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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Lombok (Teluk Kodek)

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Volume 7, Issue 352

Gili Getaway ensures a fast, comfortable & safe 2 hour + trip to the Gili Islands & Lombok

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)




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A Healing Leaf from Bamboo Written by Michael Scholz, on twitter:@MichaelScholz4 for P.T. Kuta Weekly C

(+62) 081 337 074 147 (+62) Mobile - 081 916 7 33 051 Tel: +62 -(0) 6124217 (+62) Mobile 082370 144 899 502 3 Pm-10+62 Pm 0361 8037171 (0) 852 383 63899 3 Pm-10 Pm 0361 8785892


G Trawangan Reservations

Tel: +62 (0) 370 6142352 +62 (0) 813 397 47459

The good folks of Bamboo Bar and Grill are well known for their hospitality, but it isn't just limited to the best food, drink and a game of footy. They have really given back to the community that supports them such as in little Komang's unfortunate story. Komang was born with a rare skin disease known as Harlequin Ichthyosis, which has left his skin extremely dry and cracked to such an extent that everyday tasks like moving and eating are a painful and difficult ordeal. Most sufferes of the disease die shortly after childbirth, but Komang has powered on through 3 years of hardship on nothing but sheer determination and the loving attention of his parents without proper medical treatment. There is no cure for the condition and, in the small rural village Komang originates from, getting the right medical treatment is all but impossible. Little Komang's case was discovered only May of last year by Helen Ferrel, a humanitarian worker who has been operating in the area for some time and was kind enough to alert the Bali Kids Foundation. When our good friends at Bamboo Bar and Grill

got wind of the tiny child's suffering, their generous and caring nature compelled them to aid this suffering boy. The restaurant has since become the main drop off point for medical supplies being donated too little Komang and his family, supplies that provide relief from the pain of his condition, becoming a pillar of support for the boys' future.


The help Komang has received through the efforts of Bamboo Bar and Grill has been breathtaking and heartwarming. The work these guys have put in has helped pull this little boy out of a short, painful life and into one filled with hope and kindness. In just over a year they helped raise almost four tonnes of Vaseline for Komang's recovery, a truly mind blowing amount, so much so that Komang will not need any more Vaseline donations for a year. To further raise money for Komang's care, the Bamboo staff are organising an auction for signed cricket bats from the legendary Ashes series. Their dedication and drive has attracted such big names to participate in the auction as Brett Lee, Steve Waugh, Glenn McGrath and Ricky Ponting, so if you love your cricket be sure to get down there and help out a good cause while getting yourself a piece of sporting history signed by the Australian champions themselves. The auction will be held on AFL Grand Final Day, on the 28th of September, so even if your more of a footy fan, this is one way to have a great day and lend a helping hand, all while enjoying the A.F.L Grand Final.

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for only Rp.

105,000 see page

Tel:+62 (0) 370 6134920

+62 (0) 813 397 47459


Monday to Sunday 5:30pm to 10:30pm

Includes : Soup & Salad Buffet Station

If you have any interesting articles or would would like to advertise please send to - Ph. 087 860 904 078



Kuta Weekly

News Corner

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

A Soaring Garuda Passenger Loads and Income on the Rise at Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia – the Indonesian National flag carrier – reports a 23.96% increase in passengers carried in the first six months of 2013, totaling 11.9 million, as opposed to the 9.6 million flown January – June 2012. The CEO of Garuda, Emirsyah Satar, said the increase in passengers translated into a 14.1% increase in income achieving US$1.72 billion during the first half of 2013. As reported by, Garuda Indonesia domestic passenger uplift increased 26.58% in Continued from page 1.

Bamboo Bar and Grill continues to dedicate a share of their time, effort and space to the drive and remain the main drop off point for medical supplies as well as helping spread Komang's message of need and hope through their Facebook page and venue. Owing to Bamboo's continued generosity, Komang is enjoying life like never before, walking and eating on his own. The financially challenged family are continually receiving upgrades to their humble living conditions in order to better take care of Komang through the assistance of charitable donations collected at Bamboo. The house

the first six months of 2013 to hit 10 million passengers. This total broken down further saw 7.4 million passengers fly domestically on Garuda and the remaining 2.6 million on the Garuda subsidiary Citilink. Satar said: “This total improvements are expected to be finished later this year under the supervision of the Bamboo management team. Little Komang still requires supplies for his life-long treatment and, although they have more than enough Vaseline for the time being, you can still drop off your donations at the Bamboo Bar and Grill. Every donation helps make Komang's condition a bit more manageable and improves his quality of life.So take a leaf from Bamboo's book, if you can spare any of the supplies little Komang needs such as QV Wash and PediaSure Formula or want to help contribute to Komang's living conditions, just drop in and speak

Eat, Drink & Sleep @

exceeded the growth rate for Indonesian airlines as a whole during the first six months of 2013 that averaged only 9.9%. 25.5 million people flew on a domestic Indonesian flight during the first semester of 2013. Meanwhile, Garuda's passengers' loads on international routes improved 8.5% to 1.9 million passengers during the period January-June 2013. Garuda's performance on its international routes also exceeded the performance of other Indonesian carriers who saw only a 2.3% improvement during the same period. with a senior manager. Bamboo cannot be thanked enough for the help they are bringing to the community. We wish them luck and further success in all that they do and are looking forward to the completion of Komang's improved home. If you are interested in following Komang's Journey into the future, just search those exact words on facebook. His page is regularly updated with information on his progress and improvement, and plenty more on the magnificent people making it all possible.

ONLY Rp 999K per person


#1 ON

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Exotiq Property Jimbaran Jl. Raya Uluwatu 111x, Jimbaran 80364, Bali, Indonesia tel +62 (0) 361 703208 |


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other and keep up-to-date with our new listings and hot properties!



BA-V471 3 bedroom villa - modern yet traditional Balinese style Land approx 354 sqm, build approx 325 sqm Stunning views - Perched on the cliffs of the Southern Bukit Peninsula


Ocean views, part of an exclusive estate This gorgeous luxury villa is comprised of five bedrooms Land size: 1,390 sqms Floor space: 637 sqms Viewing is a must

Enjoy luxurious living in this 3 bedroom villa Features spacious living and dining areas and a modern kitchen Indian Ocean views

Freehold SD 1.300.000

Freehold – USD 750.000


Freehold USD 750,000

Written by Michael Scholz, on twitter @MichaelScholz4

PACKAGE INCLUDES Luxury Accommodation - Special Menu Entree - Main - Dessert - Breakfast

meads in bali

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)


BA-V434 Modern Balinese style 3 bedroom villa High quality building and finishing throughout Close to the white sands of Jimbaran Beach, 15 mins to the airport

Tanjung Benoa

M : 081 999 039 518

Freehold USD 550.000


Fantastic Investment Property in the Bukit High quality Balinese style – Perfect property for solid rental returns Land size: 800 sqm Floor space: 240 sqm

Leasehold 25 years EUR 369,000

Incredible 3 bedroom ocean view villa Built on a generous 909 m² freehold land plot Designed by leading architect - Walter F Wagner

Freehold USD 580,000

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Kuta Weekly

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

News Corner


Xanadu Villas Seminyak A Quality “Australian Owned & Managed” Resort Opulent Villas, with The Excitement of Seminyak at your Doorstep

Available NOW! AUD$398,000- 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Private Pool Villa AUD$250,000- 1 Bedroom “Private Pool” Villa

OFF THE PLAN AUD$120,000- 1 Bedroom Studio Apartment AUD$148,000-1 Bedroom Villa Apartment AUD$248,000- 2 Bedroom Villa Apartment

Inspection Welcomed on Site!!! Address: Jl. Dewi Saraswati II, Seminyak - Ph. 0857 381 78411 3

Kuta Weekly

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

News Corner

BALI THE RIGHT WAY Gday folks and welcome to the weekly. A big week ahead for us Aussies with the long awaited election this Saturday. A lot of people have sat back and been armchair economists, immigration experts and seriously uneducated policy makers. I didn't know so many people in our great country studied political science and am at a loss to understand why the country isnt the worlds biggest super power with so many educated people sitting back having all the answers. For some reason the country didn't like the “Julia”even when the countrys currency was rocketing above the Yanky dollar and exports were at an all time high. They got there wish and she was outed and the” Rudd” came back to play for a while, even though he said he wouldnt. I think most Aussies are quietly pleased that he did. Anyways this Saturday gives us all achance to have our say and vote into power the prefered party to lead us for another few years. Its easy when you're at home to throw your cast but while you are away it can be a little tricky. Luckilly the Australian Embassy in Denpasar makes it a walk in the park, as with all the Aussie embassys around the world. All you need to do is make your way there and show your Australian identification and they will let you enter and place your vote. I have done this quite a few times and its actually a very good complex to visit. The details you will need are as follows:

Australian Consulate-General / Embassy in Bali, Indonesia. Address: Jalan Tantular, No. 32,Renon,Denpasar,Bali 80234Telephone: +62 361 241 118Fax: +62 361 221 195 They are open from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. The voting period has been running from the 26 August and will conclude on the 7 Sept at 6pm. Voters should bring their passport or any other identification that shows you are Australian.

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Exotiq Property Jimbaran Jl. Raya Uluwatu 111x, Jimbaran 80364, Bali, Indonesia PROPERTY tel +62 (0) 361 703208 | Check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts! Subscribe to one or the other and keep up-to-date with our new listings and hot properties!


Ok, I have had several emails asking when the Toll Road is going to open and from what I can gather it will be the 12th of this month. I think it is going to be an absolute winner and make getting around Bali so much better. Well done to the Indonesian government and the Council of Bali for making it happen. On a closing note we are now entering the finals series in the A.F.L and that means a tipsters party, yippppyyyy. All details will be published next week and I trust that you all attend the function. It should be a great end to a topsy turvey season and I think looking at the tote right now, their will be a grand final between either of the Hawks, Sydney, Freo or the Mighty Pies. Richmond may have a chance but I highly doubt they will make the grade. Time will tell I guess and the best team will win. I will leave you again for another week to float along and enjoy the island as so many of us do and trust that the most of you stay safe happy healthy and always remember, A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends. Enjoy Your Week, ALIASJ…..



Two bedroom house in beautiful Bingin Short drive to Padang Padang beach Walk to Bingin Beach Land size: 500 sqm Floor space: 130 sqm


Nego Freehold N/A AUD 799,000

A Dream Home at Jimbaran Beach 4 bedroom property is beautiful and unique Set on 560 sqm of Freehold land Exellent Occcupancy and ROI

Freehold IDR 5,200,000,000


Lembongan Luxury Cliff Front villa with Stunning Views Approx 144 m2 built on 1000 sqm Two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms Stylish and tasteful design throughout



Contemporary Home with Spectacular Views Spacious three bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms 5 minutes to Jimbaran Bay

Leasehold 42 years

At the end of the day I know who I will be voting for and trust that the most of you excercise some common sense and cast your vote consienciously. I can’t see the “Tony” leading this country into any greatness and have not seen one policy that suggests their crew knows anything about taking the reigns. What I believe doesn't really count as at the end of the day its your vote to do with what you please. Get in a taxi, jump on the bike, fire up the car or take a transport, but, do the right thing and vote. May the best party win……


Freehold USD 675,000


Prestigious 4 bed villa in a World Class Resort Build size: 260 m2 Land size: 506 m2 Stunning views - Perched on the cliffs of the Southern Bukit

Freehold US$850,000

Great location in Petitenget 3 bedroom villa open plan living on 400 sqm land Walking distance to Seminyak Hot Spots Recently refurbished

Leasehold 18 years with extention option US$495,000


5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Kuta Weekly

News Corner

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

WEEKLY SPORTS PROGRAMMES Luxury Colonial Style Development Price from

USD 150,000

Guaranteed 8% for 3 years Both freehold or optional 100 year leases 21 Days stay fo free Pre completion prices Completion date APRIL 2014

Spa and Beauty Salon Wine & Cigar Lounge Delicatessen Wedding Chapel Restaurant Art Gallery Swimming Pool & Gym A stylish resort comprising of 76 luxury fully serviced and managed studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units located in the heart of Jimbaran. An impressive fusion of a colonial style blended with Indonesian contemporary design, Konderatu shall deliver a unique concept yet to be experience in Bali.

Jl. Poppies I, Pasar Agung, Kuta, Bali Telp: (0361) 761464 website :

A F L Final Week 1 Friday Hawthorn V Syd. Swans @ 5.30pm N R L

SATURDAY Geelong v Fremantle @ 12.00noon Collingwood v Port Adelaide @ 5.30pm SUNDAY Richmond v Carlton @ 1.00pm SATURDAY Warriors v Raiders @1.00pm Bulldogs v Panthers @ 3.30pm Sea Eagles v Strom @ 5.30pm SUNDAY Sharks v Cowboys @ 12.00noon Roosters v Titans @ 2.00pm MONDAY Eels v Dragons @ 5.00pm

THURSDAY NRL Footy Show @ 6.30pm FRIDAY Broncos v Knights @ 5.30pm Tigers v Rabbitohs @ 5.30pm

CRICKET O D I Australia v England ITALIA Sunday @ 8.00pm

Contact us now for availability and price list. For more information, contact: or ph 0361 9133395


1st Game: Friday 6th @ 5.15pm 2nd Game: Sunday 8th @ 5.15pm 3rd Game: Wednesday 11th @ 8.30pm

Taixeira v Bader Thursday 5th @ 8.00am HAPPY HOURS

BUY 1 1 GET GET 1 1 FREE FREE BUY Monday -- Friday Friday (weekly) (weekly) Monday from 4:00pm 4:00pm till till 6:00pm 6:00pm from Tropical - Pineapple - Strawberry


Kuta Weekly

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Property Corner

Final Sale Ground floor 1 x 3 bedroom, 1 x 2 bedroom, small number of studio units Your last chance to own an apartment in the Kuta Town Houses complex

Get a brochure at Kuta Town Houses Reception or, 6


5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Property Corner

PROPERTY OWNERSHIP IN INDONESIA As a foreigner, there is a number of ways that can lead to you owning your dream property in Bali. The best option for you will depend on your personal situation, the type of property, risk factors and the type of investment model. Even though it states in Indonesian law that foreigners are not allowed to hold a 'freehold' land title, there are ways that have been in practice for a number of years that enable foreigners to control a freehold title indirectly or to hold a leasehold title in their own name.

RIGHT OF USE (HAK PAKAI) This is the right of use over state-owned (crown land) or property owned by public or private persons/entities for a specific purpose for (generally) a finite period and occasionally for an indefinite period. This land right may not be sold, exchanged or transferred unless explicitly state in an agreement. Hak pakai may be held by and Indonesian individual or entity. Or foreigner permanently domiciled in

Indonesia, or a foreign legal entity with a representative office in Indonesia such as foreign Banks, embassies, etc.

NOMINEE SYSTEM FOR HAK MILIK This structure is a regularly practiced procedure in Indonesia, whereby the foreigner nominates and Indonesian representative to acquire the land and to hold the 'freehold' title (Hak Milik) on behalf of the foreigner. Ownership of the land is transferred from the previous owner to the Indonesian nominee. The foreigner and the Indonesian nominee then sign an agreement which recognizes the Indonesian nominee as the legal owner of the property whilst declaring the foreigner as the rightful owner of the property. This agreement denotes that the Indonesian nominee will carry out any directives from the foreigner regarding the land. This agreement must always be concluded in the presence of a public notary.

Kuta Weekly

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

News Corner

Head for Bali's Hills Batur Festival Comes to Kintamani September 20 – 22, 2013 The Jakarta Post reports that the village of Kedisan at Kintamani and Lake Batur in the regency of Bangli will host The Batur Festival September 20 – 22, 2013. Jointly sponsored by the local community, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Bangli Regency - the Batur Festival seeks to promote the area's UNESCO Geopark status. Made Gianyar, the regent of Bangli, said: “The coming festival has several objectives — to introduce the concept of the Geopark to local people and visitors alike, and to attract global visitors, scholars in particular, to explore Batur's Geopark potential.” The festival is being held at a time when the local administration has undertaken the improvement of

a number of public and tourist facilities, including the establishment of an education and information center. Gianyar said: "It will take quite a long time to pass on information and knowledge about Batur as a Geopark to local residents. It is a step-by-step program starting from local government staff, to communities and school systems.” To be held over a weekend to maximize attendance, the Batur

Festival will also provide a free shuttle services to and from South Bali at Central Kuta Parkir and Jalan Legian Raya, and central Ubud to the Batur Volcano Museum. A full program of art and cultural performances, comedic shows, participatory jogged dance events and traditional Calonarang drama will all form part of the three-day weekend of festivities. Simultaneous with the festival, a series of workshops featuring noted scholars will also be conducted to discuss the future of the Batur Geopark. Since its designation as a Geopark, the number of visitors to Batur has increased from 300,000 people in 2011 to 500,000 in 2012. The area is targeting 750,000 visitors for all of 2013.

Relatively Safe

Land & Villas Needed for awaiting buyers Contact : Exotiq Jimbaran Office Ph. 0361 - 703208 Email : 42

Bali's Ranks as Low Crime Area in Indonesian Crime Statistics The Jakarta Post reports the welcome news that the Island of Bali is, statistically speaking, one of the relatively safer places to visit and live in Indonesia. In a ranking of areas with the highest crime rates, Bali sits far down the list at #21. According to a police spokesman: “The rank was based on reports submitted by 31 regional police forces in Indonesia, with the area ranked first experiencing the highest crime rate. This list was announced during a recent meeting of regional police commanders in Jakarta.” A total 5,275 criminal cases were recorded in Bali between January and July 2013. From that total, police claim 3,663 crimes were solved by police. Grand larceny was the most prevalent form of crime

totaling 363 cases. The next most prevalent form of crime was a total 206 narcotics violations. The spokesman continued, “Most of the criminal actions occurred in Denpasar and Badung, followed by Buleleng regency in the north.”

Bandung and Denpasar are the most populous areas of Bali. Despite Bali's relatively low crime rates, police acknowledged the need to defend the Island's reputation as an international tourism destination by ensuring the safety of both residents and visitors. Note was also made by police of Bali's past attraction as a target for international terrorism, with the Island being a victim to vicious bombing attacks in 2002 and 2005. Bali's growing popularity as a

destination for international conferences and political summits has placed police on guard to provide high-levels of security for visiting top-level delegations. Bali will host the Miss World Contest in September 2013 and the APEC Ministerial Meeting in early October 2013. The Miss World Contest will see contestants from 142 countries compete while the APEC Summit will welcome no less than 14 heads-of-state from amongst 21 national delegations expected to flock to Bali among 20,000 delegates. Later in the year, the Bali Democracy Forum comes to Nusa Dua in November and a World Trade Organization Meeting with 30,000 delegates December 1-7, 2013. Police are mounting massive security operations in support of each of these international events.


Kuta Weekly

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Get Inked @ Bali Ink


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Kuta Town Houses Apartments


Kuta Town HousesEXOTIQ Apartments P R O P E R T Y

“Kuta Weeklys Property Of The Month" "Kuta Weeklys number one property" Jalan Raya Uluwatu 111 X, Jimbaran – Bali Phone +62 (0) 361 703208

A Spectacular Property in Beautiful Umalas •Set on 1675 square meters of exquisitely manicured tropical gardens, this stunning 5 bedroom lease-hold villa is built and finished to the highest quality. •Featuring a generously proportioned swimming pool with sun-deck, traditional bale, koi ponds and located in Umalas - a most desirable area of natural beauty and Balinese charm. •Offered on a 16 year lease with a guaranteed optional 20 year extension. Viewing is essential. •For further information or to arrange an inspection of this gorgeous villa in the most desirable of locations, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Price : USD 750,000 Contact: Eugene Ph. +62 (0) 819 9988 5904


The Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping in the desert. After they got their Tent all set up, both men fell sound asleep. Some hours later, Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says, 'Kemo Sabe, look Towards sky, what you see? 'The Lone Ranger replies, 'I see millions of stars.' What that tell you?' asked Tonto. The Lone Ranger ponders for a minute then says, 'Astronomically speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Time wise, it appears to be

approximately a quarter Past three in the morning. Theologically, the Lord is allpowerful and we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What's it tell you, Tonto?' "You dumber than buffalo. It means someone stole the tent."

Quoted in The Bali Daily (The Jakarta Post), Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, head of the Indonesian Tourism Industry Association for Bali (GIPI-Bali), acknowledge the potential boost in hotel incomes from a strengthening dollars, but also warned that the cost of imported goods used by hotels and restaurants would also certainly

Restaurant Association (PHRIBali), Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati (Cok Ace), spoke of the many “bitter pills” that Bali's tourism industry has had to swallow in recent months in the

form of increased fuel and energy costs. He also highlighted the coming 2014 election for the presidency of Indonesia and House of Representatives, saying the national economic condition will be largely dictated by the developing political condition. In the light of all this uncertainty, Cok Ace outlined the course ahead, saying: “What we need to do is to strengthen our promotional activities, improve

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WESTERN TRAINED 25 YEARS + EXPERIENCE Jl. Patih Jelantik No.227 Legian - Kuta Phone :+62(0)361 763496 Mobile :+62(0)85857442244 Email : We are not an Authorized Harley-Davidson Dealer

Dwi Pranoto, the head of Bank Indonesia's Bali Office foresees the strengthening dollar as having a positive impact on Bali's exports as well as tourism. Said Pranoto: “It can be considered as a blessing for exporters and the tourism sector. But for the island's general economy, that will slightly slow its usually robust growth.” Bank Indonesia predicts Bali would end the current year with a growth rate of between 6.6 to 7.1%. Advising a more cautious approach, Pranoto said, “We have had to evaluate and lower the economic growth forecast to between 6 and 6.5 percent.” Ithe Bank Indonesia executive, Pranoto, said: “However, we must be optimistic, hoping that the island's tourism sector will remain a powerful catalyst for its economy.”

Eye & Lips Liner

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Gg. Sorga

Kuta Townhouses

Mc. D


The Lone Ranger & Tonto

The rapid decline in the value of the Indonesian Rupiah against the U.S. Dollar and a host of other currencies is presenting a myriad of challenges to Bali and its tourism industry. That most of the starred hotels in Bali are priced in U.S. dollars is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, hotels pricing in dollar will enjoy something of a windfall in income against their Rupiah-based expenses. While, on the other hand, Bali hotels will generally become more expensive to the vast majority of their customers who do not earn their income in U.S. dollars.

Poppies 1 La Walon htl

Clothing And Accessories - All Mechanical Repairs - Big Bike Rental

increase. our tourism products and Decline in Rupiah is a DoubleThe head of the Bali also upgrade facilities at our Edged Sword for Bali's Chapter of the Bali Hotel and tourism sites.” Tourism Economy


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Rupiah's Rapid Decline

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)



Kuta Weekly



OKE CORNER Proudly Sponsored by

Jl. Poppies 1 Gg. Sorga. Kuta - Bali. Ph. 0812 3988 9726 (English), 0819 1669 4325 (English/Indonesian)


Kuta Weekly

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

News Corner

Banking on Tourism Bank Indonesia Calls for Bali to Integrate Tourism, Agriculture and Culture Bank Indonesia is recommending to the government of Bali and the island's tourism industry that tourism and agriculture be integrated. In the Bank's opinion, the integration of tourism and Bali's endemic agricultural culture will create new destinations, such as the current trend for “tourist villages� (desa wisata).


Dwi Pranoto, the head of the Bali office of Bank Indonesia told a gathering in Denpasar that tourism clusters must form associations with tourism villages to promote Bali's culture and agricultural tourism (agrowisata). To date, Bank I n d o n e s i a i n cooperation with banks on the Island, has Bali's unique subak water managed to establish seven management system is separate fully operating internationally renowned and tourism villages (desa wisata). forms an attraction in its own right for both domestic and international tourists.

News Corner

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

The man with 6,000 Barbie dolls The white exterior and spartan grey staircase of Jian Yang's tidy townhouse give no hint of the shock that lies within, a pink living room floor and his collection of more than 6,000 Barbie dolls. The 33-year-old Singaporean favours minimalist decor but the Barbies and 3,000 dolls of other kinds dominate three sides of the main room and spill over to fill nine mirrored cabinets in his dressing room and the shelves of his study. "Incongruous is kind of me," "When you meet me outside of this, I'm not that kind of guy. I'm not what you expect from a guy that collects dolls." Y a n g h a s a professional interest in toys and consumer trends as director of strategy at Omicom Media Group. But his Barbie collection began at age 13 when he bought the "Great Shape" model in a turquoise Spandex gym outfit and striped leg warmers. "Before I knew anything about social norms, I was a boy that watched this on TV, liked it and wasn't allowed to have one," he said. "As I grew older, got my own allowance, that's where I started getting the freedom to buy whatever I wanted." His boyhood interest turned into a "crazy obsession" that his friends support and his family has come to accept. "I'm very into collections, I'm very into amassing," Yang said. "I've also got the exgirlfriends who get insecure about this kind of stuff ... They look at dolls and go 'OK, that's the competition', which is quite troubling but it's a reality."

The self-described "toy nerd" reckons he has spent at least S$500,000 ($392,000) over the last 20 years on his collection, which also features hundreds and hundreds of dolls from the Bratz Girls, Monster High and Jem and the Holograms lines. Barbie, launched in 1959 wearing a zebra-pattern swimsuit, has sold more than 1 billion dolls. But for Mattel Inc, the toy giant that makes her, sales of the dolls and related products fell 12 percent in the April to June period of this year the fourth straight quarter of decline as

tastes shift. Yang said Barbie was an icon that still had a future but "the relevance is waning" as princesses and ballerinas give way to the ghoulish imagery and stories popularized by vampire movies such as "Twilight" and "New Moon". "That's where Mattel has taken it," he said. "They have taken the craze of ugly is hot and made Monster High because they know Barbie will never be the monster."

Hasbro Inc, Mattel's main competitor and a client of Yang's in his work, has made similar changes to its dolls. Yang's oldest Barbies date from the early 1960s, including one in a nurse's outfit with cat's eye glasses. But his passion runs the gamut of eras and styles, including Barbies in dozens of national costumes and editions with the likenesses of Grace Kelly, Barbra Streisand, Carol Burnett and Elizabeth Taylor. The rarest Barbie he owns is a model sold only in boutiques of the Comme des Garcons fashion label. "My friend found her in Hong Kong and made an emergency phone call to me," he said. In a floor-to-ceiling glass case in the living room, Osama bin Laden shares a drink with Saddam Hussein as Maleficent, the evil sorceress from "Sleeping Beauty", Jackie Onassis and Lady Diana look on. Elsewhere are Elvis Presley, Sean Connery as James Bond and characters from "Harry Potter" and "Star Trek". To top it off, the hue of the floor is not just any pink. It is Barbie's signature colour Pantone 219 C. "I travel for work, I travel for myself, so I find dolls everywhere," Yang said. On his last trip to New York, he bought 65 dolls. He is going there again this month and is sure to hit the shops. Yang also get dolls as gifts and buys them at auction and online. He has no plans to slow down, so what will he do when he runs out of space? "I'll buy the other house," he laughed, pointing next door. "I still have an empty wall over there." ($1 = 1.2768 Singapore dollars)


Kuta Weekly


5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

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Amed Amed is a long coastal strip of fishing villages in East Bali. Amed refers to a long stretch of coast running from the village of Cucik about 14 km eastwards incorporating the seven villages of Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas. The pace of life here is slow and the coastal scenery quite stunning making Amed the perfect place for a relaxed holiday in Bali. Amed is the most recent tourist development area in Bali. It was only in 2000 that tarmac was laid on the roads. Telephone lines were installed in 2003 and it took until 2007 for a bridge to be built over a section of the main road that regularly washed away during the rainy season. This is the most commonly used base for visitors wishing to dive the USS Liberty wreck at Tulamben and that area is also covered by this article. There are other good dive sites close at hand and a thriving dive industry has developed all the way along the coast here. Amed's inhabitants live from fishing, salt-making and tourism. The lack of tourism-based revenue, its remote nature and the generally harsh environment for farming, meant that this area was very much one of the poorer areas in Bali. Amongst others, the East Bali Poverty Project [1] drew attention to the plight of the local villagers in this area and that, together with recent tourist development, has gone a long way to improving general standards of living, health and education. Amed is famous for its beaches, lined with traditional outrigger fishing boats. There is quite coarse black volcanic sand at Amed village beach. As you move further east (and away from Mount Agung), the beaches have softer sand and become more of a mid grey-brown in colour. The prettiest bays are probably those at Jemeluk and Lipah but the whole stretch of coastline is very attractive. Salt production is a declining but still important industry in this area. As you drive along the main coast road through the villages you will see large open drying pans crusted with salt crystals. Those little boxes of gourmet Bali salt crystals you see in delicatessens and speciality food stores all over the world may ha Most people come to Amed as a getaway, including expats from other parts of the island. It is a favourite honeymoon destination for

tourists and is very popular with divers and snorkelers. Day trips to local places of interest such as the water palace at Tirta Gangga and Bali's most sacred temple, Besakih, can easily be arranged. Mount Agung with lots of trekking options just 30-40 minutes from Amed. Traditional outrigger boats are available for fishing charters from the main beaches in the Amed area. This normally involves early morning trolling for mackeral. Have a traditional massage on the beach. Women from the local villages are always on hand for an invigorating massage, speciality so at Lipah Beach. Enjoy nature and go with the wind on a traditional sailing boat for diving, fishing, exploration, dolphin watching, snorkelling or just swimming and relaxing.

Snorkelling Amed has some good snorkelling within metres of the shore. A reef follows the majority of the coastline and is quite close in. Due to the limited number of visitors to the area and a growing conservation awareness among the locals, the sea life is healthy and abundant. There is a small wooden wreck in only 1.5 m of water off Lipah Beach, however this is not the World War II "Japanese Wreck". David Pickels' book on diving in Bali described this dive site for the first time back in 1999 as the Lipah Bay Wreck, and he admitted his mistake in the meantime. Matter of fact is that the real Japanese shipwreck is not located in Lipah Bay at all, but just a few kilometres further east along the coast, in the village of Banyuning and is great for diving & snorkelling with abundant coral & fish life - this dive site is locally known among the dive operators as the "Japanese Wreck" and is clearly signposted with ample car parking and snorkel equipment rental on location.

Diving There is some fine diving in Jemeluk Bay both from the beach and from boats in deeper water. After a gentle slope out from shore, the wall here drops off dramatically to depths of 40 m plus. The coral is healthy and fish life abundant. There are some good drift dives further east at Selang and Bunutan but these are generally only suited to more experienced divers.

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Castaway stalked by giant croc A man exploring WA's remote north has told of his threeweek ordeal stranded on a small island and stalked by a giant crocodile. Ryan Blair was flown to Kununurra after being rescued by a boatie who spotted him on West Governor Island, about 50km north of Kalumburu. Ti r e d a n d w e a r y b u t otherwise unharmed, the 37yearold survived three weeks on the island after being dropped off with 160 litres of water, food, tools and camping equipment. After 2½ weeks on the island and with his water running short, Mr Blair attempted to paddle 4km to the mainland in his 2.5m kayak. "That was when the crocodile made himself known," Mr Blair said. "I had seen something in the distance but at that stage I couldn't be absolutely sure. I felt like I was being watched." Mr Blair said he got his best view of the giant crocodile when he was paddling. And he saw it again when he went down to the water's edge. He said it was like being stalked. At his first attempt to reach the mainland, Mr Blair found he was being weighed down by equipment and paddling against the current. He abandoned the crossing. A second attempt a couple of days later also failed. "At that point I was starting to get pretty concerned," he said. "I was already fatigued and run down. "My water supply was also running quite low. I knew once I ran out of water it was going to get quite serious. "I didn't panic too much when I failed first because I knew I could turn around and try again another day. "It was the second time I failed it really hit me. It destroyed me


emotionally but also physically. "The next day I was aching all over. I had to just sit down and rest so I could gather my strength to start signalling for help."Mr Blair did not have a satellite phone or EPIRB. Dizzy, dehydrated and with a sore back and arms, Mr Blair was fortunate enough to attract the attention of Don MacLeod, who lived at a camp near the mouth of the Drysdale River. "My first thought was had this guy actually seen me," Mr

Blair said. "It was only when he got right up to the beach and I was waving and waving did the relief hit me. "It was pretty unbelievable but I kind of thought because I was close to the mainland and in an area there were fishing trawlers and planes, I was confident enough someone would come, I just didn't know when that would happen." Mr MacLeod said Mr Blair was extremely fortunate not to have been taken by a crocodile, which were often up to 6m long. "The large croc that lives near there has been there for many years," Mr MacLeod said. "He's a very big animal. "It must be getting towards mating season because the crocs are getting more aggressive. That tiny kayak wouldn't have been one-third of his size. "If the first croc had not got

coast and even a couple of tiger sharks spotted the past couple months." Originally from New Zealand, Mr Blair has lived in Melbourne for the past 10 years. He set out on his trip in March, travelling by yacht from Queensland to Darwin. But when the owner of the yacht was jailed, Mr Blair was left stranded for two months. Eventually he found another yachtsman who took him to West Governor Island. Mr MacLeod said it was completely by chance that he saw a flash of light from the crest of the hill on West Governor Island and went to investigate. "I headed over there and saw this guy come down out of the Spinifex," he said. "He unleashed this big story and basically said get me out of here, I've had enough. "I took him at Honeymoon Bay at Kalumburu, where he stayed the night at the mission and was checked out medically and given some food." Mr Blair said that, despite his ordeal, he was not deterred from future trips into Australia's remote regions. "I'm a city boy but the trip is something I had been thinking about doing for a while," he said. "And I did do a bit or research prior to heading out. "On the boat ride back, Don told me a little bit about the area, including the ins and outs. "It probably would have been nice to meet Don before I jumped off on the island. "My advice to someone who's mad enough to do what I've just done is to spend a great deal of time researching. "I think everyone has seen Bear Grylls and Man vs Wild but being out there for real is nothing like that. They're definitely playing it up for the TV."

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)



1 Thin fog (4) 3 Daddy-long-legs (8) 9 Bounce back (7) 10 City of northern Italy (5) 11 Lifeless (5) 12 The capital of Portugal (6) 14 Hair colour (6) 16 Second sign of the zodiac (6) 19 Inequitable (6) 21 Jewelled headdress (5) 24 Hit hard (5) 25 Gaffe (4,3) 26 Until now (8) 27 Glance over (4)

1 Sweet almond paste (8) 2 Dark brown fur (5) 4 Puzzling question (6) 5 Brief letters (5) 6 Zeal (7) 7 Tug (4) 8 Dairy product (6) 13 Hired killer (8) 15 Feast (7) 17 Round Table king (6) 18 Gain (6) 20 Plentiful (5) 22 Savoury jelly (5) 23 US state (4)

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)


Sports Corner

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

“ Ask Martha”

Dear Martha, You are a wise lady, so can you tell me why some reasonably smart people who reside in Bali for some reason believe, once on the island they don't need their prescription medication. To me it is apparently obvious that some think that the Island of the Gods heals all, but only till you wake up with the hangover from all that selfprescribed medication from the night before. You only have to get around to some popular expat haunts where the above mentioned frequent and you will see what I mean.


Yours sincerely puzzled.

**Half way House to Echo Beach **

Dear Puzzled,

@ Crusoe’s Island Bar & Restaurant

Yes thank you, I am a very wise lady and just let me tell you that I always take my prescription medication. Lots of medications we, as westerners require are available here. I think that many just put their head in the sand, save their money and spend it on self-prescribed medication and think that their ailment [not their 'ale” ment'] will go away. Unfortunately due to the selfmedicating, the regression of their condition goes unnoticed. Then Dear, there are those who have never been on meds but that is a completely different storey. To my way of thinking, Bali is a wonderful place to holiday and or live but we still need to look after ourselves while we enjoy smelling the flowers. Yours sincerely

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Sports Corner

Kevin Sheedy farewelled as Gold Coast Suns belt GWS to believe that this team is 19s and under 20s coach Kevin Sheedy said goodbye to AFL coaching, but his farewell for the last three years. That's going to learn to play one day. "I would have liked to have failed to lift Greater Western basically been the formation of won another couple more games this club. Sydney who lost to the Gold to be honest, but we just didn't get "Even our coaches have Coast Suns by 83 points in a couple of boys we Carrara on Sunday. were hoping to recruit

Gary Ablett starred with four goals and 33 disposals as the Suns had it easy in a 22.14 (146) to 9.9 (63) victory to cap off an improved 2013 campaign. In Carrara, Gold Coast kicked six goals in the first and second quarters to lead by 41 points at half-time, before booting home another four to GWS's two in the third period. T h e h o s t s increased their scoring rate five more goals from nine attempts in the final quarter, as they provisionally went four points ahead of the Western Bulldogs in their bid to hold onto 14th place. "I think it's been a pretty exciting journey from my point of view," Sheedy said. "It's been difficult, but anything worthwhile is going to have its difficulties. "I've basically been an under

been very young ... all in all, this whole group of young people coming through, they should be right in five years. Sheedy says his greatest achievement during his Giants tenure was actually getting the club up and running. "There was that many people who thought it was going to get done," he said. "In the first year or two, you don't need to be in a military

for experience. "It was really awkward for us to win those three or four games [we were targeting]. "We definitely need [some star signings], but it's only a matter of time. Only time will create that vision on the playing field." Alongside Ablett, Danny Stanley kicked three goals and registered 24 disposals, while Andrew Boston also totted up four goals. Jeremy Cameron, who needed nine goals to overtake Hawthorn's Jarryd Roughead in the Coleman Medal stakes, could only score two, while Taylor Adams led the Giants' possessions count with 26 touches. Roughead claims the Coleman Medal on 68 goals.

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Miss Bunda BALINESE CARD AND 5 Sept - 11 Sept- 2013 TAROT READER Aries – March 21 to April 20 It's the perfect week to step in and take the initiative with a child, teenager or friend who is facing a problem. If you offer a positive, proactive solution [without being bossy or judgmental] then they might just accept your advice! Thursday's New Moon stimulates your health and wellbeing zone, and reminds you to find time in your busy life for a regular fitness routine.

Libra – September 24 to October 23 Don't be too laidback! The more you connect, network and socialize with like-minded souls, the better your career will be. At the moment, it's not what you know but who you know! For non-employed Librans … others are keen for you to contribute your talents in a voluntary capacity. Singles … avoid looking for love in the same-old places. Aim to be more adventurous.

Taurus – April 21 to May 21 Have you got a long list of domestic chores that you've been avoiding? Stop procrastinating! With mighty Mars moving through your home zone, it's time to tackle the to-do list with extra energy and enthusiasm. But it would be wise to handle a feisty family member with an extra dose of diplomacy. Thursday through until Sunday is super for travel and entertaining.

Scorpio – October 24 to November 22 Scorpios love to be in control but the week will work best if you wield power from behind the scenes. [Being an iron fist in a velvet glove is smarter than scaring people away with your intensity!] Looking for employment? Tune into the energy of Mars plus the New Moon and strike while the iron is hot! The weekend is wonderful for travel and social networking.

Gemini – May 22 to June 21 Get your skates on Twins, as you spend the week communicating, conversing, social networking and multitasking to the max! It's also time to 'Think global; act local' as you contribute your diverse talents to the local community. Home is where the heart is on Thursday, and the New Moon and Mercury encourage you to talk through issues with a stressed loved one.

Sagittarius – November 23 to December 21 Between now and October 15 is a terrific time to travel, as Mars activates your adventure zone [and your freedom-loving nature]. Saturday is your pick of the week as super Sun/Jupiter aspects give you the confidence to be yourself. Your motto for the week is from fellow Sagittarian Jim Morrison “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.”

Cancer – June 22 to July 23 Crabs … sidestepping problems is not a recipe for success. This week, Jupiter gives you the confidence to approach challenges with a positive and proactive plan … and the New Moon encourages you to talk through issues with the people around you. On the weekend, avoid the temptation to make impulsive purchases [in person and online] that you later regret.

Capricorn – December 22 to January 20 You've got some fabulous ideas but don't impose them on others. With Venus visiting your career zone, strive to be a cooperative and creative Capricorn at work. Plus employ a lighter touch, as you aim to get the balance right between being personally powerful and professionally inclusive. Attached Goats … have the confidence to give your partner plenty of personal space.

Leo – July 24 to August 23 Don't hide your Leo light under a bushel! With Mars charging through your sign [until October 15] it's your time to shine. Public speaking and performing are favored, as you display your leadership skills [or creative talents] for all to see. Be inspired by birthday great, Freddie Mercury “I always knew I was a star, and now the rest of the world seems to agree with me.”

Aquarius – January 21 to February 19 Each New Moon indicates a shift of gear in a particular area of life and, this week, it's a fresh start involving money matters or an intimate relationship. Attached Aquarians … your partner is feeling feisty so, if you push their emotional buttons, you'll get a fiery response in return. Singles … look for love with an amorous Aries, a lusty Leo or a loveable Libran.

Virgo – August 24 to September 23 It's the best week of the year to update your wardrobe; change your appearance; launch a project; apply for a job or start a new phase of your life; as the New Moon lights up your sign. Not sure where to begin? Active imagination and creative visualization are two fabulous ways to envision your future. Then you can turn your dreams into reality with Virgo vim and vigor.

Pisces – February 20 to March 20 Hey Pisces … stop procrastinating and instead, start communicating about what you really require in relationships. Don't expect others to be able to magically read your mind. Be articulate and ask plenty of questions. With mighty Mars stirring up your wellbeing zone, it's also time to be proactive about your health and fitness as you strive to exercise and eat well.

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Sports Corner


Welcome to the Kuta Weekly's


Music page

The following is a myth busting info page covering different songs or bands each week chosen by one of our many loyal readers, Please Enjoy…Miley Cyrus “Party in The USA”

Miley Cyrus Miley Ray Cyrus (born Destiny Hope Cyrus; November 23, 1992) is an American actress and recording artist. The daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, she held minor roles in the television series Doc and the film Big Fish in her childhood. In 2006, Cyrus rose to prominence as a teen idol after being cast in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana, in which she portrayed the starring character Miley Stewart. After signing a recording contract with Hollywood Records in 2007, she released Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus, which served as the series' soundtrack and Cyrus' debut studio album. It sold three million copies in the United States, and produced the Billboard Hot 100 top-ten single "See You Again". That year, her Best of Both Worlds Tour was adapted into the film Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert. Cyrus' second album, Breakout (2008), was certified

platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for shipments exceeding one million copies, and featured the successful track "7 Things". That same year, she launched her film career as the voice actress for Penny in the animated film Bolt. She earned a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for her performance of its theme song, "I Thought I Lost You". In 2009, Cyrus starred in the feature film Hannah Montana: The Movie, whose soundtrack and lead single "The Climb" introduced her to country and adult contemporary markets. Cyrus developed an adult image and mainstream pop sound with her extended playThe Time of Our Lives (2009). Peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot 100, its track "Party in the U.S.A." became her highest-peaking single on the chart. Cyrus' maturing image progressed with the film The Last Song and her third album Can't Be Tamed in 2010. The latter project featured more prominent dance elements than her earlier releases, and was promoted through sexuallythemed performances. During the following two years, she focused on her acting career with several television and film appearances. In 2013, Cyrus will release her fourth album, Bangerz, through RCA Records. Its lead single, "We Can't Stop", was promoted by a provocative music video and a controversial performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Cyrus is recognized as being among the most successful artists to originate from Disney. Cyrus ranked number thirteen on Forbes' 2010 Celebrity 100. For the 2011 Guinness World Records, she was named the “Most Charted Teenager” following her 29th US Billboard Hot 100 chart entry on November 7, 2009 with "Party in the U.S.A.". She has six top-ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and had four RIAA certified albums by the age of 18.

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Kuta Weekly

Kangaroos defy Collingwood in MCG slugfest Lynch however returned to contention with five majors North Melbourne ended its in the second quarter to lead by home-and-away season with the ruck in the final term. On a disappointing day for three points at the long break. an exciting 11-point win over the Magpies, Travis Cloke kicked North Melbourne was back sixth-placed Collingwood at in front at the end of the third the MCG. North had already narrowly missed out on finals footy, and the 19.11 (125) to 17.12 (114) win over the Magpies would have done little to ease thoughts of what could have been. But Collingwood will start preparing for next Saturday night's elimination final against Port Adelaide with fitness doubts over Quinten Lynch (ankle) and defender Nathan Brown (knee). Worryingly for Collingwood, Brown was subbed off in the second term and Lynch trod on Drew Petrie's foot and limped off during the third quarter.

five goals to finish the home-andaway season on 66, two shy of Roughead. The Kangaroos topped an action-packed first period with an eight-goals-to-five lead, before Collingwood roared back into

quarter after booting five majors to the Magpies' four as the see-sawing contest continued apace. The lead changed hands four times in the fourth period's early exchanges, North's four goals ultimately sealed a taxing win. Jack Ziebell kicked four for the Kangaroos and dished out 27 disposals, while Ryan Bastinac starred with 34 touches and six marks. Ben Reid kicked a career-best five goals for the Magpies while midfielder Scott Pendlebury - with two goals and 33 disposals - was also a key contributor.

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

'Twerk' and 'selfie' added to dictionary "Twerk", a provocative dance move that has gone viral, and "selfie" a photograph taken of oneself using a phone, are two new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The dictionary has included words such as "twerk", "selfie", "digital detox" and the social media meaning of the verb "unlike" in its latest quarterly update to reflect the increasing use of technology and social media. Spokeswoman Katherine Connor Martin said the dictionary, which is one of the largest dictionaries in the world and dates back 150 years, adds about 1,000 new entries to its online version every year. She said the word "twerk" has been around for 20 years but has generated enough evidence of usage to be added to its online dictionaries with U.S. pop star Miley Cyrus hitting

headlines this week for "twerking" at the MTV Video Music Awards. Arising in the early 1990s, the word is described in the dictionary as "a dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance". "The current public reaction to twerking is reminiscent in some

regarded in the early 1960s, when it was first popularized by Chubby Checker's song, 'The Twist'," said Connor Martin. "Only time will tell if twerking will similarly be embraced by the general public." Other words such as "unlike", the withdrawal of approval on social media, "digital detox", where a person refrains from using smartphones or computers, and "fomo" or fear of missing out anxiety that an interesting event may be happening elsewhere, have also been added. "Omnishambles", a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations is also among the new entries, originating from the British political comedy TV series "The Thick of It".

Bulldogs untroubled by struggling Demons the second-quarter kicked four majors, while The Western Bulldogs ended damage. Jack Grimes registered 23 a season of struggle with a Tory Dickson clinched three disposals. win, overcoming fellow goals for the 'Dogs, while Matthew Bulldogs midfielder Tom battlers the Melbourne Liberatore said the last Demons by 20 points at eight games showed his Docklands. side was showing some

The result was not enough to boost their ladder position of 15th as the 'Dogs ran out 16.11 (107) to 13.9 (87) winners. The Demons were in front by two points at the end of quarter-time, but from then on it was the Bulldogs' game, kicking nine goals in the second period to lead by 43 at half-time. Melbourne clawed some ground back by kicking three goals to the Bulldogs' Boyd enjoyed a storming game one in the following stanza, and with 40 possessions and eight booted four more in the final term, marks. Dees star Jack Watts but it was never enough to undo


consistency to stand it in good stead for next season. "[The Demons] kept coming at us, and I suppose the second quarter held us in good stead but they didn't give up," he told Grandstand. "We really put in place things we needed to do to move forward. I think the last eight weeks reflect that. "It shows if we can put consistency together, we can put good results on the board week after week."

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Kuta Weekly

Sports Corner

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Alaska's contest for giant cabbages


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KeevanDinkel of Wasilla, Alaska, produced this year's winning entry, which was carried in by several Boy Scouts, in the Alaska State Fair's Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off. His giant cabbage, which rose to about thigh height on a typical adult, and those of other contestants were weighed at the fairgrounds in Palmer, in a contest watched by hundreds of onlookers, attended by green-clad women dressed as "cabbage fairies" and monitored by a representative of the state Division of Weights and Measures. Produce can grow to enormous sizes under Alaska's summer midnight sun. Growing big cabbages is a tradition in this part of the state, just north of Anchorage, which is considered Alaska's main farm belt. This year was the first time in the contest's 18 years that a child has won the weigh-off, according to state fair officials. The fair offers a junior competition for growers 12 and younger, but Keevan's entry was put into the adult open

and their heads cool," said Mardie Robb, Scott Robb's wife. Alaska's giant vegetables also face hazards, including marauding moose that are fond of poaching wouldbe winners while they are growing in gardens, and flaws that might develop during growing can knock them out of contention. This year, a potential statechampion pumpkin, a 1,289-pound (584.6 kg) specimen named "Time Bandit" and grown by J.D. Megchelsen of Nikiski, was disqualified because of a hole, violating rules calling for vegetables to be structurally intact. Absent the hole, it would have just beaten the Alaska pumpkin record of 1,287 pounds (583.8 kg) that Megchelsen set in 2011. Instead, this year's blue ribbon went to a 1,182-pound (536.1 kg) pumpkin named "Eva" that was grown in Anchorage.


A 10-year-old boy has won Alaska's annual giant cabbage contest, submitting a 92.3-pound (41.9 kg) specimen named "Bob" to officials at the state fair.

category because of its size. Keevan, whose family operates a local farm, took home $2,000 for his prizewinner. Keevan' s "Bob" fell short of the world-record 138.3-pound (62.7-kg) cabbage, called the "Palmer Pachyderm," grown last year by Palmer greenhouse owner Scott Robb. While the unusually hot and sunny summer was good for many crops, that was not the case for the traditional green cabbages, said growers attending the fairs weigh-in. "Cabbages are a cold crop. They like their roots warm

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Sports Corner

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Kuta Weekly

News Corner

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Manly romps past Melbourne Storm to snatch third place .Manly swapped places with the Melbourne Storm on the ladder after a 24-8 blow-up at Brookvale Oval on Saturday evening. At Brookvale, the Sea Eagles overtook Melbourne in third place with an efficient 16-point win thanks to a David Williams hat-trick and a Brett Stewart double. Williams's completed his treble inside the opening half-hour as the home side ran riot, before the Storm's Sisa Waqa scored a try on the siren to make it 20-4 at the break. Stewart scored his second just past the hour mark, before Justin O'Neill responded for Melbourne two minutes later. But any thoughts of some consolation for the Storm were erased on 73 minutes when Glenn

Stewart forced a Melbourne handling error, allowing Daly Cherry-Evans to burst through and score a late try. Hat-trick hero Williams said there is still room for improvement in his side, but it was a welcome relief to finally get a win against a top-four rival. "The boys certainly pulled together for a nice win," he told Grandstand.

"There's still a lot of improvement, a lot of dropped ball and a bit messy in areas, but it's still nice to get up. "It's certainly a stat we wanted to rectify. I still reckon we've got a lot of work to do, it was a good first half but we've got to carry on in games like that." Williams praised the kicking performance of Cherry-Evans and Kieran Foran and backed the pair to light up the NRL play-offs. "Those two just get better and better with the more football they play, especially when they're playing together," he said. "I'd like to see them when they start playing finals football, it's a great sight to see."

Panthers falter against Bulldogs





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full advantage. They produced welldeserved tries from Issac John and Josh Mansour, in addition to a Luke Walsh penalty which more than cancelled out James Graham's early four-pointer for the Bulldogs. But with less than a minute of the opening stanza remaining, Tony Williams created a chance out of nothing on the halfway line when he used his size to barge past five Panthers tackles then offloaded to Brown. Brown lobbed a hopeful kick forward and Lafai flopped over the



The Panthers are two points outside the top eight following the Warriors' win over the Raiders earlier on Saturday, and they did themselves no favours when they were kept scoreless in the second half. They led 14-12 at the break but the Bulldogs ran over the top of their opponents in the second term, with tries to Tim Lafai, Mitch Brown, Krisnan Inu and Trent Hodkinson confirming a spot in the finals. The Bulldogs' Josh Morris says his side needed to make up for a poor display in the opening term. "We had to keep completing and that first half was diabolical and they were well ahead," he told Grandstand. "We came in at half-time and regrouped and put in a better second [half] performance." The Bulldogs looked disjointed and well off the pace in an error-strewn opening period and the Panthers took

line to give the hosts a huge lift, going in just 14-12 down despite being on the back foot for most of the half. A stern Des Hasler team talk saw a much better display from his charges after the restart, as Penrith struggled to match their earlier intensity. Lafai added his second after hauling in a cut-out pass from Morris in the 52nd minute with Hodkinson adding the extras before Brown then took his tally to 12 for the season just shy of the hour mark. The former Cronulla and Wests Tigers wideman, whose previous best for a campaign was four, reacted brilliantly to get down Josh Reynolds' floated pass with one hand. Eight minutes from time, Krisnan Inu iced the victory from close range before Hodkinson rumbled over from 20 metres just before the siren and then kicked his fourth goal to wrap up a comfortable victory.


Penrith's finals hopes were dealt a blow following a 34-14 defeat to Canterbury at the Olympic stadium on Saturday evening.



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News Corner

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Kuta Weekly

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Sports Corner

Trick shot sets record Perth's trick shot kings are set for a second world record after incredible footage shows them t h r o w i n g a basketball through a hoop from a 98m height in The Netherlands. Scott Gaunson, Derek Herron and Kyle Nebel three of the four members of How Ridiculous took 90 minutes to make the seemingly impossible shot from Rotterdam's Euromast. 21-year-old Kyle Mr Nebel throwing the successful ball from the tower's observation deck. Brett Stanford, who was in Perth, said he was "pretty excited" to get the call of the success from his fellow tricksters.


"I was hoping and praying for them," Mr Stanford, 25, said. "They were over the moon," Mr Stanford, 25, said. it's obviously a long way to travel from Perth to do a world record." Mr Nebel was the member who threw a basketball through a hoop from 66.89m at the WACA Ground light tower for their previous record shot which

took three hours to achieve. The stunt was witnessed by a local g o v e r n m e n t representative and will be sent to be verified as a Guinness World Record. Mr Stanford said the group uses their website to raise money for charity. They have raised $20,000 for Compassion which helps children in poverty. "We hope that people are not just amazed by the shot but that they are also inspired to do something well in the world," he said. The group has also clocked up almost 10 million views on Youtube since they got together in South Perth to create trick shots in 2009.


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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Sports Corner

Kuta Weekly

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

News Corner


Kuta Weekly

News Corner

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Wildlife smuggler with fish in pants A Vi e t n a m e s e man's attempt to smuggle tropical fish into New Zealand in his pants floundered when he tried to get through customs with his pockets dripping water, officials said. The man arrived at Auckland airport from Australia this week and officials suspected something was fishy because liquid was seeping from the bulging pockets of his cargo pants, the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) said.

The man initially said he was carrying water from the plane because he was thirsty but a subsequent grilling uncovered the presence of the fish, the MPI said. It said the man had seven fish, all an unidentified species of cichlid, secreted away in two

plastic bags in his pockets. He told officers he was bringing them to New Zealand for a friend. MPI spokesman Craig Hughes said the man will face charges under the Biosecurity Act, which carries maximum penalties of five years' jail or a N Z $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 (US$78,000) fine. "This appears to be a deliberate attempt to smuggle fish into the country without any consideration of the biosecurity risk involved," he said in a statement."That's something we take very seriously."

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Sports Corner

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Sydney Roosters fall to Gold Coast


The Roosters' indifferent form has continued when an injury-hit Gold Coast side sealed one the best results in its short history with a 30-22 win at the Sydney Football Stadium on Sunday afternoon.. At the Sydney Football Stadium, Brad Takairangi, released by the Roosters earlier this season to make way for Michael Jennings and Sonny Bill Williams, scored the decisive try seven minutes from time to put his side in front. Dave Taylor then confirmed the result with an effort under the posts in dying seconds. Having lost to the Sharks last Monday, Trent Robinson's side go into next Friday's minor premiership decider against bitter rivals South Sydney in wretched form. The Titans showed great spirit and desire to win the match and keep alive their slender hopes of reaching the finals in front of a crowd of 17,542. "As long as we played well and with enthusiasm and commitment you're a chance to beat anyone," Titans coach John Cartwright told Grandstand. "That's something we spoke about all week." Cartwright's men stunned the home crowd with a thirdminute try from veteran centre Steve Michaels who touched down in the left corner following a smart pass from Greg Bird. Hooker Beau Falloon extended the lead with a try under the posts five minutes later with Aidan Sezer adding the extras to put his side 12-0 in front. The Roosters hit back through Mitch Aubusson and on the stroke of half-time Mitchell Pearce's effort was given the green light by the video referee after his initial effort had been ruled out by the on-field officials. But the expected second half onslaught never materialised after the break when young winger Anthony Don raced 60 metres following a Takairangi offload and increased the Titans' advantage. That setback did kick the Roosters into life and Jennings had an effort ruled out by the video referee before


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Kuta Weekly

5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

Sports Corner

Jorge Lorenzo pips season leader Marc Marquez at Silverstone as championship race heats up World champion Jorge Lorenzo held off fellow Spaniard Marc Marquez in a dramatic tussle to win the British MotoGP at Silverstone on Sunday. World championship leader Marquez, who dislocated his shoulder in the morning's warm-up session, started from pole position on his Honda but Yamaha's Lorenzo made an early move to overtake him. Marquez, bidding for his fifth win in a row, fought back to regain the lead on the last lap before Lorenzo nipped past him again to seal victory on the line by less than a tenth of a second. "My goal was to get away at

the front," Lorenzo told Spanish television broadcaster Telecinco. "I managed to open up a lead of half a second but as always Marc refused to throw in the towel and he was right behind me. "I tried to increase the rhythm

worn tyres. "This victory means a great deal because with the machine we have we managed to prepare it very well and beat the Hondas." Dani Pedrosa of Honda finished third to complete a Spanish sweep of the podium. Marquez was d o c k e d t w o championship points for failing to follow safety regulations before the warm-up crash which caused his shoulder injury. He still leads the standings by 28 points from Pedrosa with Lorenzo a further nine back in the third.

All Blacks retain Bledisloe Cup with 27-16 win over the Wallabies The All Blacks retained the Bledisloe Cup with a comprehensive 27-16 win over the Wallabies i n t h e R u g b y Championship match Wellington. The margin was not as great as the 47-29 hiding inflicted a week ago in Sydney, but the comprehensive manner in which they dominated much of the game was most familiar. The two tries to one second Test victory means the All Blacks retain the Bledisloe Cup for an 11th successive year. Wallabies captain James Horwill said his side lost to a better team, but they had to pick themselves up for next week's


clash with the Springboks. "You've just got to take your hat off to New Zealand, they're a clinical side that makes the most of their possession," he said. "Unfortunately we have another year now without a Bledisloe Cup which is incredibly disappointing.

"We've just got to make sure we build on what we've been doing. We can't be satisfied with where we're at, we have to keep working and be hard on ourselves. "We play the Springboks in two weeks in Brisbane, so we know we need to get the result there." After the match, New Zealand's Tony Woodcock said winning the Bledisloe Cup was the perfect way to mark his 100th cap. "It's unreal to win that cup again and to get to drink out of it," he said. "It's a special day for that. I'm really pleased with our performance."

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)



AFL Final Week 1 THURSDAY AFL Footy Show @ 10.00pm FRIDAY Hawthorn v Sydney @ 5.30pm SATURDAY Geelong v Fremantle @ 12.00noon Collingwood v Port Adelaide @ 5.30pm SUNDAY Richmond v Carlton @ 1.00pm


THURSDAY NRL Footy Show @ 7.30pm THURSDAY Broncos v Bulldogs @ 5.30pm FRIDAY Rabbitohs v Roosters @ 5.30pm SATURDAY Dragons v Warriors @1.00pm Strom v Titans @ 3.30pm Cowboys v West Tigers @ 5.30pm SUNDAY Sea Eagles v Panthers @ 12.00noon Knights v Eels @ 2.00pm Raiders v Sharks @ 5.00pm

Sunday @ 8.00pm

Taixeira v Bader


Thursday 5th @ 8.00am

Australia v England 1st Game: Friday 6th @ 5.15pm 2nd Game: Sunday 8th @ 5.15pm 3rd Game; Wednesday 11th @ 8.30pm

Tennis:US Open Live: Every Day From August 27th– Sept 8th


LIVE EVERYDAY Address: Jl. Kartika Plaza Kuta next to Waterbom Park PH. +62 361 758128/758129 email:


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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)


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5 Sept - 11 Sept 2013 (352)

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Kuta Weekly-Edition 352 "Bali"s Premier Weekly Newspaper"  

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