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Barricade Ellen Vermeulen - RITCS

A group of people gathers around the fire, waiting for the bombs to fall. A woman leaves the inner circle; she mobilizes as many people as possible to follow her. An outsider, an observer, is following this group of people. A woman and the outsider, a guerrilla and a filmmaker. Connected by their position. A square. People breaking out street stones, throwing them on a big pile. The construction of a barricade. The guerrilla looks at the filmmaker, helping with the deconstruction of the street and the formation of the barricade. She laughs: ‘you are a guerrilla, join us’. Some months later the guerrilla is bombed to martyrdom. The filmmaker is trapped in doubt. It’s all about becoming. EXT. SQUARE. NIGHT While dozens of people break out stones to throw them on the raising barricade, the guerrilla leaves unnoticed. Research funded by RITCS as part of a doctoral project.


Program book prepositions in artistic research  
Program book prepositions in artistic research