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Winter 2013 / Volume 14

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The Newsletter for the University of Kansas Study Abroad Alumni and Friends

Nicholas Castans on a KU Core approved Arabic language program in Morocco. Read more about the new Core curriculum on page 2!

Inside This Issue: KU Core & Study Abroad KU Invests in Curriculum Integration

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KU Students Recognized for Excellence in Design By Courtney Moore This year, two KU students were recognized for excellence in design after being inspired while studying abroad. Leslie Montes of Houston, Texas, was a finalist for the James Dyson Award for her work while she studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. Henry Lennon, of Branson, Mo., received the Academic Excellence Award for Architecture from the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen. Montes received the honor for her design of the Arc Tap, an easily-operable faucet designed for everyone to use, regardless of ability. The James Dyson Award is an international competition that recognizes excellence among new designers. “For the prompt, we had to put ourselves in other people’s shoes—especially people with disabilities—and target products that could be problems for them,” Montes said. “We decided on a faucet, because they can be hard to use for anyone.” Montes developed the Arc Tap while studying abroad in Madrid. Montes wanted to study in Spain because her father is from Madrid, but because KU does not currently offer a design program in Spain, Montes did her own research to find an appropriate program. “It was discouraging in the beginning, but I’m the kind of person who won’t stop until

through the whole process; we’d have achievements along the way and get really excited. We were proud of the results.” Henry Lennon expressed similar feelings, and acknowledged that immersing himself in Danish culture helped inspire his work. DIS faculty selected Lennon’s design out of 122 other entries and awarded him the Academic Excellence Award for Architecture.

I get what I need,” Montes said. Her work on the Arc Tap demonstrated similar dedication. After around three months of planning, Montes and her partner created an Arc Tap model, filmed a video showcasing its features and submitted it to the competition. “My partner and I were both really passionate about the project,” Montes said. “We felt this energy going


Lennon said his professor believed Lennon’s absorption of Danish culture showed in his work. “He told me that he could tell I didn’t just spend all my time in the studio,” Lennon said. “That’s what study abroad is all about. The professor gives you projects that are supposed to reflect you going out and having that cultural experience.” Lennon said his classmates also provided a source

Winter 2013 / Volume 14

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of inspiration and encouragement. “It expanded my mind,” Lennon said. “Not only seeing Europe, but getting the perspective of the students in my classes. They were all so different and brought so much to the table.”

Through the generous support of our alumni and friends, the Office of International Programs, the Office of the Chancellor, and the Office of the Provost, 196 KU students received scholarships for

“If you put your focus on your experience, it will subconsciously make its way into your work.” “If you put your focus on your experience, it will subconsciously make its way into your work,” Lennon said. Lennon admits to working hard in his classes, but he

their experiences abroad Leslie Montes (pg 1)

also believes that seeking out new opportunities and enjoying his experience abroad was important. “Sometimes the best work comes when you aren’t even focusing on your work and you’re more focused on life as a whole.”

during her time in Spain, where she designed the Arc Tap (pg. 1, lower right). Henry Lennon (above), presents his award-winning design during his class in Copenhagen, Denmark.

in 2013. The Office of Study Abroad would like to thank the following people for their continued support this year: Jeff Alexander Jill Allen Gwendolyn Allen Kirk Allison Nichole David & Aaron Altman Julianne Jenkins Arendt & John D. Arendt Melissa Arrowsmith Laura Arsenault

Study Abroad Integrated into New KU Core Curriculum By Angela Perryman This fall, the University of Kansas launched an innovative new curriculum. The KU Core curriculum integrates KU’s educational goals with every undergraduate major. The new curriculum encourages students to be creative and think critically, to develop a sense of social responsibility, and to cultivate an appreciation for cultural diversity among students. One of the distinctive features of the new KU Core is that experiences such as study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, and service learning can be applied toward core completion. These opportunities increase student knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values. To support the design, devel-

opment, and expansion of experiential learning across the KU campus, the Provost’s office established the Collaborative for Experiential Learning, which is comprised of representatives from Civic and Social Responsibility (formerly Service Learning), Study Abroad, International Programs, the University Career Center, and Undergraduate Research. Student mobility through Study Abroad directly supports Goal 4.2 of the new KU Core, which seeks to ensure students gain “cultural understanding and global awareness” through their KU education. Students can meet Core Goal 4.2 through a semester or year-long study abroad experience or through a university approved short-term program.

By placing Study Abroad squarely within the new KU Core, the university has demonstrated the value of an international education. The new KU Core is equipping students to think, work, and lead on a global basis, and through well-crafted and immersive study abroad experiences students are able to meaningfully engage with the world’s varied communities, strengthening their academic and career opportunities. These experiences turn a good education into a great one and, as one of only a few public members of the Association of American Universities to recognize the value of experiential learning within an undergraduate curriculum, KU is a true leader in this field.


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KU Invests in “Mapping Study Abroad to the Major” Initiative and administrators; and the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) that will connect appropriate study abroad opportunities to the academic curricula in every degree program. Through CI, the OSA will identify, approve, and promote key international experiences which fit well within the curriculum of a given department, thus ensuring that study abroad is accessible to all students, regardless of their majors. In support of this initiative, the Office of International Programs and the Office of

By Angela Perryman In October, the Office of the Provost and the Office of International Programs each made a significant investment in expanding the scope and prominence of the “Mapping Study Abroad to the Major” Curriculum Integration initiative (CI). Curriculum integration began in 2012 as an effort to fully integrate study abroad programs into the KU college experience. CI is a collaborative initiative between KU academic departments; faculty, staff,


the Provost will fund three new OSA staff members working directly in support of CI, provide travel grants for faculty developing new programs, and provide additional scholarship resources for students. The new CI staff members will each collaborate with KU schools and departments to identify international partners with strong curricular match to KU. They will also assess, approve, and map overseas courses to the KU curriculum; develop major-specific outreach and

Winter 2013 / Volume 14

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advising materials; and promote “Study Abroad in Your Major” opportunities to KU students. The faculty and staff travel grants will fund site visits to one of KU’s existing international partners or to a potential new partner. These visits are critical in determining curricular fit with KU, assessing health and safety risks, and gaining a deeper understanding of the comprehensive student experience at a foreign institution. These experiences empower academic units to be partners in the development, support, and promotion of international programming for their majors. In an effort to support students both academically and

Andy Larkin, a biology major and participant on the Semester in San Jose, Costa Rica program, captured this photo during a field trip to the cloud forest of Cerro de la Muerte, where his class conducted a field study. Biology was the first department to colloborate with the OSA on the joint effort to integrate the major curriculum with study abroad.

Keri Davis Hess Daphne Hiatt Harley Hill Joshua Hill & Kimberly Marinacci Larry D. & Donna Manning Horner Elizabeth Horst Ronald Horwege

financially, funds will also be directed toward annual scholarships to support students on semester and academic year study abroad programs. Curriculum integration seeks to increase student participation in longer and more transformative international experiences, but the cost of these programs is often an obstacle for students. Financial need among study abroad participants is high, with roughly 65% of students utilizing aid. This scholarship fund will address the cost differential between on-campus and off-campus study, ensuring that study abroad is accessible for all KU students. In supporting these three

foundational tenets of the Curriculum Integration initiative, the Provost’s office and the Office of International Programs have addressed each of the key obstacles to student participation in study abroad: fit of international coursework with academic degree, faculty engagement and promotion of study abroad to students and advisees, and student finances. In doing so, it is anticipated that these investments will produce significant and sustained growth in Study Abroad at KU.

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How scholarships helped one student go abroad By Emily Farnan As an out-of-state student and one of three children, I’m very aware of the costs of my education. I wanted to attend KU because my mom went to school here and she loves everything about being a Jayhawk. I also knew I wanted study abroad to be part of my college career. As a high school student, I researched programs, attended information fairs, and visited the Office of Study Abroad (OSA). I was probably overly-passionate, but it paid off. My freshman year I began narrowing down program options with the help of the Office of Study Abroad and the Peer Resource Library, and I decided to spend a semester at Masayrk University in the Czech Republic. I knew I would need a substantial amount of scholarships to cover my

expenses during a semester abroad. Through the support of the OSA, the KU Business School and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I was awarded $10,000 for my semester abroad. I was ecstatic when I received the email from OSA because I knew my dream of study abroad was coming true. I used the scholarship money to cover my airfare and tuition. With the little I had leftover, I was able to extend my stay abroad and do a solo backpacking trip across Italy for a month. It was an experience I will never forget. Now that I’m back at KU, I’m becoming more aware of how my study abroad experience will benefit me. As a junior, I plan on doing an internship this coming summer. I went through several interviews with many wonderful companies and noticed a common thread: I spent the majority of my interviews


answering questions about my study abroad experience and the skills I gained. Studying abroad helped me become flexible, open to new experiences, and culturally aware. It also improved my interpersonal communication skills. As a result of this growth, I was offered an internship with Hallmark, Inc., for this coming summer. I am very excited to move to Kansas City this summer and gain valuable work experience. I am certain my study abroad experience made my resume stand out and helped me land this amazing internship. Without the financial support I received, I know my experience abroad would have been almost impossible. I greatly appreciate the contributions alumni and friends give towards study abroad scholarships, and I hope I can also give back to KU to support others in the future.

Winter 2013 / Volume 14

New Paradigms for New Programs in 2014 By Angela Perryman Due in large part to a KU faculty committed to internationalization, the Office of Study Abroad will be offering approximately 60 short-term faculty-led study abroad programs during the winter break, spring break and summer of Academic Year 2013-14. Short-term study abroad programs fill an important niche in the portfolio of programs offered by the University of Kansas. They provide opportunities for international study for those students whose academic, professional and personal commitments might otherwise prevent them from studying overseas. These programs may also serve as supported introductions to international travel, paving the way to

New Programs in 2014 Winter Break Architecture in India Engineering in India Technology & Entrepreneurship in Israel Graduate Film in Costa Rica Inter-professional Global Health Initiatives in Malawi Public Administration in South Korea

future study, internship and research opportunities for students. This year, the OSA and the KU academic units have developed 14 new short-term faculty-led programs encompassing new disciplines, new destinations, and new collaborations. This winter break, the School of Public Administration and the OSA will offer a 9-day intensive course in South Korea. This program examines how Korean society and government policies are preparing the country for long-term development and sustainability concerns. Through this overseas experience, students are challenged to think about the factors that contribute to competitiveness in the global economy. In addition, the School

Spring Break Classics in Italy Biography of a City: London Summer Ancient Israel: An Archaeological Tour Architecture and Design in Scandinavia Art in Japan Education in Cuba Environmental Film in El Salvador Internships in Shanghai

of Business and the Office of Study Abroad will be offering our first shortterm faculty-led program in Israel in over a decade. In partnership with the Technion University in Haifa, this two-week program in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation introduces students to Israel’s extraordinarily successful approach to addressing both the technical and commercial challenges of new ventures. The program will demonstrate how innovative problem solving has occurred over time. The University of Kansas Medical Center, the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and the Office of Study Abroad have also joined forces to offer a 14-day interdisciplinary learning experience in Malawi. This program focuses on the theories of international healthcare and the cultural, ethical and legal issues involved in healthcare delivery. By building a team of medical practitioners, clinical faculty, trained and in-training students, this program seeks to implement a cascade of mentorship that fosters learning and excellence in practice.

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for your continued support

Financial concerns are often the primary obstacle for students interested in studying abroad. Every week, the OSA presents in classes across campus and hosts information tables about international opportunities, and we frequently hear students express concern over the costs of traveling to another country, obtaining a passport and visa, and adjusting to a new cost of living. Our most well-attended information session this fall

focused on applying for financial aid and scholarships. It attracted more than 50 students. Although we are proud to send almost one in four undergraduates abroad, we want to make studying abroad a reality for the remaining 75 percent of KU students. To make study abroad accessible for every KU student, we need to increase both the number and size of the scholarships we are able to award to students.

Each year, your gifts help students practice Spanish in Costa Rica, learn new design principles in India, build relationships with host families in France, study business practices in Hong Kong, and gain valuable work experience in Sydney. We greatly appreciate your financial assistance this year and look forward to your continued support in the years to come.

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