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Dyrets år (The Year of the Animal) C&K Forlag 2014, 220 pages. FOREIGN RIGHTS: C&K Forlag, Charlotte Jørgensen, charlotte@ PREVIOUS TITLES SOLD TO: Serbia

FASCINATING FAMILY CHRONICLE ‘The novel’s author loves her craft – to be the one who knows past, present and future, knows all secrets, skeletons in cupboards, even what the toys are thinking. But this storyteller can be forgiven such Olympian pretensions, because Katrine Marie Guldager is in full control of her epic creation. My God she can write.’ Thus Politiken’s ecstatic reviewer, when in 2010 Katrine Marie Guldager published volume one of her ambitious family chronicle. Ulven (The Wolf) was the first, then Lille hjerte (Little Heart) 2012, then Den ny tid (The New Age) 2013. Peters død (Peter’s Death) is volume four of her ‘Køge Chronicle’ about a Danish provincial family. The year is 1972, and siblings Leonora and Henry are strongly affected by the

The fate that befell the highborn Marie Grubbe is a well known motif in Danish literature, and with Dyrets år (The Year of the Animal) Lone Hørslev provides a new insight into the story. Marie Grubbe was born at the very top of the social tree, grew up on a wealthy estate, and married the king’s son. But she ended her days as an impoverished alewife in one of Denmark’s furthest outposts. It’s the winter months of 1666-67, when the 23 year old Marie began to dig her own social and personal grave, that Lone Hørslev chooses to emphasise. Here, Marie Grubbe’s husband is in Norway, and she engages in a passionate affair with the estate’s Cavalry Master, with whom she has been enamoured for some six

months. But when he ends the affair, Marie, in her despair, allows herself to be seduced by her hated sister’s charming husband, and suddenly her life is upside down. Lone Hørslev, born in 1974, is a graduate from The Danish Academy of Creative Writing and debuted in 2001 with a poetry collection TAK (THANKS). Since then she has published a range of novels and poetry collections, the latest being La’ os (So we’ll just) 2013, about a single mum who seeks peace and order in places that often seem to offer the opposite. Her novel Sorg og camping (Sorrow and camping) 2010, was described by Politiken as ‘wildly comical and passionate, all round beautiful prose.’ It follows five people for one day: shop owners Marianne and Jørgen; Jannie who works in their shop; Jørgen’s younger brother Thomas, who’s writing a novel, and his Icelandic wife.

politically turbulent times, marked by a resurgent left wing and heated political debates, partly due to an EU referendum. They each live their parallel lives, with parallel ups and downs, but their relationship changes when Leonora finds their father Peter dead; an event that alters the lives of the whole family forever. Peters død (Peter’s Death) is a novel that engages with some of life’s greatest dilemmas – grief, happiness, family life and human relations. Katrine Marie Guldager, born in 1966, debuted in 1994 with the poetry collection Dagene skifter hænder (The days change hands) and then wrote a range of books: short stories, novels, poetry and children’s books. Her latest poetry collection is Et sted i verden (A place in the world) (2014). In 2004, she won the Critic’s Prize.


Peters død (Peter’s death) Lindhardt og Ringhof 2014, 207 pages. FOREIGN RIGHTS: Busch Agency, Trine Busch, PREVIOUS TITLES SOLD TO: Germany, Norway, Sweden, United States.


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