzed but was released. “It appears that the Ministry of Interior has decided to enter the world of social networking through the backdoor,” Jouhar said, drawing comparisons between arrests and “the ideologies of oppression and intimida-

tion employed in the fifties and sixties [of the past century].” The Development and Reform Bloc (DRB) has already announced plans to file a grilling motion against the interior minister over the matter. It’s worth mentioning that Jouhar had hinted about filing an identical interpellation motion. Meanwhile, opposition MPs are looking with caution at a request made by pro-government MPs to hold an emergency session on Monday to vote on a bill to grant bonuses to school teachers.It will take place a day before the regular parliamentary session when voting was scheduled to take place. This development has raised speculations about plots that caused Tuesday’s session to be aborted given the fact that long- awaited debate of a grilling motion filed by MPs Ahmad Al-Saadoun and Abdurrahman AlAnjari against Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah will be held. “Minister Ahmad Al-Mulaifi has the right to call for a meeting with the joint committee. We are aware of the fact that a quorum of MPs is necessary to pass the vote secured,”

said Chairperson of the Parliament’s educational committee MP Dr Aseel Al-Awadhi, commenting on a request made by Minister of Education and Higher Education Ahmad Al-Mulaifi. A meeting with a joint committee between financial and educational panels will be held before Tuesday’s session. Naji Al-Abdulhadi, on the other hand, asked Minister of Health Dr Hilal Al-Sayer and Minister of Development Abdulwahab AlHaroun to tender his resignation. In the meantime, MP Dr Rola Dashty released a statement urging cooperation “to work hard to overcome this dark period, and bear country’s responsibility.” In other news, MP Saadoun Hammad AlOtaibi reiterated that he would take legal action against any individual who accuses him of being involved in the cash deposits scandal, insisting during a recent televised interview that he was never underwent investigations. Al-Otaibi further indicated during his interview with Al-Rai TV that an interpellation motion against the prime minister over the scandal is “a waste of time,” adding that he would support it “if it is filed against the concerned minister.” — Al-Rai

LLL promotes breastfeeding through group support By Nawara Fattahova

‘Security inspection before issuing visa’ KUWAIT: Kuwait is looking to launch a project in the near future by which visitors are subjected to security inspection before they are eligible to obtain a visa. According to a report quoting security sources, the Interior Ministry is currently working with the Foreign Ministry to select three Kuwaiti embassies abroad where the project can be started. Speaking on the condition of anonymity because the subject is kept private, the sources indicated that the nearly KD1.5 million project features electronic fingerprinting systems that are connected with the Interior Ministry’s database, in order to check the identity of the visitors before they obtain a visa. Furthermore, the data mentioned in the visa that a visitor obtains would then be verified with the fingerprinting system at the Kuwait Airport, in a pro-

cedure aimed to prevent forgery. After they are cleared from any criminal charges by the fingerprinting system, the visitor would then be required to make a health insurance before they are issued the visa. Upon arrival to Kuwait, the visitor would then use the fingerprints system at the airport to match the data stored when they were fingerprinted at the Kuwaiti embassy in the country where they come from. The same sources indicate that the project is expected to be first launched in five Arab countries who have a large number of residents in Kuwait, which are Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Yemen and Lebanon, in addition to five other countries who aren’t among the 42 countries whose nationals can obtain a visa at the airport. The project is expected to be ready by the end of next year, the sources said. —Al-Rai

KUWAIT: New and inexperienced lactating mothers can now receive information and advice from other experienced mothers at La Leche League International’s (LLL) monthly meetings. The LLL is an international nonprofit organization that provides mother-tomother support, encouragement, information and education to women who breastfeed their children. Those who are pregnant and intend to breastfeed their baby may have questions and would like to meet up with other mothers. The LLL provides its service in three ways. “By holding monthly meetings, where the pregnant and breastfeeding come to receive more information from other mothers. We also provide information over the telephone. We take calls from mothers, who for instance, complain that their baby is not gaining weight, or was just born a few days ago and unsure about breastfeeding. We also answer questions via email. All these services and meetings are free of charge,” Caroline Presber

told the Kuwait Times. The mothers can become full members of LLL. “They will then have access to La Leche library and receive magazines. We have three magazines imported to Kuwait, two from the United States and one from Asia. Kuwait is too small a place for a magazine to be printed,” she added. Caroline Presber, who moved to Kuwait established the LLL here and is its representative. “The meetings and information are provided in English at present. We hope to provide services in Arabic in the future. We are recruiting women and are training them to become counselors and accredited leaders. We want Arabic speaking ladies, to have some permanent mothers and members here,” she explained. New mothers need guidance from other experienced ones. “Our meetings are not a breastfeeding class, it is a meeting, not a technical session. The mothers should bring their baby or small child with them to the meeting,” stressed Presber. Participants from different countries have

made their presence felt. “ The mothers learned about us from some newsletters or through word of mouth. They are mostly expat moms living in Kuwait. Also, sometimes hospitals call me up asking for help. Now we meet up at apartments, and I also collaborate with Dar Al Shifa Hospital,” she explained. The next meeting will be held on November 14 and will host representatives from hospitals. It will be held at the L’Ali AlBadri Building on Qatar Street, Salmiya. The La Leche League International (LLL) was first founded in the 1950s by seven mothers in the United States to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed their young ones through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education. This is to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother. The group then branched out to different towns and cities in the USA. In 1970s, it extended to Canada and Mexico. Now it exists in over 70 countries, including Kuwait.

CP exchanges Eid cables with Amir, top figures KUWAIT: His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah addressed a cable of congratulations to HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on advent of Eid Al-Adha. HH the Crown Prince expressed warm sentiments and good wishes to HH the Amir, Arab and Muslim nations, dear Kuwait and its natives on the happy Eid. Sheikh Nawaf sent identical cables to Chief of the National Guard Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, and Sheikh Mubarak AlAbdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, expressing hope that dear Kuwait and its natives may enjoy security, safety and stability under sagacious leadership of HH the Amir. Meanwhile, HH the Crown Prince received cables, in response, from HH the Amir, Sheikh Salem Al-Ali and Sheikh Mubarak Al-Abdullah, expressing sincere congratulations and good wishes on the arrival of the Eid. HH the Crown Prince also received a similar cable from Speaker of the National Assembly Jassem Al-Khorafi, senior sheikhs, Deputy Chief of the National Guard Sheikh

Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser AlMohammad Al-Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah on the happy occasion. He also received such cables from ministers, governors, members of the National Assembly, senior officials, diplomats, citizens and residents of the country. Others cables addressed to HH the Crown Prince were from Arab, Muslim personalities and citizens abroad. In his turn, Sheikh Nawaf addressed cables in reply, praying to the Almighty that the nation may witness the blessed occasion in the future, protect Kuwait against any evil acts, and bless the country with security, safety and stability. He also wished the Arab and Muslim nations security, stability and prosperity. As to the national martyrs, Sheikh Nawaf pleaded Allah to bestow his mercy upon their souls, place them in his paradise and empower their relatives to endure hardship of their absence. —KUNA

Scores injured in road accidents By Hanan Al-Saadoun KUWAIT: A series of motor accidents took place across different locations in Kuwait: In an incident that took place along Restaurant Street, a 56-year-old Egyptian expat sustained injuries and was admitted to Mubarak Hospital. In an similar incident that took place along Fahaheel Express way opposite Fahad Al-Ahmad, a 23- yearold citizen was injured along with a 20year-old citizen. Both were admitted to AlAdan Hospital. In an incident that took place at the crossroads between Hadiya and Jaber Al-Ali, a 40-year-old Indian expat sustained serious injuries to the head and was admitted to Adan Hospital. In Salwa, a 26-year-old Somalian expat fractured his thigh. He was admitted to Mubarak Hospital. Between Al-Salem and Hateen, a 22-year-old citizens suffered a spinal injury and was admitted to Mubarak Hospital. A 30-year-old American expat was admitted to Al-Jahra Hospital after being wounded in an accident that took place near Al-Mutlaa road. A 19-year- old citizen suffered from

spinal injury and another 40-year- old Bangladeshi national fractured his ribs and was admitted to Adan Hospital after being involved in a motor accident. A car crash took place at King Fahed Road opposite Umm Al-Hayman, injuring a 32-year-old citizen and fracturing an 18 yer old citizen’s knee. Both were admitted to Al-Adan Hospital. Also, a car accident took place at Al-Rihab opposite the gas station, injuring a 31-year-old Egyptian expat and also for a 55-year-old Iranian national. Both were admitted to Farwaniya hospital. Fire at restaurant A fire broke out at a restaurant in Abu Haifa. A 42-year-old Syrian expat and 59year-old Egyptian expat suffered smoke inhalation. Both were admitted to Al-Adan Hospital. Street fight Fighting broke between a number of youth at Marina Beach. A Syrian 16-year-old expat was injured and admitted to Mubarak Hospital.

KUWAIT: The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Long Kem, hosted a reception on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of his country’s Independence Day at Crowne Plaza hotel. High-ranking officials , diplomats and a number of Cambodian community members attended the reception. —Photos by Joseph Shagra




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kuwait digest

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Pricing overshadows piety during holidays

Losing a chance By Abdullatif Al-Duaij he oppositionist blocs find themselves in a bad situation either intentionally or inadvertently after being fixated with their obsession to oust the Cabinet. They took a flexible stance on the ‘right to grill’ the prime minister as per Article 102 of the Constitution. They did so after placing the fate of the Cabinet in the hands of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. Chances are that HH the Amir will have promised to review the current situation by the end of the current legislative term when a new Cabinet is formed. If that’s the case, then this would place the blocs in a dilemma as they cannot achieve their goal after holding a meeting with HH the Amir. At the same time, they can’t force the expulsion of the premier after confiding in HH the Amir.


While the National Action Bloc(NAB) announced that it is acting on principle, its stance could be interpreted as being ‘opportunistic.’ It announced its position only after the blocs postponed their grilling motion. I’m not trying to criticize the NAB’s stance, but it’s my duty as a writer to point out to readers that it’s possible that the liberal bloc will make demands to form a new Cabinet.

By Lisa Conrad


kuwait digest

Reading the opposition’s secrets By Thaar Al-Rashid

After the National Action Bloc(NAB) announced its support to demand that a new Cabinet - which does not mean calling for HH Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah to give the oppositionists an upper hand, should they opt for a vote of confidence motion against the premier. This is too late now, and the opportunity was wasted when the blocs waited for HH the Amir to arrive at a solution. While the National Action Bloc(NAB) announced that it is acting on principle, its stance could be interpreted as being ‘opportunistic.’ It announced its position only after the blocs postponed their grilling motion. I’m not trying to criticize the NAB’s stance, but it’s my duty as a writer to point out to readers that it’s possible that the liberal bloc will make demands to form a new Cabinet. Anyway, the bottom line is, it appears as if the opposition blocs may have missed their chance in pursuit of installing a new prime minister. I will not be surprised to see infighting among the oppositionist blocs. I’m still not ruling out the possibility that leaders (from the blocs) will proceed with efforts to oust the premier instead of waiting for the Amir to take a decision. If that happens, we can’t say for sure that they will continue enjoying the same amount of support. — Al-Qabas

kuwait digest

eading the political situation in Kuwait is similar, for non-Chinese readers, to reading the packet contents of ‘Indomie Noodles’ in Mandarin. At the end you have to deal with what is inside the packet, regardless of being wholly ignorant of the contents. In exactly the same way, we have to deal with our political reality without knowing the secret mix that really makes up the government or indeed the opposition groups. The biggest proof that the political scene is turned upside down, is that a minister recently transferred his loyalties to the opposition, whilst a national MP with the opposition, became a very important minister. Of course, if there is a viable reason for switching one’s loyalties between the government and the opposition or vice versa, then nobody can object.


We don’t blame the government, which is unable to remain politically coherent as it hemorrhages members with ministers being regularly forced out or resigning. The current government, which is short of two ministers, had no option but to be formed hastily. No, we blame the opposition, who mostly claim to be speaking in our, the public’s, names, but certainly don’t deign to be open or share all their information with us.

Futile tug of war By Waleed Al-Rujaib rresting individuals and subjecting them to investigations for ‘tweeting’ on Twitter is a setback to the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution. This crackdown on bloggers is not attuned to worldwide movements that encourage the safeguarding of freedom, dignity and social equality. Moreover, dragging His Highness the Amir into the case is an insult to an individual of his stature, given the venerability that Kuwaitis accord to him. There are laws in the country that criminalize insulting the Amir. Freedoms is sacred to Kuwaitis, as much as it is to other people around the world. The tumultuous political situation in the Arab World has proven that people no longer shy away from achieving freedom. It was sad to learn of the incident where security officers detained a couple of citizens for posting comments on Twitter. If anything, it gives the impression that police in Kuwait have not learned a lesson from their neighbors. In my opinion, this incident shouldn’t be tolerated because fires can result from the tiniest of sparks.


People today are frustrated about their living conditions, about their hopes and about the future of their children. They demand realistic solutions to all their problems, and want to see an end to political corruption. The solutions they seek are radical, not temporary. Frustration is mounting in Kuwait due to corruption and the deterioration living standards. The situation is turning into that of a fully inflated balloon that can be burst using a small pin. Engaging in a futile game of tug of war will do nothing but aggravate people’s frustration and increase instability that results in more hurdles in the development process. This situation will also widen the gap between people and security officers. People today are frustrated about their living conditions, about their hopes and about the future of their children. They demand realistic solutions to all their problems, and want to see an end to political corruption. The solutions they seek are radical, not temporary. People will continue to protest for better living conditions, and for their freedom, security and social equality. As there are no laws that organize political parties and lack of coordination between political groups, the political movement will eventually reach a dead end. This was the same destination that parliamentary work reached when emotions are placed of reason. — Al-Rai

he trend of airfare prices spiking during holidays is nothing new. Kuwait, however, is a country where two thirds of the population is expatriate. What’s more, the majority of the expatriates are lowearning domestic workers or laborers. So it’s very unlikely that they’ll be the ones jetting home to enjoy some family time (under the assumption that they would even be additional granted days off in the first place). Some expatriates can, of course, afford the inflated prices but the question still stands of how ethical it is to overcharge at a time when people are particularly desperate to travel. What’s more, it’s somewhat disappointing that the occasion of an Islamic holiday is met with the unashamed gouging of prices. Kuwait has Islamic law, yet when it comes to pricing and sudden bursts of inflation, there doesn’t seem to be much regulation or regard for ethics. The price spikes, whether in ticket prices or inflated imports, always seem to target expatriates. Expatriates are more likely to want to travel during Eid (especially given the restrictions on so many nationalities visiting Kuwait) and have no other choice than buying from supermarkets as they don’t qualify for subsidized produce. Such changes are, pointedly, and, quite ironically, very un-Islamic. Many laws in Kuwait target decidedly unethical actions, but money-making appears to have its very own arena to play in. Further balance between the amount of concentration on fair pricing as there is on personal ethics and morality would certainly make things fairer. Standards of ethics and fairness can’t be picked and chosen depending on their convenience without creating a disparity between the various sectors within society and, as it stands, there’s a growing imbalance between increasing concerns regarding morality and a disregard of how pricing and inflation affect society. Money is a central issue in Kuwait, as Kuwaitis strike for salary increases and many expatriates descend on the country in hopes of securing a better lifestyle than they’d otherwise experience in their home countries. Should the importance of money here, however, overshadow the very values that the society has been constructed on? Some kind of watchdog to regulate pricing would certainly bring some relief to those most affected, especially since it’s usually the more vulnerable members of society that suffer the most given the apparent lack of minimum wage here. Eid Al-Adha is meant to be all about sacrifice, yet, quite ironically, the only sacrifices many companies are concerned with are those of their customers.

In Kuwait, however, these things happen suddenly, with no preamble and for no reason at all, whether logical or illogical. If we conducted a survey on the changes in a number of cases, we’d find that they happened without any clear reasons. For example, a few years back, the appointment of Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad as Prime Minister was welcomed in an unprecedented way. He was described in glowing terms as a “reformer.” A few years later, however, in the eyes of the opposition he

has become the exact opposite, and has been confronted repeatedly with one grilling after another. The grillings he’s faced are concerned with worthy causes, but the charges laid against him personally are illogical in the extreme, at least when one looks at the realities around us. This makes one suspect that, behind the curtain, there are other, unspoken, reasons for the opposition’s complete volte face, going from wildly supportive to absolutely opposed. We don’t blame the government, which is unable to remain politically coherent as it hemorrhages members with ministers being regularly forced out or resigning. The current government, which is short of two ministers, had no option but to be formed hastily. No, we blame the opposition, who mostly claim to be speaking in our, the public’s, names, but certainly don’t deign to be open or share all their information with us. They are certainly not honest with us about their hidden alliances with influential ruling family members to attack the current government; although this is no longer a secret to anyone the opposition, unfortunately, doesn’t want to talk about it, despite it being a very relevant political subject indeed. I would say to the opposition; since you claim to be the voice of the Kuwaiti people, we the Kuwaiti people demand the truth about your beliefs and objectives. Tell us who you have dealings with and who are the influential figures backing you. Tell us what your true agenda is. Of course, seasoned political observers already know all too well who you’re dealing with and the identities of the influential figures backing you, but most of the public - those who you claim to be speaking for - do not know these truths. So, let’s hear the truth clearly from you: ‘We are with ‘X’ or ‘Y’ or against ‘Z’ and are coordinating with ‘X’ (or ‘Y’) to bring down the government. It will be no shame for you to reveal your political alliances with certain ruling family members or with other important figures, say leading entrepreneurs for example. What would be shameful would be to continue keeping these alliances secret from the public in whose name you claim to speak and whose voice you claim to represent. — Al-Anba

kuwait digest

No unnecessary bonuses please! By Abdullah Al-Najjar e are all aware of the wisdom and skill of our leader HH the Amir. We also believe in his vast repertoire of political experience and the diplomatic connections he enjoys. We want some legislators to stop instigating the public to participate in chaotic demonstrations and verbally insult the premier and a number of ruling family members. Such unruly behavior is not characteristic of Kuwaiti culture and is alien to our society. Stringent penalties should be levied on them because they incite employees into joining sit-ins and strikes, harming the interests of other citizens and expats. An immediate end should be put to all this before the situation turns worse. This is because Kuwait is being milked by those that do not want like it. Naturalization is an internal matter, and every country, not only Kuwait, has the right to grant citizenship to the person deemed deserving. I so wish that the list contained the name of Shaikh Abdelrahman Abdelkhaliq, the names of several bedoons who have medical, engineering qualifications, even those who have excelled in sports. If there was a group that sought to naturalize the worthy, the duty of our patriotic MPs would have been to support bedoons who are skilled in many ways. I have something to bring to the Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Humoud’s notice. The ministry distributed unfair bonuses to several officials that ‘stage-managed’ the demonstrations held in the summer. This move depressed other valiant heroes that helped crush the demonstrations! One of the recipients appeared shy as officials in his department distributed it to them! Minister Ahmad Al-Humoud, bonuses should be distributed to all those who participated in accordance with their job function! Being indiscriminately unfair to everyone is a type of egalitarianism. None of the officers expected any


reward because they were simply performing their duties for which they are paid salaries. How can you expect sincerity from policemen when the ministry pampers them in this manner? Let us not forget that demonstrations and sit-ins will continue to be held, and those who do not receive rewards may create unnecessary clamor! How do you think this will turn out?

Naturalization is an internal matter, and every country, not only Kuwait, has the right to grant citizenship to the person deemed deserving. I so wish that the list contained the name of Shaikh Abdelrahman Abdelkhaliq, the names of several bedoons who have medical, engineering qualifications, even those who have excelled in sports. If there was a group that sought to naturalize the worthy, the duty of our patriotic MPs would have been to support bedoons who are skilled in many ways.

I wish officials in the Army, Police and Fire Departments would adopt a good deed from the National Guard - banning the family or tribe name being printed on officers’ nametags. This more helps curb wasta. — Al-Watan

kuwait digest

The master plan By Mubarak Al-Maosharji omeone was able to obtain classified documents from the country’s largest banks - related to the bank accounts of MPs and public figures and hand them over to an unbiased daily newspaper. This forced these two banks to refer ‘suspicious accounts’ to the Public Prosecution Department to protect integrity and transparency.


The person who leaked the bank documents and obtained the foreign ministry data must’ve been able to do using sophisticated tools that he had exclusive access to. He must enjoy the support of certain individuals employed in key positions that can help him obtain highly classified information. This person possesses magical powers through which he obtains secret information, and protects those that help leak data. The situation dealt a hard blow to the government, pro-government MPs, the Finance Minister and the Central Bank governor. This is because it exposed their ignorance and placed them under suspicion. This happened, and we never know who was that ‘someone’ who delivered the blow, and whereabouts regarding accomplices that helped him expose the scandal. Meanwhile, a Foreign Ministry employee was guaranteed protection as he agreed to expose documents concerning financial transactions made through Kuwait’s embassies. These documents were taken from heavilysecured safes, photocopied, and then the copies were handed to a hard-line oppositionist lawmaker who didn’t hesitate to take a dig at the Cabinet. This incident delivered a second massive blow to the government which forced the foreign minister to resign. The person who leaked the bank documents and obtained the foreign ministry data must’ve been able to do using sophisticated tools that he had exclusive access to. He must enjoy the support of certain individuals employed in key positions that can help him obtain highly classified information. This person possesses magical powers through which he obtains secret information, and protects those that help leak data. After these information reached the media, the government and its allies in the Parliament were exposed. The government lost support because everyone is now trying to dissociate from the debacle. If you ask me, that was a work of a great mastermind. Crime experts say that if you struggle to identify a culprit at a certain crime, then look for those that benefit the most from it. Can that help us identify the suspects? — Al-Rai



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Kuwait affirms support for Palestine’s UN membership Historic victory for just cause UNITED NATIONS: The State of Kuwait has renewed its support for Palestine in the bid to win full membership of the United Nations as a preliminary step toward reaching a just and permanent settlement to the PalestinianIsraeli strife. Hamad Ibrahim Al-Salloum, the Second Secretary of the Kuwaiti mission at the UN, affirmed Kuwait’s support for the Palestinians’ aspiration to self-determination and attaining full and legitimate political rights, namely establishment of the independent state on their territories with East Jerusalem as its capital. Al-Salloum, who was addressing the UN Commission for Political Rights and Decolonization, held as part of the 66th session of the UN General Assembly, called on the powers sponsoring the Middle East peace process to put an end to Israel’s “criminal acts, perpetrated in violation of international covenants and treaties.” The State of Kuwait has recently followed up with relief on Palestine’s success in attaining full membership at the UNESCO. “We congratulate our Palestinian brothers on this his-

toric victory for their just cause,” he said. He called on the international community, namely the Security Council, to shoulder its responsibilities, as stipulated by the UN charter, to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict which “constitutes main threat to security and peace in the Middle east.” The Kuwaiti diplomat called on the influential powers to coerce Israel halt “criminal acts” against the Palestinians and urged for protection of the unarmed Palestinians in the occupied territories. Branding Israel’s settlement policy as an obstacle in the face of the peace efforts, AlSalloum said Tel Aviv’s intransigence, procrastination and defiance vis a vis resolutions of the international legitimacy and laws, as well as its violation of relevant UN resolutions, “are practices aimed at maintaining the occupation and altering the social and demographic features of the occupied territories.” Israel’s recent decision to build 2,000 settlement units constituted yet another evidence of its non-seriousness regarding the peace option, the Kuwaiti Second Secretary

added. Kuwaiti is concerned as a result of continuing construction of settlements, in shadow of acts of harassment and abuse by the occupation forces, he said, re-affirming support for the Palestinian people in their struggle to attain their legitimate political right for establishing the independent state on their territories. He praised recent release of Palestinians from Israeli prisons, called for freeing remaining inmates and dispatching an international panel to Israel to investigate condition of Palestinians held behind bars. He condemned the continuing “illegal and inhuman siege of Gaza Strip,” which constitutes breach of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention and relevant UN resolutions. As to Israel’s occupation of other Arab lands, Salloum renewed the call for its pullout from the Syrian Golan and the Lebanese territories. He also urged Israel to abide by recommendations of the UN commission, and called on the super powers to coerce Israel respond to initiatives intended to restore peace to the Middle East. — KUNA

Steps to boost cooperation with Tunisia

KUWAIT: Gold on display at a local jewelry store yesterday. The Eid Al-Adha holiday provides an opportunity for people to give presents to their loved ones, as local jewelry shops usually witness increased activity in Muslim holiday seasons. —Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

Kuwait residents urged to vote for the Big Table KUWAIT: The South African Embassy in the State of Kuwait has called on all residents in Kuwait to exercise their global democratic rights by voting for Table Mountain in Cape Town as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. In a statement released by the South African Embassy, Cape Town is described as an iconic city of breathtaking natural beauty complemented by its famous hospitality, cultural diversity and excellent cuisine and entertainment varieties. Cape Town also known as the Mother city, hosts millions of international visitors each year and is the gateway to Robben Island, a World Heritage Site where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. Table Mountain is regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations globally and provides a majestic backdrop to the friendly and vibrant city of Cape Town. An ultra modern cableway takes visitors to the top of the mountain, providing spectacular views of the convergence of the mighty Atlantic and Indian Oceans at the most Southern tip of the African Continent. This spectacular

geological feature comprises a number of rock formations which was formed between 560 and 700 million years ago. Commenting on the possibility of Table Mountain being voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, South African’s Ambassador to Kuwait Delarey Van Tonder said “I wish all Kuwaitis a blessed and rewarding Eid and while they are celebrating Eid in a unique Kuwaiti tradition around the table those Kuwaitis that have visited this majestic mountain are reminded to consider casting their votes for the Big Table. I am also honored to invite Kuwaiti residents to visit South Africa for a truly unique African experience.” Kuwait residents can exercise their international voting right by, simply going online and voting at the website or via phone by dialing one of these international telephone numbers: +1 869 760 5990, +1 649 339 8080, +44 758 900 1290, after the tone, insert 7725 to vote for Table Mountain as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Voting ends on 11/11/2011.

The Table Mountain in Cape Town

Kuwait envoy holds talks with Uruguayan officials BUENOS AIRES: Kuwaiti Ambassador to Argentina and non-resident Ambassador to Uruguay Saud Al-Roumi met in Montevideo Uruguay’s Foreign Minister Luis Almagro, said a statement here Thursday. The statement released by the Kuwaiti Embassy in Buenos Aires said that the two officials held talks on means to bolster bilateral relations on all possible fields. The ambassador, according to the statement, also touched on the issues discussed during the visit of the Kuwaiti parliamentary friendship committee to the country. The talks also focused on the opening of a Uruguayan embassy in Kuwait. Almagro said, on his part, that the President of Uruguay Jose Mujica was eager to conduct a visit to the GCC countries with Kuwait being one of the highlights of such visits. On a different account, Al-Roumi met with Director

General of the Common Southern Market (Mercosur) Director General Alvaro Ons, discussing with him means to bolster economic and financial cooperation. Mercosur is an economic and political agreement among Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Founded in 1991 by the Treaty of Asuncion, which was later amended and updated by the 1994 Treaty of Ouro Preto. Its purpose is to promote free trade and the fluid movement of goods, people, and currency. The ambassador also attended an Uruguayan chamber of commerce meeting in Montevideo in presence of GCC ambassadors in Argentina and non-resident ambassadors in Uruguay. Addressing the meeting, he urged Uruguayan businessmen to seize available economic opportunities in Kuwait and other GCC member states. — KUNA

TUNIS: His Highness the Amir (of Kuwait) Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has “given the green light” for action to boost cooperation between Tunisia and Kuwait, Prime Minister Beji Caid Essebsi said yesterday. Kuwait is one of the states that have continuously supported Tunisia and this is being said for sake of expressing gratitude, said Essebsi, adding that HH the Amir, during his recent visit to Kuwait, gave the “green light” for any effort aimed at solidifying the mutual cooperation in all sectors, namely the economy, between the two states.

Essebsi was speaking in an interview with Kuwait News Agency and the Chief Editor of the Kuwaiti daily newspaper, AlAnbaa, Adnan Al-Rashed, at the government headquarters in the district of Al-Casbah in the capital. Regarding his recent Gulf tour that included Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait, the prime minister said it was intended to express gratitude for these states’ distinguished support for his nation. Tunisia’s ties with the GCC states, particularly Kuwait, have been based on cooperation, he said, noting that it was Tunis that nominated Kuwait for UN mem-

bership after the 1961 independence, prompting Baghdad to sever ties with it. Elaborating on some relevant historic events, he recalled Kuwait’s mediation efforts between Tunisia and Libya during era of the ousted regime to tackle recurrent strains in the ties between Tunis and Tripoli. At the time, HH Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who was serving as foreign minister, played a crucial go-between role, upon instructions of the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, for mending fences between the two nations.

Essebsi, in the exclusive interview with KUNA and the Arabiclanguage daily newspaper, expressed hope to witness the Kuwaiti-Tunisian ties being bolstered to a level of partnership. On Libya, he affirmed that the ties with Tripoli “were cordial.” In answer to a question regarding possible hand-over of the former Libyan premier, Al-Baghdadi AlMahmoudi, held in Tunisia, to Tripoli, he said that this case was being examined by the judicial authorities. He affirmed the desire to maintain good ties with Arab and neighboring states, namely Egypt. — KUNA



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‘Human smuggling’ attempt thwarted at Kuwait airport KUWAIT: Security personnel from the Kuwait International Airport (KIA) foiled a smuggling attempt. A First Lieutenant tried to assist her sister and friend leave the country illegally. A security officer at the Passports Counter was alerted after being informed about two female passengers who were escorted by a police officer to the departure gate without exit stamps being stamped in their passports. After learning that the officer was given orders to escort the women, the Officer intercepted them before boarding the flight. In an investigation that followed, it was revealed that she had facilitated the two women’s travel. The female officer helped the two women out of the security check room while the Passports’ Officer tried to contact his superior. However, she later returned and handed over the women’s passports. They allowed the two women to board their flight to Bahrain before filing a report against the female officer. — Al-Rai

Caught in the act Investigations are currently ongoing into a case in which a man accused his wife of cheating on him with another man, while his wife stated that she was raped. According to the husband’s statement, he returned home early from office only to find his wife in a compromising position with another man. The furious husband threatened them using a knife while recording their acts on his mobile phone. The situation proved too overwhelming for the wife’s ‘lover’ who fell unconscious. The woman desperately tried to convince her husband that she was raped. Police was informed of the incident and reached the scene. Paramedical staff admitted the ‘other man’ to the Mubarak Hospital. At the Salmiya police station, the woman reiterated that the Kuwaiti stranger forcible entered the apartment after she answered the door and assaulted her sexually. She remains in custody along with her husband pending ongoing investigation. The male suspect remains under observation amid tight security at the hospital. — Al-Rai.

influence of alcohol and possession of an unlicensed weapon. Police patrol vehicle caught a vehicle that was being driven erratically and its windows were illegally tinted. The two passengers were immediately arrested. An MB5 weapon and two loaded rifles were found in the vehicle. Meanwhile, investigations revealed that one of the suspects is a fugitive who has been convicted in a previous drug case. —Al- Rai

Freak accident A woman was injured after being run over by a vehicle. A child rammed the vehicle into her home in Taima. Police and paramedical staff who were informed of the incident, rushed to the scene. A bedoon (stateless) woman was hospitalized after suffering multiple fractures. She was repor tedly asleep when the incident took place. During investigations, the 11-year-old who wielded the vehicle’s steering vehicle said that he had lost control over it while driving recklessly. He was taken into custody and interrogated. —Al-Qabas

Security officers Six security officers from the Central Prison are currently being interrogated in connection with drugs that were found in their possession. An investigation was launched at the correctional facility after information was received on some security officers’ involvement in smuggling drugs to inmates. A number of officers in possession of drugs were netted, while seven heroin capsules were found in a bathroom used by noncommissioned officers. — Al-Anba

Shocking discovery Police are investigating a case, acting on a complaint filed by a young man, accusing his mother of engaging in illicit activity, as well as coercing his three sisters into prostitution. The man, who is a GCC national, approached the Public Prosecution Department to report his mother’s nefarious activities. — Al-Watan

Murder attempt Death probe Investigations are underway to determine the circumstances that led to the death of a Pakistani man who allegedly died of natural causes. The victim’s roommates rushed him to the Mubarak Hospital after he collapsed at their place of residence. He was pronounced dead on arrival. The body was removed for an autopsy. — Al-Rai

Drunk driver Two Kuwaiti brothers were arrested in Salmiya in connection with driving under the

A Pakistani man faces attempted murder charges after stabbing a 33-year-old Arab man over a parking lot dispute. The incident took place in Al-Shaab where the victim found a car blocking his vehicle’s way while trying to proceed to his destination. A few minutes after honking incessantly, a man emerged from a nearby building, and entered into an altercation with the man before taking out a knife and stabbing him in the chest. The victim was rushed to the Amiri Hospital in a critical condition while the assaulter was arrested. — Al-Watan

KUWAIT: Dean of Diplomatic Corps and Ambassador of Senegal to Kuwait Abdul-Ahad Imbaki held a farewell ceremony for the outgoing Ambassador of Morocco Mohamed Belaiche. The event was attended by ambassadors of several countries in Kuwait, and a number of diplomats. —- Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

Wataniya campaign to support Bayt Abdulla KUWAIT: Affirming its commitment to the society, Wataniya Telecom is supporting Bayt Abdulla (BACCH) in a charitable collaboration for the benefit of children with terminal illness. Through this collaboration, Wataniya Telecom will be opening the door for its customers to take part in a great cause and giving them the opportunity to draw a smile on the faces of the children. During the auspicious occasion of Eid Al Adha, members of the Wataniya Rewards Program can now donate their accumulated points to BACCH and Wataniya will double them. This in turn will be donated to Bayt Abdulla. Abdolaziz Al Balool PR Director of Wataniya commented: “ The goal behind this initiative is to involve our customers in a good and rewarding cause while finding means to make the children happy. Our Rewards Program offers many gifts and surprises and we feel like this joy can even be spread beyond our customers.”

If you are interested in this initiative and would like to take part in the donation, please visit your Wataniya Rewards membership account and

Abdolaziz Al-Balool click on “Donate points to Charity”. It’s as simple as that. If you aren’t a member yet of the Wataniya Rewards Program and would like to register, please visit or send SMS R

(for free) to 129. Start earning points with every KD you spend on Wataniya services and redeem your points for hundreds of exciting rewards and more. All personal prepaid and postpaid subscribers can join for free. The Rewards Program enables customers to earn points for using any Wataniya service such as calls, SMS and even surfing the internet. These points will be automatically added to their rewards account and customers can exchange them for rewards at their convenience. Wataniya Telecom was commercially launched in 1999 as the first privately owned operator in Kuwait. National Mobile Telecommunications Company (NMTC) trading under the brand name Wataniya Telecom is listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange and has operations in 6 countries including Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria and Palestine. Qatar Telecom (Qtel) owns 52.5% of Wataniya Telecom. Wataniya is a customer-driven

company that aims to provide product and service excellence. Over the past 10 years Wataniya has risen to be the second largest operator in one of the most competitive markets, and continues offering a wide range of prepaid and postpaid mobile voice and internet services to both individual and corporate customers. Wataniya has built its reputation on offering innovative services, maintaining excellent network quality and delivering outstanding customer experience. These three pillars remain the basis of Wataniya’s strategy as it continues to solidify its strong market position. Qatar Telecom (Qtel) provides both fixed and mobile telecommunications services in the state of Qatar. We have a presence in 17 countries and we are committed to expansion both in the MENA region and South East Asia. Our vision is to be among the top 20 telecommunications companies in the world by 2020. For more information, please visit:

Eid carnival at Fountain Park KUWAIT: The Fountain Park will host a slew of activities to celebrate Eid AlAdha holidays. Several shows have been scheduled for the second and third days of Eid, with Zain being the main sponsor. “The activities include a laser display show, a Japanese folk show, and a caricature show for children,” said Jassem Al-Shumais, Director of the Parks and Ice Skating Rink Division at the Touristic Enterprises Company(TEC).

Jassem Al-Shumais

Al-Shumais indicated that the shows will be held at the Fountain Park’s stage from 7 pm and 10 pm during the second and third days of Eid Al-Adha (Monday and Tuesday). An entrance fee of KD 5 will be charged. He also pointed out that the Touristic Park in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh will celebrate Eid AlAdha. Competitions will be held and valuable prizes will be distributed to winners.


Greek opposition leader insists on immediate vote

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MOUNT ARAFAT: Muslim Hajj pilgrims perform the noon prayers at the Nemra mosque near Mount Arafat yesterday. More than two million Muslims began massing on Saudi Arabia’s Mount Arafat and its surrounding plain, marking the peak day of the largest annual pilgrimage. —AFP

Five killed in Iraq attacks

SANAA: A female protestor displays her hands painted with Yemeni and Syrian flags during a demonstration demanding the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sanaa, Yemen, Friday.—AP

Yemen army kills 5 Qaeda suspects ADEN: Five Al-Qaeda suspects were killed in artillery shelling by Yemen’s army in the country’s restive southern city of Zinjibar, officials said yesterday. “The army’s 25th Mechanized Brigade fired artillery shells late Friday at an area in Zinjibar’s east killing five Al-Qaeda militants,” an army official told AFP. A local official in the nearby town of Jaar, an Al-Qaeda stronghold, confirmed the bodies of “five Al-Qaeda militants” were brought to the town from Zinjibar. Tribesmen and the Yemen’s army have been battling militants from the “Partisans of Sharia (Islamic law)” who are believed to

be close to Al-Qaeda in the countr y ’s southern and eastern regions. Yemen has been gripped by violence as the government in Sanaa has become weakened by anti-regime protests that have rocked the country since January. The international community has expressed fears the power vacuum in the impoverished country could play into the hands of Al-Qaeda. Hundreds have died in battles between security forces and protesters, and security forces and Al-Qaeda fighters, amid growing fears the extremists will exploit the fragile political situation to seize Yemen’s restive regions.—AFP

BAGHDAD: Bomb and gun attacks in Iraq, including four bombs at the home of an anti-Qaeda militia leader, killed five people and wounded 13 others yesterday, security officials said. The bomb blasts struck the home of Yassin Issa Daud, a leader of Sahwa (Awakening) militia in Taji, north of Baghdad, about 6:30 am (0330 GMT), Taji police Captain Ahmed Fahad said. The explosions killed three people, including Daud’s brother and wife, and wounded six other people, Fahad said, adding that Daud was not home at the time. Officials from the interior and defence ministries put the toll at four killed and 11 wounded. “Four people were killed and 11 others wounded by the explosion of four roadside bombs that targeted the house of a Sahwa leader in Taji,” the interior ministry official said. The defence ministry official gave the same toll. On Thursday, a suicide bomber and a car bomb targeted Sahwa militiamen near Baquba, north of Baghdad, killing five people and wounding 26, an army officer and a doctor said. The Sahwa are made up of Sunni tribesmen who joined forces with the US military against Al-Qaeda from late 2006, helping turn the tide of the insurgency. Amir al-Khuzai, adviser to the prime minister for reconciliation affairs, said the Sahwa once numbered about 87,000, but that more

BASRA: Supporters of Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, seen in the poster, chant anti-Baathist slogans during a protest in Basra, 340 miles (547 kilometers) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq yesterday. The banners in Arabic read, “The people of Basra demand debaathification.”—AP than 40,000 of them are still awaiting promised public sector jobs. Also yesterday, border police Brigadier General Mohammed Jalil Mansur was shot dead with a silenced weapon while driving near Al-Shaab football stadium in east-

ern Baghdad, the interior ministry official said. A magnetic sticky bomb on a minibus in the Sadr City area in the capital’s north killed one person and wounded five others, according to the official. And another

sticky bomb on a car wounded two other people in north Baghdad. Violence has declined nationwide since its peak in 2006 and 2007, but attacks remain common. A total of 258 people were killed in October, according to official figures.—AFP

US warns of Hariri court funding BEIRUT: A top US official yesterday warned that ties with Lebanon would suffer if Beirut fails to pay its share of funding to a UN-backed court probing ex-premier Rafiq Hariri’s murder. “If Lebanon is unable to produce its share of the funding for the Special Tribunal, we’re going to have to take some pretty tough decisions, and I think you’re going to see some consequences in terms of the US-Lebanese bilateral relationship,” Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said in an interview with Al-Arabiya television in Washington. “I’d expect the same thing in terms of some other countries as well.” Lebanon is responsible for meeting 49 percent of the costs of the UN-

backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), which has charged four Hezbollah members in the 2005 assassination of billionaire ex-premier Hariri. But the Hezbollah-dominated government has yet to pay its share, estimated at $35 million (25.2 million euros) for 2011, as international pressure mounts on Prime Minister Najib Mikati to uphold his commitment to the STL. “Mr Mikati has said publicly ... that he is committed to meeting Lebanon’s obligations to the international community,” said Feltman. “One of those obligations is payment of the Lebanese contributions to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.” Mik ati in recent weeks has received a series of notifications from the court

on the overdue funds. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, whose Shiite militant party is blacklisted as a terrorist group by Washington, has openly opposed Lebanon paying its annual share to the Netherlands-based STL. Nasrallah has dismissed the court as a USIsraeli conspiracy against his Iranian-backed party, warning that no member of Hezbollah would ever be found or arrested. In January, Hezbollah toppled Lebanon’s Western-backed government, led by Hariri’s son Saad, in a feud over the STL, ushering in telecommunications tycoon Mikati to replace him. In 2010, the Hariri government transferred funds to the STL without cabinet approval.— AFP



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ElBaradei’s Egypt presidential campaign faces divisions CAIRO: Mohammed ElBaradei’s Egyptian presidential campaign suffered a blow yesterday as campaigners quit in protest at the handling of his election race, saying the former UN nuclear watchdog head has become isolated from his grassroots base. Campaigners in one of Egypt’s biggest electoral blocs walked out and nine other provinces froze their activities, blaming flawed campaign management for ElBaradei’s decreasing popularity, charges his central office has denied. The Nobel Peace Prize winner is no longer seen as one of the front runners in the election race and the internal dispute could further weaken his prospects ahead of presidential elections expected at the end of 2012. One survey has placed the former

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) head seventh in the running as he struggles to navigate the country’s internal politics. Independent analysts and Western diplomats, while praising ElBaradei’s integrity and diplomatic skills, have questioned whether he has the broad appeal to attract votes from many ordinary Egyptians concerned with local issues rather than his international achievements. ElBaradei could not be reached for comment but the central office said he was keen on meeting campaigners and had met with “over 1,500 volunteers” recently. Volunteers in Sharqiya, a province with a voting power of 3.4 million, said they resigned after their campaign leader was dismissed in an “arbitrary decision” by the directors. “ElBaradei’s campaign

office in Sharqiya has collectively resigned to protest the maltreatment the Cairo-based administration has shown to the volunteers and for blocking access between ElBaradei and the grassroots base working for him on the ground,” the statement added. The Cairo office denied there was a collective resignation, and said it removed three coordinators to “obtain harmony and improve the performance of the campaign”, insisting volunteers and their efforts were respected. “This campaign is failing because there is a gap between Dr. Mohammed ElBaradei who ordinary Egyptians consider distant and cut off from them,” said Mohammed Gouda, who headed the Sharqiya campaign. Two other campaigners, Saad Bahar and Ahmed Hassan, were dismissed for backing

Gouda. Campaigners in the city of Port Said also quit, while leaders in nine other provinces said in a joint statement they had halted activities until ElBaradei meets them. They also demanded a “transparent and just” probe over the dismissals. “Volunteers work independently and without integration, like isolated islands. This will be a problem during presidential polls,” said Saad Bahar, one of those dismissed. Bahar was responsible for coordinating field work across the country. Others said the campaign’s central office had too many business executives and not enough people with local knowledge. After his return to Egypt in Feb. 19 2010, ElBaradei led a reform movement, saying Egyptians would rise up against 30 years of authoritarian rule

under President Hosni Mubarak. A year later, Mubarak was ousted in a popular uprising on Feb 11. Youth groups and an Egyptian opposition of secularists, liberals, Islamists and leftists quickly flocked to ElBaradei. But eight months after Mubarak’s fall, he trails other candidates. Well-known former Arab League chief Amr Moussa is tipped as the front runner by many. Other leading candidates include former Muslim Brotherhood member Abdel Monem Abul Futuh, and ex-air force commander Ahmed Shafiq who was briefly prime minister after the uprising. “The point is to show ElBaradei is of the people. We require directors who do not bring their party affiliations onto ElBaradei’s campaign,” said Ahmed Hassan, former field coordinator for the Cairo area. — Reuters

Israel frees six of 27 detained on flotilla 21 still being held at detention facility

ANKARA: Iranian opposition members and activists hold flags as they protest against their country’s regime during a demonstration in Ankara yesterday. —AFP

Iran says US plot suspect is anti-Tehran militant TEHRAN: Iran has complained to the United Nations about a US accusation it tried to assassinate a Saudi diplomat, saying one of the alleged plotters Washington calls an Iranian military official is really a member of an anti-Tehran rebel group. Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said yesterday the plot was part of a multi-pronged US strategy to smear Tehran, a process he said would continue next week when the UN nuclear agency publishes a report western diplomats say will contain new evidence about Iran’s nuclear program. The complaint to UN SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon turned the US accusation that Tehran supports terrorism back onto Washington, Salehi said. “This letter contains our complaint about the plots of the United States, reliable information that we have of the US involvement in those plots,” he said in a news conference broadcast live on the English language channel Press TV. On its website, Press TV reported the letter said a suspect who US prosecutors have identified as an Iranian military official is actually a member of the exiled Iranian rebel group Mujahideen Khalq Organisation (MKO). One of two men charged with plotting to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington, 56-year-old IranianAmerican Manssor Arbabsiar, pleaded not guilty at a court hearing in New York last month. The second, Gholam Shakuri, is still at large and US officials say he is a member of the Quds Force, an arm of Iran’s Revolutionar y Guards, who approved the plan to hire Mexican gangsters to murder Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir. The semi-official Mehr news agency reported on Oct. 17 that Shakuri was a member of the MKO, also known as the People’s Mujahideen Organisation of Iran

(PMOI), based in Iraq and listed as a terrorist group by the United States. Citing “informed sources”, Mehr said Shakuri had travelled to Washington and to the MKO base at Camp Ashraf in Iraq. Iranian officials did not initially comment on the report which said Interpol had discovered Shakuri’s true identity, but Press TV reported yesterday it was now in the letter delivered to Ban. Washington is using what it says was a foiled plot to help bolster international support to tighten sanctions on Iran which it accuses of developing nuclear weapons and sponsoring terrorism, charges denied by Tehran. Israeli and western media have increased speculation in recent days that Israel might launch a strike on Iran’s nuclear sites. Some analysts say that, rather than any firm evidence military action is imminent, the chatter reflects efforts to increase diplomatic pressure on Tehran. Salehi said Iran did not fear possible revelations in a report to be issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Wednesday that western diplomats say will make a “compelling case” the Iranian nuclear program is not entirely peaceful. “They are claiming that they are going to publish new documents. We know what the truth is-let them publish them and we’ll see what happens. Will they not be called into question as an agency that is under pressure by foreign powers?” Salehi said. The IAEA report, the assassination plot and accusations about human rights abuses were a “threepronged attack from the West against Iran ... just an assault to pressure Iran into subjugation,” he said. Salehi repeated the stance of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who has said Iran has 100 “undeniable documents” proving US involvement in terrorism. — Reuters

JERUSALEM: Israel has freed six of 27 passengers and crew who were aboard two ships intercepted by its navy while trying to run the Jewish state’s blockade on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, an official said yesterday. Commandos boarded the Irish-flagged Saoirse (Freedom) and the Canadian ship Tahrir (Arabic for Liberation) in international waters off Gaza on Friday before the navy escorted them to the port of Ashdod, the military said. Interior ministry spokeswoman Sabine Hadad told AFP the six released included an Israeli Arab, two Greek crewmen and three journalists-from Egypt, Spain and the United States. She said the remaining 21 people were still being held at a detention facility in Ramla near Tel Aviv, after questioning by immigration authorities. Asked when the 21 activists were expected to be freed, Hadad explained the deportation process requires them to see a judge, a process that would take at least 72 hours. At the end of the process, Israel would fly the activists back to their homelands, she said. Fourteen of the activists held by Israel were Irish, the rest are from Canada, Scotland, Australia and the US. Activists organised a major attempt to break the Israeli blockade in May 2010, when six ships led by the Turkish Mavi Marmara tried to reach Gaza. Israeli troops stormed the Marmara, killing nine Turkish activists and sparking a diplomatic crisis with Ankara, which expelled the Israeli ambassador and has cut military ties with the Jewish state. Earlier this year, a sec-

KHARTOUM: Sudan has lodged a fresh complaint with the UN Security Council detailing South Sudan’s alleged support for rebels in its war-torn border states, just four months after partition, state media reported yesterday. Sudan’s UN ambassador, Daffa-Alla Elhag Ali Osman, provided “detailed, confirmed information explaining the support of the government of the south for the rebels in South Kordofan and Blue Nile,” the SUNA news agency reported. It is the second time Khartoum has addressed such complaints to the Security Council since southern independence in July, reflecting the fragile relations between the former civil war enemies. The letter accused Juba of supplying the rebels in Blue Nile state with “anti-aircraft missiles, tanks, mines, guns and ammunition,” as well as “an infantry battalion to strengthen the insurgency in Kurmuk.” The Blue Nile rebel stronghold, which straddles

ly denied VanDyke was being held, but in July they acknowledged he was in custody. When the infamous Abu Salim prison in Tripoli was bombed in August, fellow prisoners broke open VanDyke’s cell and he escaped. The fleeing prisoners made their way to a compound, where he was able to borrow a phone to call home. After his escape, VanDyke said he and his companions were ambushed by government troops in Brega. He was held in solitary confinement in two prisons for months but was never told what he was accused of or if he would be released, he said. VanDyke said he’d remain in Libya until Gaddafi fell from power and he found out whether friends safely made it through the fighting. He later joined rebel fighters and now, on Facebook, he describes himself as a soldier in the Ali Hassan Al-Jaber Brigade of the National Liberation Army of Libya. His mother has said she was nervous about him fighting, but supported his decision. — AP

vent weapons from entering the coastal territory, which is run by the Islamist Hamas movement. Two months ago, a UN report on the flotilla raid accused the Jewish state of acting with “excessive force” but found that its naval blockade on the coastal territory was legal. —AFP

JENIN: A Palestinian vendor dances with knifes for sale at a livestock market in preparation for the upcoming Eid al-Adha holiday in the West Bank city of Jenin yesterday. Muslims worldwide are preparing for the Eid al-Adha holiday, which is marked by the sacrificial killing of sheep, goats, cows or camels. —AP

Sudan lodges Juba ‘border war’ complaint with UN the border with Ethiopia and is also close to South Sudan, was overrun by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) on Thursday, after two months of conflict in the politically divided state. The letter, which was delivered to the president of the UN Security Council, also claimed that South Sudan is sheltering a large number of rebels who fled from Blue Nile south of the border to the town of Renk. Blue Nile and nearby South Kordofan both have strong historic ties to the south and were key battlegrounds in the devastating 1983-2005 conflict between Khartoum and the SPLA, the former southern rebels turned regular army of South Sudan. Observers have warned that the fighting there risks dragging the two countries into an all-out proxy war and torpedoing bilateral talks on key outstanding issues. South Sudan’s army on Thursday again denied any involvement in the fighting north of the border. — AP

Barzani criticises Turkey’s fight against Kurd rebels ANKARA: Iraqi Kurd leader Massud Barzani said yesterday he opposes Turkey’s military campaign against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq as it will fail to permanently end the conflict. Barzani arrived in Ankara Thursday for talks focused on Turkey’s ongoing operation against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). “Honestly, I disapprove of all these operations ... I don’t think that one can achieve the result with the military option”, Barzani told the Hurriyet newspaper. “The fighting should happen in parliament”, he told the Anatolia news agency. The Turkish military launched an operation in northern Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region after a PKK attack last month killed 24 soldiers in the town of Cukurca near the Iraqi border, the army’s biggest loss since 1993. Clashes between the PKK and the army have escalated since the summer. In the interview yesterday, the Kurdish leader condemned the PKK for last month’s deadly attack and called on the group to cease all its military activities. “When the PKK does that, Turkey will no longer have a pretext to pursue its military campaign”, Barzani told Hurriyet. Barzani met with Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and was set to have talks with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan later yesterday. — AFP

US, Israel talk tough ahead of Iran nuclear report

American who joined Libyan rebels returning to US LINTHICUM, Md: An American writer is returning home later yesterday after spending more than five months in solitary confinement in Libyan prisons, then joining the rebel forces who opposed dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Earlier this year, 32-year-old Matthew VanDyke was working in Baltimore on a book and film about a motorcycle trip across the Middle East and southeast Asia when he decided to witness the uprising in Libya. He disappeared during a day trip to Brega in March. Although he wasn’t heard from for months, VanDyke’s mother, Sharon, and his girlfriend, Lauren Fischer, held strong to their belief that VanDyke would return. Sharon VanDyke even traveled to Turkey with photos of her son in hopes of speaking to Libyan diplomats in hopes they could work to free him. Sharon VanDyke and Fischer enlisted Rep. CA Dutch Ruppersburger, a Maryland Democrat and ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, who held a news conference in May to call attention to the situation. Libyan officials initial-

ond flotilla tried to reach Gaza, but several ships were sabotaged-which activists blamed on Israel. Only the French-flagged yacht, the Dignity, was able to attempt the last leg of the journey but was stopped by the navy and those on board were deported. Israel says its blockade is necessary to pre-

TRIPOLI: In this Aug. 27, 2011 file photo, American writer and filmmaker Matthew VanDyke, from Baltimore, released from Abu Salim prison after spending 6 months imprisoned, stands in front of the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya. —AP

WASHINGTON: A senior US military official said on Friday Iran had become the biggest threat to the United States and Israel’s president said the military option to stop the Islamic republic from obtaining nuclear weapons was nearer. In Tehran, thousands of students burned US flags and pictures of President Barack Obama in a rally marking the anniversary of the 1979 seizure of the US Embassy. Both sides have stepped up their rhetoric before the expected release next week of a report by the UNatomic watchdog. Sources briefed on the document said it would support allegations that Iran built a large steel container for carrying out tests with high explosives that could be used in nuclear weapons. “The biggest threat to the United States and to our interests and to our friends ... has come into focus and it’s Iran,” said the US military official, addressing a forum in Washington. Reporters were allowed to cover the event on condition the official not be identified. The official said he did not believe Iran wanted to provoke a conflict and that he did not know if the Islamic state had decided to build a nuclear weapon. In Israel, President Shimon Peres was asked by Channel Two News if events were moving toward to a military option rather than a diplomatic one. He replied: “I believe so, I estimate that intelligence services of all these

countries are looking at the ticking clock, warning leaders that there is not much time left.” French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking at a G20 summit of world leaders in France, said: “Iran’s behavior and this obsessional desire to acquire nuclear military (capability) is in violation of all international rules. ... If Israel’s existence were threatened, France would not stand idly by.” Iran’s Islamic rulers, who say Israel has no right to exist, deny Tehran is seeking nuclear weapons and have warned they will respond to any attacks by striking at Israel and USinterests in the Gulf. Both the United States and Israel, which is widely believed to have the Middle East’s only nuclear arsenal, have repeatedly said they keep all options-including military attackopen in their effort to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. But while speculation about an impending attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities has heated up and cooled down several times in recent years, the thrust of the US policy on Iran has been exerting economic pressure via sanctions imposed by the United Nations and other bodies. That stance was reiterated on Friday by Pentagon spokesman George Little, who said, “In terms of the instruments of national power that we’re currently employing, the focus is on diplomatic and economic.” — Reuters



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UN convoy hits landmine in Kenya’s Dadaab camp GARISSA: A Kenyan police jeep escorting UN vehicles struck a landmine in the country’s Dadaab refugee complex near the border with Somalia yesterday, police said, underscoring the mounting threats facing aid groups and refugees in the camp. The explosive device failed to detonate. The incident took place close to where two Spanish women working for the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) were kidnapped last month. “The police land-cruiser was escorting the morning UN convoy to Hagadera camp,” District

Commissioner Ndambuki Muthike said, referring to one of the three camps at the refugee site. “It ran over what was discovered to be a mine that had been partly buried in the sand and covered with a cooking pot.” It was not immediately clear who planted the device, which was set just a few hundred metres from a police post. Banditry is common in the area but landmines are rare. The abduction of the Spanish MSF workers, who were taken into Somalia, was the third in a spate of attacks on Westerners in Kenya. The kidnapping

helped spur Kenya into sending troops into its lawless neighbor in a bid to crush al Qaeda-linked rebels. The al Shabaab militants have vowed to bring the “flames of war” across the frontier in retaliation. Security experts have also voiced concerns the rebels would increasingly turn to softer targets, such as tourists and aid workers. Dadaab, located about 100 km (60 miles) from the Somali border, was set up in 1991 to house Somalis fleeing violence in their country. The camp’s population has

swollen to more than 460,000 people this year because of famine in Somalia. Separately, residents in the Kenyan border town of El Wak said a gang of suspected Somali gunmen riding donkeys attacked the frontier post late on Friday. The raiders later crossed back into Somalia. Kenya, East Africa’s largest economy, has long looked warily at its chaotic neighbour. Somali militants frequently launch crossborder assaults on border towns and Kenyan security forces.— Reuters

Greek opposition leader insists on immediate vote Papandreou wins early morning confidence vote

MONOVIA: Liberian incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf speaks at the Presidential Palace in Monrovia yesterday. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf accused her main challenger in presidential elections of “violating the constitution” by calling for a boycott of a run-off vote next week. —AFP

Opposition boycott threatens Liberian polls MONROVIA: A poll boycott call by the opposition set Liberia on edge three days before run-off presidential elections, as incumbent Ellen Johnson Sirleaf accused her challenger of violating the constitution. Sirleaf looked headed for a one-woman show in Tuesday’s polls, as she called on Liberians to disregard the boycott, and elections officials insisted the vote would go ahead despite Winston Tubman threatening not to recognise the outcome. Much is at stake in the election, which is seen as a litmus test of the country’s still-fragile democracy eight years after the end of a bloody civil conflict which left some 250,000 dead. “Mr Winston Tubman has called on Liberians to give up their franchise, their right to vote. He has told people to violate the constitution ... When you start violating the constitution, where do you stop?” Sirleaf said in an address to the nation made from the presidency headquarters. She hailed a first round of voting on October 11, which was “validated by 4,800 domestic and foreign observers as free fair and transparent-not marred by a single act of violence” and urged Liberians to disregard the boycott. “We are poised to make history, to not succumb to fear and intimidation, to not allow any politician to hold our country hostage, to not allow Mr Tubman to claim ‘boycott’, when what he is doing is forfeiting the right to the finals because he fears defeat,” said Sirleaf. Tubman claims the first round, in which he placed second with 32.7 percent, was flawed by voting irregularities, citing pre-marked ballots and incompetence by the National Election Commission. Despite securing the resignation of polls chief James Fromayan, Tubman, candidate of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), maintains he is still not confident the process will be transparent. “We officially inform the Liberian people and the world that the CDC cannot participate in the November 8 ballot,” Tubman said Friday, calling on all Liberians to stay away from the ballots. “Any government coming out of the November 8 process will be without a national mandate to govern and will not be recognised by the CDC.” Sirleaf, 73, said that according to Tubman’s reasoning “the election is only free and fair if the CDC wins, but fraudulent when they lose.” The president has the upper hand heading to the runoff, after winning 44 percent of votes cast in the first round, and has managed to secure the support of key smaller parties for the second round. Monrovia bustled yesterday but there was no sign of the party atmosphere which preceded the first round and no campaigning was evident as political bickering cast a pall on the election run-up. Police checkpoints went up around the city on Friday night after Tubman’s announcement. “I do not think that the boycott of the CDC should be taken lightly because this is a party that has hundreds of thousands of partisans,” said political analyst Alvin Wleh, of the University of Liberia. “So, if they decide not to recognize the government, it could affect our young democracy.” Acting national elections chief Elizabeth Nelson told AFP the election will go on as planned despite the boycott. “We are under constitutional mandate to hold the run-off on the second Tuesday of November. We are going to do just that,” she added. In her address, Sirleaf, who made history in 2005 when she became Africa’s first elected female president, harked back to the country’s anguished past, which left the nation’s economy and infrastructure shattered. “This election is about a choice between hope and fear; between the unlimited potential our future holds and the ugly aspects of our past ... a past where politicians put their own self-interest ahead of the interests of the nation.” Tubman has called his supporters to his headquarters yesterday, for a “national vigil for peace and transparent elections.”— AFP

ATHENS: Greece’s conservative opposition leader has insisted on his demand for immediate elections, snubbing a government offer to form a power-sharing coalition and extending a political deadlock in the debt-shackled country. Center-right New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras made the remarks yesterday shortly after the Socialist government called on him to join a four-month coalition aimed at securing a mammoth new European debt deal. Samaras described Prime Minister George Papandreou as “dangerous for the countr y ” but did not say whether he would attend any negotiations with the government. Greece’s prime minister launched efforts to form a coalition government to run the country for the next four months, arguing yesterday the move is vital to securing a mammoth new debt deal and demonstrating commitment to remaining in the eurozone. George Papandreou won an early morning confidence vote in the Socialistled parliament on a pledge that he was willing to step aside and form a cross-party caretaker government. But it remains unclear whether the main opposition conservatives and other parties will take part in the talks and drop a demand for an immediate general election. Hours after winning the vote, Papandreou met with President K arolos Papoulias. “Cooperation is necessary to guarantee for Greece and for our partners - that we can honor our commitments,” Papandreou said at the start of yester-

day’s hour-long meeting. “I am concerned that a lack of cooperation could trouble how our partners see our will and desire to remain in the central core of the European Union and the euro,” he said. Papandreou, midway through his four-year term, was forced into the move by his austerity-weary Socialist party after he abandoned a disastrous proposal to hold a referendum on a new European debt deal. The idea was quickly scrapped this week after throwing world markets

ATHENS: Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou (L) meets with Greek President Carolos Papoulias in Athens yesterday.—AFP

Polish opposition party expels 3 key members WARSAW: Poland’s main opposition party, Law and Justice, has expelled three prominent members who had called for more openness from leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski - a critical split for a party that has not won an election in six years. The three include Zbigniew Ziobro, the party’s vice chairman and a former justice minister long considered a rising star in the party. After elections on Oct 9 that failed to return the party to power, Ziobro called for an open debate on the outcome, which was disappointing for the party that governed from 2005-2007. Ziobro also called for more democracy and openness within the conservative and nationalist group - comments seen as criticism of Kaczynski. Party spokesman Adam Hofman said the party voted by a large majority at a meeting Friday evening to expel Ziobro and two of his supporters, Jacek Kurski and Tadeusz Cymanski. Ziobro denounced his expulsion as “unjust.” “This is a bad day for the Polish right,” Ziobro said. It “divides and doesn’t unite us.” The expulsions are another sign of weakening in a party that has failed to win an election since 2005. The group has a devoted core following of conser-

into renewed turmoil and drawing an angry reaction from European leaders. Frustrated with Greece’s protracted political disagreements, the country’s creditors have threatened to withhold the next critical euro8 billion ($11 billion) loan installment until the new debt deal is formally approved in Greece. Greece is surviving on a euro110 billion ($150 billion) rescue-loan program from eurozone partners and the International Monetary Fund. It is currently finalizing a second

vative, patriotic Poles but Kaczynski is also considered divisive and combative by a large number of people. Kaczynski made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency last year, hoping to replace his brother, President Lech Kaczynski, who was killed in a plane crash. Following that defeat, a handful of members left the party over conflicts with Kaczynski. They went on to form a new conservative party, Polska Jest Najwazniejsza (Poland Matters Most), but that group failed to win representation in the new parliament in last month’s elections. Observers will now be watching to see if Ziobro and his allies will form a new party. Ziobro enjoys the support of a power ful right-wing cleric, the Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk, who runs the popular Radio Maryja. Last month’s elections were won by the center-right Civic Platform party of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, marking the first time in Poland’s 22-year post-communist history that a party has won two consecutive terms. Tusk’s popularity has been bolstered by a growing economy and an image he enjoys of moderation and stability. The newly elected parliament will hold its first sitting on Tuesday.— AP

GENOA: Cars, some overturned, that were swept into a pile by Friday’s torrential rains are seen on a street in Genoa, Italy yesterday. Italy’s Premier Silvio Berlusconi says improper construction in flood plains was partly to blame for devastating floods that have killed at least six people in the port city of Genoa. Torrential rains lashing Genoa and Italy’s western coast on Friday triggered flash floods that broke the banks of at least two rivers. —AP

mammoth deal: to receive an additional euro130 billion ($179 billion) in loans and bank support, with banks agreeing to cancel 50 percent of their Greek debt. “My immediate aim is to do everything I can to create a broad cooperation government ... I am not tied to my post,” Papandreou said. “Cooperation is required for the country. We must not go to elections at this moment because it would have catastrophic consequences for the Greek economy and the livelihoods of Greek citizens,” he said. “The (new debt) agreement is very significant and will relieve much of the burden on the Greek citizen.” Socialist party officials insisted any new government would need until late February to secure the second deal, warning that a snap poll could scuttle it. They insisted yesterday that Papandreou’s offer to step aside was sincere, and called on Antonis Samaras, leader of the conservative New Democracy party, to urgently reconsider his party’s position. “If Mr Samaras were willing to back a new government, the prime minister would resign today,” Yiannis Magriotis, a deputy public works minister, told private Skai television. Prominent political analyst Ilias Nicolacopoulos argued it would be difficult for Samaras to avoid the coalition talks altogether - even if he remains reluctant to share power with Papandreou. “There will be a tough game of poker - all of last week was a poker game - to determine what type of government can be formed,” he told AP television. — AP

Congo governor says won’t quit politics LUBUMBASHI: Moise Katumbi, the powerful governor of Congo’s copperproducing Katanga province, has backtracked on a pledge to quit politics, saying he will stand in provincial elections. Katumbi is seen by many major mining firms as an ally against the central government in Kinshasa, often blamed for contractual uncertainty and predacious taxation efforts. As owner of one of Africa’s top football clubs and having delivered relative progress in his five years in charge, he is genuinely popular in the southeastern province, a rare feat in the vast central African nation. Katumbi told Reuters he had gone back on plans to stand down and return to his business interests after a petition calling on him to stay on was signed by 1.6 million people. “So in the end I said, no, I don’t have to be greedy, it’s better I come back as deputy at the provincial level,” he said yesterday. Congo’s governors are elected by and from members of the provin-

cial parliament. This vote is due in the first half of next year, after presidential and national parliamentary polls, which are due on Nov 28. Katumbi refused to rule out running for governor again but he said it was out of his hands and he thought it would be best for the province if power was rotated. “To try to change the (leaders) is good, you don’t have to stay for a long time in power ... It’s not really my decision.” Katumbi is a member of President Joseph Kabila’s PPRD party and has pledged to support Kabila’s re-election. He is from the south of the province while many of the core supporters around Kabila are from the north. Despite Katumbi citing business interests and fatigue with public life as being his reasons for seeking to quit, many suspect he was coming under pressure from those around the president who feared he was becoming too popular and powerful in Katanga, also Kabila’s home province. — Reuters

Communist paper seized on first day of Russia campaign MOSCOW: Russian police yesterday impounded a truck full of Communist Party literature without explanation as the country officially kicked off its campaign for December 4 parliamentary polls. The State Duma elections are expected to return Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia to power for the third time running and leave the Communist Party trailing in distant second place. But Kremlin officials fear that growing discontent with political cronyism and corruption may dampen voter turnout and keep United Russia from securing the super-majority it holds today. That in turn could spoil the mood around Putin’s expected return to the Kremlin in March elections in which he swaps jobs with President Dmitry Medvedev and potentially keeps the reins of power for another 12 years. The Communist Party has never won more than a quarter of the vote in any Duma election and is now targeting a performance of about 15 percent. Its hopes have historically rested on suppor t from the struggling central regions of industrial Russia such as Tulaonce a famed tsarist fortress 190 kilometres (120 miles) south of Moscow. A local

Communist Party official told the Interfax news agency that police had intercepted a truck travelling from the city with 84,000 copies of a left-wing newspaper detailing the group’s electoral platform. “I think they are looking for an excuse to exclude us from these elections,” the Communist Party official said. A local policeman confirmed the incident but said the truck was carrying only 20,000 newspapers and another 8,000 pamphlets. “We are now studying whether the Communists had the right to bring in this literature,” an unnamed Tula police official told the news agency. Yesterday marked the formal start of the monthlong campaign season-an occasion that allows parties to start using up the one hour of free air time they get on each of the main television channels and radio stations. Parties are also allowed to use their own funds to publish advertisements in the press. Analysts believe this free airtime and extra publicity is unlikely to level the playing field in a media that devotes faithful daily coverage to the meetings attended by Putin and other top United Russia officials.— AFP



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Accusations not yet costing candidate Cain in early states DES MOINES: Republicans in Iowa and other early voting states seem to be giving presidential candidate Herman Cain the benefit of the doubt for now. But they say they need to know more about accusations that he sexually harassed women who worked for him in the 1990s. “It’s concerning, but it’s not a big deal,” said Cindy Baddeloo of suburban Des Moines. “Nobody’s perfect.” She was one of more than two dozen undecided Republican voters who were interviewed in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina since the allegations surfaced last weekend. Cain has denied them. LaDonna Ryggs, chairwoman of Spartanburg County GOP in South Carolina, said, “You give me some substance to the questions, and then we’ll talk.” The Georgia businessman topped a national poll taken this past week. But even before the allegations enveloped his campaign, doubts had arisen about his candidacy. Cain was sharply critiqued by his rivals over his tax proposal during a debate in Las Vegas last month. There were questions about his loyalty to the GOP base’s most enduring litmus test, opposition to abortion, after

he said in an interview the decision was a matter of choice. With just two months before the Iowa caucuses, Cain presumably should be seeking to close the deal with undecided activists in the state. But he’s not scheduled to return to Iowa for two more weeks, and, if he follows through, he will have made just one trip to the leadoff caucus state over the course of three months. Former Massachusetts Gov Mitt Romney is stepping it up in Iowa, Texas Gov Rick Perry is gung-ho on advertising and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is hitting his stride. Cain has denied making suggestive comments to female subordinates while serving as president of the National Restaurant Association. Yet he has given conflicting accounts about what, if anything, he knew about the alleged incidents as well as whether he knew about financial settlements two of his accusers reportedly received from the trade group. He’s blamed the mainstream media, liberals and Perry’s campaign, which said it had nothing to do with it. A black conservative, Cain has said

his race has played a factor in the turmoil. On Friday, a lawyer for one of Cain’s accusers disclosed that she alleged “several incidents of sexual harassment” in a complaint filed more than a decade ago. “As far as I can see, it wasn’t any different than Bill Clinton,” said New Hampshire Republican Howard Burrows, arguing Cain could survive the episode. Likewise, none of the Iowa Republican activists interviewed at a GOP banquet in Des Moines, where most of Cain’s rivals spoke Friday, said the allegations disqualify Cain from their support or that he should quit the race. “People are so much more focused on the economy,” said Des Moines area Republican Jason McKibben. “They’re tired of gutter politics.” Republicans nationally haven’t bolted the former national restaurant chain CEO who has recently risen from obscurity to near the top of national polls with Romney. A Washington PostABC News survey taken after the allegations emerged last Sunday showed Cain and Romney running nearly even atop the field, with most

Republicans dismissing the harassment allegations. Seven in 10 Republicans say reports of the allegations don’t matter when it comes to picking a candidate. But in a sign of the possible danger ahead, the poll found that Cain slipped to third place among those who see the accusations as serious, and Republican women were significantly more likely than men to say the allegations make them less apt to support the businessman. While the questions apparently haven’t struck a blow against Cain in Iowa, their persistence is giving some GOP caucus-goers pause at a critical time. A recent poll of likely Iowa caucus-goers sponsored by The Des Moines Register showed Cain narrowly leading in Iowa. But Cain has a smaller campaign staff in the early states than many of his rivals. The questions aren’t discouraging Iowa state Rep. Henry Rayhons from siding with Cain yet. “He’s got to come clean, or people are going to keep harassing him about it,” said Rayhons. “The longer it hangs out there, the less likely I am to support him.”— AP

Eight killed in shooting at Mexican volleyball game Not clear whether shooting drug related

IOWA: Republican presidential hopeful Texas Gov. Rick Perry greets Iowa Republicans during the Iowa Republican Party’s Ronald Reagan Dinner, Friday in Des Moines, Iowa. —AP

Republicans hold fundraiser in Iowa DES MOINES: Nearly 1,000 Republicans gathered here late Friday for a political fundraiser to see five of the major presidential contenders vying for a chance to challenge President Barack Obama. The Ronald Reagan Dinner was by most accounts an ideal setting for campaigning. But noticeably absent were the two candidates who have topped recent Iowa and national polls: Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former Godfather’s Pizza executive Herman Cain. Both have focused their campaign efforts elsewhere in this election cycle, largely passing over the Midwestern state and its roughly three million mostly rural residents. It’s a trend that, if ultimately successful, could further reshape the workings of the presidential nominating process, political scholars contend. Iowa Republicans fought aggressively this year with national members of their own party to retain the first-in-thenation caucus status, an event set for January 3. Candidates who overlook Iowa could further give momentum to arguments that other states should host the first nominating events, they said. “The Iowa caucuses have already been redefined,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. “They’re not seen as being as critical as they once were because the participants are so conservative. They are not representative of Republicans in other states, much less in the general election.” Four years ago, Romney placed a major focus of his campaign on Iowa, where he spent $10 million (7.2 million euros), hired dozens of staff and advertised for nearly a year. The outcome was what supporters deemed a disappointing second-place finish behind former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. Ultimately Arizona Senator John McCain won his party’s nomination that year even though he didn’t campaign aggressively in the state and finished fourth in the 2008 Iowa caucuses. This time around Romney has kept a much lower profile, so far making only three Iowa

campaign visits and skipping such events as Friday’s Ronald Reagan Dinner. Cain has taken a similar approach, returning to Iowa last month after a two-month hiatus and maintaining only minimal staff in the state. “Romney is trying to strike a delicate balance of how he can maintain a presence without raising stakes that anything other than first place is a loss,” said Charlie Cook, editor of the Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan newsletter based in Washington, DC, that analyzes elections and campaigns. “It’s obviously a very fine line to walk.” But Romney is in a much different position than Cain. His work four years ago has carried over in that some supporters are still by his side and his organization is still largely in place. Cain, on the other hand, does not have such an organization, Cook noted. “There’s very little that’s logical or predictable that I’ve seen from the Cain campaign. It’s the closest thing to random behavior that I’ve ever seen,” said Cook, who compared the campaign’s popularity among Iowa Republicans to window shopping. Those attending Friday’s event refrained from directly attacking one another as has occurred in several recent debates. Instead, they focused on what they consider to be shortcomings of President Obama while hammering policies they said were wrecking the US economy. “When governments grow, people’s liberties are diminished,” said Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Texas Governor Rick Perry told the crowd that he wanted to reform Washington with a wrecking ball, while Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota promised to roll back Obama’s legislative accomplishments, including health care and financial regulatory reforms she says have hurt business. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich spent much of his time complimenting the other candidates. “I am here with very fine competitors, but no opponents,” Gingrich said. “We only have one opponent. That’s Barack Obama.” — AFP

CULIACAN: Gunmen opened fire on a group of volleyball players in the drug violenceplagued state of Sinaloa on Friday night, killing eight people and wounding at least seven, authorities said. Sinaloa state police chief Francisco Cordova said some of those killed were playing volleyball while others were watching. The volleyball court is in a working-class neighborhood of Culiacan, the state capital. Soldiers, federal police and local officers were deployed to the crime scene, Cordova said. He did not provide any more details. It was not immediately clear whether the shooting was drug related, but Sinaloa is the home state of Joaquin Guzman’s powerful drug cartel. It has been the scene of bloody battles

between the gang and its rivals. Meanwhile, groups of heavily armed men fired hundreds of shots at each other in the streets of the border city of Ciudad Juarez, leaving at least six combatants dead. Chihuahua state prosecutors spokesman Arturo Sandoval said Friday that the shooting took place in a rough part of the city on Thursday. He said investigators recovered 442 spent bullets from the scene. Officials have not said who was involved, but the Sinaloa and Juarez drug cartels have been battling since 2008 over control of the city across the border from El Paso, Texas. On Friday, Mexican federal police said they detained the second of three alleged leaders of a drug gang locked in a fierce battle for

Chavez urges reform of Venezuela’s prison system CARACAS: President Hugo Chavez called again for sweeping reforms of Venezuela’s troubled prisons Friday, saying the country’s sluggish judicial system has prompted violence by leaving inmates languishing for years without trial. Chavez praised his newly appointed prisons minister, Iris Varela, for preparing a list of inmates who have spent long periods in prisons without going to trial and for leading negotiations with rebellious prisoners who have staged violent protests. “The procedures must be accelerated to impart justice,” said Chavez, speaking to Varela and a group of prisoners on state television. “I congratulate you, Iris, for the tremendous job,” he added. “You are like Mother Teresa of Calcutta.” Chavez has repeatedly called for reforms of the prison system during his 12 years in power, though all sides agree conditions remain grim. In 1999, shortly after taking office, Chavez announced he had a team of soldiers and civilians working on a “Dignity Plan” to clean up the prisons, which he called “among the worst and most savage in the world.” Chavez said Friday he had recently urged Luisa Estela Morales, president of Venezuela’s Supreme Court, to expedite trials of criminal suspects. Venezuela’s 30 notoriously violent prisons were designed to hold about 12,000 inmates but are packed with about 47,000, according to official figures. Inmates frequently acquire contraband including firearms and drugs from visiting relatives or bribed prison guards. Seizures of hostages are common. National Guard Col. Jose Betancourt Moya said federal police arrested a prison guard Friday who attempted to give an assault rifle to inmates at La Planta, a prison in the capital of Caracas. Chavez told Valera that prisons must undergo drastic changes. “Prisons must be centers of formation of the New Man,” Chavez said, referring to revolutionary-minded citizens dedicated to the advancement of communist or socialist ideals. On Tuesday, rebellious inmates obtained keys to several cell blocks inside a jail in the city of San Cristobal, capital of Tachira state, then fatally shot eight fellow prisoners and took four guards as hostages. The inmates, who are demanding the transfer of 18 fellow prisoners to another lockup, released one of the hostages during negotiations with officials Wednesday. Military Cmdr. Hector Coronado said remaining hostages were freed on Friday, ending the 3 day standoff after authorities agreed to release 26 inmates who has served their sentences. The inmates agreed to hand over numerous weapons, including three pistols, dozens of bullets and eleven knives, Coronado said.— AP

Biden pitches Obama’s job bill WASHINGTON: Vice President Joe Biden yesterday continued to press Congress to pass the Obama administration’s nearly $450 billion jobs bill. Filling in for President Barack Obama in the weekly White House radio and Internet address, Biden asked listeners to tell Republican lawmakers “to step up” and approve the legislation. “Tell them to stop worrying about their jobs and start worrying about yours because we’re all in this together, and together is the way we’re going to bring America back even stronger than it was before,” Biden said. Obama, who returned to Washington late Friday after attending an international economic summit in France, made a similar appeal in last week’s address. Biden said as opposition from Republicans continues - a piece of the larger jobs bill was blocked earlier this week - the president has used his executive authority to help veterans find jobs, homeowners refinance mortgages, and reduce the cost of student loans. The vice president said those efforts would

continue so long as Republican oppose the president’s jobs bills. “If the Republican Congress won’t join us, we’re going to continue to act on our own to make the changes that we can to bring relief to middle-class families and those aspiring to get in the middle class,” Biden said. Senate

Republicans on Thursday rejected a $60 billion bill that would have built and repaired infrastructure such as roads and rail lines. It was the third defeat for Obama’s stimulus-style jobs agenda. Last month, Republicans blocked the $447 billion package and then Democratic efforts to win

PITTSBURG: Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the University of Pittsburgh, Friday in Pittsburgh. —AP

approval of a $35 billion piece of the legislation intended to prevent layoffs of teachers and firefighters Obama unveiled his jobs plan in September and has since launched a campaignstyle effort holding rallies in states critical to his re-election efforts - to win its passage. In the GOP’s weekly address, Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown urged Senate passage of what he called a “jobs bill” that would repeal a 3 percent withholding mandate on payments to many contractors who do business with the federal government. Brown called it “a stealth tax” that will hit small businesses and contractors starting in 2013. “Now, all the mandate will do is, is take more money out of our economy at a time when quite frankly we can least afford it. And as a result, businesses will have less money to hire and pay new workers,” Brown said. The repeal passed the House last week with wide bipartisan support and Brown called on the Senate majority leader, Democrat Harry Reid of Nevada, to bring it to a vote.— AP

control of the Pacific resort city of Acapulco. Victor Manuel Rivera was captured Friday in Mexico State, federal police anti-drug chief Ramon Pequeno said. Authorities say Rivera’s “street sweeper” gang has been fighting the local Independent Cartel of Acapulco for control of the port city since the 2010 arrest of suspected drug capo Edgar Valdez Villareal, a Texas-born man known as “La Barbie.” The two gangs splintered away from Valdez ’s organization because they didn’t like the new leadership. Bloodshed in Acapulco, including mutilations and decapitations, surged following the break-up. Federal police officers captured another alleged leader of the “street sweeper” last month. — AP

Files show convicted arms dealer’s Libyan ties WASHINGTON: Records found in Muammar Gaddafi’s former intelligence headquarters show that British officials apparently warned the Libyan government in 2003 about its dealings with Viktor Bout, the Russian arms dealer just convicted on federal conspiracy charges. The documents, which indicate Bout was trying to expand his operations in Libya, add fresh intrigue to questions about whether he played a role in Gaddafi’s rush to bolster weapons caches in the years before the recent uprising that drove him from power. American officials and allied governments have sent teams of weapons specialists into Libya to search for loose, Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles and other dangerous munitions. Arms experts and investigators said learning more about the source of those weapons would help them know what to look for and assess the threat. “We know there are a lot of conventional weapons floating around Libya now and an important question to pursue is how they got there,” said Lee S. Wolosky, a former Clinton administration national security deputy who led US efforts to scrutinize contacts between Bout’s network and the Gaddafi government in 2000. “Viktor Bout’s operation in Tripoli would be a good place to start.” US prosecutors revealed evidence before Bout’s three-week trial that the Russian air transport executive had tried in 2008 to sell a Russian-made missile system to an unidentified Libyan client. A federal jury in New York convicted Bout on Wednesday on charges of conspiring to kill Americans and US officials, deliver anti-aircraft missiles and aid a terrorist organization. He was arrested in Thailand as he negotiated a weapons deal worth at least $15 million with South American narcoterrorists who turned out to be US paid undercover informants. Documents found by human rights activists in a former Gaddafi government office in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, indicate that in late September 2003, British intelligence officials told then-Libyan intelligence chief Musa Kusa that Bout had a “considerable commercial presence in Libya” and aimed to expand his interests there. The documents do not include any response from Kusa, who later became Gadhafi’s foreign minister until he defected this year. The documents show that Kusa apparently was warned about Bout during a phone conversation with Sir Mark Allen, then-counterterrorism director for MI6, the British spy service. An aide to Allen followed up with telefaxes to Kusa outlining Bout’s Libyan business interests and alerting him to concerns that Bout planned to transfer a major air cargo maintenance operation to Tripoli. In one fax, referring to Bout by his known alias of “Viktor Butt,” a British intelligence official asked Kusa for more information about the Russian’s reported plans to travel to Tripoli. At the time, Bout was target-

ed by a UN international travel ban and subject to arrest. “We should be most grateful for any confirmation of any attempt by Mr. Butt to visit your country,” wrote a person who identified himself as Allen’s assistant. Allen, who is now an adviser to LSE IDEAS, a London-based international affairs group, did not respond to emails requesting comment. British intelligence officials would not confirm or deny the authenticity of the documents. The officials also declined to confirm Allen’s dealings with Kusa. Similar documents made public in recent weeks by the Human Rights Watch team from Kusa’s office led to media accounts about the British government’s apparent involvement in the forced rendition to Tripoli of opponents of the Gadhafi government. Peter Bouckaert, the Human Rights Watch official who led the document search, criticized both British intelligence and the CIA for working with Gadhafi’s “abusive intelligence services.” Bouckaert said the Bout documents came from faxes sent to Kusa and his aides from the CIA and MI6. US intelligence officials had been aware of Bout’s operations in Libya as early as 2000, Wolosky said. National security officials learned that summer that a plane leased from one of Bout’s transport companies was chartered by Gadhafi and flew a team of Libyan hostage negotiators to the Philippines to aid in the release of hostages held by Abu Sayyaf, a terrorist group whose leaders were trained in Libya. Reportedly flown by a Bout crew, the plane returned with six freed hostages, briefly boosting Gadhafi’s international standing. The British intelligence faxes pointedly warned Kusa in 2003 that one of Bout’s primary air cargo front companies, Jetline, was headed by a Libyan who also directed a Tripoli-based business, Sin-Sad. That company leased planes “frequently chartered by the Libyan government,” according to the documents. The faxes also noted that Bout “had a considerable involvement with the former Taliban regime in Afghanistan and his aircraft regularly flew there while the country was under embargo.” The faxes warned Kusa that British officials learned Bout intended to transfer a United Arab Emirates-based maintenance operation for Russian cargo planes to Tripoli. The documents do not confirm that move, but a US official who insisted on anonymity to discuss ongoing inquiries into Bout’s dealings said much of the maintenance operation apparently remained in the UAE. Federal prosecutors revealed before Bout’s trial that seized Skype Internet messages showed he laid plans in early 2008 to sell a Russian-made Kornet missile system to an unidentified Libyan client. The deal was aborted by his arrest, but the missiles could have been used, prosecutors said, to destroy tanks and helicopters.— AP


i n t e r n at i o n a l

Pakistan court indicts 7 over Bhutto killing ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani anti-terror court yesterday indicted two police officers and five alleged Taleban militants over the 2007 assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, a prosecutor said. Nobody has been convicted or jailed for Bhutto’s assassination on December 27, 2007, in Rawalpindi, a garrison city near the capital Islamabad, in a gun and suicide attack after she addressed an election rally. The death of the charismatic, Oxford-educated Bhutto, the first woman to become prime minister of a Muslim nation, threw the country into chaos, sparking violence and months of political turmoil. Police say that three other suspects in the highprofile case have been killed-including the chief of

the Pakistani Taleban , Baitullah Mehsud-and two remain at large. “Seven accused including two police officers have been indicted,” public prosecutor Chaudhry Azhar told AFP. The police were arrested a year ago while the suspected militants have been in custody for nearly four years. The police officers were Saud Aziz, who was the Rawalpindi police chief at the time of the killing, and Khurram Shahzad, another senior policeman. The five suspected militants are Sher Zaman, Hasnain Gul, Rafaqat Hussain, Abdul Rasheed and Aitzaz Shah from the troubled northwest of the country, Azhar said. All seven accused were indicted at the cour t in a high-security prison in Rawalpindi. The five alleged militants are accused

of “criminal conspiracy” for bringing the suicide bomber from the tribal belt in the northwest and keeping him at a house in Rawalpindi. “(All) the accused denied the charges and demanded for trial,” Azhar said, adding that the police officers were accused of a security breach and for their “failure” to protect Bhutto. “One of the accused, Sher Zaman refused to sign the charge sheet,” the prosecutor said. At the time of Bhutto’s death, then president Pervez Musharraf blamed Mehsud for the killing. Musharraf, who lives in selfimposed exile in London and Dubai, is also wanted over Bhutto’s death. Prosecutors issued an arrest warrant in February over what they said was his failure to provide her with enough security.

The former president and military ruler is alleged to have been part of a “broad conspiracy” to have his political rival killed before elections. He denies the allegation. The anti-terror court in August ordered the confiscation of Musharraf’s property and the freezing of his bank accounts in Pakistan, the prosecutor said. Mehsud was killed in a US drone attack in August 2009, one of the most high-profile casualties of the cover t American campaign targeting Al-Qaeda and its allies in Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt on the Afghan border. Bhutto, who served two terms as prime minister, had returned from exile two months before she was killed to stand for election. Her widower

Last 45 Chinese miners in cave pulled out alive Men trapped for 36 hours BEIJING: Forty-five grimy, exhausted Chinese coal miners trapped by a cave-in were rescued yesterday, ending a 36-hour ordeal in the world’s most dangerous country for the industry. Eight miners were killed in the accident. After Thursday’s cave-in, at least 200 workers dug a small rescue tunnel about 1,650 feet (500 meters) deep to reach the trapped miners, the People’s Daily newspaper said. Seven trapped miners were pulled out alive Friday from the

mine in the city of Samenxia in Henan province, in central China. Yesterday, state broadcaster CCTV showed rescuers with helmets and oxygen tanks carrying the workers out of the mine shaft to ambulances. The miners lay on stretchers, wrapped with blankets and with towels shielding their eyes from damaging exposure to light. The rescue was the biggest in the country since April 2010, when 115 miners were pulled out alive

HENAN: Chinese rescuers carry out one of the rescued miners from the Qianqiu colliery in Yima, central China’s Henan province yesterday. Forty-five miners trapped underground after a rock blast in a Chinese coal mine were brought to the surface in a rare successful rescue. —AFP

Myanmar clears path for Suu Kyi’s return to politics YANGON: Myanmar ’s president has approved changes to a law on political parties, paving the way for democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition party to re-register, state media said yesterday. The revisions to the political party registration law appear to be the latest effort by the military-dominated regime to reach out to opponents, amid tentative signs of change in the repressive state. A key amendment endorsed by President Thein Sein on Friday removed the condition that all parties must agree to “preserve” the country’s 2008 constitution, the state-run Myanmar Ahlin newspaper said. The wording has now been changed to “respect and obey”, it said, a small difference in nuance but one that would allow Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party to criticize or suggest changes to the constitution. The revised law also removed a contentious clause that said prisoners could not be party members. NLD spokesman Nyan Win said the party welcomed the changes but he refused to be drawn on whether it meant it would re-register and contest a by-election expected around the end of the year. “We like the amended law as it amended the facts that should be amended,” he told AFP. “We will discuss and negotiate what to do and how to continue on Monday when the office opens.” The NLD boycotted Myanmar’s historic elections last year, largely because of rules that would have forced it to expel imprisoned members-including leader Suu Kyi who was still under house arrest at the time. As a result it was delisted as a political party by the regime. Myanmar’s new nominally civilian government said in September it was ready to work with Suu Kyi and her party if they officially re-entered the political arena. In response, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, freed from detention last November after seven years of house arrest, said she would discuss the issue of re-registering with senior party members based on political developments. The amendments to the party registration law came hot on the heels of highprofile visits to Myanmar this week by senior officials from the United Nations and the United States, who said they were encouraged by nascent reforms in the country. A recent prisoner amnesty by the new government, however, failed to free most key dissidents, disappointing those who had hoped the country would release all its roughly 2,000 political detainees.— AFP

after being trapped for eight days in a mine in northern China. Luo Lin, head of the State Administration for Work Safety, praised the rescue after the last miner was rushed away in an ambulance, but said more work needed to be done to promote safety. “The alarm bell of work safety must keep ringing. Enterprises should pay attention to work safety when the coal demand is high. ... They should not allow any operation that violates (safety) rules or regulations,” he said. Luo said a magnitude-2.9 earthquake had occurred Thursday near the mine shortly before a “rock burst” was reported. The phenomenon occurs when settling earth bears down on mine walls and causes a sudden release of stored energy. The exploding chunks of coal and rock, or the shock waves alone, can be lethal. The rescue work was hindered by the large amount of coal dust thrown up by the explosion, CCTV said. China’s coal mines are the deadliest in the world, although the industry’s safety record has improved in recent years as smaller, illegal mines have been closed. Annual fatalities are now about one-third of the high of nearly 7,000 in 2002. On Oct 30, a gas explosion at a coal mine in central China’s Hunan province killed 29 workers, the worst accident in recent months. The mine that caved in Thursday belongs to Yima Coal Group, a large state-owned coal company in Henan, the State Administration of Work Safety said on its website. Fourteen miners managed to escape when the accident happened, the official Xinhua News Agency said. The fact that the accident was in one of China’s big staterun mines may have improved the trapped miners’ odds of surviving. Those mines tend to have better rescue equipment and safety practices than smaller mines. —AP

Floodwaters close in on heart of Thailand capital BANGKOK: Floodwaters lapped Bangkok’s largest outdoor market yesterday as officials warned that there were no major barriers between the water and the heart of the Thai capital, less than 6 miles (10 kilometers) away. The country’s worst flooding in half a century has affected more than a third of the country’s provinces and killed almost 450 people nationwide. It has been spreading across Bangkok’s north and west for more than a week, and officials have been struggling to protect the economically vital center of the city of 9 million people. Hoping to divert some of the mass of water still piled up in northern Bangkok, workers Friday night completed a 3.7-mile (6-kilometer) flood wall made from massive, hastily assembled sandbags, said Bangkok city spokesman Jate Sopitpongstorn. But the city will have to rely on its existing drainage system to fight water that was already beyond the wall and just a few miles (kilometers) from the central business district, he said. Over the past two decades, the city’s much enlarged and improved drainage system has been able to effectively siphon off water during monsoon seasons with average rainfall. But it will be put to a severe test given the volume of water not seen in Bangkok since perhaps a great flood in the 1940s.

Sound predictions are difficult because various government officials, including the Bangkok governor and prime minister, have given often widely different versions of what can city residents can expect. Water flowed past the eastern side of the famed Chatuchak Weekend Market, a sprawling, open-air shopping zone and major tourist attraction north of the central business district. Associated Press reporters saw only a few vendors and shoppers on a day that would normally be packed with sellers and buyers. The floodwaters were also advancing southward in adjacent Lad Phrao, a district studded with office towers, condominiums and a popular shopping mall. The floods, fed by unusually heavy monsoon rains and a string of tropical storms, started in northern Thailand in late July. They have destroyed millions of acres (hectares) of crops and forced thousands of factories to close, though few of the country’s most popular tourist areas have been affected. The government has asked residents in eight of the city’s 50 districts to evacuate and said yesterday that Bangkok authorities have set up 231 evacuation centers capable of holding more than 65,000 people. More than 10,000 people have flocked to 121 of these shelters so far. —AP

PYONYANG: This undated photo released by North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on November 5, 2011, shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il (L) and North Korea’s heir-apparent Kim Jong-Un (2nd R) during a visit to the Air Force. —AFP

21 N Koreans found on boat in S Korean waters SEOUL: Twenty-one North Koreans were found in a boat that floated into South Korean waters earlier this week in the Yellow Sea, the largest such arrival in nine months, an official said yesterday. The arrivals were being questioned, and it wasn’t yet clear how or why the North Koreans arrived in South Korean waters. The South’s long-standing policy has been to allow in North Koreans who choose to defect and repatriate those who wish to return, but defections are a sore point in Korean relations. The boat was found off the northwestern island of Socheong and was handed over to the navy, a South Korean coast guard official in the port city of Incheon said. The official couldn’t provide more details because authorities were still questioning the North Koreans. He declined to be identified because he wasn’t allowed to speak to the media until a public announcement was made. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service declined to comment, and neither Unification Ministry nor Joint Chiefs of Staff officials answered phone calls yesterday. The arrival was the largest of its kind since

February, when 31 North Koreans floated south on a boat in the Yellow Sea. Seoul repatriated 27 of them and let the others say. North Korea accused the South of holding the four against their will, which South Korea denies. North Korea has yet to show any response over the latest arrivals. Boats carrying North Koreans have occasionally drifted south of the Yellow Sea line dividing the Koreas, both accidentally and in deliberate attempts to defect. In June, North Korea reacted angrily when South Korea refused to send back a group of nine it said were defecting. More than 21,000 North Koreans have fled south since the Korean War ended in 1953, with defections surging in recent years as the North struggles with economic hardship and chronic food shortages. High animosities between the Koreas have shown signs of easing recently as their diplomats have held talks aimed at resuming stalled negotiations on the North’s nuclear weapons program. The Koreas’ ties badly frayed last year because Seoul blames Pyongyang for two attacks that killed 50 South Koreans.— AP

Indian officer sent to mental hospital after alleging graft LUCKNOW: A senior police official was sent to a mental hospital after making accusations of corruption against top state officials in north India, a government official said yesterday. Police officer D D Misra alleged on Friday that the government of India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh was the “most corrupt regime ever,” before going on to accuse chief minister Mayawati and top bureaucrats of graft. “There are many scams in this government,” he told the Indian news channel IBN-7. “I hold chief minister Mayawati directly responsible for these scams.” The state government responded by taking Misra by force to a psychiatric facility in the state capital Lucknow, and claimed that the officer was suffering from a mental illness. Television footage showed Misra being bundled into a car. State Home Secretary Fateh Bahadur Singh told reporters yesterday that “Misra is apparently suffering from bipolar effective disorder” following “a preliminary diagnosis arrived at by a senior psychiatrist.” Singh added the government would

nevertheless conduct a high-level probe into Misra’s allegations against the state’s top officials. In his interview, Misra said he had paid a heavy price for refusing to turn a blind eye to graft.”I was not only humiliated and mentally tortured by my superiors, but was also denied legitimate promotions simply because I refused to sign on the dotted line,” he said. Mayawati, known as the “Dalit Queen” to her followers, is the country’s most influential low-caste politician. The populist leader, who brands herself as “a savior of the poor,” has often been criticized for her extravagant expenditure on erecting huge public statues of herself. Corruption has become a hot-button issue across India, with central and state governments reeling from a series of scandals including the possibly fraudulent sale of telecom licences that cost the country up to $39 billion. In August, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in support of social activist Anna Hazare and his campaign for a tough new anti-corruption law. — AFP

India’s Rahul Gandhi to head Congress party

BANGKOK: A foreigner rides an improvised float s they move along flooded streets at the Lad Phrao district in Bangkok, Thailand yesterday.—AP

NEW DELHI: Rahul Gandhi, tipped to be a future prime minister of India, is set to take over as president of the country’s ruling Congress party by year’s end, a report said yesterday. Rahul was named in August to a four-member panel to run the party’s affairs while his mother Sonia Gandhi, who is currently party president, recovered from surgery for an undisclosed condition. The Economic Times newspaper said several unnamed party leaders, including a cabinet minister, had confirmed to the daily that Rahul would take over the party’s reins in “four to eight weeks.” Sonia Gandhi, who engineered the party’s return to power in 2004, would restrict her role to providing broad directions to the party and government, the newspaper said. A senior aide to Rahul told AFP he was aware of no such plans. “Whenever the party takes such a decision it will be officially announced, but there is no such thing happening in the party,” said the aide, who asked not to be identified. Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh

said on Friday “the young leader (Rahul) should now play a bigger role. Rahul has to come in the mainstream.” “Right now he is looking only after Youth Congress and the student wing of the party. I feel now he has to look after us all,” he said. There has been media speculation Rahul could be appointed party chief on November 19, the birthday of his late grandmother, former prime minister Indira Gandhi. Rahul would be stepping into the fray as the Congress party battles its biggest crisis since taking power in 2004, facing a string of corruption scandals and soaring inflation. The party also faces a string of key elections next year, including one in pivotal Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state. Sonia Gandhi appointed her son to the post of party general secretary for youth affairs in 2007, a move seen as cementing his position as heir apparent. “The whole plan of Sonia has always been that the sceptre must be handed to the son,” political analyst Inder Malhotra told AFP recently. —AFP



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SOMERSET, England: Burnt-out vehicles are seen on the M5 motorway near Taunton yesterday after a collision sparked explosions and an inferno. — AFP

67 killed in attacks in northern Nigeria LAGOS: At least 67 people died in a wave of bombings and shootings carried out in northeast Nigeria overnight, officials said yesterday, as frightened mourners left their homes to begin burying their dead. A radical Muslim sect known locally as Boko Haram claimed responsibility yesterday for the attacks, which represent the most coordinated and wide-ranging assault yet in their increasingly bloody sectarian fight with Nigeria’s weak central government. The sect, which wants the strict implementation of shariah law across the nation of more than 160 million people, promised to carry out more attacks. The fighting centered around Damaturu, the capital of Yobe state, Nigerian Red Cross official Ibrahim Bulama said. The attack started Friday with a car bomb exploding outside a three-storey building used as a military office and barracks in the city, with many uniformed security agents dying in the blast, Bulama said. Gunmen then went through the town, blowing up a First Bank PLC branch and attacking at least three police stations and some churches, leaving them in rubble, he said. Gunfire continued through the night and gunmen raided the village of Potiskum near the capital as well, witnesses said, leaving at least two people dead there. Yesterday morning, people began hesitantly leaving their homes, seeing the destruction left behind, including military and police vehicles burned by the gunmen, with the burned corpses of the drivers who died in their seats. Bulama spoke to AP by telephone yesterday morning from a common Muslim burial ground in the city as his family buried a relative and friend, a police officer who died after suffering a gunshot wound to the head in the fighting. “There’s that fear that something might possibly happen again,” he said. State government officials did not respond to repeated requests for comment yesterday. The attacks around Damaturu came after four separate bombings struck Maiduguri, about 130 km east. One blast detonated around noon outside the ElKanemi Theological College where parents had gathered. Police said others had entered the college grounds to attend Friday prayers at a mosque located on its campus. Witnesses who spoke to the AP said they saw ambulances carry away at least six wounded people from the site. Another bombing alongside a road in Maiduguri killed four people, local police commissioner Simeon Midenda said. A short time later, suicide bombers driving a black

SUV attempted to enter a base for the military unit charged with protecting the city from Boko Haram fighters, military spokesman Lt Col Hassan Ifijeh Mohammed said. The SUV couldn’t enter the gate and the explosives were detonated outside of the base, which damaged several buildings in the military’s compound, Mohammed said. Mohammed said blasts occurred at three other places in Maiduguri besides the base, with no one being killed. However, government officials routinely downplay such attacks in Nigeria over political considerations. Yesterday, a Boko Haram spokesman claimed responsibility for the attacks in an interview with The Daily Trust, the newspaper of record across Nigeria’s Muslim north. A Boko Haram spokesman using the nom de guerre Abul-Qaqa promised that “more attacks are on the way”. “We will continue attacking federal government formations until security forces stop their excesses on our members and vulnerable civilians,” the spokesman said. His comments come as human rights activists say soldiers have beaten and killed civilians while trying to search for the sect in Maiduguri. Boko Haram’s attacks occurred ahead of Eid al-Adha, or the feast of sacrifice, when Muslims around the world slaughter sheep and cattle in remembrance of Abraham’s (PBUH) near-sacrifice of his son. Police elsewhere in the country had warned of violence ahead of the celebration in Nigeria, a country largely split between a Christian south and a Muslim north. On Wednesday, police in Maiduguri had said they broke up a plot to bomb the city over the holiday. Boko Haram apparently has split into three factions, increasing the danger for Nigeria, the AP has learned. One faction remains moderate and welcomes an end to the violence, another wants a peace agreement with rewards similar to those offered to a different militant group in 2009. The third faction, though, refuses to negotiate and remains the most radical. This faction is in contact with Al-Qaeda’s North Africa branch and likely the Somalia-based terror group AlShabab, a diplomat said on condition of anonymity according to embassy orders. That sect likely is responsible for the increasingly violent and sophisticated attacks carried out in the sect’s name. In August, Boko Haram claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing at the United Nations headquarters in Nigeria’s capital, which killed 24 people and left another 116 wounded. — AP

Pilgrims gather on Arafat as hajj peaks Continued from Page 1 At the Libyan tent camp, three balloons decorated with the revolutionary red, green and black flag hovered overhead with colorful lights flashing on the camp fences and tents. A red carpet covered the ground instead the signature green one that used to be imposed every year by Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. “Our revolution was watered with blood so we are using this color,” said Abdul-Hamid Kashlaf, a 45-year old engineer from Tripoli. Kashlaf and his wife were among around 7,000 Libyan pilgrims who lost loved ones in the conflict and were granted a free hajj trip by the National Transitional Council, which led the revolution and is now ruling the country. His son, Abdul-Bari, was killed in Tripoli in August by proGaddafi forces. “I pray to God to grant us security and to put our country in the hands of good people,” he said. Many went on buses, while others set off on foot from Mina, a tentvillage that comes to life only during the five-day pilgrimage. They chanted: “Labyek Allahum Labyek” - or “Here I’m at thy service, my God, at thy service.” Others took the Mashair Railway, also known as the Makkah Metro, to go to Mount Arafat and its surrounding plains, where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered his final sermon. The Chinese-built railway is operating for the first time this year at its full capacity of 72,000 people per hour to ease congestion and prevent stampedes in which hundreds have been killed in past years. The dual-track light railway connects the three holy sites of Mina, Muzdalifah and Mount Arafat areas that see a massive influx of pilgrims during the hajj. After sunset, pilgrims moved to Muzdalifah, half way between

Mount Arafat and Mina, to spend the night. Today, they return to Mina after dawn prayers for the first stage of the symbolic “stoning of the devil” and to make the ritual sacrifice of an animal, usually a lamb with the beginning of Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice. On the remaining three days of the hajj, the pilgrims continue the ritual stoning before performing the circumambulation of the Kaaba in Makkah and then heading home. However, the gathering in the plains around Mount Arafat symbolises the climax of the hajj. The hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and must be performed at least once in a lifetime by all those who are able to make the journey, and it is a dream that can take years to come true. Mukhtar Al-Rahman, who is more than 100 years of age, told AFP that “this is the dream of my life which took a century to come true”. “The crowds have tired me and as you can see I can’t stand properly because of the huge crowds flooding” into the area, the elderly Bengali said panting as he looked for a small chair to sit on. Meanwhile, Indonesian Noor Laila said: “I’m so happy to have set foot on Arafat’s sacred soil.” “I want to wash away all my sins and ask God to forgive my mistakes. This is the first time I come to hajj and I hope it won’t be the last,” said the 36-year-old. Malaysian Abdullah Wali Al-Deen, 45, said he had been working for years for this day. “I came here with my family after we managed to save enough money,” he said. “Everyone in here is equal. There are no differences between various nationalities. This is the religion of peace, love and brotherhood.” “I’m very happy today. I can’t express my feelings,” said Badr Olgach, a 41-year old construction

contractor from Turkey. “I wish and pray for the best, for all the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) followers in the world,” said the father of two. More than 1.83 million pilgrims have arrived in the kingdom from abroad, marking a 1.5 percent increase from last year, said Makkah governor Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. Several hundred thousand Saudis and foreign residents in the kingdom were also granted permits to join them, he added. Coping with the world’s largest annual human assembly poses a security headache for Saudi Arabia - guardian of the two holiest Muslim shrines in the cities of Makkah and Madinah, the birth places of Islam. To help prevent chaos, the authorities have numbered buses and tents in Mina and Arafat according to the countries from which the pilgrims have come. Oil-rich Saudi Arabia has invested billions of dollars over the years to avoid deadly stampedes that have marred the hajj in the past. In Jan 2006, 364 pilgrims were killed in a stampede at the entrance to a bridge leading to the stoning site in Mina, outside Makkah, while 251 were trampled to death in 2004. In July 1990, 1,426 pilgrims were trampled to death or suffocated in a stampede in a tunnel, also in Mina. The deaths prompted authorities to dismantle the old bridge and replace it with a multi-level walkway with one-way lanes to ensure a smooth flow of pilgrims. Saudi Arabia also launched a new $10.6billion project for a new extension to Makkah’s Grand Mosque to increase its capacity to two million worshippers. For the first time this year, the hajj is being streamed live on video-sharing website YouTube in cooperation with the Saudi government. The stream can be seen at — Agencies

7 killed in UK motorway inferno TAUNTON, United Kingdom: At least seven people were killed and 51 injured, police said yesterday, in one of the biggest British motorway crashes in decades, with an inferno burning vehicles to cinders. The 34-vehicle pile-up at 8:25 pm (2025 GMT) Friday on the M5 near Taunton, southwest England, sparked explosions and a fireball, with lines of cars and trucks engulfed in flames. Police said they expected the death toll to rise, with further casualties feared to be still trapped in their vehicles. Blazing trucks fell on their sides and people desperately tried to prise open the doors of cars to help trapped motorists escape in chaotic scenes after the crash, which happened in foggy and wet conditions. Witnesses said they heard explosions as vehicles went up in flames and saw debris and casualties strewn across the road. A large section of the primary route through England’s southwest remains closed in both directions. “This is a horrific scene,” Assistant Chief Constable Anthony Bangham of the Avon and Somerset Constabulary told reporters on a bridge over the motorway. “We’ve had a collision involving 34 vehicles, many of which are burnt - and burnt literally to the ground. I am also able to confirm that we’ve got 51 casualties. Many of those have gone to hospital. Sadly I can now confirm that we believe we’ve had at least seven people die as a result of this incident. We fear that that number will rise as the day continues and we carry out an exten-

sive search of vehicles on the carriageway at the scene.” While casualties have been taken to two nearby hospitals and some treated at the scene, Bangham said others may still be trapped. Edmund King, president of the Automobile Association, said it was Britain’s worst traffic accident in two decades, the last comparable incident being a 51-car crash on the M4 motorway in March 1991 in which 10 people died. Hospitals said the injuries ranged from simple limb fractures to more complex chest and abdominal trauma. Bangham said detectives would be examining the possible factors involved, including the darkness, fog and groundwater, plus a fireworks display close to the three-lane road. “We need to have a very close look at what was going on in the area that may have caused some sort of distraction,” he said. Local resident Bev Davis described seeing a wall of flames at the crash site from her home close to the motorway. “All we could hear was the sound of a horn and then the flames got so high so quickly and the noise was horrific,” she said. “There must have been 200 metres worth of fire - plumes of smoke were going up and everything was red.” Motorist Paul O’Connor told Sky News television: “It was quite horrific and I have never seen anything like that - I could see people lying on the side of the road.” The motorway will not reopen before daytime today, with police needing to complete their forensic work before the carriageway can be repaired. — AFP

FARC leader killed in raid Continued from Page 1 Between 800 and 1,000 troops took part in the battle, in which Cano’s female companion was also killed, Colombian military officials said. According to Pinzon, the military launched strikes early Friday on an area occupied by FARC rebels, followed by a ground offensive to encircle the area, cutting off escape routes. A firefight erupted when the soldiers caught up with 63-year-old Cano and his personal security detail, and the FARC leader was killed in action, Pinzon said. “The forensic process of his identification has already been completed,” he added. The military had been hunting for the FARC leader for months, initially believing that he was hiding in Tolima, Valle or Huila departments, officials said. But he was initially able the escape the dragnet, moving south apparently in the hope of securing protection from guerrilla fronts operating in Cauca. But faced with fierce government bombardments, they were unable to help him. “This is a key moment for the FARC,” stressed former Colombian president Andres Pastrana. “Those in its leadership who still remain alive should think very seriously about starting peace negotiations in order to end this war for the benefit of all Colombians.” Cano, whose real name was

Guillermo Leon Saenz Vargas, assumed the direction of the FARC in March 2008, after the death of its founder and revered leader, Manuel “Sure Shot” Marulanda Velez. The FARC is Colombia’s oldest and largest guerrilla force, believed to have some 8,000 members. The leftist group has been at war with the government since its founding in 1964. It began a campaign of kidnappings in the mid-1980s, seizing army hostages to serve as bargaining chips for FARC prisoners. By the late 1990s civilians and political leaders were also being snatched, winning the group greater notoriety and increased influence with its government interlocutors. The FARC suffered a serious loss in 2008, when its number two Raul Reyes died during a Colombian army raid in Ecuadoran territory. Reyes was killed in an air raid that was followed by a ground operation that left numerous guerrillas dead. That raid led to a major diplomatic rift between Colombia and Ecuador, and for a while appeared to bring Latin America to the brink of regional war, after troops were mobilized by Venezuela and Ecuador. That same year, the FARC also lost Velez, when the reclusive 80-year-old rebel chief, who was last seen in 1982, died after a brief illness. In recent years, the Colombian government has taken a hard line against the FARC, which has

answered in kind. It flexed its muscle during former president Alvaro Uribe’s Aug 2002 inauguration, when the group bombed the presidential palace, killing some two dozen people. Cano hailed from a middle class family: his father was an agronomist, his mother a teacher. He studied law and anthropology at the National University in Bogota, where he is remembered as an avid scholar of history and other social sciences. He earned his stripes in the Communist Party and joined the FARC in the 1970s where he quickly rose through the ranks becoming the group’s chief ideologist. Throughout his career as a guerrilla leader, Cano combined military strikes with attempts to consolidate gains made by the insurgents through negotiations with the government. Shortly before the 2010 inauguration of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Cano made public a video, in which he called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Colombia. But there was no evidence of recent contacts between the FARC and the government. “This was the most painful loss for the FARC since the deaths of Reyes and ‘Sure Shot’ Marulanda,” commented Alfredo Rangel, a political expert from the Foundation for Security and Democracy. “It will be very difficult for the insurgents to replace him.” — AFP

7 killed in Syria as Arabs warn on deal Continued from Page 1 took to the streets denouncing “despots and tyrants,” with world powers casting doubt on the regime’s commitment to the peace deal agreed with the Arab League. The death toll since Syria agreed to the plan on Wednesday has reached 50, with the United Nations estimating that more than 3,000 people have been killed in a brutal crackdown since anti-regime protests erupted in mid-March. The Arab League plan calls for an end to violence, the release of those detained, the withdrawal of the army from urban areas and free movement for observers and the media, as well as talks between the regime and opposition. State news agency SANA said Syria released yesterday 553 people arrested during the anti-regime protests, to mark the Eid Al-Adha feast that marks the climax of the annual hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. “On the occasion of (Eid) Al-Adha, 553 people arrested during the events in Syria and whose hands are not stained by blood, have been freed,” it said, adding, without elaborating, that another 119 detainees had “recently” been freed. Rights groups say thousands of people have been arrested since the crackdown began, claiming many detainees are tortured or even killed in prison. In Cairo, Arab League Secretary General Nabil Al-Arabi warned that failure of the deal, brokered by his organisation, would be “catastrophic” for the country and region. “The failure of the Arab solution will have catastrophic consequences for the situation in Syria and the region,” he said in a statement, calling for an immediate end to the “bloodshed”. The statement was issued after Arabi met Burhan Ghalioun, the Paris-based leader of the dissident Syrian National Council. It also came after news of the latest seven fatalities. Arabi expressed his “deep regret and extreme concern at the continuation of violence in different regions of Syria, warning of the dangers of not achieving progress in imple-

menting the Arab plan”. He “called on the Syrian government to take immediate measures to implement the Arab plan, to which it committed itself,” the statement said. Arabi’s deputy, Ahmed Ben Hilli, told AFP President Bashar Al-Assad has two weeks to begin talks with the opposition, starting from the time his government agreed the proposal. “But the violence should have stopped from the day they agreed the plan,” he said. Britain’s Daily Telegraph quoted Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Abdulfattah Ammura as saying, “Syria means what it says, and we will implement the Arab League agreement, every aspect of it. If we agree to something, we do it.” Pressed on when Syria would fulfil the deal, he said: “We are working on it. We will see it very shortly, hopefully before Eid (AlAdha).” In Damascus, meanwhile, the government strongly condemned Washington after the US State Department advised Syrians against surrendering under an amnesty offer for those who give up weapons. “The American administration disclosed again its blatant interference in Syria’s internal affairs, and its policy which supports killing, in addition to its funding of the terrorist groups in Syria,” SANA quoted a foreign ministry official as saying. The interior ministry had announced an amnesty for people who surrender their weapons between Saturday and Nov 12 in a concession to mark Eid Al-Adha, state television reported. But the State Department advised Syrians against surrendering to the regime. “I wouldn’t advise anybody to turn themselves in to regime authorities at the moment,” spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said after the Friday offer, adding that Assad’s regime had so far failed to live up to the Wednesday deal to end eight months of violence. “This would be about the fourth amnesty that they’ve offered since I took this job about five months ago,” she said. “So we’ll see if it has any more traction than it’s had in the past.” — AFP




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US Mideast policy adrift amid crises By Matthew Lee he world’s lone superpower has become superpowerless in one of the world’s most intractable conflicts. Boxed in by competing political and diplomatic agendas, the United States has lost the ability to stop either the Israelis or the Palestinians from acting against the interests of US-backed peace efforts and against the express wishes of the United States. Palestinians are pressing their bid for recognition at the United Nations and membership in UN agencies. The Israelis respond by accelerating settlement activity and withholding Palestinian tax revenue. The Obama administration is either unwilling or unable to push the two sides to the bargaining table or stop them from taking actions that further damage the prospects for relaunching moribund peace talks. Although the US has leverage in the forms of financial aid, military protection and diplomatic clout, it is stuck on the sidelines of the current crisis. Meanwhile, decades-old legislation is forcing the US to halt funding to UN organizations that grant Palestine membership. That restricts American influence in bodies like UNESCO, the International Atomic Energy Agency and World Health Organization that the administration deems necessary to protect vital US national security, commercial and other interests. Administration officials insist they have not lost influence. White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Wednesday that “unilateral actions work against efforts to resume direct negotiations, and they do not advance the goal of a reasonable and necessary agreement between the two parties”. At the State Department, spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the Israelis and Palestinians were driving the peace process “in the wrong direction.” She said the administration continues “to believe that our role, our leadership, in this process remains essential” and bristled when asked if the US retained any influence over the parties. “Of course we do,” she said. Both sides are ignoring US pleas to return to talks, and the US is doing little else. US efforts to blunt the Palestinian UN drive that sparked the latest round of recriminations have failed. The administration knew since the summer that the Palestinians would not back down on their plan to seek UN statehood recognition as an end run around negotiations with Israel but could not come up with a way to deal with what Washington sees as a huge diplomatic problem. The US and Israel fear that route could draw borders and impose conditions that Israel cannot accept. They insist that negotiations are the only path to statehood, but there have been no talks for a year. The full UN has not acted on the September request, but UN agencies have begun to do so. Months of US lobbying produced only 13 other “no” votes when UNESCO overwhelming approved Palestine’s membership by a 107 to 14 vote on Monday. Several US allies and partners, including France and Russia, voted in favor. US allies Britain and Japan abstained. In response, the administration announced it was withholding $60 million in funding for UNESCO as required by US law. It did not take action against the Palestinians nor did it express displeasure with countries that supported them. Then Israel acted, announcing that it would accelerate housing construction in east Jerusalem, which the Palestinians claim as the capital of a future state, and the West Bank. It also at least temporarily halted the transfer of $100 million in taxes that it collects on behalf of the Palestinians. Again, the US response came in words only, with Carney and Nuland speaking from the same script to say that Washington was “deeply disappointed” by the steps. Now, hamstrung in an uncertain budget and pre-election season by a Congress that refuses to censure Israel and is eager to punish the Palestinians for their UN aspirations, the administration is caught in a diplomatically weak and awkward position. It could threaten to withhold the hundreds of millions of dollars in aid it provides the Palestinian Authority each year if the Palestinians do not stop their UN push. But it will not because it does not want to destabilize Palestinian institutions or endanger security gains the Palestinians have made and even the Israelis have applauded. In a bizarre twist, the administration has sought help from Israeli officials in lobbying Congress not to cut Palestinian aid, even as Israel itself is withholding tax money the Palestinians need to run their government. It could try to threaten to withhold some of the roughly $3 billion in assistance that the US provides to Israel each year if the Israelis do not halt housing construction in disputed areas or make some other gesture to the Palestinians. But Congress will not hear of it and such a step is politically unpalatable for a president seeking re-election next year. —AP


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Turkey steps up pressure on Syria By Michel Sailhan urkey is hardening its stance against former ally Syria, laying the ground for Syrian dissidents including army defectors and readying to announce new measures against Damascus. “We cannot remain a mere bystander” to the developments unfolding in Syria, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in Berlin during an official visit on Wednesday. “We believe it is necessary to implement certain sanctions” against the regime of President Bashar alAssad, whose crackdown on protests has claimed more than 3,000 lives since mid-March, according to the United Nations, he said. Erdogan however did not elaborate on what kind of sanctions he was mulling against his former “friend” Bashar. Turkey had enjoyed good relations with its neighbour before the uprising began, holding joint cabinet


meetings, abolishing visas and fostering trade. Erdogan had been expected to announce sanctions as early as October on a planned visit to Syrian refugee camps, but escalating Kurdish rebel attacks and a devastating earthquake which killed more than 600 in Turkey’s east put them on hold. “Turkey is not in favor of sanctions in principle. That might be because it fears the Europeans might invite Turkey to join the Western world on Iranian sanctions, which are opposed by Ankara,” Istanbul-based analyst Sinan Ulgen said. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu prefers to use the term “measures” instead of sanctions. Turkey’s Islamic-rooted government had tried to convince Damascus to implement reforms, but the Syrian regime’s failure to heed the appeal prompted Ankara to take another route. Istanbul hosted the founding of the Syrian National Council,

the largest and most representative opposition grouping, in late August and on Oct 18 Davutoglu officially met with the leaders of the movement. Turkey is also sheltering Syrian army defectors who are currently staying at refugee camps in Turkey’s Hatay province, home to around 7,500 Syrians who fled the violence. One of the most prominent is Colonel Riad Al-Asaad, who defected in July and is now leading an armed opposition group called the “Syrian Free Army”. Contrary to usual practices regarding refugees, Asaad is allowed to talk to media, and indeed interviews are organised and selected by the Turkish foreign ministry. In these interviews he has said his group is already fighting against Damascus with its own weapons and appealed for more. “Nobody is allowed to cross the border with weapons,” said a Turkish foreign ministry official when asked by AFP whether Turkey was providing

the Syrian colonel with arms. “Turkey believes the life of the Syrian regime is not too long,” Ulgen said. “So it is helping the opposition movement, including armed defectors. Turkey has lost hope of being heard by Damascus.” Among measures being considered by Turkey is the creation of a militarised buffer zone inside Syrian territory in an attempt to secure the border and absorb a massive influx of refugees in case of a civil war. This option was discussed by the Turkish government last summer, according to journalist Mehmet Ali Birand. Davutoglu, however, remained vague about such a move during an interview with the Financial Times early this week. “We hope that there will be no need for these type of measures but of course humanitarian issues are important. There are certain universal values all of us need to respect and protecting citizens is the responsibility of every state”,

he said. The Turkish government has many reasons to be involved in the Syrian issue. As Erdogan said Wednesday, the border between the two countries stretches more than 800 km, bearing a high risk of instability for Ankara. Both Turkey and Syria have significant Kurdish populations, and Urgen said Turkish authorities think Syria is trying to “use the PKK card”, referring to a surge of attacks in Turkey by rebels from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. “There is a parallel link between the escalation of PKK terror and Turkey’s anger with Syria,” Akif Beki, former press advisor to Erdogan, wrote in his column in the daily Radikal. Another important reason for Erdogan to act on Syria is the United States, which is supplying Turkey with realtime intelligence to fight the PKK. In September, Washington called on its NATO ally to “put more pressure” on the Syrian regime. —AFP

Cuba reforms convincing island’s cynics By Peter Orsi he lot in teeming Central Havana used to be the neighborhood eyesore: The shattered ruins of an abandoned building was a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rats, then it was cleared in favor of a dreary parking lot and government-run food stand. Today, it is home for independent sellers hawking brightly colored clothing, wristbands and earrings as salsa music booms and a line of bicycle taxi drivers forms at the gate to wait for fares. This week’s announcement establishing a real estate market for the first time in 50 years comes just a month after a similar opening for vehicles, and newly empowered entrepreneurs speak excitedly of the changes. “I’ve been an independent worker two times, once before in the 1990s,” said Andres Lambreto Diaz, a 38-year-old clothing seller at the Central Havana bazaar who has seen earlier free-market openings abruptly slammed shut when Fidel Castro reversed course. “I think this time it’s for real.” Many of the reforms merely acknowledge what had long been black-market realities, and they still fall short of the fundamental free-market transformations seen in other communist countries such as Vietnam and China. But collectively, the changes have loosened the government’s iron grip over all aspects of the economy. “This is one of the most visible economic reforms, with a direct impact on Cuban lives,” said Arturo Lopez-Levy, a Cuban-born economist who teaches at the University of Denver. A little over a year has passed since the government declared that many more people would be allowed to go into business for themselves and even hire employees. The housing and automobile laws have come on schedule, but some announced changes have been delayed, most notably a plan to eliminate 500,000


government jobs, extend bank credits and allow for mid-sized cooperative companies. Other reforms that were floated are still just ideas, such as proposals to relax travel restrictions and create a system of credit for private businesses. And there has been little visible progress on a

from huge farms to medium-size ones and it enjoyed moderate success before being abandoned by the government, said economist Rafael Romeu, head of the Washington-based Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy. In the 1980s a six-year experiment

A woman looks out from her balcony in an old building in Havana on Friday. —AP wholesale market to supply entrepreneurs, though officials said from the beginning that would take years. Officials have shown some sensitivity to popular feedback, modifying the tax code to make things easier for new entrepreneurs and repeatedly changing laws to help new private restaurants be more profitable. That kind of flexibility has been rare during Cuba’s half-century-long embrace of Marxist theory. Agricultural reform in the 1960s redistributed land

with private farmers markets was scrapped, as Fidel Castro complained that unscrupulous middlemen were buying up the food and reselling at higher prices. Castro grudgingly allowed independent workers to begin doing business for themselves after the collapse of the Soviet Union brought Cuba to the brink of economic ruin, then taxed and regulated them nearly into extinction in the late 1990s when the worst of the crisis was over.

But Fidel is no longer in charge. His brother Raul Castro has repeatedly said that while he has no intention of scrapping Cuba’s socialist model, there’s no turning back from his reforms. Analysts say the changes so far do not do enough. For example, the housing law’s immediate aim is to help redistribute existing homes, allowing big families crammed into tiny apartments to move into larger spaces now occupied by just a few people. Without significant improvements in investment, supplies of construction materials and incentive to make money, it’s not clear there will be much new construction to solve Cuba’s underlying problem: a housing deficit estimated at between 500,000 to 1.6 million units on an island of 11 million people. “So far there hasn’t been an allembracing change in philosophy by the government in Cuba. What they’re doing is really tinkering with sectors,” said Paul Hare, a lecturer in international relations at Boston University who was British ambassador to Cuba in 2001-2004. The 80-year-old Raul Castro is walking a tightrope, eager to reform the country before it is too late, but cautious to not move so fast that the state loses control over the process, as happened in the Soviet Union and other Soviet Bloc nations. He has said repeatedly that Cuba will change “without pause, but without haste”. Nonetheless, several Cuba observers said that once started, reforms tend to snowball and could spill beyond the realm of pure economics. “The liberalization of these markets will ignite new demands for reforms,” Lopez-Levy said. “In the long run, the question will be: How long can the economic genie be out of the bottle without people asking for more substantive political reform?” —AP



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Stoner seizes Valencia pole VALENCIA: Australia’s world champion Casey Stoner, of Honda, will start on pole in today’s final Moto GP race of the season at the Ricardo Tormo circuit. Stoner edged fellow Honda rider Dani Pedrosa, of Spain, into second by a margin of just 1.014 seconds. Yamaha’s Ben Spies, of the United States, will start from third on the grid.


Frenchman Randy de Puniet followed up an impressive showing on a drenched track in Friday practice by taking fourth place, his best performance of the season. Andrea Dovizioso, another teammate of Stoner’s, took eighth place, but only after suffering a crash and a tumble right at the end of the qualifying session. Luckily, he was able to get up and walk away immediately and will go into Sunday’s race looking to hold on to third place in the overall standings ahead of Pedrosa. Sunday’s race will be Dovizioso’s last on a Honda before he leaves to join French team Tech 3 — who use Yamaha engines-next season.—AFP

KARACHI: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) plans to launch its own inquiry into the spot-fixing scandal that led to jail terms for three former internationals in Britain this week, chairman Zaka Ashraf said yesterday. Addressing reporters in Lahore, Ashraf said the board would first await a detailed report on the London Crown Court case before aiming to identify those whose negligence allowed the controversy to occur. “We will aim to discover the circumstances and negligence that led to the spot-fixing scandal that has badly hurt the image of Pakistan cricket,” he said.

“When the scandal happened, we had our anti-corruption officers present with the team and we want to know how this thing happened.” Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were given sentences ranging from six to 30 months on Thursday for their role in a gambling-inspired plot to bowl deliberate no-balls in the four th test against England at Lord’s last year. The three former internationals had already been banned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for a minimum of five years when news of the plot was first made public last September.—Reuters

PSG try to woo Beckham FRANCE: Paris St Germain went on the charm offensive on Friday in their bid to lure David Beckham to the French league leaders. Qatari investors have ploughed millions of euros into PSG since buying the club in May and the 36year-old former England captain, whose Los A n g e l e s Galaxy contract ends in the coming weeks, is seen as a key target.

Capitals see off Hurricanes RALEIGH: Jeff Halpern and Troy Brouwer scored 1:09 apart in the second period, and the Washington Capitals pulled away to beat the Carolina Hurricanes 5-1 on Friday night. Cody Eakin had a goal and an assist for his first NHL points, Nicklas Backstrom added a goal and an assist, John Carlson scored on a late power play and Michal Neuvirth made 24 saves. Alex Ovechkin added two assists for Southeast Division-leading Washington, which improved to 7-0-1 in its last eight meetings with Carolina. Anthony Stewart scored on a deflection and Cam Ward stopped 27 shots for the Hurricanes. They have lost five of seven.

ed goal early in third. Sabres 2, Flames 1 At Buffalo, New York, Jhonas Enroth made 29 saves to lift the Sabres to a narrow victory over Calgary. Enroth, making his third start

Matt Duchene put Colorado in front 6-5 when he completed his first career hat trick at 8:22 of the third period. Duchene’s shot from the low slot glanced into the net off goaltender Kari Lehtonen’s arm. But Stephan Robidas’ deflection with

4:10 left in the third tied it. Vernon Fiddler, Sheldon Souray, Alex Goligoski and Eric Nystrom also scored for the Stars. Daniel Winnik, Jay McClement and Paul Stastny had the Avalanche’s other goals. — AP

Lightning 5, Blackhawks 4 At Tampa, Florida, Lightning star Steven Stamkos posted his fourth career hat trick, and Vincent Lecavalier scored in the fifth minute of overtime to give Tampa Bay victory. Stamkos had three goals during a wild second period that featured each team scoring four times. Lecavalier scored the game-winner from the low slot off a pass from Martin St. Louis, who finished with three assists. Tampa Bay also got a goal from Brett Connolly. Patrick Sharp scored twice for the Blackhawks, who had won three straight. Marian Hossa and Daniel Carcillo also scored. Blues 3, Canucks 2 At St. Louis, TJ Oshie had two goals and an assist and David Backes scored the winning goal early in the third period for St. Louis. The Blues have beaten the Canucks twice in nine days, both times with backup goalie Brian Elliott in the nets ahead of the slumping Jaroslav Halak. Alexandre Burrows and Ryan Kesler scored for the Canucks, who lost 5-1 at Minnesota on Thursday night. The Blues paid tribute to the Cardinals’ World Series championship throughout the game, only their second at home in the last 10. Tony La Russa, Game 7 winner Chris Carpenter and MVP David Freese participated in a ceremonial puck drop, with Carpenter’s son, Sam doing the honors. Canadiens 2, Senators 1 At Ottawa, Erik Cole and Andrei Kostitsyn scored in the second period as Montreal recorded its fourth consecutive victory. Carey Price made 33 saves for the rested Canadiens, who had a six-day layoff before evening their record at 5-5-2 in the wake of the franchise’s worst start in 70 years. Cole scored his third goal of the season 13:55 into the second. Kostitsyn made it 2-0 with his fourth 3 minutes later. The Canadiens’ streak, which includes back-to-back wins over Stanley Cup champion Boston, began after assistant coach Perry Pearn was fired before a 5-1 win over Philadelphia on Oct. 26. Montreal’s 1-5-2 start was its worst since 1941-42.Zack Smith spoiled Price’s shutout bid with a short-hand-

DALLAS: Stars left wing Jamie Benn (14) defends against Colorado Avalanche center Ryan O’Reilly in the second period of an NHL hockey game. — AP

of the season, was steady throughout to improve to 12-3-2 in his career. He had his scoreless string of 107:39 ended when Alex Tanguay scored early in the third period. Making his second straight appearance after relieving ineffective starter Ryan Miller in Wednesday’s loss to Philadelphia, Enroth’s best saves came on consecutive chances from in tight by forwards Matt Stajan and Tom Kostopoulos with 5 minutes to go in the first period. Drew Stafford and Nathan Gerbe scored for the Sabres (7-5-0), who won for just the second time in their last six games. Backup Henrik Karlsson, making his third start of the season, finished with 42 saves for Calgary (5-6-1). Stars 7, Avalanche 6 At Dallas, Loui Eriksson scored his second goal of the night at 3:55 of overtime, leading Dallas to the victory. Eriksson recorded his eighth goal of the season when his centering pass deflected in off Avalanche defenseman Erik Johnson, ending the game.

Al Nabooda Racing put their new Porsche GT3 Cup Car through its paces at Yas Marina Circuit.

NHL results/standings Washington 5, Carolina 1; Buffalo 2, Calgary 1; Montreal 2, Ottawa 1; Tampa Bay 5, Chicago 4 (OT); St. Louis 3, Vancouver 2; Dallas 7, Colorado 6 (OT); (OT denotes overtime win). Eastern Conference Atlantic Division W L OTL GF Pittsburgh 8 3 3 42 Philadelphia 7 4 2 47 NY Rangers 5 3 3 27 New Jersey 5 5 1 27 NY Islanders 3 5 2 18 Northeast Division Toronto 9 3 1 45 Buffalo 7 5 0 33 Ottawa 7 7 0 43 Montreal 5 5 2 31 Boston 4 7 0 27 Southeast Division Washington 9 2 0 45 Florida 6 4 2 31 Tampa Bay 6 5 2 40 Arolina 5 5 3 33 Winnipeg 5 6 1 33

GA 32 42 26 32 26

PTS 19 16 13 11 8

39 26 52 31 28

19 14 14 12 8

28 32 43 42 39

18 14 14 13 11

Western Conference Central Division Chicago 8 2 3 44 36 19 Nashville 6 4 2 31 31 14 St. Louis 6 6 0 31 33 12 Detroit 5 5 1 24 29 11 Columbus 2 10 1 29 44 5 Northwest Division Edmonton 8 2 2 28 18 18 Minnesota 6 3 3 28 25 15 Colorado 7 5 1 39 40 15 Vancouver 6 7 1 39 42 13 Calgary 5 6 1 28 31 11 Pacific Division Dallas 9 3 0 35 29 18 San Jose 7 4 0 34 29 14 Los Angeles 6 4 2 26 25 14 Phoenix 6 4 2 34 34 14 Anaheim 5 5 3 27 35 13 Note: Overtime losses (OTL) are worth one point in the standings and are not included in the loss column (L).

Karim Al Azhari (right), Stephane Lemeret (left) and Al Nabooda Racing Team Manager Vijay Rao.

Al Nabooda racing launches into Porsche GT3 Cup series DUBAI: Al Nabooda Racing has joined the starting line-up for the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East which launches its third season at Dubai Autodrome this weekend. The team’s entry into the Porsche one-make series was announced today by Porsche Centre Dubai, Al Nabooda Automobiles, the authorised Porsche dealer in Dubai and Northern Emirates. Reigning UAE GT champion Karim Al Azhari and Stephane Lemeret, a former Belgian Touring Car champion now in the 18th season of his career, are the team’s two official drivers. “There is a very strong link between Porsche and motor

racing, and the brand has a long and successful history in the sport,” said Vijay Rao, Team Manager and General Manager, Porsche Centre Dubai, Al Nabooda Automobiles. “As the largest single Porsche dealership in the world, we are eager to promote this facet of the brand, and the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East presents a perfect opportunity for us to get involved.” Speaking about the championship, Karim Al Azhari said: “ It’s an honour for me to be driving for Al Nabooda Racing in this race series. I have a special affinity towards Porsche and am also the President of The Porsche Club UAE. I have been in good form this year and I hope to do well in the

championship.” Al Nabooda Racing gave the brand new Porsche GT3 Cup Car its first outing during two intensive days of official testing at Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi on Sunday and Monday. “We’re delighted to have two such capable drivers on board,” said Vijay Rao. “Karim has had a long and successful association with Al Nabooda Racing. We’re certain that Stephane’s great experience will be invaluable to the team as a whole, and that he and Karim will benefit from working together to produce the best results for Al Nabooda Racing.”

“David Beckham goes beyond the sport. He is an ambassador, he is a brand, he is an example to others,” PSG president Nasser alKhelaifi told “But he is also still a very good football player whose age is not a problem.” Beckham inspired Galaxy to Major League Soccer’s Western Conference final with a 2-1 win over New York Red Bulls on Thursday. The former Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan winger has said he is yet to decide on his future and will wait for the MLS season to end. Retirement is not on his mind and he is keen on a spot in Britain’s 2012 Olympic team.—Reuters

Boise State, UNLV to rekindle old rivalry BOISE: The last time Boise State and UNLV squared off was 34 years ago when the Broncos routed the Rebels 45-14, the last in a six-game series that stretched from 1972-77. The schools will rekindle that old rivalry in Las Vegas on Saturday, but anyone expecting that No. 5 Boise State’s new membership in the Mountain West Conference means a long-term renewal of the matchup should reconsider. The conference-hopping Broncos appear to be on the move again, this time to a reconstituted Big East Conference that promises more revenue and a guarantee to BCS games. Chris Petersen, head coach of the undefeated Broncos, insists all the conference chatter and buzz that intensified this week isn’t a distraction for him or anyone else inside the locker room. Boise State has yet to receive a formal invitation to join the Big East, but on Thursday trustees on the State Board of Education gave the university permission to join the league. School administrators and athletic officials “keep me in the loop with what we need to know and what they’re thinking,” Petersen said. “That’s totally good enough for me. I’ve got more than enough to try and figure out.” So do the Rebels (2-5, 1-1 MWC). UNLV is coming off a 38-35 victory over Colorado State, one with eight lead changes and decided in the final minutes on quarterback Caleb Herring’s 5yard touchdown run with 1:20 remaining that put the Rebels in front. The defense cemented the win in the final seconds when linebacker Tani Maka picked off a deflected pass at the Rebels’ 28-yard line. After being benched earlier this season, Herring entered the game late in the first quarter. He’s expected to start Saturday after showing the leadership and ability to move the offense throughout the game. But Maka is one of five UNLV players suspended for disciplinary reasons by coach Tim Hauck this week. As if facing a team considered a 41-point favorite by odds makers in their own town wasn’t enough, the Rebels’ defense will have to try to stop Kellen Moore, Doug Martin and the rest of the highscoring Boise State offense without Maka, the team’s leader in tackles (42) and interceptions (2), and junior linebacker Princeton Jackson. Others sitting out include running back Tim Cornett, who is averaging 5.5 yards per carry and has four touchdowns. Houck didn’t share details of his decision, but he clearly understood the challenge facing his team before announcing the suspensions Wednesday. “Our team has a tremendous task ahead of us this week in facing a top 5 team in Boise State, but it is also a tremendous opportunity for us,” Houck told reporters Monday. “I would say we need to play much closer to perfect than we have to date in order to win. We’re not afraid to say that.” The Broncos are coming off a bye week, time used to get players healthy and focused on special teams and tackling ‚” two areas Petersen’s team struggled with in their last outing, a 37-26 victory over Air Force. The Falcons, one of the teams being courted by Big East executives, gouged Boise State’s defense for 264 yards on the ground, the most allowed all season. The defensive line should see the return of lineman Chase Baker, who has missed the last two games with a calf strain. But the run defense will get another tough test from freshman running back Dionza Bradford, who has rushed for more than 100 yards in each of the last two games. “The extra practices really just allowed us to concentrate on the things we need to do to get better,” Petersen said. “It’s always the fundamentals. How you tackle. How you get off blocks. All of those things are what we wanted to be improving upon.” If history is any indication, Boise State will make the kind of fixes that make differences in games. In Petersen’s six years as head coach, the Broncos are 22-2 when they have more than 10 days to prepare for opponents, including bowl games and season openers. The game could also include a little history making. Broncos quarterback Kellen Moore needs one more victory to put him atop the all-time list for most wins by a college quarterback. With 45 under his belt, Moore is now in a tie for first with former Texas star Colt McCoy. Moore has played down the record all season, content instead to credit the coaches and teammates who have made so many wins possible. But teammates such as Tyler Shoemaker, who has 28 catches and nine touchdowns this season, say Moore’s nonchalance is the real deal. “I’ve talked to him about stats, and I think he understands and is appreciative of what he’s done here,” Shoemaker said. “But, really, he’s more worried about UNLV and winning that game than how many he’s won in his career.”— AP


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Tiger Woods’ former caddy in racist outburst SHANGHAI: Tiger Woods’ former caddie has caused another sensation, this time by using a racial slur to disparage his old boss during a caddies award roast in Shanghai. Steve Williams received a mock award Friday night for “Celebration of the Year” for his TV interview after Adam Scott won the Bridgestone Invitational. That was the day Williams said it was “the best win of his life,” despite being on the bag with Woods for 13 majors. At an awards party filled with banter, Williams said of his interview, “It was my aim to shove it right up that black a———.” That line drew the biggest reaction at a party attended by several players, caddies, officials and some media. There was a mixture of laughter and shock, with some players turning to each other with eyes widened and jaws agape. The provision of the party is that all comments are off the record, yet several caddies couldn’t stop talking about it long after it was over. Approached early the next morning at breakfast, Williams was stunned to learn that British tabloids had gone with the story. “Why would they

do that?” he said. “The whole thing was meant to be fun.” Hours later, Williams posted a comment on his website. “I apologize for comments I made last night at the Annual Caddy Awards dinner in Shanghai,” it said. “Players and caddies look forward to this evening all year, and the spirit is always joking and fun. I now realize how my comments could be construed as racist. However, I assure you that was not my intent. I sincerely apologize to Tiger and anyone else I’ve offended.” Woods was in Australia, though it didn’t take long for the comments to get back to him. “I was with Tiger last night when he heard the news,” Mark Steinberg, his agent at Excel Sports Management, told The Associated Press. “We got multiple calls from people who sounded like they were leaving the caddie party. Tiger obviously wasn’t there. He doesn’t know exactly what was said. But if multiple reports - which all seem to be accurate - are true, then it’s sad it’s come down to this.” “It’s a regrettable comment, and there’s really nothing that Tiger can do or say. He’s just going to move on.” Scott said he was satisfied with Williams’ apology and that his comments were not reported in the right spirit of the evening. When asked if

Williams should be fired, Scott said, “I disagree with that.” “Everything in that room last night was all in good spirits and a bit of fun, probably taken out of that room in the wrong context,” Scott said after a 69 kept him within three shots of the lead at the HSBC Champions. “Look, anything with Tiger involved is a story. I value Steve’s contributions to my game and having him on the bag.” Scott also said it was foolish to suggest Williams was racist. “We all know that’s not the case,” he said. It’s not the first time Williams has gotten into trouble for his words. Three years ago at a dinner banquet in New Zealand, he made a disparaging remark about Phil Mickelson. Williams said that was meant in fun, though Woods had him apologize to Mickelson. The comments in Shanghai took on an even more sensitive nature among the British press because of footballer John Terry’s alleged racial comments toward Anton Ferdinand during Chelsea’s 1-0 loss to Queens Park Rangers in a Premier League loss last month. Even though Williams said his comments were meant in fun to match the spirit of the evening,

there was no disguising the animosity Williams feels over getting fired this summer. What made Williams’ reaction at Firestone so pointed is that it was the first time Woods and Scott were in the same tournament since Williams had been fired - and it was Scott’s first win of the year. Williams has disputed Woods’ version of how their partnership ended, and he said at Firestone that he was short-shrifted by Woods despite his loyalty to the former No. 1 player during the sex scandal that derailed his career. These comments also put Scott in the middle of another mess, and it doesn’t figure to go away soon. Woods and Scott are to be in the same group next week at the Australian Open, and there’s a chance they also could face off at the Presidents Cup in Melbourne the week after. Scott said he was simply in the middle of two people who apparently don’t like each other. “Shall I gave Steve a rough over the knuckles? He issued a statement. I think that’s the right thing to do,” Scott said. “What more should he say? What more can I say? He’s apologized, and he’s done the right thing.” —AP

Jacobson extends lead to two shots in Shanghai

SAN FRANCISCO: Fred Couples follows his shot from the third tee during the second round of the Charles Schwab Cup Championship golf tournament. — AP

Trio share Champions Tour lead SAN FRANCISCO: Michael Allen shot a 2under 69 for a share of the second-round lead with Fred Couples and David Frost on Friday in the Champions Tour’s season-ending Charles Schwab Championship. Second in the event last year, Allen saved par on the final hole after hitting his approach shot between the grandstands surrounding the green. He was given a free drop, chipped to 8 feet and made the putt. “Got a little lucky,” said Allen, second in the event last year. “I was trying to punch a 6-iron out to the right, which took off and went back into the stands. I made a great drop, hit a nice shot (then) knocked that one in.” Couples, tied for the first-round lead with Jay Haas after a 68, rallied for a 70 after a double bogey on the opening hole. Frost had a 69 to match Couples and Allen at 4 under at TPC Harding Park. Mark Calcavecchia, Jay Don Blake, Bernhard Langer and Kenny Perry were a stroke back. Calcavecchia, Blake and Langer had 68s, and Perry shot a 69. Haas was 2 under after a 72. Charles Schwab Cup points leader Tom Lehman had a 72 to fall four strokes behind the leaders. Allen hasn’t won on the tour since the Senior PGA Championship in May 2009 the first tournament he played in on the 50-and-over circuit. He’s had a handful of top-five finishes since then, including last year at Harding Park when he was two strokes behind John Cook. The Bay Area native is back in contention again this time despite sputtering on the back nine with bogeys on Nos. 11 and 12. That briefly dropped Allen two shots behind the leaders, but he made up for it with birdies on 14 and 16, then made his nice save for par on the 18th. It wasn’t easy. Allen pushed his 6iron approach shot wide right and the ball landed in a tight gap between the grandstands. After taking a drop, Allen hit a chip shot that settled softly on the green before making his par putt. That

brought a loud roar from the crowd, including a large group of Allen’s supporters who followed him throughout the round. “It starts with the course,” Allen said about his success at Harding. “I can see the breaks a little better, so it’s comfortable for me. It used to be, growing up out here, bumps everywhere. You had to have some nerve to putt them.” Six players held at least a share of the lead before Frost briefly pulled away. Frost, winless on the tour this season, made one of his best shots on the 480yard par-4 12th when he chipped in for birdie from 12 yards out. That got the South African to 6 under but bogeys on 13 and 17 dropped him back to the pack in the clear-but-chilly conditions. “It was just hard shaping the ball when it’s so cold,” Frost said. “My left hand grip has been a little weak on the club, which has not enabled me to come back around with the club. I played better the last 10 holes.” Couples, a two-time winner on tour this year, three-putted the par-4 first, then made eight consecutive pars before three birdies on the back nine gave him a share of the lead. The US Presidents Cup captain is trying to become the first back-to-back winner on tour this year. Haas aggravated a lower-back injury midway through the round. Haas walked gingerly and winced noticeably over the final seven holes, picking up a double bogey on No. 12 and a bogey on 13 to fall back. Calcavecchia had an erratic day. He holed out for an eagle on the par-4 seventh and had four birdies, but also had three bogeys. He needs to move up at least two more spots on the leaderboard to have a chance of passing Lehman for the season points title. “I’m in a good spot,” said Calcavecchia, who played with a new driver after Ping shipped him one overnight. “I just made no putts today. The good news is I holed out a wedge and had a couple close tapin birdies.” — AP

SHANGHAI: Fredrik Jacobson will take a twoshot lead into the final round of the WGC-HSBC Champions event after the Swede held off the challenge of a high-class chasing pack with a third round five-under 67 yesterday. The overnight leader offset a single bogey with six birdies to reach 16 under for the tournament offering $1.2 million to the winner, but will need to maintain his best form on Sunday to stay clear of a host of major winners hot on his heels. Last year’s British Open champion Louis Oosthuizen, US Open winners Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy and 2010 U.S. PGA champion Martin Kaymer are all within five shots of the lead at the Sheshen International Club. But having ended an eight-year wait for a maiden victory on the U.S. Tour at the Travelers Championship in June, Jacobson said he liked nothing more than to be fighting for a title from the front. “It feels a lot better than playing from behind,” he told reporters. “Because when you are playing from behind you have to go out and shoot a low number. You have got to catch the guys in front. “Leading, I have still got to shoot a good score but they will have to catch me which is a lot nicer because sometimes I feel a bit stressed if I start off a few shots behind. Any time I can get a lead, I will take it.” Leading by one shot overnight, Jacobson made sure he would not be headed with a run of three birdies from the second hole before fortifying his position with two birdie putts in excess of 30 feet on the 13th and 14th greens. South Africa’s Oosthuizen maintained sole possession of second place at 14 under with a 68 but it was the performance over the final three holes which allowed Adam Scott to move into

third, three shots off the lead. Before the round started, the Australian would have been made aware of overnight reports stating that his caddie Steve Williams had made some extremely derogatory remarks about the New Zealander’s former employer Tiger Woods. The distraction seemed to have a negative impact on Scott and at the eighth hole he found the water twice on the way to running up a double bogey that put him temporarily out of contention. However, after back-to-back

birdies on 16 and 17, the Australian holed his wedge shot into the final green for an eagle to ensure he picked up four strokes in the final three holes and retained his place in the final group on Sunday. A shot further back from Scott on 12 under are former world number one Lee Westwood (67) and Northern Irishman McIlroy (65). McIlroy has an extra incentive to win as the first prize would take a big chunk out of the 1.3 million euro-lead currently held by the absent Luke Donald on the European Tour money list. — Reuters

SHANGHAI: Lee Westwood of England tees off from the 2nd tee during the third round of the HSBC Champions golf tournament. — AP

Speed the buzz word at New York City Marathon NEW YORK: Speed is the buzz word at this year’s New York City Marathon, as runners gear up to keep pace with the fast times registered around the world. Kenya’s Patrick Makau lowered the world best marathon time to two hours three minutes 38 seconds in September’s Berlin Marathon. In April, Emmanuel Mutai won in London in course record time (2:04:38) and fellow Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai (no relation) set a new Boston Marathon standard (2:03:02). Geoffrey Mutai’s sizzling time, nearly a full minute faster than the world best at the time, was not recognized as the world best given the layout of the Boston race and tailwinds that favoured the runners. Makau is not in the New York field but the two Mutais are. That does not faze defending champion Gebre Gebremariam, but the course record (2:07:43) set by his fellow Ethiopian Tesfaye Jifar through the five boroughs in 2001 could be in jeopardy.

Gebremariam, who won last year’s race in 2:08:14 in his first stab at the distance, expects a faster time and is confident his finishing kick will prevail in the final Central Park miles of the hilly race. “I know them very well. I’m not worried,” Gebremariam told reporters on Friday about going against the Kenyan duo. “I’m ready to run a little faster. I hope the pace is faster than last year. When I reach Central Park I know how to win.” And if the trio are running shoulder to shoulder to shoulder? “I’m ready,” said Gebremariam, 27, the 2009 IAAF world cross country champion, who finished third in the Boston Marathon with a personal best time of 2:04:53. Geoffrey Mutai, 30, was not be credited with the world’s fastest marathon but the fact remains that he covered the 26.2 mile distance faster than any runner ever has on foot. “Even if it is not recognized, it gives me another challenge, to run faster in other races,”

Mutai said. “When you are faster, you must maintain yourself at that level. I see that as another challenge.” Emmanuel Mutai, 27, tired at the end of last year’s New York race and finished second. “This year I will try to improve my time and maybe my position. I do not say I’m satisfied.” American Meb Keflezighi, the 2009 champion and 2004 Olympic silver medalist, said fast times are a natural progression. “You have people you train against or you compete against, and he does it or she does it, and it’s like .. if he can do it, I can do it.” The Kenyans are under extra pressure to excel given a tight squeeze to make their Olympic marathon team. Kenya are allowed three places for London 2012, but two berths have already been reserved for Makau and twice world champion Abel Kirui. “There is a chance now in New York,” Geoffrey Mutai said about his Olympic prospects. “If I get this chance, maybe after Sunday I’ll know.” — Reuters

Ueda leads Mizuno Classic SHIMA: Japan’s Momoko Ueda made six birdies on the back nine in an 8under 64 to take a three-stroke lead after the second round of the Mizuno Classic yesterday. Ueda, who won this event in 2007, made her fourth straight birdie on the par-4 18th when she chipped in from the edge of the green to finish at 13under 131. “I think I did a good job and it wasn’t hard today,” said Ueda, whose Mizuno Classic win in 2007 earned her LPGA membership in 2008. “But I was surprised to get that birdie on the 18th hole.” Japan’s Sakura Yokomine was three strokes back after a course record 9under 63 at the Kintetsu Kashikojima Country Club. Second-year US LPGA Tour member Mina Harigae of the United States shot a 5-under 67 and was tied for third with Japan’s Mayu Hattori and China’s Shanshan Feng at 9-under 135. The 25-year-old Ueda, who has eight career wins on the Japan Tour, made her sixth birdie of the day on the

par-5 16th when her approach landed 4 feet from the hole. She then made a 10-foot birdie putt on 17 to go to 12under. “Today was different even from the times that I have played good golf,” said Ueda, who started the day one stroke off the lead. “It felt natural and relaxed.” Defending champion Jiyai Shin of South Korea shot a 71 and was tied for 26th at 4-under. Stacy Lewis of the United States was tied for 18th after a 71. Harigae, the LPGA Futures Tour’s 2009 Player of the Year, put herself in position to win her first LPGA title. “I was a little nervous and my drives weren’t as good as yesterday, but my putting kept me going,” said Harigae, who recorded seven birdies and two bogeys. “I’m glad I got used to playing in front of a big crowd today with Momoko so I’ll be used to it in Sunday’s final round.” The Mizuno Classic is cosanctioned by the US and Japan LPGA Tours. Today’s winner will take home $180,000. —AP

The Flying Start Triathlon V.04 KUWAIT: Ali Abdulwahab Sons & Co. sponsors The Flying Start Triathlon V.04 with its North Face brand. This triple marathon was held at the Seashell Julaia on October 28th 2011. The triathlon is truly a test of both mental and physical capabilities, challenging the limitations of human abilities. It is an endurance test consisting of three successive sports beginning with swimming, cycling, and finally running. Triathletes must possess the will power to complete all three activities with no rest period in between. Ninety five regional and international athletes took part in this year’s 1500 meter swim, 40 kilometer cycle, and 10 kilometer run, with Emanuel from France coming in first place for males and

completing the race in 2:14 hours, while Renata from Czech Republic came in first place for females with 2:39 hours. Extreme Sports team leader Ahmed Al Majed expresses his delight in the completion of the contest and success of the event, as his side has proven their strength and stamina in such a challenging race. Ali Faisal Al Mutawa, General Manager of the Outdoor department at Ali Abdulwahab Sons & Co., reiterates the company’s dedication in sponsoring such events with its initiatives to promote health, social, and athletic awareness in the country. The North Face has sponsored the Extreme Sports team since 2004 in an effort to

endorse athletic progress and development among our youth. The North Face is every athlete s first choice brand in high performance, high quality outdoor gear, with an international recognition for innovative designs. At The North Face, Exploring Never Stops. Ali Abdulwahab Sons & Co. is a leading retail and wholesale company, and one of the oldest trading companies in Kuwait enjoying over 90 years of success. The company has adopted a vigorous expansion policy and is the agent of more than 40 distinct global brands. For more information on Ali Abdulwahab Sons & Co. visit our website at


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Welegedara lifts Sri Lanka Younis slams hundred

NEW DELHI: Indian cricket team coach Duncan Fletcher (right) talks to captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni during a practice session. India will play three tests and five one-day international cricket matches against West Indies beginning today. —AP

Dhoni does not want Tendulkar milestone to be a distraction NEW DELHI: The anticipation of Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th international century is the expected highlight of the team’s threetest series against West Indies but India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not willing to let it become a distraction. Tendulkar has been stuck on 99 tons (51 in tests and 48 in one dayers) since the 50over World Cup earlier this year and fans expect him to reach the milestone on home soil against a West Indies attack not without its limitations. “We will let him get the century and then we will speak about it. Hopefully he gets it in this (the first) game and we will speak about it on the fifth day,” Dhoni told reporters after Saturday’s practice session at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. “It’s a milestone Sachin will achieve, whether in this game, the next game or some other game. It’s bound to happen. “So rather than discussing too much ahead of the milestone coming in, what we are doing is we said ‘okay, let him get the ton and then we’ll talk about it’. We are thinking about how we need to prepare for the series. “Of course one he gets his ton, we all will celebrate with him. It will be a big moment for Indian cricket.” Dhoni’s seriousness stems from his determination to guide India back to the top of test rankings after England dethroned them with a 4-0 whitewash in August. “We want to be the best in the world

but it’s not something that belongs to you. You have to maintain it, you have to keep doing well. “We did not do too well in England and that’s why we are not the number one team right now. Again it becomes a process and to reach to the top of the world, you have to follow the process. “It’s the start of another process for us and hopefully we will be focussed enough to do well, get there again and try to sustain it.” With pace spearhead Zaheer Khan recovering from ankle surgery and senior spinner Harbhajan Singh dropped, India will have to rely on a relatively inexperienced attack to get those 20 wickets in each match. Dhoni said at least two players, most likely off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin and either Umesh Yadav or fellow pace bowler Varun Aaron, will make their test debuts on Sunday. And the team would make sure they did not get too excited, Dhoni said. “It is not a difficult thing because if you see the bowlers who have been selected, most of them have played the ODI format which means they have fair amount of exposure when it comes to international cricket. “So I don’t think they will really get excited. “Of course, if we see something happening there are senior players who will come to their rescue and help them out.”—Reuters

Royal Delta roars to victory Breeders’ Ladies’ Classic LOUISVILLE: Royal Delta broke from the pack in an explosive stretch run to win the Breeders’ Cup Ladies’ Classic on Friday, handing Hall of Fame trainer Bill Mott his fourth career victory in the $2 million race. The victory under the lights at Churchill Downs by the Kentucky-bred filly was the fifth in eight career starts for the daughter of Empire Maker. Royal Delta, ridden by Jose Lezcano, finished second in last month’s Grade I Beldame Stakes, losing to US Horse of the Year hopeful Havre de Grace. “I don’t think she gave her best effort last time, but she gave it tonight,” said Mott, who won the Ladies’ Classic a year ago with Unrivaled Belle. “She’s been training as well as our Classic horses (Drosselmeyer and To Honor and Serve). “This is special. It’s nice just to win one of these, let alone two in a row.” The Ladies’ Classic was the signature event of the opening day of the two-day Breeders’ Cup extravaganza. Late yesterday’s card is highlighted by the $5 million Classic, featuring 2010 Juvenile champion Uncle Mo, prized filly Havre de Grace and globetrotting sensation So You Think. Other winners in Friday’s six-race card were: Perfect Shirl in the Filly and Mare Turf; My Miss Aurelia in the Juvenile Fillies; and Musical Romance in the Filly & Mare Sprint. Stephanie’s Kitten took the Juvenile Fillies Turf and Secret Circle captured the inaugural Juvenile Sprint. Canada’s Perfect Shirl was the only non-U.S. starter to reach the winner’s circle. But the star of the day was Royal Delta,

who won despite the slow pace set by the Bob Baffert-trained Plum Pretty, who tired late and finished fifth. Royal Delta won by two and one -half lengths over Kiaran McLaughlin-trained It’s Tricky. “Approaching the eighth pole, I started to think, ‘Well, I hope the fractions were fast enough for us to get there.’ I started to get a little worried because the speed seemed to be carrying very well,” said Mott. “About the time I started to worry, I saw her starting to gain the momentum. Once she got to them, it was adios, see you later.” Lezcano said he got “a very good trip” aboard Royal Delta, who paid $6.40 for a $2 win ticket. “She broke real good and she was very comfortable and relaxed,” Lezcano said. “When I asked her, she gave me a very good kick. When we hit the quarter (pole), I felt very comfortable that we would win the race.” Perfect Shirl, winless in six tries this year, won a furious battle to the finish line to claim the Filly and Mare Turf, giving John Velazquez his second triumph on the card. Velazquez had already won the $1 million Juvenile Fillies Turf, the second race on the card. Trainer Steve Asmussen won a Breeders’ Cup race for just the second time in 18 career starts when My Miss Aurelia won the Juvenile Fillies by three lengths over Grace Hall. Twenty-to-one longshot Musical Romance used a late inside charge to win the Filly & Mare Sprint, the ninth victory in 33 career starts for the dark brown Floridabred. —Reuters

LOUISVILLE: Jose Lezcano takes Royal Delta to the outside as they round turn four during the Ladies’ Classic race at the Breeders’ Cup horse races at Churchill Downs. —AP

SHARJAH: Paceman Chanaka Welegedara took two wickets with the second new ball, including that of centurion Younis Khan, to give Sri Lanka the edge in the third Test against Pakistan at Sharjah stadium here yesterday. The 30-year-old left-arm paceman dismissed Younis (100) with the first delivery of the second new-ball and then had Asad Shafiq (16) in the same spell to leave Pakistan at 282-6 at the close on the third day. Sri Lanka, who scored 413 in their first innings, still lead by 131 runs and are seeking a big first innings lead to give them a chance of levelling the series after losing the second Test by nine wickets in Dubai. The first Test in Abu Dhabi ended in a draw. With just two overs to go left-arm spinner Rangana Herath removed Adnan Akmal, leg before wicket for seven to leave Sri Lanka on top. At the close, skipper Misbah-ul Haq, who reached his 13th halfcentury in the penultimate over, was unbeaten on 50 and Abdul Rehman was three not out. The first two sessions had belonged to Pakistan as Younis added 98 for the third wicket with Azhar Ali (53) and another 100 with Misbah for the fourth wicket but Welegedara’s double strike slumped Pakistan from 2333 to 258-5. Younis had completed his 18th Test hundred with a sharp single off Welegedara in the last over before tea, taking 188 balls which included eleven fours and a six. Misbah was mostly blocking before hitting the 53rd delivery he faced for his first boundary, ensuring Pakistan didn’t lose sight of winning 2-0 if they want to replace Sri Lanka at number five and jump one place up the current test rankings. After tea, both the batsmen

upped the tempo as Younis hit a boundary and six off Herath to take Pakistan past the follow-on mark of 213, before notching another four off a reverse sweep as Sri Lanka delayed the second new ball until the 91st over. The new ball was effective as Welegedara struck with the first delivery, bowling Younis with a sharp incoming delivery. Younis hit 12 boundaries and two sixes during his 211-ball knock. Welegedara, who finished with 3-62 off 25 overs, then had Shafiq caught behind. Sri Lankan bowling coach Champaka Ramanayake praised Welegedara’s bowling. “He bowled superbly on a flat track and deserves a five -for,” said Ramanayake. “If we get them out quickly on Sunday we can force a win here which would be great.” Pakistan’s interim coach Mohsin Khan deplored the loss of two quick wickets. “It’s a pity that we lost two wickets at the end,” said Mohsin, a former opener. “I would have liked Younis still batting, but he played wonderfully well for his hundred.” Earlier in the morning, Sri Lanka were a bowler short after frontline paceman Dhammika Prasad injured a muscle and was unable to bowl after Pakistan resumed at 35-2. That helped Ali, who scored his maiden hundred in the last match in Dubai, and Younis to bat out the first session taking Pakistan to 126-2 by lunch. Younis, on 30, survived a close leg-before shout against Herath who extracted some spin out of an otherwise batting-friendly pitch. Ali reached his 11th Test fifty soon after lunch but was bowled by medium pacer Kosala Kulasekara’s delivery in the sixth over after lunch, for the debutant’s first Test wicket.—AFP

SHARJAH: Pakistan’s cricketer Younis Khan sweeps a ball during the third day of the third and final Test match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. —AFP

SCOREBOARD Scoreboard at the close on the third day of the third and final test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Sharjah yesterday: Sri Lanka first innings 413 Pakistan first innings (overnight 35-2) M. Hafeez c Jayawardene b Welegedara 6 T. Umar st Silva b Herath 19 A. Ali b Kulasekara 53 Y. Khan b Welegedara 122 Misbah-ul Haq not out 50 A. Shafiq c Silva b Welegedara 16 A. Akmal lbw b Herath 7 A. Rehman not out 3 Extras (nb-3, w-2, lb-1) 6 Total (six wickets, 110 overs) 282 To bat: U. Gul, S. Ajmal, J. Khan Fall of wickets: 1-8 2-35 3-133 4-233 5-258 6-277 Bowling (to date): Welegedara 25-7-62-3 (1w), Prasad 4-0-9-0, Kulasekara 21-755-1 (3nb), Herath 32-10-73-2 (1w), Randiv 21-5-64-0, Dilshan 7-1-18-0. Pakistan lead the three-match series 1-0

Bracewell seals dramatic victory over Zimbabwe BULAWAYO: Doug Bracewell’s fivewicket debut haul crushed a spirited effort from Zimbabwe as New Zealand won the one -off Test match by 34 runs here yesterday. Bracewell, 21, and Daniel Vettori claimed three wickets apiece in the final session to deny Zimbabwe what would have been a famous victory, as the hosts were bowled out for 331 in a tense finale. It was a heartbreaking end for Zimbabwe, who had threatened to complete the highest run chase in their history as captain Brendan Taylor led from the front with a superb hundred, only for Bracewell’s 5 for 83 to turn the match. The captain was ably assisted by half-centuries from Tino Mawoyo and Tatenda Taibu, but ultimately Zimbabwe’s long tail proved costly as they lost their last seven wickets in the final session. Zimbabwe began the day on 61 for two in pursuit of 366 for victory, but by tea they had progressed to 265 for three-just 101 runs from their target-and the win looked well within their grasp. However Taylor’s dismissal to the second ball of the final session ended a 108-run partnership with Taibu and changed the complexion of the contest as Taibu was forced to consolidate with new batsman Malcolm Waller. Taylor had controversially survived a potential catch by BJ Watling at deep point just before the tea break, when he stood his ground and was given the benefit of the doubt when replays proved inconclusive. He failed to learn his lesson though, and there was no doubt about a clean catch the second time around when he repeated a careless stroke and was sent on his way for 117. Taibu and Waller took a more patient approach as the second new ball caused problems, only for Taibu to fall into the trap set by Daniel Vettori and depart for 63. The left-arm spinner came over the wicket to bowl into the rough outside leg stump and tempt Taibu into the sweep, and a top edge was easily pouched at deep backward square leg. Regis Chakabva led a charmed life, surviving an lbw from Bracewell thanks to a no-ball and a run-out when the appeal was sportingly withdrawn by New Zealand because Vettori had blocked Waller’s path. Yet his luck ran out when he was brilliantly caught by wicketkeeper Reece Young off the bowling of Bracewell, exposing Zimbabwe’s

BULAWAYO: New Zealand captain Ross Taylor (right) receives the Castle Challenge Trophy after his team’s victory on the final day of the Test match against Zimbabwe. —AFP lengthy tail. Nevertheless the hosts continued to go for the win, even SCOREBOARD as they continued to lose wickets, rather than simply trying to play for BULAWAYO: Scoreboard at close on the fifth day of the Test between Zimbabwe the draw. and New Zealand at Queens Sports Club yesterday: “There were a lot of nerves, but New Zealand first innings 426 all out (M. Guptill 109, R. Taylor 76, D. Brownlie 63, K. Williamson 49, C. Mpofu 9-92, R. Price 2-118). the guys carried on and kept trying Zimbabwe first innings 313 all out (V. Sibanda 93, M. Waller 72 no, B. to push for the win, and that’s why Taylor 50, D. Vettori 5-70, C. Martin 2-74). we’re all very proud of each other,” New Zealand second innings 252 for 8 (R. Taylor 76, K. Williamson 68, R. said Taylor. Young 35 no, K. Jarvis 5-64, R. Price 2-87). “We could have shut up shop with an hour and a bit left in the Zimbabwe 2nd innings game but the guys were still fairly T. Mawoyo b Guptill 52 positive, so it was just a good posiV. Sibanda lbw Bracewell 13 tive day today and the guys can H. Masakadza c Brownlie b Bracewell 19 hold their heads high.” B. Taylor c Watling b Martin 117 The ploy failed to work for T. Taibu c Guptill b Vettori 63 Zimbabwe though, and the game M. Waller lbw Vettori 29 was effectively up when Waller was R. Chakabva c Young b Bracewell 5 trapped lbw by Vettori for 29. N. Ncube b Bracewell 14 Vettori claimed the final wicket R. Price c Young b Bracewell 4 in his next over when he trapped K. Jarvis not out 2 C. Mpofu lbw Vettori 0 Chris Mpofu lbw to wrap up the vicExtras (5b, 4lb, 4nb) 13 tory with 35 deliveries left in the Total (all out, 108.1 overs, 453 mins) 331 day, giving Ross Taylor a win in his Fall of wickets: 1-25 (Sibanda), 2-61 (Masakadza), 3-157 (Mawoyo), 4-265 first Test as captain. (Taylor), 5-287 (Taibu), 6-303 (Chakabva), 7-321 (Ncube), 8-329 (Price), 9-329 “It’s a strange game this Test (Waller), 10-331 (Mpofu). cricket, getting seven wickets in Bowling: Martin 22-3-85-1; Bracewell 25-2-85-5; Vettori 38.1-14-71-3; Patel the last session. We knew we could 13-1-51-0; Guptill 9-0-28-1; Brownlie 1-0-2-0. do it but it was a hell of a Test New Zealand - Ross Taylor (capt), Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum, Kane match,” said Taylor. “Full credit to Williamson, BJ Watling, Dean Brownlie, Daniel Vettori, Reece Young, Doug Zimbabwe because they gave us a Bracewell, Jeetan Patel, Chris Martin. great fight and they went out for Result: New Zealand won by 34 runs. the win, so it was a great spectacle Match referee: Chris Broad (ENG) out there.”—AFP




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Thorpe fails to qualify for 100m finals SINGAPORE: Australian swimming great Ian Thorpe was annoyed with himself after failure to qualify for the 100 metres butterfly finals at a World Cup race yesterday brought a premature end to his first meet back following a five-year absence. Thorpe, winner of five Olympic gold, finished third in his heat with a time of 54.09 in Singapore to rank 11th overall and outside the top eight qualifiers for the finals. “I came here expecting to get absolutely hammered in races and I knew it was going to happen and anyone who didn’t think that was going to happen

didn’t have this in perspective,” Thorpe told reporters. “I was quite annoyed with myself this morning with my time and things like that. Racing for me is tough. It is really easy for me to train and do whatever I am asked. It is going to be about getting back in tune with competition and being able to do it well.” Kenya’s Jason Dunford was the fastest qualifier for the finals later on Saturday with a time of 51.50 seconds. Thorpe was quick out of the blocks in lane six but lost ground in the second and third legs of the short course race with Australian team mate

Chris Wright winning the heat with a time of 52.09. “I would have liked to have made the final in that one,” Thorpe said. “I didn’t go hard where I should have and fell into an awkward kind of technique. “I’m disappointed because I thought I would be a little bit faster this morning and I’m also disappointed as I thought technically some things would have been better. “I have to have a kind of reality check of where I am as opposed to how I feel I’m training. I’m happy with the progression I am making.” It was the second day back in

competition after coming out of retirement for Thorpe, who finished seventh in the final of the 100m individual medley on Friday. Although the butterfly and individual medley are unfamiliar races for the lanky Sydneyborn freestyle specialist, expectations are extremely high that the Australian can add to his huge medal haul in London next year. “Thorpedo”, with his hugeflipper like feet, had attracted few spectators at the Singapore Sports School yesterday with many fans presuming he would qualify for the finals.

Qatar’s Al Sadd snatch Asian title on penalties JEONJU: Qatar ’s Al Sadd shocked Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors of South Korea 4-2 on penalties in a thrilling AFC Champions League final yesterday after they were deadlocked at 2-2 following extra-time. Former Portsmouth left-back Nadir Belhadj fired the winner into the roof of the Jeonbuk net,

“I couldn’t imagine this game would go to penalties. I was really worried to get to extra-time because our physical condition was not normal after 10 hours of flight. I was worried we wouldn’t finish the game.” I t was the first AFC Champions League final to be decided by penalties and Al

season last week, had left them overcooked. “It was the missed chances and some of our players also got too emotional for the game and couldn’t control themselves,” he said. “The fans’ expectation was a very difficult situation for me. We are very sad but I tell you the

JEONJU: Qatar’s Al-Sadd players celebrate with the trophy after winning the AFC Champions League final soccer match against South Korea’s Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. —AP sparking delirium among the Al Sadd players and breaking the hear ts of the near- capacity crowd at the 43,000-seat Jeonju World Cup stadium. The home side had dramatically forced extra-time with an injury-time equaliser, but amid high tension Al Sadd goalkeeper Mohamed Saqr brilliantly saved penalties from Kim Dong-Chan and Park Won-Jae. “I’m ver y happy for him. When I returned to the club people told me he can’t play any more, they said he was too old, but he played fantastic,” Al Sadd coach Jorge Fossati said of his hero goalkeeper.

Sadd’s win breaks a three-year hold on the title by Korean clubs, following wins for Pohang Steelers and Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma. Jeonbuk, chasing a second Champions League win after lifting the trophy in 2006, came close several times in a nerveshredding 30 minutes of extratime, but were repeatedly denied by the underdogs and the brilliant Saqr. Home coach Coi Kang-Hee lamented his side’s profligacy saying it cost them the game but also suggested the great expectations on his side, who clinched the regular K-League

players gave their very best.” The victory brought an exhilarating end to a turbulent competition for Al Sadd, who were involved in an ugly mass brawl during their semi-final against South Korea’s Suwon Samsung Bluewings. Abdul Kader Keita, who was one of the players sent off in the semi-final punch-up, looked to have secured the title for Al Sadd with a second-half strike, until Lee Sung-Hyun’s headed equaliser in last-gasp stoppage time. Imperious Brazilian Eninho had given Jeonbuk the lead with a deliciously curled free-kick on

19 minutes, but an own goal by Sim Woo -Yeon levelled the scores before Keita’s speared shot put the visitors in front. It was a messy but enthralling game. Despite a barrage of jeers, Al Sadd started brightly with strikers Mamadou Niang and Keitaboth back from suspensions after the fight-impressive and link ing with the excellent Belhadj, who terrorised Jeonbuk’s right side. When Eninho scored, the expec ted Jeonbuk goal glut failed to materialise and Al Sadd equalised on the half-hour mark when a seemingly innocuous Keita cross squirted off Sim WooYeon’s head and in. The visitors then stunned the crowd as they took the lead with a counter-attack . Jeonbuk surged back, hitting the post from a corner and winning a series of free -k icks in and around the box, before finally being rewarded with Lee’s late goal. Former English Premier League striker Lee Dong-Gook, who was named the tournament’s most valued player and top scorer, said he felt “responsible” for the loss after failing to recover from a calf injury that saw him benched. “I’m extremely disappointed. I want to apologise to the fans because I did not play to my full potential,” said the former Middlesbrough man, who came on late in the game. Despite their remarkable win the Qataris were criticised by Jeonbuk fans for negative tactics during the game, including time-wasting and some theatrical attempts to win free-kicks. Their image was hardly boosted by the sending off of Ali Afif with seconds of ex tra-time remaining. Al Sadd progress to December’s World Club Cup to be held in Japan, where they will compete against Barcelona and Brazilian outfit Santos. —AFP

“I think a lot of people underestimated the complexity of swimming,” said Thorpe, who also won three silvers and a bronze at the 2000 and 2004 Games along with 11 world championship titles. “I told people if I was to start swimming again it would take me three years to get back to where I was and it may take that long-I’m planning on it not taking that long. I’m trying to fast track.” Thorpe, who will attempt to make the Australian Olympic team at the trials in Adelaide in March, races in Beijing on Tuesday and then Tokyo (Nov.

12-13) for two more World Cup meetings and said things had to improve. “If I get to the end of Tokyo and I’m not swimming faster I am going to be very frustrated and I’ll be quite annoyed, because I expect this of myself at the moment.” H is coach, Gennadi Touretski, said that there was a chance that Thorpe, who regularly smashed world records in his pomp, could swim his favoured freestyle. “It might be in Tokyo, it is up to the situation whether he will feel comfortable with this race.” —Reuters

Russia, Czech level 1-1 in Fed Cup final MOSCOW: Russia and the Czech Republic split the opening singles in the Fed Cup final yesterday after Grand Slam winners Petra Kvitova and Svetlana Kuznetsova won their matches in straight sets. Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova put the Czechs in the lead, beating Maria Kirilenko 6-2, 6-2 in the first match, but Kuznetsova then leveled the tie at 1-1 with a 6-2, 6-3 win over Lucie Safarova. The title will be decided today with two reverse singles and a doubles match at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow. Two-time Grand Slam champion Kuznetsova broke Safarova twice in the first set and was leading 5-3 in the second when she clinched the victory on Safarova’s serve with a backhand return on her first match point. After even play in the first four games, Kvitova dominated Kirilenko with powerful shots from the baseline and frequent volley winners. “It was much tougher to win today and I lost much more energy then it may appear looking at the scoreline,” Kvitova said. Kvitova won six consecutive games to take a set and 2-0 lead. Kvitova broke again in the seventh game of the second set and served the match out with an ace. Kvitova was drawn to play Kuznetsova in the second reverse singles on Sunday, but the nomination is subject to change ahead

of the match. “In the Fed Cup you never know who will oppose you in the reverse singles, but I’ve won already and do not feel any pressure on my back,” Kvitova said. The victory was Kvitova’s 11th straight, following her back-to-back titles in Linz, Austria, and at the season-ending WTA Championships in Istanbul. Kirilenko, whose Fed Cup experience was limited to two matches five years ago, was a surprise choice as Russia’s No. 2 for opening singles. “In the beginning I felt I could overcome her (Kvitova’s) powerful play from the base line,” Kirilenko said. “But midway through the first set, Petra (Kvitova) added power to her serve, making it tough to return. And I had no chance receiving today either.” The Russian, ranked 27th, never threatened Kvitova with a break. Russia, which is 4-0 in the finals, suffered a blow when world No. 7 Vera Zvonareva was forced to pull out of the tie because of shoulder injury on Friday. Russia has won the Fed Cup title four times in five years since 2004 and is unbeaten at home in 10 ties since losing to France in the semifinals in 2003. The Czechs are five-time winners, but their last final appearance was in 1988 when, as Czechoslovakia, they beat the Soviet Union 2-1. —AP

Ivanovic scrapes into Bali final BALI: Ana Ivanovic will hope to celebrate her birthday by successfully defending her Tournament of Champions title after fending off a second-set fightback from Nadia Petrova in the semi-finals yesterday. The Serbian won 6-1 7-5 and will face Spain’s Anabel Medina Garrigues in the final today, her 24th birthday. Medina Garrigues progressed when Sabine Lisicki of Germany retired with a back injury with the Spaniard leading 6-3 4-6 4-0. Ivanovic made a perfect start, giving up just three points in the opening four games as her aggressive baseline play left her Russian opponent reeling. After claiming the first set, Ivanovic broke for 1-0 in the second and then held three points for a 3-0 lead before Petrova finally managed to work her way into the match. As Ivanovic failed to maintain her formidable performance, Petrova settled and engaged her opponent in spectacular rallies which several times led to Ivanovic throwing herself to the ground in search of a winner. Three consecutive breaks put the play-

ers level at 3-3 and Ivanovic then had to fight off a set point at 5-4, firing an impressing backhand winner down the line. In a dramatic finale, Ivanovic held for 5-5 and then broke to move ahead before serving out the match after the Russian had almost levelled again. “I played really well from the beginning,” Ivanovic told reporters. “Then that game at 2-0 (in the second set), she really raised her game and went for more shots and made less errors and was serving bigger. “Not breaking her then was kind of a turning point for her a little bit and then I played a bad game to lose my serve. That was crucial and then we had a bit of a fight.” Lisicki looked flat right from the start against Medina Garrigues and midway through the second set she was clearly in pain. She left the court for several minutes for treatment after breaking to lead 4-3. When she returned, Lisicki won two of the next three games to take the match into a third set but, after earning just two points in the first four games, she quit at 30-30 in the fifth. —Reuters

1,000 days to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Pele Brazil’s Honorary Ambassador for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil has long enchanted those acquainted with her. The natural beauty, biodiversity and culture, creativity and contagious happiness of the Brazilian people have invariably left their mark on those who have had the opportunity to get to know my country. With 1,000 days to go to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I have reason to believe that in addition to these qualities, which have always characterized us, other attributes, including competence, seriousness, innovation, transparency, sustainability, diversity, and democracy, will serve to further captivate those arriving in Brazil. Our economy, today the world’s 7th largest, is diversified, innovative, combining growth, stability, sustainability, and social inclusion. In the past decade, more than 40 million people have risen, in truly impressive fashion, to join the ranks of the middle class, now the country’s largest segment. This scenario has contributed to significant reduce urban crime, leaving us increasingly in a position to guarantee the safety of our population and foreign visitors to our country. Significant progress has also been secured in infrastructure. Not just in the form of stadiums, which, it appears, will be delivered on schedule, but also in terms of expanded and modernized ports, airports, and urban facilities

- including the substantial body of knowledge and skills generated in the areas of transportation, tourism, communications, and energy. All of the information, projects, and investments relating to the World Cup can be

Pele tracked in real time online, a process that will be made easier with the launch of the Federal Government’s official World Cup site ( The media and society are closely monitoring every last detail. This

along with a range of other transparency, tracking, and oversight tools has served to deter and effectively identify potential waste and fraud, further enhancing Brazilian democracy. Brazilians are proud to be the product of a combination of ethnicities, religions, nationalities, and races. We are a nation in which everyone - including tourists - feels at home. We are convinced that our strength and our creativity in all fields, including football, is the outgrowth of this diversity, of this mixture. Indeed, it is the reason for Brazil’s deep democratic roots. To be sure, there is much to be done. And without question, longstanding challenges persist while new ones will certainly arise. Yet, what makes me truly optimistic is that Brazil is increasingly equipped to address these challenges. In this light, I believe the 2014 FIFA World Cup arrives to Brazil at precisely the right time, providing us with a singular opportunity to show the world that we know how to put on a show - and not just in sports. Pele is Brazil’s Honorary Ambassador for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In his career as a football player, Pele won three world championships as a member of the Brazilian national team (1958, 1962, and 1970), scored 1282 goals, and received numerous awards and honors, including World Athlete of the Century in 1999 (International Olympic Committee) and Footballer of the Century in 2000 (FIFA).

LAS VEGAS: In this Wed. July 20, 2011 file photo showing Badih Bounahra, of Belize (left to right) Phil Collins, Matt Giannetti, Pius Heinz, of Germany, Samuel Holden, of the United Kingdom, Ben Lamb, Anton Makiievskyi, of the Ukraine, Eoghan O’Dea, of Ireland, and Martin Staszko, of the Czech Republic, the World Series of Poker main event . —AP

International finalists return to Vegas for WSOP LAS VEGAS: Nine card players from seven countries are returning to Las Vegas this weekend in search of life-changing riches, the spoils of winning as much as $8.71 million at the World Series of Poker main event. Some of the finalists hope the millions won will be enough to make poker simply a just-for-fun pastime, rather than a bankroll boost to launch them into poker’s most expensive games. “I hope that I will not need to play poker for (income) after the 8th of November,” said 21-yearold Anton Makiievskyi, an aspiring poker professional from the Ukraine who said he has been supporting himself with poker since 2008. “I like this game, but for three years I needed to play it. In case of winning first place, I will play only for pleasure and results of my poker sessions will

not make any changes to my life,” Makiievskyi told The Associated Press. “Poker is just a card game,” he said. “It’s cool but I don’t want to be addicted to it.” Makiievskyi starts the final table eighth in chips, the second fewest among players. Three Americans, plus finalists from Belize, Ireland, Germany, England, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, topped a field of 6,865 entrants at the no-limit Texas Hold ‘em main event in July and are returning Sunday to settle the title over two days of play. A champion will be crowned Tuesday night. The finale will play out nearly live on television for the first time, with ESPN airing the action with just enough of a delay to satisfy Nevada gambling regulators that the players won’t have any way to tell what their opponents are holding. —AP


S P ORT S Soccer results/standings Arsenal 3 ( Van Persie 22, Vermaelen 39, Arteta 74) West Brom 0; Aston Villa 3 (Bent 30, 62, Agbonlahor 48) Norwich 2 (Pilkington 25, Morison 77); Blackburn 0, Chelsea 1 (Lampard 51); Liverpool 0, Swansea 0; Man Utd 1 (Brown 45-og) Sunderland 0; Newcastle 2 (Heitinga 12-og, R.Taylor 29) Everton 1 (Rodwell 45); QPR 2 (Bothroyd 28, Helguson 69) Man City 3 (Dzeko 43, Silva 52, Y.Toure 74). Playing today Wolves v Wigan Bolton v Stoke Fulham v Tottenham Scottish Premier League results Hibernian 0, Dunfermline 1 (McCann 3); Kilmarnock 3 (Shiels 12, 73-pen, Heffernan 90) Inverness CT 6 (Shinnie 39, 60, 66, Hayes 53, Tade 62, 83); Rangers 3 (Jelavic 19, 63pen, 82) Dundee United 1 (Daly 73); St Mirren 0, Hearts 0. Playing today Motherwell v Celtic

4, Livingston 3; Hamilton 3, Queen of the South 1; Partick 0, Ross County 1. Second Division Albion 7, Airdrie 2; Arbroath 4, Dumbarton 3; East Fife 1, Cowdenbeath 3; Forfar 0, Brechin 0; Stenhousemuir 4, Stirling 0. Third Division Alloa 1, Stranraer 0; Berwick 1, Elgin City 1; Montrose 2, East Stirling 1; Peterhead 0, Clyde 0;Queen’s Park 0, Annan Athletic 0. German League results Borussia Dortmund 5 (Goetze 12, 78, Kagawa 45, S. Bender 61, Lewandowski 66) VfL Wolfsburg 1 (Hleb 59); Werder Bremen 3 (Pizarro 49, 54-pen, 86) Cologne 2 (Clemens 3, Podolski 45); Nuremberg 1 (Frantz 32) Freiburg 2 (Rosenthal 34, Cisse 90+3); Hoffenheim 1 (Ibisevic 33) Kaiserslautern 1 (Kouemaha 73); Hertha Berlin 1 (Ramos 18) Borussia M’gladbach 2 (Reus 33, 55). Playing today Hanover 96 v Schalke 04 Augsburg v Bayern Munich

Playing Monday St Johnstone v Aberdeen Scottish Football League results First Division Ayr 0, Morton 1;Dundee 1 Raith 0; Falkirk

Played Friday Mainz 05 3 (Ujah 53, 64, Ivanschitz 60pen) VfB Stuttgart 1 (Cacau 51)

English Premier League table after yesterday’s matches (played, won, drawn, lost, goals for, goals against, points): Man City Man Utd Newcastle Chelsea Tottenham Liverpool Arsenal Aston Villa Norwich Swansea Stoke QPR West Brom Sunderland Fulham Everton Wolves Blackburn Bolton Wigan

11 11 11 11 9 11 11 11 11 11 10 11 11 11 10 10 10 11 10 10

10 1 8 2 7 4 7 1 6 1 5 4 6 1 3 6 3 4 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 4 2 4 3 1 2 2 1 3 2 0 1 2

0 1 0 3 2 2 4 2 4 4 4 5 6 5 4 6 6 7 8 7

39 28 17 24 18 14 23 16 16 12 8 10 9 14 13 11 9 13 13 6

English Football League tables Championship Southampton 16 11 3 2 37 West Ham 16 9 4 3 28 Cardiff 16 7 6 3 29 Middlesbrough 15 7 6 2 19 Blackpool 16 7 4 5 26 Crystal Palace 16 7 4 5 18 Derby 16 7 3 6 22 Hull 15 7 3 5 14 Peterborough 16 7 1 8 32 Leicester 15 6 4 5 20 Leeds 15 6 4 5 25 Birmingham 12 6 3 3 18 Brighton 15 5 5 5 17 Ipswich 15 6 2 7 21 Portsmouth 16 5 4 7 19 Millwall 16 4 6 6 19 Reading 15 4 6 5 15 Barnsley 15 4 6 5 17 Burnley 15 5 3 7 20 Nott Forest 16 5 2 9 15 Watford 15 4 4 7 15 Bristol City 16 3 4 9 14 Coventry 16 2 6 8 13 Doncaster 16 3 3 10 13

10 12 8 15 14 10 21 15 18 15 14 20 16 13 12 15 17 24 27 17

17 13 20 12 19 14 23 15 29 18 25 13 17 27 18 18 15 19 23 27 25 27 24 28

31 26 25 22 19 19 19 15 13 13 12 12 11 10 10 10 8 6 6 5

36 31 27 27 25 25 24 24 22 22 22 21 20 20 19 18 18 18 18 17 16 13 12 12

Division One Charlton 17 12 4 1 39 14 40 Huddersfield 17 9 8 0 35 14 35 Sheff Wednesday17 10 3 4 31 23 33 Milton 17 8 6 3 30 17 30 Sheffield Utd 17 8 5 4 31 22 29 Notts County 17 8 4 5 30 23 28 Stevenage 17 7 5 5 24 18 26 Tranmere 17 7 5 5 19 16 26 Brentford 17 7 5 5 20 18 26 Carlisle 17 7 5 5 24 27 26 Colchester 17 5 8 4 25 24 23 Hartlepool 16 6 5 5 22 24 23 Preston 16 7 2 7 31 34 23 Oldham 17 6 4 7 22 27 22 Bury 17 6 3 8 20 25 21 Bournemouth 17 5 4 8 21 26 19 Scunthorpe 17 3 9 5 23 25 18 Leyton Orient 17 4 6 7 19 28 18 Exeter 17 4 4 9 15 28 16 Walsall 17 3 6 8 16 21 15 Rochdale 17 3 5 9 20 33 14 Chesterfield 17 3 4 10 21 31 13 Wycombe 17 3 4 10 17 27 13 Yeovil 17 2 6 9 18 28 12 Division Two Southend 17 12 Crawley Town 17 11 Cheltenham 17 10 Shrewsbury 17 9 Morecambe 17 8 Swindon 17 9 Oxford Utd 17 8 Burton Albion 17 8 Gillingham 17 8 Port Vale 17 7 AFC Wimbledon 17 7 Torquay 17 6 Macclesfield 17 7 Rotherham 17 6 Aldershot 17 7 Bristol Rovers 17 6 Accrington Stanley17 4 Crewe 17 6 Hereford 17 4 Northampton 17 4 Bradford 17 3 Redbridge 17 4 Barnet 17 3 Plymouth 17 2

2 3 2 4 6 2 5 5 3 4 4 6 3 6 2 3 7 1 5 4 5 1 4 3

3 3 5 4 3 6 4 4 6 6 6 5 7 5 8 8 6 10 8 9 9 12 10 12

33 34 24 23 34 27 26 26 31 32 26 28 19 30 22 23 16 19 14 20 18 15 20 13

15 23 17 17 17 15 16 22 24 26 31 25 17 29 20 29 22 26 28 28 25 30 37 34

38 36 32 31 30 29 29 29 27 25 25 24 24 24 23 21 19 19 17 16 14 13 13 9

Scottish Premier League table Rangers 14 12 2 0 30 Motherwell 13 8 2 3 17 Celtic 12 7 2 3 23 St Johnstone 13 5 4 4 15 Hearts 14 5 4 5 13 St Mirren 14 4 5 5 12 Kilmarnock 14 3 6 5 19 Dundee Utd 14 3 5 6 20 Hibernian 14 3 4 7 14 Dunfermline 13 3 4 6 14 Aberdeen 13 3 3 7 13 Inverness CT 14 3 3 8 19

6 15 12 11 9 13 24 26 22 27 16 28

38 26 23 19 19 17 15 14 13 13 12 12

Scottish Football League tables First Division Ross County 12 7 4 1 18 Falkirk 12 6 4 2 20 Hamilton 12 5 3 4 19 Morton 12 5 3 4 14 Livingston 12 3 7 2 19 Partick 12 4 3 5 19 Dundee 12 4 2 6 11 Raith 12 3 3 6 11 Ayr 12 3 3 6 12 Queen South 12 3 2 7 12

10 15 13 19 16 14 13 14 24 17

25 22 18 18 16 15 14 12 12 11

Second Division Cowdenbeath 12 Arbroath 12 Stenhousemuir 12 East Fife 12 Brechin 12 Dumbarton 12 Albion 12 Forfar 12 Airdrie Utd 12 Stirling 12

8 8 6 5 3 4 4 3 3 3

2 2 3 1 5 2 2 3 3 3

2 2 3 6 4 6 6 6 6 6

29 30 23 18 14 23 19 17 22 16

14 18 17 23 15 28 24 22 28 22

26 26 21 16 14 14 14 12 12 12

Third Division Annan Athletic Alloa Stranraer Queens Park Elgin Clyde Berwick Montrose Peterhead East Stirling

7 6 6 5 5 4 3 4 1 1

2 2 1 3 2 3 3 0 2 0

1 2 4 3 3 3 4 6 7 9

21 17 23 18 18 16 16 14 10 7

11 16 14 16 11 10 16 21 18 27

23 20 19 18 17 15 12 12 5 3

German league table Bayern Munich 11 8 Dortmund 12 7 Werder Bremen 12 7 Borussia 12 7 Schalke 04 11 7 VfB Stuttgart 12 5 Hanover 96 11 5 Hoffenheim 12 5 Leverkusen 11 5 Hertha Berlin 12 4 Cologne 12 5 Kaiserslautern 12 3 VfL Wolfsburg 12 4 Mainz 05 12 3 Nuremberg 12 3 Freiburg 12 3 Hamburg 11 2 Augsburg 11 1

1 2 2 2 0 3 3 2 2 4 1 4 1 3 3 1 3 5

2 3 3 3 4 4 3 5 4 4 6 5 7 6 6 8 6 5

30 26 23 15 22 18 14 15 13 16 20 10 15 16 13 16 13 8

3 9 16 9 16 12 15 13 14 17 26 15 25 23 20 27 23 20

25 23 23 23 21 18 18 17 17 16 16 13 13 12 12 10 9 8

10 10 11 11 10 10 10 10 10 10

Matches on TV (Local Timings) English Premier League

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Bolton v Stoke Abu Dhabi Sports HD 6


Fulham v Tottenham Abu Dhabi Sports HD 3


Spanish League Levante v Valencia Aljazeera Sport +2 Aljazeera Sport 2 HD


Real Madrid v Osasuna Aljazeera Sport +2 Aljazeera Sport 2 HD


Zaragoza v Sporting Aljazeera Sport +10 Aljazeera Sport 2 HD


Granada v Racing Aljazeera Sport +7


Rayo v Sociedad Aljazeera Sport +10


Espanyol v Villarreal Aljazeera Sport +7


Bilbao v Barcelona Aljazeera Sport +2 Aljazeera Sport 2 HD


Italian League Udinese v Siena Aljazeera Sport +4


AC Milan v Catania Aljazeera Sport +1 Aljazeera Sport 1 HD


SS Lazio v Parma Aljazeera Sport +9


Chievo v Fiorentina Aljazeera Sport +5


Cesena v Lecce Aljazeera Sport +2


Napoli v Juventus Aljazeera Sport +1 Aljazeera Sport 1 HD


City maintain lead as Toure subdues QPR QPR 2

Man City 3 LONDON: Manchester City maintained their five-point lead at the top of the Premier League as Yaya Toure’s late goal clinched a hardfought 3-2 win at QPR yesterday. Toure netted his third goal in two games with his header 17 minutes from full-time after the hosts had threatened to become the second team to take a point off City. Jay Bothroyd had given QPR the lead in the first half before Edin Dzeko and David Silva replied either side of the interval. Neil Warnock’s team levelled when Heidar Helguson deflected home from close-range but Ivory Coast midfielder Toure had the last word to keep City ahead of Manchester United going into the international break. QPR were without Adel Taarabt following a stomach bug but Shaun Wright-Phillips and Joey Barton impressed against their former club. City manager Roberto Mancini made six changes to their starting line-up despite a convincing

Champions League victory over Villarreal in midweek, when Toure had netted twice. Sergio Aguero and Dzeko were among those restored to the team, while Silva recovered from a back suffered during the end of the win in Spain. The match started with the same intensity of the previous game at Loftus Road when Warnock’s side defeated Chelsea during a controversial clash. Helguson, who scored the winner that day against Chelsea, had a couple of early efforts on goal from the edge of the area but one went wide and other was saved by Joe Hart. He went close again midway through the first half when the striker climbed above Micah Richards and met Barton’s corner, with his effort looping just wide. Gareth Barry had City’s first effort on goal in the opening minute but his drive flew over the crossbar, but clear-cut opportunities proved difficult to create for the visitors. They were behind just before the half-hour mark after Bothroyd was tripped on the touchline by Aleksandar Kolarov, although replays suggested it was a harsh decision. Barton swung over the freekick and Bothroyd got between Stefan Savic and Richards before planting his header into the bottom corner, his second in as many

LONDON: Queens Park Rangers’ Jay Bothroyd (center) celebrates after he scores a goal against Manchester City during their English Premier League soccer match. —AP games. It was the first time City came over Silva looked ready to had been behind in a Premier lay the ball back to a team-mate. But the Spain midfielder League game this season. And they could have been further turned sharply - tricking behind when Jamie Mackie’s Ferdinand and Danny Gabbidon before driving into the bottom powerful volley tested Hart. City responded by stepping up corner beyond Kenny. Dzeko the pace of their attacks, with should have added another but Paddy Kenny saving with his feet went just wide with another to deny Aguero. The equaliser effort, while Kenny also saved came two minutes before the another shot from the striker and break, with a move starting when Aguero went just wide. The game Barry slipped the ball to Dzeko on took another twist 22 minutes from full-time when the hosts levelled. the left flank. Bosnia striker Dzeko cut inside, Armand Traore crossed from the around Anton Ferdinand, and left and Bothroyd’s diving header powerfully finished into the bot- went in off Helguson’s back, with tom corner. They were ahead sev- the goal standing despite City en minutes after the break protesting for offside. But City through a moment of class from responded five minutes later when Silva. Dzeko carried the ball down Toure headed home powerfully the left flank and when the cross from Kolarov’s cross. —AFP

Arsenal revival continues Arsenal 3

West Brom 0

LONDON: Robin van Persie scored one and set up two as Arsenal stretched their winning run to four in the Premier League with a 3-0 win over West Bromwich Albion here yesterday. The in-form Dutchman scored the opening goal before providing the assists for Thomas Vermaelen and Mikel Arteta, as West Brom offered little resistance. And although Ger vinho showed flashes of brilliance, there was little argument as to who Arsenal’s most valuable player is, as they continued their remarkable resurgence. Van Persie, who had scored seven goals in his previous four league starts, was restored to the starting line-up after being rested on the bench for last Tuesday’s 0-

0 Champions League draw against Marseille. His form has been instrumental in the Gunners winning five of seven Premier League matches since their 8-2 drubbing against Manchester United on August 28.

start to the season, there have still been question marks over their defence. And it was central defender Per Mertesacker who paid for the shaky form of the back four by dropping to the bench.

LONDON: Arsenal’s Thomas Vermaelen (top) heads the ball during the English Premier League soccer match against West Bromwich Albion. —AP But for all the talk of Arsenal’s resurgence following their poor

West Brom, meanwhile, have been hard to beat on their travels

Newcastle surge into second place Newcastle 2

Everton 1 NEWCASTLE: Newcastle defender Ryan Taylor’s stunning strike inspired a 2-1 win over Everton at St James’ Park as the Magpies surged into second place in the Premier League yesterday. Alan Pardew’s side have been the surprise package in English football’s topflight this season and their fairytale run shows no signs of ending after John Heitinga’s own goal and Taylor’s blistering effort saw off the struggling Toffees. Jack Rodwell got one back for David Moyes’ men but that couldn’t stop Newcastle extending their unbeaten run to 11 Premier League matches and moving above Manchester United into second place. United could reclaim second with a win over Sunderland later yesterday, but even that is unlikely to take the gloss off Newcastle’s best start to a season since 1996-97, when they went on to finish second. While Newcastle dream of a Champions League place, Everton are languishing two places above the relegation zone after their sixth defeat in 10 league matches. Newcastle created the first opening when Yohan Cabaye set up Danny Guthrie for a curling shot which Tim Howard did well to stop. Everton squandered a golden opportunity when Royston Drenthe’s cross found Seamus Coleman unmarked beyond the far post, but the Republic of Ireland international blazed his effort high and wide. Newcastle took full advantage of that escape to opening the scoring in the 12th minute. Steven Taylor and Guthrie had com-

bined to play Danny Simpson into space down the right and his teasing cross panicked Dutch defender Heitinga into stabbing the ball into his own net as Tim Howard came out to claim. Newcastle were attacking with too much energy and invention to be contained and they went further ahead in spectacular fashion in the 29th minute. Rodwell’s headed clearance fell to Ryan Taylor 20 yards out and he teed the ball up before sending a sublime dipping volley past Howard. Everton were out of luck again when Phil Neville’s shot was blocked and Louis Saha drove the rebound against the foot of a post. Ryan Taylor struck the woodwork himself with a miscued cross that cannoned off the bar, although Newcastle suffered a blow when Cabaye limped off to be replaced by Dan Gosling. The Toffees lost Neville to injury but finally dragged themselves back into the game in firsthalf injury time when Rodwell met Drenthe’s corner with a bullet header to reduce the deficit. — AP

LONDON: Everton’s Royston Drenthe (bottom) and Newcastle United’s Steven Taylor battle for the ball during the English Premier League soccer match at St James’ Park. —AP

and headed into the game having collected seven of their 11 points this season away from home. And their last visit to the Emirates resulted in a 3-2 win for the West Midlands side, under previous manager Roberto di Matteo. This time, visiting manager Roy Hodgson opted to crowd his midfield in order to starve service to van Persie. And for the first 22 minutes, it worked. But then Aaron Ramsey spotted a space and fed the ball to Theo Walcott to burst up the right flank. His shot was saved by goalkeeper Ben Foster, but the England international failed to keep hold of the ball and it rolled into the path of van Persie, who put away the easiest of chances from four yards out. Five minutes before half time, Arsenal had a second - with van Persie turning provider for Vermaelen. Alex Song’s cross was volleyed across the face of goal and after Gervinho missed his cue, the ball fell for Belgian defender Vermaelen, who fired a powerful shot for his first goal since February 2010. — AFP

Bent nets brace as Villa return to winning ways BIRMINGHAM: Darren Bent and Gabriel Agbonlahor Aston Villa 3 were the stars as Aston Villa came from behind to beat Norwich 2 Norwich City 3-2 in an entertaining Premier League encounter at Villa Park yesterday. Anthony Pilkington had given Norwich the lead, but Bent restored parity within five minutes. Agbonlahor then put the home side ahead before Bent made it 3-1, and while Steve Morison set up a grandstand finish by pulling back a second goal for the Canaries, Villa held on to claim only their third league win of the season, and their first in four outings. The victory will help ease the pressure that had already been starting to build on Villa manager Alex McLeish, and the three points take them above Norwich in the table. The Canaries arrived in the West Midlands having lost just once in their last six games, and started brightly, with Shay Given having to save from both Pilkington and Morison early on. An alert John Ruddy then saved from Bent at the other end, before Norwich took the lead after 25 minutes. Pilkington, a summer signing from Huddersfield Town, stepped up to curl a brilliant free-kick from just outside the box and into Given’s top left-hand corner for his fourth of the campaign. But Bent hauled Villa level with his own fourth of the campaign, turning home from inside the sixyard box after some superb wing play down the left from Agbonlahor. The hosts merited their equaliser having enjoyed the lion’s share of the possession in the opening period, and they went on to get their noses in front within moments of the restart. Bent had seen an effort disallowed for offside before a short Leon Barnett backpass was pounced upon by Agbonlahor, who slotted home. It was 3-1 just after the hour, with Agbonlahor popping up on the right this time to send in a brilliant cross that Bent could not fail to turn in to the net. That duo’s display will have attracted the attention of England manager Fabio Capello, as he prepares to name his squad for next week’s friendly with reigning European and World Champions Spain. — AFP

Russia, Czech level1-1 in Fed Cup final

Royal Delta roars to victory




Tiger Woods’ former caddy in racist outburst

Page 16

LONDON: Manchester United’s Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov (second left) vies with Sunderland’s English defender Wes Brown (right) during the English Premier League football match. —AFP

United mark Ferguson ’versary with win Man United 1

Sunderland 0

MANCHESTER: Sir Alex Ferguson marked his 25th anniversary as Manchester United manager in subdued fashion as an own goal from former defender Wes Brown handed his team a 1-0 win over Sunderland. The Old Trafford clash had been preceded by a brief, but poignant, ceremony

to mark Ferguson’s quarter-century in charge of the club, both sets of players forming a guard of honour to applaud the 69-year-old Scotsman onto the field. United chief executive David Gill then announced that the club are to re-name Old Trafford’s largest stand, the North Stand, as the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, the first time an individual has been afforded such an honour at the stadium. United have also commissioned a Ferguson statue, to be unveiled outside the stand, for the start of next season. It was a gesture which clearly moved Ferguson, who said: “I’m happy to have had so many great matches here and so many of the greatest footballers this coun-

try has ever seen. I’d like to thank the fantastic supporters who have made this a very proud moment for me. Thank you so much.” However, the ceremonies over, the football that followed will hardly be remembered among the more shining moments of Ferguson’s 25-year reign. It took until first-half injury time for United to generate their first real opening, from which they took an undeserved lead into the dressing room. Nani’s right-hand corner took the faintest of touches from the head of Danny Welbeck and a far more significant touch off ex-United defender Brown on its way into the Sunderland goal. It was rough justice on the visitors who

had manfully overcome an early setback when promising forward Connor Wickham was taken off on a stretcher after only two minutes following an accidental collision with United’s Nemanja Vidic. Undaunted by the enforced change, Sunderland created the first chance when Sebastian Larsson shot into the side netting after 13 minutes with Nicklas Bendtner then forcing Anders Lindegaard into a full-stretch dive to keep out a 20yard shot. While United were limited to ineffective free-kicks and long-range shots, Sunderland looked the more dangerous side with Wickham’s replacement Ji DongWon wasting two promising openings,

Chelsea back on track BLACKBURN: Frank Lampard scored the only Blackburn 0 goal as Chelsea got back on track with a 1-0 victory over struggling Chelsea 1 Blackburn at Ewood Park. Blues captain John Terry, who looks set to be named in the England squad for the friendlies with Spain and Sweden despite ongoing police and Football Association investigations into alleged racist abuse of QPR defender Anton Ferdinand, was booed throughout by the home suppporters. But Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas will be more concerned about a victory that eased the tension caused by two successive league defeats and also kept the Blues in touch with leaders Manchester City. The visitors took the lead just after half time, with Lampard scoring his sixth goal in eight appearances before Chelsea went on to secure a first Premier League clean sheet since the opening weekend of the season. Blackburn put up a defiant performance but have now won just three of their last 25 Premier League matches under beleaguered manager Steve Kean. After their recent problems, Chelsea came close to a flying start, with Ashley Cole overlapping down the left and sending over a cross that an unmarked Daniel Sturridge failed to control at the far post. And Lampard maintained the pressure with a stinging 25-yard shot that was held by Rovers goalkeeper Paul Robinson. The hosts were cut open once again when Branislav Ivanovic clipped a ball through for Ramires, whose cross was blocked by Gael Givet. But Rovers should have taken the lead when David Hoilett played through for Mauro Formica and the Argentinian’s cross was turned wide by Ayegbeni Yakubu under pressure from Cole and Petr Cech. Cech needed seven minutes of treatment for a bleeding nose following the collision but he was able to play on and blocked a strike from the impressive Ruben Rochina. At the other end, Chelsea had a penalty appeal waved away by referee Mike Dean after Sturridge went down in the area. Disgruntled Blackburn fans were not allowed to bring banners inside Ewood Park

missing the target from the edge of the United area on both occasions. Finally, in the 43rd minute, United finally showed some life as Park Ji-Sung’s attack ended with the ball falling to Phil Jones who volleyed over from 18 yards. Soon after the restart, Nani’s 25-yard free-kick beat the Sunderland wall but passed just wide of the goal before Park’s cross was half cleared by Keiren Westwood’s punch only for Javier Hernandez to hurry his shot. The home side survived an anxious moment in the 67th minute when it appeared that referee Lee Mason had awarded a penalty for an alleged handball from Jones although he eventually, and

Swansea frustrate Liverpool Liverpool 0

Swansea 0

LONDON: Chelsea’s Spanish striker Fernando Torres (left) vies with Blackburn Rovers’ Swedish defender Martin Olsson (right) during the English Premier League football match. —AFP due to health and safety concerns. But those wishing to protest against manager Steve Kean still got their point across with a plane pulling a ‘Steve Kean out!’ banner circling above the stadium. Kean’s fortunes suffered another blow when Congo defender Christopher Samba limped off with what appeared to be a hamstring problem just before the interval. Meanwhile, Chelsea’s Florent Malouda appeared to have picked up a knock when he was blocked by Morten Gamst Pedersen in the opening period and he was replaced by Fernando Torres at half time. But five minutes after half time, Chelsea took the lead when Ivanovic cut inside Hoilett and his left-foot cross was turned in by Lampard’s stooping header. Cech’s nose may have been covered in plasters

but he kept his side in front with an impressive double save. The Czech must have seen Pedersen’s free kick late but managed a block before getting up to deny Formica from the follow-up. Ramires was thwarted by Robinson shortly afterwards, but Cech was pressed into action once again when Yakubu burst away from Alex and hit a curling shot that was pushed away by the Chelsea goalkeeper. Alex thumped a shot wide off the wall after Lampard took a free kick short and Ramires hacked off the line from Formica at the other end. The hosts even hit the bar in the closing stages, when Givet’s header from Pedersen’s corner came back off the bar before Torres produced a poor miss at the other end.—AFP

correctly, gave United a free-kick instead. Sunderland then had their goalkeeper Westwood to thank for remaining in contention as he made an acrobatic doublesave to keep out efforts from Wayne Rooney and Patrice Evra after persistent work in the area from Vidic. But Ferguson’s defence has not been at its usual resilient best this season and, in the 80th minute, Larsson’s low centre was almost converted by Bendtner as he slid into the six-yard area. Hernandez might have eased some of the strain on Ferguson and United when he gathered Michael Carrick’s 86th minute pass but his shot, on the turn, was woefully off target.—AFP

LIVERPOOL: Liverpool endured more home frustration as they were held to a 00 draw by Swansea at Anfield yesterday. Andy Carroll struck the crossbar and visiting keeper Michel Vorm made two stunning late saves as Kenny Dalglish’s side suffered a fourth draw from their six Premier League games in front of the Kop this season. The Reds’ lack of a cutting edge could cost them dearly in the race for a Champions League spot and they are now three points behind fourth placed Chelsea. Swansea sit comfortably in mid-table after another impressive result on their return to the top-flight, yet they could have been behind in the seventh minute. Charlie Adam released Stewart Downing in space down the left and his cross was inch-perfect for Carroll, but the striker was left aghast as his side-foot finish from 10 yards struck the woodwork. Anfield had not been a place to provide fond memories for Swansea. They had won just once in 15 previous matches-an FA Cup sixth-round tie in 1964 — and their last visit in 1990 ended in an 8-0 loss in an FA Cup third round replay. And, apart from an ambitious Angel Rangel effort from 25 yards that flew over, Liverpool continued to dominate but lacked the goals to confirm that. It took 18 minutes before Carroll’s frontline partner Luis Suarez came to life as he wriggled free on the edge of the box to send a low shot past the post. Swansea almost made Liverpool pay in the 28th minute with a rare foray forward. Wayne Routledge, who had replaced

Scott Sinclair in the starting line up, showed lovely skills before floating over a cross for Danny Graham in the box, but his shot lacked power and Jose Reina was able to save comfortably to his left. Vorm showed his agility moments later, diving to his right to keep out a clever curler from Suarez that was heading into the corner. Downing drove over the bar and Carroll saw his downward header pushed away by Vorm as Liverpool pressed for the crucial advantage. Dalglish sent on Dirk Kuyt for the ineffective Jordan Henderson at half time, but the pattern of play remained the same. Liverpool had much of the possession yet found it difficult to break down Brendan Rodgers’ resolute side. A flurry of crosses into the box proved futile and there was alarm at the other end with Reina in the spotlight. Reina hesitated following an Enrique back-pass and just managed to clear as he was challenged by Graham. The Spaniard then stood tall to block from Nathan Dyer after he burst onto a pass from Routledge before there were two further scares for Liverpool. Dyer again tested Reina from 20 yards, but the ball was surprisingly spilled and Graham saw his follow-up blocked. Liverpool rallied and Daniel Agger steered a header on top of the net before Adam saw his free kick deflected wide. But it was Swansea who spurned a glorious chance six minutes from time. Graham knocked down a Dyer cross into the path of the unmarked Mark Gower, but he crashed it over from 12 yards. Anfield erupted in the 88th minute when Kuyt stopped to head home, but the goal was ruled out for offside. It took late heroics from Vorm to keep Liverpool at bay as he pushed away a Suarez strike and then tipped over a volley from Glen Johnson that was arrowing into the top corner.—AFP

Merkel belatedly leading in Europe: Schroeder Page 25

Farming Australia takes on China Inc Page 26 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2011

DSK channels DSI’s huge regional expertise

KSE continues bullish trend

Page 22 Page 23

ATHENS: A man walks by a newsstand in Athens yesterday. In the packed shops of Athens, people were worried more about their financial future than politics, as Prime Minister George Papandreou battled to cobble together a unity government. — AFP

G20 rejects extra help for ailing Europe Summit ends in disarray as Italy, Greece cloud talks CANNES: The G20 summit ended in disarray without additional outside money to ease Europe’s debt crisis and new jitters about Italy clouding a plan to prevent Greece from defaulting. In Athens, Greece’s prime minister survived a confidence vote in parliament early yesterday morning, calming a revolt in his Socialist party with a pledge to seek an interim government that would secure a vital new European debt deal. In the end, only vague offers to increase the firepower of the International Monetary Fund - at some later date - were all the euro-zone leaders were able to take home Friday after two days of tumultuous talks. With their own finances already stretched from bailing out Greece, Ireland and Portugal - and the United States and other allies wrestling with their own problems - euro-zone countries had been looking to the IMF to help line up more financing to prevent the debt crisis from spreading to larger economies like Italy and Spain. Italy’s fate in particular is crucial to

the euro-zone, because its economy the third-largest in the currency union would be too expensive to bail out. The implications for the world economy are stark: The debt crisis that has rocked the 17-nation euro-zone threatens to push the world economy into a second recession. European leaders could point to one potential catastrophe averted: They stared down Greece’s prime minister and berated him into scrapping a referendum that threatened their European bailout plan. Greece’s politics are in upheaval as a result, but the shaky bailout plan appears back on track - for now. “We want Europe to work,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy said on French TV when the summit was over. “I think today we can have confidence ... but that’s not to say our troubles are behind us.” In the end, the Greek question completely derailed Sarkozy’s aim of using the summit to show that Europe had sorted out its debt problem once and for all - and possibly convince some of them to pitch in to the rescue effort. In

the space of days, the already shrunken list of goals set out by France to close out its year as head of the G20 was scrapped, replaced by a nearly constant stream of shocking new developments and reversals in Europe’s long-running attempt to get control of Greece’s debt crisis. That reality was perhaps best illustrated at the height of the summit Thursday evening, when hundreds of journalists dropped what they were doing in the basement of Cannes’ Palais des Festivals and gathered around television screens to watch a live transmission from the Greek parliament in Athens, where Prime Minister George Papandreou was speaking. The week of unending drama in Athens horrified its European partners, spooked global markets and overshadowed the summit in Cannes. The threat of a Greek default or exit from the common euro currency has worsened the continent’s debt crisis. When the week started, Europe had finally reached an intricate, ambitious and fragile deal to try to rescue Greece and stop the crisis

from spreading any further. The G20 summit was supposed to solidify and clarify the deal and get the world economy back on the right track. Then Monday night, Papandreou shocked his European partners and domestic allies by announcing he would put the plan to a referendum. Markets panicked, as did many of the leaders coming to Cannes. Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a series of frenzied meetings, then summoned Papandreou on Wednesday. If you lose this referendum, you could lose the euro, they told him. And they froze a new ?8 billion loan that Greece will soon need to pay government salaries. On Thursday, Papandreou backed down and abandoned the referendum. The U-turn left his 2-year-old government teetering. Now Europe’s leaders may find it is impossible to take back the shocking admission by Sarkozy and Merkel that an exit by Greece from the euro-zone was no longer unthinkable. And even as US President Barack Obama, Chinese President Hu Jintao

and other leaders struggled to make sense of the Greek drama’s fast-shifting plot, another flashpoint emerged in Italy. Market confidence in Italy’s ability to reduce its public debt and spur growth in its anemic economy has withered over recent weeks as the government weakened. Lawmakers have defected to the opposition and some of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s ministers have openly suggested the government’s days may be numbered. Market fears mounted on Friday in the wake of the confusion about Greece. Italy’s benchmark 10-year bond yield jumped 0.32 of a percentage point to 6.43 percent, indicating a surge in investor worries about the country’s ability to repay its debts. The need to reassure bond markets led Italy to agree to submit to IMF scrutiny. The IMF said it will monitor Italy’s financial reform efforts, a humbling step for one of the world’s biggest - but also most indebted - economies. To solve the political deadlock that threatens to bring down his government and slow down implementation of reforms,

Most of US unemployed no longer get benefits WASHINGTON: The jobs crisis has left so many people out of work for so long that most of America’s unemployed are no longer receiving unemployment benefits. Early last year, 75 percent were receiving checks. The figure is now 48 percent - a shift that points to a growing crisis of long-term unemployment. Nearly one-third of America’s 14 million unemployed have had no job for a year or more. Congress is expected to decide by year’s end whether to continue providing emergency unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks in the hardest-hit states. If the emergency benefits expire, the proportion of the unemployed receiving aid would fall further. The ranks of the poor would also rise. The Census Bureau says unemployment benefits kept 3.2 million people from slipping into poverty last year. It defines poverty as annual income below $22,314 for a family of four. Yet for a growing share of the unemployed, a vote in Congress to extend the benefits to 99 weeks is irrelevant. They’ve had no job for more than 99 weeks. They’re no longer eligible for benefits. Their options include food stamps or other social programs. Nearly 46 million people received food stamps in August, a record total. That figure could grow as more people lose unemployment benefits. So could the government’s disability rolls. Applications for the disability insurance program have jumped about 50 percent since 2007. “There’s going to be increased hardship,” said Wayne Vroman, an economist at the Urban Institute. The number of unemployed has been roughly stable this year. Yet the number receiving benefits has

plunged 30 percent. Government unemployment benefits weren’t designed to sustain people for long stretches without work. They usually don’t have to. In the recoveries from the previous three recessions, the longest average duration of unemployment was 21 weeks, in July 1983. By contrast, in the wake of the Great Recession, the figure reached 41 weeks in September. That’s the longest on records dating to 1948. The figure is now 39 weeks. “It was a good safety net for a shorter recession,” said Carl Van Horn, an economist at Rutgers University. It assumes “the economy will experience short interruptions and then go back to normal.” Weekly unemployment checks average about $300 nationwide. If the extended benefits aren’t renewed, growth could slow by up to a half-percentage point next year, economists say. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that each $1 spent on unemployment benefits generates up to $1.90 in economic growth. The CBO has found that the program is the most effective government policy for increasing growth among 11 options it’s analyzed. Jon Polis lives in East Greenwich, R.I., one of the 20 states where 99 weeks of benefits are available. He used them all up after losing his job as a warehouse worker in 2008. His benefits paid for groceries, car maintenance and health insurance. Now, Polis, 55, receives disability insurance payments, food stamps and lives in governmentsubsidized housing. He’s been unable to find work because employers in his field want computer skills he doesn’t have.—AP

Berlusconi said he had asked the IMF to check up on the country’s progress in implementing the measures with periodic, public reports. The most likely way the euro-zone could still get additional financing is through a special account under the auspices of the IMF, into which individual countries could make payments. Those investments in turn could then be used to boost the euro-zone’s own bailout fund, 440 billion euros ($606 billion) European Financial Stability Facility. That way, countries such as the United States, which think Europe should pay for its own financial problems, wouldn’t have to put any money in. And countries like Russia and Brazil, which have expressed interest in investing in the euro-zone, could. But Merkel and IMF chief Christine Lagarde both said not a single country at the two-day meeting made a firm commitment to participate. Gabriele Steinhauser, Jamey Keaten, Joe McDonald and Angela Charlton in Cannes contributed to this report. —AP

Euro effect to be ‘very limited’: Saudi FM

SOUTHFIELD: A job applicant receives advice on his resume while attending a job fair in Southfield, Michigan. Nearly all states provide up to 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. —AP

DUBAI: The impact of Europe’s economic woes on Saudi Arabia will be “very limited” because the kingdom has the “appropriate means” to guard against any financial shockwave, the country ’s Finance Minister Ibrahim Alassaf said. Leaders of the world’s major economies met in the French R iviera on Thursday to tr y to overcome a European sovereign debt crisis that threatens to drag the global economy into recession. “If there is a big decline in the economic conditions of Europe... it will affect all nations including the kingdom to some degree, but I stress that the impact would be very limited because we have the appropriate means to limit the negative effect on the kingdom’s economy,” Alassaf told state news agency SPA in Cannes. Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter with more than $400 billion in assets. “Now we are facing a new challenge, Europe, and the heaviest burden is on European nations, but the international community stands side by side with Europe and it prepared to support it via the IMF,” Alassaf said. Last month, Alassaf told Reuters he was surprised by a proposal from some emerging countries in the Group of 20 nations to boost the resources of the International Monetary Fund. Some emerging economies, fearing the euro zone crisis could destabilize them, have suggested giving the IMF more firepower to cope with threats to the global financial system, but a decision on whether to boost the fund was deferred until next year at the G20 summit on Friday. —Reuters




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KSE continues bullish trend GLOBAL WEEKLY MARKET REPORT KUWAIT: Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) had a stellar performance during the week as it managed to maintain its bullish trend for five consecutive days making it one of the best performing markets in the GCC by the end of the week. Despite renewed concerns about the euro-zone debt crisis after a surprise call for a Greek referendum on a EU bailout plan, causing a group decline in International markets, Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) got boosted by the support it got from its large capitalization companies. For the month of October, the stock exchange managed to add 1.76 percent to its value, as measured by market weighted Global General Index. Barring the insurance sector, which had a minimal trading during the month, all other market sectors managed to eke out some gains. Global Real Estate Sector Index was the best performer for the month having 5.68 percent in monthly gains. Meanwhile, for the week ended in November 3, the index added 1.13 percent to its value, closing at 184.99 point and wrapping four weeks of gain. On a year-to-date basis, the index’s loss shrunk to 17.24 percent. On the other hand KSE price index was also up by 0.14 percent (8.10 points) during the week and closed at 5,910.2 points, presenting a 15.03 percent decline on a year-to-date basis.

Market capitalization rose by KD339.56mn during the week, reaching KD30.29bn. Market breadth skewed towards advancer, as 55 stocks closed at higher prices against 48 stocks that have declined, out of 138 traded shares. Trading activity was lower as investors shied away from the trading floor, as they monitored 3Q2011 corporate results, which started flowing heavily during the week. Also some investors prefer to maintain their cash ahead of the long holiday of Eid Al-Adha this coming

week. Total weekly volume dropped by 13.96 percent compared to the previous week, with 690.46mn shares changing hands at a total traded value of KD105.73mn (a 7.60 percent decrease compared to the previous week). Investment sector led the trades in terms of volume, accounting for 41.96 percent (289.74mn shares) of the total market traded shares. Global Investment House topped the volume list for the week with 54.92mn shares changing hands.

ket traded value. The scrip ended the week up by 3.57 percent at KD1.160. The Real Estate sector was a great support to the market with its index adding 2.89 percent to its value during the week, making it the best performer among other market sectors. Huge gains were seen on heavyweight National Real Estate Company. The scrip has been witnessing notable gains since the beginning of last October taking it to near its highest level since over a year. The stock was the top per-

The scrip closed higher by 7.53 percent at KD0.050. On the other hand, Services sector was the most traded in terms of value, accounting for 25.34 percent of the aggregate traded value (KD26.79mn worth of shares traded). Agility was the biggest value traded in the sector with KD7.82mn worth of stocks traded. The scrip closed the week higher by 6.58 percent at KD0.405. However, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), topped the value list, accounting for 9.84 percent (KD10.40mn) of the total mar-

formance for the week, adding 37.70 percent and closing at KD0.168. It was also the best gainer for the month of October, adding 94.52 percent in monthly gains. The Banking sector was also a notable gainer, adding 1.88 percent to its value as it was supported by the advance in its two heavyweight stocks, NBK - as previously mentioned - and Kuwait Finance House which closed higher by 2.25 percent at KD0.910. On the other hand, Global Investment Index was one of the two losing sectors this week. The index dropped by 0.19 percent. AlSafat Investment Company was the biggest loser in the market with 13.95 percent in weekly loss. Global Non-Kuwaiti Index was the only other loser, shedding 0.90 percent of its value. Large capitalization stocks were seen up by 1.37 percent. Meanwhile, Islamic companies ended up by 0.41 percent, as measured by Global Islamic Sharia Index.

KSE holiday KUWAIT: Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) announced that due to Eid Al-Adha, the market will be closed starting from today till November 10 and will resume trading on November 13, 2011.

Air Arabia posts AED 100m Q3 net profit KUWAIT: Air Arabia, the first and largest low-cost carrier (LCC) in the Middle East and North Africa, announced today its financial results for the three months ending September 30, 2011, demonstrating sustainable profitability during the third quarter of this year. Air Arabia’s net profit for the three months ending September 30, 2011, which was in line with analyst forecasts, stood at AED 100 million, a decline of 26 per cent compared to AED 136 million in the corresponding period in 2010. In the third quarter of this year, Air Arabia posted a turnover of AED 691 million, an increase of 22 per cent compared to AED 568 million in the same period of 2010. The airline served 1,199,973 passengers in the third quarter of 2011, an increase of five per cent compared to 1,147,066 passengers in the same period last year. In the three months ending September 30, 2011, Air Arabia’s average seat load factor - or passengers carried as a percentage of available seats - stood at an impressive 81 per cent. “Air Arabia is pleased to announce

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al-Thani such solid financial performance despite continued challenging market conditions,” said Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al-Thani, Chairman of Air

Arabia. “Air Arabia’s sustained quarterly profits, high seat load factor and rising passenger traffic reflect the appeal of our services and demonstrates the

senger mark in the third quarter of 2011, we would like to thank all our customers for choosing to fly with Air Arabia. We look forward to serving many more passengers in the months and years to come.” In the third quarter of 2011, Air Arabia took delivery of two new A320 aircraft from Airbus. The latest Airbus A320 arrived on schedule from the Airbus facility in Toulouse, France, marking the delivery of a total of six out of 44

strength of Air Arabia’s business model. “The challenging markets conditions we have seen in the second quarter of this year continued in the third quarter, with a further escalation in the political turmoil in several countries and an upward trend in the average fuel bill. Despite these challenging market conditions, Air Arabia’s solid profits and steady growth reflect the airline’s commercial and operational strength. “After crossing the 20-million pas-

A320 aircraft ordered in 2007. Air Arabia also started operation to the city of Gassim, Saudi Arabia, in the third quarter and unveiled plans to introduce service to a series of new destinations before the end of this year. As further testament to its successful business model, Air Arabia won the top award in the category of “Innovation in Operations - Low-Cost Carrier Airline” at the recent Express Travel World Awards 2010-2011, held in New Delhi, India.

EXCHANGE RATES CommercialBankofKuwait US Dollar/KD GB Pound/KD Euro Swiss francs Canadian Dollar Australian DLR Indian rupees Sri Lanka Rupee UAE dirhams Bahraini dinars Jordanian dinar Saudi riyals Omani riyals Philippine peso Egyptian pounds

.2720000 .4370000 .3760000 .3080000 .2680000 .2840000 .0040000 .0020000 .0745780 .7265880 .3810000 .0700000 .7122870 .0040000 .0430000

.2780000 .4500000 .3880000 .3190000 .2770000 .2930000 .0072500 .0035000 .0753270 .7338900 .4010000 .0760000 .7194450 .0072000 .0530000

CUSTOMER TRANSFER RATES US Dollar/KD .2747000 .27680000 GB Pound/KD .4398910 .4432540 Euro .3784400 .3813340 Swiss francs .3108870 .3132640 Canadian dollars .2707200 .2727900 Danish Kroner .0508600 .0512490 Swedish Kroner .0417030 .0420220 Australian dlr .2861550 .2883430 Hong Kong dlr .0353550 .0356250 Singapore dlr .2164530 .2181070 Japanese yen .0035180 .0035450 Indian Rs/KD .0000000 .0056490 Sri Lanka rupee .0000000 .0025200 Pakistan rupee .0000000 .0032340 Bangladesh taka .0000000 .0036520 UAE dirhams .0748200 .0753920 Bahraini dinars .7289370 .7345130 Jordanian dinar .0000000 .3915130 Saudi Riyal/KD .0732730 .0738330 Omani riyals .7137850 .7192410 Philippine Peso .0000000 .0065050

Al-MuzainiExchange Co. Japanese Yen Indian Rupees Pakistani Rupees Srilankan Rupees Nepali Rupees Singapore Dollar Hongkong Dollar Bangladesh Taka Philippine Peso Thai Baht Irani Riyal - Transfer Irani Riyal - Cash

ASIAN COUNTRIES 3.553 5.598 3.204 2.501 3.554 217.400 35.546 3.617 6.432 8.957 0.271 0.273

GCC COUNTRIES 73.656 75.893 717.420 733.630 75.211

Saudi Riyal Qatari Riyal Omani Riyal Bahraini Dinar UAE Dirham Egyptian Pound - Cash Egyptian Pound - Transfer Yemen Riyal/for 1000 Tunisian Dinar Jordanian Dinar Lebanese Lira/for 1000 Syrian Lier Morocco Dirham

ARAB COUNTRIES 48.650 46.244 1.264 194.640 390.050 185.300 5.963 34.341

EUROPEAN & AMERICAN COUNTRIES US Dollar Transfer 276.100 Euro 380.600 Sterling Pound 442.590 Canadian dollar 272.560 Turkish lire 154.440 Swiss Franc 313.390 Australian dollar 285.760 US Dollar Buying 274.900 20 Gram 10 Gram 5 Gram

SELL CASH 291.000 734.170 3.730 275.300 542.200 36.700 52.400 167.800 48.140 385.000 36.230 5.940 0.032 0.226 0.240 3.630 391.780 0.187 90.870 46.200 4.250 223.500 1.789

10 Tola Sterling Pound US Dollar

50.500 717.040 3.270 6.600 76.370 73.710 219.460 37.510 2.608 447.000 42.900 315.200 5.500 9.380 198.263 75.270 276.400 1.200

716.860 3.205 6.440 75.940 73.710 219.460 37.510 2.501 445.000 313.700 5.500 9.210 75.170 276.000

SELL DRAFT 289.500 734.170 3.618 273.800

219.500 46.284 383.500 36.080 5.620 0.032

Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar Swiss Franc Euro Sterling Pound Japanese Yen Bangladesh Taka Indian Rupee Sri Lankan Rupee Nepali Rupee Pakistani Rupee UAE Dirhams Bahraini Dinar Egyptian Pound Jordanian Dinar Omani Riyal Qatari Riyal Saudi Riyal

TRAVELLER’S CHEQUE 445.000 276.000

287.21 275.23 316.55 381.23 442.15 3.59 3.632 5.584 2.505 3.501 3.208 75.13 734.15 46.28 392.66 717.30 76.11 73.70

288.00 275.00 317.00 385.00 446.00 3.62 3.705 5.900 2.608 4.250 3.350 75.50 735.00 48.10 392.00 717.00 76.50 74.00

DollarcoExchange Co. Ltd 391.170 0.186 90.870 3.530 222.000

Rate for Transfer US Dollar Canadian Dollar Sterling Pound Euro Swiss Frank Bahrain Dinar

Selling Rate 273.850 277.615 442.140 389.790 317.635 726.070

UAE Dirhams Qatari Riyals Saudi Riyals Jordanian Dinar Egyptian Pound Sri Lankan Rupees Indian Rupees Pakistani Rupees Bangladesh Taka Philippines Pesso Cyprus pound Japanese Yen Thai Bhat Syrian Pound Nepalese Rupees Malaysian Ringgit

74.535 75.165 72.990 385.475 45.923 2.482 5.619 3.164 3.606 6.425 671.723 3.710 9.070 5.765 3.560 90.965

KuwaitBahrainIntlExchange Co.

GOLD 1,820.960

UAE Exchange Centre WLL

GOLD 316.000 160.000 82.000

BahrainExchange Company COUNTRY Australian dollar Bahraini dinar Bangladeshi taka Canadian dollar Cyprus pound Czek koruna Danish krone Deutsche Mark Egyptian pound Euro Cash Hongkong dollar Indian rupees Indonesia Iranian tuman Iraqi dinar Japanese yen Jordanian dinar Lebanese pound Malaysian ringgit Morocco dirham Nepalese Rupees New Zealand dollar Nigeria

Norwegian krone Omani Riyal Pakistani rupees Philippine peso Qatari riyal Saudi riyal Singapore dollar South Africa Sri Lankan rupees Sterling pound Swedish krona Swiss franc Syrian pound Thai bhat Tunisian dollar UAE dirham U.S. dollars Yemeni Riyal

Currency Rate per 1000 (Tran) US Dollar 275.900 Pak Rupees 3.205 Indian Rupees 5.600 Sri Lankan Rupees 2.515 Bangladesh Taka 3.630 Philippines Peso 6.475 UAE Dirhams 75.220 Saudi Riyals 73.730 Bahraini Dinars 733.500 Egyptian Pounds 46.290 Pound Sterling 446.300 Indonesian Rupiah 3.190 Yemeni Riyal 1.550 Jordanian Dinars 392.000 Syrian Pounds 5.750 Euro 384.100 Canadian Dollars 276.400 Nepali rupee 3.690

AlMulla Exchange Currency Transfer Rate (Per 1000) US Dollar 275.550 Euro 382.400 Pound Sterling 443.300 Canadian Dollar 273.900 Japanese Yen 3.555 Indian Rupee 5.608 Egyptian Pound 46.225 Sri Lankan Rupee 2.500 Bangladesh Taka 3.620 Philippines Peso 6.430 Pakistan Rupee 3.205 Bahraini Dinar 733.850 UAE Dirham 75.100 Saudi Riyal 73.550 *Rates are subject to change



Drake & Scull Kuwait channel DSI’s huge regional expertise DSK to drive local construction KUWAIT: Drake and Scull Kuwait (DSK) aims to harness the international expertise of parent company Drake & Scull International (DSI) PJSC - a regional market leader in integrated design, engineering and the construction disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), Civil Contracting, and Water & Power to leverage its market share in the Kuwaiti construction sector . Since its inception in 2004, DSK has been involved in some of Kuwait’s top engineering projects including the Special Training Centre for Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in Shuwaikh and the College of Basic EducationBoys Campus in Ardiya in addition to the Kuwait State Audit Bureau. DSK exclusively owns unique engineering technologies, especially in the MEP and Water and Power sectors, and enjoys close ties with governmental and private property developers. DSK is eyeing new projects, especially those involving the residential, healthcare and infrastructure sectors, to sustain its momentum in the Kuwaiti market and to benefit from the lucrative opportunities emerging from the rapidly evolving construction sector. The company also intends to build new business channels and to expand its market reach to cover the Civil and Water and Power sectors,” said Khaldoun Tabari, CEO of DSI. “ We have a proven track record of prestigious projects in

Kuwait and we are supported by DSI’s four decades of regional expertise in the MENA region, so we are well-positioned to further expand and grow in this promising and emerging market. After seven years of operation in the country we have become wellversed in addressing the dynamics and complexities of projects of different scales across all industries. We offer existing and potential clients exceptional value, particularly in terms of turnkey solutions, seamless engineering and procurement capa-

and Arab cultures and its long presence in the region which enable it to deal with the Kuwaiti culture and market dynamics in a faster pace than other foreign companies. New companies need two or three years to adapt and cope with the specificities of each market to be able to break the barriers of language and culture. As a publicly listed company DSI is treated as gulf contractor with international expertise which gives us access to more facilities and higher qualifications to bid on many projects in

From left: Hasan Ali, Loay Khodair, Mahmoud Sabri Tawfeeq Abu Al-Saoud, Ahmad Al-Nasser, Wadeea Abu Dewan and Waleed Al-Najjar

Tawfiq Abu Soud

Khaldoun Tabari, CEO of DSI

bilities,” Tabari continued. Tawfiq Abu Soud, Managing Director of Drake & Scull Water and Power reiterated, “ We believe that Kuwait is one of the most dynamic construction markets in the GCC and is the ideal platform for expansion. The competition is high and we see a large influx of foreign contractors into the Kuwaiti market. However, DSI is distinguished by its integration of the European

Kuwait.” DSK will continue to focus on quality, health, safety and environment processes meeting international standards to further cement its position in the market. The company recently won an AED 73 million project for an administrative block and mosque for a public sector client which brings the total of value of projects won since the beginning of the year to AED 230 million.

NBK ready to serve customers during Eid KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has taken all necessary measures to ensure providing customers with the best services during the Eid holiday throughout his phone, mobile banking, online and ATM services. All NBK branches will be closed during Eid holi-

day. Hala Watani, NBK Online and ATM will be available 24 hours and ready to serve customers. Customers can also conduct all their transactions through NBK Mobile Banking application. Customers may call 1801801 or visit for further information.

Wataniya offers 50% bonus credit during Eid Prepaid customers can enjoy the promotion KUWAIT: Wataniya Telecom wants to make all occasions and celebrations memorable for its customers. On the occasion of Eid Al-Adha this year, Wataniya gives 50% bonus credit to all prepaid customers who recharge for KD 2.5 or more. They can use their bonus credit to call any local number in Kuwait. Wataniya Telecom continues to celebrate special moments and joyful holidays with its customers by giving them longer talk time with their loved ones for lower rates. From 4thto 7th of November prepaid users can enjoy this special offer. All recharge methods will be accepted and the bonus

credit will be valid for 7 days from date of recharge. However a maximum bonus credit per user is KD 10. All prepaid customers can enjoy these benefits: Wink, Xpress and Maxpress subscribers. Abdolaziz Al-Balool, Wataniya Telecom’s Public Relations Director congratulated the people of Kuwait on the special occasion by saying: “Our promotion during Eid Al-Adha stems from our constant interest to deliver to our customers the best services in the market. We want to give them a chance to greet their friends and connect with their loved ones on such happy occasions.”

Al Balool also added that such a promotion is not the first of its kind; a similar promotion was offered to customers on the occasion of Kuwait’s 50th Anniversary and 20th Liberation Days of this year, allowing customers to share the blissful moments in a distinguished way. For more information on Wataniya Telecom’s latest offers and promotions, please visit , or follow them on Twitter , or check latest updates on or get the latest news from their blog .

flydubai jets into Georgia Audi Kuwait introduces transparent fixed menu price packages KUWAIT: For the first time in Kuwait and in the region Audi Kuwait represented by Fouad Alghanim & Sons Automotive Company announces the launch of fixed menu price packages catering to customers that do not benefit from the Audi Service Package which is now standard on almost all new Audi’s. The fixed menu price packages starting from only KWD17 give Audi owners access to services that range from an oil & filter service, replacement of brake pads and discs to AC servicing provided by Audi trained and certified technicians. Additionally, the Audi Service Center

offers preferential rates on other items that may be required during the inspection of customers’ vehicle. Mazen Hawwa, Audi Kuwait Service Manager comments “On-road safety using genuine parts and certified service technicians can only be ensured by visiting an Audi authorized service center. We are glad to be able to provide this additional new service to our valued customers.” The Audi service center represented by Fouad Alghanim & Sons Automotive Company is located on Pepsi-Cola Street, Shuwaikh and is open 6 days a week.

Moody’s Upgrades GIC’s BFSR to D, reaffirms Baa2/Prime-2 KUWAIT: The Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC) announced yesterday that Moody’s Credit Rating Agency upgraded its stand alone (BFSR) rating from ‘D-’ to ‘D’ and reaffirmed the long term and short term ratings at Baa2/Prime-2, all ratings carried a Stable outlook. The positive action by Moody’s is a reflection of the consistent and significant improvements on all key financial indicators. The BFSR is an indication of standalone financial strength. It also indicates the corporation’s solid internal control framework, it’s prudent strategic initiatives and favorable future prospects. Commenting on the recent action by Moody’s, Hisham Al Razzuqi, CEO, said “This action by Moody’s is all the more gratifying, given the current global economic condition which are fraught with uncertainties. GIC stands out as a strong regional finan-

cial institution, one of the very few in the GCC & MENA, which earned a positive rating action by Moody’s during the year to date.” Earlier this year, Fitch upgraded GIC’s standalone rating and reaffirmed its long term ratings and outlook at BBB/Stable, As well, RAM recently reaffirmed GIC’s AAA rating and Stable outlook. With this upgrade by Moody’s, GIC’s rating profile is firmlyanchored on an upward trend. GIC posted a profit of $ 95 million for the first half of 2011, and is well on track to exceed the $151 million full year profits which it earned in 2010. From a financial strength perspective, the Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio comfortably exceeds the international and regional requirements while its leverage stood at a conservative 2.5 times. Furthermore, GIC’s liquidity and liability profiles are quite robust.

KUWAIT: flydubai, Dubai’s pioneering lowcost airline, celebrated the start of operations to its 45th international destination on 4 November 2011 with the launch of direct flights to Tbilisi in Georgia. The inaugural flight represents an important milestone in the development of relations between the two nations with flydubai the first UAE airline to offer direct flights between the UAE and Georgia. flydubai Flight FZ713 took off from Dubai Terminal 2 at 2345hrs yesterday, landing at Tbilisi International Airport at 0315hrs this morning, expanding the airline’s network in Central and Eastern Europe to 11 destinations; it also spans Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkmenistan. HE Jamal Al Hai, ESVP Communications & International Affairs, Dubai Airports, and Member of the UAE Parliament (FNC), said: “On behalf of the UAE Government, I would like to congratulate flydubai and the Georgian authorities on the start of this new direct service, which I am sure will help to build many new relations between our respective nations. The UAE is always open to new opportunities with other emerging nations and from today we can look forward to working closer with Georgia in the years to come.” Speaking at a press conference in Tbilisi, flydubai CEO Ghaith Al Ghaith said: “I would like to thank the Georgian authorities for extending a warm welcome to flydubai and for their strong support in establishing operations to Tbilisi. At flydubai, we aim to connect Dubai to emerging destinations and we are very excited about the route to Tbilisi - a capital steeped in history. In addition to promoting travel and tourism between our nations, we hope that these new flights will play a role in forging future collaborations in the various fields of common interest such as banking and real estate.” George Karbelashvili, Deputy Minister of Ministr y of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, agreed that the new Tbilisi services will help encourage tourism and foster two-way trade links. “Dubai and Tbilisi share many core sectors of industry,

which will benefit from the introduction of these direct flights. I see flydubai as a key partner to help us promote our country to tourists and the business community in the UAE and wider Middle East looking to visit Central and Eastern Europe.” Mete Erkal the General Manager of TAV Georgia, which operates Tbilisi International Airport, said: “I am delighted to welcome flydubai’s first flight to Tbilisi. I am confident these flights will help to increase the opportunities for trade and commerce between the two countries. I wish the operation of flydubai between Tbilisi and the UAE great success.” Tbilisi is the largest city in Georgia and a popular tourist destination thanks to its picturesque setting on hillsides either side of the Mtkvari River. Operating as the capital of Georgia since the 5th century, the city is home to several historical attractions including the fourth-century Narikala Fortress, Metekhi Church, sixth-century Anchiskhati Basilica and the sulphar baths of Abanotubani. From its historical beginnings, Tbilisi has evolved to a 1.5 million-strong cosmopolitan

city nurturing a fast-developing business environment, a vibrant cultural scene and exciting nightlife. International business tourism has also surged in recent years with the influx of new projects in the real estate, hospitality, retail and leisure sectors. It is also a dynamic political, cultural, and economic hub. Flight Details FZ713 departs Dubai Terminal 2 at 2345hrs on Mondays and Fridays, landing in Tbilisi International Airport at 0315hrs local time. The return flight FZ714 departs at 0355hrs, arriving in Dubai at 0720hrs. Inaugural fares for a one-way trip from Dubai to Tbilisi start at AED 480 and fares from Tbilisi to Dubai start at AED 519. Fares include one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 7kg and one small laptop bag or hand bag. Checked baggage starts at AED 50 for 20kgs. A seat with extra legroom costs AED100 extra. Flights between Dubai and Tbilisi can be purchased from flydubai’s website (, its call centre (+9714 301 0800) and through travel partners.



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Kuwait budget revenues may cross KD 27.7bn AL-SHALL WEEKLY ECONOMIC REPORT KUWAIT: By the end of last month, seven months of the current fiscal year 2011/2012 have passed with Kuwaiti oil prices sustaining their levels, above the $ 100 per barrel level, except for the first week of last monthwhen the price crossed the $100 per barrel limit. Average Kuwaiti oil price for last monthscored about $103.7 per barrel, with a very slight rise by about $ 0.1 per barrel above September’s average price of $ 103.6 per barrel. As such, average Kuwaiti oil price for the first 7 months of the current fiscal year scored about $ 107.1 per barrel, an increase by about $ 47.1 per barrel (78.5%) over the new budget hypothetical price at $ 60 per barrel. It is worth noting that April’s average price was the highest so far at about $ 115.6 per barrel. This makes October average price lower by about $ 11.9 per barrel. October 2010 average price of the previous fiscal year 2010/2011 scored about $ 77.1 per barrel. The average price of Kuwaiti oil of the previous fiscal year 2010/2011 was about $ 81.9 per barrel. According to published figures in the monthly follow up report of the State’s accounts for September 2011, Kuwait achieved, during the first half of the current fiscal year, an amount of about KD 13.2948 billion worth of actual oil revenues. It is expected that oil revenues, during the first seven months of the current fiscal year, would reach about KD 15.5 billion. Assuming production and prices would continue at the current levels, which is unrealistic on the price side at least, projected oil revenues for the entire fiscal year would score about KD 26.6 billion, which is about KD 14.3 billion higher than the budget estimated amount. By adding about KD 1.1 billion in non-oil revenues, total budget revenues for the fiscal year would score about KD 27.7 billion. By comparing this number to expenditures allocation of about KD 19.435 billion, the resultant will be achieving a hypothetical surplus of about KD 8.3 billion for the entire fiscal year 2011/2012. 2.

Selected Stock Markets By the end of October, what we anticipated at an early time has been realized, i.e. general improvement in the markets accompanied by a period of sharp fluctuations. Performance of 10 markets out of 14 selected markets has improved last month. As this improvement occurred in the main and emerging global markets due to some optimism around Europe’s exit of the implications of its sovereign debt crisis, four regional markets sustained the losses. While the 14 global and regional markets were in the negative zone in September, Dow Jones index alone moved to the positive zone by the end of October and the other 9 markets reduced their losses compared to the end of 2010. While the Qatari market approached the positive zone by reducing its losses to -1% only, Bahrain and Muscat’s markets deepened their losses and occupied the 14th and 13th ranks in place of France and Germany markets in the end of

September. The four markets which dropped in October versus September despite the improved global atmosphere were Dubai (1.7%), Bahrain (-1.6%), Abu Dhabi (-1.3%), and Muscat (-0.3%). The German DAX index achieved the biggest leap in October by about 11.6%, then Dow Jones by 9.5%, the French CAC by 8.7% (See the attached table). Kuwait stock market -weight index- lost three ranks and occupied the 11th rank, although it gained about 1.7% during October, because others excelled in gains levels. We expect that November will be a difficult month. After October’s gains, and during a time of crisis, focus is laid on bad news which affects the fragile confidence level, particularly in Europe, but with American participation with the countdown for the presidential elections, or the no decision period. By the end of the month, the first unpleasant surprise came from Greece when its Prime Minister announced that approval

of the agreement with his European partners should pass through a public referendum, which means that all the efforts exerted by Europe in designing the solution became under the mercy of the Greek votes. Current polls surveys indicate that about 60% of the Greek are against austerity measures. The Greek government played a political smart game. Through the referendum it tells people that non-acceptance of the European solution is an economic suicide process and such a decision is your responsibility. It may result in Greek quitting the Euro Zone if the people reject the solution. The people might change their opinion after the referendum preparation period of three months, but it will however, remain a major blow to the fragile confidence level in the short term. Gulf Bank Financial Results The Gulf Bank announced its results for the period ending September 30, 2011 which indicate that the bank achieved prof-

its, after deducting KFAS and national labor taxes and the Zakat, by about KD 27.4 million up by KD 17.1 million vis-a-vis KD 10.4 million for the same period 2010. It is worth mentioning that provisions were reduced by about KD 46 million (48.2%) to KD 49.4 million down from KD 95.4 million in the same period last year. The bank’s total operational revenues declined by KD 36.6 million (18.4%) and scored KD 162.6 million (KD 199.1 million in the same period 2010) as a result of the drop in profits from availablefor-sale-investments item by about KD 16.1 million to KD 5.7 million (KD 21.8 million in the same period 2010). Net profits from dealing in foreign currencies and derivatives dropped by KD 12.3 million (49.9%) to KD 12.3 million (KD 24.7 million in the same period 2010). Net interest income rose by 3.7% (KD 2.7 million) due to a drop in interests charges by 15.1%, which is higher than the drop in interests’ returns by 4.8%. Net interest margin (the difference between received and paid interests) dropped from 2.5% in the end of September 2010 to about 2.4% for the same period 2011. The bank’s net profit margin went up from 5.2% in 9/2010 to 16.9% in 9/2011. The bank’s financial statements show that the bank’s assets rose by KD 211.5 million (4.60%) to KD 4811.3 million (KD 4599.8 million in 12/2010). Assets increased by the same percentage (4.61%) compared with the same period last year. Item of loans and advances to clients rose by KD 118 million to a total of KD 3299.4 million (68.6% of total assets) vis-a-vis KD 3181.4 million (69.2% of total assets in 12/2010). As for government assets (bonds and bills), they went up by KD 8.7 million (1.1%) and scored KD 840.3 million (17.5% of total assets) vis-a-vis KD 831.5 million in 12/2010 (18.1% of total assets). In comparison with their amount in the end of 9/2010 (KD 818.2 million - 17.8% of total assets), Government assets increased by KD 21.9 million (2.7%). Deposits at banks and other financial institutions dropped by 20.7%, KD 22.9 million, to KD 88.2 million (1.8% of total assets) vis-a-vis KD 111.2 million (2.4% of total assets in 12/2010). Comparing them with their value during the same period 2010, we notice they went up by 10.8%, or KD 8.6 million, and scored KD 79.7 million (1.7% of total assets). Results of analyzing financial statements show that the bank achieved return on assets average (ROA) by 0.8% (0.3% in 9/2010). Return on equities index (ROE) went up from 3.4% in September 2010 to 8.7% this year. Return on capital (ROC) index scored 14.6% this year (5.5% in 9/2010). Per share earning (EPS) scored 11 fils (4 fils per share in 9/2010). Annual return on the share market value scored 2.8% (1.1%

for the same period 2010). Price multiplier/book value index scored 3 times (3.3 times in 9/2010). Kuwait Stock Exchange KSE performance during October 2011 was somehow active compared to September 2011. Despite the drop in volume of traded stocks and number of concluded deals, absolute liquidity went up, even though the average daily trading value remained unchanged, as the value of traded shares increased, in addition to the value increase of the general index. AlShall index reading on Monday 31/10/2011 scored about 462.6 points, increasing by about 9.9 points (2.2%) vis-a-vis 9/2011 when it scored 452.7 points, and dropped by about 115.2 points (19.9%) below 2010 closing level. The highest reading for AlShall index during the month scored 463.1 points on 17/10/2011, while the lowest reading scored was 449.9 points on 05/10/2011. The graph (No.1) displays development of AlShall’s index movement as well as that of KSE index (value and weighted respectively) during the past part of 2011. Market value of all listed companies (215) scored about KD 30.1 billion. Comparing total market value between September and October 2011, we notice a rise in the market value of about KD 536.4 million (1.8%). Number of companies with increase in their market value was 82 out of 215 joint companies, while the market value of 60 companies dropped and value of 73 companies did not change. Excluding the companies which increased their capital, the National Real Estate Company recorded the highest increase in value with an increase of about 94.5% followed by Al Salam Holding Group with an increase of 48.9%. On the other hand, the International Holding Company registered the biggest loss in value by 21.6%, followed by Burgan for Well Drilling ìABARî by about 16.9%. As for sectors, 7 sectors achieved rises and one sector dropped, namely the insurance sector, which dropped by 2.6%. The real estate sector achieved the highest rise by about 5.5%, followed by the food sector which increased by about 4.5%. As for the value of traded shares (in 22 work days), it scored about KD 501.9 million,

increasing by about KD 41.7 million (9.1%), compared to its value in September 2011 which scored about KD 460.2 million. The highest value of traded stocks in one day during the month was worth KD 36.7 million achieved on 13/10/2011, while the lowest daily trading value was on 04/10/2011 at about KD 10.9 million. Daily average value of traded stocks during the month scored about KD 22.8 million (KD 23 million for September 2011). The volume of traded shares during the month scored about 3670.1 million shares, a daily average of about 166.8 million shares, decreasing by 33.6 million shares (16.8%) below September’s average of about 200.4 million shares. Number of concluded deals during the month scored about 59.8 thousand deals, a daily average of 2718 deals, a drop by 9.4% vis-a-vis September’s average. Measuring the stock market’s performance during the last ten months of the year (209 work days) we find that value of traded shares scored about KD 5.3 billion ($19.3 billion) vis-a-vis KD 11.1 billion during the same period in 2010, reflecting a noticeable drop by about KD 5.7 billion (-52.3%). Part of this drop is healthy, due to control of illusive trading processes, but in a major part it is due to the Arab Spring events, the global economy crisis, and Kuwait’s internal crises. This reduction in liquidity was clearly reflected in the form of a drop in the average daily trading value during the period which approximated KD 25.5 million (KD 53.2 million for the same period 2010). Weekly Performance of KSE The per formance of Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) for the last week was mixed compared to the previous one, where indices of the trading value, the trading volume and the number of transac tions showed a decrease, while the general index showed an increase. Al-Shall Index (value weighted) closed at 469.2 points at the closing of last Thursday, showing an increase of 9.2 points or about 2% compared to previous week’s closing, and decreased by 108.6 points or about 18.8% compared to the year end 2010.




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Post Financial Stability Law and its exceptional status! KUWAIT: “Capital markets in the State of Kuwait urgently need a legislation to be passed to regulate the financial insolvency that might be faced by shareholding companies, and creditors look for how to protect their rights” This statement was addressed by Hisham Sorour, Managing Partner at Baker Tilly Kuwait - which occupies the eighth position globally in the field of accounting and business Advisor y based on its annual revenue. Sorour said if the Investment Dar Company, in the management of its insolvency through restructuring, had to subject to the Financial Stability Law - according to the Decree-Law No. 2 of 2009 - in the light of the approval of the Court of Appeals on the restructuring of Kuwaiti investment companies. The Cour t’s approval to the company ’s restructuring plan provided the necessary legal framework under which the company can implement the restructuring plan which includes the fulfillment of all financial obligations to banks and investors. Also, A’ayan Leasing and Investment Company has submitted an application to join the Financial Stability Law, and request the judicial protection, to protect its interests and the interests of the majority of its creditors who support the restructuring plan.

The question here is if there is an opportunity for the TID and A’ayan Company to put themselves under the Financial Stability Law issued underspecial circumstances and for a specific period only, what is the legislation governing the insolvency following the Financial Stability Law that was issued within a specified timeframe and elapsed? “Articles of the Law No. 7 of 2010, and its Executive Bylaws on the establishment of Capital Markets Authority, included on strict and important regulations for the companies operating under its umbrella. However, They are void of any provisions relating to insolvency and protection of creditors’ rights” Sorour pointed out. Sorour referred to the urgency to pass a permanent legislation that regulates the insolvency that shareholding companies might be exposed to, and develop a mechanism that enables creditors to protect their rights for companies subject to insolvency. “At present, there is nothing to regulate insolvency; this means the quick collapse of these companies instead of giving them opportunity to try to continue their business. This also exposes the rights of creditors to the risk of loss of their creditors, worsening the credit environment currently suffering from multiple crises” Sorour added.

Sorour indicated that the companies’ insolvency is a phase that can be experienced by any company during its life cycle, either by reason of mistakes in planning and management of the company itself or as a result of the

Hisham Sorour impact of global financial crisis that may affect the business model and therefore the previously planned financial model. This may put the company in case of insolvency. “The insolvency that companies are likely to be exposed to has two possi-

bilities: either restructuring the company to develop recovery and continuity plans or taking a tough decision for liquidation of the company. The current scene is witnessing a legislative vacuum, especially after the end of effectiveness of the temporary Financial Stability Law, which was passed to protect local companies from the effects of the global financial crisis in August of 2008”, added Sorour. Sorour said that according to reports of the World Bank, countries in the Middle East and North Africa region suffer from non-developed systems of insolvency, and therefore need to be placed among the priorities of reform. Rarely, we find an approach to deal with a debtor as an entity that can be restructured. This is because the restructuring rarely occur in the region, even if the legal provisions permit it. These provisions set for restructuring are usually strongly driven by considerations of creditors, which allows little flexibility for debtors. “No country in the region can claim that it has effective liquidation procedures in comparison to international standards. According to Doing Business 2010, the rate of debt recovery at the liquidation of any company in the Middle East and North Africa, is less than half the rate in countries with

developed economies. In order to liquidate a company and end its activity, it takes 3.5 years in the region, compared to 1.7 years in other countries. Also, the liquidation proceedings are not effective; the provisions of law are outdated; many laws did not subject to revision or update from a decade or even several decades. Countries in the region also lack to up-to-date laws that conform with the standards of the international best practices” Sorour clarified. Sorour indicated that court systems are usually characterized by slowness and routine; and procedures are of high costs and inefficiency, to yield at the end a small amount remaining for distribution to creditors after payment of fees and charges. Sorour drew attention that the best insolvency legislation worldwide are applied in the United Kingdom and the United States. These legislations are characterized by clearness, starting from the definition of insolvency, passing through the options given to the management of the company’s insolvency, and parties that have the right of insolvency management (shareholders - or creditors contribution among shareholders and creditors), and ending with either the recovery from insolvency - restructuring - or liquidation for the difficulty or impossibility of business continuity.

Merkel belatedly leading in Europe, says Schroeder Papandreou lauded for doing right thing HANOVER: Chancellor Angela Merkel has belatedly demonstrated leadership in the euro-zone debt crisis and it was the right thing to do, even though she faces resistance in her party and from the public, exchancellor Gerhard Schroeder said. In an interview with Reuters, Schroeder also defended his government’s controversial decision to break the European Union Stability Pact rules in 2003/2004 on the ground that his economic reforms caused short-term pain but long-term gains for all of Europe. “The chancellor has belatedly taken on European responsibility,” said Schroeder, who was chancellor of a centre-left coalition from 1998 to 2005 and is now a business executive in his home town of Hanover. “And she’s now running the risk of hitting resistance from her party and voters,” added Schroeder, who is also seen as an elder statesman in his Social Democrats (SPD) party. “But it’s the right thing to do, to risk losing your office to fight for important convictions.” He praised Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou for doing exactly that. Schroeder himself lost the support of the left wing of his party and then the electorate by pushing through economic reforms, known as “Agenda 2010”, that cut unemployment and spurred growth by trimming back on a generous welfare system. Merkel has faced widespread criticism in Europe and Germany for dithering in the

early stages of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, exacerbating the problems. But in recent months she has taken a bolder stance, putting her centre-right coalition of Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and Free Democrats (FDP) at risk in order to push through euro zone rescue measures. In a rare interview, Schroeder also criticized Merkel’s government for repeatedly changing its position. He ridiculed the way coalition leaders often insist that some action is “taboo” before agreeing to it weeks later. “Whenever anyone in this German government speaks about a ‘taboo’, then we all know a few weeks later that won’t be a taboo anymore,” Schroeder said, saying this was partly why the German public had grown wary of EU rescue efforts for Greece. “This is a development that’s not good for Europe,” he added. “That’s something they should keep in mind.” Schroeder, 67, acknowledged that Greece might not have been admitted to the euro zone had EU leaders been aware of the depth of its fiscal problems. Asked if it had been a mistake to admit Greece, he said: “If one had had complete clarity about the economic situation back then, the decision (on Greece) might have been different,” said Schroeder. “But at the time there was a general consensus, the EU Commission recommended admission. Those who now criticize our SPD-Greens government for that are forgetting that the

Etihad Airways celebrates eight years of flying ABU DHABI: Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is eight years old yesterday, November 5, 2011. The airline operated its inaugural, ceremonial flight to Al Ain on November 5, 2003. A week later, it operated its first commercial passenger flight to Beirut. James Hogan, Etihad Airways’ Chief Executive Officer, said: “Etihad Airways has achieved significant growth since it took to the skies eight years ago. “Since our inaugural flight, we have built a global network of 86 passenger and cargo destinations, supported by one of the youngest and most environmentally efficient aircraft fleets in the world. “We have grown to become a family of almost 9,000 people, drawn from more than 120 nationalities across the world, whose hard work and commitment have earned for us an enviable reputation for excellence and innovation which we will continue to build on.” Etihad Airways operates directly to 86 destinations across the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America and Asia, and to more than 220 destinations with its network of codeshare partners. The airline has a fleet of 63 aircraft, with over a hundred more on order. It has won numerous awards for the services it provides and is ranked sixth best airline in the world by industry watchdog Skytrax.

CDU and FDP in the European parliament also voted for Greece.” Schroeder said the “main mistake” made over Greece in the euro zone debt crisis was that not enough was done to help the country get back on its feet once the full extent of its fiscal woes became clear. “It’s no surprise that Greek Prime Minister (George) Papandreou hardly had a chance to push through what was being demanded from him,” Schroeder said. “The conservatives across Europe did very little to convince the conservative opposition (in Greece) to stop acting so irresponsibly.” Schroeder also urged his party to move sooner rather than later to pick a candidate to run against Merkel in the next election. There are three possible SPD candidates but party leaders want to wait until late 2012 to make their choice. “I agree with those who would argue for a quick decision,” Schroeder said, dismissing the argument that picking a candidate too soon could damage their chances. “We’ve got three good candidates.” SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel, parliamentary floor leader Frank-Walter Steinmeier and former finance minister Peer Steinbrueck are the three candidates. Former SPD chancellor Helmut Schmidt has urged the party to pick Steinbrueck. Schroeder offered no opinion, but in the last election in 2009 he was a strong advocate of Steinmeier, who was beaten by Merkel. — Reuters

Gulf Bank announces Al Danah Winners KUWAIT: Gulf Bank held its FortySecond Al Danah weekly draw on October 30th, 2011, announcing a total number of ten Al Danah weekly prize draw winners, each awarded with prizes of KD 1,000. The 42nd Al Danah Weekly Winners are: Amal Khalid Fahad Al-Obaidan, Nasser Ibrahim Mohammad Kashta, Bader Naser Mousa Al-Sidirawi, Amer Tawdat Khalaf, Amani Ali Husain Al-Ali, Hussein Ali Abbas El-Jedi, Attaullah Tanveer Mohammed Attaullah Khan, Abdulrasool Abdulredha Mohammed Behbehani, Allaa ABdulraheem Nouri Attia and, Najah Habeb Ali Al-Sayegh Gulf Bank encourages everyone in Kuwait to open an Al Danah account and/or increase their deposits to maximize their chances of becoming a winner in the upcoming weekly (KD1,000 each for 10 winners). Gulf Bank’s Al Danah allows customers to win cash

prizes and encourages them to save money. Chances increase the more money is deposited and the longer it is kept in the account. Al Danah also offers a number of unique services including the Al Danah Deposit Only ATM card which helps account holders deposit their money at their convenience; as well as the Al Danah calculator to help customers calculate their chances of becoming an Al Danah winner. To be part of the Al Danah draws, customers can visit one of Gulf Bank’s 55 branches, transfer on line, or call the Customer Contact Center on 1805805 for assistance and guidance. Customers can also log on to, Gulf Bank’s bilingual website, to find all the information regarding Al Danah or any of the Bank’s products and services or log on, to find out more about Al Danah and who the winners are.

ABK offers more privileges to Emirates World MasterCard Holders KUWAIT: After launching the ABK Emirates World MasterCard, Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait is giving World MasterCard owners more privileges. Stewart Lockie, GM, Retail explained the benefits and advantages that the client can get by owning the ABK Emirates World MasterCard“. In ABK we seek to provide the best services to our customers in Kuwait and overseas, therefore the ABK Emirates World MasterCard was designed to distinguish customers by giving them additional privileges and benefits .” Lockie added, “The cardholder will have complimentary access to over 600 VIP International Airport Lounges, and for every KD 1 spent on the World MasterCard he will be getting 7 Skywards Miles

(Skywards, the award winning frequent flyer program of Emirates) to be used on Emirates, as well as travel insurance coverage up to a million US dollars .” “As an exclusive added value “Lockie said “ABK is offering 10,000 bonus Skywards Miles to the cardholder, along with the luxury of global concierge service in addition to many other benefits. If you are looking to be unique and live the luxury our card offers, ABK Emirates World MasterCard is your best choice.” To benefit from these privileges and many more, call Ahlan Ahli on 1899899, or chat Live with the bank representative on Ahli Chat through our website

Stewart Lockie, GM, Retail

Arabian Radio Network launches application for Samsung Smart TVs DUBAI: Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies yesterday announced an exclusive agreement with Arabian Radio Network (ARN), the UAE’s largest radio network and leading commercial radio brands. The agreement will allow SMART TV users to access all eight ARN radio channels through a tailormade Samsung Smart TV application. ARN’s impressive and renowned range of radio stations include: Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4, Al Khaleejiya 100.9, City 101.6, Hit 96.7, Dubai 92, Dubai Eye 103.8, Al Arabiya 99 and Radio Shoma 93.4. ARN’s Smart TV application will be displayed at the Samsung stand during the IPTV Forum MENA being held at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai on November 1 and 2, 2011. “Samsung is committed to partner with local companies and develop business and consumer applications tailored to the region’s Smart TV viewers,” said Vinod Nair, General Manager of T V Business, Samsung Gulf Electronics. “As a leader in content development, Samsung is the ideal partner for media houses such as ARN who are looking to diversify their channels and reach new audiences. We are proud to partner with ARN, a leading radio network and provide our viewers with more choices in home entertainment.” “Our diverse audience of 1.6 million

listeners a day are tech-savvy and engage with our stations at home, at work, in the office or in the car. We accompany our listeners wherever they may be” said Mahmoud Al-Rasheed, ARN General Manager. ARN’s diversification into hi-tech channels indicates its expanding portfolio and market growth. Recently, ARN launched the regions first ever Farsi language radio channel. ARN has also received international acclaim when they received three awards at the New York Festival in June 2011 which further helped solidify ARN’s position. ARN’s internet radio application with Samsung will feature: live feed from all eight stations; channel and program information; and live radio streaming and playback. “The Arabian Radio Network today is a multiplatform media company, we are proud to announce the launch of our sixth platform, meaning listeners can enjoy their favorite radio stations at home on the Samsung Smart TV,” said Steve Smith ARN Chief Operating Officer. Samsung is working with a variety of companies in the region to offer regionspecific SMART TV applications and content for its viewers. In the UAE for instance, Samsung recently partnered with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) to launch the SMART TV DEWA application which allows users to check their bills.

India says better trade with Pakistan to take ‘some time’ NEW DELHI: New Delhi played down yesterday confusion about whether Pakistan was granting India most favored trading nation status, saying such a step “could take some time.” Earlier in the week, Pakistan’s cabinet announced it had approved a proposal giving India the status of “most favored nation” in a move towards normalizing trade relations between the two nucleararmed rivals. The Pakistan cabinet’s decision was seen as a breakthrough in thawing relations between the South Asian neighbors who have fought three wars since independence from Britain in 1947. But later Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was quoted by Pakistani media as saying the commerce ministry had only been tasked by the cabinet to move forward on the issue in bilateral trade negotiations. Indian media reports said Pakistan was backtracking on granting India most favored nation (MFN) status. But yesterday, Indian foreign secretary Ranjan Mathai urged patience. “According to the information available through the Pakistan government, the cabinet has approved the process of normalization of trade relations of which most favored nation is a part,” Mathai told reporters in New Delhi. “The actual implementation would be a culmination of the normalization process which could take some time,” he said. Senior Pakistani govern-

ment officials told AFP that Islamabad had decided “in principle” to give MFN status to India. While formal trade between the two most populous and largest economies in South Asia is a paltry $2.7 billion annually, unregulated trade, much of it routed through third countries, is estimated at $10 billion. In September, Indian and Pakistan agreed to work harder at opening up their markets to each other, pledging to more than double trade within three years to $6 billion. India’s Commerce Minister Anand Sharma said he would lead a trade delegation to Islamabad next February at the invitation of his Pakistani counterpart, Makhdoom Amin Fahim. Both governments “are committed to normalization of trade relations,” said Fahim, whose five-day visit to India at the head of a large business delegation is the first by a commerce minister to the country in 35 years. Pakistan said on Friday it was hoping for significant progress on normalizing trade relations with India at talks in New Delhi later this month. “We are extremely hopeful that there will be a major breakthrough in the next round of commerce secretaries’ meetings on November 14-15 in Delhi,” Zafar Mahmood, the top civil servant at the commerce ministry, told reporters. “We will finalize all the details in that meeting,” Mahmood added. — AFP




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Market coping with Europe’s chaos NEW YORK: US stock investors have had to take their own self-help course on living with uncertainty due to Europe’s crisis, and they may need to draw on that next week because it’s never clear when the next upheaval will come. Sentiment will probably receive a boost after Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou won a parliamentary confidence vote early yesterday. The vote helped the cash-strapped country avoid snap elections that would have destroyed its bailout deal and turned up the flames on the euro zone’s economic crisis, though risks to the global financial system remain. Greece is still in turmoil. Papandreou signaled he would still stand down, calling for a new coalition to ram the bailout deal through parliament and keep the nation from going bankrupt. Other challenges haven’t gone away, such as keeping countries like Italy from going the way of Greece. So, while investors may cheer the Greece vote, two years of crisis have taught them to be vigilant of new risks emerging from Europe’s debt debacle. “It takes away the risk of a referendum or renegotiating new terms. Netnet it’s a ‘risk-on’ event,” Thomas Roth,

WALL STREETWEEKLY OUTLOOK executive director of US government bond trading at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities USA, in New York, said about the Greece vote. “How much you can rally on this? It may be temporary at best. You have still have a lot of risks like Italy. We just don’t know ... All in all, it’s a slight positive for stocks and a slight negative for bonds.” Though investors are cautious, stocks may be able to keep in place the recent upward trend as more evidence suggests the US economy is progressing despite Europe’s woes. Friday’s US monthly jobs report suggested some improvement in October, even though the headline payroll numbers appeared weaker than expected. “What I’m seeing at the moment is that investors are getting more reassured with the picture that the US may actually do OK despite the troubles in Europe,” said Natalie Trunow, chief investment officer of equities at Calvert Investment Management in Bethesda, Maryland, which manages about $13 billion. “The more recent datapoints on the

US economy and earnings profiles are supporting that assertion,” she said. Stocks ended with losses for the week. But on Monday, the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500 index posted an 11 percent gain for October, its best monthly percentage rise since December 1991. With results in from some 433 of the S&P 500 companies, 70 percent have beaten forecasts on third-quarter earnings, defying views that growth would be hit by the problems in Europe and a slower economy in China. Analysts have said earnings growth has helped to support the market and has taken some of the focus away from Europe, even if just momentarily. More reports are expected this week, including several retailers like Macy ’s, whose results could shed some light on how the holiday shopping season may go. “If there isn’t a lot of resolution on the European front, some of the big company earnings could be market movers. There are a lot of positives

about the US economy, and strong earnings are one of them,” said Rob Morgan, chief investment strategist at Fulcrum Securities in Philadelphia. Still, strategists see plenty of volatility ahead, making any big moves hard for short-term investors. The CBOE Volatility index fell 1.1 percent to close at 30.16 on Friday, but is well above levels from just last summer. It was trading near 20 in early August. On the week, the VIX rose 22.9 percent following wide market swings in four of five trading sessions. “It’s all Europe all the time unless we hear otherwise. The underlying tone and theme in the market will be set in Europe until or unless there’s some finality to the debt crisis,” said Steve Sosnick, equity risk manager at Timber Hill/Interactive Brokers Group in Greenwich, Connecticut. Similarly, options strategist Frederic Ruffy of, a website headquartered in New York, said: “Investors wait to see whether Greece will implement tough and unpopular austerity measures to avoid a messy debt default.”

By taking a longer-term approach, though, some investors have been able to see the current situation as a buying opportunity, analysts said. Stock valuations are cheap, so if earnings hold up, investors are likely to be better positioned in stocks than in bonds or cash, they said. The S&P 500 forward price-to-earnings ratio is now at 12, its lowest in years. “Savvy investors are using the dips to put some money to work, but this is a very difficult market if you’re a short-term trader,” said Fred Dickson, chief market strategist at The Davidson Cos. in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Besides earnings, US economic news has helped keep worries about another recession at bay. Non-farm payrolls rose a tepid 80,000 in October, below economists’ expectations. But employers added 102,000 more jobs than previously estimated in August and September. And the US unemployment rate slipped to 9 percent. It had been stuck at 9.1 percent for three straight months. Among key economic reports next week are the government’s data on the Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index. — Reuters

Farming Australia takes on China Inc It’s mining booms vs future of food

SEOUL: South Korean protesters hold candles during a rally against a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between South Korea and the United States in front of Deoksu Palace in Seoul yesterday. South Korea’s ruling and opposition parties have so far failed to agree on the deal, even though the US Congress ratified it last month. —AP

MF Global CEO Jon Corzine quits as big bet fails WASHINGTON: Jon Corzine, one of Wall Street ’s best-known stars, stepped down as MF Global Holdings Ltd’s chairman and chief executive after his bets on European debt drove the futures brokerage into bankruptcy. The departure was announced on Friday, hours before conflicting reports surfaced about the whereabouts of $633 million of missing customer money, whose disappearance derailed MF Global’s effort this week to quickly sell a variety of assets. JPMorgan Chase & Co said late on Friday it had no information about whether balances in MF Global accounts at the bank contained any of the missing customer funds. It also declined to disclose the balances of those funds. “The accounts and their balances have been and continue to be wholly transparent to MF Global and the recently appointed (brokerage) trustee,” JPMorgan said in a statement. Earlier in the day, Bloomberg News had said customer funds had been found in a JPMorgan custodial account holding $658.8 million, citing two people with knowledge of the matter. Corzine, a former chief of Goldman Sachs & Co, characterized his abrupt departure from a company he once joked as “too small to care about” as “difficult” but voluntary. It was effective on Friday, four days after MF Global sought bankruptcy protection, a company spokeswoman said. Corzine, 64, joined MF Global in March 2010 as his ticket back to Wall Street, after stints as a US senator from New Jersey and one-term governor of that state. He had run Goldman from 1994 to early 1999. But when MF Global’s $6.3 billion bet on sovereign debt from Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain went public, counterparties and investors headed for the exits. “He was seeking redemption,” said Robert Fagenson, former vice chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. “When you’re not dealing with a Goldman Sachs-type of balance sheet, though, you can’t take Goldman Sachs-type bets.” MF Global’s decline accelerated last week as the New York-based company revealed more details about its European exposure, posted a largerthan-expected quarterly loss, and was downgraded by major credit rating agencies to “junk ” status. Many investors were also spooked by MF Global’s roughly 30-to-1 leverage ratio, based on more than $40 billion of assets and just $1.4 billion of equi-

ty. Corzine himself has said that much leverage is unacceptably high. The bankruptcy is the seventhlargest in US history, according to and Reuters data. “My how the mighty are fallen,” said Jim Rogers, a prominent commodities investor. “It is inconceivable to me he would do this after Refco,” he added, referring to a brokerage that failed in a 2005 accounting scandal. MF Global’s problems this week triggered steep declines in stocks of other financial companies, such as Morgan Stanley and investment bank Jefferies Group Inc. Jefferies, seeking to soothe investors, said on Friday it had a net short position in sovereign risk of Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.. Its shares closed up 0.5 percent on Friday, but lost 18 percent for the week. “The idea that you might be holding European debt is very frightening” to markets,” said Franklin Edwards, a Columbia Business School professor specializing in futures markets, regulation and governance. “There is so much uncertainty.” It is unclear how Corzine’s resignation might affect the various ongoing investigations. Neither MF Global nor Corzine has been charged with wrongdoing. Corzine said he intended to “continue to assist the company and its board in their effor ts to respond to regulatory inquiries and issues related to the disposition of the firm’s assets.” James Giddens, the trustee overseeing the liquidation of the company’s MF Global Inc unit, is working with CME Group Inc and others to move about 50,000 accounts to new clearing firms. Giddens said his team is “securing” MF Global offices in Chicago and New York, plans to work through the weekend to transfer large accounts, and will try through next week to transfer individual accounts. Corzine’s departure will not affect that process, a spokesman for Giddens said. CME late on Friday said it expected to finish transferring all customer segregated positions by the end of the day, for a total transfer of positions in about 15,000 MF Global accounts and $1.45 billion of associated clearing collateral. ‘In his statement, Corzine said his depar ture is best for MF Global and its stakeholders. “I feel great sadness for what has transpired at MF Global and the impact it has had on the firm’s clients, employees and many others,” he said. — Reuters

ROSSMAR PARK: The Liverpool Plains were long considered off-limits to mining, their rich black soils ranking among Australia’s best farming land. Until China came to town. Now a small group of farmers who have refused to sell out to China’s Shenhua Watermark Coal are locked in a battle playing out across the nation-mining boom versus the future of food. Seventh-generation farmer Michael Clift and neighbor Tim Duddy say coal mining has always been a fact of life in the area-an ancient coal-burner stove has pride of place in Duddy’s kitchen. But the nature and scale of mining has changed dramatically in the past 10 years, the smaller shaft-style mine replaced by vast open pits which leave craters in the landscape and fill the air with dust and noise. “A lot of people never thought that there would be mining on this land, ever,” said Clift, from his property some 440 kilometres (270 miles) northwest of Sydney. “This land should be protected for agricultural purposes; it’s a sustainable practice that we do, agriculture. Mining is not sustainable, and you don’t get land like this again so this has to be protected.” The Liverpool Plains offer some of Australia’s best grazing and cropping-a sweeping silt valley at the foot of the Great Dividing Range with a complex aquifer system which keeps the land fertile all year long. It is also a rich coal basin, with Duddy estimating there is fuel worth “hundreds and hundreds of millions, probably a couple of billion dollars” under his farm, Rossmar Park, alone. Mineral resources belong to the state, and surging global demand for commodities has seen Australia’s mining industry explode in

size, with key market China on a global hunt for firms and projects to secure supply. Shenhua paid more than Aus$300 million ($320 million) for the license to mine on Clift and Duddy’s doorstep and another $150 million buying out 43 of their neighbors to secure the mine footprint, offering well above market rate. Project spokesman Joe Clayton said Shenhua had promised from the outset not to mine the black-soil plains in the north of New South Wales state and the closest pit would be at least 150 metres away. It’s cold comfort to Duddy, who fears health impacts similar to those seen near huge mining projects in the neighboring Hunter Valley. “In the Hunter I know there were dairy cows that died a bit younger than they thought they should, and when they autopsied them they found big lumps of coal in their guts,” Duddy told AFP. “They had actually formed from the dust (in their food), slowly starving them to death, so imagine what it’s doing to people. ‘Not complementary activities’“People have so much money tied up in their share portfolio and they love what mining does to it that they don’t even think about the rest. They want to believe that it’s all fine but the reality is that it isn’t.” The Greens party is pushing for tougher regulation of Australia’s land ownership laws and wants water resources like aquifers included in environmental protection regulations. A study commissioned by the party in June showed 83 percent of Australia’s mining industry-key to its economic success-was foreign-owned, with an estimated Aus$50 billion in profits to flow offshore in the next five years. Greens Senator Christine Milne believes

the conflict between mining and farming is nearing a flashpoint, with the experience of recent decades showing they were “not complementary activities”. “Australia has to make a decision about long-term issues like food security, like where the next generation of farmers are going to come from,” she said. As food shortages grow, Milne said, there was a “real obligation for countries like Australia, which is a net exporter of food, to not only grow as much food as it possibly can but also to export into overseas markets.” A mining veteran with 30 years of experience in countries including Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, Clayton rejects the notion that mining and farming can’t co-exist or that mined land can’t be rehabilitated for farming again. Shenhua will have to submit detailed environmental management plans and must also consult with surrounding farms which are considered to be within the dust and noise zone-an area including Duddy’s and Clift’s properties. Whether the farmers come to the table is “their issue,” Clayton said. “If it wasn’t us here it would be somebody else here; the issue is the coal belongs to the state, to the people. It’s a resource and it will get developed,” he said. Shenhua still needs to win environmental approval for the mine and has to sell the land within 18 months if its proposal is knocked back under foreign ownership laws. Duddy is hoping for a government intervention on environmental grounds before it’s all done and is bracing himself for a High Court challenge. “We’ve made the decision that we are here to stay, and we will punch up and fight to the death, so that’s that.” — AFP

Occupy Sydney protesters take to the streets SYDNEY: Hundreds of Occupy Sydney protesters have taken to the streets of Australia’s largest city amid a heavy police presence. The activists, who are part of a worldwide protest against corporate greed, have vowed to reoccupy a pedestrian mall in the heart of Sydney’s central business district. They converged on Town Hall yesterday bearing banners with slogans such as “You can’t eat money” and “Stop police brutality.” There was a significant police presence at the rally, with riot squad officers, mounted police and two police trucks on standby. Last month, police were accused of using excessive force after 40 protesters were arrested in a dawn raid that ended the group’s weeklong protest at the mall, known as Martin Place, which is home to several banks and other corporations. — AP

WASHINGTON: Protesters from Occupy DC march past the Washington Convention Center during a demonstration against the billionaire conservative donor Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity on Friday, DC. Americans for Prosperity, founded by the Koch brothers, a conservative political advocacy group opposing government regulation, is holding its fifth annual meeting at the Convention Center.— AFP

France passes G20 baton after messy Cannes summit CANNES: France’s year-long G20 term stumbled to a messy end at the Cannes summit, where President Nicolas Sarkozy’s dreams of reforming world finance were torpedoed by the eurozone debt crisis. The leaders of the world’s most powerful economies cobbled together a list of promised measures to boost growth and reinforce the IMF, but the statement was short on detail and all eyes were fixed on Rome and Athens. There, Italy’s

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi were was forced to accept IMF oversight of his budget-cutting program, and Greece’s George Papandreou scraped through a confidence vote after swallowing EU bailout terms. The summit, which took place on Thursday and Friday on Cannes’ rainswept seafront, marked the end of France’s turn as head of the G20 bloc of major economies, and the start of Mexico’s stint. — AFP

SYDNEY: An Occupy Sydney protestor is arrested by police in Sydney yesterday. Activists, who are part of a worldwide protest against corporate greed, have vowed to reoccupy a pedestrian mall in the heart of Sydney’s central business district. —AP




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Flying car maker eyes India, Brazil, China PANAJI: A company from the United States that is developing a flying car is eyeing the booming economies of India, Brazil and China as future markets, its co-founder said yesterday. About 100 people have already placed orders for the “combined flying-driving vehicle” the Transition, which has been priced at $279,000 and is scheduled for launch late next year, Massachusettsbased firm Terrafugia said. The two-seat vehicle is designed to

fly between local airports as well as drive on any road. The company says it is hoping that it will be the world’s first commercially viable flying car. It has a rear propeller for flying and is powered for both flight and on the road by unleaded petrol from regular service stations. It is small enough to fit into a household garage, the firm said on its website. It converts from a car into a light sports aircraft in about 30 seconds.

“We will launch it initially in the US and eventually expand into Europe,” Carl Dietrich, chief executive and cofounder of Terrafugia, told reporters on the sidelines of the Think Festival in India’s resort state of Goa. “But for the second phase of launching, we are looking at China, Brazil and India, which are growing markets for this kind of product.” The Think Festival, held in Bambolim Bay, north Goa, is a three-

day discussion event bringing together prominent figures from around the world in politics, technology, arts, culture and human rights. Terrafugia said in June that it had received special clearance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the vehicle to ply the US road network. The Transition is the first combined flying-driving vehicle to receive such exemptions from US authorities. These

exemptions will allow for deliveries to customers to begin. Terrafugia-Latin for “escape from land”-said in March 2009 that the Transition had successfully completed its first flight, hailing it as a “milestone for aviation”. Dietrich told The Wall Street Journal earlier this year that the company’s initial customers would be pilots moving around smaller airports across the United States. — AFP

Yang accused of playing both sides in Yahoo deal Handful of buyers sign nondisclosure clause

SAN FRANCISCO: In this Oct 14, 2011 file photo, people line up to purchase an Apple iPhone 4S at a Sprint store in San Francisco. —AP

India eyes 4G service launch next year NEW DELHI: India aims to launch fourthgeneration (4G) mobile services next year that will allow users to watch highdefinition video and download content at a much faster rate, a minister said. 4G technology holds the promise of Internet speeds up to 10 times faster than typical third-generation networks. “We should be ready to launch 4G... in the later half of 2012,” Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said late Friday, according to the Press Trust of India. “We have large capacities in spectrum to move forward in 4G which is hopefully going to be launched towards end of next year,” he said. The government is keen to ramp up its mobile and Internet penetration in the country of 1.2 billion people as a way of boosting access to education and health services and propel economic growth. Sibal’s comments come as telecom operators are rolling out 3G mobile services after winning spectrum in a fiercely contested auction in 2010. Telecom and Internet services providers paid a combined nearly $23 billion to the government for bandwidth to offer 3G tele-

phone and broadband wireless Internet services. India is the world’s secondlargest mobile market but Sibal lamented it was just the wealthier segment of India’s population, mainly in urban areas, who use modern communications technology. He also expressed concern about content supplied by telecom players that he said served the elites, rather than needs of “ordinary people”. “You can bring in a mobile device but if you don’t have the content, there’s no point in having a device. All stakeholders must come on board to develop content beyond entertainment,” he said. Experts say demand in India for 4G may be held back by lack of demand, with poorer consumers seeing little need for applications provided by the ultra-fast system. Major operators such as Verizon Wireless in the United States are already offering 4G service while China Mobile Communications Corp is carrying out trials for a new fourth-generation mobile network. Construction of super-fast mobile networks is also under way in countries including Germany. — AFP

NEW YORK: On the same day that potential Yahoo buyers faced a deadline to sign confidentiality agreements, co-founder Jerry Yang came under a fresh attack from an activist shareholder who demanded his resignation. In a letter to Yahoo’s board, Daniel Loeb, chief executive officer of hedge fund Third Point LLC, said he was “deeply concerned” Yahoo is looking at deals that will allow private equity firms to gain substantial equity positions in the company. “More troubling are reports that Mr. Yang is engaging in one-off discussions with private equity firms, presumably because it is in his best personal interests to do so,” added Loeb. According to a Reuters report from early October, which cited multiple sources, Yang was exploring a deal with private equity firms to take Yahoo off the public markets in part because that would represent his best chance of remaining involved with the company. Loeb, who is seeking two board seats at Yahoo through either the resignation of Yang and chairman Roy Bostock or by the creation of new seats, said that Yang needs to clearly state whether he is a buyer or seller. “He cannot be both,” Loeb wrote. “If we are correct and he is effectively a buyer, corporate ethics require him to recuse himself from any further discussions on behalf of the company.” Two of Yang’s confidantes didn’t disagree with Loeb. “We’re all sitting here wondering how Jerry is able to do this, he’s totally conflicted,” said a Yang confidante who asked not to be identified talking about his friend. “The board should be concerned about getting the best price not how Jerry can stay in control but instead it’s the opposite.” A Yahoo representative said in a statement that the board’s strategic review is being “properly managed for the benefit of all shareholders.” The statement went on to say that, “Mr Yang is one of nine directors with the exact same fiduciary duties and motivation as all of his fellow directors-to serve the best interests of all the company’s shareholders.” Yahoo set a deadline of Friday for potential buyers to sign a confidentiality agreement to be allowed a close look at its finances, accord-

ing to people familiar with the matter. After initially balking at its restrictive terms, several parties relented and signed the agreement by the deadline, which could be extended into next week to provide more time for other firms to sign on, these people said. Still, at least five of the private equity firms interested in Yahoo-Silver Lake Partners, Providence Equity Partners, Bain Capital, Hellman & Friedman and Blackstone —have not yet signed the agreement, several people said. The private equity firms that did relent and sign an agreement have heavily negotiated its terms, the sources said, though it was not clear exactly what amendments had been made. Other private equity firms interested in Yahoo include KKR, TPG Capital and Carlyle Group. Sources would not confirm if any of them had signed the confidentiality agreement, though a person familiar with the situation said those three firms and Providence are “among the hottest firms” involved in the process. The New York Times reported late on Thursday night that TPG had signed the agreement. Strategic parties including Alibaba, Microsoft Corp and Google, have also taken part in the still-developing discussions surrounding Yahoo, sources have said. Private equity firms have indicated a willingness to commit around $1 billion in equity as part of a transaction, according to several people familiar with the matter. The signed agreements could help spur a deal for Yahoo’s assets. One such plan being explored calls for Yahoo to sell a 20 percent minority stake in the company, sources said. Under that structure, the purchaser of the stake, Yang and David Filo, Yahoo’s other cofounder, would then increase their combined stake to around 40 percent to 45 percent through a large share buyback that would reduce the number of Yahoo shares outstanding, several people familiar with the matter have said. Yahoo would finance the buyback through borrowing, and keep its 40 percent stake in Chinese e -commerce company Alibaba and its 35 percent stake in Yahoo Japan, a joint venture with Softbank, sources said previously. “In our view, a leveraged

Inmarsat Best Satellite Broadband Provider at SAMENA 2011 Awards KUWAIT: Inmarsat, the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, has received the SAMENA Award for Best Satellite Broadband Provider at this year’s SAMENA 2011 Telecommunications Council, ‘Convergence to Doha’. The awards are based on, among other criteria, recognition of leadership and astute commercial operation within the region. Accepting the award on behalf of Inmarsat, Helene Bazzi, Senior Area Manager, Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia for Inmarsat said, “We are honored to accept the award for Best Satellite Broadband Provider. Inmarsat remains committed to driving the mobile satellite service industry in the region toward a further innovative and developing era.” Now in its fourth year, the awards are a way to recognize leadership and excellence in the telecommunications sectors of the South Asia, Middle East and North Africa (SAMENA) region. The awards are given to the most deserving telecoms organizations professionals, chosen after meticulous performance-based evaluation. The SAMENA Awards for operators, manufacturers, vendors, satellite providers and

regulators are given on the basis of an individual, anonymous vote of the full Awards Committee, after it reviews the eligible awardees, researches and studies the Key

Amazon introduces lending library for Kindles NEW YORK: Inc said Thursday that it is starting a lending library for Kindle owners, letting them borrow one electronic book per month. Borrowers have to subscribe to Amazon’s Prime service, which provides free two-day shipping and streaming movies for $79 per year. Amazon says the library has more than 5,000 books, including current bestsellers such as Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” trilogy. The six biggest publishers - Random House, HarperColllins, Penguin, MacMillan, Simon & Schuster and Hachette - aren’t participating. The “Big Six” have fought with Amazon over whether the publisher or Amazon gets to set the retail price of books. Amazon says it’s paying the participating publishers for the right to lend books, usu-

ally for a fixed fee. In some cases, it’s paying the wholesale price every time a book is checked out. The books can’t be read on phones, PCs or tablet computers, even though there are Kindle apps for these devices. That restriction is reminiscent of Amazon’s strategy of a few years ago, when the company restricted purchased books to being read on Kindles to drive sales of the e -reader devices. “With this launch, we expect three immediate results: Kindle owners will read even more, publisher revenues will grow, and authors will see larger royalty checks,” Russ Grandinetti, vice president of Kindle content, said in a statement. Kindle users recently got access to electronic books from public libraries as well. Those can be read in the Kindle apps. — AP

Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other data on eligible awardees gathered through market research, and concludes its deliberations and votes.

recapitalization makes no sense and its only purpose would be to put substantial equity stakes into friendly hands to entrench management and transfer effective control without payment of a premium or even, it appears, a shareholder vote,” wrote Loeb, referring to the fact that Yahoo could sell a minority stake absent investor approval. Any deal for Yahoo would be complex due to Yahoo’s stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan. Yahoo also has a search advertising partnership with Microsoft that would figure heavily into any deal. This is not the first time Loeb, whose firm owns roughly 5 percent of Yahoo, has blasted the company. In September, following the departure of Carol Bartz as Yahoo’s CEO, he accused the board of letting the company stagnate, allowing its leadership position in online advertising to be siphoned away by Google Inc and Facebook. At the time, however, Loeb appealed to Yang for support instead of going against him. “As a founder and major shareholder of the company, the abysmal record of the current leadership must be heart-rending to you personally, as well as damaging to your net worth,” he wrote. “We are prepared to support you.” Despite his change of heart toward Yang, Loeb, who claims that he manages funds that collectively make his firm Yahoo’s second largest shareholder, does not have enough power on his own to compel the board to act on his demands. But, the louder he talks, the larger the possibility becomes that he can coalesce other Yahoo shareholders around his cause, said a second Yang confidante. Indeed, by way of example, in each of the last three years influential institutional investment firms Capital Research Global Investors and Capital World Investors voted against re-electing select Yahoo directors. “Jerry is losing influence but the board isn’t going to take action against him unless it is forced to,” this person said. “They already pushed out the CEO without having a plan, which sent the company into a tailspin. If they push out Jerry without a plan, the company will just crash and burn.” —Reuters

Microsoft offering defenses against Stuxnet-like virus SAN FRANCISCO: Microsoft on Friday was advising companies how to defend against infection by a Stuxnetlike Duqu virus. The US technology colossus released the “workaround” along with detailed information it said would enable anti-virus software companies to detect Duqu, which takes advantage of a flaw in Windows computer operating systems. “To make it easy for customers, we have released a fix-it that will allow one -click installation of the workaround and an easy way for enterprises to deploy,” said Microsoft trustworthy computing group manager Jerry Bryant. “Our engineering teams determined the root cause of this vulnerability, and we are working to produce a highquality security update to address it,” he said in a security advisory posted online. A software patch to protect against Duqu will not be ready in time for this month’s “update Tuesday” next week, according to Microsoft. Duqu can sneak into computers by hiding in Word document files opened as email

attachments. Duqu infections have been reported in a dozen countries including Iran, France, Britain and India, according to US computer security firm Symantec. The virus takes advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability in a Windows font-parsing engine to plant malicious code in the heart of a computer system, according to Microsoft. “An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability... could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights,” Microsoft warned in a security advisory. “We are aware of targeted attacks that try to use the reported vulnerability; overall, we see low customer impact at this time,” it said. Stuxnet was designed to attack computer control systems made by German industrial giant Siemens and commonly used to manage water supplies, oil rigs, power plants and other critical infrastructure. Most Stuxnet infections have been discovered in Iran, giving rise to speculation it was intended to sabotage nuclear facilities there. —AFP

Nook Tablet to be unveiled NEW YORK: When Amazon unveiled its first tablet, the Kindle Fire, in September, most tech experts and analysts predicted it would be the first real challenger to Apple’s iPad. Now, before the Kindle Fire has even debuted, Engadget is reporting that a familiar foe is also entering the tablet market-Barnes & Noble. The company has invited journalists and analysts to a news conference in New York Nov 7, where everyone expects Barnes & Noble to unveil the Nook Tablet. As of now, the Nook is an e-reader, but one with a lot of different versions. Some are black and white, some are color, some offer Internet access and others don’t. The tablet is expected to be a lot like the Nook Color Reader, though one would expect there to be some more features. Like the Kindle Fire, this tablet seems to be reusing a popular brand

name Nook and will have a seven-inch screen. According to various tech blogs, it

will be priced at $249, $50 more than the Kindle Fire. —Reuters




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health& science

Smallpox vaccine extends life in cancer trial genetically engineered smallpox vaccine reduced the risk of death for patients with advanced liver cancer by nearly 60 percent in a mid-stage study, prompting the launch of a laterstage trial. Scientists at institutions including the University of California, San Diego, and privately held biotech company Jennerex Inc presented Phase 2 trial data on Saturday showing that patients given high doses of the altered vaccine, known as JX-594, lived for a median of 13.8 months compared with 6.7 months for patients treated with one-tenth


of that dose. The small 30-patient study found that 66 percent of the high-dose patients were alive after one year, compared with 23 percent of the low-dose group. Temporary flu-like symptoms were the main side effect seen in the trial, which was presented in San Francisco at a meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. Scientists have been intrigued for decades with the idea of using viruses to alert the immune system to seek and destroy cancerous cells. That interest has taken off in recent

years as advances in genetic engineering allow them to customize viruses that target tumors. JX-594 is derived from a strain of the virus vaccinia, once commonly used to vaccinate children against smallpox. “Viruses are inherently cancer selective and tumor cells are inherently susceptible to viral attack,” said Dr David Kirn, chief medical officer at Jennerex. “We enhance selectivity by further attenuating and weakening the virus in normal tissue.” He said the first patient has been enrolled in a Phase 2b study comparing JX-594 with standard care in 120 liver can-

cer patients who have stopped responding to Nexavar, also known as sorafenib, sold by Onyx Pharmaceuticals. Patients in the trial will first be given an intravenous infusion of JX-594, followed by direct injections into the tumor. Dr. Kirn said the trial will also allow for more continuous dosing than in earlier studies. Jennerex plans to launch next year a Phase 3 head-to-head trial comparing JX-594 with Nexavar and is conducting earlier-stage trials in other types of cancer. Other forays into using engi-

neered viruses include biotech giant Amgen Inc’s deal in January to pay up to $1 billion for BioVex and its cancer drug development platform based on the herpes simplex virus. Amgen said last month that it had completed enrollment in a Phase 3 trial of the therapy in melanoma patients. Jennerex is primarily funded by investors from Canada and South Korea. European rights to JX594 have been licensed to Transgene SA. Other regional licenses are held by Lee’s Pharmaceutical Ltd for China and Green Cross Corp for South Korea. —Reuters

Disabled in Japan take pride in wrestling Disabled wrestling shakes up stereotypes

CALIFORNIA: Carolyn Alves appears with daughter, Cecelia. —MCT photos

Parents push for new diagnosis of volatile children LOS ANGELES: The final straw for Carolyn Alves came last fall when she tried to help her daughter Cecelia dress for kindergarten. The volatile 6-year-old had worked herself into a frenzy as she tried on outfit after outfit, rejecting each as unacceptable. The tantrum at full bore, she scooped up a pile of clothes and hurled them at the front door of the family ’s Spanish-style bungalow in Glendale, Calif. The clock ticked past the school’s 8 am bell. Alves pulled her wailing child into her arms and held her on the couch. After several minutes, Cecelia stopped, took a breath and announced that she was ready to go to school. “It was like watching someone who was having a mental breakdown,” Alves said. Then “a switch went off and she went back to being normal.” Alves and her husband, Marcos, have consulted five doctors and therapists in the last four years. Cecelia has been diagnosed with a smorgasbord of psychiatric disorders-including the controversial diagnosis of child bipolar disorder-in addition to being called a normal kid. Experts in pediatric mental health readily acknowledge that their failure to pinpoint the problem with children like Cecelia makes a difficult situation worse. And some of them are pressing for an unconventional solution: a new diagnostic category called disruptive mood deregulation disorder, or DMDD. Creating a diagnosis is considered a radical step in mental health circles, and the proposal has sparked much debate. The controversy underscores the fact that therapists simply don’t know what to make of the estimated 3 percent of children in the US who suffer from severe irritability and emotional outbursts. “Everyone wishes we could have a genetic test or a blood test” to determine which disorder a child has, said Erik Parens, senior research scholar at the Hastings Center, a bioethics think tank in Garrison, NY. “Unfortunately, nature doesn’t work the way we wish.” As a result, parents may be told their children have conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, depression or bipolar disorder-if they get a diagnosis at all. Adding disruptive mood dysregulation disorder to the list of ailments doctors may consider would reduce the number of children misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with powerful psychiatric medications, proponents say. And, they add, improving treatment for children who have problems with mood and temper would reduce the number of children at risk of falling through the cracks in school and society. But critics counter there is no scientific evidence to warrant recognition of a new mental disorder. As doctors quarrel, parents like Alves struggle with the lack of medical options. “I feel in limbo right now,” Alves said one afternoon, cuddling her painfully shy daughter. “Having a diagnosis would help me know what direction to take.” Psychiatrists sharpened their interest in child mood problems several years ago in response to criticism over the number of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder-a debilitating condition in which periods of depression alternate with euphoria or elevated moods. It is considered incurable, although symptoms may be treated with drugs that carry serious side effects. The idea that bipolar illness can begin in childhood caught hold in the last decade. The number of outpatient visits for children diagnosed with bipolar dis-

order mushroomed from fewer than 200,000 a year in 1995 to 800,000 in 2003, according to a 2007 study in Archives of General Psychiatry. The study reinforced the notion that childhood bipolar disorder had become a fad diagnosis. “The diagnosis means exposure to pretty potent medications,” said Dr Jan Fawcett, a psychiatrist at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque. “And, if the diagnosis holds, it means lifetime exposure to these medications.” Such children often receive drugs like lithium or Depakote, which can cause severe weight gain, sedation and involuntary muscle contractions. They aren’t prescribed antidepressants or stimulants, which could worsen the condition in children who are truly bipolar. If the diagnosis is incorrect, however, children are deprived of drugs that could alleviate their anxiety or depression. “We had to do something about it,” said Dr David Shaffer, a child psychiatrist at Columbia University in New York and member of an American Psychiatric Association work group that proposed adding disruptive mood dysregulation disorder to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the book that forms the bedrock of psychiatry. That would allow doctors to reclassify a significant portion of children who are considered bipolar, he said. According to the definition under consideration, DMDD would be characterized by severe, recurrent temper outbursts in response to common stressors that are not developmentally appropriate and are out of proportion to the situation. Between tantrums, the child’s mood is nearly always negative, irritable, angry or sad. Such children are not like 3year-olds who have fits if they don’t get cookies before dinner. Symptoms would be apparent not just to parents but to teachers and others, and they would be present for at least 12 months before a diagnosis was made in a child under 10. It’s unclear how the condition would be treated, although proponents of the diagnosis say they are trying to reduce the use of antipsychotic drugs. But some of the symptoms can also be found in children with bipolar disorder or other conditions, said Dr David A Axelson, who argued against the proposed diagnosis this year in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatr y. He and other experts say there is insufficient evidence that a distinct disorder exists. — MCT

CALIFORNIA: Cecelia Alves appears in her home in Glendale.

TOKYO: With his sleek sunglasses and camouflage pants, Japanese wrestler Makoto Tsuruzono gives off an air of invincibility as he tries to goad his opponent into attacking him. When the bell rings and the match begins, the unfortunate “Chest Man” can do little but try to fend off the blows raining down on him from Tsuruzono’s muscular arms. Both men are wheelchair bound, but see their disability as no bar to life as wrestlers. “I can say with pride that no one can defeat me in the ring of handicapped prowrestling. I have the confidence in myself,” said a victorious Tsuruzono, 34, as he sat in his wheelchair. “You can live with pride if you feel you are second to none when doing something, no matter how trivial it is.” Tsuruzono and “Chest Man” were two of the 18 wrestlers-men and women with and without disability-taking part in a WWF-style event in Tokyo organized by handicapped wrestling group “Doglegs”. The competition attracts contenders with a variety of challenges, ranging from psychological problems to those like Tsuruzono whose left leg was amputated and whose right is withered. One of the bouts pitted “The Blind Giant”, against a profoundly deaf opponent. Others featured a man with chronic depression and an alcoholic, as well as a number of confrontations between people with varying levels of paralysis. Organizer Yukinori Kitajima said he has faced opposition over the twice-yearly bouts since he started them 20 years ago.”We have received calls of complaint in the past, with some people saying a show like this was unpleasant and that they didn’t want to see the handicapped around in public,” he said. The able-bodied Kitajima, who used to work as a career, strongly objects to how the handicapped are treated in Japan. “The Japanese traditionally tend to treat the mentally or physically disabled as something that should be kept out of sight.”But

they have their own desires. They want to make money and date girls, living freely just like their peers,” he said. “They aren’t tame sheep.”Do you think they are hap-

tors, watching half-paralyzed men and women punching and kicking each other really did change their opinions. Takatsugu Suzuki, one of about 200 spectators at

TOKYO: (From left) File photo shows wrestler Makoto Tsuruzono, with disabled legs, fights against “Chest Man” whose legs are also disabled during the handicapped pro-wrestling “Doglegs”. —AFP

TOKYO: (From left) The blind wrestler “The Blind Giant” fights against a deaf wrestler “Hinomichi”. —AFP py just living life on welfare from the state? “I want to help change society by showing disabled people doing something like this and fighting in the ring.” ‘Shakes up stereotypes’ And for some first time specta-

the bout in western Tokyo, said he had mixed feelings about the fights. “We are physically and mentally able but sometimes feel compelled to hold ourselves back at work or in our everyday lives,” said the 38-year-old business school student. “They fight with

real energy, which I suppose is a way of communicating how they feel. I felt encouraged by watching it.” He said it was uncomfortable to watch a man with a dislocated neck, but also inspiring. The match, in the “miracle heavy class” division, was fought by a man whose neck was supported by a brace and a 36-year-old woman with partly paralyzed legs and arms. Medical staff stood by at the ring side. Yasuyuki Kaneshige, 31, a loyal Doglegs fan who has been wheelchair bound since childhood, said he enjoyed the wrestlers’ powerful performances. “I think this is a great way for the handicapped to express themselves openly in public,” he said. “I might think about getting in the ring myself.” Kitajima said he was aware that the Doglegs may look like a freak show to some people. But he stressed: “The wrestlers are all volunteers.” Koji Onoue, director general of the Japanese chapter of the Disabled Peoples’ International, said he is fully behind disabled wrestling “because it shakes up stereotypes”. “The handicapped once lived in corners of hospitals or care homes, but many now feel confident enough to come out into society and face new challenges,” he said.”They should not feel they have to hide their bodies or be ashamed.” Masako Yano, 63, said at first it had been tough to see her disabled son, Shintaro, in the ring. “But once I started watching it, I found myself being entertained,” she said, adding she had always felt uneasy about how Japanese people treat the disabled as if they are untouchable. As she sipped a beer with her son following his unsuccessful bout against Kitajima, she admitted to being frustrated when he loses. But she is also fiercely proud of him. “My son is never the same as the healthy ones because he has many disadvantages and inconveniences.”But in the ring, he can stand as an equal to his rival.”—AFP

Too posh to push? More C-sections in demand in UK LONDON: Pregnant women in Britain, where the government provides free health care, may soon be able to get a cesarean section on demand thanks to a rule change that critics describe as the health system caving into the “too posh to push” crowd. Currently, British women who can’t afford to pay private doctors for their baby’s delivery have been allowed to have planned C-sections only if there are health concerns for mother or baby. Emergency C-sections are done when the situation demands it. But new guidelines set to take effect later this month say pregnant women “with no identifiable reason” should be allowed a cesarean if they still want it following a discussion with mental health experts. “It’s about time women who have no desire to view labor as a rite of passage into motherhood be able to choose how they want to have their baby,” said Pauline Hull, who has had two children by cesarean because of medical reasons. “The important thing to me was meeting my baby, not the experience of labor.” Hull runs the website, Elective Cesarean, from her home in Surrey, south of London. She said midwives tend to overexaggerate the risks of C-sections and underestimate those of vaginal births. The new draft guidelines come from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, or NICE. The agency’s guidelines are usually accepted by the government and determine what will be paid for by its health system. “In general, a C-section is a safe operation, especially when performed as a planned procedure,” the new guidance says. The agency says it routinely updates guidance every few years and denies there was any pressure to

change its more restrictive C-section advice. But in recent years, advocates and some doctors have slammed the UK health system for not giving women a greater say in childbirth. The change comes at a price for Britain’s cash-strapped health system. NICE estimates Csections cost about 800 pounds ($1,280) more than a vaginal birth, although that doesn’t include the price of treating possible long-term complications like urinary incontinence from vaginal births. The report notes that for every percentage point the C-section rate falls, the health system could save 5.6 billion pounds ($8.9 billion). In the UK, about 25 percent of women have Csections, versus about 30 percent in the U.S. In both countries, rates have doubled in recent years, though doctors say that’s not just due to demand, but because pregnant women increasingly have other problems like obesity and diabetes. About 10 percent of all UK births are planned C-sections while about 15 percent are emergency procedures, according to NHS figures. The World Health Organization has previously said wealthy countries should aim for a C-section rate of about 15 percent, though it also says there isn’t enough evidence to know what the ideal rate is. The National Health Service estimates that about 15 percent of British births take place in private hospitals, which tend to have higher cesarean rates. At Portland Hospital in London, where many celebrities check in, the C-section rate ranges from 35 to 40 percent. The issue of women having C-sections on demand has long been a hot button issue in the U.K., with celebrities like Madonna and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham having scheduled procedures at upscale hospitals. Criticism

ENGLAND: Pauline Hull, who runs a website about elective cesarean child birth, Csections, poses for picture with her children in Farnham. —AP for the wealthy getting these elective surgeries led to the phrase “too posh to push.” But some experts say the new British guidance won’t dramatically change how pregnant women are treated. “It’s only a small percentage of women who ask for a C-section,” said Cathy Warwick, chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives. Warwick said doctors and midwives regularly talk to women who have concerns about childbirth and after addressing their fears, most women agree to skip a planned C-section. — AP



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Without sound, the world’s a tougher place DETROIT: “I went to a play at the Gem Theatre last week and I didn’t hear a thing,” says one woman. “I know my son gets tired of me asking him to repeat himself,” another says. “I hate when they say, ‘Never mind. It’s no big deal,’” says Judy Taub, 71, of West Bloomfield, Mich. “They don’t want to take the time to repeat; we feel left out.” These are among the concerns of the 20 or so men and women who meet monthly at a Royal Oak, Mich, church, where they find comfort in talking about what it’s like to be hard of hearing. As they speak, a microphone connected to a computer puts words on a screen so everyone can read what they’re saying. Welcome to a meeting of the Royal Oak chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of Michigan. The degree of members’ hearing loss varies-from mild to severe to complete, as do their reasons for being hearing impaired, including birth defects, disease, loud noises and, the most common cause of hearing loss, aging. They’re not alone. Some 36 million people in the US, about 1 in 10, have some degree of hearing loss, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. There’s evidence that hearing loss is becoming more widespread. America’s population is aging and, as most people age, hearing diminishes. About 40 percent of people older than 65 have some degree of hearing loss. Some studies show hearing loss is becoming more prevalent among the young. One in 5 teens has slight to mild hearing loss. The prevalence of hearing loss among ages 12 to 19 increased 30 percent-from 14.9 percent in 19881994 to 19.5 percent in 2005-2006, according to a study, published last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association. “Everyone assumes iPods and other personal listening devices are the cause, but there is not enough data yet, so we don’t know for certain,” says the lead author of the study, Dr. Josef Shargorodsky, a University of Michigan Medical School graduate, now a clinician researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “One problem is that adolescents don’t report well whether the music they’re listening to is loud.” Circumstantial evidence is enough reason to be concerned, says Dr. Paul Kileny, director of the University of Michigan’s Audiology and Electrophysiology Department. “This last decade or so has seen a significant increase in the use of personal audio devices that are much lighter, more comfortable, and

have longer battery lives, so they allow hours and hours of listening at high levels of intensity that can promote hearing loss,” Kileny says. But some audiologists doubt that hearing is any worse now than in the past. “Most kids are listening at moderate levels and for reasonably safe amounts of time,” says Dr. Brad Stach, director of audiology with the Henry Ford Health System. “Now, those kids who are driving with stereos so loud you can feel it, they’re doomed.” But he believes that just as older people are generally healthier than in the past, so too is their hearing. He and others agree, however, that everyone needs to do what they can to protect their hearing because once it’s gone, it doesn’t come back. Untreated hearing loss can lead to a myriad of other problems, including depression, social isolation and academic deficiencies, and it can cost billions annually in lost productivity. Doctors say the two best ways to protect your hearing are to reduce exposure to loud noises and, if you cannot avoid exposure, wear protective devices, such as ear muffs, when doing activities such as mowing the grass or hunting. And even though hearing aids and implants help, those with hearing loss say it’s sometimes like living outside the normal world. They’re more likely to miss announcements of gate changes at airports and train stations. A dinner table conversation can be totally lost because it’s more difficult to follow a conversation when several people are talking. Some people stop going to movies or the theater because it’s too difficult to follow. “I tend to go to restaurants early so there are fewer people and thus fewer noises, says Penny Kennedy, 72, of Birmingham, Mich., a psychologist who counsels people with hearing loss. She lost her hearing at age 50 due to a closed head injury. Some hearing impaired people fake it and keep it to themselves for fear people will think less of them. Groups like the Royal Oak organization help them develop the confidence to speak up for themselves. A gunshot at a circus blasted the hearing out of JJ Peyton’s right ear when she was 3 years old. At 17, she began losing the hearing in her left ear, she thinks from a family car accident. But her hearing didn’t get really bad until college. At Michigan State University, she sat where she could see as well as hear her instructors, and eventually asked instructors to use a microphone that projected sound into a clip in her ear.

DETROIT: JJ Peyton of Farmington, Michigan, discusses living with hearing loss on October 2, 2011. — MCT photo

Still, when she began working after college she was reluctant to tell people she was hard of hearing. She’d been working for almost four years before she told her employers she had hearing difficulties. “I wasn’t comfortable telling people in the work place about my hearing loss for fear I wouldn’t get promoted or wouldn’t get prime assignments,” said Peyton, 36, of Farmington Hills, Mich. By the time she started working for SapientNitro in Birmingham as an advertising executive in 2002, she was comfortable speaking up and found no negative responses to her hearing difficulty. She credits the support of the Hearing Loss Association of Michigan with giving her the courage and confidence to tell people about her hearing loss and to ask for assistance when she needs it. “I’ve found that if I’m confident in telling people, they’re comfortable,” she says. “I still prefer not to be on conference calls and there are a lot of conference calls in my line of work. But I’ve learned to recap to make sure I understand or to follow up in an e-mail. One good thing is that it’s made me a really good listener.” Patty Frenkel, 57, of Huntington Woods, Mich, said the meetings and her cochlear

implant revived her life. Her hearing began deteriorating after the birth of her first child when she was 32. “He was born in October. By January (of 1986), I couldn’t hear the clock tick,” she says. Except for a couple of friends, her social life came to a standstill. “I stayed home and read,” she says. “My books were my best friends. You’re afraid to go out and say something because you may misunderstand and say something inappropriate, and people look at you like you’re stupid.” She had a cochlear implant in her left ear in 2004. “It was like I got my life back again. You forget your hard of hearing. Now I hear crickets and birds. I hear raindrops. And I appreciate them. They’re just so beautiful to hear.” Eight ways to guard your hearing Keep the volume of personal listening devices at moderate levels. If you can’t hear someone talking in a normal conversational voice standing at a normal distance from you, it’s too loud. Limit the amount of time you’re listening to devices or have them in your ear. Take regular breaks. Don’t listen endlessly. Wear ear protection when performing tasks or activities that expose you to loud noises,

such as mowing the lawn, hunting or operating loud machinery. As soon as you notice that you are not hearing as well as you used to or others express concern that you don’t seem to be hearing as well, make an appointment with a doctor. The sooner you get assistance, if needed, the better. The cause also may be related to a medical condition that can be corrected. Parents should insist that pediatricians make hearing checks a part of well baby and well child visits. The fact that an infant passed a hearing screening test as a newborn does not necessarily mean that hearing loss cannot happen later in life. As a norm, check with your physician regarding the potential of the medications you have been prescribed to contribute to hearing loss. If that is the case, your physician may be able to prescribe a different combination of medications that may have a lower potential to cause hearing loss. While it is true that hearing loss is more common after age 65 than at younger ages, report progressive hearing loss to your physician, especially if you notice that one ear is worse than the other. Tinnitus or ringing in the ears can be a manifestation of hearing loss, so it is more common in people with hearing loss than those without. Report new onset tinnitus to your physician, especially if it is only in one ear because it can be associated with certain medical problems that may need timely attention. See a doctor You should consider seeing a doctor if you: Have trouble hearing over the telephone. Find it hard to follow conversations when two or more people are talking. Often ask people to repeat what they are saying. Need to turn up the TV volume so loud that others complain. Have a problem hearing because of background noise. Think that others seem to mumble. Can’t understand when women and children speak to you. More info Want to learn more about hearing loss or get support from people who have it? The Better Hearing Institute at, an online public service campaign aimed at educating children and parents about hearing loss.—-MCT




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W H AT ’ S O N



appy Birthday to Rachel today, her 14th one. Best wishes from brothers Dr Emanual, Joshiva, sister Lidiya, Daddy Devid and Mummy Anma. God bless you.

Maria Katrina Jarlos Wishing you a birthday that’s a very special day a day full of smiles and laughter and fun, a day for enjoying all of life’s little pleasures, a day for enjoying yourself... and most of all wishing that this very special day is only the beginning of a very beautiful year!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Prof. Yohannan visiting Kuwait


enowned scholar and TV evangelist Prof M Y Yohannan is visiting and will be giving messages in Christian Revival Fellowship -Kuwait annual convention 2011 on Nov 7 at Mangaf (Mangaf Auditorium) and 8th, 9th and 10th at Abbasiya (EBA Hall). Christian Revival Fellowship is an inter denominational charitable trust and Yohannan is the founder president of the same. He is doing full time ministry after retiring as the principal of St Peter’s College, Kolenchery, Ernakulam. For details of the meeting please contact: 99274874, 97912400, 67004565

Kala (Art) painting competition held with pomp and pride


ll roads led to Khaitan, venue of “Niram 2011 - B Natural “. A festive air prevailed there, and the sunny and serene weather with cool breeze was also a great blessing. A world of colours and lines were blooming. “Niram 2011 - B Natural “, the popularly known painting competition was held at Indian Community School, Khaitan with pomp and pride by Kala(Art) Kuwait on Friday, 4th Nov 2011. NIRAM 2011, was held as a part of Children’s Day celebrations marking the 122th birth day of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. There were more than a total of 2,400 entries out of which 2,075 children took part in the competitions. The parents actively participated in the open canvas and clay sculpture was also an item for students. different gift

packets were distributed to all children immediately after the competition. The program was inaugurated by Pancily Varkey UAE Country Head and the open canvas painting was inagurated by Artist Shriniwasan. Prominent leaders Siddiq Valiyakath, Jacob Channampetta, Sathar Kunnil, Rajesh Sager, Biji Basheer, G Koyikkalath , A M Hassan were also attended the function The result of the competition will be announced by organizing committee as well as the judging committee on 20th Nov 2011 through leading newspapers and also websites and Prize distribution ceremony will be held at Indian Community School Khaitan on 2nd Dec 2011 at 3 pm. The organizers have expressed their

fullest satisfaction on the successful holding of the competition. They have thanked all children, parents, management and teachers of all Indian schools in Kuwait, Representatives of various Indian sociocultural organizations in Kuwait and all sponsors for their active participation and wholehearted support by making the event a grant success. Kala(Art) Kuwait is now very happy that it has once again proved beyond doubt that it upholds the very interests of all art lovers in Kuwait and work for the promotion of Art (Kala). Students and their parents are fully familiar with ‘NIRAM’, and they can no longer be hoodwinked as this is the seventh consecutive year Kala(Art) Kuwait has been successfully holding the painting competition on the occasion of Children’s Day, accord-

ing to Samkutty Thomas, President and Jaison Joseph, General Secretary of Kala(Art) Kuwait, The program was controlled by Mukesh Vanpulli, General Convenor of Niram 2911, Binu Sukumaran, Treasurer of Kala(Art) Kuwait, K Sadik, K Abubakkar, K Hassan Koya, Ayyappan Mohanan, V Mohanan, C Bhaskaran, Joney Kalavachal, Santhosh Joseph, Lakh, Noushad, Joby, Sasi, Murali, Sajan, Renuka Bhaskaran, Ajitha, Murali, Aji, Mustafa etc. Competition was supervised by artists Sreenivasan, Lalu Lonappan, Deepa Namboothiri.and compering was done by Veena Bhaskaran. A large number of prominent leaders of various Indian sociocultural organizations, media persons, and sponsors also witnessed the competition.

Voice Kuwait Vanitha Vedhi


e cordially invite you and your family to enjoy “Onothsavam - 2011” celebrations on Friday 11th Nov 2011 at Central School Auditorium, Abbasiya From 9.00 am to 3.00 pm Contact: 99951465, 24342675

Announcements Free medical camp MES conducts their 12th Free Medical Screening Camp on Friday 11th November at Central School - Abbasiya in association with Kuwait Medical Association (KMA), Indian Doctors Forum (IDF), Kuwait Heart Foundation and Indian Dentists Alliance in Kuwait. The camp will be from 8 am to 2:30 pm. Around 50 specialized doctors from IDF will lead the examination. Thousands of poor and needy community members were benefited from the past 11 Medical Camps. Doctors specialized in Gynecology, Ortho, Cardiology, Surgical, Pediatrics, Diabetes, Ophthalmology, ENT, Skin, General Medicine and Dental are available in the camp. Applicant should bring any medical records he/she have i.e. X-ray, Lab Test Report. Application forms are available at all the Branches of Gulf Mart, Tasty Restaurant, Al-Yaqza Book Shop (Kuwait City), Dress Mart (Fahaheel), Highland Supermarket (Abbasiya), Azizia Book Shop (Salmiya). Duly filled application will be acceptable maximum by 5th November 2011. For details contact Zubair (99826195) & Hassan Managad (99131104).

Arpan holds ‘Sarathkaalam 2011’


rpan Kuwait held a family picnic titled ‘Saratkaalam 2011’ at the Rumaithiya garden on Friday in which members with their families participated enthusiastically. The members assembled at the garden around 10 am and the picnic was officially flagged off by its president Krishnan K Pillai. During the warm-up session, many games for tiny tots like identifying the Kuwait and Indian national flags, memory games etc were held bolstering the spirit of the children as their

New Baladeepthi managing committee takes charge

Indian Lawyers’ Forum Onam Indian Lawyers’ Forum will celebrate Onam, the unique, secular, harvest festival of Kerala on 18th November, 2011 Friday 10.30 am at Hi-Dine Restaurant Auditorium, Abbassia. Celebrations will include traditional variety entertainments, with the grand ‘ONASADHYA’. All Indian Lawyers & Law graduates working here in Kuwait are invited with their families. For details contact Panicker 97203939, Pulikkal 97260159. Email: Tulukoota talent hunt Tulukoota Kuwait will hold a “Talent Hunt 2011” a chance to prove an inborn trait in you that confirms your individuality, uniqueness. For more information and registration form kindly log on to our Website: or visit our facebook page Tulukoota Kuwait Talent Hunt 2011. You could also email your form request to: or contact our area coordinators mentioned below. Mangaf, Fahaheel, Abuhalifa : Ronald Dsouza- 60035824, Shalini Alva- 23726164, Suma Bhatt- 97834578 Salmiya & Hawally: Swarna Shetty- 99006934, Kripa Gatty66044194 Kuwait City, Jahra, Sharq: Rekha Sachu65044521,97862115 Farwaniya, Abbassiya, Shuwaikh & Khaitan: Sathyanarayana- 66585077 Sanath Shetty67712409. BEC T10 Cricket tournament The BEC T10 Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament will be organized & played from 7th October to 11th November, 2011. The Tournament being organized by RED N BLACK CRICKET CLUB and sponsored by BEC EXCHANGE will be played out in Abu Halifa cricket grounds. For registration and other queries please mail at or call 66820148/ 66130940/ 66841653.

parents. Several games and contests were also held for the adult members who participated in them overwhelmingly. Prizes were distributed to all the winners and gifts were given away to all those who attended the picnic. The picnic came to an end at 4.30 pm. ‘Saratkaalam 2011’ was organized by a program committee headed by A R Subbaraman and supported by its members Satish Prabhakaran, Anil Viruvil, Venkatakrishnan and Sam C Vilanilam.



unior Mohammed Rafi Kozhikkode in practice for the Rafi-Kishore nite organized by Kozhikode District Association on 8th Nov 2011 at the Indian Central School, Open Auditorium, Abbasiya. Famous Kuwaiti singer Mubarak Al-Rashed will also sing the songs of late legend Kishore Kumar. Jameel, famous Pakistani singer will be another attraction of the event. T V artistes from India Vinod Kovoor and Devaraj will entertain the crowd with their famous numbers. Reputed local singers including Rebecca, Idea Star fame Neelima will join the musical extravaganza.

yro Malabar Cultural Association’s children’s wing SMCA Baladeepthi has entered into the new working year. The central managing Committee of SMCA Baladeepthi for 2011-12 was elected unanimously during an election meeting held at Successlines, Abbasiya on 28th Oct 2011. The 4 area committee members and the elected central representatives of each area constitute the Electoral College for Baladeepthi. Jacob Pynadath, president of SMCA delivered a message explaining the importance of Baladdeephti, as children’s wing of SMCA. Bijoy Scaria, SMCA’s General Secretary in his speech out lined the bylaw and the election process of Baladeepthi. The central representatives, who were elected early from the 4 areas, addressed the gathering in which they introduced themselves and expressed their willingness to take up various posts in Baladeepthi. After that under the supervision of Aiju Jospeh, the Chief Election Commissioner of SMCA, election process was completed. The elected

President Anju Varghese Thundiyil thanked the colleagues for electing her to the post and offered to lead Baladeepthi in an entirely different style which will be close to the mission statement of the organization. Elected Secretary Reneetta Rajan Thottungal extended vote of thanks. Earlier Abhilash Baby Jose, the Baladeepthi Chief Coordinator, welcomed all and introduced all area Baladeepthy Coordinators to the gathering. Central Managing Committee of SMCA BALADEEPTHI for the year 20112012: President: MsAnju Varghese

Thundiyil, Vice President: Sharon John, Secretary: Reneetta Rajan Thottungal, Joint Secretary: Eleen Rose Joseph, Treasurer: Anna Anil Thayil. Area conveners: Sneha Wilson Chirayil (Abbasiya), Prishilla Rose Sogi (City Farwaniya), Cyriac Joy M (Fahaheel), Naveen Shaju Mathew (Salmiya), Baladeepthy chief Coordinator Abhilash Baby Jose, Area Baladeepthi Coordinators: Baiju Devassy Thaivalappan (Abbasiya), Anil Mathew (City Farwaniya), Shibu Augustin Pondokkan (Fahaheel), Job Antony Puthenveettil (Salmiya).



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W H AT ’ S O N

Embassy Information

Comprehensive Indian Emigration Law required: Kala-Kuwait Seminar


ala Kuwait organized a seminar on 27.10.11 at the United Indian school auditorium in Abbassiya. The following decisions were taken unanimously. Comprehensive emigration law is required in the Indian sector. It should contain the basic constitutional rights of every Indians in the

Gulf region. The law should secure the security of low income group known as domestic labourers. The recruitment agencies are to be controlled by the law. Gulf Indians should be represented in the Indian parliament. The judiciary should active on this subject. Smart card system

must come true. The Indian emigration act approved by the parliament in the year 1983 should have to compose some amendments, alterations and additions. Thomas Mathew Kadavil (Kala), M K Sumod (Indian Lawyers Forum) Jacob Channapetta (Congress) and Abdul

Fathah Thayil (KKMA) conversed on the seminar. Poetess Bessy Kadavil released the new edition “Kaithiri”. The program was presided by Sam Pynummoodu. Kala joint secretary Saji Thomas Mathew made the welcome speech and J Saji proposed the vote of thanks.

KKMA opens 9th kidney dialysis center in Kerala


uwait Kerala Muslim Association (KKMA), the leading social welfare organization of Indians in Kuwait, opened its ninth charitable kidney dialysis center at Paret Mar Ivanios Hospital at Puthupally, Kottayam District of Kerala State in India. Oommen Chandy, Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala inaugurated the Center. Very Rev E K George CorEpiscopa presided over the function. Waleed Al Khashti, Corporate Communication Relations Manager of Zain Telecommunications and Yaqoub Yousuf Khaja, Chief Technical Officer of Zain attended the event as guest of honors from Kuwait. Introducing the project, Sageer

Trikarpur, KKMA Chairman depicted various social welfare projects of KKMA, particularly the Kidney Dialysis Center Project which effectuated in bring the cost of dialysis services to an affordable level in the State of Kerala. N.A Muneer, KKMA Vice Chairman, S ALabba, IASCO Chairman, Rajan Rawthar, Relations Manager at Al Ahli Bank Kuwait, Dr K T Ashraf, CIGI Director, Shaheed Labba, secretary of KKMA Abbasiya branch also attended the function. Cherian Varghese, secretary of Paret Mar Ivanios charitable trust welcomed the august audience. Dr C P Joy, director of the hospital, proposed the vote of thanks.

EMBASSY OF CANADA The Embassy of Canada is located at Villa 24, Al-Mutawakel St., Block 4 in Da’aiyah. Please visit our website at Canada offers a registration service for all Canadians travelling or living abroad. This service is provided so that Consular Officials can contact and assist Canadians in an emergency in a foreign country, such as a natural disaster or civil unrest, or inform Canadians of a family emergency at home. The Embassy of Canada encourages all Canadian Citizens to register online through the Government of Canada Travel Website at The Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi provides visa and immigration services to residents of Kuwait. Individuals who are interested in visiting, working or immigrating to Canada are invited to visit the website of the Canadian Embassy to the UAE at Effective January 15, 2011, the only Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) application form that will be accepted by CIC is the Application for Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside of Canada [IMM 5257] form. All previous Temporary Resident Visa application forms will no longer be accepted by CIC and instead will be returned to applicants. Should old applications be submitted prior to January 15, 2011 they will continue to be processed. To ensure that the most recent version of the Temporary Resident Visa application form is being utilized, applicants should refer to the CIC website. As of January 15, 2011, forms are to be filled in electronically. The Embassy of Canada is open from 07:30 to 15:30 Sunday through Thursday. Consular Services for Canadian Citizens are provided from 09:00 until 12:00 on Sunday through Wednesday. The forms are available on the internet at: M5257E.PDF. A guide explaining the process can be found here: 256E.PDF. ■■■■■■■

EMBASSY OF FRANCE On the occasion of Eid Al Adha, the French Embassy in Kuwait will be closed on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th of November 2011. ■■■■■■■

EMBASSY OF GERMANY The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kuwait wishes to announce that as of 1 May 2011, the external service provider Al Qabas Assurex is operating a Visa Application Centre in support of the German Embassy. Short-term visa applications for travels to Germany (e.g. for tourism, visits, business) are to be submitted to the service provider Al Qabas who for your convenience will ensure that all relevant documents are included in your application. Your personal appearance at the Application Centre is not required. Address of the Visa Application Centre: Al Qabas Assurex Sanabel Tower (Al-Babtain) Mezzanine (M3) opposite Sharq Mall Kuwait 22924444 Fax: 22924442 Further information are available on the following websites:

KUDA reps meet Sathish C Metha


he representatives of KUDA (Kerala United Districts Association), umbrella forum of the officials from various Districts Associations of the State of Kerala in Kuwait, met Sathish C Metha, the Ambassador of India to Kuwait and submitted a memorandum requesting to intervene the issues of Indian Community in Kuwait, mainly safety and security of the Indian community and unhygienic drainage pollution in Abbassiya. Various issues like new facilitation center for consular service in Jleeb Al Shuyoukh, unauthorized recruiting agents, conducting Indian community coordination meeting

in the embassy premises on quarterly basis to discus and review various community issues were also the highlighted subjects. The ambassador assured representatives of KUDA that all issues will be discussed with concerned authorities in Kuwait and India and promised helping hands from the embassy of India in Kuwait . JoyMundakat (Chairman), Raju Zacharias (SecretaryGeneral), Sam.V Thomas (Treasurer), John Thoas (Member, Advisery Board) Vijayan Pilla (Central Executive Member) and Roy Yoyaki (member advisory board) were in the team of representatives of KUDA.


EMBASSY OF INDIA The Embassy of India will remain closed on the following dates during the month of November 2011: November 6, 2011 (Sunday)- Idu’l Zuha (Bakrid) and November 10, 2011 (Thursday) - Guru Nanak’s birthday. ■■■■■■■

Pathanamthitta Association celebrated Onam last weekend. Visiting comedian Venugopal (top) and singer G Venugopal are being presented their caricatures during the function.

Movenpick offers tailor-made packages for Eid Al Adha


he Movenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bidaía Kuwait is setting the stage for a grand Eid Al Adha celebration, starting the 1st day of Eid. Wide variety of delicious dining choices, the biggest children carnival in the city and special room offers are set to delight guests during this special occasion. For three consecutive days, the hotel will be offering a sumptuous Brunch at the Breeze restaurant. With two extensive buffets, one featuring the finest selection of seafood and another with Arabic and international dishes guests will be spoilt for choice. The little ones will be surprised this Eid with the biggest Kids Carnival in Kuwait, which will take place 2nd day of Eid. The carnival will feature fun games, bouncy castles and inflatables face painting, DJ, extensive kids buffets and fantastic prizes. Movenpick Al Bidaía is also offering holiday retreats for families to enjoy the perfect Eid escape. ìWe at the Movenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bidaía continue our strive towards achieving our goal to position the hotel as one of the leading family destinations in Kuwait and the Middle East and we aim to reach this goal by anticipating our guests needs, exceeding their expectations and offering them lifetime memories.î said Mohamed Ibrahim, director of sales and marketing. ìThe resort is designed with families in mind, offering an extensive choice of rooms, suites and villas with magnificent views across the Arabian Gulf and with wide range of children facilitiesî added Ibrahim. Movenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bidaía enjoys one of the most spectacular locations in Kuwait, ten minutes away from Kuwait International Airport and five minutes away from the biggest shopping malls in town. The hotel features five swimming pools, 200 m of private beach, a childrenís playground, two restaurants, world-class Spa and well-equipped health club. In addition to a wide range of conference and meeting venues.

EMBASSY OF SPAIN On the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, this Embassy will be closed, on 6-7 and 8 November 2011, and will re-open Wednesday 9/11/2011. ■■■■■■■

EMBASSY OF SOUTH AFRICA On the occasion of Eid Al Adha, the South African Embassy will be closed from Sunday, 6 November 2011 to Monday, 7 November 20111 The Embassy will resume it s normal working hours on Tuesday, 8 November 2011, from Sunday to Thursday. Please note that the Working hours will be from 8h00 to 16h00 & the Consular Section operation hours will from 8h30 to 12h30. ■■■■■■■

EMBASSY OF NIGERIA The Nigerian embassy has its new office in Mishref. Block 3, Street 7, House 4. For enquires please call 25379541. Fax- 25387719. Email- or ■■■■■■■

EMBASSY OF PERU The Embassy of Peru announces the formal opening of the offices of the Embassy of Peru today November 1, in Kuwait which is located at AlArablya Tower, Sharq, Ahmed Al-Jaber Street, on the 6th Floor. In the same place, as a part of the Chancellery of the Embassy of Peru in Kuwait, also is located the Showing Room of “PeruExpo-Tour, Trade & Invest.” ■■■■■■■

EMBASSY OF UKRAINE We’d like to inform you that in response to the increasing number of our citizens who work in the state and the need for 24-hour operational telephone in case of emergency the Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Kuwait has opened “hotline telephone number” - (+ 965) 972-79-206.



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Extreme Forensics Mystery Diagnosis Street Patrol Real Emergency Calls Fugitive Strike Force FBI Files Forensic Detectives Murder Shift Real Emergency Calls Mystery Diagnosis Street Patrol True Crime With Aphrodite Extreme Forensics Stalked: Someone’s Watching I Was Murdered Deadly Women: Face To Face Who On Earth Did I Marry? Dr G: Medical Examiner

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Classifieds SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2011

It's no fluke: Whales off Santa Cruz pose danger to sightseers LOS ANGELES: The humpback whales on an extended pit stop off Santa Cruz may be just too popular for their own good. As the marine giants have steered unusually close to shore to feed, locals and visitors alike have paddled, sailed and motored out in a frenzied flotilla to greet them up close. So close, authorities say, that the sightseers are putting themselves at risk of being seriously injured or even killed. Already, kayaks have been flipped over and a sailboat's mast was snapped when a whale blasted up from below. In recent days, dozens of kayaks, sailboats, powerboats and snorkelers on surfboards and boogie boards have surrounded the 40foot mammals en masse as the whales have erupted from the ocean less than a mile from the city's harbor. For many sightseers, the proximity offers the chance of a lifetime: to get within arm's reach of a whale as it scoops up fish, snap pictures so unbelievable they seem photoshopped and even swim with the majestic creatures as they surface. But federal wildlife officials say the crowds are more of a nuisance than a welcome mat. Such close contact puts both human and cetacean in danger. Officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say the whales' up-close admirers underestimate the threat of being struck by a humpback's 40-ton body or its powerful fins and flukes. "If you're right above them, you're likely to get nailed pretty hard," said Scott Kathey, federal regulatory coordinator for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, which extends from some 30 miles offshore to the city's shoreline. "Most people don't get in close proximity of an 18-wheeler when it's maneuvering," he added, "and these whales are that size." Wildlife officials and the U.S. Coast Guard this week boosted enforcement patrols and dispatched volunteer kayakers to warn whale watchers to keep their distance. They say some boaters are approaching so brazenly they are probably breaking laws that bar harassment of federally protected marine mammals, An eye-popping photo of a pair of feeding humpbacks lunging spectacularly out of the water a paddle's length from a kayaker raised the concern of wildlife officials, who believed

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Two kayakers get an up-close and possibly risky encounter with the slap of a Humpback’s tail, November 2, 2011, in the Monterey Bay, California. — MCT it could attract even more adventure-minded sightseers. The image, shot last week by a photographer on assignment for the Santa Cruz County Conference & Visitors Council, was published in newspapers across the state, including the Los Angeles Times. Paul Schraub, who snapped the photo from about 100 feet away on a sailboat, said he now feels guilty that his photo may have inspired others to draw too near. "Unfortunately my picture kind of makes it look like it's a big ride," Schraub said. "It would be good if people used some common sense." Some local tour operators said the behavior has gotten out of hand. "It's kind of a zoo," said Dave Johnston, owner of Venture Quest Kayaking, who is suspending rentals because he fears for customers' safety. Most observe from a safe distance and come back beaming, Johnston said. "But there are some people who are crazy and think 20 or 30 feet away is not close enough. They want to get as close as possible and try to touch the whale. They don't realize the whale can kill them." Humpbacks can burst from the water without warning, throwing their flukes and fins with incredible force, particularly when they feed by lunging up through schools of fish to catch them by the mouthful.

A late-season smorgasbord of anchovies amassed close to the Santa Cruz shore has drawn half a dozen humpbacks eager to bulk up for their annual migration to Mexico. The human incursions add an ongoing distraction that wildlife managers say could undermine the whales' health and nutrition. The marine sanctuary advises wildlife watchers not to get within 100 yards of the whales and to avoid crossing in front of them, pursuing them from behind or surrounding them. If a whale approaches, they say, drift until it moves away. Authorities are hoping stern warnings from patrol boats will persuade boaters to strike the proper balance. But if that doesn't work, the potential $2,500 citations the boaters could receive might. Last weekend, when no fewer than 100 kayakers converged on the whales, wildlife officials suspect the crowds exasperated the creatures enough that they swam away. "It's possible that the impacts of so many people pursuing these whales may have led them out of this area; that it may have disrupted their feeding," said Kathey, who said he hasn't seen anything like it in 17 years working for the marine sanctuary. "People can watch them, they just need to not be on top of them," he said. "They need to give them some space."

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CHANGE OF NAME I, Vanki Reddy Sreelatha, holder of Indian Passport No. G6791519 converted to Islam do hereby change my name to Aasma Bano. (C 3727) 5-11-2011




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s ta rs CROSSWORD 491



STAR TRACK Aries (March 21-April 19) As a born investigator and researcher you are always inquiring, searching and following things to their logical conclusion. You will be at your happiest in a career that affords you the ability to investigate, inquire, research and conclude. Communication, making connections, thoughts and ideas are things that you seem to excel in the best and this is where most of your day is absorbed now. You may find yourself pushing to make those special contacts or customers. You could be at the attention of superiors today. You may find that you really enjoy your job or the responsibility it entails; others can rely upon you. You have a lot of energy to pour into practical and career decisions. Make lists for your next working day—focus.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

POOCH CAFE ACROSS 1. Being one hundred more than two hundred. 4. Roman general who commanded the invasion of Carthage in the second Punic War and defeated Hannibal at Zama (circa 237-183 BC). 10. The act of hauling something (as a vehicle) by means of a hitch or rope. 13. Mythical bird of prey having enormous size and strength. 14. Intense and profound fear. 15. Any of various primates with short tails or no tail at all. 16. A very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms. 18. The basic unit of money in Albania. 19. Any cognitive content held as true. 21. West Indian evergreen with medium to long leaves. 23. A narcotic that is considered a hard drug. 24. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth. 26. A rare silvery (usually trivalent) metallic element. 27. African tree having an exceedingly thick trunk and fruit that resembles a gourd and has an edible pulp called monkey bread. 29. A unit of dry measure used in Egypt. 33. A state in east central United States. 35. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali metal group. 37. The elementary stages of any subject (usually plural). 41. How long something has existed. 42. A man who is the lover of a girl or young woman. 44. A gonadotropic hormone that is secreted by the anterior pituitary. 46. Baby bed with high sides. 47. A hard gray lustrous metallic element that is highly corrosion-resistant. 50. Toward the mouth or oral region. 52. A monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles. 56. A numerical quantity measured or assigned or computed. 58. Type genus of the family Arcidae. 61. Any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes. 62. American prizefighter who won the world heavyweight championship three times (born in 1942). 63. A leisurely walk (usually in some public place). 65. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey). 66. A unit of length of thread or yarn. 67. Any of various spiny trees or shrubs of the genus Acacia. 68. A barrier constructed to contain the flow or water or to keep out the sea. DOWN 1. Infestation of the pubic hair by crab lice. 2. Ratio of the hypotenuse to the opposite side. 3. Being ten more than one hundred ninety. 4. Footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material. 5. An informal conversation. 6. The bureau of the Treasury Department responsible for tax collections. 7. Manufactured in standard sizes to be shipped and assembled elsewhere. 8. An electrically charged particle. 9. Any of several East Indian birds. 10. A fine grained mineral having a soft soapy feel and consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate. 11. An organization of countries formed in 1961 to agree on a common policy for the sale of petroleum. 12. Flightless New Zealand rail of thievish disposition having short wings each with a spur used in fighting. 17. A roll of tobacco for smoking. 20. A workplace for the conduct of scientific research. 22. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine. 25. A small cake leavened with yeast. 28. A Russian river. 30. Lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise. 31. Animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes. 32. Minor or subordinate. 34. The compass point that is one point east (clockwise) of due north. 36. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey). 38. Genus of tall smooth herbs of forested mountains of Europe and Asia minor. 39. An important seaport on the Island of Cebu in the Philippines. 40. Sandwich filled with slices of bacon and tomato with lettuce. 43. Relating to the Urdu language. 45. (informal) Of the highest quality. 48. An ancient city in northern Portugal. 49. State in northeastern India. 51. A rapid series of short loud sounds (as might be heard with a stethoscope in some types of respiratory disorders). 53. God of love and erotic desire. 54. (Greek mythology) Goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology. 55. (Babylonian) God of storms and wind. 57. A period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event. 58. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens. 59. A mature blood cell that contains hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the bodily tissues. 60. A user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon. 64. A radioactive element of the actinide series.

Yesterday’s Solution

You are willing to lend a helping hand where others would not want to become involved. This can be a beneficial time in that many people look to you for answers. You are just plain witty—ideas roll off your tongue. This is a great time for clear communication—by phone, letter or in person. Your mind is clear. Investments can start small and grow beyond your wildest dreams. Be on the lookout for opportunities to increase your investments and your earnings. You should not take on new things just now but do consider increasing old investments; insurance, etc. In a social situation this evening, you are at your most elegant. You may enjoy working with others this coming weekend on a community cleanup project . . . perhaps a nearby park.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Your professional life seems to be running in a smooth manner. You are always interested in expanding your mental horizons. Religion, philosophy, law and education are some of the things that may have special importance now. This means expanding your mind, your belief system, your whole base of knowledge and experience. We are the creator of our own thoughts. Each of us is responsible for setting up and producing a positive and productive life for ourselves—others will see and want to follow. Today, you are in touch with people that are far away. This long-distance communication satisfies an intellectual and spiritual yearning that lifts your spirits, making you feel in touch, included and informed. Everything seems to be falling into place.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)


You communicate very well and it is stimulating just being with you. Your high degree of mental concentration makes you an excellent student, able to excel in speaking, writing and all types of communication skills. Your ambitions go hand-in-hand with communication and using the mind and the two should never be far apart. Communicating and getting your message across to others is important to you just now. Your timing is good and others are willing to hear your opinion all the way through to the end. This may also have something to do with needing an honest opinion about a particular topic. This evening your flair for the dramatic, public speaking, poetry and the arts continues as you find ways in which to express yourself.

Leo (July 23-August 22)


You can change a situation by changing the way you perceive it. Careful, others will follow your lead. An emotional person in the workplace may come to your attention today. You have a way of taming the most frustrated. You may be able to manipulate a situation to everyone’s advantage just now. You are, for the most part, unmoved by tears and feelings. Emotions are seldom a priority—you are always very practical and ambitious. Seeing both sides of an issue and figuring out resolutions to opposing views take on more importance in your life. Your career is central to everything you do. Farsighted and traditional, you enjoy success and the successful. Candles and music provide relaxation—romance is possible this evening.

Virgo (August 23-September 22) You may be having new thoughts and sudden insights at this time. You will receive an unexpected boost in the way you think, speak or write. Communications are accented and connections of all kinds, news, etc., are furthered. You have a way of entrancing others and bringing them under the spell that you weave so well with your imagination and sense of communion. You find yourself other-oriented just now, with many thoughts and ideas for partnership, rather than doing things alone. Friends may find you less self-centered than usual just now. There is time to understand those around you and to also have a special occasion with someone you love. A sense of support and harmony makes this a happy time.

Libra (September 23-October 22)


There is a feeling that anything is possible and you are determined to set your goals high. Optimism, faith and a tendency to take chances at the deepest emotional levels are present. A new job, a vacation, renewing an old relationship or bringing a new relationship into your life may be the trigger that brings you to this emotional high. This is a time of exploring your feelings, a kind of restlessness. You look for ways to expand your mental horizons. Religion, philosophy, law and education are some of the things that may have special importance for you. Being in touch with faraway people and places satisfies an intellectual yearning—curiosity will take you anywhere. Enjoy some light exercise this evening.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) This may be a restless time that could find you trying new and unexpected ideas at the expense of the status quo—especially your career. This could mean working overtime. You may feel like breaking out and getting away from the path you have chosen. Your career and life direction are putting some real pressure on your home and emotional life. Obviously, you cannot live without both—some kind of self-control is indicated. Your support system, your family, home and those who give you nourishment are stronger than you think at this time. Patience . . . there is an opportunity to refurbish your energies. A social occasion will find you at your most elegant this evening and no one will suspect just how busy your week has been.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) You put forth much effort, particularly regarding your career just now. You create a harmonious work environment with your ambitions as well as whatever management skills you have. Your ideas and plans are not always the most practical—be open at this time for input from others. You are fond of grand schemes, verbalization and the like—this mindset does not often boil down to real solutions. Your main path may involve taking many of your ideas with a grain of salt. Keep your ideas in a little 3x5 file card box and update it from time to time. Whatever subject is left after a period of time may be the subject to which you could give your uppermost attention. You are highly motivated when it comes to relationships and tonight is for love.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) You may gain momentum as the day moves forward; anything is possible and you have things to do and places to see. There is a lot of optimism and speculating. Your career may run along quite smoothly until the question of personal freedom arises. Successful career moves may demand conformity and cost you personal freedom—perhaps toning down your unconventional habits. You may have to conform and go along in order to get the right job. Gathering and exchanging information becomes a more important part of your life . . . a very educational experience. Take time to consider the options that would help you advance professionally. When things do not work out immediately, it may be a sign that more work or self-evaluation is needed.

Yesterday’s Solution Aquarius (January 20- February 18) You cannot do anything you do not KNOW you can do—so believe and dare to make it happen! This means expanding your mind, your belief system, your whole base of knowledge and experience. You may find yourself very appreciative of your career and practical skills. You might enjoy solving puzzles and problems—finding solutions, etc. You have a renewed appreciation for your work that is apparent to your superiors and in fact, to everybody. There is a feeling that anything is possible. You have optimism, faith and a tendency to take chances. This is a time of exploring your feelings, a kind of restlessness for new emotional experience. Time is wasting—let no grass grow between your toes!

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Word Sleuth Solution

Self-discipline and a sense of self-worth become important achievements. You win rewards and recognition and authority through hard work. You want to feel good about yourself and the hard work is something you are happy to perform. This is the day to start new projects or push forward with those already in motion. You may enjoy a sense of creating your own opportunities. Your friends and most of your family members are concentrating on better nutrition. You could be thinking along this line as well. Learning the best way to care for yourself and others may find you taking a class or joining a health club. Someone could help with finances here if you are willing to commit to this sort of program. Enjoy eating your meals with the family.



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LIFESTYLE G o s s i p

Mom says Kim ‘heartbroken’ over divorce im Kardashian is “heartbroken” over her decision to divorce professional basketball player Kris Humphries after only two months of marriage, but life will go on, her mother says. “Just because somebody is getting a divorce doesn’t mean life is over,” mom Kris Jenner said. “She’s not the first person to get a divorce, and she won’t be the last, no matter what the length of the marriage.” Jenner, who divorced Kardashian’s father, OJ Simpson’s attorney Robert Kardashian, in the early 1990s and is married to former Olympic decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner, says reports that her reality TV star daughter’s relationship was made for TV are false. “That would be insulting to this wonderful viewership that has followed us from Day 1,” she said. “I don’t think any of us are in that kind of situation where we have to go out and ... create opportunities to make more money. I think we


are just fine.” She also said the family members won’t stop sharing their lives with the public. “(The breakup) doesn’t mean that the rest of us are going to change our personalities in any way and, you know, completely turn into different people,” she said Thursday. “We’re going to carry on and hopefully be much stronger as human beings and as a family.” After Kardashian, 31, filed for divorce earlier this week, citing irreconcilable differences, she left for a business trip to Australia with her sister Khloe Kardashian. Jenner said it was important for Kim Kardashian to follow through on her business commitment. “She takes a great deal of pride in her business relationships, and she’s let a lot of people down, especially her family, she feels, on a personal level,” Jenner said. “So, for her to let anyone else down is hard for her. She wanted to go, and these commitments were made months and months ago and some-

thing that she feels responsible for.”Kardashian made it to Australia on Tuesday but ended up cutting the trip short. Jenner, meanwhile, had planned to make the media rounds this week in New York City to promote her new memoir, “Kris Jenner ... and All Things Kardashian.” Jenner said Kardashian needs to weather the storm. “Right now, the best advice I can give her is to just keep your head held high and ... get her heart in the right place,” Jenner said. “That’s all I care about.”Jenner said she hadn’t spoken with Humphries about the split and didn’t know if her daughter had, either.

‘Harold & Kumar’ may star in animated TV series s moviegoers prepare to revel in the seasonal stoner antics of “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas,” Lionsgate Television is working to bring the weed-puffing comedic duo to the small screen in animated form. Yes, that’s right-a “Harold & Kumar” cartoon could be coming to television soon. An individual familiar with the project confirms to TheWrap that Lionsgate is pitching the series, and is receiving “lots of interest” from various outlets. Though the project is still in its nascent stage, John Cho and Kal Penn are signed on to voice Harold and Kumar. No word on whether animated Neil Patrick Harris will be on hand to trip animated balls and disfigure animated prostitutes with his animated branding iron. The “Harold & Kumar” franchise has yielded three films; in addition to “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas,” which opens this weekend, the series includes 2004’s “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” and 2008’s “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.” News of the “Harold & Kumar” animated series was first reported by Hollywood Reporter.


Lane to star in TV comedy series athan Lane’s long-gestating television comedy series for the USA Network is a go: The network announced Friday that Lane will star with Cheyenne Jackson and Ken Jenkins in a new half-hour, single-camera comedy from producer Douglas McGrath. The comedy represents a big move for the top-rated cable network, best known for breezy dramas. It also recently green-lit “Paging Dr. Freed,” another half-hour comedy. The Lane project, which does not yet have a name, features Lane as an unlucky actor who puts his Broadway aspirations on hold to return to his Texas hometown and care for his sick father. Jackson (“30 Rock”), a fel-


low theater star, will play a handsome doctor who befriends Lane. His father will be played by Jenkins. McGrath will write and direct the pilot from UniversalCable Productions. He shared an Academy Award nomination with Woody Allen for co-writing “Bullets Over Broadway.” USA announced that the series was in development at its upfront presentation to advertisers in the spring. ‘Dr Freed,’ from Fox 21 and Universal Cable Productions, is written and executive produced by Michael Feldman (“That’s So Raven”). Katy McCaffrey and Brad Johnson serve as producers.

Ford to dress Bond for new ‘Skyfall’ om Ford will again design the clothing and accessories, from tuxedos to sunglasses, worn by actor Daniel Craig as he portrays super spy James Bond in upcoming movie “Skyfall,” the designer said Friday. Ford, who also dressed the British secret agent in the last installment of the Bond film series, “Quantum of Solace,” said in a statement that he is “thrilled to move forward with this iconic character.” “James Bond epitomizes the TOM FORD man in his elegance, style and love of luxury,” Ford in a statement. The designer follows on the heels of Italian brand Brioni and British tailors from London’s famed Saville Row, creating suits for Bond actors Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan in the franchise’s almost 50-year history. Ford, 50, was the former creative director of Italian fashion label Gucci and french fashion label Yves SaintLaurent. He is currently the head of his own brand, designing menswear, womenswear, eyewear and beauty collections.The fashion designer also gained recognition in 2009 for his Oscar-nominated film directorial debut, “A Single Man,” starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore. “Skyfall” is scheduled to land in theaters on Oct 26, 2012.


Legendary Indian singer Hazarika dies hupen Hazarika, who composed music for hundreds of films, has died. He was 86 and had been in poor health for months. Hazarika composed music, wrote lyrics and sang for hundreds of films in the Hindi and Bengali languages. He popularized folk tunes from the remote northeastern state of Assam where he was born. He also wrote several books, essays


‘Wonka’ actor who played Violet’s dad dies at 87 eonard Stone, who played the father who accompanied chronic gum-chewer Violet Beauregarde on a tour through a far-out candy palace in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” has died. Granddaughter Lindsey Fryman-Borchard tells The Associated Press that Stone died of cancer Wednesday in Encinitas, California, a day before his 88th birthday. He was best known as fast-talking father Sam Beauregarde in the 1971 film that starred Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. Stone watches in horror as his daughter turns into a giant blueberry and utters the famous line “Violet, you’re turning violet, Violet!” The Oregon native went on to play recurring characters in many television series including “Barney Miller,” “Hill Street Blues” and “LA Law.” In 2005, he played Warren Buffett in the Arnold Schwarzenegger TV biopic, “See Arnold Run.”


Snow White project named ‘Mirror, Mirror’

‘Porky’s’ actor Knight commits suicide in Hawaii yatt Knight, who starred in the 1980s “Porky’s” films, has been found dead in Hawaii with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 56. A family statement Friday says the actor chose to end his life in a “beautiful” and “serene” place after physical and emotional pain from radiation treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2003. Maui police Lt. Wayne Ibarra says Knight’s body was found Oct 26 in the upcountry region. An autopsy determined Knight died of a selfinflicted gunshot wound. Knight’s most wellknown role was playing Tommy Turner in the “Porky’s” comedy trilogy. Knight lived in Los Angeles and had been staying in Kula for several months. He is survived by his wife, Silvina, and two children from a previous marriage. —Agencies


and poems and directed several films. He was admitted to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital in June. Hospital spokesman Jayanta Saha said Hazarika died there of multiple organ failure. Hazarika began his career at age 12 when he sang for a film in the Assamese language.

elativity’s Snow White project finally has a title. The re-imagining of the fairy tale will be called “Mirror Mirror,” the studio announced on Friday. “Mirror Mirror” stars Lily Collins as Snow White, Armie Hammer as the prince and Julia Roberts as the evil queen. Tarsem Singh directs. Filming for the comedy action adventure wrapped in mid-September. The theatrical release date is set for March 16, 2012. Universal has its own competing Snow White project starring Kristen Stewart. That film version of the story of the poisoned apple eating ingenue is entitled “Snow White and the Huntsman.” That film bows in theaters on June 1, 2012.




e niv rsar n






M o v i e s

In this image released by NBC, co-hosts from left, Al Roker, Ann Curry and Matt Lauer talk with singer Justin Bieber, right, about his new CD “Under The Mistletoe” on the “Today” show, Friday. —AP photos

Justin Bieber poses with a fan.

Bieber on baby claim: ‘100 percent not true’ een heartthrob Justin Bieber is finding out the price of fame. The Canadian singer, 17, has spent the past week trying to promote his new Christmas album while denying claims that he fathered a baby after a brief backstage encounter last year with a young California fan. “They (the allegations) are definitely, 100 percent not true,” he told celebrity website in a phone interview Friday. “It is the first time something like this has happened. So it’s kind of like, really crazy. I am sure it won’t be the last.” “I just know there are going to be people who will


make stuff up. I know I am a target,” he added. “It is something that comes with the territory.” Bieber was responding to a lawsuit filed Monday by a 20 year-old San Diego woman, claiming the teen singer was the father of a baby boy she gave birth to in July this year after having sex following a concert in Los Angeles in October 2010. The woman wants Bieber to undergo a paternity test and pay child support, and the singer has been ordered to appear in court on December 15. The “Baby” singer, who has been dating Disney Channel star

Selena Gomez for several months, also denied the allegations in an appearance Friday on the “Today” TV show. “I’d just like to say basically that none of those allegations are true,” he said. “I know that I’m going to be a target, but I’m never going to be a victim.” Earlier this week, Bieber said in a Twitter post that he was “going to ignore the rumors ... and focus on what is real. an opportunity to help by doing what i love. Judge me on the music!” Bieber released his new, festive album “Under the Mistletoe”, featuring duets with Mariah Carey, Usher and others, Tuesday. —AP

This photo shows Mariah Laci Yeater who claims pop star Justin Bieber fathered her 3-month-old son and filed a paternity suit against him.

Jazz pianist Chick Corea celebrating at Blue Note hick Corea is occupying the Blue Note jazz club for the month of November and he has invited his musical friends for a belated celebration of his 70th birthday. During the month, the jazz pianist is performing in 10 different ensembles with nearly 30 musicians. And many afternoons are reserved for rehearsals at the club. “I’m kind of living here,” laughed Corea, interviewed on the club’s stage before a rehearsal with a new trio that made its debut Thursday night with drummer Brian Blade and bassist Gary Peacock. Corea is reprising on a bigger scale the three-week residency with nine ensembles he had at the Greenwich Village club to mark his 60th birthday that resulted in the Grammy-winning double-CD “Rendezvous In New York” and a 10-DVD set. Only two of those ensembles - duets with vibraphonist Gary Burton and vocalist Bobby McFerrin - are back this November, a testament to Corea’s eclectic musical outlook. Corea could have marked his actual birthday in June with a large-scale concert, but he preferred an extended run at the 200-seat jazz club. “There’s more improvisation that goes on in the clubs. It’s more intimate and smaller. You feel that the public is right there.” Corea said. The 16-time Grammy winner said he didn’t see the musical reunions planned this month as an occasion to reflect on past accomplishments. “I never enjoyed the experience of trying to compare what I’m doing with the past,” he said. “But the future excites me and when I play with my friends it feels vibrant and fun.” Corea kicked off the month with a two-night engagement featuring an unplugged version of his jazz-rock fusion group Return to Forever - with bassist Stanley Clarke, drummer Lenny White, and guitarist Frank Gambale (who also will be playing with Corea’s Elektric Band to close the month). It marked the first time the band had performed a full program of its classic 1970s repertoire - including “Captain Marvel” and “Light As a Feather” - in a primarily acoustic setting. “I thought it was kind of cool to be able to play those pieces - to have them have the


Filipino singer Charice Pempengco, third from right, of the TV hit “Glee”, cries during interment of her estranged father Ricky Pempengco yesterday. —AP Photos

Suspect in killing of Charice’s father surrenders he suspect in the stabbing death of the father of singer Charice Pempengco of the TV hit show “Glee” surrendered Thursday and admitted responsibility for the crime. Angel Capili Jr turned himself in to the chief of his village in General Trias township south of Manila, said Gilbert Cruz, police chief of nearby Laguna province. Police said Charice’s 40year-old father, construction worker Ricky Pempengco, was stabbed with an ice pick by a drunken man Monday after buying cigarettes at a store. Cruz said Capili is also a construction worker but did not know Pempengco. Teen songstress Charice canceled upcoming concerts and called for justice for her father. She plays a recurring role on “Glee” as exchange student Sunshine Corazon. Capili told reporters in


Police officers escort Angel Capili Jr., center, the suspect in the stabbing death of the estranged father of singer Charice Pempengco of the TV hit “Glee” following his surrender Thursday.

Manila he was conscience-stricken and ready to face the consequences. “I had really planned to surrender because what I did was wrong,” he told reporters. “I am seeking forgiveness from the family left behind by Mr Pempengco. ... I am prepared to suffer whatever is the judgment.” However, he did not respond when reporters asked why he stabbed the victim. Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, who spoke with Capili, said the suspect said he was assaulted by Pempengco. “He was claiming that he was already backing away but then (the victim) continued to attack him so he got a screwdriver and he stabbed Mr Pempengco,” Robredo told ABSCBN television. “We will compare the account of witnesses with the account of the suspect.” Charice flew back to the Philippines and paid respects to her

father early Wednesday. She also apologized for canceling the rest of her tour dates, saying “my family comes first.” She had been scheduled to perform in Singapore. “Whoever did this must be brought to justice. Justice must be served, not just for my father but for everyone concerned,” she told a radio interview. Charice had been estranged from her father but said she still loved him. “He’s still my Dad after all,” she wrote on Twitter. The 19-year-old songstress, born Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, is known throughout Asia from concerts and TV talent shows in the Philippines and South Korea. —AP

same kind of vitality - but also play them with the lighter touch of the acoustic instruments,” Corea said. Corea will also be performing with fellow jazz-rock pioneer, guitarist John McLaughlin, in the acoustic-electric Five Peace Band; with world-class Latin musicians

File photo shows Chick Corea performs at the CareFusion Newport Jazz Festival in Newport. —AP in Chick’s Flamenco Heart; with fellow Miles Davis alumni in a new band From Miles, and in duets with long-standing partner Burton (with the Harlem String Quartet as guests) and for the first time with pianist Marcus Roberts. He’s especially looking forward to a duet night with Herbie Hancock - their first actual gig together since 1978. They had earlier both played on Davis’ groundbreaking jazzfusion albums, “In a Silent Way” and “Bitches Brew.”“Working with Chick has always been a very uplifting experience for me because we see eye to eye on so many things,” Hancock said. “We don’t have to do anything to stimulate each other. We just look at each other and hit a note or a chord, and it’s on.” —AP

Jobs ‘Lost’ interview lands in movie theaters dd movie star to the many accomplishments of the late Steve Jobs. One of Steve Jobs’ most memorable TV interviews appeared in the 1995 PBS miniseries “Triumph of the Nerds.” Just 10 minutes of footage of Jobs at his bitter best-he’d just been ousted from Apple, the company he co-founded-made it into the


documentary, but the special’s filmmaker has turned up the complete 70-minute interview he conducted with Jobs. The complete chat, titled “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview,” will be released for a two-day-only showing in Landmark Theaters on Nov 16 and 17. Robert Cringely, the producer of “Triumph of the

Nerds,” thought the original tape of his interview with Jobs had been lost. But the tape resurfaced after Jobs’ Oct. 5 death, and Cringely tells the Los Angeles Times that an email exchange with Landmark owner Mark Cuban led to a deal to turn the VHS tape interview into a big-screen worthy project. “Steve Jobs: The Lost

Interview” includes Jobs thoughts on the company that he felt had betrayed him, and lighter moments, according to Cringely, like Jobs’ anecdote about pretending to be Henry Kissinger and prank calling the pope. “He was great that day,” Cringely told the Times. “He was a cranky guy. I think we see that.” —Reuters

(From left) Bollywood personalities Emraan Hashmi, Naseeruddin Shah, Vidya Balan and Tusshar Kapoor attend the music launch event for the forthcoming Hindi film “The Dirty Picture” in Mumbai on November 4, 2011. —AFP


lifestyle F E A T U R E S

Checking out the New Age vibe in

File photo shows Charmaine Noronha as she hikes the pinnacles of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Ariz. — AP photos


ou’re a teacher, a guider. You transmit energy. You also have a deep connection to the spirit world, to spirits,” says spiritual adviser Leon Pelletier, as he analyzes a Polaroid of my aura. That’s right, a Polaroid of my aura. I had just undergone an otherworldly photo shoot. I’d stepped right up to a deep purple chair, placed my palms on an outline of hands and poof, moments later, there was a blurry vision of my face enveloped by hues of blue and white with a dollop of light pink. Now, I’m no New Age devotee - heck, I barely downward dog. But I am curious about spiritual pursuits. So on a trip to Arizona, I decided to stop in Sedona to have my “aura” photographed before hiking the area’s famed “energy vortexes.” A post-hike photo would determine if my soul had been reconfigured. If I didn’t come out healed, revitalized and with a pink-hued aura - considered the color of unconditional love and harmony in spiritual circles - at least I’d have seen some stunning scenery. I’m slightly perplexed by Pelletier’s analysis of my connection to the spirit world since the only spirits I seem to know well are gin and vodka. But as I sit in his dimly lit office, adorned with butterfly cutouts, transcendental music providing a solemn soundtrack to his assessment and sandalwood incense wafting through the air, I’m pretty sure he’s not talking cocktails. I can’t exactly suspend my suspension of disbelief now though, so I head off with Pelletier to hike Cathedral Rock. A landmark of Sedona’s skyline and one of the most photographed sights in Arizona, Cathedral Rock is located in the Coconino National Forest, just over a two-hour drive from Phoenix. Cathedral is considered one of the four main energy vortexes in Sedona. (Note to the grammar police: They are referred to as vortexes, not vortices.) A vortex, according to believers, is an area of invisible, swirling energy emanating from the earth that produces an uplifting, healing, rejuvenating sensation. The source is unknown and not scientifically proven, but that hasn’t stopped Sedona from building a culture and tourism industry around it. The city, with a population of just over 10,000, is a place where crystal merchants, aging hippies and the unapologetically wacky converge. It seems like every other person is a healer or a psychic; many say they were drawn here by the city’s mystical powers. And whether you believe in

auras or not, Cathedral Rock stuns the senses. A gleaming sun beams over mustard-red buttes, spires and mesas that surround the city like the ruins of fortress walls. The air is warm but crisp. The silence of the vast desert landscape is interrupted only by calls from wildlife, the rustling of birds through trees and the occasional human passer-by. Everywhere you turn, a cartoon-like pinnacle stands higher than the next. As we begin our ascent upon the rusty red rocks, I expect to see Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote scoot by with a trail of “meep, meep” as they scuffle up dust from the rocks, which get their trademark coloring from iron ore. According to Pelletier, Cathedral Rock is a “feminine” energy source, which can help build qualities like kindness, compassion, patience, and the ability to let others need

you and depend on you. I could stand to refine my socalled lady-like attributes, so I say bring it! Of course I’m skeptical - but open to the possibilities nonetheless. And I have to admit I’m surprised to feel an odd tingling sensation in my fingers as we begin our walk. Pelletier says we’re close to an “energy spring.” He attributes a juniper tree’s twisted trunks and branches to the vortex energy and asks if I’d like to sit near the tree and undergo “integrated energy therapy.” Huh? You mean hiking these rocks doesn’t provide enough purported healing? But when in Sedona... So I nestle into a spot on a rock. Pelletier asks me to come up with something I’d like to see manifest in my life. Ryan Gosling, the dreamy actor, I mutter. He starts what sounds like a prayer - minus refer-

ences to God - and says he’s tapping into nine “cellular memory” areas: guilt, shame, “shoulds,” distrust, threat, heartache, anger, stress, and fear, while asking for the reverse of each feeling. No desert lizard appears as Prince Charming but we continue our ascent. There is no distinct path so we create our own, hopping from rock to rock and latching onto rock faces to pull ourselves higher and higher. We finally reach a summit of sorts, nestled between two massive pinnacles. All I can see for miles are the orange-red rocks interspersed with lush greenery. I can’t say I felt the vortexes but it’s hard not to be affected by the beauty of this landscape. I sit for a while and take it all in as a vulture loops through the sky in the distance. After a while we begin our descent, and were back on solid ground 90 minutes later. As I posed for my post-hike aura picture in Pelletier’s office, my muscles ached, my skin glistened with sweat and my voice was hoarse from dehydration. But my photo emanated magenta with streaks of orangey-pink. Apparently, I had done it. “You now have the energy of unconditional love. You’ve built a deeper connection to spirituality. Orange is the energy of creation. You’ve wiped the slate clean and come out a new person,” said Pelletier. I can’t say I felt like an entirely new being, but I definitely felt a renewed appreciation for Mother Earth in all her glory, and amid my fatigue from the hike, I also felt renewed and content. I’m not holding out hope for Ryan Gosling to “manifest” in my life. But I do have some pretty spectacular photos to make him jealous if we ever do meet. If you go... Sedona, Ariz.: . The Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association, a Chamber of Commerce Affinity Group, has an outreach program at . A number of businesses in Sedona offer aura analysis and other spiritual services, including guided visits to Cathedral Rock and other nearby sites. Leon Pelletier charges $125 for aura photos, analysis and guided hike. Cathedral rock: athedral-rock-tr.shtml—AP

File photo shows Cathedral Rock in Sedona.

Former ‘60 Minutes’ commentator Andy Rooney dies


ndy Rooney so dreaded the day he had to end his signature “60 Minutes” commentaries about life’s large and small absurdities that he kept going until he was 92 years old. Even then, he said he wasn’t retiring. Writers never retire. But his life after the end of “A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney” was short: He died Friday night, according to CBS, only a month after delivering his 1,097th and final televised commentary. Rooney had gone to the hospital for an undisclosed surgery, but major complications developed and he never recovered. Rooney talked on “60 Minutes” about what was in the news, and his opinions occasionally got him in trouble. But he was just as likely to discuss the old clothes in his closet, why air travel had become unpleasant and why banks needed to have impor-

tant sounding names. He won one of his three Emmy Awards for a piece on whether there was a real Mrs Smith who made Mrs Smith’s Pies. As it turned out, there was no Mrs Smith. “I obviously have a knack for getting on paper what a lot of people have thought and didn’t realize they thought,” Rooney once said. “And they say, ‘Hey, yeah!’ And they like that.” Looking for something new to punctuate its weekly broadcast, “60 Minutes” aired its first Rooney commentary on July 2, 1987. He complained about people who keep track of how many people die in car accidents on holiday weekends. In fact, he said, the Fourth of July is “one of the safest weekends of the year to be going someplace.” More than three decades later, he was railing about how unpleasant air travel had become. “Let’s make a statement to the air-

Television personality Andy Rooney of CBS-TV’s ‘60 Minutes’ poses in his New York office in this Jan 28, 1983 file photo. —AP

lines just to get their attention,” he said. “We’ll pick a week next year and we’ll all agree not to go anywhere for seven days.” In early 2009, as he was about to turn 90, Rooney looked ahead to President Barack Obama’s upcoming inauguration with a look at past inaugurations. He told viewers that Calvin Coolidge’s 1925 swearing-in was the first to be broadcast on radio, adding, “That may have been the most interesting thing Coolidge ever did.” For his final essay, Rooney said that he’d live a life luckier than most. “I wish I could do this forever. I can’t, though,” he said. He said he probably hadn’t said anything on “60 Minutes” that most of his viewers didn’t already know or hadn’t thought. “That’s what a writer does,” he said. “A writer’s job is to tell the truth.” True to his occasional crotchety nature, though, he complained about being famous or bothered by fans. His last wish from fans: If you see him in a restaurant, just let him eat his dinner. Rooney wrote for CBS stars such as Arthur Godfrey and Garry Moore during the 1950s and early 1960s, before settling into a partnership with newsman Harry Reasoner. With Rooney as the writer, they collaborated on several news specials, including an Emmy-winning report on misrepresentations of black people in movies and history books. He wrote “An Essay on Doors” in 1964, and continued with contemplations on bridges, chairs and women. “The best work I ever did,” Rooney said. “But nobody knows I can do it or ever did it. Nobody knows that I’m a writer and producer. They think I’m this guy on television.” He became such a part of the culture that comic Joe Piscopo satirized Rooney’s squeaky voice with the refrain, “Did you ever wonder ...” For many years, “60 Minutes” improbably was the most popular

Andy Rooney leaves the Celebration of Life Memorial ceremony for Walter Cronkite at Avery Fisher Hall in New York. — AP program on television and a dose of Rooney was what people came to expect for a knowing smile on the night before they had to go back to work. Rooney left CBS in 1970 when it refused to air his angry essay about the Vietnam War. He went on TV for the first time, reading the essay on PBS and winning a Writers Guild of America award for it. He returned to CBS three years later as a writer and producer of specials. Notable among them was the 1975 “Mr. Rooney Goes to Washington,” whose lighthearted but serious look at government won him a Peabody Award for excellence in broadcasting. His words sometimes landed Rooney in hot water. CBS suspended him for three months in 1990 for making racist remarks in an interview, which he denied. Gay rights groups were mad, during the

AIDS epidemic, when Rooney mentioned homosexual unions in saying “many of the ills which kill us are self-induced.” Indians protested when Rooney suggested Native Americans who made money from casinos weren’t doing enough to help their own people. The Associated Press learned the danger of getting on Rooney’s cranky side. In 1996, AP Television Writer Frazier Moore wrote a column suggesting it was time for Rooney to retire. On Rooney’s next “60 Minutes” appearance, he invited those who disagreed to make their opinions known. The AP switchboard was flooded by some 7,000 phone calls and countless postcards were sent to the AP mail room. “Your piece made me mad,” Rooney told Moore two years later. “One of my major shortcomings - I’m vindictive. I don’t know why that is. Even in petty things in my life I tend to strike back. It’s a lot more pleasurable a sensation than feeling threatened.”He was one of television’s few voices to strongly oppose the war in Iraq after the George W. Bush administration launched it in 2002. After the fall of Baghdad in April 2003, he said he was chastened by its quick fall but didn’t regret his “60 Minutes” commentaries. “I’m in a position of feeling secure enough so that I can say what I think is right and if so many people think it’s wrong that I get fired, well, I’ve got enough to eat,” Rooney said at the time. Andrew Aitken Rooney was born on Jan 14, 1919, in Albany, NY, and worked as a copy boy on the Albany Knickerbocker News while in high school. College at Colgate University was cut short by World War II, when Rooney worked for Stars and Stripes. With another former Stars and Stripes staffer, Oram C Hutton, Rooney wrote four books about the war. —AP



‘Thinkers’ win $25,000 at Siemens Student Awards

DOHA: The top 10 groups are pictured at the Siemens Student Awards which was held on November 1, 2011. By Priyanka Saligram DOHA: A simple snail could hold the key to changing the world. This was what a team of young geniuses called ‘ The Green Thinkers’ from Minia University in Egypt believed in, enough to create the concept of a spiral power plant. Rofayda El-Emam, Ahmed Abd Alaziz, and Bahaa El-Deen Khatter showcased technology inspired by the natural design of snails, ants, and the Namib Desert Beetle to collect water and produce energy. Siemens, as a part of its green initiative posed a question to the Middle Eastern youth: How can you build sustainable cities in the deser t? A total of 630 answers poured in from 400 universities across the Middle East, and pick ing the final 10 answers was no walk in the park for the chosen jury. The Siemens Student Award Ceremony took place in Doha, Qatar, on November 1, 2011 where the final 10 ideas were presented to a special international jury comprising the best from various high profile organizations like Asya Al-Ashaikh, Founder and CEO of Tamkeen Sustainability Advisors, Saudi Arabia; Dr Ashraf Gamal, Executive Director, Egyptian Institute of Directors, Egypt; and Dr Christian Urbanke, Siemens Corporate Technology, Siemens AG, Germany. The guest of honor at the glittering awards ceremony was Sheikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Al-Thani who was very pleased to be a part of environmental initiatives that invested in the future. “Education is a key focus for Qatar as we recognize the critical role that it plays in unlocking human capital,” she said and congratulated the students for innovatively aiming to find solutions to topical challenges. The 10 finalists comprised individuals as well as groups that presented their ideas after introducing themselves and it was clearly evident that plenty of foresight and imagination had gone into their respective projects. Ali Sajid Malik from NEDUET University (Pakistan)’s concept of eco-smart water

The Jury Asya Al-Ashaikh, Founder and CEO of Tamkeen Sustainability Advisors, Saudi Arabia Dr Ashraf Gamal, Director of the Egyptian Corporate Responsibility Centre, Egypt Alan Geoffrey Frost, Director, Masdar City, UAE Shafqat Kakakhel, Member Advisory Committee, Ministry of Environment, Pakistan Dr Christian Urbanke, Siemens Corporate Technology, Siemens AG, Germany

DOHA: Mohamed Youssef, the second runner-up of the Siemens Student Awards receives his prize from Sheikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Al-Thani and Erich Kaeser, CEO of Siemens Middle East.

DOHA: Noura Chehab, the first runner-up of the Siemens Student Awards receives the prize from Sheikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Al-Thani and Eric Kaeser, CEO of Siemens Middle East.

plants was inspired by the survival instincts of the desert lizard while Loay Al-Mujadidi from American University of Sharjah (UAE) believed that gravity held the key to generating more energy. ‘ The Green Thinkers’ from Minia University went on to create history by winning the first-ever Siemens Student Award 2011 for their glass spiral plant idea and walked away with the top prize of $25,000. The main focus of their theme was to raise the temperature inside the plant and propel the airflow to drive turbines and produce electricity. The first runner-up, Noura Chehab from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi bagged $15,000 for her concept of how to ‘Transfer a Desert Into a Haven’ by using an integrated system which simultaneously desalinates salt water, produces electricity and treats wastewater. The second runner-up Mohamed Youssef from Suez Canal University (Egypt) bowled the jury with his idea of an effective desalination system which is enhanced by multiple modifications to increase the evaporation rate and convert the sun rays with higher efficiency into heat. ‘The Green Thinkers’ were overjoyed at winning the award and encouraged every student in the region to participate in similar contests and benefit from the opportunities provided to make a difference to the environment. “This award has given us the opportunity to make our families and universities proud,” they said. Erich Kaeser, CEO of Siemens Middle East said that all the finalists will be presented with an exclusive opportunity to intern at Siemens and congratulated the winners. “We will continue fostering our educational programs and commitment to local societies in the Middle East,” Kaeser added. The ingenious answers provided by the various students on the challenging subject of building sustainable cities in the Middle East went on to reiterate what has been known all along: Geniuses don’t do different things; they do things differently.

Perfect 10 Noura Chehab, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KSA Title: Transferring a Desert Into a Haven Concept: The key theme of the idea is the utilization and application of affordable energy efficient technologies such as solar energy, which is a natural, renewable source of energy. The Green Thinkers, Minia University, Egypt: Rofayda El-Emam, Ahmed Abd Alaziz, Bahaa El-Deen Khatter Title: Spiral Power Plant Concept: The focus of this idea is to use technology, based on natural designs, creating efficient shapes to produce energy and collect water. The main inspirations for this idea have been ants, snails, sea water and the Namib Desert Beetle. Shaimaa Ahmed, American University of Cairo, Egypt Title: Islamic Air Malkaf Concept: The concept is to use the Islamic Air Malkaf as a system to generate energy and water distillation. The idea is based on the air movement between different temperatures, in which air has different density. The movement leads to the production of energy. Mohamed Youssef, Suez Canal University, Egypt Title: Effective Desalination System Concept: The ideaís main focus is an ordinary desalination system; however the system is enhanced by multiple modifications to allow the system to operate in a highly efficient manner. All Sajid Malik, NEDUET University, Pakistan Title: Eco-Smart Water Plants Concept: The idea is motivated by the survival instincts of a desert lizard. The lizard collects water via condensation on the skin in the morning, and covers itself in sand to stay cool. The idea focuses on energy plants in the desert that operate in a manner similar to that of the lizard. Ahmed Ullah Mazullah, University of Technology and Engineering Lahore, Pakistan Title: Sand Driven Power Generation and Desalination Plant Concept: This idea focuses on generating energy through the falling motion of sand to turn a sand wheel. The idea also fulfills the need for drinking water through the use of a hydro-energy system to desalinate sea water. Loay Al-Mujadidi, American University of Sharjah, UAE Title: Hourglass Generator Concept: The concept behind this idea is to utilize gravity to create energy, by simply releasing sand from one chamber to another, and turning turbines which rest in between the two chambers. Group entry, Higher College of Technology, UAE: Yousef Jaber Al-Kuwaiti, Eisa Jaber Al-Kuwaiti, Abdulla Darwish Sulaiman Title: One-Man Green, Desert Survival Compartment Concept: The concept of One-Man green design is to provide a livable enclosed environment for a single person to be able to survive in the desert by generating electricity and heat from solar radiation. Group entry, University of Qatar, Qatar: Mohammed Mushtaha, Abdullah Zia Title: Isolated Living Towers Concept: The vision is to build a city with extremely tall towers surrounded by air turbines. Due to its height, the temperature at the top of the tower would be much lower, therefore the air can be absorbed for conditioning. One of the sources of energy would be created by air turbines.

DOHA: The winning team ‘The Green Thinkers’ strike a pose with their cash prize while Sheikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Al-Thani and Eric Kaeser, CEO of Siemens Middle East are pictured in the background.

Amr Sayed, Texas A&M University, Qatar Title: Sahara Concept: The concept of Sahara focuses on sharing energy sources within the city, different sections of the city being run on different energy sources, connected to a main energy network that allows the sharing of energy.

Bieber on baby claim: ‘100 percent not true’



Miss World

comes home as contest turns 60 (From left) Miss World contestants Miss Argentina, Antonella Kruger, Miss Brazil, Juceila Bueno, Miss Chile, Gabriela Pulgar Luco, Miss Venezuela, Ivian Sarcos, Miss Colombia, Monica Restrepo, and Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Perez, pose for photographers during a photo -call opposite Britain’s Houses of Parliament, in London, on October 31, 2011.


he glitz and glamour of Miss World returns to its British home to celebrate the global beauty contest’s 60th birthday today, with a billion viewers expected across the planet. A record 122 beauty queens from Albania to Zimbabwe are taking part in the pageant, which will be broadcast live to more than 150 countries. The contestants have spent the past two weeks on a whirlwind tour of Britain, whipping up excitement ahead of the final, which takes place tonight at the sold-out Earls Court Two venue in west London. While beauty has always been at the heart of the event, brains, skills and good causes also play a major role. This year more than half of the participants are studying for a degree, one in four are graduates and more than half speak at least three languages. “Every beautiful woman must have a purpose. Make your time worthwhile,” Miss World chair-

woman Julia Morley told the contestants as they kicked off their British tour. The contenders were given a trip round Scotland to see the Gleneagles golf course, Stirling Castle and Edinburgh Castle. They also tried out traditional Highland games, including caber tossing. Next stop was the prestigious University of Cambridge, where they took part in a debate on social responsibility and had a punt race on the River Cam. In London they went on a River Thames boat cruise to Greenwich, took a sightseeing opentop bus tour, went round the Tower of London and took a trip on the London Eye observation wheel. The finalists have already been through five competitions which will help determine the overall winner: beach beauty, top model, talent, sports and beauty with a purpose, where they can highlight a charity project. Before the winner is revealed, the

(From left) Miss World contestants Miss Singapore May Hsu, Miss Peru Odilia Pineda, Miss Mauritius Joelle Marie Justine Nagapen, Miss Panama Irene Nunez, Miss Paraguay Nicole Vera, Miss Latvia Alisa Miskovska and Miss Egypt Donia Soliman pose for photographers.

130-year-old coin fetches ‘record’ at Dutch auction


n American four-dollar gold coin dating back to 1879 went under the hammer at an auction in the Netherlands on Friday for a record price of 95,000 euros, auctioneers Schulman announced. “The highest ever price for the sale at auction of a gold coin was fetched during the Schulman auction,” the auction house said in a statement. “The 1879 four-dollar Stella from the United States was sold for 95,000 euros”, or $130,000, Schulman said. Only 425 four-dollar coins, also known as Stellas because of the five-pointed star that is the main design on the reverse, were made. Both the seller and the buyer of the rare coin wanted to remain anonymous. —AFP

final will see footage screened from the previous two weeks, contestants per forming national dances, footage from the talent show final and a parade. Organisers are playing up the 60th anniversary homecoming, with past winners returning to take part. The competition began in 1951, when Sweden’s Kiki Haakansson beat 25 other contestants to the title. Former Miss World contestants include Oscar-winning US actress Halle Berry, a 1986 finalist, and 1994 winner Aishwarya Rai, the Indian movie star. Twelve contestants have appeared in James Bond films. “Miss World is proud to be celebrating its 60th birthday by returning to London, the city where it all began,” a spokeswoman told AFP. But the return of the competition to London has angered feminist groups, who have pledged to stage protests that may evoke memories of the 1970 pageant in the

capital which was disrupted by feminist demonstrators. The contest’s charitable program, set up 40 years ago, has raised $800 million (580 million euros) to date, the spokeswoman said. Venezuela, India and the United Kingdom top the all-time leader board with five titles each, and leading British betting chains are tipping the South American country to claim a record sixth crown. “ This year ’s favourite is Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela-and she certainly has the full package,” said Ladbrokes news editor Craig Hares. “Miss Venezuela, from a large family with 12 siblings, has a degree in human resources and currently works for a broadcasting company. She seems smart money at 7/1.” William Hill and Coral also made her their favourite-Paddy Power chose Miss Bolivia at 5/1 — with bookmakers ranking Ireland, Puerto Rico,

(From left) Miss World contestants Miss Australia, Amber Jade Greasley, and Miss New Zealand, Mianette Broekman.

Hungary, England, the United States, Indonesia and Belgium among their top five. The chances of beleaguered Greece getting a Miss World boost are around 25/1. The competition final was held in London until 1989, and has since visited Hong Kong; Atlanta, Georgia; Sun City in South Africa; Bangalore and Mumbai, India; the Seychelles; Sanya in China; Warsaw; and Johannesburg. The last London final was in 2002 when it was switched from Nigeria after more than 200 people died in clashes sparked by a newspaper’s suggestion that the Muslim prophet Mohammed would have chosen a wife from among the contestants had he been alive. Miss United States, Alexandria Mills, won last year’s final, held in Sanya. Miss World has been running longer than its chief rival Miss Universe, which crowned Leila Lopes of Angola as its 2011 winner in September.—AFP

(From left) Miss World contestants Miss USA, Erin Cummins, Miss Canada, Riza Santos, Miss Mexico, Gabriela Palacio Diaz De Leon, Miss Guatamala, Lourdes Figueroa, Miss Costa Rica Paola Mayela Chaverri Viquez and Miss Dominican Republic, Marianly Tejada Burgos pose for photographers .

US agents seize painting believed stolen by Nazis US

officials Friday seized a valuable oil painting believed to have been stolen from its Jewish owners by the Nazis during World War Two. The 473-yearold “Christ Carrying the Cross Dragged by a Rogue” had been on display at the Mary Brogan Museum of Art of and Science in Tallahassee, Florida, since March. It was part of a collection of 50 paintings on loan from the Pinacoteca di Brera museum in Milan, Italy, for an exhibit due closed today. Agents for the US Department of Homeland Security seized the painting after months of legal wrangling and negotiations. According to

federal officials, the painting was owned by Federico Gentili di Giuseppe, an Italian Jew living in Paris, who died of natural causes in 1940 a month before Germany invaded France. The painting and over 70 other works were confiscated and sold by the French Vichy government in 1941. Gentili’s grandchildren filed suit in 1997 to get it back but its final ownership has not yet been determined. “Our pleadings make it very plain that we believe the heirs of Federico Gentili are the rightful owners,” US Attorney Pamela Marsha told reporters outside the federal courthouse in Tallahassee. Brogan museum

officials have been cooperating with federal agencies since being told in July that the painting, which was insured for $2.5 million, may have been obtained under duress. The piece, which authorities have identified as the work of Italian Renaissance artist Girolamo Romano, is among nearly 2,500 works of art and antiquities the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has repatriated to more than 20 countries since 2007. “The plundering of cultural property is one of the oldest forms of organized, cross-border crimes,” said Michael Kennedy, a DHS special agent. —Reuters

Jose Luis Aguirre and Michelle Smith Grindberg carefully remove a more than 400-year-old Italian painting from the Brogan Museum and ready it for transport on Friday. —AP

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