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southern california’s premier cannabis lifestyle magazine


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14 features


14 Declaration of Independence

16 | Strain Review: Mango Madness by Michael Dillion

Bet you didn’t know that the most important document we rely on for our personal freedoms is written on hemp paper.

18 | We Dig This by Jay Evans

34 Chef Herb

26 | Hippie Hikes by Valerie Fernadez

20 | To Legalize or Not to Legalize by Robert E. Selan

Yummy summer recipes for the beach, lakeside or any favorite picnic spot by our cannabis chef.

30 | Hempful Hints by Valerie Fernadez

46 Wakeboarding

42 | The Health Report by JT Gold

32 | Lakes Bring Another Championship Home by Jay Evans

Even if you don’t live near an ocean, wakeboarding is a great water sport that requires a body of water, boat, a board and some guts!

44 | Going Green by Charlotte Cruz

52 Music Under the Summer Sky

58 | The Beginning of the End by Michael Dillion

Notoriously the busiest time of year for music, from Ziggy Marley to Tchaikovsky, there is music to suit anyone’s taste.

60 Baja Califonia

For a little retreat south of the border, from Tijuana, Rosaito Beach to Ensenada, there are rustic as well as romantic places to escape to.

6 kush

56 | Grover’s Grove by Bud Lee 62 | Movie Motorcycle Moments by J. Mark Sternberg 64 | Dispensary Directory


from the editors


now, Southern California MMJ patients have all heard about what’s going on with their cities and counties fighting with the issue of how to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. Los Angeles has a new ordinance that is raising havoc for both dispensaries and patients alike. Whether your dispensary was on the list that L.A. is recognizing or not, it’s not nearly as easy to find your medicine as it was in the pre ordinance days. There still remains a great deal of uncertainty amongst dispensary owners, both that have filed a notice of intent to register pursuant to the ordinance as well as those that are fighting the legitimacy of the ordinance. At Kush we constantly hear what is going on and try to do our best to get to the truth to the stories. What we have been able to verify is that for the dispensaries that in the City’s eyes are entitled to remain open, most of them must move to an area of the city that complies with the new stringent zoning requirements, and finding such a location is next to impossible. Others think they are in a location that works since it is not always possible to know if your collective is within 1,000 feet of what is classified as “sensitive uses” such as a youth centers, rehab centers or day care facilities to name a few. Furthermore, the city officials are not offering help to anyone.

Prop. 19 will hopefully give cities the ability to establish local laws involving cultivation, distribution and sales of cannabis... We have also heard that many of the dispensaries that the city forced to close last month are reopening at their old locations because they feel the ordinance that shut them down in the first place is invalid and will be thrown out by a judge in one of the more than 50 lawsuits that have been filed against the city so far. This is not much help is it? In November, as Californians we finally get a chance to voice our views by voting on Proposition 19 which will legalize and tax cannabis. Prop. 19 will give the cities and counties in the state a new law that will legalize possession of up to an ounce of cannabis for anyone 21 years of age or older. But besides the legalization, Prop. 19 will hopefully give cities the ability to establish local laws involving cultivation, distribution and sales of cannabis. While Prop. 19 is not necessarily the answer to all of the problems in the L.A. ordinance, it is a very important step toward the future of providing safe access of cannabis to adults throughout the state in the same way that adults have safe access to purchase alcohol. As a bonus, studies show that the passage of Prop. 19 will generate over a billion dollars a year in much needed tax revenue to California. Even though cities will still be able to pass zoning as to locations of dispensaries, if the sale of cannabis was treated as the equivalent of the sale of alcohol then wouldn’t you think that dispensaries should be regulated more similarly to liquor stores than to strip clubs? Exercise your constitutional right to have your opinion heard. Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t Give up the Fight!! Kush Editorial Board,

8 kush


southern california’s premier cannabis lifestyle magazine

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by BUD LEE As we enjoy the summer months, and prepare for another July 4th weekend, let’s take a minute to learn a few things about the Declaration of Independence that may not have stuck since the 3rd grade…… What’s known as the United States Declaration of Independence is a document declaring that the 13 colonies (then at war with Great Britain), were now independent states, thus no longer a part of the British Empire. Imagine the vision and courage to make such a move away from the largest Empire in history. It’s no wonder these iconic figures fill our history books, and grace our currency today. This Declaration, adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4th, 1776, was widely published, and read to the public. It was such a different time, when the news of the day was read in public squares. A far cry from CNN and live streaming video, now 234 years later. Historians have figured out that the signing may have taken place close to a month later, on August 2, 1776, and not on the July 4th date as commonly believed. What if we celebrate with hot dogs and fireworks in August? It just doesn’t seem right, but it could have been. This most famous document, housed at the National Archives 14 kush

in Washington D.C. is printed on “hemp” paper. This shouldn’t be a big surprise, seeing as how both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp, and Ben Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper. Is it possible that these guys were twisting up some doobies in between Congressional meetings? Meeting on the steps of the Courthouse, for a little inspiration? Well, it’s possible of course, but not proven. What is fact though, is that hemp and all its attributes have been around for well over 234 years, and it only makes sense that America’s most prized legal document was drawn up on the day’s most common and useful paper. As we find ourselves here in 2010, with more current issues on the table, let’s remember our fore-fathers and the painful, arduous task it must have been to write such a declaration. As our politicians and government officials draw up legislations regarding our future freedoms here in the U.S., we must appreciate the process, and the freedoms to continue doing so. It is such a vital, inherent thread in us, as Americans. We must never take these rights for granted. Happy Birthday America!

Strain review:


The mention of mangoes can quickly take your mind to a tropical place. “Mango Madness” makes me think of sitting by the beach listening only to the sound of the ocean and steel drums. Slowly biting into a juicy piece of fruit while beautiful women fan me with palm leaves. Sounds pretty nice, right? So when Mango Madness turned up on the menu at my dispensary I was intrigued, to say the least. After getting home and trying my new strain, I decided to do a little more poking around on the internet’s wild west... search engines. If you Google “mango madness marijuana”, you’ll mostly get stoner forums on how to get super-duper high by eating mangoes and then smoking cannabis (which actually seems to be a legitimate thing). You’ll get a few reviews of the strain Mango Madness, generally all in forums or sites without much if any content. On both Google and Bing, when you punch in “mango madness” the first result is a sponsored listing for anti-aging cream, and after that an ad which reads: “It’s Mango Madness! is a photo review of Mango, a rambunctious and adorable Ruddy Abyssinian cat.” On Bing I found out that it’s a mixed alcoholic beverage that goes over real well with the ladies. On Yahoo, I found mostly culinary sites with recipes for drinks or other concoctions that were dominated with mango. When I searched twitter for “mango madness”, I learned that it’s a Jamba Juice smothie as well as a Snapple and Arizona brand drink. Tweets on the topic include

16 kush

requests for friends to pick up a drink for the desperate tweeter, promo for products, and vacation tweets with tales sandy, carefree beaches. Mango also happened to be Chris Kattan’s flamboyantly awesome character in the hilarious SNL skits. So there’s a lot of ways to go with this name... As expected here within this fine publication, we’re going to talk about the Mango Madness strain of kush that get’s you pretty high regardless of whether or not you eat some fruit beforehand. Mango Madness is a hybrid strain that splits the difference between indica and sativa pretty evenly. It has a sweet, clean taste that is very refreshing. It’s soft and fluffy, like a big cumulus cloud high up in the sky where you could be taking an afternoon nap. These mangoes are dominantly green in color, with a healthy amount of orange hairs and a sugary sheen all over. Pretty sticky and dense buds that we’d recommend using a grinder for, especially if you’re rolling your own joints by hand. One average sized bowl lasts a regular marijuana user about 2 hours in all, without any real unpleasant peaks or lows. I smoke a lot of indica marijuana for it’s mellow attributes. This high is pretty mellow, paired with a kick of inspiration that had me starting to write this review during an NBA Finals game, and now finishing it on a beautiful, warm, sunny day. You might just have to get some work done with this buzz. I also get pretty bad anxiety and increased heart rate with strong sativa’s, but Mango Madness clears the way for relaxation and good, open conversation. So it’s really the best of both worlds!  Many hybrids will go really far one way or the other. You’ll either be passing out after eating a whole pizza or going for a walk with headphones on to ease your anxiety and meet your heart rate somewhere in the middle. But Mango Madness is pretty smooth on the whole... smooth like yacht rock. So pick some of this up at your dispensary, sit back and put on some old Doobie Brothers, Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, or whatever you have that will match the vibe. Find a hammock, put on some smooth tunes, and let the madness begin. 

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18 kush

kush 19


Ò Are You ExperiencedÓ

is the title track of Jimi

Hendrix’s first U.S. album, in which he qualifies the

proverbial question with “Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful?”

This fall Californians experienced or not get to balance our age old Nixonian ”Tough on Drugs” stance against the social and economic perils of illegal marijuana. I think we all can agree that the cat is out of the bag and is never going to go back in. Considering that marijuana is already easily obtainable by any California resident over the age of 18 years old with a medical claim that the use of the herb is beneficial to them, you would think it shouldn’t be that difficult for voters to justify regulating and taxing it.

20 kush

We will finally find out in November when voters hit the polls

to ignore. In addition, the decriminalization of marijuana

to cast their ballots on The Control and Tax Cannabis Initiative.

would save California tens of millions of dollars and free

Proposition 19, for the first time ever anywhere in the U.S., would make it legal for people 21 years or older to possess, cultivate or transport marijuana for personal use and permit

up state law enforcement and judicial resources currently allocated to those arrested for possession and incarcerated for marijuana related offences.

local governments to regulate and tax its commercial production and sales. Most Kush readers are probably already aware of Proposition 19, and California’s lead to tax and regulate cannabis, but here are some things that you may not have heard of, or thought about.

Field Poll just published concluding 48% oppose legalization, with 44% in favor and the remaining 8% undecided. Polls can be very enlightening. An interesting tidbit here is that likely voters surveyed, that are experienced, or were at least aware of the initiative prior to being polled, favor legalization by a three-fourths majority. The problem for the proponents of Prop.19 is that a majority of the non-experienced voters are

So how are our political parities and politicians lining up on the measure? Democrats are backing it 53% to 38% but democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown has come out against it. However, the Democratic party is hopeful that by virtue of Prop 19 being on the ballot, democrats will

Republicans oppose the measure 2 to 1, with Meg gubernatorial

month. • According to The National Research Counsel, of the states where marijuana is decriminalized, there is no evidence that lack of criminal prosecutions has increased the rate of consumption. • Marijuana has fewer harmful effects then either alcohol or cigarettes which are both legal and does not cause its consumers to become violent.

in California each year. None of these illegal sales result in any tax revenue for the state or the cities in California. • Taxing Cannabis the same way alcohol and cigarettes are taxed will generate billions of dollars in revenue for the state, and create and fund jobs, health care, roads and much more. • Thousands of non-violent cannabis consumers that are

come out in huge numbers to the polls to vote.


country’s population) acknowledge they have used

• There is an estimated $15 billion in illegal cannabis sales

expected to join the opposition.


• Roughly 100 million Americans (around 1/3rd of the marijuana. More then 15 million have used it within the past

Californians are evenly divided on the issue with a recent


Here are some statistics published by the proponents of Prop. 19:

arrested for possession every year will cease


adamantly opposed.

No matter what happens in California this fall, there will

Along race and ethnicity lines, whites are 48% in favor,

still need to be changes to federal law, where marijuana

Latinos 36%, and Asian-Americans 33 %. 40% of African-

for any purpose, medical or not, is still on the books as a

Americans surveyed said they would vote yes, but that

Schedule I drug, and is thus llegal. California now has a

number is likely to jump in light of a formal endorsement of

chance to take its place as a national policy maker on

Prop 19 this month from the NAACP.

cannabis, and there is no better place to start the process

The Bay area is the only region that supports the

for full legalization.

measure. Los Angeles County, where a quarter of the voters

Voting is the only way to express our opinions on the

live, is evenly divided and San Diego and Orange counties

political issues that matter the most to all of us. Please get

oppose it.

out and vote!

Estimates for increased tax revenue to California range from $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion per year. For a state in such bad financial shape, that kind of dough should be very hard

kush 21

22 kush


When it comes to summer fun in Orange County, the O.C Fair is at the top of the list. Rides, games, concerts, cotton candy,anddeep-friedSnickersbars,areallpartofthegoodtimes.The23-dayannualFairisheldattheO.C.Fair&Events Center,adjacenttothePacificAmphitheater,whichholdsconcertsnightlythroughouttheFair’srun.Withanoutdoor amphitheater, and a great summer concert series, the only hard part is deciding how many times to attend. To further entice KUSH readers, the show tickets include Fair admission, which is $10 - what a deal!!! So besides all the fun and games, here are a bunch of reasons to get out to the O.C. Fair this summer…. 7/16 - Pink Floyd Experience 7/17 - Bad Company 7/18 - Train 7/21 - Comedian Jeff Dunham 7/22 - Martina McBride 7/23 - Ziggy Marley / Common Sense 7/24 - Faith Hill / Jennette McCurdy 7/25 - Blue Oyster Cult 7/27-28 - Adam Lambert 7/29 - Julianne Hough 7/30 - John Legend 7/31 - Sublime w/ Rome 8/1 - Ratt / Dokken 8/4 - Sammy Hagar and The Wabos 8/5 - The B-52’s w/ DJ Richard Blade 24 kush

8/6 - Styx 8/7 - The Fab Four - Sgt. Pepper’s Experience 8/8 - Blondie w/ Gorevette 8/11 - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts w/ Cherie Currie 8/12 - LeAnn Rimes 8/13 - Weird Al Yankovic 8/15 - ZZ Top There you have it O.C….. a comprehensive list for this summer’s O.C Fair. These shows are not only great, but quite affordablecomparedtoothervenues.AndwithFairadmission included, you just can’t beat the savings. You almost have to go now!!! KUSH Magazine wishes you a safe and happy summer !!!

kush 25

by VALERIE FERNANDEZ There is a local hike in West Hills that is full of legend. It’s known as The Bat Cave, (which is spooky enough, right) but as the story goes, there was an Indian Shaman who once inhabited this cave, and the local Indians would hike up to it to consult him for advice. The son of the Indian chief went up one day for some wisdom and was reportedly killed by the Shaman, who the local tribe later killed. Whether fact or fiction, it makes for an intriguing story….. If the thoughts of ghosts lurking within the rocky depths of the Bat Cave don‘t scare you off, you’re in for a cool hike, and one that’s easy to find. The trailhead is in El Escorpion Park, and the entrance is located right near the intersection of Valley Circle Blvd. and Vanowen Street in West Hills, with ample neighborhood street parking on the west side of Vanowen. The trail begins at the fence and makes its way west through the small valley. The big gnarled rocky peak on the right is Castle Peak and is a great spot to hike to for a panoramic view of the Valley. Follow the trail, but be aware that there are many trails that criss-cross this park, all of which can also be explored. If you want to go straight to the Cave, keep on the main trail and after about a ½ a mile, the trail will come to a junction with a big oak tree and a brown park sign. From this point, look to the right and in the sheer rock cliff you’ll see a huge, long gaping hole. This is the bat cave. Head to the right, across a dry creek bed and up to the cave mouth. From here, it is a scramble up into the cave, which is not too difficult for the average person to climb. Once inside, there are a couple of different “windows” or

26 kush

ledges which can be climbed up, affording a nice view of our beloved Valley and surrounding areas. The cave goes back quite a way, but personally, I’ve never found the cajones to see just how far. Maybe one of you brave KUSH readers will be up to the challenge! If you have a favorite Hippie Hike, and wouldn’t mind bumping into other KUSH readers there, let us know about it, and we’ll try to write it up in the mag……

kush 27

28 kush

kush 29


These stores never close! So, you want some really cool, earthy hemp wear, but the Further Festival isn’t due in town for another season, huh?What to do? What to do? - Fear not fellow Hippies and Bohemians….. KUSH Magazine has done your homework for you. With these three websites, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. was started in 1999, in St. Paul Minnesota, as a way to promote bohemian, eco-friendly, and peaceful living. Based in a college town, the shop became a gathering spot for students and locals, all looking for the same thing - cool threads with a hippie flair.’s clothes are expressive, stylish, fun , and affordable. They have since gone to a strictly online business, but are still very passionate, and committed to that personal touch. There is a great selection of original and classic images on their men’s t-shirts and hoodies, while their women’s clothes have an array of different cloths, patchworks, patterns, and embroideries. These are all so eye-catching and appealing, it‘s hard to decide. is another great online source for

really fashionable hemp gear, of all kinds. With a large selection of men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, accessories, gear, paper, food, and body care products, the Hempest takes this beyond just clothes. Since 1995, they have been committed to producing ethically and ecologically manufactured clothes, while keeping things stylish - and they have. With The Hempest’s 2010 line out now, there is surely something there for everyone, even you “non-hippie” types. is a family business founded in 2000, which offers sustainable products that are sweatshop-free. Items offered at Rawganique include everything from men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, soaps, body care products, wallets, and aprons, to home design products such as curtains, linens, bath mats and pillows. Peruse there site, and you’ll find many items that are delightful and unexpected. With so many articles to choose from, along with the body and household products, we’re sure you’ll find something green and fun. Between these three online web stores, KUSH Magazine is confidant that we’ve got you covered in hemp gear, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be all the talk at the next Shakedown St., so go get your hemp on……

30 kush

kush 31

by JAY EVANS There’s







the Downtown area has been the backdrop for so many

championship on the professional level, in any sport. With

great Lakers moments. - “Can You Dig it?!?!” - Last years

the talent in the NBA peaking so high these days, it’s no

precession to the outdoor court at the L.A. Coliseum. Such

easy task to still be playing in the month of June, and even

great memories of great Lakers teams. From the goofy and

harder to raise the gold Larry O’Brien trophy overhead. With

tenacious Mark “Mad Dog” Madsen to the free-wheeling

determination and grit, Kobe, Pau, Andrew, Lamar, Derek,

Ron Artest, this decade of Lakers basketball has been filled

and a cast of bench players found the wherewithal to force

with many colorful characters.

a game 7 in the finals, after being down 3-2 in the series against our arch-nemesis, the Boston Celtics. The 2-3-2 format gave us the home-court advantage, which may have been the deciding factor in this series, as both teams traded only one home game loss.

Now that Kobe has resigned with the Lakers through the 2012-2013 season, (which happens to coincide with the length of deals signed by teammates Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, and Andrew Bynum) it seems as though the core of the Lakers will remain intact for the next three seasons.

With five championships in the last decade with Kobe

With the future of coach Phil Jackson’s return up in the air,

at the helm, L.A. Lakers fans have gotten quite used to

it may be the only factor stopping Kobe from matching, or

them, and the impending parades that follow such feats

possibly exceeding Michael Jordan’s six championships

of greatness. Ever since 1999 when the Staples Center

- accomplishing two “3-peats“. Keeping this unit together

opened, and Shaq and Kobe won the first of their 3-peat,

is increasing Kobe’s opportunity at that amazing feat. We’ll have to wait until next year to start talking about him surpassing it. After all, MJ is still the man. So it won’t be long until the end of October comes, and the start of a new NBA season. 82 games. Hopefully eight months, and another parade to celebrate maybe the greatest player ever….. Just maybe? Until then, Lakers fans can look forward to another ring ceremony and banner dropping to start another season. Some things never get old….. Touché Boston….. Maybe we’ll see you next year???

32 kush

kush 33

SHRIMP COCKTAIL If you are using frozen shrimp, the safest way to defrost them is in a bowl of ice water in the refrigerator. I like to buy tail-on, shell-on, deveined shrimp. Of course, use what you can find at the markets. Ingredients For the shrimp: 2 tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning 1 lemon, halved 1 teaspoon granulated garlic 1 clove garlic, finely minced 1/2 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon salt 24 extra large tail-on raw shrimp (more if you are using smaller shrimp) For the cocktail sauce: 1/2 cup chili sauce 1 cup ketchup8* Âź cup THC olive oil 1 tablespoon horseradish 1 dash Worcestershire sauce Juice of 1/2 lemon 1/2 teaspoon Tabasco 1/2 clove garlic, finely minced 1 tablespoon cilantro, chopped

* The chef specifically recommends Heinz chili sauce – it’s not very spicy and has a nice sweet taste. If you use other type of hot chvvvili sauce, just start with a couple tablespoons first, then taste and adjust.

METHOD 1. To prepare the cocktail sauce, mix all the cocktail sauce ingredients together in a medium bowl and refrigerate until ready to serve. 2. Have a large bowl of ice water ready and set near the sink. To a 8-quart pot of water, add the Old Bay, lemon, granulated garlic, garlic, chili powder, and salt. Bring to a boil. Add the shrimp to the pot and when the water returns to a boil, the shrimp should be done! The shrimp should be bright pink. 3. Immediately drain and place the shrimp into the ice bath to cool for 2 minutes. Peel the shrimp (leaving the tail-on.) Drain and serve with the cocktail sauce.

Traditional Ceviche

hours, giving time for the flavors to blend. 2. During the marinating process the fish will change from pinkish grey and translucent to whiter in color and opaque. 3. Serve with the chopped cilantro and the slices of avocado with heated tortillas for ceviche tacos or with tortilla chips.

Crab Claws with a Classic Cajun Romulade Ingredients 1 qt Mayonnaise; (not salad 4 Eggs; hard boiled 3 tb Creole or dark mustard ½ cup THC olive oil 4 tb White vinegar 4 tb Fresh parsley; chopped 2 tb Paprika 2 tb Worcestershire sauce 3 tb Horseradish sauce 4 Cloves garlic; chopped Salt and pepper; to taste

Ingredients 2 lbs of firm, fresh red snapper fillets (or other firm-fleshed fish), cut into 1/2 inch pieces, completely deboned 1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lime juice 1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice ¼ cup THC olive oil 1/2 red onion, finely diced 1 cup of chopped fresh seeded tomatoes 1 serrano chili, seeded and finely diced 2 teaspoons of salt Dash of ground oregano Dash of Tabasco or a light pinch of cayenne pepper Cilantro Avocado Tortillas or tortilla chips

PREPERATION Whirl all the ingredients in blender or processor, add salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate 12 hours before using. Will keep several weeks in refrigerator. This sauce is basically for use with Crab Claws, as a cocktail sauce, but can be used for many other things.

Directions 1. In a non-reactive casserole dish, place the fish, the onion, the tomatoes, the chili, the salt, the Tabasco, and the oregano. Cover with THC olive oil, lime and lemon juice. Let it sit covered in the refrigerator for about an hour, stir occasionally, making sure all the fish gets exposed to the acidic lime and lemon juices. Let sit for several

Ingredients 1 large cucumber 2 tomatoes, seeded and cut into wedges ¼ red onion, thinly sliced ¼ THC olive oil 1/4 cup rice vinegar

Asian Tomato Cucumber and Onion Salad

2 tablespoons lime juice 1 teaspoon white sugar, or to taste 3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro 3 tablespoons chopped peanuts (optional)1


dIrEctIOns Peel the cucumber in stripes lengthwise with a vegetable peeler, alternating skinned stripes with peel for a decorative effect. Slice the cucumber in half lengthwise, and then thinly slice. Place the cucumber in a salad bowl with the tomato and red onion, and mix together. Pour the rice vinegar,THC olive oil, and lime juice into a separate bowl, and stir in the sugar until dissolved. Pour the dressing over the salad;mix, cover, and refrigerate until chilled, at least 30 minutes. Just before serving, stir in the cilantro and sprinkle with chopped peanuts.

IngrEdIEnts 1 fresh pineapple 1/2 green bell pepper, cut into thin strips 1/2 red bell pepper, cut into thin strips 3/4 cup finely diced jicama 2 scallions, thinly sliced 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper Âź cup THC vegetable oil 2 tablespoons rice vinegar

MOM’S PICnIC CHICKen SALAd IngrEdIEnts 3 peaches 1/4 Cup THC olive oil 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 1 lb cooked chicken 2/3 cup hazelnuts 1/2 cup cilantro salt pepper 8 cups spinach leaves dIrEctIOns 1. Peel the peaches: this is easier if you blanch them first by putting them in a pan of simmering water for a minute. (If you use nectarines, it is unnecessary to peel them). 2. In a medium salad bowl, whisk together the THC olived oil and vinegar. Add the chicken, peaches, hazelnuts and cilantro. Season with salt and pepper, and toss to coat. Add the spinach leaves and toss again. Taste and adjust the seasoning. Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up to a day; it gets better as it sits. Remove from the fridge half an hour before eating.

36 kush

dIrEctIOns 1. Peel pineapple and cut away core. Cut into 1-inch pieces. Place in a large bowl. 2. Add green and red pepper strips, jicama and scallions. 3. In a small jar, shake together salt, pepper, vinegar and THC vegetable oil. Add to salad and toss to coat. 4. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

SMOKed SALMOn PASTA SALAd IngrEdIEnts 1/2 c. dry white wine 1/4 c. THC olive oil 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice 8 oz. fusilli (corkscrew) pasta 1 head radicchio, torn into bite sized pieces 3/4 lb. smoked salmon, cut julienne 1/4 c. raspberry vinegar 2 eggs 1 shallot, minced Salt and pepper heads curly endive, torn into bite sized pieces 10 Italian olives, pitted

1 tbsp. snipped fresh chives dIrEctIOns Mix wine, vinegar, THC olive oil, eggs, mustard, shallot and lemon juice in blender until smooth. Season with salt and pepper. Cook pasta in large pot of boiling salted water until just tender, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking. Drain in colander. Cool completely under running water. Drain. Mix pasta with endive and radicchio in large bowl. Add tomatoes, olives and dressing to taste; toss well. Divide salad among plates. Sprinkle with salmon and chives. 6 servings

exTReMe MedICATed bLOndIeS IngrEdIEnts 4 cups all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1-1/2 teaspoons salt 1-1/3 cups (2-1/3 sticks) unsalted THC butter temperature 3 cups packed light-brown sugar 4 teaspoons vanilla 4 eggs 2-1/2 cups coarsely chopped walnuts 1-1/4 cups white chocolate chips

at room

dIrEctIOns 1. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Line two 9 x 9 x 2-inch square baking pans with foil, extending over two sides. 2. Mix together flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Beat THC butter, sugar, vanilla in large bowl until creamy. Beat in eggs, one at a time. On low, beat in flour mixture. Stir in 2 cups walnuts and 1 cup chips. Divide batter into pans. Divide remaining nuts in half; sprinkle over each pan. 3. Bake in 350 degrees F oven 40 minutes, until toothpick tests clean. Remove pans from oven. Sprinkle tops with remaining chips; lightly press down chips with spatula to melt slightly. Cool in pan on rack. Cut in squares.

bLuebeRRy CuPCAKeS IngrEdIEnts 1 1/4 cups flour 2 cup sugar 1 3/4 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/3 cup THC butter 1 egg, beaten 3/4 cup milk 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 2/3 cup blueberries 1/3 cup chopped unblanched almonds, toasted dIrEctIOns 1. Sift dry ingredients together to mix well. cut in the THC butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. 2. Whisk egg vigorously to incorporate air and make the eggs light. Stir in egg, milk and vanilla and combine thoroughly. Add to dry mixture and stir together (some lumps should remain) and add the blueberries. 3. Fill well greased muffin tins with batter until two thirds full. 4. Bake in a preheated 350°F oven for 20 minutes or until done. Makes 18 large muffins. Hey to all my fans I would like to take this time to thank you for following my recipes.     I will be setting up cooking classes in your neighborhood so Email me at to sign up or learn more information on my class times and locations.

To learn more abouT

Chef herb cook with herb &

go To

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kush magazine is also available by individual subscription for $89.00! One year -12 issues To Subscribe mail a check for $89.00 (include your mailing address) to: DB DOT COM


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Roscoe Blvd

Parthenia St

o Wo b Os

e orn


d an Br

t dS for





North Hollywood


8942 Woodman Ave Unit B2 Arleta, Ca 91331


Van Nuys

Nordhoff St

Plummer St

arita Santa Cl

Van Nuys Blvd


conveniently located to...


nA dma

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by J.T. GOLD

IT SEEMS THAT EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK in the grocery stores lately, there is an influx of “Gluten-Free” labels on foods. Even old staples like Rice Chex cereal are touting the mark. What were once specialty items at health food stores are inching their way to the mainstream. Gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, is the common denominator in most of the grain-based products we eat, such as cereals, breads, and pasta. So why the sudden shift to a life without gluten? For some people who suffer from celiac disease, gluten is the enemy. Celiac disease is an autoimmune dysfunction that causes serious digestive issues for those who suffer. When someone with the disease eats gluten, it attacks their immune system which responds by damaging the villi-tiny, fingerlike projections in the small intestine that absorb the nutrients from food. Once considered a rare disease, celiac affects 1 in 133 Americans. More common, however, is a gluten intolerance that may make you uncomfortable, but the symptoms are fleeting. Symptoms often include fatigue, weight loss, diarrhea, gas, bloating and vomiting. These seem like pretty serious symptoms, so why the barrage of gluten-free offerings? The answers are many. America today eats more processed and fast foods than ever. So if you’re suffering from stomach issues, the first thing you should consider is what you do eat. Rice, breads, pasta and cereals are the most commonly avoided foods on most weight-loss diets because they are high in simple carbohydrates 42 kush

and sugar, which turn to fat. So while many people think they may have a gluten allergy (a misnomer: gluten intolerance is not a food allergy), the real story might be that you are just eating too much sugar. The only real way to tell is to eliminate gluten from your diet and see how it goes. You may find that you are replacing breads and grains with fruits and vegetables which will make you feel better, without question. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer through the symptoms of celiac disease or severe gluten intolerance, your quality of life is bound to improve. If you decide to try a gluten-free existence, it’s important to replace B vitamins, as not all gluten-free foods are enriched with vitamins. B vitamins are abundant in wheat and will be missed if you don’t supplement them. Fiber is also an issue, so make sure to raise your daily intake of beans, fruits and vegetables. Try switching to grains such as cornmeal, chia, flax, kasha, millet and quinoa. Since gluten-free lifestyles are becoming the norm (even Oprah gave up gluten on her latest 21-day cleanse and is planning a glutenfree cooking segment on her network), make certain that you don’t make the mistake of over doing dairy and forgetting your fiber. You will feel worse! As with any change to your diet, do your homework and if your symptoms persist, by all means see a physician. If all you need is a lifestyle change to improve your physical well-being, a limited amount of grains is good, so long as they are whole grain and not processed. Good luck and stay healthy. (continued on page 44)

kush 43


If you’re lucky enough to live in a city that provides composting

containers as part of the trash service, then you know just how simple composting can be, even if you don’t exactly know where your leftovers are going. And if you do not have the luxury of the green, city-provided bucket, then you may want to consider starting your own bucket at home. Compost is nature’s answer to fertilizer can act as fuel for creative engine-builders and is an excellent growing medium. Some people even use it in grow rooms to provide an extra boost of CO2. Compost is essential for nearly every garden as it enriches the soil, which produces better plants. It also improves the texture of the soil, allowing the soil to hold better air and moisture levels. Again, happier plants. So you see, it’s silly to just toss your banana peels into a landfill. Composting is a simple way we can all work to lessen our carbon footprint and by putting what comes from the earth back into it, we recycle at the simplest and most important levels.

Composting is simply decomposed organic matter and

that can be plant or animalderived. Anyone can effectively manage composting. If you have organic matter, and we all do, you can have compost. Composting 101 teaches us that compost is good; big piles of rotten food and garbage are bad. The trick is to make sure that you are composting the right balance of “browns” and “greens”. Green materials would be your plant clippings, your kitchen scraps and any weeds from the yard. Brown material would include things like dry, blown leaves, straw, cornstalks and dried grass. The balance of these groupings makes for better water/air circulation. Too much of one or the other and you just get garbage. Expert opinion says that the right ratio is about 4 parts brown to 1 part green.

Your new compost bucket is a If you’re composting for a great place for any food garden, it’s a good idea to scraps, used coffee grounds, eggshells and plant matter. In a typical morning, you can contribute the toast crusts you’ve never liked, the coffee grounds from your wake-up cup of joe and the trimmings from your pruned plants. Toss in a couple of eggshells from breakfast and you’re on your way to building a compost empire! If you are keeping your compost around and not putting it out with the garbage and recycling, you may want to consider an outdoor home for the bucket. Compost will get smelly and the heat of summer, you may come home to a smell you would just as soon forget. The best place to store your compost heap is near the garden, since that’s where it will end us eventually anyway.

44 kush

either buy or build a composting bin. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Generally all you need to do is build a wooden box with a screen to filter the decomposing material that will sift into another chamber. It is important to remember that you need to mix the material, so a good pitchfork or big stick is necessary to move the new and older materials.

So the next time

you find yourself sitting in the kitchen with nectarine juice dripping from your chin, toss that pit in the composting bucket. It’s good for you, good for your plants and good for the Earth.

’t live you don f i n , or e v E n ocean a r a e n re u can anywhe surf, yo o t ng w o shreddi know h f o l l i r h t l the t differen a n o still fee r e the wat eboard. k a w through a t as board— por t tha s type of a s i t arding the pas r e v o y Wakebo t ari ome d popul has bec , it gaine s r a e y ed of perfor m t couple r o p s etitive a comp



by pro fession al at hundre ds of w hletes. Ther e are ebsite to the s dedic spor t a a ted nd no s magaz ines fo hor tag r e t don’t n he ent of hu ee enjoy w d to be a pro siast. You shredd akeboa er rding. a budd A ll you n to y with eed is a boat some g , a b oard a uts. I nd skateb f you snowbo oard o a rd, r wate you’re r ski, half w ay the re! 46 kush



t two concepts Like snowboarding, the firs are d tan that you need to unders edges. the heel-side and toe-side e is the one edg Intuitively, the heel-side you) and d hin closest to your heels (be sest to clo one the toe-side edge is the ). your toes (in front of you Before you envision yourself doing 360s in the air, the wind in your hair and the music blasting from the boat, picture getting up out of the water. The first thing you’ll need to do is strap the board onto your feet. It is common to nt use soap or another lubrica r you into t to slide your fee m wet bindings. Be sure to get the ch up cin and in t fee first. Slide your the laces.

may give you a Now for the first par t that water without looking little trouble-- getting in the of this happening are like a moron. The chances you will be the one slim, but don’t worry, one day water and you laughing. So you’re in the Good. Lie have the rope handle. rope on your back with the up in your hands and cur l into a ball, bringing your knees to your chest and your arms fully extended. If you bend your elbows, there’s a good chance that the rope will fly out of your hands when the boat jerks and takes off.

take of Many newbie’s make the mis work sn’t doe It rd. trying to turn the boa t on the spla will You . that way. You will fall sant. lea unp be will it water face first and Don’t do this! to lean on The cor rect way to steer is r weight. you ft Shi s. toe r your heels and you lean against If you shift to your heels and . For left-footrds kwa bac the rope, you will go this will be rs ride ) ted forward (or regular foo fy footed) goo (or ard por t. For right-foot-forw ays alw You . ard rbo riders this will be sta or e, rop the inst want to be pulling aga ers pow at wh is s Thi . leaning back slightly the e sor s arm r you your turn and makes to side on the next day. Try going from side l feeling. ura nat a es om wake until it bec g. lon e tak Luckily, it doesn’t

, you’ll notice As you get better at car ving ts, things go that if you make sudden shif oth and fluid awr y. Remember, this is smo r best to mimic water and you should do you s. That’s all it smooth and fluid movement g of takes! Once you get the han you these basic maneuvers, will be ready for tricks and Youtube.

d Now that the boat has starte es to move, do not do what com rself naturally, which is to pull you t will pull boa up. Like water skiing, the vity and the gra Let you up out of the water. work. Stay in the do t natural force of the boa ’t extend your Don k. bac your little ball and lean ed you should spe up ks legs yet. As the boat pic top of the the ng alo plane off and be gliding you’ll start up nd sta water in a squat. When you ng straight Goi er. oth the to go in one direction or Just lean back a is not the goal at this point. one in control the little bit and relax. You’ll be tulations, gra con soon enough. You’re up and you’re a wakeboarder!

kush 47

50 kush

kush 51

Notoriously the busiest time of the year for live music,Ê theÊmi ddleÊo fÊsumme rÊi sÊup onÊus.ÊT hereÊ areÊ aÊ wholeÊ slewÊ ofÊ greatÊ concertsÊ toÊ seeÊ inÊ theÊ Ê SouthlandÊo verÊt heÊne xtÊc oupleÊo fÊwe eks,Ê andÊ weÊ donÕ tÊ wantÊ youÊ toÊ missÊ outÊ onÊ allÊ theÊ fun!Ê IndoorÊa ndÊo utdoorÊve nues,Êl egendsÊa ndÊ newbiesÊ toÊ theÊ concertÊ scene,Ê thereÊ isÊ somethingÊ forÊ Ê everyÊ music lover to get their fix. Here are a few of the highlights, from a Kush perspective. Enjoy! The Dead Weather

Nite Jewel, Memoryhouse

7.21.10 @ Hollywood Palladium

7.29.10 @ Echoplex

Jack White is a musical beast. A beast in the vain of Dave Grohl or Lil Wayne, where stopping for a second to smell the roses never really crosses his mind. White’s latest project is an allstar group made up of himself, Alison Mosshart (The Kills), Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) and Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs). They came together in an impromptu jam session in 2009 and have already released 2 studio albums. You know what they say... “you can sleep when you die”.

Los Angeles based Nite Jewel and Memoryhouse, from Ontario, Canada, play a show together in LA at the end of July. Both of these bands are on the softer/chiller side of electronic music, with an airy, atmospheric, synthy sound that might lull you into a lounge-y bliss. You might shuffle your feet a bit, but this certainly isn’t what we’d consider dance music. Unless it’s a slow dance in the clouds of a THC dream. Speaking of our favorite acronym, this would be the perfect opportunity for some edibles to enjoy the dreamy chillwave vibes in the Echoplex.,

Ziggy Marley, Common Sense

Empire of the Sun

7.23.10 @ The Pacific Amphitheatre (Costa Mesa)

8.11.10 - 8.14.10 @ The Music Box

The Marley family has been feeding the world the finest in reggae music for close to a half a century. The oldest son of legendary Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley joins OC locals Common Sense for a night of love and music at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa. Both put on a wonderful live show, and good vibes will be in the air for all to enjoy.

These wily Australians came bursting on to the scene a little under 2 years ago, but somehow haven’t made their way to US shores yet. In their LA debut, Empire of the Sun takes over The Music Box @ The Henry Fonda Theatre for four days. Tickets are gonna be tough to get, but the online search and/or persistant favor requests from friends in high places will be worth the effort if successful. The sheer spectacle of this show is said to be mind blowing, and they should be performing most songs off of their stellar debut album, Walking On A Dream. It’s going to be a great show that everyone will be talking about... don’t be left out!,

Rodrigo y Gabriela w/ Xavier Rudd & Izintaba 8.18.10 @ The Greek Theatre Rodrigo y Gabriela are an acoustic rhythm guitar duo, natives of Mexico, and got their start playing underground bars and pubs in Dublin, Ireland. Their smooth style of dueling guitars is so simple that it needs no extravagant setup to blow a crowd away. Just one of the many great summer shows at the Greek this summer that is certain to fill your heart and soul with good vibrations.

Left: John Mellencamp, Ziggy Marley Right from Top: Bob Dylan, The Dead Weather, Dave Matthews, Jogger, Hollywood Bowl, Empire of the Sun, Rodrigo Y Gabriela


Jogger 8.19.10 @ The Echo Jogger is LA based Amir Yaghmai and Jonathan Larroquette. They are a crisp live electronica outfit that is poised, and with the talent, to make some big waves in the wide world of music. Without a ton of history to divulge, we suggest you do a bit of your own searching, and listening, to decide for yourself. Check out “Gorilla Meat”, “Nice Tights”, “Napping Captain”, and “Bliss”... all very nice, fun songs.

Bob Dylan & His Band, John Mellencamp

8.19.10 @ Citizens Business Bank Arena (Ontario) Bob Dylan is arguably (Tom Petty?) one of the greatest song writers and lyricists of our time; John Cougar Mellencamp (he should have left the cougar in the cage) owns a rock star career that’s seen 13 grammy nods, 40+ million album sales, and a lil diddy about Jack & Diane. These two men have more hits between them than most respectable pairings this summer. Totally worth the drive out to Ontario for a chance to sing along with live classics like “Mr. Tambourine Man”, “Like a Rolling Stone”, “Hurts So Good”, “Small Town”, “Wild Night”, or “All Along the Watchtower”.... just to name a few.,

Tchaikovsky Spectacular with Fireworks 8.20.10, 8.21.10 @ Hollywood Bowl Looking for a good place to take a date? Look no further. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer in the Romantic era with works that include Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, and 1812 Overture. Factor that kind of resume in with the fireworks and Hollywood Bowl’s setting, and you may just have the perfect date. Performed by the LA Philharmonic, prepare of a ‘spectacular’ night of lights and classical music with someone you love, think you love, or just kind of like.

Dave Matthews Band 8.21.10 @ Irvine Meadows Quite possibly the most prolific American jam band of all time, Dave Matthews and company know how to entertain. It’s really more than a concert; it’s a full experience that should not be met without a healthy filling of mary jane, an outdoor amphitheatre, and a warm summer night with friends. No matter your mood or state of mind, this is a show that will put a smile on your face and fill you with hope for the future of music. If you’ve never been to a Dave Matthews concert in the summer, you NEED to see them here!

54 kush

kush 55


56 kush

With so many different technologies, gadgets, and techniques out there to help you produce a fruitful harvest, here is one that may have breezed by you - Aeropononic / Hydroponic foggers. Used for many horticultural applications, including root fogging, foliar feeding, grow room and greenhouse humidity generation, and even for low volume pesticide application, these ultrasonic foggers are a perfect aid for plants to grow above and below ground. An Aeroponic / Hydroponic fogger oscillates at a frequency of 2 MHZ, or two million vibrations per second, which at that frequency, nebulizes the water into cold / dry fog. It also generates an extremely small droplet of water (2.5 microns) which is small enough to be absorbed by roots and leaves on contact. This increases the effectiveness with an ultra low volume of liquid. With the application of a fogger, your plants metabolism is supercharged, thus maximizing yields, minimizing maintenance, and reducing operating costs by providing plant roots with the optimum Oxygenation and uptake capacity. Roots fed with an Aeroponic / Hydroponic fogger develop single and multi-hairs, which significantly increase surface area, and the ability to metabolize nutrients.

Systems can run between $350-$400, but are well worth it. Setting one up can be very simple, and there are many tutorials online to help you. With a little ingenuity, and another $50 spent at Home Depot, you’ll be in a “fog” in no time. Keep in mind that every set up is different. What works in one situation my not work in another. But we can conclude that with certain tools, and tips, (and maybe the addition of an Aeroponic / Hydroponic fogger) one should be able to optimize their harvest. Again we suggest that you seek out advice from your local Hydro shop, and ask many questions. Look into an Aeroponic / Hydroponic Fogger, and KUSH is quite sure that it will help bring you closer to a successful harvest.

Without endorsing any particular fogger, KUsH has provided the following links for you to check out: • • •

Good luck, and happy growing!!

kush 57

by Michael Dillon

As of June 7th, medical marijuana clinics not approved by the

city of Los Angeles and the Citywide Nuisance Abatement Program (CNAP) were ordered to close immediately. Shops that didn’t file paperwork by November 13th, 2007, or which were operating within 1000 feet of city schools, churches, parks, or other “sensitiveuse sites” were ordered to shut down. Notifications were sent out on May 5th, and restrictions went into effect in early June. Those who did not comply would face a $2,500/day fine, or up to six months in jail. What does this mean for Los Angeles based patients? What does it mean for shop owners, on both ends of spectrum? And what does it mean for the progress towards fair regulation of marijuana that we’ve made over the last 20 years in California? It means many things, none of which are the end of the world, but all of which are worth understanding. From society’s perspective, the new regulations mean that conservatives and law enforcement agencies feel helpless for control, but cannot create a system that will work for everyone. Instead of working with dispensaries to relocate or file the proper paperwork, they have decided to just go back in time to 2007 and pretend the last couple years never happened. Ignorance is bliss, and we all know how ignorant our conservative friends can be. It means that the local government is not ready to accept marijuana as a legitimate medicinal substance that changes lives for the better every day. With the 1000 foot restriction from churches, it also means that a “separation of church and state” is in somewhat murky waters. Overall for society, it means we’re going backwards in the ways we look at a drug that can save lives, and has no glaring negatives. To the shop owners who got shut down, it means that end of a business and healthy income for the foreseeable future. Hundreds of legitimate business owners are now out of a job, something hard to take at any time let alone during one of the worst economic crises the United States has ever seen. It means they probably have to start over. To shop owners who were allowed to stay open, it means a lot more business. It means hiring more workers and receiving a lot more new patients, and in turn a lot more revenue. This may be a good thing in the end, but in the beginning of June there was a lot of stress involved in running one of these shops with the green light to operate. 58 kush

From a patient’s perspective, there is a lot more hassle involved. Nothing worth rambling and complaining about, but certainly noticeable differences. Every dispensary that has remained open has longer lines and is generally much busier. When you try to close 429 of 583 operating shops, the ones that remain open become zoos. When I visited my most frequented shop in Silver Lake shortly after the new regulations were in place, there was an overflowing waiting room, neighbors shooing patients out of their driveway, and a wait of close to an hour for some people. It was certainly not a pleasant experience, but as time has passed and the initial chaos has subsided, things are a bit more peaceful.  There is a city tax on purchases of marijuana from a dispensary now, and while taxing is certainly a step in the right direction, it’s never fun to see prices increase. An original copy of your prescription must also be presented before purchasing from a shop, which means carrying that around with you at all times. I’ve personally forgotten mine two or three times already and have had to go back home to get it. Always carrying your original prescription is a little annoying, but nothing too terrible. It just seems like there has to be a better, more efficient way to identify a legitimate patient... like a card or a chip in my arm. I’d be cool with that. Store hours have also changed considerably, taking away those late night trips that were so convenient. Understandably, there has been a bit of a backlash. Many shops scheduled to close have remained open or have changed their business plan, now delivering and not selling from a physical location. Police are now using our tax dollars to devote resources to shutting down these operations, and how it will all pan out is still to be seen. If the Tax Cannabis 2010 initiative passes in November, this will all seem like a silly attempt by the city to take control of something, since they can’t seem to get a hold on much these days. So for now, these new regulations just mean that medical marijuana patients have a little less convenience when purchasing medication. We are still just at the beginning of fair marijuana regulation in California, but this may be the end of that beginning. For every time something ends, there is a new beginning right around the corner. And in that case, maybe we should be celebrating... maybe.

kush 59

that ornia e first inally ended have a u know ja calif roat, I you. Th ks orig e who l a o c l h l t y p o B nd e o t y t r d e l a i m p t ’l h d ost an. sou ell, I r Pe own ow t e m o d n c f W t k o a ? a l i d e e o h e u t b h ls s t q a s ks u facing ured te f thing id you possibly une to the roc e road, who po ld that rito? d milar t kinds o h i a u s t s l s e l o f l o a c a t o s r s e i w e e r i h o om the sid for the ry carr There a h the w earn. H came fr ent out exico? ully) on never l des wit very sto w f e u y M k e t a d n w u n e a i m b e h h r , e t t n t and fo io ck e, er is a sta houses the reg o go ba wine be and aft ar (min t h g c g 7 c ’s n n 1 a i d i 0 t e e s i 2 k b s a k i n y r i g w of v in a pa and dr until m xico, I Us!) As e rentin history t to Me (read: ______ sed out we wer n’t wait s _ n s , d a e r _ i g p t u w d n e a o I p r t l r e , a u e v ase m st no ke ore time I e what ph ’s (and s were a ng. Bef ting lob and wo r i 0 r a e 2 e b e w t p t y o d lu p r a i e c m g t r m t r n s re strip and sta Then, i time no t we we he only up at a a good sticated r trips? ers. Bu h and t i c u s p h a y o p p e i a y r o b f t s lw s e o e me for end is a la on th s, more like on we beca g tequi re shot he week ) o n t s i r u k m o , o n f i s i v r e h l t t the pre e and d rip sou re whis at the t s at hom yes, mo h e t r d fi d n e n a z o t b nigh s, I reali es and emorie arbequ b m g e s n i e v h ha all of t calling I was re re in. a you a l i u q e t of



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K by J. MAR

the e times. In th f o t n e m es the senti way as that it typifi an obvious h in c e su u iq in n is u ed freedom This movie e years this ings typifi th w fe s ad. Over th 0 7 ro y n e rl a p e o d e on th late 60s an for countta big bike rt of bible so a e m o c s be ference it a movie has rs, many re e d ri le c y e less motorc how to rid r learning fo n o ti a ir their insp place. a and in the first eter Fond P rs a st ie The mov through they ride s a r e p p o n dennis H r America looking fo e d si y tr n and the cou gly hostile n si a re c in an y come freedom in ntually the e v E . d rl o w polarized them anyreally took r e v e n y e rn o out at their jou ration to g e th n n e o g si le lu o c h to the con inspire a w did do was y e th dom. t a h w heeled free where, w o tw n w find their o and try to

Easy Rider

62 kush




nd esta ell known a z w e y o th s B y la r p es in Bike Fishburne lent, Kid (y , Lawrence younger ta

day a In this film called Kid) li’ until one a c f o g is actually in ‘K id r k g ce n ra u o e the y motorcycl this movie g. ly, movcomes alon atters frank m y ll a re is even problems none of th rque have o t d n a z y er Bo n than that. ies like Bik ental reaso m a d n fu re mo om a for a much ’t made fr n re a , er id e Easy r bject, They, unlik n for the su io ss a p d n a of love group of foundation italize on a p ca to e ir a des but instead eme cheese. result is extr d en e Th sh. Over . people ovies as tra m e es th s regard of the Enthusiast e ignorance th t h g li h ig h inaccuracies ilar to the and factual s ct e a joke. sim eff p to in s the to lm fi e otorcyturning thes quoted at m filmmakers, re a es n li e Furious, lines, Fast and th try as punch n u co e th ll over knows. cle meets a t everyone a th e k jo e sid a sort of in

cape ie in it’s own right, but the s E t a e r G e h T ents ycle mov iconic mom ’t a motorc

This isn of the most feature one s e o d x a el histor y. movie’s clim in two whe t of the n assortmen a rs a st ie v The mo ldiers in rs playing so o ct a st le o era’s co eing held in ldiers are b ght cycle so li e e Th th . t u II b to WW torcycle ich they try e actly a mo p from wh ng one of th m ei ca b i r OK, not ex z a fo ry n a ry a to hv down in his goes off wit ting e ci es p o ex g ca n es ly ro e g t n Th risi scene in escape. comes to most surp everything und. t ro u a b s es es en cc sc ing su motorcycle cool, steve the king of evin Flynn en K h , w ie v d o a e m ah nazis In the e run from o is h th w n o er is m ram McQueen is a prog trophy. puter. m co a umph tr 6 e ri d t si a in n o d cQueen’s place g troops, M through n ci o n g a v d to a s d of Flynn ha ssive barbe by a horde h over a ma ibulations, cornered p tr m d u n a ri t ls is to ia h some tr not going es to jump ake it? I am is forced to racter decid a m y e ll ch h a tu es o en d v om. but e olds more g high ier to freed the stunt h rr in , a lv d b o re e v u ir in ss w a e st possibiliplay a gam ding, but re enerated im torcycles, g way the en o r a m te e u d iv p e g iz m it ew of co speed dig than any sl e movies. excitement n motorcycl er d o m g in infect cycles. iplayer verties that are called light like a mult y ll a ti t be sure n se lays es vie momen fe, dart o li m is e h cl r y fo The game p rc es to e Flynn rid favorite mo is scene you have a Th tipede, wher If s. en ll c a f w o g n o si angin www.dailyb ing t ze of ever ch m a a it co m a is re a h t a g sh u th to ing thro e recreation tured in th a fe e b to is said is year. out later th


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Adams & Hill Discount Center (p.9)

Marina Caregivers

Green Dragon

Healthy Herbal Care/HLA (p.40-41)

8942 Woodman Ave. Unit B5 (818) 453-8085 Arleta

HOLLyWOOD Eden Therapy (p.17) 67571/2 Santa Monica Blvd. (323) 463-8937 Hollywood

Evergreen Compassionate Collective (p.31) 1606 N. Gower St. (323) 466-2100 Hollywood


1437 N. La Brea (877) 420-KUSH Los Angeles

LA Organic Pharmacy

5375 2nd St., #5 (562) 987-0210 Long Beach


49111 Melrose Ave (323) 463-3920 Los Angeles (p.15)

1501 Santa Fe Ave (818) 823-8110 Long Beach

Earthheart Collective of Long Beach (p.38)

L.A. Wonderland (centerfold) 4406 W. Pico Blvd. (323) 936-4410 Los Angeles

Living Earth Wellness (p.38)

1940 E. Del Amo Blvd (562) 396-5356 Long Beach

4207 W. Pico Blvd (323) 936-5000 Los Angeles

Herbal Solutions of So Cal (p.33)

Mary Jane Collective (p.11)

1206 E. Wardlow Rd. (562) 997-2929 Long Beach

Herbal Solutions of So Cal (p.33) 5746 E. 2nd St. (562)434-5075 Long Beach

Herbal Solutions of So Cal (p.33) 4311 Carson St. (888) 993-HERB (4372) Long Beach

643 S. Olive St. # 415 (213) 627-2940 Los Angeles

Rampart Discount Center (p.22 & 23)

264 S. Rampart Blvd. Suite 272 B (213) 925-8962 Los Angeles

Sunset Herbal Corner (p.43)

7948 W. 3rd. St. (877) 321-5874 Los Angeles

Patients & Caregivers (p.5) 6141 Vineland Ave. (818) 588-1307 North Hollywood


14350 Oxnard St. (818) 997-6912 Van Nuys

THCeval Center


1665 S. Brookhurst Ste A 1 (877) 789-9339 Anaheim

Best Price Evaluations



Best Price Evaluations (p.54)

10338 S. Painter Blvd. (562) 347-9611 Santa Fe Springs

SOUTH GATE South Gate Herbal Healing Center (p.45)

22148 Sherman Way, Ste 200 (877) 670-6338 Canoga Park

Best Price Evaluations (p.54) 7200 Greenleaf Ave., Ste 370 (877) 670-6338 Whittier

Happy Medical (p.18)

13194 Paramount Blvd., #B (562) 634-1354 South Gate

7353 Melrose Ste B (323) 944-0437 Los Angeles


Hollywood Medical Center (p.7)

6102 Reseda Blvd. (818) 757-0434 Tarzana

1103 N. El Centro Ave #A (323) 463-5000 Hollywood

Inglewood Health Services Center (p.54) 233 Market St. (310) 431-0339 inglewood


3619 W. Pendleton Ave. Unit B (714) 569-1160 Santa Ana

Woodvic Medical Care & Clinic (p.38)

6819 Sepulveda Bl. Suite. 209 (877) 670-6338 Van Nuys



1600 Potrero Grande Dr. Unit 3 (626) 571-0570 Rosemead

THCeval Center

7329 Reseda Blvd (818) 705-6780 Reseda



10657 Pico Blvd. (310) 295-0079 Los Angeles

1040 Elm Ave Ste 210 (877) 789-9339 Long Beach




THCeval Center

Affordable Evaluations (p.51)

Reseda Discount Caregivers

7225 W. Sunset Blvd (323) 851-5554 Los Angeles

(Back Cover)

Affordable Evaluations


2050 W. Chapman Ave. Suite 177 (714) 366-9129 Orange

7555 Woodley Ave. (818) 994-3446 Van Nuys

Red Moon Inc.

4221 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 170-15 (323) 965-0420 Los Angeles

OC Medical Center


6006 Vantage Ave (818) 358-2620 North Hollywood



The Green Easy



True Healing Collective

4901 Melrose Ave (323) 466-6636 Los Angeles

Olive Tree

17302 Saticoy Ave (818) 345-6337 Van Nuys

4720 Vineland Ave. (818) 980-6337 North Hollywood

Natural Choice Healing Center

Medical Advisory Center (p.3)


California Compassionate Care Network (C.C.C.N.) (p.29)

735 N. La Brea Ave. (323) 933-HERB (4372) Los Angeles

Belmont Shore (p.17)

The Beach Quality Caregivers (p.12 & 13)


606 E. 4th St. (213) 221-7086 Los Angeles

1737 E. 7th St. (562) 599-8420 Long Beach

Mother’s Natures Remedy

7852 Bolsa Ave Ste A (714) 899-KUSH (5874) Midway

City Compassionate Caregivers (p.27)


7423 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite C (818) 442-0054 Van Nuys


Herbal Solutions of So Cal (p.33)


Chronic Pain Releaf

2602 S. Hill St. (213) 440-8595 Los Angeles

California Herbal Healing Center (CHHC)


730 Washington Blvd. (310) 574-4000 Marina Del Rey

Long Beach 420 Medical Marijuana Evaluation (p.39)

13653 Victory Blvd. (818) 988-9825 Van Nuys

LEGAL SERVICES/ COMPLIANCE Los Angeles Collective Association (p.50) (888) 405-7420

Medical Marijuana Compliance Team (877) 623-KUSH (5874) x109


OTHER SERVICES Green Point Insurance (p.18) (310) 295-2085 Graphic Design/Bus. Services (310) 295-2085

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