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KUTA WEEKLY Volume 7, Issue 393


19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)


BALI V-TWIN DOCTOR Kuta Townhouses


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Monday to Sunday 5:30pm to 10:30pm

High Speed WiFi in Bali TELKOM Indonesia Installs First of Planned One Million WiFi Corners Offering 100 Mbps Connections TELKOM Indonesia has installed the first of a planned one million high speed broadband WiFi Corners – Internet access points with speed capacities of 100 Mbps. The inaugural two WiFi Corners are in Surabaya and Warung Taman, located behind the STIKOM Campus in Denpasar. continue to page 2

If you have any interesting articles or would like to advertise please send to - Ph. 087 860 904 078


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Continued from page 1 TELKOM is selecting locations, focusing initially on places of education, for their High Speed WiFi Corners to ease communication access. The next locations targeted in Bali for WiFi Corners with 100 Mbps connections are a t U d a y a n a U n i v e r s i t y, Maponda Campus, Jalan Waturenggong and Jalan


19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Komboja. A TELKOM spokesman said the company targets to install not less than one million WiFi access points by 2015. The WiFi points will be devided across four SSID (Service Set Identifiers): Speedy Instan@wifi.I'd, @wifi.I'd, Flashzone-seamless and Flash Zone. The public will be able to

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Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

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access these points via Speedy Instan Cards with unlimited access at a cost of Rp. 5,000 for one day or Rp. 50,000 for 30 days or with a Speedy Instan Card. Speedy Instand Car Brazil costs Rp. 99,000 for 30 days use and allows live streaming of World Cup Soccer matches.


Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

BALI THE RIGHT WAY Gday again folks and welcome to issue 393. I remember a time in life when this number would be about the best engine you could build and stick in a ford, now it's the amount of weeks we have been bringing the newspaper to the island and its visitors and we are not planning on stopping anytime soon. Over the last few weeks I have been throwing around the topic of the dreaded social media platforms and the like and we have had a slight amount of success in stemming the amount of rubbish that seems to be laid on them. I sat with an old mate last week and discussed the situation and he identified one very good point about these postings and that was, the time these were being put up was generally in the early hours of the morning which in real terms means there is potential that the members doing so have probably been out all day or afternoon and had a few drinks and when getting home to the safety of the computer, have decided to do what they think is best and that's to voice their opinions while hiding behind a computer screen. This kind of made sense to me when I looked at the postings and indeed there are a lot of opinionated people in the early hours every day isn't there ?? Anyways, I don't want to ramble on about this again and will not be wasting my precious time or yours, writing about it in this column anymore. I will in closing on the matter, thank a few of the readers that sent in emails to the same regard and am happy that not everyone online is a half wit. I will publish one last thing that I did see in a forum and hope the most of you enjoy it as much as I did. The post was as follows: First we had complainers. Awesome. Now we have complainers about complainers complaining. Woohoo! So should we start complaining about the people who complain about complainers complaining? Or am I too late? Feel free to take it to the next level. Or three. Because there's no such thing as too much whining. Thanks for the input LJ and I look forward to seeing how this pans out over the next few months. Ok moving along this week a big congratulation goes out to Mr Nigel from Echo Beach who took out the Publicans challenge late last week. For those of you that don't know it was a kind of fitness effort for a few publicans that “shall we say” have been living the good life for a few too many years on the island. We all know just how easy it is to fall into a lazy lifestyle while living here, even if you are working fulltime. Well done to the other contenders and I trust that you keep up the good work Mr. Nigel. Mr. Nigel and his wife run and own the Echo Beach restaurant in Canguu along with the Plumbers Arms pub which is about halfway to Echo Beach. They have been supporting the paper for many years and run about the best seafood restaurant on the island. I find the best day to go and get a great feed at Echo Beach is Sunday as they have the islands best band, Crazy Horse, playing all the old favorites every week. Well done Mr. Nigel and thanks to you and Miss Jacky for your ongoing support.

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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Army tattoos recruit more soldiers The Army is set to relax the rules on tattoos in a desperate bid to recruit m o r e soldiers. T h e c h a n g e emerged as senior Ministry of Defense figures were grilled by MPs over botched defense reforms. The Government is axing 20,000 regular troops and is supposed to increase reservists to 30,000 to fill the gap.

But the process is running up to six years late and threatening to cripple the army and could end up costing more. Troops are not allowed tattoos on their hands, neck or face under rules that apply to all three services.

But many prime reservist recruits have body art below their cuffs or above their collar. So defense chiefs are set to change the rules to boost reservists. A spokesman said: “The army is currently reviewing its policy in tattoos. “This will be carefully considered and needs to remain relevant to modern society but also be consistent with the high standards that the country demands from members of its armed forces.”

Get Inked @ Bali Ink

Ok folks, in closing and on a completely different note, the Pressure Hour is back at Crusoe's Bar and Restaurant on Legian Street so we all know what that means. The beer is Bintang and its free for an hour so long as no one goes to the toilet or leaves the bar. I've had a few funny nights at Crusoe's pressure hour and watched a few blokes almost wet their pants. It's funny as hell with Mr. Ron always making sure the guests are well catered for. Again Crusoe's have been long term supporters of the Kuta Weekly and we thank them for the same. I hope that all our readers get in and have a try at the pressure hour and have a beer on Bintang. Ok folks, that's about my lot for the week and I trust that the most of you stay safe, happy, healthy and always remember, It's all fun and games till immigration arrive. Enjoy Your Week. ALIASJ…. Go The Blues.


R.I.P Rick Mayall


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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

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The Hotel Job

WEEKLY SPORTS PROGRAMMES Jl. Poppies I, Pasar Agung, Kuta, Bali Telp: (0361) 761464 website : Round 13


FRIDAY Richmond v Syd. Swans @ 5.30pm SATURDAY Port Adelaide v Bulldogs @ 11.30am Hawthorn v Collingwood @ 12noon Gold Coast v Geelong @ 2.30pm Fremantle v Brisbane @ 5.30pm Essendon v Adelaide Crow @ 5.30pm SUNDAY GWS v Carlton @ 11.00am St. Kilda v West Coast @ 1.00pm Melbourne v North Melb. @ 2.30pm

FRIDAY Raiders v Bulldogs @ 5.30pm SATURDAY Warriors v Broncos @ 3.30pm Sharks v Sea Eagles @ 5.30pm SUNDAY Storm v Eels @ 12noo 2.00pmn Titans v Dragons @ MONDAY Knights v Cowboys @ 5.00pm


Formula 1

Australia v France @ 12.30pm New Zealand v England @ 3.25pm


2014 mid-year Test

B a l i H o t e l Association Members Travels to Bandung, West Java to Offer Jobs and Opportunities to Young Hoteliers Members hotels of the Bali Hotels Association recently sent representatives to Bandung, West Java to participate in Grand Recruitment 2014. Organized by leading hotel school - STP Bandung, the 2-day event had 9,000 jobs seeking to be filled. Over 100 of these vacancies were from members of the Bali Hotels Association. Lucky candidates participating in the Badung event secured interviews and the promise of full-time employment at Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, Fontana Hotel, Grand Nikko

Bali, Bali Safari & Marine Park, Sheraton Kuta, Hanging Gardens Ubud and The Villas at Bali National Golf Club. Hospitality executives, Nia Septinawati and Reza Sunardi from Hotel Padma Bali at Legian, are responsible for BHA's Scholarship and Education Program. They explained that they were extremely impressed at the response from BHA members and the ongoing efforts that are being made to assist young job seekers.

This recruitment event was a platform to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers in the tourism and hospitality sector. Hopeful candidates had the opportunity to attend a series of seminars and tabletop meetings. Va l u a b l e i n f o r m a t i o n regarding job placement for graduates to work overseas was also available. Bali Hotels Association is a professional group of star rated hotels and resorts in Bali. Members include general managers from more than 100 hotels and resorts representing over 15,000 hotel rooms and almost 30,000 employees in the tourism sector.

Sat. & Sun- @ 8.00pm

Saturday 21th

DRAUGHT BEER PROMOTION Small (330ml) - Rp.25,000 Large (500ml) - Rp.32,000


Small (330ml) - Rp.20,000 Large (500ml) - Rp.26,000 6

SLUSHY PROMOTION HAPPY HOURS BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Monday - Friday (weekly) from 4:00pm till 6:00pm

- Tropical - Pineapple - Strawberry 7

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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

News Corner

No Ships on Tanah Ampo's Horizon

Reflections in Bali Post on the Failed Tanah Ampo International Cruise Terminal The Bali Post recently r e v i s i t e d t h e Ta n a h A m p o International Cruise Terminal Project in the East Bali region of Karangasem via an article titled “The Regency Remains Optimistic, Local Residents Resigned.” The report relates the disappointment of the people of the village of Tanah Ampo, Manggis in Karangasem on their government's failure to deliver on its promise to create a viable international cruise terminal to drive the local economy. More than Rp. 155 billion (US$13.5 million) of public funds has been expended on building the port that remains uncompleted and off the itinerary of international cruise ships. Similarly, Rp. 600 million (US$52,000) taken from public budgets to build an arts market for visiting cruise passengers has been shifted into a makeshift and poorly attended traditional handicrafts market and public market. The pet project of the Regent of Karangasem, long-time local residents were more or less compelled to surrender ancestral farming land to make way for construction of the terminal and access roads.


A local community leader, Nyoman Sadra, told Bali Post how land handed over under protest to the Government to build roads to the port were also promised that land titles would be changed without charge by the Regency. In fact, this promise has not been kept with compensation for their ancestral lands unpaid and tax bills for these same lands, now occupied by public roads, being charged to the villagers. Championed since 2008 by Karangasem's Regent I Wayan Geredeg as a facility destined to become “the biggest cruise port in Southeast Asia.” Rushing ahead, Geredeg sought to acquire land, build access roads and construct port buildings and other supporting facilities. While this was happening ashore, the Central Government rushed to build a 150-meter long pier. S a d l y, s u b s e q u e n t investigations by State Auditors

indicate that the Central and Regional governments have built structures on land to which they hold no title. The dock built at a high cost with State Funds is inadequate both in strength, length and overall design to allow cruise ships to berth. Floating pontoons, inexpertly built to facilitate the transition of passengers from ships tenders to the new pier have been insufficient to that tasked and washed away in the strong waves striking the shores in East Java. The few ship's that have tried to land passengers at the Tanah Ampo Terminal have complained about the poor infrastructure and now divert to the better situated and better equipped Port of Benoa in South Bali. While the Wayan Geredeg as Regent of Karangasem remains optimistic that the plans to make a world class cruise terminal at Tanah Ampo can still be realized, the public continues to live in an atmosphere of relative poverty and unfulfilled promises.


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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

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Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

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Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

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Kuta Weekly

WEDDINGS, PARTIES, ANYTHING!!! INTRODUCING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Stunning 360 views around Kuta/Legian, Fully covered roofing with beautiful breezes coming through from Kuta Beach.


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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Kuta Town Houses New ROOF TOP Venue Featuring our “Infamous” Brazilian Aussie BBQ & Charcoal Spit Roast @ Kuta Town Houses

Facilities Includes: * Fully equipped Bar & Services * Seating capacity up to 300 pax * Staging area with full music and microphone system * Air Conditioned restrooms


“WEDDING, EVENT & PARTY ORGANIZERS! Newly built rooftop function centre for

WEDDINGS PARTY ANYTHING is having a soft launch dinner & party strictly by invitation only. please send us your full name along with company details and we will get back to you. 12

Package Option STARTER Finger Food

MAIN (choice of) Charcoal Spit Roast or Brazilian Aussie BBQ Includes: Salads + soup + Roasted vegetables + condiments


DRINK MENU PACKAGE A Beer - Bintang bottle & draught, San Miguel bottle & draught, Heineken bottle, KTH Vodka Slushies of Pineapple, Tropical & Strawberry Local wines & soft drinks

DRINK MENU PACKAGE B Open Bar - which includes all drinks in package A plus spirits including whisky, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, bacardi, baileys and cocktails as per drink menu

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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

News Corner

President Opens Bali Arts Festival Month-Long Celebration of the Arts Opened by President at 36th Annual Bali Arts Festival Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono formally opened the 36th Bali Arts Festival on Friday, June 13, 2014 via an opening parade held in dowtown Denpasar. Also in attendance was Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika who said, “This parade presents the synergistic connection between agriculture and life in Bali; a tradition that values both land and water.” Good weather and sunny skies welcomed the Indonesian president who presided at the opening of the month-long festival for the tenth year, his final appearance in that capacity as his term of office expires in 2014. As reported by the State News Agency Antara, the colossal parade featured dance and performance groups from across Bali and the entire Indonesian archipelago. Also adding to the merriment of the occasion was an appearance by a marching band and a foreign performance group from India. Yanti of Bali Virtual Assistant kindly provided this article's images from the opening parade of the 36th Bali Arts Festival.

14 + 16 " + plus size clothing for both Ladies and men” + 18


+ + JL. POPPIES 1 KUTA, BALI PHONE : +62 878 624 79785 email. 14


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Sports Corner

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Questions being asked of Brisbane's salary cap but not their attack with Ben Hunt leading and his men delivering BRISBANE coach Anthony Griffin started this season as one of the most under-pressure to perform or risk losing his job. Many tipped the Broncos mentor would face the axe early but he shocked his critics with an unlikely halves pairing leading the show. Despite starting the season without star centre Justin Hodges and having axed Sam Thaiday as captain, the Broncos have kept a rein on any drama surrounding their club. While the club's high profiled recruit Ben Barba failed to live up to the lofty expectations placed upon him in the pre-season, the fullback is starting to find his feet. have a lot to be proud of so The same cannot be said far this season. for their other big name signing With Barba joining the club M a r t i n K e n n e d y, w h o i s to play fullback, Josh Hoffman languishing away in the wanted out but having found a Queensland Cup. The Broncos home at five-eighth, Hoffman has FIRST IN INDONESIA

b e c o m e a complementary partner for Hunt in the halves. It seems their young guns can do no wrong. Andrew McCullough proved the Broncos didn't need to spend millions on Cameron Smith to have a top quality hooker controlling the middle third of the field. This year Josh McGuire has emerged as a genuine star, to the extent that the Broncos now have a fight in their hands to retain him next season. Their backrow continues to fire with Matt Gillett showing great improvement for the second straight season. And while questions are being asked of the club's salary cap, like all their other dramas, the Broncos continue to operate with the 'business as usual' mantra, which seems to be their winning formula.

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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

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Biomicrobe The Natural Solution When Only The Best Will Do Full range of water treatment services Daily Water Usage Do you have yellow or brown or foul tap water? if so then we have a complete range of services including pressure pumps and filtration units

Sewage Our BIOMICROBES prevents blockages, foul smelling odours as well as cleaning septic tanks and grease traps.

Ponds Our BIOMICROBES will revitalise and removes sludge from ponds Full range of filtration and oxygen supply units available

NATURAL | NO DRUGS | NO NEEDLES HEALTH Migraines * Verigo * Insomnia * Depression * Sinusitis * Sciatica * Accelerate * Blood circulation * Increase Speed Metabolism.

BEAUTY Anti aging * Weight Loss * Pesky Double chin * Hairloss * Periorbital Puffiness

Pertokoan Niaga Dewa Ruci B5 Jl. Sunset Road Boulevard, Kuta, Bali - 80361 Phone: (0361) 766.747 / 764.223 SMS: 0878.6131.8699 26A335C1 @TakShingBali


Operation hours: Mon - Sat : 09:00 - 19:00 Sun : Off

Tak Shing stands in 2009 in Hongkong. Tak shing is first electric therapy in Indonesia. Tak shing electric current therapy relies on the earth electric currents which can stimulate the body’s detoxification systems through combination of fingers touch and gentle massage that will open drains that are clogged in the body blood flow smoothly and make the body healthier and fresh. During on going therapy, client will be satisfied and feel “maximum relaxation”


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed For more information please contact us E-mail: Web: HP: 082144228492 Home: 0361 - 8707907 17

Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Sports Corner

What really goes on inside the locker rooms at an AFL match

PIZZAS, slabs of Coke and an iPod cranked to the max. It sounds like a frat party, but this is actually what you'll find inside a professional sports locker room on game day. Apart from a brief glimpse during a TV broadcast, few of us ever get to see what really goes on in a locker room, but I was lucky enough to be invited into the Port Power rooms for their game against the Sydney Swans at the SCG on Saturday. BEFORE THE GAME THERE are five main areas inside: a meeting room, a warm-up area, a change room, a physio room and the showers. Walking in 20 minutes before the first bounce, I am immediately struck by the tense atmosphere in the warm-up area. The players are kicking balls to each other with the coach, Ken Hinkley, standing nearby and observing, silently. The players, too, are quiet, their minds clearly preoccupied with the upcoming game. An assistant coach, Josh Carr, breaks the silence by barking instructions at the players to line up for a different drill. The team splits into two lines, each player facing another and then running at each other, bumping into their teammate with enough force that would send me flying through the wall.


You can sense their testosterone levels rising, as too do their voices. The room becomes n o i s y, f i l l e d w i t h players and the assistant coach yelling w o r d s o f encouragement to each other. “Plenty of run for us today, boys.” “This is ours today, it's our time.” “Know your role. They don't want to be here.” The coach then calls the players over and they hush and huddle around him. In a calm yet authoritative tone, he delivers some last minute words of wisdom and encouragement to his players. As Hinkley finishes his last-minute address, an assistant grabs an iPod which is plugged into the speaker system and hits play on Rudimental's Not Giving In. The volume is cranked, the boys slap each other on the back and then they run up the race and out onto the ground with the song blaring in the background. Not Giving In AFTER THE GAME AIMING for their first win at the SCG since 2006, Port Adelaide comes agonisingly close, losing to the Swans by just four points in a tense game. When I enter the Port locker room after the final siren, the players are already in the meeting area getting debriefed by the coach. I walk around, expecting to be smacked in the face by the smell of sweat, but I am instead greeted by the unmistakable scent of pizza. To my surprise, there are dozens of pizzas inside the change room with slabs of Coke on ice as well. The players eventually come out

of the meeting and they all sit down in the warm-up area. They are quiet, their heads are down and many are limping. A trainer tells them to “weigh in and have your protein,” so they take it in turns to stand on the scales and write their post-match weight on a sheet stuck to the wall. The players are then run through five minutes of stretching by a trainer and bags of ice are handed around and strapped to legs and arms, even shoved down the front of pants to soothe sore groins. The room is still quiet. After the stretching, the players' family and friends begin entering the room. So too does Sunrise host David “Kochie” Koch, the Port chairman. It strikes me that the atmosphere is like a wake. Not many people are talking, but when they do it is in hushed tones and smiles are few and far between. Heads are low. Kochie mingles with the families, then walks over to each of the players and offers words of consolation. After a quick chat with their loved ones, the players head to the change room area where they smash the pizzas and drink Coke and Gatorade. Some have ice baths while others go straight to the showers. One player comes out of the shower on crutches and a woman standing near me gasps, puts her hands to her face and says, “What happened?” “It's his mum,” whispers a trainer in my ear. The players' loved ones begin to leave, Kochie departs, and the players get dressed and gather in the meeting room for a final debrief. They board the team bus and the rooms are empty again.

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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Kuta Weekly Surf Chart


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JUNE 2014 Date Thurs 19 Fri 20 Sat 21 Sun 22 Mon 23 Tue 24 Wed 25

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Open For Lunch & Dinner, 10.30am Till late Western Food * Portugese Food Indonesian Food * Balinese Food Aussie, Steak, Ribs & Peri-Peri Chicken Jl. Benesari No. 20 Legian - Kuta HP. 082 144 214 377 Capo Chunky Chunks

Manager Capo : 081 237599734 19

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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

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Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Sports Corner

Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

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MotoGP's riders and teams assemble for testing the day after the barnstorming Catalunya GP engine, as well as a THERE'S no rest for the new exhaust and harder wicked in MotoGP.

Bridgestone front tyre. But Lorenzo suspects he may have found a cure for his ills, a lack of edge grip from his tyres, fundamental to Lorenzo's high corner speed riding style. “We tried something for more stability on the exit of the corners and I am more happy for that because this was the biggest problem that I had this year,” Lorenzo told the gathered media. “We have found our solution for this issue so it's a pity that we found this today and not for yesterday, but for the next tracks I think [it will be] much better.” His teammate Rossi hinted that he will hopefully come to terms with Yamaha for a new contract sooner rather than later. “I hope in the next week to fix everything, to sign the contract,” he said. “There is no surprise and we are already okay, more or less.” The new Suzuki was also out in force, Randy de Puniet logging a time that was 2.499s off Marquez's pace, while Moto2 racer Dominique Aegerter spent the day aboard the Avintia team's Open-class bike. The factory Hondas weren't standing still, with Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa testing out new front forks and a revised electronics package. A l e i x Espargaro, so far the dominant man in the Open class aboard what is effectively a 2013-spec Yamaha M1, tested out the new chassis his Forward Racing team will have to run next year. It was the Catalan's first time on MOOMOOS want to see the Score even the bike, despite teammate Colin WATCH LIVE HERE AT Edwards using the frame in recent races, Espargaro SEE PAGE 24-25

With the memories of the thrilling Catalunya Grand Prix still fresh in mind, the riders and teams rolled into Barcelona on Monday for the second in-season test day of the year. No prizes for guessing who was fastest — that man Marquez — but just a few tenths behind him was Bradley Smith. The Brit had been a disappointment on the Sunday after fading back to a distant tenth, a frustrating performance after hoping to scrap it among the second group. “It seems to have been the tyre,” Smith told “We put a tyre from Saturday on the bike this morning and straightaway I matched the lap time from the race and actually ended up going about four tenths quicker just on that tyre. “So frustrating to say the least, but the nice thing is I didn't forget to ride between warm-up and the race.” Another man to suffer woes in the race was Jorge Lorenzo. The former world champion has looked a shadow of his former self this season, with only a pair of fighting second places to balance out the days where he couldn't even come to terms with his own teammate, never mind the dominating Hondas. Both he and Valentino Rossi tried out the 2015-spec Yamaha


MOOMOOS Bar & Restaurant


describing it as better than his current bike in slow corner but worse in the faster ones: “The first test is good but we need to work a lot.” Ducati's five riders, with little in new parts to try, spent their day working on bike setup and refining the tricky Desmosedeci's electronics package. The Pramac bikes of Andrea Iannone and Yonny Hernandez were quicker than the factory bikes of Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow, who sandwiched a battered and bruised Alvaro Bautista, the Spaniard logging a minimum of laps aboard the Gresini team's Honda. The other big test of the day was of a change to the track. The first 30 minutes of running saw riders taking the slower, tighter Turn 10 at the end of the back straight, the corner used by Formula 1. The change was trialled to give riders more run-off area at the end of the fast back straight, after several riders reached the tyre barriers during the race weekend. The riders reaction was mixed, MotoGP race director Mike Webb reporting their initial impressions were “more or less 50/50 split” on its obvious benefit to safety, versus the slower nature of the corner and multiple entry lines could potentially cause more crashes. Webb also said that riders will test potential changes on the Thursday before the German Grand Prix as they look to improve the safety of the legendary 'waterfall' Turn 11. The next time the bikes will be in action is less than two weeks away, with practice getting underway next Thursday at Assen ahead of the Dutch TT.


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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Sports Corner

THURSDAY Syd. Swans v Geelong @ 5.00pm FRIDAY St. Kilda v Collingwood @ 5.30pm SATURDAY Melbourne v Port Adelaide @ 11.30am B. Lions v Carlton @ 2.30pm Essendon v Richmond @ 5.30pm SUNDAY Adelaide v Gold Coast S. @ 1.00pm W. Bulldogs v Fremantle @ 2.30pm Hawthorn v GWS @ 2.30pm West Coast v North Melb. @ 6.00pm



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Sports Corner

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

W 10 9 9 9 8 8 7 7 6 6 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 3

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 9

F A Pts 1317 917 40 1403 956 36 1178 865 36 1113 1001 36 1060 846 32 1064 897 32 1027 955 28 1124 1096 28 972 918 24 1077 1031 24 1086 990 20 1034 1189 16 989 1166 16 750 956 16 1026 1102 12 1008 1319 12 823 1306 12 767 1308 12

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ROUND 14 CLUB 1 Panters 2 Sea Eagles 3 Rabbitohs 4 Roosters 5 Broncos 6 Bulldogs 7 Eels 8 Wests Tigers 9 Storm 10 Cowboys 11 Warriors 12 Titans 13 Dragons 14 Raiders 15 Sharks 16 Knights

P 13 12 14 14 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 12 12

W 9 8 9 9 8 8 8 7 7 6 6 6 5 4 2 2

B 1 2 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1

L 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 9 10 11

F 279 264 327 331 296 259 291 261 252 282 288 217 233 240 155 198

A 204 212 209 217 208 210 293 294 298 213 285 278 303 350 290 309

Pts 20 20 18 18 18 18 18 16 16 14 14 14 12 10 8 6

Germany coach Joachim Loew picks nose before shaking hands with Cristiano Ronaldo EEEEEEEEEW! Germany coach Joachim Loew has added insult to injury after his side trounced Portugal, picking his nose before shaking the hand of beaten superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Having cut a frustrated figure during a terrible 4-0 loss against the Germans, Ronaldo trudged off the pitch towards Loew, who was revelling in his team's continuation of its bogey team status against the Portuguese. The coach, who has form in this area, was caught fiddling away inside his nostril as Ron approached and he didn't even bother to wipe his hand before shaking. The incident sent social media into a frenzy.


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P 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

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Padma St.

CLUB 1 Port Adelaide 2 Hawthorn 3 Syd. Swans 4 Geelong Cats 5 Fremantle 6 Collingwood 7 North Melb. 8 Gold Coast S. 9 Essendon 10 Adelaide Crows 11 West Coast E. 12 Carlton 13 W. Bulldogs 14 Melbourne 15 Richmond 16 GWS Giants 17 Brisbane Lions 18 St. kilda

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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

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This villa features modern Balinese-style accommodation with a private pool, sun terrace and a landscaped garden. A 10minute drive from Jimbaran Bay, boasting an open concept living and dining area, comes with a fully-equipped kitchen and a private terrace overlooking the pool and greenery. A flat-screen TV is included. En suite bathrooms are semi open and equipped with shower facilities. A 20-minute drive from the property takes guests to Ngurah Rai International Airport and Nusa Dua area.


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Sports Corner

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Volvo finding direct link between boosted sales and their involvement in V8 Supercars

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News Corner

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)



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“Win on Sunday, sell on Monday,” went the saying. Volvo is doing just that in Australia, and its bosses say the sales are the direct result of their involvement in V8 Supercars. Still considered a safe, unexciting car for older people to drive to lawn bowls, Volvo entered the exciting, highoctane sport to turn around their image and raise their profile. From the moment they first revealed their bespoke, baby-blue Volvo S60R V8 Supercar in the shadows of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, sitting beside it was the road-going S60 in vivid Passion Red. Volvo continued to drive home the link between the V8 racer and the car you can buy with an aggressive marketing campaign of bold print, billboard and television ads. GoAuto is reporting that Volvo has recorded doubledigit sales growth since the start of the year. And not just of its S60, but also its V60 station wagon variant. “At the midway point of the racing calendar, S60 sedan sales have risen 62.6 per cent for the first five months of the year with 296 new registrations, compared to 182 over the same period last year,” GoAuto's Tim Nicholson wrote. While the car is still well behind its rivals in the midsize sedan market, Volvo's progress in just one year is startling. Although the very point of getting into V8 Supercars was to drive road car sales, even Volvo were taken by surprise at their immediate success. “Since literally the weekend of the Clipsal 500 (February 27 to March 2), our enquiry rates have mostly doubled since our pre-racing days,” Matt Braid, Volvo Car Australia managing director, said. “We track that weekly and, if you take out school



THERE was an old adage that a carmaker that could post good results on the racetrack would see immediate benefits on the showroom floor.





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To Mall

Available holidays, there is a spike in enquiry the week after every race meeting we have been at this year. “It is tracking that directly, which we didn't anticipate. We knew it would help, but to have that direct correlation of 'race on Sunday, sell on Monday', that surprised us.” The V8s are set to race at Hidden Valley this weekend. If the statistics stay to form, expect to see a few more Volvos on the street next week.


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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

News Corner

Research reveals Aussies' drinking habits A N E W survey has revealed Aussies' drinking habits and many of the findings will surprise you.

Generation Y also appears to have more healthy habits, in that 60 per cent of them only ever drank while in the company of others, ahead of gen X (46 per cent) and Baby Boomers (32 per cent). More than half of those surveyed admitted to having drunk too much and embarrassing themselves before; and one in three said they spent too much on alcohol. Men are the heaviest drinkers, with 37 per cent admitting to drinking more than six drinks in one You would sitting at least once a week, compared to 22 per cent assume that the of women. younger generation would splash out the most on alcohol, right? Well, it turns that the average Baby Boomer out spends the average gen Y by $41 a month, according to a national study by customer research business Canstar Blue. Respondents showed that a Baby Boomer's average monthly spend on alcohol was $130, which compared to $116 for generation X and $89 for generation Y. You might think that the Aussie drink of choice is a cold one, but the research reveals that we prefer a good drop of red. Twenty-seven per cent of those surveyed said they enjoyed red wine the most, while 24 per cent chose beer. Next were white wine (16 per cent), cider (7 per cent), whiskey (7 per cent) and vodka (6 per cent). Other findings were that the average Aussie spends $118 on alcohol a month, with Victorians spending the most ($133) and Queenslanders the least ($98); and men ($131) splurging more than women ($100). Canstar Blue business unit leader Megan Doyle said the study, which surveyed 469 people across the country who had bought alcohol online in the past six months, threw up some interesting results. “While many of us enjoy a drink, a lot of Aussies also seem to think they know a lot about it, as our research shows, with around a third of respondents believing they are something of an expert on wine or beer,” she said. “The research has also produced some interesting stats about what people like to drink. For instance, Queenslanders love their red wine more than people from any other state, which you could say is surprising given the hot climate, which you might say is more suited to beer.”



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News Corner

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Kuta Weekly

Dad Did Something about it

Bali – June 27th 2014

'After all, who wouldn't want to feel younger…?’ A New, Younger You Awaits Asia's First 'Feel Younger Summit' at Pan Pacific Nirwana June 27, 2014 Asia's first "Feel Younger Summit – a Health and Wellness Event" presented for the over-40s, Generation-X and Baby Boomers will take place on June 27, 2014 at the Pan Pacific Nirwana Resort near Bali's fabled Tanah Lot Temple. The inspiring, jam-packed full-day 'Feel Younger Summit' of speakers and presenters comes with complimentary juice and fruit breaks, a healthy lunch, a goodie bag (value $300), and inclusive sunset cocktail with live entertainment. Participants can also win prizes while getting motivated, viewing useful and educational exhibits and have the opportunity to sign-up for a customized "Feel Younger Health Program." This event has been designed for those interested in their own health and wellness and of those around them. "Feel Younger Summit –a Health and Wellness Event" will bring to Bali an international line-up of leading health and wellness experts, including: · Shannan Ponton - global celebrity fitness coach and host of the most-viewed TV show in Australia 'The Biggest Loser,' speaking on motivation, exercise, weight loss and nutrition. · Dr Jenny Brockis - global authority on brain fitness and author of the book series 'How to Future Proof your Brain'. · Dr Richard DeAndrea, - surgeon, naturopath, stem cell therapy advisor and expert on global health trends and the future of healthcare. · Dr Thomas Lodi – sharing insights on the cutting edge on cancer prevention by combining conventional and alternative methodologies. There will also be bevy other world-class guest speakers, researchers and exhibitors. Those attending will obtain insights on subjects ranging from mind set, proper exercise and future-proofing your brain, to healthy nutrition and the latest in stem cell and anti-aging therapies. Also slated to be on hand on June 27th will be the contestants of the 'Publican's Challenge' - a 12-week wellness program that has transformed the lives of four well-known Bali hospitality personalities. The challenge participants will share details of how they lost as much as 15 kilograms, 17 centimeters around their waists and 6 years in body age in only a few weeks,. For program details and tickets visit the "Feel Younger Summit" Website. Cost and Tickets Only 37 early bird tickets featuring a US$50 discount remain available on a first-come-first-served basis. Pre-discount tickets are priced at US$247 each. For more information and to arrange ticket delivery in Bali telephone ++62-(0) 8133 832 5637. Accommodation packages are also available via the event website or Pan Pacific Nirwana Resort. For bulk orders, accommodation and group packages, please contact [Kerry on Email] or telephone +62-(0)81338325637.

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News Corner

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Two armed criminals reportedly put a gun to a 17-year-old girl's head as she was outside retrieving something from a car. The man, whose intentions still aren't entirely clear, then ordered the teenager to take them into her house a decision that would prove to have deadly consequences. Peering out the window of the St. Louis home were the girl's mother and father, each prepared to protect their daughter with deadly force. There was also a 5year-old boy in the house, though his relationship to the family wasn't known. The girl's father, a 34-year-

old man, reportedly observed the men walking towards his home while holding a gun to his daughter's head, a sight that no father ever wants to see. He quickly retrieved his firearm and his wife did the same. The brave dad then confronted the two criminals and opened fire, hitting both suspects with accurate shots. The girl's mother also fired off some rounds,

but failed to hit either suspect. One of the men was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene while the second suspect escaped only to later be arrested after calling his brother to take him to the hospital because he had been shot. “Police identify the suspect who was killed as 31-year-old Terrell Johnson from north St. Louis,” “The second suspect- a 33-year-old man is hospitalized in critical but stable condition with gunshot wounds to his chest and both thighs. Police say he will face charges.” No one other than the suspected criminals was injured in the incident.

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Makeover Miracles

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20

Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23

Do you see yourself as a leader? It appears a few others do or are willing to see you in such a way. Perhaps, you're looking for leadership yourself in some way and are unable to see how, by looking in a mirror, the very person you need to take notice of is staring back at you. As any leader will tell you, being a leader has its downside. Leaders are expected to make difficult decisions and face a fear or two. You're being encouraged to face a particular fear now. If you can summon courage to confront it, then not only will you bring relief and reassurance you need, you'll boost how you're seen in the eyes of certain others waiting to see what you do next.

Is confusion certain others are experiencing your responsibility to involve yourself with? Have you not enough confusion of your own to deal with? It appears what is confusing others is connected with what is confusing you. However, you want your own clarity first before involving yourself with helping others to attain it. There are limits to how much you can involve yourself with someone else's drama. It is, however, playing a part in why you feel unsure about what your next move should be. Very soon, you can expect to feel less apprehensive about what's confusing you. If, this week, you are willing to allow certain information to come to you in its own way, then you'll know what you need to do next and what someone else's move should be!

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21 When faced with change, we begin to question many things. We wonder if we have all necessary resources available to us to see us through change unfolding. We concern ourselves with confidence levels or where we believe we stand materially or emotionally and how protected we are. Change you're experiencing now has arrived at a crucial moment. It's as if the cosmos has decided you have all you need where you perhaps feel a deficit exists. Not only can you deal confidently and effectively with change that daunts or confuses you, you will benefit enormously from it. Have faith that you have all you need available to you in order to emerge victorious.

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22 It's natural to want more of 'a good thing'. We tend to believe our lives are devoid of as many 'good things' as we wish we had so, when we believe luck's on our side and facilitating the receipt of more 'good things', we naturally want the process to continue. Gamblers, however, sometimes know when to 'quit when they're ahead'. That's why you need to apply certain levels of shrewdness to a plan. It's also important you allow time and space for something to develop. This takes us back to the point earlier about recognizing when we might be recipients of 'too much of a good thing'. By all means, let a process continue to unfold but resist the urge to hasten it.

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21

Gemini May 22 - Jun 22 What are you being presented with now – an obstacle or an opportunity? Through having to summon courage and put in place a plan that doesn't fill you with confidence or inspiration, are you simply overcoming something that can only be described as a pain in a certain part of your anatomy or are you on the brink of bringing about change that is long overdue and from which you can only benefit? I think you know the answer to that question. You ought to be sensing, in the depths of your heart, that, as difficult as what you're faced with now appears to be, it's part of an essential process intended to remove you from a predictable rut. Welcome and embrace it.

When someone has something they want the rest of the world to know about, they're sometimes accused of 'trumpet blowing'. When we know we have invested considerable effort toward something and gained in some way, it's natural that we should want others to know our investment paid off. We know, though, that some people aren't interested in how hard we've worked to make something close to our heart happen. All they know is, they too are working hard and not enjoying the same level of success. That's why you need to be a bit sensitive now. The coup on offer to you is something you deserve. Be careful not to go a bit overboard and rub someone else's nose in it.

Cancer Jun 23 - Jul 23

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20

Children have no problem with asking questions. If they require an answer, it's often easier to ask someone whom they believe to be well placed to provide a sensible or accurate answer. They do so without hesitation. As far as they're concerned, an answer is needed and need there and then. The rest of us tend to make some effort to determine an answer ourselves before seeking guidance from others, initially anyway. In your world now, why ponder a particular question that, no matter how you look at it, appears rhetoric or increasingly confusing? Might it be best to simply request an answer from the one person you know can provide it?

There are many Shakespearian stories written in modern day speak. English literature students find these make Shakespearian text much easier to understand. Whilst such versions help making stories themselves easier to understand, they do little to help with understanding genius behind how the stories were written and the clever way in which much classic dialogue was conveyed. In your world now, it is important to recognize how what you're saying is much more important than how you're saying it. You have an opportunity to convey a point you've long wanted to convey by applying imagination and sensitivity. Don't opt for a quick fix or shortcut.

Leo Jun 24 - Aug 23

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19

As helpful as it might appear for you to have in your possession a magic wand that will provide all of the right answers or make certain problems disappear with a single wave, you're being pushed to take control of certain situations to resolve them. Normally, this would suit you. Normally, if you feel in control, then you know where you stand. It appears some situations have you feeling a bit out of your depth. You're not sure how best to handle certain sensitive scenarios or demands being made of you. Much would be easier if certain people would accept your point of view. That's why compromise is needed and that's precisely what commences this week.

Who truly understands you? Do we really understand anyone other than ourselves? Even then, we surprise ourselves from time to time about what we discover. That said, you could do with a bit more understanding and support than you're receiving from certain quarters. In some ways, you're aware of how certain people couldn't possibly understand what you're trying to achieve. Perhaps, what's needed is a bit more communication and a few less assumptions being made. If you truly want certain people to be on your wavelength, then you're going to have to make a bit more effort to explain yourself. That's precisely what the coming week intends to help with..

Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23

Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20

Is 'fixing' a situation that has been undesirable for too long your responsibility? How much are you really to 'blame' for the way things turned out? Certain people would have you believe that you're largely responsible for a situation that has stymied both you and them regarding how to put in place a way forward. Perhaps, if you didn't feel confused about certain aspects of your future, you might feel more inclined to take the proverbial bull by horns and bring about changes you know suit you and certain others. Clarity is about to replace confusion. Soon, you will be in a strong and confident position to make amends toward or appease whoever has been a pain in your posterior for too long.

Fish are instinctive creatures. That's why they're accused of having such short memories, they prefer to base actions entirely on what they feel at the time and have a tendency to ignore what previous experience might dictate. The sky isn't suggesting you're at risk of doing something similar but it is strongly implying that you do need to find a balance this week between what your instincts are telling you and what can be gained from looking at a current situation and recalling how you dealt with it previously. This time round, something is different. Something has changed. However, a way forward is available if you're willing to listen to what your instincts are telling you in combination with the value of having been here before. Take it slowly and relax. You're unlikely to put a foot wrong.

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they were going back and forth. You could see they were doing some really dangerous stuff. “It is not the first time we have seen people on the balcony acting up. “At some point friends must have come outside and they got down and came back inside and



The students, named as Anastasia Tutik, 19, from Russia, and “Miguel”, 18, from Mexico, died instantly after falling from the sixth floor of a flat on the banks of the River Thames. The international students had just met at a party where they were celebrating their end-of-year exams. The horrific tragedy was witnessed by Samson Oguntayo, 32, and his partner Blessing, who live in the block opposite the luxury complex in Deptford, East London. “They were trying to have sex on the balcony. The guy was lifting the girl and putting her on the banister, he kept on doing it,” Mr Oguntayo said. “He was putting her on there

then came back out again. This time they started doing it again. “You see people on the balcony doing all sorts of things and I just felt it was one of those things and in a moment they will probably go back inside. 'The last thing I expected was to see them falling down. We just screamed.” Mr Oguntayo ran to the scene and discovered both teens lying dead in a pool of blood. Ms Tutik was a student at Bellerbys College, a private further education college which charges up to $40,000 a year. Her devastated parents are reportedly on their way to London from Russia. Scotland Yard said they were treating the deaths as a tragic accident.

sari Jl. Bene

TWO teenagers have plunged to their death while allegedly having sex on a balcony at a luxury London apartment block.


19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Poppies 1

La Walon htl

Fell from balcony while having sex

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News Corner

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)


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Music page

The following is a myth busting info page covering different songs or bands each week chosen by one of our many loyal readers, Please Enjoy…The Master Apprentices “Because I Love You”

The band reformed periodically, including in 1987–1988 and again subsequently; they were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame in 1998 alongside The Angels.Both Keays, with His Master's Voice and Wheatley, with Paper Paradise, wrote memoirs in 1999 which included their experiences with the band. Keays died from pneumonia related to multiple myeloma on 13 June 2014. The Mustangs 1964–1965 The Mustangs were a surf music instrumental/dance band formed in Adelaide in 1964 with Mick Bower on rhythm guitar, Rick Morrison on lead guitar, Brian Vaughton on drums and Gavin Webb on bass guitar.] Initially they played covers of The Shadows and The Ventures songs.The band's output was profoundly influenced by the Australian tour of The Beatles in June 1964, which had a particular impact in Adelaide, due to recent migrants from


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The Masters Apprentices

The Masters Apprentices (or The Masters to fans) were an Australian rock band fronted by Jim Keays on lead vocals, which formed in 1965 in Adelaide, South Australia, relocated to Melbourne in February 1967 and attempted to break into the United Kingdom market from 1970, before disbanding in 1972.Their popular Australian singles are "Undecided", "Living in a Child's Dream", "5:10 Man", "Think About Tomorrow Today", "Turn Up Your Radio" and "Because I Love You".The band launched the career of bass guitarist, Glenn Wheatley, later a music industry entrepreneur and an artist manager for both Little River Band and John Farnham.

News Corner

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

United Kingdom (UK). When The Beatles arrived in Adelaide they were greeted by the largest crowd ever seen in their touring career—estimates as high as 300,000 while Adelaide's population being less than 1 million—one-third of the city had turned out to greet them (see The Beatles' influence on popular culture).Following The Beatles' chart breakthrough and tour, it was obvious that the surf/instrumental style was passé. The Mustangs changed style and took on a lead singer, Scottish immigrant, Jim Keays.The Mustangs rehearsed regularly in a shed behind a hotel owned by Vaughton's family. Their original manager, Graham Longley, made a tape recording of a rehearsal; it was rediscovered and released on CD in 2004 as Mustangs to Masters... First Year Apprentices. After Keays joined on lead vocals, the band produced more original songs in the beat style. The Mustangs established themselves on the thriving Adelaide dance circuit by playing in suburban halls and migrant hostels. They built a following with local teenagers, including migrants from the UK, which were an early influence on the band as they were directly in touch with current mod fashions, not as widely known in Australia. “Its Because I love You” Lyrics It's because I love you Not because were far apart It's because I love you And because your near my heart

ICED COLD BEER HAPPY HOUR Stakz Bar & Grill came to Fruition from a Passion for Bali Good Food and Great Lifestyle




1 Dive (6) 4 Closer (6) 8 Prohibited (5) 9 Abandon hope (7) 10 Frenzied (7) 11 Confess (5) 12 Naval vessel (9) 17 Group of singers (5) 19 Light-fingered people (7) 21 Clique (2-5) 22 Free of obstructions (5) 23 Sunder (anag) (6) 24 Dismal (6)

1 Postpone (3,3) 2 Scold (7) 3 Spectre (5) 5 Rapture, bliss (7) 6 Kingdom (5) 7 Something uncommon (6) 9 Adorned (9) 13 Dickensian miser (7) 14 Mediterranean holiday area (7) 15 Combat (6) 16 Fish-eating bird of prey (6) 18 Academy award (5) 20 Become liable for (5)

answers can “ONLY” be found each week at Stakz Poppies 2

It's because I miss you Oh how long it seems to be It's because I miss you Thoughts of you come back to me

Jl. Benesari

to Poppies 1

Once we walked together From the fields up to the door Promised love forever I remember that day still It's because I love you I'll come home to you one day It's because I love you In my thoughts you'll always stay


Ooh, Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be yeah

Got a song request for the page??? Email: 36

Address: Jl. Benesari - Poppies Lane 2, Kuta - Bali web: 37

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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Games Corner

Married twice, yet a virgin until 51 A WOMAN has described how, despite being married twice, she didn't lose her virginity until she was 51 years old. Maria-Louise was married to first husband John, who was 12 years her senior, from the age of 18 to her midtwenties, but the couple never consummated their union. When they were dating, after meeting in the shop run by MariaLouise's mother in Tiverton, Devon, she was actually pleased by his physical reticence as it comforted her that he wasn't just with her for sex. The couple agreed not to have sex before marriage but even after they had wed they were never intimate. John, who was a staunch Catholic, told Maria-Louise that he believed sex was for procreation only and because she wasn't ready for children she agreed that they should not sleep together. At first Maria-Louise accepted the no sex rule, partially because she had always been taught by her mother that sex was to be endured, not enjoyed.

Kuta Weekly

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

News Corner

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However, over the years it became a source of great frustration for her. Then in 1982, Maria-Louise met Carol, the man who would become her second husband, when she started work in the shop he owned. The couple began an affair, but did not have sex. In 1987, Maria-Louise and John separated amicably and by the end of the year Carol had left his wife and children for her. H o w e v e r, d e s p i t e b e i n g together for the next 26 years the couple were never intimate despite Maria-Louise's wish to be so. In her early 30s, realising that her chance to have children was passing her by, MariaLouise contemplated leaving Carol. But in 1995 when Maria-Louise was 38 and Carol was 60 Carol became gravely ill and had to have a triple heart bypass. Lying in his hospital bed, Carol asked her to marry him and, thinking things would be different when they tied the knot, Maria-Louise, said yes. After several years, and despite a move to France, nothing had changed and their relationship descended into rows and recriminations. In 2005, Carol suffered a stroke and Maria-Louise met his doctor Tim to whom she was instantly attracted to. So, after Carol walked out on her in 2008, Maria-Louise asked Tim out for dinner and two months later the couple slept together. Before they did MariaLouise confessed, much to his astonishment, that she was still a virgin. Following that revelation, she says, the couple quickly made up for lost time having sex all over the place. Despite a break, and a refocus on the emotional side of their relationship, Maria-Louise and Tim are still together and enjoying each other physically.

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19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Joke News Corner

Your One Stop Biker Shop

log Book Service : Harley-Davidson - Suzuki - Yamaha - Ducati Triumph - KTM - Kawasaki - BMW + More

Clothing And Accessories - All Mechanical Repairs - Big Bike Rental Murphy drops some buttered toast on the kitchen floor and it lands butter-side-up. He looks down in astonishment, for he knows that it's a law of nature of the universe that buttered toast always falls butterdown. So he rushes round to the presbytery to fetch Father Flanagan. He tells the priest that a miracle has occurred in his kitchen. But he won't say what it is, so he asks Fr. Flanagan to come and see it with his own eyes. He leads Fr.Flanagan into the kitchen and asks him what he sees on the floor. "Well," says the priest, "it's pretty obvious. Someone has dropped some buttered toast on the floor and then, for some reason, they flipped it over so that the butter was on top." "No, Father, I dropped it and it landed like that!" exclaimed Murphy "Oh my Lord," says Fr. Flanagan, "dropped toast never falls with the butter side up. It's a mir…. Wait... it's not for me to say it's a miracle. I'll have to report this matter to the Bishop and he'll have to deal with it. He'll send some people round; to interview you, take photos, etc." A thorough investigation is conducted, not only by the

Jl. Patih Jelantik No.227 Legian - Kuta Phone :+62(0)361 763496 Mobile :+62(0)85857442244 Email :

archdiocese but by scientists sent over from the Curia in Rome. No expense is spared. There is great excitement in the town as everyone knows that a miracle will bring in much need tourism revenue. Then, after 8 long weeks and with great fanfare, the Bishop announces the final ruling. "It is certain that some kind of an extraordinary event took place in Murphy's kitchen, quite outside the natural laws of the universe. Yet the Holy See must be very cautious before ruling a miracle. All other explanations must be ruled out. Unfortunately, in this case, it has been declared 'No Miracle' because they think that Murphy may have buttered the toast on the wrong side!" A father buys a lie detector robot that slaps people when they lie. He decides to test it out at dinner one night. The father asks his son what he did that afternoon. The son says, “I did some school work.” The robot slaps the son. The son says,”Ok, Ok. I was at a friend’s house watching movies.” Dad asks,” What movie did you watch?” Son say,” Toy story.” The robot slaps the son. Son says,”Ok,..Ok, we were watching porn.” Dad says,”What? at your age I didn’t even know what porn was.” The robot slaps the father. mom laughs and say,” Well , he certainly is your son.” The robot slaps the mother.

WESTERN TRAINED 25 YEARS + EXPERIENCE We are not an Authorized Harley-Davidson Dealer

The Big Bike Clinic 40



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Bar & Grill

Kuta Town Houses Apartments


Find and circle all of the words that are hidden in the grid. The remaining 48 letters spell a secret message.

PROPERTY OWNERSHIP IN INDONESIA As a foreigner, there is a number of foreigners to control a freehold title ways that can lead to you owning indirectly or to hold a leasehold title in their own name. your dream property in Bali. The best option for you will depend on RIGHT OF USE (HAK PAKAI) your personal situation, the type of property, risk factors and the type of investment model. Even though it states in Indonesian law that foreigners are not allowed to hold a 'freehold' land title, there are ways that have been in practice for a number of years that enable

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This is the right of use over stateowned (crown land) or property owned by public or private persons/entities for a specific purpose for (generally) a finite period and occasionally for an indefinite period. This land right may not be sold, exchanged or transferred unless explicitly state in an agreement. Hak pakai may be held by and Indonesian individual or entity. Or foreigner permanently domiciled in Indonesia, or a foreign legal entity with a representative office in Indonesia such as foreign Banks, embassies, etc.



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This structure is a regularly practiced procedure in Indonesia, whereby the foreigner nominates and Indonesian representative to acquire the land and to hold the 'freehold' title (Hak Milik) on behalf of the foreigner. Ownership of the land is transferred from the previous owner to the Indonesian nominee. The foreigner and the Indonesian nominee then sign an agreement which recognizes the Indonesian nominee as the legal owner of the property whilst declaring the foreigner as the rightful owner of the property. This agreement denotes that the Indonesian nominee will carry out any directives from the foreigner regarding the land. This agreement must always be concluded in the presence of a public notary.


19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Bins Turn Bottles Into Stray dog food In many cities around the world stray dogs are part of city life. One such city is Istanbul, where 150 thousand stray dogs and cats share the streets with 14 million human inhabitants. A clever device by the Turkish company Pugedon aims to increase recycling while providing food and water to stray dogs and waking up our kindness and humanity. The topic of stray dogs is often polarized. Turkey, in particular, has a history of controversial "solutions" to the problem. In 2012, the government drafted a law that would send city dogs to “wildlife parks� on city outskirts. The proposal outraged animal rights activists who referred to a brutal act of animal cruelty from 1910 when the city's stray dogs were sent to an island and left there to eat themselves to death or die of hunger. Whether we like it or not, we

have to take responsibility and accept the fact that stray dogs and cats didn't just appear one fine morning on our streets. As Istanbul-based animal rights lawyer Ahmet Senpolat says, The draft law does not address the problem at the core: animal smuggling and illegal pet shops. Animal smugglers only face a fine of a few hundred euros at worst, they continue to bring expensive pure-bred puppies and sell them to pet stores. People often buy the puppies from pet stores, and abandon them when they become too tough to handle. Until we are ready to

address and fix the core of the problem we'll have to accept that stray dogs have become urban dogs and coinhabitants of our cities. They have learned to survive in a completely different ecosystem one with traffic lights, humans, and trash bins that provide food. Still, food is often a problem and dogs often rely on the kindness of strangers to be fed. It is this same kindness that Turkish company Pugedon aims to tap into with its street recycle-binkibble-dispenser. The device encourages passersby to recycle and look at our animal coinhabitants with different eyes. The principle of the machine is very simple it has containers for water (you can pour the remaining water from your bottle before recycling it) and for dog food. A fixed ratio of kibbles is dispensed when a bottle is recycled. The project is independent from the government and covers the cost of the food with the recycled bottles.

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For Monthly or Longer term rentals we have a wide range to suit all budgets Available for monthly or yearly rental in Tanjung Benoa for prices at US$3,500 per month or US$36,000 per year. This villa is in a small street in Tanjung Benoa (Nusa Dua) meaning you are close to walking to many restaurants, shops, beaches and numerous large hotels but that you also have the peace and tranquillity of you own place!

Perth shivers through coldest night with 2.9C PERTH has shivered through the coldest night of the year with the temperature dropping to 2.9C just before 6.30am. Jandakot, always one of the coldest spots in the metro area, recorded 1.5C at 4.50am and Perth Airport recorded 1.9C just before 7.30am. Pearce, about dipping below freezing with 45km east of the city, got down to 0.1C 1.7C The cold night follows a Gingin, 80km north-east of minimum of 5.6C in Perth Perth was the state's chilliest spot, yesterday, which came after


morning since July last year. In the Great Southern another traditional cold spot, Wandering, got down to 3.2C at about 7.40am, but it appears the metropolitan area was colder than most country areas. After a cold start, Perth can expect a mostly sunny day with a cool top of 18C. Temperatures will again for cool overnight with cold, clear nights expected over the weekend.






This well designed airy house makes you feel relaxed and serene just on entering the property. Through the large gate from the road is ample parking area and storage areas leading to the main door with stepping stone across the water feature into the main house with opens to a large high ceilinged room housing the kitchen and living areas. From this are large patio doors leading to the patio and 4 m x 8 m swimming pool.


19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

19 Jun - 25 Jun 2014 (393)

Kuta Town Houses

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Gili Trawangan

Lombok (Teluk Kodek)

Serangan harbour

Gili Air

DAILY FROM SERANGAN, HARBOUR, BALI SERANGAN Gili Getaway ensures a fast, comfortable & safe 2 hour + trip to the Gili Islands & Lombok



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Kuta Weekly-Edition 393 "Bali"s Premier Weekly Newspaper"