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JAYHAWKS ABROAD International Internships in London, Sydney, Dublin, Madrid, and Shanghai. Applications due Feb. 3. Learn more on page 6



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March 1 for Summer, Fall & OSA Scholarships Learn more on page 5

vol. 3 Study Abroad Fair!

February 5th 10:30-3:30 4th Floor Kansas Union



study abroad fair

study abroad info sessions Study Abroad Information Table Jan. 28 @ Lewis Hall 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Study Abroad Information Session

British Summer Institute Study Abroad Information Session

Study Abroad Financial Aid Info Session

Feb. 6 @ International Room, Kansas Union 5:00 PM

Feb. 17 @ Room 4051, Wescoe Hall 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Study Abroad in Bonn, Germany

Buenos Aires Study Abroad Information Session

Jan. 30 @ Templin Hall Classroom 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Feb. 7 @ Divine Nine Room, Kansas Union 3:30 PM

10:30 - 1:30

FLAS Fellowship Application Deadline

Field Biology in Amazonian Peru Information Session

4th Floor

Feb. 3 @ Bailey Hall All day

Feb. 10 @ Alcove F, Kansas Union 12:00 PM

International Summer Internship Application Deadline

Australia Study Abroad Information Session

Wednesday, Feb. 5th

Kansas Union

Start your study abroad journey Visit us in the Study Abroad Resource Library lippincott 105 1410 Jayhawk blvd 9-5, Monday-friday

Feb. 3 @ Lippincott Hall All day

Study Abroad Information Table Feb. 4 @ Oliver Hall 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Study Abroad Information Table Feb. 11 @ Hashinger Hall 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Study Abroad Fair

Study Abroad Information Session

Feb. 5 @ 4th Floor, Kansas Union 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Feb. 11 @ Douthart 7:00 PM

Education in Japan Study Abroad Information Session

Study Abroad Financial Aid Info Session

Feb. 5 @ Malott Room, Kansas Union 4:00 PM

International Internships Information Session

Follow uS

Feb. 11 @ Pine Room, Kansas Union 4:00 PM

Feb. 5 @ Room 303 Stauffer-Flint Hall 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Study Abroad Information Session Feb. 5 @ Oliver Hall Living Room 7:00 PM

Feb. 12 @ Room 111, Fraser Hall 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Brazil Study Abroad Information Session Feb. 12 @ Room 4019, Wescoe Hall 4:00 PM

Study Abroad Information Session Feb. 12 @ Ellsworth Hall 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Study Abroad 101

Cuba Study Abroad Information Session


Feb. 6 @ Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Feb. 13 @ Room 318, Bailey Hall 4:00 PM

Financial Aid Info Session

Study Abroad Israel

Feb. 6 @ Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Feb. 13 @ 4th Floor, Kansas Union 7:00 PM


Feb. 19 @ Room 4035, Wescoe Hall 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Costa Rica Study Abroad Info Session Feb. 19 @ Room 203, Lippincott Hall 3:30 PM

Nicaragua Study Abroad Information Session Feb. 20 @ Room 318, Bailey Hall 4:00 PM

Study Abroad Financial Aid Info Session Feb. 20 @ Room 119, Fraser Hall 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Study Abroad Financial Aid Info Session

Feb. 25 @ Room 501, Summerfield Hall 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Study Abroad Financial Aid Info Session Feb. 28 @ Room 1007, Wescoe Hall 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Summer Study Abroad Application Deadline Mar. 1 @ Lippincott Hall All day

Application Deadline: Fall Semester Abroad Mar. 1 @ Lippincott Hall All day

Study Abroad Scholarship Application Deadline Mar. 1 @ Lippincott Hall All day



12 reasons to study abroad this fall More Jayhawks study abroad in the spring and summer than in the fall, but there are a lot of great perks to studying abroad during the fall semester. Here are a few: 1. New student activities. Just like KU, most campuses host a number of orientation events, welcome back activities, and social gatherings during the first semester of an academic year. This makes it easier to meet people and get involved, and you won’t be the only newbie. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of school-sponsored entertainment, and maybe even score some free food. (Head to schools in the Northern Hemisphere to enjoy this perk.) 2. More time to prepare. You’ll have the entire spring and summer to get a passport, apply for a visa, get any necessary immunizations, and shop for the perfect backpack. Plus, you can spend those lazy summer days making travel plans. 3. More time to save. Spend this summer saving for your travels by working a summer job. More time to save = more money to travel! 4. More time abroad. Students regularly come back from a summer abroad and wish they could have stayed longer. Spending an entire semester abroad gives you more time with your new friends, helps you become more immersed in the culture, improves your foreign language skills, and gives you more time to travel. (You could also go for an entire academic year!)

5. Less competition. KU wants all students to go abroad, but because fewer Jayhawks study abroad in the fall, there are more exchange spots available, coordinators have more time to work with you, and there are fewer people competing for scholarships! This means you are more likely to get into exactly the program you want and you’ll have a better chance at getting extra financial support. 6. Fewer tourists & smaller crowds. In the summer, many countries become crowded with tourists on vacation, making it harder to travel and see the sites when you are abroad. Nationally, more students study abroad in the spring. Studying abroad during the “off-season” means you’ll get to experience life more like a local and less like a visitor. 7. More affordable. With fewer tourists, travel can be cheaper. Flights are often cheaper in the off-season, hotels and hostels will have more space, and even souvenir shops might discount their wares. 8. Local traditions. Just like the US, many countries have special holidays, festivals, and unique traditions during our fall semester. You might miss Halloween, but you could experience Diwali in India, Melbourne Cup Day in Australia,

9. Keep your career plans on track. You’ll be back for the spring semester with plenty of time to find a summer internship or start the job hunt if you are graduating.

be abroad. Holiday markets start appearing early, and the holiday decorations can give your host city a completely different atmosphere. Around the world, unique local foods, drinks, and traditions can make this a magical time to be abroad. Plus, you can get your holiday shopping done--no need to go with the gift cards this year, because you’re sure to find meaningful gifts from the host culture to give your friends and family.

10. Holiday markets. In most historically Christian countries, the holidays are a special time to

11. Better weather. In Europe, fall days are often clear and cool, and in Australia, South America, and

Oktoberfest in Germany, Círio de Nazaré in Brazil, the Historic Regatta in Venice, Les Festes de la Mercè in Barcelona, whale migration in South Africa, Bonfire Night in England, or the Moon Cake Festival in China.

Africa the days will keep getting warmer as time goes on. Plus, you are less likely to have weather delays when flying in August or September than flying from Kansas in January! 12. You won’t miss March Madness! You might miss the beginning of basketball season (don’t worry--you can often watch the games online), but you’ll be back just in time for the season to start heating up!




hink you can only study abroad for a summer? Are you worried

edinburgh, scotland, united kingdom

about finding classes taught in English? KU partners with insti-

stirling, scotland, united kingdom

Edinburgh College of Art

University of Stirling

tutions all over the world so that you can get the classes you

birmingham, united kingdom

need taught in a language you know. This map demonstrates

Great Britain Direct Exchange, University of Birmingham

all the places you can study abroad for a semester AND take your

norwich, united kingdom

Great Britain Direct Exchange, University of East Anglia

classes in English. Need to take a Macroeconomics? Check out the

swansea, united kingdom

Czech Republic, where students take classes at Masaryk University in a variety of subjects taught in English. Are you looking for something more scientific? The University of Hong Kong offers classes in astron-

Great Britain Direct Exchange, Swansea University

reykjavik, iceland

University of Iceland (ISEP Exchange)

omy, finance, microbiology, and even science fiction—and they are all taught in English! When beginning to find the semester program that is right for you, don’t limit yourself to places like England or Australia. Instead, consider alternatives like Sweden, South Africa, India, Fiji, Fin-

dublin, ireland

land, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Scotland, Germany, Malta,

Dublin City University

Bulgaria, Austria, and even South Korea! To learn more about your

cork, ireland

University College Cork

options, stop by the Study Abroad Resource Library in Lippincott 105, and one of our experienced peer advisors will be happy to help you.

oestrich-winkel, germany

European Business School

a world of opportunity colchester, united kingdom

Great Britain Direct Exchange, University of Essex

exeter, united kingdom

Great Britain Direct Exchange, University of Exeter

hull, united kingdom

Great Britain Direct Exchange, University of Hull

canterbury, united kingdom

Great Britain Direct Exchange, University of Kent

Leeds, united kingdom

Great Britain Direct Exchange, University of Leeds

Leicester, united kingdom

Great Britain Direct Exchange, University of Leicester

essen, germany

Folkwang University of the Arts

Trier, germany

Trier University of Applied Sciences

regensburg, germany

University of Regensburg

clermont-ferrand, france

France Business School Graduate Business Exchange

paris, france

Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne



lyngby, denmark delft, netherlands

Delft University of Technology

Danish Technical University

lahti, finland

Lahti University of Applied Sciences

copenhagen, denmark

Nijmegen, netherlands Radboud University

Danish Institute for Study Abroad University of Copenhagen

tilburg, netherlands

Aalborg, denmark

turku, finland

Åbo Akademi University (ISEP Exchange)

Tilburg University (ISEP Exchange)

Aalborg University (ISEP Exchange)

leiden, netherlands

Aarhaus Universitet (MAUI Exchange)

Leiden University (ISEP Exchange)

Utrecht, netherlands Utrecht University (MAUI Exchange)

joensuu, finland

University of Eastern Finland (ISEP Exchange)

Aarhus, denmark

jYväskylä, finland

Tartu, estonia

University of Jyväskylä (ISEP Exchange)

University of Tartu (ISEP Direct)

karlstad, Sweden

Karlstad University (ISEP Exchange)

Uppsala, Sweden

riga, latvia

Uppsala University

University of Latvia (ISEP Exchange)

beijing, china

University of International Business & Economics

seoul, south korea

Hongik University Kookmin University Korea University Ewha Womans University (ISEP Exchange)

tokyo, japan

J.F. Oberlin University Sophia University

hirakata, japan

Kansai Gaidai University (ISEP Exchange)

guangzhou, china

Sun Yat-Sen University

hong kong

University of Hong Kong

taipei, taiwan

Sharjah, united arab emirates

National Taiwan University of Science & Technology

American University of Sarjah (ISEP Direct)

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

American University in Bulgaria (ISEP Direct)

accra, ghana

msida, malta

University of Ghana (ISEP Exchange)

University of Malta (ISEP Direct)

vilnius, lithuania

brno, czech republic

Vilnius University (ISEP Exchange)

Masaryk University

Debrecen, hungary

University of Debrecen (ISEP Exchange)

sydney, australia

University of New South Wales

graz, austria

newcastle, australia

Technische Universität Graz (ISEP Exchange) Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (ISEP Exchange)

University of Newcastle

wollongong, australia

Linz, austria

University of Wollongong

Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (ISEP Exchange)

cape town, south africa

University of Cape Town (Sponsored by ISA)

melbourne, australia

Deakin University

Wellington, new zealand

Massey University - Wellington (ISEP Direct)

auckland, new zealand

Massey University - Auckland (ISEP Direct)



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after that Meet with a program coordinator to learn more about the program you are interested in, the requirements, and the application process. Call 785-864-

3742 to make an appointment.


wednesday, feb. 5th Study Abroad Fair!

10:30 - 3:30, Floor 4, Kansas Union

oh, and be sure to Talk to your academic advisor! Your advisor may be able to recommend a suitable program or help you determine classes you can take abroad.

saturday, mar. 1st

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Deadline day! Don’t forget to submit your application.

Apply for your passport & buy your plane ticket

tonight Check out our website

then Take the advising questionnaire (http://bit. ly/1esZUoB) and schedule an appointment to meet with a program coordinator

now you can Get started on your application. Complete your KU Study Abroad application online. Applications usually include a (short) statement of purpose, your bio, a transcript or advising report, and 2 recommendations.

almost there Attend orientation

tomorrow Come by the Resource Library Lippincott, Room 105

when you have time Attend an info session for your program or region. Dates available at:

sometime after that Attend a Study Abroad Financial Aid Info Session and learn how to apply for scholarships, student loans, and federal funding. Dates available at: calendar/studyabroad.

finally Go abroad!



interning abroad Students gain international experience during their summer internships Sally Carmichael

Janalyn Giles



Graphic design senior Sally Carmichael lived in London last summer and interned at Heavenly, a branding agency in central London. “Internship abroad is a really awesome alternative,” said Carmichael, an Overland Park native. “I have no idea where I’ll end up working after I graduate, but having that I worked at Heavenly in London on my resume opens the door for more international prospects. Having experience working in a large city is really helpful, too.” At Heavenly, Carmichael worked on real client projects, including the rebranding of Fulham Football Club, one of the oldest football clubs in England, Globe Telecom, based out of the Philippines, and a nonprofit organization supporting African children with AIDs. “I was apprehensive about studying somewhere for a semester because my program here at KU for graphic design is really strict about staying on schedule to graduate,” Carmichael said. “It was perfect to be gone for the whole summer.” Besides interning at Heavenly Monday through Thursday, Carmichael fit in plenty of traveling within the United Kingdom. Part of the London internship experience is taking HIST 450, a three-credit course about the city. “Our classes were held at different locations around London,” Carmichael said. “There was so much I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. They took us everywhere, including Greenwich and the Prime Meridian.” Carmichael advises students who choose to intern abroad for the summer to not travel outside of the country they live in. “You have the opportunity to be a regular person, living and working in the city,” Carmichael said. “Really explore the city you live in. I got to do and see a lot of things that other people didn’t see because they were traveling.”

While working toward her master’s degree in accounting, Janalyn Giles spent a summer interning at an accounting firm in Dublin, Ireland, called OSK. A native of Shawnee, Kan., Giles said she did what any accounting intern would be doing, except in Ireland: verifying facts from audits performed and various clerical tasks. She enjoyed working with people from another country. “When you’re a tourist, there’s a slight amount of separation,” Giles said. “It was nice to really get to meet people, learn the routine, and get a different perspective of the country.” During her accounting internship at OSK, Giles lived in student apartments outside of the Dublin city center with three other students. She called her internship abroad overall a “wonderful experience.” “It gives you a chance to really open yourself up to the experience without the same pressure as [being at home],” Giles said. “When you get an internship here, you’re so worried about the internship leading to a full-time offer. I think there’s a lot more fear and reservation involved. “But when you’re going somewhere else, you step away from all of that and just learn what they have to teach you, and really experience it without so much pressure on you.” One of her favorite experiences was visiting a local pub to eat a traditional Irish meal and watch traditional Celtic dancers. After the internship, Giles said she is interested in working internationally after graduation. “I want to go into public accounting, so a lot of the larger firms specifically have international rotations,” Giles said. “It’s something that’s really interested me.” Giles will earn her undergraduate degree this December and graduate with her master’s degree in accounting May 2016.

Internship applications

due Feb. 3


Dan Woodward

Kathleen McKenzie

Dan Woodward, a senior from Overland Park majoring in psychology, interned at the Mental Health Association of New South Wales last summer. The nonprofit organization supports those living with mental illnesses and strives to increase community awareness. Woodward worked last summer answering phones for the Mental Health Association NSW’s referral service. He helped callers with questions and concerns find support groups, counselors, and other psychological services close to where they lived. “I would guide people in the right direction of who to call and where to go next,” Woodward said. “I was kind of the middleman for helping people solve their concerns.” Having recently applied to several graduate schools, Woodward hopes to earn a master’s or doctorate degree in psychology. As a career he would like to work with students, parents and teachers, doing assessment testing and tackling bullying and peer relationships. Woodward lived in Sydney with four roommates, three of them from KU. “We had a lot of personal time [at the office],” Woodward said. “During the day, they’d ring a bell and have a coffee break where everyone would sit in a circle and drink coffee or tea and talk about work. They were big on our own wellness promotion.” On the weekends, Woodward explored Sydney, surfed, and traveled to New Zealand. “I had a really good experience,” Woodward said. “I made friends with the other KU students that went and we still keep in touch. It was cool to make lifelong friends. I still talk to people from my internship, too.”

On her internship abroad last summer, Kathleen McKenzie had the best of both worlds. As a pre-med senior majoring in Spanish, McKenzie, of Eureka, Kan., put her language skills to work every day as she interned at the Hospital of Madrid last summer. McKenzie shadowed two doctors and was later able to work with patients one on one. “The best part was the amount of experience I got for that short amount of time,” McKenzie said. “I don’t think if I did an internship in the U.S. that I would get to see all that I saw. I probably wouldn’t be able to get as involved.” After shadowing for a while, McKenzie could enter a patient’s room first to check the patient’s vitals, do a simple physical examination and talk with the patient about why they came before the actual doctor entered. The doctor would then tell her what she did right and wrong. “None of these people spoke English, so it was either figure out how to talk with them or not be able to communicate. It really made me improve my Spanish.” Halfway through her internship, McKenzie rotated doctors and observed the head of the internal medicine department at the Hospital of Madrid. Again, she observed the doctor and did simple physical examinations such as listening to the heartbeat, checking breathing and taking blood pressure. McKenzie enjoyed living with a host mother in an inner city Madrid apartment and traveled most weekends around Spain, as well as to London, Vienna and Rome. “At the end of my internship, both of the doctors that I shadowed wrote me recommendation letters for when I apply to medical school,” McKenzie said. “Interning abroad is an opportunity worth every cent you pay.”




KU STUdy abroad crossword 1 2 4




7 8 10

9 11




15 16

ACROSS 7. This Scandinavian country will host KU students learning about health policy this summer 8. KU students won’t have to worry about a foreign language in this country, but they may have to look twice before they cross a street 9. This European country will host three summer programs for students studying architecture, social welfare, or foreign language

DOWN 1. At J.F. Oberlin University in this Asian island nation, students can study East Asian Language and Culture in English 2. In this Catalan speaking city, students studying foreign language can stay with host families and take weekend trips to the beach 3. In this Asian country, students can study visual art and take their classes in English

12. Students can gain international work experience doing one of these in London, Dublin, Madrid, Sydney, or Shanghai this summer. Applications due February 3!

4. The best university in this Central American country has been a partner with KU since 1958, forming the longest study abroad exchange in the Western Hemisphere

13. This country in the Southern Hemisphere has exchange programs and internship programs, and is perfect for biology or engineering majors

5. In this Eastern European country, KU students can spend a semester taking classes taught in English in a variety of subjects, including business

14. KU students will visit this African nation as part of a health initiative

6. In this South American country students can spend a semester or summer learning the language or practicing tango

15. One in five KU study abroad participants is awarded one of these by the Office of Study Abroad each year 16. This Chinese city offers semester programs in English for a variety of majors, including business, education, art, and sciences * answers can be found on our blog at:

7. This city in China will host its first group of KU internship students this summer 10. Lawrence’s city sister in this country is Eutin 11. This nation in Great Britain offers a great opportunity for all KU students to study abroad on a semester exchange


summer programs An Archeological Tour of Ancient Israel Arabic Studies in Ifrane, Morocco Architecture in Berlin, Munich & Switzerland: Urban Form in Transition and Emerging Technologies Architecture in Italy: Reading the City - Exploring the Civic Realm NEW: Architecture in Nordic Countries Art and Photography in Europe Bilingual Spanish Language Intensive for Social Workers British Summer Institute in the Humanities Business China - The China Connection: Strategies for Entry and Operation Cambridge, England Summer Legal History Chemical & Petroleum Engineering in Poland NEW: Cuban Immersion Experience Design in Paris + London: Comparing Cultures DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Copenhagen, Denmark Education in Japan Education Majors: A Cross-Cultural Experience in Carpi, Italy Engineering in New Zealand Environmental Studies of Europe Environmental Studies of India European Business School, Oestrich-Winkel, Germany - Summer Field Biology in Amazonian Peru Graduate Business Exchange, France Business School, Clermont-Ferrand, France (Exchange) Great Britain Direct Exchange - University of East Anglia, Norwich, England (Exchange) Great Britain Direct Exchange - University of Exeter, Exeter, England (Exchange) Great Britain Direct Exchange - University of Leeds, Leeds, England (Exchange) Health Care and Social Policies in Sweden International Social Work: A Costa Rican Perspective International Social Work: An Italian Perspective NEW: Interprofessional Global Health Initiative in Malawi Irish Studies - Queen’s University Belfast J.F. Oberlin University, Tokyo, Japan (Exchange) Language and Culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina Language and Culture in Florence, Italy Language and Culture in India Language and Culture in Nicaragua Language in San José, Costa Rica Language Institute in Eutin, Germany Language Institute in Holzkirchen, Germany Language Institute in L’viv, Ukraine Language Institute in Paris, France Language Institute in Zadar, Croatia Language, Literature, and Culture in Barcelona, Spain Law in Ireland Law in Istanbul, Turkey Music Therapy in Thailand NEW: Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture Professional Studies in Stuttgart, Germany Social Welfare in South Korea Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Panama Theatre in Greece Typography, Printing and Papermaking in Italy Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France(Exchange) University of New South Wales - Business University of New South Wales - Engineering University of New South Wales - Environmental Studies University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland (Exchange) Visual Art in Japan Visual Culture and Creativity in Spain

Jayhawks Abroad, Vol 4, 2014  

Includes a study abroad crossword, list of summer programs, and upcoming information sessions.

Jayhawks Abroad, Vol 4, 2014  

Includes a study abroad crossword, list of summer programs, and upcoming information sessions.