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OUR BRAND Kunskapstavlan® literally translates into Knowledge art, which is what we want to do with our products – provide the spectator with knowledge, using beautiful designs in a classic, clean-lined Scandinavian style. Our vision is to create a sustainable interior decor that you can benefit from. All our artwork is exclusive and made from environmentally friendly materials. Each print is signed with the Kunskapstavlan® hand-embossed seal, making each one unique. All artwork is printed on high-quality 200g/m2 matt paper that is both age-resistant, FSC- and EU Ecolabel certified.

Mini PRINTS Our popular illustrations are now also featured as solo stars! They are printed on our exclusive and environmentally friendly paper but this time with a thicker grammage, 300g, in A5 format (210 x 148 mm). They work perfectly as stand alones or as part of a group of prints, with or without a frame.

g l a sse s

ch ampagne cup Article no.1002

martini gl a ss Article no.1003

ch ampagne gl a ss Article no.1004

sch napps gl a ss Article no.1000

zodiac signs Zodiac signs is a collection with all the 12 different signs of the zodiac. Each sign has its own special form and illustration that are made up by the stars.

S e r ie s w it h a ll zodiac s i g n s A r ti c l e n o . 1 5 90

zodiac signs

aquariu s/ vat t u manne n Article no. 1036

p is c e s / fi s k arna Article no. 1037

arie s/vädure n Article no. 1026

taurus/ox e n Article no. 1027

ge mini/t villingarna Article no. 1028

C A n c e r/ k r ä ftan Article no. 1029

ZOdiac signs LEO/LE J ONE T Article no. 1030

LIBR A/VÃ…GE N Article no. 1032

V IRG O/ J UN GFRU N Article no. 1031

SCORPIO/SKORPIONE N Article no. 1033

SAGIT TARIUS/SK Y T TE N Article no. 1034

C A P RI CORN /S T ENBO CKEN Article no. 1035

for the children The children’s art collection is a variation from letters to animals in different sofisticated colours.

i n T HE wo ods

Be ar Article no.1060



Article no.1062

Article no.1064


de e r

Article no.1063

Article no.1061


S t eg o s au ru s Article no.1067

T y r anno sau ru s Rex Article no.1065

T ri c er atop s Article no.1068

Br achio sau ru s Article no.1066

on the sava nna h

e l e p hant Article no.1079

g i r a ffe Article no.1080

lion Article no.1077

h yen a Article no.1078

i n t he j u ngle

c ro codile Article no.1056

g ori ll a Article no.1058

touc an Article no.1059

t ig er Article no.1057

at THE farm

c at Article no.1071

co w Article no.1069

p ig Article no.1070

s heep Article no.1072

on the north a nd so ut h p ol e s

k i l l e r whale Article no.1075

p ol a r be ar Article no.1073

p e n g u in Article no.1074

whale Article no.1076

i n t he air

rocke t Article no.1083

kite Article no.1084

BALLOONS Article no.1082

h o t a i r ballo on Article no.1081

ze p pelin Article no.1085

H e av y mac hine s

cr ane Article no.1090

forklif t Article no.1091

tr ac tor Article no.1092

L oa der Article no.1093

on the way

airpl ane Article no.1089

bus Article no.1086

Police c a r Article no.1088

c ar Article no.1087

Col ours

yellow Article no.1095

blue Article no.1097

gre e n Article no.1096

turquoise Article no.1094

ce rice Article no.1098

t h e anima l s, colo Ur s a n d v e hi cl e s col l ec t e d

Th e mu ltip lic ation tabl e

1 Article no. 1141

2 Article no. 1142

3 Article no. 1143

4 Article no. 1144

5 Article no. 1145

6 Article no. 1146

Th e mu ltip lic ation tabl e

7 Article no. 1147

8 Article no. 1148

9 Article no. 1149

10 Article no. 1150

T h e mu ltip lic ation tabl e – 1 to 10 A r ti c l e n o . 1 5 89

T H E al pha be t

l e t ter a

le t t er B

Article no.1099

Article no.1101

l e t ter c

le t t er d

Article no.1102

Article no.1103

l e t ter e

le t t er f

Article no.1104

Article no.1105

l e t ter g

le t t er h

Article no.1106

Article no.1107

T H E al pha be t

l e t ter i

le t t er j

Article no.1109

Article no.1110

le t te r k Article no.1111

le t te r l Article no.1112

l e t ter m

le t t er n

Article no.1113

Article no.1114

T H E al pha be t

l e t ter o

le t t er p

Article no.1115

Article no.1116

le t te r q Article no.1120

le t te r r Article no.1121

le t ter s

le t t er t

Article no.1122

Article no.1123

T H E al pha be t

l e t ter u

le t t er v

Article no.1124

Article no.1125

le t ter w Article no.1108

le t te r x Article no.1126

l e t ter y

le t t er z

Article no.1127

Article no.1128

T H E al pha be t collec t e d


KUNSKAPSTAVLAN® Kunskapstavlan® was founded in 2016 by the two friends and former colleagues Jennie B Lindfors and Agneta Norlin from Sweden. ”We wanted to create something more than just beautiful art. We saw the opportunity to combine ”business with pleasure” – to convey knowledge through design. Everything from vital knowledge to just interesting and exciting knowledge. For the children, for him and her, for everyone. The webpage was launched in July 2016 and we immediately got huge attention and lots of retailers all over Sweden. Today Kunskapstavlan® is full time work and we have customers and retailers all around the world.”

C O N TA C T: j e nni e @kunskapstavl an.se +46 72 1 72 29 8 7 kunskapstavlan.se

prod u k t OV ER V IEW KUnsk aps tavl an ®


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Kunskapstavlan Mini prints  

The new format - Mini print - A5

Kunskapstavlan Mini prints  

The new format - Mini print - A5