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Kurumba Village Resorts, not just accommodation it is your destination. Gerard Manley Hopkins’ famous poem, “Pied Beauty”, is the most appropriate epigram for our initial brochure because of multiple reasons. To begin with, it could easily be our grateful prayer of thanksgiving for being able to establish a dreamland. In the past two years, we have had the opportunity of appreciating Nature’s infinite sights, sounds and significances, while plotting the landscape, or, piecing together the resort dwellings, which would retain the pristine glory of the hill country along with the ultra-modern amenities we have endeavored to incorporate. Therefore, we readily chant and gratefully repeat the great poet’s chiseled words. Kurumba Village Resort - Home Stay near Ooty makes you enjoy your holiday vacation in the lap of nature & tea garden in Ooty. A few minutes ride away from the city, we have established self-sufficing cottages amidst a spice haven where nutmeg, cloves and pepper abound. With 3 kinds of accommodation suites to choose from and care and hospitality from our staffs, we bet you will come back wanting more. Kurumba Cottage In keeping with the life style of the ancient Kurumba folk, our cottages are airy and exotic with their Kurumba-tribal-styled thatched cottages, which are, pyramid shaped and bright interiors with pristine color and thatchwork roofs. Every room has its exclusive balcony with ornamental railings made of areca-nut wood. There are king size beds surrounded by intriguing Kurumba artifacts and painting, on the arches and walls. Lemon yellow and mild brown of the earth are our predominant colors. The wide and yet delicate French windows would allow perennially splendid views even as you are relaxing and lying on your beds. All the bathrooms are built in such a way that you would have a spectacular view through the bay window of the hilly horizon while your own privacy will be affirmed. The area of comfort and convenience in each room would be around 500 sq. ft. Kurumba Suite The suites are large in area approximately 1000 square feet. The bedrooms are with king size beds and have large french windows with simply fantastic views. Earthy colours are predominant.

Jacuzzi Suite The jacuzzi suites are above 1000 square feet with a large living room having your personal dining table. The bedroom has a king size 4 poster bed with large french windows leading to a spacious balcony. The bathrooms have their own private jacuzzi. Enjoy your stay in this exotic suite; you will be coming for more. We, at Nature Resorts initiate and follow eco-friendly methods at every possible way. Nature Resort, undoubtedly, contains an ambience with plenty of poetic possibilities. The variously enchanting musical notes of the delightful chirping of nearly thirty species of birds readily noticeable in the Resort area makes your heart fly with them. You can enjoy your stay with various indoor and outdoor activities like Trekking, Tea tasting, Spice Plantation Tour, Golf, Pool side dining, tribal cooking classes, cave dining, Camp fire, forest trek right in the midst of beautiful mountains and clouds. Book your home stay in Nature Resorts at affordable rates and enjoy the beauty of what is we call as William Shakespeare’s “never, never lands”. Visit for more details.

Kurumba village resorts - Heaven in Earth  
Kurumba village resorts - Heaven in Earth  

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