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When All Else Fails With A Tech Blog, Use These Tips! T IP! Writ e about classic, long-last ing t opics. If you writ e about t opics t hat are less t ime-sensit ive, you are less likely t o see t raf f ic t o your post s drop of f as t hey become dat ed.

There are a variety of ways in which a blog can have an impact on the lives of others. If your intention is to try to inf luence others to your point of view, then running a blog might be a great way to express yourself . The advice in the f ollowing article will help you learn more about how to become an inf luential and respected blogger. T IP! Post f requent ly and on t he same days of every week. People will ant icipat e your post s if t hey know t hey’re coming on specif ic days.

Many times, advertisements are a large part of blog posting, as this is how many bloggers bring in revenue. If you use too much advertising, your blog will lose ef f ectiveness, and you may lose readers. They will see the sea of ads and look f or sites with a better signal-to-noise ratio. T IP! Have const ant ly updat ed, qualit y cont ent on your blog. Combine t hese t wo element s t o make your blog successf ul.

If you have the time and money, attend a blog posting conf erence. The conf erences will give you a lot of good inf ormation on running a blog approaches and techniques. Additionally, they are a great way to network and socialize with other bloggers. T IP! Liven up your cont ent wit h good use of st at ist ics, graphs and occasional polling t o capt ure t he int erest of your audience. T his can increase your blog qualit y and creat e more t opics of int erest f or readers.

Bef ore you decide whether to include advertisements on your site, you should consider what your viewers will think. Most people who earn a living f rom writing a blog do so through advertisements. The dif f iculty is that advertisements can turn of f many readers. It can take away the personal touch you have with readers and look like you are

attempting to make a f ast buck.

Search Engine T IP! St rive t o include a variet y of visuals across your blog. Most people will have more int erest in your blog if you have a variet y of visuals such as graphs, images or quot es.

When selecting a theme f or your blog, make sure that it’s search engine optimized. Not only will this help your blog gain rank in the major search engines, it will ensure that your site runs quickly and ef f iciently. In this age where speed is king, your readers will not want to wait around while your graphics and plug-in laden blog loads. It will be no time bef ore they head back to the search engine to f ind blogs that are more user-f riendly. T IP! Make a list of t he t op 10 art icles on your blog, so readers can get an idea of what t he f ocus of your blog is. Make sure t he art icles showcase your best work.

Don’t bog down your blogs with too many keywords. The right keyword is a vital part in getting people to read your blog, but quality should be the f ocus, not quantity. You won’t f ool a search engine spider by using keyword stuf f ing techniques, because the search engines are becoming smarter everyday with innovative technology. If you put too many keywords into your page, a practice known as keyword stuf f ing, search engines will think your site is low-quality, and lower your rank accordingly. Choose a f ew ef f ective keywords that specif ically describe your page. Your keywords should be popular enough that many readers search f or them if you want them to attract people to your site. T IP! Backlinks are an import ant component in blog f ormat . T hey will improve your posit ion in search engine ret urns and increase overall sit e t raf f ic.

Try using a good campaign to build links leading to your blog. You will increase your traf f ic with this easy step. In turn, your blog will be a lot more prof itable. T IP! Announce your blog t hrough your current social media account s. Ask your cont act s t o re-post your blog inf ormat ion so you reach more people wit h your blog.

Remember to edit and proof read everything! Anyone who writes poorly and allows it to be published will not have a large readership. Be especially caref ul to avoid common mistakes like using the wrong f orm of homophones like you’re/your and there/they’re/their, as a spell-check will not detect such errors. T IP! Use social media t o increase your t raf f ic numbers. Make sure t hat you est ablish a Facebook prof ile and use it t o invit e people t o visit your blog.

As you link to your site and make things more accessible, you must make sure to keep up with what is working and not working on your site. Try out dif f erent ideas and see

what the statistics are f or them. Throw out the stuf f that doesn’t work and keep what does. T IP! Cont ent should only be added when you f eel it is relevant t o your blog. Try t o avoid post ing just because you f eel like you need t o f ill your blog up wit h inf ormat ion.

Embedding videos within your blog can raise interest and catch readers’ attention. But, videos alone are not enough, because you also need great amounts of solid written work. Write text descriptions or other copy to go along with any videos embedded in your posts. That way, the videos on your site will be associated to keywords. T IP! Jaiku micro-blogging and Twit t er should be used t o your advant age. Such sit es help you st ay in cont act wit h your readership, and not if y t hem of new post ings on t he blog.

No matter what you’d like to accomplish with your blog, the advice in this article should help you get there. Blogs can help you share your views, market your products and even connect with new f riends. Use the tips that you know will work f or you, and remember to be caref ul whenever you post anything online.

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