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On the cover Dales Niles is the man to beat in Pro Fuel/ Pro Dragster. In 8 events so far this season he has won 3 and been in 7 final round appearances. At press time Dale got runner up at the NHRA event in Denver. The results will be in the next issue

May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2


Dale Nilles wins Pro Fuel

Dale Nilles (near) defated Billy Jackson in the Pro Fuel finals

Dale Nilles’ 2013 season is quickly becoming one to remember. In 7 events entered so far this season, the “Punisher Racing” team has scored 3 runner-up finishes and scored 3 victories making him the first Pro Fuel/Pro Dragster Pilot to become a 3 time winner in 2013, with still plenty of time to go and grab a few more before it’s over. At Hagerstown, MD Dale qualified #1 with a 7.55@168 MPH and met new rookie sensation and recent graduate of the Hawaya Racing Pro Drag School, Billy Jackson in the finals. Dale ran a 7.551@168.70 MPH to put away Billy’s 8.222@169.92 MPH. Afterwards Dale said,” I would like to thank my sponsors Northern Colorado Cabling and Twisted Wire Techs for their continued support. A special thanks to Hawaya Racing, Rich and Patti Vreeland, Vreeland Harley Davidson and Dave and Sandy Israel.”

R. Jackson(.258)

Dale Nilles (.198)

#1 7.650@168.98 MPH #8



D. Fisher(.372) 13.931@61.79 MPH. K. Garrou(.220) 8.724@ 131.09 MPH W. Halonski(.124)

Dale Nilles(.159)

K. Little Jr.(.324)

7.636@169.25 MPH

9.676@132.91 MPH

Dale Nilles(.148) 7.551@ 168.70 MPH


B. Jackson(.112) 8.222@162.92 MPH

W. Halonski(.084)

B. Jackson(.135)

7.876@ 169.38 MPH

8.256@154.23 MPH

No Time K. Little Jr. (.344)


10.012@136.95 MPH P. Stimeling(.430) 8.378@153.11 MPH B. Jackson(.139) 7.945@168.53 MPH

8.364@ 149.73 MPH




Dale Nilles Special thanks to Bub with B & B photos for providing the photos from Hagerstown, MD

May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2


Tom Caldwell takes Pro Gas Tom Caldwell fresh off his

Tom Caldwell(near) vs J.Thompson in the final

runner-up finish at the NHRA event in Atlanta, GA was still looking for his first AMRA win of the 2013 season. At Hagerstown, MD he got his win and handed Joey Thompson a runner-up finish. This makes it two Pro Gas finals in a row for Joey in AMRA competition plus Joey already scored one NHRA P/G Runner up finish earlier this season in Virginia.

TOM CALDWELL/OLD GUYS DO RULE RACING would like to thank their crew and sponsors. Special thanks to Robert Minge for the fuel card, Craig Cochran for the new slick and Ray Matlock for misc. machine work. Supported by SOUTHERN BIKER MAGAZINE, SA RACING, TRAMMEL CREEK CYCLE WORKS, S&S CYCLE, RED LINE OILS, JIMS USA, ENERGY ONE CLUTCHES, WEST HAVEN SPEED EQUIPMENT, VP FUELS and M/T TIRES. Team members Dana Eckhardt, Steve Allstaedt, Mary Lou Brewton, Robert Minge, Craig Cochran, Ray Matlock, Garvin Wiawiaole, Jerry Cardwell, and Janet (sister).

Straubel does it again in P/M Former National Champ Morrey Straubel and team Iron Eagle have found their winning form again by winning their second AMRA national Pro Mod event in a row. Both times now they faced Joey Thompson in the finals. Morrey Straubel(near) vs J.Thompson in the final


May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2

Workman does it in mod Jeff Workman got

Jeff Workman

File Photo

his first win in Mod by defeating Justin Collier in the finals. The results were a flip flop of the finals in Baton Rouge, La when Justin defeated Jeff in the final. By the mid point of the season these two riders are in a dead heat for the championship.

MacAlister score first win in V-mod Brian MacAlister

Joe Lieske (near) vs Brian Macallister in V-Mod

defeated National champion Joe Lieske in the V-Mod final. Lieske got a slight advantage off of the line, but couldn’t hold off the hard charging Macallister for long. MacAlister ran a 9.120@148.82 MPH to Lieske’s valiant but losing 9.460@135.61 effort.

Willis takes T/E Ron Willis won Top

Ron Willis (near) vs Donnie Huffman

Eliminator (9.30 index) by defeating veteran racer Donnie Huffman in the final on a hole shot. With the hole shot, Willis’s 9.511 was good enough to hold off Donnie’s better 9.431.

May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2


Gontas wins Outlaw Street Nick Gontas Jr.

Round Two

scored two AMRA victories in a row by winning the AMRA event in Hagerstown, MD and he won the season opener in Baton Rouge, La. Include his NHRA victory in Norwalk, Ohio and it all adds up to Nick Gontas Jr. is hard to beat in the Outlaw Street category. Nick Gontas Jr (far) vs Mike Motto in the finals

Dennick scores another win in dresser David Dennick continues his domination of the Street Dresser category by qualifying in the number one spot and scoring his second victory of the season over Paul Vicory with a 11.09 @ 125.20 MPH. Making him 2 for 2 on the 2013 season so far. David Dennick (near) in the finals vs Paul Vicory

Due to Rain, the following classes were unable to finish: Hot Street, pro Eliminator, Street Eliminator, Eliminator and Super Pro. Special thanks to Bub with B & B photos for providing the photos from Hagerstown, MD

May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2


This Photo of Rocky “lighting it up” in First Round was provided by photographer Kelcie Edwards.

May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2

NHRA 5/19/13

Tommy Grimes and Ray price Racing Score 1st NHRA victory of the season

Grimes (far) set the T/F Harley track record in route to the win over Horne

Tommy Grimes put forth what might be a career best effort in front of over 40,000 racing fans at Norwalk ,Ohio. In round one of eliminations, he drove around Jay Turner and set the Top Fuel Harley Track Record held by Doug Vancil. In round two, Tommy put away Chris Streeter aboard his DJ tuned entry setting up a final with Doug Horn. Horn has made it to the finals at every event so far this season in NHRA competition. Horn’s NHRA event win streak ended at two when at about 200ft out he had to get out of the throttle because the bike moved out of the groove. It was all Tommy the rest of the way running a 6.2566@ 223.10 MPH to take the trophy. “I’m very proud of our team,” Ray Price said. “They worked very hard throughout the race. We were able to tune the bike to match the track, repair it and keep it maintained through the weekend and it performed very well on each pass, running very consistent. Tommy rode the bike superbly, kept it in the groove and had a good reaction time on every pass.” The Ray Price Motorsports team sends sincere thanks to all their sponsors for their support. They include our Primary Sponsors: Akea, Ray Price Harley-Davidson, Kevin Boyer brought his own fireworks with special thanks to our Associate to the Friday night qualifying. Sponsor Raleigh H. O. G. and our Support Cont. next page

May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2


Sponsors: Vanson Leathers, PJ1 Products, RC Components, CP Pistons, Royal Purple, Barnett Clutches & Cables, Autolite Sparkplugs, Mickey Thompson Tires, Gates Belts, Nationwide Insurance, Brown and Miller Racing Solutions, JIMS USA, Industrial Machine Solutions and Wiley X. Additional thanks: Bill Hayes, Hargis Consulting, Ultra Pro Machining and Freddie Robbins.

Jason Pridemore aboard the “GUNSLINGER�

Top Fuel Photos by Kevin Pepera, NHRA Division 3 Photographer


May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2

T/F Qualifying Resorts Doug Horne, Aberdeen MD, '10 Harley

ET 6.266

Qual-Spd 225.07

Top Spd 227.50


2 Tommy Grimes, Clemmon NC, '12 Harley





5 Chris Streeter, Cleveland OH, '10 American




4 241 Mark Cox, Wilkesboro NC, '13 Weekend




5 1120 Brook McCabe, Roanoke Rapids NC, '12 Harley




6 66 Steve Dorn, Milwaukee OR, '06 Harley




7 63 Jay Turner, Julian NC, '07 Weekend




8 115 Larry Brancaccio, Nutley NJ, '01 Weekend




9 101 Dean Comunal, Stroudsburg PA, Romine




10 111 Mike Scott, Blind Bay BC, '13 American




11 597 Jason Pridemore, Garrettsville OH, '10 Pridemo




12 411 Rickey House, Humble TX, '13 Brown




13 173 Bob Malloy, Elkton MD,




14 78 Alvin Kobernausz, Manly IA, '02 Weekend




15 267 Kevin Boyer, Edmonton AB, '10




1 1

------------ Did Not Quallify ------------

Doug Horne (.033) 1) 6.353@220.62 MPH



5) 2) 7)

3) 6)

L. Brancaccio(.013)

Doug Horne (.032) 6.340@212.43 MPH

Doug Horne (.031)

7.760@119.39 MPH

10.802@ 84.27 MPH

Mark Cox (.071) 6.361@223.91 MPH B. McCabe(.023)

Top Fuel Finals

Mark Cox (.095) no time

6.516@206.80 MPH

Tommy Grimes

T. Grimes(.054) 6.249@ 219.61 MPH


Jay Turner(.053)

T. Grimes(.080) 6.320@201.28 MPH

6.527@221.82 MPH


Chris Streeter(.064)

6.256@223.10 MPH

6.390@227.65 MPH Chris Streeter(.067) Steve Dorn(.018) 6.496@223.69 MPH

6.799@227.65 MPH

Norwalk, OH


May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2

Thornley wins Pro Dragster

Janette Thornley (near) wins Pro dragster at Norwalk, Ohio

Janette Thornley scored her fist NHRA Pro Dragster victory of the 2013 season by defeating the number one qualifier Dale Nilles in the finals. Dale got the jump on the light but his rear chain broke early in the run. Afterwards, Janette had this to say, “My first Wally and my first win! I’m so excited about this accomplishment. I continue to be grateful and count my blessings every day, as I know many people only dream of doing what I do and many have raced for years before their first win. Moving into the 2nd half of my 2nd year I am chasing my dream! Many thanks to LAT Racing Oils for your continued support and for likely saving my engine last year.”

Pro Dragster Final Results 1

J. Thornley(.165)

D. Nilles (.164) Thomson(.046) 7.336@171.99 MPH 5.352 E.T.


Dale Nilles(.092) 20.822@ 33.38 MPH



J. Thornley(.084) 7.799@167.74 MPH R. Vreeland(.166)

C. Pleasant(.043) 7.655@144.12 MPH


7.472@168.18 MPH


Janette Thornley Pro Dragster Qualifying Results 1 Dale Nilles, Purlear NC, 2 Janette Thornley, Sacramento CA, 3 Rich Vreeland, Bloomsburg PA, 4 Clint Pleasant, Kokomo IN,



7.397 169.81 7.480 165.23 7.624 164.81 7.645 152.80


May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2


Capone captures Pro Gas

Frank Capone scored an uncontested victory in Pro Gas this weekend because he was the only entry. Frank ran a 8.545@152.82 mph on his victory lap.

Gonatas takes street pro

Nick Gonatas Jr. took home the Wally in Street Pro by defeating Charlie Douglass in the finals. Nick ran an 8.899@149.38 to Charlie’s losing 9.634@148.94.

Punisher Racing

May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2


Cronenburger is hot in hot street

Bruce Cronenburger III took the Hot Street victory over Charlie Douglass this weekend. Bruce ran a 9.880@133.12 over Charlie’s losing effort of a close 10.066@ 127.31 MPH.

Top Fuel Finals

Doug Horne(.058) 1) 6.361@208.20 MPH Doug Horne (.032) Doug Horne(-.168) 9.827@ 6.340@212.43 MPH94.29 MPH Jay Turner(.048) 8) 6.428@208.88 MPH Doug Horne (.031) Doug Horne(.030) 10.802@ 84.27 MPH 6.517@220.91 MPH Mark Cox(.092) Mark Cox (.095) 4) 6.431@223.69 MPH no time Mike Scott (No time) Mike Scott(.034) 5) 6.454@219.22 MPH 2) 7)


T. Grimes(.080) Joey Stenotti(.084) 6.484@220.37 MPH 6.320@201.28 J. MPH Sternotti(.050) 6.463@216.65 T.Grimes(.032) MPH Ricky House(.096) 13.732@66.16 MPH 6.256@223.10 MPH T. Grimes(.036) 6.528@218.97 MPH Chris Streeter(.067) T. Grimes(.091)

6.477@219.47 MPH 6.799@227.65 MPH T. Grimes(.025) Steve Dorn(.048) 6.444@219.54 MPH 6) 6.595@ 210.24 MPH

Doug Horne Winner

Atlanta, GA

May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2


Horne gets Grimes in the final!

Doug Horne does it again! In Atlanta on Memorial Day weekend, it was déjà vu with Doug Horne and Tommy Grimes meeting again in the Top Fuel Harley Finals for the second weekend in a row. Doug got payback this time, by running a 6.517@220.91 MPH to Tommy’s very close 6.528@218.97 MPH. Horne remains the dominant force in this series but the Ray Price team has stepped it up the last two weekends and proved they have what it takes to be an NHRA championship contender.

Top Fuel Qualifying Results ET Qual-Spd 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

1 35 2 241 111 66 411 63

Doug Horne, Aberdeen MD, '10 Harley Joey Sternotti, Naples FL, '12 Sternotti Tommy Grimes, Winston Salem NC, '12 Harley Mark Cox, Wilkesboro NC, '13 Weekend Mike Scott, Blind Bay BC, '13 Weekend Steve Dorn, Milwaukee OR, '10 Harley Rickey House, Humble TX, '13 Weekend Jay Turner, Julian NC, '07 Weekend

6.314 6.400 6.428 6.434 6.475 6.489 6.651 6.777

Top Spd

223.21 215.27 223.36 221.49 214.08 219.08 203.61 177.79

223.21 215.82 223.36 223.14 220.58 220.22 205.54 177.79

6.956 195.99


10) 1120 Brook McCabe, Roanoke Rapids NC, '11 Harley 7.335 139.59


------------ Not Qualified -----------9) 267 Kevin Boyer, Edmonton AB, '10 Harley

May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2


Niles gets second NHRA win of season Dale Niles reported

Pro Dragster Final Results Kirby Apathy

Dale Nilles

Kirby Apathy


afterward, “I have always enjoyed racing at Atlanta. There were 3 bikes there – Dale Nilles, Kirby Apathy and Janette Thornley so we qualified against each other once. The track was tricky due to no Alcohol Dragsters there and the temp. was a bit warm. I was consistent all weekend without any serious problems or failures. I qualified #2 behind Kirby Apathy and met up with him in the finals. I had a good run and Kirby blew a fuse on his bike – not the way I like to win. I would rather “Race for the Stripe” next time. “

Dale Nilles

Pro Drag Qualifying Results Bye

J. Thornley Dale Nilles Winner

E.T. SPD 1 Kirby Apathy 7.267 171.23 2 Dale Nilles 7.384 165.01 3 J. Thornley 7.415 168.60

Atlanta Round up Report Charlie Douglas took the win in Hot Street with a 10.07@130.03 MPH over Vance Houdyshell losing 10.215@128.87.

Clint Rabb qualified #1 in Pro Gas with a 7.462 and went on to defeat Tom Caldwell in the Pro Gas final.

Phillip Johns took home the win in the Draggin’ Bagger class

May /June 2013 Volume 4, issue 2


Clint Pleasant wins Top Fuel 4 Nitro Harleys entered Top Fuel at Lucas Oil Raceway for this event., Julian Seaman, Clint Pleasant, Steve Pleasant, and coming out of retirement for the event was AMRA veteran Lonnie Hyatt. Julian Seaman had lane choice (qualified #1 with a 7.21@192 MPH) and chose the right lane against Steve Pleasant. Both had close reactions to the tree but Julian was spinning and getting out of the groove. By the 330ft mark he was closing in on the center line and had to lift the throttle, and Steve was on the throttle for the win with an 8.40 at 160mph. Clint also chose the right lane against Lonnie. Clint pulled away from the start with a .041 light to Lonnie’s .133 and ran through to a 7.67 at 167mph. It was an all “Pleasant” final as the father and son team faced off at ORP in Indy. Clint once again chose the right lane which put his father and mentor in the left lane. Wayne Cox had the job of starting both bikes up with only one starter cart, but it wasn’t enough to phase the 20 year long member of the team. With both bikes on the staging beams Clint was the first to pull away with an .049 reaction time and he had the proven tune up to get his bike to the stripe first. The Clutch Duster bike needed a couple solid runs and the one part that let the team down this weekend was, of all things, the clutch.

Pleasant Racing would like to thank: Hardbody Paint and Body, Ballistic Batteries, Wayne Cox, Mike and Joyce Fisher, Connie Pleasant, and The Girl Next Door, Linda Rhodes. We would also like to thank the Miracle Ride foundation for caring about the racers that came to this event and listening to all for suggestions. We think this race would be a great addition to our schedule every year and look forward to racing with them. The Miracle Ride is a benefit ride and rally for the children at Riley Children’s Hospital. It is a 19 year old program and has raised over $5 Million dollars throughout its history. There are many sponsors for this event, please show your support by reading more about the Miracle Ride and supporting its sponsors.

Material for this article provided by Clint Pleasant

Bonus Norwalk , OH Photos

Top: Rich Vreeland Right: Kevin Boyer Bottom: Mike Scott

Top: Rickey House

Bottom: Bob Malloy

Photos by Kurt Cauldwell and Hannah Lorca, Cauldwell/Counts Photography

John “JT” Toth has been riding motorcycles since he was 7 years old. He started racing motocross and then eventually put together his first Harley Davidson in the 70’s. In 1985 he opened up JT’S Auto & Cycle. It started out as a one bay garage which is now a total of 2 buildings with a combined 7700 sq. feet. One building is for the autos and the other for motorcycles. Motorcycles have a special place with JT. He has a collection of them ranging from a 1946 H-D Flathead, 1954 Panhead to a 2006 Destroyer that has never been started

“There is nothing better than going fast down the track on the weekend” John would go to Pittsburgh Raceway Park watching Gregg Dahl race and he got the urge to give it a try. That in which he ended up buying a drag racing motorcycle from another friend Ernie Cereni. Next thing we know he is racing in the AMRA circuit. Now JT and the rest of the Keystone Mafia are a fierce competitive team. They all travel to the AMRA races and help and support each other. As JT said,” After a long hard work week…there is nothing better than going fast down the track on the weekend!!!”

2011 Hot Street runner up Beech Bend Raceway Bowling Green KY. 2011 Hot Street Runner up Silver Dollar Raceway Reynolds GA.

2011 Hot Street #3 2012 Hot Street Runner up Cajun Blowout Nationals 2012 Set Super Gas record Silver Dollar Raceway Reynolds Ga. 2012 Hot Street Winner Silver Dollar Raceway Reynolds Ga. 2012 Set Hot Street record Beech Bend Raceway Bowling Green KY. 2012 Super Gas National Runner up

as of 7/17/13

2013 National Power Rankings

By the numbers:



32 different Bike & Rider Combinations

1. Johnny Vickers


11 sanctioned points events by july 1st

2. Kirby Apathy


4 winners started from the pole position

3. Dale Nilles


4 different winners this season so far

4. Janette Thornsley 5. Rocky Jackson


1 female winner / Janette Thornsley first 3 time winner in 2013 is Dale Niles

6. Rich Vreeland For More Info on our Power Rankings please check our website at:



March 23-24

Baton Rouge, LA


April 27-28

Bowling Green, KY COMPLETE

May 30-June 2

Hagerstown, MD

June 29-30

Bowling Green, KY

July 27-28

Xenia, OH

August 17-18

Holly Springs, MS

Sept. 28-29

Bowling Green, KY

Oct. 12-13

Rockingham, NC

Contact Kurt Cauldwell or come see us at our vendor booth at AMRA Events.

Kevin Pepera, NHRA Division 3 Photographer

Special Thanks to contributing Photographers: Bub from B&B Photos and Kelcie Edwards

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