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‘Written and visual skills are brought to fantastic new heights in Rikke Bakman’s childhood memoir Glimt (Glimpse), Denmark’s first full-blown comic book autobiography (…). Rikke Bakman is up there with her role models such as Moomin creator Tove Jansson and Peanuts artist Charles M. Schultz.’ Berlingske RIKKE BAKMAN. GLIMT (GLIMPSE)

TV and film noir. Meanwhile Mikkel Ørsted Sauzet’s strangely moving pen stroke ‘Bic Dogma’ tour-de-force Aske (Ashes) refuses to be categorised, with its mute portrayal of voodoo, barbarity and people trafficking and the 1700s slave revolt on Haiti. This won him the Best Danish Debut 2013 Ping Award run by ‘Nummer 9’ web magazine, the Danish Comic Book Society and Copenhagen Comics festival.

‘The runic alphabet had its angular form so that it could be cut into wood or stone. Søren Gloismodt Mosdal’s gnarled drawings have a similar visual effect. As if they were done with a chisel. And they work superbly in Fimbulvinter (…) A wonderful export item.’ Ekstra Bladet. SØREN GLOSIMODT MOSDAL. FIMBULVINTER (FIMBULWINTER)


Danish literary magazine autumn 2014  

This autumn’s book season is upon us and Danish Literary Magazine highlights some new books that show where Danish literature is ‘at’ right...