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LA not big enough to contain your NYE Intentions? Vegas, Baby… By Jane Quentin

50 Exene Cervanka An exclusive interview with the Queen of LA Punk. By Maggie St. Thomas

90 The Toker’s Gift Guide A cool, hip, unusual gift guide for that certain someone who’s hard to buy for. By Pumpkin Escobar

102 Cars are Cool Driving fast, taking chances … Formula 1 style. By J. Mark Sternberg

106 Even Cy Young Winners Burn Giant’s ace, Tim Lincecum is another tale of getting caught and only sorta copping to smoking pot. By Heather Gulino 6 kush L.A.

from the editor’s desk


at Kush L.A. want to wish everyone a very happy holiday, and we would like to say a prayer in every religion and every faith and language of all of our readers for a healthy and more prosperous new year then the one we are now ending! In Los Angeles there is breaking news this month about the future of medical marijuana dispensaries. After several years of inaction, it looks like the LA City Council is finally moving forward with its ordinance to regulate all of the collectives and dispensaries now operating within the city limits. The way it is coming down it is likely to be sobering news for patients, whom are or will are be in limbo about where they will need to go to legally get their medicine after the ordinance has been passed. At press time, the City Council had tabled voting on the final ordinance to deal with unresolved issues. At the forefront, is how many dispensaries will exist with the planned zoning as currently proposed. They are specifically waiting to see maps from city planning on where dispensaries can be located and operate and just how restrictive the zoning will be once the new law is implemented. While we fully support requiring a dispensary to be a minimum distance of 1000 feet from schools and children, the latest flip by the City Council is to include residences. In a city as sprawled as LA is, this is ludicrous and unreasonable, and would cause many of the even Pre-ICO dispensaries to close. At the moment, the 1,200-or-so existing dispensaries would be contracted to 137, with some pending language about a final goal of 70. This may be fine for the city’s intention to regulate a totally unregulated industry in LA, but patients that have been patronizing one or more of their favorite dispensaries for months if not years may soon be searching for new ones whose sole claim to existence is that they filed their paperwork before everyone else. But, not so fast. What appears to be a green light for many if not all of the 137 remaining Pre-ICO dispensaries that properly registered with the city before August 1, 2007, may only be shortlived. The city is already preparing for a rash of lawsuits that will challenge the ordinance on many legal levels. At least one judge has already ruled that a moratorium contained in the 2007 Interim Control Ordinance that the City Council seems to be basing its cutoff dates on was invalid. In its attempt to “take back the city” the Council is once again considering legislation that is not well thought out, i.e. they don’t even have maps, and will probably lead to few choices and locations to fulfill the large and growing demand to meet the needs of medical marijuana patients. The market will not shrink merely because there are fewer dispensaries. This, of course, will lead to more black market movement of the drug, which will only increase the enforcement of the ridiculous possession laws that already clog our courts and prisons. Our esteemed politicians that purportedly represent all of Los Angeles would do well to look at the latest polls. According to The Washington Post, 53% of Western state voters want it legalized. And according to Gallup Poll, 44% of all voters are on board. Mind you, those polls show support for the end of marijuana prohibition, period , not merely access to medical marijuana for qualified patients. Pretty radical! Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to debate legalization (as of May 2009), the White House has backed off and Secretary of State Jerry Brown has posted guidelines for growth and distribution. And the Colorado attorney general, a Republican, sees all marijuana as a taxable good. We know it is a rocky road out there. But please don’t panic. Be smart. Be patient. Please support the effort that is needed to organize and strategically attack the problem. Patient’s Rights. We will be right there with you! Sincerely, Kush LA Editorial Board,

8 kush L.A.

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New Year’s Eve in Vegas A Survival Guide


New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is not just a New Year’s Eve party, it’s the New Year’s Eve party. This year, uber-hip hotspot Pure is being taken over by 50 Cent and The Black Eyed Peas are throwing a bash at trendy LAX. Of course there are hundreds of options of New Year’s Eve so here are the keys to making your blast into 2010 a smooth one. Book early. With all of the star-studded parties, fireworks and headliner concerts, there’s nowhere else on earth quite like Las Vegas to ring in the New Year and everyone knows it. Hotel rooms sell out early and prices can soar for the holiday, so make sure to book your room as soon as possible to get the best prices and your first choice of accommodations. Traffic can be challenging in Vegas on a regular day and when you throw in hundreds of thousands of extra people to the mix for New Year’s Eve, it can be downright nasty. If you’re planning to party on the Strip, get there early, even if you’re going to attend an event or party within a casino. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police shut down Las Vegas Boulevard (better known as the Strip) between Sahara Avenue and Russell Road to cross-traffic as early as 6 p.m. If you need to travel across the Strip (east-west), use the Desert Inn super-arterial (which runs under the Strip). For north-south travel (parallel to Las Vegas Boulevard), try Frank Sinatra Drive to the west or Koval Lane to the east. If you decide to stay on the Strip, the best ways to get around on New Year’s Eve are by taxi, walking or using the Las Vegas Monorail. If you have a car and want to park in a hotel garage, you might want to choose one that’s near one of the ends of the Strip rather than in the middle. In the 1960s Petula Clark sang: “Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty. How can you lose? … things’ll be great when you’re Downtown” about New York City. Well, this may not be the Big Apple, but the party that takes place in downtown Las Vegas under the dazzling lighted canopy of the Fremont Street Experience rivals that of New York’s Times Square … and is broadcast on just as many stations. Not only can you party all night to the sounds of several popular live bands and watch fireworks on a gigantic Viva Vision LED screen but you can also join Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and more than 10,000 other partygoers in attempting the world’s largest toast! If you’re not a fan of huge throngs of people dancing or huge throngs of people standing around drinking then don’t pick a club, Las Vegas Boulevard or the Fremont Street Experience as your New Year’s Eve headquarters. A lot of the shows in town 10 kush L.A.

do something special for the occasion, too, so you could catch a Broadway show and then toast another year with a bunch of likeminded people. This is Vegas and while the sun is almost always shining during the day and the temperatures can be quite pleasant, it is still the desert and it does cool off quite a bit at night, so be prepared if you’re going to join the party outside on the Strip. Bundle up and save your cute little black dress for the indoor parties. On the other hand, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Be aware that if you’re trying to get into one of the jampacked hotels on New Year’s Eve, you could run into some technical difficulties. A number of Strip hotels, in an effort to keep the crowds inside within occupancy limits set by county officials, will allow only those with proof they are guests of the resorts to enter the properties during the height of the festivities outside. Know your role. Unfortunately your mom is not a Las Vegas nightclub operations manager, so if you decided to go the club route for New Year’s, you’re not going to be treated like a celebrity unless you are a celebrity. Enjoy it for what it is and look forward to going back to the office or school and telling everybody you rang in 2010 with Lindsay Lohan. Be yourself, unless “yourself ” is someone who makes boneheaded decisions and puts everyone else in danger. A lot of people look at Las Vegas as a place where bad behavior stays isolated, but we assure you, some things are inescapable. Hundreds of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers will be out on the Strip in full force for New Year’s Eve, so if you decide Sin City is the perfect place to get drunk and assault somebody or get drunk and drive, those stupid ideas will follow you home ... and probably back to Vegas for a court appointment and jail time. You want a New Year’s kiss, right? It’s officially 2010. The last firework has exploded, the final piece of confetti has drifted to the ground and your hangover has started to kick in. The city will begin to clean up the streets almost instantly, but that doesn’t mean the party is over. You may want to head indoors, whether it’s to get a bite to eat at one of several 24 -hour cafes inside the hotels, to join the party at a nightclub or to seek little old fashioned Las Vegas fun in the casino. Keep in mind, The Strip does not typically open to traffic until well after midnight. Otherwise you may as well plan on spending the first few hours of 2010 stuck in a traffic jam with an outrageous headache. Happy New Year!



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Clones Available

Mon–Sat 10 am–10 pm Sun 10 am–7 pm 2823 HYPERION AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CA 90027 Behind Burrito King

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405 FWY

adrianne’s soapbox by ADRIANNE CURRY

Cancer. It’s the scariest and most hurtful disease that I have ever had the displeasure to experience. As I write this article I am mentally preparing myself for the wake of my Mom’s best friend, Kathy, who I called my “’Otha Motha”. Three days ago Kathy closed her eyes for the last time after a long 5-year battle with one of the worst diseases mankind has ever seen. I have lost friends to drugs, but that just got me mad at them. I have lost family members to age, but that was just expected. I have never lost anyone so young and full of life to a disease this hideous. For the past five years, I have watched my beloved Kathy go from bad to worse. She started off with breast cancer, beat it, then found another mass after a year of remission. It then spread to her chest cavity, lungs, spine and, finally, her brain. Between the crying and remembering beautiful memories, I feel anger at our healthcare system. Not only was she treated like she wasn’t human, she was screwed on all her bills, medications, etc. In this country, we give free aid to illegal immigrants who want to screw our system and have free babies in our hospitals. However, when it comes to our own, people who have paid their dues to live here their whole lives, if they get cancer we say “fuck ‘em!”. Well, I want to say “FUCK YOU” to Washington and all the corrupt worthless politicians making this death sentence much worse than it has to be for fellow human beings. I told Kathy for years that medicinal marijuana would ease her pain. She agreed with me, however, she was afraid to do anything with it because it was against the law. Kathy was always the honest type. She also didn’t want to put her trust in some local street dealer. Also, she wouldn’t have had the benefit of going to a legal dispensary and being educated on what strains would aid her most, edibles, etc. So, she steered clear. Why is this still happening? Have you ever lost a loved one to cancer? Have you seen the pain etched upon their angelic faces? We already deny them MOST of their medicine. Insurance claims a terminal cancer patient who is depressed should NOT have covered depression meds because depression has nothing to do with cancer. Huh??? I wasn’t aware that going through chemo, radiation, and having to deal with the fact that you are DYING doesn’t cause one to become depressed! So, I am not surprised that our country would rather see these people suffer in unbearable pain than give them the opportunity to try EVERY medication that may help them. Everyone knows THC can ease the mental pain and anxiety of a cancer patient. We also are aware that it initiates appetite for those going through heavy treatments that rob them of it. Yet here we are, giving free 14 kush L.A.

aid to illegals while we give our middle finger to dying Americans. This makes me physically ill. Just knowing that there may have been something out there, marijuana or other, that could have aided her but wasn’t given to her makes me want to pull out chunks of my hair. I listened to her stories of trying to get her meds. The living hell she went through to get coverage was almost unbearable to hear. Even when it was covered, it cost an arm and a leg. For the last four years I devoted myself to raising money for her through benefits and online fundraisers. Many of my fans stepped up and gave, and I couldn’t be more grateful to them. Most would ask the same question of me, “Does Kathy use medicinal marijuana to help ease her suffering?” My answer was always that she would if they would give it to her. Why aren’t we giving cancer patients every avenue available to help them? Why? What is fucking wrong with this country? I wish I could pool my thoughts together better for this article, but between the clamp that threatens to crush my heart and the tears streaming down my face, I am surprised I have been able to write at all. I have always fought for the rights of Americans to medicate with marijuana if it could help them. Due to my own anxiety and physical ailments, I always felt it was a very personal battle. Now, I will be fighting for a whole new reason. I will be fighting for those too weak to have their voices heard. I will be fighting in the name of someone I love as dear as my closest family members. Any debate I engage in from now on concerning this issue will have a new driving force behind it. I will see the face of my “Otha Motha”. I will remember every conversation we had about her health care. I will see the pain in her eyes as she struggled to get the meds she was allowed to take, and I will always think about what she told me one day when I explained to her what I do for Marijuana Policy Project, Daily Buds, and Kush LA. “Adri, you fight for what you believe in. You’ve helped me so much with so many things I wouldn’t doubt you being an angel to others through your work”. So, I work for you Kathy, and everyone else who knows the pain that you endured. Medical marijuana is just another step on a very tall ladder I am prepared to climb. I fight in the loving memory of Kathleen Fiday I fight for those who are ill and voices are too weak to be heard. Nothing will stand in my way.

*The above are the views of Adrianne Curry only and are not necessarily the views of the publisher.

kush L.A. 15

What is it that makes music and marijuana such a sweet blend? It’s like whiskey & coke or wine & cheese, like Bonnie & Clyde or Regis & Kathy. It just makes such perfect sense. And while the mega-festival heyday is history, there are some pretty delicious little treats near and far that arguably make up for the lack of Woodstock-esque events. Being high allows you to melt into music. You feel the music, become one with it on a whole different level, and just give yourself up to wherever it may take you. The melodies get into you physically, the lyrics hit you emotionally, and the lights stimulate you visually. Marijuana takes you to a place with music that most people could never achieve sober. Even when just at home groovin, weed really intensifies the experience.

The most intense show I’ve personally experienced in this altered state would have to be Coachella 2007. I was high all day (weekend) but when Rage Against the Machine took the stage on Sunday night for the first time in 8 years, the music coupled with my high and a little beer-buzz sent me to a nirvana that’s hard to explain. At first the testosterone infused, heavily compacted crowd was a bit overwhelming. But soon I acclimated, the music took over my body, and I was laughing, jumping, singing, and even moshing! And although it eventually led to a riot of sorts, my time with RATM, Mary Jane, and 50,000 news friends that night was magical. To be around other people hearing, feeling, and seeing the same thing as you is really a beautiful thing. Having music played with amazing sound equipment and a pleasing surrounding makes your high so complete. Remember, passing the doobie is common courtesy within a reasonable radius and pushing to the front is not only a buzz kill, but also inviting of bad karma.

Hint: high + headphones = sweet sensations.


There may be more restrictions and laws that work to prevent dope at events these days, but there are also laws that allow it. Toking in the smoking section should always be permitted in legal states, but that also varies depending on the venue. Check your local laws, but also check with the bartender or security to avoid getting tossed.


Arena Shows

At large music festivals it’s the pretty much a right of passage for the blend of marijuana and music to take place. What Woodstock did 40 years ago has continued with other festivals throughout the years. Weed has represented the freedom, relaxation, and separation from every day society that many long for in their comfy office or cramped cublicle. Some never get it, others make it a way of life.

Everyone that’s been to a somewhat liberal concert knows the image of an arena completely hazy and filled with smoke. Back in April of this year, Britney Spears stopped and delayed a show in Vancouver because of too much smoke in the building. It happens to some extent at every show, but usually doesn’t get the diva reaction. For example, Snoop is usually swimming in joints tossed at him by fans during his performances. He sometimes returns the favor and tosses a partially smoked blunt back....

Summer is pretty much over and the good festivals don’t start back up for 6 months or so but one can reminisce. In and around LA we have Coachella, HARD Fest, Sunset Junction and a handful of other events that you can count on to get your rocks off. If you have the time and money, be sure to hit one of these: Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, Sasquatch! or DMB @ The Gorge in WA, SXSW, Lollapalooza, Rothbury, and Bumbershoot

chaos amongst the crowd generally follows for a minute or two.

Something to also keep in mind... security can be a bitch. If you’re going to a non friendly state you may want to ask around to see how tight the gates are kept.


Live Music & Marijuana kush L.A. 17





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L HE CITY SENDS NCE TEAM WIL T E IA R L P FO M E O B C Y J IT M FACIL THE M AND MAKE ALL INSPECT YOUR D ID N B A L , IL S P W A E M C S N RADIU OMPLIA DES. CTORS. MMJ C E P S IN IR H BUILDING CO E IT H T W E IN C N A LI ery P ED FOR COM ive” whereby ev ct lle co l ea “r a REPAIRS NEED must be become sary in L.A. To imary caregiver pr ed at gn si de II. Every dispen itng their respective review your exis or ill t w en S ti R E pa Y d W ie if A qual NCE L tient MMJ COMPLIA rmation and pa fo t ec rr co e a member. The th p state laws. rwork and set u ordinance, and e th h it entity and pape w y pl m ckages to co membership pa IS.


d to is a gro xperts assemble e PLIANCE TEAM n M io O ct C J ru M st n M E co H T process that is xpediters, and

ge nce architects, zonin the tedious ordinance complia impact on a ’s h help sort throug on is to analyze the ordinance der consideration, si u is new location n NCE COMPLIANCE coming. Our m a r o , n o ti ca lo ting ORDINA collective’s exis E THE ENTIRE L D N A H n e th advise you, and TO FINISH.


22 kush L.A.

by Vicki FalStAFF

kush L.A. 23

"Marijuana is Safer:


It’s Friday night, and after a long week of work you just want to release your mind and relax. You’re going to find a way to alter your conscience -- one way or another. Options are limited, and most people will turn to the legal choice of alcohol by default. But what if marijuana was legal? Would less people resort to drinking alcohol -- a drug that costs us hundreds of billions of dollars annually, is responsible for 25-30% of all violent crimes, and more than 30,000 deaths in the US annually? To prove the point that marijuana is safer, a new book parses medical data and peppers it with germane, entertaining popculture references. “Marijuana Is Safer” addresses, head-on, the issue of marijuana vs. alcohol as an argument for why marijuana should be legal. The authors give a legitimately scientific overview of the positive & negative aspects of both drugs, while offering a picture of what our society could look like if we were to legalize pot. Although a bit repetitive at times, it’s loaded with statistics and data from past research. 30 kush L.A.

Presented in three parts: The Choice, Choice, Interrupted, and Freedom of Choice, there is a natural progression through the book that gives you the background necessary to form a firm, logical opinion. Beginning with Chapter 4, the reader gets a solid history of how and why marijuana has evolved to be where it is today, with strategic political and corporate agendas exposed. It actually serves as a pretty good resource for marijuana information in general. Authors Steve Fox, Paul Armentano, and Mason Tvert relate to the audience with references to MTV’s The Real World, the Michael Phelps “bong picture” media frenzy, Ricky Williams’ NFL suspension, and many more situations that we are all likely familiar with. They keep things interesting with the pop culture references as well as examples from issues that affect most of the American (and world) population. All authors are also active in pot reform organizations, including SAFE, NORML, and the MPP. Whether you are a pot expert or novice, supporter or one of the opposed, you should be able to take something valuable

So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?� out of this read. It’s not a book to blaze through in one sitting though, as you will (I did) likely be inundated and overwhelmed with statistics and data. Give it a couple weeks so that the information can really saturate. It’s hard to ignore the key message of this book: marijuana is a MUCH safer drug than alcohol, and if legalized would not only provide many positive medical, financial, and societal benefits but would also reduce the negative impacts of alcohol use in our country. If this sentiment was shared across the majority of society we would certainly be headed for greener pastures in terms of marijuana reform and beyond. So, whether fully read or not, everyone should at the very least do some research, get informed and pass the message along. kush L.A. 31

32 kush L.A.

Grocery Shopping Stoned:: Surviving a Date w/


Grocery shopping is hard. Smoking pot is easy. BUT shopping + getting high = confusing & complicated. 34 kush L.A.

With the Happy Holidays coming in just a couple weeks, you will likely find yourself in a grocery store soon. The chaos of the grocery shopping can be pretty overwhelming as it is, but when you layer a fresh buzz on top of the giant selection and human traffic things can become quite physically, mentally, and financially taxing. So in an effort to save you from anxiety, injury, and bankruptcy we give you these 10 things to always keep in mind remember when .

grocery shopping stoned

Make a List

Your eyes are often bigger than your wallet when you are baked. You go into a store to buy a few things and come out with enough food to feed a small country. To avoid buying 3 jars of pickles and 5 pints of Ben & Jerry’s, make a list and try to stick to it!

Give Yourself an Allowance

Bring cash, and only cash. This will make it impossible to spend too much money. Leave the credit/debit cards and check book at home..

Use the Buddy System

Know the Staff

Don’t just assume that people work at the store. Be careful asking “hey where’s the ice cream?” to someone who just looks like they work there. This can be highly embarrassing.

Avoid Parking Lots

You shouldn’t be driving with Mary in the first place... but hey, it happens. If you do, try to park on a side street. Even if you’re walking, avoid the parking lot at all costs. The level and type of communication that goes down in the lot is simply not suited to the canni-brain.

It’s Not a Lounge

The buddy system is a good idea whether you’re a lady using the restroom, a kid at the county fair, or doing your shopping after a smoke session. Your buddy may save you from an unfortunate, expensive decision.

Although the elevator music and delightful smells may seem like the perfect atmosphere to keep the buzz rolling, it is in fact illegal to smoke in the grocery store. Crazy right??

Avoid the “Tractor Beam Aisles”

When the lights begin to dim and you’re the only one left in the store, trying to decide which kind of cheese would go best with your Slim Jim, Triscuits, and grape soda, you may feel a bit silly. So set a timer of the appropriate length on your cellie, watch, pager, etc.

Mind Yer Manners

The grocery store can really be a magical wonderland after you’ve smoked a little weed. I once went to the store to get some eggs & ramen (wish I could say that was in college) and ended up leaving with beef jerky, chocolate milk, a few candy bars, two jars of pickles, ice cream, etc etc. The feast that ensued was amazing, but I could not afford gas for a week... and walking everywhere in LA sucks.

It’s just not a good idea in general to tempt yourself with novelties. The candy aisle is one example... but also stay away from the frozen foods, deli, and bakery. If your list requires you to venture into these zones, then enter with caution and keep eyes on the prize. Clogging up the aisles with your cart, taking forever to order/pay, excessive staring, scaring children... all things I have been guilty of whilst shopping with Mary Jane. It’s not a good look... so watch it.

Don’t Munch n Walk

Both awesome and a bit embarrassing, eat-n-dashing happens often when on a grocery date with Mary Jane. It’s easy to forget the food in your hand has not in fact been paid for. Watch yourself... because they are.

Set an Alarm

kush L.A. 35

Tommy Chong

Talks About A‘ bsurdity’ of Drug Laws, Touring Again, Pot in the Bible 40 kush L.A.

Being a legalization advocate for a few decades takes dedication, clarity of message and relentless pursuit of the goal. So it helps to have a killer sense of humor. Cheech & Chong are synonymous with ‘stoner humor’ but it goes deeper than that. They went 25 years without performing until their reunion tour in 2008, “Light Up America” – which was hugely successful. The act has been so good for so long that it’d be easy to discount their coming tour as ‘more of the same.’ Don’t you dare. Sure, some of the highlights from albums and movies will be showcased during the “Get It Legal” tour that kicks off January 13 in Boulder, CO and hits Santa Barbara in March and Bakersfield in April. Tommy Chong took some time with us for a quick phoner before setting up some “secret” shows to help tune-up the set list. (Cheech Marin begged off the call for a ‘deposition’ – which we construed as a ‘tee time.’ Either way, Tommy knows the score...)

KUSH L.A.: Do you think the climate is right for legalization? Tommy Chong: Absolutely. The country’s waking up after this long nightmare. Especially financially. And the country needs the income. It’s all heading in the right direction, man. ... What are you going to do? Keep putting people in jail? Kush: Boulder is the first stop for “Get It Legal”... TC: There are still a couple places in America where almost-free-speech lives. Boulder, Madison (Wisc.), Ann Arbor (Mich.). They have lots of deep thinkers when it comes to pot. Kush: Colorado’s Attorney General John Suthers has advised the governor that he deems marijuana a taxable good. Do you see that as furthering the legalization effort? TC: You can’t argue with it. (Pot’s) the number one cash crop ... and we are handing (that cash) over to the gangs and the criminals. The Mexican gangs are funded by their illegal marijuana sales. We could stop it in its tracks right there. Kush: I saw that you guys were at Smoke Out (in San Bernardino, Calif.). There were a total of 30,000 people there and not one arrest. What do you... TC: I wonder why?? You see how peaceful? That’s been the problem with law enforcement and military (approach). They’re opposed to legalization because it undermines their robotic control over their troops, when you get people smoking and thinking. Kush: So when did you get your marijuana card? TC: Jack Herer and I got our cards-- drafted the first

medical cards -- together in 1999. It was a letter from a doctor that we shrunk down so we could carry it around. Kush: One of the arguments against legalization is that weed has gotten much more potent since the 70s. How would you address that point? TC: (It’s the) same thing as ‘cars got faster.’ Back in the day there were worries about horseless carriages. It’s the same kind of argument. So you smoke less and you have more! The great thing about pot is ultimately you go to sleep. You don’t die. You don’t give birth to three-legged babies. You just go to sleep. No matter what they do, they cant deny it’s a magic plant. It’s so good for you in so many ways. And its even in the Bible many times. And i believe the Bible was written by people on weed. Kush: We saw that you were on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor recently. Did Bill ever follow up on his offer to be an opening act? TC: O’Reilly tried to edit (it) to make him look good. He edited out the controversial stuff on his show. What they did was took excerpts from “Up In Smoke” to show you how irresponsible potheads are. It was really funny. I loved (doing the segment). I like going on those kind of shows even more than preaching to the choir. Kush: What’s the push, or theme, for this tour: TC: We’re promoting policy change through laughter. It’s funnier than last time we were out there. We’re going to be laughing at the drug laws. There’s so ridiculous, it’s easy.

For tickets and more information, please go to kush L.A. 41

42 kush L.A.

There are plenty of holiday concerts with inflated bills flexing their bulging muscles to start off this month. And although many of us are weary of having holiday cheer shoved down our throats, seeing a concert with a some festive sprinkle on top isn’t so bad. New Year’s is a different type of beautiful beast that will entail much dancing and debauchery. Go make some new years resolutions and then forget about them... the American way right? So whether you’re in the “Holiday Spirit” or just want to hear some tubular tunes, check out one of these shows!

Ice Cube

Power 106 Cali Christmas

12.11.09 @ House of Blues (West Hollywood)

12.16.09 @ Gibson Amphitheatre (Universal City)

It’s Friday, the get high day, and Ice Cube is bringing a buzz to the HOB on Sunset. With platinum albums, leading movie roles, producer credits, and a HUGE list of hits, he’s become a household name around the country. Get a peep of this rap legend while he’s still rockin’ shows. You can do it, put your ass in to it.

50cent is headlining the Power 106 Cali Christmas, with some beefy “support” from T-Pain, Pitbull, Fabolous, Jeremih, and Jay Sean. It’s a pretty stacked night of rippin’ n rhymin’ that ought to keep you on your feet throughout.

95.5 KLOS Mark & Brian Show 12.16.09 @ Nokia Theatre (LA Live)

Passion Pit 12.12.09 @ Fox Theatre (Pomona) The Passion Pit dudes are returning to SoCal in the middle of their world tour to show us what they got. Some say that they’ve “sold out” with their recent TV commercials and whatnot, but that term is not quite as relevant in the complex state of the music industry these days. So don’t hate, let them get theirs, and get yous by seeing this fantastic, energetic live show.

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 12.12.09 - 12.13.09 @ Gibson Amphitheatre (Universal City) The lineup is ridiculous. Dec 12th includes AFI, Rise Against, Alice in Chains, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Three Days Grace, Anberlin, and Dead By Sunrise. The Dec 13th lineup boasts Muse, 311, Slightly Stoopid, Phoenix, The Bravery, Metric, Vampire Weekend, Cage the Elephant, and White Rabbits. Whew. That was a lot of excited typing I just did! Technically sold out, but there are other ways – listen to KROQ, search Craigslist, etc etc. 44 kush L.A.

This Christmas presentation features rock legends Foreigner, Heart, and Richie Sambora. Not quite sure the rhyme or reason to the lineup, but it looks awfully promising. Tickets still very available for this rock ‘n’ roll time capsule.

Nutcracker 12.19.09 - 12.20.09 @ Royce Hall (UCLA) Such a perfect show to go on a date for. For some reason guys have a tendency to pretend like they don’t like the Nutcracker, but deep down everyone enjoys this little ballet right before Christmas. This series of showings @ UCLA’s Royce Hall is the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit!

Right from Top: Lady Gaga, Ice Cube, 30 Seconds to Mars, Sonic Youth LP cover, Chromeo

Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi, Semi Precious Weapons 12.21-12.23.09 @ Nokia Theatre (LA Live) Right now, it’s a Gaga world and we’re all just living in it. Finally, the unstoppable pop force is playing a series of shows in Los Angeles. This Lady is mega talented, she writes her own music (+ others), and she is beautiful in a way that’s hard to pin down. She’s like a really cool hipster version of Britney Spears in her prime. Admittedly, I’m in love. Oh yeah, and Kid Cudi is pretty good too. Should be a terrific show!

Chromeo, Vega 12.31.09 @ Club Nokia (LA Live) Break in 2010 with Chromeo & friends at Club Nokia! Chromeo is an incredibly fun, dancy concert that has to be one of my favorites of 2009. Vega, who is Neon Indian minus Leanne Macomber – has proven themselves more than worthy and will be a group to watch closely in 2010. Also playing are Peanut Butter Wolf and Gaslamp Killer. Lot’s of fancy footwork will be going down here. Dress accordingly.

Hard NYE w/ Boys Noize 12.31.09 @ The Palladium (Hollywood) Boys Noize, A-Trak, DJ Mehdi, and Destructo fill up this HARD bill. Not quite the star studded lineup as other HARD festivals, but New Years is usually a smaller operation. Gary Richards (Destructo) and crew recovered well with HARD Halloween after this summer’s disaster at the Forum, and this should go well with Boys Noize and A-Trak pumpin out the jams deep into the first morn of 2010.

Sonic Youth 1.9.10 @ The Wiltern (Wilshire/Vermont) The old alternative rock icons have sustained the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and now begin embarking upon the 10’s(??). Approaching their 3rd full decade as a formal band, you can trust that they have their live show down to more than just an art. The Wiltern fits them well, and this should be a nice concert to break in 2010.

Coldwater Victory

Sherman Way

Whitsett 170 FWY

Laurel Canyon





Sherman Way

Vine Melrose

Paramount Studios

Santa Monica

Van Ness

Wilton Place Western


g cervenka

Interview and Photography by Maggie St. Thomas

50 kush L.A.

In 1977,

Exene Cervenka and three bandmates formed X, the torch-carriers of the LA punk rock rebellion. This queen of punk rock royalty opens up with me exclusively for Kush LA Magazine.

“This is the first interview in support of marijuana I’ve ever done, and you’re the first person I’ve ever connected with this side of things,” she begins. “I’ve only been back here for five months from Missouri, and you don’t go into Jackson state capital trying to get people to support marijuana legalization, you just don’t do that there,” she declares. “I’m 53 years old and from a time when you went to prison for thinking about marijuana, and thinking about being gay.” Exene is enjoying a thick joint of Lemon Amnesia cannabis wrapped nicely inside a Joker paper, serving this Queen a perfect hit with each breath. “I don’t drink alcohol and you should be thankful for that. It’s a very dangerous substance. I’ve always had a positive attitude and was supportive of people who did smoke marijuana even when I was sober. I’ve only been smoking marijuana for the past three or four years now, it helped me quit alcohol, so when I medicate I think it’s more of a balancing and centering medicine for me. Marijuana helps me in every aspect of my life, whether it’s creative, or my health, or just appreciating the day. Listening to music, being with friends, working, it helps me focus in a way that radiates out. I think it has been a very beneficial drug for me,” Exene admits. Talk about local doctors and choosing one that prescribe medical marijuana cards leads to one clear tip from Cervenka: it is important to consider that your recommendation can be verified online as well as by telephone, so that you will have access to meds 24/7 as a patient. It’s just easier for the patient as well as the collective, which have to verify all entries. It’s all about access … and societal change. “Things are going to change, and it’s going to become legal, I do believe that. I’ve seen several changes in my lifetime, only the universe shall decide how soon that will be,” she predicts. When talking about different types of cannabis, sativas, indicas and ybrids, Exene adds, “It is a very positive energy from the sativa strains that I love. It makes me feel so much more alive. Sometimes your mind is a very important part of the medicine you take, and it mixes well with me. I like to mix it up with different strains too, and be surprised.” 

We talk about marijuana from the ’60s compared to the marijuana of today, she reflects, “I grew up in Florida, the pot in the ’60s was $15 for a lid, which was about enough pot for three months. It was ditch weed, whatever people could grow, there were so many other drugs then, it wasn’t a really big component in my life. The psychedelic drugs of the ’60s were incredible. I don’t think there is anything like that anymore. I’ve never been arrested in my life; I’ve never even had a moving violation. I’ve managed to let my intuition and other things get me through life a little bit.” Exene has something she wants to show me. She leaves the front room and enters another part of her home, to which she returns with a large black matte-board, a creative work in progress with labels of pharmaceutical names of various medical cannabis strains. “This is a very sentimenby Dale Clare tal piece for me, I’m never going to sell it, once it’s finished it’s going to be really nice,” she shares. I have to gesso this ‘Ode to Favorite Medicines.’ As I read the labels she adds that Amnesia Haze and Asteroid were her two favorites -both sativa strains. She hands me a copy of her latest album, the cover is beautiful, and the music inside it is peaceful and pretty. “I wrote all the songs and produced it. I also have another band called Exene Cervenka & The California Mothership, it’s a very ’60s psychedelic funk band. I am so happy and proud of my work,” she says with a smile. This new release is relaxing and complete with a soothing string section, playful piano, unorthodox drumming and acoustic guitar. She walks to the corner of her living room where she sifts through a writer’s stack of papers with songs she has written, and shares that she has a new one she wrote about marijuana. “It’s called ‘I Can’t Escape Without You’ and it’s about having a friend that you enjoy smoking with. …”

‘Pipe dreams and high high strangeness, a new way, a different kind of madness. If you’d come with me why I’d arrange it, cause I can’t escape without you…’ kush L.A. 51

52 kush L.A.

(213) 747-7397

Top Shelf Kushes $20-$45 1/8ths $10-$23 half 1/8ths

No Ounce over $320 Holiday Hours Christmas and New Years Day 8:30-3:30 Christmas Eve and New Years Eve normal hours.

OPEN DAILY from 11am-9pm

106 E 17th St #11 Los Angeles, CA 90015

We are located in Downtown LA Directly off HWY 10 ATM Free Private Parking

Do you remember your first time smoking marijuana? If so, what was your experience like? Yeah, I remember. There were some hippie kids next door who let me join their smoking circle. I didn’t do it right. Didn’t smoke again for 10 years. What is your ideal place to smoke a doobie? Anywhere! Fair enough.... Edibles vs. straight up smoking? How do you prefer to ingest your THC? Do you always ask questions two at a time? I like edibles AND straight up smoking! I get pills from a dispensary ... that are awesome. Favorite album or type of music to listen to when you’re stoned? I love all kinds of music when I’m stoned. Except opera. Nothing can help me get through that shit. At the end of Super High Me, your sperm count had increased, weight increased, and psychic abilities increased... thoughts? Those three things happened, yes. After the success of Super High Me, did much change for you professionally or personally? More people come out to see me in clubs, which is nice. And I have opportunities to do more movies and TV shows, which is also nice. And lots of people give me weed. Which is really nice. In regards to your creative process, in what order does your material usually come to you? Do you get more of your jokes when your high vs. sober? Jokes come whenever. But since I’m usually high...uh, I forgot the question.

Doug Benson’s lofty list of achievements should make stoners abroad dream of success and stardom. His big hit, a documentary called “Super High Me,” launched him into the mainstream back in 2007. He has also done NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” is a regular on VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and “The Sarah Silverman Program.” If you need more proof, he’s the creator/writer/star of the show and CD The MarijuanaLogues, as well as the book, “The Marijuana-Logues: Everything About Pot That We Could Remember.” In 2006, High Times Magazine named him Stoner of the Year. Doug was nice enough to take time with Kush and Daily Buds, and answer a few questions. Here’s what happened:

56 kush L.A.

When you perform your stand-up routine, are you usually stoned? What’s different for you about being high vs. sober on stage? Again with the two questions at once! People think I’m high now whether I am or I’m not, so I might as well be high on stage, right?Is there still too much regulation and do you feel like things are moving in the right direction? Things are totally moving in the right direction. Michigan just legalized medical marijuana. Michigan! It’s in the middle of the country! Can we expect any upcoming movies, projects, etc? Yeah, I’m working on tv shows and movies. Nothing I can talk about yet though. When will you be returning to the UCB on a regular basis? I do shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theaters (in Los Angeles) each month. Sometimes the New York UCB too! Check my Myspace for all my tour dates! Thanks! Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a bowl waiting... Ditto...

kush L.A. 57


Overlooking the amateur porn-esque advertising campaigns, American Apparel was already socially conscious (manufacturing everything in a sweatshop-free downtown LA warehouse) even before launching its organic cotton line. Long sleeve and short, crew neck, collared and v, lounge pants and track jackets—AA’s organics cover the staples in the usual range of fun, sometimes funky, colors while keeping prices as low as its non-eco items.



You’ve already been about partaking from what grows in the ground for some time now, we’d wager. So it’s only natural that your penchant for leafy greens would extend to all apects of your life, correct? That’s why we’re making it easy for you with our guide to gearing it up, green-style (stylishly, may we add)—no strenous thinking required!

Manufactured in downtown Los Angeles, Alkemie is run by husband-and-wife team Ashley Lowengrub and Dara Gerson. The dynamic designing duo creates jewelry from reclaimed metals–blending sterling from old silverware and coins with copper from electrical wires, and zinc from zincograph sheets used in printing, as well as custom pieces from reclaimed gold and silver. The resulting handmade pieces have a vintage feel and a rustic, neo-hippie aesthetic. A cuff bracelet features a three-dimensional owl in mid-flight, its metal wings wrapping around the wrist. Belt buckles are almost mythic, featuring animals heads and giant antique coins. And the toxic effects of metal mining are out of the equation.



Wild hops can’t be broken? Oh, they can. Organic beers are all the rage, even brewski giant Anheuser-Busch has tapped into it, releasing a few varietes onto the market (Wild Hop and Stone Mill). But for those who prefer sticking to the microbreweries, West Coast spirits purveyor Hi-Time (we thought the name was quite appropriate for you, dear reader) carries 40 to 50-plus organic beers to choose from. But what does organic mean, when applied to brew? It means that none of its ingredients were grown with harmful pesticides or ground water-damaging fertilizers. We like Grand Teton’s Au Naturale Blonde Ale, because who doesn’t like a natural blonde, and Bitch Creek, because it’s funny. 58 kush L.A.

Venice, CA-based Arbor is eco all the way. Boards (both snow and skate) are made with FSC-certified, sustainable wood, 98-percent of its apparel is made from bamboo, and 5-percent of the company’s profits are donated to organizations like Surfrider, The Nature Conservancy and American Forests. Arbor boards are always recognizable—most designs leave the wood grain visible, which not only looks super awesome, but also reminds the rider (and all around him) how socially responsible they are. Does that sounds sarcastic? Because, we’re totally serious, bro.

Linda Loudermilk

Known as the “Vivienne Westwood of eco” luxury, designer Linda Loudermilk is a fashionforward force whose policy is 100-percent pro-planet. All fabrics utilized by Loudermilk are woven from sustainable plants--some you’d expect like bamboo and soya, and those you wouldn’t, like sea cell and sasawashi. Silks are vegan and dyed with mud, accessories often combine off-beat recycled items (e.g. a feather-and-telephone-cord boa) and collections are always modern, edgy and the perfect uniform for the eco-warrior of tomorrow.



Vert is a Venice-based beauty boutique specializing in luxury green beauty products (for you Plebians out there, “vert” means “green” in French–tres fancy). Hard (to-impossible) to find products are handpicked by Vert’s owner, former makeup artist Renata Helfman. Helfman keeps her Zen-like space stocked with eco-conscious face, hair and body products gathered from all over the globe like Arcona, CARE by Stella McCartney, Naturopathica and Nux. Also a great place to grab gifts, Vert carries candles, reusable shopping bags, sustainable clothing, plus vintage jewelry handpicked by Helfman’s mom.


You have a beard, smoke for the same reasons that the “Native Americans do” and would love to attend that yearly New Mexican wilderness-based yoga retreat. Where do you shop? Why, Patagonia, of course. Not only does this purveyor of outdoor gear have many a fleece to choose from (and of course, organic cotton to layer with), keeping you warm on those cold desert nights, it also uses recycled polyester. This means that soda bottles, unusable second quality fabrics and worn out garments are given a new life at Patagonia. As dedicated to the outdoors as you are, Patagonia also donates a portion of its sales to a variety of environmental groups and is working towards creating a Patagonia National Park in South America.

Since its inception in 1990, Origins has been committed to creating high quality, 100-percent natural and organic products. Recently, it instated a “return to Origins” recycling program (most cosmetic containers are not recycled curbside) and an ongoing Plant-A-Tree program. Aside from its green philanthropy, Origins also makes some pretty damn good products, specifically for the menfolk. Favorites include the Skin Diver, an ultramanly dark gray body wash containing deep cleaning, active bamboo charcoal; and the Easy Slider pre-shave oil, with folical-softening organic seasame and jojoba oils.

California Rising

Organic cotton, slub jersey (grown and woven locally at its textile mill in Los Angeles) and hemp–in french terry, corduroy, jersey and fleece varieties– are the materials California Rising uses to create its comfy-casual line. Sexy, slouchy and sustainably-minded, California Rising not only produces gulit-free, high-quality clothing, it even has a non-profit org (For The Planet) and a free summer camp that provides full medical care for terminally and chronically ill children (Dream Street) under its belt. Recenty, Lucky magazine voted CR’s hooded ‘Ele’ dress as the sexiest hoody ever. See, anti-carbon footprint doesn’t have to be anti-fashion. kush L.A. 59

64 kush L.A.

KUSH REALITY CHECK? Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa The Differences between Indica and Sativa Cannabis plants: by Fred Gardner

“Indica and Sativa are the two main varieties of the cannabis plant used as medicine. There are many strains that are crosses of those two varieties. Within each of those varieties and crosses there are a huge number of individual strains, each with a different cannabinoid profile and effect. According to anecdotal evidence, the Indica strains are a relaxant, effective for anxiety, pain, nausea, appetite stimulation, sleep, muscle spasms and tremors, among other symptoms. The Sativa strains are more of a stimulant, effective in appetite stimulation, relieving depression, migraines, pain and nausea.� ~The British Columbia Compassion Society 66 kush L.A.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Indica



plants have less chlorophyll than the Indica counterpart. It has a higher THC content to Cannabidiol (CBD) ratio and offers a much more energetic type of mood. Sativa is used most commonly to elevate a depressed mood. Generally speaking the Sativa plant is the taller and lankier variety, reaching heights of over 5-6 meters. It is characterized by narrow serrated leaves and loose spear like flower clusters that can be extremely resinous. Primarily the effects of Sativas are on the mind and emotions. In this regard they tend to be more stimulating, uplifting, energizing, and creativity enhancing. These benefits can be particularly helpful for the psychological component of many illnesses. Sativas are generally better for daytime use.

Some benefits: Reduces depression Relieves headaches and migraines Energizes and stimulates Reduces awareness of pain Increases focus and creativity Reduces nausea Stimulates appetite

has a higher CBD content to THC ratio and induces a more relaxing mood. This is a treatment for anxiety, pain, tremors and many more applications. Indica is most commonly used to induce appetite. Indica plants are normally shorter and stockier plants, reaching 1-2 meters in height and have wide deeply serrated leaves and a compact and dense flower cluster. The effects of Indicas are predominantly physical although the relief of certain physical symptoms can have an emotional result as well. These effects can be characterized as relaxing, sedating and pain reducing. Indicas are generally best for later in the day or before bed.

Some benefits: Reduces pain Relaxes muscles Relieves spasms Reduces inflammation Assist in sleep Reduces anxiety and stress Reduces nausea Stimulates appetite Relieves headaches and migraines Reduces pressure inside the eye Anti-convulsing agent Reduces seizure frequency

However, many of today’s strains have been cross-bred between the two offering the benefits of both strains while reducing the lesser desired effects of the other. It’s up to you and your caregiver to determine what strains are best for you. In the meantime, trying a little of a lot of variety could lead you to the perfect strain for you, which like a perfect pair of jeans, is a miraculous discovery that becomes a part of who you are. kush L.A. 67

68 kush L.A.

70 kush L.A.


ne of the most commonly cited negative attributes of marijuana is the damage it does to your lungs. Many people get around this by ingesting marijuana through brownies, cookies, rice crispies, and more. But how many have tried getting your buzz on via THC drink? It’s a pretty viable solution with a multitude of possibilities. If done right, drinking THC can be a very powerful high that, like eating it, will sneak up on you.


You can find many cannabis drink options at your collective or dispensary. Some people don’t have that option though, or prefer a more hands on approach. Listed below are some great bevs with a buzz; but don’t limit yourself, the possibilities with pot are endless! Thousands of variations exist online by doing a simple search.

Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla are all wonderful ice cream options to get baked. Or how about starting off you day with a THC-infused fruit smoothie? Butter is generally used in these recipes, but green dragon and honey (see below) are also delicious options.

Hot Pot Chocolate Although THC is not water soluble, it will dissolve in milk fat. So making mary jane hot chocolate is relatively easy. Heat up whole milk (the more fat the better) to just under boiling, add finely broken up marijuana, and let it cook for 20-30 mins. Strain out the weed, add chocolate syrup, and you’ve get a nice little cup of hot chocolate! *Adding a candy cane to be extra festive.

Ever get stoned and then drink some coffee? It’s a pretty great combo of pep and chill. Some people get over stimulated with intense heart palpitations, but everyone is different. Putting coffee and a THC buzz together in the same slug, and you have an instant cup of WIN. The process should go something like this: mix your weed with coffee grounds and then prepare as usual! The high is not terribly strong, and some say it doesn’t work for them at all. I kindly disagree.

Marijuana Beer The beer companies wouldn’t want this to be common knowledge, but beer can also be made from marijuana in place of hops. Rumor has it that marijuana is actually the closest relative to hops in the botany world. Cannabis beer can really only be found on the basement market right now, but don’t be surprised to see Bud-weiser Beer, Herbal Pale Ales, Pot Porters, etc to start popping up in stores soon if marijuana becomes regulated more like alcohol. Imagine the bud-beer keggers at colleges around the country!

There are a lot of different variations and preparation methods on pot tea. You can simply make tea bags with weed (not terribly effective), use bhang, green dragon, or honey (see below). Lot’s of good resources online and options with tea to get creative and make it a super tasty, healthy treat. Marijuana Shake

Cannabis Coffee

THC Energy Drink “C-Ice Swiss” Cannabis Ice Tea is a health focused energy drink that contains 5% hemp flower syrup and a tiny bit of THC (0.0015%). You would need to drink like 12 of these boys to feel much of anything from the THC. Sold mostly in Europe at the moment, but hopefully with a more marketable image (their branding is a bit silly) they will expand to the US soon. It’s said to be tasty and to pack a solid caffeine kick.

THC extraction methods All of the above drinks use one of the below THC extraction methods. If you know how to get the active ingredient out of marijuana, you’re pretty much in the drivers seat. Here is a basic, brief rundown on the processes. Bhang  / Bhang is an old Hindu concoction, where marijuana buds and leaves are ground into a green paste and mixed with milk, ghee (butter), and spices. The bhang base is then made into the drink Thandai, which is a bit of an alternative to alcohol in India. Bhang is still used by Hindus and worldwide for healing, spiritual and pleasure purposes. Common recipes mix it with yogurt, tea, and an assortment of spices.

Green Dragon / The Green Dragon liquid can be added to a slew of beverage recipes, but is most popular in soda form. The mixture is made by heating 190 proof alcohol to a subboiling temperate and stirring in marijuana. Be careful with this method as the alcohol is highly flammable. You can also place the marijuana in a bottle of grain alcohol and let the canabanoids seep out, but this takes 2-3 weeks. Marijuana Butter / Pot butter can be added to any drink when it makes culinary sense. Melt butter in a pan and mix in thoroughly ground marijuana.

Let it boil for a couple of minutes until the butter becomes a greenish color. Squeeze the butter through a fine strainer to remove the leftover weed particles. Cooking times vary, but it shouldn’t take more than 30-45 mins. Marijuana Honey / Honey is perfectly added to tea, shakes, or even beer to sweeten and buzz them up. Butter or vegetable oil is combined with hash oil and regular honey. Heat the butter at a low temperature and mix in the hash oil. Stir in honey and enjoy. One teaspoon of this honey is usually sufficient for a high.

kush L.A. 71

72 kush L.A.

Building A Greener Future:


hat do you want to be when you grow up? How about a marijuana expert? Deciding where to continue your education can be a stressful decision.  With laws finally progressing in favor of marijuana, more and more open minded individuals are heading to Oaksterdam University’s campuses and classes to gain the knowledge to succeed in the quickly expanding market of legal marijuana. Oaksterdam University, an Oakland-Amsterdam hybrid, was founded by Richard Lee in November 2007. Lee, who has been a force in the fight for pot legalization since 1992, was deeply inspired by the marijuana culture, law, and Cannabis College in Amsterdam. He expanded on Amsterdam’s model by offering classes on legal issues, politics, cooking, concentrates, and horticulture of marijuana. Curriculum at the school in Amsterdam mainly just focuses on horticulture. The Oaksterdam community is centered right smack dab in downtown Oakland and includes several “coffee” shops, the University, a gift shop, the Oaksterdam News, and plenty of dispensaries.  The community was spawned after the passing of proposition 215 with the help of Jeff Jones, a long time soldier on the marijuana reform front who once went to the Supreme Court to fight for his right to having a dispensary. The area has thrived with the additions of Measure Z and CA Senate Bill 420, and has rejuvenated the once struggling neighborhood. You can find more info on upcoming events and happenings in the community on their website. 74 kush L.A.

We spoke with OU’s Executive Chancellor/Teacher/ Superwoman, Dale Sky Clare, to give us a little schooling on the University’s past, present, and future: KushLA: Lot’s of stuff happening in the world of marijuana law right now. What is Oaksterdam’s main focus at the moment? Dale Sky Clare, for OU: Our main focus right now is the Tax & Regulate Cannabis 2010 initiative. This reform would make it so that, in CA, cannabis was regulated just like walcohol, could be taxed by local governments, and would generate billions of dollars for the state. KushLA: And if passed what will that mean for CA state citizens? OU: If passed, any adult over 21 years of age could possess (not distribute) up to 1 ounce, could cultivate up to 25 sq ft, and keep any amount of cannabis that is grown within the confines of his/her home. It would also effectively serve to allow for the cultivation of hemp in CA, a huge untapped cash crop that will generate a lot jobs. And the tax revenue will go towards areas that we are severely lacking in: healthcare, public safety, schools, libraries, state parks, roads, and transportation. KushLA: That’s HUGE! How is it coming along? OU: Really well... it’s going to be on the ballot in 2010, just a matter of getting it passed. We currently have around 500k signatures, and our goal is 650k. People can get more info, volunteer, contribute, and more at


by Dale Clare

KushLA: Good stuff... so is the school expanding right now? In Oakland, throughout CA, and the US?

KushLA: Sounds like a wise strategy. What do you see as the key benefits of attending Oaksterdam University?

OU: Our main focus at the moment is CA. We’ll be going on some field trips throughout the state, and we’ve also had conversations with folks in Colorado and Rhode Island. In Oakland we just opened up OU3.0, which is a larger facility for our campus and allows us to open up a lot of electives like glass blowing and even electrical classes. And while we’re offering more classes there, we still want to maintain a focus on our core curriculum of cannabis history, medical, civics, and legal classes. It’s important to set build a solid base of knowledge on everything marijuana.

OU: Well aside from learning everything about cannabis there is to know, many students eventually become teachers, get involved with local politics, network, and I hear you can get discounts at businesses with you student card! We really teach people how to go about their business, abide by the “Good Neighbor Policy”, and know what not to do.

KushLA: Have you seen an increase in demand as the political climate has been shifting? OU: We have certainly seen a rise in applications since the Obama Administration took over. So yes, I would say the as marijuana reform evolves we’ll see that demand continue to rise. KushLA: That’s great. And when you go in to new cities/ states to build programs, what is your approach? Is it difficult? OU: Well it’s really expensive to get that first seminar! But we make sure to focus on local politics first, and not bring CA to other states, or Oakland to other cities for that matter. It would never work if we didn’t respect local laws. And by focusing on the locality, we bring in local talent to teach, volunteer, and get involved in every way possible.We prepare for the worst, set up for success, and then just wing it!!

KushLA: Very cool, anything else you’d like to say? OU: Just that the current policies that we have in place have failed. It’s time that cannabis users no longer have to hide on the back porch to smoke, while their teenage kid is probably hiding in the garage getting high. People should not have to hide anymore. We need to be as comfortable telling others that we use marijuana as we are with alcohol. KushLA: Agreed. Thanks for chatting with us! Oaksterdam programs range from weekend seminars and semester programs, to continuing legal education and the recently added elective classes. Seminars are $250 and take place Saturdays and Sundays from 10am - 4:30pm, while semesters are $650 and have weekly classes Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays from 7pm - 9pm. Glass blowing and legal class prices are not specified on the Oaksterdam University enrollment page.

kush L.A. 75

76 kush L.A.

Food Gourmet Delivery Roundup As fall settles on Los Angeles, the days get shorter, the nights darker, and the air colder, we start feeling less and less inclined to leave our home once we settle in on a chilly evening. That’s why we put together this list of grocery and convenience stores that let you shop from home and then bring the essentials to your door. Not only that, but we found a few services that deliver from gourmet restaurants too, so you should be all set. Fall’s not that bad after all. By Jack Prescott

78 kush L.A.

Pink Dot


>>Gourmet>>> >Restaurants>>

Probably the best known service in the city thanks to their speedy delivery, their large service area, their long hours from 9:00am-3:00am, and the variety of products they carry ranging from prepared meals to just regular household groceries. Pink Dot will get you what you want when you want it—for a $3.50 delivery charge that is a lot less than most competitors. Unfortunately, they still only venture as far east as Hollywood, but with a new downtown location coming soon, the Eastside is going to be getting in on the action before too long. All you do is call 800-PINK-DOT (746-5368), pay with a credit card (or cash at the door) and wait 30 minutes for the goods to show up at your door. Couldn’t be simpler. >>

Locali is sort of like the Little Grocery Store That Could. This Hollywood happy place bills itself as “your sustainable neighborhood market.” Even the web site is powered by 100% solar energy. Order your local and global favorites like pre-packaged salads and side dishes to organic, fair trade coffee and biodynamic wines. While you can’t shop online yet, you can place your order over the phone (323466-1360), and they’ll deliver from 9:00am-9:00pm as long as you meet the $15 minimum. >>


Yes, this super-chain offers delivery to just about every zip code where there’s a store, so if you have one near you, you might just be in luck. Stores have specific delivery hours, so be sure to check your nearest location. There are also a few requirements, like you have to order at least $75 worth of merchandise, so if you’re thinking of going with Vons, consider saving up your grocery shopping for the week until you’re ready to place your order. Then go crazy. >>

With three locations in Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Playa Vista, Yummy delivers to the entire Westside, but not the Valley, sorry! You can place your order and pay for it online, and then you only have to wait about 30 minutes for it to arrive at your door. The one downside is that you have to order over $100 for free delivery, otherwise it gets up to about a $10 fee. Still, you can’t put a price tag on shopping from the comfort of your own home. >>

Then again, why bother assembling the ingredients yourself when you can just as easily place your order for a gourmet meal right from your home? Here are a few of our favorite restaurant delivery services that offer both choices and convenience.

Gourmet On The Go

GOTG is basically a catering company that also operates an Italian kitchen for delivery service. You can’t actually go in to eat, but you can order as many pizzas, calzones, sandwiches, pastas and salads as your heart desires, not to mention a few classic desserts like tiramisu and carrot cake. If you live around Sherman Oaks, you might qualify for free delivery, since that’s their “local zone,” but they’ll pretty much get your order to you wherever you want for a small fee. They’re open until 10:00pm every night except Sunday (9:00pm), but get your order in at least 45 minutes ahead of time to ensure delivery. Until they join the 21st century, you still have to call to place an order (818-7893335), but hey, a little human interaction never hurt anyone. >>

No list would be complete without this gargantuan delivery service on it. Not only do they partner with over 750 restaurants in Southern California, but they are also pretty speedy, too (with a few exceptions, of course), and have one of the easiest web sites to navigate. You can order either online or over the phone, and they might even let you order from out-of-area restaurants if you’re a good customer. The bad news is that they only deliver until 9:15pm on weekends, but there is an off-hour delivery number to call (818-205-0500) if you just need that osso buco from your favorite Italian restaurant. >>

kush L.A. 79

80 kush L.A.

Legalization / Legitimacy Advocates ::

A GUIDE The march toward legalization of marijuana is a decades-long pursuit, with some national — and highly reputable — organizations spending time and treasure to bring about change in the laws and culture.


When the Marijuana Policy Project started its work in 1995, for instance, there were no legal avenues to obtain medical marijuana. Now there are 15 states with laws on the books. The MPP plans to celebrate that success at a swanky Washington, DC, event in January: “15 States in 15 Years.” The MPP focuses primarily on national political initiatives and monitoring the media with regard to medical marijuana. NORML is probably the highest-profile organization and longest running in America. Started in 1970, they pair their advocacy of decriminalization with responsible usage/ distribution of marijuana. At the patient level, the Americans for Safe Access are the strongest and largest group. Advocating access to marijuana for therapeutic use and for research, the group includes patients, scientists and politicians. And in Colorado — where legalization through taxation is farthest along, politically — Sensible Colorado

84 kush L.A.

carries the normalization flag the highest. Their approach is to craft a workable, responsible, effective drug policy, by working to establish self-regulation standards along with outreach to politicians that can help with legislation. Along with millions of users who want responsible, crime-free access to marijuana, the political needle seems to be moving in a progressive, limited-access way. Below are summaries of each group’s focus as well as details on how to contact them or contribute to their efforts.


Frankly put, marijuana prohibition has failed. Someone is arrested every 36 seconds in the U.S. for marijuana-relatedoffense. 89 percent of those are for possession, not distribution or growth. The MPP coordinates ballot initiatives at the state-level. They also work fervently for the replacement of prohibition with some form of sensible regulation. From their web site: “Because MPP believes that the greatest harm associated with marijuana is prison, we focus on

removing criminal penalties for marijuana use, with a particular emphasis on making marijuana medically available to seriously ill people who have the approval of their doctors.” Their web site tracks marijuana policy in all 50 states, as well as serving as a massive resource and reference point for bringing about the change to legalization. This is a nonprofit, so any donations help keep the fight going. Visit for more information and to join.

NORML (The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) Nearing 40 years of advocacy work, NORML is the highest-profile organization in America for criminal and political reform. They also have a sister organization, the NORML Foundation, that concentrates on public awareness through media, research and legal support. From their site: “Today NORML continues to lead the fight to reform state and federal marijuana laws, whether by voter initiative or through the elected legislatures.” Headquartered in Washington, DC, they have many chapters at the state level, too. As of press time, there are 13 chapters active in California and five in Colorado. An example of NORML’s work in Colorado: “COLORADO: Last week (Nov. 16) the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice recommended legislators to substantially reduce marijuana penalties so that the possession of up to four ounces of pot would classified as a petty offense. Offenses involving greater amounts of cannabis (up to 16 ounces) would be reduced to a misdemeanor. State Attorney General John Suthers told the Denver Post that he supports the Commission’s recommendations which, if enacted, would make Colorado’s pot possession laws among the most lenient in the nation.”

patients as well as create long-term strategies for safe access and programs that encourage research.” You can join here and donate anonymously, as well.

SENSIBLE COLORADO The newest group in Colorado to tackle legalization is Sensible Colorado, whose tack is self-regulation and legislative initiatives. SC has already paired with state legislators to initiate language for the “industry’s” regulation; hence, showing the push for legitimacy should and will come from within the movement. Colorado’s next legislative session begins in January 2010, so SC is organizing, on Saturday, December 19, “a Stakeholder Meeting to craft a unified legislative agenda for 2010. In the face of a new legislative session, when numerous state officials have declared their intent to run statewide medical marijuana related bills, it is crucial that the voices of patients and advocates are not forgotten.” Please see their website for further details, especially the location of the meeting (which was unavailable at press time). From their site: “Sensible Colorado envisions a system where drug use becomes a health issue, not a crime issue, through innovative drug policy reform that focuses on prevention and harm reduction education, provides accessible treatment opportunities, and reduces incarcerations, crime, drug use by minors, and strains on the judicial system and police departments while increasing the resources available for health care and treatment.”


ASA takes a more scientific, patient-first approach to its advocacy work. Founded in 2002, it already has more than 30,000 members with chapters and affiliates in 40 states. Their work is also political, but paramount is access to medical marijuana for patients in need. From their site: “ASA protects the rights of cannabis patients. We are working to change federal policy to meet the immediate needs of kush L.A. 85

86 kush L.A.

88 kush L.A.

kush L.A. 89

Gift Guide :: That Perfect (Alternative) Something for Someone by PUMPKIN ESCOBAR

The holiday syndrome of finding perfect gifts is upon us all. But what to get? Find something special for that special someone with the help of our handy list of naughty, nifty and nice.

DOPE ON A ROPE $10 at Between toking up, freshen up with these glycerin cleansing bars. A combination of Green Hemp seed, Pure Hemp Oil, Patchouli fragrance, Patchouli Essential oil and lemongrass, this expert mixture produces a serious soap with a heady aroma.

ROLL YOUR OWN AND STAY WARM $32 at Keep your hands toasty when you are smoking outside with Tobias Wong’s Smoking Mittens. These unisex, onesize-fits-all, ambidextrous gloves have a metal eyelet through one that’s the perfect size to hold a cigarette. They’re also fire resistant, thankfully. 90 kush L.A.

BLOW UP A NEW HOLIDAY TRADITION $10 at No one gives thanks when the old fruitcake gets passed around. Skip the inedible, multi-colored brick and go inflatable. Like real fruitcake, it’s reusable, regiftable and inedible. This one is sure to get a better reception than Aunt Sally’s family recipe.

GAMING UNPLUGGED £40 (approx. $66 USD) at A new game out of the UK is kinda like Monopoly for the street. The object of “The Chaps From Amsterdam” is to sell your stash and make as much money as possible without going to jail. A board game might seem a little low-tech in a world of Wii, but the designers did a great job on the board art and the six custom-made characters. It could make for a good time whiling away in one of Amsterdam’s famous cafes.


BEAT BACK DRY MOUTH IN STYLE $8 - $30 at Leave those plastic bottles behind and move forward with a sturdy, reusable alternative. Italian glass-designers Seletti have you covered with plastic-inspired glass water bottles. Something about them makes me want to smash them … I’m not sure what. Comes with a rubber lined glass cap. Microwavable (?!) and dishwasher safe.

MIDDLE-EASTERN VIBE $80 at The Nour 24” Brass Syrian hookah is made up of a solid brass and a bell shaped glass base, with a laser-etched brass shaft and tray. Comes with a padded carrying bag for hookah-ing on the go.

THE GREEN FAIRY $3 - $6 at Since becoming legal again in 2007, absinthe has been making a serious comeback, and not just in bars. Even though this anise-flavored spirit’s psychoactive properties are disputed, the flavor is showing up in breath mints, lip balm and dental floss, among other things.

THE FLAVOR SAVER $3 - $70 at Have you ever attempted to light up and gotten a mouthful of butane or flint instead. Ew. That can’t be good for you. Bee Line Organic Hemp Wicks are an alternative to lighters and matches. Made from hemp dipped in beeswax, the wick makes for an all-natural, higher quality flame.

NUMBER TWO $10 at The word “dookie” makes me giggle like a second grader, but did you know your BMs can help you keep an eye on your health? “What’s Your Poo Telling You” is a … fascinating illustrated book and a guide to health and well-being by studying what’s in the bowl. Gross? Only a little.

Combustion is known to decrease and destroy a large percentage of your herb’s active ingredients. With a vaporizer you only inhale … well, vapor and not the burnt plant. Imagine how much better your lungs will feel. With celebrity endorsements from Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, the fully customizable Silver Surfer Vaporizer & Oil Diffuser is an alternative to burning-then-smoking your “homeopathic herbs.”

THE ANTI-ACCIDENT $55 AUD (approx. $50 USD) Admit it: you’re a klutz or you know someone who is. And there are few things worse than bong water in your carpet. Enter Spilly: the patented spill-proof bong. Made of durable polycarbonate, it is designed to tip over or even fall on the floor with no damage to you, your stuff or the bong. Technology is sweet!

STACKS AND STACKS $12 at Bacon? Check. Chocolate? Check. Pancakes? Mmm … check! The most important meal of the day just got sweeter, saltier and smokier. For when a bowl of cold cereal just will not do for breakfast in bed (or for dinner), Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix is all natural and all delicious.

DECORATE 420 STYLE $25 -$75 at Do you have nosy neighbors? Or maybe you wanna add a subtle allusion to the lifestyle without freaking out the nosy neighbors. Cannabis Leaf Etched Glass Window Film might be the answer. The adhesive-free cling film features “etched” leaves over a clear or frosted background. The vinyl sheets are easy to trim and to apply.

URINE TROUBLE? $150 at Hey, we’re in a recession. Jobs are scarce and the competition couldn’t be more fierce. Don’t miss out on your next employment opportunity because you couldn’t pass the urine test. The Urinator is an electronic device that uses two 9-volt batteries to maintain clean “liquid” within correct testing temperature range for at least four hours. It will keep you prepared for the pre-employment urine tests that are becoming so common in these difficult economic times. kush L.A. 91

818.995.5755 Mon.–Sat. 10AM to 9PM Sun. 12PM to 6PM



HO2L/24 10AM tomas


dX y Close Years Da New Close

Got to See it to Believe it

Free Gram of Any Strain

for first time patients with donation

BRING A FRIEND GET A FREE GRAM with minimum donation

101 FWY

Riverside Dr

Coldwater Canyon



Ventura B


405 FWY

Moorpark St

Dixie Cyn Greenbush Sunnyslope

101 FWY


13425 Ventura Blvd., Suite 100 Sherman Oaks, California 91423



with minimum

$50 DONATION same day (no cash value) Good 12/22/09–12/24-09 or 12/29/09–12/31/09 only One per patient with coupon

Rewards Punch Card • 1st visit - Free Joint • 2nd visit - 4 gram 8th • 3rd visit - 1/8 house shake with the donation of 1/8th • 4th visit - 3 free joints

LARGE SELECTION OF CONCENTRATES & GLASSWARE AT G REAT P RICES In In Compliance Compliance with with Prop Prop 215 215 and and Senate Senate Bill Bill 420 420



HO2L/24 10AM tomas


Holiday Special

dX y Close Years Da New Close

• 5th visit – Free gram with $50 donation • 6th visit – 5 gm 8th

13425 Ventura Blvd., Suite 100 Sherman Oaks, California 91423

818.995.5755 Mon.–Sat. 10AM to 9PM Sun. 12PM to 6PM

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GROWER’S Lighting the Way for Medical Marijuana

For the novice grower, lighting can be a little, or a lot confusing. Different phases of growth require different kinds of lighting. If you’re growing indoors, replicating the sun’s light spectrum during different seasons can be tricky, so here is some helpful information that will make your job as Mother Nature a little more manageable. The Basics of Photosynthesis Indoor lights are the key component of growth for hydroponic plants. Light is the catalyst for photosynthesis, the driving force behind most of the green plant life on our planet. The process of photosynthesis uses the energy from light to convert water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates and oxygen. These elements are used by the plant as food necessary for growth and sustenance. Fluorescent lights are adequate for plants that do not need much sunlight, but will not help produce anything other than greenery. Natural sunlight is not white, but is made up of 96 kush L.A.

many colors. Bending light will expose a dazzling array of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet beams. To really imitate natural sunlight, a range of bulbs that represent the colors of the spectrum will provide the best hydroponic plant growth. For an indoor hydroponic garden, the grow light should come from the red and blue beams. This kind of light, called PAR (photosynthetically active radiation), is the next best thing to natural sunlight.



Metal Halide vs. High Pressure Sodium High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are designed for hydroponic use. They are stronger than regular fluorescent lights and provide the maximum amount of PAR for the amount of wattage. There are two types of HID lights:

followed by a period of darkness in order to force blooms to flourish inside. Timers can be purchased to help alleviate the need to remember the lighting cycle and to allow you some freedom from your light switch.

1. Metal Halide from the blue/white spectrum: suited for vegetative growth. This means the metal halide grow lights are not best for producing flowers.

Using HID lights extends the growing season in the fall and allows a head start in the spring, but don’t get too carried away! Extending the light beyond 18 hours a day will wear your plants out and cause an untimely demise. This is a classic case of less not being more.

2. High Pressure Sodium from the orange and yellow part of the spectrum: promotes bud growth and flowering Choosing a type of grow light is a decision that should be based on what kind of plants are going to grow in the environment and the results that are expected. Seeds or cuttings will grow under either category of lights. MH/HPS conversion bulbs are available which allow switching back and forth with ease. If these two types of grow light systems are combined, a dual spectrum combination grow system will mimic the natural sun and is suitable for year-round growth, as well as beautiful flowers.

How Much Light? Hydroponic light is measured by wattage per square foot. Photosynthesis will occur if the wattage is around 20 watts per square foot for low light plants and as high as 50 watts per square foot for vegetation that needs a higher intensity. The tips of stems and tops of leaves can become scorched if the hydroponic lights are too close to the plants. If the wattage is low (about 250W), the bulb should be 12-14 inches away or 16-24 inches from a 400W bulb and have 24 inches between the plant and a 1000W light. The color of paint on the walls and ceiling makes a difference too, with lower gloss white paint making the most of your indoor lights. Most growers settle on flat white paint. Mylar is even more reflective if you want to get serious and don’t mind the look. Hydroponically grown plants need roughly 16-18 hours of light per day for normal growth. Some plants need extra light

In a Nutshell • Metal Halide (MH)*, which emits white/blue spectrum and is best as primary light source and is best used for vegging. • High Pressure Sodium (HPS)*, which emits yellow/orange spectrum and promotes flowering. • Combination grow light systems maximize plant development and growth with a dual spectrum lighting system, delivering the only full-spectrum plant lighting. This type of hydroponic lighting system blends the blue spectrum of a metal halide lamp with the red spectrum of a high-pressure sodium lamp, offering the best of both lighting systems. • Fluorescent lights and low in intensity and emit a low temperature, making them the perfect choice for young plants. If you are growing where some natural light is available (in a sunroom, for instance), fluorescent lighting may provide enough supplemental light for all stages of growth.

Sources:,, Freedom Greenhouses.

Note that I have not included LED lighting in this article because that’s a whole other conversation that has growers split right down the middle. Stay tuned to a future column where I will attempt to make sense of the controversy and find even 3 people with the same opinion! kush L.A. 97

Jingle Bowls 2009 Kottonmouth Kings w/Glasses Malone 12/26/2009 • 7:30 PM • $25 Grove of Anaheim 2200 E Katella Ave • Anaheim, CA his hometown show should be high on your list of must-do’s this month. The Kottonmouth Kings, will return to the Grove of Anaheim on Sunday, Dec. 26, to support Hidden Stash420, their most recent CD/DVD release. California hip-hop, punk rock and soul music hybrid, Kottonmouth Kings (KMK) have been bringing their sinsemilla friendly sounds to the masses for over a decade. They have released 10 albums, sold over 2 million records and over 1 million fans worldwide have purchased tickets to more than 2,000 quality shows. Largely ignored by mainstream media outlets, KMK’s popularity continues to thrive and defy odds, making them a massive independent success story. In a time where the music industry is suffering a downward spiral, KMK continue to defy the odds by racking up impressive ticket and record sales with the support of their diehard fans.

98 kush L.A.

Their live show is something that the band is always trying to improve upon. Brad X of KMK said, “Every time we do a new album, it’s fun to go on tour. We add new songs to the set and try to take the show to another level. What excites me about it is getting back to the people and bringing the music live to the people that support it and love it and keep us doing this.” After over a decade of cultivating a massive worldwide movement, the Kottonmouth Kings are undeniably the band for anyone who walks to the beat of the THC drum. Be sure to pick up your tickets and get ready for some post-holiday fun with the Kottonmouth Kings!

kush L.A. 99

by HOLDEN GRAY amaica is a country that appeals to one’s imagination. The tropical island in the Caribbean Sea, once famous for its rum, is nowadays more associated with reggae, Rastafarians, and ganja. Jamaica has a longstanding reputation for its ganja of international top quality. In fact, Jamaica is a country with a traditional use of cannabis, dating back some 150 years. Jamaica’s traditional cannabis use took on mythical proportions in the course of the 1970s, not lastly due to the emergence of Bob Marley. This reggae singer from the ghettos of Jamaica’s capital, Kingston, was the first Third World artist who achieved world-wide recognition. The hippie movement of the West embraced Bob Marley and many other Rasta singers. Apart from preaching peace & love, many Jamaican artists also called for the legalization of cannabis in their reggae songs (Peter Tosh, anyone?). These artists did not only sing about ganja, many of them were also passionate smokers. Reggae artists (but not each and every single one) quite often like to light up a spliff or two during studio sessions. Reggae music, the message of the texts that often could not be seen independently of Rastafarian religious beliefs, combined with the use of cannabis, as a whole appealed to the imagination, and to some extent determined the picture that was formed of Jamaica. History Columbus landed in Jamaica in 1494 during his second journey to the Americas. His advent led to the Spanish rule that lasted until 1655. When the British defeated the Spanish on Jamaica in the same year, the original inhabitants, the Arowak Indians, were already extinct. They had been wiped out, or had succumbed to European illnesses, against which they had no resistance.

100 kush L.A.

From 1655 until 1962, the year of independence, Jamaica was a British colony and thus the country of the Commonwealth empire under the longest colonial rule. The colonial era was characterized by the plantation system. The Jamaican economy consisted of plantations that produced for the world market. In the case of Jamaica, the product was sugar. In the 18th century, Jamaica was one of the largest sugar producers of the Caribbean region, and with that the country had one of the most perfected plantation systems in the Caribbean. The workforce necessary for the production of sugarcane was ‘imported’ from Africa: many hundreds of thousands of slaves, mainly from West Africa, were shipped in. After the abolishment of slavery in 1838, many slaves left the plantations. They preferred a small, independent farmer’s existence above the work on the plantations. The demand for labor initiated the advent of new immigrants: the contract laborers. In the 19th century, about 33,000 Indians and 5,000 Chinese came to Jamaica. It is assumed that marijuana came to Jamaica with the Indians. This also explains why in Jamaica a Hindi word is used for marijuana, namely ganja. Through the Indians ganja spread to the lower classes of society; in fact, the black section of the population. Ganja is currently a widely-used substance in the countryside and in the poor districts of the large towns. To Rastafarians, the followers of the religious black consciousness movement Rastafari, the reason for using ganja is more profound. They look upon ganja as a holy plant, which enables them to deepen their faith. Rastafari The religious black consciousness movement, Rastafari, was founded in the 1920s and 1930s in Jamaica. A key person and in a certain sense “the father” of the Rastafarian movement is the Jamaican Marcus Garvey.

In the 1920s, he denounced the inferior treatment of Blacks in Jamaica and the US. Garvey is considered as one of he first black nationalists and Pan-Africans. He founded the Universal Black Negro Association in the US, which was represented in forty countries and supposedly had ten million members. Garvey’s influence on the black consciousness movement was enormous. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King in the US, and African leaders such as Nkrumah, Lumumba and Kenyatta were inspired by his ideas and his many writings. Being a Rastafarian actually means that one believes in the divineness of Haile Selassie and wants to return home to Africa, the country of origin. Selassie is said to be the saviour of the black (African) people, who were taken to the Americas against their will. There they live in virtual captivity, just as the ‘Babylonian Captivity’ mentioned in the bible. The Holy Herb Although there are various Rastafarian groups, the majority of Rastafarians does not belong to a group; being a Rastafarian is - above all else - a personal perception. There are, however, a number of rules. For instance, Rastafarians eat ‘Ital’, which means that only natural, vegetarian food without salt is consumed.

The most eye-catching aspect is the hairdo of the Rasta, the dreadlocks. One of the most famous ‘rules’ is smoking the holy herb. To Rastafarians, ganja is not only a mere mind-altering substance, it is the holy herb mentioned in the Bible. Sometimes it is also claimed that the holy herb grew on the grave of King Salomon. The use of ganja is supposed to lead to a deeper faith, which explains the fact why ganja is smoked at religious Rastafarian ceremonies. Cannabis lovers in the West with an overly romanticized image of Jamaica and the Rastafarian movement may occasionally get the impression that Rastafarians spend a good part of their day smoking ‘peace pipes’ filled with ganja. True, Rastafarians usually do smoke regularly and more frequently than non-Rastafarians, yet it is still a matter of moderate and integrated use, like the consumption of ganja in Jamaica in general. In the streets of Jamaica you will seldom come across people heavily intoxicated from smoking ganja. Larger amounts of ganja are only consumed at special occasions like religious ceremonies or during an afternoon or evening in the circle of friends.

Source: Boekhout van Solinge, Tim, “Ganja in Jamaica; Jamaican Gold”

kush L.A. 101

By J. Mark Sternberg

The 2010 Formula One racing season starts on March 14 in Bahrain. From there, the circus will travel all over the globe, hitting 18 countries on five continents for 19 races. Around 600 million viewers from all around the world tuned in for the 2008 (the most recent numbers available) season, making F1 one of the most popular sports in the world. The timing couldn’t be better to get into F1. Last season saw the largest rule changes in the history of the sport and the new regulations shook up the field. The normal heavy hitters like Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes struggled as smaller private teams like Red Bull Racing and Brawn Grand Prix dominated the season. Drivers and teams will be changing significantly for the 2010 season and it will take some time for even veteran viewers to get used to the changes. Formula One has been rocked in the last few years by scandals. Multiple teams threatened leave the sport over the issue of cutting the astronomic costs (in the hundreds of millions of dollars) that are required to compete. Over the past few years there have been allegations of espionage, Nazi-themed sex tapes and recently the Renault F1 team was found to have told one of their drivers to crash out during a race which allowed their other driver to go on to the win. Over the past year, three major car manufacturers withdrew their teams; BMW, Toyota and Honda. All three of them said that they simply couldn’t provide the money necessary to

102 kush L.A.

compete in the sport while experiencing the worst car sales in recent history. Four new teams are set to participate in 2010, making 12 teams total. Each team will field two cars to contest for the drivers and constructors world championships. Points are awarded to the first eight cars to cross the finish line at each race. The driver with the most points at the end of the season wins the World Driver’s Championship, and the team whose drivers collectively score the most points wins the constructors. Among the four new teams is USF1, an American team that aims to get the United States more involved in the world’s premier racing series. Rumors have hounded the team since its inception and many don’t think the team has the resources to make it to the starting grid, let alone be able to take the fight to its European counterparts. Also among the new teams is Lotus. The car manufacturer left Formula 1 in 1994 as the fourth most successful team in the sport’s history. Their return marks a high point when manufacturers are backing out at an alarming rate. Englishman Jensen Button took the drivers title last year, and his team Brawn Grand Prix won the constructors. Normally in any sport, a winning team isn’t usually messed with but 2010 isn’t shaping up to be a normal season. Button is leaving his team for McLaren, and Mercedes Benz is buying out Brawn, which will now be called Mercedes Grand Prix.

by Heather Gulino

Tim Lincecum,

the San Francisco Giants’ pitching ace and newly dubbed pothead, has won the 2009 Cy Young Award for a second consecutive year. Known by fans as Timmy, the lefty has been the dominant force on the hill for the National League—a surprise given his svelte physique and freakish delivery. Last month, Lincecum was stopped for speeding in his native Washington and got busted with 3.3 grams of pot and a pipe. The pending plea agreement (which will be presented to a judge December 22) would drop the possession charge and cost the pitcher $372 in fines. After the Cy Young Award presentation, Lincecum refused questions about his marijuana charges. However, according to, the pitcher read the following statement via conference call: “I made a mistake and regret my actions earlier this month in Washington. I want to apologize to the Giants organization and to the fans. I know that as a professional athlete I have a responsibility to conduct myself appropriately both on and off the field. I certainly have learned a valuable lesson through all of this and I promise to do better in the future. In the meantime, I am focused on preparing for the 2010 season.” Like fellow sporty stoner Michael Phelps, Lincecum took the “high road” as guided by public relations professionals and made a vanilla statement about being a good role model and disappointing fans. Phelps told Matt Lauer during an interview: “It was an awful judgment. And, really, the people I hurt is my family, clearly, my friends, the close people around me and most importantly, the fans. And I realize that that hurt a lot of people … It was a bad mistake. I mean, we all know what you and I are talking about. It’s a stupid mistake. You know, bad judgment. And it’s something that I have to, and I want to teach other people not to make that mistake.” Mike Hughes of the Seattle Times reflected on the reactions of elite athletes who happen to enjoy marijuana. “Perhaps someday a successful sports figure will have the courage to stand up for recreational marijuana use. Too bad it couldn’t have been one of the two most dominant athletes in their respective sports.”

106 kush L.A.

kush L.A. 107

advertiser Listings Arleta Arleta’s Therapeutic Alternative 8700 Woodman Ave #6 (818)891-6699

Sunshine Holistic Care 678 Redondo Ave. (562)434-5010 Long Beach


Los Angeles

Canoga Park

314 Olympic Herbal Center

Discount Co-op (pg.54) 21315 Saticoy St., Unit R (818)887-0980 Canoga Park


314 West Olympic (213)744-0036 Los Angeles

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Hollywood Berkeley Clinic 6430 Selma (323) 385-0765

420 Medical Evaluations 2622 S. Robertson Blvd. (310)237-1277 Los Angeles 420 Serenity Leaf Delivery Service. (213) 221-8111 Los Angeles



Long Beach Belmont Shore 5375 2nd St., #5 (562) 987-0210

2602 S. Hill St. (213)440-8595 Los Angeles California Herbal Healing Center (CHHC) (pg.46) 1437 N. La Brea (877) 420-KUSH Canna Health Caregivers 5208 W. Pico Blvd. (323) 932-0370



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1206 E. Wardlow Rd. (562)997-2929

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111 E. 9th St. (213)896-0016 Los Angeles Downtown Patients Group (D.T.P.G) (pg.28) 1753 Hill St., #8 (213)747-3386 Los Angeles Eagle Rock Herbal Collective

Long Beach Organics (L.B.O.) (pg.112)

851A Pine Ave. (562)495-2000 Long Beach New Hope Medical 3741 E. Anaheim St (562)597-7751 Long Beach

Centinela Green House Collective (pg.33) 4509 S. Centinela Ave. (310)823-3505 Los Angeles Downtown Discount Collective

Herbal Solutions of So Cal 5746 E. 2nd St. (562)434-5075


Green Cure Natural Healing Center 1716 Main St. (310) 306-5511 Los Angeles

4729 Eagle Rock Blvd. (323)257-4420 Los Angeles

The Healing Center 6614 S. Broadway (323) 753-3422

3240 Wilshire Blvd. #270 (213) 598-0828 (pg.9)

654 N. Manhattan Pl. (323)466-8700 Los Angeles


Infinity Medical Alliance 1151 S. Robertson Blvd. (310) 246-2399 Los Angeles


Nature’s Best Organics 9636 Venice Blvd., #8 (310) 559-8000 Los Angeles

Kush Korner Caregivers 2214 S. Vermont Ave. (323)733-2581 Los Angeles




LAX Patient Remedies (pg.80) 5300 W. Century Blvd., Ste. 124 (310)645-1330 Los Angeles




The Holistic Co-Op 2627 E. Cesar Chavez Ave. (323)540-6700 Los Angeles The Rainforest Collective (pg.82) 12515 Venice Blvd. (310)391-0011 Los Angeles (pg.94)

4800 S. Central Ave., #B (323)233-8533 Los Angeles United Discount Collective (pg.61)

2703 W. 8th St. (213)739-7038 Los Angeles

3240 Wilshire Blvd., #270 (213)598-0820

Kush Collective (pg.47) 1111 S. La Brea Blvd. (323)938-KUSH Los Angeles

LA Organic Pharmacy 4911 Melrose Ave. (323)463-3920 Los Angeles

Melrose Healing Center 5788 1/2 Melrose Ave. (213)465-5683 Los Angeles (pg.89)



Traditional Herbal Center, Inc.

Mid Wilshire Medical Clinic

4410 W. Pico Blvd. (323)936-4410 Los Angeles

Eden Therapy (pg.68) 67571/2 Santa Monica Blvd. (323)463-8937 Los Angeles

Medical Advisory Center (pg.25) 4221 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 170-15 (323)965-0420 Los Angeles

Melrose Compassion Center



The Green Easy 7948 W. 3rd. St. (877)321-5874 Los Angeles


735 N. La Brea Ave. (323)933-HERB (4372) Los Angeles

Kelly’s Collective 8638 W. Pico Blvd. (310)854-5874 Los Angeles

Medco Organics 326 N. Vermont (323)660-9930

Medical Marijuana Evaluations


Tender Love Collective 2439 Riverside Dr. (323)660-2542 Los Angeles The Clinik Caregivers 7133 W. Sunset Blvd (323) 798-5243

Med X (pg.76) 441 ½ E. 16th St (213) 746-6256

L.A. Wonderland Caregivers


East LA Caregivers 1905 S. Santa Fe Ave. (323)770-9319 Los Angeles

4207 W. Pico Blvd. (323)936-5000 Los Angeles

Grateful Meds (pg.65) 744 N. La Brea Ave. (323)939-9111 Los Angeles

Hot Box Collective 143 N. Western Ave. (323)460-6410 Los Angeles

Living Earth Wellness Center (pg.85)

Herbal Solutions of So Cal


Sunset Herbal Corner 7225 Sunset Blvd. (323)851-5554


Healers on Third 3111/2 S. Sweetzer Ave. (323)951-9612 Los Angeles


Adams & Hill Discount Center

Evergreen Compassionate Collective (pg.19) 1606 N. Gower St. (323)466-2100 Hollywood

Go Green Bear Collective 106 E. 17th Ave., #11 (213)747-7397 Los Angeles


Western Discount Center 1570 S. Western Ave. (323)445-0164 Los Angeles

Nature’s Wonder (pg.115) 1330 W. Olympic Blvd. (213)380-5874 Los Angeles


Santa Monica Collective (SMC) (pg.103)

Wilshire Healing 11906 Wilshire Blvd., #6 (310)478-6655 Los Angeles

Marina Del Ray

11957 Santa Monica Blvd. (310)473-8444 Los Angeles

Marina Caregivers (pg.99) 730 Washington Blvd. (310)574-4000 Marina Del Rey

Tai-Ma Remedies (pg.112) 1861 S. Bundy Dr #100 (310) 207-578-9629 Los Angeles

Venezia Discount Collective 3018 Washinton Blvd. (310)827-3800

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West Valley Collectives, Inc. 3549 Cahuenga West Blvd. (323) 851-7991 Los Angeles

Pico Collective (pg.88) 1355 S. Genesee Ave. (323) 658-1303 Rampart Discount Center 264 S. Rampart Blvd. (213)925-8962 Los Angeles

Venice Garden Collective 10915 Venice Blvd. #A (310) 202-0095

advertiser Listings Midway City

Valley Holisitc Caregivers

The Beach Quality Caregivers 7852 Bolsa Ave #A (714) 899-KUSH Midway City


North Hollywood California Compassionate Care Network (C.C.C.N.) (pg.38) 4720 Vineland Ave. (818)980-6337 North Hollywood California Compassion Center (pg.5)

12926 Saticoy St., #9 818-880-7530 Galaxy Caregiver Group 11428 Vanowen St. (818)765-1220 North Hollywood Green Miracle Healing 7503 Laurel Canyon #102 (818)232-8684 North Hollywood


Green Valley Collective (pg.36) 17017 Roscoe Blvd. (818)881-4821 Northridge Reseda Wellness Center 18527 Roscoe Blvd. (818)327-7297 Northridge The Strain Station 17317 Saticoy St. (818)457-4219 Northridge


Pacoima Folk Remedies Factory 11203 Glenoaks Blvd. #2B (818) 834-8304 Pacoima

Green Leaf Remedies 15372 Dickens St Ste. A (818) 788-0558 Sherman Oaks

Bud Vendor, Inc. (pg.68) 18320 Sherman Way, Ste. D (818)996-8787 Reseda


NoHo CC (Compassionate Caregivers) 4854 Lankershim Blvd. (818)980-9212 North Hollywood Patients & Caregivers 6141 Vineland Ave. (818)588-1307 North Hollywood


Specialty Collectives 11307 Vanowen St. (818)358-4271 North Hollywood


Toluca Lake Organic RX (pg.95) 10718 ½ Riverside Dr. (818)762-5900 Toluca Lake

Red Moon Inc. (pg.88) 14350 Oxnard St. (818)997-6912 Van Nuys

Valley Village

The Green Club Pharmacy

Nature Medical Center (pg.21) 5301 Laurel Cyn Blvd. #112 (818)980-3232 Valley Village

Van Nuys (pg.68)

Best Meds Factory 7301 Sepulveda Blvd., Unit 2 (818)787-2428 Van Nuys

The Shop @ Greenbush (pg.92) 13425 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 100 (818)995-5755 Sherman Oaks

Green Dragon Caregivers (pg.32) 7423 Van Nuys Blvd. #C (818)442-0054 Van Nuys


Herbal 420 (pg.64) 5963 Van Nuys Blvd., #A (818)786-0844 Van Nuys

House of Kush (pg.12) 2823 Hyperion Ave. (323)664-KUSH Silverlake Sunset Junction Organic Medicine (pg.94) 4017 W. Sunset Blvd. (323)660-0655 Silverlake

HLA Collective (pg.48) 7123 Sepulveda Blvd. (818)453-8085 Van Nuys

South Gate

House of Kush Inc. (pg.12) 18119 Saticoy St. (818)996-KUSH, (818)339-6576 cell Reseda

South Gate Herbal Healing Center (pg.69) 13194 Paramount Blvd., #B (562)634-1354

Lake Balboa Collective 17616 Sherman Way (818)609-0119 Van Nuys

Reseda Discount Caregivers

Studio City

Montana Caregivers (pg.76) 13655 Victory Blvd., #205 (818)782-7641 Van Nuys


(back cover)

Cannabis Card Center (pg.31) 4344 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Ste. 2 (310)889-5648 Studio City

6102 Reseda Blvd. (818)757-0434 Reseda


IVXX (pg.57) 11222 Ventura Blvd. (818) 985-4899

E.P.G Call to Preverify (951) 306-9000

Sun Valley

San Pedro Harbor Area Collective 600 S. Pacific St., #104 (310)514-1556 San Pedro


Valley Holistic Caregivers (pg.114)

7200 Vineland Blvd., Ste. 205 (818)255-5511

Our Green Planet Collective (pg.68)

14624 Victory Blvd. (818)376-8512 Van Nuys

Kushism (pg.11) 7555 Woodley Ave. (818)994-3446 Van Nuys

Herbal Valley Caregivers 17718 Sherman Way (818)342-0420 Reseda

NoHo Compassionate Caregivers (pg.95) NOHO 5656 5656 Cahuenga Blvd. (818)762-8962 North Hollywood

Vetmed Caregivers (pg.52) 9364 N. San Fernando Rd. (818)504-0040

TLMD (pg.83) 12458 Magnolia Blvd. (818)761-8973 Valley Village

Sherman Oaks 4ever20 (pg.32) 15149 Ventura Blvd. (818)582-3239 Sherman Oaks

Happycation Collective 6740 Reseda Blvd., Unit C (818)757-3574 Reseda

Kush House Care 6446 Lankershim Ave. (818)766-KUSH North Hollywood

The East Group (pg.87) 12150 Bloomfield Ave. Unit B (562) 929-8028 877 Prop 215 (pg.89) 11703 Los Nietos Rd. (562)699-8960

Global Triage 19301-B Saticoy St. (818) 357-3650

Herb Doc Caregivers 11024 Victory Blvd. (818) 760-4004 North Hollywood

Santa Fe Springs


Reseda (pg.63)

Santa Barbara The Healing Center Santa Barbara (pg.31) 1437 San Andres St. (805) 637-2660 Santa Barbara

7200 Vineland Ave., Ste 205 (818)255-5511 North Hollywood


Newport Beach 201 Shipyard Way, #E (949) 723-9763 Newport Beach



13647 Vanowen St. #B (818)779-7962 Van Nuys Woodvic Medical Care and Clinic (pg.76) 13653 Victory Blvd. (818)988-9825

Venice Green Cure 1716 Main St. (310)306-5511 Pacific Collective (pg.52) 905 Pacific Ave (310)392-9988 Venice Supplemental Organic Solutions, Inc. (pg.107) 2501 Lincoln Blvd. (310)450-9141 Venice Venice Beach Care Center 410 Lincoln Blvd. (310)399-4307 Venice

Vernon Best Quality Herbal Medicine (pg.64)

1833 E. Vernon Ave., #105 (323)233-1779

Wilimington South Bay Wellness Network (pg.104)

1127 W. Anaheim St. (310)847-6199 Wilmington

Woodland Hills

Mother Nature’s Remedy Caregivers (pg.99) 17302 Saticoy St. (818)345-MEDS

The Hills Caregivers 20000 Ventura Blvd., Suite B (818)999-3265 Woodland Hills

Organic Health Solutions (pg.77) (deliveries available) 14540 Victory Blvd., #100 (818)787-0420 Van Nuys

LEGAL SERVICES Surfsend (pg.84) Prepaid Legal Services 833 Cypress Ave Hermosa Beach (310) 406-5406

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LBOC inc. A patient’s collective for patient compassion


Mon - Sat 10am - 10pm Sunday 11am - 7pm

851 Pine Ave. in Downtown Long Beach Phone: (562) 495-2000 Recognition for New Patients and Patient Referrals 112 kush L.A.

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