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Genealogical Research – A way to know your history Everyone has a past. Everyone has a history. People always like to know about their ancestors and they should. Genealogy is a study of knowing about ancestral history and their stories. The word genealogy comes from the Greek word ‘genea’ which represents a race or the root of the family. Our world is so busy and fully crowded with people and it is easy to lose track of some people. By knowing your family’s history, you can have an idea of who you are and where you are from and so on. Genealogical research helps you in connecting with a lot of strangers. This research also helps you in connecting with your relatives who lost track with you. You could find new relatives and for a new relationship and brings everyone together. It’s really an honorable aspect of your family to know about their ancestors and their history. Every family has secrets and it is always interesting to find about them. It will lead you to some historical events of your family and the difficulties they came through in the past. You will come to know about the values of your family. Genealogical research also leads to some surprise information about your ancestors. You will come to know that your ancestors belong to different races and cultures. Some people also find their long lost inheritance to someone. At certain times, genealogical research help you find the cause of some medical issues that seems to affect your family for a long time. You may end up in finding the genetic cause for the problem and you can also find the solution for it. Many people have collected some interested and funny information about their family history to even write a book on it. But other keeps it within their family and cherishes it for a long time. If you want to do a genealogical research, you should be able to accept dead end results. It is really a difficult and frustrating task to do. You can start by looking through the public records and government birth, death and marriage records. Governments use to maintain records of every person. You can also communicate with the oldest members in your family and get some information. They can give a lot of names for your research to lead. Gathering information from the old people in your family is a good thing to do, since they are not going to be around always and the information you got will be invaluable.

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Genealogical research -A way to know your history