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Dv8 apprenticeship Boot Camp Throughout this year many people enrolled in Dv8’s Apprenticeship induction plan also known as boot camp, which is made to see the performance of people for the apprenticeship! Lets see how it went!

The Insight The apprentices were asked to create plans as a team and follow a selected leader in order to complete several tasks:     

Pass the group through the loop! Cross word puzzles! Blind fold shapes and colors! Save the nuclear waste! Build and use a stretcher!

And many more tasks from building a CV and cover letter to receiving lectures and special tips on how to behave on an interview and direct the conversation to the “Color” of the person.

Practicing interviews with several industry people gave the students an insight of how the future will be whilst searching for employers or further education.

After a long week of hard work the students were given an amazing time at a BBQ thrown by Dv8 training as a form of mingle and networking with several members of the industry as well as other students!

Apprenticeship boot camp  

Article for the Boot Camp (2013)