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K UNS K AP S TAV L AN ”Sverige ”

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OUR BRAND Kunskapstavlan literally translates to knowledge art, which is what we want to do with our design, provide the viewer – whoever that may be – with knowledge. All our artwork is exclusive and made from environmentally friendly materials. Each print is signed with the Kunskapstavlan hand-embossed seal, making each one unique. All artwork is printed on high quality 200g/m2 matt paper that is both age resistant, FSC- and EU Ecolabel certified.

Sverige Our collection ”Sverige” convey knowlege about our beatiful country Sweden. In this series you’ll find illustrations that portraits our nature in beautiful timeless designs, everything from flowers to animal tracks. They are both illustrated on prints of different sizes and also on kitchen towels.

L AND SK AP SBLO MMOR 30x40 cm: Article no.: 1550 50x70 cm: Article no.1551

SVEN SK A D J URSPÃ…R 30x40 cm: Article no. 1182 50x70 cm: Article no. 1226

SVE NSK A H ORN 30x40 cm: Article no. 1183 50x70 cm: Article no. 1225

SVE NSK A LÖV TR ÄD 30x40 cm: Article no. 1294 50x70 cm: Article no. 1295

SVENSK A SJÖAR 30x40 cm: Article no. 1552 50x70 cm: Article no. 1553


prints Our popular illustrations are now also featured as solo stars! They are printed on our exclusive and environmentally friendly paper but this time with a thicker grammage, 300g, in the format A5 (210x148mm). They fit perfectly as stand alones, part of a group of prints and also with or without a frame.

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s wedish le av e s

lรถn nlรถv Article no: 1020

K a s ta n j e l รถv

Bj รถrklรถv

Article no: 1019

Article no: 1016

Ek l รถv

A sklรถv

Article no: 1018

Article no: 1017

s wedish l a ke s

mäl aren Article no: 1021

vä n e rn

Bolme n

Article no: 1024

Article no: 2011

s torsj ön Article no: 1022

vät t e r n Article no: 1025

siljan Article no: 1023

s wedish a ntlers a nd hor n s

K ron h j ort shorn Article no: 1005

Mu fflon HORN Article no: 1007

r E N H orn Article no: 1008

Ă„lg horn Article no: 1006

s wedish a nim a l tr ac k s

Bj ör nS PÅ R Article no: 1009

Lodj urSSPÅR Article no: 1011

vARGSPÅR Article no: 1912

V il d s vi n s s pår Article no: 1015


Article no: 1013

t h e Sw eden’s Mini p r in t s col l ec t i on col l ec t e d

OUR TOWELS All our kitchen towels are made of 100% unbleached linen. The colors used are water soluble and environmentally friendly. The towels are available in size 50x70 cm and are printed in Sweden. Machine wash at 40 degrees.

SVE NSK A DJ URSPÅR 40x60 cm: Article no: 1560



40x60 cm: Article no: 1558

40x60 cm: Article no: 1559

Classic frame Stylistically pure wooden frames with crystal clear plexiglass (childproof) that fit all our posters.We have two types; one pine frame in white or black and the other one in natural solid oak. All the classic frames come with hanging arrangements for both vertical and horisontal suspension. PS. The glass is coated with a protective film on both sides which are to be removed before assembly.

Available in two formats and in three different variations: Oak 30x40 cm; Profile: 1,5 x 1 cm, Article no: 7575 Oak 50x70 cm; Profile: 1,5 x 1 cm, Article no: 7576 White 30x40 cm; Profile: 1,3 x 1,3 cm, Article no: 7577 White 50x70 cm; Profile: 1,3 x 1,3 cm, Article no: 7578 Black 30x40 cm; Profile: 1,3 x 1,3 cm, Article no: 7579 Black 50x70 cm; Profile: 1,3 x 1,3 cm Article no: 7580

frames Trendy poster hanger in solid oak with magnets for quick and easy assembly. Black band in genuine leather with hooks for suspension. Also possible to mount direct on wall without the band. Available in two formats: 31 cm: Profile 1,3x1,3 cm, Article no.: 7581 51 cm: Profile 1,3x1,3 cm, Article no.: 7582


STORE EXPOSURE Kunskapstavlan is an environmentally friendly premium product. For us, it is important that this is penetrated throughout all our communication. Therefore, we have carefully chosen packaging and retail exposures that reflect us fully.

Each print is wrapped in silk paper and sealed with our wafer before placing them in the package. It is important for us that the customer experiences quality all the way and that their products are well protected. The large print (50x70 cm) is packed in to 8 cm wide cardboard tubes while the smaller (30x40 cm) are packed in stable cardboard envelopes.

The labels on the packaging contains all necessary information about our prints and its benefits. To all resellers we also have a frame tag made out of our quality paper to hang in the store with all the information otherwise found on the package. In this way, customers can quickly get information about Kunskapstavlan as well as our premium and eco friendly profile.

Each print is signed with the Kunskapstavlan hand-embossed seal. This process does not just authenticate our prints but does also making each and every one of them unique.

Our towels comes neatly folded and wrapped with linen twine. This makes it easy for the customer to get a feeling of the product they’re about to buy. Product photo and information can instead be found on the tag that is securely fastened at the twine.


KUNSKAPSTAVLAN Kunskapstavlan was founded in 2016 by the two friends and former colleagues Jennie B Lindfors and Agneta Norlin from Sweden. ”We wanted to create something more than just beautiful art. We saw the opportunity to combine ”business with pleasure” – to convey knowledge through design. Everything from vital knowledge to just interesting and exciting knowledge. For the kids, for him and for her, for everyone. The webpage was launched in July 2016 and we immediately got huge attention and lots of retailers all over Sweden. Today Kunskapstavlan is a full time work and we have customers and retailers all around the world.

C O N TA C T: j e nni e @kunskapstavl +46 72 1 72 29 8 7

Kunskapstavlan Product Catalog Sverige  

Product Catalog with the typical Swedish antlers and horns, leaves, animal tracks and landscape flowers illustrated on both prints and Mini...

Kunskapstavlan Product Catalog Sverige  

Product Catalog with the typical Swedish antlers and horns, leaves, animal tracks and landscape flowers illustrated on both prints and Mini...