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KU Panhellenic REC R U I T M E N T FA L L


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We are so excited that you have decided to register for University of Kansas 2018 Fall Formal Recruitment!

We can’t wait for you to join our amazing SFL community. Within our community we have 12 outstanding Panhellenic chapters. Throughout this guide book you will be able to find information on all of these chapters that help make up our community. Recruitment is an amazing way to begin your college experience at KU. During this experience you will meet many amazing women and make so many friends and memories. We know that Recruitment can be stressful but remember to be yourself, keep an open mind, and trust the process. It is common to find women in each chapter that you connect with, but as you go to each chapter, try to see if you can picture that place as your home and those women as your sisters. Besides finding your sisters, you will make connections with everyone around you regardless of which chapter you join. Remember that the decision at the end of the week is completely your own. The best way to go through this experience is to let go of any preconceived knowledge, be yourself, and take into account your own personal values. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions and concerns. We are so excited you’re coming and we can’t wait to meet you!

Beth Hannah and Tori Bone














All Potential New Members (PNMs) will check-in and move into their residence halls on Sunday, August 12th. If you are living off campus, you will still check-in to find out what recruitment group you are in. That afternoon, all PNMs will attend orientation and there will be an optional orientation for parents as well. That evening, all PNMs will meet their recruitment guides and attend informational sessions about the week.

2. Open House

You will get the chance to visit all 12 chapters over the course of two days. It is best to take a few minutes after each chapter visit to write down bits of memorable conversations. By Tuesday night, you will be thankful for these notes in order to help make ranking easier. Rounds last for 25 minutes on these two days with 25 minute passing periods, and a break for lunch. There will be 8 events on Monday and 7 events on Tuesday. During times when a PNM has a break, they will be sent to a rest stationuntil the next round begins. Each evening after dinner, the PNMs will have a meeting with their recruitment group to talk about the day.

3. Philanthropy

This is the first invitational day of the week. PNMs will visit a maximum of 8 chapters. Since everyone now has their own schedules, you will travel independently from your group. There will be Recruitment Guides at rest stations to help you with questions. The day is focused on learning about each chapter's philanthropy. Rounds will last 25 miutes on this day with 25 minute passing periods as well as a break for lunch and dinner. After PNMs finish preferencing, they will attend a meeting with their recruitment group.


4. Sisterhood

You will receive your schedule in the morning and visit a maximum of 6 chapters. This day is devoted to learning about each chapter's sisterhood, social events, and scholarship programs. The financial information as well as a house tour will be presented this day. It is important to ask each chapter what is included in their dues, especially your first year experience. Rounds will last 40 minutes with 25 minute passing periods as well as a break for lunch.

5. Preference

On this day, you will visit a maximum of 2 chapters. This morning will start with everyone attending Jayhawk Jumpstart with their Recruitment Guides. This program is required for all new KU students and focuses on individual and communal wellbeing. You will recieve a boxed lunch after and then head back to your residence halls to get ready for the preference events! Preference day is all about finding where you feel the best connection. Each chapter will perform ceremonies unique to their values and traditions. This is a very sentimental time for many chapter members, and you will hopefully sense the connection and sisterhood each chapter possesses. This day is a great close to your recruitment week and will bring you closer to where you belong. Rounds will last 60 minutes with 20 minute passing periods.

6. Bid Day

Rounds are over, preferencing is done, and now it is finally time to find out which chapter is yours to call home! All PNMs will arrive at the specified area with your recuitment groups and recieve a sealed envelope. There will be a designated time to open the envelopes and also find out what chapters your Recruitment Guides belong to! After opening your envelope, you will gather round your new chapter's designated area and be transported to the chapter's bid day celebration. On this day, most chapters will have t-shirts for the women to wear during bid day festivities. This is a fun day to get to know your new sisters and make friends before the start of the semester!

: @kupanhellenic


While not mandatory, letters of reccomendation are a great way for chapters to get to know incoming PNMs. They can be written by an alumnae from that chatper or an initiated member from that chapter at another University. All letters should be addressed to the following women and should be submitted by July 31, 2018.




ATTN: Bella Siciunas 21106 Cedar St. Elkhorn, NE 68022

ATTN: Alli Bevel 7249 Prarie Circle Frederick, CO 80504

ATTN: Elle Clouse P.O. Box 7287 Overland Park, KS



ATTN: Kate Bruner 502 Chatsworth Ct. Springfield, IL 62711

ATTN: Nina Ricci 11412 Meadow Lane Leawood, KS 66211




ATTN: Grace Chappell 1006 N. Cherry St. Ottowa, KS 66067

ATTN: Abby Krusoe 9123 Roundtree Dr Highlands Ranch, CO 80126


ATTN: Isabella Meisel 1630 Oxford Rd. Lawrence, KS 66044

PI BETA PHI ATTN: Elizabeth Kirk 757 N. St. Andrew's St. Wichita, KS 67230

SIGMA DELTA TAU ATTN: Emily Overton 8809 West 145th St. Overland Park, KS 66223

ATTN: Margaret Brandmeyer 11250 Tomahawk Creek Pkwy Leawood, KS 66211

SIGMA KAPPA ATTN: Emily Cvitanov 1325 W. Campus Road Lawrence, KS 66044

Alpha Chi Omega PHI CHAPTER

"There is something about Alpha Chi Omega that makes every day exciting when spent with my sisters. They celebrate every success and build each other up constantly. Whether it is a quick Starbucks run or a long night of studying together, at the end of the day they are my best friends and genuinely true to themselves. Through events like Rock Chalk Revue and sisterhood bonding, I really have watched myself become a real strong woman through this chapter. I am so thankful I found my home here."

Chapter Info:

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.43 Symbol: Golden Lyre Flower: Red Carnation Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness Motto: Together Let Us Seek The Heights Live-In Fees: $ 8,624 Live-Out Fees: $ 2,764

Grace Heldridge Chapter Member

"Alpha Chi Omega brings together ambitious, strong, intelligent, charismatic, and kind women that remain friends for life. I am honored to represent a chapter of real, strong, women who are striving for excellence and continually seeking the heights." Brooke Lapke Chapter President

: @axo_ku

" t c a t w w b E d i C I d h h I D


Alpha Delta Pi TAU CHAPTER

Chapter Info:

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.48 Symbol: Diamond, Lion Flower: Violet Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Charities Motto: We Live For Each Other Live-In Fees: $ 7,541 Live-Out Fees: $ 2,495

"Each day I wake up so excited to lead the amazing women, who I am lucky to call my sisters. We accept one another as we are and we do not ask anyone to change. Being an Alpha Delta Pi was not something that we became, it was something that we already were before we even knew it ourselves. Each one of my sisters makes our diamond emblem sparkle and shine in a different way, which makes our Chapter so special and one of a kind. I wish the best of luck to all of you during this recruitment process, and hope you all find the home away from home that you are looking for, just as I did when I found my home in Alpha Delta Pi."

Abby Meyer

"My favorite memory was the New Member Sleepover this year! Everyone was sitting on the couch together all snuggled next to each other. We were sharing funny stories and just getting to know each other. I felt such a bond with these girls that I had never felt anywhere else!"

: @kansasadpi

Katie Mylar Chapter Member


"It is such a privilege to work alongside and lead the incredible women that Chi Omega has introduced me to. They are my biggest encouragers, most inspiring role models, and closest friends. This sisterhood reminds me to reach for the stars in everything that I do and as our symphony states, "To be womanly always, to be discouraged never." Jennifer Bryan Chapter President

Chapter Info:

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.59 Symbol: Skull, Crossbones Flower: White Carnation Philanthropy: Make-A-Wish Foundation Motto: To Be Womanly Always, Discouraged Never LIve-In Fees: $ 8,650 Live-Out Fees: $ 1,800

"Coming into my freshman year, the women in Chi Omega made me feel so at home and welcome here. I have been surrounded by sisters who have supported me through thick and thin. I look up to all of the older Chi O's, and strive to become just like them someday."

: @kuchiomega

Anna Harding Chapter Member


Chapter Info:

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.37 Symbol: Trident Flower: Pansy Philanthropy: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Motto: Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another Live-In Fees: $ 7,600 Live-Out Fees: $ 2,914

"The women of my chapter show true compassion and kindness, especially through their philanthropic work with St. Jude. The commitment Tri-Delta has for St. Jude and it’s patients is truly remarkable. I love running the St. Jude 5K every year and can’t wait to visit the St. Jude Research Hospital this fall!” Ashley Frantz Chapter Member

"Joining Delta Delta Delta was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made during my collegiate years. The women of this chapter continue to uphold Tri Delta's three values - truth, selfsacrifice, and friendship - everyday when working towards our individual and chapter goals."

: @kutridelta

Lani Martin Chapter President


Chapter Info:

"Delta Gamma is for hope, for strength, and for life. I’m surrounded by so many smart and empowering women, and am so thankful to be a part of this sisterhood. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this organization and everything these women have accomplished. I’ve truly found my people for life."

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.37 Symbol: Anchor Flower: Cream Colored Rose Philanthropy: Service for Sight Motto: Do Good LIve-In Fees: $ 7,711 Live-Out Fees: $ 2,037

Veronica Pattison Chapter President

“Delta Gamma has brought me the most amazing, supportive and fun best friends. Out of all the memories we have made together, I can’t choose just one because all of my greatest memories are from my time at DG. Delta Gamma has made my college experience unforgettable.” Kaleigh Smith Chapter Member

: @bkdeltagtamma


"I have loved being apart of Gamma Phi Beta because it has allowed me to build friendships with a wide variety of women from different interests, majors, and home states. Being a member of this sorority provided great leadership opportunities and helped make my college experience a rewarding one." Jamie Maddox Chapter President

Chapter Info:

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.40 Symbol: Crescent moon Flower: Pink Carnation Philanthropy: Girls on the Run Motto: Founded on a rock Live-In Fees: $ 9,300 Live-Out Fees: $ 2,008

"Living in the chapter house was a great experience and helped me better get to know the women in my pledge class. In the chapter house, you’re never without someone to spend time with." Brooke Nelson Chapter Member

: @kansasgammaphi

Kappa Alpha Theta KAPPA CHAPTER

Chapter Info:

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.61 Symbol: Kite, Twin Stars Flower: Black + Gold Pansy Philanthropy: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Motto: Leading Women Live-In Fees: $ 7,707 Live-Out Fees: $ 2,237

"I knew I loved Theta when I started crying before I even walked in the door on pref day. I never feel judged, even if I look like a disaster and I love that everyone is so real. I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not! Theta has changed my life so much, just after one year, and I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to see what the future has to offer." Riley Sherwood Chapter Member "Theta is a home for everyone. I love that I never feel like I have to be something I'm not just to fit in. I can be unapologetically myself and have found my very best friends because of this, not in spite of it." Maddie Reid-Tedesco Chapter President

: @kukappaalphatheta


Chapter Info:

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.28 Symbol: Dagger, Nautilus Shell Flower: White Rose Philanthropy: Prevent Child Abuse America, Girl Scouts of the USA Motto: Strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, highest Live-In Fees: $ 7,582 Live-Out Fees: $ 1,982

“I am proud to represent an organization that has become a home where our women build confidence in one another while striving for all that is honorable, beautiful, and highest” Caroline Black Chapter President “The best memories I’ve made here at Kappa Delta involve spending quality time with each other. Whether we’re watching a movie in the comfy couch room or camping out for basketball games, it’s always a good time with my sisters.” Suzanna Lanza Chapter Member

: @kd_kansas

Kappa Kappa Gamma OMEGA CHAPTER

Chapter Info:

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.45 Symbol: Golden Key, Owl Flower: Fleur De Lis Philanthropy: Reading is Fundamental Motto: Aspire to Be Live-In Fees: $ 7,927 Live-Out Fees: $ 2,557

“Kappa is where I want to be because I have 70 sisters that lift me up and challenge me. Kappa is where I want to be because it’s home. And Kappa is where I want to be because I can be myself in a place that is surrounded with genuine happiness and laughter.” Elisabeth Shook Chapter Member

“I am proud to be the President of Kappa because it is a chapter full of amazing women who uplift me, inspire and make me laugh. It has been such a great experience serving this chapter and I know the friendships I’ve made here will last a lifetime.” Linden Hoffman Chapter President

: @kukkg


"Pi Phi is too indescribable to put into words. It can be summed up in many ways‌.by our core values, our accomplishments, our friendships, and our traditions. But the thing about Pi Phi that makes me honored to represent it as President is the feeling of genuine love, sincerity, and gratification that I felt on my very first day of joining, and the certainty that I’ll always continue to feel it every day in the future."

Chapter Info:

Sidney Sibenaller Chapter President

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.32 Symbol: Arrow Flower: Wine Carnation Philanthropy: Read, Lead, Achieve Motto: Friends and Leaders for Life Live-In Fees: $ 8,178 Live-Out Fees: $ 2,713

"Pi Phi has given me so many opportunities to grow, learn, be confident, and meet people that I relate to and now call my best friends." Sara Watkins Chapter Member

: @ksalphapiphi


Chapter Info:

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.15 Symbol: Torch Flower: Yellow Tea Rose Philanthropy: Prevent Child Abuse America, Jewish Women America Motto: One Hope of Many People Live-In Fees: $ 7,400 Live-Out Fees: $ 2,190

I love being a part of SDT because it gives me an opportunity to help lead a chapter of women that inspires me every day. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by these empowered women who push me to be the best version of myself. There is nothing better than coming home to a group of diverse women who love you for exactly who you are. Libby Hyde Chapter President

Something that I always look back on is the first week I lived on Edgehill. That first week I made countless life long friendships and I’ll cherish those late night laughs with my sisters forever. Allison Berg Chapter Member

: @kansassdt

Sigma Kappa XI CHAPTER

Chapter Info:

Spring 2018 Chapter GPA: 3.34 Symbol: Heart, Dove Flower: Wild Purple Violet Philanthropy: Alzheimer's Association Motto: One Heart, One Way Live-In Fees: $ 8,300 Live-Out Fees: $ 2,395

“My favorite memory would have to be initiation for my first member class as VP of New Member Education. It's so exciting to see all the progress they make from the beginning to end of new membership: joining in the sisterhood, learning ritual, and seeing each of their unique personalities find a place in Sigma Kappa is really cool to witness.� Kara Kellogg Chapter Member

"Being the President of Sigma Kappa is one of the greatest honors I will hold in my lifetime. I am in a position where I am humbled to watch members develop into incredible collegiate women all while keeping Sigma Kappa's values in mind: personal growth, friendship, service, and loyalty. Being a Sigma Kappa does not entail one personality, but rather a vast array of unique, supportive, and dedicated." Sydney Bannister Chapter President

: @kusigmakappa

Tips, Tricks, & Rules What To Expect:

At the beginning of the week, you will meet with your recruitment guides to get the run-down on how everything is going to go for the week. They will be there for you as a resource through the entire week. Every morning, you will get a schedule of the chapters that you have been invited back to. There will be buses to get you from chapter to chapter. Each night you will preference chapters that you would like to go back to. At the end of the week, you may be left with up to two chapters. If you maximize your options on preference day, you are guaranteed a bid from one of up to two chapters. If you only had one chapter left on preference day, you are guaranteed a bid from that chapter the following day.

Tips & Tricks:

-Drink water! You will be talking to women all day, and it will most likely be hot

outside. It is always a good idea to stay hydrated! There will be rest stations along the route with water, but make sure to pack a water bottle to refill. -Wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking around all day from chapter to chapter, so make sure to either wear shoes that you are comfortable to walk in, or bring a pair to change into! -Practice conversations beforehand. If you are nervous that you won't know what to talk about, think about the reasons you chose to go to KU, why you decided to go through recruitment, and what you want to get involved in at KU. These are always good talking points to let women know more about your interests! -Be yourself! The only way you are going to find a chapter where you fit in and feel comfortable is by being yourself when talking to the women during rounds!


- Once you receive your schedule for the day, you then automatically agree to attend all events that day. - NO chapter chatting. While this can be tempting, we do not want your personal perception of a chapter to influence other women's decisions.

What to Wear Days 1&2: Top: provided Panhellenic T-shirt Bottoms: shorts, skirt, or pants Shoes: sandals, flats, wedges

Day 3: Top: provided Panhellenic T-shirt Bottoms: shorts, skirt, or pants Shoes: sandals, flats, wedges

Day 4: (Think Sunday brunch) sundress, skirt and top, a romper Shoes: sandals, flats, wedges

Day 5: (Think spring wedding) cocktail dress, skirt and nice top, pantsuit Shoes: sandals, flats, wedges

Continuous Open Recruitment at KU:

If you decide to not participate in Fall Formal Recruitment, some chapters participate in Continuous Open Recruitment (COR). This is a more relaxed

version of recruitment where a potential new member may attend two or three events that the chapter hosts. Each January there is a large open house style event for all chapters participating in COR. This event also gives the opportunity for women to find out more about sorority life in general here at KU!

For questions or more information, email Tori Bone at

See you soon !

Until Wthen, along with us at E D D I follow NG @kupanhellenic on Instagram EST N 201 7 and at for more updates and information! Enjoy your summer and as always, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Ku FFR 18 guidebook  
Ku FFR 18 guidebook