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FROM the DIRECTOR The KU Public Management Center has had another active year delivering professional development and consulting services across Kansas and the Kansas City Metro Region. We are so thankful to do the work that we do in support of your employees and organizations. I want to highlight just a few achievements and happenings from 2018 and let you know about a few things on the horizon. • Patty Gentrup joined our team in January as our Consulting Services Manager. Under her leadership we have expanded the breadth and reach of our consulting services. • We celebrated 25 years of the Kansas Certified Public Manager® Program as 87 more public managers earned this prestigious national credential in Kansas. • We were approved by the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium to expand our service area to include the state of Missouri in a regional Kansas-Missouri program. • We launched a 2-day Foundations/ Introduction to Supervision course as a new offering in our Kansas Law Enforcement Leadership Academy. We held sessions in Hutchinson at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and on-site at law enforcement agencies in the state.

We also took time this year to hear from you about the needs of your employees and your organizations. Based on your feedback and our own self-assessment, we have refined the focus of our consulting arm to build on our strengths and your needs. We are available to assist you in strategic planning, community engagement, leadership development, organizational development, professional development, and team building. As a result of your input we are also planning to launch an advanced supervisory offering in 2019, building upon our award-winning three-day Supervisory Leadership Training. In 2019 we will be on the road, bringing CPM to southwest Kansas as well as offering our Supervisory Leadership Training and 2-day Law Enforcement/Intro to Supervision courses across the state. We will continue to support your succession planning needs with our Emerging Leaders Academy, and keep an eye out in the spring as we launch our new advanced supervision course. Let us know how we can be of service to support the important work you do. Laura Howard


KANSAS CERTIFIED PUBLIC MANAGER® PROGRAM Celebrating 25 Years In 1993, the State of Kansas Office of Personnel Services partnered with KU Continuing Education to launch the Kansas CPM Program. Ten years later, CPM moved to be housed in the Public Management Center. On November 30, 2018, we celebrated the program’s 25th anniversary at our graduation ceremony, held in the House Chamber at the Kansas State Capitol.

CELEBRATING TERRI CALLAHAN As we celebrate 25 years of Kansas CPM, we must also pause to celebrate Terri Callahan: no one has done more than Terri to secure the program’s reputation of excellence. Terri began teaching in CPM in 1999 and moved into the role of program manager in 2003, overseeing curriculum, maintaining accreditation, and ensuring that CPM offered a powerful experience for participants and real benefits to their agencies. Throughout this time she has also contributed significantly to the National Certified Public Manager ® Consortium, serving as chair in 2008 and mentoring other states as they worked to get their programs off the ground. The warmth, expertise and optimism Terri brings to the classroom combine with her unwavering belief in the potential of public managers to transform their organizations and make her an amazing force for good government. We look forward to 2019 as she leads us forward to build the regional Kansas/ Missouri CPM. Thank you, Terri!




Photos by Jeff Burkhead

WHAT BORDER WAR? Kansas CPM to Become Regional Kansas/Missouri Program The Kansas Certified Public Manager® Program is a nationally accredited competency-based leadership and management program committed to developing exceptional public managers. Since it launched in 1993, the Kansas program has grown to be one of the most active CPM programs nationally, with over 1,800 graduates in those 25 years. Meanwhile, neighboring Missouri has not had an active program during most of this period. But that’s about to change. This fall, with support from the Mid-America Regional Council and other Missouri agencies, the PMC submitted a proposal to the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium to expand into a regional Kansas/Missouri program. We are pleased to announce that the Consortium approved the proposal at their annual meeting in October. The Consortium’s approval recognizes the strength of the Kansas program as well as our long history of serving Missouri managers in the absence of a program in their state. We’ve graduated over 50 Missourians through the Kansas program over the years, and we are excited to now be able to award a Missouri CPM certificate to our future Missouri graduates. In 2019 we will focus on building awareness of the program in Missouri and establishing additional partnerships in the state. We look forward to offering class sites in Missouri in future years. KU PMC REVIEW 2018



CONSULTING SERVICES We had a robust year on the consulting side as we worked with local and state agencies, collaborative networks and the federal government in support of their goals. Here are just a few of our 2018 projects.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT The PMC first worked with the City of Raymore, MO to facilitate three community conversations in February 2016, resulting in the City’s first-ever community strategic plan. The PMC was invited to return in October 2018 to assess public opinion about progress made and also to look forward to what the future might hold. In both instances we employed 21st Century Town Hall Technology, allowing us to capture real-time feedback from over 100 attendees at each event.

STRATEGIC PLANNING In 2018, Johnson County Library (KS) was ready to update its strategic plan and contracted with the PMC to conduct the community engagement part of the process. That work comprised more than 20 stakeholder interviews and focus groups as well as administering an online community survey that recieved nearly 15,000 respondents. Building on those efforts, the PMC is now working with the Library staff in crafting goals and objectives to achieve its vision and mission.

NEEDS ASSESSMENT For the third year in a row, the Public Management Center conducted a needs assessment survey for the Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved (KAMU). KAMU is the state primary care association, representing federally qualified health centers and other clinics providing comprehensive health care to underserved populations across the state. The assessment surveyed member clinics on their current challenges, their needs for training and technical assistance, and their perceptions of services from KAMU.

“The PMC challenged us to think in new ways and focused our team thinking about the outcomes our customers were seeking. Their approach combined data with the knowledge and expertise of our staff and community. Each staff person could see how their daily work connects to our larger mission.” Sean Casserly, County Librarian, Johnson County Library 5


CONSULTING CLIENTS SERVED in 2018 CITIES & COUNTIES Kansas • Eudora, Kansas • Lawrence, Kansas • City of Olathe, Kansas - Information Technology Department • Pottawatomie County, Kansas • Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office • Johnson County Library Missouri • Kansas City, Missouri - Parks and Recreation Department • Raymore, Missouri • Smithville, Missouri STATE AGENCIES • Kansas State Treasurer’s Office • University of Kansas Libraries • University of Kansas Edwards Campus FEDERAL AGENCIES • Greater Kansas City Federal Executive Board •U.S. Department of Health and Human Services OTHER/NONPROFIT & ASSOCIATIONS • Behavioral Health Association of Kansas • Douglas County Health Leadership Council • Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved • Missouri City County Managers Association • United Methodist Health Ministry Fund

WELCOME PATTY GENTRUP We were thrilled to welcome Patty Gentrup (MPA 1990) to our team as Consulting Services Manager. Patty has spent her 25-year career serving local government in direct service and as a consultant, including six years as city administrator in Liberty, MO. She is a skilled facilitator and has extensive experience in managing public engagement processes, and brings the additional quality of being a passionate KUCIMAT!



LELA LAUNCHES 2-DAY COURSE The PMC’s Law Enforcement Leadership Academy, created in partnership with the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, has offered the year-long Command School and the weeklong Supervisor School since 2013 to support law enforcement agencies in Kansas with training in leadership, management, and supervisory skills. ELA photos by Kristina Gallaher

This year, in response to a statewide survey of law enforcement personnel, we expanded our LELA offerings to include a 2-day Foundations/ Introduction to Supervision course. It is designed to be used flexibly, whether before another LELA course as an introduction, after another LELA program as a refresher, or as a stand-along foundation to build leadership competencies. Many agencies are using the course to assist staff in making a smooth transition to supervision prior to or shortly after promotion, and its brief classroom time allows smaller agencies easier access to the training. We’re proud to serve the professional development needs of law enforcement agencies across the state.

Photo by Jeff Burkhead



EMERGING LEADERS ACADEMY Our Emerging Leaders Academy targets promising frontline and mid-level staff in public agencies to support them in creating a path for their future within their organizations. This year’s 95 ELA graduates came from 16 city and county agencies, five state agencies, two federal agencies and four non-profits or utility organizations. The breadth of perspectives represented in the classroom contributes to the strength of the experience for all. Our spring 2019 session will begin in late February with classes in Topeka and Shawnee; more information is available here.


On July 13, over 250 attendees came together for this year’s Inspiring Women in Public Administration Conference, “Speak Your Truth.” The morning kicked off with a keynote by Annise Parker, former mayor of Houston and current president/CEO of Victory Fund and Victory Institute. Mayor Parker spoke to the value of advocating for yourself and building a network to create coalitions that will support you as you step into leadership. The afternoon keynote workshop was provided by Katie Orenstein, founder & CEO of The OpEd Project. She highlighted the need for women and others with underrepresented identities to own their experience and expertise in order to move forward toward the social impact we seek. The keynotes, together with two great panels, a Buti yoga break and lots of time for networking made for another great conference. Look for information on the 2019 conference date and theme soon.

KANSAS CITY/COUNTY MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE One of our favorite events to host is the Kansas City County Management Conference. This year’s theme, “The Yin and Yang of Local Government Management” tackled the wide array of issues local government practitioners face. Topics such as: internal management challenges; external community pressures; changing demographics in our communities; social media; and issues of multiple generations in the workplace kept us engaged and learning. We were delighted to host Clay Pearson of Pearland, Texas and Kirsten Wyatt from ELGL as keynote speakers.

SAVE the DATE 2019 Kansas City/County Management Conference

APRIL 25-26 Location & Details TBD Ray Hummert showing off his ELGL socks from Kirsten Wyatt



Wescoe Hall, 1445 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS 66045-3177

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