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1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Volume 7, Issue 386


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See Indonesia First Government to Spend US$2.6 million on Promoting D o m e s t i c Tourism in 2014 The Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy has allocated Rp. 30 billion (US$2.6 million) to promote domestic tourism through the end of 2014. Quoted by the State News Agency Antara, the director of promotion for domestic tourism, Tazbir, said the government has allocated Rp. 30 billion for domestic tourism promotion, aiming to increase the number of domestic tourism journeys in 2014 to 252 million trips. Ta z b i r s a i d t h e contribution of domestic tourism

to the national economy was significant. In order to improve the performance of the domestic tourism sector the government is holding a number of regional festivals across Indonesia. “This year there are more than 30 events including festivals held in the regions. This is our effort to hold a number of cultural festivals that will stimulate domestic travel, said Tazbir.

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Kuta Weekly

News Corner

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

The Dirty Secret of Secret Beach T o u r i s m M i n i s t e r Disgusted with Tr a s h - S t r e w n Pandawa Beach in South Bali Indonesia's Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu recently leveled criticism at the trash scattered near Pantai Pandawa in South Bali. “I hope the trash scattered near and on Pandawa Beach can soon be cleaned up,” said the Minister during a working visit to the southern white sand beach sometimes called “secret beach.” As reported by the State News Agency Antara, Minister Pangestu is showing pictures of

the trash strewn beach to the press and other officials in her effort to prompt a clean up. “We can't allow trash to continue to accumulate. This clearly ruins the natural view. Because of this, I ask the Badung regency to continually safeguard cleanliness at all tourism areas,”

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s a i d Pangestu. I n response, the r e g e n t o f Badung Anak Agung Gde Agung promised to send the regency's Parks and Public Hygiene Service to clean up the area. Agung also ordered that trash containers be put in place. “I hope traditional community leaders will join the campaign for cleanliness, because tourists will not be interested in visiting tourist areas that are untidy and dirty. Let's all work together to keep the area clean,” said Agung. Continued from page 1


Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly


A Most Taxing Situation

G'day again folks and welcome to the weekly. A great result was had for ANZAC day on the island with many of our sponsors putting on a huge day for all and sundrie. I hear a few kegs got emptied and a few coins got flipped in the air and the atmoshpere was generally good all round. I'm glad to hear that the bald Bunbury builders didnt step in to save the world anywhere so thats a win at best.

Bali Tax Office Asks Jakarta to h a v e n o w. This is needed so Double Staff Numbers

I did see an interesting story this week about a plane that was bound for bali and had an apparent hijack scare. It seems a fellow Australian on the flight was happilly sleeping and when the announcement came over the speaker system saying we are about to land, he wakes and decides he will quickly slip to the toilet before they land. Being that he was half asleep he has banged on the door after a few minutes of it being still, what he thought was occupied, he finds out that he was infact banging on the cockpit door. There has been many a night when a certain friend has woken and thought he was in the toilet after standing up from the bed and pissed all over the floor mat beside his bed. Another time a different mate decided he will take a walk to the toilet, forgeting that he is in a hotel and not his house. Some funny footage on the CCTV system can be found at times. I find it strange how people forget they are being filmed, especially when they are doing something they shouldnt. Immigration has pinched many foriegners for working when they shouldnt be by using video footage of the breach in court. This usually gets them black banned from the island for a while and costs a fair quid. I believe the prescribed fee is 50,000,000 (Thats five grand for the people that dont have enough fingers or pieces of bamboo to count) The authorities here have made it rather clear, actually crystal clear that you “CAN NOT WORK HERE WITHOUT A PERMIT” and they have dedicated teams that build a case over time on people that try to buck the system.

The powers that be in Bali are upwardly mobile and have been trained very well in covert surveillance and do it as if it was a walk in the park. They have the ability to intercept emails and dont think you can hide behind Gmail or Hotmail or any other web based email program because you cant. You are as transparent as the next person. They have the same technology with regards to telephones as well and can track and listen the same as any security agency can world wide. This is a country that prides itself on security and securing its way of life and culture so dont try to take the piss out of them. If you are working on the island I suggest you get your affairs in order before you are caught and become just like all the other tax paying, kitas holding foriegn workers here and do it properly. Doing it the right way is the only way to do it, if you want to stay on the island.

News Corner

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

The Bali office for the Directorate General of Taxation is asking Jakarta to double staffing levels in order to optimize tax collection on the island. reports that the head of the Investigation, Audit and Tax Collection office for Bali, Ipen Hardi, claims that a lack of qualified staff remains a major impediment in maximizing tax collections. In Bali the number of tax auditors spread across eight tax offices is 100 people. Moreover, the number of investigators in Bali is limited to only 5 staff to handle cases emanating from an area with 579,273 registered taxpayers. Hardi told “In Bali we only have 100 auditors. Ideally, we need 200 auditors and 10 investigators – twice what we

we can conduct more orderly investigations.” A moratorium o f n e w t a x employees since 2012 has been in place while at the same time the work load of the tax office has increased. At the same time, new divisions of have been created at the tax office requiring the shifting of tax officials from existing divisions that are already understaffed. Indonesia has 31,000 tax officials serving a national population of 240 million with a resulting ration of one tax official

for every 7,700 people. By comparison, Germany has a ratio of 1 tax official for every 727 residents; Australia 1:1,000; Japan 1:1,818.

Get Inked @ Bali Ink

Ok moving along I see this weeks footy is gonna be a ball tearer and have some info that the boss at Crusoes is putting the games on live when possible. I did also hear on the grapevine that the pressure hour was being reintroduced, which is my favorite, on a Friday night during the live game feed. I trust that the most of you get down and check out the free beer hour when it starts and at the very least drop in for a game or two over the weekend. Ok punters I hope that the most of you stay safe, happy, healthy and try your absolute best to remember, It might not happen today, it might not happen tommorow, but rest assured young jedi, “Its most certainly going to happen” Enjoy your week, ALIASJ...........



Kuta Weekly

News Corner

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Bali's Golden List Conde Nast Traveler Includes Four Bali Luxury Hotels in it 2014 Gold List

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NSW Origin

The Conde Nast Traveler UK Gold List has published its listing of the best hotels, broken down country by country, based on a reader survey conducted among a readership comprised of the world's most sophisticated trip-takers. Here's the best hotels in Indonesia in named by Conde Nast Travele. This year's list has four outstanding Bali hotels shown withh the score received out of a possible score of 100.

St. Regis Bali Resort – 91.5 Amandari Bali -92.9 Four Seasons Bali at Sayan - 96.4 Amankila, Bali – 97.4

Country v City Sunday @ 1.00pm

MOTO GP JEREZ, SPAIN Sunday @ 7.30am

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Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Eating of protected animal species outlawed China will jail people who eat rare animals for 10 years or more under a new interpretation of the criminal law, state media reported, as the government seeks to close a legal loophole and better protect the natural environment. China lists 420 species as rare or endangered, including the panda, golden monkeys, Asian black bears and pangolins, some or all of which are threatened by illegal hunting, environmental destruction and the consumption of animal parts, including for supposedly medicinal

thousands of yuan on eating them gives a certain social cache. "Eating rare wild animals is not only bad social conduct but also a main reason why illegal hunting has not been stopped despite repeated crackdowns," Lang Sheng, deputy head of parliament's Legislative Affairs Commission said, the new interpretation "clears up ambiguities about buyers of prey of illegal hunting", reports added. Knowingly buying any wild animals killed by illegal hunting will now be considered reasons. . a crime, with a maximum penalty C o n s u m p t i o n o f r a r e of three years in jail. animals has risen as the country "In fact, buyers are a major has become richer, with some motivator of large-scale illegal people believing spending hunting," Lang said.

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News Corner

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Australian mistook cockpit for toilet An Australian passenger mistook the cockpit door for t h e t o i l e t , triggering a hijack scare on a Virgin Australia flight from Brisbane to the Indonesian holiday island of Bali, police said. Matt Lockley told Bali police after his arrest that he banged on what he thought was the toilet door for a last-minute bathroom break before the Boeing 737-800 aircraft landed. . The door was actually the cockpit door and the pilot, Neil Thomas Cooper, responded by alerting Indonesian traffic controllers of a possible hijacking. Crew members then seized Lockley and handcuffed him. A spokeswoman for Virgin Australia said Lockley was not handcuffed on board, but was directed by the crew back to a seat in the rear of the plane.


"The flight was about to land and (Lockley) was sleeping. The flight attendant woke him up and he went to the toilet. At the time, he thought the cockpit door was the toilet door," Heri Wiyanto, Bali police spokesman, said. Virgin Australia said the 137 passengers and seven crew on board were never in any danger during the flight. "We can confirm there was a disruptive passenger on board and the pilot notified authorities in advance of landing, as per standard

operating procedures," said Virgin spokeswoman Jacqui Abbott. After taking blood samples from Lockley, police said the Australian had taken several painkillers, including four Panadol and two Voltaren pills. Police initially had said Lockley was drunk. Lockley, who was traveling to visit his Indonesian wife, was shown on local television shortly after the flight surrounded by armed security and a mob of reporters at the airport. Copies of his identification cards were also shown to the media. He has not made any public comments about the incident and remains in police custody. Police said Lockley "was still depressed, so he needs to rest."


Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

WEDDINGS, PARTIES, ANYTHING!!! INTRODUCING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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News Corner

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Kuta Town Houses New ROOF TOP Venue Featuring our “Infamous” Brazilian Aussie BBQ & Charcoal Spit Roast @ Kuta Town Houses

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Kuta Weekly

News Corner

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Pot users allowed to buy 20 joints a week Uruguayans will be able buy up to 10 grams of pot a week, enough to roll 20 joints, under new rules governing the recently legalized marijuana trade i n t h e c o u n t r y, a government source said. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because President Jose Mujica has not yet decreed the new regulations, said the government will auction up to six licenses to produce cannabis legally. Mujica is expected to sign off on the rules in coming days. He proposed the landmark legalization law to undermine drug trafficking. Uruguay, the first country to legalize the growing and sale of marijuana, is being closely watched by other countries debating drug liberalization.


Cannabis consumers will have to register with the government on a confidential list before making purchases from authorized pharmacies, according to the law passed by Congress. The pharmacies can only be supplied by private growers authorized by the government, which will oversee quality and choose varieties. Individuals will also be able to grow up to six plants

for personal use. Uruguay has said it is also considering having marijuana grown on a plot of land controlled by the military to avoid illegal trafficking of the crop. Ten to 20 hectares (25 to 49 acres) of marijuana would likely be enough to meet domestic demand, according to preliminary estimates. Authorities have suggested setting the price for marijuana at $1 per ounce to compete with Paraguayan cannabis that has flooded the black market. About 20,000 of the 3.3 million people who live in Uruguay are estimated to use marijuana every day. The majority of Uruguayans oppose the new law, but do not want it repealed until its impacts can be assessed, according to a poll by a consulting firm.


Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Sports Corner

Is there something in the water destroying Australia's swimmers? A WAVE of behavioural issues involving Australia's former superstars of the pool has led to questions over whether or not there is a link between professional swimming and depression. A day after it was revealed that dual Olympic medallist Geoff Huegill had been charged with drug possession, a former professional swimmer has spoken out about her battle with depression, claiming she suffered copper toxicity from overexposure to chlorine in her childhood and teenage years. The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, urged her fellow swimmers to undergo testing, saying the diagnosis turned her life around. “I don't know if that's what these guys have got. Obviously, that's got to be tested,” the ex-swimmer told Triple M's The Grill Team. “But I started noticing problems at about 16, 17. I started getting really fatigued. Doctors didn't know what it was, they started putting me on antidepressants. Obviously that made it worse. “It got to the stage where I couldn't get out of bed. “It wasn't until I went to a naturopath - they did hair samples and figured out that I had really bad copper toxicity, which was from the chlorine in the water. “Chlorine actually blocks your body's ability to get rid of excess copper,” the woman continued. “It really only impacts people when they're young – so if you start swimming when you're four or five, up until your teenage years. “I didn't start noticing symptoms until after puberty. I don't know if that could be what the guys have got, but it would be worth getting (tested). “There's about four girls who I used to swim with who had similar symptoms. “Some doctors know about it, but prescription medication just makes it worse.” Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton said there was no evidence to suggest excessive exposure to chlorine caused copper toxicity,

adding that hair testing was not a suitable method for determining whether or not a person was suffering from the condition. “There is a condition called Wilson's disease, which is a condition of copper toxicity, and it occurs in about one in 30,000 individuals where they have an abnormality of absorption of copper and they can't get rid of it out of their diet,” Hambleton told “First of all you need to be exposed to a source of the heavy metal, and the major source of copper is actually in the diet. It's legumes, meats, shellfish, chocolate – none of which would be focused on being a swimmer. “The syndrome of copper toxicity is almost always associated with liver cirrhosis and there are a whole bunch of signs and symptoms … but all of these occur with serious amounts of copper in the system. “Hair testing is unreliable and not recommended and may have more to do with the brand of shampoo than how much copper is in the system. “What we need to test is things like urinary excretion of copper rates and the copper transport molecule levels. “It is easy to test it medically. “I would recommend that anyone who has concerns about their health should be seeing a medical practitioner or a practitioner whose training is based on science, on evidence.” “The syndrome of copper toxicity is almost always associated with liver cirrhosis and there are a whole bunch of signs and symptoms … but all of these occur with serious amounts of copper in the system. “Hair testing is unreliable and not recommended and may have more to do with the brand of shampoo than how much copper is in the system. “What we need to test is things like urinary excretion of copper rates and the copper transport molecule levels. “It is easy to test it medically. “I would recommend that anyone who has concerns about their health should be seeing a medical practitioner or a practitioner whose training is based on science, on evidence.”

We have enough "youth". How about a fountain of "smart"? 16

Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Biomicrobe The Natural Solution When Only The Best Will Do Full range of water treatment services Daily Water Usage Do you have yellow or brown or foul tap water? if so then we have a complete range of services including pressure pumps and filtration units

Sewage Our BIOMICROBES prevents blockages, foul smelling odours as well as cleaning septic tanks and grease traps.

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1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Sports Corner

Jarryd Roughead believes teammate Jordan Lewis could be Hawthorn's next captain Both Roughead (pick No.2) and Lewis (pick No.7) landed at Hawthorn via the 2004 national draft along with now former Hawks Lance Franklin (5), Tom Murphy (21), Matthew Little (26) and Simon Taylor (53). The pair remain great mates to this day and Roughead said on Tuesday afternoon that Lewis' contribution to Hawthorn cannot be understated. JORDAN Lewis will be the next captain of Hawthorn according to teammate Jarryd Roughead. Lewis will play his 200th game this weekend when the Hawks take on St Kilda at the MCG on Saturday. Both Roughead (pick No.2) and Lewis (pick No.7) landed at Hawthorn via the 2004 national draft along with now former Hawks Lance Franklin (5), Tom Murphy (21), Matthew Little (26) and Simon Taylor (53). The pair remain great mates to this day and Roughead said on Tuesday afternoon that Lewis' contribution to Hawthorn cannot be understated. Jarryd Roughead tries to hold off David Astbury on Sunday. Picture: Wayne Ludbey Source: News Corp Australia “He's held in very high regard within the group,” Roughead said. “He's been the vice-captain for the last three or four years and I dare say he'll probably be the next skipper if he wants it. “He's been one of the most important blokes that's been able to play consistent footy and always get on the park. “It's a very well earned 200 games and hopefully we can chair him off on Saturday.” Lewis said he would be honoured to captain the club one day, but whether he does so remains largely in the hands of current skipper Luke Hodge. Lewis led the Hawks for a period of 2012 when Hodge was sidelined by injury. “I think we're predicting that Hodgey doesn't

want to be captain,” Lewis said. “As long as Hodgey wants to do it and he's at the club he will be captain. “Whether that's next year or the year after (that he hands it on), my time may have passed. Whoever takes up the role - because we've got such a great leadership group and there's probably five guys you could probably choose from - would do a good job.” Lewis is contracted to the Hawks until at least the end of the 2015 season. He was a part of both the 2008 and 2013

Sports Corner

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

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MAY 2014 premiership teams. Lewis said what meant most to him was the fact he had been able to play 199 games thus far for the one club. But the 28-year-old admitted he wasn't surprised that he had reached this milestone. “The reason why people get to 200 is because they're resilient and obviously their bodies have to hold up,” he said. “And you've got to be able to play some sort of consistent football. I think coming in to the AFL system you probably doubt yourself a little bit at the start, but once you start playing games you feel at home and feel that you can play the game. “It's gone quick, no doubt it has, but to reach (that mark) at 28 and be involved in some really good games and be involved with one club is something that I'll be proud of once I've finished.”

A Fool and his money can throw one heck of a party 18

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1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Geelong likely to welcome back Steven Motlop for Sunday's clash with Richmond at MCG GEELONG livewire Steven Motlop looks set to make his senior debut for 2014 against Richmond this Sunday. Cats coach Chris Scott this morning said Motlop was “likely” to face the Tigers, after two games in the VFL following offseason knee surgery. But Scott said he would need to wait and see whether ruckman Dawson Simpson (ankle) and defender Andrew Mackie (hamstring) would be fit to play. Simpson rolled an ankle at training on Friday. “(We're) more positive with Dawson than we initially thought,” Scott said. “He just went over on his ankle and it blew up a little bit. I think if he had have done it in the game against Hawthorn he would “He's a legitimate chance for have been a very good chance to this week, too early to say for sure, play on the weekend but when you but he hasn't been ruled out. do it two days before the game ... we “Mackie's in the same boat as held out a one per cent chance that well.” he might play but that didn't Tom Hawkins has been eventuate.

cleared of major damage after injuring his knee in the final minutes of the loss to Port Adelaide and should play against the Tigers. Richmond is coming off a 66point trouncing at the hands of Hawthorn, which saw their win-loss record slip to 2-4. Not that Scott has any intention of taking Sunday's opponents lightly. “Even the sides that haven't got the results on the board this year, every single one of them has played really good footy at times,” he said. “Most of what we would look at is what they've done when they've played really well. “Obviously we're trying to exploit any weaknesses they might have, but we're really respectful of what Richmond can do. “It's almost become a sport now of kicking the side that's down in a particular week.” Richmond are hopeful of getting dual best and fairest winner Brett Deledio and key defender Alex Rance back from injury.

Clinton Young, Josh Gibson and Michael Johnson free to play after accepting reprimands from AFL Match Review Panel THE AFL Tribunal won't sit tonight after six players accepted reprimands from the league's match-review panel. Collingwood's Clinton Young, Essendon's Jason Winderlich, Fremantle's Michael Johnson, Melbourne's Alex Georgiou, Western Bulldogs' Daniel Giansiracusa and Hawthorn's Josh Gibson are all free to play this weekend. The AFL's Match Review Panel laid seven charges from Round 6, but all players, including Gibson and Young, escaped suspension after accepting reprimands with early pleas. Gibson, booked in the dying minutes of his side's big win on Sunday, was offered a Level 1


striking offence for his high hit on Richmond's Reece Conca. Johnson's Level 1 misconduct offence on North Melbourne's Aaron Black, who was injured at the time of the incident, was worthy of a oneweek suspension, but a six-year good record reduced the penalty to 93.75 points. Young was charged with a Level 1 rough conduct offence on Essendon's Paul Chapman on Anzac Day but, with an early plea, he accepted a reprimand and 93.75 demerit points towards his future record. Essendon's Jason Winderlich (striking), Melbourne's Alex Georgiou (striking) and Western Bulldogs' Daniel Giansiracusa (rough conduct) are all free to play

next week after accepting reprimands. Brisbane's Trent West was charged with a first offence for making negligent contact with an umpire (Scott Jeffrey) and he accepted a $900 fine with an early plea.


Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Sports Corner

Kuta Weekly

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner

Jake White can rescue South African pride as Sharks seek Republic's first tour win HE took the Springboks to World Cup glory and revived a floundering Brumbies franchise but Jake White's crowning achievement could yet take place over the next four weeks. The mission? Rescue South Africa from an embarrassing Super Rugby touring record in 2014. The former Brumbies coach will arrive in Australia this week with the Sharks, who begin their four-week Australasian tour against the Rebels on Friday night. It's a match that looks to be the easiest of the four with clashes against the Brumbies, Crusaders and Blues to come in the following weeks. But after dropping their penultimate home match against the Highlanders in round 11 and then watching the Bulls maintain South Africa's winless Australasian record in 2014, Friday night's visit to AAMI Park has taken on a whole new level of significance. The Sharks must win at least two games on tour – South Africa's Super Rugby pride hangs on it. So far this season the Stormers, Cheetahs and Bulls have all criss-crossed the Tasman and returned to Africa with just two, zero and four points respectively. That's six points from a possible 60. One of the reasons behind that horrendous record is the rise of the Australian conference, former Wallabies skipper Nathan Sharpe says. “Traditionally, unless there's been a really strong South African team, a lot of the South African teams have struggled a little bit,” Sharpe said “And I think in particular, the


Australian teams, there's three of them in the top six which hasn't been the case for a long time and they're getting some hard games out here. “And those games that were supposedly easy wins – against Australian teams – are certainly not the case anymore.” The Lions, in fairness, are also still to head east but for a franchise that likes touring about as much Mark Webber likes Sebastian

Vettel, it's hard to see them defeating any of the Chiefs, Highlanders, Waratahs or Force. Just a few weeks ago former All Blacks No.10 Andrew Mehrtens suggested it was time for Australia and New Zealand to go it alone, and cut provincial ties with South Africa. “As Super Rugby nears its 20th year, I wonder if it's time to shake things up and maybe take a step back from South Africa,” Mehrtens wrote in his column. “The logistics of involving South Africa are problematic – the travel and time difference – and maybe it would be better for all concerned just to play within our time zone and include teams from the Pacific Islands and Japan. “You might have 20 teams in our time-zone – eight or so from New Zealand, maybe six in Australia and the rest from the islands and Japan.

for growth, especially with broadcasting revenue, and New Zealand needs to recognise this. At the moment rugby is the poor cousin of the winter codes but that could easily change.” Mehrtens created quite a stir with his comments and that was without any mention of the lack of touring success for South Africa's teams in 2014. Meanwhile, SANZAR – the governing body of Super Rugby – is still trying to work out the best format for a competition that will be expanded to 17 and possibly even 18 teams from 2016. South Africa has been granted a sixth team with Southern Kings set to return while an Argentine side is also likely to be included in a major shake-up for the tournament. But while that maybe in the best interests of growing the game and the desire for greater revenue, what will it do for the integrity of the competition? How will fans react if the Kings prove to be just another speed bump on tour like the Cheetahs, Stormers and Bulls have this year? Luckily for South Africa and SANZAR, Jake White and the Sharks can relieve some of the current heat. The World Cupwinning coach has already masterminded impressive victories over two Australian sides – the Reds and Waratahs – and has a keen insight into the way the Aussie franchises play having coached in the conference from 2012-2013. Two wins from four matches would probably be enough to please White and the Sharks, but what a clean sweep would do for South Africa and SANZAR would be invaluable.


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1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

News Corner


Kuta Weekly

Sports Corner

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

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A 426 463 451 462 445 537 426 448 463 585 505 484 564 590 609 617 483 690

Pts 20 20 20 16 16 16 12 12 12 12 12 8 8 8 8 8 4 4

CLUB 1 Bulldogs 2 Sea Eagles 3 Titans 4 Wests Tigers 5 Roosters 6 Broncos 7 Rabbitohs 8 Panthers 9 Dragons 10 Storm 11 Eels 12 Cowboys 13 Warriors 14 Raiders 15 Knights 16 Sharks

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F A Pts 171 106 12 188 130 12 141 132 12 186 176 10 172 121 8 180 145 8 160 126 8 129 134 8 173 182 8 167 191 8 161 203 8 163 129 6 142 189 6 150 204 6 124 172 4 111 178 4

More big name casualties for Country with Dugan, Merrin, Frizzell ruled out through injury COUNTRY Origin's preparations for Sunday's annual clash with City have taken a hit with St George Illawarra trio Josh Dugan, Trent Merrin and 18th man Tyson Frizell ruled out through injury. The Gold Coast's David Mead, who has played eight Test matches for Papua New Guinea, comes into the side at fullback in place of Dugan for the match at Dubbo's Apex Oval. North Queensland Cowboys forward Tariq Sims, who was originally named on the Country


bench, will take Merrin's place legitimacy of the showpiece in the starting lineup, with Newcastle match branded a State of Origin forward Robbie Rochow earning a trial. call-up on to the bench. Despite the fact three Dragons were ruled out, a spokesman for the Country team said it was their medical staff who declared them unfit for the game. Dugan and Frizell both have ankle injuries while Merrin has a thumb complaint. None of the injuries are thought to be serious. Dugan (ankle) and Merrin (hand) are both genuine contenders for the NSW squad to be picked for Origin I, so their omissions will raise further questions about the

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Manly take huge body blows with Jamie Lyon, Glenn Stewart joining Kieran Foran on sidelines MANLY may struggle to maintain their grip on the top of the NRL ladder with injuries to their star players starting to pile up on the eve of the gruelling State of Origin period. The Sea Eagles on Tuesday confirmed premiership stars Glenn Stewart and Jamie Lyon would face stints on the sidelines after both suffered leg injuries in Sunday's thrashing of Canberra. Stewart will be out for up to six weeks after undergoing minor ankle surgery following a knock in the early stages of the game against the Raiders. Skipper and star centre Lyon failed to finish Sunday's game after injuring his knee just after half-time, with the Sea Eagles expecting him to miss up to three weeks. The star duo will join gun five-eighth Kieran Foran on the sidelines after the playmaker suffered a knee injury in last weekend's controversial win over North Queensland. Foran is expected to return in round 12.


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1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Former Melbourne Storm CEO Brian Waldron

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Waldron was labelled the architect of the salary cap rort that resulted in Storm being stripped of its 2007 and 2009 premierships. The club was also fined $500,000 and forced to play out more than two-thirds of the 2010 NRL season for no premiership points. Waldron, who was working with the Melbourne Rebels when the scandal emerged, has barely been heard of since. Writing a column for the New Daily, Waldron, who was preaching the virtues of how to create a successful sporting club, claimed he “got ahead of himself” in crafting a series of deals which saw players paid by third parties and given inducements such as boats and gift vouchers to play for Storm. “Regretfully I got ahead of myself. It's absolutely appropriate that I apologise to all those hurt by my actions and I do so without reservation,” he wrote. Waldron has never publicly or privately apologised to the players, coaches, staff or fans at the Melbourne Storm who were left devastated by the scandal. He also never accepted responsibility for his wrongdoings, but wrote that when disasters happen, those in charge should take the blame. “Responsibility for failure is rarely exclusive but it is appropriate that responsibility is attributed to leaders,' he wrote. “This is just. Leaders are accountable whether by their actions, their inactions or their naivety. “Be it about salary cap breaches, recruitment errors, coaching appointments or the pursuit of scientific advantage, the buck stops at the top.”



DISGRACED former Melbourne Storm CEO Brian Waldron has offered his first public apology for his involvement in the club's salary cap scandal which resulted in him being driven out of sport in 2010.





Water bo






To Mall

As the T-Shirt DISGRACED former says...boys, Melbourne Storm CEO Brian Waldron has offered his first public apology for his involvement in the club's salary cap scandal which resulted in him being driven out of sport in 2010.


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Waldron was labelled the architect of the salary



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Charged with stealing toys from grave

A woman caught on an Ohio cemetery surveillance video taking a toy duck off the grave of a 14-month-old boy has been charged with petty theft. Police in Ontario, Ohio, had tried for nearly two years to capture a clear image of someone who was taking mementos from the boy's grave. They finally got that image and posted it to the police Facebook page. Thousands of comments came in on the video showing a woman leaving the gravesite with a stuffed duck that had been placed there just hours before by the toddler's parents. Some of the posts identified the woman as Frieda Kay Shade, 54, Ontario police Detective Jon Sigler said. The theft of toys and solar-cell lights from Hayden "Tank" Cole Sheridan's grave started in 2007, soon after he died and was buried at a cemetery in Mansfield, a town next to Ontario, Sigler said. Mementos left at other graves nearby remained undisturbed, making the family feel targeted, he said. "When the family came to me, you could see the pain on their faces. It is such a sad story," Sigler said in a telephone interview. "It hit us the same way it hit everyone else, that this is crazy." After several people identified the woman from the video, Sigler said he went to Shade's Facebook page and saw images of her wearing the same clothes as seen in cemetery surveillance tapes. Shade turned herself in and told police she saw an "aggressive dog" digging up flowers at the cemetery and placed the toy on top of a garbage can to keep it safe. Police do not believe that Shade and the boy's family have a connection. Shade is scheduled to appear in court next month on the misdemeanour charge.


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Sunken ship found near Golden Gate

My Brains An Asshole

The wreckage of a p a s s e n g e r steamship that sank in the 19th century after a collision in the San Francisco Bay has been found near the Golden Gate Bridge. The steamship City of Chester was discovered by researchers using sonar in waters about 216 feet deep. It was encased in mud. "The ship is very much intact," said James Delgado, director of Maritime Heritage at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), who has investigated other shipwrecks. A boat equipped with sonar scanners captured the first underwater images of the City of Chester last May. It took NOAA researchers nine months to review the data and reconstruct images of the ship, which came to rest upright at the edge of a sandbank, NOAA said in a statement.

High-resolution sonar imagery identified the hull of the ship rising 18 feet from the sea floor and a large gash on the vessel's left side, NOAA said. The 202-foot long City of Chester, which was heading up the California coast to the city of Eureka, was nearly cut in half by the steamer Oceanic in August 1888. Sixteen people were killed. The collision fueled a racially charged backlash against the Oceanic's mostly Chinese crew, despite their having rescued most of the City of Chester's 106


passengers , Delgado said. NOAA's predecessor, the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, located the sunken ship by dragging a wire from a tugboat and snagging it, Delgado said. The last reported sighting was by a diver in 1889. There are no plans to raise the City of Chester, which likely is a tomb for some of its passengers, Delgado said. NOAA is building a website to tell the story of the City of Chester and is planning a San Francisco exhibit of sonar images and historic photos of the ship later this year. Delgado said the tale of the City of Chester is important because it deals with timely issues of immigration and racism, and because it is a reminder of discoveries yet to be made in "the world's largest museum."

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1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Birds euthanized after cockfighting raid Washington state authorities have euthanized scores of steroid-filled roosters after raiding a farm and arresting a man on suspicion of raising the birds for cockfighting, prosecutors said. Victor Hugo Gallegos Chavez, 35, the lone defendant in the case, was arrested at his home in Rochester, about 70 miles southwest of Seattle by authorities acting on a search warrant. Court documents filed by prosecutors cite Chavez and others as saying he sold the roosters to fight in Mexico, Portland, Oregon, and elsewhere. Cockfighting is outlawed in all 50 U.S. states but remains

legal in Mexico, among other countries. Some 240 roosters and 60 hens seized in the raid were euthanized after Chavez's arrest, said Thurston County Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Wheeler, adding that the steroids rendered the birds unsuitable for rehabilitation or human consumption. "I love chickens. I have chickens of my own," Wheeler said. "To treat a bird as a toy is something that is not right in the universe." At Chavez's initial court appearance, a judge found evidence of probable cause for 100 counts of animal cruelty, one count of illegal gambling and one count of animal fighting, Wheeler said. All are felonies punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.



Chavez, who is being held in lieu of $25,000 bail, will be formally charged later this week, Wheeler said. The case against Chavez was built during a two-year investigation by the Washington State Gambling Commission, Wheeler said. The probe included the use of hidden cameras that recorded events at the farm. Gambling Commission agents observed Chavez keeping the birds tethered to barrels, taunting them and prodding them to fight for up to a minute at a time. Federal immigration officials have a placed a hold on the case, meaning there is evidence that Chavez is in the United States illegally, Wheeler said. But Chavez will face the charges to be filed against him before any possibility of his being deported, the prosecutor added.


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Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20 When using public transport, we're at the mercy of schedules. Waiting invariably plays a part in us getting to where we want to be. We accept this. We know our strategy involves us being part of a process where reliability and punctuality are key, most of the time, anyway. This week's developments intend to bring change to an area of your world in need of changing. Resisting change coming your way is on par with trying to alter a carefully planned transport schedule. So wait and wait patiently. Let change come to you and take you where you need to be and, if necessary be prepared to adjust plans that come out of the blue. You might need to accept a change in destination.

Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23 We know the benefits of sharing. We also know when it is necessary to draw a proverbial line between what is ours and what is someone else's. Sometimes, we come across people who adopt a 'what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine' attitude and if we have found ourselves in a position where we've been giving constantly and someone has grown used to this, then we're sometimes seen as selfish or unhelpful when we reduce or remove support. This week's powerful developments focus squarely on what you own, owe or share with certain others. This week's eclipse intends to create balance where imbalance exists and should you find yourself bidding farewell to someone you no longer feel obliged to support in some way, then trust it's best for all concerned.

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21 This week brings a solar eclipse in your sign. You're being given a rare and fantastic opportunity to do a psychological equivalent of 'spring cleaning', particularly where your ambitions and future possibilities are concerned. What and who matters to you? Where are you heading with existing plans and might one or two need changing or reprioritizing? These are the questions likely to be raised now if they haven't been raised recently. You will be required to let go of anything or anyone who plays no part in your future but can trust that what or who is being removed is making space for something or someone so much more appropriate.

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22 Every Scorpion will have their own story to tell about how this week's solar eclipse in your opposite sign will bring about change, most likely where a close relationship is concerned but as far as eclipses go, this one is 'friendlier' than most. A pleasing and heartwarming scenario is unfolding now between you and someone else and if you can't think of how coming developments might be affecting a close relationship, then expect focus to be shifted to a business connection. You're being spurred into action in some way; a shift is needed between you and someone else to help cement the relationship in some way, even if this involves facing a few harsh truths. Be receptive to what is changing now in the knowledge that the end result will be progressive in some way.

Gemini May 22 - Jun 22 If anyone doesn't require a lesson in How to Communicate Effectively, it's a Gemini and this week's developments are likely to require you to use your 'gift of the gab' in ways you might not have had to do in a while. A point needs making and clarifying. An issue needs as many forms of communication as you can give it. Something that has been concealed is about to be brought into the open and the best way to resolve it lies with good, old-fashioned communication. Be willing, this week, to speak your mind openly and honestly. If you do, then someone else will do the same and whatever issue needs resolving will be done so much easier and swiftly. Cancer Jun 23 - Jul 23 Eclipses have a tendency to 'wipe clean' particular situations. They also have a tendency to remove what or who no longer plays a part in our future. Sounds harsh but that's how they operate, they're powerful and non-negotiable. This week brings a new moon solar eclipse that you're likely to find noticeably less stressful than the lunar eclipse earlier this month. It will, however, 'eclipse' out something or someone from your world and whilst this might not have you punching the air with joy initially, it won't take long for you to see the improvement. Have faith that you're being well looked after and be willing to embrace, not resist, change unfolding now. Leo Jun 24 - Aug 23 As the one sign ruled by the Sun, this week's solar eclipse isn't going to go unnoticed by you. In fact, you may have already seen certain developments unfolding in recent weeks that herald change and, for many Lions, it could be the area of career, status and professional achievement that gets put in the spotlight. Your being given a superb opportunity to reinvent and restore that which has had its day. It's time to bid farewell to one situation and embrace another although you could feel saddened to let go of one situation or arrangement that has suited you in recent years. It's important you see what's unfolding now a helpful step forward and be willing to release whatever or whoever has been helpful in the past but is unlikely to be as helpful in the future. Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23 Ancient astrologers declared the 'ninth house' of a horoscope chart to represent 'broadening of the mind'. That covers a lot of things. It's not the most straightforward area of a horoscope because of complexity surrounding all that it can potentially cover but travel, education and intellectual stimulation are the main areas. This week brings a solar eclipse determined to provide a fresh start in one or more of those areas and even if you have no plans or desire to visit foreign climes or enroll on a course of any description, then many Virgos will find legal matters become a focal point at this time. Be aware of how you're being helped to start afresh where a 'learning curve' is concerned and be equally 'live' to the need to embrace change coming your way.

Eye & Lips Liner

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21 Interesting people tend to be busy people. Interesting people are sought after; others need them in some way for a wide range of reasons. If you're not already seeing evidence of how sought after you are by certain others, then expect to, very soon. You have a skill or are able to provide input in some way that could find you in demand. That's all well and good but it is likely to create some degree of tension where your ability to meet demands made of you are concerned. Expect things to become a bit more tense before they improve and don't be shy about putting your foot down if demands become too much. Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20 Where love and romance are concerned, Capricorns have had quite an amazing few months. Venus' extra long stay in your sign between November and March certainly brought numerous opportunities and Jupiter's influence in your opposite sign until July continues to bring extraordinary support to affairs of the heart. This week, things ramp up noticeably with a new moon solar eclipse that intends to test a particular close relationship. If all is fine, then a wonderful fresh start exists for you and a certain other. If, however, a relationship has had its day, then the eclipse will bring a no-nonsense and nonnegotiable proverbial wiping of the slate. Either way, expect a time that you'll look back on and undoubtedly be very grateful for. Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19 Eclipses always come in pairs and whilst the lunar eclipse that occurred earlier this month likely highlighted something related to travel, education or people connected with afar, this week's new moon solar eclipse has plans where home and family are concerned. Something connected with your abode and/or with whom you share it is shifting and in a positive way. Eclipses wipe slates clean, they focus attention on what is weak or in need of changing so whatever has already started showing signs of change on the domestic or family fronts, expect the story to unfold further from this week. This is a time to embrace change and understand reasoning behind anyone or anything that requires you to wave fond farewell. A new path or opportunity connected with where you live is being presented - and waiting to be seized! Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20 As one of the Zodiac's most creative and imaginative signs, this week's new moon solar eclipse could be seen a godsend. It intends to bring about an opportunity related to one or more of the following areas: travel, writing, editing, speaking, translation or research and every Piscean will have their own story to tell about how talents can be utilized and perhaps put to better use in any of the above. You have a fantastic opportunity to embark upon a new and exciting learning curve that will require you to convey yourself in some way, in writing, verbally or both. To seize the opportunity that awaits you, you might have to let someone or something go to make space for it but the sky is adamant that what replaces anyone or anything removed from your world will be infinitely better and more appropriate.

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maintain control of her pet or "to warn or otherwise inform neighbours of her duck's dangerous propensity in attacking individuals." Ruddell, a retired nurse, is seeking up to $275,000 in damages, including roughly $25,000 for medical expenses, with the remainder being for pain, suffering and the toll her injuries have taken on her daily life. Ruddell's lawyer, Gregory



Cynthia Ruddell, 62, of Washougal, Washington, was on her mother's property in Estacada, Oregon, about 25 miles southeast of Portland, when a neighbour's duck attacked her without provocation, according to the suit filed in Oregon state court. In her attempt to run away from the agitated waterfowl, Ruddell fell to the ground, breaking her right wrist and spraining an elbow and shoulder, the suit claims. The incident occurred in May of 2012. The complaint accuses the bird's owner, Lolita Rose, of failing to

Price, said it was his understanding that Rose had her duck killed after the incident. Rose could not be reached for comment on the case. Price said he expects the damages will ultimately be paid by Rose's insurance policy, but filing a lawsuit was necessary as a precaution because of continuing medical bills from a second surgery on his client's wrist and a two-year statute of limitations on such claims. Along with the lingering effects of the attack, the legal case has brought Ruddell a measure of unwanted attention, her attorney said. "I've learned a lesson," he said. "In any future lawsuit I'll talk about my client being attacked by a domestic animal. Not by a duck."

sari Jl. Bene

A woman visiting her mother in Oregon is suing her neighbour, seeking $275,000 for pain, suffering and other damages she says were inflicted when a pet duck ambushed her for no apparent reason.


1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Poppies 1

La Walon htl

Nurse sues $275,000 in pet duck attack

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News Corner

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Welcome to the Kuta Weekly's


Music page

The following is a myth busting info page covering different songs or bands each week chosen by one of our many loyal readers, Please Enjoy…Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. (born October 20, Records, where he recorded his next three albums. Da 1971), known by his stage names Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoop Dogg, and later Snoop Lion, is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and actor. Snoop has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. His music career began in 1992 when he was discovered by Dr. Dre. He collaborated on Dre's solo debut The Chronic (1992), and on the theme song to the feature film Deep Cover. Snoop's debut album, Doggystyle, was released in 1993 under Death Row Records, debuting at No. 1 on both the Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts. Selling almost a million copies in the first week of its release, Doggystyle became certified 4× platinum in 1994 and spawned several hit singles, including "What's My Name" and "Gin & Juice". In 1994, Snoop released a soundtrack on Death Row Records for the short film Murder Was The Case, starring himself. His second album Tha Doggfather (1996), also debuted at No. 1 on both charts with "Snoop's Upside Ya Head" as the lead single. The album was certified double platinum in 1997. After leaving Death Row, Snoop signed with No Limit

Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told (1998), No Limit Top Dogg (1999), and Tha Last Meal (2000). Snoop then signed with Priority/Capitol/EMI Records in 2002, where he released Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss. He then signed with Geffen Records in 2004 for his next three albums R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, and Ego Trippin'. Malice 'n Wonderland (2009) and Doggumentary (2011), were released on Priority. Snoop Dogg has starred in motion pictures and hosted several television shows including, Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, and Dogg After Dark. He also coaches a youth football league and high school football team. In September 2009, Snoop was hired by EMI as the chairman of a reactivated Priority Records.

In 2012, after a trip to Jamaica, Snoop announced a conversion to the Rastafari movement and a new alias, Snoop Lion. Under the new moniker, he released a reggae album, Reincarnated, and a documentary film of the same name, of his Jamaican experience, in early 2013. He is currently working on his last solo studio album under his rap moniker Snoop Dogg.

Early life Calvin Broadus was born October 20, 1971, at the Los Altos Hospital in Long Beach, California, the second of three sons. Named after his stepfather, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Sr. (December 10, 1948 – November 9, 1985, Los Angeles), his mother is Beverly Broadus (née Tate; born April 27, 1951, McComb, Mississippi). His father, Vernall Varnado (born December 13, 1949, Magnolia, Mississippi), was a Vietnam veteran, singer, and mail carrier who was said to be frequently absent from his life. As a boy, his parents nicknamed him "Snoopy" because of his appearance, but they usually addressed him as Calvin at home. His mother and stepfather divorced in 1975. At an early age, Broadus began singing in Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church and playing piano; when he was in sixth grade, he began rapping. He attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

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As a teenager, Snoop Dogg frequently ran into trouble with the law. He was a member of the Rollin' 20 Crips gang in the Eastside of Long Beach, although he stated in 1993 that he never joined a gang. Shortly after graduating from high school, he was arrested for possession of cocaine, and for the following three years was frequently in and out of prison (including Wayside Jail). Snoop, along with his cousins Nate Dogg and Lil' ½ Dead and friend Warren G, recorded home made tapes as a group called 213, named after the Long Beach area code at the time. One of his early solo freestyles over En Vogue's "Hold On" had made it to a mixtape which was heard by influential producer Dr. Dre, who phoned to invite him to an audition. Former N.W.A member The D.O.C. taught him how to structure his lyrics and separate the thematics into verses, hooks and chorus. Musical career When he began recording, Broadus took the stage name Snoop Doggy Dogg. Dr. Dre began working with Snoop Dogg, first on the theme song of the 1992 film Deep Cover, and then on Dr. Dre's debut solo album The Chronic with the other members of his former starting group, Tha Dogg Pound. The huge success of Snoop Dogg's debut Doggystyle was partially because of this intense exposure. To fuel the ascendance of West Coast G-funk hip hop, the singles "Who Am I (What's My Name)?" and "Gin and Juice" reached the top ten most-played songs in the United States, and the album stayed on the Billboard charts for several months. Gangsta rap became the center of arguments for censorship and labeling, with Snoop Dogg often used as an example of violent and misogynistic musicians. Unlike much of the harderedged gangsta rap artists, Snoop Dogg seemed to show his softer side said music journalist Chuck Philips. In fact, the artist's favorite track on his 1993 album was a gospel-inspired tribute to his mother called Gangsta Life. "It's about how my mama raised me and my brothers on her own and how we got caught up on the streets...In the song I give my mama her respect and yet I try to show just what the wages are for kids not paying attention. I ain't no gospel rap musician, man, but I got faith in what I believe in," the artist told Philips. Rolling Stone music critic Touré asserted that Snoop had a relatively soft vocal delivery compared to other rappers: "Snoop's vocal style is part of what distinguishes him: where many rappers scream, figuratively and literally, he speaks softly." Doggystyle, much like The Chronic, featured a host of rappers signed to or affiliated with the Death Row label including Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Nate Dogg and

others. A short film about Snoop Dogg's murder trial called Murder Was The Case, was released in 1994, along with an accompanying soundtrack. On July 6, 1995, Doggy Style Records, Inc., a record label founded by Snoop Dogg, was registered with the California Secretary of State as business entity number C1923139. After Snoop Dogg was acquitted of murder charges on February 20, 1996, he and the mother of his son and their kennel of 20 pit bulls moved into a 5,000-square-foot (460 m2) home in the hills of Claremont, California and by August 1996 Doggy Style Records, a subsidiary of Death Row Records, signed The Gap Band's Charlie Wilson as one of the record label's first artists. However, by the time Snoop Dogg's second album, Tha Doggfather, was released in November 1996, the price of living (or sometimes just imitating) the gangsta life had become very evident. Among the many notable hip hop industry deaths and convictions were the death of Snoop Dogg's friend and labelmate Tupac Shakur and the racketeering indictment of Death Row co-founder Suge Knight. Dr. Dre had left Death Row earlier in 1996 because of a contract dispute, so Snoop Dogg co-produced Tha Doggfather with Daz Dillinger and DJ Pooh. This album featured a distinct change of style as compared to Doggystyle, and the leadoff single, "Snoop's Upside Ya Head", featured a collaboration with Gap Band frontman Charlie Wilson. While the album sold reasonably well, it was not as successful as its predecessor. However, Tha Doggfather had a somewhat softer approach to the G-funk style. The immediate aftermath of Dr. Dre's withdrawal from Death Row Records, realizing that he was subject to an ironclad time-based contract (i.e., that Death Row practically owned anything he produced for a number of years), Snoop Dogg refused to produce any more tracks for Suge Knight, other than the insulting "Fuck Death Row", until his contract expired. In an interview with Neil Strauss in 1998, Snoop Dogg stated that though he had been given lavish gifts by his former label they had withheld royalty payments to the artist. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic said that after Tha Doggfather, Snoop Dogg began "moving away from his gangsta roots toward a calmer lyrical aesthetic": for instance, Snoop participated in the 1997 Lollapalooza concert tour, which featured mainly alternative rock music. Troy J. Augusto of Variety noticed that Snoop's set at Lollapalooza attracted "much dancing, and, strangely, even a small mosh pit" in the audience.


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Royal Water Park at Tirta Gangga India. Like its namesake, Tirta Gangga viewed Royal Water Park at Tirta Gangga Offers – a Pause that Refreshes While Touring Bali's as a source of holy water by Balinese Hindus and its waters are used for holy ceremonies at surrounding Northeast Tirta Gangga, the water palace owned by the royal household of Karangasem, is located 83 kilometers northeast of Bali's capital of Denpasar and 6 kilometers north of Amlapura, the capital of the regency of Karangasem. reports that the complex was built in 1948, in the years following the end of World War II, on the initiative of the then king of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem, as a place of rest and relaxation for his family. Largely leveled by an eruption of Mt. Agung in 1963, the gardens have been lovingly restored to their original glory. Built on the foothills of Bali's sacred Mount Agung, the Tirta Gangga Water Palace offers both a cooler locale and panoramic views across verdant rice terraces to the Indian Ocean in the distance. The architecture of the water garden blends both Balinese and Chinese styles. Prior to the building of the water palace, the location was known as for its cool running waters that area residents believe were sacred, capable of being both physically and spiritually regenerative. “Tirta” in ancient Sanskrit mean “water” while “Gangga” is linked to the sacred Ganges river of

temples. In keeping with tradition, sacred water for ritual purposes must always be takes directly from the source, necessitating a hike through the nearby jungle. Upon entering Tirta Gangga, visitors will see a large pool decorated with statuary. The statues of Balinese Gods and Goddesses keep watch, standing on platforms surrounded by water. Very large gold fish swim the cool waters, swimming up to the pool's edge to solicit food from visitors. Nearby a large swimming pool provides inviting cool dips. Changing rooms are also available. The entire complex covers 1.2 hectares broken into three parts, each at its own elevation. The complex is home to three separate water sources. One provides the drinking water for the entire city of Amlapura, the remaining supplies of fresh water fill the pools and irrigate the surrounding rice fields. Those wishing to linger at the pools can stay at nearby accommodation ranging from inexpensive guesthouses to more lavish villas adjacent to the complex.

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Bob a handsome dude, walked into a sports bar around 9:58 pm. He sat down next to a blonde at the bar and stared up at the TV. The 10 pm news was coming on.. The news crew was covering the story of a man on the ledge of a large building preparing to jump. The blonde looked at Bob and said, "Do you think he'll jump?" Bob said, "You know, I bet he'll jump." The blonde replied, "Well, I bet he won't." Bob placed a $20 bill on the bar and said, "You're on!" Just as the blonde placed her money on the bar, the guy on the ledge did a 40

swan dive off the building, falling to his death. The blonde was very upset, but willingly handed her $20 to Bob, saying, "Fair's fair. Here's your money." Bob replied, "I can't take your money. I saw this earlier on the 5 pm news, and so I knew he would jump." The blonde replied, "I did too, but didn't think he'd do it again." Bob took the money...

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STRESS You pick up a hitchhiker... A beautiful girl. Suddenly she faints inside your car and you take her to the hospital. Now that's stressful. But at the hospital, they say she is pregnant and congratulate you that you're going to be a father. You say that you are not the father, but the girl says you are. This is getting very stressful! You request a DNA test to prove that you are not the father. After the tests are completed, The doctor says the test shows you're infertile, And probably have been since birth. You're extremely stressed but relieved. On your way back home, you think about your 5 kids at home. NOW THATS STRESS

My wife asked me what I was doing on the computer last night. I told her I was looking for cheap flights. "I love you!" she said, and then she got all excited, quickly undressed and we had the most amazing sex ever. Which is odd because she's never shown an interest in darts before.

Sell Your Golf Clubs Tim decided to marry his long time girlfriend. One evening, shortly after the honeymoon, he was cleaning his golf shoes. His new wife was standing there watching him. After a long period of silence, she finally spoke. "Tim darling, now that we are married, I think it's time you gave up golf. Perhaps you should consider selling your clubs." Tim looked horrified. She said, "Darling, what's wrong?" "For a minute there, you were sounding like my exwife." "Ex-wife?" she gasped, "You didn't tell me you'd been married before." "I haven't been," said Tim.

Little Johnny! "Class, today's assignment is to spell and Use the word 'DOUGH' in a sentence." Teacher says "Jane, you go first" Dough, D O U G H.. "Italians make pizza with dough.." Very good, Jane... Now let's hear from Mary. Dough, D O U G H. "My brother makes things with play dough."Very good, Mary... "Yes, Johnny, do you have something constructive to add? "My mom says my dad doesn't make enough dough, And he's bloody hopeless in bed, so she uses a dill dough!"

You are not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.

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Summer Olympics Find and circle all of the Summer Olympic events that are hidden in the grid. The remaining letters spell a secret message. Note: Similarly named events are hidden separately. For example, SWIMMING and SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING do not overlap.

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PROPERTY OWNERSHIP IN INDONESIA As a foreigner, there is a number of foreigners to control a freehold title ways that can lead to you owning indirectly or to hold a leasehold title in their own name. your dream property in Bali. The best option for you will depend on RIGHT OF USE (HAK PAKAI) your personal situation, the type of property, risk factors and the type of investment model. Even though it states in Indonesian law that foreigners are not allowed to hold a 'freehold' land title, there are ways that have been in practice for a number of years that enable

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This is the right of use over stateowned (crown land) or property owned by public or private persons/entities for a specific purpose for (generally) a finite period and occasionally for an indefinite period. This land right may not be sold, exchanged or transferred unless explicitly state in an agreement. Hak pakai may be held by and Indonesian individual or entity. Or foreigner permanently domiciled in Indonesia, or a foreign legal entity with a representative office in Indonesia such as foreign Banks, embassies, etc.



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This structure is a regularly practiced procedure in Indonesia, whereby the foreigner nominates and Indonesian representative to acquire the land and to hold the 'freehold' title (Hak Milik) on behalf of the foreigner. Ownership of the land is transferred from the previous owner to the Indonesian nominee. The foreigner and the Indonesian nominee then sign an agreement which recognizes the Indonesian nominee as the legal owner of the property whilst declaring the foreigner as the rightful owner of the property. This agreement denotes that the Indonesian nominee will carry out any directives from the foreigner regarding the land. This agreement must always be concluded in the presence of a public notary.


1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

1 May - 7 May 2014 (386)

Policeman sang with band pleads guilty A former New York p o l i c e officer accused of performing on tour with his h e a v y metal band "Cousin Sleaze" during the two years he claimed disability benefits pleaded guilty to mail fraud, a federal prosecutor said. Christopher Inserra, 32, who served for five years with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, faces up to two years in prison when he is sentenced on August 5 at U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, said U.S. Attorney Robert Nardoza. He claimed he was unable

to perform his police duties because of a workrelated injury from June 2010 until March 2012, filing for disability while continuing to collect his $90,000 annual salary, according to court documents. The officer claimed he hurt his right arm in an on-thejob injury that caused excruciating pain and loss of mobility, according to the documents. During the same time

period, Inserra was the lead singer with the Brooklyn band "Cousin Sleaze," whose "Sick Maniacs" a l b u m features such songs as "Infection" and "Walk of S h a m e , " according to court documents. Video footage of his band performing in Northeast bars and on an East Coast "Miles of Mayhem" show the muscular lead singer in a tank top slashing the air with his well-toned right arm while gripping a microphone, court documents said. Inserra's lawyer, federal defender Michelle Gelernt, was not immediately available for comment.

Pensioner walks away after being hit by train was caught by an oncoming train which knocked his shoe into the air. The man In a video survived the ordeal posted on YouTube and watched from this week the the floor as the train impatient 77-year-old plummeted past is shown walking him, millimetres down the street but is from death. stopped by a rail The incident crossing barrier. was caught on tracks. According to reports, the CCTV and is believed to have You can see the man pedestrian waited for around 20 happened in the Czech approach the tracks oblivious seconds before trying his luck Republic. of what is about to come. He and power-walking across the 44

A pensioner has miraculously survived being hit by a train.


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10-year-olds caught selling granddads pot Two 10-year-old boys in Colorado were caught selling and s w a p p i n g marijuana that they pilfered from t h e i r grandparents' supplies of legally purchased pot in separate incidents at the same school, a district official said. John Gates, director of safety and security for Weld County School District 6, said a fourth-grade boy at Monfort Elementary in Greeley brought a small amount of marijuana to school and sold it to three other classmates. "He made $11 on the deal," Gates said. The following day, one of the other students who purchased the weed brought a marijuana-infused edible product to school and gave it to the boy who made the original sale, Gates said. That boy nibbled on the edible, but suffered no illeffects, Gates said, adding that another student observed the incident and reported it to school authorities. Ultimately, the district disciplined four fourth-grade students, three boys and one girl, in connection with the two incidents, Gates said, but he declined to specify the nature of the punishment. Voters in Colorado

approved the possession and use of small amounts of cannabis by adults for recreational purposes in 2012, and the first state-licensed retail pot stores opened in the state in January. Gates said the both boys caught bringing marijuana to school had taken the cannabis from their respective grandparents, who had purchased the pot products legally from state-sanctioned shops. The principal of the school, Jennifer Sheldon, sent a letter home to parents informing them of the incidents, noting that "disciplinary a c t i o n i s underway" for the involved students. "We urge all p a r e n t s , grandparents and anyone who cares for children to treat marijuana as you

w o u l d prescription drugs, alcohol, or even firearms," the letter said. "This drug is potentially lethal to children and should always be kept under lock and key, away from young people." Sergeant Joe Tymkowich, spokesman for the Greeley Police Department, said no criminal investigation was underway, either for the students or their grandparents. Under Colorado law, children age 10 or younger cannot be held criminally responsible for their actions, he said, and police determined there was no criminal intent by the adults. "By the time the school even became aware of it, all the evidence was gone anyway," he said.


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