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Dylan Jacobs, Spanish and Journalism double major, took this photo during his semester in Costa Rica as part of the Grupo de Kansas program. Read more about his experience inside!



Study abroad prepares student for bilingual career by Dylan jacobs

Dylan Jacobs snapped this photo on his walk home from UCR in Sabanilla, a neighborhood in San JosĂŠ.

I have always been fascinated by communication. I chose to double major in strategic communication and Spanish because I enjoy communicating with people, developing new ideas, and finding solutions for communication problems. Furthermore, I have always been intrigued by language, language learning, and Hispanic culture, and studying Spanish was a natural fit in my academic plan. Although I was interested in studying abroad, I had not seriously considered it because of my double major. That changed when I visited the Study Abroad Info Center and left with brochures and lots of encouragement to look into the Grupo de Kansas program at the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR). After learning more about the program, I knew it would improve not only my ability to speak, write, and understand Spanish, but would also provide growth in my understanding of the culture and an opportunity to see a part of the world I had never visited before. A few months later, I applied for the semester-long program in San JosÊ, Costa Rica. I also chose to participate in the Early Start Program, a month-long intensive Spanish course offered prior to the start of the regular semester. The excitement of the adventure to come, however, was overshadowed by the fact that I would need to find a way to cover all of my expenses. I faced the same financial hurdles as most college students--financial aid wasn’t going to cover all

of the cost of the program. With the help of the Office of Study Abroad, I researched all of the scholarships available to students, and applied to all for which I was eligible. I was honored to receive the Office of Study Abroad General Scholarship, the Maria Eugenia Bozoli de Willie scholarship, and the Early Start Scholarship. These scholarships covered a significant portion of my program costs, making this opportunity a reality for me. During my seven months abroad, I was able to not only study at a well-known and prestigious Central American university, but also to travel, meet friends from around the world, immerse myself in the Costa Rican culture, and practice my Spanish on a daily basis. I lived in a neighborhood within walking distance to the university, and got to be a part of a family--complete with attending birthday parties, having cookouts, and just lounging around talking with my host mom and her family. UCR offered a new educational environment where I learned to adjust to the different academic expectations of students and distinct administrative processes. This helped me become more adaptable, both in school and in everyday life. I also learned to ask questions and make the most out of each learning opportunity. As part of a group of over 50 exchange students, representing over 10 countries, I made a lot of great friends and learned about more than just Costa Rican culture. I was able to travel to many amazing places throughout Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama. I sunk my toes in the sand of beautiful beaches, stood at the edge of active volcanoes, and fell asleep in countless hammocks. Traveling within a region I was not familiar with taught me

Winter 2016-17 / Volume 17

thank you! Through the generous support of our alumni and friends, the Office of International Programs, the Office of the Chancellor, and the Office of the Provost, 236 KU students received scholarships for their experiences abroad this year. The Office of Study Abroad would like to thank the following people for their

In addition to his work at Driscoll’s, Dylan also uses his language skills in the community. He is a big brother as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program (pictured above), and volunteers as a Spanish teacher at Plymouth Language Academy.

to be more prepared, and I learned that taking the time to slow down and explore is the best way to appreciate a place. Upon my return, I wanted to find a summer internship in advertising, public relations, or a related field, and I hoped to incorporate my Spanish in some capacity. I interviewed at a number of companies, but was most excited about an internship position at Driscoll’s, the world’s largest provider of fresh berries. As a company with a large number of Spanish-speaking employees, the chosen intern would use Spanish daily to write, edit, and translate articles and publications for the company’s internal communication channels. All three of my Driscoll’s interviews included speaking in Spanish, and I had to write in Spanish about my favorite book during my formal interview. After the interview process, I was honored when I was offered the internship. My time in Costa Rica helped immensely in making me the most qualified candidate. Driscoll’s operates across the United States, Mexico, Chile, Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the Netherlands, China, and Australia. As the first ever intern for the Global Internal Communications department at Driscoll’s,

my job responsibilities included composing, translating, reviewing and distributing communications through Driscoll’s internal communications channels: email, intranet, video platform and print publication. Over 60% of Driscoll’s employees speak Spanish, meaning everything is translated, both written and video. I also worked on ad-hoc translation projects and reviewing analytics of the distribution channels. Although Driscoll’s is based out of Watsonville, California, I worked out of the Olathe, Kansas, office with my boss, Patty, who is originally from Bogotá, Colombia. Over the summer, Driscoll’s sent me on a business trip to California, where I spent two days in Watsonville working and touring the facilities, and three days in Redding, California, training nursery employees on how to use our intranet. During my time at Driscoll’s headquarters, I participated in a lunch with Driscoll’s Global Leadership Team, which includes three foreign-born executives: Kevin Murphy, CEO (from South Africa), Sanjeev Tandon, CFO (from India), and Soren Bjorn, Executive Vice President of Driscoll’s of the Americas (from Denmark). After the summer ended,

Driscoll’s asked me to continue as a contracted employee during the school year to continue my projects. I regularly interact with our internal communications colleagues in Mexico and Chile, who we collaborate with on company-wide communications and their translations, and I communicate in both Spanish and English with my boss on a daily basis. I would not have been able to land this internship, or be as successful in it, without my study abroad experience. I will graduate from KU in May 2017. I hope that wherever life takes me, both professionally and personally, I am able to use what I learned during my time abroad. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend a university that offers such wonderful options for studying abroad, and the financial resources to make it possible for every student. It is a truly gratifying experience, and one of the best decisions I have made. Richard Paegelow (Grupo de Kansas 1969), operates Inline Translation Services, Inc., and generously funds the Grupo de Kansas Early Start Scholarship. Dr. Gary H. Gossen (Grupo de Kansas 1962) provided the Maria Eugenia Bozoli de Willie scholarship in honor of her impact on his life, research, and career.

continued support:

Kent Amsberry Anton and Carol Andersen Rita Kell Austin Ruth Baer Heather Baker T. Paige Bearce-Beery Casey and Jacklyn Biggs Hannah Bolton Ashley Bond, Esq. and Erik Rapprich Christopher Brandon Francis Brinker Dr. Joan Budd Patricia Burns Jonathan and Catherine Buss Linda Schultz Butler Janet Buttery Charles Caro Kathryn Carroll Meredith Carson Kody Carter Amy Schrumpf Carter and Christopher Carter John Claassen Erin Collins Bridget Compton Lisa Corbin James Corey Barbara Craft Meghann Curry Juliann Davee Deborah Davies Mary Elizabeth Debicki Melinda Denny Brian Dillon and Amy Lebsack Dillon Brooke Douglas Dr. Kirsten Drickey and Dr. Kendall Whitney Myrl Duncan

thank you! Andrea Eickholt Janet Schrunk Eriksen Dr. Billie Thompson Fischer Ashley Fiss Helen Cheng and David Frey Emily and Ashford Galbreath John Galloway Nancy Garner Aaron Gillespie Carolyn Weyforth Glanville Sierra Glasscock Mark Glassman Lashawnda Glover Kristin Goldsberry Logan Gollogly Linda Baker Green Wendy Haas Dawn Aronoff Haines Michael and Dr. Michelle Haines Sandra Hannon Kelley Hayden Aimee Green Hayes Elizabeth Sterling Helgerson and Ronald Helgerson Conrad Henderson Harley Hill Jana and Bradford Hoffman Meghan and Zach Holden Donna Manning Horner Elizabeth Horst Ronald Horwege Erin Hubett Stephen and Mary Anne Hughes Anneliese Huml Sara Jackson Frank Janzen

Building Momentum in the School of Education A “Mapping Study Abroad to the Major” update

The “Mapping Study Abroad to the Major” comprehensive curriculum integration initiative is a collaboration between KU academic departments and the Office of Study Abroad to fully integrate study abroad experiences into the academic plan for students in all degree programs.

As demographics shift in the United States, it is more important than ever that we understand, appreciate, and respect the perspectives of individuals who are different from us. According to National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) 2013 data, 47% of preK-12 students enrolled in public schools were considered members of a racial/ethnic minority group, and 9.3% of students were English Language Learners (students who are learning English in addition to their native language). In light of these statistics, it is critical that future classroom teachers and healthcare practitioners are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to deliver different instructional approaches, apply creative teaching solutions, or facilitate healthcare interventions as a means of ensuring that individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities are supported in their learning and/or healthcare needs. Interacting with individuals

from different countries and cultures via a study abroad experience provides a unique opportunity to acquire and develop these global competencies and to explore the world outside of the United States. Faculty and staff in the KU School of Education recognize the value of international experiences and the positive impact that study abroad has on the content and pedagogical knowledge that a School of Education graduate will ultimately bring to his or her classroom or healthcare practice. As a result, there has been a strong collaborative effort between the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) and the School of Education to identify and create new study abroad program opportunities as well as to make students more aware of the options available to them and the benefits they will gain through participation in international education. Over the past year, the OSA has enlisted the support of School of

Education faculty and staff in both the Curriculum & Teaching and Health, Sport, & Exercise Science Departments to better understand curriculum requirements and learning outcomes and to identify suitable study abroad program matches. Study abroad outreach and advising materials have been produced for six of the 14 undergraduate majors offered by the School of Education, and these materials are being distributed at key outreach events throughout the academic year. The Office of Study Abroad has also established a visible presence in the School of Education by offering on-site advising in Joseph R. Pearson Hall and Robinson Hall. School of Education faculty and staff have also been proactive in identifying opportunities for their students by participating in their own international experiences. Michelle Casavant, Director of Advising, participated in this year’s Advisors’ Site Visit to the United Kingdom sponsored by the OSA, and the School also sent two faculty members, Kelli Thomas, Associate Dean for Teacher Education and Undergraduate Programs, and Doug Huffman, Professor in Curriculum & Teaching, to engage in partnership-building visits at three Australian institutions. From these activities, two semester-long study abroad opportunities and one new faculty-led program are in development for 2017.

Stephen Johnson Justin Johnson LTC Cornelius Johnson, USA, Retired James Jones Lisa Jones Janet Justus Robert Kafalenos Mary Kell Kimberly Loeffert Keller and Kristopher Keller Glen Kemper Karen Kenney and Michael Rakes

Program Feature: sport management in europe Students pursuing a major in Sport Management can now earn credit towards their degree by participating in a summer study abroad program geared towards their academic and professional interests. Sport management in Europe is designed to provide students the opportunity to explore and compare aspects of the professional sporting industry across multiple countries and multiple sports by including visits to sporting venues in Dublin, London, and Paris and by facilitating discussions with industry professionals in those cities. The inaugural program will be led by Assistant Professor Jordan Bass in the Health, Sport, and Exercise Science Department in Summer 2017.

Winter 2016-17 / Volume 17

thank you!

Creating Campus Advocates:

Ryan Kerr

Advisor Site Visits In an effort to build familiarity with and advocacy for study abroad, facilitate broad campus outreach, and provide regional exposure for the Mapping Study Abroad to the Major initiative, OSA staff led an inaugural Advisor Site Visit to the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) in May 2015. Eight academic advisors from key departments serving a diverse audience of undergraduate students were selected to participate in this pilot program, and for many this trip to Costa Rica was their first international travel experience. While at UCR the advisors met with KU students studying abroad, attended classes, toured campus facilities, visited host families, engaged in informal discussions with local faculty and staff, and explored the history and culture of San José and the surrounding vicinity. As a result of their experience, the 2015 participants have conducted multiple study abroad outreach activities and events on campus and were instrumental in planning activities for the UCR faculty delegation which visited KU in October 2015. Additionally, four of the participants presented at a regional National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) conference in which their experience in Costa

Perry and Kristen Kessler Eric Knudtson and Julie Peters Knudtson Larry and Jerilyn Koskan Alana McCaslin Kramer Christina Kuebler Nathan Ladd Jane and Dr. Gordon Lang Brian Larkin Ian Lewis Paul and Susan Lindahl Marsha Loversky Lori Maddox Rebecca and Eric Mardis

Vanessa Delgado, Assistant Director at the KU Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, traveled internationally for the first time as a member of the 2016 Advisor Site Visit to the UK. Rica featured prominently in their presentation and discussion. In May 2016, OSA staff led a second Advisor Site Visit to four of KU’s partner institutions in the United Kingdom (Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester, and Reading). Through visits to multiple sites, advisors gained a sense of the relative strengths of each institution and its fit with KU academic and co-curricular programs. Michele Casavant, Director of Advising for the School of Education, said the trip to England offered a glimpse into the unique experiences KU students have at each site. “I was impressed by the care

portunities offered that go beyond a student’s time in the classroom,” said Casavant. “Indeed, many view their responsibility holistically, encompassing the emotional and physical care of their study abroad students and a necessity to offer experiences that give each student a rich understanding of England’s history and culture.” As in 2015, participants in this year’s program returned to campus excited to promote the study abroad experience to coworkers and students, and prepared to support the students with whom they work in their decisions to study abroad.

each university provided to their study abroad students and the op-

Rena Marlar Patrick Mawhinney Mark McBride April McKibban Susan Vernon Meier Thomas Mertz Dr. Robert Mettlen and Ms. Judith Neil Metlen Cynthia Ulery Meyer Daniel and Jadi Miller David and Susan Millstein Heather Jaconde Mitchell Paul Monson Ellen Montgomery Catherine Murray Debra Brodsky Nateshon Marilee Neale Dayona Nett Susan Schillie Nitsch Isabel Nogues William and Cecile Nye Patrick O’Connor Patricia and Edward O’Day Richard Paegelow and Chris

Program Feature: Creativity and Innovation in Iceland Participants in this educational psychology program explore why Iceland is consistently ranked as a leading country for innovation and creativity by learning about individual traits and abilities; family origins of creative behaviors; education for innovation; and policy and organizational structures that promote innovation. The itinerary includes visits to educational institutions, governmental agencies, creative industries, and the famed Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa. The program ran for the first time in Summer 2016 under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Kerr, Williamson Family Distinguished Professor of Counseling Psychology in the School of Education.

Tang Tyler Palmer Rodney Parr Christine Pederson Angela Perryman Janet Mark Plattner Dana Pollitt Richard Randolph Jr. Larry VanTuyl and Patricia Rich VanTuyl Alicia and Roger Rieder Paul and Michelle Rieger

thank you! Dr. Jean Hardy Robinson and Dr. William L. Robinson Marilyn Roelse Debora Roessler Aaron Rosenthal Kent Rowe Tom and Jann Rudkin Abdul and Donna Saied Dr. Gina Medsker and Mr. John Sanborn Joe Santos Tara Sayre Geoffrey Schemmel Leah Coleen Margaret Schneider Steven Schnell and Lisa Kahn Inga Schuchard Deborah Schultz Kelly Sevier Catherine Shafer Mary Cooley Shippe Lori Slater Ryan Smartt Patricia Goering Smith and Bill Smith Alexandra Ann Smith Melissa Spaulding Amy Luiso Stadler Carolyn Tharp Josef Cunningham and Anne Tormohlen Alan Treat Lindsay Eplee Vance Paul Vincent Stacie Daniels Vincent and Paul Vincent Irene and Gus Vratsinas Richard Walker Anne Wallace Jennifer Walls Katherine Waugh David Clarey and Jean Wayne Brad Weiner Linda Weir-Enegren Drs. Lauren and Maura Welch Michael Welker Mary Wells

Creating by Paying it a Legacy Forward by Christine Pederson (KU Alumna, 1968) As a child, my Grandma Marie had stimulated my interest in the homeland from which she and my grandfather had immigrated to America in the early 1900’s. My Aunt Esther had traveled there with her husband many times to visit our relatives; she strongly encouraged me to study Norwegian and travel to Norway. So in 1966, when preparing for my junior year at KU, I discovered that Norwegian was among the languages offered and immediately signed up! KU did not usually offer Norwegian language studies, but a visiting professor on sabbatical from his research in Norway was spending the year at KU and was offering the course. He told me about the International Summer School (ISS) at the University of Oslo and about the scholarship opportunities available, and I immediately applied and was admitted. I had long been interested in people from other countries and was very keen on meeting my Norwegian relatives. Little did I realize the huge impact this experience would have on my life! In the Summer of 1967, I packed my bags and traveled to Norway. I lived in Blindern Studenterhjem, the dormitory on the ISS campus, along with 300 other students from 50 countries, including Russia. At the time, the U.S. and Russia were in the midst of the Cold War and I, like many other Americans, thought that most Russians were “brainwashed” by their government and its control of the press. The ISS provided ample opportunity for me to interact with the students from Russia, and they challenged my assumptions. Weekly international dialogues raised many questions about the Vietnam War and provided me new perspectives from which to think about U.S. involvement. Upon return to the US, I wanted more experiences with people of other

cultures and different ways of life. I subsequently applied to the Peace Corps and accepted an assignment in Thailand. In addition to the diversity of cultural interaction I experienced at the ISS, while in Norway I met and visited the homes of almost all of my relatives. They welcomed me warmly and took me to visit some of Norway’s most beautiful places. I came to love them and Norway and have returned to visit them several times over the years. In 2010, I felt a desire to return to Oslo and the International Summer School. I was keenly interested in exploring how I could make more of a contribution to the program and be more active in promoting its cause. I was elected to the Student Council, planning and coordinating activities for the ISS as well as advising on school issues and policies. I also joined yogis from India and Nepal in teaching a yoga class to school participants. Through the

international dialogues and visits to places such as the International Peace Prize museum, I learned much more about Norway and its central role in international peace efforts and became more impressed with the small country of my ancestors. I recently gave a presentation to our Scandinavian Club in my hometown of Santa Fe, NM, on my experiences at the ISS. Consequently, my desire to make a difference was re-ignited! Scholarship support was critical to my participation in the ISS and providing me with one of many lifelong international adventures. Through the development of an annual scholarship for KU students to attend the ISS, it is my hope that future generations of leaders will recognize and value both the similarities and differences among people of diverse cultural and national backgrounds, and use this knowledge to further peace initiatives across the globe.

Christine Pederson (right) during the 6-week International Summer School at the University of Oslo in 2010.

University of Oslo International Summer School

This innovative program offers students the opportunity to engage in a diverse array of academic courses, experience a rich variety of cultural and social activities, explore the environment of Norway, and foster engagement and understanding between people of different cultures. Founded in 1947, the International Summer School offered its 70th session in 2016 and now boasts more than 30,000 alumni from around the world.

Winter 2016-17 / Volume 17

New Programs in 2017 Each year, the OSA partners with colleagues from across the KU campus to design and develop new opportunities abroad for KU students This year, in collaboration with the Schools of Education, Journalism, Law, and Liberal Arts and Sciences, the OSA has developed 11 new international study and internship programs. Key highlights of our expanded portfolio include: University of Aberdeen: Through the establishment of this new reciprocal student exchange agreement between the KU School of Law and the University of Aberdeen, second-year Law students from KU can spend one semester at the University of Aberdeen, completing a world-class oil-and-gas curriculum. Global Women’s Leadership in India: Led by Dr. Mary Banwart and Dr. Alesia Woszidlo of the Leadership Studies program within the Department of Communication Studies, this program examines the global nature of issues faced by women and the varied styles of leadership they engage through the contexts of business, politics, education, and culture. The two-week Winter Break program includes visits to multi-national businesses, nonprofit organizations, women-owned start-ups and small businesses, and educational institutions, and meetings with women from the corporate, nonprofit, small business, political, and educational sectors.

Hospital Shadowing in Spain This six-week summer study abroad program in Spain offers students the opportunity to gain extensive observation experience in a hospital setting, a broadened perspective on the medical vocation, and a comparative lens to examine global healthcare through a half-time hospital shadowing experience. It is ideal for pre-med and pre-nursing students as well as those interested in clinical health areas such as physiology, developmental biology, exercise science, medical diagnostics, microbiology, neuroscience, physical therapy, and other allied health fields.

Semester/Academic Year


Graz University of Technology (Austria) Macquarie University (Australia) University of Aberdeen (Scotland)

Creativity and Culture in Rome, Italy Germany and the Three World Wars, Germany Hospital Shadowing in Spain Microbiology in Western Europe Sport Management in Europe

Winter Break Global Women’s Leadership in India Globalization and Afro-Brazilian Culture in Salvador, Brazil The Andean World: History and Culture in Ecuador

Supporting Study Abroad at the University of Kansas Scholarship support makes it possible for students to engage with the world in new and meaningful ways. Support at all levels – from small annual gifts to the creation of endowed scholarship funds – ensures life-changing study abroad opportunities remain accessible to all KU undergraduate and graduate students. Giving options include: Establishment of a named scholarship for study abroad: Individuals may create an expendable or endowed scholarship for study abroad through the KU Endowment Association. Donors designate the parameters of the scholarship and receive updates from both KUEA and the OSA regarding award recipients and the students’ international experiences. Endowed funds generate scholarships in perpetuity. One-time or annual gifts to the General Study Abroad Scholarship Fund: This unrestricted fund provides scholarship support to KU students for programs operating throughout the academic year. Donors may give at any level and there is no long-term commitment to give.

One-time or Annual Gifts to a Specific Scholarship Fund: The Office of Study Abroad has identified several existing funds as priorities for finding donor support due to the exceptional experiences they offer students. Available funds include: Jayhawks Abroad Legacy Programs: Providing scholarship support to students participating in a Legacy Program (those programs established in the 1960s and continuing to this day). International Opportunity Award: Providing scholarship support to highneed students for whom the cost of study abroad may present a barrier to participation. New Opportunities for the New Millennium: Providing scholarship support to students studying abroad at the University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore or via the ISEP consortium in the developing world. Global Scholars: Providing study abroad scholarship support for students admitted to the University Global Scholars program ( global-scholars).

Contact Dan Simon at or 785-832-7378 for additional information on any of these giving opportunities.

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