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The project  will  research  on  the  proportion  specifications  of   modern  popular  media  medium,  develop  a  variety  of  sizes  of   accommodate  grid  system  to  assist  designers  typography  design     Design  an  APP  based  on  grid  system,  layout  design  software  of  a   tablet  computer.  The  project  will  research  on  the  proportion   specifications  of  modern  popular  media  medium,  develop  a   variety  of  sizes  of  accommodate  grid  system  to  assist  designers   typography  design.     1.  How  to  design  a  flexible  grid  system  to  resolve  the  needs  of   designers  for  typesetting  equipment  for  the  new  media  of   different  sizes?   2.  What  kind  of  grid  system  (size  and  transmission)  can  meet  the   needs  of  different  audiences?   3.  How  the  application  to  help  users  in  straightforward  way  of   interaction  in  the  aspect  of  layout  and  design  better  reader  to   communicate?       1.  Through  theoretical  research  to  understand  the  use  of  gestalt   theory  based  on  grid  systems  layout  design   2.  Simulation  of  different  audiences,  specific  audience-­‐specific  grid   system.   3.  Establishment  of  adaptive  (Responsive)  grid  layout  mode   4.  Creating  new  media  Visual,  interactive  grid  layout  mode   5.  The  ultimate  goal  of  this  project  is  to  study  the  proportional  size   of  modern  popular  media  medium  developed  to  accommodate   various  sizes  of  grid  system  solutions,  finally  help  designers  to   layout  design         Traditional  design  tends  to  use  paper  as  the  medium,  but  modern   design  is  different  from  traditional  design  nowadays,  with  the   emergence  of  computers,  Tablet  PCs,  mobile  phones,  interactive   design  appeared.  Proportion  and  specifications  are  different   from  traditional  standard  percentage  of  paper.  There  is  no   perfect  grid  system  can  simultaneously  accommodate  different   sizes  at  the  same  time.  Research  of  this  project  would  undertake   a  study  on  proportion  design  of  modern  popular  media   specifications,  developing  feasibility  program  to  help  the   designers  to  typographic  design  using  a  grid  system.     Literature  review,  for  layout  design  in  new  media  and  different   sizes  of  grid  systems  in  the  printing  industry,  focus  on  a  secondary   collection  of  information,  journals,  books,  case  studies,  and  secure   network  resources.   The  application  of  qualitative  and  quantitative  research  will   investigate  the  different  audiences  on  a  grid  system  attitudes  and   ideas.  Conduct  ethnography  research.   Based  on  earlier  research  as  a  basis  for  beginning  design  practice.     Designers  

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References and bibliography

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#WSAmacd 2013/14

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