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Dedicated to my Mom and my Dad

TODAY IT WILL BE A GREAT DAY,I WILL MEET MY BUDDY! IT’S YEARS SINCE WE SAW EACH OTHER! I could remember those times like it was yesterday......

Once upon a time there was a guy named Fred, he is kind of chunky and believes in the laws of Star Trek. He wears glasses and has a whole set of harry potter to read. He is moving from Washigton to L.A. He is very shy and doesn’t like to speak especially in front of bullies. Another guy is COMPLETELY opposite of Fred. Ady, Ady Xenos he is also new in the school and he changed his school from New york to LA, but is more popular and cooler than Fred. Face to face girls can’t look at him in the eye. They both meet each other....... SHOOM!Fred was dashing to the gym. All the troubles began when Fred banged into a bully named Ben, Big Ben. “what’cha lookin at fat boy.” People noticed so they watched what happened. Some more bullies came to watch what was happening. “Watch where you’re going.” said Ben. Ady was watching this too. “GAY!” Ben shouted. Everybody started to laugh except Fred and Ady. Fred was getting offended and was about to cry. He wanted to shout out “HELP!” but he didn’t have the guts. Ben was about to punch him. Ady made his move. “Touch him you will be sent to the principal office.” Ben went away and shouting “You were lucky this time fatty!” “You saved me.” Fred whispered. “You my friend, have to go through this bully thing so I have to tell you one thing, ignore them.” Ady said freely. “I will try.” Said Fred, and they walked together through the hallway together....

“OOH excuse me if I forgot but what’s your name?” Fred asks. “ My name is Ady, what’s your name?” Ady asks. “ My name is Fred, by the way I see you are very popular in this school, I wish I could be popular as you.” Fred says with a normal voice. “ Popular what do you mean?” Ady says with curiousness. “ All you have to do to be popular is to be yourself.” Ady replies. “ Being yourself, that confuses me.” Fred thinks in his head. “What lesson you have?” asked Fred.

“ I have P.E” replies Ady. “ Me too.” said Fred. When they were going to the gym they changed and arrived on time. Many people were looking at Fred laughing about how fat he is. Tim Murphy shorter than Fred but a lot more confident, was leading the insults. “ Hey have you ever had a carrier to be a river barge?” Tim Murphy asked, bursting out laughing at Fred. “ Hey, back off” said Ady. “Don’t you have anything else to do?” Tim and other people backed off. “ OK CLASS I WILL CALL YOUR NAME!” shouted the couch. “ Alisa, Ady,Aldona, Bobby, Carol, Calvin, Greg, Hubert, Helen, Nick , FredMany people started snicker at Fred. “ Silent please last but not least, Tim.” “ OK guys let’s run for 10:00 minutes.” “ AWWWWW!” everyone shouted. “ Well P.E was boring, right?” Asked Ady. “ Yeah.” said Fred with a frown face They both were walking in the hallway, Ady walking all confident and Fred all nervous. “What do you have next?” asked Ady while looking at boys who were looking at Fred and chuckling. “ Oh.... me …..... I have........uhhhhhh..........LA” There was a pause, “ I have Science” said Ady horrified because he knew people will tease Fred in LA. “ Okay just act normal and ignore the people who are teasing you.” commanded Ady. Second period began. They walked into different rooms. One went to Science and the other went to LA. With Fred going in LA, he found Tim. “Hey Fatty, you’re so fat that you can take up a whole 3 different countries.” Said Tim looking straight at Fred’s eyes. Tim’s friends were laughing at Fred. “Not again” Whispered Fred, “DON’T YOU HAVE SOMTHING ELSE TO DO BESIDES TEASING ME, LAME BRAIN.” Shouted Fred with Anger. “What have I just said,” whispered Fred to himself. “What did you just call me, a lame brain, that’s the best you got?”

“I’m gonna-“ He paused because the class was starting, “I will get you in Lunch, Fatty and I will show you what I got,” said Tim with eager face. Fred was horrified. “Open your books and turn the page to 4 and you’re homework will be.....” Fred was daydreaming and wasn’t paying attention to the teacher. Fred started to think about what’s going to happen to him at lunch. “Will I get beaten up by Tim and his gang I need to find a solution I got it I will stay next to Ady,” Fred was trying to get more solutions but the teacher saw him daydreaming, “Fred Benson please turn to page 4, we will be reading about how the great Chinese emperor rose to power.” Mrs. Sandy said with a soft voice. Her eyes were sparkling on light, her lips were deep red like apple. They were reading but Tim was staring eagerly at him. At the first time Fred didn’t notice but the second time they eyeballs connected like solid wire, but one of them were weak. Fred got the message that he would be beaten up by him and his gang, but Fred was a bit relaxed because Ady would save him. Fred decided to look away. It was lunch time. Fred tried to find Ady but he couldn't. He had to do this by himself. When he reached cafeteria he saw Tim and his friends. Fred tried to tiptoe and escape but he couldn't. One of Tim friends caught him. Tim cluched his fist and it looked like that he would punch Fred. Fred closed his eyes and prayed. He opened his eyes and he wished he could open his eyesearlier. “ I sorry that I was mean to you, friends?” asked Tim with his hand ready to be shaken. “ Is this really happening, am I dreaming?” said Fred couldn’t believe his eyes. “ Friends?” said Tim repeating. “ Sure” said Fred Fred heard Ady, he was running with joy to tell Ady that he just made friends. He wished he would never had seen this. He saw Ady and Ben making a deal “ Hey, remember when I tried to punch the fat guy and you came and told me to go away, THAT WAS HILARIOUS!” said Ben laughing.

“ Hey I should really beat up the guy,” said Ben By hearing that Fred was sad and ran away to the toilet. “ Dude he is very nice and honest” said Ady but Fred didn’t hear that. “ I need to go to the bathroom,” said Ady Ady ran and heard Fred crying. “ Fred, is that you,” Asked Ady “ You are friends with the bullies,” Fred said while he was crying. “ Oh, I’m not friends with the bully, I just talk to him.” “Oh,” said Fred while he stoped crying. Now they became friends. Fred got more friends and got more popular. They were studying till 12th grade and then Ady just disappeared after 12th. Fred was very sad, just a little happy because he found Tim in his college.Fred got MUCH thinner. Ben had become more mature, and Ady...... he’s the same. Fred works for Apple. Tim works for Lamborghini. Fred has looked everywhere just to find Ady. Fred finds out in a newspaper that Ady is in Japan and made his own school and works for Sony. Fred tells Tim that he is going to Japan because he found Ady. So Tim and Fred went to Japan. They both laughed giggled and had fun. They wanted to stay there forever and they could. There was an Apple company right next to Ady’s house and Tim could quit his Lamborghini job and get on the Nissan job.


A story of Ady and Fred.