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LABORATORIUM: experimental biolab for Art-Science research. María Boto-Ordóñez - KASK /School of Arts of University College Ghent

Art-Science projects are becoming more and more popular. Scientific institutions are inviting artists to participate in their research, offering space, expertise and equipment. But what about performing scientific research within an artistic context as an art academy? What kind of cross- pollination will be the outcome? In 2016, the School of Arts KASK (Ghent) set up an experimental biolab, LABORATORIUM. LABORATORIUM works as an open space with accessible scientific tools for practice-based experimentation, research and education, inviting people from different backgrounds to work together. Nowadays, the primary research conducted in LABORATORIUM is “The color biolab”, a project that aims at joining disciplines by using color as a universal language: from experimental movies based on nonlinear chemical reactions to mycoremediation of color waste or muscovite interference color modification. Led by a scientist, the hybrid character of this research brings up questions around the methodology followed, the knowledge generated, as well as the language and context to present and communicate the outcomes. The color biolab project is financed by the Arts Research Fund of University College Ghent.


Program book prepositions in artistic research  
Program book prepositions in artistic research