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Lebenslauf ERFAHRUNGEN: Programmierer

GASSNER GmbH Frankenmarkt

10.03.2013 - 29.07.2016 Schaltschränke verkabeln, SPS Steuereungen im Werk so wie im Ausland in Betrieb nehemen 32 Länder bereist


Österreichisches Bundesheer


Rampservice Sbg Flughafen GmbH

Ferial Praktikum

Sony DADC Austria Thalgau

03.09.2012 - 03.03.2013 Gebirgsjäger Tirol, Geländekraftfahrausbildung Kärnten, Kraftfahrer Salzburg

26.11.2011 - 03.03.2012 Gepäck verräumen

Ing. MICHAEL KUSCHEI 27.07.1991

30.07.2007 - 24.08.2007 Maschinenwartung, 04.08.2008 - 29.08.2008 elektrische Umbauten, usw. 13.07.2009 - 07.08.2009 05.07.2010 - 30.07.2010



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Kuchl FH Salzburg 2016 - heute Design und Produktmanagment

1. Platz Sbg Landesmeisterschaft Natur 2015

1. Platz Sbg Landesmeisterschaft Natur 2016


Wifi Vöcklabruck 2014 Salzburg 2005 - 2012

SPS - Programmierung

Siemens S7 Profikurs, Abschlussprüfung





Europastraße 30 A-5400 Hallein

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SolidWorks Adobe:

B2 Level A1 Level

Haulotte lawn mower tractor

For the brand Haulotte a lawn mower tractor was assigned to designed. The first step was to put an emphasis on the elements of the brand fitting the design language. The fitting elements were picked out to create the whole project. Because the brand Haulotte does not produce tractors as such, I decided to pick a form that would best fit. At last the project, being designed in the program Photoshop, was rendered.


The creator of the brand Crossboards was looking for new design ideas/solutions for his product. It’s a piece of sports equipment to especially train and strengthen the fine motor skills of bikers. The brand tries to go as far as wanting the product to being able to be used by rehab patients trying to regain their motor skills. Starting at the logo to the product itself to the packaging, everything was designed and created by us students. Everything that we designed, we build in real-life size and presented the creator of Crossboards. Luckily enough, the design of my colleague and I impressed him so much that he decided to use parts of our designs.


In the course Designawareness we were instructed to participate in the RSA Student Design Award competition. A product was asked to be designed with the following characteristics: creating space, easy handling and brings the family together. The product I designed is a pot handle for hot pots. It allows the user to lift it without direct touch and works simultaneously as a mount for the table (possibly for eating fondue).

Pencil drawings

Ever since I was a child I liked to draw and create new things. Constant compliments and praise I was continuously motivated to go on and try new things. This created my passion for pencil drawings. My favorite kind of drawing are the ones of cars. However, now in my studies I am excited and passionate about new challenges and learning about all sorts of styles.


To be introduced to design language, we were asked to study a car brand (in my case Lexus) and design a case shell resembling the brand. For this plan a slabstock foam was cut in form, fillered and lastly put into the form that it was going to have.

Furthermore we were asked to design something to sit on in a showroom for the car brand. A suitable table was asked to be picked as well. In my case, I decided to pick a office table from the design agency Zara Hadid.



For this exercise we were asked to design a speaker’s desk for the university of applied science Salzburg. In teams we developed this edgy concept.

A bus stop for the bus no. 150 from Salzburg to Bad Ischl was the task for this exercise. This model is supposed to resemble a water drop, imitating the water in the Fuschlsee.

CAD excercises

Various CAD exercises and renderings were created with the program Solidworks. In individual cases we also used KeyShot.


I received my first DSLR camera on my 18th birthday, which ultimately awaked my passion for photography. More photos can be found on my Facebook page KuscheiArt and Instagram account with the same username.

Portfolio Kuschei Michael  
Portfolio Kuschei Michael