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The Unlimited Learning Management System

Award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) that integrates with business and IT systems for a smoother and more streamlined deployment

Reduce costs of in-person training Maintain a competitive advantage Meet regulatory compliance requirements

Measure employee comprehension Manage training with powerful real-time reporting

ShareKnowledge LMS – The Unlimited LMS TM

ShareKnowledge’s potential is unlimited. Because it’s based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010, ShareKnowledge is compatible, scalable, and customizable, enabling you to take advantage of the powerful framework and investment you’ve made in Microsoft SharePoint�.

Increased Productivity and Learning Outcomes

Reduced Training costs

Reduced IT costs

• Designed for tight integration with Microsoft IT environments • Architected for deployment flexibility: on-premise, SaaS or SharePoint Hosting Provider

ShareKnowledgeTM LMS

• Easy to install on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007/2010 (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS)

Microsoft® SharePoint®

• Synchronizes and links with business and HR systems, such as SAP, PeopleSoft and corporate CRM tools • Designed for corporations with flexible role-based work flows for generating dynamic learning plans • Offers a rich User Experience that supports Microsoft® Office® documents and multi-media content in addition to SCORM e-Learning standards • Supports multiple platforms and browsers for broad end-learner accessibility

Deliver quality corporate training for compliance, efficiency and competitive advantage for 100 to 50,000 employees.

Advanced Features and Functionality ShareKnowledge LMS offers advanced functionality to addresses critical requirements for Corporate Learning. Unlike other LMSs, ShareKnowledge LMS provides significant advantages for Learning Professionals and Managers to Assign, Track, and Report on their corporate training initiatives, all within the powerful Microsoft SharePoint environment.

Advanced Functionality • Unified catalog with “Push” and “Pull” process to assign and view training Provide (Pull) in a unified catalog presentation where learners can find all courses, curriculum and individual learning materials assigned or made available to them Assign (Push) courses and learning materials based on title, time in position, organizational units and at an individual level • Variable due dates to meet corporate compliance requirements Assign due dates based on a person’s time in position or other personal attributes • Conditional prerequisites that go beyond traditional “take this course first” prerequisites Design and deploy personalized learning plans with greater flexibility • Multiple platform and browsers support on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and iPad clients • Multiple course authoring options Built-in Quick Test Creation Tool Import SCORM-compliant courses and materials from third parties, or create your own using SCORM authoring tools Includes ShareKnowledge Author, a companion product for rich multi-media e-Learning content development Supports traditional Office documents such as Microsoft Office, PDF and other standalone files as learning materials

More Functionality Curriculum and Course Management Central library for managing catalogs of courseware and learning materials Easy-to-use Advanced Catalog Publishing Management System Distribute courseware to individual or groups with greater flexibility Bundled courses and materials for curriculum and learning plans development Personalized, searchable Unified Catalog of all courses and learning materials Rules-based auto enrollments Integrated email notification rules Managers and Instructors as part of the enrollment and notification work flow

Reporting Tracking & reporting of results for completed assignments and work in process Team completion, results and status reports Compatibility with advanced analytics and report tools Exportable reports in multiple file formats Other great Microsoft SharePoint functionality Wiki's, blogs, forums, whiteboards, chat, Web 2.0, social networking Integrated web-based meeting functionality

Grading Gradebook (course records) and transcripts for Learner records Manual and automatic grading Custom grading scales Ability to send comments and attachments with assignments

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