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Winter 2014 / Volume 15

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The Newsletter for the University of Kansas Study Abroad Alumni and Friends

Study Abroad Student Ambassador Brooke Hanson during her semester on the Humanities and Western Civilization Program. Read more about the ambassador program on page 1.




The Jayhawk Planet

OSA develops Study Abroad Student Ambassador program By Jackie Langdon This fall, the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) launched a leadership development initiative for returning study abroad students. The volunteer-based Study Abroad Student Ambassador program aims to provide study abroad returnees with the necessary skills to become leaders in their communities, as well as an opportunity to connect with and assist other students interested in studying abroad. The program has four primary objectives: student outreach, student support, global citizenship and community service. Melody Stratton, Outreach Coordinator, began developing the program last spring. She designed the ambassador program to challenge returned study abroad students to apply the knowledge they gained while studying abroad to solving problems in their own communities. As part of the program, students learn about social and environmental justice, activism, community involvement, and global issues. “We want to develop globally-aware and sociallyconscious leaders who will be active global citizens,” said Stratton. “Studying abroad helps students learn more about the world and about their beliefs, and we hope to harness the energy and passion these students have after studying abroad.” This year 27 returned study abroad students were

Ambassadors from (L-R): Front - Emily Siegler, Courtney Schupp, Katie Dague, Kat Youtsey, Erin McFarland, Ellen Keegan, Raider Fowler, Genevieve Riley, Ashleigh Lee Back - Tymon Wall, Peter Ludwig, Nicolette Edwards, Andrew Doerflinger, Becca Schmidt, Kwasi Porter-Hill, Olivia Jensik, Andrew Boppart, Alex Jaumann, Ashley Hrabe, Amy Laflin, Catie George

selected to serve as ambasselected by their peers after sadors through a competitive developing and presenting application process. The project proposals for the ambassadors academic year. represent a All student wide variety ambassadors of majors and receive extensive study abroad training and atprograms. tend a leadership The ambasdevelopment resador program treat. This year’s is structured to retreat included a encourage parvolunteer activity S T UDY A BR OA D STUD ENT AM BA S S A D O R S with United Way, ticipation and leadership. Four a problem-solvlead ambassadors coordinate ing workshop, and relaxation their own teams, and each yoga. Erika Dvorske, Director team works to achieve one of of United Way of Douglas the four program objectives. County, and Marci Francisco, The lead ambassadors were Kansas State Senator, also


joined the retreat as guest speakers. For the remainder of the year the ambassadors will work to raise awareness about global issues and study abroad opportunities. They will also develop and implement a service project. “The Study Abroad Ambassador Program is great because it allows us to still be a part of study abroad when we return to campus,” said ambassador Catie George, “The program allows us to take the skills we learned abroad and promote global awareness to people here at KU.”

Winter 2014 / Volume 15

thank you! Through the generous support of our alumni and friends, the Office of International Programs, the Office of the Chancellor, and the Office of the Provost, 166 KU students received scholarships for their experiences abroad in academic year 2014. The Office of Study Abroad would like to thank the following people for their continued support this year: Jeff Alexander Dr. Kent Amsberry Julianne Jenkins & John D. Arendt Laura Arsenault Bruce Osen & Jane Averill Ruth Baer Cynthia Baker

As part of Engineers Without Borders, Katy Roth traveled to Bolivia over of the summer of 2014. The organization was one of the first groups to register with the Student International Travel Registry.

Study Abroad enhances support to students traveling internationally

In May 2014, the Office of

Study Abroad launched the Student International Travel Registry. Stemming from the University-affiliated Student International Travel Policy, the Registry is designed to support undergraduate and graduate students traveling abroad with university affiliation, but not on regular study abroad programs. The Registry provides a mechanism by which KU can disseminate resources to students so that they may be proactive in planning for their health and safety abroad. In addition, it enables the university to communicate with and support student travelers in the event of an emergency. The development of the Student International Travel Registry stemmed from the

increased number and type of international activities in which KU students are engaged, the ever-expanding diversity of destinations to which students are traveling, and a desire on the part of the institution to ensure that students have access to timely information and emergency assistance before, during, and after travel abroad. Through the Registry, the OSA will provide students with access to pre-departure materials, resources, and services. In addition, student travelers will be provided with global emergency services and evacuation/repatriation insurance, as well as access to the 24/7 OSA emergency management services should problems arise. The registration process is completed online through

the OSA website. Sample activities for which students would be required to register include performances, competitions, research, academic or professional conference attendance, and co-curricular activities. Angela Perryman, Director of the Office of Study Abroad, is excited to see the Registry operational. “The Registry enables us to create a comprehensive repository of the many international activities of KU students, support students engaged in these valuable educational activities, connect students to resources both locally and abroad, and reduce the potential risk. This is good for students and good for KU.�

Heather Baker Alicia Barlow Ashley Barnes Kira Moore Barnes Pamela Bayless T. Paige Bearce-Beery Nathan Betzen Casey & Dr. Jacklyn Biggs Duncan Billings Rebecca Blackburn Jan Bolinger Frank Bonafilia Cheryl Bornheimer Sherry Ensminger Boutlinghouse Boone Bradley David Bricker Melissa Bright Luke Brinker Nancy Giossi & John Broholm Mary Brungardt Brown & David Brown Dr. Dylan Bryant & Ellen Kraus Bryant Dr. Joan Budd G. Wayne Burge Kevin Butorac Elyse Calderon Thomas & Lizbeth Carignan Charles Caro Kathryn Carroll Kody Carter Drs. Amy Schrumpf Carter & Christopher Carter Sean Carver & Samantha Bennett Carver


The Jayhawk Planet

thank you! Ayshea Chavez-Charity Dr. Anna Cienciala Dr. Angelika Howard Clark & Dennis Clark Sherry Binkley Clayton Audrey McKanna Coleman Erin Collins Bridget Compton Fred Conboy Christopher Confer & Allison Ross Confer Theodore & Karen Contag Lisa Corbin Darcy Austin Cowan April Cremer Meghann Curry Peter & Caroline Curzon Thomas Davidson Dr. Deborah Davies Jennifer Davis Dr. Mary Elizabeth Debicki Verla Wichert Dick Andrew & Erin Curtis-Dierks Jared Downard Douglas Downing Dr. Kirsten Drickey Myrl Duncan John Dunlap Janet Schrunk Erickson Joseph Finkelstein Brenda Finnell Dr. Billie Thompson Fischer Bonnie Fishman Michael Flannery & Christy Hahs Flannery Ashley Fiss Jennie Franta Jonathan Freed & Jeni Przytula Freed Helen Cheng & David Frey John Galloway Kristina Garcia J.P. Gerritz Aaron Gillespie Carolyn Weyforth Glanville Mark Glassman Paula Godwin Logan Gollogly Jennifer Anderson Gongora Dr. Gary Gossen Simon Gottlieb Carmen Storm Gray & Brian Gray Jordan Gray Bevan Graybill Sarah Greenup

KU joins the national Generation Study Abroad Initiative By Gavin Young Already recognized as a national leader in study abroad, the University of Kansas has set a goal to significantly increase undergraduate participation in study abroad from 22.8 percent to 30 percent over the next five years. As part of that effort, KU was one of 156 charter members to partner with the Institute of International Education’s Generation Study Abroad Initiative, a five-year plan launched in March 2014 to double the number of U.S. college students studying abroad. Generation Study Abroad

will engage educators and stakeholders in the public and private sectors to increase the annual number of U.S. study abroad participants to 600,000 by 2020. “Our goal is not only to boost participation but to increase the number of students who participate in semester-long experiences. We will be working closely with departments across campus to meet this goal, in particular to integrate study abroad into the major curriculum and in fulfillment of the KU Core,” said Susan Gronbeck-Tedesco, associate vice provost for International Programs.


The KU Core, KU’s first university wide undergraduate curriculum, supports the university’s ambitious study abroad participation goals. The KU Core allows students to meet educational goals and learning outcomes while engaging in experiential learning, including cultural experiences. Many study abroad opportunities will fulfill the Culture and Diversity learning outcome. With 160 programs in countries ranging from India to France, students have a wide variety of study abroad opportunities to choose from. KU is currently ranked 28th in the nation among public uni-

Winter 2014 / Volume 15

thank you! Beth Gurney Wendy Haas Linda Hagen Michael & Michelle Haines Sandra Hannon Dr. Kelley Hayden John Head & Lucia Orth Head Conrad Henderson Paige Henderson Kay Henry Jonathan Hermes Keri Davis Hess Craig Hess Jana & Bradford Hoffman Sherri Ann Holliday-Sklar Elizabeth Horst Caroline Howard Jeremy Howard Erin Hubert Stephen & Mary Anne Hughes Ben Isaacson Sara Jackson Elaine Jardon Kelly Jennings Justin Johnson LTC Cornelius Johnson, USA, Retired Adam Frieberg & Mary Johnstone James Jones Janet Justus

Ashlie Koehn, a junior from Burns, KS, was awarded a Boren scholarship to study Russian language in Kyrgyzstan for the academic year. Koehn, an Environmental Studies and Global & International Studies major, is one of 24 KU students who received a national scholarship for study abroad this year. The Office of Study Abroad actively supports students applying for national scholarships as part of the KU commitment to increase study abroad participation.

versities for undergraduate participation in study abroad, according to the 2013 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange. Additionally, financial aid opportunities make international experiences attainable for more students. Students’ financial aid is applicable to study abroad programs, and most KU scholarships and grants can be applied to study abroad. According to a 2013 Open Doors report, only 10 percent of students who graduated

David Kelman &

“Globalization has changed the way the world works, and employers are increasingly looking for workers who have international skills and expertise,” says Allan Goodman, president of IIE. “Studying abroad must be viewed as an essential component of a college degree and critical to preparing future leaders.” By partnering with IIE, KU can work with institutions around the nation to raise awareness about the importance of foreign language and cultural skills, identify and break down the barriers to study abroad participation, share best practices with IIE partners, and mobilize additional financial resources for study abroad.

with an associate’s or baccalaureate degree participated in a study abroad experience. As of November 2014, 298 higher education institutions from 46 states had signed the Generation Study Abroad Commitment. IIE hopes to gain institutional commitment from 500 higher education institutions around the country. Recognizing the importance of an internationally focused workforce, IIE is actively seeking the participation of corporations and the business community.


Shannon Hilton Kelman Jeremy Kliewer Dr. Eric Knudston & Julie Peters Knudston Molly Kocour Mitchell Kraemer Kyle Krueger & Barbara Clendening Krueger Andrea Langhurst Paul Lantis Brian Larkin Joseph Lauth Dr. Richard Lawner & Jennifer Parkinson Lawner Sonya Numbers Ledbetter Dr. Ian Lewis Rebekah Lewis Paul Liebnitz & Jennifer McGonigle Liebnitz Paul & Susan Lindahl Sharon Price Love Amanda Mahoney & LT David Mahoney Maria Maldonado-Morales Joseph Malizia

The Jayhawk Planet

thank you! Jeffrey Mapes Rebecca & Eric Mardis Patrick Martin Kurt & Nichole Mattingly Patrick Mawhinney Mark McBride Megan McCollister & Jacob Hodge McCollister Claire McInerny Jennifer Booth McLiney Kelly McNearney Susan Vernon Meier Alexander Meisch Rami Meisinger Dr. Robert Mettlen & Judith Neil Mettlen Cynthia Ulery Meyer R. Meyer Daniel & Jadi Miller David & Susan Millstein Heather Milton Paul Monson Mark Munoz

Scholarships expand opportunities for student abroad

Catherine Murray Christopher Navrat & Stephanie Fite-Navrat Marilee Neale Jennifer Williams Needs Mary Nelson Dayona Nett Isabel Nogues William & Cecile Nye Patrick O’Connor Patricia & Edward O’Day Emily O’Neill David Oswald Richard Paegelow & Chris Tang Tyler Palmer Stephanie Palmer Margaret Paogue Rodney Parr Christine Pederson Angela Perryman Cecile & John Petermann Carrie Gardner Pillsbury Alisa Plant Janet Mark Plattner Kristina Pollard Post Massimiliano Pozzoni Sallee & Brent Prauser Bryan Prentice Zeyna Pruzhanovsky Christina Pryzgoda

By Shayne Thoman

Pictured above, fourth from left

I have always been interested in topics and ideas that challenge the status quo. It was perhaps for that reason that I chose to major in political science, and even more so why I had “the itch” to study abroad. The prospect of being thrown into a foreign land thousands of miles away from the comfort of home, being immersed in a foundational culture, and having to rely only on one’s fortitude and determination in order to get by—it all simply sounded invigorating. I chose to attend the University of Essex in Colchester, England. The decision was actually very easy; known for its political activism and their vast cultural diversity, Essex seemed like the only choice for me. What I expected to gain in that year was a cultural

understanding that would help fill my intellectual void. What I received was so much more than that. I created relationships with individuals from around the world. I saw buildings and stood in cities older than my own country. The art, accomplishments, and natural beauty of those places humbled me. As I reflect upon my time abroad, one thing is clear for me: there is no way that I could have done this alone. I am grateful to those who provided me with study abroad scholarships. Without them, all of this would not have been possible. All of the memories and relationships, all of the experiences, and all of the knowledge I discovered would not have happened without the help of generous benefactors who donated to the OSA. My younger brother and I were raised by a single mother who worked three


jobs in order to give us the best lives possible. Before my junior year of high school I remember my mom telling me that if I wanted to do something more with my life I would have to figure things out for myself. She would do everything that she could to help me, but she did not possess the financial means nor the practical knowledge that would be needed for me to succeed. My family simply could not afford for me to live out what would later become the best year of my life. I am incredibly thankful to those who have given to the KU Office of Study Abroad. My scholarship gave me a chance to do something that changed my life. Because of those generous contributions, the OSA has been able to provide scholarships to students like me, providing more Jayhawks an opportunity to ge out of their college experience as I have.

Winter 2015 / Volume 15

New Opportunities for students in 2015 By Angela Perryman The OSA is continuing in our efforts to ensure study abroad opportunities exist for students across diverse disciplines and destinations. This year, in collaboration with the faculty in a wide range of disciplines, the OSA has developed new international study and internship programs. Key highlights of our expanded portfolio include a comparative winter break program on design in Miami and Havana, KU-sponsored internships in Kazakhstan, and advanced studies in transnational performance in Germany. This winter break, the Department of Design and the OSA will offer a two-week intensive course in compara-

New Programs in 2015 Semester Hanyang University (Korea) Vienna University (Austria) WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management (Germany) Winter Break Design in Miami & Havana Spring Break Business in Brazil

tive cultures. In this program, students will explore the similarities and the differences between two unique cities: Miami, Florida and Havana, Cuba. Participants will study architecture, design, and culture through city tours, museum visits, guest lectures, and activities with locals in both Miami and Havana. Additionally, students will research how perceived ideas of place, developed through media (books, films, TV, tourism advertising and propaganda), compare with the reality of place. In summer 2015, the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, the Department of Slavic Languages, and the Office of Study Abroad will be offering our first KU-sponsored study

Summer Archeology at Tel es Safi/Gath, Israel Architecture in China Digital Media Messaging in Scotland Internships in Kazakhstan Introduction to International Business and Engineering in Panama Special Education in Costa Rica Supply Chain Management & Logistics in Europe Sustainability, Development, & Community Empowerment in South Africa Transnational Research and Performance in Germany

abroad program in Kazakhstan. In partnership with KIMEP University in Almaty, this eight-week program enables students to complete intensive Russian language coursework appropriate to their level and English-based academic internships in the fields of higher education, entrepreneurship financial development, public relations, or journalism. The KU Department of Theatre and the OSA will offer a summer 2015 study abroad program for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in Theater, American Studies, or related disciplines. This intertextual program features an intensive research seminar in the UNESCO city of Regensburg, Germany, at the University of Regensburg, coupled with guided and independent excursions to various performance sites in the region. Students will study the fundamental approaches to transnational performance while learning how various performance examples, such as theatre, festivals, improvisation, music, and fine art are sites of research that can be viewed in transnational contexts.

thank you! Christopher & Jennifer Purvis Anna Qin Martha Rader Talia Rubenstein Ravis & Dr. Scott Ravis Tasia Rayton Stephen Rempala Michael Rice & Gwendolyn Tracy Rice Larry VanTuyl & Patricia VanTuyl Paul & Michelle Rieger Jean Hardy Robinson, PhD Marilyn Roelse Stephanie Green & Nicolas Roesler Debora Roessler Nicolas Root Caitlin Rose Aaron Rosenthal Tom & Jann Rudkin Paul Rupp Julie Sailors Stephen Hauck & Marianne Schaefer-Hauck LTC Leah Coleen Schmidt Norbert & Margaret Schneider Dr. Steven Schnell & Lisa Kahn Schnell Inga Schuchard Deborah Schultz Deborah Shaw Schwartz LTC Heather Serwon, DVM Steven Shade Jane Porter Shaughness Catherine Siegman David & Nancy Moorman Silverforb Carol Slack

Lippincott Hall 1410 Jayhawk Blvd., Rm. 108 Lawrence, KS 66045-7515

Thank you for your support During the past academic year, the OSA received 567 scholarship applications. Of those applicants, 166 students received a scholarship from our office. In total we awarded approximately $534,000 in scholarship funds, and nearly half of our scholarship funds came directly from donors like you. Despite our ability to provide

thank you! Lori Slater Laura Katherine Smail Ryan Smartt Dr. Debra Smith Edith & Donald Snethen Amy Luiso Stadler Nathan Stange Joshua Steinmetz & Kim Carrington Steinmetz Patti Streltzer Jessica Stretz Benjamin Tatum

some scholarship funding, in the last academic year we had 178 students withdraw their applications to study abroad due to financial reasons. Currently, 65% of study abroad students use financial aid, and 14% are Pell Grant recipients. Although we are proud to send 22.8% of our undergraduate students abroad, we want to

make studying abroad a reality for all KU students. To do this, we need your support. Each year, your gifts allow students to study environmental policies in Germany, connect with host families in Costa Rica, build their public relations skills during an internship in Dublin, join the fencing team in Wales, delve into French language study

in Angers, learn about social welfare policies in India, and study engineering in Australia. We greatly appreciate the financial assistance we received over the last year, and we look forward to your continued support in the coming year.

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Jayhawk Planet Winter 2014  

Newsletter from the KU Office of Study Abroad

Jayhawk Planet Winter 2014  

Newsletter from the KU Office of Study Abroad