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Paul Devens

Anne van de Star Lisemarie van Loon Naama Zusman

THE LIBRARY OF BABEL PAUL DEVENS 29 mei t/m 8 juni 2014 Kunstpodium-T

Paul Devens

One has to register the investigative imagination of Paul Devens as the active paradigm of investigation associated with the field named sound art. Devens is sailing from sound art, yet his works exhibit a wide range of interests that go beyond mere sonic qualities of sound objects. In his works he intervenes in the urban realm, with an interest in both the physical and social aspects. He employs techniques of architectural production carefully selected from the inventory of shaping physical environment, as well as historical and political re- discoveries. Custom-made objects and creations lie at

the core of some of other interventions as well as video projections. Some of these works try to capture or re-capture a social reality, and try to achieve a synthesis of sorts: sometimes one of facilitated and augmented, and sometimes one of a derived nature.

THE LIBRARY OF BABEL Anne van de Star | Gent 29 mei t/m 8 juni 2014 Kunstpodium-T

Anne van de Star

Curiosity is at the basis of all the work I make. What fascinates me most is the largely unexplored world of sounds. In our visually orientated culture, the auditive is mainly neglected. There is a wide range of exciting, intriguing sounds that go unnoticed, sounds that surround us but that we don’t pay attention to. It is this hidden world of enchanting sounds I try to expose. I bring ordinary objects into focus, objects I find in my personal environment, and I try, by by performing a variation of movements, to make them speak. By examining their structure and their inherentqualities, I manage to

discover unexpected sounds. Then I go on to confront the ‘voice’ of the object to it’s visual presence. When the auditive meets the visual, the conception of the object changes. Our perception of the object is modified, we can see it in a new way because something in its character has changed. An auditive aspect is added, so that a more complex presence arises.

THE LIBRARY OF BABEL Naama Zusman | Utrecht 29 mei t/m 8 juni 2014 Kunstpodium-T

Naama Zusman

Few are the landscapes which have been destroyed, transformed, adapted and built themselves over again. Landscapes which arouse sadness and compassion for the physical remains left by their absentees. I was brought up in such a landscape, full of signs of lost cultures. A landscape scattered with empty ruins. Ruins which are in fact not empty at all but carry marks of history, mostly an unwritten history. This unwritten history/

myth, in relation to the written history is the core of my ongoing research and is a common element in my work. I grew up in a Zionist environment, absorbed overwhelming stories about blooming the desert. In my eyes Israel was portrayed as miracle. 2,000 years of exile were absent in my historical notion. My work is about this complex landscape of conflict, not only a physical one but also a emotional one.


Jep de Goede (Vormgeving) Zeus Hoenderop (Kunstpodium T) Stijn van Dalen (FotograďŹ e)

In opdracht van Leerling/Meester project 2013-2014 van Kunstpodium T

Leerling/Meester exposities #20 Paul Devens  
Leerling/Meester exposities #20 Paul Devens  

29 mei t/m 8 juni 2014 Paul Devens Anne van de Star | Gent Naama Zusman | Utrecht // OPENING donderdagavond 29 mei om 19.00 uur // The Li...