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Batman By-election

1. Voters do not want either of the major parties 2. Which of the minor parties could shine? 3. What will cause the next economic depression? 4. The consequences of tariff reduction 5. Can the Big Four banks be saved? 6. Australian Banking stability 7. Does Australia (and Victoria) have a future in fruit growing? 8. For regional areas to survive the Darling must flow again. 9. United Nations and the New World Order


Voters do not want either of the major parties As n independent andidate for the electorate of Farrer my email address is kurriman@hotmail.comI also one of 15 like minded people who are examining trends which might cause a political first bombshell. Just over four years ago a friend predicted that the time was coming when Social Media could win elections. I immediately took a crash coursew I believe in freedom of speech and I consider that it is my right to debate with members of Parliament. Instead of waiting for politicians or members of The Establishment to host a debate I started to challenge members of the three tiers of Government to debate. I have also added the Establishment and the chairman of MDBA (Murray Darling Basin Authority). On Face Book someone suggested that I join a group which encourages electronic brochures. This is one of them. Depending on how many times this is copied it might be possible to click on the photograph shown below and then turn the pages. The other option is to copy and paste the link into the address bar of your computer and then you can see it unfold. The advantage of this is that if anyone forwards this link or that of the Batman By-election it can be distributed by anyone who can then send it to dozens of people and so on.

Which of the minor parties could shine? In my region Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (SFFP) or Katter Party are the most likely contenders but this close to Melbourne they do not like their chances. This just a hypothetical plan of mine. If one of the five minor parties who have chanced their arm this time with their main policies, decide to pick up some of my debate challenges which no major party can win then 2018 could be awatershed year. ‘Consequences of Tariff Reduction- should be the main one. This diagram – which will be shown again – should be great ammunition.

As tariffs follow A-B-F-G goes down, GDP growth reduces. My contention is that GDP growth has to be at least 3% to maintain economic stability. In 2017 Malcolm Turnbull was pleased to see Australian GDP of 2.4 %. If Labor and Green voters gain 50% of first preference votes then my Batman should hide his face in shame

What will cause the next economic depression? I was born just after the 1929 share market crash. Many films have been made of the super optimists who believed that even though economic fundamentals were pointing down that nothing could spoil ‘the good life.’ The fundamentals are weak but property and derivative bubbles are bigger than at any time in history. Pundits are saying that one small trigger can cause the whole unsustainable set of bubbles to crash.

My understanding is that in 1929 there was crash, followed by a 60% correction. Then came the main crash which got rid of all of the toxic financial instruments. From there the world recovered with a huge period of real growth not ‘pretend growth.’ My contention is that in 2008 there was a crash followed by a 60% correction. At this point it seems to me that all of the economists in the world decided that they would not let history rep[east itself. They decided that going into ‘good debt’ would save the situation. Debt built on debt but seemed to be losing its ‘good effect.’ The pundits then decided to reduce interest rates even down to zero and an in a few cases to slightly negative. The last card in the deck was derivatives. Refer to the two banking pages to learn what a disaster this can be.

The consequences of tariff reduction The main diagram by the late Lance Endersbee is shown as attachment 1. Lance has passed on but I continued to plot AFG without the ore export bubble. Lance accepted that the start of the reduction in tariffs in 1970 was a noble gesture. It was confirmed as The Lima Declaration in 1975. In 1996 Lance stated that no one could foresee the devastating destruction of manufacturing and agriculture in Developed Countries.

In 1996 Lance predicted that if the reduction in GDP growth continued, that Europe would collapse first and the United States would follow. He said that if Australia's manufacturing and agriculture continued strongly that we would not follow them down. Since then both have tanked. My contention is that GDP growth of at least 3% is needed for political stability. Attachment 2 shows the GDP trend of Australia is less than 3% and this leads to ever increasing debt as illustrated in Attachment 3.

As a consequence of this our Government is in paralysis and needs to sell assets to try to balance the budget. Government will not accept a policy of selective tariff adjustment when GDP growth is less than 3%. Which minor party can win this by-election by using financial logic?

Can the Big Four Banks be saved? The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) presented this graph.

RBA said: ‘Australia’s banks have become addicted to derivatives, the fraudulent and toxic betting instruments that caused the 2008 financial crash. While derivatives betting globally levelled off for a few years after 2008, in Australia it exploded. The combined derivatives exposure of Australia’s banks has risen 163 per cent in eight years, with Bank’s consolidated off balance sheet business now in excess of $35 trillion.’ At the time of writing, APRA had a magnificent plan to have each of the Big Four banks reduce their derivatives to at least $4.5 trillion by 1st September 2017. 1st September came and went and I then learned that a lot of APRA’s finance comes from the bank. I claimed that it was like having a fox guarding the hen house. The CEC political party have been advocating the use of Glass-Stagall for 25 years without success. They have been warning that bail-in will be the ruin of the Big Four. Recently the Senate with only 7 members in the chamber confirmed the Lower House bail-in legislation. My contention is that voters who do not read the signs and continue to keep their funds, their mortgages and their super in the Big Four are in danger of losing it all

Australian Banking stability The Big Four have huge potential dangers which other smaller banks which do not dabble in derivatives do not have . Credit unions never access derivatives and could soon claim their place in the sun. Voters who transfer their finances into organisations which stick to the basics could be in a position to lend to or buy from those who follow the herd if/when the next financial crisis arrives. . The Big Four have to borrow from overseas. Once I was asked who would ‘lend’ to them. My answer was that J P Morgan, HSBC and Citigroup who already own 40% of the Big Four would be pleased to increase their ownership. Voters and even most bank people cannot understand the extent of the threat posed by derivatives in relation to the Big Four and the seemingly magical power they possess.

The extent of the bubble is hard for most to understand.

Perhaps this will jolt some people into a better level of understanding

Does Australia (and Victoria) have a future in fruit growing? Neither major party will respond to a letter containing a debate challenge in 2013 referring to the hoped for response on whether Australia has a future in fruit growing. This diagram shows a peach tree about to be destroyed. A mound of skeletons is in the background. This is agricultural crime. Both major parties should be hounded.

About two seasons ago almost half of the soft fruits industry was wiped out. This is a part of the letter I sent to Barnaby Joyce:

‘Joe Hockey (not you as Minister for Agriculture) insisted that it was up to Coca Cola to invest and save what remained of the industry. Where were you, Barnaby? ‘Meanwhile both major parties have legislated free trade agreements where the small print advises that if multinationals cannot get profits that they can expect world wide, then they can sue the Australian Government. ‘Recently Coca Cola experienced a drop in profit. What are the implications for Shepparton, Cobram, the stone fruits industry and the Australian Government?’ I am now hammering my member Sussan Ley, David Littleproud, Damian Drum the member for Murray and Joel Fitzgibbon.

For regional areas to survive the Darling must flow again. . This is a representation of what was – up until the early stages of

the MDBA - a huge natural fish hatchery ‘

The MDBA should have encouraged this and perhaps even improved it. Neither major party has constructive plans to reverse this crime. Funds were invested in the Menindee Lakes System. It is now dry and countless fish have died.

United Nations and the New World Order The issues listed above are mainstream political issues. Perhaps these two should also be mainstream. To me it will be of interest to know if one or more of the minor parties show an interest. . It seems to me that Australia is almost dictated to by the United Nations in relation to the number of refugees we take and where they come from, how we should think about whether climate change is caused my mankind, how we should think about water and other items. Another discussion point is whether the New World Order is real or just a conspiracy theory.

Perhaps an additional conspiracy theory or a sub set of the previous one is who determines or dictates the policies of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)? Both the Government and the RBA say that the RBA is completely independent of the Australian Government. Some suggest that it is the Rothschild Group, or George Soros or the United Nations (UN) or the New World Order. Who knows?

Batmanby election  

This is an experiment by somone who is not involved in the Batman By-election. Labor is odds-on top win. Can I help a minor party or an inde...

Batmanby election  

This is an experiment by somone who is not involved in the Batman By-election. Labor is odds-on top win. Can I help a minor party or an inde...