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Satya Sadhna is taught by Acharya Shri Jin Chandra Suriji Maharajsahab, a successor to a 1000 year old tradition


Why Satya Sadhna?


When you look closely there’s life within us, and there’s life around us - the inner world and the outer world. The outer world consists of people, situations and things, both animate and inanimate. While the world around us has a large influence on us, it’s only the quality of our inner world that defines the quality of our life. You might have the best of things and people around you, and life might appear to be luxurious and beautiful, but if your inner world is disturbed and unpleasant, then the quality of life is bad. It is the state of your inner self that defines the quality of your life, every moment. If you can appreciate this aspect you will realise that each moment of life is filled with beauty. But what do you do? You base your base your life entirely on the outside world - on people, things, luxuries and situations. Of course,

they are important. But almost always, you shift your entire focus on making the outside world better. On making situations better. On keeping people around you happy. On making things around you better. Without really putting any effort in improving your inner self. It is almost like taking care of the trunk, the leaves, the flowers and the fruit, without taking care of the roots. If you divert all your attention to making your inner self better, then you don’t have to worry about anything else. Once you do that, everything will come together naturally, making your life better in a holistic manner. And you start helping others in making their life blissful. So how do you make your inner self better? There’s a simple and effective path - Satya Sadhna.

Satya means Truth; and Sadhna means to Meditate. And when you practice this wonderful art, you will learn to enjoy life at your own will. This charming technique can be practiced by anyone irrespective of religion, gender, education or social AND economic status. All you need is a desire to lead a happy, balanced and peaceful life.

What is Satya Sadhna? Satya means truth and Sadhna means to meditate. Together, the words mean discovering one’s true self through meditation. It helps you achieve an objective outlook to life and equanimity of mind. It teaches you to experience the present moment as it is, without getting attached to the results. It helps you to improve your own self and simultaneously help people around you.

Satya Sadhna is a scientific process. It is not dependent on any kind of dogma or belief, nothing is imposed or created.

The moment you overcome your mind’s anxiety, you overcome the agitation and aggravation that define your inner self.

balanced. In short, Satya Sadhna is the art that helps you discover your inner self.

As one learns to drive a car with a wee bit of practice and patience, one masters the art of driving. Similarly, one undergoes a Satya Sadhna Course and practices its daily. It naturally becomes a habit. Thereby, helping your mind to become completely Satya Sadhna helps you understand the reason, and aware. So you begin to act consciously and respond the truth, behind every human emotion - pain, perfectly in every situation you are faced with, sadness, sorrow, joy or exhilaration. It helps you rather always comparing the present with the past understand their real nature and how these emotions or future. control our inner selves. By practising Satya Sadhna you become aware and

Change yourself with satya sadhna technique and you can change THE WHOLE world around you.

Who teaches Satya Sadhna? Satya Sadhna, is practiced, recommended and taught by Acharya Shri Jin Chandra Suriji, successor of the ‘Khartargach’ in the tradition of Lord Mahavir, the 24th Tirthankar of the Jain religion. It is a 1000 year-old tradition and is enriched with dignity. The head of Khartargach are known as ‘Shripujya’, the blessings bestows for genration to generation. There were four ‘Dadagurudevs’ in this tradition, between 10th - 15th AD who were named as Shri Jin Datt Suriji, Shri Jin Chandra Suriji, Shri Jin Kushal Suriji, and Shri Jin Chandra Suriji. This shows that two Dadagurudevs were named as Shri Jin Chandra Suriji. Shri Jin Kushal Suriji was a successor of Shri Jin Chandra Suriji and Shri Jin Datt Suriji had his successor Shri Jin Chandra Suriji. In this 1000

year-old tradition, every fourth Acharya is Shri Jin Chandra Suriji. Accordingly, the present Acharya is also Shri Jin Chandra Suriji. He teaches this life altering technique of Satya Sadhna. Acharya Jin Chandra Suriji himself started practicing meditation from the initial days of his Acharyapad. And he felt Satya Sadhna deserved to be spread and propagated to a larger section of the society because of its immense benefit to the world. Several practitioners have learnt the technique and are helping Acharyaji in spreading the longterm advantage of Satya Sadhna. Acharyaji and his appointed teachers travel to several town, cities, and even around the world to spread the noble path of Satya Sadhna.

“When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that remains with you forever” Acharya Shri Jin Chandra Suri Ji Maharaj

Satya Sadhna, a pure form of meditation Teaches you to enjoy the beauty of life, and lead you to the path of inner peace and infinite happiness, which LIES within you.

How does one practice Satya Sadhna? Satya Sadhna is a simple, scientific meditation technique. To learn the art, you must join an exclusive 10-day course. During these 10 days, you have to live in an isolated area having no contact with the outer world either in person or any other mode of communication such as TV, internet, mobile, newspaper, books etc. You have to meditate from 4.30 am to 9.00 pm with a break of 5 hours in parts for food, bathing and such daily chores. You must maintain Noble Silence all through the 10 days and follow the five precepts of the course:

4. Abstain from sexual misconduct: To maintain celibacy 5. Donate: A part of your income or wealth

The five precepts are:

During the first three days of Satya Sadhna, you will be taught Swash Darshan - discovering your breath by simply teaching you to concentrate on your breath around the moustache area and feel the respiration. The next few days you will learn the art of Satya Darshan - being aware of the truth, by teaching you to observe every little sensation on your body and not react to it. By doing so, you train your mind to be equanimous.

1. Follow the Truth: To live life honestly 2. Abstain from killing anyone: To live a nonviolent life 3. Never steal

On the tenth day, you will practice Maitri Sadhna, that is sharing the joy of the peace and tranquility you gained with the whole universe, thereby spreading the joy and gratification of Satya Sadhna.


The Benefits of Satya Sadhna

Satya Sadhna Kendras

Satya Sadhna leads you on the path to enlightenment or Nirvana. During the journey through this path, you will also reap many other benefits:

Satya Sadhna courses are conducted across several cities and participants are informed in advance of the programme schedule. However, regular meditation camps are conducted at the main Satya Sadhna Centre in Nal, Bikaner in the state of Rajasthan. A meditation centre is also being setup in the city of Kolkata and will begin functioning shortly.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Learn to be equanimous in every situation Increased concentration Increased amiability Become alert and confident Purity and sanctity develops Become introspective Increased mental peace Increased humanitarianism Reduced stress Learn to manage relationships better Remaining unbiased and fair Improved well-being Become more responsible

Children and Satya Sadhna

You take every care to give a bright future for your children - good education, clothing, food; you leave no stone unturned to keep your children happy. But if you just give it a thought, you find that in spite of the best efforts, somewhere they lack the most important moral values. A child grows with all the facilities and amenities, still they suffer from ill will, The Centre in Kolkata is designed to support hatred, jealousy, anger and other such issues. They courses for both children and adults. Spread over start becoming frustrated, agitated, irritated and 9.6 acres, the Kendra will include all the facilities for develop negativity in life. So where are you missing conducting meditation courses throughout the year: in the development of your child? Teaching them Satya Sadhna early in life will be most REGULAR MEDITATION COURSES ARE helpful in moulding children to lead a balanced and CONDUCTED AT THE MAIN SATYA happy life. Children’s courses are conducted at the SADHNA CENTRE IN THE PICTURESQUE Satya Sadhna Kendras and at schools where they are taught Swash Darshan, the first step of Satya Sadhna. NAL TOWN NEAR BIKANER IN THE These courses are conducted for children in the age STATE OF RAJASTHAN. for details, group of 6 to 15 years. VISIT WWW.KUSHLAYATAN.COM

Other Courses


You can contribute

Gypsy Courses: Often Acharyaji and other Satya Sadhna teachers travel to different locations to conduct the 10 day Satya Sadhna camps. Several volunteers who have experienced the benefits of Satya Sadhna, come forward to help organize these courses. Whenever these courses are organized, information is sent out about the location and dates so that people can participate or recommend others close to the location to experience the goodness of Satya Sadhna.

A healthy tradition is being maintained in all Satya Sadhna Kendras that all the meditators who come and join the course use the amenities, provided for by others. For the 10 days they live from the contributions made by others which help them reduce their ego. They also feel gratuitous at the end of the course because, apart from having a comfortable stay during the 10 days, they also learn a technique with immense benefits. Similarly they donate, so others can experience this wonderful technique.

Every little help is welcome in ensuring Satya Sadhna Kendra becomes a fast reality. Your contribution will not just help you, it will also help many more who will be benefitted from learning and practicing this meditation technique.

One-day Courses: These are conducted regularly at the Satya Sadhna Kendras and other places. Only those who have completed the 10 day course at least once are allowed to participate in these courses. These one day courses are a good way of refreshing what one learned during the 10 days. So the one-day course refreshes one with more energy.

A noble technique such as Satya Sadhna needs to be made aware to as many people as possible. Over the years, several people have come forward to spread the goodness of this technique. All the Kendras have been set up and managed wholly through contributions, either monetarily or as service. Care One-hour Introductory Sessions: Satya Sadhna is taken to equip all Kendras with the basic amenities can also be practiced by those with a busy lifestyle. for stay. All these amenities are incorporated only For such interested people, one hour sessions through contributions. are conducted regularly where they can learn the essentials of Satya Sadhna and practice for 10-15 minutes every morning and evening at their homes before joining the 10 day course.

satya sadhna can be practiced by anyone, irrespective of age, social status or religion.

Account details: Satyam Shodh Sansthan - Bikaner State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Account No: 6100 0595 457 IFSC Code : SBBJ 0010393 Satya Sadhna Kendra - Kolkata Corporation Bank, Account No: SB/01/004478 IFSC Code : COPR 0000 729 You can send your donation to any of the above accounts and mail the pay-in slip to the address mentioned overleaf, so a receipt can be sent to you. | | Mail to: Satyam Sodh Sansthan - Nal, Bikaner Kushlayatan, Nal - 334 001, Bikaner Rajasthan PH: 0151 - 2886731, 098291 73801, 098291 69991, 099290 90893 Fax : 0151 - 2886611

Satya Sadhna Kendra - Kolkata Off. 45; Shakespeare Sarani, Century Tower, 1st Floor, Opp. Kala Mandir, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700 017 098742 11111, 098364 88880, 094745 79641

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