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Cruise Operation Management 4 Months Programme WELCOME ABROAD At Greencity Academy

Cruise Operation (UK) ✤

Recognized by Institute of Travel & Tourism UK

Recognized by cruise line across the world

Job Guaranteed after completion

Over 6000 jobs each year around the world

Investment for your future

Cruise Operation (UK)

Trusted & Reliable

First Cruise Ship program in South East Asia

Strongly recommend for Hospitality & Tourism Holder as an add on advantage

Only Available at Greencity.

Cruise Crew Benefit ✤



Life-saving and life-affirming Great job prospects Increased knowledge & understanding Skills advantage

Marketable profile

Genuine pass certificate

Recognised worldwide

Recruiting cruise lines & hiring partners

Automated application

Qualification? The Minimum Requirement As A Cruise Crew is:

Fluency in English Language

Ability to communicate well

Computer Literacy

Well groomed

Customer service experience

Friendly personality

Worldwide Affiliate Colleges

Course Detail ✤

Module 1: Introduction to the Industry

Module 10: Master Rules & Regulations

Module 2: Cruise Ship Types

Module 11: Living Onboard

Module 3: Cruise Line Profiles

Module 12: Working Onboard

Module 4: The Passenger

Module 13: Customer Service at Sea

Module 5: Cruise Geography

Module 14: Health & Safety Onboard

Module 6: Ports of Call

Module 15: Safety & Emergency Equipment

Module 7: Nautical Times & Time Zones

Module 16: Procedures & Drills

Module 8: Cruise Terminology

Module 17: Security & Port Authorities

Module 9: Hierarchy of a Cruise Ship

Module 18: Essential Skills at Sea

……………………………………………………………………………………………….. The course has been created in association with leading international cruise lines and has been recognized by the Institute of Travel & Tourism (UK)

Study & Placement Pathway Confirmation & Offer Contract *Min Wages USD1000 – USD1500 per month

3 months (Student VISA)

(Working VISA)

Cruise Ship Management (UK)

Job Placement

1 month

Marine License Training (STCW95) *USD850 (Including Accommodation & Logging in India, Examination Fee.

15 days 4 months (Training VISA)

Internship *Allowance USD400 – USD500 per month

Successful Stories Allow me to congratulate the "cruise line diploma team" for this wonderful course. I found the course very interesting, condensed, covers all areas and very easy to digest. I would recommend it to everybody interested in working on a cruise ship. I have learned many things that can be applied not only in the cruise line industry but in everyday life and it will definitely help me secure a position in the cruise industry. Mr Liès Safar Remali, Canada

Successful Candidate I found the Cruise Ship Diploma course very helpful and interesting. I had so many questions about what working on a cruise ship is like and what it entails. This course definitely gave me some insight and I am really looking forward to life at sea! I also enjoyed learning more about the cruise ship industry as I knew nothing about it previously. I want to thank you for putting this course together and helping someone like me get a better understanding of what to expect and what to look forward to. Thank you. Ms Sheila Lalog, Canada

Successful Candidate The Cruise Ship Diploma course was really interesting, enjoyable and really helpful!!! What I really liked about the course it was really understandable. My mother language is not english but it was really easy to understand :) This is the best course for anybody who is looking for cruise ship jobs because now I know exactly what I have to do and how to do it. So a big THANK YOU for your help. Ms Szilvia Both, Romania

Successful Candidate From the the outset I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to the Head of Training and all other team members for all your personal and genuine co-operation to help me complete this course in a very short period with 95%. Throughout the course I accumulated a lot of new ideas and information about working on cruise ships and I am positive that I’ll be on board very soon. The course is detailed and elaborate in covering all aspects about the Cruise Ship industry and I would recommend it to everyone. Mr P.Jeyaraj, India

Frequently Asked Questions Q & A Section January 2012

Frequently Asked Questions ✤

Q. Can I use the diploma for any Cruise Ship interview? A. The course has been created in association with leading international cruise lines and has been recognized by the Institute of Travel & Tourism. Your diploma certificate can be used to impress at any cruise line interview and is recognized on a worldwide basis. Along with the course certificate you will also gain a greater understanding of the cruise ship industry and a deep understanding of the role of a crew member and this will benefit you when applying for a job on any cruise ship worldwide.


Q. By completing the course how will it make it easier for me to find a position working on board a cruise ship? A. It will show to industry recruiters your commitment and dedication to gaining a job on a cruise ship and as a result they are much more likely to give you an interview. In addition applicants who have completed the Cruise Ship Diploma are attractive to cruise ship employers, as they are more knowledgeable and unlikely to fail the onboard training courses.

Frequently Asked Questions ✤

Q. Can I use the diploma for any Cruise Ship position? A. Yes. The Cruise Ship Diploma course will support your application for any type of position onboard because the modules give you the essential training that any new crew member entering the industry needs to know and understand before working on board. The diploma certificate you will receive at the end of the course details the modules that you have studied.

Q. Does the Cruise Ship Diploma replace the STCW-95 Certificate? A. No. The Cruise Ship Diploma does not replace the STCW-95 course because the STCW-95 is a physical safety at sea training course that must be obtained by all seafarers, regardless of which sector of the shipping industry they are working in. However, several of the modules have been designed by our training team to complement the STCW-95 perfectly and prepare applicants for much of the safety training you will receive, helping you pass the course much easier than had you attended with zero knowledge. What’s more, the Cruise Ship Diploma training course is 100% specific to the Cruise Ship Industry and covers all aspects of working on cruise ships from safety and emergency procedures, drills and equipment to living and working on board, duties and responsibilities of crew, hospitality at sea, industry terminology and much more. You can view the training modules you will study here.

Frequently Asked Questions ✤

Q. What age do Cruise ships normally recruit crew members from? A. For most positions on board, the minimum recruitment age is 21 years.

Q. What is the maximum age Cruise lines recruit crew members to? A. There is no upper age limit to enroll on this course. However when it comes to working on cruise ships, it’s important that that you’re in a good state of health and have high levels of energy and enthusiasm for the position. If you can demonstrate this you can be asset to any cruise line company.

Frequently Asked Questions ✤

Q. Do you have to have a good knowledge of English to complete the course? A. Yes. The universal language of the seas is English and in fact all employers require a good standard of English from applicants. If your level of English is not reasonable you may have some difficulty. However, the course is easy to follow and understand.


Q. How do I know the course information is current and up to date? A. Our own cruise ship training instructors, who have a lot of experience in training and recruitment of cruise ship personnel, have produced the course. Updates are constantly carried out in line with changes to best practice and regulatory authority guidelines and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions ✤

Q. Can you tell me more about the certificate I will receive? A. You will receive an attractive pass certificate when you have completed the course which details all of the modules you have completed. A hard-copy of your certificate is dispatched to you from our UK training center approximately 24 hours after you have completed the course. You will also receive a PDF version of your certificate which you can which you use when applying for positions online or by email.


Q. Does everyone who completes the course receive a certificate? A. Yes, however each certificate indicates a % grade to show how well each applicant has completed the test questions. It is important for you to take your time to complete each module to ensure you answer as many questions as possible accurately.



See You Soon. Only Available In Greencity January 2012


4 Months Programme WELCOME ABROAD At Greencity Academy ✤ Over 6000 jobs each year around the world ✤ Recognized by cruise line across the wo...